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Temperature has plummeted. Everything seems to be freezing. Amid the nose-diving of temperature, giving off the warmth and the quintessential heat is the human heart; the same human heart that keeps our relationships alive. Dawn breaks after the darkest hours of night. Hope springs after the desperation and frustrations take toll on our lives. But, as humans, we have to learn to be patient. We need that much-needed gumption to seek the light on the other end of the tunnel. Winter that appears to be getting hold of everything does not mean it is the end of the road. It was here the last year, it is here this year and it will be here the next year too. The matter of the fact is it will be here every year. But what many people fail to realize is it is always followed by pleasant seasons. Never at any point in time has winter stayed longer than it should. Never at any point in time has winter been replaced by winter season again. This means that, good times will stop rolling in our lives as bad times take over. But, difficult times will come to an end too. Like winter season makes way to the most beautiful times of the year in its due time, hardships fade eventually as natural law of science denies anything to stay at one place forever. Let us take a cue from this course of nature and give up all the negativities. Let us keep negative energy at bay and let us stop being grumpy. Life is too beautiful to hold grudges and we have just a few short decades of lifetime. It is your call now, whether you want to spend it being grumpy or making everyone around you happy. Talking of making everyone happy, Sipora Gurung is best at making sure of it. She made her family happy and she made her country happier. During the time when frustration is building up all around and despair and hopelessness have prevailed, Sipora is one of those few who have thrust the shaft of light of hope. To know more about this player-turned-model, turn to the pages of our cover story. We are sure you will be captivated by it. Passion is the best remedy to do away with all the negativities and also the finest way to have people love one another. Kushal KC Publisher/Founder

Cover Story

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Features Features Sipora Gurung:


More than being a pretty face and a well-dressed lady, she is a true champion both on and off the field.


Candy Crush Saga One of the top-grossing games worldwide, Candy Crush Saga is insanely addictive.


Different looks of Prabal Gurung for Target collection




Pradeep Chapagain: A man who has excelled in plethora of disciplines in life.

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Double Dark and Dirty An account of misery coupled by denial of basic utilities.


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DOLPA, A Charismatic Rivulet Refreshingly uncrowded, Dolpa is one place that has made it to the bucket list of every travel enthusiast.


SANGHURO, THE WOLVERINE, CHENNAI EXPRESS Complete summary of the reviews & previews.


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5 Years of Celebration! Anyone living in Australia knows Three d events. For the last five years, Three d events have been organizing events and entertaining the Nepalese community in Australia. To celebrate their five years of event organizing, Three d events have planned on throwing a big bash. Three d events, in association with lyf.cha and ivy pool club, are bringing C.O.D and GXSOUL to Australia. Accompanying them will be Mistah K and Wanzy. Highlights of the show will be RNB, Hip Hop and pop music with the likes of DJ Bee Rok, DJ Ohh Scary and DJ Prabin among others. Tickets have been priced at AUD 30 (AUD 35 Door Sale).


ASUS Transformer AiO ASUS has got everyone’s attraction. It’s refreshing to see companies like ASUS really pushing the boundaries beyond what it was the best yesterday. This wonderful new ASUS Transformer AiO lets us meet the world’s first All-In-PC featuring all the performances of Windows 8 desktop and the flexibility of tablet. This Transformer from ASUS is a unique device that can be used as an all-in-one desktop computer as well as a tablet. It consists of a PC station and tablet. When attached to the PC station, the Transformer performs as an all-in-one desktop computer powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and Windows 8. When you detach the Transformer from the PC station, it switches over its own quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and tablet-friendly Anroid 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. This new ASUS Transformer hybrid comprising the best of both worlds of Windows 8 and Anroid team gives us the legacy of even more freedom at home, enchants the creativity for life, and equally powerful desktop performance. Portable everywhere you go; this uniquely designed (ergonomic design) ASUS Transformer AiO can also be used as a giant-size Anroid 4.1 tablet. It gives you the freedom to sit with the tablet on your lap to browse the webs, use apps and play games on the brilliant 18.4-inch display with responsive 10-point multi-touch, or use the built-in stand on a table-top to enjoy photos, movies and music with all the family. Since the screen uses IPS technology, the 178° viewing angle prevents colors from

being washed out so everyone looking at the screen can have the same viewing experience. It further features ultrawide viewing angles, easy charging with extended battery life, 18.4-inch Full HD display, 10-point touch and the like.With a third generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor and powerful discrete graphics, ASUS Transformer AiO packs enough desktop PC performance for even the most demanding applications. The good part of this Transformer is that you don’t have to wait for your turn to use the computer – ASUS Transformer AiO means everyone gets their turn. Just connect a second monitor to the PC station and one person can use it as a powerful desktop PC with Windows 8, while another uses 18.4-inch display as a standalone Anroid 4.1 tablet elsewhere at home.


One-ofits-virtual kind Crush: BY: GEETA SHRESTHA

From the, the makers of Bubble Witch Saga, a video game originally for smartphones and Facebook , Candy Crush Saga has surpassed most of the famous games earlier on Facebook with about 45.6 million average monthly users. First released on November 14, 2012, the super hit game Candy Crush Saga is now available for Anroid phones and tablets. The game is basically a puzzle adventure which allows users to switch and match more than 100 levels in a very delicious and addictive way. It further features irresistible and sticky action in the exciting New Fudge Islands Episode, and with 365 Candylicious levels. Candy Crush Saga is completely free to play, and supports both Apple and Anroid devices. But unfortunately, it runs only if the devices fulfill the following criteria:

There are currently 215 levels in Candy Crush Saga for iOS. To complete a level in Candy Crush Saga, you need to achieve two goals:

APPLE DEVICES Candy Crush Saga supports iOS version 4.3.5 or later on the following models: • iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5 • iPad 1 & later models • iPod Touch: 3 Candy Crush Saga doesn’t support on jail-break in iSO devices

• Achieve a score that will earn you at least 1 star • Complete the challenge which is explained at the start of each level

ANROID DEVICES Candy Crush Saga runs if your Anroid devices • Own a processor build on ARMv7 architecture • Support OpenGL ES 2.0 • Supports 320×480 resolution or higher • Run on Anroid OS 2.2 or higher

When three or more candies of the same color are switched next to each other, they will burst and you will win points. The aim is to gain as many points as possible to achieve 1, 2, or 3 stars. This game features several game modes, each with different challenges. Moves and score, Jelly, Ingredients, Time limited, and Candy order are its different modes. Though Candy Crush Saga is completely free game to play, some in game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app in your device’s setting.

Candy Crush Saga has surpassed most of the famous games earlier on Facebook with about 45.6 million average monthly users. First released on November 14, 2012, the super hit game Candy Crush Saga is now available for Anroid phones and tablets.

+ 97 7 P E R S O N A L I T Y O F T H E M O N T H



A Spectrum of Personality

It takes a lot of soul searching before one comes to the terms that they are good at and interested in highly diversified fields. Besides, it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make things happen. Success, by no means, is a cake walk. If it happens to come to you without having to give up many things, it is going to be short lived. For these obvious reasons, we do not get to find hard-working people very often. Even if we manage to run into some, rarely do we find those who have both worked hard and succeeded in their fields. With that said, it seems almost impossible to bump into one of those people who are hard-working, who are multi-talented and who have been blessed with success in everything they have tried their hands at. +977 brings to you one such guy who has equally made marks on all the fields. He has almost given the impression that he has a golden touch as everything he touches turns into gold. Just into his late twenties, Pradeep

Books of Pradeep Chapagain 2065 B. C. Sireto Shishirko 2068 B. C. Dandama Joon Chha 2070 B. C. Phoolharuko Yudhha

Chapagain has delighted his friends and well-wishers with his talents. An author, a song-writer, an actor, a columnist and a sport-enthusiast, Pradeep is well on his way to the top of his game. An engineer by profession, Pradeep Chapagain is propelling himself to an unprecedented status. There are only few people who can multitask without confusing one thing to another, let alone excelling in all of them. But, Pradeep is different. He is best in the world at what he does. Pradeep has recently graduated from University of Technology, Sydney. He has published two best sellers Shireto Shishirko and Dada Ma Jun Chha, both the collections of Ghajals. His first two books, which had 51 ghajals in total, were published in the years 2008 and 2012 respectively. The third book, Fulharuko Yuddha: Anthology of Poetry is on the way. Apart from being everything that a man can be, Pradeep Chapgain is a great singer too. His passion for singing roots back to


Little did he know that he was quite good at singing until he started performing live during his days at college.


his college days. When he was an engineering student back home, he started singing as a passion. Little did he know that he was quite good at singing until he started performing live during his days at college. Ever since, he has never looked back. His passion has moved along wherever he has gone. He can be seen amusing the crowd at various community programs in Sydney with his beautiful voice. Out of his busy schedule, Pradeep manages to contribute regularly to two of the leading publications of Nepalese community in Australia. He contributes to the Sports Update Section for +977 Magazine. He has big plans for future as he is releasing his collection of ghajals with the album titled Gumnam along with his third book. His ghajal album features biggies of the music

cosmos like Satya Raj Acharya, Swarup Raj Acharya, Shiv Pariyar, Deepak Limbu, Anju Panta, Udaya Sotang, Manila Sotang, Reema Gurung Hoda among others. The music of the album has been composed by Gaire Suresh. In a few weeks, he will be launching his book and album in Kathmandu. Prior to the release of his album, two of the songs have already been aired on national televisions. The music videos have won accolades from the viewers for its lyrics, music composition and unique locations in and around Sydney. Pradeep has even featured in a music video. His acting skills have surprised everyone. He has looked confident and comfortable with the likes of Shiv Pariyar who is so used to modeling. Both the music videos have been declared hits. Being a multi-passionate person that he is, Pradeep is going to debut as a singer

in the near future. He will be recording two songs very soon. In love with the field of arts, Pradeep is in love with the humanity too. Very few people have come one-on-one with the humane side to his personality. He has decided that he will donate a quarter of the royalties from his book to Help Nepal Network (HeNN)’s social welfare fund. His philanthropic nature doesn’t stop there. He has founded a scholarship fund for the best of the students from Shree Krishna Secondary School, Chhaimale, which also happens to be the school he graduated from. Two of the students who have done exceedingly well in SLC will receive NRS 11,111. It is certainly encouraging to know that there are people with heart of gold in our community who go out of their way to make sure everyone around them stays happy.


It takes dreams to make it big. Nonetheless, dreaming alone is not going to take anyone where they want to be. Dreams minus hard work, commitment and talent won’t do any good to anyone’s career. Living in Australia for the last five years, Wanzy has dreamed and dreamed big. He has worked hard enough to make himself appear in the elite league of great musicians. Also, he has shown commitments and has proven that he is talented indeed. Let +977 introduce to you, Wanzy Sangbo, an extremely talented musician. Wanzy Syangbo, born Pasang Tamang, a hospitality graduate from CQU (Central Queensland University), moved to Australia in 2007; partly with an aim to acquire a more competitive degree and partly, being fed up with the instability that is crippling the nation. Since then, he has been living in Australia and been on his musical journey in spite of the busy schedule that he has to juggle every day.

Wanzy Syangbo

Versatile and Ambitious

Wanzy recently released his debut album “Project On Process” at Petersham Townhall Sydney, at a cultural event (Tamang Lhochhar) held by Tamang Society of NSW in February 2013.

He developed the high scale interest in music from young age. However, it was only during his school years that he got chance to learn music, play musical instruments and jam up with other school pals. But as the priorities had to be made on studies, he had to put his musical interest on reserve mode. Still, in free times, he managed to write songs and perform during the functions organised by school and social clubs. In Australia, he is involved and has performed at several events organized by different social communities sharing stages 14

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | May-June | 2013

with the likes of Nima Rumba, Naren Limbu, The Edge Band, The Axe Band, Dj Raju, DA 69, Nepsydaz and many other biggies. Many a times, Wanzy has emceed events in a bid to show his love and passion for the music. Wanzy recently released his debut album “Project On Process” at Petersham Townhall Sydney, at a cultural event (Tamang Lhochhar) held by Tamang Society of NSW in February 2013. And, also, at the same event he launched his First Official Music Video; PRAYASH. He entertained the 400+ audience with a couple of fresh tracks from the album. The album has seven songs of hip hop/R’n’B genre, still a new genre in our community. All the songs in the album have been written and composed by Wanzy himself. The album titled ‘Project on Process’ was launched by pop sensation Nima Rumba, President of Tamang Society of NSW Mr. Arun Kumar Tamang and Mr Kened Pradhan.

Initially, he composed around fifteen songs for the album Project on Process. After the consultation with friends and the record label, he settled with seven of them. The album has turned out well and he is hoping that it is going to be able to tingle musical taste buds of listeners. Wanzy wants to thank his official sponsor NePrides Ent. for believing in him and providing him with a chance to follow his dreams. Recorded in Range Studio (KTM) and Garage 24 (SYD), his album ‘Project in Process’ is a part of the initiative taken by team NePRides ENT. to support and fund the promising and aspiring Nepali talents. ‘Prayash’ the song from the same album is already a hit on YouTube. ‘ “The meticulously interwoven lyrical composition enhanced by the crisp and clear vocal along with the magically exhilarating beats is sure to create an extravagant musical atmosphere when the album is put to listening mode.” - NePRides (www.

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Getting back to Nepal is a great feeling, you get to meet your family, friends, visit places and eat (and a lot of it). But within the first week you realize that it is still the same place it used to be. One evening upon reaching home back in Nepal I realized that it was getting DARK and it was time to put the lights on. I move towards the switch and pressed the button but I failed and wondering when the electricity would be available, I look behind the window, which was now showcasing the few-lit homes around the area. Gradually as the time passed and the darkness came to its full form I realized that the electricity is still unavailable, but almost all the houses were now bright with lights coming off their windows. I then thought of the actual unfortunate ones who only have oil lamps to pass their evenings and kids who had to sacrifice their studies all thanks to 16

the load shedding. My brother then entered the room and turn on the light. I felt a bit embarrassed that instead of turning lights on I was busy looking outside the window, but at least I was thinking about the people. I then see that the light was not strong enough and realized he had turned on the inverter and therefore the light was not bright. Then I realized that there were double wirings in every room for the extra electricity. This just made me remember those DOUBLE water vesselsthat were closely stock in the kitchen of my friend’s house the other day. What ever it was but surely the citizens were paying double for their electricity, going through double trouble for water and still trying to run a smooth life. The labor spent equaled double, the cost was double with all the extra that was meant to be bought and there was double working of

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | May-June | 2013

Then I realized that there were double wirings in every room for the extra electricity. This just made me remember those DOUBLE water vesselsthat were closely stock in the kitchen of my it was but surely the citizens were paying double for their electricity, going through double trouble for water and still trying to run a smooth life.

mind due to the ever changing time schedule of daily necessities. The DIRT is another integral part of the country especially of the Kathmandu city with the unfinished business of reconstructing and broadening of the roads. Most of the places already have the houses bought down and remade but the dirt of the previous breakdown lies still on the sideways adding to already polluted city environment. You go out of the house once and bam!!!! you comeback with dirty cloth, which can’t be worn again until washed. The dust and the dirt is not even calmed by the rising rain but is further consumed and adds to flooding of the place due to clogged drains and unmanaged system. However, we can’t forget the development process Nepal is going through right now. It is in a transition phase and every little progress is going to count. So are we all ready to find the best in adversity of DOUBLE DARK AND DIRTY???

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A TRIFECTA OF YOUTH, TALENT AND BEAUTY By Geeta Shrestha Photography by Ganga Sagar Rai

“Quality early development is a critical stage that defines how an athlete will develop. The younger the candidate, the more chance you have to instill high quality technique, physical and mental development.”


1994 born, a national athlete and actress, Sipora Gurung is best known as the youngest volleyball player of Nepal at the age of 16. Having lately participated in Miss Nepal 2013, and standing as top 5 finalists, Sipora is busy attending different programs including numerous media shows. Sipora has highly prioritized sports in her life, and in the interview, she mostly talks of the journals of her athletic life. She says, “Quality early development is a critical stage that defines how an athlete will develop. The younger the candidate, the more chance you have to instill high quality technique, physical and mental development.” She strictly rebukes the concerned authority’s ignorance for the fundamentals to be adopted as a system of a long term development for athletes beginning at the young age. Provisions should be made which allows such young and elite athletes to go through youth development programs; these programs attempt to identify talented youngsters as early as possible and get them into a dedicated athlete development structure.

+977: How did it feel like when you were recognized as the youngest volleyball player of Nepal? Sipora: Well! I could see people waving their hand, and cheering me. I was more excited than satisfied. I had no idea what a good hype I had become that time, for I was too young to understand what my achievement was for my age. I was only toying with the increasing attention of people towards me. And now, nothing makes me happier and more satisfied than this youthful achievement gives me. I feel proud that I, in my way early age, could make my country known with the youngest volleyball player.

athlete, injuries, fall, and the like are minor things and must.

+977: What hardships did you go through to live your dreams? What challenges did you face to come this way long? Sipora: See, once you’ve got your goals and expectations outlined, you want to work out some key milestones to achieve progressively along the way. These will serve as a progress markers and inspirations to keep striving for achievement. I already had my dreams outlined, and my family members had no objection to my dreams. They helped me create necessary environs to endure my athletic dreams; my school family also supported me equally. So I guess I didn’t have any hardships to live my dreams. It’s a different thing to talk about the difficulties I go through when I am playing, or practicing. They hardly count to me. As an

+977: We heard you are an athlete turned actress, so what difference you felt enduring these two strikingly distinct professions? Sipora: Actually, the thing is, I recently had a knee surgery, and a bad health, and it is quite impossible thing to go and play this time. So, what I thought is, why not I use this free time in acting till the time I am completely recovered from the surgery. This does not mean that I have quitted playing. That’s not the thing. I have only taken temporary abstinence from playing. Soon I get my health back; I will be back in playground too. And so far as the experience is concerned, I feel comfortable in both these professions, though both are remarkably unlike. I had no problem at all in shifting my career from playing in playground to media.

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | May-June | 2013

+977: You had participated in Miss Nepal 2103, and stood up as top 5 finalists. How did your experience go? Sipora: Some well wishes of mine really despised my participating in such beauty peasant, and told me there was no hurrying to do this immediately. I feel absolutely sorry for them, but talking about my own experience, I am happy that I got a different podium to learn many new things, which perhaps I would otherwise have never learnt as an athlete, of course. I am satisfied.


Sipora Gurung

Cover Story

The underdog has nothing to lose, so they are less prone to fear-to-failure.

Once you’ve got your goals and expectations outlined, you want to work out some key milestones to achieve progressively along the way. These will serve as a progress markers and inspirations to keep striving for achievement.


Tired of seeing the society that was all talks, he decided to put If weThen stay came the right foot forward. focused on his brain child HeNN. Mishra the process, knew exactly what he wanted. it shouldn’t He was well too aware of the fact make big that given the condition of fellow difference Nepalis, it would simply be idiotic if we are to ask them to be philanthropist. considered It was just not possible. underdog,

+977: Do you curse your knee surgery as any hindrance to continue to be an athlete? Sipora: It’s the minor knee surgery I had. Quite true that I have to restraint from playing for at least one whole year, but then I can play like I used to when my surgeons approve for me to play. This is a common surgery the players often have to go through, and it can be rehabilitated. I will soon recover, for I am in the best hands. (Smiles) +977: Does being underdog, a contender, or the favorite make difference? Sipora: In the theory, if we stay focused on the process, it shouldn’t make big difference if we are considered underdog, contender or favorite. However, because we are humans, it is easy for these perceptions to start influencing our perspective. The underdog has nothing to lose, so they are less prone to fear-to-failure. Their main task is just to believe they are capable. When a person becomes a contender, it is easy to begin feel pressure from yourself and those around you. Ironically, feeling of pressure can often increase when you experience temporary success in competition. Our fear of not being able to continue at that level can often trigger an avoid failure response due to outcome concerns. Being the favorite is the toughest. Expectations to succeed can often trigger irrational feeling of pressure. But the most important is to enjoy sport, enjoy opportunities, and it won’t matter whether you are underdog, contender, or favorite.


contender or favorite.

MUA & Styling: Numa Dewan Wardrobe: Subexya Bhadel Venue Courtesy: Imperial Court,

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | May-June | 2013

Jhamsikhel, Sanepa Height

Sipora Gurung

+977: How important is recovery? Sipora: Recovery is mental and emotional as well as physical. Releasing from worry, stretching properly, massage, hydration, good nutrition, rest, and enjoyable activities are all part of recovery. Recovery plays a tyrant in sport and in life. Get good at it early. Training can be total waste of time if you don’t take pride in recovery.

Sport has impressive possibilities, but no guarantees. It has tremendous potential in many ways. We have to approach this powerful vehicle as perspective, not dependency.

Cover Story

+977: Do irrational beliefs creep on you? Sipora: Sometimes they do, and overpower me dreadfully. But somehow, I manage not to bother me with such trivial thoughts, and let them go thinking that they just irrational anyway.

+977: Do you think sport is a good preparation for life? Sipora: Like life, we don’t get everything we deserve in sport. Sport is a great place to work on our persistence and coping skills when things don’t go the way we want. We start to learn what is within our control and what is beyond our control. We also learn how to support one another under pressure. We can learn how to manage our emotions and become an exciting mix of caring and character. We can learn more about who we are, and at the same time, we can also learn about the teamwork, collective belief and human potential. Sport has impressive possibilities, but no guarantees. It has tremendous potential in many ways. We have to approach this powerful vehicle as perspective, not dependency. If you are good at sport, or you want to be an athlete, participate n your terms, so you get where you want to go, and realize your positive potentials. +977: As an athlete, what do you think has the state done justice to the players who are also known as the synonyms of state’s wealth? Sipora: To tell you the truth, the government of Nepal paid no little attention earlier about nearly a decade back. But now, changes have been made; players are somehow licensed to exercise certain provisions and benefits. Things have been changing in this field; the state has started to care for national players. If this continues, then in the ensuing years, it is established that the players will definitely have bright future. +977: What is your next take? Sipora: I am soon looking forward to recruiting in Nepal Army, or Nepal Police Force.

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | May-June | 2013








Model: Urusha Participated in Miss Newa 2010 Title: Miss Best Skin Favourite Pastime : Music and reading books Photography: Oz Click Photography Makeup Artist: Arati Shakya

We, the team of +977 & Oz Click Photography are seeking for male and female candidates who are interested in modelling. Express your interest to


Dolpa A Charismatic

Rivulet By Sewa Bhattarai


hen Hanuman flew up to the mountain, he saw so many valuable medicines and beautiful flowers that he was dazzled, and decided to carry the entire mountain back to the battlefield. Just for a small piece of Sanjeevani that would revive Laxman. When I walk out of my tent in Jumla to begin the day’s walk, I am in a similar daze. There are blue, purple, white, pink, yellow and red (and shades of them that I cannot name) flowers on the ground, gently blowing in the breeze. Apart from being overwhelmed by the realization that I would literally walk on flowers all day, surrounded by miles and miles of land carpeted in flowers as we were, I could not help but be awed by the magic of the place. This was the high alpines, home to the rarest of the rare herbs. Yarsagumba, the famed half-plant, half-animal Himalayan aphrodisiac, Chiraito, Panchaunle, and many, many other things that I cannot name. Each of them a Sanjeevani, in a manner of speaking. Any of them could be on the ground in front of me, gently blowing in the breeze, and I would never know. Hanuman, I know exactly how you felt.


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The houses in Dolpa come upon you suddenly, even though they had been there all the time. Once you do the inevitable double take and begin observing the houses, you realize why. They are made of the exact same materials as the surrounding hillside: the building blocks of the houses are of the same brown-grey mud that the hills are made of. And since there are no trees or grass to break the flow in this barren land (it gets little rain because it lies behind the Himalayas which monsoon clouds cannot progress beyond, hence the barrenness), the houses look just like outsized rocks stacked together. And in some areas (like Dho Tarap, human settlement in the highest altitude in the world) it doesn’t help that the major part of the house is underground, leaving only the roof, and at most a couple feet of the walls, sticking outside of ground. These underground houses are supposed to be weather resistant, and have an underground system of connection so that its residents spend no more time over ground than absolutely necessary in the extremely harsh winters that Dolpa can have. Howard Roark only lives in the pages of Ayn Rand’s book Fountainhead, but he could as well have built the houses in Dolpa. Howard Roark dislikes glass skyscrapers, rejects false fronts on American buildings that pretend to give them a European feel, and thinks Greek style palladiums should be built only in Greece. That is because

he believes that buildings should be constructed for the environment they are in, made of local materials that are best suited for the geography. Only then can they fulfill the true purpose of their existence. His odd-looking cylindrical petrol pump is the most convenient one that anyone had ever used, because it did away with all the frills, and was streamlined to be anything and everything a petrol pump should be, but nothing else. And when Roark built a palace on the hills, he made it of the exact same red-brick material as the hills, at once indistinguishable and unique,

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T R AV E L that was the most comfortable living quarters anyone ever made. Roark must have gotten his inspiration from traditional houses—such as the ones in Dolpa—where centuries of experience and folklore end up building dwellings that are best suited for their purpose, no more and no less. It is almost impossible to believe that Rand has never been to Dolpa! All nine of the Nazguls on their thundering steeds, chasing a wounded Frodo gasping for breath on a lame looking horse. He is picked by the regal Arwen on her horse, and together they cross a slight rivulet, straight into Rivendell. Arwen turns to look at the Nazul, so near, in a triangular formation made for speed. She slowly mumbles a chant in Elvish, and suddenly, she summons up a flood. Water higher than her came crashing down from a corner, surprising the Nazguls and taking away their horses, so that they are stranded on the other side.

grey hills, perfect for Mordor, home of the Dark Lord Sauron. The cheerful, fertile valley of Saldang that could be Rivendell, beauty amidst barrenness. Peter Jackson, you really should have come to Dolpa. We have everything that could have made Lord of the Rings even more magical than it is. Because that is one thing Dolpa does, make you feel like you are in a magical world. When you do not see a car, a bus, or a television for days, no wires and poles clog your roads, and few plastic wrappers of food pollute the forests, it is easy to believe that you are in a different world altogether. When the tinkle of yak bells accompanies you on roads, when in the midst of wilderness you come across gleaming monasteries with artwork containing demons, gods, and angels, it is easy to believe that the world is full of magic!

Turn a corner in the Far West. Turn any cover, and Arwen’s flood comes gushing out at you. As you follow the river Suli and Tila in Jumla,

4 course unlimited Buffet Course starting From $23 per person Free Soft Drinks Available Free Function Rooms Gorkha Palace Outside Catering

and Phoksundo (in Jumla) you can watch them turn corners suddenly, descend from incredible heights. If Peter Jackson had decided to film Lord of the Rings in Nepal, he would not even had to digitize the flood. Because the far west of Nepal has every kind of body of water: slow moving rivulets, roaring waterfalls, gentle rivers, and even a deep, romantic lake that Frodo could have departed to the West in. And it is not just Arwen’s flood. Dolpa has the other worldly quality that just tells you that it is the home of fantasy. Kanjirowa that rumbles and roars all night with avalanches reminded me of the Mines of Moria where the Fellowship was trapped. Who knows what caves and treasures and Balrogs its hides? The bare beauty of 30

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Confessions of a


By Mani Joshi

I am sure most women are crazy about shoes and I am not an exception. I am crazy about shoes or should I say addicted to buying them. Owning countless pairs of shoes has not stopped me from looking for more. You always find a nice pair of shoes and how can a girl walk past the shops. If there were a group call “Shoeholic Anonymous”, I am sure I would need to attend one of their meetings. This is how I would be introducing myself. “Hi, I am Mani and I am a Shoeholic. I love shoes more than anything in this world and when I see shoesina shop’s window, I feel like they are calling me with soft voices saying “Wear me”. I am 4 weeks sober because I have promised my husband that I will not buy another pair of shoes for three months if I was allowed to buy a PrabalGurung shoes from the USA. I am doing OK so far but it is getting very hard. The worst part is that I can purchase shoes without feeling anyguilt.” Or I can be in denial and never attend these meetings. I justify myself that my collection of shoes didn’t happen overnight as I don’t have money like Tamara Ecclestone. It is my collection of over a decade now. And they are from all over the world. Wherever I travel; I try to get at least a pair to add to my collection. I was quite surprised that when we were in Europe, the shoes were cheaper there than in Australian so I had to buy a few pairs for sure. And how can I not mention America where everything is so cheap especially the shoes. I bought so many shoes there because, when bought one pair, another was just a penny. Can youimagine my reaction when I learned that I was getting the second pair literally for nothing? Buying a pair of shoes has always had some supernatural effects on me, making me super happy and super confident when I wear them. I believe that shoes also tell a story about the kind of person you are. Feet are our feelings and a good pair of shoes that are well-made, attractive to look at, and comfortable to wear tell the world what you think of yourself all day long. I might be highly inspired by characters like Carrie BradshawfromSex and the City or Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic but I know I live in the real world. I don’t have


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100s of pairs of Jimmy Choos or Manolo-Blahniks. Neither will I buy the latest issue of Vogue instead of buying dinner, max out my credit card while shopping or become a shoe lady.But I just love shoes. I have to tell you a funny incident regarding my shoes. A while ago I was lunching with my friend in a café. That day I was wearing my favourite suede shoes as there was no sign of rain when I left home. But while we were having lunch, it started to rain cats and dogs. We waited for a while for the rain to stop but it didn’t let up and there was no sign that it was going to stop anytime soon. We were less than 10 minutes away from work and we were getting late so we decided to run from the café to work. Instead of saving myself from getting wet, I took my jacket out and put it on my head to save my hair and took off my shoes and hide it under the jacket. Then we both ran all the way to work. I was really hoping that no one I knew would recognise me in the street.It was quite embarrassing to run shoeless on the streets but my brand new shoes were made out of suede. If they got wet, I was not sure what would happen to them.When I finally got to the office, my dress was wet but my shoesweredry, not a drop of water on them. I was really happy with myself. If you really want to start a shoes collection just remember quality over quantity.A quality shoes with quality maintenance should last for years and that is how you build your big shoes collection. As an adult, if you look after your shoes, you can keep them for years. I am hoping to keep adding new and lovely shoes to my collection and one day will have this lovely collection which I can pass on to my daughter. If you have watched the movie Sex and the City and remember the scene where Mr Big takes Carrie to their new penthouse and shows her the new walk-in wardrobe, that’s the moment my heart nearly stopped because that is exactly what I want; a walkin wardrobe with one whole wall just for my lovely shoes. I hope one day my dream will come true. Till then - “If the shoe fits... buy it in every colour.”

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Different looks of Prabal Gurung for Target collection By Romu Shrestha and Mani Joshi Photos By: Newa Kiran If you are following the fashion world, I am sure you are familiar with PrabalGurung, the Nepalese born American designer who has dressed famous ladies like Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, Zoe Saldana, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, Demi Moore, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, and Sarah Jessica Parker to name just a few. On February 2013, PrabalGurung collaborated with Target and launched a collection based on the theme “LOVE�. The collection was a big hit with some of the favourite pieces running out on the first day. Unfortunately, Target Australia did not carry the collection, which means we were left out. Luckily, we managed to purchase a few items from his collection from the USA and have styled our pieces in different looks.

Prabal Gurung For Target Cardigan in Meet the Parents

Prabal Gurung For Target Dress in Meet the Parents

Prabal Gurung For Target Lace-up Pump in Meet the Parents 34

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Prabal Gurung For Target Nolita Print Hard -Sided Clutch

Boho chic: For this look, we paired the cardigan with a black maxi dress and belted it to cinch the waistline. For accessories, we just went with a pair of black sandals, silver necklace and a mini shoulder bag to keep things simple and casual. This look is very bohemian and adding the printed cardigan elevated a simple black maxi dress making it boho chic.

Casual edge: For this particular look, we tried to put together a causal and laidback style with a bit of an edge. We simply paired the cardigan with a very basic yellow tank top and black skinny jeans. To add some edge, we accessorised with a pair of studded ankle boots, cross earrings and a big crescent pendant. Again, adding this printed cardigan injects life to this otherwise very plain style.

Girlie girl: For the third look, we tried playing the colour pink and girlie silhouette. We basically put the cardigan buttoned up and tucked inside a flared black skirt. To emphasize the waistline, we used a skinny belt in neon pink which also adds a girlie touch. To make this look even more feminine, we went with a pair of pumps in bubble gum pink and a statement necklace with pink accents. It’s a very fun and girlie look.

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Frosty: We tried adding some glamour to this dress with frosty silver pumps and clutch. For some drama, we added a chunky pearl necklace. This look is perfect for girl’s night out or that romantic dinner date with your partner.

Colour Burst: For the first look, we used some key pieces from PrabalGurung(PG) collection. We styled this PG black &white floral printed skater dress with PG heels in similar print and PG clutch in lolita print. This cute clutch injects some colour to this otherwise monochromatic outfit; we also added some fun statement necklaces in yellow and pink for that extra punch of colour.

Casual Chic: We did a fun experiment by turning this dress into a flared skirt. For this look, knitwear is worn over the dress making it appear as a skirt. We finished off the look by adding pair of black tights, ankles boots and a scarf in bright yellow colour. This look is very casual, comfortable and chic; great for walking around or running errands

Lady in Red: Adding some structured pieces like this red blazer and wedges gives this dress a very formal and sharp appeal. This outfit can be worn to work or anywhere where you want to polished and formally dressed 36

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Makeup Tips in Winter By Raktim Joshi

Winter Makeup requires extremely different approach than make up for other season. Why??? Because winter challenges your skin and makeup more than any other season. Cold temperature, snowy weather, heated rooms and excessive hot showers to warm you up all make your skin need extra care and attention. The biggest problem is dry skin on the face, hand and knees, and sometimes all over the body. The best advice is to moisturize and moisturize. In this article I’m sharing ten makeup tips for winter:

1. Choose good moisturizer to apply under your makeup, so it will last long. 2. Use silicon based foundations in winter. 3. To party in winter, choose powder makeup foundations, its more resistance for temperature change. 4. Avoid liquid foundation in winter. 5. Avoid loose powder cause it makes your skin dryness and cracked face. 6. Eyeliner, mascara or lip liners should be waterproof – you’ll be sure your make up will stay on. 7. Use warm colour tones or pastel colours of eye shadows like brown, silver, taupe, lavender grey, dusty blue, etc. 8. Use powder formulas blushes, which sit better than cream or gel blushes. 9. If your lips are super dry skip lipstick and try tinted lip balms which are available in different shades of colours. 10. If you want dramatic winter lips than try red and deep brown or deep berries shades of colours.



By Dr. Pradeep Neupane

We all desire to be in a comfortable weather at all times. But, it is not always possible as we don’t have control over the weather change. However, we can easily change our life-style and diet according to the weather so that the sudden change in weather will not be able to affect our health adversely. Nowadays, we can see that the sky is often cloudy and gray, the weather is cold, damp, and heavy, and life is moving slower. According to Ayurveda, this is the season of Kapha, which means our solid and fluid energy is more active in this season. When balanced, kapha supplies strength, vigour, and stability to both body and mind. This subtle energy is responsible for lubricating the joints, moisturizing the skin, and maintaining immunity. But, if this goes out of balance, we may get sluggishness, mucus-related illnesses i.e. cold and cough, excessive weight gain, and negative emotions such as attachment, envy, greed and depression.

and mind in the winter season.

In general, we should follow a kaphapacifying regimen in the winter. But dry, cold, windy weather can provoke vata (movement energy) as well and can lead to dry-rough skin, joints pain, indigestion, etc. So, it is very important to adopt diet and life-style that balance Kapha and Vata energy in our body

• Keep warm at alltimes: just about to sweat.

COLD AND COUGH We all know that colds and coughs are the common health concerns in the winter season. Although it is beneficial to get a simple cold for a short period of time in winter so that the immune system becomes strong, prolonged cold may bring some serious complications like sinusitis, cough and breathing disorders. So, it is very important to adopt some important measures to cure the cold as soon as the symptoms appear. Ayuveda suggests that colds are a kaphavata disorder. This means that dampness, coolness, and heaviness properties are dominant during the illness. Following tips may help to cure cold-cough, sinus and runny nose-

• Eat everything cooked and warm. • Drink boiled warm water only. • Drink tea of fresh ginger + turmeric + cumin seeds + cloves+ cinnamon+ black

pepper with lemon juice and honey at least 3 times a day. • Regular use of Ayurvedic rejuvenative products like Chyavanprash may help strengthen the immune system. Also, some herbal preperations like Sitopaladi Churna, Talisadi Churna, Laxmi Vilas Ras, etc may help to cure the cold and cough. However, if the issue is still not cured, it may be because of strong kapha-vata imbalance and very low immune system. It is highly recommended to consult a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner as soon as possible to bring your imbalances into balanced state so that the condition does not get worse and does not reach to a-difficult-to-treat (asadhya) state.

DAILY ROUTINE IN WINTER In order to prevent any health problem, Ayurveda has recommended to follow the following diet and life-style in winter• Waking up a bit later in the winter (around 6-7 a.m.) than we would in other seasons is acceptable. • Upon rising, it suggested to scrap the tongue to remove the dead bacteria and yeast that have accumulated overnight,

and to improve circulation to the visceral organs. • Then brushing the teeth with toothpaste made from heating herbs such as cinnamon, clove, bilva, and haritaki. • Next is to drink one to two cups of warm water with ginger paste, lemon juice and honey to stimulate a bowel movement and energise ourselves. • Then having a quick massage by rubbing warmed sesame oil all over the body (the oil is heating and good for all body-type in the winter) and letting the oil soak in for 5 to 10 minutes, then have a hot shower and exfoliate the skin. • Before breakfast, it is recommended to do some vigorous exercises in winter especially Yoga, pranayama, and meditation. Surya namaskara (sun salutation) and poses that open the chest,

throat, and sinuses remove congestion in the respiratory organs. Try the fish, boat, bow, locust, lion, and camel poses, along with the shoulder stand and the headstand, if you can do it. Follow this with a systematic relaxation and a few rounds of bhastrika, the breath of fire. This breathing practice builds heat and eliminates mucus from the respiratory tract. It is important to eat a nutritious breakfast after meditation,. If you don’t feed your digestive fire in the morning, it will dry up bodily tissues and provoke vata. Enjoy a bowl of oatmeal, barley, cornmeal, tapioca, or poha (basmati rice flakes) mildly spiced with cinnamon. • An hour after breakfast, boil 1/2 teaspoon of fresh or powdered ginger, 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, and a pinch of ground clove in a cup of hot water for 5 minutes. Drink this tea to increase your digestive fire, improve circulation, and reduce excess mucus. (Skip the tea if you have an ulcer

or another inflammation-oriented problem). It is highly recommended to avoid cold drinks, fasting, late nights, naps, exposure to cold drafts and wind, and stay physically active.

FOOD & DRINK Incorporate whole wheat unyeasted bread, cottage cheese, steamed vegetables, warm soup cooked with ghee (clarified butter), and spicy food into your meals. Because your appetite is heartier in the winter, eat more proteinbeans, tofu, eggs- and if you’re not a strict vegetarian, chicken, turkey, and fish. Add warming spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper to promote digestion. Avoid cold drinks and dairy (they aggravate kapha and vata) and opt for hot water, hot tea, and occasionally, hot cocoa or chai.


pectorals and chnically called te e ar s cle us o parts, the The chest m rals consist of tw cto pe e Th . s) c( (lower) portion. also called pe and the sternal on rti po ) er pp bone). Along clavicular (u the clavicle (collar to ed ch ta at is rt (breastbone) The upper pa es to the sternum ch ta at it e, lin st mass of the the mid-body l ribs. The large ra ve se of e lag erus), fastened and the carti r arm bone (hum pe up e th at rts ltoids attach to pectorals sta ove where the de ab t jus d an r de fan and cover at a point un spread out like a ls ra cto pe e Th . the rib cage in the humerus tes. Attached to pla or m ar e lik muscle lets you the rib cage e shoulder, this th to ss ro ac d anded, doing a the center an ing a ball underh ch pit as ion ot m bottle, swimming perform such isting a cap off a tw s, es Pr h nc ps. In addition, wide-arm Be ing parallel bar Di do d an e, ok str l ys a large role with the craw the humerus, it pla to t en m tch at its a prominent because of . There is, in fact, ing inn Ch e lik ts muscles. The in movemen n chest and back ee tw be s cie en s the latissimus interdepend tential size unles po ll fu its h ac re t developed. chest will no per back are fully up e th of s cle us dorsi(lats) m






Purpose of Exer




. Your grip should To Do: e floor for balance th on et gh fe ur yo h, ould be wide enou Lie on a flat benc at, your hands sh th ns ). ea or m flo h e hic th (w endicular to be medium-wide straight up, perp int po s m ar re fo e you. apart so that your arm’s length abov ck and hold it at ra e th f your chest (a little of r s ba he e uc th to Lift r control until it de un to d an y wl outward in order Lower the bar slo e elbows pointed th ep Ke int. t). po is es th ch mplete at below the middle ould come to a co sh r ba ys e wa Th Al t. d. es ke e fully loc fully involve the ch until your arms ar e or m ce on rd wa Press the bar up range of motion. ll fu a h ug ro th go


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m almost flat to incline bench fro e th of gle an e ore you work You can vary th the bench, the m ht rig up e or m e th almost upright; the upper pecs. incline bench. To Do: and lie back on an nd ha ch ea in d. Take a dumbbell lms facing forwar lder height with pa ou sh er them at low em en th th ld , Ho ht up overhead aig str ly us eo an e in the Lift them simult rest while you ar ng position (don’t rti sta e th to ck ba starting position.)



RAL E LOWER PECTO TH S P LO E V E D IT ER CHEST) MUSCLES (LOW To Do: bar with a medium bench. Grasp the ne cli th de wi a ing on Lie aight up lin bar off the rack str wide grip. Lift the t your lower chest. h the lower ches weight till you touc e th wn d. do r ke we loc Lo ion, arms the starting posit and press back to







g e you, palms facin To Do: arm’s length abov at s ell as c bb ar m du de lding side in a wi Lie on a bench ho d down to either an t ou ts he igh .T we um e r th eir maxim one another. Lowe cles stretch to th e the pectoral mus ng eli fe ovement. Bend th n, m ca e u th far as yo her throughout ot ch s. ea g ow cin elb fa ain s on the palms should rem reduce the stres the movement to do u yo pectorals (chest as ur tly yo gh en arms sli at a point wh p sto te ple m co to a Bring the weights e. ar much as possibl as mebody a big be ch et str s) muscle arc, as if giving so de wi e m sa ng e rti th sta ng alo to the Lift them back up e weights up, up in and pressing th ing m x to make the co fle an tra th ex er le th hug, ra er, giving a litt rth fu ls ra cto pe the position. Contract uch harder. m at th rk wo muscle

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is a specialized ovide resistance pr to s ble ca ing motion us ose impressive * During a flying and brings out th cs pe e th of er nt rks the ce ll. exercise that wo er pectorals as we o develops the low als d striations an handles attached To Do: ion, take hold of sit po ing nd een sta a ent from line directly betw To do this movem tly forward of the gh sli p ghtly ste , sli ys nd lle head pu her side.Be by cables to over t straight out to ot os alm s m ing ar br ur en t out), th extend yo the pulleys, and ck, buns out, ches ck your lower ba (lo ist s slightly bent, wa ow e elb th , m forward fro gging motion hu big a in d ar rw nd and fo come together in your hands arou hen your hands .W ng cti t ra nt co s ral muscle contract your ches feeling the pecto er the other and ov nd ha ich e wh on te s os na t, alter stop – cr of this movemen the center, don’t On each repetition n. ca u yo h uc m muscles as er the other. hand crosses ov







well as ing the thorax, as ement for expand ov m st be e s. th is cle This s anterior mus ilding the serratu pectorals and bu

working the

with only your across the bench lie To Do: d an rn tu en mbbell with both on a bench, th or. Grasp the du flo e Place a dumbbell th on t the fla et pressing against surface, your fe with both palms t, shoulders on its es ch ur yo er straight up ov hands and hold it p plate. to underside of the arc behind your slowly down in an t igh we e th er rd the floor at the s straight, low Drop the hips towa . Keeping your arm ch et str ge ca dumbbell as far as chest and rib have lowered the u head, feeling the yo n he ur W . ch e arc. Don’t let yo rease this stret through the sam same time to inc ion sit po ent ng em rti ov ut the m back to the sta them low througho ep possible, raise it Ke t. igh e th we e of pansion up as you lift th e the greatest ex hips come back etch and therefor str e ibl ss po um to ensure maxim rib cage.

e weights tch while lifting th re st e th el fe to your chest out Warning: h. Simply move uc m o to dy bo , you are less Don’t arch your parts of your body r he ot e ov m u dy parts. As yo upward. ement in other bo ov m tra ex no y Absolutel s at chest muscles. rm these exercise rfo concentrating on pe d an m ra ur training prog onal advice for yo si es of pr a t ge d to Note: Be advise k. your own ris


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By Reecha Dhital

From this issue we will be talking about things you can do it yourself and save some $$$. We will be covering about various aspects like beauty, nail art, decorations and accessories. This issue we will be covering the evergreen French manicure a“Do It Yourself� (DIY) way.

What you need: A clear nail polish (for top and bas e coat) White nail polish (for the French tips) A sticky bandage (to paste on nai ls just in case if you are not confident to pai nt the tips) Method: old paints Clean your hands and nails of any and oil for a better base. pe i.e round,

File your nails in the desired sha square or pointed.

Apply the base coat to the nails and dry.

let it air

run it Now use the brush and confidently white. OR through the edge and paint the tips cedure, use If unsure and skeptical of this pro them on our forever-young handy plast, cut e along the the sides and paste the curve edg corner and paint the nails white. Let it air dry and apply the final or

the topcoat.

PS: My friend does this while watching a DVD at home giving her enough time to concentrate as well as utilize time.



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For those who are yearning to delectable Newari cuisines away from home, you have a good news awaiting you. Recently, Australia saw the opening of Bhanchha Restaurant which specializes in Newari tastes. Now, relishing home made cook is just few miles drive away. From lunches to get togethers to hang outs, friends can do it the Newari Way.


When savoring exquisite delicatessen means fun, enjoyment and a party-like experience, there is no need for you to bother about complicated recipes and risky cooking methods. Just stop by Bhanchha and have a time of your life reliving your moments of Nepal.


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By Pradeep Chapagain



KING RULED IT AGAIN Spanish tennis ace Rafael Nadal, nicknamed as ‘The King of Clay’, won the title of French Open once again, stamping his authority and domination in Paris. Nadal defeated countryman David Ferrer in the final with 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 score line. Earlier in the semi-finals, Nadal defeated long time rival Novak Djokovic by 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 6-7 (3-7), 9-7 in 4 hours and 37 minutes which is considered as one of the best clay court matched played ever. Along with the victory, Rafa became the first man in history to win the same grand slam event eight times. Also, he broke previous records (jointly shared by Roger Federer, Bjorn Borg and Pete Sampras) to become the first man to win at least a grand slam tournament for nine consecutive years. Nadal continued his incredible comeback after seven months absence from the court because of his knee operation. It was Nadal’s 7th title after the comeback and also his 57th career title.

INDIANS CROWNED CHAMPIONS American tennis queen Serena Williams won the French Open for the second time in her career defeating defending champion Maria Sharapova in the final by 6-4, 6-4. Williams, also the champion in Paris in 2002, won the most prized and prestigious clay court crown after 11 years in an astonishing fashion. It was Serena’s sixteenth grand slam singles title and 52nd title in singles. Regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Serena also has 13 grand slam doubles titles and a couple of mixed doubles grand slam crowns. Williams is only one of the five tennis players of all-time to win a ‘multiple slam-set’ (each grand slams at least a couple of times) in two disciplines, matching Margaret Court, Roy Emerson, Martina Navratilova and Frank Sedgman. Serena also has won four Olympic gold medals, one in women’s singles and three in doubles with her sister Venus. Serena is current World No. 1 in WTA rankings. 46

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India won the ICC Champions Trophy defeating England in a rain-affected match at Edgbaston. The 50-0vers matches shortened to 20-overs each after persistent rain in Birmingham before India posted a total of 129-7 in allocated overs. Virat Kohli made 43 for India whereas part time spinner Ravi Bopara took three wickets for England. Chasing a relatively low target of 130, England lost wickets in regular interval and came just 5 runs short at the end. To turn the match into a thriller, Eoin Morgan made 33 whereas Bopara himself made 30 for the English side. India’s ShikharDhawan claimed the Player-of-the-Series title for his 363 runs at an average of 90.75. India have now won back-to-back ICC 50-overs tournament after that success in World Cup 2011. This is the last edition of Champions Trophy as ICC has decided to end the tradition to develop its new initiatives for the game.


Australia booked it place into FIFA World Cup 2014 to be held in Brazil next year. The Socceroos confirmed their participation in the biggest stage of football following their 1-0 victory over Iraq in Sydney on June 18. Australia came into the match with confidence and momentum following their 4-0 victory over Jordan a week ago knowing a win over Iraq would book their tickets to Brazil. However the match was affected by persistent rain in Sydney and was heading for a goalless draw before almost forgotten striker Josh Kennedy headed home in 83rd minute to send over 80,000 fans into wild celebrations. Kennedy replaced veteran Tim Cahill in 77th minute and it proved to be a decisive tactic by Socceroos coach HolgerOsieck as Kennedy broke the deadlock within 6 minutes of his arrival on the pitch. Following the win, Australia confirmed the second place in its group which ensured an automatic qualification for the World Cup. It is Australia’s fourth World Cup participation (first in 1982) and third consecutive presence in global stage (2006, 2010 and now 2014). Along with the Aussies, Japan, Iran and South Korea also booked their places for World Cup whereas other qualifying rounds are in progress in various regions around the globe.

KIWIS THRASHED POMS New Zealand defeated England in three-match one-day international (ODI) series played in English soil. New Zealand opener Martin Guptill was the star of the series who smashed back-to-back centuries in the opening two games which guided his team to victory and hence the series win. Guptill scored 103 during the successful chase of 228 in first match of the series followed by a record-breaking 189* in the second match. It was the highest individual score by a Kiwi international in an ODI match. Moreover, Kiwi bowler Mitchell McClenaghan was the surprise package of the series who took a total of 8 wickets to become highest wicket taker in the tally. England won the dead rubber by 34 runs however it was too late to avoid their first ODI series loss on home soil since 2009. Guptill received player-of-the-series award for his mammoth 330 runs in 3 matches. It was a huge away series win for Kiwis, ranked eighth in ICC rankings, over the English (ranked second) side.

CRICKET STARS PLAYING ABROAD In next seven to eight months, Nepal will have to play two ICC world cup qualifiers (Twenty-20 and 50-overs format) and the preparation has to be at its peak. Some of the good signs can be seen as few Nepalese stars are playing abroad in various leagues and tournaments to foster their talents and skills. National team vicecaptain GyanendraMalla is playing for Ontario Cricket Academy Club in Canada whereas versatile spinner BasantaRegmi is also in Canada playing for JTA Sports Club. Nepalese skipper ParasKhadka had played for Ontario last year where he performed brilliantly throughout his stay however he is battling with injury this year to join the team once again. On the other hand, opener PradeepAiree and middleorder bastmanBinodBhandari are in Srilanka to play in the U-23 League. Seamers Chandra Saud and AmritBhattarai had played in same league last year. All these moves were initiated and recommended by Nepal national team coach PubuduDassanayake. Meanwhile, young Nepalese stars NareshBudhaair and RajuPulami are in London to attend six-week long training session at oldest cricket club in the world, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). MCC has provided scholarships to the two Nepali batsmen for the coaching course under its development program.The course will end on July 26. MCC, which was established in 1787, owns the Lord´s Cricket Ground, which is referred to as the ´Mecca of Cricket’.

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Directed by Joes Pandey on the story written by Binod Paudel, the upcoming 2013 Nepali film Saghuro features the social and psychological issues which the under-privileged people undergo through. With this, comes the hardships a person has to go through in the pursuit of living his dreams. The story begins from the broad view of Kathmandu Highway and ends in the small room with the aftermaths that have been brought by the physical and mental conflicts. The whole story revolves on narrating the conservative society

Featuring the Marvel Comic character Wolverine, a fictional superhero, The Wolverine is the upcoming American/ Australian action film. Intended to be the sixth installment in the X-men film series following the events of X-men, The Wolverine stars Hugh Jackman as a mutant hero with his eye-popping actions. Hugh Jackman has played the career defining role of Wolverine six times. Based on the celebrated comic arc, this epic action-adventure takes Wolverine, the most conic character of the X-men universe, to modern day Japan. Out of his depth in an unknown world he faces his ultimate nemesis in a life-or-death battle that will leave him forever unchanged. Vulnerable for the first time and pushed to his physical and emotional limits, he confronts not only lethal samurai steel but also his inner struggles against his immortality, emerging more powerful than we have ever seen him before. The Wolverine is directed by James Mangold from a script written by Christopher McQuarrie(Jack Reacher) and Mark Bomback(Total Recall), and sees Hugh Jackman play the self-healing, metalclawed mutant Logan for a sixth time. This time, Wolvie is on his own – after the events in X-men: The Last Stand and heads to Japan, where he is offered a chance to give up immortality, by an old acquaintance seeking to fulfill a life debt. The Wolverine is scheduled to be released on July 24, 2013 in various international markets. It opens in regular and 3D (Australia) theatres on July 25, 2013, and on July 26, 2013 in U.S. theatres. 48

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where we grow up believing that sex is such an issue which should rather be suppressed than be talked off openly. The movie as a whole rebukes such hackneyed thoughts and traditions which have long been exercised in our narrow-minded society, and alarms us the impacts sparked off by such howcalled pervading ideal and trite beliefs. A person undergoing through adversities and insufficiency, when meets a thing quite different from his daily schedule out of blue, then it changes his circumstances just the opposite. The movie talks about how the individual gets tormented and disturbed mentally and psychologically with such strikingly opposite circumstances he encounters without any preparations beforehand. Saghuro stars Shushank Mainali, Deeya Maskey, Daya Hang Rai, Aruna Karki and Rabi Giri. Produced by Sameer Mainali, Saghuro is all about the psycho-social conflict of characters resulting surreal circumstances. The releasing date has not been scheduled yet.




Come. Fall in love this summer with this crispy romantic comedy movie Chennai Express. With Deepika’s South India look, along with her hilarious accent, and Saha Rukh’s swaggering appearance, the upcoming 2013 Indian action romantic comedy film Chennai Express is sure to have audiences lolling rolling in splits. Directed by Rohit Shetty and produced by Gauri Khan under her production banner Red Chillies Entertainment, this film is the second collaboration between Shah Rukh and Deepika Padukone after the 2007 blockbuster Om Shanti Om, which is the first collaboration between Shah Rukh Khan and Rohit Shetty. The first look of Chennai Express being revealed on January 1, 2013 and the official trailer released on 13 June, 2013, the movie is scheduled to be released on 8 August 2013. Chennai Express is about a man’s expedition from Mumbai to Rameshwaram and how he falls in love with the daughter of a don along the way. Shah Rukh portrays as 40 years old young and jocular character Rahul in the film and Deepika as typical stereotyped South Indian girl named Meenalochani. The muchawaited official trailer of the movie has engagingly gained much hype and has become the most awaited movie to all the fans of these two stars. With all the hype in place, the first look of the movie meet all the expectations of the audiences, and now it is to wait, will the full movie raise to the expectations of audiences as much as the first look and official trailer did?

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