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Welcome to our new newsletter – a collaboration from the Plunket teams in Westmere/Grey Lynn and Pt Chevalier. Not only do we have a new look, we also have prize giveaways, great articles and some cafe and book reviews in this issue. Enjoy...

Sharleen McKinnon Ruth Nelson EDITOR – WESTMERE/GREY LYNN


Appeal Thank You Pt Chevalier Plunket Committee would like to again say a huge thank you to our community and friends for their generosity over the 2013 Plunket Appeal week. We had over 60 people helping during our door-todoor campaign, with our buckets outside Countdown and with our Raffle. This not only helped to promote the good work of Plunket in our community but has also helped to raise over $9,000 in funds to make this year’s appeal a great success. In particular thanks to the following businesses, BNZ Newmarket team,The Professionals, Countdown, Ray White, N-Compass, RODE, Rumour NZ, Mish-Mash, Fiesta Cafe and Amcal Pharmacy as well as all of the local businesses who hosted a bucket.

Westmere / Grey Lynn Plunket Committee would like to give a big thanks to Countdown Richmond Rd for allowing us to collect outside for the weekend of Appeal Week, and to anyone who volunteered to shake the bucket for us. We’d also like to thank the following businesses for letting us leave collection buckets with them: Harvest Wholefoods, Richmond Rd Doctors,The Little Grocer, Mamata Bake House, Grey Lynn Library, Grey Lynn Amcal Pharmacy,Westmere Butcher and Westmere Pharmacy. A toddler spells LOVE T·I·M·E

Disclaimer – The articles contained in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society. As the content in the newsletter has been contributed, we are unable to guarantee originality and therefore cannot be held liable for any infringements of copyright. Plunket Westmere / Grey Lynn / Pt Chevalier Newsletter

Choosing Shoes for Little Feet The bones in a child’s feet are formed from soft, pliable cartilage, which doesn’t solidify into bone until about 5 years old. That’s why the shoes children wear in childhood can make (or break) their future foot health.

Here are the Bugalugz, 5 B’s of choosing the right shoes. 1. Soles must be BENDY Shoes need plenty of flexibility so children can bend and flex their feet naturally. Make sure shoes are lightweight with soles that bend easily to at least 55 degrees at the ball of the foot.

2. Material must be BREATHABLE Strangely, kid’s feet sweat twice as much as adult feet! So choose shoes made of breathable material such as leather. Avoid synthetics as they encourage sweating, and don’t ‘give’ much so they tend to rub more.

3. Toe box must be BROAD Plenty of room and width in the toe area 2 / Winter 2013

allows toes to spread and anchor - vital for learning to balance.

4. They must have a BACK (or back strap) Avoid backless styles as they force the foot and toes to curl to keep the shoe from falling off. A well-fitting shoe should be fastened onto the foot so that it follows the foot in ANY movement, without needing effort from the foot to keep it on.

5. Check that they are BIG ENOUGH! Toes should NEVER touch the end of the shoe – there should always be enough ‘wiggle room’ for growth (5mm-1cm).

Stage 1: Crawling and cruisingapprox. 6-12 months The only ‘shoe’ to consider at this stage is a suede-soled leather bootie, which is useful when babies crawl outside (to protect toes on rough surfaces) and when they start to cruise around furniture, as the suede soles are naturally anti-slip on smooth surfaces like wood or tile floors.

Stage 2: First walkers- approx. 10-18 months For outdoor wear, leather-soled baby shoes are nearly as soft as leather booties, but much more durable. Look for soft, thin leather soles to enable children to feel the ground beneath their feet with every step. Many will include ‘non-skid pads’ for that little bit of extra slip protection.

Ignore shoe sizes! Never rely on the shoe size studies have shown that 97% of marked shoe sizes are wrong, some by up to 2cm, so you could inadvertently buy a shoe that’s completely the wrong size. The ONLY reliable way to choose the right size is to measure your child’s feet, and then to measure the innersole length of the shoes you’re looking at, making sure there a decent amount of ‘wiggle room’:

Stage 3: Toddlers- approx. 1218 months + Then comes the confident walking, followed quickly by running - a good sturdy sole is now required to protect little feet from sticks, stones, toys and so on. These soles are generally made of rubber which is supportive but still gives full flexibility for natural movement.

Baby shoes / leather booties / first walkers The soles are generally soft enough that a bit of extra length doesn’t create a trip hazard, so allow 5mm-1cm.

Toddler shoes Allow 5mm for feet under 15cm long, and for less confident walkers. Feet over 15cm long and very confident walkers can cope with a full 1cm wiggle room.

Download this at:

Many thanks to our friends at Bugalugz- Robyn & Nicole

Little Kids Can handle the adult ‘rule of thumb’, of adding 1cm-1.5cm Plunket Westmere / Grey Lynn / Pt Chevalier Newsletter


On average there are six children each year that die from burn injuries in New Zealand, and every day a child is burned severely enough to be admitted into hospital. Burns are a leading cause of injury for young children. Of 1 to 2 year olds admitted to hospital due to severe burns, over half are caused by spilt hot drinks (tea and coffee) and other liquids Burn Prevention Tips: 1. Never drink hot liquids while holding a child. 2. S et your hot water temperature so it is 5055째 Celsius at the tap. 3. C  lothing burns, please make sure your kids are always a metre from the heater. 4. Working smoke alarms saves lives.

A cup of hot coff spilled o ee ver a chil d is like a bucket of boilin g water spilled o ver an ad ult!

Cafe Review The Corner Café, 57 Pt Chevalier Rd

We walked in & thought: The place felt like it had three rooms; a busy coffee bar, a cosy indoor dining area with a gas fireplace, and a closed in alfresco dining component.

The most unusual menu item was: The menu is standard all day breakfast and lunch fare with a well stocked counter cabinet. We did like the old fashioned sound of the Mum’s Mince with ground mince, spinach, 5 grain bread and poached eggs. We ordered: A Cajun chicken Panini and chicken quiche so that we could share plates with the kids.

but they could be a bit more experimental with the menu and the condiments. Reliable spot for a good coffee to have in or take out. P A RK I NG HI G H C H A I RS FL UFFY MA I N $ F O O D C H OI C ES KI D S MENU

The service was: Very friendly and efficient although it was a slow day. The coffee was: Excellent and strong, non-organic but we didn’t notice the brand. Overall we thought: Great local spot and family friendly. The food was great tasting

Good 1 50 cents $10 - $20 GF,


No specific kids items Lots of room to


spread out on a quiet day, but could be tricky when full




Plunket Westmere / Grey Lynn / Pt Chevalier Newsletter


Of Course I Love You... NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM! Diane Levy

Diane Levy, a mother, grandmother, academic and speaker is now a veteran amongst those writing parenting help books in New Zealand. Diane has a nononsense style and shares ideas about how family structure influences family outcomes and how personality types can have a profound influence on how you “parent” and how you respond to the world as a child. She uses lots of diagrams and cute cartoons sketches, a bit like a science teacher making learning fun. Yet at the same time she provides parenting advice based on sound research, supported by anecdotal evidence of how it works in practice. Diane isn’t afraid to admit the mistakes she herself made as a parent and as practicing family psychologist. She leaves you with the impression that the knowledge she is dispensing is based on practical working experience and draws on learnings from others.

This book is a great reference for managing the tricky times, if and when they occur. A thoroughly recommended read. 6 / Winter 2013

One Step Beyond Malcolm Law

Malcolm Law lost his brother Alan to leukaemia when he was just 8 years old. As a child he found it hard to comprehend what had happened and it wasn’t till some 40 years later that his grief would surface and lead him to do something truly remarkable. Malcolm, a Westmere local, dabbled in multi-sport events but assures us that he was no extraordinary athlete. One day he set himself an extraordinary goal. That goal was to run 7 of New Zealand’s Great Walks in 7 days in order to fundraise for others battling leukaemia. One Step Forward to Malcolm’s story. It begins with the inception of an idea, takes you through the dramatic highs and lows of his training schedule, shares his astonishment of ordinary people’s generosity and the power of networking for charity, and how he came to run over 370 km in 7 consecutive days. It’s hard at times for the reader to believe that this fantastic challenge is real and that Malcolm not only completed his goal but repeated it the following year, raising over $85,000 for the Leukaemia and Blood Cancer NZ organisation.

This is a great read to lift you out of your usual existence and believe in what is possible if you set your mind to it.

Nurture Me is an

exciting new concept in group massage by Emma McLean, pre and post natal massage specialist and Infant Massage Instructor for Plunket. She realised that mothers postnatally were in much need of bodywork, and really benefited from the friendships formed in coffee groups, so decided to solve the need for childcare too, by bringing mothers, massage and a childcare solution together. A coffee group can book in with Emma to either come to Mother well clinic Tuesday mornings or Emma can come to you as a mobile service, 20 minute massages are given to the Mum's while baby is looked after by the group. Special opening booking offer – the organiser gets a half price massage! Call 021 947 500 or email

Training with a Cause




I was lying down on the ‘waxing’ table at RubyWaxx trying to make polite conversation to distract myself from the task at hand. Our conversation moved onto our latest sporting challenges and Ruby shocked me by saying she was training for a charity boxing event – at the time I thought she was truly mad! Who would seriously put themselves in a position to have their head punched in? Over the next few weeks I kept thinking about Ruby and her boxing event. I had been having boxing lessons with a personal trainer for about 6 months by this time – it was all very casual and with a couple of friends. Basically we just took the opportunity to catch up with each other and listen to our trainers latest escapades (at 19 years he had many). By the next time I was back at Ruby Waxx I had somehow managed to do a complete 360 on Ruby’s fighting event. I was completely for it and had decided I was going to go and watch her. So I dragged my husband and another friend along to this amazing black tie event at The Langham. We ate too little and drank too much and watched Ruby 8 / Winter 2013

completely dominate her opponent. She won by a technical knock-out (which means her opponent couldn’t keep her guard up enough to protect herself)….. I was hooked! Monday morning after the event I emailed Tanya Michaels (who organises the events with her husband Mark via Ringside gym) and asked her to sign me up for the next one! It turns out I was a bit keen as she kindly suggested I wait until the next event is advertised and to see how I felt then – haha I have had a few hassles about that since then. Anyway, I thankfully only had to wait for 4 months. One day while at work (opposite Les Mills and ringside gym) I was casually wandering aimlessly out the window (clearly very interested in my role) when I saw the

advertisement for FIGHT NIGHT 10. My heart skipped a beat and I basically ran over the road to sign-up. Well, maybe that is a slight exaggeration but I was very excited…. And a bit scared. Since that moment I have trained like a trooper – 1 to 3 times a day over a 12 week period.The training has been varied including boxing classes, personal training sessions, crossfit, sparring, RPM (spin) classes,Yoga and Pilates, Core work, mobility classes, beep tests, sand dunes and running. I have lost weight, grown muscles and met the most amazing group of people to share the experience with. In week two of our training we met with Canteen. The greatest part of this fight is doing it for charity, being able to use this challenge as a means to help others. I honestly feel so fortunate to be raising money for such a good cause. Everyone has a link to cancer and many of you will have a link to canteen. To be able to help such an amazing organisation gives me the drive and motivation I need.

To make the experience even more personal Canteen introduced us to our own Cancer fighter. My fighter is Josh. Josh’s story is not really mine to tell but I can say that Josh has fought and won a battle that outweighs anything that anyone could do in a ring. Josh continues to battle today and is such an inspiration. I will share with you one thing that Josh told me, when I asked him about me fighting for him he said “ it was more than just fighting and raising money, it was about making the most out of every minute you have in life”. …. And that’s what I think/hope I’m doing. On the 7th June, I joined 8 men and 7 women in a room full of 500 supporters to fight our opponents for 6 whole minutes – the longest 6 minutes of our lives… it was ON like Donkey Kong! We managed to raise around $40,000 for canteen ( and we fought like there was no tomorrow. What an event!!! PS – I won!

More than just soccer!

At Soccer4tots your preschooler will learn:

• Basic Ball Skills • Team Work • Co-ordination • Balance while having fun, making friends, and learning skills they will use for life, in a safe indoor, structured environment.

Soccer4tots: Fun, educational, developmental. For girls and boys aged 2-5!



tel. 09 974 3644 or


your chance to

Westmere/ Grey Lynn Playgroup

Grey Lynn Community Centre 520 Richmond Road

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

9:30am - 11:30am $4 per child or $6 per family Bring a piece of fruit for a shared morning tea

We have two Queen prize packs to give away, each containing 1x Glitter Writing Gels and 1x Writing Icing. Queen Writing Icing and Glitter Writing Gel packs (RRP $5.29) add a professional touch to your home baking – without the hassle and mess of making it yourself. Each pack contains four different colours that are bright, bold, delicious and perfect for creating a bit of fun at home in the kitchen (plus kids who love drawing can get artistic and help out with the decorating!). Available at participating supermarkets nationwide. To enter, simply email plunketptchev@ with – Winter competition in the subject line. Entries close 31st July 2013

10 / Winter 2013

Plunket Westmere / Grey Lynn / Pt Chevalier Newsletter

Free PEPE Courses

Enhance your parenting experience with Plunket’s informative and popular parenting programmes for all new parents. PEPE (Parenting Education Programme) is a national Plunket programme which consists of a series of four courses, aimed at supporting first time parents in their parenting role through the different stages of their child’s early development. The four different course are detailed below and all Plunket PEPE courses are free of charge.

To find out when the next program is scheduled in your area, please phone the Plunket Info rmation line on (09) 849 5609. If you are registered with a PEPE course and cannot make it please also leave a message on this phone number.



For expectant mothers and fathers.

For parents of toddlers between 1 & 2 years.

This course is offered during the antenatal period and focuses on the first 6-8 weeks following baby’s birth. It covers topics such as: feeding, sleeping & bedding, crying, bathing, safety, community, adjusting to parenthood, social supports, plus much more. Programmes are once a week for two weeks.

Includes topics such as: nutrition and eating patterns, sleeping (moving out of a cot into a bed), developing positive responses to behaviour, independence, toilet training, interacting with other children/sibling rivalry, creating an environment for development plus much more. Programmes are an evening class once a week for three weeks.

YOUR GROWING BABY For parents of babies aged 2-4 months. This programme covers parenting in the first year.

A coffee group styled programme; where a small group of first time parents meet once a week for 2 hours over a 6 weeks period. Hot topics include: nutrition and starting solids, developing good sleep routines, baby’s health, safety in the home, general development and much more. Programmes are run each week in 11 locations. Ideally babies should be aged no older than 4 months when registering.

First Aid for Littlies Free day courses: Sandringham Plunket Clinic call 570 7169 12 / Winter 2013

YOUR CURIOUS PRESCHOOLER For parents of children between 2 and 3 years.

This programme is similar to the Your Active Toddler programme but designed for parents with older toddlers. Topics include responding positively to behaviour, community supports, safety, eating patterns and nutrition, encouraging activity and rest. This programme is run as an evening class when numbers permit.

Evening courses: Pt Chevalier email to get on the waiting list.

Important Contacts Plunket Westmere/ Grey Lynn

Plunket Pt Chevalier

Clinic Grey Lynn Community Centre 520 Richmond Rd Ph 378 4565 Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9.30–noon, 1–4pm

Clinic Pt Chevalier Community Centre 18 Huia Rd Ph 846 6364 Clinics: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday; 9-4pm Home Visits: Tuesday

Volunteer Committee

Volunteer Committee

Volunteer Coffee Group Coordinator Fiona Peacocke 027 452 1294

Volunteer Coffee Group Coordinator or 021 963 326

St Lukes Family Centre 309 Sandringham Rd Phone: 849 5027 Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am to 3:30pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm Please call for an appointment JO SHANLEY AND VANESSA WAIT Pt Chevalier Nurses

Plunketline: 0800 933 922 Advice 24/7

Emergency Dial: 111

Starship: 307 4902 Park Rd, Grafton 24/7


Healthline: 0800 611 116

Whitecross Accident & Medical: 7.30am – 10pm, 202 Ponsonby Rd ST LUKES

8.30am – 8pm, 52 St Lukes Rd

Poison Line: 0800 764 766

Plunket Westmere / Grey Lynn / Pt Chevalier Newsletter

ce s 0 Pri $12 m fro

$40 Candyfloss Machine hire with any Bouncy Castle Hire FREE 10 kids chair hire & 1 kids table hire with any Bouncy Castle Hire over $250 We specialise in affordable quality Bouncy Castle Hire, Candyfloss and popcorn machine hire, tables and chair hire across the Auckland region. Bouncy castles from $120 for 6 hours.

0800 424 438

*Offer ends 31 October 2013. Cannot be used with any other offer. Original voucher to be surrendered upon delivery.

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