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Our new look newsletter is a collaboration between three volunteer Plunket Committees representing: Ponsonby / Herne Bay / Westmere / Grey Lynn / Pt Chevalier. We have a great team involved and are proud to bring you this community newsletter. In this issue there are some all new competitions including a great Danny’s Pita bread gift basket and the latest book Misconception – read on to learn how to enter in the draws! Across our Western Bays region we have lots going on over the next couple of months for our Plunket communities they include: September - End of November: New World Victoria Park – We’re Giving Back campaign Vote to give back to Plunket. October 9th -16th: Plunket Photography Fundraiser Get some fabulous shots of you and your family to cherish forever or for your loved ones for Christmas. During the fundraising week Jo Frances Photography are offering free por trait session in their studio in Eden Terrace, a free 6x8 inch print and a discount of 10%. See the ad in this newsletter for more details. October 19th: Clothing Drive At the Pt Chevalier Community Centre Kids Market.

October 30th: our new T Shirt Fundraiser range launches, watch your local Plunket news sources for our announcement on the cool new design and how to pre-order to get the size and color you want in time for Christmas. November 17th, 10am -12pm: Plunket Car Seat Safety Check BNZ car park, Redmond Street, Three Lamps- Free car seat check by the Plunket Car Seat Team – a perfect oppor tunity to make sure all car seats in your, the babysitter’s or grandparents’ car are safe in time for the holidays coming up! Feel free to give us feedback on our newsletter to We hope you enjoy the read. New slett er Team : Eva Silve rston e, Meli ssa Stoc ker, Jo Simm onds , Nata lie Park e, Ruth Nels on, Hele n Gillig an-R eid, Roch elle Sewe ll, Anis ha Panc hia. The print ing of this new slett er is prou dly brou ght to you by Doc ume nts Unli mite d.

Pre-loved 0-3 yrs clothing Pt Chevalier Plunket 2013

Summer Clothing Drive

Donate to our stall @ the Pt Chevalier Kids Market Sat 19th Oct, 9am-1pm 18 Huia Rd, Pt Chevalier Community Centre next to Countdown • Saturday am Plunket clinic operating. Ph nurse on 846 6364. • Ensure all items are 0-3 yrs in good condition, clean & sorted in clearly labelled bags by size: clothing, hats, shoes, socks, bassinet & cot blankets, and board books. • Drop-offs to the clinic will be accepted Monday 14th up till the 19th Market Day. Please email us with any queries:

Plunket Ponsonby / Herne Bay / Westmere / Grey Lynn / Pt Chevalier Newsletter

Ditch the

“Super Mum” Myth

Three things you can do to help ditch the mummy guilt and learn to put yourself first


Ask for Help!

I was a shocker at asking for help – yet I was the first person to help others. A mentor of mine said to me “Fiona how do you feel when you help someone out and you see their happiness? I realised I felt great, it gave me a lift. My mentor pointed out to me that every time I turned down someone’s offer of help or didn’t ask for help I was robbing them of that feeling.

When I contemplated putting myself first I felt really confronted. My life as a mother had always been about putting my children first. The media continues to depict the mythical ‘super mum’. If we took this myth at face value it would see us cooking like Rachel Ray, entertaining and crafting from Pinterest like Martha Stewart, and being a supermodel like Heidi Klum with four kids. It is time to reframe how we think about being a mum and to ditch the ‘Super Mum” myth. For me a super mum is being the best version of myself healthy, rested, emotional tank full, contributing financially to my family and more moments of actually laughing out loud not typing it [LOL].

What changed for me? I got sick of watching myself get fatter, unhappier and grumpier. I needed to change what I was doing. I was beginning to resent my family and my work and things that put demands on my time. This article focuses on 3 big lessons from my journey and what I wish I had told myself before I had my first child. 2 / Spring 2013

Learning to ask for help has given me a lot more freedom to do what I need to do to be a super mum a lot more often. Who can you take turns sharing the load with? During school holidays I sometimes have play date swaps with a friend and her kids which means we both get some time to ourselves.


Set Priorities

My house is messier and my kids, hubby and I are now happier. I strongly subscribe to the saying “Nothing motivates me to clean the house more than booking in some guests to visit”. In all seriousness what really needs doing and how often around your home? Can you afford a cleaner to help out? How can the whole family help to keep on top of things? I was guilty of overscheduling our weekends and then feeling wiped out by Sunday evening. Letting go of my tight time frames and impossibly high expectations of fitting too many things into one day has made all of our lives a lot more pleasant. How many activities do you book in for your kids compared to yourself?


Putting yourself first and say “No” more often

Saying ‘No thanks’ with a smile is a very freeing feeling. It takes preparation and planning to say No with ease and grace so preparing a ‘go to’ phrase is important. Having a shared family schedule with your partner makes it easier if you scheduled in time for yourself in advance and your family is on board. Ensure you do at least one thing just for yourself regularly. Whether it be a yoga class, walking group or a regular movie date with some friends. Prioritise yourself first so you can be your own version of a super mum (without the mythical cape). It will take some planning and asking for help.

Overcommitting myself was my biggest problem. Not a smart move. In the words of Dr Phil “If mama ain’t happy no one is happy”.

What do I need to do to take care of myself? Besides exercise, eating well and adequate sleep, what else do you require to keep you sane and emotionally centred. For me it is the chance to escape to my bed with a book for a few hours and tune out from the world. I can highly recommend Gary Chapman’s Love Language’s quiz I realised that quality time is one of my love language’s so I booked myself a regular group of friends who go to the movies for the Chicks at the Flicks. What one thing can you schedule for yourself? Book it in now!

Fiona Hall is a married mum of two boys and runs a business called Kiffin. She is in the process of completing her first book. “Ditch the mummy guilt” and will be running workshops for mums in Oct of 2013. To connect with Fiona -call 948 6278

Plunket Ponsonby / Herne Bay / Westmere / Grey Lynn / Pt Chevalier Newsletter

Safe y Review By Ruth Nelson

Footpath and Driveway Safety It’s spring and that means we are getting outside and more active: mum’s and carers with prams, toddlers and littlies with trikes, scooters and bikes. It’s a good time for a healthy reminder about driveway safety both on your own property and also out and about on the footpaths. In the Pt Chevalier November 2012 newsletter we updated our community on the rising incidences of cars exiting driveways with some very scary near misses and in some cases hitting prams. So please be vigilant when out ‘hitting the pavements’ and teach your kids to be watchful. Mum’s use your ears and your eyes so be careful about walking or running with your headphones on too. In Auckland City area we have high density housing and lots of “sneaky driveways” so teach your kids about listening out for cars and watching for cars coming out of long driveways, especially those with zero visibility for the driver and from the footpath. We have lots of the stickers above available at your local Plunket clinics to put on your rubbish bins so we can use these as viral advertising reminders each rubbish day. SafeKids. Go to www. e Safe Kids th r fo z g.n or ed ucation Kit us Pedestrian Ed ols, on ho sc in rs by teache safety related all pedestrian also ich you can wh es ag ss me your toddlers e at uc ed to use olers and pre-scho

As a side note, I got caught picking up rubbish off the pavement the other day by a friendly Auckland City Council person and got a toot and a thank-you. So if you are out with your pram, take a couple of shopping bags and pickup some rubbish off the footpath as you go to “Be a tidy kiwi”.



for children before driving off


children around vehicles - always




John Campbell

play areas from driveways

Book Reviews By Ruth Nelson

Misconception: A true story of life, love and infertility Jay-Jay Feeney

What the Ladybird Heard

The author’s statement says “I’m 39 years old, happily married and my womb has never been inhabited. I want a baby but not in that crazy, desperate way where I cringe whenever I see someone else with one, or I think nasty, evil thoughts about people who are pregnant, but a child of my own would complete my life and make my husband extremely happy.’ Jay-Jay Feeney has been married to Dom Harvey since 2004. She always imagined they’d get married, have children, grow old. But so far, things haven’t worked out quite as she expected. A high-profile job, an unpredictable family life, and medical procedures and emergencies have kept her on her toes. Misconception is Jay-Jay’s story, told with a mix of brutal honesty and her trademark humour, in which she charts the highs and lows of life lived both in the public gaze and in the shadow of infertility.”

Most of you will have heard of Julia Donaldson who is a celebrated author of many classic and contemporary children’s books including: The Gruffalo, Gruffalo’s Child, Zog (another fav!), The Stick Man, and The Highway Rat. She has teamed up with a number of illustrators but I think Lydia Monks is a really successful partnership because of Lydia’s use of great colourful images and often montage photography as well as a splash of glitter.

This book resonated with me on two fronts. Firstly as an Edge listener and secondly as a veteran of the IVF process: pitfalls, highs, then lows again – I enjoyed the read as I completely understood how Jay-Jay was feeling along their journey. If you have experienced IVF or have close friends of family who are going through the experience this is a recommended read.

by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Lydia Monks

‘What the Ladybird Heard’ is my 20-month olds favourite book. It has great rhyming rhythm, colourful pictures, many farm animals for vocabulary and as advertised “a glittery ladybug on each page” – except two from our reckoning! Our toddler surprised us early on by being able to find the ladybird on each page thanks to great coaching from Grandma. As he has gotten older we are now able to isolate different farm animals and their sounds and even tell some of the story on each page. Other books by this author/illustrator combination include: The Rhyming Rabbit (another favourite), The Singing Mermaid , The Princess and the Wizard and Sharing a Shell.

y! give eofaMiscwonceaption Giv to a copy

We have by the away to a lucky reader – gently read .com mail v@g tche ketp plun reviewer – email include line ect subj the in ion petit Com with name where the Cover photo was taken, your we so text main the in ber num ne pho a and can contact you if you win.

Plunket Ponsonby / Herne Bay / Westmere / Grey Lynn / Pt Chevalier Newsletter

Quality Toys, Competitive Prices, Friendly Service


gift wrapping & shipping in NZ for 2013

314 Grey Street, Hamilton East | 0800 4 JUMPIN (0800 4 586746) or (07) 858 2491

Join the Playball Auckland City Team!  Playball is a sport and movement program for 2-8 years olds  Maximum pupil: coach ratio of 10:1  Introduction to seven sports  Positive, enjoyable coaching environment  Life skills taught through sport skills For more information please go to Mr. Sporty and the Playball Auckland City Team visit a number of kindergartens and schools – ask your child’s kindergarten or school if we can visit their site. Otherwise join our Playball Auckland City team and come along to one of our public sites;  Grey Lynn Community Centre, Monday 11.40am – 12.20pm  Ponsonby Community Hall, Friday 11.30am – 12.10pm

** Contact Adam Dickinson on or 021-919-169 ** Plunket Ponsonby / Herne Bay / Westmere / Grey Lynn / Pt Chevalier Newsletter

Recipe Corner by Kate Gray


Easiest Gluten Free no bake slice

Oat & Seed Balls

1 cup almond meal 1 cup shredded coconut 1/4 cup sunflower seeds 1/4 cup chia seeds 1/4 cup honey 2-3Tb water for binding

1/2 cup scotch/creamy porridge oats or oatmeal 1/2 cup almond meal (ground almonds) 1/2 cup shredded coconut 1/4 cup sunflower seeds 1/4 cup chia seeds tsp vanilla essence 1/4 cup honey 3-5Tb water or lemon juice

Add all ingredients into a bowl and using a spatula, wooden spoon or even your hands (kids love it!), get all the ingredients sticking together. You may need to add a little more water if need be. Almond meal is great as it sticks quite well. Line a loaf or small slice tray (you may need to double mixture if you have a large slice tray) with glad wrap, tin foil or baking paper. Then add mixture to dish and evenly spread out and press down with the spatula until all mixture is firmly in place. Leave to set in fridge for a couple of hours or overnight.

Add all dry ingredients together then add water or lemon juice. Blend together well either with spatula or hands until mixture is sticky. Add honey and then again mix well until combined and sticky. Using a tablespoon, roll mixture into little balls and roll again in coconut. Put onto a plate or container and keep in fridge. Lasts for at least 2 weeks and freezes well.

Plunket Ponsonby / Herne Bay / Westmere / Grey Lynn / Pt Chevalier Newsletter

Feel up to 50% better about making a difference. September sale, everything reduced.

September Sale. 20-50% off all stock at ecostore shop, 1 Scotland St, Freemans Bay (just by Victoria Park New World) or direct online. Shop trading hours Monday to Friday 10-6pm Saturday to Sunday 10 - 5pm

Or visit

Cafe Review

Mud Pie Deli 1205 Great North Road We walked in & thought: This is a nice friendly neighbourhood place. It opens at 6:30am so great for early risers to get out of the house. I often head their first thing on the weekend to get breakfast for myself and my early rising toddler as hubby sleeps in. The most unusual menu item was: The Smale – Kiwi Bacon Buttie with tomato relish.They have your usual suspects on the menu and pre-made selections from the counter, great for picnics to Coyle Park and if you need food in hurry. We ordered: Scrambled Eggs and Spinach (lower fat, low carb option for me); hubby had Eggs Rancheros (he likes them spicy). Note there are lots of tempting cakes and sweets on offer for a special treat as well. The service was: Friendly, they weren’t overwhelmed with customers but they have always been quick and efficient. The coffee was: Good, Altura (NZ local blended and roasted) served with a brownie bite.

Pa rk i ng hi g h c h a i rs

Good 2 ‘over seat’ chairs $1 - sprinkles,

F l uff y

chocolate & 2 marshmallows $7 for bagels up

Ma i n $

to $20 for the Full Monty

F o o d ch oi c es Ki d s m enu

Pr am fr i end l y Kids play area

GF, some Vege Not specifically, but suitable options Just, likely 2 max at a time No

Coffee Card


Entertainment Book


Gym Kids is a mobile Gymnastics company that brings the Gym to you. PANTONE 156 C










We are focused on building strength and confidence. Through stimulating programmes we support children’s physical, cognitive and emotional development. Our classes combine Physical Education and Gymnastics methods. We aim to encourage a child’s natural adventurous spirit. Gym Kids deliver quality classes within a safe and fun environment; children are challenged continuously while they are learning new skills, we embrace the idea “I can do it”. Gym Kids classes develop their potential, encouraging them to also challenge themselves to achieve things which at first they thought were beyond their ability.

Building strength and confidence Building strength and confidence

Gymnastic classes

For inquiries and registration please visit our Gymnastic classes website alternatively contact Classesfrom from 22 to to or Classes 15 years years Pre-schoolProgrammes Programmes Pre-school Pablo on phone 09 846 8554 or mobile 021 767 240 SchoolProgrammes Programmes School or email: HolidayProgrammes Programmes Holiday Birthday Parties Birthday Parties



Photo courtesy of the

Auckland Art Gallery

The Auckland Art Gallery – Toi O Tamaki By Jo Simmonds Open daily 10am – 5pm Corner of Kitchener and Wellesley Streets – it’s also free!

A great place to take your little ones, with large open spaces. Some children will love to look at paintings while others will be happier to see two or three of the more impressive installations before heading outdoors to Albert Park for a run around. The Auckland Art Gallery actively encourages children’s enjoyment of art, and most children will love the Learning Centre on the mezzanine floor where they can create their own art. The Art Gallery staff are very helpful and happy to point out works that are most likely to appeal to littlies. The café is child friendly, with a lovely balcony. If you want to keep costs down we recommend packing a picnic lunch and heading out to Albert Park or the Khartoum Place steps and water fountain across the road. There is also the Atrium and another balcony on Level 2 of the Art Gallery where you can get outside for a picnic or even a quick snack and run around time.

The Auckland Art Gallery website provides great ideas for planning your trip to the Gallery with children. Also read about their school holiday programme, free events, and find a useful ‘Survival Kit’ with tips on how to plan your visit. Check out what’s on: And Family tips: learning/families-and-children

Getting there: Parking is available, but $$$. 15 minute walk from Britomart, and the City LINK and Outer LINK buses both stop nearby. Pram friendly: Yes, self opening doors at entrance and elevators within. Change facilities: Yes, though

toilet doors are a bit harder to push the pram through. Breastfeeding: Welcome. Café: $4 coffees, $8 for a sandwich.

Children’s menu available at about $10.50 for a meal.

Plunket Ponsonby / Herne Bay / Westmere / Grey Lynn / Pt Chevalier Newsletter

100% NZ made bedding using 100% NZ wool *Enter promo code: Plunket2013

ofefts, 25o% ol duv ws*

all w and pillo lays d un er


Celebrate the upcoming warmer weather with Danny’s Real Pita Bread. We have one awesome hamper to give away, containing: Danny’s original olive pita bread, original garlic pita bread, Garlic & Sesame pita crisps, Onion & Poppyseed pita crisps, La Mediterranee range Italian pita bread, La Mediterranee Moroccan pita bread, La Mediterranee Turkish pita bread Danny’s Pita bread is fresh, healthy and incredibly versatile. Add pita crisp croutons into salads, use alongside a selection of dips and spreads, or simply cut into wedges and serve on the side of a main meal.

Visit: To enter the draw to win this fabulous hamper, simply email us with Pita in the subject line -

Ponsonby Community Centre Ponsonby Terrace 9am - 12pm every Tuesday during term time Please bring: a piece of fruit for morning tea $3 per child or $4 per family

Westmere/ Grey Lynn Playgroup

Grey Lynn Community Centre 520 Richmond Road

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

9:30am - 11:30am $4 per child or $6 per family Bring a piece of fruit for a shared morning tea

Free PEPE Courses

Enhance your parenting experience with Plunket’s informative and popular parenting programmes for all new parents. PEPE (Parenting Education Programme) is a national Plunket programme which consists of a series of four courses, aimed at supporting first time parents in their parenting role through the different stages of their child’s early development. The four different course are detailed below and all Plunket PEPE courses are free of charge.

To find out when the next program is scheduled in your area, please phone the Plunket Info rmation line on (09) 849 5609. If you are registered with a PEPE course and cannot make it please also leave a message on this phone number.



For expectant mothers and fathers.

For parents of toddlers between 1 & 2 years.

This course is offered during the antenatal period and focuses on the first 6-8 weeks following baby’s birth. It covers topics such as: feeding, sleeping & bedding, crying, bathing, safety, community, adjusting to parenthood, social supports, plus much more. Programmes are once a week for two weeks.

Includes topics such as: nutrition and eating patterns, sleeping (moving out of a cot into a bed), developing positive responses to behaviour, independence, toilet training, interacting with other children/sibling rivalry, creating an environment for development plus much more. Programmes are an evening class once a week for three weeks.

YOUR GROWING BABY For parents of babies aged 2-4 months. This programme covers parenting in the first year.

A coffee group styled programme; where a small group of first time parents meet once a week for 2 hours over a 6 weeks period. Hot topics include: nutrition and starting solids, developing good sleep routines, baby’s health, safety in the home, general development and much more. Programmes are run each week in 11 locations. Ideally babies should be aged no older than 4 months when registering.

First Aid for Littlies Free day courses: At Sandringham Plunket Clinic, call 570 7169. 16 / Spring 2013

YOUR CURIOUS PRESCHOOLER For parents of children between 2 and 3 years.

This programme is similar to the Your Active Toddler programme but designed for parents with older toddlers. Topics include responding positively to behaviour, community supports, safety, eating patterns and nutrition, encouraging activity and rest. This programme is run as an evening class when numbers permit.

Evening courses: At Pt Chevalier, email plunketptchev@gmail. com to get on the waiting list.

Important Contacts Plunket Westmere/ Grey Lynn

Plunket Pt Chevalier

Clinic Grey Lynn Community Centre 520 Richmond Rd Ph 378 4565 Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9.30–noon, 1–4pm

Clinic Pt Chevalier Community Centre 18 Huia Rd Ph 846 6364 Clinics: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am-4pm Home Visits: Tuesday

Volunteer Committee

Plunket Ponsonby/ Herne Bay Clinic Ponsonby / Herne Bay Clinic Rooms 3 Dedwood Terrace Ph 378 6094 Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9am – 4pm Volunteer Committee

Plunketline: 0800 933 922 Advice 24/7 Starship Hospital 24/7: 307 4902 Park Rd, Grafton

Volunteer Committee

St Lukes Family Centre 309 Sandringham Rd Phone: 849 5027 Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am to 3:30pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm Please call for an appointment

Emergency Dial: 111 Whitecross Accident & Medical: Ponsonby

Healthline: 0800 611 116

7.30am – 10pm, 202 Ponsonby Rd

Poison Line: 0800 764 766

8.30am – 8pm, 52 St Lukes Rd


Disclaimer – The articles contained in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society. As the content in the newsletter has been contributed, we are unable to guarantee originality and therefore cannot be held liable for any infringements of copyright. Plunket Ponsonby / Herne Bay / Westmere / Grey Lynn / Pt Chevalier Newsletter

Plunket Newsletter - Spring 2013  

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