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“Have the courage and character to do something great… it just might catch on." - Ashley Graham, Founder &CEO of Plum11 Inc. Summary: Disruptive Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Plum11, Inc., US & Canada wide family

of brands committed to launching new standards toward how c-level executives balance the mechanics and dynamics of their brand,(i.e. the nuts and bolts behind developing a business model that packs a punch). Thought Provoking Publisher, leading digital publications such as Plum Influence, Take Action and Franchise Essentials Magazine. One of a Kind Brand Developer, dedicated to building remarkable brands worth lining up for in a way that combines heart and bottom line results. Overall Ashley focuses on working with professional leaders who don’t have time for mediocre results in business or in life.

The Full Story: Disruptive entrepreneur born with a mind to create and constantly improve, Ashley Graham conquers what life has served on her plate with vast expectations. She currently steers the success of Plum11, Inc. as the Founder and CEO. Since the company started in January 2011 it has expanded throughout the US & Canada. As a Reno/Sparks native, Ashley is on a mission to re-brand the Reno Region by showcasing the courage and character of the area. Over the past decade the media Plum11 Inc. Reno, NV 89501 Phone: (775) 622-0439

has continuously falsely represented the area, and she’s here to turn that around side by side with other like-minded leaders. Her first step is producing the Plum100, which features the 100 most influential people of Reno/Tahoe. Going beyond the border of Washoe County, she is bringing in big name outsiders to rediscover the region; she’s hired two film crews, teamed up with professional photographer Jeramie Lu, Plum11’s Graphics Director Jason Simmons and will release the Plum100 in a big way coming this fall in the

Plum Influence Magazine.

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season to $550,000. She went from cash register set up and maintenance to Warehouse and Product Director at only 21, making her the youngest woman to run any branch of the Reno Air Races in their 49 year history.

As she protects her home town, she is also focused on the franchising industry via Franchise Essentials Magazine. As the Co-Founder and Editor in Chief, she is bringing out the heart and systems of the industry with this monthly publication committed to the love of franchising. The magazine provides essential how tos and need to know tools in order for franchisors to create a world class organization. Her education is off the everyday path just like her business background. She studied with several marketing and business operations experts and attributes success to continued education, an abundant mindset and having the guts to fail. Her mentors have been Seth Godin, John Maxwell, leading franchise industry consultants Bob and Pam Gappa of M2000 , copywriter John Carlton, social media expert Mari Smith, marketing to values professor and author Mark Parry along with Greg Kopchuk, owner of ActionCOACH Canada and Total Sales Solutions. At the mere age of 20, Ashley’s business skills blossomed upon the start of her first business. Specializing in excavation, she admits she “had no clue” what she had gotten herself into. Even with lack of experience a year and half after the business launched the total gross profit reached $1.2 million.

Gaining momentum in her finances and experience, her business skills followed suit. At the age of 23 she opened up her second company, We Do, You Don’t. Focusing on the mundane tasks that people regard as chores, the company’s mission was simple: to do what no one wanted to do. The company was sold one year later to an investor out of California. Ashley currently serves on the Pebble Project committee which helps charities find volunteers as well as inspires the community to get into or continue volunteering. She has three intelligent and rambunctious daughters ages six, four and three. She enjoys spending her days amongst the culture of downtown Reno, her weekends at the north beaches of Lake Tahoe and playing with her children at Reno’s new Discovery Museum.

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On top of managing her first business, she worked 6 seasons at the Reno Air Races from age 16 to 21. Ashley and the vendor operations team took product sales from $200,000 per 6 day Plum11 Inc. Reno, NV 89501 Phone: (775) 622-0439

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Plum11 Founder & CEO  

Who is Ashley Graham; what has she done and where is she going?