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2013 Spring/Summer Catalog

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2013 Spring/Summer Color Line


Plume™ Fashion Feathers

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Plume™ Wedding Collection

The Plume™ Difference Quality


Our all-natural feathers are similar in composition to human hair and are the highest-grade on the market. Our feathers can be heat styled and stretched without breaking, and they last longer than any other feathers on the market. These accessories can stand the test of time and style without dulling or breaking.

Plume™ feathers will maintain their brilliance and shape because of their premium, unmatched quality. Plume™ feathers respond amazingly to heat styling tools and can be formed into virtually any shape.

Ease and Flexibility Plume™ Feather Fashion Accessories allow you to change your look in seconds! Whether its with the PlumeSnap™, the PlumeLoops™, or any of Plume™’s other Feather Fashion Accessories, your look is entirely your own! Comfort Plume™ believes being fashionable doesn’t have to mean being uncomfortable. Plume™ ensures this by always having its clientele on its mind when designing new products and using materials that are known for not producing skin irritations. It’s not just about the look, it’s about you!

Exclusive Style Plume™ feathers that are available to professional stylists are sold individually (not bonded together), giving stylists more creative freedom and more color combinations to choose from to match their clients’ exact look. The Plume™ Guarantee The colors selected in the Plume™ Feather Fashion Accessory lines help take the guesswork out of what to wear. Plume™ guarantees that you will always have a color combination that will look great with whatever you’re wearing, from the PlumeStatements™– Lustrous Ginger to the PlumeAccents™– Hope.

Plume™ Salon Products Hair stylists worldwide will tell you that Plume™ Feather Hair Extensions are without a doubt the highest-grade, feather hair extensions available to beauty professionals. Plume™ feathers are allnatural feathers dyed in a brilliant burst of trend-leading colors that allow you to create texture and dimension into your clients’ hair while also satisfying their craving for highlights. With Plume™’s innovative Professional Tools and Accessories you’ll have everything you’ll need to make Plume™ feathers a success for you and your clients!

Essential Collection & Tools Plume™ Essential Collection Includes a set of 60 Plumes (6 each of 10 top-selling colors); the patented Plume™ Tool Kit; a set of Weightless Crimp Beads; a comprehensive color chart; a Certified Plume™ Professional decal; and an installation DVD.

Plume™ Accessories Weightless Crimp Bead — Each pack of Plumes comes with Plume™’s patented Weightless Crimp Beads, the most effective installation technique for bonding Plumes to hair. Made from ultra-lightweight aluminum, Plume™ Weightless Crimp Beads are comfortable, easy to conceal, and use less hair for installation. Plume™ Weightless Crimp Beads are small enough in size that they don’t need a variety of colors to camouflage their location. With a single color, Plume™ can simplify a salon’s inventory. Plume™ Tool Kit — each Plume™ Collection includes Plume™ Crimping Pliers, developed for use with the Weightless Crimp Bead and patent-pending installation; and the Plume™ Threader, the most efficient way to secure the bead to one’s hair.

Instructions for Installation 1. Thread the Weightless Crimp Bead onto

the threader.

2. Select enough hair to fill half of the crimp bead

and pull through the threader’s opening.

3. Remove the bead from the threader and slide

onto hair.

4. Using the base of the feather, thread up to six

Plumes into the Weightless Crimp Bead.

5. To create a secure bond, compress the crimp

bead using the circular hole closest to the tip of the pliers, forming an oval.

6. Use the tip of the pliers to apply light pressure to

the middle of the bead.

7. Gently tug on the bead to ensure that you have a

secure bond.

8. Congratulations! You are now free to style your

Plumes the way you and your clients want.

2013 Spring/Summer Color Line Plume™ Feathers Plume™ sought inspiration for its 2013 Spring/Summer Color Line from the fashion runways of Paris and magazine publications such as Vogue and Elle, to the single dressing room boutiques across Europe. The search revealed dynamic brights like Lavender and Sunflower as well as with novel neutrals like Citrine and Soft Pink, which Plume™ brought together to create its balanced color palette for Spring/Summer 2013. (Plume™ also offers seasonal colors throughout the year on a limited-time basis, and any color changes will be announced at least 30 days prior.)

• Plume™ Color Packs — Include six individual feathers that come in an array of colors in Standard length (18-28 cm) and average 3 mm wide.

natural black plum lavender moon blue

lavender moon blue

capri blue capri blue teal


spearmint citrine army



coral stiletto

blond gold coral cabernet

fuchsia bright pink

fuchsia bright pink soft pink


brushed platinum white

solid plumes

grizzly plumes


PlumeBouquets™ PlumeBouquets™ are packs of 20 individual Plumes that are not bonded together and come in carefully selected color themes. PlumeBouquets™ are perfect for those who want a variety of colors in lower quantities. They also make ordering and creating custom combinations easier than ever before! • PlumeBouquets™ — Include 20 individual feathers that come in an array of color themes in Standard length (18-28 cm) and average 3 mm wide.





Plume™ Fashion Feathers Plume™ Fashion Packs consist of bold, colorful Plume™ Fashion Feathers that were created to be seen. Wider than the standard Plume™ Feathers, Plume™ Fashion Feathers makes it easy to add more color and texture to your client’s look by simply installing one or two into their hair. Each Plume™ Fashion Pack represents a style and as the stylist, all you have to do is match your client’s desired look with the right Fashion Pack! • Plume™ Fashion Packs — Include eight individual Plume™ Fashion Feathers that come in four color themes in Standard length (15-30 cm) and average .5 cm wide.





Plume™ Fashion Feathers are designed for the confident, fashion-forward woman—courageous with her personal style and a lover of bold color.

Plume™ Feather Fashion Accessories Your Look, Exactly Your Way Plume™’s Feather Fashion Accessories were designed for that fashionforward woman who is sure of herself, her style, and who wants an individual twist to conventional jewelry styles. She doesn’t wear something that takes over her whole look, but seeks to compliment her style with individual pieces that, when combined, create a look that
is uniquely her. Plume™ has done this by reinventing jewelry styles normally created with metals, instead using soft, vibrant feathers for an entirely new look.

PlumeSnap™ Plume™ Feather Hair Extensions are available in a stylish, versatile clip-in version called PlumeSnap™. An exciting complement to Plume™ Feather Hair Extensions, which are professionally installed by hair stylists, PlumeSnap™ allows you to achieve a fun, fashion forward new look, in or out of the salon, whenever you want. Think of PlumeSnap™ as a removable highlight: a bold or subtle multicolored streak in your hair that you can change to fit whichever mood you’re feeling, from chic and elegant to playful and flirtatious. Not only is PlumeSnap™ simple to clip in and out, but our unique snap hair clip is designed for a firm yet comfortable hold—none of the slipping you might find with other types of clip-in hair extensions.

PlumeSnap™’s clip-in design is secure and easy-to-use






PlumeStatements™ For PlumeStatements™, the name says it all—they stand out and help you incorporate a dramatic look. The PlumeStatements™ Color Line offers you a variety of different color combinations to fit your unique style, whether you want to stand out with the PlumeStatements™–Glittering Gold earrings or make a subtle update with a pair of PlumeStatements™–Natural Ginger earrings. The length and number of feathers are also your decision—Plume™ is here to allow you to personalize your style!

PlumeStatements™ Collection Includes 10 Standard and 5 Petite length pairs of PlumeStatements™ along with an earring display that enables them to catch the eye of that fashionista

Available in Petite (6.5 cm) & Standard lengths (13 cm)

natural ginger white

natural silver

tonal purple

glittering gold

tropical passion

dazzling white

vibrant violet

brilliant blue

lustrous ginger

PlumeAccents™ PlumeAccents™ serve to complement a women’s existing style, creating a unique look, a pop to her usual wardrobe. They won’t take over an entire look, but they add freshness and creativity rarely seen in the same repeated styles of earrings. These eye-catching earrings exude beauty and confidence. They are the ultimate complement to feminine beauty with their quality materials and dynamic designs!




PlumeLoops™ PlumeLoops™ stem from a traditional earring style: the loop, or hoop earring. However their uncommon, striking nature reinvents this staple earring into something you’ve never seen before. These 100 percent feather-constructed earrings will bring a unique texture into your look. PlumeLoops™ are currently offered in 3 colors: Natural Silver, Natural Ginger, and Natural White.

natural white

natural ginger

natural silver

PlumeCharms™ PlumeCharms™ are for the woman who loves to accessorize. She is always looking for new, fun, and exciting ways to embellish her look. She will love the versatility that the PlumeCharms™ provide because through this one accessory, she will be able to choose the way she uses it and personalize her look.

PlumeCharms™ come in 5 different colors—mix and match your charms or find the color that is perfect for you!

PlumeCharms™ Each PlumeCharm™ set comes with three PlumeCharms™ of a single color, a 20 cm silver chain, and two matching silver earwires. The PlumeCharms™ are manufactured with a lobster clasp so that they can be easily attached to the silver chain and worn as a bracelet or necklace, to the earwire and worn as earrings, as some extra flair to your dog’s collar, or to give your handbag bag an update—the options are limitless! PlumeCharms™ come in five colors, giving you plenty of options when designing your own personal look. They are currently available in Moon Blue, Tangerine Orange, Bright Pink, Sunflower Yellow, and Natural. By purchasing multiple charms, you will be able to mix and match your charms or find the color that is perfect for you.

PlumeCharms™ quickly attach to the silver chain and earring hooks (included), or anything else you can think of!

yellow sunflower

tangerine orange

moon blue

bright pink


Plume™ Wedding Collection Plume™’s Wedding Collection brings a trend-setting touch to the modern bride, with a hint of classic intrigue. These accessories have the ability to complement almost any bride, building an extravagant look or adding a final touch to a simple style. The white feathers in Plume™’s Wedding Collection will truly enhance the bride’s look, and guarantee doubletakes from admiring guests.


PlumeSnap™ white

PlumeLoops™ natural white

PlumeStatements™ petite white

All of Plume™’s products are American-made, assembled in our headquarters in Seattle, Washington USA by refugees hired through World Relief. By purchasing Plume™ products, you are helping provide refugees the opportunity to gain work experience, learn English and create a sense of self-sufficiency in their new homes. Visit Plume™’s website to learn more about the refugee that made your Plume™ Feather Fashion Accessories.

Plume Spring/Summer 2013 Catalog  

Plume is a creator of high-quality feather fashion accessories designed for that fashion-forward woman who is sure of herself, her style, an...

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