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vehicle tracking

lum always thrive on supporting companies in improving their employees’ productivity levels, as well as saving our customers money. One way we do this is through offering vehicle tracking. Introducing the correct vehicle tracking system into your fleet will help you manage costs, improve service levels, comply with legislation and protect your workforce. Listed are features and benefits of using vehicle tracking.

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What our customers say? “The best thing about doing business with Plum Communications is the after sales relationship, if anything goes wrong we can put a face to the problem and get it sorted”

plum benefits •UK based •knowledgeable and experienced staff •responsive service •independent advice •vendor accreditation •competitive prices •flexible billing

Reporting You can get the information you need about the whereabouts of your drivers as quickly and easily as possible. You can get simple facts about times and locations in an easy-to-view format. You can build the reports as needed, or schedule them to be delivered on email as required - the choice is yours. Here is a list of the different reports available: Email Reporting Schedule - Who, what, where, when

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On demand reports can be created with just a few clicks of the mouse at any time. In addition, you can choose to have reports emailed as and when required. The scheduling wizard makes it straightforward and user friendly

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The basics. A fast way to verify standard timesheet information. Start times, finish times and journeys

Timesheets - More jobs completed

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Mileages - Fuel and tax savings Clear and concise mileage reports. See exact daily mileages and totals for any time period Overspeed - Keep speed and costs down Reducing speeds means increased safety for employees and multiple savings for you (e.g. tyres, fuel, servicing, etc) Idling - Fuel and time waste If drivers are stationary with the engines on there is a double problem, quickly solved with a simple report and live alert Site Report - Improved customer Service How many times have we visited that customer? How long for? Were we actually late?

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business goal: business improvement • connectivity • cost reduction • security

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vehicle tracking plum communications ltd Unauthorised Events - Business use only If the vehicle moves when it shouldn't, or vice versa, you can not only be alerted on a live basis but an historical report can also be created Maintenance - Cost and safety control Are services due? How much did we spend on that vehicle last month? A total fleet maintenance solution

Nearest Vehicle Search You can see your vehicles in real time on street level maps. Aerial imaging completes the picture to ensure you have real visibility of your fleet. Simplicity is key, so the system is easy to use with simple features, such as nearest vehicle search, live alert watchboxes and real time speeds. Our new maintenance module gives live updates on vehicle checks and services. This service allows you to click anywhere on the map and see where each vehicle is the nearest 0.1 miles from that location, therefore helping you to ensure that you assign the right vehicle a job every time. •Complete more jobs per day •Answer customer queries quickly and accurately •No more "where are you?" calls to drivers •Improved vehicle allocation and fuel savings •One more reason for customers to choose you

Geofences Real time alerts when your vehicles enter user defined areas. If you would like an automatic alert when your drivers arrive at a delivery point, arrive home, reach site or are near to base - geofences can give you what you need plus more. Alerts can be audible, pop-up boxes or email alerts (which can de converted to text messages) and delivered only to those that need them. This example of a map (pictured right) shows the London Congestion Zone, therefore you could prevent drivers having to pay fines.

Web Solutions Access your fleet online via our Online AVL range of software. This offers true portability, combined with exceptional functionality and security. As the system is web based all future mapping and software updates are provided automatically without inconvenience. Maps can be viewed as road maps or satellite pictures.

Costs Weekly Rental* Set-up Costs

£5.95 per week £0

Note: *Minimum contract length of 60 months Prices shown as UK pound sterling and subject to VAT @ current price 18/03/2009

business goal: business improvement • connectivity • cost reduction • security

tel. 0161 622 3500 or e-mail

Vehicle Tracking  

Plum always thrive on supporting companies in improving their employees’ productivity levels, as well as saving our customers money. One way...

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