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Modern Living has evolved...

The Modern Barn calls the warmth of traditional living into open spaces without constraints. Configurations are limitless and artificiality replaced by natural elements. A connection to the freedom and authenticity of the natural world is inherent in the architectural language of these spaces. The Modern Barn is contemporary without being cold, yet traditional without the fuss. It is a beautifully balanced integration of elements, open to the homeowner’s incorporation of his/her own vision into the space. To experience these new parameters of spatial progress is to understand them. Within this book you will be introduced to this fresh manifestation of a fluid lifestyle philosophy. It is a world to envision as your own.

Th e Great Room :

evoking th e freedom of modern living With all the welcome of a more traditional home, the Modern Barn’s Great Room expands the parameters of contemporary living by bringing intimacy to a vast and flexible space. The Great Room flows without definition, thus conforming effortlessly to the lifestyle of the homeowner. The clean and open floor plan settles comfortably into the traditional architectural language of wood and stone. The barn dictates a natural freedom, free from the sterile angular language that so often defines ‘modern’. A retractable glass wall reduces the interface between outside/nature and the inside/human, breathing life into modernity, while gently encouraging a lifestyle that embraces the natural world. There are no limits to the possible configurations of the space. The only constant is the continuous flow of fresh air and peace.

“The inside and outside flow t o g e t h e r i n t h e M o d e r n B a r n®. ” - A l ex a n d e r G o r l i n

In-Between Spaces :

Th e Convergence of Indoors and Out

The outdoor areas flanking the Modern Barn are simply continuations of the indoor. Living areas spill out into the open air and fireplaces crackle like campfires under a blanket of stars. The completely retractable glass wall removes traditional parameters of where the indoors ends and the outdoors begins. This approach creates an authentic experience that is broad, lifting and life changing. Entertaining becomes simple and organic when guests feel comfortable and structural boundaries are removed. The Modern Barn is constructed especially for al fresco dining, cooking in the full outdoor kitchen and lounging in the outdoor living room.

“ The use of organic materials and unobstructed spaces stimulates the senses.� - A l f o n s o G i a q u i n t o, P r e s i d e n t , P l u m B u i l d e r s

Th e Living Kitch en :

Elevated Fu nctionality and Style The Modern Barn is a living home. The idea of only one “living room� is antiquated and restrictive. The architectural style of this home makes way for deconstructivist living where life exists everywhere in a free flowing manner. Here, the kitchen spills into dining and recreational areas with purpose and intent. The seamless functionality of the Modern Barn kitchen beckons an easy gathering of friends and family with the fragrances of love and home. Nothing is just for show, every beautiful element has a purpose, this is Smart Design at its finest. Every gleaming appliance is appointed for function. This is a kitchen for which any chef would vie. This is a living kitchen, and a kitchen for living.

“ T h e M o d e r n B a r n® c o m b i n e s t h e b e s t o f b o t h worlds, the timeless forms of the farm with the conveniences of the up-to-date present.” - Alexander Gorlin

Exterior Arch itecture :

Modernity Meets Sentim entality The Modern Barn uses traditional architectural language expressed in a barn shape. This utilitarian yet evocative design dictates a casual and comforting welcome, a rustic vibe evoking fresh air and cut grass. More importantly, the barn is an integral part of the history of the east end of Long Island, an area where farmland is revered and preserved. This historical connection bonds these structures with the land as they seamlessly become one, unobtrusive and visually respectful of their surroundings. Simultaneously, the refined building materials suggest a level of luxury visually refined enough to meld perfect balance and subtle elegance. The oversized square windows create accessibility and ample passage of light, while calling upon modernity in its most basic forms.

“The Modern B a r n® i s o f the land and the digital landscape of the future.” - Alexander Gorlin

Outdoor Living:

Luxuriant Juxtapositions

Just beyond the perimeter of the Modern Barn, past the outdoor living room and dining areas, where the skies open up and mature trees rustle along the perimeter, is an equally thoughtful sequence of spaces. With careful consideration to grade, angles, materials, and color, the landscape reflects upon the same set of considerations as the architecture: a respect for its surroundings, a clean simplicity and revere for high function, a modernity in sync with the natural world. These outdoor spaces are intentionally clean, the engineering exists on such a subtle level that the flow appears to be completely natural.

Th e Lower Level:

Exquisite N ich es

Underground, the elevated function of good design is self evident, from the beautiful rack design in the wine tasting room with wet bar and tasting table that allows labels to be viewed without moving the bottles, to the thundering experience of a well designed, high-end theater with stadium seating. Design that considers functionality first, each niche on this lower level is a self-contained work of art. The gym and sauna area is meticulously designed for the ultimate spa experience. The extra bedrooms are spacious and full of light. Finally, the centrally located flexible space can easily be turned into any type of recreation space imaginable: an ideal kids’ playroom, a billiard room with a bar, an art studio, or other living area for lounging. The flexibility of the Modern Barn is vast, the roots deep, and the lifestyle easy and charmed.

“ T h e M o d e r n B a r n® r e p r e s e n t s t h e w a y p e o p l e l i v e today with an awareness of the past and the tools f o r t h e f u t u r e . ” - A l f o n s o G i a q u i n t o, P r e s i d e n t , P l u m B u i l d e r s

Alexander Gorlin

Alfonso Giaquinto

Alexander Gorlin


Alexander Gorlin opened his practice in NYC in 1986, a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome where he had been awarded the Rome Prize in Architecture. He received his undergraduate degree from Cooper Union and his graduate degree from Yale School of Architecture. Mr. Gorlin is known for the application of modernist principles to a broad range of projects, including high end residential work, houses, apartment buildings, prefabricated housing, retail, schools, religious buildings and master planning. He is noted for his inventive use of space, light and natural materials. Mr. Gorlin has been named one of Architectural Digest’s Top 100 Architects in the World since 2000, and one the 30 Deans of Design in 2005. He has won many AIA Awards for his houses, and his work has been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art, the Venice Biennale and the Chicago Athenaeum, as well as being published in the New York Times, Architectural Record and Interior Design. He has taught at the Yale School of Architecture and the Cooper Union. Mr. Gorlin is the subject of a monograph, Alexander Gorlin: Buildings and Projects and is the author of Tomorrow’s Houses: New England Modernism as well as two definitive volumes on The New American Townhouse, all of which were published by Rizzoli International. Mr. Gorlin lives in Manhattan and his office is located in the SoHo area of New York.

Alfonso Giaquinto

Al Giaquinto was born in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from Brooklyn Technical School where he studied engineering and architecture. In 1970 he graduated from Baruch with a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting and while working as an accountant earned his MBA in Finance from Xavier in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1979. Giaquinto was Chief Financial Officer for an international engineering consulting firm, Structural Dynamics Research Corporation, in Milford, Ohio before returning to the East End to form his own general contracting firm, Plum Builders, Inc. in 1982. He and his wife, Mary, are married for forty three years. They have three grown children and three grandchildren. Giaquinto is president of Plum Builders, Inc. a General Contractor on the East End of Long Island, New York. He has acquired residential construction industry credentials including Certified Graduate Remodeler, Certified Green Professional and Graduate Master Builder to augment his superior financial skills. Plum Builders offers clients integrated services that bring together planning, design, budget analysis and construction in order to successfully deliver a streamlined project through one responsible partner.

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The Modern Barn  
The Modern Barn  

The Modern Barn calls the warmth of traditional living into open spaces without constraints. Configurationsare limitless and artificiality r...