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Thank You for choosing PlumbAssist in 2012 - we appreciate your business! We are the Emergency Experts! No need to panic if you have a plumbing emergency over the Christmas New Year period. PlumbAssist will be operating normal business hours as well as our 24 hour emergency plumbing service throughout the Holiday Season. If you have had previous drain problems you are best to get them checked out NOW and avoid the embarrassment with a house full of guests.

Call us on 1300 390 045

Raspberry & Frangelico Sauce

Tell you what, talk about busy! Who would have thought Christmas could come around this fast! Thank you to all the new PlumbAssist customers and to all our amazing regulars! We absolutely love “raising the bar” and providing you with an exceptional tradie experience!

So from  all  of  us,  we  wish  you  Seasons   Greetings  and  a  Happy  and  Healthy  2013! The past year has seen us make the final transition from TDS Plumbing Services to PlumbAssist - we appreciate your patience whilst we made this change. The final changes to our vehicles are being made as this newsletter goes to print! We are very grateful to each and every one of your support during the year. Without customers we would be nowhere. So to everyone please have a safe and happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year. Enjoy this newsletter and don’t forget to send any feedback you have (good, bad or ugly). to info@plumberassist.com.au Warm wishes

Darryl &  Tanya  Simon

3 x 125g punnets raspberries 2 tbs Frangelico liqueur 1 tbs caster 'Tis the season to eat sweet, juicy sugar

fruit... and it wouldn't be Christmas without ripe plump, raspberries.

Place the raspberries, Frangelico and sugar in a small saucepan over a medium-high heat. Bring to a simmer. Reduce heat to medium. Simmer for 2 minutes or until the raspberries are soft and the liquid has reduced. Set aside to cool. Use a stick blender to puree until just smooth. Store in an airtight bottle in the fridge for up to 1 week. Enjoy!

PlumbAssist App  Coming  Soon Immediate  Advice  At  Your  Finger3ps! Our new app is in the final stages of development and will be available FREE at iTunes. As you know, we are available on 1300 390 045 - 24 hours/7 days for immediate advice. With the PlumbAssist App you’ll be just one touch away from contacting us and will be able to share our details with friends and family. You will also be able to upload a photo to get a FREE quote.

Watch all our “How To” and “Hot Tips” on PlumbAssistTV right from your phone....so if you have a plumbing emergency - watch how simple and easy it is to IMMEDIATELY STOP any flood damage to your home and SAVE the cost of a call out. All our videos are on our website http://www.plumberassist.com.au/plumber-blog and also on YouTube PlumbAssistTV at www.youtube.com/user/PlumbAssist

PlumbAssist Simple  Holiday  Season  Tip  #1

Utilize Phone  Apps

Let your fingers do the 21st century walking with time saving, price comparison apps. Searching for that perfect gift? You’ll never have to wonder if you a truly getting the best deal. Let your phone do all the pre-shopping research on those perfect gifts! Soon we will have our very own PlumbAssist app. PlumbAssist Newsletter - December 2012

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Like our page at https://www.facebook.com/PlumbAssist1 and be the first to know about monthly specials, money saving tips and ideas, release of PlumbAssistTV episodes and MORE!

Our Gifts  For  You... $67  VALUE  Safety  Inspection  Of  Your   Home  Plumbing

Receive a complimentary visual safety inspection of all your home plumbing with any paid service. Don’t get caught with a plumbing emergency over the holiday

$150 OFF  Any  Service  Over  $1500 Don’t get left with no hot water or a dangerous gas smell! Get a HUGE $150 off any plumbing works over $1500. *Valid until 31 March 2013

$100 FREE  Service  Especially  For  You! Call Leanne at Pure Fresh Hair on 9523 8873 and mention you are a PlumbAssist valued client and she will give you $100 worth of service for FREE! To book your appointment call now on 9523 8873 spaces are limited.

PlumbAssist Simple  Holiday  Season  Tip  #2

Don’t Come  Home  To  A  Flooded  House......

If you are heading away over the holiday season, turn off your water supply at the main meter. Don’t know where to locate your water meter? Go to our website at www.plumberassist.com.au and we have put it right on the home page for you! Simple. PlumbAssist Newsletter - December 2012

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     Rave Reviews

Fantas&c! If  only  all  trades  were  as  organized  and  efficient    A.Goldsborough Great  at  overall  job  and  uncovered  a  poten&al  disaster.    E.  Allen

“When using  a  new  trade's  person  you  naturally  have  a  few  concerns.    PlumbAssist  has  given  

me as  a  property  manager  confidence.  As  a  result  of  using  PlumbAssist  I  can  be  guaranteed  full   communica&on,  reliable  service  and  sa&sfied  landlords  and  tenants.  Their  service  can  only  be   described  as  outstanding. As  a  property  manager  what  sets  them  apart  is  their  prompt  approach  to  jobs  and  their   ongoing  communica&on.  PlumbAssist  are  highly  professional  and  will  always  call  when  on  the   job  (even  on  a  roof) I  would  fully  recommend  PlumbAssist.  It  has  been  such  a  pleasure  to  deal  with  all  their  trades   people  and  administra&on  staff.  Well  done  guys,  keep  it  up!”   Michelle  Liberman  –  Property  Manager,  Axis  Property

“I first  became  aware  of  PlumbAssist  by  seeing  their  well  signed  vehicle  in  my  area   and  decided  to  give  them  a  try.    I  had  my  concerns  about  geLng  an  honest  &   reliable  plumber  that  I  had  never  used  before.  Once  they  arrived  I  was  very  happy   indeed.    Chris  arrived  on  &me  and  was  very  thorough  &  courteous  -­‐  Also  the  extra   service  at  looking  at  the  condi&on  of  other  appliances  was  very  helpful.    They  have   the  tools  and  parts  on  board  to  complete  the  job  in  the  one  visit,  saving  me  taking   more  &me  off  work.  Chris  was  &dy  and  considerate  about  leaving  my  home  in  the   condi&on  he  found  it  and  discussed  other  issues  regarding  the  overall  maintenance   of  my  home.    I  would  highly  recommend  PlumbAssist!  –  Thank  You  “  S.  Bouroutzis  –   Home  Owner,  Kensington

PlumbAssist Newsletter - December 2012

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Profile for Tanya Simon

PlumbAssist December Newsletter  

Welcome to our December Newsletter.

PlumbAssist December Newsletter  

Welcome to our December Newsletter.


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