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Volume 10, Issue 1

Spring 2010


2010 Officers Worshipful Master Thomas H. “Tom” Lewis, Jr. 843.708.5365 Senior Warden Richard C. “Rick” Ivey 843.343.6700 Junior Warden Thomas A. “Tom” McQueary 843.303.1442 Treasurer John E. “Jack” Daniels, PDDGM 843.708.3456 Secretary Michael C. “Mike” Henslee, PM 843.276.6768 Senior Deacon Mark Beasley, PM 843.469.2577 Junior Deacon James M. “Matt” Jenkins 843.819.6336 Steward Ashley Neboschick 843.469.3171 Steward Cameron S. Woody 843.408.8983 Tiler Steve Hiott 843.819.5002 Chaplain Herbert S. “Herb” Goldberg, PDDGM 843.766.3516; Marshal Lloyd F. “Curly” Christopher, PGMar 843.571.2709 Marshal Emeritus George L. Seyle, PSGD 843.766.5698 Historian O.M. “Skip” Owen, PM 843.556.4359; News Editor Evan H. Wiskoff 843.327.4995; Physician Carey E. “Doc” Capell 843.377.5088;

M a s o n i c

H i s t o r y - M a c k e y ' s

Albert Gallatin Mackey 32° This American Scholar and Sage joined this world in March of 1807. He was raised to the celestial lodge above on June 2oth 1881. He was a well known medical doctor and author of many books, and articles, most of which focused on Freemasonry. His writing where both esoteric and factual regarding the history, sciences and subtle symbol logy of the craft. A Charleston S.C. native, Dr. Mackey was Initiated, Passed and Raised in Saint Andrews Lodge # 10 right here in Charleston in 1841. He was crowned sovereign grand inspector General 33° of the Southern jurisdiction the Ancient and accepted Scottish Rite. Among many of Mackey's writings was his great Lexicon of Freemasonry. This massive volume addresses many phrases and rituals practiced within Masonry. An order as ancient and symbolic as our fraternity is ripe with obscure phrases and misunderstood symbols and rituals. For this year ends Masonic history portion or our publication and many times hereafter, we

L I G H T Fifty years in Freemasonry is really an experience which only a small percentage of the craft is able to accomplish. An even smaller percentage attains membership for that length of time as an active Mason. Many 50 year Masons receive their pin and certificate at an annual banquet and some of them haven't been in a lodge in years. Some of the rarely attendees are Past Masters.

will allow Mackey's educated experience and wisdom to provide Historic and Masonic answers to what may be all of your questions…...Brothers, welcome to Mackey's Obscura! Composite – One of the five architectures introduced by the Romans, and compounded of the other four, whence it derives its name. Although it combines strength with beauty, yet as it is a comparatively modern invention, it is held in little esteem among Freemasons. Demit – A Mason is said to demit from the order when he withdraws from all connection with it. It relieves the individual from all pecuniary contributions, and debars him from pecuniary relief, but it does not cancel his Masonic obligations, nor exempt him from the wholesome control which the order exercises over the moral conduct of its members. In this respect the maxim is once a mason and always a mason. Deus meumque Jus – “God and my rite.” The motto of the 33rd degree, Ancient and Accepted rite. Eagle, Double headed – The double headed eagle is the ensign of the kingdom of Prussia, and as Fredrick II was the founder and chief of the 33rd or ultimate degree of the scotch or Ancient and Accepted rite,



O b s c u r a ! as it is now called, the double headed eagle has been adopted as the emblem or jewel of that degree, to denote the Prussian origin. Elphanta – T he cavern of Elphanta in Hindustan is the most ancient temple in the world. It is the principal place for the celebration of the mysteries of India. Guttural – Belonging to the throat: from the Latin gutter, the throat. The throat is the avenue of the body which is most employed in the sins of intemperance, and hence it suggests to the Mason certain symbolic instructions in relation to the virtue of temperance. Herodim – A Hebrew word, signifying the princes or rulers. In Kings v.16, it is said that Solomon had 3300 chief officers who ruled over the people and in 2 Chronicles ii, 18, we read as follows:” and he set three score and ten thousand of them to be bearers of burdens, and four score thousand to be hewers in the mountain, and three thousand and six hundred overseers to set the people at work”. The difference between the 3600 overseers mentioned in this place, and the 3300 recorded in the book of Kings, arises from the fact that in the former place 300 chief overseers are included in that are not included in the latter. These 300 overseers were the Harodim, or Provosts, or Princes.

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What a waste of talent. They could have been spreading their knowledge to assist incoming candidates, Entered Apprentices, Fellowcrafts and even Master Masons. Past Masters are the backbone of a lodge and should be there to support the operation of the lodge. Getting back to fifty year membership, being active for all those years is

really what Freemasonry is all about and results in meeting an untold amount of brothers from all over the globe, witnessing and performing a tremendous amount of Masonic degrees, attending Masters and Wardens Club meetings, attending Inspirational and Instructional meetings, privileged to be able to attend Grand Lodge meetings and events, attending Charleston County Masonic Cont. page 3

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Mariner’s Lighthouse

W i s d o m

F r o m

T h e

(The following is taken from the speech given at Mariner’s Annual Installation Banquet)

E a s t !

stand in the East tonight as our Lodge is entering the second decade of our existence as a confederation of five historic Lodges combined into one. If God were to ask me what gifts He could bestow on me tonight, I would answer the same as Most Excellent King Solomon all those centuries ago – wisdom and understanding.

Brethren, I Have a Dream I stand here tonight humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, and mindful of the sacrifices borne by our brothers whose efforts through the years allow us to be here tonight. I thank WB David August Hines for his service to our Lodge, as well as the friendship and support he has shown me personally throughout our time in the chairs together. I thank the Past Masters as well as the rank and file members who have unfailingly and unflinchingly given me every support and encouragement from the time I joined this Lodge and through my often stumbling efforts in the chairs. They are too many to name but hopefully you know who you are – I certainly do. This is a night over 30 years in the making and I want to briefly share with you some of what it means to me to be Master of Mariner Lodge for the year of light 6010 As Masonic Lodges go, Mariner itself is a young Lodge, only having existed a decade since taking up the extinct charter of Marine Lodge #2. Only eight Masons have now taken the Master’s oath in Mariner Lodge #2. The Lodge has carried on for these ten years as Lodges everywhere have carried on for centuries, not simply because of the skill or vision of those in the East, but because we the members of the Lodge have remained faithful to the ideals of our order, and true to our founding landmarks. So it has been for the first decade of our reborn Lodge. So it must be with the decades to come. When I was a boy I always dreamed of having brothers. When I was in high school and it was apparent that my parents would never produce brothers for me I started looking for brothers on my own. I joined the Order of DeMolay when I was 15. The ritual was

Tom Lewis works for The Gel Corp. and is a life member of Jackson Lodge #45, Jackson TN. He is the Current Worshipful Master for 2010. He resides in Charleston, SC.

so beautiful to me that when I learned it had been written by a Mason, and I learned my great -grandfathers had been Masons, I resolved to become a Mason myself. That goal was reached when I was a young man in my twenties. My next goals were to become a 32nd degree Mason and a Knight Templar and to one day be Master of a Lodge. The first two were quickly and easily accomplished, but the third took more time than I imagined back then. Indeed, I had given the third goal up as for me unachievable. I have been fortunate to be able to travel in foreign countries and visit with and learn from brothers of other states and other countries. I have been fortunate to find this Lodge so far away from where my Masonic journey began. But now after more than thirty years having at last been inducted into the Oriental Chair of King Solomon, I stand before you feeling totally inadequate for the task to which you have elected me. I need the support of you all to succeed. I look to the Great Light of Masonry where it is written that God asked our Most Excellent King Solomon what gifts he wanted from God now that he was the King of Israel. King Solomon could have asked for wealth or long life or anything else. But what Solomon asked of God was wisdom and understanding, and the Scripture leaves no doubt it was granted abundantly. I

M a c key ' s `

O b s c u r a

Because Mariner was formed from five active Lodges, we are blessed with more than the usual number of Past Masters found in the average Lodge. Not long after I went into “the chairs”, one of those Past Masters confided in me that when the Lodges voted to combine, he didn’t think the combined Lodge would last longer than ten years. I told him not to say that because the 10th year was when I would be Master. I think it’s fortuitous that this combined Lodge did not take the name of the oldest or largest of the five, but rather revived the charter of an extinct Lodge and was renamed “Mariner”. Mariners should know that five separate lines working independently can part one by one, and indeed if they cross each other they can wear and abrade each other to hasten the destruction. But when five lines are united into one cable tow they have more strength together than the sum of what each has alone. As a Lodge we are the heirs of five separate legacies of history and tradition which is a rich inheritance, but we must take care as we value that history and tradition that we do not allow the separate traditions to separate us. Only when we are mutually engaged and united will we have the strength to survive the trials we must inevitably face as the Lodge makes way in the turbulent waters in which we find ourselves. We’ve heard a lot lately about Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech. Brethren, tonight I have a dream. I have a dream that we as Masons and brothers could learn to focus on the many ways we are alike and let that serve to unite us, rather than focusing on our minor differences and allowing them to separate us.

C o n t i n u e s !

Illuminati of Avignon – A species of Freemasonry instituted in 1760, by Pernetti, a Benedictine monk, and Gabrianaca, a Polish nobleman in which the reveries of Swedenborg were mingled with the principles of masonry. Initiation – The reception into the first degree of masonry is thus called. It is derived from the Latin word initia, which signifies the first principles of science. The same term was used by the ancients to designate admission into the mysteries of their Pagan rites. Thus Justin, speaking of Mida, King of Phrygia, says he was initiated into the mysteries by Orpheus. “Ab Orpheo sacorum solennibus initiates” Lib xi, c.7 Ish Sabal – The bearers of burdens at the building of the temple. They amounted to 70,000. See I Kings v.15 and2 Chron. Ii.18. They are the entered apprentices of Webb, but the old writers say they were not masons, but the descendents of the ancient Canaanites. Lustration – purification by water. This was an indispensable prerequisite to the initiation into all of the ancient mysteries. The lustration in Freemasonry is mental. No aspirant can be admitted to participate in our sacred rites until he is thoroughly cleansed from all pollution or guilt. In some of the higher degrees of the Ancient and Accepted rite a lustration of ablution is practiced. Priory – The body of Knights Templar which, in this country, is called an Encampment, in Scotland, under the revised status of the order, is styled a Priory. The presiding officer of a Priory is called a Prior: he is, therefore, equivalent to our Grand Commander. The organization of the Templar’s in Scotland is very different from that which exists in America. Succoth – A town of Judea, 34 miles north-east of Jerusalem, near which Hiram Abif cast the sacred vessels of the temple.

More of Mackey`s Wisdom in Next Issue.

Volume 10, Issue 1

W i s d o m

Page III

F r o m

I have a dream that as we struggle to learn our beautiful ritual, we all could pause and reflect from time to time on what the words we work so hard to remember mean, and how the ideals they convey could improve our lives and the lives of those around us if we would just allow it. I have a dream that we as a Lodge and our fraternity as a whole could begin to really live what we say in the ritual and not just say it and forget it. I have a dream that every brother that stands in this Lodge would feel the love for and from the brothers of this Lodge that I felt standing at my Father’s memorial service, when I looked to the back of the sanctuary and saw a band of my brothers who didn’t even know my Dad coming to support me in my time of grief. My parents didn’t bless me with brothers who share my blood and name, but I went out and found brothers who share my heart. They’re known as Masons.

T h e

E a s t !

My brothers, much like the church, we as Masons have an amazing opportunity which for the most part goes wasted. We stand on the banks of a wonderful healing, comforting stream, but for the most part we fear to do much more than wade in it. Some of us only test it with a toe. I have a dream tonight that we could all venture into the deep water of that healing, comforting stream of Freemasonry and learn to Tom Lewis works for The Gel swim. Then will we be united and practice with assiduity the Corp. and is a life member of Jackson Lodge #45, Jackson TN. sacred tenets of our order. Then will the blessings of Heaven rest on us and all regular Masons, brotherly love will prevail He is the Current Worshipful Master for 2010. He resides in and every moral and social virtue will cement us. Together, brethren. So Mote It Be Fraternally, Thomas H. Lewis, Worshipful Master Mariner Lodge #2 (2010)

Physicians Corner How to Handle Bruising Bruising, even after minor bumps and falls, happens more often as we get older. This is especially true under areas of sundamaged skin, where ultraviolet radiation causes the soft tissues anchoring small blood vessels to weaken over time. Bruises usually take 2-4 weeks to heal completely, but you


can speed up the process by the following: 1. Put an ice cube/ice bag on the bruise as soon as possible. 2. Protect the bruised area for a day or two. 3. Wrap it with an Ace wrap (if an extremity). 4. Elevate the area above your heart if there is significant swelling. 5. Avoid hot showers and alcohol for

48 hours. If your wife/girlfriend is concerned about the appearance of her bruises, she can buy a vitamin-K skin cream, such as Dermal-K. Discount and drug stores often have less expensive, store-brand creams which work just as well. Using the cream daily will should provide some protection, decreasing the frequency or extent of bruising.

Carey Capell is the Head Surgeon for the Citadel, a military college located in downtown Charleston. He is a retired Colonel in the Air Force and resides in Charleston, SC.

F R O M T H E C H A P L A I N ( C O N T . )

Association meetings, assisting in Fund Raisers, enjoying the lodge collations, assisting in the Masonic Building Work Days and visiting other lodges, all of which results in great Fellowship and Brotherhood. There are those who lose their chance to be a 50 year member due to death, NPD, or Expulsion, while others have an opportunity to attain that high level whether active or inactive, their choice. Why should a Mason continue his membership year after year and never attend meetings? He is missing all the wonderful awards of Freemasonry. Is being a fifty year member so important just to come and receive the 50 pin? Some 50 year members don't even come to receive their pin. A Past Grand Lodge officer has to go to the recipient's home or business to make the presentation. Some of the 50 year members are either too sick or very elderly to come to the annual meeting for the award ceremony. All active members—you don't know what you are missing. Of course 50 years is not the ultimate goal. We have members of the craft that are 60 and 70 year members. It is not too late for you to visit your lodge and enjoy all its activities. We hope you are receiving all lodge meeting notices. Herbert S. Goldberg PDDGM, PM


Strength From The West Brethren, I want to take this moment to tell you it has been an honor to serve you these previous years and thank you for electing me as Senior Warden of Mariner Lodge for 2010. Brethren, realize my door is always open to you. If you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns that we as a fraternity should consider or something personal you need to discuss don’t hesitate to let myself or your Worshipful Master or Junior Warder know. Mariner as a fraternity has much to celebrate. For 2009, Mariner raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason 18 brothers. We assisted Brother Boosinger in his time of need and had 2 brothers stand proficient in the Master Mason degree which hasn’t been undertaken for a few years. The beginning of 2010 brings us more success as January has already been a busy month. We have already initiated 5 candidates and are well on our way to potentially raising more brothers than our fraternity did last year. With all the work we are doing and plan to do for 2010, I can’t help but implore assistance. The five items I wanted to speak to you on in this article are By-Laws, Mentoring, Lectures, Master Mason Proficiency, and the Mark Twain Award. By–Laws – It being the 10th Anniversary of Mariner’s consolidation, it seems fitting that we take a close look also at our By–Laws and make any necessary additions, amendments, or deletions to them. Our By– Laws have not been reviewed or amended in quite a few years. Please if any brother would like to assist me by being on this committee feel free to contact me either via cell phone or email. Amending By–Laws is a lengthy process, but it is one that is needed. My plans are to furnish by next newsletter a copy of our current By–Laws to each member and then also the suggested amendments that have been brought before Lodge. Mentoring – Is an important part of any candidate’s journey through the mysteries of Masonry. They are assigned a coach, as we all have had, to learn the catechisms so they may journey to the next degree. During their journey there is Masonic Education that each candidate participates in. Sometimes this education is given by their coach and at other times by another brother. Currently the Masonic Education Committee comprises of Brother Tim Allen, RWB Jack Daniels, and I. My request and call out for education and mentoring is to the Past Masters of Mariner Lodge. I would like to see each of our candidates get assigned a mentor who is a Past Master. I will provide each interested Past Master a copy of the Masonic Education book so they may

have it as well. I believe that if each candidate’s mentor was a Past Master, some of the tougher questions a candidate might have could be answered through their years of experience. A Past Master who is a 25 year member has a wealth of knowledge on many different journeys they’ve taken in their life. All Past Masters who are interested in being a part of this pilot mentor program let me know so we could make a coordinate effort for success. Lectures – It is with great pride that I can say the Mariner continues to stride in being one of the best in charge and lecture delivery. We have had many new brothers learning charges and lectures and delivering them flawlessly. While learning a charge or lecture does take time and there is only so many degrees that Mariner does, we as a lodge have been going out and assisting other lodges who lack the members with lecture proficiency. Mariner has also begun receiving proficiency certificates in giving these lectures from Grand Lodge too. WB Bobby E. Pennington, Jr. has been extremely helpful in making this happened and continues to do so. Master Mason Proficiency – Another success of our lodge last year was having 2 brothers stand proficient as a Master Mason. Brother Tim Allen, who stood proficient, decided with the consent of the lodge to start up a class for 2010 for all those who are interested in standing master mason proficiency. The first class's timeline is slated to stand proficient in March. I believe it will be Mariner’s goal to have a second or third class of master masons standing proficient this year. For any member interested, please contact any officer of the lodge for schedule details. This is something wonderful that has been started and I can’t wait to see how many proficient master masons we have by the end of the year. Who will be in our next group? Will it be you? Mark Twain Award – The Mark Twain Award is given out on a national level to lodges throughout the country for their contributions to the community and spreading that fraternal cement of brotherly love and affection. It is meant to be given to a lodge that has positively impacted the community it surrounds. This is another item that is on Mariner’s Agenda for this year. Please feel free to submit any suggestions or ideas so we may begin to move forward on this project. Fraternally Yours, Richard C. “Rick” Ivey, 32 Senior Warden, Mariner Lodge #2

Rick Ivey owns Secqurance, LLC a local computer/network consulting company. He is pursuing a Master’s Degree from Iowa State and is active in the community for Veteran’s Benefits. Both he and his 12 year old nephew reside in Goose Creek, SC.

Congratulations to our newly initiated Enter Apprentice Brothers Jason Anderson, David Church, Michael Pennington, Larry Schirling Jr., and William Warner.

This photo represents Worshipful Master Thomas H. Lewis and all other current Lodge Masters and Past Masters that were present at Mariner #2’s 2010 Annual Installation.

Volume 10, Issue 1

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That Column of Beauty in the South Brothers, First, I would like to say that I am pleased to have been elected as one of your 2010 officers for Mariner Lodge. As Junior Warden, I can only hope to be as successful as the next officer in the lodge. Knowing the role, that which I am designated to is more important than just attending meetings, but also to provide the refreshment for the ensuing Masonic year. My intentions as Junior Warden are organization, responsibility, and consistency. With the assistance of the newly appointed Stewards, Ashley Neboschick and Cameron Woody this can be accomplished. While my tastes are not the same as the next brothers, I tried not to be partial to mine. Deciding on the meals I tried not to include religion, allergies, my wife’s opinion of whether or not I can accomplish it, or cost, but rather what will brothers with notification be looking forward to while attending Mariner Lodge. We as the officers in charge of the refreshment have sat down and decided amongst 11 meals that will be the core meals for the year. Nine of the meals are placed on a quarterly rotation, as to this will aid in the success of the organization. So much information can be provided from this type of planning i.e...head counts, likes and dislikes, donations and most of all, overall participation within the lodge and it’s visitors. I would also like to take the time to say that most of all I am already pleased with the work that has been done with the new officers, to assist our new Worshipful Master with the necessary tools to make his term as successful as the last. The dates for the first quarter are as follows: Feb 10th Masters and Wardens Meeting—Frogmore Stew Feb 11th Business—White Chili w/ Cornbread Feb 15th Degree—Chicken and Rice Feb 22nd Degree—Flounder Au gratin Mar 11th Business—Turkey Tetrazzini Mar 22nd Degree—Chicken Veggie w/ Brown Rice Mar 29th Degree—Beef Yakisoba w/ Chow Mein Apr 8th Business—Swedish Meatballs w/ Buttered Noodles Apr 19th Degree—Hawaiian Smoked Sausage w/ Rice Apr 26th Degree—Linguini w/ spicy Shrimp Sauce Brothers this is the menu that which we have selected. The success of this will be the direct result of attendance and the contributions to the lodge. To any visiting brother, I hope that as you view the bill of fare, that it craves your attendance, as the success of the first quarter will determine the second. Once again, to the Worshipful Master—Myself and the other officers wish you a Prosperous and Peaceful Year as you preside over 10th anniversary of Mariner Lodge #2. Thomas A. “Tate” McQueary 32° Junior Warden—Mariner Lodge #2 * - All meals are subject to change without notification due to any unforeseen cause of events. Thanks you for understanding.

Tate McQueary works for Cummins Turbo Technologies as a New Product Introduction Technician. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, going to NASCAR races, cub scouts with his son, and spending time with his 1 year old daughter. He currently resides in Goose Creek, SC.

Volume 10, Issue 1

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F e b r u a r y

C a l e n d a r

Feb 10th—Masters & Wardens Club of the 1st and 2nd Masonic Districts—Will meet @ Mariner Lodge #2, Charleston County Masonic Hall; Located at 1285 Orange Grove Rd, Charleston. Collation @ 1830; Meeting @ 1930. All Master Masons are welcome. Collation will be Frogmore Stew.

Rd, Charleston. Collation @ 6:45pm; Business & Election @ 7:30pm Collation will be White Chili w/Cornbread.

Feb 11th—Business— Located at 1285 Orange Grove

Feb 22nd—FellowCraft Degree— Located at 1285 Orange Grove Rd,

Feb 15th—EnterApprentice Degree—Located at 1285 Orange Grove Rd, Charleston. Collation @ 6:45pm; Degree @ 7:30pm Collation will be Chicken & Rice.

M a r c h Mar 11th—Business— Located at 1285 Orange Grove Rd, Charleston. Collation @ 6:45pm; Business & Election @ 7:30pm Collation will be Turkey Tetrazzini.

“God comes to us before we go to him” Charleston. Collation @ 6:45pm; Degree @ 7:30pm Collation will be Flounder Au Gratin.

C a l e n d a r Grove Rd, Charleston. Collation @ 6:45pm; Degree @ 7:30pm Collation will be Beef Yakisoba w/ Chow Mein.

Located at 1285 Orange Grove Rd, Charleston. Collation @ 6:45pm; Degree @ 7:30pm Collation will be Chicken Veggie w/ Brown Rice. Mar 29th—Master Mason Degree—Located at 1285 Orange

Mar 22nd—FellowCraft Degree—

Mariner #2 AFM Summary of 2009 Grand Lodge Report Grand Lodge Dues

Members last report Raised Affiliated Reinstated

475 18 1 3

Total members plus increase


Erased NPD Died Demitted

26 9 5

Total decrease


D e d u c t i o n s 3 Degrees on Ministers $ 6.00 2 Dues on Ministers $ 36.00 190 40-Yr Members@ $18.00 $ 3428.00

Membership December 31, 2009


Total Deductions

$ 3470.00

Grand Lodge Dues Supplies/Bonds from GL 2009

$ 5000.00 $ 218.60

Total Dues Grand Lodge 2009

$ 5218.00

50 Degrees @ $2.00 18 Raised @ $5.00 (GWM) 3 Reinstatements @ $18.00 457 Members @ $18.00

$ 100.00 $ 90.00 $ 54.00 $ 8226.00


$ 8470.00

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Mariner Lodge No. 2 AFM Michael C. Henslee, PM, Secretary 1323 Hermitage Ave Charleston, SC 29412-9221



The Mariner’s Lighthouse The Official Newsletter of Mariner Lodge No. 2 AFM The year 2000 Consolidation of: Washington #5, Friendship #9, LaCandeur #36, Walhalla #66, & Strict Observance #73

The next Regular Communication of Mariner Lodge Will be held on Thursday, February 11th, 2010 at 7:30 PM Collation precedes the meeting at 6:45 PM Please make plans to attend!

Mariner's Lighthouse - Volume 10, Issue 1  

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