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What is PLUK?

What is our Mission? PL UK Pare nt Cent er u nites parent s, prof essional s, fa milies and frien ds of children wi th

PLUK is the U.S. Department of Education funded Parent Training and Information Center and HRSA funded Family to Family Health Information Center. PLUK is also the Family Voices State Affiliate Organization.

special ne eds to supp ort on e another , a nd share infor ma t ion Mon tana .

How does PLUK work to achieve the mission and vision?

What is our Vision?

PLUK believes every family member has an opportunity to be a force for

for the b enefit of children in

personal and systems level advocacy every time they interact with each Give n i nfor ma tion a nd supp ort, individuals with disabilities and their f amilies will f eel empo wered to ad voca te for

other or a system. By teaching families how systems operate and how to approach and engage in advocacy every family can leave behind the legacy of a system that is progressively more family-centered and

the mselve s a nd pa rticipat e

consumer-friendly. By providing these solid foundational supports, we

fully in edu cation al and

believe natural family leaders will emerge and continue to effect positive

com mu nity oppor tunities an d

change at a larger scale. PLUK works to support emerging family leaders

their o wn he althca re.

by providing mentoring and support for their visions and ideas.

516 N 32nd Street, Billings, MT 59101 1-800-222-7585


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