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a message from pepito: My fellow Lutes, Today is the LAST day to vote for your 2013-2014 ASPLU president and vice president! Voting takes less than a minute (I timed myself this morning) and ensures that your voice is heard! You can vote at Don’t forget to tell your friends! Thank you, and have a wonderful spring break.

Undergraduate Students Stay on Track - Enroll in Summer 2013 Please register by May 10 Over 60 courses available for undergraduate students. Offerings in the following areas: Anthropology: 465 (off campus), 487 Art: 230, 287, 355, 388 Biology: 116, 205, 206, 356 Chemistry 115, 116, 331 (with lab 333), 332 (with lab 334) Chinese: 271 Communication: 212, 235, 287, 303, 495, 499 Computer Science: 115, 120 Economics: 335(off campus) Education: 417, 419 English: 216, 217 Geosciences: 102 Hispanic Studies: 101, 102, 201; study away: 202; 231, 331, 401 History: 108 Languages: 271 Math: 151, 152 Music: 320 Physical Education: 100, 234, 276, 322, 360, 361, 480, 486, 491, 495, 499 Philosophy: 121, 125 Physics: 110 Psychology: 320, 360, 370, 448 Religion: 212, 226, 227, 232, 235, 236, 391 Sociology: 332, 391 Special Education: 322, 419 Theatre: 387 Registration for summer (and fall) begins April 15. On March 25, the schedule for Summer courses available online at



March 25th 11:00am - 1:00pm

Join Victoria Farnsworth, a Master Gardener, to learn more about how you can create the perfect backyard butterfly habitat.


Buttery Habitat





March 27th

11:00am - 1:00pm

Learn how to make classic Ebelskivers, a Danish-style pancake, using a recipe from Ebelskivers by Kevin Crafts.


You’ve given us some awesome captions. But now we need some awesome animals because you’re probably starting to think the Daily Flyer is run by a crazy cat lady. It doesn’t matter that this is probably true. Submit a photo of your pet doing something goofy to for a chance to be featured in the Daily Flyer.

squigz begs of you


Gender Neutral Housing Application From the Office of Residential Life

In response to a joint proposal passed by ASPLU and the Residence Hall Association, Residential Life is creating two residence hall mixed gender wings with gender neutral bathrooms as a pilot program for the 2013 – 2014 academic year. These bathrooms will be open to all users, regardless of biological sex or gender identity. Private stalls, with partitions going nearly to the floor and ceiling, will enclose toilets, urinals, and showers with individual changing areas. These wings will be designated as mixed gender, allowing for rooms designated for male residents and rooms designated for female residents on the same wing. Gender neutral rooms will be an option on these wings for students for whom biological sex does not match gender identity. For additional information and applications, go to the Housing Sign Up page on the Residential Life website. (


We believe that ALL Students deserve a space to live on campus that is safe, affirming, and inclusive We support our LGBTQ friends who might not feel comfortable in traditional housing We surveyed students back in October of 2012, and they overwhelmingly supported increasing the number of mixed-gender wings on campus We heard consistent support from students regarding these changes through open Residence Hall Congress sessions twice this year We believe in the on-campus experience and want every student to have a chance to live it!

Are you interested in journalism? Art? Writing? Social justice? Poetry? Editing? Music? Diversity and sustainability? Graphic design? If you answered YES to any (or all!) of these questions, you should consider applying for a position in PLU student media!

The following positions are now open for the 2013-2014 school year:

general manager of lasr, PLU’s student-run radio station, whose goal is to represent the tastes and musical diversity of the student body at PLU and the greater local and global communities.

editor-in-chief of the mooring mast,

PLU’s student-run newspaper. The Mooring Mast seeks to discover, report and distribute information to readers about important issues, events and trends that impact the PLU community. The Mooring Mast functions as a media learning lab for students to gain and practice relevant professional skills.

general manager of mast student tv, PLU’s student-run television station, whose goal is to discover, report and distribute information about important issues, events and trends that impact the PLU community.

editor of saxifrage, PLU’s premier literary and arts magazine, which consists of work by students, staff and alumni–poems, traditional art, literary essays, print, short stories, photography, musical scores and other works, all selected by volunteer judges from the PLU community.

editor of the matrix,

PLU’s journal of social justice, which seeks to facilitate dialogue within the PLU community regarding issues of social justice and provides an outlet for students and faculty to explore the numerous ways in which social justice takes form. To apply, fill out the application on PLU’s Career Connections site. We will be accepting applications until Tuesday, April 2, so you have all of spring break to submit yours! For more information, please contact the Associate Director of Student Involvement & Leadership, Amber Baillon, at

[[Apply Now]]

orientation guide


// be an integral part of the incoming first years first few days on campus

// promote PLU and the reasons you love being a part of the community // help the first years begin to recognize PLU as their home for the next 4 years // build relationships with your jammies, fellow orientation guides, and various staff members // move in early [August 31st] // get free stuff // act silly; make memories; have fun Visit the Career Connections Opportunities Board and look for ‘Fall Orientation Guide’












u/i u.ed

-- Participate in developing and implementing strategic communications plans -- Work with senior leaders -- Write and edit a variety of communication products

Student Club & Organization Awards Student Involvement and Leadership invites you to nominate individuals, programs, and organizations for the Student Club and Organization Awards. These awards will be presented at the Celebration of Leadership on Friday, May 13th, 2013. The addition of student organization awards to the Celebration of Leadership is a new tradition that will recognize students and advisors that have demonstrated a strong commitment to service and leadership through their involvement in clubs and organizations. If you would like to recognize an individual, program, or organization that has positively impacted your experience at PLU, please fill out a nomination form on the PLU Clubs Website ( ). *Nominations are due by Tuesday, March 26th.

Awards include: Individual Awards Outstanding Officer of the Year Outstanding Advisor of the Year Quiet Influence Award Organization Awards Social Program of the Year Diversity Program of the Year Educational Program of the Year Service Program of the Year Student Organization of the Year A student club or organization that most exemplified the PLU mission



that’s quite a mouthful...

Submit a caption to with the subject “Quite a mouthful” or tweet us @ PLUImpact with the hashtag #QuiteAMouthful. Favorite captions will be featured in a future issue of the Daily Flyer!

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