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Students of PLU, There has been a great deal of confusion as to the role that ASPLU has played in the publication of this letter and what the role of its members has been. Allow me to be clear: ASPLU as an organization has remained neutral and has not taken any part in the conversations surrounding any executive candidate. To further clarify, ASPLU’s Human Resources and Public Relations Directors, Vice President, and I are the only positions in our organization that are required to refrain from endorsing any candidate because we are the ones responsible for running the election process. Thus, any stance, position, endorsement, or opinion that another Senator, Director, or other ASPLU member personally takes regarding a candidate is fully permissible. Furthermore, because its members were well within the rights and responsibilities of their position, no Senator, Director, or other ASPLU member that has been involved in the events surrounding “An Open Letter to PLU Students” will have any action taken against them or be asked to offer an apology. The ASPLU Diversity Director and Senator that utilized their titles and thus their affiliation with our organization, did so in fulfilling their duties to act as an advocate on behalf of students and to ensure that each voice is given equal, ample opportunity to be heard. However, we have asked that ASPLU’s IMPACT Director remove his title from the letter because his job description does not directly outline these same responsibilities and we wanted to ensure that there is no inaccurate affiliation with our organization. In aligning with the students we represent, ASPLU believes that all beliefs, ideals, and worldviews hold equal weight and value. We refuse to condemn our organization’s members because they upheld their positions of advocacy and stood up for what they each believe is the right thing to do for our student body. If you have any questions, comments, or further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact at Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at tonight’s debate at 7:30pm in UC133. Thank you, Ian Metz ASPLU President

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Another Open Letter to PLU Students: We are a group of involved, committed and concerned student leaders seeking to share our personal opinions as individuals. We work every day to make PLU a safer, more affirming and inclusive place to live and learn. We wrote the previously published letter1 with the intention of speaking on behalf of a group of students, our LGBTQ friends and family, who expressed that they were deeply offended and upset about some dialogue happening in the ASPLU executive elections. These students didn’t feel like they had a voice – so our truest intention was to give voice to students that we felt were being mistreated and ignored. Our intention was never to endorse nor malign either candidate. We value and admire Thomas’ commitment to his values and believe that every student has a right to their own personal beliefs. We fear that the intention of our letter was mistaken as an attack. We apologize to those who interpreted our previous letter as such. However, we stand firm in our commitment to an open and affirming campus. We encourage you to consider what you believe to be best for all students in our community. As student leaders, we are excited about the amount of attention and dialogue that this issue and letter have encouraged. On the other hand, we are upset at the direction the dialogue has taken. We, as a community, have lost focus on the issue at hand – the way in which we treat our LGBTQ family and friends. That is what caused us to write a letter in the first place and remains to be our primary concern. In the heated dialogue that has ensued, no one has addressed the true content of our concerns. To clarify, our intention was never to malign a single person nor attack anyone’s personal beliefs. Rather, our intention was, and is, to speak up for our LGBTQ students. We encourage your continued participation in the community and the upcoming election and we urge you to consider the implications of your words and your vote. Respectfully yours, Pam Barker, RHA President Elect & Social Justice Director 2012-13 Stephanie Beckman, Senior English Major Karter Booher, ASPLU Diversity Director Tommy Flanagan, RHA Vice-President Elect Kelsey Greer, Junior Sociology Major Kameron Jacobs, Junior Music Education Major Lucas Kulhanek, QASU Co-Comissioner Andrew Larsen, RHA Activities Director Ian McMichael, University Congregation (ELCA) President, supported by the University Congregation Council Rachel Miller, Crossroads Co-Representative Nellie Moran, QASU Co-Commissioner Christine Perkins, Senior Music Education Major Matthew Peters, RHA President Princess Reese, Junior Anthropology and Women’s and Gender Studies Majors Sarah Smith, ASPLU Senator Dan Stell, ASPLU Senator The previously published letter is available online here:

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