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Start Something

Start Something

Be a BIG Brother or BIG Sister at !

Be a BIG Brother or BIG Sister at !


Volunteer one hour a week at your Little’s school during lunch or after school.

Volunteer one hour a week at your Little’s school during lunch or after school.

Have FUN—eat lunch together, shoot hoops, and play games with your Little!

Have FUN—eat lunch together, shoot hoops, and play games with your Little!

Apply now to start in February!

Apply now to start in February!

Enjoy coffee and chat with the President.  

Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013 ™ Start Hong MainSomething Lounge 7 p.m.

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The Office of the President & Residence Hall Association

Start Something™


Grant Writing for Foundation Scholarships

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Funding for graduate and doctoral studies

Tuesday, Nov. 19th 7:00-8:00pm

In collaboration with UW Tacoma, PLU students will learn how to write grants for foundation scholarships that can provide funding for graduate and doctoral studies.

Morken 137 Presented by Anna Salyer, Community Outreach Librarian, UW Tacoma Pacific Lutheran University | PLU Graduate Institute Lecture Series Sign-up at and click on “Lecture Series�

First years: Stay on track for success! Participate in the MAP-works check-up survey

Look for your e-mail invitation starting November 8th

All participants will be entered to win $50 in LuteBucks. Ten chances to win!

Questions? Student Life Office Admin 105 253-535-7191

Light Up Someone’s Christmas… …and Red Square! Is there someone you would like to remember or honor this Christmas season? You may make a donation in remembrance or honor of a loved one, write his or her name on a gold star to put on the Christmas tree, and help support a charity and the lighting of Red Square! The lighting ceremony is on Tuesday, December 3rd at 5:00 p.m. Your donations will provide Christmas assistance to a family in need. There will be a donations table in the University Center November 11th through 20th or you may give your donations to the Campus Ministry Office. Sponsored by: Campus Ministry and The University Congregation

FEAST OR FAMINE Come learn about hunger and food distribution in the world

Tuesday NOVEMBER 19th 11:30-1:30 UC Gray Area Outside of the Commons



Winter Driving Safety Tips The window for fall driving is drawing to a rapid close, but our vehicles are still in for a long cold and rainy season. Commutes, family gatherings, traffic jams while holiday shopping remind us that drivers should make preparations to ensure they are not left out in the cold. Please review this important list now while you are safe and warm:  INSPECT VEHICLE TIRES. Both tread and proper inflation are important. Follow manufacturer’s inflation recommendations.  Take a walk around your car, CHECK TO MAKE SURE ALL LIGHTS ARE FUNCTIONING, especially headlights and brake lights.  INSPECT WINDSHIELD WIPERS both front and rear (if applicable). Warning signs include streaking or skipping.  Under the hood, INSPECT BELTS AND HOSES for dryness and cracking.  CHECK YOUR CAR BATTERY. They can lose half of their cranking power in extremely cold temperatures. Inspect your battery connections and test the strength of your battery.  Fluids are under stress in these extreme conditions; CHECK FLUID LEVELS of motor oil, transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid.

Many major auto shops offer free inspections of these critical functions. Take advantage of these offers and comparison shop because prices do vary widely. Preventative maintenance now will go a long way to make this winter season a happy memory. Next month we will provide tips on what to stock in the trunk should your car break down.

From your 2013-2014 Safety Committee!

E-mail the Safety Committee at: with safety concerns

Hunger and Homlessness Awareness Week 2013

Friday, November 22nd 3-6pm in AUC CK A Community Action Poverty Simulation is a facilitated role play that allows 50-80 assume the role of a low income family member living on a limited budget. Although it uses play money and fictional scenarios, a poverty simulation is a role play – not a game. It is a powerful experience that takes only three hours of time, but makes a lasting impact. It builds a greater awareness of the issues facing people in poverty, and helps build a foundation for change – personally, professionally and in our communities. Facilitated by the Washington State University Extension

*Sign-up online at or email for more info.


NOVEMBER 20, 2013 6-8 PM AUC 133

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