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July 2012 - issue 5

a Services For Young People literacy project

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R W A R CONTRIBUTORS PORTH COUNTY COMMUNITY SCHOOL CDU Anthony Rees Bryony Simmons Charlotte Gallacher Connor Morgan Connor Pope Conray Swayne Dylan Priest Ethan Sandrey-Jones Joshua Morgan Lewis Griffiths Morgan Euston Owen Jones Sam Harries Taliesin Stock

PONTYPRIDD HIGH SCHOOL Abbie Pritchard Alyssa Morgan Amy Davies Amy Herman Chantelle Marsh Chloe Thomas Caitlin Samuel Catrin Martin Ciaran Laughlin Clara Bird Cristyn Woodman Dafydd Harvey Georgia Davies Jordan Amos Kate Taylor Lewis De’abreu Shannon Stevie-Jay Lee Tiegan Jones

RCT YOUNG CARERS Callie Jones Carys Jones Catherine Jones Ceryn Evans Chloe Thomas Emma Coms Gabby Morgan Hannah Harries Jon Hallett Kieran Patrick Kyle John Martin Morgan Melinda Misselbrooke Nadine Collom Rhian Collom Shanice Paul Sophie Cook Sophie Hughes Sophie Terrell Zoe Chandler

OTHER CREATIVE WRITERS Carwyn Davies Craig McDonald Elin Griffiths-Warner Jessica Wigley Liam Jones Rhianydd Edwards

WELCOME TO ISSUE 5 of RAWR magazine. This term has seen another exciting series of Creative Writing Workshops come to fruition, with both RAWR poetry and Creations short story writing sessions running side by side to bring you a magazine packed full of cool creative writing. With Euro 2012 and the Olympic Torch Relay & Games in the news over the past few months, some of our young writers have taken inspiration from football and the Olympics to write a selection of pretty perfect poems for you to enjoy. Among other poetry themes in this issue is the ever-changing weather, dreams & wishes and personal feelings. And as well as poetry, you can read some superb short stories on all sorts of themes wonderfully written by inspiring young people just like you! And if you like what you see in the pages of RAWR magazine, why not have a go at writing something yourself and send it in for publication in a future issue? That’s what some of you have done – and you can read it on the page opposite. Happy reading! Gail Griffiths Project Co-ordinator & Magazine Editor IWA Educator of the Year 2011

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ative e r c e m o s d ri nte school pu pils p e ’v e w e g a On this pse nt to R AW R byr you n g people’s writi n g d by rea di n g oth e zi n e e n cou ra ge work i n th e ma ga On . I have to battle on. on. Battlee battle to hold , no one , I need to


WORD S Bonfire

n ry I must c le on. I’m all alo on. ugh, but rd to batt la a y h e ’s n’t battle th it ld s , u d e o v n c ie lo I t fr . no My any more ttle on. , they do them ba n’t take it y left me ld lp il u e m o h c t fa I s y u M the floor, be won. en you m that can lies upon e me, th r k y li a d d hide. r w o ie b a ld y M a so away, an but it’s l is , , w n e e ra w s c o r r, u e ne yo e on you d to cow If someo hen you’r l the nee e w t fe h t g o fi n do ard to side, so For it’s h hool by your e n o e nsive Sc e m h o re s p d e m e r Co You n engwaw vies, Bla a D n y Carw

Hunter’s L



Bonfire, In the sh bonfire burning The colo ining dark nigh so bright u Purple a r is blue and lil t It flicker nd others shinin ac so light g so whit And it c s and curls e reeps ab out It zig-za It points gs The colo and arches too u Is red, ye r of the fire It jumps llow, amber and It gives a and it squiggles blue It curls a spark And the nd whirls n goes da rk Elin Gr iffiths-W arner, Y sgol Eva n James

Standing outsid e getting heavy a with Chris and Anderson, I fe lt a cold touch nd starting to m upon my arm. heavier for tha a k e m e sh iv e I tu r. W tm certainly not o atter, the further we went th e walked on through the thic rned round to see nothing, th ne of them. Aft e k mist. Althoug e st ranger it felt. I er a long walk h it did not see dark night mist was twisted throug w a s a lw a y th s h the trees and m cu rough boggy m each other. arshes we came rious about the way things w to get any lighter or We made it thro o to rk, b a damp forest co vered in shrubs ut mist was ahead, I moved ugh the vines and trees, but so and vines that fu m turned around rther and further away from ething was telling me not to bu g th closing in on m t all I could see was mist tha e first. I could hear a whispe o any further. But as I could se t ri e. the motionless As I tried to escape it seemed slowly created a wall around ng voice calling my name ove e another forest up m r shadows a soun to have took m e. I couldn’t se and over again db but as I raced to e. .I e wards the exit ellowed behind me. I could h off trail to a snow covered ca The white shining wall of mis as fast as I cou ld towards the I began to see that it wasn’t ra ear water dripping from the ve. As the mist slowly disappe t was ex shadows of the a It began to com cave hoping it ining at all – it was the droo it of the cave. I thought it wa red into e straight at m l w s o o ra f a big gruesom uldn’t see me. e. run away any lo e troll. I began in, nger. I ducked I closed my eyes in fear and h to run that it went qu a iet and I heard s an arm swiped across the a eard the deep growling scream ir. All of a sudd someone say, “ me as it echoed of the troll as h en Fir a e hear me, but a cross the walls, “Anyone in th e in the hole.” I yelled out, “ there was a big loud bang an saw me. I couldn’t Stop!” as loud d a thunder sou flashlight shone ere?” I yelled o as I could. A m nd. After ut at the top of hand and ran fo upon my face. an’s I m r in the thick wh the exit, but the mist started heard I loud roaring noise co y voice, “Help!” At first I did voice yelled out to m n’t ite to whirled around mist. It slowly closed around form again. It slowly started ing from the exit of the cave. think anyone could T us. We tried to he man grabbe us, our breath to creep up and could feel grass b d b . I could see sw reak free, but the mist was p eing taken away slowly as we soon enough we were both tr my imming pools a ulling us in dee I got up and th apped got taken up b pe nd y e with little strea man who had saved me was ly barbeques, I could smell the r and deeper. Then when I th the chill air that k o d in wouldn’t wake s of grey, pink lips and baggy g there so peacefully, but stra elicious smokey smell of the m ught it was over I up. I called for leather clothes. eat getting barb n gely he had a st help, but no on had landed on. H equed. e u h b a b d le a b to e a o rd l bel , sh ew Ju realised there w st as I was about to try and as there. It was just me and t full of all sorts of things too ort brown hair find someone in him .H as something b ehind me... the house we h on this strange place we e Jessica Wigley, ad landed near Y Pant I

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S D R O W The Olympics are coming All the swimmers are getting ready It is going to be very noisy By the splashing of the water All the swimmers are very excited They all want to win medals The swimmers will be racing for their lives They all want to win that medal Charlotte, Porth County

The Olympic torch is lit The Olympic Games are a big hit In the stadium we all sit Team GB looking cool in their kit Enjoying ourselves in the sun Watching all the athletes run Lots of medals to be won Having fun today, everyone! Kate, Chantelle & Chloe, Ponty High

The stadium is massive The crowds are excited Everyone is cheering loudly The runners are running like the wind On the grass the javelin flies through the air Bryony, Porth County

O ver the hurdles L et go of the hammer Y elling crowds M edals for winners P lenty of action I nteresting to watch C hampions of the world S wim for the gold Dafydd, Ponty High

Enjoy reading these poems with the Oly mpics as a theme!

People training fast and hard Wanting to win that gold Everybody cheering – go, go go! People sprinting fast and hard Keep going til you’re old You can win this race – go, go, go! Nadine, Young Carers

The Olympic Torch is coming to Wales The people in the streets will watch them run We jump and shout Jumping up and down is fun The torch is going to London The Games will start in the summer sun There will be medals for everyone Connor Pope, Porth County

At last the Olympics have come It’s happening in a massive stadium The noise around is so loud As everyone is gathered as a crowd All the people watch and wait As the athletes run so straight Usain Bolt is just so fast He never ever will come last On the pitch javelins thrown up high Through the air they fly in the sky Medals galore to be won Today for everyone Teigan, Stevie-Jay, Shannon, Cristyn, Amy, Ponty High

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The stadium is big The people are excited Everybody will be loud Usain Bolt is running like a lightning bolt The javelin is flying through the air Sam Harries, Porth County

The Olympics means Sporting heroes Crowds of fans Runners racing Swimmers splashing Horses jumping Rowers panting Medals for winners Shanice, Young Carers

I felt in a spin As I watched the javelin I thought the discus Was going to hit us I felt sorry for the horses Sprinting fast towards us The swimmers make a splash As against the clock they dash The athletes row quickly Avoiding bushes that’re prickly Alyssa, Ponty High

O n the starting line we stand L oud noises fill the stadium Y our heart beats 100 miles an hour M y flag blowing in the wind P roudest moment of my life I come first C ome on Britain I shout S ome people calling my name Clara & Abbie, Ponty High

The Olympics is a mixture of countries The athletes compete in different sports Like swimming, horse riding, archery and football All the athletes compete to win For their country, their family and their reputation They are all there to win a medal Go Team GB! Joshua Morgan, Porth County

We are going on a train We will see the children run The class will be happy The Olympic Torch is glowing in the sun We will clap our hands and cheer We will be waving flags for everyone It is a red, white and blue celebration It is a nice day out, exciting and fun Owen, Anthony, Conray, Dylan, Ethan & Lewis, Porth County

Crowds sit patiently As they wait quietly To watch the archery It’s running smoothly The competitors smile happily And everyone claps cheerfully Horse and rider jump higher It’s as if they’re on fire As they approach the jump The rider falls off And as she coughs She lands with a thump Rhian, Young Carers

Everyone goes quiet as I start getting ready I kneel down nervously keeping myself steady Boom goes the gun as I start sprinting fast I see the finish line, no one can get past I run past the finish line I’m in first place Everyone starts cheering, there’s a smile on my face I’ve won a gold medal, everyone knows my name I’m happy now, I have so much fame Amy & Georgia, Ponty High

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OLYMPIC FACTS Here are some fun and fascinating facts about the Olympics The 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be held in London from 27 July to 12 August 2012, followed by the 2012 Paralympic Games from 29 August to 9 September

London is the first city to host the Olympics three times – in 1908, 1948 and 2012

205 nations are expected to take part in 300 events at the Olympic Games in 2012, with 147 nations taking part in the Paralympic Games

Each Olympic medal must be at least 3mm thick and 60mm in diameter. Also, the gold and silver Olympic medals must be made out of 92.5% silver, with the gold medal covered in 6g of gold

More than 2,100 medals will be presented in 302 ceremonies

The last Olympic gold medals that were made entirely out of gold were awarded in 1912

The Paralympics originated from the Stoke Mandeville Games, held to rehabilitate injured soldiers after World War II

The official Olympic flag was created by Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1914

James B Connolly (United States), winner of the hop, step and jump at the 1896 Olympics, was the first Olympic champion of the modern Olympic Games

The five Olympic rings on the flag represent the five major regions of the world – Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceana, and every national flag in the world includes one of the five colours, which are (from left to right) blue, yellow, black, green and red

The Olympic flag was first flown during the 1920 Olympic Games

The Olympic Motto is "Swifter, Higher, Stronger" from the Latin phrase Citius, Altius, Fortius

The United States has won more medals (2,189) at the Summer Olympic Games than any other country

Women were first allowed to participate in 1900 at the second modern Olympic Games

Equestrian events are the only Olympic sport in which men and women compete on equal terms

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During the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the procession of athletes is always led by the Greek team, followed by all the other teams in alphabetical order except for the last team which is always the team of the hosting country

Up until 1994 the Olympics were held every four years. Since then, the Winter and Summer Games have alternated every two years

The Velodrome built for the 2012 Olympics is designed to be the world’s fastest cycle track

Boxing and wrestling are now the only sports whose competitors must be amateur. Women’s boxing will make its Olympic debut at the London Games

The Olympic Flame is ignited in Greece by using the sun and a curved mirror, and then kept burning until the closing of the Olympic Games

Athletics, swimming, fencing and artistic gymnastics are the only sports never excluded

There are a maximum of 26 sports at the London Games. There will be 302 events

London 2012 will be the first Olympics with HD TV freeze-frame coverage. London 2012 will also be the first live 3D Olympic Games

The flame first appeared in the modern Olympics at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam

The same logo will be used for the first time at both the Olympics and the Paralympics in 2012

1936 saw what is now the modern Olympic Torch relay, with the flame being passed from runner to runner from the ancient site of Olympia to the Olympic Stadium in the hosting city

The 2012 Olympic mascots are Mandeville and Wenlock. The mascots are said to be made from the “last drops of steel” from the final support girder of the new Stadium

The London 2012 Olympic Stadium is the lightest ever built and can hold 80,000 people

Women’s football will launch the London 2012 Olympic Games – the first event will be held at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium, with Team GB playing New Zealand

The London Philharmonic Orchestra has recorded the national anthems of all 205 nations. The recordings will be played at the medal and welcoming ceremonies. It took at least 50 recording hours over six days to finish the project

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We are different people But we share the same blood Blood that makes us human And makes us alive to see the world Connor Morgan

Gail writing nicely Connor yawning tiredly Sam thinking intensely Morgan explaining intently Tal thinking silently Sir sitting quietly Taliesin, Morgan, Connor & Sam

If I played for Manchester City… I’d score lots of goals The fans would love me I would be their top goal scorer My Nike boots would be sky blue My name would be stitched on the side of my boots And next season we would become Premier League Champions again Sam Harries

On the British flag Red white and blue The loyalty inside of us And the respect for the soldiers That made us survive the next day Connor Morgan

The stadium is huge There are lots of people inside They are shouting and screaming They are excited and happy The sun is shining on the medals The sun is making the medals glow The fireworks go off at the end of the Games Connor Pope

Enjoy some of the fab poems written by pupils in the Communications Disorder Unit at Porth County Community School

Cats playing happily Cats purring loudly Cats eating hungrily Cats running quickly Cats yawning tiredly Cats fighting ferociously Cats hissing scarily Bryony Simmons

If I was a mechanic I would mend and service my cars Cars speeding, cars power sliding around a track Flashing past in a blink of an eye I’d like to be Sebastian Vettel’s mechanic To help him become World Champion again Red Bull Racing, the best team by far Fast, quick, with staggering grip As he flashes past the pits to win again Morgan Euston

I like going to the pool The pool is very cool I jump in with a splash The water shoots out with a crash The water heats up with the sun Jumping in is so much fun Connor, Sam, Morgan, Taliesin & Bryony

If I was a superhero I would hi-jack cars I would use my electro-magnetic pulse To move the cars and give them away To people who need them to take their children to school Connor Pope

When I am happy I feel like… Playing football Going on my X-Box Watching TV When I am sad I feel like… Listening to the radio Watching football Going on the computer Sam Harries

If I could fly, I’d fly high in the sky Like a bird, free and wild Looking down on the world below Flying high is where I would go Soaring, turning, flying fast Taliesin Stock

Spring is white and green Like the snow and the grass Summer is blue and yellow Like the sky and the sun Autumn is yellow and orange Like the leaves that fall Winter is white and grey Like the snow and the clouds Anthony Rees & Conray Swayne

If I were a superhero… I would be strong I would have powers I would look after the humans If I were a spaceman… I would look around in the sky I would float through space I would see stars, planets and the moon Ethan Sandrey-Jones

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I have two cats They bring in lots of rats They never sleep on mats But they like to watch bats. One of them is black, the other one is grey They like to stay out all day They always want to play One of them brings his friend to stay. Bryony Simmons

The Lamborghini Murcielargo LP670-4SV Is my favourite Lamborghini It was made in Italy This Lambo will nudge 212mph It now has 661bhp And a powerful 6.5lt V12 engine The exhaust is massive It’s an awesome-looking supercar I can see it driving towards me It has a new pointy Rebonton nose It has a spoiler on the back This Lambo is an evil supercar Morgan Euston

If I could fly I’d zoom through the sky I’d fly really high You’d see me flying by I wish I could fly Bryony Simmons

Lego is cool Lego is colourful Lego is fun Lego is amazing Lego is many shapes Lego is the best Taliesin Stock

At the swimming gala I am excited to swim I am hoping to win a medal I am going to do front crawl All the team will be watching I am in a competition against other swimmers We are all swimming against the clock Everyone will be cheering while the race is on Cheering for the swimmer in their own team Charlotte Gallacher

I like countries because of their history They have good times and bad times Sometimes there is war and sometimes peace I like all the flags of all the countries And where the flags are positioned on my poster I like the colours on the flags and the symbols Because of the beauty of the work And the time that was put into each flag design Joshua Morgan

When I am happy I play with my Lego Ninjago it is that makes it fun The colours are bright and new The black ninja is Cole He is cool and the best Lego makes me happy Taliesin Stock

In the ocean blue The moon shines on you I feel happy Happy as can be

Polar bears are fluffy and white They live in the Arctic Some are big and some are small They swim in the water They live in an ice cave And they have cubs Which are little, white and fluffy Charlotte Gallacher

In the ocean blue Down there with me and you We are having fun Fun in the sun Charlotte Gallacher

In the ocean blue The sky above too Calm and cool Floating in the pool

I like to go to a swimming pool The water is very cool We quickly must dash And have a splash We go on the beach to have fun So we can enjoy the sun Owen, Anthony, Conray, Dylan, Ethan & Lewis

The Olympics, skiing down the hill The football score is one nil The Torch was lit, it was on fire The Olympic Stadium listened to the choir Owen Jones

The Olympics start off With Germany and Wales Wales scored a goal And the stadium cheered The Wales fans are wild and roaring Wales celebrate their win with medals Lewis Griffiths & Anthony Rees

Volleyball players on the beach Hit the ball with their hands They score a goal And the crowd cheer Dylan Priest

I watch the Olympics on TV I watch the archery The arrows fly I watch the swimmers They splash in the water I watch the runners They run fast like the wind Ethan Sandrey-Jones

The Olympic Torch looks like the sun Now let’s have some fun The builders become a part Of the stadium built with lots of heart The players will come from all around Making loads of loud sound Conray Swayne

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Some great poems by pupils at Pontypridd High School


My favourite footballer is Steven Gerrard He has a really good kickl When he kicks the balnet It hits the back of the net n u s e off the wet s l a f l h bal The t n i s y ida y exci ted ts me And hits the green grass l o h n o g ve goinne gets me vere t he heat hi Lewis De’Abreu o l I e pla t of f t he plan he hotel h Dragon as redgaaslorefire T Ruby f lames isten in the sun As I ge n I get to t pool he ight in t he w Amber eyes gl g back and fore d n A t ra ee s Icy tail swishincatching its prey p m u j I ie-Jay L the cave Golden talons el n i s u ro ge n a d s a w v It e t tened h g i r f S s a w I d Cait lin Samu n a p m a d d n a as cold

There once was a girl c W ho always came to al ed Kate W hen I’m hap She did love to dance school late I don’t stop sm py… iling On the stage she did p I ’ m r e a l y bouncy Watched and clapped brance I h u g y her best I talk lopaeople mate ds Kate Taylor W hen I’m sad… Space I stop smiling A place of darkness I cry Ful of stars and planets I go moody Invisible by day I don't talk Vast in the night Chantel e Marsh Unmissable Dafydd Harvey

It w I couldn’t help it, I headsotobcradyly I wanted to go hom , I couldn’t move I was sore al over rock fel on top of me Then, suddenly, a Shannon

I arrived at t It was calm he lake Sun gli t tered and serene It looked ut ter on t he surface I slipped in, i ly supreme My feet explo t was beaut i ful y I honest ly ad red t he blue mar cool Covered in shore t he water ine A lyssa Morg adows from a su an nbeam


In Lo If Y R T S B B

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The sun ro The birds se above the The wind tweeted as the hils And the g breathed on my y watched The trees rass glistened w neck And the a blew in the light ith dew Cristyn W nimals washe breeze oodman d in the str eam

If you were a f low And I were a bu er I would pick you mble bee And you would b elong to me If I were a sailor And you were th We’d always be e sea Forever you and mtogether Teigan Jones e

ple p a d e r y s a ro eep blue sea f o r u o l o c e Red isisththe colour of thoef ad lemon loly Blue w is the colour f a new foot bal Yelo le is the colour o I went Purp in Martin And I mto some Catr cr F

It was a 15 st ron sunny da They we g men wa y in Wale But Ma re determ lked into t h s, when Wales w rt in went t ined to win e Cardi f f den But only ere st il go o t he sin b Wales fo wi t h 14 s ing st rong in Wi t h a s ught back t il on France c neaky t ry And a le ame up s in t he ba Don’t me sson was hort g Ciaran L ss wi t h t h taught aughlin e Welsh !

o e a Anrdsfoorme crtaazycrazy gzuyyplace in M For som some c reason h cal ed D exico And for e crazy razy rea e said ‘ exico It turne some c reason h son I sa Goodbye But for d out to razy rea e gave id ‘S’ma ’ Jordan some cr be a cra son I of f me a pu e’ Amos azy rea zy day ered him nch son he ran awa lunch y

SThetayrslive in the sky

And shinoetshoembright I look up t make me feel warm And they e I see the stars Every tima litt le puppy to appear I wish for r brightening up my days Thanks fo vies Amy Da

In class we all sit ne fit Looking for someokit If you forget yourt You wil get a hi in the dinner hal richig house s a w I f I n u Running around g at us all s zinvging fun y alabsh car rden u a l b b d e ’ I h t n i Teacher shoutin a fal a In F loirnidDisneylandgihvae me a frightking at the height Andhaavfe a massivemgiang pool Some people taket hit by a bal ’d d a huge swim wardrobe bags I’ml the big rides urt ing from loo to go I w Because they gesh o l A y neck starts hand wait for it t starts going s An have a walk-in es, shoes and Bel goes we all ruus to hush M et on the ride mouth when i op I’d nd loads of clothl the t ime g n i l t g e t I y heart in my e, right at the A go shopping a lidays Teachers e day g h t M d of I’d nd on exot ic ho te dogs ies d e p o e t At the en way h s g t l n i i r e w m v t a o i e r e m ’ c p u f house part I an’t look, I ho t, everyone s dreaming c A w e f a We all go on our stay e v a h ’d d have loads o I c starts going fasand hope I ames to a stop I Back to where wecan play t Anh, i f I was rich Home, where wey Herman & Abbie Pritchard II closegms ayreeyseshakingdaIs’viet locsomt my f olipol-f lop O hloe Thomas Clara Bird, Am Myelteof f the ride annd jump in thedpcool C gI t in the vil a a t’s so nice an d I geave a lol ypop, ime, I’m real y sanot so bad I hs t ime to go ho y friends so it’s It’ t I miss al m Bueorgia Davies G

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Superb Short Stories from the Creations Project young writers My name is Adam White. I’m making my way to school. It’s boring, dull, damp. Usual typical school, but I’m a typical teenager, I’m going to find school boring. It’s my birthday today – time to party! Need to ask everyone, which is the only reason I’ve come in to this dump of a school. I see Beard, his actual name is Drew but he has a brilliant beard. Not even a 30-year-old could grow a beard like him. We greet with a handshake, done it since we were little. Most people say we’re in a bromance, but not really, I have a girlfriend. Her name is Kasey Jones, a beautiful cheerleader. Typical teenage love I suppose. We talk about my party, I get really excited telling him I’m handing out my invites today. Handing them out to everyone in my year, all 103 of us! Oh yeah! End of the day can’t come soon enough. Let’s bring the party on! Back home, Beard helps me set up. People start arriving around 7pm. Music blasting, dancing, drinking – it’s an awesome party! I can’t remember much from last night. Kasey and Beard are flat out by the toilet and in the bath. Hilarious! I turn round and see red coming from my wardrobe. I open the door and there is Maria Vincent – gashed, slashed, bruised and a knife hanging out her back! I wake Beard and he stumbles out the bath. Then he sees her lying there, eyes open, cold, lifeless. The police came and took the body. They asked us questions. I must have said about seven times I only found her body, but I don’t think they believed me. I was sweating, panicking, as they drove me down the police station. They told me they’d let me know the date of the trial. Court day. We went through security, me, Beard and Kasey. We all gave our statements, it was scary. Kasey cried, to be honest she hasn’t stopped. I noticed Beard acting strange, so I asked him what was up. He turned pale and finally confessed to me. I asked him why and saw a security man listening in. He made hand signals for me to carry on asking questions. Beard? I felt anger build up, felt like hitting him. The guards arrested him and he went away with no worries. I knew something had snapped inside him that day. He wasn’t right any more. I held Kasey tight in my arms. This hell was over, it was all over. Rhiannydd Edwards

One day in a small town there was a huge tsunami. It was so big it took the city apart, and people died because they couldn’t swim. Then something big was in the air. Was it a bird? Was it a plane? No it was Leonard Jones, the local hero. He swooped down and scooped all the people up and saved them. He delivered the people back to a safe place and then rushed home because today was a special day. It was his birthday and he was going to get to see his children, and he knew the kids had made him a big chocolate fudge cake. His children were waiting, but they were crying because they were scared. He took them in his arms and told them that everything was going to be ok. Jon Hallett



“Amber, wake up!” said Ally, Amber’s mum. “What?” replied Amber. “It’s your first day of secondary school!” shouted Amber’s mum excitedly. First day of secondary school – what a day! None of my friends care, they’re not coming to this school so I won’t know anyone. New uniform and bag, though! Later on as I walk into the school I catch a glimpse of a dark haired girl, she is sooo pretty. As I get pushed through the crowd I feel nervous, I can’t see anything. I try not to panic and push my way to the toilets… Hazel wakes up and makes her way downstairs. She thinks about going to the new school and how many new friends she’ll have. First impressions make a difference, so she fixes her make-up and makes her way to school. She gets there and starts looking around to try and see any girls she can talk to. She sees this really scruffy looking girl – do they really let people like her come to this place? The bell goes and everyone starts running up the stairs. Hazel falls over, so she go to the toilets to check her make-up… The toilet door bangs shut and two very different girls stare at each other – one stunningly beautiful and well groomed, one dressed scruffily with a tangle of red hair. Who will be the first to talk and will they become unlikely friends? Elin Griffiths-Warner

After a Thursday night at the Bulls Stadium in San Francisco, watching Metallica, James, Dave and Lars walk out into the filthridden streets to their parked cars. Lars, feeling slightly ill, says to Dave and James, “I’ll see you guys tomorrow, my stomach’s doing overtime.” James says, “OK, get better bro.” Dave sighs and simply says, “Bye.” After Lars drives off Dave asks James if he has any plans, “Why not come over to my place?” After a short drive, the boys arrive at Dave’s house. They park their cars in a broken driveway full of potholes. The garden is filled with debris, including putrid take-away cartons and old beer bottles. Making their way to the door of the house Dave makes James pause. “The door is jammed, I have to give it a jiggle,” he says. They walk into the room, treading through more empty beer cans and out of date takeaways. James dives onto the wrecked couch whilst Dave heads to the fridge for what he calls “some happiness”. Opening the dirty fridge he grabs some cans and hands one to James, keeping two for himself. “Nice and cold, bro, enjoy!” Martin Morgan



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Louise packed her school books away into her backpack and strolled out of her boring science lesson. Outside, she bumped into her boyfriend Dafydd. He hugged her, said, “I gotta go” and ran off with his friends. Then the bell rang for last lesson. She had maths – fun! When the teacher came in she did a uniform inspection. Louise had her skinny jeans on so she got sent to reception. On her way down she saw Dafydd with another man. The man handed an envelope to Dafydd and then walked off. Dafydd came back inside the building and saw Louise. “Who was that? What were you doing?” she asked. “Doesn’t matter babe,” he replied and took her hand. “Come on, let’s go.” Louise told him, “I can’t, I’ve been sent to reception for wearing jeans again.” She rolled her eyes. “Okay, see you later then.” As he kissed her gently on the forehead she grabbed his bag and took the envelope. She darted the opposite way and opened it. It was a list of answers! He caught up with her and snatched it back. “What’s this? Answers to what? Don’t say your CGSEs, please. How could you?” Louise exclaimed. “Shut up! Somebody’s going to hear you!” Dafydd hissed. “Don’t tell anybody, babe, let this be our little secret.” Louise looked at him, “I can’t, my conscience will kill me. I’ve got to tell someone.” The next day Louise was called out of class. Her teacher said, “Dafydd Hayes, who I know you have connections with, said he saw you buying answers for a biology exam. Can I see inside your bag please?” Hannah Harries

“See you tomorrow, Jim,” said Fred as he was leaving Jim’s house. Fred got back home and started cooking a stir-fry for his tea. It was a strange stir-fry because it contained diamonds, water, memory cards, wires and curry. The next day when Fred went over to Jim’s house, he found Jim was dead. “Ha-ha, Jim, you’ve done that trick before.” Fred thought Jim was repeating his April Fool’s trick, but then he realised that Jim’s eyes and teeth had been removed. Fred panicked and started to shout for help – but then he saw something or someone out of the corner of his eye. Kyle John

Jack and Ianto sat alone in their favourite Italian restaurant. Just as they were about to start their second bottle of wine, a loud scream came from the street and a sea of people came flooding past the window. The boys fought their way against the crowd and finally managed to push their way through the throng. Eventually Jack laid eyes on an old friend who was laying on the floor. Judging by the red rings around his eyes and his pin striped suit now in rags, he had been in a terrible fight. He tried to get up when a bolt of pure energy hit him from behind. He looked at his old friend and uttered the words, “Help me Jack.” Sophie Terrell

KJ likes fantasy and loves to look up into the sky and wonder. One night she came home from school feeling really strange, but she ignored the feeling and told her parents about her day as usual. After that she went to look up into the sky like she does every night, but as soon as she stepped out onto the balcony she felt a chill. She could see no storm but there were gusts of wind blowing into her face. She looked up into the roof and saw something that made a little sound which scared her. She ran back inside quietly, locked the door behind her and ran downstairs. She blurted out, “I just saw an alien on the balcony!” Her mother said, “Honey, aliens don’t exist. Get all that fantasy out of your head KJ.” She felt stupid but that night she couldn’t sleep as she was feeling petrified. All of a sudden she heard smashing sounds coming from all over the house. Then her bedroom door swung open and she got dragged out of bed. She must have blacked out because she woke up in a strange room – she was upside down…

Teddy was standing in the kitchen looking out the window on a bright sunny day whilst doing the dishes. He stopped to think about the terrible things his sister had done to him and a tear came to his eye. Meanwhile, his sister was upstairs and came across some notes Teddy had made about his feelings about her cruel treatment of him. Tracey was horrified and stormed into the kitchen to slap him across the face. Teddy ran out to his so-called bedroom, which was a cold, damp derelict barn. He had an awful plan and on the second Monday in May he would put it into practice. Today was the first Friday in May, he had two days to get every little detail in order. When the second Monday finally came Tracey asked Teddy to clean the kitchen and wash the dishes. He had to wait until they were alone before he could strike. Teddy heard her footsteps behind him and got the knife ready, then he turned and killed her in a brutal fight. But suddenly Tracey’s husband walked in and grabbed the knife, plunging it into Teddy and killing him too. Teddy’s plan hadn’t quite worked after all.

Melinda Misselbrook

Shanice Paul

Hope walks to school on Monday, thinking her day will be as boring as usual. When she goes in there’s a man waiting for her. The door closes and she stands there looking at him. He says, “Hope Jones, come with me.” Hope follows him into the office where someone is sitting on the chair wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. The man turns to the girl on the chair and says, “Hope this is Project S. You are her new protector.” Hope says, “Wait, I’m what?” The man looks at the girl then turns to Hope. “You have been told about the agency?” He looks confused. “What agency?” asks Hope. “The agency is a place where people train to look after Projects,” he explains. “The Projects are people in the witness protection programme.” Hope is shocked, how could her sister be an agent and not tell her? Just then there’s a crash as the window smashes and people dressed in black jump into the room. As the man starts to fight back he shouts, “Hope, take Sian out of here! Make sure she doesn’t come back!” Hope and Sian run for their lives, while the man fights for his.

Ross Power was a cage fighter. He is fighting for the Cage World Heavyweight Championship. He is fighting Tom Slade and Ross is scared because Tom is much bigger then him. They started fighting and Ross was biting Tom, then Tom hit Ross in the face, then Ross hit back really hard. Eventually Ross won the Championship. When he went outside after the fight someone jumped him and beat him up so badly he was in hospital for three weeks. When he got out of hospital he told his family he didn’t want to live in America any more, it was too dirty and noisy. So he said the family were moving to Wales because it was calm and lovely. Five weeks later he moved to Wales and lived in a big mansion.

Ceryn Evans

Kieran Patrick

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S D R O W In winter it snows It really glows And is very cold My toes feel like ice As if they have been sliced

Rain falls from the sky It wets everything it touches Even my face Which hides my tears But when the sun shines I look for rainbows And it makes me smile

Once I went on a course And it was such fun Because I rode a big horse He was tall and brown And tried to eat all day He wanted to munch On big square bales of hay

There once was a guy called Hank Who drove around in a tank He was pulled over one day By good ol’ Officer Grey He should never have robbed that bank

These poems were written by young people who are Young Carers

Sometimes I sit at home Because I like to write It doesn’t matter what I do As long as I see the light

I can't stand art But I’m forced to take part I don’t really have a choice I usually throw paint My teacher must be a saint At least when I’m gone he can rejoice

Boys think they’re so cool And rule the school But really they’re dopes All the boys drool At the girls who are cool And think boys need to use soap

Arts and crafts are in my heart Glitter, sequins, bright shiny things Cards, glue and verses All help make my heart sing

I like fluffy owls They hoot all night long They are brown and white And flap their wings They eat slithery worms That taste like dirty earth They are wriggley and jiggley And taste not that nice at all

After tossing and turning for what must have been an hour I find myself lying on a tropical beach The waves gently licking the sand I gaze up at the sky and notice some pelicans Soaring and swooping, looking for lunch There's a catamaran sailing offshore Swept by the wind that is cooling my brow

Write a poem? Forget it You must be kidding I’m still half asleep My eyes keep closing My brain isn’t working I don’t have a pencil I don’t have any paper My desk is wobbly I don’t know what to write about I don’t even know how to write a poem I’ve got a headache I need to see the nurse Time’s up? Uh oh! All I have is this dumb list of excuses You like it? Really? No kidding Thanks a lot Would you like to see another one?

I'm cold I pull my blanket over my head That's better I find a comfortable position and start breathing slowly

There once was a girl called Carys Who went on a train to Paris She saw the Eiffel Tower Then she bought a flower And thought of her boyfriend Harris

I wonder what it would be like to be a bear and sleep all winter I guess you'd have to have a pretty big last supper Or you'd have to wake up in January to find something to eat I wonder what it would be like to be a fish and sleep at the bottom of a lake I guess you'd have to have gills Or you'd have to come up to the surface every ten seconds to get air

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Hello my name is Chloe Jane I live quite close to a lane My dad owns a silver car But it don’t go that far I only have one friend She only lives round the bend We love to do art We always take part We try to have fun But our fun has just begun

My life is stuck in a rut But I can’t feel this pain I hear your venom, your words And my injuries I cannot feign

I love to jump high And I like to eat pie But I prefer to ride And I like to sit aside I like to go for a swim But my brain goes ping I like to do my thing Go for gold like the king

As soon as I bounced the ball It bounced over the wall So I decided to go too And I saw a monkey in the zoo The monkey likes to play In his own sweet way So I also take part Because I’m smart It’s something to do When at the zoo It’s a really good way To spend the day

There once was a snake Who lived in a lake He ate a lot of flake And also liked to bake His favourite thing to make Was a great big chocolate cake For his best friend Jake

I love the beating heart It is pink and warm It beats all day long But it gives a mighty storm

In my back garden I have a pool People push me in, they’re so cruel But when it’s hot I get to be cool So it’s not me who is the fool

When I am happy I feel like… Singing at the top of my voice Jumping in a muddy puddle Raiding the cookie jar Hugging my friends Playing music all day

O is for outstanding sports L is for London 2012 Y is for young athletes M is for medals P is for public support I is for impressive stadium C is for crowds cheering S is for superb summer I feel like I’m flying on air I am so happy The wind is blowing through my hair and I feel light as a feather I am floating on a cloud and have my face turned toward the warm breeze It is an amazing feeling – pure bliss

Spring is white Like a newborn lamb Summer is yellow Like the golden sun Autumn is orange Like a pumpkin Winter is grey Like the clouds in the sky

Red is the colour of a crunchy apple Blue is the colour of a summer sky Yellow is the colour of the daffodils in spring Green is the colour of fresh-cut grass

have u o y and n for i s t e i i r d o ort st , then sen our name h s r nd/o lly good ne. Put y ail it to a s poem ink is rea magazi g and em g n i t i th WR e writin wr u A o e c R y k . i l f e v g i o n t u n i i If yo someth ext issue our crea inmagaz d n n fy writte ion in the bottom o l@plugge ria he cat publi hool on t s at edito c th and s Gail Griffi

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