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urer. Rio could tell she was an advent led to Glover beach. rm thingy, good When he got to the beach “I saw those men take your cha the girl thing I’m a good pick-pocket!” he sat down in the warm, dry out of her sand and admired the view exclaimed. She took Rio’s charm . “My name him to k bac – a luscious red backpack and handed it sunset that even is Pyrus.” e ativ the most neg ce. Pyrus “Oi, girly!” shouted a rasping voi Rio in. t for com find uld who had wo n ple me peo turned around to see the two ing eth som d elle sm and her s . sniffed stolen the charm running toward h bis rub ting rot similar to two dimwits!” “Hey, I thought I’d dealt with you and his dad’s old hiking nt we aflame. A of the forest It seemed to Rio that her body boots. Then two men jumped out threw it, ered from head fireball appeared in her hands. She behind him. They were both cov dle of his the leader slap bang in the mid ing brown ing eth hitt som and d mu h, bis rub in to toe ped back and chest. The leader screamed, jum and runny. t fainted in ran into the ocean. The other jus est tall the ped ras !” “Give us that charm, Rio shock. ears. one, who had white eyes and bat out. Mao’s “Wow, you’re a Mao!” Rio blurted nted the shorter one, who gru it,” e giv ah, “Ye sess the power to control Village. The two like pimples and a skull tattoo. are Britzians that pos It was a pleasant day in Glover ked loo at wh had e, fire. (birds) were certain elements – in Pyrus’s cas suns were shining and the keens ld cou he ore bef But . g Rio ed thin y am s the onl “No way!” scre got an idea. chirping. But little Rio Skiers wa “Duh! Of course I am! Hey, I’ve ered him and stole a oth sm is ks is frea “Th . two day t the tha run age ild?” asked that was sad in the vill his neck. w about you and me join the Gu Ho und aro m fro the ect obj join ed to hap get rs g-s rin really frustrating! My brothe Pyrus with a cheeky wink. ered Rio as he passed out. ng! I’m isp wh you ” too … y wa “No I’m k thin y the Guild, but ld even reply, I wish I could woke to see a “Uhhhh…” But before Rio cou only a year younger. Sometimes “Hey! Hey, wake up shorty!” Rio pulled him Pyrus had grabbed his arm and throttle them!” Rio ranted. girl on top of him. ay about how aw ing towards the Guild, chatter s His wa it w. sho saw n’t and did it him ng, off you e. her s Though he wa “What!” Rio pushed much fun they were going to hav d goo him e had gav She r r. hai ste n ma roo s tanned skin and ma the daughter of the Guild’ didn’t really he n. By her voice ugh tho , ool sch h hig in tus sta albino hair and pink-tinged ski t tha h pat ky roc care now. He walked down the

Pyrus & Rio by Cai


WELCOME to the first issue of RAWR (dinosaur for “hello”), the exciting new magazine that highlights the creative writing talents of young people in Rhondda Cynon Taff. All the work in the magazine has been produced by six groups of young people from various learning environments, who have been participating in a series of Creative Writing workshops which allowed them to develop and explore their creative skills, pursue their interests and raise literacy levels. On the following pages you’ll read poetry, short stories, inspiring interviews, film reviews and more – we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them! My thanks, and those of all the young contributors, go to RCT’s Services For Young People which has supported this fantastic educational project. The skills the young people have learned by being part of RAWR are essential tools for their continuing education. Encouraging young people to read and write more in this technological age is so important, and the participants of this project have realised that it can also be lots of fun – so read on and find out for yourselves!

Daniel by Toby

Gail Griffiths Managing Editor

Daniel Henson is 10 years old, he has br own hair, brown eyes and freckles. Da As soon as he got ho niel is tall and skinn me Daniel started de y, he is quite, shy, contented and signing his game. “Hmm, how clever. He has one can the game start? sis ter and lives with th his mum and dad. Hi ” he ought. “I really don’ s house is in a Lond t know.” Then he ha on borough, he still goes to primar y d a brainwave. “I know, it will have a school and has jus police chase level. t started year six. Daniel hopes one da No , wa it…levels fro m different games into y to be a games prog one!” rammer and make new games th at children will like. It took him about th In his spare time ree weeks to get all he loves playing on the levels into one computer games as ga m e. W he n he ha well as his X-Box. d finished, he gave It was a bright and in his entry and waited to hear who sunny Tuesday mor had won. A week lat ning, Daniel was playing with his frien er it was assembly again, bu ds. He was having t this time with a lov a great time until the school bell rang ely teacher Daniel liked. Tony was back – he absolutely hated too, he called out th school and just wanted to be at hom e winner. “Daniel He nson!” e playing his compu ter games. On top of that it was assem bly with Miss Norte “Yes! I won!” shouted ss the strictest Daniel. teacher in the scho ol. She had a witch As time went by he -like face and personality. Assem got his job as a gam bly was starting no es programmer, working for Tony. He w. loved his new job. As “Quiet! Come in qu he progressed ickly!” shouted Miss into life he had a fla Nortess. “We shy new car, which have a special gues att racted lots of t today called Tony,” girls, and got to mee continued Miss t lots of professiona Nortess. l gamers. Af ter 26 years, Tony retired from being manager “Hello children, as of the gaming company and lef t his you know my name seat to Daniel. Soon is To ny,” a man told us all. “I am he af ter retiring, Tony passed away re to talk about a co and lef t all his belon mpetition, it is called Design A Ga gin gs to Daniel Henson – the little bo me. This will get th y from school. Danie e winner a job in 15 years’ time. All you l remembered rig ht back to year six wh need to do is sign yo en he won the best ur name on this sheet,” said Tony. job ever!

Emma and McKenzy from Hawthorn High School asked BBoy Slammo some cool questions about his passion for breakdancing E&M: How long have you been into breakdancing? Slammo: I started in 1983 when I was six. I guess watching television and seeing the Eighties hype of breakdancing and the associated social scene is what got me interested. It’s been a constant conveyor belt ever since, I’ve done loads of good things like representing the UK in competitions, TV appearances and travelling to great places. In 2003 I became associated with a Cardiff crew and then started my own organisation called Elemental Force in 2007. Since then the focus has changed and though I am still actively dancing, I now also teach quite a lot. E&M: What inspired you to become a breakdancer? Slammo: Back in the Eighties the breakdancing scene was huge, music was very important and so was the image. I just wanted to be like the cool Americans I saw on TV. Now having been in the BBoy movement for so long I understand that it’s not just about the dancing, it’s also about how the art form can influence many aspects of your life. Understanding the foundations and truly what it means is also important to me – it’s not just about the image, it’s about the way you are. So wanting to look cool is what inspired me to be a BBoy, but understanding the impact it has on life is what keeps me with the scene. E&M: Is the Welsh BBoy scene big? Slammo: There’s been quite a scene in Wales from around the mid-Nineties with street dance and club nights being put on in Cardiff. By early 2000s there became more of a buzz in Cardiff around the movement as MCs got signed as artists and graffiti writers became well established and travelled more. So the dancing got more followers too, with hip-hop and everything else being quite cool. In 2005 the BBoy Champs was set up and from humble beginnings we now have people flying in from all over the world to take part. The attention on Wales has grown and the BBoy scene is really recognised because of the traffic we’ve had here. The Welsh scene is huge! E&M: Why did you set up Elemental Force? Slammo: I was part of the BBoy scene, travelling to events to compete, perform or teach and was also working as you have to pay the bills somehow! But the more I was travelling the harder it was to balance the two, so I had to make a decision. I really liked teaching the workshops and wanted to do more youth work so I had to take a leap of faith and leave my job as I felt so strongly about what I was doing – and I set up Elemental Force. E&M: How did you get involved in the Ya Don’t Stop competition held last year in Pontypridd? Slammo: Ya Don’t Stop is an international competition, with people coming from China, America, Holland and elsewhere to take part. We encourage everyone to take part in BBoy and BGirl demonstrations and competitions, where kids can do their best on the dance floor. Because of what Wales has to offer in terms of the overall scene UK Zulu Nation has officially recognised us for what we’re doing. They came to the event to honour us and now from the world side of things BBoy Wales is an interesting place, there’s a lot going on. E&M: Can you tell us about some other projects you’re involved with, like the Get Fresh Crew? Slammo: I work a lot with schools and community centres teaching kids to dance. I really enjoy it and love seeing them progress. The Get Fresh Crew is a group made up from all the kids in those schools and centres that show promise and want to take things further, like going into competitions. Get Fresh is a crew name for the kids we’re showcasing together, it’s a cool name for a concept – come with us and get fresh! I’d take a mini bus of kids to events throughout the UK and it was a strain on expenses, so we started putting on major events locally – like Ya Don’t Stop, which is internationally recognised.

E&M: What music influences your breakdancing style? Slammo: There are so many. I’m a really big fan of early Michael Jackson, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Latin soul, Afro funk, Nigerian funk. I like all types of music, and my influences now are world music, but I listen to everything – Run DMC, Panterra, thrash metal mashed up with hiphop. I can dance to anything. E&M: Can anyone learn to breakdance? Slammo: Yes, anyone can learn – even if you’re not ablebodied, there is in fact a crew with some members who have missing limbs. You use a lot of your upper body so if you don’t have two legs it doesn’t matter. E&M: How do you think your breakdancing workshops can help young people? Slammo: I work with many different groups of young people, some of them have a certain set of issues, and lots of them are able to interact better after taking part in my workshops. When the young people learn a skill they can be proud of they will open up about other things that youth workers can then help them with as they feel you’re approachable and will try to help them if they have a problem E&M: What is your advice to budding dancers across Wales? Slammo: Just do it! I guarantee there’s a load of people out there that dance fabulously in their bedrooms, but they don’t have the confidence to dance in public. But all I can say is just get up and do it, and you’ll feel so good about yourself. Confidence is a big thing, but you just have to get over it.

n Taff. ew for Rhondda Cyno cr g cin an kd ea br ial fic , the of sses at Join the Get Fresh Crew ekly breakdancing cla we ns ru e, rc Fo l ta en m 5.30-7.30pm Slammo of Elem d on Wednesdays, fro rid yp nt Po in re nt . Ce The Muni Ar ts Mondays, from 7-9pm on aig gr ny Pe in re nt 34 and at the Soar Ce Centre on 01443 4859 Contact The Muni Arts .uk co e. rc visit www.elementalfo or ils ta de er rth fu r fo

Pupils in Hawthorn High School have been working on creative character profiles. Here’s a selection...

Jessica by Gabr ielle In a big America e n c are light r. H s an d pa ity, New York, w e corne h t n i rties, liv here the teenage n om es an 18 re r, Jessic el brow classro z e a h h t e f a e r y o t e e a i D o d ar old k s a iz n c m e lt a t z o y A b y n e u , e b y s – c h i l b lu t l m H m a t n o t . uthy, sw sits a Darre quite eft eye Jess is e sy, happy, hone eet, kin d usually t covers his l red lips. He is st, gene , with a ight an d , y d i t a n r Darren h o u d t u a b n r s . y a i l h l a l b an d tall l a a e e y a lf h s w u b o m k s o s n c y o a u a n h l l s . s ths preg he is go has b mall-is iform i t is a bit smal e gorgeo u nant w it has a s His un s w ith h ing to call Jaco it h a a . o u s c q s s a s i l i c H and he b e e e , . r H h s b h t e c . ut still lo e u o s s r. n r i h d i ly s E e n t v e h s d r e i e e e n r s l f d f l t ok hair flow think the ta d scuf ith his apartme ho ugh she has ing behin s shirt an ng around w cause his mam y – been liv n d t e d s f o a r e a r a e s in c ix month h b rd g in a c fin d her s, she is rampe d likes to at the doctor’s ked fine yeste once broke f n e e e r t r . a A still tr y D o e fter the is five mon ing to ut he lo eryone else. H not death o Darren ths ago, ly ill, b f , v s e smart. s her boy u e k J o e e lo k i e i s r c l s e w k s h e r y a frien d o d p g f s p u n a f i p o u n d he world o him gh rren becom rself in f depres best frie nd bein worried about d’s house. Da a g e a n h s i n d Char ion. But a ed laugh lie Bro o thanks t an expe is mam l or over his D r recommend h d n k a s o her r , t in boy to en his leg m go to schoo s, make- a first class ta the doc starting ons wh n s e s h e t l i , r h s l u t i o p an d p to co me an d letting eeks off scho arties, J nd in h rs Johnson alive ag than an ay behi ess is M a ow w r y in e t w s . t t h a f C in d a h w g a , a r h for her he gh s an before g frien d J lie wants more ck and up thou rk. Darren ha h o ing into e s come ba k. He caught t s o i to have w w e a I s t’s been li y ac f hom fun a hard li fe of full-time o he pla . h w he got b a mountain o r e t f m s s e i o d s t f h o n r e e r e r k m J g ho o d. e essica D gave hi d youn t the we also has alton. ther an am’s house a o r n e b r r r e a d ol d, D ter is m divorce step sis e’s at h use when h is parents are oth six and a ad’s ho d s i h h b t e e a and he Becaus sisters who ar 3. He is rren’s school, 1 – ool m i n i as h ffy sch t Da s e u e r g r c step tw a a s e e s n ha oon the sam ause he lives Darren y. As s e . s n o d who is c n e m e b days n week make a lot of et or on week am’s house o all qui ’t s n e s o e o g d m n e s his dad e only ol Darr is at hi because milies in scho alk to him. Th se m r o f i t un ut fa is becau hen we alk abo ar us w ut his family t it. e h as we t ’t n it abo r abou s he ca lack hair pretend t we know a b he head teache nd ith long b a a t w h o ll t d t i ta a r n y e s o r t ve ah ter let kle in the ’t reas by Hann ntic poetry. She is that spar t the let Darren wasn wrote a y s a e d h y n m e a w a e h s S m lu b . riter. She ma du his writes ro r to him hnson sent nd has big is a very famous w y likes hen tol e y a t , d d k d n n c a a i a e h b k S h r Jo The to be Mrs and she down he e especiall s to try time because ge to another at sways enty four beach. Sh y has just th tw e is th f y o e d a asked u h n s ll t nd es Sha e wa nk oom at e sky. Sha down how she sunlight. g up poems on th give a m chool. We thi us th o t in ts d in the r se n ing kin sun an erra r side of the s ad could tell loves ma beach just as the she is writ l called Ellie who so , d e e n him on h h a t s e the her husb parent little gir hes that th on the o going to n up with mance. She has a d up in cute bunc ink his rren teacher on purpose so e h k t o r e b w y tl s o e Da it n and to r me recen t is ti formatio she did letter. Someti phone because head rning it in ly black hair tha in f tu o d t n lo a spire ya ur is he feels the es Shand ld with c about t d has h chool am is to in ttle o iv e ing on s g r n r u d a a ie e g ’s ll d y y r E e d e a n s. ey os en is fiv ower clip e love poems. Sha nd Ellie live in a li have be s comes in red doesn’t come t ike ed with fl l it r r ya u s e c w d i t n s se e m m a i f u h i ju t king the her. S her m s he n’s l some e e e lp r k e r m li h i a t s, overloo st e D to w ju s o t e m r d a e k o h li it in S r w w . w e nows down ecome a r and blu obody k Ellie to b a red doo h it w se at all. N u brown ho w of the sea . e. at hom vie s u o e g gor

Roman by Kelsie A small cottage in the countryside, where all is quiet and still. The paint is peeling, but it still looks beautiful. Outside the Izzy b y Mor g a cottage, leaning against the wall, is a rusty old bike left out n There it was i n in the rain for years. Inside the cottage is a man sitting in the the mi sat. Ar d ound t he clas dle desk, an study, working frantically. His name is Roman and he lives police empty s pupil officer s were seat w s. One on his own for peace to write. Roman loves writing romantic Izzy lo here Iz getting police ok like zy i o n ffi t e ? c r poetry and is famous for it, everyone has heard his name – e v P r asked you ca iewed n.” Tom lease describ by Tom, “ e Roman Field. However, what Roman wants more than What told hi her in five foo d as mu m, “ W t si ch deta oes ell, Izz anything is to write one piece of poetry that becomes so and sw x with long il as y is ver blonde ays fro y prett m side hair w well known he can relax for a bit, spend time with his family, glisten y. She hich is to side in the is . a S l s w not pressured to write. One day, even, move house with Alix his h u e has b a face is nlight . Her l thin b right b ys curly u i lue eye ps are girlfriend, and live by the sea writing poetry as a hobby rather t she a officer as red s that lw thank as cher ed him ays has a ros than a hard job, a living. Romans jet black hair rests on the tip class a ries. H y glow , then nd ask er . ” a n Th e o of his shoulder as he writes and his deep blue eyes move from d t e h . think police e “Pleas Izzy co e could r officer nod u side to side as his black pen moves. He is using his lucky pen, d ld be t you tel ed at t dad’s h oday.” l me w he ouse, s W h black with a red rim, the one he used to write a piece of poetry omeon e ell Izz seen ou e sa y could re you t last n be at h that he once threw aside with all the other beautiful poetry piled ight. S id, and then that sh er omeon that sh e had e e b high that he doesn’t think is good enough. But the next day e h e l e s ad bee want i n t to sto n saying thin e told the po l when he was trying again, he accidentally knocked over a pile p i g ce offic .” The s like, Hopef police er “I hat ully sh o e ffi e’ll tur my life of papers with his pen. As he bent down to pick them all up his cers th sweet I nu , I just anked zzy ca us all. n be fo p soon. All w eye fell upon an old poem. Roman read through the piece and und. e can d o is pra decided it was good and it became his best selling poetry yet. y that He’s used the same pen ever since. Today he wears a light blue shirt, black trousers, black shoes and a pair of square black glasses – he only wears them for writing, resting on his nose. Roman works day or night by an overhead silver lamp that Josh & Jim by shines directly on his paper. As he works the mobile phone JordanJosh is Rhys 19, he is by the side of him starts to ring. It’s Alix, it always is! tall friend c alled Jim , dark-haired She’s interrupted his writing but he doesn’t mind. He and thin who is chubby. . He ha short, f Josh an loves talking to her, she inspires him. He chats for a while sa a ir d haired Jim han They ar and g out to e alway before hurriedly saying goodbye. Roman picks up his s gettin gether Josh is g into t every n an adve lucky pen and sits at the cluttered desk, He starts writing rouble w ight. nturous boy. The ith the type an y comm frantically, ideas zooming around his head. He throws his p o li d Jim is ce. it p shops, a an uptig nd takin etty crimes lik pen aside and starts reading through it quickly – a poem ht e steali g people sometim ng from ’s house es brea he is truly proud of. and car ks into but Jim a house keys. Jo won’t d sh and tak o that. car Jim es some When J goes alo t h o in s h steals g, ng for t the car someon he ride somewh e’s , they a ere like bad tha lways d near th t if the ump e river. y carry put in j T hey are on they ail beca so know th use of a they’ve ey will ll the c committ b e r im ed. es back of s at the t i s o n h e w r back of guy by Lau sk, laid s the e e e i p d k y c t n a e e h d M all is t ls. He i ied woo graffit with his ckie Dy ing gir s a d s e i v a de of M h e li l o r d e h y e n cool du e ch behi Harr geek w e h y r s t h b s t te d f u a n t o th l p a c e c e n e a m f ys his Ken trud ld co h on nd is in ir that is alwa sters Ger 4-year-o ng wit a i 1 si t a r o m i l is a tw f e g t th is and Kenne t, with h eem to lond ha d watchin e soccer e and s 2 Upstree loppy b e web an n of th i f u o th l a th N s b e t g a p n n r in h n fi a e e r i c e m c H has a la mu d. K re su dudes. em. He es are g d Winfor t l hobbies a h e c o t y ll is je o e a b c n c H s o . i e r su e d h e s e H t lar mst t, ne urit Mildr muscu ght shi ves his ha , his favo d perfec i n l a lo n e e e r a n h d h i t t il d a e s h n e c h e n h ed hen go nd his movies, a chin whic ol for gift r body fteen a olour w o i e c is h f p h e p sc s n g i u o te n t e a s o a e ch priv has a sp and hi roin. H on them rows up h goes to a to the g g build enneth g ked out s. Kenneth t l n K s th a o e a n r h w e t m c n his h s d e is W a is d m th time. pressio s a car h o e e n r r in school – d f w a o t e y sp o p n b h e is a w V-sh is now gle par king in h e back . Driven r Jeremy is a sin enjoys pic ars old ms and ging race in th er brothe e e r l e ld y to b o h s o t x e is r i o k h p s li e m r e be lik d han kie was i which h solve he lays with wants to be foun en Mac ink to hich he p y r h ives a Min l w r l d w d ut. He a ss o e d t h m n c r d a rne three rking o d no u ame is l o is t g u h w e r o s e it showroom ll r w h m u t te e o y e i mo fav . . Mack at the g friends icholas. H enneth’s coholic bout them ield or is best l a f ob and N h a streets. K g r B e h , in n t c a i in c th v y o w e er iends K g this s eam. on the s knows ev be doin his best fr soccer t round d Nichola g and he a n e y a l h in e t t n th k y i n ta r l i e n t u d os ds ev also e an acco rhero an best frien would m Buck who are ants to b be a supe w to in ts v s e d n y a K n sa w s Chad a He know gist. Bob , but Bob of an eye criminolo k a n e li b b a to . in wants t instead up crime astronau can mop n e a h e s b k l ’l in th k out he esn’t wor if that do

The girls from the Books & Babies project based in Aberdare College spoke to Tom Richards about singing – before and after his appearance on the X-Factor B&B: When did you realise you could sing? I started singing properly when I was 11 – I was in a school show Oliver Twist, got given the lead role and the music to learn and then never looked back. B&B: What was it like singing on stage for Simon Cowell? I’d never sung in front of more than 100 people, and I went from that to singing on telly in front of a 3,000-crowd audience and Simon Cowell! The experience was absolutely unbelievable – I can’t put it into words how I felt, it was like I was in a dream. I’m from Trallwn, a small place in Wales, and I’m a nobody – and there I was singing in front of these famous people. Only now I realise what I’ve done, after watching it myself a few times it’s started to sink in. B&B: When you see the programme on the telly, is any of the filming we see of you before you go on stage set up? No, it was all filmed live, but the panel know more about you at that stage than they let on – they actually have notes in front of them. Before I got to go on the show I had been through three auditions previously. In fact I found the pre auditions harder than the live audition with Simon Cowell, it was very intimidating, there are people everywhere singing, and you’re all in a line heading for a small black box. When you get in there you have to sing to a man just a few inches away from you – it was really scary. There was 22,000 people who auditioned in Cardiff and they had to whittle that down to 80 people to get through to the live show with Simon Cowell. Lucky for me I did it. B&B: How did you get the confidence to apply to go on the X-Factor? I think you just have to set your mind on the target you want to achieve, and if you’re determined to do it just give it a go. If you’re going to audition for the X-Factor, just think of it as a day out and an experience. When I went to the pre auditions I didn’t know what to expect, I just thought you’ve got one opportunity to give it a go. The three pre auditions and boot camp were the best experiences ever. B&B: What was it like in Dannii Minogue’s house, and was it really her house? It wasn’t her real house, no, but I don't think anyone would want their home turned into a studio! Every room was filled with lighting, cameras and equipment – the only area free from all that was where you saw us perform. But the place was amazing – it was a bungalow up in the jungle and it was breathtaking, it had an amazing infinity pool on the edge of the cliff and the views were stunning.

B&B: As a result of being on the programme, have there been openings, or are you having to work even harder now you’re known? The industry today is very difficult, but I’ve been grafting since before I went on the X-Factor, playing gigs to get experience. The first thing people think cos I’ve been on the telly is that I’m doing well for myself, that I’ve got money, but that’s not the case – things don’t just drop at your feet cos you’ve been on telly. I’ve got myself some management now and I’m getting a few gigs, but with the credit crunch I’m not getting paid huge amounts. You have a short lifespan after being on the telly unless you can follow it up quickly – the easiest thing is to get on the X-Factor, the hardest thing is to keep in the public eye. How many people who got into the final 12 are still heard of now, let alone me who was in the last 32? It’s a hard industry to make it in, but I’m working hard. B&B: Who do you aspire to be like? Oh, I don’t know! I have a wide taste in music, I listen to anything. My mother was a massive Michael Jackson fan, she loved George Michael and Elton John, Queen. I like all them. I do love Robbie Williams, though, the man is an absolute showman, brilliant. B&B: Would you consider joining a boy band? I’ve been considering it, I can’t say it hasn’t gone through my mind since appearing on the X-Factor, but with something I love doing I like to be in control – I’m so used to doing it my way that to have to consider four other opinions would be hard. But never say never, and if that’s the road I have to go down to make it big, then so be it. B&B: What are you doing now? At the moment I’m meeting with record labels and playing some gigs. I’ve also started to write my own music and I’m really enjoying that. B&B: Will you stay in Wales? As much as I love where I’m from, I went on the X-Factor because the opportunities in Pontypridd are limited. I’ll always come back home, but I need to go away to further my career. B&B: Would you ever go back on the X-Factor? I don’t know, it depends, I have some things coming up that could change my life forever, so I’m going to chase the dream right now, but if it doesn’t work out I probably would consider it again. B&B: Does your girlfriend mind all the attention you get? No I don’t think so, she finds it funny. Just after the X-Factor got aired we went to the cinema and when a crowd of young girls asked me for some photos, it was my girlfriend who took them all – she ended up with a handful of cameras and was snapping away!

cil’s T Coun s a C R y b d n ct is r u band that nee je o r p edia in a eo — ic and m mme. If you’re in a music vid s u m ! gra r be ke IT The Ma Youth Ar ts Pro e to work on o 208 or email 490 and ld lik SONIG eo — or wou oll on 01443 id isc tcbc.go v r c r D ic s z @ i u l l L m contact abeth.a.drisco eliz

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HEN TAP W APING E H T F NG OF AND SO TURNI TEETH ROUND 16 r R e U O h t S NG Y VE A and o to BRUSHIHANDS CAN SA'S 11,000 LITRE. s n i g a n YOUR row – THAT ON PER YEAR tic b A DAY Plas items th many as S RS E R T LI ently PER PE c R s i E a T ironm t s A v l s e n W l e i F r a e l O k p tu is mor p as it cean crea aptop deskto l A a n the o 000 sea a th ess uld , ar. endly tle wo 0 imes l e i t t r 0 o y f e b 0 v i s , y f s 1 o mes rn gla more t ever consu ity. A mode ars or if e y r e 0 ectric 0 g l 0 n e 4 o l e n k ve ta s ave bottle s e glass 00 n o 1 a g n Recycli nergy to light rs. u e o h h g r u o u o en lb for f watt bu

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Outdoor Educ ation & Duke environmenta of Edinburgh lly friendly wa – is a fun and y o f learning. Yo of adventurou u c an join in a va s activities, te riety am building a programmes, nd problem s learn about th o lv e ing natural enviro camps and in nment, go on ternational yo summer uth exchange s. For more in call 01443-7 formation 44000 or 077


St John The Bapti st High School has an Eco Comm ittee, made up of both teachers and students. We asked Commit tee Chairman John, and fellow member Ryan, a few eco-friendly questions.

Charles: What is the main aim of the Eco Co mmittee? Ryan: To raise aware ness of green issues in the school – we are working towards our Bronze Award. We ha ve a garden and grow veg, which we sell an d then use the money to buy more seeds an equipment. d Naomi: Lauren: What would How do you you like to achieve in the Eco Committee? Ryan: To make the sc plan to encourage hool a greener place. more people to join the Ryan: Do you enjoy wh Eco at you do, if so why? Committee? John: Yes, because I’m doing something active John: We are planning with the garden and I’m also learning to go to assemblies to about issues like globa do tasks, and we’re also planning to ask pe l warming. I feel like I’m really doing some ople from outside who thing positive for the en are working with gre en vironment. issues to come along and give demonstratio Rhobet: What is the fav ns. ourite activity you’ve done since joining the Naomi: What sort of things Eco Committee? do you personally do to help the planet? Ryan: Planting seeds and weeding the garde Ryan: I recycle at home n. I really enjoy that. and encourage my fam Tom: What other activi ily to do it too, as well as reminding frie ties do you do in the Ec nd s in school to recycle. I o Clu John: Learn about gre b? fee ca l like I’m mp aigning to save the pla en issues and promote net. eco activities. Sophie: What have the Katie-Mae: What wo Eco Committee done uld you like the eco gro to try and encourage people to join? up's next big project to be? Ryan: We’ve distribute John: The eco group d newsletters in assem are currently trying to blies; we’ve arranged scho activities days down in get solar panels for the ol to try and save mo the garden; and we’ve ney on electricity. put up posters around the school. Victoria: If you were a superhero what powe Sophie: What is your r would you have and how would favourite thing about the you use it to protect the Eco Committee? John: Planning for big environment? ger issues, such as so lar panels for the school. John: Mind control be cause I could persuade people to sto Chloe: Are you hopin p burning g to get more members fossil fuels and use for the Eco Club? Ryan: Yes, we are alw ays looking to recruit renewable energy new members. Lauren: What would sources. you do to encourage the community to go green? John: We are waiting for good school supp ort, then the Committee will take the issues raised into the community. Victoria: So, Ryan, wh at’s your favourite thing about being an eco-w arrior? Ryan: I’m helping the planet, and it’s really reassuring tha t I’m doing something good.

s l r i vG

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The poetry on this page was written by the children who attend the Communications Disorder Unit at Bryn Celynnog Comprehensive – known by the pupils and staff as HQ

A ttrac N ever tive S tran G entle seen U nbe ge lieva ble E legan S o f t L ovely t S uper A mazi n T eache g r


ings, Weddings d ed W , gs in d ed W ishing , Weddings W , g in er d n o W , Waiting l, Wow, Weddings White, Wonderfu ings, Weddings Weddings, Wedd

Hair as dry as burnt leaves Hair as golden as sunshine Eyes as dull as powder Eyes as bright as stars Skin as grey as ash Skin as pale as rose petals Ears as gnarled as toadstools Ears as delicate as sea shells Legs as stumpy as tree trunks Legs as long as flamingos Neck as chunky as a hog Neck as graceful as a swan Nails as grimy as old drains Nails as clear as crystals Recycle, Re Body as thick as a tank Body as thin as a pencil cycle, Recy cle R e d u c Li ps e, Reuse, Re as pale as death Lips as red as cherries think, Recyc Cheeks as rough as brillo pads Rotten, Rubbis le Cheeks as soft as peaches h, Remains, Recycle Nose as pointy as a witch Recycle, Re Nose as cute as a button cycle, Recy cle Heart as warm as hot chocolate Heart as frozen as a black lake


write ch us to a e t o t n e to Bry ight Gail cam very br t o n e ’r right But we d be all l u o h s t i Though e ay polit If we st te Don’t bi Or fight ht ut at nig o g n a h ht Or ff the lig o n r u t , sleep So go to dnight Say goo ght Sleep ti bite d bugs e b e h t Before

Cup cakes for breakfast

Bustling McDonalds, Im loving it, Put that down! Heavenly pasties, Smelling good, Pick me up! Scooby Snacks and Bacon, Food heaven, Put it in your bag! Skinny chips, Send them back, Rid-id-iculous!


rotting disgustingly Dumps overflowing horribly Trash-truck crushing noisily Bins smelling rottenly

Legends unfolding powerfully Kings ruling fearlessly Knights fighting bravely Walls standing strongly Drawbridge rising slowly Dungeons guarding securely Dragons roaring loudly Princesses walking grandly

Cup cakes that are delicious Cup cakes with a crunch Cup cakes for dinner Cup cakes for snacks Cup cakes in bags And baskets and sacks Cup cakes for weeks And for months and for years They’re up to my eyeballs They’re up to my ears

*Star s*


Stars, Stars, Spect Stars acular , Shoo ting, Twink Shinin ling, T g, Sta ravell rs ing, Tr ailing, Stars, Stars Stars, Stars

Crowds cheering wildly Crowns gleaming beautifully Horses neighing grandly


Cup cakes for lunch

Guards standing graciously Soldiers marching strictly Choir singing outstandingly Carriage leaving gracefully

Pirates Pirates, Pirates, Pirates

King and queen smiling happily Prince and princess waving delicately

Cold, Cunning, Cut-throat, Pir Scary, Swash-buckling, Sword


-fighting, Pirates Pirates, Pirates, Pirates

School HQ

Friends, Fun, Fantastic

We love it, it’s wicked

Good morning, how are you?

School dinners

Nice and tasty

Makes you full

Bon apetit!


Bryn kit

Exciting, keeps you fit

Let’s warm up!



Click! Click!

Nice shot!

Music room

Solo performance

Ensemble, calming

Bravo! Encore!

E Block

Organised library

Relaxing, quiet, escape


Vending machine

Diet coke



gle) tain Sure (sin The Most Cer !!! need to and fun, you od go as w at be e Th rstand it, but times to unde calm. It hear it a few confident and d de un so er the sing at and the chno-funky be The tune te ry ve a s ha laxed. happy and re song sounds tening to it. lis r te af ad stuck in my he rics. The song has a good ly Good singer, , but I liked it. od very d echo

(single) The Answer Unkle this but you good beat to There was a nger ’s voice words, the si can’t hear the as too slow t weak. This w sounded a bi the music nd ta dn’t unders ul co g I e, m r fo d. The singin ls seemed sa e. and the voca m r cloudy fo was a bit too e) Shine (singl ld go ck Bla t voice and ly good – grea tween al re as w is Th be rfect balance good beat. Pe ne, good tu at re G g. ngin music and si ought the th I st…slow – fa … ow at Sl s. lyric eally good be very good. R as s, w ric up ly e ild th bu tand could unders . and rhythm. I od as go I thought it w

d (single) Lose My Min ted an W e Th ite band was qu y bo is th by le ng e si on ird ith Th r, w a slow numbe rs he ot e harmonious, th out more than g in ck voice standing ba e th a bit like who seemed d I liked good beat an a s ha It singers. for the st om slow to fa how it went fr y feet m t go singing, chor us. Good g. tappin e (single) Sign Your Nam Timberlake) st (feat Ju in Sheryl Crow e has a nice tic number. Sh own out A slow, roman dr ls ough her voca soft voice, th to hear his ed lik would have I . ke rla be m Ti ade it better. would have m voice more, it she has a t us boys, bu A bit slow for e. good voic

ingle) Milk Teeth (s yeurs Japanese Vo g but the singin be d a good at it ar he ’t This song ha dn – you coul was a bit mad nse. It ’t make any se dn di it d properly, nging sounde ft, then the si rd. ei w tle star ted off so lit a (single) ting – it was Rescue Me (single) y) more like shou Golden Soul x (feat Chidd they You Me At Si is, Bluetones e) th e gl g in in Th (s ng a si e as ng es good voic it. There w e to er Heart Is Stra el w fe e rock y er e tr ls Th Th un el ven B relaxed. ce This has a co School Of Se nger had a ni ded calm and but si , un ruined e ng p th so so ra d e is an th th at e good be but for m the words good beat to od a nd go ta l. as e el rs w er w de e w ry er s un e Th s ve uld liked th rap hy part voice. You co rstand the lyric (Jack). I sure . It had a catc ng ne a so tu really e ke ng th ta hi you can’t unde ld ot e singing was e of ok but it wou and it had a so ). I thought th d reminded m m e – it were an ia s on Overall it was ill ls ric is ca (W ly th e vo e th r lik ol voice; tune, clea person to co y. , of tr th un pe is oo ty co Th n sm e ; e. ai th pp rt ce good , the ra ing ic you lik being in t sort of mus beat was good really liked e th , rls od gi go ith depends wha I d ambient, w better (Will). gle) one is calm an ed the guitar solo. made the song ing it would ide Eyes (sin pp W ra no lik as I w . e tly er os th es m if iv , g in at ng N ng so si the Local a good voice e singer had with a good Th t g. ea -b rin d the up bo ry be ve (single) . The tune an ers This song is On The Lam ern. The sing beat was good (Liam). od e m th er d th an ra is t. tchy Kele tempo and und confiden e lyrics were ca voices and so it surprised m od t e go th bu , e ve ne lik ha I tu d y an It had a funk ough she cking singer There is a ba make the girl singer – th is th e m that it was a instruments to To of g. e in us lk ewed by e ta iv ng. I as nt w ve e in sh All tracks revi Liam Morton a a very good so of as t w sounded like ou it t g in gh m ou m Heal, it was co . My feet beat. I th ck Hall, Willia sounded like voice. and dr um solo Ja r r he ita e gu mes lik e ’t of th dn I di liked has lots & William Ja broken radio. to the tune. It . ne tu were tapping od go it. Fast song, instruments in

le for possib ic w ie v e r mus e gig write a liv azine, the g to a e m k li IN ld wou GGED ail to If anyone ue of PLU s is e r end an em visit s tu ly fu p a im in s d inclusion gazine for Wales, .uk — an out this o .c e in z a ma mag re ab pluggedin .uk to find out mo l@ ia r o it ed oject. dinmaga e g g ational pr lu c .p u d e e www u uniq

Little Big Planet (PS3) The character in the game is called Sackboy. There are 50+ levels in the PS3 gam e, with 2,000+ levels in the online game. You can change your appearance; you can play and chat with people all over the world; you can create your own levels and worlds; you can collect points, stickers, costumes, objects and backdrops. The object of the gam e is to collect points and get on the leader boards. Beware of the monsters! Will Heal Call Of Duty Black Ops (PS3) This is an army game that lets you do missions alone or you can go onlin e and play people all over the world. Som e of the online games you can play are: Team death Match – where there are six players on each team and the first team to reach 75 kills wins; Free For All – this is an ever y-m an-for himself game with eight players and the first to 30 kills wins; Demolition – has six on

each side and there are two bases and you have to defend one base and attac k the other; Domination – is a two-player game where there are three flags on the map and six people on each team trying to get them, this is my favourite of the gam es. Prestige is when you complete the game and star t again. Liam Mor ton Army Of Two (PS3) You star t off in the army and have to pick between playing as Rios or Salem. After the first mission you join a private milit ia and do missions for money. After a while you discover a conspiracy that your com pany is leaking information about US troops positions to terrorists so they can pass a bill to privatise the military and become rich. In the end you have to stop the company from doing all the bad things and privatisin g the military by stopping the leader. The game has several play options, including Versus,

Private Co-op, Public Co-op and Sing le Player. In the Versus mode you play against your team to complete tasks. In the Private Co-op mode you do the missions with a friend or family member on the sam e TV. In the Public Co-op mode you play thro ugh the missions with other people around the world. As a Single Player you are give na partner who adapts to play like you and will listen to what you tell him to do so you can out-manouvre the enemy. In the Wea pons area of the game you buy new wea pons with the money you make in the miss ions so that you stay ahead in the fights. You can also make the weapons look good for extra stars. In the Gear part of the game you buy new masks and armour for better protection – the lighter the armour the quicker you move but you have less protection. To win you have to save the military and mak e your own private army thanks to your old friends and connections. Jack Hall

The Green Hornet (cert 12A) This is a super hero action-comedy star ring Seth Rogen as Britt Reid a rich kid who becomes a crime-fighter, and Jay Chou as Kato his sidekick. They are up against evil gangster Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz), but are helped by Lenore (Cameron Diaz) Britt is a careless man whose father is rich, but when his dad dies he has to run his father’s newspaper business. Kato is a mechanic who designed the Black Beauty and other cars with guns coming out of the sides and bonnet. Chudnofsky is an evil, drug-dealing gangster who tries to kill the green hornet, so kills anyone who wears green. Lenore is a feisty secretary who works for Britt, and tells the Green Hornet how to be a good superhero. I liked the film because it was funny and it had lots of action in it. Liam Morton Kato designed and made good cars and guns, he is good at karate but can’t swim,

he is brave and he is also good at making coffee. Britt can swim, can’t drive very well, isn’t brave and uses Kato’s gas gun – his superhero name is the Green Hornet. Chudnofsky is a crime boss and has a double-barreled pistol, he is very annoyed that the Green Hornet is trying to take over LA and destroy his evil empire. Lenore is Britt’s secretary and also a criminologist and he is always asking her what the Green Hornet will do next. Jack Hall Kato was cool and he designed and made some awesome cars and guns. The funniest part was when Britt and Kato fell in the pool, the goriest part was when the

gangster Chudnofsky used his doublebarreled gun to shoot four people. I really enjoyed the film – I liked the fight scenes and laughed when Britt chopped the head off his father’s statue. Will James Britt was funny and sarcastic, but seemed a bit childish. Kato designed really cool cars and guns, he had some really cool karate moves. The best part was when Britt and Kato had a fight in the house and smashed everything up. Chudnofsky the gangster was a scary man, dealing in drugs like a mafia boss, but he was killed when Kato shoved poles into his eyes. Will Heal

6 easy steps to join in! 5 6

tv ogle, and click on WICID. Type into Go in the list that comes up. e. will be on the HOME pag When the site opens, you bar. Click on the “JOIN HERE” fill in page, which you need to n You will see a registratio ich (wh me date of bir th, a userna with your details: name, . ord sw e), email and a pas should not be your real nam r page, you’ll get taken to anothe Click “REGISTER”, then k on clic er eith ail updates – which asks if you want em “SKIP”. “Rhondda Cynon Taff” or

1 2 3


check your home email so The next page tells you to r account to start posting that you can activate you on the WICID site. r home email there will be In the message sent to you te your account. When you a link to click on, to activa to automatically taken back click on the link you are the website. so go es on the WICID site – You can now post articl in! n joi and back to the HOME page

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