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not as we know it! The component parts of the GenesiX One system include absolutely every feature needed to run a 24/7 single channel station or full network. The system can accommodate single or multi-channel playout, it includes as standard many features found as expensive add-ons in other systems such as asset management, transcoding, library, crash recording, traffic management and much, much more. GenesiX supports all major codecs and formats and can capture live, scale, and ingest your source feeds without the need of additional expensive third-party components. The system handles equally well 'dealy' and can synchronize video and audio separately. The library feature allows XML management of video footage, audio, graphics and other on-air elements with freely editable metadata, automatic thumbnail generation previews of material are displayed with full filter and search functionality. Playout includes modules for planning, managing and ensuring recurring tasks are completed efficiently and quickly either manually or automated. An integrated software VTR offers frame accurate digitization of footage and automated ingest, loop recording and batch capturing provides all the functionality needed to run a 24/7 broadcast operation with complete confidence. GenesiX also has built-in CG capabilities for overlays, automated insertions, alphachanneling, plus GPI and router support and simultaneous up/down scaling with full local area networking capabilities. If you are considering launching a community television station or a single or multichannel network requiring sophisticated features normally found in enterprisegrade solutions then GenesiX is the system that will give you everything is a single box! The GenesiX solution is by far the most comprehensive channel-in-a-box product on the market, boldly going where no other channel-in-a-box system goes!



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