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Pluem Pongpisal 6

Architectural Portfolio 7


Collective work during my 6 months practice at Imaginary Objects

1. CONTEMPORARY WUNDERKAMMER Location : Bangkok Program : Art Storage & Domestic Tasks : Visualization Status : Construction phase

Located along Rama IV Road, within a lush private plot sheltered from the street, this structure posed a main challenge, its function. It is not a public venue, gallery, museum or a house, but exhibits some of their features. The project is, in fact primarily an art storage facility, with the ‘exception’ of being privately showcased, host events, allow art to be displayed and sustain a living area with supporting program. The result is essentially a storage volume onto which domestic program has been inserted in the form of a glass house.

Pluem Pongpisal 8

Architectural Portfolio 9

Pluem Pongpisal 10

Architectural Portfolio 11

2. DEN Playground

Location : Bangkok Program : Private Playground Task : Site Survey, Conceptual Design, Visualization, Process Documentation Status : Construction phase

This private playground structure presented us with the opportunity to introduce a designed object to serve as a stimulating setting for play.

Pluem Pongpisal 12

Architectural Portfolio 13

Pluem Pongpisal 14

Architectural Portfolio 15

3. VESPA Playground Location : Bangkok Program : Public Play Structure in participation of Bangkok Design Week 2020 Task : Site Survey, Conceptual Design, Measure Drawing, Visualization, Process Documentation Status : Construction phase

Bangkok is a city filled with dispersed, neglected, abandoned spaces. Rather than to see them as impractical leftovers, we choose to envision them as spaces with potential to be repurposed as meaningful venues for the community. Through the transformational potential of architecture and design, we seek opportunities to enhance these leftover spaces with interventions with the power to become destinations in their own right. Playgrounds, or playscapes, being typically outdoor public places enabling play are well positioned to bring a diverse demographic to an area and by so doing activate its immediate surroundings. We see these objects of play as an opportunity to launch a longterm city-wide project with the objective of revitalizing communities and leftover spaces in Bangkok.

Pluem Pongpisal 16

Architectural Portfolio 17

Pluem Pongpisal 18

Architectural Portfolio 19

MUSEUM OF INVENTION General Electric flagship

The goal of this endeavor was to create a flagship project for a chosen brand by analyzing the ethos of this brand and applying this to the said project. General Electric, being one of the pioneers in industrial innovation, was chosen as the brand for this project. The research starts from analyzing all the business branches of the company as well as their rich history and legacy. The design process then started by developing two small architectural components inspired from the company’s products, services or practices that could create space for the potential benefit of the company. The components, in this case, a composite ceramic tiles and a light tube vent, then would determine the shape and space of the flagship building.

Pluem Pongpisal 20

Architectural Portfolio 21

Pluem Pongpisal 22

The modernization of Building that reflects GE’s innovation and history. The end result is a design for a new museum that will showcase the suit of engineering firsts and innovation that General Electric has achieved in the past century. The building itself was meant to be represented as GE’s new massive machine where one would feel like walking inside the mechanic part of the device. The avant-garde and innovative design is a reflection and integration of the various businesses wherein GE is a market leader such aircraft engines, lighting systems, and medical equipment.

Architectural Portfolio 23

Pluem Pongpisal 24

Architectural Portfolio 25

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Architectural Portfolio 27

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Architectural Portfolio 29

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Architectural Portfolio 31

THE REVIVAL Anhui vernacular architecture in the changing context. Shortlisted for the ASA VEX Agitated Vernarcular

Being a UNESCO world heritage site, It was not only essential to maintain the way of life of the people living in the Chinese village of Hongcun but also it was imperative to incorporate in the design elements the tourism thrust of the village as the main economic driver of the area. The design of the new dwelling is a fusion of tradition and contemporary. By scattering the new dwellings around the historic residences, there is overall presevation of the traditional environment of the village is maintained. Upgrades to the new dwellings to incorporate modern safety and living standards were also set in place in order to upgrade the living conditions of the locals.

Pluem Pongpisal 32

Hierachy of space and limited plot is what define Anhui homes.

Architectural Portfolio 33

Pluem Pongpisal 34

Architectural Portfolio 35

Contemporary context of the village leads to the design approaches to change a traditional typology.

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Architectural Portfolio 37

Pluem Pongpisal 38

Architectural Portfolio 39

Same significance, different function.

The Proposal aims to create a contemporary dwelling that helps promote tourism as well as preserve the culture and lives of locals by suggesting a new subtle typology to the residential building that embraces the collectiveness. By emphasizing the characteristics of Anhui traditional architectural elements, the system of service walls is presented as a result from an intention to invert the traditional courtyard to an external collective veranda.

Pluem Pongpisal 40

Architectural Portfolio 41

Pluem Pongpisal 42

Architectural Portfolio 43

A flexible dwelling. The grid of service systems inside the wall also gives the flexibility on occupying space between the walls completely to the locals. As a consequence, the dwellers can define their housing space with traditional ornate wood lattice on a timber structure. The dwelling will create the sub-center of the community that: brings people together by profession; changes the behavior of people altogether; and allows the locals to have a better living and business condition.

Pluem Pongpisal 44

Architectural Portfolio 45

A tradition that lasts. The end result was a village that was equip and ready to embrace it's new positioning as a tourism hub which also then opens up new livelihood opportunities to it's local whilst at the same time ensuring that these upgraded design elements respect and preserve the rich history of the village and its people.

Pluem Pongpisal 46

Architectural Portfolio 47

AN ECONOMY OF MEANS New living typology in the changing context of cities in Europe.

The project design located at the parking lot of Olympia-Einkaufszentrum in Munich Germany, is based on the theme of “Economy of Means” which aims to build a new structure and infuse this structure into an existing building that would then create a new way of communal living for its inhabitants. The design infuses the values of collective life and co habitation within its environs. Continuing with the economical theme of the project, the building structure, also referred as the “parasite”, needs to sit on the “host” or the parking lot without demolishing the existing structure. The design was created by searching for the essence of the changing urban lifestyle and subsequently proposing for an innovative way of collective living while blending in the environment of suburban Munich.

Pluem Pongpisal 48

Architectural Portfolio 49

A case study from Huik House While researching on similar designs and structure in Europe, a case study in Antwerp proved that inhabitants in European cities prefer to refurbish their current dwelling in order to meet contemporary living standards while preserving the architectural heritage of the structure. In this case, the property was modified to add rooms for a Bed and Breakfast with the aim of providing an additional income stream to the upper floor owners.

Pluem Pongpisal 50

Architectural Portfolio 51

Pluem Pongpisal 52

Architectural Portfolio 53

Pluem Pongpisal 54

Architectural Portfolio 55

Introducing an alternative living condition that creates community. The resulting design was a residential building consisting of two structures with a diagonal public walkway circulating from the exterior of the building to the adjacent parking slot. Each unit consists of several individual rooms which are then connected by an internal private staircase to the double height shared space. The transferred structured from the parking lot became the inspiration of the load bearing facade which then created an open plan space. The design was presented with a 1:20, 1:50, and 1:200 scale model as a main representation along with technical and atmospheric drawing.

Pluem Pongpisal 56

Architectural Portfolio 57

Pluem Pongpisal 58

Architectural Portfolio 59

Pluem Pongpisal 60

Architectural Portfolio 61

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Architectural Portfolio 63

Pluem Pongpisal 64

Architectural Portfolio 65


A base camp for palynologist as a part of eco-touriam in Tai rom Yen Natonal park, Nakhon Si Thammarat

The objective of this studio is to establish the tourist trail for eco-tourists in Tai Rom Yen National Park in Surat Thani. My project in this semester would focusing on the investigation on historical value of the site which is what makes the national park special. Regarding to the assumption of the historical trace of the site, palynology is the best method to investigate the history of the national park. Changes are reflected in the different types of pollen found in layers of sediment. The sediment is retrieved through a process called “coring�. The soil particle from each layer of sediment then get investigated by microscope to find a pollen then record the data.

Pluem Pongpisal 66

Architectural Portfolio 67

Pluem Pongpisal 68

The design would be a prototype of a sediment coring lab in the wild, in this case the cloud forest that

could cause a minimum disturb to nature. The location located at the edge of the could forest at 1300 meters above sea level and is able to walk to collect the sediment and comeback to the basecamp within a day. The building will be build of on site material such as understorey tree and vines. The building would occupy existing big tree as a part of a structure and the space of the shelter is determined by a space between the trees.

Architectural Portfolio 69

Pluem Pongpisal 70

Architectural Portfolio 71

Pluem Pongpisal 72

Architectural Portfolio 73

Pluem Pongpisal 74

Architectural Portfolio 75

Pluem Pongpisal 76

Architectural Portfolio 77

Pluem Pongpisal 78

The sediment facility could host both permanent researcher and tourists that visiting the could forest. With for main parts, living, lab, circulation and sleeping that oriented towards the existing fireplace which serve as a center of the camp. The sense of architecture is not

Architectural Portfolio 79

Pluem Pongpisal 80

Architectural Portfolio 81


A network of walkway above a chaotic innercity long historycommunity where inhabitant refuse to fled.

The community is located on the conflict area where 30 years ago the tollway was planned to be built, and the government have tried to get rid of the dense community ever since. Furthermore, fire is also another main problem in this community and somehow related to the conflict in the area. Hence the people in the community were formed the resisting movement that still going on today and also a fire fighting training that becomes the community collective activity.

Pluem Pongpisal 82




Architectural Portfolio 83

Pluem Pongpisal 84

Architectural Portfolio 85

Pluem Pongpisal 86

Architectural Portfolio 87

The plain of roofs that seem overlapping each other bring about the opportunity to convey the community’s message to the public, and let the resisting movement be more creative. The area of roof painting would be self-organized by people in the community to choose the perspective for the message on the roofs.

Pluem Pongpisal 88

Architectural Portfolio 89


A private residence among public surveillance

Conceal & Reveal is the main concept of my habitat, regarding the privacy of the inhabitant, the facade strategy of the habitat is to conceal the residents fron the views from outside of the plot and reveal their visions to the surrounding, the block. The materials I choose, which are mostly wood and concrete, both applied to the structure and facade, and the light coming through the facade are giving the warm, welcoming, peaceful and relax atmostphere to the house for the inhabitants to be living in.

Pluem Pongpisal 90

Architectural Portfolio 91

Pluem Pongpisal 92

Architectural Portfolio 93


Pluem Pongpisal 94

Architectural Portfolio 95


A school’s new learning center sets amid a rubber farm that also serve people in the community.

In collaboration with the Erawan Group, the project involved the design, renovation and construction of an Elementary School in Wang Hinn District, Nakhon Si Thammarat. Previously, this school that is being utilised by 150 students was prone to flooding that then regularly disrupts the education that the students receive. The group then created a design that will protect the school from flooding but also harness the local environment to inspire the said design.



Pluem Pongpisal 96

Architectural Portfolio 97


Pluem Pongpisal 98

Architectural Portfolio 99

Design that goes with its environs. Given that the location had an abundance of green space, natural lighting, and foliage, the group created a design that is partially an open concept to allow the resources afforded by the environment to be utilised. By raising the structure in a stilt like form, the flooding that regularly occurs wi ll not seep in to the building thereby protecting the structure and the properties inside it. By improving the structure, the group did not only minimize the negative effects of flooding in the building but it also minimised the risk of disruption and ensure that good quality education is continually distributed to the students of Wat Wang Hinn School.

Pluem Pongpisal 100

Architectural Portfolio 101

Pluem Pongpisal 102

Architectural Portfolio 103

IMMERSIVE CAPRICCIOS Recontructing renaissance architecutal fantasy using modern software.

During the renaissance period, perspective was an innovative concept which expand the boundary of an artist’s imagination. Thus the spaces depicted in Capricco painting are mostly unreal as the word means architectural fantasy. As in the modern world, VR technology also puts ones imagination to the limits by allowing an individual to be transformed in to a virtual space that may be utterly unrealistic or incomprehensible. This similar ideology inspired this project wherein an interactive space was created based from design inspiration on Capriccios’s art works while infusing an ambiance of modern neo illustrations The space from drawing of Dirck Van Delen were also interpreted and remodeled. Unreal Engine, a gaming creation program, was used to create an atmosphere based on Paul Chadeisson’s Cyperpunk illustration. The end result was a futuristic twist of the renaissance space that one can experience either through VR or a computer screen.

Pluem Pongpisal 104

Dirck van Delen, A Church Interior with the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple.

Architectural Portfolio 105

Paul Chadeisson, Remember Me Cyberpunk Illustration.

Pluem Pongpisal 106

Starting point at the same perspective as depicted in the Capriccio painting.

Architectural Portfolio 107

Pluem Pongpisal 108

Space beyond the gate is the team’s interpretation of the architectural fantasy.

Architectural Portfolio 109

Pluem Pongpisal 110

Architectural Portfolio 111


Introducing new typology of public waterfront space in the city of Macau People’s choice award

Perpetually interwoven with the ocean, Macao and its magic harmonise with the waves. Similar with the ocean’s waves, urban space should have fluid and dynamic quality that suits modern life. The Urban Playground is a design solution in response to stagnant structure of modern landscape. Putting in the retrospect, the rudimental value of life at the waterfront while retaining some modern aspects at bay, the design of The Urban Playground takes after the vigor of a Macanese fishermen on their traditional junk boat and useful repurpose of contemporary shipping containers. The design of the Urban Playground is an embodiment of maritime culture that is deep rooted in Macanese heritage. It composes of three main parts; the containers, the interwoven running track and the junk boat’s sail. The first part of the design are the upcycled containers which are suspended from pulleys. This allows the space to be able to transformed vertically to serves various purposes such as amphitheaters, local markets, and exhibition spaces. The second part connects the people to their root and evokes sense solidarity with traditional Macao junk boat sails. Not only serving as stylistic decoration to reflect the trading tradition of the city, the sails compartmentalize the space and serve as a backdrop for film projection and live performances in the amphitheaters. Just like temperamental waves with its rise and fall, the third element of the design is a running track which is a result of the formal deconstruction of ocean wave that gives runners the impression of of fairing the wave crescents as they swoop past the sails at the top of the Urban Playground. Aiming purposefully at bringing the community and people together, the chosen area for the design is in zone B due to its location being near to a university and residential area. The Urban Playground is designed for people to have fun, learn, and connect with each other without any restriction of space and idea. TEAM Tanaboon Kittisrikangwan, Pluem Pongpisal, Chularach Engchanil, Kongphob Amornpatarasin

Pluem Pongpisal 112

Architectural Portfolio 113

Pluem Pongpisal 114

Architectural Portfolio 115

INDA at CHULA EXPO 2017 INDA’s expedition at Chula Expo 2017.

The INDA exhibition for the Chulalongkorn University Academic Expo addresses the topic of innovation from thematic and technical approaches. It features student work that responds to contemporary international issues in architectural discourse, and it showcases new design strategies and representation techniques. As visitors proceed through the exhibit, they are faced with a series of questions that relate to the future of the discipline. Student drawings, models, and videos are presented as responses to these questions, each with unique social, environmental, or technological perspectives. The system of display promotes participation, discussion, and introspection. The exhibit also highlights construction technologies and material concerns that are becoming increasingly commonplace. Digital fabrication processes such as CNC milling and laser cutting are prominently featured at the entry, while the student work display is designed to minimize construction waste as well as accommodate alternative functions after the Expo has concluded. The geometry of the INDA logo transforms from a two-dimensional pattern on the exterior doors to a three-dimensional display and storage system on the interior of the space.

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Architectural Portfolio 117

Pluem Pongpisal 118

Architectural Portfolio 119

Pluem Pongpisal 120

Architectural Portfolio 121

SUPER GREEN, SUPER CLEAN & SUPER LEAN Pavilion design competition for Wonderfruit music festival 2020

Pluem Pongpisal 122

Architectural Portfolio 123

Pluem Pongpisal 124

Architectural Portfolio 125


Design experiment on modular and interlogging system This project is focused the division of the cube of 20*20*20 cm by determining the logic of fragmentation. Modular system was applied and the fragments were interlogged to form a shape of cube.

Pluem Pongpisal 126

Architectural Portfolio 127

Pluem Pongpisal 128

Architectural Portfolio 129

PLUEM PONGPISAL Architecture Portfolio

Profile for Pluem Pongpisal

Pluem Pongpisal Architectural Portfolio 2015-2020  

Pluem Pongpisal Architectural Portfolio 2015-2020