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nk Backstrom uest er at Club inner


The National Park Service ·has no abjection to improvement and development of winter use facilities at Paradise in Mount Rainier National Park if it is found desirable and follows the particu}ar pattern the service has set for improvement of the play ground. Senator Magnuson (D-Wash.) was so informed this week by Conrad L. Wirth, director of the l'~ational P'ark Service. Mr's. Rosaera Triggs, presi, dent, Roads to Paradise, Mount Rain·ier Resort Associ-

Savings Bond Purchases Top Record in County


Savings bonds sales records in Wash1ngton toppled again as men and women throughout the state continued to support their government's sound mon£'y program by purchasing 32% more series E and H savings bonds · this February than for the same month a yearago. This increase of 32% compares with a na lional sales in· crease of lfl% over February of 1953, according to Fred C. Osmers, cpun.ty chairman. ' "Total purchases made during the month in the state came to $6,Sl0,000," Osmers said. "Saks for January and Felbruary of this year were $13,635,000, exceeding purchases for those two months last year by $3,637,ooo. "February sales for Pierce county amounted to $559,500,"

heI:d!es~~ssing national aspects

of the savings bonds program,

Osmers Siaid, "More than $37 billion in series E and H savings bonds are still held .by the American people. This represents an increase of $366 million above the amount outs'tanding at the end of 1953. •



Harvey Bagger of Rt. 4, call at 8 o'clock Monday morn227, reportC'd to Deputies Berry ing and made an investigation. and Ploegsma that someone , The. intruders had worked. the took 1.he carburetor, car radio combination of the safe and tak· and a set of socket wrenches, en $1300.00 in currency, $700 total value of $37.50, from his in 'checks, $40.00 in half-dollar car parked behind his garage. rolls. $50.00 in dimes and about Loses Tire, Gas $50.00 in silver dollars. The Henry Maurice of Rt. 13, Box owner stated that the loss was 313, reporiC'd to Deputy Don covered by insurance. Warren tha I hr, Jost a tire and wheel from car parked at Summ~t .Area home, also five; gallons of gas. Has Earthquake To Hospital H. T. Washington, 49, of Rt. Residents of the Summit 1, Box 252-A-1, Spanaway, was co11Jmunity report an earth• taken from home to Tacoma quake Tuesday morning shortGeneral hospital by Deputy Don ly before 8 o'clock. Inquiry Warren. Physicians reported at the University of Washing,that he was suffering from in- ton revealed that instruments tes'tinal trouble. there registered a slight tremTavern Heavy Loser or at that time, centering February 28, someone forced about 30 miles south; of the the rear door of the Pastime university. The quake apparTavern at Midland. Officers ently did no damage at Sum· Trepanier and Dittman got a mit, though many felt it.

re en

ation, had asked the senator to urge the Park Service to faqilitate the winter use of the Paradise area by keeping open the park road and by installing a T-bar type ski lift. "It is t"1e belief o·f the Naltional Pa1'k Service", Wiirth W1'0te the Se11ator, "that tl1e development of Mount Rainier National Park should follo\v a particular pattern based upon the ,.following considerations and in the following order: j Firnl, the completion of the construction of 1.he Stevens

Memorial Gymnasium at Pa.cific Lutheran College is being transformed into a huge "Midya" this week at a site for the annual Saga Carnival to be held Friday and Salm:day eve· nings. The many booths will be open from 9 to 12 each night, following the program which will start at 8 in the chaP€1.auditorium. Al Cummings, popular Seattle radio announcer, will be master of ceremonies Friday night, ar,d will crown the king and queen. Other e11Jtertainment on the progmm will be furnished by the ·Kord Kings, vocal. and instrumental quartet fr?m Everett. Balloting for kmg and queen

It .Was a Close CaH for Lt. Carl Edward Breeden, 24, McCho1·d AFB jet pilot, who Monday afternoon crashed his F-86D :tighter about 1,4 mile south of the runway at McChord. Ee escaped with only a black eye and bruisf'S, after he released the canopy of his plane, which crashed into the gravel pit on takeoff. The McChord fire department arrived on the scene and sprayed the burning jet with C02 foam. from Knoxville, Tenn., and has been at McChord since November. . Photo by McKewen

Rose F T E • .. ete 0 nter 1n aff Parade

.. Portland's nationally-known Rose Festival joins hands with the Puyallup Valley's equally· famous Daffodil Festival this year by entering a float in the three-city parade through Tacoma, Puyallup and Sumner. Festival President Orville Bi:owh ···of·· ..su1nher ·a11.nounce.d that the Rose Festival Associa· tion' s board· of directors aj)prov · ed the entry for the April 10 event, according to word from L. W. Mallett, executive man,

graphed in 3~D by Vi.ewn:iaster of Portland, for warld-wide dis· tribution, Festival Secretary E. M. W.etherell says 1:hat entry blanks may be obtained from locii.l committees in Puyallup, Sumner and Orting, or from the 'Festival office in the Tacoma Chamber of Commerce office. Continuing a precedent of several years'·· standin·g, Tacoma City Light will again build the official··. float for Queen Mary II, her two prin·

age<r of !!he Porlland Rose Festival Association. Invitations to enter floats the21st parade, which has a theme of "Vacationland", have been sent to 150 firms, civic and service clubs, cities and communities, fraternal ···groups, eduqation ·and · yll;uth groups, wholesale, retail. and· industrial concerns. 'March 31 is the deadline for entering floats in this year's parade, which be photo-




ight Soon Canyon Road; second, the development of public facilities as and where they may be required as the result of traffic and public-use pattern created by the Stever1s Canyon Road; and . thir:d; the development of faclHties for winter use at Paradise. "If 1't is determined Lhat further improvement and development of winter-use facilities at Paradise are dcsiraJble, then the Service will .have no objection to keeping the road open to that area during the winter season, providing this can be done with a£surance of public safety and that. the nece·ssary, additional funds are available". Wirth saicl the rope and T· bar type ski lifts will be permitted provided they not mar the scenic' beauty of the area and are of the type that can be dismantled at the close of the winter season. The House Appropriations Committee is now'· considering next yea.r's appropriation for the National Park Service. Its recommendation should be announced soon. Meanwhile, at the last mecting of the Roads to Paradise Resort Association, plans were made to advertise the area, and a program t9 make possible better fishing was advanced. Maps and gajdes,. to be<caHed .. the WashingtonState Vacation Guide wUl be m.ade and distril;Juted.

PLC Saga Carnival l(ing, ~To Be ·Chosen

Vaccnlon ~· Ian d IS Th ~me




an xylophone solo. He has ap. peared on TV programs receptJy, and is s'tudying willi. Mrs. Keller. Further entertainment was given by the Franklin Pierce High School trio, who sang three songs, accompanied by David Sannerud.


seof aradise



Approximately 130 people at· tended the Parkland Community Club b'anquet at the Coun· try House last Wednesday. An annual affair, it •was presided over by JWrs .•Tennie L. Grodvig and Herb Socolofsky as rr1aster of crrcrnonies. C. Melvin McKenny, master 'of James Sales Grange was a guest spe'aker, relating the peril of the public library. Main speaker of the evening was Frank Backstrom, city m•am1ger of Tacom;i, who talke(J about the d ly rnanageme)1t plan, and told some of the advances made in city government since it was adopted. He pointed out the main feature of the plan as "tight financial control", and said that central purchasing practices had been established He also dedarcd that large cities must look to annexation of sulburbqn areas to help carry the 1oad of city burdens. Anotl1er guest speaker was Dr. Charles T. Battin, council member from Tacoma, who said Tacoma is no\v v.•aking up on the inside, and progress can now be expecled. P<lst presidents, present officers and presidents of various visiting orgianiZ>a'lions were introduced, including Rufus Parker, president of tl1e Parkland Kiwanis, who were attending .tl1e meeting in a body. Jack Brown and Mrs. Grodvig were also introduced as man and woman of .tl1e year. Severn Kettleson presented a check for the profits of the recent wrestling match, to Tom Tommervik and bob Kaelin, representing Franklin Pierce School. Entertainml'nt was provided by five-year-old. Tommy Collier vvlllo presented tap dancing and


Anitoch, Calif.; and Robert Haycraft,. Eagle Grove, Iowa. The Mmstrel Show, put 0,11 annuall'.i'. by the l.letten_nen.s Club, will be Saturday mght s program. . . Dick Nodtvedt, Parkland'.. Is m charge of booths for the .carnival. "We have 25 boollis hncd up,". he said, "and they will be as fme ~~ any we have ever had at PLC. . . . , The pubhc IS mvit~d to attend tl1e two-day carmval. . ., ~ .,

M"'"'h"rd Air Fair s .1... ted A·s T"tlI 1e·.·I For carnn1a1 ,. I A· round .·& ALuOlh.I Th e ..c·ounm.y .' V


. ffl lilllll> ~ '4611!1

took place Wednesday, and the winn~rs wm be arn.wunced at the time of coronation. Freshman girls who have been put up for queen include Joan Kitt Ison Piarkland · . Nancy Halv~rso~, Tacoma; Dorothy PeterOn Sumner· Janet Wigen; s ' ' Spokane; Alzm;a.A1bredht, Kenncwick; Carol Bottemiller, Milwaukie, Are.; and Lina Talber, Portland. Garnet Lund, Parkland, is! among the. five senior men up for king. Others are: Roger Larson, Tacoma; Donald Hefty, Portland· John P. Carlstrom,




. . .. . . ''McChord Air. Faii-", was seli;cted as. the. name fo;r .the siprmg carmval to be held at McChord April 30, May 1 and 2, it was announced recently_ "t" · ,,_..._'tt The.w;i~m~ · .1 tle ... S11J' ."'u.i"'•f,d· by Harry< Fheg,. 534th ~­ master, ";"3$ chosen over 55 other entnes. The "McChord Air Fair/' ex, pected to be one of the biggest spring activities of the military in the Northwest will featare the Meeker'sShows of Tacoma


I c~.;;:g a!:/:~~e: ~oe:~::tsfue. a·61.11 ...y~~ll'..o·d llan ;~onl~a~:r':~d!~,in~~a~e ~~~ ! EiH Hou~e If 11•1t11d Dy Train . CO~JuncRd llJ lift h n I JI John~on, ~Si m 1 ui 11rorl1cU1vi . fill.

PLC o.affodil Float To Enter D .J F n"ng raraue er Th"U'd year IDnUllnlse

. . . .•


Stan Murphy soaldng up the at Anderson Lumber. Seemed to be e~j9ying it, too,



i:(;l .'}


Mrs. Starkei of Ashford tryc ing to remember the happenc ings of. the past week!:Better write 'em down, Jyl:rs. Starke!.

* '* *

Merle. Prettyman enjoying a horselback ride. That's a nice looking horse, Merle!

. :··. . .. Villl be the non-compet- • llllWU H and an athletic show. itive float by the St. Paul & .. .. .ope.n . * * Gene Woods traveling down Tacoma .Lumber Company of The !air will run 111 ' .' · _ Tacoma, which will carry llie \Ii t10n w1tl1 the McChord . Open the road on horseback. What The third annual PLC Daffo· 1 S\Ud~nt-bmlt, under the adV!S 12 attendants. Another spectac- . House." Allf types of aircraft happened to that TOMATO RED dil float will make its debut . o_rsh1p of Robert I. ular floa·t already assured is .!lo will be displayed . as well as LUXURY LINER BUICK? on April 10th in the renowned s1stant. professor of In ustria that from the Tacoma Naval other Air Force equipment. . . . * * *keepmg her Daffodil Float )}arade. Students Educati~n.. Station which tl1is year will be Struck Tuesday noon by a One of the major attractions., . Florence Minor will be. striving to maintain.· the Functi. omng as a c:ntral con:- competlng for honors in the train at the intersection of llOth of the entire affair will be the fmgers crossed. first P,laee award won by their mittee in the plannmg of th!s "other clubs and organizations" and Portland Ave., John Quinn, presentation of a 1954 Cadilla.c. la&t year in the education year's floral entry are .Edwi~ classification. 84 year-old pensioner was pro· The proceeds for the "Mc~ '* * and youtJ1 group division. 1 Roalg'aum, general chairman, nounced dead immediately by Chord Air Fair" will go to the Wonder who all the beavers In their first try at float Stan Read and Jerald Sheff~Js, I Dr. J. B. Ro·bertson. Airmen's Welfare fund. were up at Viv Selle's place building, the previous year, the t~chnical . assistants;. Mau~ice Quinn was a resident of the .Sunday.? PLS GladJi.ator was given hon- Fmk, chairman of fmance, J. MicHand Home for the Aged, ' I ~. :ti '!< orable mention, although it was P. Carlstrom and Jerry .Slattum, The following is a list of traf- and had gone to inquire a.bout . Al Jones aI:ld Bert Browne not entered in divisional comp- design and color; Jerry Sundby fie violations filed in Judge his pension check. I 1 holding. a confab! etition. and Iver Eliason, directors of no 1hf'rt M. Bresemann's court, Officer Paul Otto and Det. 'D ·r· 11 Sponsored by the Associntcd construction, ~nd Joan Worley, Spanaway, Washington, and I Russ Wall investigated. I Harold LeMay * *heading frn;Student Body of Fa.crfic Luther- floral dcmr~t10ns. . uu,y rnspused ot 1l1 same: The b.ody was removed t.0. New York. an college, the float project is Out ~o. give the ef.fort' .of Edward L. Parham, Rt". 1, Cassidy and Allen Mortuary. . * ,. * float-bu1ldmg a firmer fmanCial Box 302 Spanaway; Speedmg, Quinn is survived by a .grandU 1 · . · · h li · · footing, the committee this year B.F. $15.oo, WSP, d•aughter Mrs. Emil Adler, of/ Twenty~four accidents were · ·. Bi11· Bennett '. '<l.U ng ,a pwmc 'in.aug.ura. t~ its first annual Fjelstad, Ornin~ B., B.o.x 43G, 14515 So.' G St., in Tacoma. recorded 011 Pie. rec bounty high table. Looks hke spnng has paper dnve. -Headquarters at Parkland; No valid vehicle he· ways during February, with one sprung. 413 Garfield, acro~s fr~m the ense displayed, B.F. $10. WSP, fatality, occuring one mile south M h. * 11111 Do-Nut Bar, the drive will conOwen L. Hoyt, Rt. 1, Box ~Ou of the Roy "Y" arc ' 15* BROTHER! : tinue through April 2. . 171-A, Spanaway;. Drunk on a · ., State Patrol Sgt. Robert Rupp What a ooy~ frm.Jl~y related that Sa:turda~ was the . . . . 1 A feature of the dnve has public I'.ig:hway, B.F. $15, W~P. Maurice w. Bollew, 312 ;,th 1111 B\'S & 111l!ii!1 worst day for accidents seven iHarns Victor *swmgmg a 1 been tlle book sale conducted on the campu.s by the Spurs, st. s ..E., Puyallup; Thrn stop . f W"Id of l!:te 24 hapP€ned behveen 3 paint brush'. The regular meetmg o I and fl P. m. on that day. . .. ·~. ",. ~ . . 1 women's servJCe grou~, from sign, B.F. $10, WSP. books contributed durmg the Lawrence M. Anderson, 916 West Amaliary No. 91, Veterans Failure to yield the right-ofMr. Larson still stickmg by drive. . 8th Ave. N.W., Puyallup; No of. For~1gn yvars w1ll ?~_held way was the major cause of his Missouri hat. All persons havmg paper to valid operators license, B.F. $10, this .Fnday 11: the DorJc accidents followed by driving· * * contribute in support of the· , PCS. of tl1e Masomc Temple at p. on the w~onk side of 1.he road, * Charlie Fulwiller reminiscing, fodil Float are urged to bnng Neverduhl, Raymond, Rt. 6. m. . . (not passing). it to 413 Garfield, or to call Box 630, Puyallup; Failure to Mrs. A. Colbori: Brown, :vi-11 *", * GR 4484 to arrange for pickup yield right of way, Fined $10, conduct .the busmess session, Del Cheney sharing his Girl (all su&pended), vVSP. and elcct10n of a treasurer for! Scout cookies. My they're good, Dallas E. Hoxie, Rt. 1, Box the e~c<ming year., Reports of I mind if ,I ha~e :no~cr sample·? 480C, Spanaway; Speeding, B. comIT\1ttees, standmg. and spe1·


Jra ff"IC v·1018I"1011S



24 ACCI"'den 11.S fed Du Inng nepor f ebrll!l!larv . .,. w·SP

llrld nh

wes..,;. Gii"







, ·---·-----


·Coffee Offer

Gets Response

Coffee must·. be more dear than we realized, or else Park· land and .Pierce County folks are quicker ~o take advantage of a good thmg when they see it than we estimated, 'cause . Bob's Place, 1005 South, 8;,~ Air11'11 p 11.• • ~n port and J St was pra.cc1cally ll.lleoprriHHUm >wBl!.ll , snowed under last week, after I The regular meeting of tJ1e advertising a one-ha.If pound can I Delp'hinium Garden club will be of coffee free with each grease held on Wednesday, March 24 job ordered. in the Evergreen Rocm nt Even though the orders were Schoen.!felds. This will be guest tremendous, Bob and Ray Bart- day. The morning businq)s ses!ey, oweners, have a special man slon will be called lo order by to take care ·of all those who the president, Mrs. L. F. Mchave signed up, and are still of- Bride, at 10:30. Final plans will fering tl1eir coffeee for the next be made for the big plant cxthree weeks change to be held 011 March 31 They remind everyone, that at the South Tacoma ball park the grease job does not have to under the chairmanship of Mrs. be done right away, but any- M. F. Kendrigan. time within the next three Mrs. Albert Guy, program weeks. It is wise to m;:ikc the I chairman, has secured Dr. John appQintment now, however. Hanley as guest speaker




cm! will be he::>rd. . 1, .Delegates elected to the third, D1str.ict encampment at the las~ I meetmg are Mesd~mes May i Porter, A. II. Loomis, Edward. Nau, Florence Carlson, Carl 1 Bergstrom, Cullom Earls, Chas. I Warner, Robert O'Bryant and David ClemC'scn.. I Alterrnates are Mesdames Fred Carlson Dora Hoffman, I ' Ronald Crowley, J. .K. . Raslcr, I Mary Hammar, Robert Brew-11 . er, Edward Townsend, Mazie i Krohn and Crist Frantz. . The auxiliary will celebrate its 31st anniversary with a birth. day party following the meeting.

F. $15.00, WSP. ·Marcelle, James R., At. 1, Dox 292A, Tacoma; Speeding, B.F. $15.00, WSP. The undersigned certifys that t'he above list is true and ac-1 curate and recorded in official WA.shh:igton .State Dockets. Luther c. Shelton, Clerk of The Court.


will be chosen from these 12 Paci:(ic Lutheran Collegl':!•.,students, two of whom will as king and queen o·,rer the annual Saga•carnival this Fridav and nights. . , Frcm left to right, the contestan ;s are: Row 1, Lina Taber, Portland; Janet Win-en. Spokane; Dorothy Peterson, Sumner; Carol Bottemill((r, Milwaukie, Ore.; Alzora. Albrecht, Ken:;wick; Nancy Halv,prson, Tac.oma; and Joan Kittelson, Parkland. · Row Robert Haycraft, Eagle Grove, Iowa; Roger Larson, Tacoma; Donald Hefty, Portland; Garnet Lun-:l, Parkland; and John P. Carlstrom, Antioch, Calif_ Photo by,·McKew~n


Jmi lllee'


Carnival Royalty


FREDERICK V. BOLTE, son,. E. D. RUBLE of Mr. and lVIrs. Fred Bolte of ·former resident of Tacoma Rt. 3, Puyallup, is now serving during the six years he was in Hawail. with an air transport I Pacif:c Telephone's western S'.]Ua[lron based at Hickam Air Wa3hington sales supervisor, Fqrcc Base. He is a Navy air- has been appointed assistant man and his unit is engaged in secre"ary and assistant treasthe Pacific airlift to the Far urer of the Pacific Telepho. n.e East. Airman BoHe is a grad- and Telegraph Company in uate of the Puyallup high school. 1 Washington-Idaho.


Ra}p.h l\tason c'.Ldving his car

Ifrom the right hand side so Jong, 1 · 1

he's beginning to talk like a LimC'y. ·

Traffic Safety Theme of Pro~r~m I

An interesting and insLructive program on traffic safety will be presented mis (Thursday)• I evening at 8 o'clock in the Bethel high .school auditorium, . the Bethel Hi P-TA and the· •drivers' training class of the s~hool as OO-$ponsors. Highlight of the affair will be a panel discussion on "How Engineering of Au~omohilr.~·,. Enforcement and Education Can Prevent Acc!dents." Panel members w111 include a c;cpu!y sheriff, students of the driving class, parents and Joe More}and, auto dealer of Puyallup, who supplies the C:l"S for the class. One of. the dual-control cars used in the driving lessons will be on display:


1 • 4 cans • 25c can















POTATOES 50 lbs.


Thursday, March 18, 1954 The TIMES-JOURNAL


For The Head:lines---

Published Every Thursday ADDRESS............P. 0. BOX 654, PARKLAND, WASHINGTOl'll 119th and Pacific A venue Phone GRanite 3466 !

JACK BROWN ······································-··-··-··-······· PUBLISHER GIBB THEIS ...........................................- .. · GENERAL MANAGER NEVA T. HONEYWELL ··················-······--··················-· EDITOR JUDY DENSMORE ............................. ,..........ASSISTANT EDITOR BILL BLACK ............................:.. _.......................- ..ADVERTISING DOLORES BROWN ....... - ....................................... CIRCULATION KENNETH POTTLE ........................ SHOP SUPERINTENDANT WES McKEWEN .......................................-···- PHOTOGRAPHER ROG McDONALD ............................................ SPORTS EDITOR C. K. (Red) HANEY ·-·-·-··.. ···---··--··'·.... POLICE REPORTEF.



10 cans $100









Oumde Pi.. ce Coun., .


mmunity Spirit Sagging?


One of the stories on the front page of this newspaper chronicles the recent Parkland Community Club banquet, and gives an estimate of 130 people attending. Marlene Corrigan This may seem like a good turnout-even excell· GRanlte 8545 ent-to club members used to seeing perhaps 40 or The regular meeting of the 50 out of the entire membership of perhaps 150. Harvard . MfrHand Preschool

Midland News

Why? Because the Community Club, which is just that, a club created for the members of the whole community-bar ·none-has a potential membership list of over 6000 people. Two percent of its members attended the annual banquet; to its ordinary meeting, an almost infinitesimal percentage turn out. If Parkland is to be a progressive community, more

spirit must be shown, and a greater representation of its members must take .an acti'vc part in its affairs.




A correspondent in Italy says that baseball is growing more popular there, even though Italians are not very proficient players. It may be wondered if Itali.;m ballplayers can be as bad at the American game as some American singers of popular songs are at singing Italian lyrics.

* * * Future Prosperity

One of the most hopeful indications that we may reasonably E)Xpect a continuation of prosperous conditions in this country is the attitude of President Eisenhower when he expressed his philosophy of being liberal in all human relationships and conservative in money matters. That kind of statement, forthright as it is, inspires confidence. We like the story of the dear little old lady who said to her friend: "My eyes are giving me t.!"Ouble. I must consult an optimist."

When we think seriously of the many opportunities that lie ahead of us we can all, with safe assurance, assume the role of the cheerful optimist. We have nothing to lose in that.




will be hdd Wednesday, March 21, a1t 8:00 p.m. ~harp, in the moV'ie room at Midland school. Guest speaker for the evening will be Mrs. Karola,_ who will show a film and .give ~ lecture on "Retarded Cluldren. Refresl~ments will be served and the h'ostcsscs for tlw eve· ning wi11 be Mrs. Donald Hicks, assisted by Mr-sdamps Eleanor Kruse, Harry Bergl'r and Lawrence Jones. Talent Show, Social Don't forget-Friday, March 19-at the Midland Community club hall, 8:00 p.m. sr~ar~, for t•hc big annual St. .Patnck s ta!ent show and social sponsored by the St. John of the Wo_ods parish. Friday evening serVJc~s of the Stations ~f t;ie Cross will be he-Id at 7:b o clock at. foe church for this one evening so that the parishoners may attend church fir&t. Talent for tlhe show is coming rulong nicely and the commillees are work_ing hard and promise a grand time to all those who attend. The love!y hamper filled with linens Wlll also be awarded. 4-H Clover Club JoAnne Schumacher was hostess for the meeting of the Midland 4-H ·Clover club. The business meeting was held ·after the hiosless and her mother served lovely refreshments. Several projects were discussed and final plans fur the Franklin· Pierce High Boosters club pro· gram were made. Nina Ayers and Marlene Corrigan will be enttering the meal preparation contest Saturday, March 20, at the Sumner high school. Pres· ent at l11e meeting were Janet Spearman, Mary Townsend, Val-


Butler's Garag




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Plan-ters PEANUT

BUTTER 20 Oz. Jar

· 53c





If d\iU~l!i -




98th & ICJlll!!I










TACOMA'S INDEP!EJ'IDENTL Y OWNED SUPER MAR.KET Effective Thursday, Friday, Saturday, March 18, 19, 20 ·Yes 24 hours a day OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY .. · 7 DAYS A WEEK



12 lb.and

rree ue11very

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Summit News

SKINLESS WEINERS lb. BEEF CUBES . . . . lbg 49c GROUND BEEF • 3 lbs. 97c

BABY -FOOD 10 for 83c ·

Smoked . Sharp Garlic • Bacon





ly staff at the Summit Trading THAN YOU THINK! The Ada Holden circle of the Co., broke his leg in two places Summit church will hold the while s!ping March 7. He was regular monthly meeting at the taken to Doctors hospital in Mrs. M. S. Rau Alex Kelly home on Canyon Tacoma. I road March 25 (Thursday) with Dinner a Success I GR 8391 a dessert luncheon at 1 o'clock. ,. The W-S-C- Volunteer fireThursday, March 18, is date The business hour and program men and their ladies wish to for Hie regular monthly meeting to follow. Mrs. Heister will as- thank those in tJhe connnunity ofthe Central Avenue Pre· sist the hostess. who rturned out to help make school, to be held in the school Leave Ends tl1eir dinner such a big success lunch room. There will be elec· David Scalf, son of Mr. and Sunc:J:ay. They served 350 and tion of officers for the coming Mr~. Jerry Scalf on Canyon those c-njoying the bountiful year, also a musical program. road, has returned to his post meal declared that the plates All people of the district are · with the Navy at Treasurer needed side boards to hold all urged to attend this important Island after spending his leave the food. meetii:ig. Hostesses for the social at home. He had motored home Home From Trip hour are Mrs. Donna Houtz and and his mo;bher accompanied A/3C Garner Ashby and his Mrs. Helen Clabaugh. him on the return trip, visiting bride, the former Barbarf.l Ada Holden Circle two sisters in California and Ralph, daughter of the Fred Ralphs, have retu.rned. ~r?m their honeymoon trip, vJS1t1ng his folks in Texas. The young r · • ll!E ..II Young ~teers airman reported to McChord .;,Umm1t 0. and Heifers \ii i;i Air Force Base and is now on Home of "Fiaher'a Qualloy l'oed9" his way to Korea. Bar'bara will Canyo~ Rd., next to be with her parents while he is Summit Trading Co. CUSTOM CUTTING AND WRAPPING 7136 ·a:ay. GR we Deliver WE RETAIL AT WHOLF.:SALE PRICES l'tETAIL SALES THUR&., FRI. & SAT.

White face Beef

MARGARINE 5 lbs. $100






eria Bombardier, Janet Jen~n· Nina Ayers, Marlene Corrigan, . ~ Elizabeth Weir, Lorraine Besh-1 ::> aler, JoAnne Schumacher, Mrs. Frank Kobe and Mrs. Wallter Corrigan and Pat. :C Friendship Club "C:f" ' Meeting at the home of Mrs. N Floyd Jensen, Friday noon, were members of the Friend- w ship club .• It was decided to 0,. make or buy skirts and blouses () for two girls at t1he _Rainier school at Buckley by the next m'"Pting, which will bl' the sec· ond Friday of A,pril at tl1e hame of Mrs. Larry Cleary. Hi Booster Club Lea:rning a little about what the Midland Girls 4-H and the Midland 4-H Clover club mem· bers do to lwep themselves busy in project v.-rlrk and fun, will 1tirm part of tht:' program of the Frrmklin,Picrce High Booster cltib meeting Tuesday evening, Miarch 2•1 in the high school cafeteria. style review of the girls' own sc'wing, a. few. d~­ on>o>lrations, commumty smgmg and a drill and baton twirling act by the marching unit are some of the program planned by the girls. Melvin McKenney will pre· side over the business session and many reports wil1 be given by committee Chairmen.


16 oz. glass


Until next week, we find that scientists are at last beginning to catch up with nature. They have invented a machine that can think of 39,000 things at once. This is nearly half as much as an average wife can friends in Portland. Leg think of for her husband to do when he is around the We are Breaks sorry to report that house. Willard Rice, one of the friend·

Good Quality Graded Beef U.S. Govt. Insp.



Carload! DINNER SEll Colored


It seemed good to us, too, until we considered how many members the Parkland Community Club actually has. Then we decided that it wasn't excellent or good, or even halfway good. In fact it was pretty bad.

CORN '9 cans $100

8 oz. glass

$4.00 USA. $4.25 $2.00 $2.50 $3.00 Advertising Rates On Request Qualified as a Legal Publication under Chapter 213 of the Lei<islative Acts oi.- che 1941 Regular Session of the State ot Washington.




Subscription Rate

Out Of Stale

Carload! Rosedale


Happy Vale

Entered at Parkland, Washington, Post Office as Second Class Matter. Under the Provisions of the Act of Congress of March 3, JS\l7.




I extracted the cork from the second bottle and did likewise; with the exception of one glass which I drank. 1 I withdrew the cork from the A ..• - - - . - . 'l!a'11A. third bottle and emptied the I ·~r·k1a·n·d·;1·he· good booze down the sink, with I I .the exception of one glass which t I drank. urs., ri., a • I pulled out the bottle of the Both Technicolor cork on the next, drank one sink Dean Martin ' Jerry Lewis out of it, poured the rest down In the glass. Money From Home I pulled the sink out of the · next glass 'and poured the cork . Plus . .k· from the bottle. Give a Girl a Brea I pulled the next cork out of Starts Sun. my throat,JJoured the sink from the l)ottle"'and drank the glass. In Technicolor Then I corked the sink with Canyon Passage the glass, bottled tl1e .sink and Plus drank tbe pour. Red Skelton When I had everything empti· In ed out, I steadied· the house . with one> hand and counted the The Great botne, corks. and glasses with 1 Diamond Robbery the other which was twenty-

rru .

Th .


.·. . .


F• S


Spanaway Clinic Of Myopractic Corner of 161 st & Pacific

You Are Invited To Attend A

Southern Baptist Church



Church of Tacoma

Mon., Wed., Fri.• 11 .. 6 p.m. Physical Therapy By Appointment • • • GR 6200 "Add years to life and life to Years" G. L. DEAN

Mp. D. Director "I can help when others

.fa1•1 •IB

One-Half Pound Tin of Hills Bros. (drip or regs) Coffee Given Free With every grease job at regular $1.50 price you get our regular Marfak lube joh plus haHery check, rear end and ission check, brake cylinder check, tires washed and car interior swept out and one-half pound coffee

Call GRanite 33

For _Appointment

I ~

We wil! make an appointment to lube your far at your convenience any day exc ep-t Synday ~or the next month, March I 2 to April 12th. When you call we will set aside your coffee so that it will be on hand when you come in for your lube Job.


Why Are We Doing This?· service once and becoming ,acquainted with us, you

19 Years. in. Parldand • - .. Texc:u:o Products


Midland .News Marlene corrlgan GR 8545 (Crowded Out Last Week)

How does . a man who for nine years was a chef a.t -the Good Work Seven members of the 6th, 7th, , French Cafe In Olympia, and and 8th grades deserve credit for who practiced his art at the the attractive postersthatwere.. Davenport. i~ Spokane, the display<; the various merch- i Olympic and the: Wii:thr~p hapants prim to the smoker. These ·pen to be makmg, m his own P?sters were done by Helen words, "the finest rebuilt bi· Ziemer, Jarleth Hoffman, Rich- cycles in the state"? ard Badham, Gene. Challen~er, Well, in the case' of Dav~ Mary Hab~r, Jamee Aldrich, Lyons, owner of Dave's Fixit and Joan Lmn. Shop at 84th and Pacific Ave., Good Neig.hbor · ii was a roundabout road, takOur thanks to Bil~ Woods for 1 ing in a second'hand operation


Family Party A family gathering at the home of the John Hansons of Collins was held last Wedne.sday evening in honor of Harold Hanson's birthday: Those. pres· ent for the dinner were Mr. and Mrs. John Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hanson and child" ren N. cil and Karen, .and Miss Alice Marie Hanson. , . . Dads Night . , . Dads mght was a big sue. . Held . . in cess I ast F r1'd ay rnght. the luncl:l room of the school, it :was informal and .friendly. W.alter. Challender· presided as ~resident with John Harber actmg treasurer and E. C. Allen, secretary. Master of ceremonies forthe program was Bill West· man. Bonnie Jean Phillips and h b . th D . er .. ro er . anny . presented several musical on the · · numbers ' piano and accordion al'l.d Gene Challender and Steve Bunker pl'ayed selections on the guitar. Boy Scbuts from troop No ~ presented a clever skit ~n '.'Fathers' Troubles." John Harber was in charge of kitch· en and serving hot dogs and coffee. The next meeting will be on the 9th of April and will be ell')ction of officers. Mothers of seco11d grade youngsters will serve.


You Are Welcome In Our Progressive Community



. WE WELCOME YOUR NEW BUSINESS To Our .Progressive Community!

Clark's Gas Land Best Wishes From


Entertains Mr. and Mrs. Bert Badham of Fruitland avenue entertained a group of their frfends last Sunday evening for cards and refreshments. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Art Lincoln, Mr. and Mvs. Ben Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Westman, Mr, and Mrs. John Harber, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Elsdon and the Badhams.

~111.onDave the side. who

.m. o.·s···t· o.f th. c ·. m .. aterrnl and ~he labor put m on the bus waitmg shed ·now on the corner of A·1.r p· .0 r·t an . d Cllerr . Around. 12. youngst w .t Yf th b. · ers or e . us ti . d th ai ..11 lere ~~ •t ey w; e:pecia11Y apprecia e 1 ~11 ramy ays. . M. bsurpr~se;ar~~ d. t ar~ 0 d e 11th 'gra 00 a . a . ma .e '.1 ~ir own plans for a s~rprise birthday part~ for their teacher, Mrs. Geo1ge Cole, last Tuesday oh her bh;thday. Assisted by the · · room Mrs. Bergren d M mothers, El d th t an rs. s on, e par Y was a h uge success. Mothers Club . Mothers club held their February meeting and luncheon last Tuesday at the home of M!'s. W•alter Challender. Assistant hostess for the day was Mrs. Chet Burgess. The group for ?ne of thei_r projects sold van· illa ·.and earned f?r the P-1:A a coffee urn which was d1splayed at the meeting. The group is also working on a lovely quilt which is almost done. Present were Mesdames Bert Badham, Thomas Elsdcn, John Ha!'ber, Bill Westman, August St. Pierrie, Berr R.uyle, Burrell,



I Plymouth Rock,. and he claims one.quarter Cherokee blood. He served overseas in World War II, and recently. became a grandfather for the second time. He is the father .of three boys.



11· I


. . ' . is now r ti d · ' : e re FOO ft ,,.. ENTER from the . profession of chef, . , w 'Ii#& . . GR 7512 opened his .f1.x1t and second Span away •h'an d sh op a b,ou t th ree years ··LOOK! ago. However, V17hen the neighboring kids came in to have bicycles fixed, t?jle conversa· 1150 Ft. Plastic .Just tion would turn to "how much Garden Hose $3.29' can yo~ give me on this bike ' 5- year unconditional guaral'I · for a ne'W one" and Dave would! tee. When yo1,1 buy your seeds start flgliring. here. " , . . . ~fter a while, the bikes tak· N ElC Soda en m on trade and rebuilt sort · · I Cr...,ckers a f push ed the second hand bus1""' . . .. • • . ness .right out of the shop" re11 . ' Bar-None ca s Dave. . . I Do Food • • All of the bikes which pass , 9 New J~llo through the ~hop are. J?Ut through a .detailed rebmldmg Pudding • • • 2 /lOc ~rocess, which t~;ns them .out (Only 1 deal to a customer) as good. as new. . . Dave is an ex-serviceman, Each whose ancestors. met the May· Coffee Muns • lOc !lll! flower when it docked at ":ii •




11 · , :




L. B. Brown, Chet Burgess, and Pig Hocks Q • • • the ,hostess Mrs. Challender. . Loin Lb.""' Entre Nous 1 The Entre Nous held their · Pork Chops ••• 67c February meeting at .the home of Mrs. Walter Challender last Grcien Onions Wednesday. Following the des· Radishes ••••• sert luncheon the remainder of the afternoon was spent playing New Lb. cards. Present were Mesdames Cabbage ...... Sc -t. C. Mullins, Russell Tucker, Bud Root, Kirk Bodhaine, Bill Ctn. Westman, Charles Pronovost, Tomatoes ••••• 19c John Harver, Ben Thompson, Karl Cordes, Art Lincoln, Bert Prices .Effective Badham and the hostess, Mrs. Fri. &. Sat., March 12 & 13 Challender. I


4000' lx6 No. 3 Com. Cedar V Rustic.... $60.00 .M 300 Pcs. 2x3-8 No. 3 Com., per piece ............ 20c 200 Small Split Ceciar Posts .......... ;................25c lx6 Knotty Spruce Panel. per 100 Ft•........$18.00

Kitchen Cabinets Custom Built Easy Monthly P?yments


PACIFIC AVENUE LUMBER CO. 84th and Pacific Avenue Phone HI 9515




Clark's Gas land



Spanaway Ceramic Sho~

Your Franchised

Thermo Ray Radiant Heat


GR 7023


Spana way

Dozer & Shovel Work


Large or Small Basements Dug )eptic Tanks Water Lines Top Soil . Al • GR 4937 . Ralph • GR 3204



163rd am! Pacific Avenue


Sizes 6 Mo.-To 10 Years

Buy for play or school




Phone GRanite 4166





BACON I lb. Pkg.





Snowdrift Centennial P'cake & Waffl~ 4


FLOUR .... Holiday


Pkg ..

Fresh Crisp



2 lbs.

Golden Rip~•




• /

2 lbs• Ill




. Fresh

KT. GRanite 8727



Su Easy to Handle

Bolo Knife l!OTAR *Adjustable cutting widths * Unbreakable bolo knife hoe$ *Automatic clutch control

Sigler"s Hardware


MOP STICKS .... ..









llllsl l!:ll!J.;:"!!11j,f



GROUND BEEF • • 33c pound

PORK SAUSAGE • 33c Regular Size


~ Ill








1 45c Pound

. CHILI ROLLS . • • 1111




Ii -r'lllllllllV



Page 7

Thursday, March 18, 1954 The TIMES-JOURNAL








].,_Business Service

FOR RENT - Large sleeping ELECTRIC sewing machine in room, private bath, private -beautiful mahogany cabinet; entrance; call GR 3126 after 7. sews forward arid reverse; ful10p27 ly. guaranteed; $89.50, terms. SI1'\GER SEWING lVlACHINE FOR .RENT - Large sleeping CO., 116 2nd Ave. S.E., Puyroom, private bath, private en- allup. 15c27 trance; call GR 3128 after 7. 10p28 PARKLAND FURNITURE New and used miscellaneous; FOR RENT-4-room aparbnent Airport & Pacific Ave.; Resibath, utility room; close to bus dence Phone GR 3748. 15ctf / and school<; $30; Rt. 13, Box 133, Tacoma; Knapp & GoldSHOPPER'S SPECIAL en-Given roads. 10c27 Traveler TV Sales and Service. Full Console was $249.95, I I-Repair Service now $189.95, save $60.00; 21" WASHING MACHINE PARTS. table model, was $249.95, now Largest stock in town. Repair- $199.95, save $50; 21" console (aluminized tube), was $269.95, ing that pleases. B.B.'s Washnow $229.95, save $40; one er Service, 3727 So. G. HI 9409 llclf only, 1954 21" blonde Zenith table model, w,as $289.95, now $239.96, save $50. Aerial sup12--Used Autos plies, 'tubes. Farcy's Service, nt. 3, Box 149, Puy. 5-7207. Around corner off Airport on Cedar Rd. Woodland District. 15ctf

9-Real Estate

138th & J-5 acres with older, 3 bedroom home. Large living room, dining room, kitchen and bath. A good location for fuHutson ture building site on 138th. TANK ~LEANING Full price $6,500 with $2,000 HI 3980 HA 7038 down. 'tiiiill Locker Meat Accepted MR. Handyman here's an opBANK RUN GRAVEL $6 for 4 W WHAT DO YOU NEED? Plow- portunity. Unfinished one-bedyards delivered; loading 5i>c tJ room home on lot 175x195. Loing, discing, blade work, etc; per cubic yard. Canyon Road <( cated on F street close to 121st. GR 6550. 3ctf pit; WA 7902. 15ctf n., Total price $3,200 with~ small RAY GOGAN payment down. LA.NDSCOPE CONST".A.UC- SPANAWAY Lake location with TION GENERAL landscap. 31 feet water frontage. Living ing service-- new lawns, room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, peat soil, topsoil, shrubbery, bath and attic. A fuH size conrockeries. Nothing down, 36 crete basement can be used months to pay. GR 3127. for garage and bath house. 3ctf 119TH & A ST. A 2 bedroom, ELECTRIC CONTRAC-TING newer home with l•arge attic. 25 years experienced; licensed The living room 14x17. All,, &. bonded; reasonable; Lee hardwood floors. The garage Corp, GR 7064. 3ctf 14x'20, \vith a lot 100x90. Selling for $10,700. FG~ 3;.;:_,:c; Mixed grass hay, HOUSE MOVING; [eveling; $25 per ton; Chester Reichel, '.:::!lo foundations; cement work; THREE BEDROOM rambl.;r; 13-Farm Ads kitchen, washroom, liv, ·end of Smith road; phone Yelm ;;;io free estimates. PR 2653. 3ctf lbath, ing room 16x16. Attached gar- HAY - -Ory land alfa~fa, grass i 7820. 15ctf 16x24. college and hay $1 per bale. Del!very can . ..JI ACE SEPTIC TANK age bus and grade school. Full be arranged. Will take live- DeLUXE SEALY SLEEP price $9,500. G.I. or FHA terms stock in trade. Second 'house LOUNGE. Sealy's best in up- ~ SERVICE A BUNGALOW with 211... bed- past Roy "Y" on Mountain holstered dual sleeping furniSeptic Tanks Cleaned 13ctf iture; nicely styled, top qualrooms, kitchen and bath, large Highway. ity upholstery, reversable T. . living room wHh carpeting, oil GR floor furnace, large garage. 3 DAIRY COW, fresh soon, 3rd cushions, op(ms in seconds to HI 5058 0. B. ACKLEV !hlocks from bus and school. A calf; R't. 2, Box 404, Puy~llup; . a real bed comvlete with a 5th St. S.W. between Airport foll size deluxe innerspring ROTOVATING - Prepare soil very good buy at $6,250. and Pear. 13c27 mattress. PARKWAY FURNIin one operation for lawn or -·---------··---- - - TURE 141$11: & Pacific GR Jennie L. Grodvlg garden; Bert Severeid, GR HIGH~ST PR~CES PAID for 394 1. Open 'l'lll 9. '15c27 3G43. 3ctf all kmds of livestock; call or write Butch Grombach, Rt. 3, LEAVE FILM AT Quality SMITH CABINET SHOP Insurance of All Kinds Box 577, Puyallup; phone Puy. Photo Service for developing. Remodeling, kitchen cabinets: Notary Public 13ctf In at 10, out at 5. 9610 Pawe sell glass; 16309 So. Park, Est. in Parkland Since .1941 ' allup 5-5621. cific Ave. 15ctf Spanaway, GR 7949. 3ctf GENTLE Guernsey cow, fresh GR 7232 days ------- ------1 month; 4% gallons, 6% but- WE CARRY the nQltion's top 208 Garfield Street TRACTOR WORK, plowing, ter fat; also 1 month old heifdiscing\ blade work; J. H. "Deal with the people who give er calf; call 5-5934 Puyallup. foam rubber sleep ensembles. U.S. Koylon, Englander Air Arnestad, GR 1282; Rt. 3, Box you their own personal atten13c27 Foam and Firestone Foamex. 521-A, Tacoma. 3ctf tion.H ~ PARKWAY FURNITURE, 14--Situation Wante-d 14lst & Pacific Ave., GR 3941. SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED$5600.00 Open Till 9. 15c27 Contents hauled away. Don EXPERT PRUNING of Redford, 8232 So. Fawcett. SMALL DOWN. Quick posses- and shrubs; Fred Stotler; GR SPECIAL ORDER CAKESGA 7334. If no answer call sion. 2 bedrooms, Jiving room, 5751. 14c29 Phone GR 3330, Patty Ann GA 9222. 3ctf dining room, kitchen, built-ins, Bakery. 15ctf 3-pc. bath. Six lots. Garage, ACCORDION, HARMONICA SPRING PLOWING, discing d1icken bouse. Close to Fern and til1ing; GR 8492. 3ct.f Hill. Call Ralph Decker, HA lessons; button and piano ac· FOR SALE - Bred New Zeacordion; certified teacher; Mrs. land does, mated geese, turkWE BUILD HOMES, remodel, 0365 or HA 3415. Meier, 937 So. Ainswort•h, BR ey and goose eggs; call Graham level buildings; cabinet work, OKE ACRE 14ctf 7-7810. 15c27 concrete work. Reasonable. NEAR Waller Road and c!Ose 6428. GR 3550, MA 0706. 3ctf in. Land is good, all cleared, ACCORDION lessons in your REAL SILK products; phone fenced and cross fenced. House 'home; instrument furnished; Fern Rutherford, GR 4451, 14ctf 'has living room, dining room, call HA 5788. collect: 15ctf kitchen, bath and l bedroom PIANO TEACHING GraduCEDAR FENCE POSTS down. Sleeping room up. Garage in basement. Small hen ate Holy Names Teachers Col- Round or split, any length, 35c house. Lovely ,surroundings. 1-ege, also Cornish School. On and up, delivered. Write 14c28 Cloyes, Rt. 1, Box 93, Roy. $4,800. Terms. Call Mr. Inloes, 138Ul St.; GR 6488. 15ctf HA 0365 or BA 2547. CHILD CARE - Day or week FIVE STAR BARGAIN· in my home; Canyon road, So. McKinley df Airport road; Mrs. Dorothy EASTERN hardwood bedroom Septic Tank Cleaning 6311 McKinley Ave. HA .0365 Johnson, Rt. 13, Box 612, Ta- suite. Panel bed, double dressMember of coma. 14c27 er, plate glass mirror*, fi vcFree Estimates Tacoma Real Estate Board drawer chest; 252-coil .Sealy 1 And Advice mattress and matching box 15-Miscellaneous spring; complete $179.50; F.H.A. (*mirrors have sligilit shipping CASH BUYERS rubs). PARKWAY FURNIWE NEED listings of all kinds. SAVE UP TO 75% TURE. Terms, Trades Farms, acreage, lots, building ON HOUSEHOLD APPLI141st & Pacific, GR 3941; open 5-Help Wanted sites, homes, (new or old, 1, 2, ANCES, WATCHES, Till 9. 15c27 3, 4, bedrooms). SALESMEN AND DEALERS TOOLS, ETC. ~Brand new protl.uct of rubber 16-Livestock, E.quip Write LORING research stops flat tires! Mot- JAMES CASH FOR milk cows, beef, orists, truckers and fleet opREAL ESTATE Box 731, Parkland heifers, veal and hogs. CaH erators can now have puncSALE - Walnut dining R. Tbackeray collect. Puyalture-proo'f tubes for $1.98 per Natl. · B~nk of Wash. Bldg. FOR room set $35; walnut bedroom lup 5-5414. · 16ctf tire. Plenty of advertising and promotion. Get in on the Eves. Gr 7068 - Days GR 4148 set $25; oil range, very reas15p27 FOR SALE Sorrel mare, ground floor! America rolls on FOR SALE - New brick and onable; GR 4558. wheels and your spare tire shake 2-bcdroom rambler on 2 CORDS green upland slab, army saddle, blanket, hackamore hit, halter; not recomv.rill make you plenty of money, 'h acre; double garage; ffrc- $14; GR 3306. 1,5ctf mended for small children; $80 if you mave quickly. Big Com- place; file ba!lh and kitchen; mission.s. Write, wire or phone Berko electric glass heat. Al- SINGER TREADLES; A-1 con- fakes all; 13.'lrd St., Brookdale; Tire Guard Company of Amer- •stucco building on property; 2 dition; fully guaranteed; $15.95 Rt. 7, Box 48, Tacoma, Wn. 16p28 ica, General Offices, 1018 2 blocks to city bus. GR 7449. $19,95; $24.50, etc. SINGER - - - - -BREEDERS ---- Commercial Trust Bldg., Phil9c27 SEWING MACHINE CO., 116 ARTIFICIAL adelphia 2, Pennsylvania. 5o27 2nd Ave. S.E., Puyallup. 15c27 Evergreen Breeders Ass'n. $7 WANTED Girl model for Homes in Parkland Com'!lun- 'WANTED-Chickens and rab- ·breeding fee; no charge on reCamera club Saturday & Sun- ity; Acreage close . In! either bits. Call us bli!fore you sell. turns. Holstein, Guernsey, JerCope's Poultry Market, 7036 sey, Milking Shorthorn, Brown day afternoons; address Cam- with or without buildings. Swiss, Hereford. Call Puyal· era Club c/o Tlmes-Journal, Realty Pacific Ave., Tacoma, Wash 16ctf P. 0. Box 654, Parkland. 5c28 11220 Pacific Ave. HA 4406. 15ctt lup 5-8393. Off-ice-Days, GR 3341 FOR Sil.LE - Bal-cd grass hay. CALL TOM RAl<"FERTY, 8·-Wanted To Buy Evetllngs, YU 9221, HI 3315 See Frank Lapenski, Rt. 1, 4443; your agent for Puwder, _..,_. WANTED-Buildings to wreck. HI 6174 • LA 7161 Box 180, Roy, Wash. 15p27 River Cattle Squeeze Chute. 16p46tfj We buy and sell used building Agent for American Express FOR SALE 2 overstuffed materials. White Ball Lumber Money Orders chairs, good condition, both WILL TRADE hay for ho;:;;es. ~ Co., Bingham Road, just west I O-Rent~ls for $20; GR 3864. 15c27 GR 6446 16ctf Iof Summit View; GR 8591, 8ctf MACHINE REKTALS-=R~1~- II LUMBER WELL DRILLING SPOT CASH Tillers, Chain Saws, Mechanic F D I" w For Your Used Furniture Tools, Floor Sanders, Skill ree e IVery ~ Berkeley 1 Piece or House Full Saws, House Jacks. If its for! COLORED Bath Sets (3-pc.) ~ Block's Furniture Mart rent we_ have it. AA Equip·· $124.95; White Bath Sets (3!ID JETS w 8219 So. Tacoma Way ment Rentals. 3804 Pacific pc.), $99.95; A grade Pore. Toi-, 0 SUBME.RSI BLES LA 2882 Ave., HI 6193. lOctf lets, $24.95; lxlO, lx12 Sheath0 9 CENTRIFUGALS ing Eds., $39.00 M; lx8 Shiplap O TURBINES ~ $39.00 M; 2x4 Studs, $39.00 M; D.. 2x4s, 6s, 8s, 10s, 12s, $39.00 M; Call GR 7281 lx6, lx8, lxlO Bldg. Sdg., $19 Stock Ranch ~ M up; lx6 Drop Siding, $49.00 & 80 ACRES--3-bcrlroom modern house; large barn, excelM; Kails, 8, 20, 30p, keg, $9.24; I lent well; approx. 20 acres cleared, balance in pasture; Well Drilling Co. Paint, grey,outside, gal., $1.49: ...I some equipment; close in; $16,000, $5,000 down. Call Mr. Paint, out' or in, gal. wht., Rt. 7, Box 316 Tacoma Moore, GR 8638, GR 5469, GR 3558. $2.89; Sheetrock-Celotex from Terms Trades ~ $59.00 M; 3 Tab .Roofing (1st grd.) Sq., $8.89; Painted 40 Acres - $4750 0 Shakes, Sq., $9.95; 90 lb Min. 3-BEDROOM HOME, needs some finishing; several outRoofing, Sq., $3.89. BONNEY buildings; good v."C'll; low down on contract. Call Helen LAKE LUMBER, 4 mi. East O'Brien, GR 8638, GR 3558, GR 5469. of Sumner on Highway. Phone General Repairing Sumner 3-3250 any hour.


:::» O



Parkland Realty Co.



8 lb. Bag

Arizona, Juicy


GRAPEFRUIT . Fresh, Ce!lo









CARROTS • . 2/25c I 0 Lbs.



2... 0 E 53c ii.... II""'

lb. 39c lb. 33c lb. 29c lb. 33c lbs. $1.00 • • • •

AH Meats Packaged and Ready

I 0 Lbs.

No. I Gem, Washington




No. I Russet Idaho

..... lb.

12 to 15 Size


Florida Valencia, Med. Size



Fresh Fillet



m ~-




For Your Freezer • No Extra Charge

m SUNDAY MARCH 21st Is First Day Of SPRING

Fresh No. I

AV ACAD0 S • 2/23c

46 oz. tins


Orange Juice



GR 5 5 8 8






4/1 Dozen


AA Large Fresh Ranch

Walla Walla


Top O' Morn Brand

Old Yankee










G. I. financing


6 oz. jar

L. H. Peterson

Save 25e; on Spry·


Van Camps





21/2 size tin




w 0

Bert Brown


GR I:::;





2 pkgs. 29c 2 pk9s. 29c

oz. pkg. 29c oz. pkg. 29c Fresh Frozen Orange Juice, concentrate 6 oz. tin 15c



Tcu:oma Pump














3-I3EDROOM HOME; small harn and chicken coop; good soil; low equity, $7,150 full prlce. Call Mr. Mitchell, GR 8638, GR 65'15.

lots - Midland 1 GHOUP of 5 lots $650; 1 group of 15 lots $1250. Excellent sHil; near Midland school. Call Mr. HarnJon, GR 6896, GR 8638.

80 Acres GRAHAM ar0a; large barn, chicken house; school l;us by door. Priced right at $8500. Call Mr. Moore, GR 5469, GH. 0038.

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Canyon Road News Mrs. K. W •. Struensee GR 5742

EDITOR'S NOTE-In last week's Times-Journal the Canyon Road news appeared in the Waller Road column. Please excuse this unfortunate mix-up .

. *



The regular monthly meeting of the Canyon Road Ladies Auxiliary will be held Thursday, March 25 at 12:30. Due to extensive alterations on our






... 7/ •••• 9 /

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Thursday, March 18, 1954 Vol. 9, No. 27

Publishl'd Evl'l'y Thursday at Parkland, Wash.

GRanitl' 3466

I by grade school pupils may save many Jives, and these Parkland Grade school kids show what they have learned, as they cross the busy highway under the direction of their schoolbuy patrolmen. Sgt. Robert Rupp. Officer E. A. Boyd and Paul Larson look on as the children scurry across the street.

lOc Per Copy

Bad Brakes are at fault in the above case, as Rupp shows Larson and Willis the loose brake, which could possibly be the only margin between life and death in an emergency. -Photos by McKewen

The Good and Bad Points of bicycle equipment are well illustrated here as Paul Larson, (with glasses) and Stan Willis. principal of the Parkland Grade School are shown by Sgt. Rupp with actual bikes, belonging to pupils of the school. An:ows point out the lack of lights, horn and back reflector on the bike at the right, while the one on the left has the proper equipment.

It Can Happen and this could have been your son or daughter. The bike shown above was in'volved ih a bikecar accident, because of no reflector on the back of the bike. Such things are the responsibility of the parent, according to Washington State law.

Bicycle Safely To Be Stressed By Stale Patrol Enforcement will soon begin, by Washington StCJJte Patrol officers, on bicycle owners whose machines do not have the proc per safety equipment, accord. ing to Sgt. Robert Rupp. Essential accessories, requir· ed by Washington Stalte Law, include a headlight, horn or be1J, and a rear reflector. Par· ents are responsi'ble for enfo:r'c· ing these regulations, Rupp said. Officers will be on the lookout., both day and night, for defective bikes, and parents are urged to check their children's bikes for the safety features mentioned above, in addition to good brakes and generally safe operating condlLion.

Mrs. May Porter will conduct There will ·be initiation of candidates with Regular social meeting of the the Degree team in charge. Helen Sinko, grand president Tacoma Toddlers Cootiette of the state of Washington CootClub No. 227 will be held Monday in the I.0.0.F. hall, 508 iette clubs will accompany Mrs. V/illiam Fletcher, junior vice Sixth .Avenue at 8 p.m. president of 'the state, on her official visit to the club at this meeting. Visitors from other Cootiette clubs in the state are ex· pected to attend. Mrs. Dorothy Smith of Portland, Oregon will also visit the Tacoma club, Mrs. A list of rules and regula· Sm.ith is president of the Porttlons follows for those who land CO'otiette Club. Consider Convenience Mrts. Herbert Scisinger, soc- are unsure about any points for your friends when in the specifications for a ial chairman, has announced choosing a funeral directhat refreshments will be serv· safe bicycle. tor. Gow.where they can park-out of the traffic. Must be ridden on right side eel following the meeting b:y Mrs. Arley Baker and Mrs. of road. Trav Dryer Riders must obey all traffic red Green.

Tacoma Toddlers Meeting Monday

I the business session.

·. l

signs and signals. Must not ride double. 'Riders should get onto shoulder when car approaches from rear. Suggested, when crossing ar· terials, push bike rather than ride. Should give proper signals for turning or changing cour~e af direction.

another vehicle. At least one lmnd must be kept on handle bars at all times. ·where bicycle path has been provided, it is illegal to use highway.

Should be equipped with a headlight which must be visab!e for 500 feet, and red rear light or reflector,· visible for 500 feet.

Must ibe equipped with a bell or horn capable of audi'ble signal for lOO feet. Must have brakes capable of skidding brake wheel on clean, dry, level pavement. Revised Code of Washington: 46:47,090, No parent or guardian shall authorize or knowingly permit any of the above violations.

Cannat ride while hitched to ,


T.V. & RADIO. PERFORMANCE Can GR 3549 Any Time . . . Day or Night Or Bring Your Set To Our Shop & Save! 1


Thursday, March 18, 1954

Ballet Theatre To Present Show

Legio~ se.hedules

In this, its 15th s~ason, The to Americans and by the con- Amer1e~nusm .Rally . The Anti.Subversive commit.!et Theatre agai:Q. bring clusion of the present tour will its unexampled r~pe'Ptory inter- have performed in 45 states in tee of The American Legion will hold an Americanism rally preted 'by ballet's greatest the Union. Of . the many ballets being in the American Legion hall at stars, Alicia Alonso, Igor Youskevitch, John Kriza and Melissa presented during this post l'~o. 138, in Tacoma at 8 Hayden .to every section of coast tour,of outstanding inter- p.m., March.18. Thi.s meeting America and will appear at the est is "The .Combat" choreo- is to 'bPmg mfon1iat10n to the Orpheum Theatre this Friday, graphed by William Dollar, with :i1embers of Tl;e Ameri~an LegSaturday-and Sunday, with one designs by George Wakhevitch 10n, The Amencan Legion Aux· matinee performance Saturday. executed during The Ballet iliar:y, and interested citizens. Following its Ga1a at New Theatre's Paris season last Those not members of The Am· York's MctropolHan Opera summer, and. music by Raff- erican Legion or The American . Legion Auxiliary are invited to House, the· company of more aelo de Banfield. The follovving ballets will be attend. than 110, together with the tons Members of all patriotic and of scenery and costumes for the performed here: Friday evening; Les Sylphid- fraternal organizations, city and 25 ballets seleoted for the Bal· let Theatre's 1953-54 tour, es, The Combat, Black Swan- county oHicials, P-TA and travels in special passenger and Pas de Deux, Graduation Ball. church groups arc cordially in" Saturday matinee: Les Syl- vited to attend. freight cars to the 76 cities Subjects to be covered are: scheduled from Decen!ber thru phidcs, La Fille Mal Gardee, Fancy Free. "The Community Party-Its May 1954. Saturday evening: Swan Organization, Purpose and AcEver since the summer of 1940 when jt set out from New Lake, Billy The Kid, The Nut- tivities," by Jeanetta A. Nel· York for the first time, The cracker~Pas de Deux, Gala Per- son, Department· Vice Gomformancc. manaer of the Legion Seattle Ballet Theatre has alone asSunday evening: . Designs ":Highlighting the C~mrnunist sumed the responsibility of pre· Wi!:h Strings, Giselle-2 Acts, Party Activities in the State of Washington," by Lawrence , senting the very best in ballet . Interplay. ' Timbers, the Legion's Depart· ment Anti-Subversive chairman, and "Activities of The Ameri' can Legion in the Americanism and Anti-Subversive Programs," by Fred M. Fuecker, Depart· Residents ·of Wenatchee arid national Rotary Convention at ment Adjutant of the Legion, Spokane will receive a personal the Empress Hotel, Victoria, B. Seattle. Meeting chairman and parinvitation to the 21st Puyallup C. March 26 and 27. Victoria Valley Daffodil Festival to be buJ1b growers will also enter- ticipating· in discussion will be held in .the Puget Sound cities tain the "across the border" Severn Kittlieson, of Parkland post No. 228, Parkland, 4th of Puyallup, Tacoma,. Orting visitors while in Canada. District AnticSubversive Chair· and. Sumner, Apra 5-11, from man. members of the Festival's rayal court. Queen Mary Carlile of SumBURGERS & FRIES ner, accompanied by her two You don't have to wait princesses, Carol Drah.old of TaCall HA 9789 . coma and. Janet Turman o:f PuyWe will have them ready allup, .will spend Mai·ch 16, 17 "You Just Pick Them U.p'' and: 18 in eastern Washington. AL'S DRIVE IN · 8818 Pacific Ave. Chambei's .Of Commerce, radio, The 40 voice cape11a choir press, and both: >civic• and. serv- from Luther College and Acad· ice clubs will hear of this year's emy of . Wahoo, Ne'braska will plans for• the Festival,. which· is give a sacred concert at Pacific being bui1t around a "Vacation- Lutheran College Thursday eveland" theme. ning,_March 25, at 8 o'clock. G..ree'ting. the. royal visitors in The pulblic is invited to atSpokane will be offieials of the tend. There will be no admission Spokane Restaurant Associa- charge, but a free will offeriug tion, cooper a ting with the wash. will be received. ington .State Restaurant men Directed for the lOith con· oi1 meals and accommod·ations secutiv.e year by Prof. Carroll for the party on the swing O. Nygren, the choir will prearound eastern Washington. sent a program ranging from . March 1B promises. to be a Bach and Palestrina to such hectic day for the Festival rep- contemporary composers as resentatives, with them making Randall Thompson and F. Melthe effort to attend part of five ius· Christiansen. Some of Prof. luncheon meetings, Lions, Ki- Nygren's compositions will be Pay Lielit & Water Bills Here wi.mis, Rotary, Excha~ge and included, too. Gyro clubs. The trip home will Vocal and instrume111taI soloWhen You Think of be made. the morning of Mareh ists from the college. Will apCleanin,g 19. pear with the choir as assisting Think of Larry ·The girls will get a few days' artists. rest following the Spokane trip, The local appearance of the 'and then leave for the Inter- choir is one of 14 on a two-week 4,000 mile tour of the Pacific Northwest. Elk Plain Girls ·


Personal Invitations To Be Given By Daffodil Queen, ,Princesses

Luther Choir Give PLC Concert March

willli present •. among . others, the. two. perfonners show)] here; A.Iida Alonso and Igor Yous]fovitch w~ie;n tl,le~i appear .at th.e Orpheum Theatre .Se1;1ttle, this'F.riday, and Sunday. Curtain time will be at 8 i30 p.m.



WISCONSIN CLUB of Taco111aWillhold the usual month· ly ppt , luck supper . Sunday, March 21, at .6 o'clock in the basement hall of. the Odd Fellows temple, Sixth a:nd Fawcett avenues.


Phone GR .. 8£8.8


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Glacier Pump . Drillim1 Co.

•Lela S. Wier 2805 Arbor Hills Drive P. O. Box 2695 Jackson 7, Mississippi


Get our bid on your water problems - You. may save money. 10435 So. Sheridan GR. 55.66.



RICHFIELD Pacific Ave. at• Garfield St:



4..H Plans Dance Elk Plain Girl's 4·H group met Mardi 8, in the home of Mrs. William McSwain, leader. Demonstrations of pie crust making arid measuring were given by Carol Wright and Mary Phelps. .!Plans were completed for a dance and party in the future, with refreshments to be sold at the dance. Next meeting will be held in th.e 4-H club house, and will be a birthday party.




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And his Orchestra Every Saturd~


at the

Lumber & Hardware

Fruitland .Grange Dance 7 !Vliles E:ast. of Pacific Ave. on Airport Road Danmlng .. 9:30- 2:0.0 Admission $1.00


Pacific Ave. GR. 5538

Open Eve. 'Til 8 p.m.

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LEG I 0 NEWS By Phyllis Blackstone 4th Dist. Publicity Chmn. Mrs. Jasper Reynolds, wife of the Department of Washington Commander, was royally entertained by t>he Auxiliary last week during the Commander's official visit to the Fourth District. Commander and Mrs. Reynolds arrived in Tacoma on Sunday and were greeted by Legionnaires and Auxiliary wo:rnen. The Commander visited many


Thursday, March 18, 1954




M • M







_ VERTICAL 1 Chemical salt 2Expunger 3Mouth part 4 Behold! 5Crack 6Face p~rl 7 Son of Jacob (Bib.) 8War god of 24 Things to be 15Knock Greece done 16Living 9 River in 26 Stopped 18 Greek letter !talY 33 Pushed ~9While 10 Pastry '20 Iberian 34 Chemical ester 11 Whole '22 Hypothetical 12 School book 36 Distant ' structural 17 Note of scale 3'1 Wild ass , unit 42 So be It! 20 Suffocates 23Group of 43 Missile 21 Occurred HORIZONTAL l Depicted musical instruments 6They are 'sounded by a --or hammer 13 Constellation 14 Female star


';14 Expires 45 Lord (ab.) 46 Essential' being 49 Barrier ln a river Si Rude dwelling 53 Earth goddess 5S Article

25 Land measure ,27 Therefore: :28Equal 29 Diminutive

suffix 30·Per annum

Paje 3

distract publicity; Walter Fritz, HaH to hear Commander ReynParkland, district sergeant of olds speak. Arms; James Jensen, president Mrs. James Jensen presented of Parkland Unit; Irma Long, a birthday cake to the Depart· Spanaway, president of Clover ment Commander in celebra· Creek Unit; Glenn Vorme· tion of the Legion BirU1day. She strand, president of Eatonville was assisted during the re. Unit; Sam Carta, Henry Swan· freshment time by members of son and Miss Mary Jacobs of Clover Creek Unit, Yelm Unit, Parkland Unit, M. Needham,· Eatonville Unit and Parkland Shelton and Harry Wells of Unit. Junior members of the Eatonville. Clover Creek Unit helped serve. . After dinner the women were \ joined by Mrs. Clarence Hughes Never marry 'but for love; president of the Yelm Unit, at i but see that thou lovest what is a joint meeting at the Sunshine i lovely. William Penn

Builders of Homes,


Garages and

Farm Buildings GRanlte 8669

, <ab.)

31 "Granite . ,State" (ab.) 32 Plural ending '33 Was borne ;35Roman emperor 38 Wing-shaped points of interest and various 39Paradise Legion posts in the district and ,40Pronoun was accompanied by Edward 41Burdened Faker, District Commander. 147 College c:tegree (ab.) Monday, Mrs. Reynolds was entertained with a pot luck 48Demented lunch at the home of Mrs. 50Female servants Claude Race. Members of the 51Pig World War II Unit No. 202 52What-not visited with Mrs. Reynolds dur- 54 Fry lightly ing the afternoon. Her escort 56Deranges for the day was Mrs. William $!/Come bi Marsden, president of the Unit. A no host dinner at Puyallup four Junior members of the honored the couple in 1:he eve- Olympia Unit singing "Happy ning when they were joined by Birt:hday To You." The girls Legion and Auxiliary members were led 'by Dorothy Bergh, of Puyallup, Orting and Sum- baton twirler. Members from ner. Hood Canal, Ten.ino and Shelton Olympia entertained Mrs. were also present. Reynolds with a dinner on TuesMesdames A. N. Ohlinger, R. day. Following a joint meeting A. Hedberg, Ed Faker of Unit with the Legion, a party was No. 138 and Mary Doucette of held in Cerebration Of the 35th Sumner accompanied Mrs. birthday of the American Leg· Reynolds on a tour of the Puy. ion. A huge three tier cake was allup Valley on Wednesday. In brought into the meeting bY- the · evenin()' the women enter· tained her ~ith a dinner at the Top Of The Ocean where they ~ere joined by .Mesdames Peter Pasero, president of Unit No. Quick relief! NEPHRON INHALATION 138; Harold Graham and Carl rHERAPY has helped countless thous- Kruse. ands. Ask about our Trial offer. See Thursday Commander and your Druggld or write NEPHRON COM. i'.e.NY, Tacoma I, Wash. Mrs. Reynolds travelled to Seattle on business and then back You Are Invited To Attend A to Puyallup where they visited Southern with friends. That evening Mrs. Baptist Church Reynolds and Mrs. Andrew WilF' S , • J:iamson president of Rhodes Jr·st outhern Baptist Unit N~. 2 were guests of the Church of Tacoma Past Presidents Parley ,6f the So. 11th St., Between Proc- Rhodes Unit .Mrs. Louis Slyter, tor and Adams St. s. president of the Past Presi· SERVICES: dents ·greeted the women for Sunday· School 9:45 A.M. ' Mo~ning Worsp.ip 11 A.M. Traming Union 6:30 P.M. A t R . Evening Wors.hip 7:30 P.M. u O epair r::y~:-30 M;~ng WednesGas & Arc Welding F F. · · . • or P~~enl~rsf~~tation Jackson's Senm:e ---=-..:.:..::..:.o~_......:._::,.:c:::..:3:___

Rev. C.H. Green, Missionary Pastor . Montesano w sh Tel. 3622 ' a · Bro. Fred Bennett, Pastor HI 9280


dinner in the Evergreen room at the Winthrop Hotel. After dinner, the worrfen joined the Legion at the Tacoma Post No. 138 hall. Hostesses for the birthday party which followed the meet· ing: Mesdames A. N. Ohlinger, Bill Miller, John Johnson, Gilbc:rt Hough and Roy Hinchcliff. Friday was Parklands day to entertain Mrs. Reynolds. She was accompanied throughout the day by Mrs. James Jensen, president of the Parkland Unit; Mrs. James Linder, 4th district president; and Mrs. Willard Blackstone, 4th district public· ity chairman. The women were taken on a tour of Remann Hall b~ Mrs. ~!mer R<Yberts of R odes Umt then stopped for lu.n~h at the Lakewood Terrace Di~m~ R~ 0?1· They stopped for a shor! visit at. the Blackstone h;::::e 111 Lake,v1ew. The ~our· s e then ~alled on Morns E. i:ord! Supermtendent of Frank· JJ:n P1~rce Sch?ols, at the 1'.'rank· lm Pierce, High School m regards t.o Evergreen Girls State. Retur~117g from the school, they v1s1ted at the home of Mrs. Henry Swanson in Parkland. The following Auxiliary mem'hers met at the Country House in Parkland for dinner in hon· or of Mrs. Reynolds: Mesdames J.ames 1:-inder, Parkland dist· .. r1ct president; Clee Perry, Oly1 Mile So. of Willows mpia d'stri t v· 'd t· , 1 c ice pres1 en , on Wendell Brickert, Tenino, dist· f rict ch~pl~ii1; Will Bierer, Sum· 6 .,, ner, d1str1ct poppy chairman; i Willard Blackstone, Parkland, I

Ken Brown


Bruce Gambill

1750 9th St. S.W.,

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1Q331 PACIFIC AVE. R€pairlng of Fine Watches OUr Specialty GLEN A. CARMACK


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GR 8669




Parkland P-TA will meet this I Demonstrations. of outdoor Thursday at 8 p.m., in the . cooking, puppets, basket weav· school .auditorium, witih Mrs. j ing, first aid, camping, electric, Trav Dryer presiding. . . . . 1 ity, cattle,. flower making, and It will be a youth activities 1 arr?ngements will be given by meeting, . and all organized J the~ Boy and Girl Scouts, Exgroups .in Parkland are i:µ.vited • plorer Scouts, and boys and to attend. girls 4-H groups in the school The ·meeting will open with 1. lJascment. a grand rnarch and .introduction 1 . TabJe arrangements on dla· of visiting. groups, followed .by j play, ~rcate? by the Brownies, a commumty smg and movies ' Campfire Girls and Cub Scouts 1 for the children. 1··will. serv.e as table cen.t.erpiece.s. later in· the evening. COOTIES TO VISIT Hostesses wHl be Mrs. Ernest The week end of March· 20 • I-hrmon chairman Mrs Fred 1 and.·.•. . fl w.and iU fin. d ..f oll.o s.c.'h·a·..·f.Val e. '· '.M . . ·.Berntsen. r.s ... A. D.'. and Cooties Cootiettes ?f. w.1 ·Ta .•.ll Mrs coma in Prosser, Waslungton, attending a State conclave of 1 .. · .· .·. ·. . • . • . . both organizations: Mrs, •Rich~ ! ·. Trovan1 ·s Jurnor ard L. Tobin, Mrs. A. H ... Loom.: Boo.tery·. is, Mrs. May Porter, Mr. and greens. For the bridge or canasta par· Mrs. Ro11ert A. O'Bi'yant and . ·.spe.cializing i~ Children'• .. !lho"" 706 ST. HELEN'S A VE.-MA 6nll ty, this de Juxe chicken and Roy Esget. LAKEWOOD CENTER LA 4Ull mushroom salad is just right. Served wHh wedges· of canned SEWING CIRCLE TO MEET The sewing .circle. of .the. Tacranberry jelly, it mali:es a coma Toddlers Cootfotte Club A .. 1 beautiful. dish. W 11•• Chicken and Mushroom. Salad No. 227 will· meet Thursday in bhe home of Mrs. Robert feCn.lft«J (4 servings) Transmissions Rear-Er:u:la One cup cooked . rice, 2 cups Schanzenbach, 5617 So. YakiGood Tires diced cooked chic]{en, 3-ounce ma Ave. at 8 p.m. Aflter an evening of sewing, GR 3445 can broiled mushrooms, .'!4 .cup . well-seasoned French dressing, rerfeshments will be .served by 138 18 Pacific Ave. u cup mayonnaise, l/,i. teaspoon the hostess. Mrs. Joseph Csonlm is sewing chairman and may be grated onion, '/s teaspoon curry powd:er, 1 cup diced celery, 5. eall~ at PRo.ctor 2891 for furUPH. LSTERING I ounce can cranberry jelly, chil:l· ther mformatwn. Recovering and Rebulldlog ed. ·~ Cushions Rebuilt iPiace rice and chicken in a Free Estimates FEN CI suita'ble container. Drain .mushFURNITURE Desijrners _and BuildOrt rooms, reserving broth for other AND RUG CLEANING EXPERT W.ORKMANSHIP REASONABLE PRICES use. Reserve four whole mushPARK LAN .D ll""I' Monthly Paymenla room crowns for garnish and U P H 0 L S T E R Y quarter the remaining .mush· ( VAUGHAN 12814 Pacific Avenue HI !ISI:s 841h &; Pacific Av•·, rooms, · · GR 3201 Res. 8181 Add quartered mushrooms to ! · ·~ rice and chicken. Add: Frencl1 dresing and toss lightly to coat evenly.. Place the .four whole crowns in the container .and let aJl marinate in cold ·place for at least 2 hours. Wh·en ready to serve, drain off any excess French dressing. Remove the whole crowns, Blend together and add the rnayonaise, onion and curry powder to the rice mixture. Add the celery. Toss lightly together to mix well. Pile salad on individual· salac1 plates. Cut chilled cranberry jelly in 6 slices and halve each slice. Arrange 3 half slices of jelly around each portion of salad. Top each salad . with whole mushroom crown and garnish with crisp, green water~ cress. , Serve immediately with hot biscuits for lunch.


' ;.~



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Thursday,· March 18, 1954

PLC Forensic Team Takes Many Honors Al Tournament Of Champions Debate Tourney


For tl1e th.ird year in succes· 1 junior division wh·e· n they were ston , the Pacific Lutheran Col- freshman four years ago. lege forensics team has won the The junior division team senior division sweepstakes hon- from P.L.C. tool< fourth place ors at the Tournament of in the tourney, and won two Champions debate tourney spon- first places. sored by Linfield College, Mc· In individual senior eve.nts Minnvillc, Oregon. the P.L.C. debaters placed a~ Competing against over 500 follows: students from 39 western .Tolmc Rydgrrn, Seattle first schools, Prof. Theo. Karl's in salesmanship, second in actP.L.C. teiam won six firsts at ing, second in interpretative the tourney held Thursday reading, second in one-man dcthrough Saturday. This same bate. group of senior division speakJanet Kippcn, first in caners won the sweepstakes in the gress, second in debate, finals in impromptu speaking. Joyce Gentz, Portland, first in extemFree Pickup & Delivery poraneous speakiug, second in after dinner speaking. Edith Engel, Portland, sc:cond College Cle.aner3 in salesmanship, second in debate, second in in tcrpretative 11416 So. Park Ave. reading, third in after dinner .speaking. Janet Carson, Independence, HAVE YOUR .CABINETS Calif., fist in cxlemporaneous speaking, second in impromptu CUSTOM speaking . .At No Extra Cost John Osburn, Parkland, finRHONE'S CABINET SHOP als iir extemporaneous speak161st & Park A·.1e. . ing. David Hestenes, Pacific GRa111te 3342 Palisades, Calif., second In speaking. The Misses Carson, Genz and RUPE \:Vcrle swept the extemporaneous speaking event in the wo· MACHINE WORKS men's division, all tying for first ENGINE REBUILDING place. Pin Fitting - Rod Grinding & Aligning - Piston FinishEugene Perry, Sedro Woolley, ing Lathe & Press Worf< \Vas the other member of the - General Garage Repairs. senior team. Bralf:e Drum Turning In ihe junior division, Stuart Head Grin-ding Gilbreath, Tacoma, was first in Shop GR 7450 • Res. !!I 6190 Padfic Ave~ nt Brookdale extemporaneous speaking, and P. 0. llox 645, Parkland Constance Bustad, Bellevue, was first in interview and in the finals in debate. Judith Burek, er, Eugene, Ore., was in the finals in debate and impromptu speaking. Ruth Heino, Winlock, was third in interview and third


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SCHOOL NEWS = bate ToGrney To Draw Prep forensic Teams County ~ Wide

in extemporaneous speaking. Thomas Swindland, Parkland. made the finals in extemporaneous speaking. Other members of the junior division team were Shirley Busching, Tacoma; and Robert. Lundgren, St. Paul, Minn. Stanley D. Elberson, mcmbc;r of the speech faculty, accompanied the team as assistant coach to Prof. Karl, chairman of the department of speech.

College of Puget Sound's ternlty. Members of the faeu]. tvrenty-first annual state-wide ty and students of the college High School Forensic Tourna· I wiH SC'l'Ve as judges. · mr'nt March 18-20 features six I There will be four divisions events and 16 divisions. I of university style debate and The tourney attracted 56 extemporaneous; three di vi· schools last year and an even sions in the cross-question delarger turnout is expected this bate and interpretative reading year. The official debate ques- events and one division of onetion is Resolved: "That tile man debate and original ora· Congress of the United States tory. should enact a compulsory Fair Employment Practices Law." Installation The tournament is being spon" sored by the Forensic Depart·

College Prexys t At P

Presidents an~ representatives ~ :_n~l~~I~e~ST~J~da~~· di~~~df b~ from the 10 pnvate semor col· . . l t in, or . . . ens1 cs 1ns rue or. 4 05 G·1arf1e 1d St. 1eges m Washmgton are meetII . b . .. ing at Pacific Lutheran College b , e ~s P'eii~g assiDsteld by] mom- 11 for service phone GR 3691 this Thursday. .crs o J, "~ppa e ta, ~ ie na· D r. W 1·11·rnm c,omp t on, f·ormcr · t10nal coliegiate forensic fra· president of Washington State G • I S 11. C k" College and now president of H' COUs 00 Je the Council for Financial Aid Sa~e Ends March 27 t~ Education, Inc. of New York, Girl Scouts of the; Parkland Levon"' Rood Gcodlog will. s , the. group. He was Landscaping & Back Filing ~ . . area are 1.uusy tl1ese c1ays w1·ti· 1 . . , addres. slated to ~peak m chapel Thurs: their annual cookie sale which Top Soil day mornmg. ,, , ' Large and Small Dozers . d h clo. ses Mai eh 27. Made by the Tl1e co ll ege 11ea s arc ere . . ,· . tl · A ssocrnl· . L.angcndorf bakery, this Rearden for a mce o 1· 10 . . . . years · f N on- 'I'ax-..ouppor L' .. are dellc10us willed del1011 o . . . _ . 1.ec1 Co1. eoolnes . .ti es 111 . W ].egcs an d u··111vers1 as 11- rn varnlla and cl10col· . ·11 gt 1 p ·a t S C E t late · flav.·ors. . A generou8 size 1 .o 1. res1 en . . ' as · 1 b r:o , , . v 11 0 f p L c · , .· . , . f ox costs ;; cents-01 anyone oc : · , · is president 0 donating 50 cents for the splenlnsl!J:rance ,. the orgamzat10n. . summer campmg . program of did 10/2-0/5 As Low As $12.50. the Girl Scouts and Brownies Semi-Annually 4mH rN::eivcs a box of cookies free. Check us for other rates Textile painting was done by Knowing that some little Comprehensive & Collision the Concordia 4-H club Satur- Brownie or Girl Scout will have Farmers Mutual of day, March 13, at the home of· a lovely, never-to~be·forgolten En-umclaw the leader, Mrs. Ross Le1VIaster. camping experience, possibly a ED MAREK Mrs. Walter Perhuhn showed girl who ot:herwise could not GR 3100 the members how to do textile afford to go to camp, will make painting on handkerchiefs the purchased cookies taste which the members brought. even sweeter. At the Tuesday, March 16, Girls selling 75 boxes are meeting U1e members discuss· awarded a full day's camper- 1 ed .the demonstrations which ship and the Langendorf bak· they are putting on this (Thurs- ery is also offering a full camp. At Competitive Prices day) evening at the P-TA Youth ership at St. Albans 'Girl Scout AMERICAN Complete Activities program at the camp to U1e girl Scout and the ART CO. school. Ross LeMaster Jr. will Brownie selling the largest GARAGE WORK give a demonstrated talk number of boxes of the cookSatisfaction Guaranteed CUSTOM PICTURE "Propcr Care> of Fence Posts." ies. FRAMING There will also be groups of Over 80,000 Northwest· OLD MASTERS AND · :nembers se'.ving, textile paint· \ Bethel Junior Plav MODERN PRINTS erners save at Pacific 122nd & Pacific Ave. mg and makmg flowers of wood llllb 'I First Federal Savings. This BRoadway 4327 C. D. Lawson, Prop. fiber. ommmttee 11V1em ers is "Thrift City". Each resi• GRanite 9946 2046 6th Avenue dent know5 the value of The C~neordia 4-H el~b is al-' 1 saving the safe, earning so plannmg to serve dinner to Inn ti~ Mrs. Florence _Allen, county Bethel Junior Class members way. You, too, are cor· dially invited to become agent, Friday evening, March , will present tlleir class play 1 a member of "Thrift City" 19, at the home of the leader, March 25 and 26, in the school • , • open your account Mrs. LeMaster. Mrs. Allen will auditorium, at 8 p.m. Commit· today. help t;11e girls plan the recora- tee members were recently an tion of their new club room in nounced, including: A MUTUAL SAVl~JGS INSTITUTION the LeMastcr basement. Beverly Roberts, Marlene HOMOGENIZED AND I A date will also be discussed, Skance, Bai•bara Smith, Blanche PASTEURIZED MILK for the balm sale to be held in' Bryson, Beverly Smith, Nellie the Parkland Light & Water Crawley, Jewel Brown, Mer· Savings AND CREAM Co. office; sometime: in April. rilles Gehring, Joy Barsotti, and Loan Aasooiat.ion ICE CREAM Each girl plans to make a post· Tarlce Averill, Audrey Lind· ilelllnoham • Seattle " Tacoma Portland • Eugene · er for the sale to display in the berg, Beverly Barker, Betty near-by stores. Mulcahey, Ruth Eisenberg and The Concordia 4-H club ob- Sandy Hillman. served National 4-H Week by Gene McDonald, Jerry McCuldisplaying three sewing exhibits lough, Gerald Walden, Stan in the Parkland bank. Garnes, Gary Mesick, Dennis Durham, Dick Marcelle, Dale YOUR CLOTHES I chose my wife, as she djd Cooley, Dick Hermes. Wanda JoyMcLellan, Martha her wedding gown, for quality AT HOME Mulnix, Vivian Frame, Delore~ vhat would wear well. Oliver Goldsmith Riley, Dorothy Berka.







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Pittsburg Experiments

iBaseball Spring Training

~!~!~;e~~0:~:e~~!~ll ,Team Trading In Full Swing I I

Franklin Wins Class "A" Hgh School Cage Title In one of the finest basket~ pan games witnessed between J:wo high schools in a long time, ;Fi,;anklin High of Seattle won the state Class A title, Satur· day night defeating Garfield :High lflso of Seattle 46 to.42. Th.e game was a see-saw affair throughout with a four-point margin being t11e widest spread bemveen the two teams at any time.

pitchers the Pittsburg Pirates . · · . . . .. received from Milwaukee in tJ:e All major league baseball care arter two operations on his tmde for Danny O'Connell,· is ' teams are down south working knee. He probably won't appear not go.·ing to be a• pitcher! hard to be i. . n shape for the in 1.:he Yankee lineup u.nti.'l .after. aH. . . opening game of the season. ' May 1st. That is, if Branch Rickey, .Since the spring training In the trading department: Bue general manager, clicks ' camps opened their gates sev· Looks like several players will with his .plan to make a catcher eral interesting items have de· be changing uniforms soon. out.of the lefthander who won veloped. Luke Easter~ the Cleveland In· 10 games and lost the same n the broken bone depart· dians first baseman appears number for Lincoln, Neb1iaska ment: Ted williams was the headed for the Minor Leagues in the Western League last first to enroll when he fell and probab}y the Pacific Coast Leayear. . . broke his collm1bone. He will guc and San Diego Padres. Rickey believes Waters will definitely miss the opening The Philadelphia Phillies are make the grade as a .catcher game. . trying to swap Earl Torgeson be(!ause he throws tl:e ball _nat· The latest addition is Bobby for a bunch of players and a uray overhand an~ .m add1tio? ThompE;on, the Mllwauke~ Bra- bundle of cash. Several .clubs is rated as a good hitter. Wateis ves newly acquired ou~f1el~er'. are interested. s,ays h~ ca)Ight about a doze.n Thompson fractured his right Cincinnati is trying to trade games m high ~cho~l .and semi· ankle in an intra squad game or sell their two pitchers, Clyde pro ball. and 18 wiUmg .to go last week. King and! Kenny Roffensber· along with Rickeys' experiment. Also included in .the doubt· ger. Meanwhile, Dale Long, the fu1 starter list is M1clrny Man- ----===== leftha11ded first baseman w?o tle. who is still under doctors was tried as ia backstop by R1c-1,·------ke.y a _few se~sons .· ai;d Rodger Lunde Auxiliary, Vetailed, is ba~k m the .Pittsbu g e.rans of Foreign Wars will camp as a first basi;:man. sponsor a bake sale at the Park Directory 'N Shop this Friday from 10:30 a.m. Mrs. Don Ward at SK INSURANCE 2895 is chairman. CLAY ROLEY AGENCY

The Garfield defense had the 6 ft. 8 Bruno Bain, high scoring Frankiln. center,. bottled up all night but could'nt cope with the· deadly shooting of. Frank· lin's two guards Al Lmk and John Thomas. Link scored 19 points while Thomas. accounted for 15. Althrmgh .Bain scored only 4 poin'ts during the evening, he wias a demon on the boards and repeatly. grabbed the rebounds and fed them to his two guards for easy set shots. . Both teams were well coach· ed and loaded. with potential 1 college players. The stands were well filled for the game.




College Golf Cou.rse To Open June.. 1. •. Joe Greco. Is o. I 11



Joe Greco, well known local goJ:fer and green$keeper, has leased ·the College Golf Course for a 10 year pe-riod. President S. C. Eastvold of Pacific Lutheran College made the announcement last wec.t. 'I'l~e college owns the course. Under.terms of the lease, P.· L.C. students may play the cou.rse of cha.rge on week· days, .but must pay regular fees on Saturdays, Sundays a.nd holi· days. Greco • has $hut. down . the course, and is in. the process of a complete rebuilding job. Grass tees have been built and seeded, and the nine greens and bunkers






HARM ON 'S Driv..


Marciano's Title Not Jn Danger

Shoeing by


An Ex13ert

Rocky Marciano, world's heavyweight boxing champion, J•. neednot worry too much about losing his crown .for .some time Young by the looks of the pr-0spective LAkewoo.d •4311' Graham challengers. 96(11 Grav(ll.I~ Lake Dr. 7·7616 ',,~ .Opposite New ..Center Bldg. , Nino Valdes, the number two ranking challenger for the champ's title,. lool<ed .anything FAST SERVI CE SEE •• , • but the part last Friday ~yening when he won the decision over unranked J!(mcs J, Parker. The decision was . unanimous, but 3210 SOUTH TACOMA WAY from his shO\ving he woud be Phone H L 4881 a "sitting duck" for the. rugged Marciano. Marciano meets number one chaHenger, Ezzard Ohiarles in AUTO PARTS June but most followers gives 176th & Pacific Avenue GR. 6465 Charles little. chance of stayFRANGtUSED WAGNER BRAKE DEALER ing ·but a very few .rounds be· ATLAS TIRES & BATTERIES fore· reaching dreamland, Who else stands a .chance to ANDERSON wrench the crown from Marciano's head? Bucceroni, Coe· CHEVRON complete SERVICE kell, Walace, Ten Hoff or John· son ? No, .they would be easy pickings for the champ. It looks like t11e chamion· ship will stay in the Marciano family for a long time. If.Roc1':Y starts traini114.; h!is young son early enough it could be that he :could transfer the title when he retires unless of course a We Al~() ,Service and Adiust Carburetors more ca.pable bunch of heavy· weight boxers appear on the l. scene within the next few years.



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T.he auxil:ar; a card party and dance at the GR. 8501 ad~acent to them are b.eing re-1 yeterans hall, 11102 .So. Yak· bmlt. nna, Saturday at 8 p.m. Mrs. ROY V. ROSTEDT AGENCY A watering system will be , Cecil Harbin and Mrs. Arthur 8201 Park Avenue insi. talled fo. r both·. fairways and l! N.eff arc chairmen. There ·will Phone HA 2342 greens, so the layout will be be and refreshments. green the year .around. * •* * Greco'.s r.eturn to the College I Chairmen for the· course 1s. m the nature of .a . bord o.n March 28 wori; appom.thiomecommg. He was· greens- 1cd, including Mr. and Mrs. Neff, keeper there from 1931~34, when· Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oakley, it was known as Parkland Golf Mr. and Mrs. Harry Akers, course, and afao in 1939. Since ; Mrs.. Thurlon Clother and Mrs. then Greco ha.s been greens- , Haibin. keeper. at Brookdale with the MA 9039· exception of three years war Au'to insurarnce in some areas service in the Army Air Corps. costs more than the total tab for Another improvement w'.J,lich gas, oil and repairs. Save One Half Greco plans is the remodeling We Furnish Everything of hll:e first floor of the club· house, and the installation of a Used Merry~ Tillers lunch counter. $98.50 plus tax Th.e College course wiill be reop.ened for play June 1. Ur-Self Co.

· ·

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Thureiday, March 18, 1954

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Page 7 Coast Guard Opens

- - - - - - - - - - - - -..- - - - - - Enlistment Pro9ram

Kansas Cage Team Wu1s

14th Annual NAIA Honors Thirty-two of Lhe Nation's best small college cage teams mcot in Kansas City March 8 for first round play in the 14th annual NAIA championship basketball 1tournament. On the hardwoods of Municipal Audi· torium this Jaycee-sponsored clash took the national hasket-



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GR 4 \J 40


811 l

ball spbllight for six actionpacked days. During t:hose six days over 70,000 ardent fans watched these championship teams from thirty-two districts of the nation vie for the title won the last two years by Southwest Missouri State of Springfield, under the able coaching of Bob Vanatta. When the firing was over Saturday night the St. Benedlcts' Ravens of Atchison, Kansas had copped the title downing Illinois 62 to 56 in a hard fought contest. Springfield, the defending champs, took third place defeating Arkansas Tech. 75 to 61. The Kansas City Jaycees have played a major role; in developing 'lll1d nurturing 1th0 National Association of Intercollegiate Athletic 'basketball tournament (formerly NAIB) into what is now !:he world's largest tournamc;nt. Einil Liston of Baker University of Baldwin, I<ansas, originated the idea of a small college basketball tournament in 19,10, and finding it too much for one; man to handle offored H to the Kaycee Jayce0s. First innovation was to set up an advance ticket sale plan, which entitled the holder to the same seat at all games. Sales that first year were $1800. Last year that figure


BIXBY Guaranteed RADIO Repair Call GRanite 8309 ·On Waller Rd., % Mile South of Airport Road


The Coast Guard has recently anounced the re-opening of its

rei~;~c:~~~stm;o~-t p~~~~~:~nt

must be between the ages of 17 and 26 or under 35 with prior military service, be in good health, and pass the Armed Forces Qualifications Test. Former electronic technicians mates and aviation electronic technicians may hi' reenlisted in their old rate if held in the had grown to $361000. In 1948 the "Tip-Off" ban quet and '\Honorary Coach" program were added. Thirty· two Kansas City businessmen act as honorary coaches and finance the tip-off banquet for the 550 players, coaches, and officials the night before the tournament opens. These coaches "adopt" their assigned teams during their stay in Kansas City and cater to their every want. Team expenses arc paid for , each team while in Kansas City, ·~..--.-.-,------"· . . . . . . and a percentage of the profitS Wilbur·s been takmg his piano lessons ,:;enously sirioe we are alowed to the teams for bought him a candelabrum. He's even named his dog travelling expenses. J "George" and, taught it to wag its head instead of its tail." Benefits from this popular program have been many. To date 4,272 players from 356 Coast Guard or Navy. teams have come to Kanasas Enlistees, if accepted, serve City to represent th~ir col· a four-year enlistment period leges and the results are best in the Coast Guard starting witn expressed by Mayor William 2-weeks of basic training at AlaE. Kamp who says, "Hats meda, California. They are then off to the Kaycee-Jaycees for assigned to Coat Guard cutters, what they have done for the shore; stations or service schools. ASK FOR IT small colleges of our nation." , .. Al Duer, Pepperdine College, The . Coast Gu~r~l recrmtmg 10" Reg. $1.60 Each Los Angeles California Exe- office m Seattle. is. m the U. S. cutive Secretary of the 'NAIB, Coutr :r-:u.use Builllmg _at 00 5t~ had a further testimonial when Avenue, m Portland, Itoo;n. Oo * * .. he recently staled "'I'he Junior of the Courthou~e Bmldmg, LAWN MOWERS Chamber of Comdierce of Kan- Broadway and Mam. sas City, Missouri, has been a The Coast Guard performs ",« <\'"',,5'>. ~<:)> v/.'O ~"'<;/' ,.,<J;v major contributing factor in the many interesting duties. Best growth of 1:h!e NAIA to its pre· known for its search and rescue v-!-- _,,,y-«.· <(' .<.OQ;- ,.y' ~' e;,Y «_$' C:J <:)"'<!' sent place as a national organi- activities, it is also charged with zation with over 400 member the enforcement of motor boat Lapping $1.50 colleges and universities. laws, port security, maintaining Precision Griinding $2.50 They have made the national aids to navigation, operating the tournament their major act- international ice patrol, enforcParkland Cycle tivity and have given unself- ': ing Merchant Marine regulaishly •to its growth and develop- tions, manning ocean station ves& Key ment. We salute the Junior. sels, ·and performing regular GR 5772 Chamber of Commerce." I military duties.



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f rl

"It was wonderful to take Mike home from the hospital and know that everything was paid for .•• thanks to the regular deposits we've been making in our NBW savings account. It's wonderful to know, too, that the day Mike arrived his proud Dad opened a special savings account earmarked for Mike's e.:fo.cation. I'm glad we saved at National Bank of Washington ••• and we're keeping up our savings program for the future:•


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7:1tere s11dtlti1t{I eiltOHCI/ iH lite

Thursday, March 18. 19.54 .1


SIODS If l.hat old chair in· the living Allen, county agent, for the past [O\)mdoei?n't lo()l> right to Y()U, three weeks, and are quite proud c}1ancE!s are!, you think you can't. of the results. do anytmng abo.ut it, outside of j Mrs .. John Huff, coordinator

a. Tum ..·•.·.havmg g·.· i•. t···. t·.o··· it . an···.·remodeled. u.p·l.10·J·s.ter.y s.·h.oP.I. and f.or. th·e.· •.g.r.·o· up, who re···modeled and recovered a davenport, :r>[otso, say the women of Ort- , gathered nine women together ing,.\Vh9have1been attending an for the series, and they went to upholstery.workshop, unr:ler the work Jn a. vacant store bu5.ldsupervision of Mrs. Florence j ing. There, among vegetable display racks• and showcases, they set up horses.and boxes and began their task of refinishing the. wood and remaking .the .furniture. (See pictures above for action shots of the worksl:top processes.) Meeting twice a week, for three weeks, the women feel they have accomplished miracles, and !tad a jolly time in. the meanwhile; t·.·..

l !


.••.. .•• ..•• ..




is shown above, in a series of pictures taken in Orting, where Mrs. Florence Allen. county extension agent. has been conducting the. classes in upholstering and furniture remodeling. Beginning with the upper left hand corner, No. l, is Mrs. Ray Charles Worth, who is stuffing cotton into the seat of a chair to round out the padding. . No. 2, Mrs. Burnett Thompson, who is using moss from trees to stuff the seat of her chair. No. 3, Mrs. John Huff, Orting coordinator for the group, is fitting the corner on a davenport she remodeled. No. 4, Mrs. R. B. Johnson is sewing cordiwr on the seat cushion of her swin~ rocker. No, 5 .. Mrs. C. J. Van Hook is tying the back springs. No. 6, Mrs. Douglas Pravitz, is rounding out the wings on her chair, using a plastic fibre material. · Photos by McKewen

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lem. He has several 50 gallon i inates all birds that aren"t laydrums mounted on a four · ing we1L wheeled cart. Once a week Pete This maintains a high rate hiitches his tractor to the water of lay. With egg prices at or cart and pulls it to the nearest near their seasonal low close water supply for refilling. Then cul ling is extremely importhe returns the cart to the rangP-. ant. A hose carries water from the 50 gallon drums to the water If you would marry suitafbly, troughs. Automatic f.loat valves marry your equal. Ovid regulate the amount of water ,;;·;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;, in the troughs. ·' ' This certainly beats a daily Sheet Metal Work water carryiilg routine and is Poultry & Pet Stock second. best only to water pip· Equipment ed to the ranges. Pete is a good poultry flock Special ,Attention manager.. He is constantly on to the lookoutfor any droopy birds Special Equipment in 1.'he flock. He is ready to start feeding sulfa mash io his ·pullets. at tfie first sign of coccidiosis. Even though much time is spent brooding chicks at this GRanite 7372 time of 'the year.· Pete doesn't forget the. laying hens. He elim-




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Times journal v 9 no 27 mar 18, 1954  
Times journal v 9 no 27 mar 18, 1954