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. vy'hethe~ or ~ot Franklin Pierce school district will have kindergartens next Y.ear, IS hangmg m the balance of a few absentee baUots or a po~sible recount 11 ·' . >mce the . returns are unofficial.. ~~cording to th~ first count, 59.6% of . th~ Annual Saga carnival at Pac· -~tal vo~e~ cast were for the propos1t10n. Only 60% 1s needed, according to elecific Lutheran College will be t10n officials. Friday and Saturday, March 19 . Bethel district 'voter~, in Tue~d~y''s .election, turne~ thumbs down on their and 20. . kmdergarten propo~a! with a def1mte . 643 ~or - 600 against, vote. These reAl Cummmgs, popular disc . . turns are also unofficial. in the Spana way arza, was a total loss before firemen were summoned to combat the blaze. jockey ; ·1 for b radio KING, . Seat· · · 0th er propos it"ions on the tl Once a s}1owplace in early days the house was e master . .. Ill ..11 Fr iese, w1 Friday eveningof ceremonand -win A0Ullh;11•Up .. or . an kl"In p·terce slate, ·In• being remodeled by a son of the original owners, crown the king and 'queen. The will be chosen .to rei~n ov_er the Fr~nklin Pierce U. ~ p elude~ s~ven for the the Dudlesons. program \Vi1l begin . at 8 p.m. all-sc;hool carmval this Friday evenmg, from the J arty et . un ay athletic_ field, which carried 1770 in the Chapel auditorium. Music candidates shown he1:e. Representing the freshHowie Snowden, chairman qf bfha to iOG5 tally. . Located about one mile south of l 76th -street will be furnished by the Kord · man, sophomore and Junior classes at the school, the Round-up work committee, f ~ee ~en up001for elec· on Rademaker road, the house was estimated at Kings, a vocal and instrumental they are, left to right, fro"nt row, Joan Bonne4-111 has organized a ':Ork party for s:: L board 1 a $9000 loss_ after the Feb. 27 fire. Spanaway quartet from Everett. lycke Sallie Sumner Joan Gangidi)10 and Gary II.I! VV II!! a Sunday at the Viv Selle ranch . · s. des er arson, fire chief George Schnelle said an exploding oil R 1' B l' f · · ·· · · near Eatonville The day's p 0 runmng unoppose , who polled F 11 · .o owmg th:-program, bo~ths us er. ack row. e t to right, Glenn Morns Residents of the Franklin ·ect is eelin. ·3000 0 s r ' 2092 'votes; Matt Manley Jr., stove caused the b,laze. Photo by Lee Corp w1l~ be ?Pe.n m the gymnasmm and Tony Gable. Photo by McKewen Pierce school district are invited ~ draw Pknifegis 'the 1.Pdeatls tandl 00 who won the other post with .be t oaten t d the f"irst a 11-sch ool car- The work will•be done rain or· 1403 · duntil midmght. · d There wrll . . . ; . and G eorge w·11 1 s, with H oor prizes an many fme priU I nival this Friday night in the . . , . 794. . . m • which wil! "'llil school gym, from 7 to 11 p.m. .IS plenty Although th.e Bethel district Th Y L tt · , C . . A king and queen will be This may be made q jolly 'had four pr~cmcts not yet re· u·oL r et t.~ ;rm.ens 1 lu~ will ~ftrUmlf!>~ D~ll'!l\r.J!~ chosen from candidates nomi- ! family affair; everyone bring- p. orted, th·e·... u:iomcial ~esults 1~11!. ~ no v \g Ill IL.I nated by the student body,·to· ing sandwiches. Coffee will be were so def1mte that 1t was ; es:ns e1~ annua. nunstrel l!J!!i ,11UV11ii lft11.jVU Ulll! H 1 11 ov. atur ay ev~nmg at 8 . . . preside over the festivities. rovided doubtful whether the late re. Parkland Community CluD' man assisted by Mrs Hem.r.y p.m. The booths \Vlll be open March 6-14 has been des1g- who have had five or more J C d"d . P ·• • turns could change them members will gather at the Kurle ' Mrs · Fred Van .Rhed'an·· 1 again in the gymnasium· ' with,' nated include: royal hon· ityThose m the Parkland v1cii:iIn addit1"on. to the I ·111d. th th r 11as 4-H · fClub Week, d f and years' service . ors a:ime11,adtes u e fJ01 oantheBonnelycke a ·e ask d to t_ t th { ergarCoun.try House this Thursday Mrs. Floyd Hicks, .Bart . e usual ~w~rd.s for patrpns. ' e. o owmg ~cts an igures .. Mrs. G.rlbert Carlson, Rt. 11, and Ton Gaible from the fresh· \' b l r ~ . mee .. a .. e ten proposal, Bethel voters evemng at 6:30 p.m., for the Payne, Mrs. Robert Lynd, Mrs. The public is mv1ted. ' were fi1ade ava1~ab!e by George Box 258, Tacoma, 10 years; man cla;s· Joan Gangidino and f and; at 9 to clock, tho~e lit~g 0 were faced with two other prop· annual elub banquet. Ed I-Iinderrie, James St. John, --~ Purce ' Extenswn Agent. . I'~els. Bonn, .6203 N. Meridian, Gary Rusier from the so ho· ~r er ou may. go rec ositions, 631.: mills for cquipMrs. Jennie Grodvig, presi- Elvin Krumm, Severn Kittle· 1Hlousir119 Committee There are presently over two Puy·a1!up, 5 years; Frank Deck, more class and Sallie Su~er t et;'e~ pl~e--Just t~rnl lefdt ment and maintenance and a dent of the club has appointed son Frank Madden Mike Wutz A ~- li'll R. • million members en.rolled in 4,H Rt .. 4, Box 385, Puyallup~ 6 and GI 1 f th· . . at ' e eye7 aeuser sc oo an lo/o bond issue for p'ayfields Dick Soukup as general chairMusic during 'tile dinner· 8Yl.S~S n.oom i!..USfil'HJS in the United States, over fif- years; Art Green, Rt. 2, Box 921, io cl em orris rom e JUn· follow the sign;,. ··· ·Both were passed ·'the bo~d hour will be played by Mrs. The largest convention in teen thousand in Washington Puyallup, 6 years; Mrs. Harold ass. d . f f R k• f R k , B b issue by a765·482 and J H ·di d H b S · . . McGee p o Box 39 7 Graham asses an orgamza 10ns o oc. y o . oc y s ar er th .1 ' 789 465 erry e .un · er ert oc- Parkland's history will be the • .· '. · · ' ' the school are sponsoring. the Shop still swapping for what e mil age, - • 5 years, Mrs. Arnold Andrews, olafsky will . . mclude . . . . · M orris · F. ord , s upennten · · d.ent . act as master Sta t e .G,range convet·ron ,co b e Rt 1 , B G. i< event, w1hch will booths have you and g1vmg good hair· 1 . . . . . of ceremonies. held m the Pacific Lutheran • · · :'. ox 534 . ' ra.rnm, :J and a dance. cuts. ·. of ;1:he ·Franklin Pierce district, ~he iollow11:1g IS a lrnt of v10The Rev. A. W. Hafstad will College, June 7-11. The Grange years, Mrs. Mitchell Milne, Rt. said thekindergarten issue was lat10ns filed rn Judge Delbert give the invocation. is an agricultural fraternal orZ, Box 748 • Puyallup, 8 years. · · ·. · · ,. soclose, that the absentee votes M: Bresem'.lnn's court, .spanaTommy Collier, TV entertain- ,ganization with 480 Granges . Mrs. Otto Moebi.1S? Rt. 1, Box C0\11d decide the ballot either wa;;:, Washmgton and disposed er, will present an xylophone 50,000 members withi!1 the state 404, Graha.m, 5 year>: .Mrs. Mike If iii llli II H If U ii way, even though it would onlY of m same: solo and tap dance. The Frank' of vVashington .a.lone. The .1500 .. N"anavich, Rt. 1, B,,,, 8A, 6 iL be ·two or three voles. Unoffic'

Flaming Landmark.

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Stec.le.' Donald .F.. Failure R..t. 1, Box. Pi ....·erce g.irl.s w·i·ll··, ·. a1.1d ..·vis.need ·.1...·to.·.r... s housing at. ····t·h···i·s·' ·•···.1. ·.y· · e·.·a· . r·s··.; Ml·'S. ·... R.·a . . Y.. TJ·1·· ie.·m·· R.L. ·.· · u1.·· .. .c. · · ial .... tab·u··latio·n··s·. of .. the kil.1d. er272A, Spana.way; to accompanied by trio. David Sannerconvention will \. 1, Box 86A, ·Buckley,, years; · ··· · · · • garten vote indicatrd 2812 votes transfer title, B.F... $15.00, ws:e. ud. Members. of the ·trio within a .radius .of five rn.iles of .·,;:-.1r.•,Guy .. Normap, .. Rt.·· 1, ]3ox .· .•. An organi:;:ed.· groups. k~yed .•. er.i.s. president, an\1 .. r'"plac.i;:s. cast, 16Beyfor \UI(I 1126·· against. • Hol}<'.r, Ray, 1~~06 So. Sh~ri- Marilyn Krumm, Diana Brown convetion headqtrarters. f55, Graham, 5. years; Mrs. Guy t~ the. interests and needs o'f the regular monthlyrneeting·of , ~'.I'd· like: to express our dan! I'ctcoma; Failure to gtve <tnd Joan Hansen. The housing committee, Mrs. . . i'<orman, Rt. 1, Box 155, Gra· ?'oi.:th m. the Pa~k~and a~ea ~rel that. group. . · tnanl<s,'' said Ford,. "to tli~ reg_;sl1:1:_t10n on sale of vehicle, ''Operation Bootstrap" will Ea.rl Rau, Mrs.. c. Melvin Mc- State, and almost eight hundred ham, 6 yem:-s; Mrs. :Eunice Pot- mv1ted to. ;i~rticJPf\t~ m ·~,"!I Th~ unusual. and colorful voter,;;, for pa,ssing .the ath· B.F · $41>.00, \VSP. be the topic for the speaker Kinney and Jake. Brandt of in Pierce County. This we.ek is r~fke, IU. 1, .Box 1(;}6, Eaton· Y?uth Activities meetmg wi:1ch progra.m will begin ·with the letic fief cl millage. This means Rosenow, Robert w., 10310 of the evening. James Sales Grange; Mrs; Tho· also a tribute to the volunteer >'l.lle, 7 years; Mrs. George..! will be held Thur~day e~emng grand· march, each grm-!P and, tha.t, during the next football So. Park Ave., Tacoma; Thru Franklin Pierce High School ren Tibbitts. of Elk .Plain and adult leaders of these boys and Richen, Rt. 4, Box 444, Puyall-1 March 18, at 8 o clock m t~e [leader. to be introduced. This season, we can play our home red blinking light, B.F. $10.00, will be. presenled with a check R. S. 'Bixby of Collins, ask those girls, who serve without pay. up, 17 years; Mrs, Sheldon Slutz I Parkland school. The event is will be followed by community ·games 9!1 our own. field, and WSP. for the proceeds of the wrest]- having rooms to rent to please They teach citizenship as well Rt. 2, Box 141, Gig Harbor, 9 . sricinsnrr."l _liv the P~rkl2.11c1 P- II singing,. every.9ne present par- will have the Thanksgiving Dayhuff, Dallas A., 204 6th ing match· sponsored by the' list them with the committee as better agriculture and home years. . clay game against .clover 1 TA, of which Mrs. Travers Dry-. ticipating. Ave. N.\V., Puyallup; No valid dub recently, Kittleson will soon. A $10.00 deposit will be 1 economics practices. Many This ]\/ational 4-H vVeek is Movies will be shown in the Park at the .new field." license on vehicle, Fined $8.00 wiU m8:lrn the presentation, paid in a.dvance and t11e balance Pierce County 4·H leaders have noi to just honor these leaders auditorium f.·.or the children not "We'll be members of the and $2.00 costs, \VSP. wluch will be accepted by Tim at the time of the convention. had five or more years' service. however, 'for the better citizentaking part. in the li'ie demon.· Puget Sound League, next year, Leek, vVallace R., Rt. 7, Box Tommervik and Bob Kayelin. (Continued on Page 8) I Those leaders in Pierce County ~lup, etc. that they are teach- Jim~m 111 1111 stra!ion. and this will certainly boost the 67, Tacoma; Thru red blinking mg, but also to honor the boys 'i;jj(!;!l B~~ ml!ljj@J Live demonstrations will be· morale and school spirit of the light, Fined $10.00 and $2.00 Homebuilders Attention and girls themselves for ail the! ~I !IHI held in the school basement, entire student body." costs, WSP. . . • • • time and good wor~ that they l!Ji'!.111 mw~ar by many of the groups repreRyan Edward N RI 1 Box I ']have done and contmue to do. . . . sented ~ . ' · ., ·· ' , · · ,t I b · f 4 H l Pacific Lutheran College de· · Already . . · scheduled are' ~ Glllf. ~ drivbate club has 'been invited to ?emonstrat:ons on cookrub i mg, B.l. $1.:J.00, WSP. . . t k . g I the Sixth Annual St Ma t"n's weavmg, 1J . 1 1 mg, puppecs, basket 1 1 , . W"th th d. t f tl . . . . . . pus wee has displayed club · ' · .r camping electr"c"t f ~ "d Loyd W., Rt. 1, Box . . 1 ea ''en o ·1e sprmg No building and sewerage Pac1f1c Avenue, Tacoma. sewi · t . th N f ' Y, irs ai ' lllllrll ~n ~~ 1 Invitational Speech Tourn·1ment J 01nson, l 229A, Spunaway; Speeding, B. building . seawn, prospective permits wil I be granted in Sewage. disposal is an in• •bne fo for Varsity.' This two-day' meet i'.l1:1strated talk cattle, arti- · · UH ruiY · ·l F. $15.00, WSP. h~me builders 111 non-s:wcred' o~rtair> "critical" areas of dividual matter in the uning, y · will be held 011 the campus of ftci:,_~ flower makmg, flower. arOlive, Robert w., Polk eas are warned to obtam sew- Pierce CoL1nty which are un· corporated area of Pierce St. Mar.tin's College, Olympia, ran,,mg, demonstrations, ft 707 stop, age .disposal approval before suitable for septic tanks. St., Tacoma;. No arterial County since there are n·o I Washington, March 26 and 27. by .Cub Scouts and U Ur . ...\Ill B.F. $10.00, WSP. buildmg. Much .ground water in the public sewers. llill "" M The Northwest prov in c e Campfire Girls. ; .1 . . ... Gerald c Isham Jr Rt "A number of homebuilders winter plus clay and hardpan I Representatives of the Health . ,. Speech Tournament of Pi Kap· Ci'(1 Air Patrol re"· 3 in the count:.: have cause.d the:n· soil combine Bo. x 404, No op'. make tl:e SUC· have often _been p'a, Delta, national collegiate R.ummal'lle Sale a' proJeCt . 8:t era tors license, B.F. lO.OO WS selves fma.ncial .6pe.rat10.n of sept.ic tank able advise the .homebmlder, rllh . llJu Uim. speech honorary, will be held " -:JI • • u. ie .' m uyallup .. witn P. $ ' loss and personal mconvemence ?ramf1elds d1ff1cult or 1mposs·. even 111 the areas designated as Sponsored by th S . "t- in conjunction with the invitatParkland P·TA 1s sponsonng I of runway_111hghts, 'Loren R. Latterell Rt. Box ?Y failing to obtain th.eir build· 1ble:.. "critical," on installing a septic Woodland • ional meet and simultaneously. a rummage at 7th St. and t· marker, .the· Puyallup· Neg{, t3'd . . mg and sewage permits before C1tizel).S may learn the loca-. tank system which functions Fire department and u T1 Events as the St. Martin's Tacoma Ave. m Tacoma, across A f f a al'ge Shell Co. sign. 897 ing' BF $" ()Q' w·SPigen riv construction is begun," warns i tion of these areas by contact- satisfactorily, according to Dr. a bountiful h t k a xdi . ary, tournament are: Oxford Univer. from Central school, March 15, armer member of th; ' · · ,). ' · J J. G h' · ' f · th H 1th D t 2324 C R · am. ur ev mner 16 d 19 Cl · · h ·11 yallup CAP Helmet Me1mnoRi"chard 'I' • Bos Lw·1ck , Rt . c 1cf o the sam-· mg e ea epar ment, . . Fahgher, Heallli Director. will be served at th e ·f.ire h a 11 sity style - two-man debate' b an .l M osmg ours wi . is . now . · servmg :• as Cadet - Maior . "" . t' . orman, , t d" .: . . . 9 • 1 'tl . Box 12'1 Tacoma· Speeding 11 B 8: wn Iv1s10n of the Tacoma· Sunday. from noon until 5 o'. Lmcoln - Douglas onc"man de- e o c DC{ on a.Y evemng, at Randolph F" 'Id "th 600. F · $10 ·00, W"'P ' . me prnrce clock · Donations ar·e $125 extemporanous and im· 6 o'clock other evenings. d e t s un d er ·h·1sie superv1s10n 'w1 . . ea· ,_, · ' t. County Heal1h Depart· · · · f o r bate, . . . . . . Haro~d E. Tarpenning, P. 0. n . . . adults, 50 cents for children I pro~tu sp~akm~, mterpretative Thos.c havmg articles to d.o· ,\119ther Jor-ll:ler member, .Ho· Box 6u, Spanaway; Speeding, . . " ,, under 12. / readmg, d1scuss10n, oratory and nate are asked to call Mrs. John wartl Bfanehard is sorvin B.F. $20.00, WSP. By Special Officer C. K. Red Haney The fire hall will be open to after-diner speaking. . ~wanson, GR-6463• or Mrs. Wil- reas with the Coast Gu;r~verRichard A. McKim, Rt. 1, Noted in R t Henry Geiger, Rt. 13, Box ported to. Deputy Helen Wick the public, with all equipment PKD events will be debak, ham H~rt, GR-3758, not later ' . Box; 422'. Spanaway; No valid . . . epor 565, Tacoma, ~eports that while that he lost a set of tools, a I 011 _display, and the event will orat~ry, extempo.ranous and af· than Friday, March 12, for pick, v:h1cle license displayed, B.F. . R_eports frnm the Tacoma· he was attendmg the Parkland 10-ft.. rule,. a tape and a i bC' mteresting as well as enjoyspeakmg.. . up. . $l:l.00, WSP. P1e1ce. County Health Depart· j Theatre someone broke both flashlight, valued at $17, 'from able. . Th~s tournament is .designed .Especially needed are books, Clover Creek Cub Scout pack Ahrend c. Ahrendsen Jr., Rt. ment 111d1.cated 173 new cases front windows of his car and his jeep parked in front of his Norm Ne! d M L . to '~rmg together the fmest col· 1 comic, National Geographic and No. 79 will meet at the school 7, Box 549 Tacoma. Speeding of measles recorded in the area, stole a 'Iii" electric drill valued house. · nard F"sh son an drs. eo legiate speakers and debaters 1 Life magazines all kinds of Fr.iday March 12 at 8 pm 1 ' ' b rmgmg · · th. e years ' t o t a I t o 888 a t $144, as reporte · d to Special ways anwill means · ' · 'will ·be discussion ' · · B.F. $5.00, ' WSP. Fur Coat Stolen . committee 'members be in I in. the Pacifi.c N orthwes.t · It ·1s stocInngs, old nylons for mak· There on im· 1 Townsend, Robert F., Rt. 4, !. cases: , . Deputy C. K. Haney. Mrs. Louis Ray of 1641 So. charge. ' aimed exclusively at getting the mg rugs, pots and pans,. child· portant matters concerning the Box 951A, Tacoma; No artcr-1 This figure compares .with 29 Tools Taken 112th St. had her . fur coat, The . .... . best speak:rs. . . . . ren's clothing, ladies' clothing Cuos and their parents. ial stop, B.F. $10.00, WSP. · cases for the same period last John Rauch of Rt. 13, Box valued at $385, taken from her road ~~ebrall is on Cany?~ There will be d!v1~1ons. ~or (especially l~rger sizes), boots, Colored m.ovies on concervaClaude Orvai Lindsey, y Mo- year. 788, near Central avenue, re· home last Saturday, as report· port. ock south of Air ~en~ women and a JUnJOr div1s- vases, material and used pat- tion will be shown and the Cubs tel, Roy Y, Spana way; F'ailurc · ed to Deputy Paul Otto. Also, !On m debate. terns. will present a program. t.o transfer regisl.raUon, B.F. missing .were 2 lady's suit jack-~---~-------------......:._:.:.:..::.:.::..:..,~~~=:::____ $500, wsP. ets and a gaba+dine suit, the 59,273 Volume Gain In 8 Years 1\.Iiss Judy Densmore, assist· ·total loss valued at $475. ant editor, Times-Journal, Suffers Heart Attack Speeding, B.l•,. $3.00, Tacoma O·w. en. M .. Barrett, 54, .of Rt.,. I. l'oltce Dept. 7, Box 81, was taken to Tacoma II Clifford K. Scheppler, Rt. 7, General. hospital Monday. by I Do people still read books? well be the slogan, for the serv· special problems and special AU these facts and figures 282, Tacoma; Speeding, B. Deputies Berry and Ploegsma. This is a question often asked ice is a method of taking books titles are filled and mailed week- ma.y ·be cold words to some but $10.00, \VSP. He suffered a heart attack. in a world of television, radio, to the people. The administrat· ly to the branches. when they relate. to a public libJames IL Moyer, Rt. 7, Box movies, comics and push button ive functions of the library are Telephone requests to head· . , , ::racoma; Defective equipClever Creek P-T A living in general. pc-rformed at the 11ea.dquarters, quarters aid many studen~s, rary one must reaLze teat p~o-, B.F. $15.00, WSP. ~ !!'~~ Wednesda The Pierce County Rural Lib· located at 502 So. 11th Street. 1 research workers and busi- ple ai:1d personahties ate bchmd. Arnold D. Turner, 407 41st ~ rary District's eighth annual reThere, a staff of 6 profes- 1 ness people. ~aeh 1tem. N.E., Puyaliup; Passing Clover Creek P-TA will meet port answers that question for sionally trained librarians, I A collection of long playing For each book there was a double line, B.F. $10, WSP. at the school Wednesday even- a great many residents of this with the aid of secretarial worthwhile phonograph records reacler, for each question a Edwin \V. Cooley, 74th and 'ng, March 17, at 8 o'clqck, Mrs. vicinity. In i946, .the first year help, act as a clearing house ·and a .mounted picture collec- J voice, for ea<:h dollar expend~ A, SpanH\.vay; Negligent wanacc Bagley presiding. The of operation there were 1,558 , for all library matt~s rel at- tion are new activities that have · ed there was ·a human need'. tiJ'Jv1ng, B.:F· main item of business will be registered borrowers, who bor- ing to the rural communities. shown steady growth. · , ., No, we do not worry too Floyd Haworth, Rt, 3, Box rowed a total of 19,449 books. It is from this he~dquarters T~ attract the youn~er gene. rnuch abo1:1t, televis:on, movies, :he election of of~lcers. Puyallup; Speeding, B.F. Dr. Hoffman will speak and At the end of 1953, 20,503 that books are sent 111 all dir· . erat1pn there are magazmes and; etc. supplant1n·g boots when SJ 0.00, PCS. show movies on prevention of rural residents had library ections to small branches in collections of special interest I many. times the query is "Do Floyd A. Harwood. Box 246, dental troubles. Mrs. James cards. They borrowed 31:'.0,- twenty two large sized com- to teenagers. Extra collections· yqu have thi.s book?" or, "Will spanaway, No valid drivers Berry, health chairman, will in· 400 books, and miscellaneous munities. In addition, two book· are loaned to teachers of the · yqu find l!he answer this l:ic;cnse, B.F'. $ii.OO, WSP. traduce Miss Jessup, school material. mobiles reach many rural rural schools to supplement the question wpich. I heard or saw . The above list is true and acnurs.e.. There will be conununity The book collection. has grown i s~hools and more isolated spots· school progra.· m. . ·. · . on televisfon.. ... or radio?" The frbm cockpit canopy of the Convair-built F-102 cm·a.te··.·. ·and recon:l.ed in official singipg. from 3,102 volumes in 1946 to , on regular schedules. Story hours have been p'opu· people of Pierce County di) read Stat(i .()f ·washington dockets. during flight test at Edwards Air Force Base, Mothers of pupils in Miss G2.G75 volumes at the end of . Both branch and bookmobile lar and have doubied in Size, i books and p'eople are in reality ... I.,utper C. Shelton Calif. The delta wing plane is the Air Force's Gulseth's room . .tvill be hostesses 1953.. . i collecti.on. s are constantly be· when a: return trip has behin·d·the facts· and figures of first all-weather supersonic interceptor. for the social hour. "Books on the move" might , ing replenished. Answers to possible. . the 1953 rej;lort. of The Court.




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(Ceiling) (Ceiling) 14': (Wall) (Ceiling) (Ceiling)





Full lb. Tin

1~~~ I\ 43c



98th & •II'" racnu~



We Deliver

Rain or Shine




Airport &



libby's Pink


2 for



Very Simple To Install

Rt. 13, Box 659


GR 8605


'fACOM.A"S H\iDEPENDENTL Y OWN~D SUPER MARKET EHedive Thursday, Friday, Saturday, March ·11, 12, 13 =Yes 24 hours a






g Ci

~ Q




the ~weekly trustees' meetings. Official receipts were distributed to the members ,to enable them to contact their neighbors and obtain their membersh'p. "Anyone who has.rbeen unahle to attend a meeting and who has any .questions alJout membership, or wishes to see water available in Spa\rnway by be· coming a member, should call me at GR 7425 or Phil Zurfluh, Jr., at GR. 6895, or any of the tmstees or members and he will be contacted at his home," stat-

I, er"We Mr. John Newell, president. need everyone in Snan· away as a member NOW. - \Ve know that it's easy to wait until the construction lwgins, but we can insure that construe.Lon only ···--·--···---

by pitching in ,NOW-not tornn1To\v.''

time payment plan is a-


vailable so everyone cnn join.


LUCKY SALES & SERVICE 135th & Pacific

GR 8688 "~-·- - - 1



OPEN HOUSE Spanaway CUnic of


'(Public Invited)

Corner of 161 st & Pacific March 12th

11 :00 to 6:00

Physical Therapy By Appointment ·• • • GR 6200 You have but one .life and one body. Protect and preserve them while you may, by talting Myopra-etk t1'.catments. A trea!meat in time not only saves nine but often saves a life.



0 Neil~ 11

•••••• 5lc

Bits ••• 2/45c

Old Yankee

No. 1 Tin

Por;< &. Beans S/ 45e N.s:c.

1 Lb.


Crackers ••••• 29c Mission

Mac •••• 2/3Sc

Cut up Pan Ready


Fro:i!:en Fryers •• 99c Gi21:~ards


••••• 49c Lb.

Gr. Beef ••••• 39c ,

Bun-ch es

Clfl!rrots •••• 2/17e ,


Celery •••••• 9c Green

"I Can Help Where Others Fail"




Friday1 Hours:

GR 7512

Kraft Wonder Mild


Peppers • • • • . 19c Prices Effective Fri. & Sat., March 12 &. 13

~ha'. wou1d concern that child /IL~~ _Per_lf'loh:li o~ens Thursday, March 11, 1954 Page 5 m his school. work and school . " • '::ii IF The TIMES-JOURNAL business. The conference 'lfVHth l'<Bew Owners; h.eld with my son Victor did not I r'lll©.l IConUnur>d from Pa e 0~) 1 concern Victor or his school ac- """" · · g 1.o 10:30, and will meet Tues- i SUBSCRIBE TO THE tivity in any way. Especially da . LG'Pergola Inn, recently open- George Haal>and, troop proper- days and Tlmrsdriys for five NEW TIMES-JOlJRNAL we take except1·011 to tl1e· su1J 1·- ed, under the new management tv· Harold Leaman advanc·e. . : -~ Y' • . ·~ c ' • • sr:ssHln~:;, talnng 15 hours to' 1 71 _ ( mtendent's con_ference wit.1_ 1 our 0 .f -Ma.gie a.le.I Bal \\TelLm, IL· ment; Conrad Lea, assistant · . . . · son since he did so after he s1denls of: the Parkland area s~outmaster. complete the courne. told me what he would do and for 12 years. Troop 76 attended· GoverAnyone inlerestf•rl in 1'akirn; i after I had told him he had . Complotelyrcmodclcd and re,! nor's Day at the state capitol the mnrm' may do so as 20 I better not interfere with my i decora_ted, _1he Inn will _spcec- b11ilcling in Olympia; They were m~mbers ~re n0er1Pd to com. . iahze m clncken, spaghetti and I L•iven a speech bv the governor nlPtf' the chss Please call Mrs. I J;ieen v.;onderfully ble_ssed 111 bemg res tared to active and the LL governor.on Scout- Rmehart. GR 7,.J8,_ or. Mrs. Pet- life after being cripplcrl in nearrng." They were given_, the op· ;;~so11. C:B _fi~Hl, if m:-ereste~. ly every joint in my body and portumty to tour the. capitol Shorty vV1lhams, the mstruc,- , with muscular soreness from building. or, insur0s tis a most interesting head to foot. I had Rheumatoid Court of Honor \Vas heldWed. J and worthwhile course. Arthritis. ahd other forms 'Of ' . · · . ·· Rheumatism, hands deformed 1 1 esd:fiy, March 3, , at,, _Ci;ntral Mothersin[l"rs and 111y ankles were set. Avenue school. Ed Andrews was Ccntrril Avenue Motht>rsing. . .. · T d f t b d . , · ' · . . · · L1m1ted space proh1b1ts tellpresic_lrl n t edShI11_s en er. o_o· · a ge, a new selec· mg · R · ers are practicmo' you more h ere b u t r'f you ona .·. ousc was given 11!s tion of three-part music and we will write me I will reply at Seco,nd Cl>ass brirlg<;>; The need s0me sopranos badly. Any. ' once and tell you how I received Ap. ac.he Patrol won the !1o~or one wishing to :ioin will be w_el-1' this won_derful relief. Patrol cup, for the precedrng corned. At the P-TA meet. two months. ing at Collins, the Mothersing- . I First Aid Class crs sang three selections and , m Under the sponsorship of the were ,highly complimented on 2805 Arbor Hills Drive adult educa,tion program of the their group. They will perform P. 0. Box 2695 Central Avenue P-TA, a First later in the spring at Central Aid dass will start April _6, 7 :30 .A. venue.

Summit News



















Mrs,. l ema s w·1er "

Chef Boyardee,

- free kite on each bag m


with Mushroom Sauce

' 46 oz.


Gerber's.- Strained or Junior


B A B· y F0 0 D'





14 Oz. Btl.






10 lb. bag 93c


.... 15c ERS . l9c







SIU<u TOH.lff

Tan Tin



IL Medosweet

White. Chocolate and Yellow Ill

11es Strawberry

Preserves 20 Oz.




Open 9:00 a.m.


Complete Se!ectiofi'I of fresb Frozen Fish

10:00 p.m. 7 Days A Week

Alaska Pink

No. I Tin


Are Repeating by Popular Demand Cel5o Wr©ipped, ready for the pan Db.



2 Lil1 Pkg.


. . • . . . • $1.49 ILAMIB UVER . . . . . • . • • 23c ROUND STEAK • . • • . • SLICED BACON


GROUND BEEF • • • • • • • • •

• • • •











15% Oz. a





/£ . .. 2I/lfj7l/'ll VJ,,•


LEMONS lOc lb. Oregon


12 Oz. Pack

I 0 Lbs. Ii


" .,



Giant 2 for WHEATIES •••• 45c Hershey , lb. COCOA •••••• 2"/c Nestles


Franco American




Choe. Morsels •• 23c


Green ONIONS &



Tube Ill




Del Monte No. 303 CR. CORN •• 2/37c






m •






Distributing Company



. :~ Cuffee Given tre




LEAVE FILM AT Quality Photo Service for developing. In at 10, out at 5. 9610 Pacific Ave. 15ctf

3-Business Service SEPTIC TANKS, ci;::ss POOLS CLEANED Contents Hauled Away


fi'OR SALE-Boys and girls bicycles, $25 each; GR 5577. 15ctf

Hutson TANK CLEANING HI 3980 HA 703S Locker Meat Accepted

1948 Kaiser. Completely hauled. Everything new. Lucky Sales & Service, & Pacific Ave. GR 8688.

over$550. 135li1 1&26

RAY GOGAN lLANDSCOPE CONST.ctUC1919 Green 2-Dr. Ji'ord. Good TION GENERAL landscapADS condition, $495. Lucky Sales ing service- new lawns, & Service. 135th & Pacific peat soil, topsoil, shrubbery, $4,950.00 Ave. GR 8688. 15c26 mckeries. Nothing down, 36 G. I. Financing F.H.A. CLEAN, 2 'bedrooms, auto hot months to pay. GR 3127. CEDAR FENCE POSTS 3ctf WE NEED listings of all kinds. water, wirccd 220, cement fdn., Round or split, any length, 35c very nice yard and lawn. SewFarms, acreage, lots, building ELECTRIC CONTRACTING er, sidewatks, % blk. to bus. and up, dcliv.ered. Write 25 years experienced; licensed sites, homes, (new or old, 1, 2, Easy terms. Call Ralph Deck- Cloyes, Rt. 1, Box 93, Roy. 3, 4, bedrooms). & bonded; reasonable; Lee 15ctf er, HA 0365 or HA 3415. Corp, GR 7064. 3ctf HOLSTEIN HEili'ER, 8 mo. DUPLEX JAMES R. LORING oJd, $60; white-face-ho)stein HOUSE MOVING; !leveling; 4% ACRES of creek' bott-om heifer, 3 mo. old, $30; Rt. 3, foundations: cement work; REAL ESTATE land in Riverside district. An Box 577, Puyallup; Woodland liree estimates. PR 2653. 3ctf older type home recently re· Natl. Bank of Wash. Bldg. road between Airport and Cotmodeled. Living room 14x31 13c26 ACE SEPTIC TANK Eves. Gr 7068 - Days GR 4148 with fireplace. Large kitchen, Jins. 'Your Community Needs The 2 bedrooms. One bedroom up- REAL SILK products; Ph~;e 11!1 SERVICE Benefij:s of an Athletic Field' stairs rents for $55 per mo. Fern Rutherford, GR 4451. U Septic Tanks Cleaned Will sell FHA or trade for · 15ctf <( 49-ACRE FARM smaller home. Call Dean Brun· GR 4343 GRAHAM District. 4 bedroom er, HA 0365 or GR 4438. WRECKING 46 Chev. &°""47 a., 1-11 5.058 Cl. B. ACKLEY house. Lots of equipment and Oldsmobile, GR 8688. 12c26 W CREEK & LAKE _ . outbuildings. 22 acres cleared, RU'TOVATIN"G. - Prepare sml some peat; rest timber. Mr. ON SO. 90th between Sheridan FOR SALE - '51 Easy S~l~- ::C ln one operation for l_awn or Brown, YU 9221. and Sprague. 4 acres. Fine drier, like new; Rt. 3, Box 291-11!-a garden; Bert Severe1d, GR PARKLAND building sites. Lake st.ocked B, Tacoma; GR 8380; will de· II-a r~"A3 3Ctf • 15p26 W mr.. • THIS one bedroom home is as with fish. Priced at only $3,300. liver. CABINET SHOP neat as a pin. Auto~atic heat Call Mr. Inloes HA 0365 or SPECIAL ORDER CAKE·.S- 'i " ' Remodeling, kitchen ca.binets; •and hot water.. Nice lawn, HA 2547. Phone GR 3330, Paitty Ann " ' . we sell glass; 16309 So. Park, pat10. Owner will sell G. I. Bakery. · 15ctf llillll Spanaway, GR 7949. 3ctf $6,950. Mr. Nelson, HI 6174. McKinley Hill Realty FOR SALE - Case Tagalong 2 BEDROOM HOME SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED- 120xl20 site, wired 220, city 6311 McKinley Ave. HA 0365 single bottom plow, $60; L. 0. ag: Gcntents hauled away. Don water &.light. Electric range & \Dickens, Hart's Lake road; L Member of Redfortl. 8232 So. Fawcett. oil circulator included at $5000. Tacoma Real Estate Board Rt. 1, Box 39, Roy, phone Roy ::=. GA 71i34. If no answer call $500 down payment. 40-J -2. 15p26 ;;ii. GA 9222. 3ctf NEAR BETHEL SCHOOL 10-Rentais BANK RUN GRAVEL $6 for 4 SPRING PLOWING, discing 40 ACRE FARM. Good 4 bed· yards delivered; loading 50c and tilling; GR 8492. 3ctf room home. Fair outbuildings. MACHINE REI\"TALS - Rota- per yard. Canyon Road WE BUILD HOMES, remodel, Owner will trade · equity for Tillers, Chain Saws, Mechanic pit; cubic WA 7902. 15ctf ag: level buildings; cabinet work, house trailer in good condi- Tools, Floor Sanders, Skill :::!) concrete work. Reasonable. tion. Mr. Tibbitts, Gra. 7-7427. Saws, House Jacks. If its for HOTPOINT electric range with'! 0 rent we have it. AA Equip· GR 3550, MA 0706. 3ctf NEAT RESTAURANT trashburner attached. Bob ENJOYIKG good return. Very ment Rentals. 3804 Pacific Miller Appliances, 8401 Pacific Ave., HI 6193. lOctf good equipment. Lease at $75 Ave. HI 9597. month. Price $5,500. Owner re- FOR RENT - Large sleeping tiring. Will accept, $2,500.00 room, private 'bath, private en- FOR SALE - Mixed grass hay, down. Mr. Mitchell, HI 3315. trance; call GR 3128 after 7. $25 per ton; Chester Reichel, TRADE 10p28 end of Smith road; phone Yelm 7820. 15ctf EQUITY in good 3 bedroom home at So. 13th & Pine. A FOR RENT - Room in private real buy. Mr. T}bbitis. Gra. home near McChord; kitchen THE BEST in Foam Rubber privileges; working girl or sleep sets. Englander, U.S. 7-74<."7. couple; GR 3851. 10c26 Koylon, Firestone.. See all Septic Tank Cleaning GOOD RANCH Free Estimates 80 ACRES in Pleasant Valley. FOR RENT - Room in private all three at Parkway Furni14lst & 'Pac. -to-ve. Open Fully equipped. 40-acres good home near McChord; kitchen ture, And Advice pasture. 35 acres under plow. privileges; working girl or till 9. GR 3911. 35 head stock. One 2 becrroom couple; GR 3851. 10c2_{l COCKER SPANIEL puppies, 6 house; also new 3 bedroom weeks; 3 males, 1 female; GR house not finished but all ma- I I-Repair Service 3770, 2:30 to 10:30 p.m. 15c26 terial on hand. Consider trade for property Vanvouver, Wash. WASHING MACHINE PARTS. PARKLAND FURNITURE 8~Wanted To Buy Largest stock in town. Repair· New and used miscellaneous; FOR $3,000 WANTED-Buildings to wreck. YOU~ can get thi.s small 1:\vo ing that pleases. B.B.'s Wash- Airport & Pacific Ave.; ResiWe buy and sell used building >bedroom home and six lots in er Service, 3727 So. G. HI 9409 dence Phone GR 3748. 15ctf llctf materials. White Ball Lumber Parkland. Small down payFOR SALE - Bred New Zea· Co., Bingham Road, just west ment. Mr. Nelson, HI 6174. land does; Amden goose eggs; 12-Used Autos of Summit View; GR 8591. call Graham 7-7810. 15c2\j Sctf Homes in Parkland Community; Acreage close in, either FOR SALE - '48 Kaiser; sun FOR SALE 3 hives of bees; SPOT CASH visor, R. & H., good tires, body with or without buildings. For Your Used Furniture and engine; GR 6792. 12p28 Roy Morley, 169th & East B, Spanaway; GR .6163. 15c26 1 Piece or House Full Bert Brown Realty 1948 PONTIAC. Radio, heater Block's Furniture Mart 11220 , Pacific Ave. TAP, ACROBATIC, BALLET and Hydramatic. 2-tone. $595. 8205 So. Tacoma Way Office-Days, GR 3341 Lucky Sales & Service, 135th classes. All ages. Mildred LA 2882 Evenings, YU 9221, HI 3315 15ctf & Pacific. Ave. GR 8688. 15c26 Keller, GR 7881. HI 6174 • LA 7161 VEAL CALF and trailer with 9-Real Estate Agent for Americaf\ Express 13-Farm Ads bed; sell reasonable or trade Money Orders for outboard motor, GR 5313. PARKLAND --- - - - HAY - dry land alfalfa, grass 15c26' 3-B. R. RAMBLER hay Sl per bale. Delivery can _ __ G. I. appraised at $6,450.00 on large lot in a1 country-like at· 1 22xl4 \ 1 Equip mosphcre. 2 bedrooms, tile ALL floor over wood, kitchen wired living room. Sep. dining room. past Roy "Y" on Mountain CASH FOR milk cows, beef, 'for 220. 2 car garage and L<1rge kitchen. Hardwood Highway.. 13ctf heifers, veal and hogs. Call cement drivew'fly. floors Uu·uout. Garage and - · · ···-Thackeray collect. Puyalworkshop. This home is near' 1950 ~HEy. '%. ton pick:up. R. PUYALLUP 16ctf new, and ovmer built with all. O~ersize tires. Good condit~on. lup 5-5414. 3 BEDROOM home in south- No. 1 lumber. Don't give up 1. $7;o0. Lucky_ Sales & Service, west part of town with 1 acre looking until you have seen 135th & Pacific Ave. GR 8688. FOR SALE Sorrel mare, in blackberries. Chick houses. this home Wili go 100% GI 13-26 army s:;iddle, planket, hacka"'12750 c1" · t ° · · HIGHEST PRICES PAID for more bit, halter; not recomA good buy at $8,500.00. "' · osmg cos s on1Ymended for small children; $80 SPAKAWAY 3 BEDROOMS all kinds of livestock; call or •takes all; 13.'3rd St., Brookdale; LAKE FRONTAGE RAMBLER, with 3% acres. write Butch Grombach, Rt. 3, Rt. 7, Box 48, Tacoma, Wn. 31 FEET of frontag" with shore· Huge living room. A kitchen Box 577, Puyallup; phone Puy16p28 lands, plus a clean newly re- which should make any woman allup 5-5621. 13ctf • decorated home that is wired drool. Til<'fl bathroom and • ·, · · -·- ARTIFICIAL BREEDERS for 220 and plumbed for aulo- 'back porch. Up on Waller Rd. .I 4--S1tuat1on Wanted j E;er'\reen ~reeders ,Ass'n. $7' mat1c washer. Large living dose to Collms Road. A home - ····- ·- -·-. . biecdmg fee, no chaige on reroom, lots of cabinets in kitch- you will be proud Lo own. $11,- EXPERT PRUNIN9 of trees<-1 turns. Ifolstein, Guernsey, Jerrcccssed tub in ha th, full 000. Owners will trade for a;;51 shrubs; Fred Stotler; GR [ sey1 M1lkmg Shorthorn, Brown ~ for more bedrooms. Ownsmall f.arm or sell to G.I. _5_1_0_1_. .... - ·---···---········-----1_1_c_2_:> ru;is~;'-~~eford. Call Pl~~if !Cr has reduced the price to DRIVE !3Y ACCORDION lessons in your - - - - - - - - - - - - :Jiti,9!50.00 on private contract. 6126 SO. I ST. Give a look at 'home; instrument furnished; I CALL TOM RAFFERTY, GR MH.S. GRODVIG has been apUus wea-ther"beaten sort of call HA 5788. collect: I 4443; your agent for Powder 1ted as SALES BHOKER run down, neglected older type · ,· · River Cattle Squeeze Chute. tl1e Veteran's Administra- of home, with full basement. 15-Miscellaneous . 16p46tf Hon for handling the sale of Make us an offer. You can WILL TRADE hay for horses. n•posscssed homes. If you see make money by fixing it up. ---LUMBER GR 6416 16ctf the government sale sign, call 80 ACRES for appointment to see the NOT too far out and it has a Free Delivery I 7=Help Wanted home. Listings will be coming one room plus kitchen and bath COLORED Bath Sets (3-pc.) in from time lo time, so it liveable house. Drilled well. $124.95; White Bath Sets (3- WANTED Girl model for W will be a gornl idea to check $6750 with attractive terms. pc.), $99.95; A grade Pore. Toi- Oamera club Saturday & Sun- U ently. These properties Call GR 3272 .for info. lets, $24.95; lxlO, 1x12 Sheath- day afternoons; address Cam- <( be sold for 10% down ing Eds., $39.00 M; lx8 Shiplap era Club c/o Times-Journal, a.. 10 ACRES ond 5% interest. 2 B.R. GOOD home. Best of $39.00 M; 2x4 Studs, $39.00 M; P. 0. Box 654, Parkland. 5c27 IW YERS WAITING for: soil. Small chick house. Just 2x4s, 6s, Ss, 10s, 12s, $39.00 M: ~ :I: ACRES unimproved land So. of Collins road. Good deal lx6, lx8, 1xl0 Bldg. Sdg., $19 . M up; lx6 Drop .Siding, $19.00 partially cleared. for a G.I. $9850. Fern M; Kails, 8, 20, 30p, keg, $9.24; ·~ .. 5 ACRE improved homes SERVICE STATION in Waller Road and Collins NEW modern concrete ·build- Paint, grey, outside, gal., $1.49; Laundromttt districts. ing, 4 pumps, Grease Hoist, etc. Paint, out or in, gal. wht., LIST YOUR PROPERTIES & Dry Cleaners Present owner retiring. No $2.89; Sheetrock-Celotex from WITH: contract with major gas Co., $59.00 M; 3 Tab Roofing (1st en 8420 Pacific Ave. HA 9736 Jennie L. Grodvig w so you can name your own grd.) Sq., .$8.89; Painted Shakes, Sq.; $9.95; 90 lb. Min. brand to sell. Good location on Complete Laundry Parkland Realty Pacific Ave. $5000 down will Roofing, Sq., $3.89. BONNEY and Cleaning, Insurance of All Kinds handle. Owner will consider LAKE LUMBER, 4 mi. East a.. Custom Drying, of Sumner on Highway. Phone Notary Public home on Spanaway lake. Sumner 3-3250 any hour. Rugs, Curtains Est. in Parkland Since 1941 and Spreads JAMES R. LORING 1949 PLYMOUTH 4-dr. Radio, GR 7232 days heater. This car has every208 Garfield Street REAL ESTATE ...II "D<;al with. fue people who give I National Bank of Wash. Bldg. thing. $875. Lucky Sales & Service, 135th & Pacific Ave., their own personal atten- , Days GRanite 4148 GR 8688. 15c26 " [ Eves. GR 7068 or GR 3272 Sewing Machines FIVE STAR BARGAIN Lowest Prices in Tacoma Eastern hardwood bedroom Necchi . Singer - White suite. Panel .bed, (Salem maple from $29.00 finish), 252 coil Sealy innerEast 59th CENTRAL spring mattress and matching box spring. All for $179.50. CLOS:iN"G COSTS only to veteran on this 2-bedroom SEWING CENTER Terms. (*mirror back has rambler with 5 lois, garden and fruit. Automatic washer MA 6393 607 So· Pine slight shipping ruos). Parkway and electric range. All in excellent condition; Priced Furniture, 141st & Pacific Ave. $8,750. Call Orrin Moore, GR 5467, GR 3558, GR 8638. So. Open till 9. GR 3941. -~-------




12 oz. tin





















5 for

Libby's, Fresh Flavor


MUTTON SALE ~ LEG O' MUTTON ~, • • ·lb. 29c MUTTON CHOPS lb. 35c !I






Libby's, Rich Fresh Tasting,

46 Oz. Tin

PINEAPPLE ,JUICE . . . • 4 for







46 O:z:. Tins

2 for



SHOULDER ROAST lb. 25c ~ MUTTON STEAKS lb. 29c. ~ MUTTON STEW ...... lb. 19c Q m





POT ROAST • • .• • • • • • • Rb. 39c SHORT RIBS • • • • • • • 5 lbs. $1.00


Gft 5 5 8 8

Dog Food

B E'A NS 303 Tins

13 cans .


1c ZEE

m~~~ B;:~~~~s,


~foc~rj~n1b'.~ae:V§ ~c~~~eh~~s~







3 Bedrooms.- $3,950

DURING OUR 9c OFF SALE on SNOWDRI We will meet and beat all ad prices on SNOW-



Shop Early

Olympia - Rainier - Heidelberg

Jack and JiU


CAT FOOD 8 oz. cans



argarme Ill

2 Acres E..c"CCELLENT SOIL, large chicken house, hot house, fruit and berries; 1-bedroom home; $6,500, $1,000 down on contract. Call HelenO'Brien, GR 3558, GR 5469, GR 8638.

Insurance GRanite 8638

2 CORDS green upland slab, $14; GH 33Ub. l5ctf WANTED-Chickens and rabbits. Call us before you sell. Cape's Poultry Market, 7036 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, Wash HA 4406. 15ctt LATE model Hotpoint Apt. electric range. This is a very clean A-1 stove, belonged to an elderly lady that did not 'bake and could eat only raw vegetables, $79.50. Parkway Furniture, 141st & Pacific Ave. Open Till 9. GR 3941.



" "



I lb. pkg.

Snow Flake




2 No. can ... 8 m





Biltmore's Famous




large tins

T U NA ~ • • • • • 3/97c ALL Sc CANDY BARS ••• 4/l5c All Sc GUM • • • • • • • • 3/10c These Prices Good Thursday - Friday - Saturday

No. I Idaho

I 0 lbs.








3 u:a a..



23c lbs. S1 ~

• = •











Arizona, Crisp



Cal' GR 7281 Tacoma. Pump & Well Drlllirtg Co. OUR.LOW PRICES SET THE PACE




I 0 lbs. 2

Idaho, Solid

WELL DRILLING Berkeley Pumps

Rt. 7, Box 316 Tacoma Terms Trades ~-..........,.,._..,....,,._..,...._.....,_o!!




HAS GARAGE, lots of flowers, apple and prune trees; 3520 South Cushman. Call Mr. Mitchell, GR 6545, GR 8638.


4 Rolls

Old Yankee "' SYRUP u


11302 Pacific Avenue





m m m


= 0






COFFEE, S & W, lb. ---'-------~~: ______________________ 99c TOMATOES. Rosedale~ No;~,% ............ 5/99c Chloropl;yll lf~vd. 2 33c tins 33c ~G·ATE·S Chloro.p~yn, 69c tube........47c 11. Ammomated Powder 2 27c t;ns for ........•.......27c c With Y cur l 5c Cheer Coupon






GRAHAM CRACKERS, Sushine, 2 lbs..•.... 53c DOG FOOD, Please, 5 cans ··--·····--------···--53c Fletts Farm Fresh





25 Pounds

Centennial, Print Bag

FLOUR Free. Kite m










with Each Bag


ONIONS - RADISHES, bunch --·----------··--·-· Sc FRESH 'fOMATOES, very fine, carton ...... 23c BROCCOLI bunch ···········-···········-·-··-···--- .15c

.Fertilizers ----- Garden Peat Moss ..-.. Feed 162nd

Prices Effective Thurs. Noon,


Firemen Needed The Parkland Volunteer Fire department has openings for several additional men. The firemen meet every Thursday evening at 8 o'clock, the regular monthly meeting the first Thursday and drill other weeks. Harry Beitz is the chief. The 'Parkland department answered seven call, . with 77 men reporting, and three resusita tor casses in Februru:y.

Housing Committee Asks Room Listings (Continued from Page 1) The prevaillng price is usually $3.00 or $4.00 a day. The housing committee feels that Parkland citizens will arise to the occasion as they have at other times and lisnheir rooms ~ith Mrs. Ea.rl Rau, chairman, GR 7372, or with any member of the committee.

Open Daily - 9 a.m. To 5:30 p.m. Mon. Eve. Until 9 p.m. (Mon. Eve. Till Easter Only) -·---·--

Sale Specials Continued Thru Saturday, March 13 Q!i§ilted Diaper Ba9s" Spec. • • • $1.00 Ttte:rmometer Sets, Spec••••• $1 J)O H@t Water Bettles. Spec. • 69c & 89c Pee Wee Trainhu3 P@ttys. Spec:••• 59c


KE TIME Again!


·, ll#~tJ/~l#flKJ Shock·PrOu,

~.i.u ~-·1io11 ii1.::iole

Frc:ink Leahy Special · 4.25 to·. 4.75 ·Other Styles from 3.25




Thursday, March 11, 1954 Vol. 9, t:n. 26

Magazine SECTION Published Every Thursday at Parkland, \Vash.

GRanite 3466

lOc Per Copy

Hannemann, Ruud

Set As Speakers For ·PLC Mission Dr. Emil Hannemann and the Rev. Gordon Ruud were the speakers for Mission Emphasis Week at Pacific Lutheran Col· lege March 7 to 12. The men will alternate speak· ing at the morning chapel serv· ices and at inspirational meet[ ings each evening at 7 o'clock. The meetings will be held in the chapel auditorium, and the public is welcome. Dr. Hannemann is a missionary to the American Lutheran Church field in New Guinea. He has been primarily interest· cd in educational work among New Guinea men at the Amron Seminary near Madang. He is the head of this institution which trains young men for church work. Home on furlough for one year, Dr. Hannemann is living in Madison, S. D. with his family. He is spending much of his time translating books into the Graged language of the New Guinea people so that the sem· inary can have more textbooks. The Rev. Ruud is a missionary for the Evangelical Luther· an Church to Madagascar. He works among the Tandroy tribe and is in charge of the station at Ambovombe. A music major in college, Ruud has just completed. the work of editing, revising and completing the music edition of the new Malagasy Lutheran hymnbook . ..



Chosen Royalty would consist of many Kathy Lorenz, granddaugh. animals such as these mag- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles nificent specimens from Lorenz, was chosen Princess in the Tom Rafferty ranch. the baby contest at Renton re· Rafferty specializes in cently. The proud parents are double registered polled Dick and Pat Lorenz, formerly stock, and recently acquir- of Graham, now residing at ed the two bulls in these Renton. pictures. The larger of the two Rummage Sale Set animals is Domino Dewy, To all the ladies of the com· a two year old bull, of munity. While you are doing choice Domino breeding. your spring cleaning, please The other is Prince Victor save any articles of clothing, may feel like dis· stock. A half-brother to etc., thatatyou this time for our an· the two shown here, was carding· nual rummage sale that will sold 'to a cattleman re- take place September 9, 10 and cently for $3500, to give 11. If you cannot ,bring them to an estimate of the value the Community hall, SOih and Canyon road yourself, call Mrs. of each bull. Rafferty says he spends Howard Selby, GR 6422, and an average of $4000 per she will arrange to have them vear on feed alone, for his picked up. herd, which ranges from Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jenkins 25 to 125 head. have just received word that He is especially proud their son Sam Jr. has arrived of the stocky, close to the in San 'Francisco from Korea. ground look of his cattle, The Jenkins reside in Graham. and the blocky, meaty apMrs. Milo Frasier of Seattle pearance. The cattle are in good breeding condi- is a guest at the home of her Mrs. A. Niemi, of Grahtion, not in show condition, sister, im. which would place them as much as two or three Rafferty wiH serve as hundred pounds heavier. chairman of the cattle The bulls were purch- show during the forthcomased from a famous polled ing Parkland Roundup, Hereford herd in Pendle- and may be contacted at ton, Oregon. GR. 4443 for further in"They are the best hon- formation on the show. ed, smooth scale and larg- The show is open to any est hind quarter polled 1 4-H, FFA or. individual bulls that I have ever livestock project. handled," Rafferty said. 1 Photos by McKewen



Thursday, March 11, 1954 The TIMES-JOURNAL


Beverly foster Weds.Army Man ln ·•Methodist<· Church Cefemonies Mr .. IJ.nd .· Mrs .. R. IL.. FostE!r ·1··· )'litje: Fosters. are ab10 receiv· are announcing the marriage of ing cq11gratulatim1s of the birth their . daughter Bever].y ·.,to. of, th:eir first,. grandson, ; born Lloyd. Small, private first class FE)Q;, 3 .to Mr. ~md ~rs. J)elmer iJ1 .. the armed . services• at. ;Et. Sande:rs .,·in .Topeka. ·Sgt. Sand· Lewis,. in the Methodist ·church. i ers has !bee11 · transferred . from in. Topeka, Kansas, . Dec.. 29 jn 1 Forbes: A1FB to Ft Lewisi the presence of a few fr1ends, . . , The attendants were Mr, 8:nd R.~v.}. . G . ·. ll'i... Mrs. Del.mar san.ders .(Marlme Foster). Upon tlw arrival of the. -~ffet·· couple here, Mr. and. :rvirs. ·• ,Buffet. dinner wm be served Foster held a reception for th~m St111d:ay from 1 to .4 p.m., in. the with about 3<Y relatives and Laca.nias Comniunity Hall, .by friends caHing to welcome them t'hi:i R()Y Grange. . . . .. ·· home. Mrs. Frank Haines ~e community hall is. JO· (MadeHn Beckla1id) · served. the ca:t~d .·on the Harts• Dake Loop wedding cake and .Mrs. J. B. Road. Foster poured.


ra.. t:Je To.·.•. erve '· ·supper ..•... · · . .•. s.

Blood Bonk

A·l Auto Wreeking Transrnissions · Rear.Enda Good Tires

GR 3445 1381.8 Pacific .Ave.

tl1e Kord Kings, aibo've, of Everett, who 1vill be featured on the Friday eveExpectations. for a. successful ning. program of the Saga Carnival at Pacific Lutheran College. The carniblood •baJ1k pool for Elk plain val will be held Friday, and Saturday, March 19 and 20. The program .will were nqt fulfilled .. due to so ;rnu~h .•·.iUJ1ess among those .who begin at g o'clock in the Chapel auditodum each night. Booths for the rrad •signed····· up for .. d9nations. carnival will be open from 9 p.m. to 12 · midnight each night in the gymSome: ofth7se pave expressed a nasium. desire to • go··t.o the· Blood fBank 1J.t l211So.12th as soon as they f---.------.--~-.,---,....,-........,--...-..."-----'--.,.-'-'-'----------.;__--___,----al'e .a:qle:, .t<rmake up the ¥hott· age:. 10thers . wishing t() 5'10 the Odd f\arne Inl;\Y :bf;; sl.lre their plood r; 1Benefit Dance

ighbors Arrive Al .Woodland· I Fellows Set rom Munich, :Germany Previously Isp~:~:;a~~e~~~ d~~~~WJa~;~

wi.1.1. . ··.·b. . e.if ..c...r·. .that edi.•te. Ilreference d. to.. the. Elkis. Pla. ln. ·.1·•F·.··.·.· . ·. ..· ·. ..·.· Pool; ex~ pre<ised New neighbors this year to wol!ld load . unwrapped bread day at 9 p.m., in .the IOOF Hall. UPHOl.$T~RING . . 9ur. community are Mr. and in a wheelbarrow to deliver it; Music will ·be furnished by Don !llecovering and Rebulhling fy'[rs .• Walter Fe>ster. They mov- Needless to say, they made McLillall!. . . Cushions Ref:lullt ed . from Munich , Germany, many trips to the hakers and Ft~e J;~imat~$ where Staff. S~t. Foster '\Vas had. their own delivery service. !='UR!l\'ITURE . . . statio11i:id with; the U. S. , 1\1:any lovely things were brought ANP, f:tl.J'~<A'-E::ANlNG Force~ .Leaving Gel!Illany '\Vith homo with. the Fosters for their Quick relief! .NF.PH RON INHALATION • p A Fl .K J. A. (',I ; o . a 30-day furlough and travel· 1Uemories . of their time spent THERAPY• has helped countlilU ~houa­ . •tJP •·· H'O ; ... •S>T .JS. :R Y igg time, they arrived in New oversea~ .. Beautiful presden ends. Aslc about. our Trial offer. Seo 12814 • Paclflc Ave.nue York, and withl their .new jeep china and hand painted steins, your Druggist or write NEPHRON. COM· ' '·-;=~====~~===j~·j'jl=~GR~··~3;2:;0::1====R:=es±:•• ::3::.1::8=1=i they . headed for Steepfalls, each stein •bearing a picture of P~NY, Tacoma I, Wash. ,.: , :Maine, where Mr. Foster's par~ one of the children on it. The enra live .. After. a short visit, pictures were taken and .then they ·drove south to·. Montgom- baked into the lovely. stei.n and VISIT OUR -ery, Alabama, to visit Mrs. then the year and name was RECORD SHOPPE Foster's parents. Only time for hand painted on each. They also another s.hor·t·. Vl.·,.they.....·he..a.d· ha.Ve. man. y pict.ures and . boo··.ks.; ed for California, where resid· The Fosters .now live in. the Radio ed mor.e r.·e·l·a ..ti.ves.•.· an.d th.en. u. p p. e ·o.n Airport roa.d, . and.. the . coast to McChord . Field we only hope they will like it SALES and SERVICE where Sgt. Foster is now sta· well enough to make it permantioned. en:tly their home. The 'Fbsters have three Appba.ncea daughters, Eloise, LYT)n and Tryouts Slated Parkland Centre Bldg. Joyce, Eloise is m~v married E~ · L k. ·. ~ Pl GR. 3691 and living in Alabama and has OPf a eW001&11 . ay a daµghter Cheryl Ann; LYT!ll Lakewood Players will hold is eight years o~d and in the tryouts for the play ''The Cur- I. • third grade here at Woodland ious Savage", at 8 p.m., this You Are Invited To Attend A and. little. Joyce l~ just two. Thursday and Friday at the Southern Lynn attended the first grade Lakewood Center Recreation Baptist Church in Germany .and • learned! to Halt Fil-st ·sc>'llthern-Baptist speak ·exc.ellent G.erman . thru There are parts for five Il1en .her many playmates. At first and six. women. Church of Tacoma itwas new .and Strange to Mrs. Further . information maY'. be So. 11th St., Between ProcFoster.· living. in . another coun- obtained from Mrs, William .S. tor and Adams St .. S. try, but after being there. three Hawl, Jr., at LA. 8980. SERVICES: years she didn't mind it as she --····--~--- · Sunday School 9:45 A.M. did at first. They teU many in• Morning Worship 11 A.M. Auto Insurance Training Union 6:30 P ..M. teresting stories about the coun· . Evening Worship 7:30P.M. try and its customs and people. 10/20/5 As Low As $12.59 }'>rayer Meeting WednesaH-eh~nnel For. instance, they. were .imSemi·Annually . day 7:30 .P.M.. pressed at the·handling of their Check us for other rates For Free Transportation bread~stllffs, . for 1.J.aving such Comprehensive & Collision Phone HI 7883 clean and neat bakeries they Farmers Mutual of Rev. C. H. Green, Missionary EllUmclaw 'l'lus new. kind of 'l'V antenna will bring you the J;>astor - Montesano, Wash. ED MAREK Tel. 3622 clearest, brightest pictures YO'W" set .can deliver on Bro. Fred Bennett, Pastorj channels 2. to 13! {\.nd - i f can be used fa 1-bay, HI 9280 ·. 2~bay or 4-bay arraysjor best reception in any area. fnstall a Well or Check that For. picture detail you never dreamed •l?os.sible -Water ·Pressure. on every VHF channel ~.get' your dealer to install We Gµarantee .F~ll Pressure with an Advance Water Channel Master's CHAMPION! ·. . . System;




YE'S F&m~ture

fer terrific


VHF reception!







Glt:1cier P1Sft1p & DrilliQ1g Co. · Get our bid on your water problems ·-'-. You may save money. 10435 So. Sheridan GR .. 5566

Jamboree 7 1\'111 es Etllst of

9:30- 2:00

Airport Rpad Admission $1.00


.l I



It's -The w Wiii Is Not Valid Without Witnesses

Here's the Answer

John Oldman didn't have a relative in th.e world nor had he ever married. When he reached his 70th VERTICAL HORIZONTAL birthday he thought about what he wanted done with his money 1 Silent !Depicted after his death. He had a close pachyderm, 2Genus of the woolly ducks personal 'friend, a young man . 3Entangle 25 years old, who was the son 8 It had a 4 Most worthy of dear friends of '.hiis. coat ofreddish (ab.) At his home in Seattle he hair 5 Hops' kiln drew a will in long hand in 13 Unwary 6 Large plant which he left everything to his 14 Pilgrim father 7 At this place 25 Distant 44 Passage in tht young friend, Robert Olson. He: 15 Make a lace 8 Be silent brain 26 Bugle call edging 9 House of knew that holographic wills 27 On the. 45 Roman 16Glacial ice Lords (ab.) (That it, wills completely in the sheltered side emperor 18 City in The 10.Fish 29 Eat 46 Stuff ; handwriting of the testor, Netherlands 11 Surrender 30 Plant part 47 Grape ref~ which do not require witness· 19 Electrlc;il 12·Leg joint 39 Speed contest· 48 Gaelic . es) were valid in the state unit 17 Measure of 40 Hebrew · 50 Greek: le~ where he lived as a child, and 20 Piloted area month · 52 Writing { he therefore assumed they were 22 Eye (Scot.) 20 Defensive 42 Dry (comb. implement , also valid in the state of Wash23 Size of shot barrier form) 54 And (Latin) ington. For this reason he did 24 Symbol for 21 A~andon~ 43 Symbol for 56 Symbol for 1 not have anyone witness his erbium 23 Diplomatic thoron sarnarlmn . signature and sign as a wit26 Edibfo agreement rootstock ness. 28 Communists •1·-l!!iz.....i!!"?>-i4""""ili!s-a-w11-1li ia 111 110 h1 111 A Washi11<gton Law 31 Fish sauce He died a short time later, I~ 32Exude and hfa will was offered for pro33Summit 15 bate. Unfortunately, it had to 34 Solitary be rejected, and as a result 35 Caterpillar hair Robert Olson received nothing. 36Entry in a Since John had no known relaledger tives, his entire estate reverted 37 Yard (ab.) to the state of Washington. 38 Symbol for Holographic wills executed in cerium m... 1 1 1 i 1 this state are not valid. In our 39 Sun god of Egypt' state a will executed here has 41 It now is to be in writing, signed by the testator, or by some other per47Pronoun S-On under his direction In his '19 Fruit drink presence, and must be attested 51 Come in by two or more competent wit· 52 Golfer's term nesses signing their names to 53 Provide food supply the will in the presence of the 55 Expungers testator 'by his request or dir· 57Museof ection. poetry (This column is written to in~~-~Q\'e_~on. _ form, not advise. Facts may change - the application of the law.)





Tough, Rough and Ready One fine evening in June, Yankee Stadium New York, a June 28, 1939 to be exact, in Ishort, blubbery, hairy chested gorilla·like man entered the boxing ring to meet the quiet, deadly-punching Joe Louis. FENCING This match had been looked Deals11- and Builder.• EXPERT WORKMANSHIP upon as one of the biggest misREASONABLE PRICES matches ever signed and the IBaay Monthly Payments fans filled the stadium to see Y A U G H A N 'S the Brown Bomber make short HI 9'15 84th 8' Pacific Av•· 1work of the oddly·1built gladi· Iator. From his stool, the squat, HAVE YOUR CABINETS scowling, 235 pound, brawl·. er muttered to himself "I'll CUSTOM BUILT molder -da bum" and as the At No Extra Cost bell sounded leaped at his RHONE'S CABINET SHOP opponent with all Intention's 161st &. Park Ave. of doing just that. GRanlte 3342 Yes, Tony Galento loved to fight. Not much of a boxer, but a harder puncher and more HARDWARE game performc:r never set foot inside a ring. This he proved to Fuller Paint - Republic Paint - Dramex the jeering fans who came to Super Kemtone see him against the great Louis. Complete Stock Save Time & Money •BURGERS & FRIES MAGDANZ You don't have to wait Call HA 9789 Lumber & Hardware We will have them ready 11401 Pacific Ave. "You Just Pick Them U.p" GR. 5538 AL'S DRIVE IN Open Eve. 'Til 8 p.m. 8818 Pacific Ave.



FENCING "' FENCING .. FENCING Material and Labor or Do It Yourself Take Advantage of our Free Estimating and Planning at No Extra Cost MONTHLY PAYMENTS ARRANGED ASK ABOUT OUR MONTHLY PAY PLAN


PACIFIC AVENUE LUMB.ER CO. ·84th and Pacific Avenue Phone HI 9515

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Thursday, March 11, 1954 The TIMES-JOURNAL

s c HQ Q L

NE ws

~W.W. W.W. W.W. W.W. 'mW. W.W. W.W. W.W."

• 11111 11111

Iii If


Boxing!f Wrestling_ Smoker Successful At Woodland Gym

Another successful evening of McLean, Richard Brown, Joe boxing, wrestling, marching and Lester, Dennies O'Dell, Jay refreshments was held last Fri- Lambert, Bobby Inman, Gerald day night in the Woodland Brown, Bobby Elsdon, Fred sohool gym. Around 200 par· Lambert, Harry Bartlett, David ents, neighbors and students en- Johnson, Terry Ruyle, Dale joyed the matches of the eve· Parks, Billy Fueston, Raymond ning. Special thanks are offer· Kirbs, Ernest \Vooley, David ed Mr. Dinsmore and Mr. Fur- Fors and Lyle Schaefer setl1 for supervising the bouts and to Mrs. George Cole for dirW 11 !l'1 b ecting the marching girls. This eu !il)(I aHUC was their first appearance since The Park}and - James Sales they marched in the daffodil Well Bwby clinic wm be held parade last year and everyone on the third Thursday this was glad to see them again. month instead of the fourth Referees for the matches were Thursday, due to the fact that Mr. Laterneau and Art Lincoln.· Dr. Severs will be on vacation Hiligiht of the evening was the starting the end of March. main event 'between David Fors There wil be three rc:gistered and Lyle Schaefer. These two nurses in attendance and all tots were hardly big enough to children through the age of hold up the gloves but they five are welcome to come for really put up a good fight. check·ups and immunizations. Matches for the night were by The clinic is held in the Park· the following students: Larry land Methodist church base· Schaefer, Gary Fors, Kenneth ment, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Villines, Stanley Helmka, Rich- on March 18. For further in· ard Brown, BobMcMahori, Art formation, call Mrs. James Johnson, Don Dawson, Jerry Hitch, Clinic Chairman. GR.· Keller, Clifford Keller, Ronald 6129. -------Sheldon, Verlin Villines, Terry I Save The Date Water Co. Active Sunday, March 14, 110011 to At 'the monthly meeting of 5 p.m. is the time for the hamthe Spanaway Water Co. held turkey dinner sponsored by the Feib. 23, stock certificates and S·'W·C Volunteed Fire depart· contracts were d'isplayed and a ment. number of shares were sold. The company is now near the goal of 75 shares, owners of which will be charter members of the company. Those wishing .to be With the first punch of the cha.rter mem~bers s~ould obtain ·Specializing In Children's Shoea fight, Galento stunned the sur- theu· shares nnmediately. 706 ST. HELEN'S AVE.-MA 63UI LAKEWOOD CENTER LA 4181 prised Louis with a tremendous . Award ~ right. At the end of the round T. C. Hicks, !'lt. 1, Box ~5.,, the puggy Galento trudged Spanaway, received th~ d01l':.Y' back to his corner and the awarded by the SpanaV\ ay P1 e. crowd gave h:im a hand. school. . ____ During the second round After a while Galento decided Louis began to find the tar· there wasn't enough money in get and had the 5 ft. 9 inch boxing and decided to tour the Galento in trouble. country putting on boxing exTHIS WEEK'S In the third, Louis had Ga1· hibilions with a 550 pound bear. SPECIAL Everywhere he appeared the ento <bleeding from the nose, but Galento finally connected I crowds swarmed to see the odd 24" 6. 26", Reg. 2.59 Ea. with a smashing round house contest. Tony won all of his and put Louis" on the canvas. matcl1Ps against his hairy roe Bicycle Tires . ·• 1.89 'The crowd jumped to thell' but did suffer a knockdown in * * • feet in amazement. Hardly had one match. This, he claims, is they e:1qiected Two-Ton Tony to tJie only time he was lcgitaLAWN MOWERS make any. showing at all, l<;t men Uy knocked off his feet. :<? ,.). ,, During his travels, as addalone puttmg the great Loms '> o0' 1 <:/ v_,-0 «_,Q;on the floor. ed attractions, he fought a c.}:· '?-'<-' ., ,,:. , o<J:- ~ Well, to make a long story q' c;,-<- <:-'/ c;,-<. <:)«;· v kangarpo, an octopus and sev· short, Galen·to's glory was eral other weird creatures. short lived as Louis came Precision Grinding $2.50 His contest with the octopus back in the fourth round to took place in Seattle and he Lapping $1.50 batter Tony into submission. killed the eight armed beast From that evening on, GalCycie with one punch in the underento was one of the biggest water dual. Tony felt bad about & l(ey drawing attractions in the country. He engaged in several the incident and attended the GR 5772 (Continued on Pa!ge 4) boxing matches later on and won most of his important fights. His main interest was to mec:t Antenna Work Our Specialty Louis again, but this bout was never arranged for some un• OPEN EVERY DAY FROM 9 TO 9 known reason. He invested his money in a tavern, where he set up his gym, in which to train. He was accused of training mainly on SPECIAL . • beer and he never denied the • 11 charges. Whenever questioned • 21 Pacific-Mercury Console Comb. TV • aibout his training program, his answer was always "I'll Molder I only - $339.95 · • Da' Bums."


ca• .


Trovanrs Junior Bootery



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n Rolls<W'iH Brighten Breakfast

by Dc>rothy Maddox A !breakfast "to grow on" is vlt8.l to a good .day and good health. When you serve nutri• tfonaUy rich ·hot ·breads, you

meringue into batter by cut- layers and over cake. Store in tin•g down gently through bat- refrigerator until used. ter, across the .!bottom up and Chocolate Fluff over, turning bowl often .. Pour Mix together in chilled howl 2 into prepared pans. Bake layers cups whipping cream, 1 cup sifted ,confectioners' sugar, % a.lo. o. f •. pl.e.these as. ·i.nto. the.·130 t·o.. layer 3.5. m.inu. te.. s.·.two C. ool..layers. S·. plit cup cocoa, dash of salt. Beat Un· meal, too.t. Try for· :each into everybody's enjoyment. Spread cliocolate fluff between ti1 enougch to hold to a point. Clnn·a:m.on Pecan Rolls (6 cinnamon pecan rolls) One teaspoon melted butter or margarine, 6 .brown-n'-servc dinner rolls, 1h. teaspoon ground cinnamon, 272 teaspoons granu· lated sugar, 1 ta·blespoon chop· ped pecans. . Brush butter over top of each roll. ·.Combine cinnamon and sugar and sprinkle % teaspoon over each roll. Top with chop· ped pecans. Bake in a greased _shallow pan in hot oven (400 degrees F.) . for 12 minutes, Serve immediately. Here is. how. to make. short shift of preparation time: The cinnamon pecan .rolls may be 1

ov.en-rea.· the.· n.igh.t .befor. e. '\ refrigerated holding ..and baked while the rest of the breakfast menu is in process. j Cereal ingredients, too, may be .measured in .the evening, Serve cinnamon Pecan rolls for a breakfast both ~leasing for quick cooking in the morn· and · nutrltionallY. rlcb; ing. For .easy out-of-ihand ·eating, oranges may l;>e cut into wedges, leaving just .enough at l)egrees Interest Many . Fire Damage. Told the bottom to hold together. With 35 members of the Fire ip the upstairs of the Fruitland Grange attending, We. went to a luncheon recently where a ·.new tSPe of Cliff King residence 011 the pipe' _and 27 from Benston, the two cake was introduced. It uses a line did consideralblc. damage to I Granges to give candidates from brand lliame flour that gives a their . home. early Thursday outlying . Granges their tihird sOft ahd siklytexture and a pop· morning, .Feb. 25. ·When the and fourth degrees, a large ular. vegetable oi1. ·We thought house caught .afire at 2:00 in crowd wasthere to appreciate in the morning. the noise woke the solemnity. and ·beauty of the it a genuinely fine cake. their son Larry, 10, and he exercises. "Lovellght". C:hoc.o.late rusihed dOWl1 .to warn the rest --·----------"c--:Two~egg c_hiffon Cake 'I'wo-eggs, separated; 1% cups of the family. Timely arrival of barn orits .va.luable ~ontents, a sggar, 174. cups sifted: cake the S-W-C fire department sav- .boat and f1shmg equipment. flour, .%, teaspoon soda, % tea, ed the home with small damage. spoon ~aJt, W cup vegetable AMERICAN oil, l..cup buttermilk (sweet Plenty •of Firemen milk may be substituted• for With Vicitery .road· the. divid·. ART CO.. buttermilk in this ... recipe), . 2 ing ···line .lbetween ·two volun-. squar~s UnsV17eetened chocolate teer fire departments, it was CUSTOM PICTURE (2 ~ounces), ·melted. FRAMING. Patural that neighbors alerted Heat oven. to 350 degrees F. both when fire broke out Mon' OLD. MASTERS AND (moderJ.1) ... · Grease ..· generously day afternoon in a small barn MOD.ERN PRINTS and .dl1st with flour. 2 round o_nthe B. C. Ring place: Within BRoadway 4327 layer pans, 8 inches by at !east minutes of Ule alarm the Sum-. 6th Avenue 2046 1 % inches deep or 9x1¥.i indhes. w'o .. o.·dla.nd-C. ollins fire d .. e· 1· ! l o ~ ====;;;;:;,;;:;,;;;;:;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~• Now,just 3 easy steps. partment AND.the·Midland fire ; 1. Meringue is the key to this department arrived in full · cake. Beat egg whites until ·force, giving the people of the frothy. Gradually beat in % district· a fine exhibition of the cup of sugar. Continue beating efficiency of the two crews. until very stiff and .glossy, The fire l1ad gained such head2. Only.2 minutes batter beat~ way before being noticed that ing. Sift remaining sugar, cake it ·was impossi:ble to save .the flour, soda, salt ifito another bowl . .Pour in oil, half of butter· milk. Beat 1 minute, medium speed on mixer or150 vigorou~ strokes by ha:nd. Scrape· sides and bottom of bowl constantly. I! you'i:C not sati~fied_ with yo'ur Add remaining ·buttermilk, egg present cleaning, give :us a try. We"re prOud of om: work~ yolks, chocolate. Beat· 1 minute more, scraping bowl constantly'. MTN. 3. Simple folding of meringue assures. fluffy texture. Just fold tJ VIEW




4-H Meeting Elk'.Plain ·4,H Club· members met at their club house la:st Wednesday. Their pheasants and. other · projects . . were dis.·., I cussed. The club house was al· . so.put to good use by the Rocl{y Ridge ladies last week in be· half .. of ··the Orthdpedlc Guild. Cards were .played and all en· joyed the occasion.


CLEANERS 10603 Portland Ave. GR 3661

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1.n. a new Hotpoint Wai;her and Dryer Absolutely No Obligation. -

11230 Pac. Ave. GR. 8634


By George

Thursday, March 11, 1954 The TIMES - JOURNAL

Parkland Post American Legion To Host Commander


Parkland Post No. 228, the American Legion will assume the role of host when Legion R..ebekah News State- Commander Jasper A. Reynolds pays his amrnal visit Mrs. E. Robinson, Mrs. Kate to the Parkland area this Fri- Neimi, Miss Thelma Funk, day at Sunshine Hall, according Mrs. Elbert Mothershed and to Post Commander Al Seaman. Mrs. Albert Nelson motored to South Tacoma Thursday evening to visit Rebekah lodge Ko. 1.60. Myrtle Getschel, Assembly president, made her official visit that evening. On Wednesday, Feb. 24, the Kapowsin Rebekah auxiliary met at the home of Mrs. John LaPore with 19 members and one visitor present. The table was decorated in Valentine theme and . a delicious lunch was served, the business session following in the recreation room. The following officers were elected: Mrs. Cora York, president; Mrs. Charles Lorenz, vice president; Mrs. E. Robinson, recording secretary; Mrs. A. Neimi, treasurer. Mrs. A. Nelson presented the past president, Mrs. Miles DeWitt, with her official pin.

. I

...-I "Must you always shout 'Here comes the chuck. wagon' when mom brings in the food?" Ham-Turkey Dinner Don't miss the ham-turkey dinner sponsored by the S-VVC Volunteer Fire department at the fire hall Sunday, March 14, 12 noon to 5 P;m.

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Jasper A. Reynolds

By C. R. Doran "You can cat your cake and Oregon State's Swc-dc Hal- have it too," said a speaker at brook at 7' 3" hasn't stopped the ·western V\Tashington Farm l''oreslry meeting. He was talkgrowing yet. ing of good farm forestry practices in management of second growth timber. Thinning· of trees speeds up tlie production of saw logs timber per acre. New mark• cts are developing for the material removed so that thinning is becoming a profitable operation too. Consider Convenience I recently attended a small tour with John Bosshart, Ort· for your friends when choosing a funeral direc- ing, forester for the St. Paul or. Go where they can Tacoma Lumber company. On park-out of the traffic. company second gro\vN1 lands they have several horse luggers Trav Dryer at work removing trees marked for thinning. These loggers are s0lf-employed taking their income' from sale of material removed. If thinning is a paying operation for industry it appears to have good possibilities for farm I resu1ted: forest owners. 1950, Thinnings marketed, 56,000 acres of second $97.00 per acre. 1955, thinnings growth is under private own· marketed $118.00 per acre. 1960 ership in Pierce County. thinnings marketed, $134.00. Adna Booth, president of the 1965, clear cut remaining trees Western Washingt01) Farm $602.00 per acre. Total income Forestry association gave a per acre, $951.00. This is in good example of the advantages contrast to $293 for a clear cut of selective logging. The case in 1950. he cited was a clear cut in 1950 · * * * disregarding principles of good The Summit Homemakers forestry. They recovered 32,000 are planning a meeting on board feet per acre for an in- homemaci'e rugs. Another come of $293. Had they chosen meeting where the leaders to work it on a 15 year select- will give materials they ive cut the following could have studied on laundry methods will be given. Fruitland '1-H girls met Wednesday, March 3 at the home of Mrs. Keil their leader to discuss their problems in Ule 4-H meal preparation conlest. (Continued on Page 8)



Parkland Western Auto Bldg. ·

The last talent show, sponsored by the Rodger Lunde Post, was held on a Sunday afternoon at McKeil Island. Mrs. J. W. Johnson was chairman, assisted by Mrs. Donald Kruger, Mrs. Guy Steele and Mrs. Joe McGarr.







Members of the Auxiliary attended the third district meet· ing in Messinger hall, including Mr. Charles Ames, Mrs. Donald Kruger, Mrs. LeRoy Cousins, Mrs. Ralph Rowley, Mrs. Troy Nighswonger, Mrs. Arthur Mitchell, Mrs. Joe McGarr, Mrs. Tex Vernon, Mrs. Don Ward, Mrs. Guy Steele, Mrs. J. W. Johnson and M:rs. Blanche Doyle . Attending the Ray C. Roberts birthday party was Mrs. J. W. Johnson, Mrs. Steele, Mrs. Kruger, Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Rawley attended the Messinger party.

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Quotable Quip On a children's quiz show a boy about seven was before the microphone. "It's man's best friend," hegfln the M.C., "and the word begins with 'D' ." "Dame," the youngster responded.

cost\e'1'°'" \f\S\l't()\'\c,.C

p.G~l'lc'I'' ,~c \<. o'l

t-\•\\o ~·C\

~~!!\· t;\6~· c;,.\7-




Headquarters at




Eva M. Steele Publicity Chm. 6005 So. Lawrence - HA 2363

Buick, Pont., Chev.

HA l F '"'' ~---~ H LF

Rodger Lunde Post

Dwane L. Casey, son of Mrs. Blanche A. Casey of Rt. 4, Tacoma, ls stationed on Kwajalein island with a naval construction battalion.



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are fully

11302 Pacific Ave. F'resh Insulin at Downtown Prices. Pay phone bills here

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Mrs. Avyce Combs

Something new has been addecl ta this area! The B & B Ranch is ·now the B & ·B Riding Ac.ademy, with horses for. rent and.• excellent_ riding facjlities · on .the prairie, .• George Beeson has_ recently taken Jack Burks fl.S a partner and they are doing a rushing bu.siness. The location is Route 1, Box 272-D, Spana"YaY, \Vhlch is onthe. Mountain highway. Drive in and see them When. you are out that w~y. They also have some good hor· ses ·for sale. The rain has sort of damp. ened the spirits of some of us whO thought spring . was here to stay but there are . bound to be more days of Sl\nshine and good riding W€ soon, However, news items about hor· ses seem to be scarce as hen's teelJh •week. , Call in a!!d tell us what you are dojng. p_,L-E·A-S;E:! Along the .trail we saw Hank Colin. still passing out the ci· gars for his 55 lb. girl (Colt) . . . Mrs. Fisch and Mrs. Ober painting the Parkland Riding Clu)J's new club house , . . Harold LeMay trying out his newly acquired Palomino . . . Johnny Meichel from Seattle limbering up in ·•• the saddle again (orshouldwe say stiff" eiling up?) S~<l your news itell1s to Lal'· ·ry's Mt, view Cleaners, 134th & Pacific, GR. 3261.

':{'he Skyko~sh ;Rockets doWlled B11-ip.brjdge High .49 to 4~ Saturday p.iglitin the College of •Puget Soimd Fieidhquse t.o wrap up the Washington St11-te Class B High School basketball tournament.· S}{ykomish, one of the smallest schools .in · the tournament, only 20 boys in the enrollnient, marched ihrough the· tourney without a loss syarked by their two stars John Best. and 6 ft. 6 inch Ron Beal. Bainbridge, rated before the Class B meet, as the number one team in ihe state, gave the Rockets a .good. tussle an· the way but didn't have enough horsepower to gain the victory. Beal, the big Skykomish center, controlled the back;_ boards throughout the game and·. this was. the biggest factor in their victory. He also scored 12 pohits during ·the eveninr;. Best .w11s the leading. soorer .for the Rockets• with 14 and Elnier Dahl accounted for 12:


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during the McChord Defender-Bremerton basketball game last Friday. as the Defenders won by · a lop-sided 82~45 sco:re. The . Defenders also defeated the .Bremerton Clippers by a 82~79 score. Porter, center of the , McChord team poured 38 points through the nets during the game. -

Canyon Road 'I'he Canyon Road Ladies Aux. iliary requests that q)l members save their Gold Medal flour coupons· and donate them for club purposes.

"' *


The Pierce County Blood Mobile Unit will again stop at the community \1all April 30. All residents of the community who can .and will donate on that date, please . co11tact Mrs . John R.. Andrews, GR 6623, at

. ap.d Besfw(fre named to the AU-Tournament team along with Gary Gable of Toutle Lake, Glen Tompkins of Ritzville and Vern Coulter of Kalama.

lid. F1,t






Convenient Terms Take Advantage

~ Anacortes . has Lake Camp· hell, known as an 'island on an island'.

of our

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Opposite New Center Bldg,

Cleaning· Fluid Causes $1,350 Fire Cleaning .fluid fumes ignited 'by a stove were blamed by firemen for a. $1,350 blaze at 2:55. p.m.. Tuesday at the home of Mrs. L. Stevens, 1113 so. 17th St. Excitement of the blaze, fire· men said, .caused Mrs. Stevens ·to fall over something just after telephoiling for equipment. She injured her ankle and was un· conscious· when first of the fire fighters entered .the .· flaming room, She was unharmed, however, and was quickly revived by firemen without need of hos· pital care. · (Reprint o.f actual new~ iJ;e:m).


BE YOU Why Take Chanc.,es? For All Your Cleaning Needa Ph~e

P RKLAND CLEANERS I UJ04 Pacific Ave. GR3221 q

North of the Bank Cornar


Seattle Rainiers Will Test Saturday Afternoon Baseball Although it will be on a trail basis,. Saturday afternoon baseball has been adopted by the Seattle Rainiers, Dewey Soriano, general manager, announ~ eccl this week. The move to Saturday after· noon baseball was made pi;imarily in answer to requests from people in communities near Seattle, who are unable to attend night contests, as well as to accomodatc children in the a·rea, who wish to see the Rainiers in action. Plans are being formulated at present to make Saturday games big days for the kids ai:-d youngst~rs 12 and under will 'he admitted free. Saturday afternoon baseball


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THE NORTHWEST'S LARGEST Pacific First Federal Savings is growing with th a Northwest because every day rnore and more men and women are discovering it to be the BEST placo in town to save. Where savings. aro insured to $I 0,000 and earn at a worthwhile rate. A MUTUAL SAVINGS INSTITUTION

PacmcfFederal Savings

end Loan Associa.t.ion. Bellingham ., Seattle o Tacoma l'llrtland • Eugene



was tried during the war \Vithout much success, but the Rainier management points out that presently the city is virtually working a five-day week and that interest shmvn to date justifies the switch. Actually, the advisability of scheduling Saturday afternoon ball will be given its test during the first two Saturday home games. 'Should the public fail to respond to afternoon ball on Saturday, the schedule will revert back to night play.

L w· M ute oves eet q See Demonstration

Lady Lutes, Pacific Lutheran Colege student wives organization met Ln the Student Union Building Tuesday. Mrs. Gladys Widener demonstrated make-up and hair styling. Hostcscs were Mrs. Arthur Wolden and Mrs. R.odney Ellcrtson.

Ail!xiliary Grateful The ladies of the Elk P)ain Firemen's auxiliary wish to thank all who gave splendid co-operation in !heir recent turlwy dinner, held at the Elk Plain school. The next meeting of the auxiliary is set for March 9 at the home of Mrs. Edna Ek· holm. The regular auxiliary meeting \Nill be held March 15 at the fire hall.

11, 1954 Page 7 Paddy De Marco Thursday, March The TIMES-JOURNAL Wins Lightweight Ted Williams, Red Sox: Slugger Carter's Crown May Miss Season Opener, in Boston

Paddy DeMarco, a rugged Ted Williams; the Boston Red determined boxer from Brooklyn wrestled the lightweight Sox hope for the American title from Jimmy Carter Fri- League pennant, may not be day night at Madison'" Square ready for the opening game of Gardens in a 'hectic 15 round the season. Williams, shelved by a brokstruggle. DeMarco was a determined en collar ·bone due to a fall on fighter as he stepped into the the first day of spring training, ring and he showed Carter that wiU not be able to participate he was after his crown from the opening bell He kept Carter from getting set to throw heavy punches with repeated left jabs and hooks. Carter missed many wild punches thrown at the challenger and just couldn't land any telling blows. He put on the pressure in the final rounds : but DeMarco fought back strongly and made Carter retreat This was the first time in his career that the new champion 1iad ever gone 15 rounds. He was in perfect condition and appeared fresh at the finish, especially when the decision was announced. Carter will get a chance to regain the lost title within a 90 ' day period. It has not as yet been decided when and where the match will be held.




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0 I

MARCH 201 h

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VFW Group Plans

Members of Rodger Lunde Aaxiliary No. 5052 VFW-Park· land are assisting the members Correction The name of Mr. and Mrs. of Hodger Lunde post No. 5052, Frank Lacoss was mispellcd Sam Brough post No. 6855 and in last week's writl'·UP .on their Nisqually post No. 5580, Vet4'1th anniversary. It erans of orcign Wars, in prowas listed as Lacross instead ducing a stage show at the of Lacoss. Our apologies. American Lake Veterans· !hospital· Friday night, March 12. At Home Again Mrs. John W. Johnson Jr. the Mrs. Marie; 'I'herkeldsen of auxiliary president, announces Vickery road is overjoyed to a bus will leave the Commerce be a'blc to be home again after street en trance of the Winmonths spent in a nursing home throp hotel at 6:45 promptly and after suffei'ing a brol,cn hip in will also pick up passengers at a fall. the North Pacific bank on 56th and South Tacoma Way a;t 7 p.m. Those driving their own cars are requested lo be at the hospital not later than 7:15, as Lhe show will commence at 7:30. Entertainers appearing in the show include the Rythym Makers, composed of Addison Ames, Gordon Sanders and Byron Cockins, a group of young musicians from Auburn high school;. Sherry Holmes, Connie and Callie Merna ugh, dancers; Joy Barsotti and Carol Ben· ham, vocalists and Ruth Krug· er, accompanist. Rodger Lunde post and its auxiliary are sponsoring a smorgiasbord to be held Sun· i 1 day afternoon, March. 28 from 1 to 4 in its hall, 11102 South Yakima Avenue. Food on the menu will include ham, salmon, spaghetti, home baked beans, 1 salads, rolls and coffee. Tickets arc now on sale for $1.00 for adults and 50c for children. The public is welcome to attend.


in any exhibition games his docto announced and might miss some of the regular season games. The ·brolren collar bone is a severe jolt ·to the Red Sox hopes.

Capt. Wallace G. Geske, husband of Mrs. Deloris M. Geske of Tillicum, has received duty assignment·· with the 44bh In· fantry Division at Ft. Lewis.

Mason County Forest Festival dates are May 20-22.

Fishing Tackle SOUTH END PLUMBING HOME of SCHORN PAINT Near Roy Y, Spanaway GRallite 4100

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T . •. h. . u.·•. rsd. a.r> March 11, 1954. ·. •.·.·r .


By Florene<; D. Allen Bethel's office on May 17th. ,Mrs. Innis (::r1111:1en• pf Ta· . Mrs, Dorothy Nariavich, 4,H (;orµa City Light called a meet· leader from Buckley. is. busy ing March 2 .of the committe.e these days training her girls for the Pierce County Sclfool for the 4-H meal preparation Cook's Institqte. The committee c,ontest. This g·r~up will have a decided to hold the· Cook;s In· 'breakfast team, a Mexican stitute on Wednesday, Sept. f lUncl(~ri,. Hawaiian luncheon The school where the c.ooks will al'l.d a Chinese dinner. The men meet will be .announced later. t1s. an13;<reci~es .lopk vezyinter" , Mis~ Nora Hall of the de.'< epthig a.i,id good. .. .. .· I partment .• is •. program ch~lr~ .· . • By Eroest J; Hopp . . man. A tentative prograiri was . Martin Holland, Edgewood ! outlined.· by the comiriitt~e •. fryer, g:ro'f.e~ ha~ a good system . Mrs: Agnes Fitzgerald, State. <Jf feeding young chicks.. He School . LunchrooTI1. supervisor, eggflats with a lath edge. gave the group some good ideas It~ easily; c:opstructed. The egg for. the program. . . . .• • .·. . 1flats or ca:rdlboarcl is. tacked to The next meeting .o.f .the.. co.m.····.th. e of a lath. fra. mework. mittee will be in Mrs. Ruth These are placed on top the litter around the edge of the brooder. . ;< r Even though the flat feeders are used for. only a few

Citizenship in Everyday Living

Pca..,klc:a.,ac:I ·. m . .··... ·.

P.·.·.··...... •·.·.· .•. ""'

m . ·. ·. .

b.· •.· ...


f•. !l • l..· ·.·.·· . .· ·.•• •.

'tlecati119 .e...·1· ... v .. ·.<J• 4'P I 1 v

& ..· ·

•.'1..•.1 •."

.d····a.·.r . . .s· ··.·.·.m·.··· ·. · ..lath · . f.e··.e···dedges. is .s.aved by using the p.m.e chiclis• don't scratch .1ls. much feed out of. the feeders: · :Martin says that feed effic~ ieJ1CY !has improved since he started using them. A,fter, t~e .• fee.Ciel's. have.· been used for one flock the egg flat is pq11ed off and burned. It takes Q):llY a :few minutes to tl:\Ck 011 .a ni:iw paper,


Oregon caves show evi<ieµce j

is being learned by these . girls, all members of the Elk Plain 4-H Club, who with their leader,~Mrs. William Mcswain; are studying personality, cooperation and sportsmanship. Members of the group, shown above, front row, left fo right, include Beverly Darling, Pauline Darling, Sharon Shannon, Ellen Clark, Dolores Otter13tead and Carol Wright. Back row, left to right, Ellen Rah kin, Sharon Kanton, Alice Tibbitts, Trudy Laycock, Mary Phelps, Mary Ann Sahli, Nyda Rae Sartain and Mrs .. McSwain. -Photo by McKewen

Elk Plain Girls Learn. Valuable L

of man living therel,000 years·•...• essons


·· ·


Us~d ~erry-. Tiller$ ·$,~~so pigs. tax

locker Meat



.ING· '3ruce Gambill


Ba.ckfills,. Priye·

· ways,• Clearing, Leveling,

.,. . ·.• .. . ..,FilJ.Dirt ~


G.11avel~ Top Soil Do7'~rs-o.Large .and Small

Ph Puyallup


••• 5-~7 • Est,ma.1:es Cheerfully Given

FEN1CE SECllORS 3 Ft;, ~1/2 Ft,. aridi4 Ft. high by 8 Ft. long

Gothic: Point Picket and

Cedar •Sideing iFence Sections $2.0f) .. $2~50 · $3.00 each lx3 &'1~4*Pic:lt~t5-··-··-·•·:r·'·;·•,··-·4c to lOceach Cedar 4:g;4 P()5t& ...................... ,., .. ,.... 10c & 12c Thin Ce~8'r Tj~Jilils Strips.'. .•.. ,.• ,, ........... ,. le Ft•. 8 •Ft.·. 2x4 ~ib~--·····.···-·····-'·•-·······20c. & 32~jeach Some 8. Ft. 2~~--;··~·~·~·---··~··~··--····'"·•·····l()c .each•·· . LQng lx6 .(Utility Grade) ..•...... ,.... ,......... .2c ft.


in 4H

Good citizenship hecp.r:rJes an every-day . practical ·expedence 1 for rµcmbers of t.heE1k·• Plain· ·Girl's• 4.·H Club, as. 11nd:e1·.the Government·· Grade .ijoOD direcUon. of their. I~ader, 1\IIrs. and CHOICE Baby Beef . Wmiam 1\IIc;jwain, they study

thusiastic in thei.r support of Mrs. Mcswain':> program, apd

for old & n1:1'-'f .Jl.1~rry Tilletlf

PR 1800 , • S23::S2::2::2::2::S2::2::2:::::;:!:2222£2££££:::::::::;;,

Ham-Turkey Dinner Athabaskan is spoken by Save the date-Sunday, some Pacific coast Indians. March 14 - for the 'ham-turk'ey dinner sponsored by tbe .S-W-C V:olunteer Fire department at For TOP the fire hall.




Call GR 3549 Any Ti!l1e . ~ .. Day or Night Qr .Bring Your Set To Our Shop & Save!



Iii! th·. e..gir it. · . ·.l. s· . en.·joy. ev.ery .nu.'nu.te of GR.mite· 3049 9920 PACIFIC AVE. For the past two years, the 15 girls, ranging from .10 .to 15 · _._, '' years of age, have studied citi· I •,. zenshi!J, along>with the regular AU PAR TS 4~H · program, and since ther.e 176th & Pacific Avenue GR. 6465 are no books available for the F.RANCHISED WAGNER BRAKE DEALER express purpose of citizenship, ATJ-AS TIRES & BATTERIES the girls have reported on such things as cooperation, loyalty, ANDERSON sportsmanship, personality; etc: An average meeting begins CHEVRON complete SERVICE with roll call, followed by a 6465 report from one of the girls and games. The group uses bulletins put out •by the 4-H headquart· ers as .part. of their ·study text While in high school, at Centralia, Mrs. Mcswain won a citizenship plaque. Following From Now Till March 31st We Are Offering 5% Discount her marriage, both she and her STE:E.L •S'x7' ..,...... ;....,............. ;.............;........... $59.50 Less·5% husband became interested in · AL.UMIN UM 8'x7' ........................ ,., ................. $59.50. Less 5% the 4-H work, and both .volunWOOD 8'x7' ... ,.......;.......................... ,..,............$49.00 Less 5% teered. to become leaders. Hardware Only As Low As $15.00 l\IIr. )VIcSWain is .the leade.r INSTALL IT YOURSELF .AND SAVE $ of the Elk Plain Boy's 4-H Club. Mrs. :Mcswain is assisted by Mrs. Thorn Tibbitts as assistant leader. Center &. Orchard Street PR-5591 To Mr. and Mrs. Albert Betschart, Roy, a son FP.b. 10.




Sheet Metal Work 2Poulb-y &. Pet Stock

Equipment Special.··· Attention







Speclal Equipment

RAU GRanite 7372





Times journal v 9 no 26 mar 11, 1954  
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