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VOL. 9, NO. 21

hool Propositions Set

r IVlarch Votei Bethel, oodland Ask 10 Mills Pierce County residents will have school electiomi to consider soon, among them three propositions from the Bethel 8chool board, and three from the vVoodland m·ea.


K. "Red" (Special Officer) Last Saturday a misleading article appeared in the Tacoma T~bune, through a misunderstanding, regarding the sad and unfortunate incident in which a baby had a button stuck in her throat and died before she could be helped.

Both wi II be on- the ballot for the March 9 voting.

Bethd propositions include iH2 mills, raising approximalefy $19,!500 to apply on purchof additional transportacquipmcm t, text books, f;~mcral maintenance and oper-

Around & About The County


someone got in his house arid toak several items of jewel:rY. C. K. "Red Harrey Bike Taken. · fl.obert Harmon of 308 So. Detectives Clarence Otto and Tom Durham were told by M. 113th St. told his' teacher, Mi. E. Latourneau of the Thrift Grocery store that last Sunday night burglars got in through the . rear window into the attic and then through the ceiling and took about $53. from March of Dimes. ~ollection, :i;2o worth of cig:i:re.ttes, some cigarette lighters,>some sir loin steaks and · $150 worth of canned coffee. Jewelry Stolen 0. T. Knight of Rt. 11, Box 145 told Deputy John Ploegsma that soinetirile ·since Dec, 30 By Special Officer

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Why Accidents

Committees getting all hep to get started as soon as a suitable place is found for the Round-up.

* * *

E. J. Webber joining the Parkland Business club.

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Al Seaman corporation.




* * *

Jay LaVergne in good voice as usual although just getting aver a .bad cold.

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Judy Densmore, the Canadabound gal, giscovering that she can drive in the snow and ice without chains.




Women of the Waller Road


Parkland l & W

Names Directors LaFontaine

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An almost forgotten flagpole will get anathcr chance to serve t11c United States Army next week when it is raised in front of 44th Infantry Division Headquarters. The flaJ.,>pole, some 80-[llus feet in ·height, W'as formerly located at now-de-activated Fort Worden, Washington. It will re· place a smaller pole at 44th Division Headquarters. A three-foot golden eagle, which crested the po1e at Fort Worden, will fly again al Fort Lewis. In a 1bricf ceremony last week, Second Lieutenant 1' S~ern, 135th Engineer Combat Team, presented the <>agle to Major Frank F. Lake, who accepted it ;for Division Headquarters. The rnM.h ls now re-painting the flagpole and the eagle, and expects to have them both up early next week. Lt. Stern and his wife, Edith, live at Rt. 7, Box 203, Brookdirlc. Major Lake and his wife, the forn1cr R,os<.:n1ary IVIorrow, live with their two "hildren al 3:) Oak Park Drive, Lakewood.

Pete Pietrzykowski all out of wind. ·

The following is a list ()f traffic violations filed in Judge, ..--··J ---- --- -- ~- --- -.--- -..:..c..··-··-···----·-'----Tommy Thomas, the Sanitary Delbert M. Bres-emann's court, · Infant Dair ymilkman, cheerful- Spanaway, Washington, and ly barking back at the dogs, duly di~posed of: probably practicing to be one Patricia L. Gasaive, Rt. 7, bark ahead of the Mrs. Box 190, Tacoma; No drivers license on person, B.F. $5.00, * ,;1:. ::.. Don M9Lellan of'Target Sport WSP. li'ederal civilian employment total population in the 1950Inez V. Shank, Rt. 1, Box 175 Shop really making his fiddle in W<1shington State has de· federal census. B, Spanaway; Speeding, B.F. fiddle talk at the March . of C'!ined 11 per cent in two years, As of :SeptemberJ,953, federal $10, WSP. Dimes Dance Saturday nil.e. an analysis made pti:blic this agencies employed 159,370 in this James Craigen, Rt. l, Box * * * week :br the Washington State state, the Asociation reported, Looking around, we see Span- 534, Spanaway; Speeding, B.F., Taxpayers Association reveals. as compared ·t:o 67,874 in Sept$15, WSP. away well represented at the The state ranks ninth .in the ember 1951'. Of the 1953 . figCharles L. Brown, 8031 So. benefit program for March of 1151.tion in tota'l number of .Per- ures, 37;561 .we1·ein DepartSheridan, Tacoma; Ne vehicle Dimes; three cheers for ·spanoperatars license in possession, ~ons .. employed ·by .federal agen- ment of Defense agencies; 6;c awyitcs! cies, however. 169' in the Post Office; 3,305 in B.F. :tilO, WSP. * * * Washington ranked 24th. i.n Veterans Administrations and Harry· H. Blanchard, Rt. 7, Harris Victor doing some 12,3a5 in all other federal agenhigh and fancy stepping, trying Box 636, Tacoma; Defective cies. to keep his feet dry .. Hope you equipment, B.F. $15, WSP. Washington's federal employRobert J. McKinnell, Rt. 1, County Courthouse made it, Harris! ment was exceeded in i953 only Box 173, Spanaway; Negligent Ready * * * by Cali'fornia, New York, PennLeah Hibbard, "the Publicity driving, B.F. $20, WSP. Perry. sylvania, Texas, Illinois, Ahio, William A. Marlin, Rt. 11, Gal," trying to bri be the gang Department heads aµd em- Virginia and Massachusetts in1.o going to the Moose club B~x. 794, Tacoma; Negligent dnvmg, Suspended (good be- ployees at the Pierce County Twa years ago Washington Saturday nite. Improved hav10r), WSP. courthouse in Tacoma are pre- ranked eighth, edging Massach* * * Joe E. Shaw, 168t~. Box 257, paring .themselves to meet the usetts by a small margin. Cartrr Larson Is still in the Another smiling face and Puyallup hospital but is greatly cheerful personality added to Spanaway; No arterial stop, B. lontingencies of any disaster Employment figures· are basimproved. He is not able to have the Aba Daba Cafe with the F. $10, WSP. that might strike. · ed on ta.bulations prepared by visitors as yet. presence of Adeline Wickline. Roald J. Fenes_s, 121st J .According to Don Perry, chief the U. S. Civil Service ComSt., Parkland; Failure to yield, c· ··.1 D. ·f. d f the mision, estimated in part and B.F. $lO, WSP. 1v1 0 ense . war. en or subject to some revision. The undersigned certifys cau~thouse, ~~asses_ m plant prothat the a:bove listed violations tecb~n ani flrs~ aid started on are true and accurate, and post- Tues a~, eb .. · . ed in official court dockets. It will continue until May Luther c. Shelton 18, when all participants will Telephone spent a- teleph-oncs now makes a total Clerk or The Court. r~ceiv~ their certificates and million dollars in of 78,841 in service here first ;ud .cards. '\.'f't1~hJ,ng1ton during 1953 Th's . an mcreasc . "'""'f l...,. ... f ·4• H of instrudtion . . · · About 1 1s o f 71 per Cl ... v.,"" ...-... -The· 1· 'courses d f' · m1ll10n dollars will be spent cent 1· ·u t th 1 t . ·ht • \wI 11 me1u e emerge!).CY, . rre1.954 to complete pr.oPacn1·fi.Jc s T el ahs ei,g yearst. Active New Grenon fighting, ligb:t rescue tactisc, · e ep one s recen · 11" . · · 1 1 . d · under wny and to launch growth here is .further emphasThe Clover Leaf 4-H club of mob PSYC10 ogyan pamc conundertakings. ized in other comparisons with Spanaway was organized Kov. troi, a~ well ~s a complete •J'bc company's continuing 1954 :facts. 28, 1953 and has been active in c_ourse. 1-n Amencan Red Cross I expansion is now aimTh sewing and cooking projects. first aid. 1 1 1 at a better telephone service . · e odcaf annua pay~oll thals Officers of the ch.rb are as .Approximately 65 persons .ct~ers g~nera. 11 y accor d'mg t o $mcrease rom . approx1ma e y_ I f·o 11· ows: ·L eader, Mrs. Pat Rus- have · . signed . t th ., up for the course, ,2 45 000 0 3 855 . ,!. Sullivan. nrnnager_ '" d th mm~ a~ "' ' j ·' sell; assistant leader, Mrs. Joe which is divided into two class000 0 During Uw in-tmediatc postfn . e num de~ er;;p oy- Schultz; president, Evelyn es fue~ting on Tuesday and Years efforts were directed ~;~ ~as. mc~~a~e ro~ t 86 tf Cope; vice, Barbara.. Thursd. 'aY af.ternoons o'f each·.J toward filling a backTh udn~gl a same mberva f. Fletcher; secretary - treasurer, week. e a1 y average num er o S 1 S I.01.• le. 1ep11ones . c mltz; reporter, baron . Plaitt protection suibj.ects wil.l.. , 1oca1 ca 11s m J une .1945 was Pat tl , . 1 .- . J 1 · . 1 'tt J . 1e cmp 1as1s 1s on "··bout 256100 compared wi'th a- omson; socia comm1 ee, be covered by Gus K. Partridge, .,, '·M•cment '" t 3·8- 000 • · .. d·. · J T wy Ja H ugh es an d' M anon · " of Civil Defense for ',,,,,,. " - · T~knhone ~ ,,. ·· serv - b director 'l 'l"mg0 ~~n f-', c . 11 . . . B arb ara Pierce Coun'ty and a. staff . . of ·. .I ' ' ' 1,,.. .5 ,,_5p. cia y £ou1 t ;:i, . per ay Jn une M arvm; . h'is t.onans, , . . T . d o as. year ·c. ope . . · drawn ' from state · and·. , . n:r ernnmum 1cs, _spee · . .. . . . . an d Johnny Mae Bolleu. specialists rnmdlmg of long distance A similar mer ease is· evident Other members oI the club are · t c· ·1 D f · · · 1 d'.rs t ar:ce. ca11s Wwc "" h Nancy Heller and Carolyn conn .y .. 1v1. e ense. tnrough the mstallat10n 111 · ong ·.. . .. newest type electronic went ..from a httle over 10,000 Fletcher. .First a1~ cl~sses wtl! .be · ;w\it~h'baards and construction per day to more than 12,400. The next meeting of the club under the d1rect1on of G~r,don ., _rr.-----'-·· "'---·-- - - ! . . l : - n: __ .... ,... ___ _ _ _ ~- - _ _ . _ _ Tatum. of Tacoma. 1 n11cro\vav(~ r~:u::t10 re.~1ay sys~\ ... J.UfJCJ.1..Y 1..0.Ac.-, JJa.iu J.J.l J.. .!C'.L\....c w111 be l"'eO. 10 at iv1ar1on iv1ar- · throughout the state to County 1by Paci.fie Telephone vin's home. This project is the first of nl!c1 the ever increasing were only $106,823.74 for the many to follow in' Pierce Coun· of calls belwt'en Wash- year 1945 compared with $353,In Rest Home ty,. which will train people to cities and to points 816.56 for 1953. Mrs. Imogene Preston, moth- protect t~0n:selves and 't-I'.eir coiir HJ.gilout the nation, are some This increase of more than er of Earle Thompson of Wall- workers m time O'f any disaster. new developments being 231 per cent is an index of the er road, is now at the Valley Partridge, who is conduct'ing into use as fast as the Company's in:Creased invest- Home in Puyallup. Remember th~ course, recently· took · a of new money from ment needed to meet continued her with cards of cheer. She is course of instruction in, plant permits demands for :its services in Ta- improved but not able to be at prdtectiqn w'ith the Los Angeles Tilcoma's 1953 ~{ain of 3199 coma. home. · Fire Department.

• "' *


for Disaster Says Warden





Emphasis On Better Service Pacific Telephone Says,Sullivan



Chord AFB Sergeant Receives Commendation For Heroic Rescue ~~Sgt. Charles J. Abbott of the 43.rd .Air Rescue Squadron's Para-Rescue Team, at McChord AFB, was awarded the Commendation Ribbon last week for meritorious achievement while participating in an .Air Rescue

area. Of course it is known now that someone else· took the child to the Jfospital where a do<;tor held he:r by the heels and i;lapped · her on the back, this removing the 1button. Too late! ·· Noone .feels worse than these officers when they arrive too lat.e to save a life, but after all, they can't fly. I think a lesson can be taken by a lot of people from t!Us c&se. Too. Il1;my parents have been begged by Civilian Defense. Officials to take a simple little course of 18 hours in First Aid, for which the Red (Continue4 On Page 8)

"Dimes• Dance Offers Exc~Hent





Custom Curing and Smoking • • lb . le Custom Cutting and Wrapping . lb .

Non Fattening








NE ~­


Rosedale Cream Style

Happy Vale




10 cans .

No. 303 Tins


No. 303 Tins








:c 0

· - - c~

,,. ~


~ •


,,. 0


tit )>


= ;ii:::

" " "

• lb. 23

Good Blade Cut


" "

. .. lb. 37c

7" Cut





lb. 4-·


~ fl)


N .i:ir.





a 0 c


.... 0 g




SNOWDRIFT ,°'OJ. II:' ,i,! ......





Red Chili Beans w/ Chili Sauce 2' 25c Brad' Shaw

Honey •••• Sunshine Chocolate Chip , Coconut Lb. Pkg.

Cookies.•••••• 43c Dennison's

Catsup ••••• 2/29c Please

Dog Food ••• 3' .25c Lb.


Coffee •••••• 93c Each

Your little girl

Coffee Mugs •• Uh:

~ill look much

Sausage • • • • • 55c

·A dress you get her.


For Dress-up or Play. We have a large selection of child-


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If from our stock


Pure Pork


lb. lb.

Mrs .. Paul Lindberg, Mrs. Scott Martin; Mrs. Daniel· Keane and the honor guest. Honie Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Chase, who live on Lindberg road, had the misfortune of having thefr home destroyed by fire Monday Rebekah Fun. Nite In Hqspital

Helen Strom, daughter'of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Norman, is confined to Swedish hospital in Seattle after having an operation on her back. Sympathy

Deepest sympathy is extend· ed to Mr. and Mrs. Art Borden and family on . the passing of Mrs. Borden's mother, Mrs. Denda Lancaster of Olympia. Norman-Osborne

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Norman announce the marriage of their daughter Vianne to Lyle Osborne. The young couple are staying at the bride's hoine for the present. Valentine Dance

The Family Valentine

Mrs, Ross Plumb and committee are meeting today (Thursday) at the home of Mrs. Kate Nelson for last"minute planning of the Rebekah Fun Nite, scheduled for 8:00 o'clock tonight at the Thrift hall. A full program of entertain· ment is promised for Fun Nite. Cards will b.e played from 8:00 to 10:00 o'clock. There will be a fish pond, fancy work booth, and cake walk. The door award is · a hand crocheted tablecloth. :Proceeds will be given to As, sembly President Myrtle Get· schel for modernizing the kitch· en at the Odd Fellows home at Walla Malla. Everyone is in· vited.

BRING 'EM BACK "~IVE Record Players - Wire & Tape ~~cOrdets' Radios & T.V. For Guaranteed Satisfaction ' '

On .All Repairs

11lu'1m,s Ar.iD.IEGEm1e~1s

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qi "'




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f <~

Lean, Blade Cut


Fresh Pure: 11111111111111•

K-9 FOOD . 2 for In Brine


Cheese Food










31bs. for

80 count II










. 4 for

Bay Beauty


1lb. tin




PEANUT BUTTER . 3 lbs. , 12 oz.

I FlASHLITES • &9c I OATS ...... 41c . EGG NOODLES •• 32c Quaker

Large Pkg.


20 oz. pack




. Jru;n.ei; R

Shoe, .Rob.ert RendMeeting at the Midland W-0lf !sehool Wednesday evening, Jan. 27, were members of the Harvard-Midland Presch0-0I, with Mrs. ClaUde Elessing presiding. Judge Berti! E. Johnson was guest speaker and. gave a very .interesting talk. Plans were made to sp,onsor a Dance Revue Friday, Feb. 19, under the leadership of Reitha Gehri. Hostesses were Mrs. Crawford, chairman, assisted by Mesdames . Thomas Hayes, Harold Heyers and Barney Sehay,

Feb. 8, at 8:00 p.m. in the Fruitland Grange hall. Friendship ..News

The Neighborhood Friend· ship club will meet this Friday for potluck luncheon at the home of Mrs. Edward Hendricks. The members are asked to bring Valent~es and candy to send to the children at the Rainier school at Buckley.

Smorgasbord Dinner


For Your ' Convenience In National Bank of Washington Bldg.



DAYS· CALL GRanite 4148 Evenings & Sundays Call GR 7068 or GR 3272 Farms Business • • Acreage

-- --



., Ae&irec\ ,

. i1'9



13onded \..'n "'..,_tril cost.,_t tlO ,_.

At Competitive Prices

I I-Repair Service WASHING MACHINE PARTS. Largest stock in town. Repairing that pleases. B.B.'s Washer Service, 3727 So. G. HI 9409 llctf

THROUGH ""WANT ADS 3~-Business


FOR SALE - 35 Dodge .coupe, good condition, tire.> good, 2 spares, like new. Best offer legal Notices takes car. Gl'{ 7253. 12p21 - - = = " " = = = = = = = = In the Superior Court of the 13--Farm Ads State of Washington, for the County of Pierce ~ FOR SALE - Mixed grass and clover liay, $25 per ton; 6 IN THE MATIER OF TIIE ESTATE OF miles south of McKenna on Smith road; Milton J. Srnitih, EVERETT W. FUI..iLER, De• Yelm. 13p21 ceased. NO. 57280 HIGHEST PRICES PAID for NOTICE TO CREDITORS all kinds of livestock; call or: Notice is hereby given that write Bu1ch Grombach, Rt. 3, the undersigned has been apBox 577, Puyallup; phone Puy- pointed and has qualified as allup 5-5621. 13ctf Executr.ix of the above entitled 1111 estate; that all persons having O 14--Situation Wanted claims against said deceased are J EXPERT PRUNING of trees hereby required to serve the same, duly verified, on said and shrubs; phone GR 5751. 14c21 Jeanne E. Lampitt, executrix or her attorneys of record at ~ WOMAN wants work by the the address below stated, and mlllm hour; $1 per hour; call GR file the same with the Clerk of 113972 after 4 p.m. 14c22 said Court, together with proof WANTED - Boy between 4 of such service, within six and 10 years old for compan- months after the date of first ~ ion. Not interested in profit. publication of this notice or the . same will be barred. GtJ Protestant home. GR 6682. 1 14p21 Date of first publication Jan-, 1111 uary 28, 1954. U ACCORDION lessons in your JEANNE E. LAMPITT, .., home; instrument furnished; Executrix of said Estate. 1 call HI 9547 collect: 141::tf 114 second Ave. S. E. Puyallup, Washington. DRESSMAKING and alterations; GR 7257. 14ctf JACOBS & PETERS CHILD CARE .in my home; Attorneys for Estate 0 ...II Spanaway district; GR 7679. 114 Second Ave. S. E. 14c21 Puyallup, Washington. Published in the Times.Journal Jan. 28; Fe'b. 4, 11, 1954. 15-Miscellaneous



G.I. or F.H.A. NEAR NEW 3 ·bedroom home HOIJSE MOVING; !leveling; with good sized living room, foundations: cement work; tiled bath, and a dandy kitchfree estimates. PR 2653. 3ctf en plus enclosed utility room, and service porch, all on one ACE SEPl'IC TANK floor. Double garage with workshop. If you need a home SERVICE with these requirements on a Septic Tanks Cleaned good sized lot, it will be to your advantage to sec this GR home today. Full price is but 0. B. ACKLEY HI 5058 $8950, and worth more. ~dITH CABINET SHOP llOME & BUSNIESS Remodeling, kitchen cabinets; HERE'S the answer to your we sell glass·; 16309 So. Park, Spanaway, GR 7949. 3ctf problem. We have a two b.edroom (room for 3 more up) NEW LOCATION: B & J Trad- home with two large front lng 'Post. So. 84th & Park. rooms which can easily be Trade - Buy . Sell. 3-p-21 used for a 'business of most any kind. Well located at the end WE BUILD HOMES, remodel, of Spanaway bus line. Two car level buildings; cabinet work. garage. A barber shop, beauty concrete work. Reasonable. parlor, confectionary, light GR. arum, MA 0100, 3et! lunch, etc. would do well here. You can 'buy it at only $7950, on terms or use your G. M&M I. Live where you work. SEPTIC TANK SERVICE CLEANING - P~MPING FOR RENT One-Trip Service on 1000 2 BEDROOM furnished home, Gallen Tanks garage corner location 136th GR 5588 GR 3700 and C St. Just one block from the bus at $65 per month. SR'TIG TANKS GLEANEDC'Amte11.ts hauled away. Don Redford, 823.2 So. Fawcett. JAMES R. LORING FOR SAf.E-knoxMeaJ.rilastRUn e GA 7334. If no answer call. REAL ESTATE .- llm CM. 9°222. 3ctf National Bank of Wash. Bldg. oil range, 140-gal. tank and . stand, 50-gal. water tank; $100. MACHINE WORKS Eves. GR 7068 • Days GR 4148 Call GR 5562 before noon. SEPTIC TANKS, CESS ENGINE REBUILDING POOLS CLEANED ____ . 15ctf Pin Fitting - Rod Grinding Contents Hauled Away FOR SA:LE - 9 cu. ft. Frig& Aligning - Piston FinishJennie L. Grodvlg idaire, $85; dark blue davening - Rings, Pistons & Co11< port and chair, $35; Hotpoint Rods In Stock. TANK CLEANING range, $35; Speed Queen Brake Drum Turning HI 3980 HA 7038 Insurance of All Kinds washer; $25: LA 7864. I Head Grirtding Loclrer Meat Accepted Notary Public FOR SALE-Boys and airls Shop GR. 7450 • Res. HI 61!10 b.. Pacific Ave. alt Brookdale Est. in Parkland Since 1941 bicycles, $25 each; GR 5577. p, o. Box 645, Parkland RAY GOGAN, GR 7232 days LANDSOOPE CO~T'A.UC­ 15ctf ~II _P_A_RKLA_· -ND-· -FUR--NIT--UR-E-= lo'! ~ TION GENERAL landscap208 Garfield Street ing service"- new 'lawns, - - - - - - - - - - - - - I New and used miscellaneous; peat soil, topsoil, shrubbery, Buick, Pont., Chev. Airport & Pacific Ave.; ResiPACIFIC A VE. DIST. rockeries. Nothing down, 36 dence Phone GR 3749. 15ctf ONE STORY. 3 bedrooms, livmonths -to pay. GR 3127. SPECIALISTS 3ctf ing room, dining room, kitch· FOR SALE - Easy Spindrier All Makes Cars Repaired en wired 220, utility room, washer, '51 model, like new, -E~L_E_C_TR_I_C_C_O_NTR--A---CTI-Ncr 15c21 cement foundation, garage. 3 $90; call GR 8380. 25 years experienced; licensed lots. Priced at $7,250. Call FA~CY'S SERVICE & bonded; reasonable; Lee FOR FLOWERS, lawns and Rt. 3, Box 149 Puy. 5·7'2517 Corp, GR 1'064. 3ctf Ralph Decker, HA 0365 or ·gardens try Puget Sound's HA 3415. Airport & Cedar Road Best, pure bone and meat meal; Puget Sound RenderWoodland Dist. 5 ACRES &-Help Wa.nte_d__ 90TH & WA:LLER RD. One 1ng; 8317 Tyler St. S.W., LA MAKE MONEYmailing-adver- 'bedroom bungalow, 5 years 2434. 15ctf tising. Cash paid daily. Work old. New chicken house 15x55. LOCKS & LOCK REPAIRShome part time. LINDO 902, Raspberries. 1 block to school PIERCE COUNTY Watertown, Mass. 5c21 and city b:.isses. wm sell Keys While-U-Wait. Parkland Cycle & Key. GR 5772. REFUSE CO. equity or trade for house trail·a-Wanted T~uy- er. Full price. $6,200... Call SEE THE SEALYSLEEP WEEKLY. GARBAGE LOUNGE; a comfortable 2· Bruner HO 0365 or GR cushion COLLEC"rlONS WANTED-Buildings to wreck. Dean sofa that converts in Phe1ne GR. 8688 We buy and sell used building 4438. seconds to a full size bed; materials. White Ball Lumber complete. with a Sealy $59.50 2-ACRE BARGAIN Co., Bingham Road, just west EAST 88TH ST. 2 bedroom innerspring mattress. PARK· of Summit View; GR 8591. home, large garage with 2 •WAY. FURNITURE, 141st & ~OLUNS 8ctf rooms above. Good chicken ·Pacific, GR 3941. Open till 9. 15c21 house and hog house. Fine soil, AUTO WANTED - Horses and old all cleared. GI contract. Must cows for mink feed; Rt. 3, Box :12e sold at once. $6500. $1000 TAP, ACROBATIC, BALLET WRECKING 577, Puyallup; phone Puyallup will handle. Call Mr. Inloes classes. All ages. Mildred 1080S Pacific Ave. 15ctf Keller, GR 7881. 5-5621. Sctf HA 0365 or HA 2547. NEW & USED PARTS FOR SALE - Mixed grass hay, SPOT CASH OP.en 8 to 8 McKinley $25 per ton; Chester Reichel, For Your Used Furniture 7 Days a Week end of Smith road; phone Yelm 1 Piece or House Full 6311 McKinley Ave. HA 0365 7820. 15ctf GR 3011 Block's Furniture Mart Member of 8205 So. Tacoma Way SPECIAL ORDER CAKESLA 2882 Tacoma Real Estate Board Phone GR 3330, Ptrtty AI!ll i . •











PIE CRUST MIX ." 9 oz. pkg. II




CORN BREAD MIX .... 9 OZ. pkga Old Yankee

f PORK and BEANS .


Wow! What Bargains! Just Like Old Times!

Cand H



Page 7



12-Used Autos \

Thursday, Feb. 4, 1954

Want A Horse? Have several gentle saddle horses for sale; and 2 exceptional kids horses. Also several used saddles and bridles. We carry a complete line of new tack









0 c:

• • • • • • •




. 300 size tin





26 oz . pkg. ..













3 for 303 tin

1 ca



= :i.

Parkland Realty Co.

Hill Realty

G. I. Financing F.H.A. WE NEED listings of all kinds. Farms, acreage, lots, building sites, homes, (new or old, 1, 2, a, 4, bedrooms).

JAMES R. LORING REAL ESTATE Natl. Bank of Wash. Bldg. Eves. Gr 7068 - Days GR 4148 ACREAGE WANTED WE NEED acreage; 1 acre on llp. Have prospective buyers for bare acreage; 1 to 4 bedroom houses. Need places with chicken houses; have pat·ties who will trade for homes in town. No matter what you have in the country we can be of service to you. For full cooperation and action call I-IA 0365. McKinley Hill ReaHy. Member of Ta.c. Real Estate l"loard. 6311 McI-Cinley Ave.'\!1 c9tf

I 0-Rental.s

5 Acres - Summit District EXCELLENT F.'\,MILY HOME, plenty of room for growing family. Good soil, large chicken house and brooder house; 2-car garage; terms. Call Helen O'Brien, GR 3624.

5 Acres - $2000 CLOSE TO COLLINS ROAD and Lunblad Road; part cleared; terms. Call Orrin Moore. GR. 3624, GR. 5469.

2 Bedrooms AN ATTRACTIVE HOME in Parkland; close to school, ous line and stores. Call Mr. Beisel, GR. 3536, GR. 7729.

3 Bedrooms ILEALLY AN A"lTJtACTlV .E HU.lVl.E on 2 corner lots; C!etached garage;. appliances available; priced at only ~9750. Call Mr. Harmon, GR 3536, GR. 6896.


WE NEED SMALL AND LARGE ACREAGE. Have plenty of cash •buyers. No sale, no charge. Call Orrin Moore, GR. 3£24, GR. 5469.

SUIURBAN REALTY 11302' Pacific Avenue


Insurance GR4:tnite 3624

RIPE 0 LI VES . no. 1lin


Rt. 7, Box 140, Tacoma GRanite 6037

_,, . 1111


Lowest Prices in Tacoma Necchi . Singer - White from $29.00

with the


'8tue ?<a&eem ,4'1,e, '1fj~ ----·---


This amazing welder operates from your car or stor· age battery. See It at

Logan's Service 14423 Pacific Ave. GRanite 9930

607 So. Pine





3 lbs. ·97c





FRESH OYSTERS •. pt. 49c




RED SNAPPER • ... lb. 2 McDaniel's

I lb'. pkg.

COFFEE • 1 lb~ pkg.



I 0 oz. pkg. !ii







Libby's Concentrated

. 2/31c 6 oz. pkg.

Bananas Pound





Libby's Concentrated




. 27c CAULI FL0 WER • lb. 1 Libby's 10 oz. pkg. POTATOES • 10 lb. bag 43c STRAWBERRIES .... 29c Open Till 9 - 7 Days a Week







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Magazine SECTION

Vol. 9, No. 21

February 4, 1854


GRanite 3466

Published Every Thursday at Parkland, Wash.

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lOc Per Copy

Pierce County Garbage Dump One. Of First 1n Nort hwesf AVal•1 au1.1e J 0 Area .Res1"d enls

4-H mc:mbers wrn meet Monday at the Fruitland Grange, a't 8 Iii Golden anniversary of Mr. p.m. · ' and Mrs. Horatio H. Sharpe Ashford To Be Scene Pierce County has one of the es. The garbage is dumped into will ibc observed Sunday, F6b. • Pacific Korthwest's first garb- one, thus filling it; dirt from 7, from 2 to 5 p. m. in th0 Fern Of ·Roads to farad1se age dumps of the double-pit 1 the other ditch is shoveled by Hill Masonic Temple, 84th and Meet Wed Feb 10 variety, which utilizes waste diesel shovel over the garbage, South Park Ave. ' '' • land. It is located between Puy. burying it completely, stopping They were married in St. Mrs. Mae Frayn of Cedar allup and Tacoma on county all smell. l\fatthews Episcopa1 Church, Park Lodge left. for Canada land. The idea originated in CaliHull, England, in 1904, then .Jan. 27th to be with he1· daughHarold Mace and 0. C. Hatch, came to Tacoma in 1907 when ter. Her daughter is to receive county employees are in charge fornia, and the present area at Mr. Sharpe s•tarted his ibusi- her cap which is awarded in of the dump, which is a free the local dump has been in use nes which grew success:fully and Canada upon completing her service to all county residents. for about five months. became the City Sign Co. The first -course in nursing. The 40 acres allocated for the The operating plan of the business"was sold in 1945, when Roads to Paradise Resort will dump, which eliminates the dump will last .about 10 to 15 he retired. hold its meeting Wed. Feb. 10th need for fires and the acrid years, depending on the per· The Sharpes have a family at the home of Donald Christ- smoke which arises from such, centage of garbage dumped, ac· c>f six children: three daughters, ianson at Ashofrd. This meet- revolves around two deep ditch- cording to Hatch. Mrs; C. 1p, Lund, Mrs. R. G. ing is imp·ortant as represC'ntalThomson, and Mrs. C B. Hay- ives from the Travel Bure11u ward· three sons Harold Rob- and Ch'am:ber of Commerce,\ n.• 1 ert, 'and Stanley; and' eight will soon be visiting all the iraerce County S grandchildren. resorts. Plans will be discussed Active members of Masonic; as to their welcoming in tl1is first modern garbage dump, located in the U1rafernities .f0;r 1many years, area. area \between Puyallup Mr. Sharpe .is a member of Missionary To Fern Hill !Jodge No. 80, F. "& and Tacoma, to the east A. M., and they are Past Mat· Talk On Cuba o~ Pacific Ave., is a,~ ran and Past Patron of Ivy county service available Einar G. Peterson, missionary Chapter No. 43, 0. E. S. to all resid.ents of the They have also worked with to Cuba for twi:!lve years, will county. be a guest speaker at the Span. Job's Daughters, Bethel No. 23, for several years. They ·are away Assembly of God on SunTop photo shows one members of the Ho ly Commun- day, _Feb. 7. Rev. C. C. Wilcox, of the many signs postpastor announced today. Mr. ion Episcopal church. ed about the county to A most cordial invitation is Peterson will relate some of ~is experiences and will tell of guide people to the extended Ito all friends and the progress of Assemblies of dump; neighbors, both old and new, God missions in Cuiba. to attend the reception. Bottom picture taken Mr. Peterson went to Cuba in 1941 and with the exception as one of the Pierce To Honor Founders of fur laugh periods has since County Refuse trucks The regular meeting of the 'been located there. He is under dumps .its load into the appointment of the Foreign pit, Harold Mace, counParkland Preschool will be post Missions Department of the Aspaned until Feb. 18. The Parksemblies of God with head- ty employee is giving land P·TA and the Parkland quarters in Springfield, Mo. the directions. Preschool will hold a combined M-r. Peterson was first staAlthough the service meeting at that time in observtioned at Palma Soriano, where ance of 'Founder's Day. free to the average is he built a church, parsonage, c i t i z e n, commercial and three outstations. Airman 2/C Erwin H. High· At present a great religious truckers must pay a flat tower, U018 So. J St., was awakening is sweeping through- rate of $1.25 per truck. scheduled to arrive at the Se· out Cuba with the result Uiat attle Port 6f Embarkation Mon- there are approximately 10,000 day aboard the Navy transport Assemblies of God adherents Gen. H. B. Freeman, the 240th there now. Military SC'a Transport ServThree years ago, Mr. Peterice ship to return servicemen son opened the work in Holguin. , ifrom the Far East. He tells of nearly 15,000 people attending an evangelistic campaign in Holguin city park. This was the beginning of the AsProfessional semblies of God church there. Mr. Peterson served for a Directory time as presbyter and as a member of lhe executive com· INSURANCE mittee of the Assemblies of God of Cuba. CLAY ROLEY AGENCY 98th and Portland Avenue Prior to going to Cuba, Mr. GR. 8501 Pi:terson ministered in Gig Harbor, Washington. He is a ROY V. ROSTEDT AGENCY graduate of Central Institute in 8201 Park Avenue Springfield, Missouri. Phone HA 234.2 The pu"blie is cordially invited to hear Mr. Peterson. The service :begins at 9 :45, 11 :00 a. m. and 7 :30 p.m. He will show colored slides of the work in For TOP Cuba at the 7:30 service. ·

Sunday, February 1






PERFORMANCE Call GR 3549 Any Time . . . Day or Night Or Bring Your Set To Our Sho.p & Save!





Pierce County Commissioners Paul Newman, Harry Sprinker and Bob Gleason worked in cooperation with the Pierce County Health Department to start the dump. The waste land will be of no use to anyone for the next 50 years, Hatch estimates, but since the land was no good to begin with, no loss is involved. Commercial truckers also use the dump, ·but must pay a flat rate of $1.25 per true!,, for each load that is dumped.

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Canned Meat Ideal For Speedy Meal On Cold Winter Nights

Your Clothes Co1J1e Back

Smelling Swe~t and Clean as a Newly Blossomed Rose, when you Send Them To The

11004 Pacific A""e. North of the Bank ..Corner


. Spread ¡Satin .the original rubber. base paint Qt. $1.75 Gal. $5.49


Edwin G. Cru:i:an Jr., gun· ner's mate seaman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edvvin C. Cruzan of Rt. 7, Box 466, Tacoma, has re· 1 By ROG McDONALD ported aboard the escort destroyer USS Renshaw for duty Flying from the USS Radford. Both vessels are for anti-submarine Seldom will you find an ath- greats of this sport, Cornelius work and are stationed at Pearl lete so sure of himse1f and with vVarmcrdam, Eal'le Meadows Halibor. C>·uzan the determination of the Rev. and others. He spent hours Bob Richards, the greatest pole every day practicing his sprint vaulter in the world today. down the runway and the take· Richards, pastor of the First off. He experimented with sev· FOR RENT Church of the Brethren in Long era! types of vaulting poles Beach, California, is one of the and used various gi'ips in hold· greatest all around athletes of ing the pole. his era, but his specialty is the All of this hard work was bepole vault. Since he was a ginning to bring more height youngster in high school, he to Richards, but his rise was not had ambitions of becoming a rapid. In 1948, when he was 22 champion in this sport and after years of age, he cleared the many years he has certainly at- cross-bar at 14 feet 3 inches for tained his goal. a new personal record. Many It seems unlikely that a boy experts predicted that this was would have such ambitions the maximum height a man of after being abln to clear the ibar his stature could expect to at only 6 ft. 9 in. while in high vault. Richards is only 5 feet school. but the challenge was 10 inches in height and by all too great for him to give up. mathematical calculations. a He worked hard conditioning man of this size could not rise SANDERS - EDGERS hi'mself so that he could soar to into the heavens any further POLISHERS & SKIL SAWS greater heights. He studied the under his own power. vaulting forms used by the 3-lnch Per Ft. Richards proved them wrong Caseing •••••• 3c however, and in 1949 raised his personal record by one inch. In 4-lnch Lin. Ft. 1950 he made two spectacular Base Board • ,. •• 4c leaps of 14 feet 6 inche.s and Un. Ft. Base Shoe finally reac~ed the unbeli~V· FARM FRESH able mark of 14 feet 9 5/8 m. Shorts •• • • • 1 HOMOGENIZED AND This, the iexperts predicted, 8-Ft. was lhe absolute maximum for PASTEURIZED MILK 2x4s ••••••• a man or this size. AND CREAM A'fte1· :-.rnny more attempts over the next two years, the ICE CREAM Reven,nd again prove~ the ex· 1 111 Phone HA. 3301 perts ~rong when he .rmally ac9813 Pacific Ave. GR 7311 com~l!shed the unbehe;'able by I _ clearmg the bar at b feet 1





1 hc



Thursday, Feb. 4, 1954 The TIMES-JOURNAL in eh. Up until this time Richards had set his goal at the 15-foot level, but now that he had con· quored this height he set .his sights still higher. He assured his friends sincerely that he could still reach greater heights and most of them agree, knowing his remarkable will to ac· complish his goal.


his is the age a pole vaulter should reach his peak. Looking into the future of this sport, the Reverend predicts that within a few years a super-vaulter will soar still higher, probably over the 17foot mark. To go still further, he has predicted that the supervaulter will be none other than his son, Bob Jr., who is 4 years old. I doubt if anyone will argue his views since his accomplish· ments have proven the experts wrong time and time again.

Durins;i: the last two years the "Flying Pastor" nas soared over the 15-foot bar, 48 times. This tops the great Cornelius Warmerdam's fecord by five. His greatest leap to date is 15 feet 4 inches, but Richards has Even the woodpecker owes his sights set on the wodd's his success to the fact that he record. The World's record, uses his head. held by Warmerdam. is 15 f e e t - - - - - - - - - - - - 7 %. inches outdoors and 15 feet 8 'h inches inC!oors. So sure is. Richards of breaking the world's. record. he has predicted that before his career comes to an end he will have reached the 16,foot mark. He is 28 years old and claims that


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vA uGH A N'S

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• 1

:sy George Wes. Echols tl


•.. .· ·.· •.· •· ·. · · Kayoed by


Wes Echols, formerly of Bremerton, :was.. knocked out Saturday • night. ·in. Richmond, California, <by. the hard punch• ing Joe.Miceli in a scheduled 10 round boXing match. Echols, j;he former welterweight g9lden .glove champion of Tacoma, was no match for the powerful New Yorker and su'f.fered a severe beating until th.e referee stopped the contest j11 the third round. . Since turning pro about two years ago, the ex-golden glove champ has won 19 (Jut o.f 20 bouts until he met Miceli.. He is a stablemate of middleweight champion Bobo Olson.

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Frank. Rearden

&R. 5758


r Automatic Fill Service And Mobilheal Fuel Oil DISIRIBUIING PA tlRanile 8624

Times journal v 9 no 21 feb 4, 1954