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Violef Prairie The Violrt Prairie Garden club will celebrate its 19th birthday Friday, Nov. 11·, at a 1 o'clock meeting at the home of Mrs. A. C. Brandt, 604 So. Lafayette. H. A. Jinkens will assist the hostess. The history of the club wi!l be given by Mrs. T, H. Algeo. respond to roll call with names of favorite flowers.


P. 0. Box 654 Parkland, Washington

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Hi Booster Board

MemlJerii will

OFJIJCE !18th and Pacific Avenue


area. The new school, estimated to cost about. $360,000, will be paid for en-· tirely by the l}. S. government urn.lcl" Public Law 815, as children of military personnel have_ ~aused an ~ver­ load of present fac1ht1es, Ford said. To be · Jocated at Airport road (I 12th St.) and Sheridan Ave., tLe structure v1rill have 13 roon1s and is expected to be. completed in time for usc by the next school year. The site is a scant mile west of the Pacific highway and about two and a quarter miles west of the new Franklin Pierce high school, also on Airport road.



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FFA Is Or9anized S At Betnel High ehool

Sumner. He 1sth~ grandson of Mrs. .· · • .· · IL. .. • . . • · Parrott on Pennsylvania avenue. · Firemen's Benefit A. Future·· Farmers.· of America organization is being formed at the new Bethel high school. The organization will be rriade up of boys interested in the .field of agriculture and enrolled in. the agriculture course• at· Bethel. , The :i griculture course at Bethel ' high school offers four years in agric cu.ltural .trpining. The first year .is spent . on the st\.ldy of livestock and farming in general; the second year is .deyoted .to the study of crops and soils and the advanced course for juniors and . s.eniors is .devoted to farm engineering. and· farm management. Ther.e are. three .ways in which the boys 'training. is accomplished: First by a home piojeet which is either some form offprm,livestock or a farm crop; second, by study and discussion in. the das.sro9m, and third by active participation in the FFA. FFA officers were . elected at the first regular. meeting Melvin •· Mothershepd bdng. elected president; son. Jim Farren,. vice-prseident; Dick . Alto.·. IIorn- Tim · Fergins, Karen Sm,itiiworth, secreta1·y;. Mickey FarMottler, John. Homminpa and .Edgar ren, treasurer; Gcra!d Walden, reportGraves. .. . . . . er; ar1dLeol)ard Goodwin, sentinel. Bass Horn...,. M vron Krumm and RobeH And!'rspn will act· as adviser Robert Barb're, ' for. the group. Trumpet-Bi.iddy E.alstad, J e r r y . Members of the Bethel FFA are Gaiser, Sharon 'Bowman, Neliis Ron~ Van Atkins, B.ill Brandfas, James ning, David Leecis, Mike Tram~, Jim Calhoun, Darrell Eckhardt, Jack Tonesbcrg, Wayne Johr1son, Joh.n Hicks, Gorclpl) Jiiltbruner, Don Lor1ey, Gai·y ]iirch, Maria H 0 mminda, Jorge11.sen, Lan-y Mc(jee, Grant MetBob 1:ies, A_rlis EH and B.ob Johnson. zener, ]iob .1vfo~ieus, Melvin .Mother, J Flutc-,-Josi~ Herness, Virginia Dry- shead, I)ic!t ,Southworth. · e1; andJm1.nSanford ... ··. .·. . George Tremper, George Walden, Drm1~_,Darlene Brow~, Carrol Forrest Wright, Jim. Tice,. Bert Smith, WiHian1s, Ron.f:\ld J ppp, Kenneth Kirb B9b Davis, Victor Becker, Denny land,. l)arlene ·.Stevens, Leslie P~der- Dyrham, Mick~y Farren, John fisher, son, .Darlene .Johnson, Arth.a Johnson; Rich.f:\rd ·. 1farceJle, Gerald ·Walden, NancyNord anpGlenna weatheraL . Neil . W.inge, Jini, Farren, Leonarci Tr9Jl1h9µe 7 Dick. · R()berts, · Rol)ald Goodwin,·.· Noyes .·Jacobsen, Dennis Berntsen, Bop Ols9.n, Gr11m Ralstad, :Modahl, 'BiJISI10W and Mick Napora. Kenneth Parker and Richard Hall. The Fra'nkli~ Pierce high school ·NOTICE band includes the following: The United States Civil Service Clarinet-Virginia Brusven, Donna Commissio~ has extended the date for Campbell, Ma1·ylyn Gaisei·, .Ross Leah receipt ()f applications, from Nov. 3 Gorow, Patricia Johnson, Joice Webto Nov. 19,.J?52, for those who desire ber, Steve Hansen, Joe Hohman, Busto ta?e the. examination for substitute ter. Massengale and Ro11.ald. Wilson. cle1·k at the Spanaway Post. Office. Trumpet,.-Marlcne Sfott, Glen Bell.. vude, Roy Brown, Neil Car1·el, Ken" neth Riis, Ronald Smith and Douglas Pi~rce Sweriland. Drums.,-,-Ann Clinton, Helen Shep~ ard, Monty Hintze, ·J o .h n Marvin, and Tone Suter. Spx 0 phone,--:.Kenny' Frant:en, Jerry Ness and. Kingsley Woodhead, Naritone-Tim Olson, Eddie Speic delarid Harry Walter. · French Horn~Duane Weeks; tram• bone, John C.ox; bass, Jerry Olson; oboe, Dixie Gram; flute, Marriane Nelson. A small admission· will· . charged,· proceeds· to. be· used for. the two bands. m


.Jc>int Concert To Present Jr. Bands

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jParkland P-TA To ex- Meet in Gym Nov. 20 3

By Rog McDonald l,utcs Cinch a Tic Those precious points after touchdown prowd to be the deciding factor in the Pacific Lutheran college 20 to 19 victory over a dcterrnincd Eastern Washington eleven Saturday. 'The victory n1nd<: the PLC hoinecon1ing a

success along with assuring the Lutes of at least a piece of the conference title. Fink and Chesterfield looked very good in the Gladiator backfiel<l, Loth picking up good yardage on the ground along with Dick Larson, who kicked the gnn1c winning point. A vie~ tory or a ti,c with tltc University of British Columbia Thunderbirds next Saturday night ju Lincoln Bowl will give the Lutes undisputed possession of the championship. Revamping of W-I League The directors of the Western International baseball league are meeting this week to discuss the possibilities of increasing the league membership to ten teams. Mentioned as possible additions to the circuit are Eugene, Ore., and Edmonton and Calgary, two Canadian cities. Bob Abel, league president, indicates the belief that the Cianadian t e am s will draw good crowds, therefore replenishing the r-shrinking treasury. It is hard to stand why a city the size of Tawill not support a professional all team. As a matter of fact, all ic ventures in this city. seem to l,ack the attendance necessary to make

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table. There is one Renie Bartolatz, Reporter t:cpiion, hovvevcr, the "gr u n t and ParIJan<l P-TA will con1e to order Phone Puyallup 5-2902 gru,rncrs." It seems that the people of at 8 p.m Thursday No , 90 · th this area prefer to tness a bunch ' ' \ · - , in e Preschool Changes Date ......... . of overstuffed hams go through their The regular monthly meeting of phony antics instf'.ad of suppor;:ing the Woodland Preschool will be held at good old Anwrican spurts of baseball, the school at 3 'p.m. Tuesday, Nov. basketball, football, etc. Who has the 18, instead of the usual third Monday ansv\.rcr to th is n1ystcry? date. Huskies Hurdle California Firemen's Ball Tlw Pacific Coast C1mfcrcncc fuutThe Woodland-Collins-Summit Volhall race is tightening into a real · department will · hold its · · .• nnteer Fire thn·e ring circus. With only a couple annual br.nrfit dance at the Fruitland weeks ldt to go, UCLA and USC arc Grange hall on Saturday evening the only teams undefeated, but don't · . ' Nuv. 22. More details next week. forget the University of VVashington · Huskies. Tlwy have lost only one conP-TA on ~nday . . test and with a little luck could steal :voodland P-TA will 1;1ect at 8 p.m. Friday at the school with Mrs. Barthe show. This luck would consist of hara Cordes presiding. A Thanksgiva \'Vashington victory over USC next ing program will be presented by the Saturday and then on the following 7th grade. pupils and the 7th grade Saturday, a USC victory over UCLA. mothers will serve. , This would make the race a three-way ' (Crowded Ont Last Week) tic and the Rose Bowl entry would 4-H :Mothers Meet have to be decided by a vote of the On Wednesday evening, Oct. 23, conference. The Huskies could be the mothers of Woodland 4·-H members Bowl selection, but as I mcntione<l, they could use a little luck. school gym with Mrs. Stanley Rcy- met at the home of Mrs. Kenneth Keil. Grid Upsets nolds presiding. Florence AJ'Jcn, county home ecoThe biggest upset in the football The noted Dr. James W. Kirkwood nomics agent, gave a talk and an.picture was the Notre Dame conquest will be the guest speaker, his topic to swered questions. The new 4·-II leader of the mighty Oklahoma Sooncrs. be, "Private Worlds." His inspirational is Mrs. Keil, Mrs. Harold Hal\Oklahoma, the fourth ranking team in talk combines scientific accuracy with the nation, just couldn't overpower the good common sense and lots of humor. determination of the "Fighting Irish" Those who have heard him say his and were on the short end of the 27 lecture is a must. to 21 score. Earl Sheppard will entertain with The University of Kansas, ranked vocal selections and Boy Scout troop number seven, lost a thriller to a sur-1 No. 4 7 will present the flag. prisingly strong Nebraska squad. BobMrs. Clinton Williams is hostess by Reynolds, the 19.50 All-American chairman. Decorations wil.! follow th11 Cornhusker halfback, kicked both the theme of Thanksgiving and Christpoints after touchdown for the mar- mas. gin in the 14 to 13 win. Reynolds has Dr. James W. Kirkwood been on the injured list most of the season and is only doing the kicking for points for the Cornhuskers. Line In the Big Ten conference, Purdue' (Continued from Page 1) was held to a 14 to 14 tic Ly the Uni(Continued from Page 1) several sub-contractors, and Charles versity of Minnesota Gophers. This V. Rueger, architect. dampened the Rose Bowl hopes of the thus made possible. Transfers to Gus Sorenson, chainnan of the Woodland and Tacoma Subnrban bus Boilcrn1akcrs i.;omewhat,. but they are board of directors, asked other memlines provided quick and easy access still in the running along with Wisconbcrs of the board to stand, introducing sin and Michigan. The teams in the to neighboring commun1t1es, Fort Roy Nixon, John W. Newell, Gordon Big Ten just aren't up to par this sea- Lewis, McChord, Mt. Rainier Ordin- Johnson and William A. Anderson. He son as most of them are made up of ance and Tacoma. But still ,enough also gave much credit to the 21 rnemfolks just didn't get around to ride sophomores. hers of the boards of the five original the busses. · Rockets Still Climbing districts consolidated to form the Now with the appointment of Mr. The Tacoma Rockets hockey team Bethel district. Almost all of these men is continuing its slow rise up the lad- LeMay as president of the transit continued to meet with the official der in the W cs tern Hockey lcagnc . company, he has also been named the board of the new district, serving in After spending some time in the cellar, manager and guarantees that the bus an advisory capacity, until the high the Rockets are now in sixth place service will be maintained for another school \vas near completion. after their recent victory over the Se- six months on the new schedule. After George Pasnick of the State Deattle Bombers. The 'J. to 0 victory gave that it will be up to the Parkland and partmcnt of Public Education recalled Spanaway people to use the bus faveteran goalie Doug Str.vP1u;un his first his first teaching experience, which shut.out of the season. Doug A<lan1s, i:ilitics sufficiently lo provide a reas- was with an adult group at Graham. onable profit. The community needs the league leading scorer of a eoupk He represented State Superintendent seasons back, is corning to the front the Lus service; everyone can have a Pearl Wanamaker, who was unable to in the scoring race again ;ind \vi11 be part in n1aking it pcrn1ancnt. l\fr. LcMay welcomes any sugges- be present because of anothe·r· eng. age.important to the Rockets' future.tions or constructive criticism. For mcnt. Mrs. Nell C. Kantner of the State further information, call GR 8688. New Schedule Preparations for the campaign for the new United Methodist church Morninghan: been uncle1-way for the past scv- Leave Spanaway P. 0 ................. 9:1·5 era! wPP!rn and the "kick-off" dinner Leave B8th St. & J ................... _9:55 will be held.immediately aflN drnrch Leave Parkland P. 0. _............... 10:05 on Sunday; Nov. 116.. :F;m tl1c succec>l, Leave 116th & Ainsworth ........ 10:10 ing»•tweck.-"the, crus0ders will confer L.ea'.(e Airport & Polk .St......... 10:20 ·cwith,iJJfcl'ested people and try t.o rca~li Leace 96th & Pacific ................ 10:30 the goal -tlw Sunday before Thanks- Leave 96th & Park Ave. _....... 10:32 giving. Arrive lliway 99 & Sales Road ... .10:40 At· a. Rpccial called meeting of the Leave Hiway 99 & Sales Road .... 10:42 Wo\11an's Society of Clu:i.<t.ian Service Lea;'c 116th & Ainsworth ........ 10:45 tins fmc group of Chnstmn women Anwc Parkland P. 0. -·············--10:55 decided lo pledge $2,000 as their ini-. Leave Parkland P. 0. -·-·············11:00 tial gift to the project. On the 16th Leave !16th & Ainsworth ........ 11:05 the dinner will be potluck, except that Arrive Hi way 99 & Sales Road ... _11 :20 · the meat course will be provided. Leave Hiway 99 & Sales Road .... 11:22 Orville Weeks is the local chairman; Leave 96lh & Park Ave. ·-······11:28 Charles E, Peterson is organizational Leave 96th & Pacific Ave. _....... 11 :30 chairman, Will Traill, treasurer; Mrs. Leave Airport & Polk St. -.... -.. 11 :4-0 Harris Victor, secretary. Captains and Leave ! 16th & Ainsworth ........ 11:50 work c rs complete the canvassing Leave Parkland P. 0 ................. 12:00 teams. Leave 138th & J Sts ................. 12:05 Arrive Spanaway P. 0 ............. 12:15 AfternoonLeave Spana way .P. 0. ----··-·------·-2 :•l-5 Wide Selection o[ Yard Goods Leave l 38tli & J Sts ................. 2 :.55 Leave Parkland P, 0 ..................... 3:00 COTTON, l'LANNELS, Leave l l 6th & Ainsworth ........ 3 :05 WOOLENS Arrive Hiwa y 99 & Sales Road .... 3 :20 Leave Hiway 99 & Sales Road .... 3:22 Yarn, Crochet Lcnv·e 9Gth & Park Ave ............. 3:28 Leave 96th & Pacific ................ 3:30 Leave Airport & Polk St ............. 3 :'10 7025 Pacific Avenue Leave 1l6th & Ainsworth ........ 3:50 Arrive Parkland P. 0 ................. 3 :55 Leave Parkland P. 0 .....................4:00 Leave !16th & Ainsworth ....... A:05 Leave Airport & Polk St. _...... .4-:20 Tacoma's Leave 96th & Pacific Ave ........... 4:28 Leave 96th & Park Ave. ------·····.4:30 Arrive Hiway 99 & Sales Road .... 4:40 Leave Hiway 99 & Sales Road ... .4:4·2 Leave l l 6th & Ainsworth _, ...... 4:50 Leave Parkland P. 0 ............. ~ ....... 5:00 and First in Leave 138th & J St .....................5:05 Garages Arrive Spanaway P. 0 ................. 5:15 Everyday except Sundays and holiGR 8669 days. Buses will run on the same streets as at present.




sen a.sher assistant. R.efrcshmcnts were the school fall festival Jarleth Hoffserved by Mrs. Keil and her daughters, man and Karen Keil in charge of arDorothy and Karen. Mothers attend- j rangemcnts. The next meeting will be ino- were Mesdames Harold Hansen held at the home of Rosie and Mary H~rry Lee, John Harber, Ben Thomp: Harber on Nov. 15. son, Earl Allstot, Florence Allen and Moving to California the hostess, Mrs. Keil.. Friends of the Harry Hiller family . will be sorry to hear that they have 4 -FI M eetmg · home and are movrng · · h Id 0 2 5 sold their to 1, he 4 -I-I mectrng was e ct. . ' . . . ' h ()ff' Loomis Cahf Two of their cluldren at J ar1etI1 H offmans omc. 1cers ' · . . , arc livin" with relatives there awa1tmg were cIccte d f or t h c year as f o JI ows: ' D · . 'd Sh L . · · the arrival of the rest of the family. P rcs1 cnt, , arron ef', vice pres1. . dent, Jarleth Hoffman; secretary, Dor- Esther is attending, Placer JUntor colothy Keil· treasurer Karren Hanson; lq;c at Auburn, Calif., and Deanna ' ' luslonan, . . 1 ool reporter· Rosie Harber; Kar- ·1.s· enro II ccI a t Anh . u rn higl1 sci • • · en I<.eii; st:rgeant-at-arn1S, Wallccn j 'fhe Hillrrs have resided in the vyoodL land area for 18 years and will be c. · . The meeting was called to order by missed by all who knew them. S I SI the new president, ~harron Lee. Four tor< 1ower new '!'embers were mtrodu~ed-Patty A surprise stork shower was held Allstot, Karen Haworth, Rita Thomp- for Mrs. Larry Bartolatz Oct. 28 at son and Carol Kordes. The committee the Reorganized Church of Jesus chairmen were named as follows: Pro- Christ of Latter Day Saints. The cengram chairman, Dorothy Keil, with tcrpiccc was a large pink crepe paper vVallccn Lee, Patty cA!lslot and Carol bootic and among the flowers were Kordcs assisting; soc i a I chairman, small blue crepe paper booties. A large Rosie Harber, with Sharron Hagen beautifully decorated cake was a feaand Karen Haworth as helpers; mcm- lure of the lunch served following the bership rlrnirman, Rita Thompson, games and opening of the gifts. Preswith KarrPn Hansen and Sharron J,ce cnt were Mesdames Alice Johnson, as helpers; sunshine chairman, Sandra Marie Ray, Iris Challendar, Virginia King, with Jarkth Hoffman and Kar- Brown, Rita Dering, Barbara Kordcs, en Keil as helpers. Maude Swallander, Don Anderson, It was decided to have a booth at Winona Porter, Esther Allen, Elinor

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New Schedule for B• Transit


the giant plant grown by ~rs. Elmer Bradley of Carlson road, ~ith,20 blos· soms and buds. A beauty, mdeedl Daughter Engaged Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Geise of Waller road announced the E~.[\agcmcnt of thei; eldest daughter, Miss Mary Lou Geise, a graduate of 1'acoma G,en era l Sc h oo 1 o f N ursmg, · , • 1 JJ ,.b ,, E• v . . U S A. to up. icr crt . .-oss, . . ir leN d. d' I h b i·.orcc. o we mg pans ave een I l l l mac c )y t 1e young COUjJ e as yet. I H tal n osp~ Lfl.oydl Et bertl of!Vhickc;rtyal r oatd waks 1 con ospi .tl rnec . of. a t' oca h. f t as wee w1 1 an in r.c ~on on. IS oo.

(Crowded Out Last Weck) . . Wcddmg Reccpllon . A wcddi;1g reccptwn was held Saturday evening, ?ct. 25, at the Canyon Road C:ommumty hall for Mr. and Mrs. Glen Fredericks. The bride is the former Joann Baines of Puyallup. The young couple are now at home to their friends at 1712 No. Oakes, Tacoma. Mrs. W. C. Fredericks wishes to thank the Canyon Road club for the use of the hall for the occasion. More Easter Lilies Many residents of Tacoma have been boasting of the prize Easter lilies that they have blooming in their yards, with numerous flowers and buds. So far, none have ·bcatc,n the record of


Lon McMah1ll uf Waller road has t ti t k · tl G d S spen ie 1as · wee m · 1e oo · amaritan hospital in Puyallup after undergoing surgery for appendicitis. MARINE PFC. STEWART E. WHITE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert 0. White, Rt. 1, Box 132, Eatonville is reported as wounded in Monday's Korean casualty list.

A/3c DONALD G. DICKINSON, son o1 Mr. and Mrs. Harley 0. Dickinson, 12829 Pacific Highway S. W., has been assigned as a post office worker to the student training squadron at Reese Air Force Base in Texas.

LOCAL MERCHANTS. EXTEND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BETHEL SCHOOL DISTRICT AND All THOSE WHO ASSISTED IN ,!MAKING THIS OUTSTANDING ADDITION TO OUR EVER GROWING SCHOOL SYSTEM POSSIBLE. Department of Vocational Education was especially happy to be present since she had been developing the v.rork in ho1nc cconoinics and se\ving in the community for the past 14 years and feels keenly the great progress from the first makeshif facilities to the splendid equipment provided jn the new .plant. Dr. Paul T. Jackson of the United States Office of Education explained the provisions by which the federal government is assisting districts like the local one which have in the schools the children of military personnel. Perhaps the proudest person present, and the most humble, was Mrs. Ru.Lh Ilcthcl, Pierce county superintendent of schools, whose name was chosen for the district for the very good reason pointed out by an 8th grade pupil who w. rote in his essay on the subject, "I think we should name the school for Mrs. Bethel because she


Methodist News

Sev1ing Matnine

Tucker, Marg~rct Newcombcr, D_or-\ othy Ray, Leshe Root, Esther Davies, Fred Tyler and Ba~·barn., Vivi a?Wheler Ruth Morns, Ruby Consineau, 1 a r a Anes, Esther Curtis, Brownlee, Whipple, Wuu'.ery, Eileen Bobson, Eva Pentland, Lms Pentland, Vwla Jenkms, Margaret Johnson and the honor guest. Mrs. Ilartolatz Wood· ' . land concspondent for t.hc Times· . . Journal wishes to take tlus oppor• ' tumty to thank everyone for the beau. , t1ful gifts. -----:-·------

is a good teacher." A number uf 01·ganizations and individuals were as having furthered the school project, including County Commissi.oners Harry Sprinker and Robert Gleason, who have just received most gratifying majorities, re-elecling both to their present posts. In a moment of silence, tribute was paid to the memory of the late Ed Castle, whose devotion to the school kncw no limitation save death. Of all those closely identified with the school project, he alone did not· live to see it realized. The school campus now occupies part of his farm. The dedicatory address was delivcrcd by Dr. George D. Strayer Jr., professor of Educational Administration, University of Washington, who stressed the importance of the new school unit with its many modern facilities in aiding the students to "find themselves" in choosing not on]y their life work but also in making vital de-

cisions in the fields of recreation, po- lumber room, project storage and one litical ideals, freedom of worship and small classroom, seems an especially problems of future families and homes. practical feature of this rural school. So well balanced is the planning of Another unique feature is the sound the Bethel high school, it is meaning- system originating in the main office less to single out any one department by which announcements may he made for special mention. All courses of in any or all rooms of the school or study arc equally important, all are radio or phonograph programs dircctprovided with aqequate facilities. The cd to any part of the building. combined library-study hall, the fine With their fine new school at last visual education equipment, the very a reality, the people of the Bethel discomplete home economics and cloth- trict: are already involved in projects ing rooms, the spacious gymnasium, to finance the improvement of the the commercial s u i t e, the science athletic field al!d other needs which rooms and art rooms all reflect the cannot be supplied through tax ·funds. best in today's trends in education. The same loyalty and devotion which The cafetorium with the stage at have been instrumental in achieving one end and adjoining kitchen sng- the buildings arc now directed toward gests that entertainment may enliven acquiring the equipment and accesthe daily lunch period . and that the sorics tu make a complete whole. large room may be the scene of much Those folks al . Bethel are certainly social activity combining school and looking to the future and will go on community interests. The shop build-1 to new gains for the benefit of their ing, housing the farm shop, general rnost irnportan t con11nunity asset-shop, offices of instructors, paint room, their children.



THE DEDICATION of the new Bethel high school was held at 3:00 p.m. Sunday, No\'ember 9, sponsored by the Bethel P-TA. Photo hy Courtesy of Bethel News

' I




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DR. GEORGE D. STRAYER JR. of the University of Washington, delivering the dedicatory address for the new Bethel high school before an audience of 1000 in the Gymnasium Sunday. afternoon. P4oto by McKcwcn Studio


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GEORGE KING, Prop. 162nd & .Pacific Ave, GR 8215

ncr, Joyce· .\7ance, Vi!Jla .Burston···and Bob Burston. Mrs. Clarence Johann w::rn chairman. Beverly Wins Word .was received last week that Beverly Corrigan was second high in the state in the 1-H Clothing Achieve· n1ent '.:~ntes.t, thus making her ag~in an alternate for a trip to tb9 ..f-H Club Congress to be held in ~J1kago the last part of November. Ma~H one think of the old adage, "If at first you dunit succeed, try, try again." Cub Scout Meeting There will be a Cub Scout pack Friday, Nov. 7, at ll the Midland Community hall. All boys between the ages of eight to eleven who arc. inlercs.ted in belonging to the Cubs and their parents are welcome to attend this meeting.



HA 2351

We Are Happy To Announce


GR 7828

\l'.hen ench minut.e seems lik an eterl)lty while ynu struggle and <!hoke tor bl'etdh rrc.m. an attack ut Broudilol~Asthina. tr}' NEPHitON Inhnlution Therapy and -be convinced. Spa.ems most ~hronic

ca.ees relie\•ed quickly -

usua11y In J minute. Regardless ot what· you ha·1;e tried do nnt give up. Ask your, druggiGt tnr full JlP~rtkuJnrs and a 10 dny Darnple of Niephron lnhnJant to

nee in Kno;r;:Azmn vaporizer.

¥/ATER- PROOF CLOTHING Panil's • Jackets .. Hats

Wool Shirts .. Boot Sox

Madden's Men's &little ~1en's Shop Parkla11d Centre Bldg.





Corn Flakes

89c 2 Pounds . 1.00

Large 12 Oz. Pkgs.

. 1 '



p ~


FLOUR 5mlb. bag








-< V'I

Still Selling


F1cn1ing s avenue.

* * *

Other players gave a fine performMrs. James Linder, Fourth Disti'ict vice president and membership chair- ance, according to Coach Arnold man for .the district, is very pleased Tommervik, their de.fensive teamwork keeping the Sumner team from making a single first down d.u_ri~g- the ga1ne. Since all the Franklin Pierce players are either freshmen or sophomores Tommervik is looking forward to coaching a strong team next year. H~me

The Unit is now collecting old toys to be given to needy children at Christmas. Mrs. Ted Amon, . Child

and Auto Insurance


It Will Pay to Check Our Rates GR 37.33 M. SLATER GR 9939


JACK'S TY & Radfo Service Satisfaction Guaranteed Open Eve. Mon., Wed. & }'ri. 13022 Pacific GR 5689

Bendix • Whirlpool R.C.A.

Appliances ... TV

Wedding Announcem'ts LaCROSSE PRINTERS

Radio Sales and Service

FRYE' S Apphances Furni!ure &: .

Dry. Upland Slab $11.00 Cord 3-Cord Load $30.00 Innnediatc Delivery

Par!Hand Centre Bldg.

Complete Overhcn.d Motors Only --·---··--·-··-··-···'--·-·· Gas at Competitive Prices


GR. 3691

HI 3047 Sheet Metal Work Poultry & Pet Stock Equipment SPECIAL ATTENTION .To





10-Day Money Back Trial Free Home Demonstration @ Good Cleaners It Popular Makes


We Are. Going To


Members of our church

your help in



call at your homes to solicit

great enterprise to better our community.



• j


SELECT Used Cars

ONLY 1 block from church and near the college and school. Large living· room, attractiv.e kitchen, 2 bedrooms, attached garng-c. Fenced. PriC"c rrduced to $77Dll. Call Mr. Inloes, GR 3624 or HA 25·±7.

52 STUDE pickup, special $1595

51 RAMBLER Country Club; radio, heater, overdrive. \lery clean ................................ $1895 5.1 FORD, Perfect, just the car for the wife for Christmas. Less tlrnn 1'.',000 miles · .. $1 795 51 NASII Statesman Custom. Radio, heater, U.D., sharp .... $1989 50 NASH Statesman 2-tone brown. O.D., Weather eye heater $1575 49 FORD Anglia. Another ideal car for the wife or kids. Very

Parkland ;2--Auctions

2 BEDROOM home, convenient loc:l tion. Fi rrplncP, a'u tomatic washer. Priced to sell. Owner transferred. Call Mr. Inlqcs, GR 362•1 or HA 254 7.



AUCTIOK SAL)', YOU want more cash quick, sell by auction. Every Fri., 7 :30 p.m. Glen Betts, 8113 So. Tacoma Way. Free pickup service. 1.A. 8505. 2ctf

3 Bedrooms -

3-Bus.iness Service SPANAWAY ELECTRIC Residential and commercial contract~ ing; esL_irnates free; 2_ 4 years cx-:pcriencc; GR 7064·. 3ctf



W Al\TED - Responsible woman to care for 3-year old child in our home days, l\1idland district, call GR 5'139. 5c9 WANTED Lady housekeeper, Parkland vicinity, to live in· or out; comfortable home, TV; call GR 3527 after 5. 5c9

Submersible Pumps

TURNER'. GR 8108

n~'krzcuR:{f ".j':a;~---~~<l:"l~~;~

green, loaded with extras and overdrive ............................$ 1550 48 LINCOLN Club Coupe. Custom model, loaded with extras and 0. D ......................... $1075 47 FORD Sedan. Radio, heater; Overdrive .......................... c.$895 4 7 DESOTO Custom. Very sharp, radio, heater & auto1natic shift ....................................$1145 46 NASH 600. R. & H ......... $775 46 FORD Station Wagon. Radio & heater, good body ........ $895 42 PONTIAC 8 Sedanette. Radio, heater. A real mechanics special at .......................................... $125

Member Tacoma Real Estate Board 9920 Pacific Ave. GR. 3624


FU 2400



Wells & Pumps CALL

h Acre


MIDLAND AREA. Corner location, attached garage. Good soil. G. I. equity. Call Mr. Harmon,· GR 3624· or BR 6896.

More Cars to Choose From

8-Wanted to Buy


WILL DO Ceramic Firing in my home. 9420 So. D St. HA 1134. FCJR -SALE ____ I ~a~shei~ in ·;;;o-od condition; 1 small upright piano, first class condition, (~R fi338. 15p9 FOR SALE - 1\ir-O-Fla;;;~-oil h~·at: er, heats + to 5 roon1s; (!all GR 4+89. 15c9 FERTILIZER by yard or sack. C.R. 4108. 15ctf

Septic Tanks, Cess Pools Cleaned

9-Real Est.ate




. .

PLUMBING REPAIRS •• Sewer Cleaning • Electric Pipe Thawing


. .

Acreage close m, either With or Witb.·


out buildings.




11220 Pacific Ave. Office-Days, GR 3341 Evenings, YU. 9221, LA. 3066 Agent for American Express Money Orders

GRanite 8905


GARDEN SER VICE ROTO TILLING Lawn rebuilding, fertilizing, top soil, dressing maintenance. GA. 5885. PARKLAND HI. 2722. 3ctf THERE is only one like this! Unique, ch'1pning. '1nd convenient! RUST.

WE BUILD HOMES, remodel; level buildings; concrete work. Reasonable. GR 3550.-3ctf.

Northwest Pipe &. Salvage Co. FOR SALE-Beautif;:;lminiatur~bi: huahua puppies; alsu registered stud service: GR 419-L 15ctf HECKER the WRECKER - Used and rebuilt transmissions, also gears; all makes and models; phone Puy~!lup 5-21~1, days; Tacoma, HI 3~42, evenmgs. 15ctf VALLEY TOP SOIL, rich and black, any quantity. GR 7259. 15ctf LEA VE FILM AT Quality Photo Service for developing. In at 10 out at 5. 9610 Pacific Avio. l5ctf SEWING MACHINES _ Lowest prices in Tacoma. Necchi-SingerWhite. From $29.00. Central Sewing Center. 607 So. Pine. MA. 6393. 15ctf FINE TU!' :>OIL Rich and black; delivered. Call Puyallup 5-!1228. 15ctf WANTED - Chickens and rabbits. Call us before you sell. Cope's Poultry Market, 7036 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Wn. GA. 4406. 15ctf WOOD::::..upland slab, 2 cords, $14; planer ends, $4 and $8 loads. HI. 4·055. 15ctf

Your Car, Truck or Trailer



GR 3871 Open Day, Evenings & Sundays We are here to help you


,_UPHOLSTERING Recovering and Rebuilding Cushions Rebuilt Free Estimates

land Upholstery 2814 Pacific Avenue

GR. 4l4l HA 5704

RAY COGAN LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION f"';c11eral landscaping service new lawus, peat soil, topsoil, shrubbery, rockerics. Nothing do,vn, :16 1nonths: tn pay. GR 3127. 3ctf

S··-Help Wanted ·-----vv Af-JT'ED -

Middle aged wo1nan for housekeeper for woman living alone. (:ood co1npcnsation; send applica~ tion to Times-Journal office. WANTED - E,:pericnc~d ·5;;-leslady, living in vlcinitvy of Patty Ann •\'1/:'l<'· We need ·a middle-aged , ~Nith rnthusiasm for selling; nately 30-hours week. Call 8. 5c9 -···· Man for general f~ll time work in local plant; must be able to meet public; call for interview, GR 7111. 5c9 WANTED-=-Girl for light bouscwork and child care; near Park· land. Private roon1, con1pcnsat.ion; references, GR 3680. 5p9

ABOUT 20 !'--~1:ZES clcarcd-bnlancc in good grazing land. Free ran_ge ad.iommg. Has a good modern 2-bedroorn home. Place is ~ntHely fen.eccl and _cross-fenced. Out a littl1, way but well worth Jt at only $7950, with terms. Evcni,ngs call Mr. Black GR 3272.

(Crowded Out Last Weck) Collins Tots Club Collins Tots club met last Tuesday night in the kindergarten room. The n1ain discussion \Vas the irn;tallation of

Collins Road

Brookdale Road

ACRE, fen red. Gh icken ho11sc, 1 ACRE with a 2-bcdroom, log barn and brooder house. 2 bedsiding, nearly new borne, all finroorn home with finished attic, ished in knotty cedar panelling. glassed-in back porch, large !iv. J-l(i' drilled well, 2 car garage rm. with wall to wall carpet. and workshop. This is a beautiThis is a city farm only 1 blk. ful home in a natural setting of from Pacific Ave. $9000. Terms. trees. 3 ACRES - Short distance from Roy Y. Has 3 room home on concrete foundation, wired 220. Owner going to Idaho and says to let buyer name the down payment. Full price only $4200. 5 ACRES-In City limits of Yelm. 2 bedroom modern home. 40x30 chicken house, barn, 2 car garage and workshop. This is a steal at $3500 ..Will accept low down payment.

12810 Pacific Ave., Parkland Evenings: Mr. Loring, GRanite 3931 '


'-~ •q

I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MILK COWS, sold on terms. Gammon, Rt. 3, Box 703, Tacoma, 4 miles south of Summit. 16ctf REGISTEkED Herefords; cows, heifers and hulls; also commercial Herefords, Angus and Shorthorn cattle. Phone GR 6112. 16ctf REGISTERED polled Hereford bull service. Breed the horns off. Phone GR 6112. 16ctf CASH FOR milk cows, beef, heifers, veal and hogs. Call R. Thackeray collect, Puyallup 5-5+14. 16ctf


Mrs. John G. Gorow GRanite 7070 Mrs. H. Halliday opened her home Thursday to a group of women that are very busy sewing for Collins bazaar. Aprons and ,!:{ifts were n1ndr, not to mention the pleasant visiting that took place during the day. A sack lunch was taken by the ladies and Mrs. Halliday served dessert and coffee. Tho_se attending were the Mesdames John Derig, Virgil Wilson, D. S. Peterson, Sickman, George· Austin, Ed Boy le, Gil Baker, George Garrison, CLOVER CREEK BAPTIST H. ,C. Garrison, Ray Gogan, and E. Military Road, opposite Clover C. Cardey. Any donations of material Creek school or money arc to be sent to the school R. L. Hagan, Pastor immediately. Two more sewing bees Sunday School, 9:+5 a.m . are planned one at the home of Mrs. Church Service, 11 :00 a.rn. Ray Gogan and the other at Mrs. Gil People's Service, _6:30 p.m. Baker's. Don't forget the bazaar Nov. Evening Church Scn'ice, 7:30 p.m. 2 lat the gym. Midweek Prayer Service, Thursday, Co1lins P-T A 7:30 p.m. P-T A voted to send Collins Women's Missionary Union, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 12 :00 noon.


NURSERY New Crop On Now

4 Miles So. of Puyallup TOWARDS GRAHAM I.ietourncau's Puy. 5-6844




water in the 1st nncl 2nd grade roon1s.

They voted to go ahead with the proposed instnllation of \Vflter facilities, vvith certain reservations. Mrs. Ray Gogan gave the report for this project. After the Hard Time dance NO\'. 29 in the Collins gy'n1, the mcn1bei:s

will have a baked foods sale ot Rhodes on Jan. 3, with Mrs. Geo. Williams as chairman. A rummage sale in the near future v.'as discussed so all rr1en1bcrs start collecting for this sale. Mrs. H. Halliday presented Mrs. E. W. Purdue in a rea<ling. !v1rs. Gil B~kcr, ticket chairn1an, reports that a11 111e111bcrs of the Tots club have tickets for the dancr rlnd gToccrr box tickets n1ay be obtained at Roots store. Next 1neeting date is Dec. 2. Family Dinner A fan1ily dinner ,v;is enjoyed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Carow last Sunday. Honored were Mrs. R. IL Hall oml son David, who ldt Monday for Chicago. David will visit his brother and fa1nily and continue on to New Jersey to report for Europcnn duty in the Army. Mrs. Hall will st:iy in Illinois to visit relati\'es and he there for the arriml of her first grandchild. Those attending were Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Warn<'I', Mrs. Marion Gorow, Mr. and Mrs. Hall nnd Dnvid, Mr. and Mrs, P. R. Smith, and the Gorow family.


GRanitc 3931 l\fr. Black GRanitc 3272

and Harry Streeter, Mr. and :Mrs. Al Wooten, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Horn and family, Mr. and Mr.1. Joseph Hora, M1·s. Julia Parker and Mrs. Alvin McNutt. Visitors Mr. and Mrs. William S i rn o n s (Mnrjoric Bibby) anci' children, Robert and Jeannie from Klomath, Calif., and Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Dubois and new little daughter, Sandra, of Seattle were weekend guests of their mother, Mrs. James Bibby of Collins road. Brownies Receive Pins Brownie troop No. 2'l meets every Tuesday in the first grade room, under the leadership of Mrs. Walter Godfrey and Mrs. J ewcl Balmer. There arc 27 girls. Thirteen new Brownies received their pins. They arc Linda Abrabamson, Kathy Anderson, Dawn Berhardson, Carolyn Godfrey, Roberta Gillet, Kay McAfcc, Anita McElroy, Betty Gurwym, Sheila Orth, Lynn Orth, Hanna Otteson, Judy Valentine, Clerinc Arnold. The second and third Brownies who received their Rosebuds arc C::ithcrinc Gognn, lviargrP.t Ander~ son, Shnron Baln1cr, Karen Flannigan, Adriene Haase, Madaline Heitze, Linda Irish, Margret Jefferies, Virginia Jefferies, Doris Magruder, Sandra l\fcElro, Judy McNickle, Dorothea Peterson, Barham Peterson. The committee women that are helping are Mesdames Norval Peterson, Sin1on Anderson, Richard Heitz, Howard Hasse and Glen McAfee. New Store Manager Van Munson, a resident of Collins community, bas been appointed manager of the new Singer Sewing machine compaiw's;,new " Puyal, lup. ··Mr.. Munson .. has !?eel!" assistant manager of the Tacoma store for 20 years and has well earned this advancement'. We wish you your new store. Many at Polls Collins can be very proud of the turnout at the polls last Tuesday, when 24-0 voters were out and our community followed the county, voting very Democratic. We were very

KAN TON'S MEATS GR 3049 Custom Killing - We Pick Up


Locker Cutting & Wrapping We Feature Baby llerf Selling !•or Locker Meat. -~



GR. 3713

DRESSMAKING Buttons and Button Holes Imported Baby I.ine


Doll & Marie's Shoppe 1022 So. 115th .d'l7


GR 7231 m~

Pistons and Rings



GR. 8688

9818 Pacific

GR 7302



GRai}ife 3201 Res: GRanitc 3181 HOUSE MOVING; leveling; foundations; cement work; free estimates. PR ~653. 3ctf









ROTOVATING, blade work; no .iob too small. W. L. Lewis, GR 7492. 3ctf




SALES AND SERVICE House and Conm1ercial Makes Motor Service Washer Service GR. 6662 161st & Paiific Ave. Next Door to Target Sport Store Spanaway

Septic Tanks Cleanetl


l•'OR SALE - '41._C_l_u_y_s_le_r_W_i_n_d-so-r sedan; front slightly wrecked, rest TAP, ACROBATIC, BALLET Cla• ses. All ages. Mildred Keller, GB perfect; GR 74-04. 12c9 7881. . 15ctl 10:~'6IJNG'r\r:ow··· nesiTea·<ilmong :FOR SALE-1935 Chevrolet % pan• cl; good running cumlition; $150, FERTILE-:s~reened top soil; pulver~ trees on a nice sized·· lot. Picture ized peat; 5 full yards $8. All Kresse, GR 85•15. 12p9 windows in living room and kitchGR 5192. 15ctf en, patio for playyard is sunny and next' to kitchen so Mother can watch the babies at play. Good soil. This is. really a cute place and must be seen to be appreciated. No adMachine dress over the phone--just call Shop GR 7450 - Res. HI 6190 and I shall be glad to help you. Pacific Ave. at Brookdale HALF AC_RE for retired couple with P. 0 .. Box 645, Parkland good outbuildings and cozy home near B-Line hug route. MOTOR REBUILDING Trinity Lutheran Church Home From Korea RAMBLER with many extra features 121st & So. Park Ave. Sgt. Alfred Brabeck has returned such as $4·00 carpet, waterproof Dr. Ernest B. Steen, Pastor home after 18 months overseas, 9 cement floor, fireplace, etc. Good LATHE & PRESS WORK 9 :00 a.m ......... Chapel worship service months of that time having been in location near B-Linr: bus and Pin Fitting, Rod Aligning, Piston 10:00 a.m ..... Sr. school & Bible classes Korea, and is now returning to civilneighborhood g-roccry store. Finishing, Valve & Sent Grinding, BEAL'TIFUL SITE for this extra TO CHOOSE FROM 11 :00 a.m ............. Jr. worship service ian life. He is a son of the Brabecks Brake Drum Turning, Head and special rambler' on large lot. Pretty 11 :00 a.rn ......... Church worship service on Fruitland road. Block Grinding, Con R<Jd Grinding living and dining roo1n, rxtra fea7 :00 p.m ..................... Luther League Father-Son Banquet tures in kitchen~ 2 bedroon1s, large -----------Father and son banquet will he utility, therapy space in balhroo1n, I PAY CASH for what have you; I douhlr grirage, ccn1cnt drivc\vay. Dave's Fix-It Shop; 3110 Pacific Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church I held Saturday night, Nov. 15, in the 7302 So. Park Ave. (Collins gym. This is a community SiERViCE Must be seen to he appreciated, Ave. 15c9 H. N. Svinth, Pastor project and all fathers and sons are $13,700. FOR SALE Service station cash 135th & Pacific Avenue register, late type, rings up to Residence at church: Phone HA 7601 urged to attend. Morris Ford will be $100; also fill dirt, top soil, or peat, Sunday School ................ 9:30 a.m. the main speaker. There will be $3.50 up; upland slabs and saw- Morning Worship .........., ..... 10:30 a.m. movies and community singing, prizes Insurance of All Kinds dust; also '41 Plymouth 4-dr. sed., Luther League Bible Hour.. ..6:00 p.m. I to the oldest fat.her and son, the father Notary Public I with the most sons in attendance, and in good repair, and '46 Plymouth Est. in Parkland since 1941 coupe, mechanically perfect; best youngest father and son. Presentation SPANAWAY FULL GOSPEL GR 7232 days; GR 8210 Eve. & Sun. 15ctf offer; call GR 6520. of the flag will be by the Scouts of TABERNACLE 208 Garfield Street FOR SALE SL,\:Bs-;-3£t.tD'1'6-ft:· long, $1.50 a 166th & Pacific Ave. P. 0. Box 148, Troop 92. Hostess will be Mrs. ' New Ford Tractor SMALL DOWN load, you bmil. Tooles Sawmill, Ray Gogan of the P-TA, Mrs. Ashley Spanaway. Rev. S. R. Beddle, pastor; WHY PAY RENT? I have a few one 1 H. G. Crawler Davis Road, Graham. l 5o9 Butler of the fire department; Mrs. E. and two bedroom homes with small John Deere model M with plow and SPECIAL - If you use oil to heat GR. 7676. W. Purdue, of the Grange. Mrs. HarSunday services: n1owcr. do\vn pa)r1nents, one in Parkland, with and live within a 2-mile radius ley Hornbuckle wjJI see that the men Bible. school. 9:45 a.m. fully furnished. Call Ralph Decker 1 Oliver 70. of 100th and Pacific Ave., we can and boys get plenty of turkey with Several Used Ford Tractors. HA 0365 or BR 0702. Worship, ll:OO a.m. offer you a real saving on your BARCLAY TRACTOR & IMP., Inc. all the trimmings. Toastmaster will be $4,950 - $500 DOWN . Revival Hour, 7 :45 p.m. heating oils. Lapenski Fuel Co. Your Ford Tractor Dealer 3 BEDROOMS on I floor at 3011 Frank Selk; S. Tillman represents the 9920 Pacific Ave.; Call GR 8173 Tuesday: So. C St., I block to new school. 1407 Puyallup Ave. FUiton 2254 Bible Study and Prayer, 7 :45 p.m. Scouts, Vonan Curtis the Cubs, and FOR SALE - Well bred Jersey bull This is n nice clcnn plastered Taco111a, ''lashington M a r vi n Freestone is the Explorer Thursday: for service soon; also good crean1 home with 24xl [ comb. living and TRACTOR WORK, leveling. GR. Scouts .. advisor. Be at the gym at 6 separator; Box 182, Tisch Road, 4 Christ's Ambassadors, young peodinlng roo1n, floor furnace, wired 4282. 13ctf miles south-east of Roy, 15c9 o'clock and enjoy the evening with ple in charge, 7 :45 p.m. 2'.20 vrith auto. tank in ba~ement, CASH for livestock-beef, milk cow;, your friends and neighbors. FOR SALE - Kimb-;;_11 piano, top sidr.wnlks and sewer in, nice yard. veal and heifers. W. H. Thackeray, condition; will move and tune; UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Appointed to Board Call Rex Rector IIA 0365 or HI Puyallup, 5-8228 collect. 13ctf guat·antee qne year, a real huy; 834·+. Matt Manley has been appointed Parkland - Spanaway call Dryer Mortuary, GR 3300. DEAD STOCK REMOVED WITHby the Franklin Pierce school hoard Alexander P. Ai ton, minister 15c9 OUT CHARGE. Highest prices to finish the term of Mr. Blanchard, 1 Sunday school at Parkland and SpanFOR S_A_L_E _ _ _ B_o_x_e_r_p_u_p-s,-A-.K.c: paid for tallow, hides, grease and away churches every Sunday at 9.:45 who has moved out of the community. bones. PUGET SOUND RENDERregistered; fawn with black masks; Matt has lived in this district for 18 ING WORKS. Phone LAkewood reasonable; Rt. 13, Box 532, Mid6311 McKinley Ave. GA. 0365 2434. 13ctf l.fnitrd worship service at the Park- years and has two boys that attend land; GR 8157. 15p9 Member Tacoma Real Estate Board Collins school. Rickie is in kinderland church, 11 :00 a.m. Good Selection of Used Ford FOR SALE -;- Davenport, $15;. Rt. & Ford Ferguson Tractors 3, Box 757, Tacoma, (Collins Rd.) Youth Fellowship Sundays, 6:30 p.m. I garten and . Jerry is in the fourth grade. His wife is the former Grace New· Ferguson Tractors All welcome at all services. 15c9 New and Used Titan Chain Saws Most and was a student herself of $750 DOWN FOR SALE ·--- Northwest strawberry Collins school. We know that he will BRING your suitcase and move into USED Garden Tractors. CALVARY PENTECOSTAL plants, GR 7571. 15c9 this 2-bedroom home, located on 2 The Pippin Excavator digs, shovels Fo'R-S~"-LE-=- Upright piano, good (Summit Dist.) Corner of Airport & I do all he can to keep our school and and loads, one operation, from your lots close to bus and shopping; district on top and all of Collins will condition, best offer tak[~S. (}olden Bingham Roads tractor seat. $7250, tcnns like rent. he behind him in this new field. Gi\'Cn & Knnpp Roncl, CR 5779. Arthur & Emily Leithold, pasto1·s Standard Twin Garden Trnctor with SO. TACOMA SPECIAL Cuh Pack Meeting 15c9 GRanitc 3976 riding attachn1rnt. CLOSE TO BUS and schools; fenced Cub Pack 92 will have their regular BUCK AND SONS RIDE WANTED From Portland Sunday services: back yard; 2-hf"droon1 hon1c with meeting in tbc gym Friday night, Nov. Ave. & Knnpp Rd. to Pierce Co. living and din:ing· roon1s, tile kitch- TRACTOR & IMPLEMENT CO.· Sunday schools, 9:+5 a.m. MA 4117 Hosp~tal early morning shift, GR 14-. The theme will be Radio; Mrs. en and breakfast nook; $7,4·50. 114 Puyallu1> Ave. Worship, 11 :00 a.m. Tacoma, Wn. 7404. . 15c9 Healy and Mrs. Harley Hornbuckle's ten11s. Young People, 6:45 p.rn. FOR s!l.I.:E - 1--;:-e'f;'i good~:;:--[;;-;. ACREAGE dens will present the skits. Mm. V. Evangelistic, 8 :00 p.m. u 11ll'Ot, ·15c Jh: half Ol' \~hole, drCSSCd. l, 1 Vi, 2, 5 & 15-ACRE TRACTS, Caveziel is a new Den Mother, so the Wednesday: some of them cleared; wonderful RELIABLE WOMAN wants work, Also good cook stg;'e, $15.'E. BowBible Study and Prayer, 8·00 pm I boys close to Collins and Curran roads building site for your fut11l'c home; days 8 to 12. Phone GR 3664. H-p9 man, Rt. 1, Box --BA, I mile East · · · will have an opportunity to be Cubs on 176tb, Spanaway. l 5p9 Friday: low down payments. For further no\V and \VC arc sure they i.vi11 have inforn1ation, call us. Gospel service, 8:00 p.rn. HOME MADE--FffDGE-Orclcr nmV. a iOod den as Mrs. Cavczicl is very . 15c9 HAR VAR __ D COVENANT CHURCH enthusiastic and .• has !;its of p.lans. Airport and Leonards Crossing 1611 East 85th Street Fa1mly Dmncr GR 3871 Day or Eve, FOR SALE -- Horbert M. Cal1le 9:45 a.m:, Sunday school; classes for 1!rs. Frank Hora was_ hostcs.s for a cnl)inrt grand piano; also <lavcnall ages. fanuly dmner, t~c occasw? bcmg the . port and cbair, $15; GR 3864-. 15c8 FOR SALE - Guernsey heifer, first 11:00 a.m., Morning· worship; Junior return of .her sister, A:ime Hons, to calf; fresh 3 months; also horses for MODERN 3-room furnished stucco church; nursery for infants. ~1cr h?mc 1;1 San Antomo, :r_cxas. :'he sale or trade for anything of value; cottage, Oakland Auto Court, 3408 is t~kmg with her ~rs. Tnztc Jurich, J. R. Young, Rt. ], Box 4·75, Graha111, 7:00 p.m., Evening gospel service. So. Union, HA 9688. Carlson Road. 16c8 Tuesday, 7 p.m., Teen-Time for teen- their mother, who " M· years old and agers. is taking ber first plane ride. They left 5 YARDS $10; 4 Yardz $8. Fin3 HORSES FOR SALE Reasonable. est black peat topsoil, state Second Wednesday, 1 :30 p.m. HarWednesday by West~rn Airlines. Mrs. 1 2 Y,-ycar-old Bailey Hancock filly, tested, 1- to 5-yard loads. vard Ladies' Circle. Jund; was very excited over her n~w 1 broke. Lawn construction and rock7..J0 0 pm 'd I experience. Those prese.nt at the dm1 5-year-old Morgan mare, very Tbursclay ~ , • ., m1 --wee { prayer eries. Evergreen Landsc;iomeeting. ner were Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Cloquet gentle. PARKLAND WESTERN AUTO ing Co, and son Don, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Clol Registered quarter horse mare. Airport & Pacific GR 3112 Will sell separately: phone Puya:llup JOIN THE no"""srieRs quet, Mrs. Caroline Verner and famu 'V &;;; 1ly, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Lease, Arlmc 5-2288;: evenings, 5-7811. 16ctf

Parkland Realty Co.

Alan"s Refrigeration




DRAINAGE - Septic tank installation; side sewers; earth work of any type; by hour or contract. Hauser & Seifert. BR. 9141; R~s. GR. 8121. 3ctf

JOE'S Tractor Service. Rotovating. Ditch digging. Truck loading. Com~ plcte tractor work. GR __5932.. tf

WASHING MACHINE PARTS Largest stock in town. Repairing that pleases. B. B.'s Washer Service. 3722 So. G. GA. 5115. llctf STOVE REPAIRS-Largest stock in Northwest. Hyder Furnace,• 1513 Pacific Ave. MA 4767. Established in 1872. llctf

40 Al!">Reir,:-

ROTTED COW FERTILIZER $1 SAG'K or by the yaral; peat and topsoil. HI. 4056. 15ct~


p You Realty -

.. . . epair Servme



after Nov. 14

Real Estate





R.. J.


Firemen's Dance The annual benefit d'rnce of the Woodland-Colline· Summit Volunteer fire department will be held Saturday e\·cning, NO\'. ~~'at the Fruitland Grange ball. More about it next week.

_ WE HAVE CASH CUSTOMERS FOR 5 to 100 acre farms in the Summit - Graham - Midland - Ortin,,area. Contact us. Our business is selling farms.

NE/\R COLLINS-3 big bedrooms, l 7x25 living room, large cabinet kitchen, all tile bath, all on one floor. Semi-finished attic. Good soil. Large chicken house. Buy the equity .and pay balance at $54 per month.


Graham 7-7 516

7 much in favor of the school millages.



G. t EQUITY .. 3 112 ACRES .. WALLER. R.D.

An Expert Do> -~ 'Ulllll

1311 So. Tacoma Way Hiilside 9491


You Can Get ~ense


Horse Shoeing



Homea in Parkland Community;

Thursday, Nov. 13, 1952

Parkland Volun~eer firemen and their wives enjoyed a pleasant HalJoween party Nov. I at the fire hall, with 22 couples turning out for the potluck dinner which fentured fish caught by Chief Harry Beitz. Daneing provided entertainment for the evening. · •ALFALFA HAY - By the bale or October fires kept the Parkland ton. Grass hay $1.00 per bale. Will take livestock in trade. Delivery can company rair1y busy, with 67 men be arranged. 2nd house past Roy Y reporting on the 11 calls. on Mt. Road. J5ctf WA>ITED - Chickens and rabbits. Have You a Hobby? Call us before you sell. Cape's PoulOn December 5 the Parkland P-T A try Market, 7036 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Wn. HA 44-06. 15cff is sponsoring a hobby show in the UPLAND -Wbcm-=-~Green, 2 cords school basement. Anyone having a $14; also dr)', cord $12 or 2 cords hobby or collection for the exhibit is $20;_Q~3_06. 15ctf nskecl to contact Mrs. Bolstad, GR "? 7885.

:COMPLETE tractor >-rork. Loosening SPOT C/\SH ground and leveling. Average .lawn, For Youc Used Furniture $12.00. Don Abbot, GR. 3846. 3ctf 1 Piece or House Full Block's Furniture Mart .;,;uTO GLASS INSTALLED-Auto Nash in T~coma Since 191B Upholstery, convertible tops. MA. S205 So. Tacoma Way .... LA. 2882 5815 So. Tac. Way HA 1760 2200, Art's Glass Co., 816 So. Ta- CASH for equities. Fife Motors, 5 026 BR 0303 722 Broadway coma Ave. 3c50 Bctf So. Tacoma Way. HI. 9241. RADIATORS, st::rap iron, junk cars and batteries. Puy. 5-2'.41. Hecker, the Wrecker. FUR RENT - 2 bedroom duplex; 8ctf garage and laundry facilities. 761 Violet Meadow. Call GR 674-2 or Contents Hauled Away 10c9 - - - - - - GR 5751. HUTSON TANK CLEANING CHECK OUR LOW DOWN PAY- FOR RENT ·_:_ 2 bedroom house MENT INSURANCE PLAN. parjally furnished, remodeled; loHI 3980 HA 7038 WE NEED Ji.tings of all kinds. Farms, cat_ed at Midland Nurse.ry between acreage, lots, building sites, homes Anport Road and Midland out S E W E R S - S E P T I C TANKS (new or old, I, 2, 3 and 4 bed-1 Portland Ave. 10c9 DRAIN FIELDS - WATER LINES. City and County Ijccnscd. Free . rooms). We have cash buyers wait· FOR RENT - Small o.ffice building , on Garfield Street, $20. GR 3526. Estimates. Jim Malyon, 3739Y2 mg. 1 McKinley Ave., Call HA 6351; Eve. SLEEPING ROOM for rent· & Sat. HA 6068. 3ctf Property Management Insurance 3503. '10 f FOR SALE - Boys and girls bicycles, 'TANKS CLEANED-Co.nNotary _ , , . , ct $25 each; GR 5577. 15cltf uled away. Don Redford, Member of Tacoma Real Estate Board HALL. f UR RE~ f. 11102 So. BABY FURNITURE, new and used. GR. 3369 Yakima. For mformat10n call HI . Fawcett. GA. 7334. If no Office: 328 Garfield St. 24-39. lOctf SMALL FRY EXCH., 1109 Market. uin!f~r call GA. 9222. 3ctf 15ctf

. Inc.

Halloween Party For Firemen Wives




. · W d 14 S1tuat1Qns ante




16-Livestock & Equip.




'HI 2722




MOST MODERN "'ieemM~1/w ~~-tia4e ~


GRanife 73 I I



GER.BERS FOODS ........ : ...... 10 /89c SHORTNING, Shurfine ......... 3-Bbs. '19c CAMPBELL'S



JUNKET CHOC. FUDGE ... 12aoz. pkg. 34c CORNFETTI .......... lge. 10-oz. pl<9. 19c

·OlYMPIC SYRUP . . 14. oz. 11r. B

Package ----------------------SCRATCH ------------------------------------- --------- ------------------:.... 100-Ibs. EGG 203. MASH ---------·-··-········--··-··:········-·····-····--··-·--···80-lbs. $4.25 OUR FRUITS & VEGETABLES ARE ALWAYS THE BEST



TURNIPS. Purple Top, Crisp ........ lb. 9c JONATHAN APPLES; Pear Box ..... $l.98 GRAPEFRUIT, White Calif....... Smfor 39c SACKED COAL-and......".PROSTO LOGS-Any Amount

Prices Effective Nov. 14

CORNED PORK~ Sugar Cured ..... lb. CORNED BEEF, Grisket ........... lb. PORK NECK BONES ............. lb. PURE-GROUND BEIEf ............. lb.

45c 47c 17c 49c


Brownie Investiture Is Held On Sunday No.

And His Orchestra

Every Saturday f RUITlAND GRANGE '

at the

DANCE JAMBOREE 7 Miles East of Pacific Ave. on Airport Road Dancing 9,30.2 Admission: $1.00


Special Thrift SeasolJ Rates (from Oct. 1 lo Dec. 19 and From Jan 2 •. lo Mor. 31)




p<!r day, with bath


Write or wire Mason Nuricl<,

In the Gardenia Room

Manager, Ha1rison Hot Springs Hotel, Harrison, British Columbia, or see your travel agent. Color brochure on request.


• $ .90

Times journal v 8 no 9 nov 13, 1952