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"Father's house" of "many mansions!" ly perturbed that on the night before the long-awaited day, as she 'knelt to December twenty-fifth is in dangci' of bccomi~g a jolly holid~y, bright- pray, she became very much confused. In praying the Lord's Prayer, when she ening early winter gloom with drinking parties, profitable chiefly to store- came. to the petition, "forgive us our trespasses", she forgot herself and said, owners. Churchmen in a continent-wide campaign this month are attempting "forgive us our CHRISTMASES." Too often, when we observe the way to "PUT CHRIST BACK INTO CHRISTMAS." True Christians of every in which many commemorate this day, it is easy to see why we need to pray kind aim to insm-e that the celebration of the Saviour's birth will not be over" God to "forgive us our Christmases." shadowed by Santa Claus, prancing rcind'eer, gaily decorated evergreen, or We do not mean to say, in any manner or words, that we join with the clanging cash registers. pessimist in declaring many o\ the legitimate things to be wrong or sin. It is Newspapers, Chamber of Commerce, billboard advertisers, and greeting g-ood that the Ch~istmas season is emph~sizcd .. Millions of ~evout Christian card companies have. been enlisted to help in the crusade. Community pag- .people w1ll have hgl'.te~ ?h'.·rstrnas tre~s m .t~err homes, an~ places cants and parades emphasizing the Biblical story of Christmas are planned of ass.cmbly. They will !om m purch.asmg b1ll1o~s. of stamps JVhich will carry from coast to coast. llfrrchanls have promised to put nativity scenes ii:i store t~e birthday of the ~avrour. They will spend mrlhons of dollars on which t~e windows. One city in Illinois with fifty churches jn kindred groups staged a'. birthday of. the Saviour has been s.tamped by the government,. and they will mile-long nativity parade. Santa Claus will be excluded from the Jin~ of be exchangmg lega: documents whi~h would have no val.ue 1f 1t were not for march in a Pennsylvania city, while a California city led off with a children's ,the fa~ct tl?at the birthday of Jesus 1s stamped ~pon them. . . . Christmas parade cn1phasizing the "real spiritual meaning of the holiday/' -A- _'Ihe lmportant point. tha_t we are. attempting t.o make at t?ts time is, South Dakota "mistletoe rodeo" has been converted into a Christmas Pag- .shall someone or somethmg be substituted for Hrm .Whose buthday. we eant. The "Christ in Christmas" Crusade began in Milwaukee four years ago. celebr.ate? May I direct a word to any man readinp; this message. SHpposc . . . ·. . .. your family were to celebrate your birthday today. As you leave your place Almost. wrth~ut warning today, we tend to become hopelessly lost in .the of .work, where you have faithfully labored in the interest of your family, maze of bnght tinsel and sensonal trappings. So of'.en we allow. our mr~ds and you come to your home, which you have acquired through many years t~ become clu~tered with frdful thoughts of Chnstmas shoppm~, fam'.ly lof·toil, you naturally have the happy expectation that, on this, your birthdmnns~ last nu~u.te tests;. holiday progr~ms, that we forget ~hat, m a}l 1t.s •.clay, you will be met by your dear ones with a happy birthday greeting as s1mphc1ty, THIS is the birthday of a Kmg. Yet, somewhere m the umform you cross the threshold into your living room. But supposing upon entry you confosion, d1e brilliant s.tar of the Bethlehem plain '.oses. a portion of Its find that a stranger has been invited in to take yo~r place. Behold your substiongmal ghtter, and a birth wh:ch, .m its own .ama.zi;ig, nnp~rt~n.ce swept· t;,te. He is a great big fat fellow with red face, white hair, and a little cocky away and supplanted all other historical events, JS mrn1m1zcd m its glory. hat upon the top of him, some big heavy boots, and in his honor the whol.e Someone has told us the story of a little girl who, as the yuletide .ap- family was joining in rompfog and dancing and singing jazz music. In the proached, became increasingly excited about Santa Claus, stockings at the midst of it all, you are pushed over to the side, humiliated, and forgotten. The chimney, and all the other tinsel trappings of the.season. She became so deep• gifts purchased with your earnings are given to your children in the name

lffiark ~tdo illl1rfa±ntaz

By S. C. EASTVOI.D, Pacific Lutheran College

'.i\nd she brought forth her first-born son; and she wrapped Him in swaddling c/othr:s, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn". (Luhe 2:7). T'here "\Atas not n1uch roo1n for Jesus vvhen He came - 6nly a manger. rl'hc inn was too crowded and ·exclusive . I-Ierod's palace had no roon1 for Him; Herod's soldiers hunted Him; synagogues closed their doors against Hirn; society found no pla~e for Him; officialdom frowned upon Him. "Ile c;1nw 11nto Ifis O\Vn, and His own received I-Ii1n not.lJ He had no place to l:iy His head in tll<' world He had created. His earthly poS>essions consisted of a borrowed cradle, a borrowed hon1e at Bethany, borrowed 111oncy from Llie fishis n1ou1hi and a borro\.. . ed grave. But He who "bcca1ne poor that we luiy;ht be rich/' krH'W that the cattle on a thousand hills, the riches of a


thousand n1in<'s, and the treasures of a thousand worlds v.'ere all His O\vn.

l-lc knew that 1nyriads on earth and in glory loved, worshipped and adored J·lin1 as "God over all, and blessed forever!" How strange that there are other millions who will not invite the greet gu<'st to the d('lights of this Christrnas occasion! They rcaliti;e that sinful pleasure has no roon1 for I-Iim; dishonest business shuns I-Iin1; evil hearts bar the door ag11inst J-Iin1; Dnd polite society excludes Hi1n. The hon1es of the l1ngodly rich, and the haunts of vice, have a horror of n1eeting the C!hrist. What an hour TH AT will be when the rejectors of the Son of God realize that the Judge of all the earth will make no room for them in the innumerable con1pany of the redt·i~rnrcl ·-·no roorn anywhere in His realrns of everlasting bliss-while those who made room for Jesus here wilL, find room in His

This is a parable of what happens in many homes that claim they are the friends of God, and the brethren of Christ, and saved by His blood. On His birthday, He is pushed aside, insulted, forgotten and humiliated! It should he reasonably easy to recognized that the Christmas season, which is now upon us, is more than a preparation for the Yule log, vacation time, holly and tree. It is even more than the feost of home and family, the fellowship of love and friendship, and natural good cheer. It is more than all of them together. Just as we would not crowd out the guest of honor at any birthday celebration on the one day that, in the highest sense, is his, so we must not crowd out the Babe of Bethlehem. Yet this is what is done when we think only of ourselves, and Christ is left out of the manger scene. Every Christmas festivity is a celebration of the anniversary of the day when the Father gave His Only Son as the "unspeakable gift" of divinity to humanity. Oh, that every nation, every home, and every heart might open their doors that the Christ may be at the feast! Can it be that some will have a Christmas without the Christ? As well have a Cross without a Saviour, a manger cradle without a babe, o hope without a heaven, a soul without salvation. Let us put Christ back into Christmas. "For unto you is born this clay i.n the City of David a Saviour which is Christ the Lord" (Luke 2:11). With the poet, let us join: "Oh, Christ of God, I would enthrone Thee as my Lord and Thee alone; Unto Thy sen·ant now A willing mind, a loyal heart!" Amen.

Elk Plain Grange I Plans New Year's Dance

U. S. POSTAGE PAID Sec. 34.66 P. L. & R.. Parkland, Wash. Permit No. 9

The Elk Plain Grange is sponsoring a New Year's eve dance in the Grange hall: All donations will go to the athletic fund of the new Bethel high school. There will be excellent music. Everyone hoping for a good time on N cw Year's eve is invi tcd to share this pleasant affair and all boosters of the school district are asked to PER COPY advertise the dance among their friends. Those who wish to help the school but cannot attend the dance may leave their donations at Ben Kuper's store, Kuper's Korner; with William :Righetti at his South End Plumbing Parkland Post and Unit No. 228, I Co., or at the Spanaway 5 & 10 stor~. American Legion

BOXHOLDER OR OCCUPANT RURAL ROUTE POSTMASTER-If unable to deliver, return postage is guaranteed. 5c


Two Christmas Services at (J rinily Church

Members of Parkland Orthopedic' Guild arc meeting at the University-: U1;ion club, 5:J9 Broadway, Tacoma, for a no-host luncheon at 12:30 Tuesday, December 30,, Members bring guests.


Dr. Eastvold in Sunday Radio Talks

Dr. S. C. Eastvold, president of ,Pacific Lutheran college, is presenting a series of radio sermons, speaking every Sunday. His KTNT. (HOO) talk is from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m.; his JSMO (1360) talk from 3:00 to 3.:30 Preparations are complete at Trin- p.m. ity Lutheran church in Parkland .for 'Topics for the next five Sundays I the two Christmas services to be are qs follows: . , held there. The first of the servkes Deccmbcr 28-"Saluting The Smwill be held Christmas. eve at 11. p.m. sbns;,~ January 4, "The Beginning The candle lighted church will furnish And The End;" January 11, "Envy's a beautiful setting lo; this festive E'Cil .Work;" January 18, "The Revealservice. The musfral setting for .the frig Tongue;" Jauuary 25, "Fleeing Christmas eve service will be,·furnishFrom Duty or Can't I Do As I ed hy Prof. Newnham at .the organ: Please?" Paul Steen playing a trumpet pre: i lude and the senjor choir singing ' Christmas numb.;~s. Dr.

. "·




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Legion News


----He1:1air -::r

of him who has come in to usurp your place. A lot of frolicking and fun ai·e carried out while you arc entirely ignored.

By Phyllis Blackstone

Christmas Festival

(Crowded Out Last Week)

Parkland Lutheran Church announces · Christrnas Day festival scrvices at 1.0:30 a.n;i. The Children's Christmas service will be held Sunday cvcping, Dec. 28, at .7 o'clock. Special preparations arc being made for these services, announces the pastor, W. C. Gullizson.

M/Sgt. Ted Amon and family have moved to Seattle where they recently bought a home in the UniI versity district. Mrs. is the 2nd vice president of this Unit and acted as Child Welfare chairman for the group. Mrs. Ben :Bromgard will I' assume the duties or'' the Welfare chairman and al1 phone calls or questions concerning wc!farc for needy children will receive the same careful consideration as before. Mrs.


Electric 13022 Pacific Ave.

GR 5689

on display

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Custom Craft Kits in Transit



Midland W.C.T.U.

\Parkland Riding Clubs host- !Ell'ilj@y Yule Parties

Mrs. August ·Elmquist will he css for the Christmas party of the Midland W.C.T.U, at her home Tuesday, Dec. 30. Potluck luncheon will be at 12:30. Christmas carols and other n1usic i.-vill provide the progra111, with special solo and other musical numbers. Gifts will be exchanged.

So. 10Sth GRanitc 8128

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DR. JOSEPH G. HANSON Osteopathic Physician 1 1 I JO Pacific Avel <Office: GR '.HOO; Res. GR Hy Appointment

The Parkland Riding ciub and the Parkland Junior Riding club celebratcd the holiday season with gay Christmas parties. The Riding club·s party \Vas Saturday evening in Sun~ shine hall, which had been decked with appropriate decorations and a beautiful Christmas tree for the occasion. Mrs. Roland Ober and Mrs. Jack B1'.~wn were co-chairmen for the affair. Members of the club arc Messrs. a.nd Mesdames Clarence LaCrosse, D. R. Selle, B. F. Fluty, Francis Nor-1 dyke, Jack Brown, James Lewis, Robert Hopkins, Robert Wickline, Ray Simi, Casey Berger, L. Fisch, Tom Woods, /\lbcrt Flincharn, Wallace . Leeck, Hub Gullberg, G. Haakenson,



Poultry Markel

Again, we wish you a M e r r y Christmas and a Happy New Year . . "Harry and Sue"

BaKery 11 HL 4072

get these

98th. and Portland Avenue


GR 8501 ROY V. ROSTEDT 8201 Park Avenue Phone HA 2342

is ready to help you with your Income Tax and Bookkeeping problems, all General Insurance, Health & Accident, Mortgage Insurance.


Call G& 3624 or HI 4374


9920 Pacific Ave.


joyous song,

Join the Navy Michael W. Irving, bother of Isa-


Best Wishes on this Joyous Occasion


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'P4ttff ;41&1&; j ~

BAKERY .!'acific;_ Avenue : t Airport Road



Boston's fuel Oil


Roo•mg H•m



By th(·

.,,,,~ ~

Order Your Hobday Fowl Now For Fine Selection

On this, our fifth anniversary at 84th and Pacific, we wisb to thank you all for your patronage and loyalty.

Jim Sales, Mac Robinson, Charles C.1-AUl\.TJ SUE'S Caw, D. Parham, Charles Reynolds, 1'i .· · Duane Cheetham, Bill Black, Jim Lqr209 So. 84th ing, Dave Lawther, H. W. Cris1nan, and Larry Kirkwood, Dr. and Mrs. Roland Ober, Del Cheney and Ned Kennedy. ''Uncle Neel" Kennedy is especially honored, havjng been presented with a life membership. Juniors' Party Barbara Bryan opened her home on Monday evening for· the Christmas party of the Juniors. Square dancing This winter, enjoy four-way and a Christmas tree and gift exheating efficiency and saving. change were features enjoyed. Richfield Rich-Heat Burner Oil is Tire Parkland Junior Riding club specially refined to burn clean and now· has 19 n1embers, as follows: Marc prevent heat-wasting slndge. Its Wickline, Jean Michel, Jack Jenness, scientific ingredient Solarite preEvelyn Haakenson, Larry, Jimmy and vents sludge, rust and corrosion Carmen Robinson, Leone Stant, Jim throughout the entire fuel system. and Lou Fisch, 1-\nnette Brown, SharLet us fill your order now. on Ellingson, Barbara Bryan, Marilyn Sral, Joan VanBeck, Darlene and Jack Simi, Mickie BI y the and Barbara Ward. Mrs. Robert Wickline is senior 64th & Pacific Ave. HA 2125 advisor for the club.

H. C. BALLARD, MASSEUR For Appnintr11ent Phone EVENINGS Tacoma, GRa11itc 4342

Suburban Realty & Insurance



Swedish 1V1as!;agc in the Privacy of Your Home or Mine

Alw Fmh

0 ur 5th


----Enjoy the Hcallhiui Benefits of

InC0me Tax 11'




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tll'.'li'tll'.'li'~***ll".":<ir*llll -

ark land FuelDDil erv1ce , . f t ___ ! ..... _

120th &: Pacific Ave.

And 111ay it's echo fill your



\Vi r11 Pr·,;cr:· thr \Vholc year


.. .

~.;iiz;~t'.'·~·:-t:.J;'"_.\!~c.~;,:~J;~:ft'J;?di~·Jjj~~~~ .·

\~ t~

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Parkland Florists

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ft 8 ft.A

\::ll llUiJllfll UI&: ID ltPllJ '"fl

from Orville, Chuck, Bill,



& Les

Wednesday, Dec. 24-, 1952






~~.::;,,::~, : :'.'.: :~'.

OVED 10,000 CIRCULATION Published every Thursday at Parkland, Wash. Distributed by direct mail to every home and business in Parkland, Eatonville, Graham, Roy, Firgrovc, Midland, Waller Road, McKenna, Elk Plain, Kirby, Thrift, Kapowsin, Spanaway, Collins, Summit, Berkley, Harvard, Fern Hill, Ponders, Frederickson, Harding, Woodland, Lake View, Firwood, Alder, LaGrnnde, Elbe, National, Ashford, and southern portions of' Tacoma.

mid""'" '"

A. S. Christ, Rt. 3, Box 121, Tacoma; Frank Dcnbn, Rt. 3, Bux 700, Tacoma; Marjorie D. Denison, 315 So. 114-th St.; G. H. Erickson, Roy; __. .__ .. ·-----··----·-· Joseph W. Erickson, Rt. 3, Box 288, ADDRESS .................... P. O. J?OX 654, PARKLAND, WASHINGTON Puyallup; James R. Estep, 7924- Gold118th and Pacific Avenue Phone GRanite 7100 en Given road; William C. Fairfield, Qualified as a Legal Publication under Chapter 213 of the Legislative Parkland; .Cecelia A. Grass, 9705 East Acts of the 1941 Regular Session of the State of Washington. E St.; Rubert J. Harnmcrrn1ith, Rt. JACK BROWN ........................... ·-································-········PUBLISHER 2, Box 81, Puyallup; Archie LaFcrNEVA T. HONEYWELL. ...........-............................................... EDITOR atta, Rt. 3, Box 28fi, Tacoma; Nora A. GIBB THEIS ........................................................... _........ ADVERTISING WES McKEWEN ........................................................ PHOTOGRAPHER Larson, Rt. S, Box 344-, Tacoma; ArROG McDONALD ......................................................SPORTS EDITOR thur Locke, Spanaway; Harold MalSUBSCRIPTION RATE .................................................... $2.00 per year strom, Rt. _7, Box 15, Tacoma; John (Beyond Free Distribution Area) R. Manning, Rt. 1 l, Box 708, TaADVERTISING RATES-LOCAL coma; Minnie Nrlson, Rt. 11, Box 1++, 1 to 3 Column inches, per month ............. _........................................ $1.4-0 Tacoma; Virginia Ottcrstad, Rt. I, 3 to 100 Column inches, per month .................................................. $1.:25 Box 255, Spanaway; Edmund Palmer, 101 to 200 Column inches, per month ............................................ $1.15 Rt. 3, Box 116, Puyallup; George R. Phone for Additional Volume Rates NATIONAL RATE ......................·-·······-·················--·$1.47 Per Col. Inch s,.hclle, Spanaway; R. T. S'drncly, Classified Ads .. ·---·-·······-·-················4c per werd-:-Minimum charge 506: Roy; Charles W. Settle, Gral~a111; C. l'rintecl in ParklanC: ~4 Mailed in Parkland W. Skog, Rt. 1, Box 911, 1acoma; Ewart G. Tinius, Graham; Jennie M. spectable 8 points in the Saturday Walla, Rt. 3, Box 115, Puyallup. night game. The Seattle team is ,i much better balanced this year and • • ~ should do very well during a rugged schedule. The basketball fans in this area will have the opportunity LUBRICATION

By Rog McDonald

(c row d ed 0 ut L ast W eek) Chiefs Remain Undefeated f h d' b k b 11 0 ne. o t e . 1ea mg as et a. teams m the nation, the Seattle Um· Ch' f · d f d b vers1ty 1c s, remam un e eate y . h W . k yommg owpo cs d ownmg t e Friday and Saturday nights 63 to 55 and 50 to 4-4- counts. Led by the . greatest scorer m the game to\iay, h O'B . d cl . . J. 0 nny nen umpe ;n 18 pomts 111 each game for the Clucfs. A ne~comer to the Seattle U. squad this . . . . year, Stan Glowaski was a thorn 111 . the sides of the Cowpokes also as he he accounted for 17 points in the . . first game and came back with a re· .. .. . . . .. .. .. .. .. c·



sEAsoN'S "

I~ I





! ,_


Our representative at the national . · . bowlmg tou;nament, Teel '!'aclic~, found the gomg rather tough 111 Chicago for the most art of the finals b .h · p .d ' ut wit a marve1ous 1ast· ay come· . back wound up m tenth place. This . . makes the second year m succession that a Tacoma bowler has placed h . h . I b . . tent m t c nat1ona ow 1mg fmals , . . · · Last year, Frisco Burnett had that honor. Startin the final da of bowlin ( Tadi~ was holdinT ~own g . g the 13th spot m the tournament, but h t d h' . d d e s arte rttmg an average 20 3 f r h' I t . f 16 ~ .1s as . games, accountmg or his f111e showmg. Don Carter of Det 't · h · h . . ro1 1s t c new nat10na1 c ampion 111 the men's division and Marion Ladewig· success:ully. her title in




THEATRE _ D~~~e-~~~~ ~~~~. ~~IJ


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GR 7100


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fill1hi Jasi 1J!car ~ ~ope ~.c

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\}' '11\ \}' ·~


A. s on the Da. fJ of _His

,f,I tio'


~ ~

Berth. may. the world be filled with peace,

-~- ~

today and forever.

i1• \If:


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Mt. Hiway

near Eatonvilln Cut-off



t\i~~.lli~J;!:>i~~~~~i;i~.l;\fffi.l;>f,¢.lli•i$1.l;Jil<!>l;i;·i<l!li;!ll:.!'li;itl~.lli;it).lli!:;:l!\l!~i'li·"".lli·j;;.li)i,j$.lj\i;, '..~ .. . . .. . . . .. .. . ·- ..... ··- ..-···':'.'·· ....... --.. - ... ~.



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w0. l F

Roy, Washmgton


Telephone I 03



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Extending ow: truei

. I~

wishes for a merry



,. .




Christmas to all of . our f nends.

• ll'



SERVE 'N SAVE 72nd B Pacific Avenue

HAwthorne 0356





Phone GRamte 8624 ""


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We Wish You





~·~llltlill"~tl?.~~(<\'.l'l;;;(<\'.l\ll! •· . .. .. . ...... "" .- ' .. ~ .. ,. ~ .. .. ~ .. ., .. , ... .. . . . . ~ ~ ..G:rl:1'!(llrW.~...~:rlll!.~W.~<;(W.<;(i:i1.J;<~i:>i~W.<;r~W.G:r~·~ .•!:;:






:~c e::~k~;~t a~~th ::~ ~




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1'>3 d " - r a~d Pac1f1c W C Gullixson Pastor . Ch · · · '. ' • nstmas l;:lay Festival Scrv1ce ................................................ 10:30 a.m. Children's Christmas Service, Dre. 28 -·-········· --·· ... 7:30 p.m.

;:tr U.C.L.A. Bruins, winning the first game 53 to 49 and losing a thriller the last night 54- to 4-7. Big Bob Houbregs paced the Huskies in both contests, connecting for 17 points Friday night and coming back strong the following night with 21 counters. It is possible that the Bruins and the Huskies might meet again this season as the U. of W. cagers are favored to win the northern division the coast conference and U.C.L.A. 1s t. he southern fav~ritc. The Califorians ~pset the Huskies last year for the title





, =







"U Ch'ld · b · · nto us a i 1s orn; unto us a Son 1s given, and His name sl1all ]}e 11 cl 'l'h M. I G d 'l'l .· . . c~ e · · · e 1g ity •O , ie P11nce of Peace. ·


Doors Open at 7:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. on Sunday ·



·· ·





'.or the Tacoma Golden Gloves mg tour~amcnt. The tournament will be held m the Tacoma Armory and general chairman, Pies Irwin, incli· eat~s that this will be one of t~e bc~t boxmg tournaments ever held m tlus area. This. tournaincnt will differ from the previous shows in that the boxers appearing will be the best in t~. ·a,re;:i,.,and.:,_cach will .be ·extended sef;aratb ijivitations to compete. This will eliminate poorly matched boxers and offer the fans a better show. Mengcrt Turns Pro Al Mengert, runqcr-up to Jack Westland for the 1952 U. S. amateur golf championship, has decided to turn professional as of the first of next yPar. Mcng<>rt, winner of the Mexican amateur title this year, will take a position with a sporting goods firm and also be the professional at an eastern course .. His firsts money tournament will be the Los Angeles Open, starting January 2. Huskies Split The University of Washing-ton basketball team travelled to Los

Home In Oklahoma"

i .. /-~-' \t!. ~


the',womens div1S1on for the fourth straight year. Golden Gloves Tournament Set


~:·. :.'.;

>; ..









7056 Pacific HA 9794 Tacoma, Wash.


• . ." ,

tensive Manne trammg part1c1pat111g 1 i'i in a mock battle near the desert city ~ of 29 Palms, Calif. ~


January 21 and 22 arc the days set

2nd Feature ROY ROGERS in 1

. Open Ttl 12 p.m. Sun ihru Thurs. Open Fri. & Sat. Ti! 1:00 a.m.

" ,. ,.


of watching this team take on the Pacific Lutheran Lutes in Parkland January 2. Tadich Places 10th



I~,';~d~''.'%'.,pl~<:;'.';'~ ,'.'.,.~,:":7~:'.

Tires '" Gas " Oal





Among the 180 c1t1zcns notified to Cpl. i<:arl McCallistcr, son of S. L. report to Judge Hardyn Soule's court McCa.llislcr . of Rt. l, Box 145, Roy, for jury duty in January and Febru- and Pfc. Bernard McDonald, son of





~ ~ ~



Chet Chamberlain, Barbara LeMay, Harold LcMa.y.


FORT LEWIS CREW-Front Row (I. r.) John McCauly, Al Featherstone, Charles Miles, Eugene Kinney, Eddie Hines, Pat O'Brien, Joe Ravia, Alf Wigdahl, Lester O'Brien. Back Row (I. r.) Ron Chilton, Red Patton, Clarence Hammer, The Wheel Harold Hayes, Wilfrid Sheedy, Jay .Larson.

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We want you to have






not be placed beneath


the tree

-~ ~

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our: best

wishes of the season.



Mt. Hiwav at Loveland



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M ay


t h e J o y s of




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throughout thei















(Pictured to the Left} PARKLAND CREW-Front Row (I. r.) Don Monk, Roy Reeder, Parker Wright, Richard Olson, Arne Pagel, THE WHEEL Chet McAtee; Back Row (I. r.) Vern Rogers; THE WHEEL John Hartsell, Maurice Jorgensen, Eugene Murat.



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. .


May this Yule-

service. award was given at nual dinner. Four Silver Beavers were given this year. "Educator, scientist, "'hurch !cadcr, and youth leader characterizes this scout leader,'' were. the beginning words of Dr. Olsen's citation. He has been in scouting since 19. 15 where he acted. as a Cub scout leader. He has served in district and council capacities as well as in his local organlzatibn: He is leadership training chairman for the Mt. Rainier Council and teaches' a COUl;SC here iri Boy Seo.Ht !cadership, (P. E. 114). In his comm.unity he is se1ving as a Sunday school teacher and as the director of Junior Sen•ice in his local congregation.

tide, bring fulfill-


ment to your every






Home of Schorn Paints Near Roy "Y'', Spanaway

GRanite 4100

I~ f

...... ' .... ' ' . ' . t "''"'""""'"'""·"'·"~l!l?fil:~~<lli&~~<:INr@~~ f -~-



Truly . . . mr;t.y

S a n t a 's





touch each member

f -::~ t ·4U'1@,(HID~\l--· .·


!2~h ~L~~fic ~~~~CE SER::~W:

Mountain View Food Lockers

f f f

Holiday to all!

this Christmas, '52



wish. A Happy

of your household,


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Our w o r d s are

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Few-. their meaning heart-felt. A Joyom H~liday to all of our friends.

JOHNSON'S DRUG Across Frnm the Post Office


our many

patrons and friends a. iuord of thanks at the threshold of another



Best Wishes to All

MARGIE'S BEAUTY SALON Parkland Centre Bldg.

GRanite 74 7.5







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The Entire Staff May .the in gs. of the Lord be upon you for a Merry Christmas.


LaCROSSE PRINTERS li8th · & Pacific Avenue


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. ''


GRanite 7100 ,. ,

-· ' . . . . . . . . . ·, . . ~~~-~~'lfl1li(~~@'ll¥At~<lii'.~ ··~··



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in joy and hearts filled with.· contcntmen t.


~/f/1111 I~\ ~

He still tends His Flock. Let us all se e.k ·Him 0 /1 Christmas Day. Good cheer to all!

~~JYoun9's Gift Sho .A{[RRl.J~'r · Garfield St: Near the Colle:




wishes for


as many

as t1w needles on



tree. Happy Holiday, all.


How ,, "'"··fo·· 1 ' we... co u Christmas C alive the Happy

Target Don's


club are proud of the Certificate of Recreation and Arts Award that they received at the re" cent district 4:-)'l meeting at Buckley. Since. only six 4-H .clubs. in ·. Pierce county received this award, the club and its leader, Mrs. Leonard Fish, are to be congratulated on their achievecussion having paper.

Appreciation Mrs. Lester Robinson, chairman the Canyon Road Blood Pool, wishes . . • Friendship Club j to thank all friends and neighbors for The Friendship club met at. the their cooperation during the visit. of home of Mrs. F. Anderson .last Friday the Pierce County Blood Bank mobile afternoon. The had her home unit in oU:r community last Satunlay. decorated very lovely in t.he ChristClub Elects At.the 'recent regular meeting of the mas motif and those attending enjoyed a nice Christmas party. Gifts were Canyon Road Community club, the also brought for th~ handi<.:apped chi!- foljowing officers were elected for dren at Buckley Rainier ~chool. Be- 1953: President, Paul Bacon; vicesides the hostess, those present were pr~sident Lester '.Robinson; secretary, Mesdames Peter Teffre, Herbert Pip- M~s. Ev~lyn Bacon; treasurer, Mrs er, E~il Nouguier, Floyd Jensen, Da- In.abel Fish; trustees, E. P. Munsey, vid Lorance and ·Fred. Dimond., For j L. R. Field and. A. J. Foster. the January meeting, it wa~ decided to bring scrapbooks or. materials for making them to be :.sent up to the school at Buckley. LaCROSSE PRINTERS Sewing Circle The Neighborhood Sewing circle will meet this Thur.sdity evening, Dec. 19, for a Christmas party at the home of Mrs .. .Piper .on Golden Given .road.

Rubber Stamps

each -minute .1eem1 an eterllity w~le 7ou strill'sl•

and (!11oke -for_ bttath from an attack _et -Bronchla.J ..Asthma, tQ' NEP~O~ Inhalation -trherapy and be eonvlneed. Spasms -moat


So as our employees may spend the day with their & the crew


Mrs. Opal Latterell, general chairman for. the Canyon Road Community club Christmas party, wishes to th,ank all the fri~nds and neighbors who helped fo' make. it such a big success. Special thanks go to the following committee heads: Program chairman, Mrs. Margaret Hoffman, assisted by Evelyn Bacon; director of choral group, Mrs. David JOhn; -decoratioris, Mrs. Joyce Andrews and Mrs. Mabel Munsey; food, Mrs. L. R. Field and Mrs. James Carlisle, assisted by Mrs .. Mae Burch, .Mrs. James Selby and Mrs. C. Munsen;. coffee 1lrn,. Mrs: Wesley Nyquette with James Carlisle, Glen Carmack, Paul Bacon and John Folk serving; Chiistmas .. tree decoration, Mr. and Mr.s .. Glen Carmack, Mr. and Mrs. A .. J..Foster and Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Pat.rick; gifts, John Andrews and Ed Hoffman; tables, Mrs. Milton Davidek.



ot what :you have tried do uot . slve up. Ask your drugllist for


. -Ille

Jn Knox-Aiima 11aporlr.err,

I 10-Day Money Back Trial

It Free Home Demonstration D Good · Cleaners ID Popular ,Makes

S6.95&Up Terms · Supply Limited


Save One Half We Furnish Everything


Driu-Ur-Self Ga HA 9132



If He's Having A No .. fit Fit . •

For heaven's sake, tell him to relax, because MADDEN'S believes his socks should match his shoes, his shirt should

fit his neck; his ties, his personality. So if his MADDEN'S gift you gave .him doesn't fit, or match, .or suit, please send him to see us post-haste.

Madden's Mens & Little Mens Shop GRanite 4242 .5°f'11:::lfili

. 35c • . 19c

• • •











~ • ~"'

~ 11










Ali" 1·h~ se~SOill's Special Prices • • •


Spe~k1hi as Usual







49 PONTIAC Cl. C:pe ......... .$1395




98th & Pacific Ave.





...S Mill

l ~;;:.=========~

Glass Tops

For Desks & Furniture tt? ·n::n Average Coffee Table ___ .op;;p.;n,11

COP DAN GLASS 923 Tacoma Ave.

WA''iTED Horsc.s and cows for mink feed; call Puyallup 5-8228 collect. Hictf MILK co\.\rs, sold o;; terms.G;;;;: mon, Rt. 3, Box 703, Tacoma, 4 miles south of Summit. 16ctf REGISTERED IIereforcls; cmvs, hcif.. ers .n nd bulls; also conunercial Herefords, Angus and Shorthorn cattle Phone GR 6112. JGctf REGISTERED- polled I-i"erefurd bull service. Breed the horns off. Phone GR 6112. 16ctf

49 STUDE. Regal Del. ·1-dr. 0. Drive ........................... " ..... $1195 48 LINCOLN Club Coupe. Custom model, loaded with extras and 0. D. -······················· $995 47 DESOTO Custom. Very sharp, radio, heater & auton1atic shift· ....................................$1095

l\_,~·-"""'"'"~'"'"~' .. -~·· """~ .. -~-'"·M'"'-~"""'--~·· -"' 11 4G I\ASII 600. R. Rl~-~ W!~"ol >;-'i!·Rf,,.l-'.·!\;i'~·~"''O·:O.;,, w:-lttw-'.-.";.\ ~·~ ""'.~"-1 .. ~:;'\,\ ...-:·."'1. ,,,!·.'"' "''.:~ "":~ -&~--=--;;..~·· ..."!-.-<A 'l?!·,'\ol -:·.'\ol; "'~·.",.\ ~·.-.... ""!-~~~ ""'!·r\A ""!·.'"i\

Graba1n 7-7616

50 NASH Arnb. 4·-dr. ........ $1595

& H ..........~695

46 FORD Station Wagon. Radio & heater, good body ...... $815

12 CHEV. 2-clr. Nice

the bed. She wore her fa tiler's shirt and her brother's blue jeans, a costume she adopted a year before with Woody Anderson's permission. "What's the ma\ter, dear?" -She jumped as the words cut the silence, ·but she didn~t turn. She didn'1 want her mother to know anything \Vas an1iss-not yet, an~rway. And then suddenly the tears came, like angry .flood waters bursting through a barrier, unable to be restrained any longer. Mrs. Miller was careful keep a straight face as she wiped her 16-yeat-old daughter's face with her handkerchief. "Why, dear'! Did Lance upset you?" Betty Jane shook her head vehe· tnently. \:Vhy did 1nother ahvays 'think her brother \Vas lo for


40 CHEV. Coupe ............... . $195 39 CHEV. Coupe





More Cars to Choose From

5-Help Wanted


OPPORTUNITY - Will train you to earn at least $I 00 a week with an unlimited future; must have a car ' and be willing to work; leads furnished: contact Mr. Parker between Nash in Tacoma Since ! 918 10:00 a.m. and noon at Room 210. AUCTION SAU, 5.815 So. Tac. Way HA 1760 Provident Rld,o;., Tacoma. 5c!6 IF YOU want more cash quick, sell 722 Broadway BR 0303 by auction. Every Fri., ·1 :30 p.m. Glen Betts, 8113 So. Tacoma Way. Free pickup service. LA. 8505. · RADIATORS, scrap iron. j~u-nk~ca-rs FOR SALE - I Y, ton Studebaker, 2ctf and batteries. Puy. 5-21.41. Hecker, 19,J.ti slake; less than 16,000 miles; the W reeker. excellent condition, $(100. Also sevBctf eral Ford Ferguson farn1 implc~ ments reasonable. GR 7:!25, 5th SPOT CASH house west of Waller Rel. on 96th. For ·~{our Used Furniture 12pl5 1 Piece or House Full Block's Furniture Mart B205 So. Tacoma Way .... LA. 2882 CASH for equities. Fife Motors, 5026 COMPLETE JOB So. Tacoma Way. HI. 9241. Bctf 36 MONTHS TO PAY


8-Wanted to Huy


To Mr. and Mrs. Anci! M. McCleary, 5 H Violet

Dec. 3. To lvfr. and J\.frs. Glen McVcy, P. 0. Box 107, Parkland, a son, J)cc.4. To Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Brasseuco; l 0705 So. D St., a son, Dec. 5. To Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Connelly,

S'=Business Service



FU 2400

9-Real Estate

CHECK OUR LOW DOWN PAY· MENT INSURANCE PLAN. WE NEED listings of all kinds. Farms, acreage, lots, building sites, homes (new or old, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bed· rooms). We have cash buyers wait· ing.



GLASS INSTALLED-Auto Upholstery, convertible tops. MA. Property Management Insuram' 2200, Art's Glass Qo., 816 So. TaNotary coma Ave. 3c50 Member of Tacoma Real Estate Board Office: 328 Garfield St. GR. 3369



FLOOR SANDER FOR RENT PARKLAND WESTERN AUTO Airport & Pacific GR 3112 FOR RENT 2 5-room modern l1ouses; une has electric and oil stovc.s; ,ihc other, gas range; both have rugs: GR 7639. 10cl 5 HALL FOR RENT - At 11102 So. Yakima. For information call HI 2439. 1.0ctf

13-FarmAds DEAD STOCK REMOVED WITHOUT CHARGE. Highest price.• paid for tallow, hides, grease and bones. PUGET SOUND RENDERING WORKS. Phone LAkewood 2434. 13ctf

11-Repair Service Parkland Upholstery WASHING MACHINE PARTS 12814 Pacific , Avenue

Septic Tanks Cleaned

Largest stock in town. Repairing that pleases. B. B.'s Washer Service, 3722 So. G. GA. 5115. llctf STOVE REPAIRS-Largest stock in Northwest. Hyder Furnace, 1513 Pacific Ave. MA 4767. Established in 1872. Hctf

GR. 4343 ~

14--Situations Wanted


GP"'ani!e 31-81


HA 5704 CHILD- CARE--In my home, or HOUSE MOVING: lcvclin<i.. founclaroom and board; GR 3503, ask for tions; cement work; free··;stimates. Alice. 14ctf 3~ ··· · CARE · · CHILD in my home, for work-PR265°~JOE'S Tractor Service. Rotovating. iug mothers; GR 680~. 14clG Ditch digging. Truck loading. Complete tractor work, GR 5932. tf Business Cards SHRUBBERY-Perennials, rockeries, LaCROSSE PRINTERS law_rie, ..fret'_ . .F, 0tin1ntes; terms. GR GRanite 7100 3661; Midland· Nursery. 3ctf A .'°"<:••;....;;·~;.A';~


· · .• ·.






1 t8th St., ..Pad-land, a clau~htcr Dec. ·~ 12; to Mr. aHd l\1rs . .bdward Goddard.' B ·11· · c · 1·, ctors---' I_<.t. ·l Box 278 Taeoma· a son_ Dec. AT-TL'NTION .i:..i u1 c 1ng .on 1a ' ' ' D ·V· It · i ig saw for rent· 18· lo Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smithe dU po~VCI SW I 15 I . ' ' . . . . phone CR ~74-8. ct Im, (,raharn, a daughter Der. 16. ,






readif for the new rmk that's open-~.1 J• ssu. ;ays that IL1n ~ I:as


ecn tram-



t!· ic t-ru ·incr . . . ·IJOO l<- lHID · car!y 1'f you She w;rnt a tr:<im·d rodeo clown and rnnlc ">threw her arms around her mother ·· d · d t ·~ · 11 "Oh tl on vour s 110\V J1cxt year. an c~ie ragiea Y. • mo 1er, , 'l'll never smile again! I definitely Herc And There •t,, 'V cl . l l Id l · \-V011" • . I' r: 11or;.;r~ pcop e s 1011 Jc Jn goo This time Mrs. Miller smiled over company for the next four yearn. I her.daughter's head. She well rec- obsr'n>cd in reading the background ogmzed the stage Betty Jane was of the newly appointed cabinet of t'oing through and decided she mus1 . .· <::> " , , _ Pn·sH.1cnt-clect E1scnhovvcr that there . . . , take .a hand. You re sure the .cO· . f . ., 1 logne wouldn't be for a zister or a me our actn c 1wis~men m tic cousin?" group, ,diich is n.-arly half of the "He hasn't a female in the family, rumbcr.'appomtcd. Governor McKay and hls mother never uses it, so of Orcgun is a very prominent horse; who else cou.ld it possibly be for? man and may be seen at every opporI'll bet it's for Estelle Bryan. All tunity riding in parades, etc. A couple the other fellows like her but Woody of the othc;.,, arc :Jrrlcnt followers of used to say she was too fragile. Oh, . . . . .ffiOiher, how he , S cl. . d D1€! 11 horsc\vor·Jcl act 1v1t 1cs 'as' H'cll as active eCClV€ , ..: . n < (, ··---·

•1 s~.;



.::er, but now thats _all over.



A Merry Tiller for a Merry~ Waller R@€:'!!d TA (~hristmas. We arc giving + quarts !{:ff 11. . .l SAE II . D t O"l nd .,,ueCs§ V HC:ell"S ) f M o b1 c , e~\ Y u .Y l a 2 pounds of SAh-90 wrlh every The new unit of the P-TA formed Merry Tiller purchased from . . (,) THURS, recently at the. Waller ,:zoad s:c'.10,0~ I) IN! hos . elected the folio\\ mg officers. DISTRIBU mORS Prcsrclcnt, Mrs. M)'Crs Wlll·<"kr; viceOffer good during the holiday president, Mrs. Harvey Weeks Sr.; season. ~ second vice-president, Mrs. Florence Call PRoctor 1800 Martin; secretary, Mrs. Alvin Win, . .. . '·:[·· F. k N" · k UNFINISHED furniture. Hag g's, tcts)1 t1casu1cr., ".·is. lan ·• IIlllC.". • • Cha1rn1rn of -the stand1nµ; con1m1t1107 Market Street. 15ctl '.11other arose. "Wel~, > SPECIAL - If you use oil to heat tecs arc: Historian, :Mrs. Llonl Eb: with and live within a 2-mile radius bcrl: legislative, Mrs. Vernon, Hoff. . _.your eyes, Betty, clear. Its I L~~Til'fG OF :'-LL K~NDS of lOOth and Pacific Ave., we -can , . . ,,...1 M. y. . , A . Chnsl.mas Eve and you want to be Silver Gifts rs. \.cnnctJr ar, happy today. Woody will probably . . Tea Sets - l\fany Designs offer you a real saving on your m,rn, pro,,r: rn: heating oils_ Lapenski Fuel Co. ha us_: hosp1.talrl:',.. M. 1.·s. Henry. De..-. come over with your roller skates to. ..· ·. EASTERN ELEC. TRO. 9920 Pacific Ave.; Call GR 8173 Mccrkcr; pubhcrty, Mrs. Anthony , night and we'll surprise him. If he · PLATIN.0 CO. FERTILIZER by yard or sack. GR. Goodksky; h.udgct and finan;:c, Mrs. likes fragile girls, he'll get one.'.' . 1407 Pacific Ave. '1-108. 15ctf Marthn Rohmson; membership, Mrs. Betty Jane sat up straight. · . ALF ALFA HAY - By the bale or Jamc.s milh; "'.J.OII.l n:prcscntatr_·ve, "Mother, no! Not that horrible blue ------,--. , - - - - · .. . , . . .. . · dress you bought me! ton. Grass hay $1.25 per bak. Will Mrs. Id<S "Y h d I ·· take livestock in trade. Delivery can , , . . , Romc10, publiratwns, Mrs.. ou was up an put t mt dress .,, ...! y• be an;;rnged. 2nd house past Roy Y Cldl <ncc Lowe. . ·. on, Betty. ' ~l(;i!WlbllUSt mires on Mi. Read. 15ctf Mcetrngs will he hclcl on the. frrs;. . "We'll wait for you downstairs." 2500· Used Tires FOR SALE - Gua.ranleeu used sew- Thc.irsclay of the month in the G?IJ1-\ i.y1th tha!, Mrs. Miller closed the _ Hard Get Size~ ing n1achines and re:nta1s. Singt:l' rnurnty hall. 1 .a. oo~. on. ner to. i:rboy daughter and Ault Tmre Servu::e Sewing Machine Co., 116 2nd Ave hurllbedttdownstt.airstl. Ads shel rleacllcd 220 Puyallup Ave., Tac. BR. 1888 S. E., Puy. 5-533'.l. 15c15 tl1e o om s. cp · 1e oor )el rang WANTED Chickens and rabbits. Used Sewing Machines and she admitted Woody Anderson, •!liffl, .,,. ;i,;· , .,,.~_.,,. ~ Call us before you sell. Cope's Poula lanky boy with unrul.y red hnir. .,_.. '"'Jll:;;l>l;'i~J;i?.11>.,,j;ji-*'i~.~-~ ..!ftli'i · & try Market, 7036 Pacific Avenue, and freckles marching in perfect for- ~ , ., 11> 9 Tacoma, Wn. HA 4406. 15ctf mation over the bridge of his nose. ~ · "' 9 , SEWING UPLAND WOOD - Green, 2 cords He w_a~ clutching a box, obviousl:v ~ ~' $14; also dry, cord $12 or 2 cor<ls MACHINE CENTER contammg the roller skates request- j';< ~ $20; CR 3306. 15ed ed by Betty Jane. 'IJ.: ~ 781 Broadway l'U 1122 FOR SALE-Beautiful mmiature chi· ''.She'll be right clown," Mrs. Mill· ~ ,1.1. hunlma puppies; also registered stud er m.formed lum, then left him alone \'f ~· service; GR '1-19•L I5ctf for the surprise. ~ HECKER the WRECKER - Used I,t came a half-hour later when ,~ and re.built transmissions, also gears: Be,ty Jane made her appearance. ~ ~ all m[!kes and models; phone PuyThe blue dress look_cd even better ~' 1>· allup 5-214-1, days; Tacoma, HI than she had hoped 1t would. \~ 32'1·2, evenings. 15etf "Gosh, Betty Jane!" Woody con- ,~ 11, VALLEY TOP SOIL, rich and black. tri~utcd to the conversation. The ~ ,. . r , • any quantity. GR 7259. !.'jet/ s1rnle broadened. "For me,' ¥1' fl·' ftrn; I~ s. ylad ¥:. LEA VE FILM AT Quality Photo Woody?" she _asked, noilding toward ~ cheer! Its Chrtslmas ~ Service for developing. fii at 10, out the box.. "Is it col~'gne? Lance s:nv 'tf I hat comes bu I once 1~ at 5. 9610 Pacific Ave. 15ctl COMPLETE ~OU buying some. So casual, so ,i; a year! 1~ FlNE TOP SOIL mrlill'ercnt. I ¥1' ~ Rich and black; delivered. Call PuySERVICE "Uh-gosh, no, Betty Jane. Gee, ~HANSCH GROCER.Yg _allup 5-8228. 15ctf you asked for sl<atcs and I ::;ot !hem ,1_, M, ' r ry, c ·] R . d 'J?. 11 WC'.l.OD.......:Upland slab, 2 cords, $14; AUTO ACCESSORIES for you. I bought cologne fur Miss \'i" tnl i.rn ~' son oa \". ll.TLAS TIRES & BATTERIES planer ends, $4 and $8 loads. HI. Lindsay, the English tea ch er th n t ~~~~~:~~~·m~-~f(rl;;{nrtt.r:f.X~~r;z~~;x~;<{~ 4056. !Seti helped me with my essay for Urn [ contest." ANDERSON SEWING MACHINES "How sweet of you." She stepped down into 1.he living room and acChevr·on Lowest Prices in Town cepted the box from Woody. "Thank 176tb St. & Mt. Highway New Eleie.


To all of our good friends-we exteHd a sincere wish for a

_.RJOC. 14-0 I S@. h-•.•. _.·. ••·.·•. g. next month.' don't'!? r_·'-1'.; tl1·&".•critti"Fi·i.1.·•antiC.1palion ofIfuture • · ·.· l b' f f ' , 1•: · ;tlVoody and I would be gomg togeth·· · ·shows anc perhaps a 1t o moo ah .. or


K!ONT - Small office building on Garfield St., $20. GR 3526. lOctf

Recovering and Rebuilding Cushions Rebuilt Free Estimates

· .

. _.



Septic Tank Pumping

3, Dox 825, a <laughter,. Dec. 11. To Mr. ancl.Mrs. J\rie! Brandt, Rt. . ·'


SALES AND SERVICE House and Commercial Makes Motor Service 'Washer Service In Our New Cement Block.Illdg; On the Corner at 161 st & Pacific Spanaway GRainte 6662

Town & Country

To Mr. am! Mrs. C:lcrin Rt. 13, Box 161, Tacoma, Dec, 11.


_l?.·7 ..a. '_ J,.iancJ,._,_·' .".'_•f• }_ ...Harryt.i:i Mr: and Mrs. Miller


Alan's Refrigeration

laCrosse Hatchery

' I

3·j. Box 754~__ a Scin Dre. 10; to.1'1r._a.n.~1-)::.,,, ....... ,, .................. u .....u.1. wvu•.1.~1;;u..1.vJ.J.c.1. oJ.'lt.a.t.t::o:i' I . . . J. . .. , · -.• 'I.·. k·'· ·f· 1 r Christinas I have to be, , using Jn us p1cscncc. r .,n1 s \Vl c, ,Mrs. Orwoll J)ahl, P. 0. Box 3:1 l, ·0 · · • -. : 1. , . ·, . . . , ]· .· b· · ·. , ;

11220 Pacific Ave. SE W E R S - S E P T I C TANKS ·office-Days, GR 331-1 DRAIN FIELDS - WATER LINES. Evenings, YU. 9221, LA. 3066 City and County 'Licensed. Free Agent for ·American Ex:prel!ll Estimates. Jim Malyon, 3739Y2 Monev Ord~rs McKinley Ave., Call HA 6351; Eve, & Sat. HA 6068. 3ctf FOR SALE - Next to Collcgc-8room house, 4 lots. By owner. Call SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED-ConPR 7177. 9cl5 tents hauled away. Don Redford, 6505 EAST B STREET 8232 So. Fawcett. GA, 7334. If no answer call GA. 9222. 3ctf NEARLY fully furnished clean 3bcdroom home with nice yard and large i;arage. Wired 220 with autorniitic liot water tank. Nice dist. ·Close to Fawcett school, business, Also Building, Roofing, Siding, and bus. FuU price 01<ly $5,050, Foundations $1500 down and $35.00 per mo. Cabinets to Order on bala nee. Call Rex Rector HA. MASSENGALE CONST. CO. 0365 or HI 8'.H<l. Rt. 7, Rox 509-A - Tacoma 69:Jl SO. TYLER F.H.A. Terms GRanite 7088 2 BEDROOMS, living room, kitchen, dinette, : 3-pc. bath, large garage; RAY GOGAN land .290'xl 74'. Call Ralph Decker, LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION HA 0365 or BR 0702. General landscaping service new RENT WITH OPTION G. I. lawns, peat soil, topsbil, shrubbery, rockeries. Nothing down, 36 months BRAND NEW Lovely home in nice to pay. GR 3127. 3ctf district. If you care to you can rent this with option to buy pending GI financing. For .details call Rex Rector, IIA 0365 or HI 83'1-<L

Factory-To-You Prices on New & Recover Work All work done and guaranteed by a specialist of 40 years' experience. FREE ESTIMATES GRanitc 6066



Con.ten.VJ Hauled .t.\.wii.y

Marshall Upholstery




Septic Tanks, Cess Pools Cleaned HUTSON TANK CLEANING HI 3980 _HA 7038



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LEGION NEWS {Continued from Paa:c One) tion for all si1c•s of children and grownups. The hospital heel, property of the Unit \Vhich \vits <lonate<l for use by the communitv of P<1rkland is at tJu-~ present tirne n,ot being used.' The Unit also has rnany pairs of crutches ready for use. i\nyonc desiring the use of

the bed ur the crutches durinp; con~ valesccncc of patients may call Mrs. Blackstone at LAkcwood 8586 or Mrs, Linder at CRanite 6007. The Parkland U11it will begin collecting old jewelry which will be sent to the veterans hospital at Walla ' Walla . The patients can use all kinds J of jewelry in their hobby work, es• By Clarence LaCrosse f pecially picce.s with plenty of spnrkl'l'lwn~ C(:rtainlv has been a lot 0 a< tidt , for this ;irnc of the war . ing glass jewels. All members of the . ; . Unit arc requested to bring their I n;ostly ~'a.rt< cs and dances for m.ost jewelry to the next meeting, such as: 01 the ndmu; clubs . . . also clcct1on nct.:klacCs, one ear ring, pins, rings of officers for the coming year . . . and bracelets or any other piece of by the looks of things we should have Sort of crowded for space this week, jewelry too old for further use. Mrs. a verv active and interesting year, judgir;,i~- froni the se1ertion of 1nost of but will note that the new officers of Joseph Lanz, rehabilitation chairman, the Pierce County Sheriff's Mounted will be in charge of the jewelry drive . the clubs for their new officers. Posse were elected Dec. 11. Mr. and Mrs. James Linder and . Club is i.oin,in~ the, ot~ers Cap_tain of this popular organi~a- Mi.·s .. Phyllis Blackst.:mc attended. a m selectmg new off'.ce1_s m o_rcler to. tron will be Buzz Carmel, !st Lt., Dean. mcctmg at Post No. 138 Inst week. have their year comcrdc wlth the.I Vosberg; 2nd Lts., Chuck Rohr and After the meeting, Mrs. Blackstone fiscal year ... I'll give you the names I Dec Parham . . . these new officers accompanied by Addison Ames, rlrumof the new officers as soon as the will take office the first of January. mer furnished music for dancing. election is over. Installation will be held on about the Messrs and Mesdames Leonard Mt. Rainier Riding Club . . 8th of January (depending on the I Blakely and Willard Blackstone and New officers for the Mt. Ramrcr J committee) probably at The Firs: -::he Jackie,( Karen am! Sanely lllakely Riding Club were selected recently. group was out in numbers for this rm- and Ronald Painter enjoyed a clcWorthy Hecht is the ne'(I' presicle~t portant meeting plus many who never licious turkey dinner at lhc home of with Melvin Mothershed as second m altc'nd, plus proxy voles ... oh yeah, Mr. ;rncl Mrs. James Linder on Suncomrnand. Secretary-treasures of the we have fun. day. Pinochle was played afterward. group is Florence Curti~. with Fra~k ' Washington Horsemen Changes Rcsslq as Sgt. at arms. Orville I Presidents Eveleth, Hank Pfaff and M. HallPopular Larry Kjrkwood was chosi mcyer were selected as Executive 1 Board rnrrnbcrs. en as president of the Washington January 8th is their next meeting. Horsemen at their annual business meet Dec. 12. Larry is well known You an~ welt.:orne to nttPnr:I. throughout the area. Vice President Kew Year's Eve Dance - Graham A spct:ial invitation is extended to selected was Harley Thayer, along all horsemen of the area to attend with Jean Caddig·an as secretary and the Nc\V Year's Eve Dance at the Dorothy Wisc as treasurer. With this c;rahntn (;range Hrd1. Fun is in store in1prrssivc array of aggressive lndi~ ' for all . . . favors, dinner, dancing, '.ridua~s ju charge of an unusua1ly agCHICKS .. " CH§CKS µui,se and cxcltr1ncnt aplenty is pro- gressive group it is certain that the Parmenter Reds members of the horse world are to' miscd . . . 1'his is your invitation. Straight Run-Pullets & Cockerels benefit this ycnr in the way of bigger Rocleo Clown Changes Mounts Each 6c 1 Sec my friend Hank Pfaff has gone and better shows. and trndcd his littk "Slowpoke" off Rt. I, Orting, Wash. for n nn11c·) (_)f all things. uI-IEn is the Phone Sumner 3-3122 ternporary n:inw of tlH'. fourfoutcd critter, \vhich in spite· of his chvarf sizf' still has the general ch~1r;1ctcrjstics and nppearnncf• of his large brothers. I assun1e he also inhc-ri ts sornc of the




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JANE threw her purse ai

.:J a chair and sat Clown heavily on


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J. R.

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By An Expert



participants. An interesting article appears in the nC\VCSt Horse Lovers. l\.1agazine in regards lo the training of tl;e Lippizan . Horses and th~ schooling they rccc1.Yc . . . alrnost _sunulta.ncous '":Ith reading the very interesting article ~ ,''v;rn 'v;::itching "\'.Pou askc·~ for if, on JV and rnuch to nry surpnse s~rw uue of the Lippizan trained horses in a ch:nionst ra til)n . . . cunsidcn1 ble training g·oes into the finished product represented \vhcn these horses arc sho,vn. A Merry Christmas to all my friends . . . hope to see many of you at the Wooclbrook I\cw Year's Day Hunt,-and don't. forget ... it's OPEN ~IIOUSE at Woodbrook Stables the I 28th when Earl Craig and Louise ' Taylor will celebrate the completion of their newly erected indoor arena . sec you there (Crowded Out Last Week) Sheriff's Posse Elects


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Wedncs<lay, Dec. 24, 1952

Mostly About Horses

i! FLOYD'S Market 11 SELECT. Used Cars suGGEsTs -



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To cue fnrnds ar:;d assoctates go ouc wishes for a joy-filled Christmas that may last the whole year through.


We Cap



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3 Serving Parkland, Lakewood, Midland, Summit, Spanaway and Lakeview~Pierce county pcrrnit.


yoll," she sajd gravely. "YourB is t11+der the tree." "Gee, l didn't think I'd ever like you dressed up as a girl, Belly," he gulped. "Estelle looke_d so awful and I was proud to have you run around with me in blue jcnns, but, gosh, you look wonderful like this!"


\Vith Attachments

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Ot'.c heart-felt. thanks your palron_ahge, and our best wrn es for a joyous holcday . season. Th I{ d • fo1

96th 'l1 Portland Avenue .P.!.n

·. ·.,

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-5044 I

l{CllBIOWSEl'll IF

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y a.s t e _snowl"en ilild tlliJ t wmklmg u . tree .I 0 y 0 u s as the eueninq carols, sung so merriiy i._s our wish for you, on this Christmas Day.

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' ~ STORE HOURS: 8:00 A.M. TO 5:30 P.M.

GR 85 85 Midland


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and for the family to enjoy every day.

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24, 1952



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~~ el'ti4tmM



On the formal opening night, the choir will present a concert, probably one similar to that which they will be .giving while on tour. Friday evening, under the direction· of Morris Hendrickson, ·sponsmed by Alpha Psi, "Job" will be staged. Tryouts for a part in the all-male cast will begin right after Christmas, there are eight parts, and Dr. J. P. Pfleuger is the technical advisor. Under the direction of Mr. Harley Christopherson, the· band will he heard in a concert Saturday eve-

GR 8215

college, or better caliber; and to give the students a formal function. Tickets for the .three evinings will be 75 cents, with single tickets selling at 50 cents each. The advisers of the event are Mr: Karl Weiss and Ml'. Theodore Karl. Dr. Eastvold has offered .a cmnplimentary book of student tickets for the ·May Festi.val to the student who thinks of and .turns in a good name for this February series, that docs not hav<; the word "festival" in it.

ning. There will also be a show of I !!_l!lllilllll!illl!il!llllllllllli!\'iiillil!l!lll!lllilllll!\'iiilll!lillllillllillllill!I_ The primary object of such an event

ii to give the students a chance to put into practice the theory that ··they have lea:rned in classes; to present a series of programs that are up to


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Times journal v 8 no 15 dec 24, 1952  
Times journal v 8 no 15 dec 24, 1952