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LARGEST U.S. POSTAGE PAID Sec. 34.66 P. L. & R. Parkland, Wash. Permit No. 9

OFI'ICE 113th and Pacific Avenue

News copy intended for publication must .be in the office of the Times-Journal not later than 12 noon Monday. copy cl e a d 1 i n e



.P. 0. Box 654 ·Parkland,_ Washington

GR.emote 7100

• Tuesday noon.



, ,., ,.· .... I "Skit Parade" Plafllned


''·<(}!! !o ~kli\'Cf, return postage L;:uaranteed.


rkiand Bank ils Checks to ris'imas Club

--- -ganization interested in. inaking a lit-1 $2.00 PER YEAR J tie extra money is urged to ei1ter either as a group or an individual representing the dub. T h r c c cash awards will he made. Those iHte1ested may call or write Mrs. W. C. Laucnborg, Rt. 1, Graham, 7-7+75, or Mrs. Robert Shaw, Rt. 1, Orting, ')330.




Saturday night brings tbe big dance sponsored by the Parkland Business club in Sunshine hall as an informal get~together New Lc.lldees Aki I c·crc1nS>nies. Registration began the of .business people and residents of tbe community. President The women of the Trinity Lutheran i dny at 10, followed by presentation Roger McDonald (Poche! Distributing Co.) and Ed Stevens of the flags, group singing led by extend a warm welcome to everyone in the area who enjoys church of Spanaway arc holding a I Mrs. Betty Stutz of Gig Harbor, games dancing and good fellowsbip. -.- - - - - - .-~--~-- meeting next Thi:irs. nt 2 p.m. at the






(Crowded Out Last Weck) l\ early $600,000 in Christmas Club checks is being n1aikd this week by Hcink of \'Va~hington tO'' its C:hristrnas C:lub rnc111bcrs in ParkhE1d ;ind W{'stPrn Washington, accorclinp; tn i\. c;. Swinc1land, managL~r of the Parkland branch of the bank. This rcp1Tscnb the a1nount these pcop!to snvr·d through regular weekly or rnonthly deposits during the year. · "Christn1as Club has been a special ~wrvice of National Bank of VVa~h­ ington since 19·l J ," stated Swindh1 nd. '"I'hr~ purposP is to provide a siznplc way fnr people to accun1ulatc funds during th~-· yC'ar for holiday .spending, tnxc~, insurance pren1iun1s, and othr:r hills. ;\ Flrn1bcr f'hoosf's the plan he \".'ishrs to join, fro1n 50c a wrrk up, iln(l n1aI{cs \V<'ekly- or n1on'thly deposits lwginning Dernnbcr 1 for a pPrind of 50 wccks 1 at thr end of \vhich ti1nv hl' recciYcs fron1 the bank a check for the total arnoHnt he has saved, vlus interest. Special Christmns Clubs nre provided for those people v-.7i1u prefer to save on a monthly basis." 'Thl'. popularity Of Christn1as Club has grovvn r:ipidly during the yf'nrs. as 1norc an<l HIUl'l'. people experience the satisfaction of havin.1;(, cash on hilnd during the (~hrisJ1uas ;c;ison. On a nationw·wiclc scale,, over ;i billion dollars is being· p;1id oul by banks to Christmas Club rncmbcrs throughoul the Uuited Stales this year:

_-··------·- - 5c PER COPY ID


~::~a~a~1~ae~'g!~n;ll9,A~yp:~~;b ~- ~:~




Elk Plain Preschool is sponsoring a


CASH AWARDS--Two civilians employed at McChord Air Force Ba.>e rece.ived generous cash awards recently for suggestions which they had made. John H. Miller, left, Rt. 13, Box 127, Tacoma, is shown receiving a check for $15 for his method of quicker installation of generators on aircraft engines v;hich savr.s as n1uch as eight hour_s 'vork per engine. He \Vorks with the 567th Field l\faintenance Air Repair department. Robert R. Burich, right, of 5712 No. 44th St., Tacoma, is being given a check for $100 for his suggestion of an induction rod allignrnent gauge which cut his job time by one-third and snved materials. -Photo by Courtesy McChord Defender 0

tions, hand crocheted baby gifts, bakery goods, pillow casC'.s, tea towels; home-made candy and surprise items at the "mail bag" booth. . Also, for everyone. there will he dart games anp bingo.




Stioppin9 Days Chras'i'm~s




church to organize a Lutheran Ladies :- Ed Stevens (Castlemnn Insurance, I GR 5689, Aid. All women of the church are I~ 13022 Pacific Ave. Inc.) .has been chosen general chair-1 · . ange eetll'ICJ n1an for the affair and is being as~ . Pearl Sprinkcr will give a den1011 :.. invited to attend. ~istcd by a live-wire committe; whic'.h. stratiun and talk on ChristmBS gift .---------I Community mclud~s Flct:lm of Flctc:1cr s Mar- wrapp!ng, candle making and other ket, Wes McKcwen of,,McKewen Stu-. novelties ·at the .James Sales Grange " . ,, . . , , . . dio nnd several other local merchants · !. m ee t'1ng D cc. 4· a t 8 p.111. M rs. Spnn . 1;;:Stiver Bells will be the 1 he Parklnncl Commumtv' dub will . theme of .. Believing that anybody pref~ 1,,; a use- : er is home economics chairman of the the tolo dance to be given by the meet at the Parkland school 1 hursday ful prize, they have limited the door,1 Washington State Grange, Mrs. Earl. ~'faller Road Girls' 4-H club. Dec. 5 ! evening: Dec. 11, at 8 o'clock .. Rc1D of R au, 1ec·t urf.r of·s~a1es G1rangc, is . spon, 1111 the Waller . Rond ports will be made by the comrnrttce ·p rizrs to turkeys and now have < . ' Commumtv· . club . ! . tl.1e big bHds to offer the customers, so nng · 'ft. wrapping . . con t est f or hall. The affair ".' formal or srmi-for- 11 named to studv• the sewer proJeet and , a ,,g1 . After lunch, there was more' group every last one of them absolutely free . b .· B I ma! and from 9 o'clock till midnight.· also by the nominating A · . . l w 111c 11 a pnze wt 11 e given. ot1i men . , . . . , · , singing followed by anpouncemcnt to. the lucky wmners. . 'bl Anyone who· d . P k Tickets nre $1.50 a couple nnd may film on highway safrtv. 'Doctors De1 1 an '¥omen are e 1g1 e. ac ages · . __ · _· 1 and introduction of the new!y,elcctcd d.oesn't \\7 a n t turkr.y r i g h t. after' . h be purchased from club n1e1nbcrs or grec in Driving. ' and -a second film, 11ou le! b e wrappe d prior to t c n1eetw ·._ county officers, which were as follow:<: Thanksgiving can freeze his in the\ s·n . t'ion d µnng . ti- ie 1ecturcr, s at the· door. Refreshments will be 11 "Loe;ging on the River Run," will be 1 g f or inspec '-' ' President, Beverly .Corrigan;,;. locker and save it till Christmas. progran:. served. shown. ident, T h o r n e Tibbitts; secretary, With Maureen,s orchestra . giving Kathy Corbett, and reporter, Victor otit \Vith svvert music., the progrnn1 Becker. Leaders were presented their will offer an attractive selection of,I leaders' pins and member pins; junior dance!. . ·1. leader pins were presented to all those Tickets are being sold at all busmess completing junior leadership. Banners place sin Parkland or may be obtained and special pins were also awarclcd, at the door Saturday night. as well as six special certificates for The theme of the dance is "Meet club with outstanding recreational Your Merchant" and the club is askprojects of which the Midland Girls ing that people in the community. +-H was one. tu'rn out in nun1bcrs to get a'cquainted 'I The Kiwanis cup trophies were pre- with the "man behind the counter," H. C. Little #71 C. I. Oil Circuloling He.ater. Pays for itsel.f out of fuel sav· sente'd to. those who were mos.t out- the· businessmen who supply them . ·•. lights itself automatically ..• stnnding in that individual project the with the goods and services needed heat trapping chamber ••. visible flame past year from the county. These. cups for comfortable living. With Parkland ... radiant warmth •.• circulating heat, too . • . burns low cost #2 or #3 oil are kept by the 4-H member for one stores now including· practically all (including catalytic) . • . sffiort tiesign year arid are then returned to be pre- lines of business, residents of the dis... beoutlful finish ... 53,000 BTU For Gifts sented to the ne;>,:t winners anq cnn· trict have little need to shop .elsewhere output. See it! not be w,on lJlQl'e than once_ in the !,'arid n1 ight not care to do so if they or your, own serving snrne project. Midlanders winning this knew pcrs.onally the merchants here. yenr we1~e Ann Clinton in poultry and The dance offers an ideal opportunity Joanne Morud in baking ... They will focrnerchants to meet their customers also be honored at a luncheon by the

led by Ann Clinton, baton twirling' net by Sharron Eshpetcr and Beverly Corrigan and nomination of county officers and election. An electric brooder for was presented to Marlene Corrigan hy Mr. Rau of the Rau Brooder Manufacturing con1pany for being' chosen the best in first-year poultry project of the entire cou·nty.


!P©llridailtld ·Cli.!!b \Vm Meet Thurs.

4aH Dcnu:e Is Tole



-rn'iiWi;i$J~Rifi'""~·-· 'F'""V"··;~




Aunt Sue's

fruit Cake Generously filled with choicest fruit and . nuts, flavored with own special hlcnd of flavors.

(20<. to 3-Lb. Average)


. lb. 29c . lb. 49c


So. 108th

firemelll's BC*!U

GRanitc 812B

The Mi<lbnd Volunteer firemen will hold their big dance Saturday evening· in the Midland hall, 9 p.n1. to 2 a.111. Cherokee Jack 1 s orchestra '. vvill provide the IItusic. Everybody in! vitcrl!


Armstrong's Poultry Market 11 009 Pacific Ave.

GR 5524


I .


.,,. '. w'




/~%0 4'))

. ~</I.

the Ilcalthful Benefits of b iv1 a~sagc in the Privacy (II ·vuur Ilon1c or lVfinc

II. C. 1\1\LLARD, MASSEUR For ;'\ ppointnlf'nt Phone

E\tENINGS C:1Za11itt: 4342



CLAY ROLEY AGl~NCV 98th aud Portland Avenue


.@'.$.. _..





PARKLAND-GR. 3113 Automobile • Casualty • Fire Inland Marine






.~·~ -.J


ft•r your fri1:nds when choosing :,1 fun1·r.'d dirt"ctor. Co c111

p;irk . .



Pacific Avenue a.t Airport Road Hnurs: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.-



.: ·~.~



GRanite 8684

.,.... ,. i...;~~ .:i\3.'...... 1 Wf·. "~:io;d::;;~i\\,'~~"~~~~~-ttr._~· ~ . .

r ,/'>





arkland Fuel ii erv1ce P~dfk

.~"\r -~






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GR 3330 . bl Aeen 1: C!ONVENIENCE - -

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11201 Park Avenue Phone HA 2342

Danielson • Rolfe Insurance Agency

\tr ....,..,,,..~l;l'l"<::;'!'ir~~~""'~~·'lll'l·'~iit~'""




fJtlte 4 Shoe Store 4 ( 1 Garfield St.

(In the Parkland Centre Bldg.)

hcre they

of the traffic.

'frav Dryer



W ERS Rca~ona bly


Parkland florists l 25tb & Pacific

GR 7270

~ ' ~,. f &Sform D Rockwocl ~nsul~tio~. covers 30 sq. ft. 3" thick. $1. 90 per bag Como~n~11on JCreen .oors.. 19.40 -..10.97. Zolflolite lnsulationu covers 17 sq. ft. 3" thkk .. $1.~55 per bag

KAt~IOH'S ~"~ ms~ 1)~ -fil"~

I\ T. Jr

GR 3049 Custom Killing â&#x20AC;˘ '\'le Pick

7ieTI ES-J


OVED 10,000 CIRCULATION Published every Thursday at Parkl;md, Wash. Distributed by direct mail to every home and business in Parkland, Eatonville, Graham, Roy, Firgrove, Midland, Waller Road, McKenna, Elle Plain, Kirby, Thrift, Kapowsin, Spanaway, Collins, Summit, Berkley, Harvard, Fern Hill, Ponders, Frederickson, Harding, Woodland, Lake View, Firwood, Alder, LaGrande, Elbe, National, Ashford, and southern portions of Tacoma. ADDRESS .................... P. 0. BOX 654, PARKLAND, WASHINGTON 118th and Pacific Avenue Phone GRanite 7100 Qualified as a Legal Publication under Chapter 213 of the Legislative Acts of_ the 1941 Regular Session of the State of Washington. JACK BROVvN ...................................................................... PUBLISHER NEVA T. HONEYWELL ............................................................ EDITOR GIBB THEIS .................................................................... ADVER'l'ISING WES McKEWEN ............................................ ,........... PHOTOGRAPHER ROG McDONALD ............................................... ,...... SPORTS EDITOR SUBSCRIPTION RATE ................................. ,.................. $2.00 per year (Beyond Free Distribution Area) ADVERTISING RATES-LOCAL

1 to 3 Column inches, per month ...................................................... $1.40 3 to 100 Column inches, per month .................................................. $1.25 101 to 200 Column inches, per month ............................................ $1.15 Phone for Additional Volume Rates NATIONAL RATE .................................................... $1.47 Per Col. Inch Classified Ads ..................................4c per werd-Minimum charge 50c Printed in Parklanci ~4 Mailed in Parkland

COLLINS NEWS Mrs. John G. Gorow GRanite 7070

Teepee Club The Teepee club met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Van Munson last Saturday night. Cards were played and a very enjoyable evening was spent by the members, Messrs and Mesdames Ed Purdue, Ross Heindselrnan and John Gorow, and the Em· ory Newtons from Albany, Oregon. A late supper was served by the hostess, Mrs. Munson. Collins Grange Collins Grange will have it's Christmas party at the regular meeting Thursday night, Dec. 11. All the m\j:n bring a present for another man and the ladies one for a lady. The members' families are invited and a special treat is planned for the children. Collins P-TA Collins P-TA 'will meet in the gym Thursday night at 8 o'clock. There will be a report by Bob Haglund on proposed school legislation by the W.E.A. Special music has been planned. The Sixth grade mothers will he hostesses, with Mrs. William 1,fagCc as chairn1an. Arc You Lucky? The Firemen's auxiliary arc selling tickets on a chest filled with linens, sheets, pillow cases and all the fine things we all like to get. You may purchase tickets from any of the ladies at a very nominal charge. Drawings will be made the 13th of Feb. and you do not have to be pre-

STORE HOURS9 •-a.. m. to 5:30 p. m. Monday until 9 p. m.


sent. So help the Auxiliary out; you may be the one that receives this chest. Baby Shower

Mrs. Harvey Bethel was very· pleasantly surprised last Tuesday night when her neighbors and friends brought pink and blue packages for the new member of the family that will arrive soon. The evening was spent playing games and visiting. Mrs. Bethel then opened the packages of blankets, nighties and lovely gifts that were prcscnlcd to her. Mrs. Geo. Purdue was the hostess and served refreshments. Attending were Mes· dames Mrs. Frank Hora and Betty, Mrs. E. C. Cardey, Mrs. Charles Galagher, Otis Sawyer, Vauter, Ed Boyl· es, H. C. Garrison, Mrs. Hoesly and Mrs. J. G. Gorow. Home for Holiday The young people home enjoying Thanksgiving vacation were Joe Purdu_e from Portland; Galen Nusbaum, W.S.C.; and Darrell Owens fro1:n the University. Darrell is in his s~cond year at the University and is living at Henderich House. Guests Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Purdue entertained Dr. and Mrs. LeRoy WeekB from Clarkston, Washington, for 'dinner and they spent the night. The evening was spent reminiscing old times. LARRY GILLIAM of the U.S.S. Sperry is on 15-day leave and is visiting his mother, Mrs. Alice Gill-. iam of Puyallup. Larry has just rc, turned from a four-months cruise in South Pacific waters.





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legion News

Dental Health . I Program of Interest

• • Parkland Post .and Umt L . No. 2 28 ' A mcncan eg10n By Phyllis Blackstone

I Last week two great tragedies too' place: The C-54- crash in Tacoma taking 3 7 lives and the finding of the C· 124- in Alaska which claimed 52 lives. Each plane carried people well known in this area; a large number of victims had made their homes here during the recent years. Wi:th the news only a few hours old, the Parkland Unit obs'erved a minute of silence in memoriam to the passengers of the ill-fated planes dur· ing their regular meeting last Friday evening. The Unit and the Post wish to extend their deepest sympathy to the friends and relatives of the deceased women, children and service men aboard the planes. Following the preliminaries of the meeting, members of the post joined the ladies in order to plan for the Christmas parties to be held this year. A party for Legionnaires, Auxiliary members and their fani.ilies will be held on Friday, Dec. 19. A pot luck dinner will open the party at 6 p.m., after which Santa Claus will distribute gofts and candy to young and old alike. Good entertainment is being planned for the enjoyment of everyone. Mrs. Andrew Holm will be the chairman for the Unit and Commander James Linder will act as chairman for the Post. It is also the wish of the Post and Unit to join with some covic group or organization in giving a party on Dec. 20 for the small fry of the com~unity. Since Santa Claus will be at the Legion party on the 19th, he has agreed to stay in Parkland one more day and help, if a party can be ar· ranged. Any organization desiring the .Legion to participate may call Commander Linder at GRanite 6007 or President Phyllis Blackstone at LAkc· wood 8586. The Unit has welcomed back Mrs. Susan Swanson, a member of the Parkland group for the past two years. Mr. and Mrs. Swanson recently returned from Kansas City, Mo., to make their home in Parkland near their daughter and· son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Al Seaman. Frank Berry was once more a visitor from Elma and Mrs. James Linder acted as hostess. Members of the Auxiliary donating to the Thanksgiving baskets and making this a real Tha;:iksgiving for three families wc1·e: Mesdames Willard Blackstone, Ten. Amon, Ben Bromgard, Walter Fritz, James Linder, Dave . Haddon,.James)ensen, Edward Schweyen, Ethel Jol;nson, Leo John: son, Bertha Roberts, James St. John, Scv Kittelson, Gudrun Jensen; Roger Crusan, Leonard Blakely, Dorothy Fletcher, Andrew Holm, Ping Louie, Joe Lanz and Russell Darling.

Big Race AH Set


J While the principals of this event Miss Marjorie M. Hcseltinc, chief' haven't been signed up as yet. it of nutrition services, U. S. Children's promises to be the big sporting event · June Stem · · of t l1c season m · the Spanaway-ParkBureau, and Miss nutn· 1 tion consultant of the Washington land area. It's a foot race for Ted State_ Department of Health, were Stansbic of the Spanaway 5 & 10 and guests of Miss Dolores Schrncchcl, Roger McDonald ,junior partner of I school nurse, at the Central Avenue P oc h e1 ·D·1stn·1)Utrng · Co., each man school one day last week in order to with one leg in a cast. Stansbic is secobscrvc the educational details of the retary of the Spanaway Business Men's dental health program of the Franklin club and McDonald the president of Pierce school. health service. . the Parkland 13usiness club. The date hasn't been set but the ·.Their ~pecial interest centered a.b.out the nutnt10n and dental health cclu- race will have to be very soon as Mcj cation_ pro'.'ram of Mrs. Lila Boynton Donald expects to discard his cast h1 and her second grade students. They time to trip the light fantastic at the were also greatly interested in the big dance being pnt on by tlw Parkwork of Lyle Catt and the 8th gradC land Business club at Sunshine hall students who have made plaster mod- Saturday evening, Dec. 6. Stansbic has els of teeth and placques that told 'another month to go before he can stories about different conditions of dispense with his cast. McDonald suffered a 'broken leg the teeth. This was Miss Heseltine's only visit about six weeks ago while playing in Pierce county, her itinernry indud- football in a charily football game in ing visits in Chehalis and Vancouver. Lincoln bowl in Tacoma. Stansbic's accident was a hunting trip e:1su:ilty HOWARD E. LOTT, son of Mr. caused by the sudden collapse of a and Mrs. W. F. Lott of 4-39 So. 9Gth rotten log, his ankle being broken in St., is serving ~board the mine-sweep- the fall. One bright spot of this af· cr U.S.S. Pigeon. 'fair was that he and his companions,


Hobby Show

Parkland Firemen Elect Officers

Neither of the accident victims lost any amount of time from business acA hobby show is being held in the tivities and .both now consider them'fhc annual election of officers was Parkland school Friday, Dec. 5, from selves experts in the fine art of getan important· item of business Mon- 7 to 10 p.m. There will be n"o admisting about on crutches and/or canes day evening at the weekly meeting sion charge and everyone is invited. with a leg in a cast, laying aside of the Parkland Y.olunt~cr fire De- Collections of combs, buttons, horns, crutches and canes as soon as possible. parcment. John Cprtis was chosen samplers, leather work, boats, dogs, That's the deal. McDonald and president; Chet Kirk, vice president; stamps and many other items will be Stansbic haven't agreed to the race; Joe Anderson, secn:taxy-lrcasurcr; on dis1;1ay. There will also be demonno time or place has been set. But it's Bud Wold, trustee_; Wes McKcwen, strations of basketry, textile painting, a 1-eal chance for a sports-mimkd historian; Frr·d Danielson, represent- shell jewelry making and rock cutting. promoter, with no strings attached- ativc to Firemen's Relief and ComThere will be booths for the sale the Tirnes-J ournal relinquishes al! pensation board. j of aprons and doll clothes. Assisting claims to a split of the take and will Tl1c month of November brought 12 in the project arc Mesdames _Walter donate any space needed to publicize calls, with 95 men reporting. Perkuhn, Einer Jacobs, Clinton Wilthe race. May the best man win! Owing to the fact that several Iiams, Stanley Reynolds, Trav Dryer, members of the Parkland company Edward Perryman, Rufus Harvey and have been called to the service or I W. G. Beckim and Mr. George Roi· In the .Service have moved away, there are several stad. Pvt. Paul Arlton, son of Dr. A. V. vacancies to be filled. Any man in the Ariton of Parkland, writes from Camp community interested in joining the MRS. STANLEY GILLIAM and San Luis. Obispo, midway between fire department is asked to contact son and daughter of Fairbanks, AlS:m Francisco and Los Angeles, where Chief Harry Beitz, GR 73'10; .Claraska, have returned to Puyallup after he is training for the Signal Corps. ence Marsh, GR 7700, or Bud Lar- two years in Alaska. S/Sgt. Stanley Young Ariton, a former editor of son, GR 3737. Gilliam will join his family in Puyalthe P:nkl:mcl Times, is still engaged lup in Dc:ccmber. Stanley is the oldest in the newspaper business in his spare PVT. RALPH S. KIDD and Pvt. moments. Recently he was appointed Sammy J cnkins. both of Spana way. sou of Ml"S. Alice Gilliam. company H'portcr for the post ncws- arc taking their basic training at Can1p paper. Roberts, Calif.










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Less Trade Rn Old Radio "




GR 7100




* * *

Don't forget the ham dinner and bazaar sponsored by Unit No. 138 in their hall on Commerce, Dec. G; price $1.25. "the dinner will be served from 6 to 8 p.m. A food basket will also be raffled. Legionnaires who sign up ten or n1ore members, new or renewals, prior to December 31, 1952, will be awarded a Certificate of Meritorious Service, card case size, by the National hearlquartns. This certifica.te will be signed by National Commander Lewis K. Gough and National Adjutant Henry H. Dudley. Post Commandel' James Linder will certify the names of Legionnaires from Post No. 228 qualifying for this award to Department of Washington headquarters not later than Jan. 15, 1953. A Meritorious Service Citation will go to all posts which have a 1953 membership equal to or greater than their all-time high by December 31. 1952. The Honor Ribbon for 1953 will be awarded to all posts reaching or surpassing t h e i r previous year's membership for 1953 by Dec. 31, 1952. Post No. 228 received this award for 1951 and the membership chairman, Leonard Blakely, is striving to . attain this award again for 1952. The women of the auxiliary arc also help· ing the post to reach their quota. The auxiliary is ready at all times of the day or night to assist a veteran in making application for membership. If anyone would like to know what the Legion stands for, ask the auxiliary, they know.

Jim Gray an~ Ronnie Fisk, had al-1 ~hursday, Dec. 4, 1952 ready got a frne deer.

"lll~ift ftlE' &lilll;;;Ji1m;;;Jl'.iJJ

.. 40.00 249~95


' .


l'IA!f." /Fl>l'!!.111 ....



~ II Jll




? II

Similar to Cut ..,...,~


7208 Pacific Ave .. Dmvntown 13th & K St.

BR. 0386


I Hside 9556 Lakewood Center 9133

G1·avely At,ke Dril.'l LA. 5251

Andrew Chopic ~s Honored represented by its three 4--H dubs at the Pierce County '1·-H Achievement Day which was held Nov. 22 at the Buckley high school. The Elk Pl<!in 4·-H Stock club, under the skillful leadership of William

The Pierce County Cattlemen's Association held a dinner n1ccting in Puyallup recently to honor Andrew Chopic of Roy, who has been named Pierce County Cattleman of the Year. Mr. Chopic told of his farm opcrntions and black Angus cattle. 'The association now hns ::i.n <tuxil-

iary called the Cow Belles, which i:,: a national organization. 1vfrs. /\.ndrew Chopic is prcsidrnt; Mrs. Johnson. of Orting, vice-president; Jvirs. E. Foote of Fife, secrctary-tre ;:isurrr. Fri1T1H·rs or their wives interested in these groups may contac.t Mr. Platner of Eatonville for further information. 1

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DO 28" x 80 11 • • • • • only $5.50 ·ea. I 3/4 Solid Slab 36'" x SO" ....... $12.50 ea. I 3/4 Solid Slab 36"' x 78" ....... $12.50 ea. flush Mahogany Inside Doors all sizes $12.22 to $13.96 ea.

Pl UM BING' J .. Pc. BATH SET Recess Tub - Toilet and Lavatory

only $139.50


No Down Payment As Low As $5 Per Mo.

,. I

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• ~



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rtrter Your C Montb.s 8 Yc;irs) (2



Thurs.. De(:. 4i·lh

Thr&.1 Sun •• Dec. 7th

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* No Appointm1s:r1t Of f.cses ** Chnldrreli'tl Be Acm companied by Parenlrs * Portrait ir €:Bill.e!i'll




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"ibtat& a


Wi~i ~r~


fir5t Prize .

ba Chai' !Srore

All Varieties

4 pkgs.



7 Days a Week

SiARtAC 3for

While .Solid Pack




V~~oVEETA ;?.,~fb.


Gold Shield

Cubes or Meal


2§.,lb. b©Jg


- s21e·



L:::rge variety of good beers and wine - largest display of n:ag;izincs in T;;.coma - household hardware - gifts seasonal. and variety Hallmark gm'i:ing cards - a complete clrng department·-- good rc~taurant fe;:ituring borne cooking- Sherwin \Villizms p:iints and Kem-Glo - good line of wgar-frce and diabetic foods - many imported fish and cheese foods. Good line of cbildrens' toys and books.

14 HOURS A.DAY 7 DAYS A m ..


Tirre Chains • Sleds & General Hardware

Benson has been. kacld of for the past two years.

at Buckley. Present were Mesdames R :i ch a rd McNabB and Mark ancJ. Cathy, Emil Nouguicr, Herbert Piper. Peter Teffrc, Fred Dimond and Nancy, Cindy 'Ind Ricky, Billie Tuller and daughter, Walter Corrigan and Pat, and A. Thompson besides the hostess. The next meeting will be Dec. 12 at

Stork Shower

A stork sho\ver honoring Mrs. RichM nrd McNabb was given last Thursdny evening at the ·home of lvfrs. .Billie Tuller on East 96th street. Pirate bingo was played as well as a couple other interesting games. Many lovely gifts were ree.eived by the honored the home of Mrs.' F. An?erso1'. on 91.stl guest from Mesdames Lucy Nouguier, and Taylor. This n:eetmg will be. m Winnie Harrison, Hazell Hicks, Viola the form of (l- Chns~mas' with Townsend, Orpha Siehl, .Billie Tuller.



• • • •

. 14c

each ·.member a.t tc. brmgmg an Helen Cleary, Dorothy Hcnd1.·ic·k····s., .exchange gift not to excee.d 50 ce~ts Phyllis Carson, Gloria Hollan, I.ydia and also a wrappe<:J. Christmas gift Teffre Shirley Lorance, Shirley Colfor a child at the Rainier State school·1 yer, Carol McQuarric, Dorothy Staal Buckley. . vig, .Heleii Zuuk, Naydene Dmrnnd, 4-H Club Elects Nadine Sharpe, Ann Carsoo, and MarElection of officers was the main rraret Corri1rnn besides Edith Miraldi, purpose for the recent meeting oCthe J~ 'Ha~t, Eth~! Mae Ayers. Millie Midland 4-H Clover club. It was, the Piper and Mrs. E. Portz, who were fii'st meeting of the new 4-H year and unable to attend. Sto_rk favor's, pink was held at the home of Mrs-. Willard and blue hea,rt shaped cakes and a Ayers and. Nina. Those elected arc as pink and bh1c bootie tree were a few follows: President, Jean :Michael; vice- of the appropriate decorations. Lovely prcsidc.nt, Elizabeth Weir; secretary, refreshments were served by the hosJoan Chesley; treasurer, Leslee Elli- tess, Billie Tuller, and the Mesdames son; reporter, Marlene Corrigan. The Zook, Hendricks, Cleary, Stavig .and president then appointed the following Corrigan . 1 'com1nittee chairn1en: recreation. Beverly Corrigan; transportation. JoAnn

• • • 8-0z. Pack

.. 18c

store offer fine values as well as Grand Gift the home and .the little lady. Come in and Make Your Selection Nowt

/i-Lb .

Sunbeam and Hamilton Eeach ELECTRIC MIXERS Sunbeam & Toastmaster TOASTERS


. 34c

Sunbeam & G. E. WAFFLE IRONS Zenith RADIOS G. E. Electric IRONS And Many Other Gift Items

p 0 . .D.e. Or.r. ,.,,, ,,,,.,,..., bis., 11 / 11 f J ~""


co41:11.,,AJs ...ti AJ )"


<lcifie .cl G}/< i·e1111e

c 8621


$400.00 Down 2-BEDROOM home on 8rJ by 120 lot. Has a comb. garage and workshop and !Ox!O chicken house. Wonderful

ACRE with a 3- bedroom hurnc on conc·rete foun<lati6n,

·SELECT Used Cars


be responsible for debts incurred

o!hcr than liy myself. M:iri;; D:iilcy. 1cl3

"Since I told him I bought a dozen floor brnps at the PARKWAY FURNITURE

,e-Au.ctiorn.:J y .'.mction. Every Fri., 7:30 p.m. l[}len Betts, 8113 So. '1'acorna Way. Free pickLtp service. LA. 8505. 2ctf (L_Ql-.1;;;ne•'P ~{'"T~;~;::~--,,11 lLu __ ()1.1t a.:.i i.___ ~ '¥ .11.11.;r.,_, b.




soil for garden. Lznvn and

shrubs all in. School bus at. door. You can move right in.

Full price $5250.

52 R\lmblcr Sta. Wagon .... $2195

Country Estate Of 6 Acres

51 NASH Arnb. Airllyte .... $2195

BIG 2-BEDROOM HOME. Large living room with fireplace, dining roon1, rnhinrt kitrhrn. I-Tot £iir auton1atic oil-fired furnace. Beautiful landscaped on 6 acres of lo\Tly ground. This is a buy at

$10,000, on lies! of terms. Near Yelm. 40 ACRES with enough tirnlwr on it to pay for it.1clf a log

house, too. Near Roy. Take it at $60 per acre.

49 .. 0LDS [)8 Deluxe 4-dr. Clean ____ & Joadec', with access. $1695 51 NASH Statesman. II. Overddve. Sharp ......................$1913


50 NASH Statesman 2-tone brown. O.D., Weather eye heater $1575

Evenings: Mr. Loring, GRanite 3570 Mr. Black, GR 3272

12810 Pacific Avenue. Parkland

hr hasn't spoken to n1c.n

/-\UU'fJL)l'~ S.ALb {f YOtJ \Vant niore cash quick, sell '


You can't bcrtt this for a buy at $4-750.

51 RAMBLER. Country Club; radio, heater, overdrive. Very clean ·-··-·······---·---··--···-······-$1895

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I an1 no 1onrrcr connected \Vith th(' Doll & lvfarics Shoppe :rnd will not


bzirn nnd garage. Locate-cl on the Mt. Hiway at Loveland.

50 PONTIAC Deluxe 4-dr. loaded with access .., ...................... $1895

GRanite 3 931

Thursday, Dec. 4, 19.52




LAKEVIEW CONGREGATIONAL coMMUNITY cHuRcH Lake & Kendrick Sts., Lakeview 11 :DO a.m.-Worship scn'icc. Rex JorPacific Telephone has applied to the dan .of Seattle, leader. ~:45 n.m.--Sunday school. Washington Public Service Curnrnis-

ITelephone Company Asks Rate hu:rease

Spanaway Trinity Lutheran Church So. 169th St., 2 lilocks Ea. Mt. Hiway I-I. N. Svinth, Pastor , Sunday School 10:30 a.m.; Harold Ruddick, superintendent. Divine Service 2:30 p.m. ·we are always at yonr service.

* * *

Parkland Lutlieran Church 123rd & Pacific Ave. Walther C. Gullixson,· Pastor Home: 132nd & A St., GR 7377 Sunday School ·9:30 a.m. Divine Service 10:30 a.m.

ibbons Spana.way Food Center

sion today for rate increases varying

by cities. For residence telephones in 1"'sr.oma the rrquf'sted incrrnsf's rangr


GR. 7512

from 65 cents to,$1.05 a month. For the stale as a whole, the proposed incrcasr figures out to an aver~ age of about 2 V' cents per tcft:phonc <} day. This amounts to :$470,0DO a month. Rmsons for the rate application, as outlined by D. C. Franklin, arc: To recover the cost of recent \Vngc increases. To provide the company with enough incon1c to enable it to continue to finance through the sale of scet1ritics, the millions of dollars of additional nc\v construction required to i111provc and expand service tu n1cct pLtblic demand. "Since the war, Pacific Telrphone has spent $150,000,000 in Washington for !>ervice in1provr111rnt nnd expansion,'~ Franklin said. "\i\lc plan to spend another $28.000,000 next year." "Telephone prices have lagged far behind the general inflation spiral. The pLtb!ic interest in good communications srrvice requirrs us to maintain our ability to attract new capital from investors. Dollars for telephone plant and apparatus do not come from the money customers pay for telephone service. The_y come from inv,stors, and investors are attracted only by the prospects of reasonable earnings." The company's .application is confined to local telephone service rates. No changes are requested in long· distance rates.


Tomato Soup .. 3/31c %'s

Fancy Chunk Style

Star Kist Tama . . 29c Libby's


Corn Beef


With Beans

1-Lb. Tin

Chili Con Carne. 29c

Trinity Lutheran Church l\farrill's Snack 12-0z. 12 lst & So. Park Ave. 49 STUDE. Regal Del. 4-dr. 0. Dr. Ernest B. Steen, Pastor Petition for Variance Permit-RA Drive .................................. $1295 9:00 a.m .........Chapel worship service Residential District, Zone No. HJ Picture Pack Lb. 18 LINCOLN Club Coupe. Cust10:00 a.m ..... Sr. school & Bible classes Parkland Arca ~~!.~wa:;.~~~~ Open Till 9:00 P. M. om model, loaded with extras 11 :OD a.m ............. Jr. worship service Delivery Service and 0. D ......................... $1075 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that 11 :00 a.m ......... Church worship service Fresh Lb. a petition has br(•n filrrl v.rith the ; H 1st and Pacific Ave. FOR SALE - M~dcrn breakfast set, Bo'1rd of C'!ounty Co1nmissioncrs of 7:00 p.m ..................... Luthcr League 47 DESOTO Custom. Very sharp, nl.~b ~ ~,,~1h~uiJ~ plastic upholstered chair backs and Pierce County, VVashington, by LcvGR 3941 radio; heater & automatic "I 't. seats; $22.50; 10103 So. Wilke- age antl O\ven, General Contractors, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church shift ------·---------··----·-·-· .. ··-'---$1145 2-Bunches son. l.'ip 12 _requesting a variance pcnnit for a COI\fPLETE JOB 46 NASH 600. R. & H ......... $775 7302 So. Park Ave. 46 FORD Station Wagon. Radio RE.MODELING - Have a few used non-conforming use in the zoned area, H .. N. Svinth, Pastor 36 MONTHS TO PAY & heater, good body ........ $895 DAVENOS & DAVENPORTS in RA Residential District, Zone Nu. 18, Residence at church: Phone HA 7601 Mesh Bag 41 FORD Cpe. . ................... $345 the Way~ Con1c in ancl inakr. us an to permit the construction of an office Sunday School ................ 9:30 a.m. Submersible Pumps 40 CHEV. Coupe ................ $345 offer on one. PARKWAY FURNI- building and warehouse on Lots 13 Morning Worship ................ 10:30 a.m. SACRIFICE! 39 CHEV. Coupe ................ $245 TURE. 14lst & Pacific, GR 3941. and 14, Block 37, of Parkland Town58'!3 SO. J UNETT - $7500. ApPink Florida Luther League Bible Hour....6:00 p.m. 39 .. CHEV. 4-dr. New motor, overOpen· until 9. 15cl2 site, .within said Zone District; ·and praised n1uch higher. Ow·ner 111ust ____ hauled, clean · · $345 NtlTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN U)IFINISHED HIGH CHAIRS kavc. A lovely ho1nc in good distSPANAWAY FULL GOSPEL $6.95. Paint them yourself o;- let that a hearing on said petition will be rict. close to schools and shopping. Moi:e Cars_ to Choose From TABERNACLE PRICES CONSISTENTLY LOW held before the Board of County ComFU 2400 your baby choose his own color }Jc-?":::;rlv ne\v in A-1 condition. i\Jso scheme. They are nice in spinach missioners of Pierce County, \Vashing- 166th & Pacific Ave. P. 0. Box 148, QUALITY have ~1 sin1iLH ho1nr. close to j\;lanigreen or n1odern liver br'own. ton, in their office at the Court House, Spanaway. Rev. S. R. Weddle, pastor;" CONSISTENTLY HIGH tou School. Call Kcx Rector HA Tacoma, Washington, on Monday, the PAf<KWAY FUR)IITGRE, J+!st 0365 or HI 8311. GR. 76 76. & Pacific. Open uhtil 9. !5c12 15th day of December. J 9.'i2 at ten G. I. EQUITY Sunday services: o'clock a.m. of said day, when anyone USED-- Dii\"ING -TABLE--&--4 Prices Effeciive December 5 & 6 PRICED AT $6,~50. · Incl. wall to Bible school, 9:45 a.m. Nash in Tacoma Since 1918 CHAIRS - Limed oak, upholster- interested may appear and be heard \Vtill rug, clcc. range, Clean 2 bed~ Worship, 11:00 a.m. ed chairs; good condition; $3750. in the matter. rou111 bungalow, cen1cnt foundation, 5815 So. Tac. Way HA 1760 Revival Hour, 7 :45 p.m. t:i • 'I~ By Order of the Boat·d of Pierce PARKWAY FURNITURE, Mist aJt"1 -~s~ tr' floor furnacr, large garage. sev,rer, 722 Broadway BR 0303 County Commissioners. Tuesday: & Pacific. Open until 9. 15c12 sidcv.ralks, good location. Pay1nents Dated December !st, 1952. Bible Study and Prayer, 7:45 p.m. $39.00 pvr mo. Call Ralph Decker WHITE enamel wood or coal range JACK W. SONNTAG, FOR SALE - '47 Studebaker dump Thursday: with coils, $20. Puyallup 5-5339. Content9 Hauled Away HA 036i or BR 0702. County Auditor and Clerk of the truck, $550. GR 3127. 12cl2 Christ's Ambassadors, young ,peo15p12 'IUTSON ~ANK CLE1 'NF--r.: IIOME & AGRE - $900 DOWN Board of County Commissioners .t .i. l f-._ .L'.J !...Jf Ca)( )D '.)-Y1. old ho1JH' on lovely =F"'O""R=-=-sA-:-::L-::E"'·--=B-o-y""'s-.,,.2"' Oi-n-ch~Bi ""; ple in charge, 7:45 p.m. Granted H. LEIF, Deputy. By rII 3980 IIA 7038 f, nrcd ncrc loratnl at 100'.l East 68 !5cl2 Pub. The Times-Journal, Dec. 4, 1952 S25; call GR 34·18. Lar~<' 1oon1s, h;1rchvood floor!', 3ood UNITED METHODIST CHURCH . Among the 53 persons who became 1 FOR SALE - ''12 Hudson CommoSF WE RS - SE p TI C TANKS _ 1 <rnt1 al lw:i tmg, Lu g-e <onnew citizens of the U nitcd .States last dore 8 4-door sedan, $2 25; also 2Parkland - Spanaway Pryde 'Warns DRAIN FIELDS_ WATER LINES. cret'.' rnitbt•ildim;-s, good soil under ·I· week in the large federal courtroom whcel tr:!ilcr, $+5; 22V, h.p. out-. Alexander P. Aiton, minister s:ity ctml C:iunty Lllrnscd. bee c'.dt~'at1on. C~all Rex. Rector HA board motor, value $220, will trade Of Traffic Dangers in Tacoma were three residing in Sunday school at Parkland and Span1'.s11111atrs. .Jun Malynn, 3n9V, 03b;:i OJ HI 8J·l4. for cliaiu saw or house trailer or Times-Jom:nal territory. They arc Serving, Lakewood, gangs up on pedestrians! away churches every Sunday at 9:15 N ovcmber J\{cl{inlcy _i\\·c., Call I-L\ G351; Eve. equity in South end home. GR '.)272 Midland, Summit, Spanaway Stella Marie Konrad, Rt. 1, Span,_& Sat. EA t~fllj!J. _ '.lcif Chief James A. Pryde of the Washa.m. any time. 15c12 and Lakeview-Pierce county ;EPTIC TANKS CLEANED-ConWANTED - Chickens and rabbits. ington State Patrol warned Washing- United worship service at the Park- away_; Sigurd Ziegler, Rt. 1, Box 85, permit. tents hauled ii'l."-.r~:y. l)on l<~cdfon:i, land church, 11:00 a.m. Roy, and Iris Luksta, 1+519 WashC:ill us hr·fore you selL Cope's Poul- ton pedestrians today that this is an 893'' c •.l" · c t· l",,,, ' 7°''" try Market, 7036 Pacific Avenue, especially dangerous· month for them., Youth Fellowship Sunday.s, 6:30 p.m. ington Ave., Tillicurn. - - e>o "·''· If_no, ti;i .,, 11 ~K v· l A nLCAm ey ve. GA. 0365 Tacoma, Wn. HA HOG. 15ctf "Remember, i't's .:.-iovc ~' nlb e1,. " l ie. I All welcome at all services. Member Tacoma Real Estate Board UPLAND WOOD - Green, 2 cords cautio_ned, and lisled four reasons vvhy TO CHOOSE FROM $14; also dry, cord $12 or 2 cords $20; GR 3306. J5ctf local pcdrstrians should be n1orc careCHECK OUR LOW DOWN PAY· Church MENT INSURANCE PLAN. GET YOUR-HOLIDAY BIRDS ful dLtring, the coming weeks. 2Cl5 East 96th St. PLUMBING REPAIRS "Dusk and darkness con1e early at NOW MaI!ard ducks, canary WE NEED listing' of all kinds. Farms, Rev. Douglas B. Northrop, D. D. birds; go out Mt. Highway to this tilnr of yrnr," he said, "and peCleaning • Electric Pipe of acreage, lots, building sites, homes 6426 Pacific; HI 6200 Fogel's store, turn cast to end of destrian fatalities reach a high peak (new or old, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedCall 3:00-Holy Eucharist road_; Mrs. J. Hinks, Rt. 1, Box 11-1, rooms). We have cash buyers wait135th & Pacific Avenue 9:30-Chnrch School Classes Eatonville; phone Puyallup 7-7633. .this month between the hours of 5 10:30-Worship, Sermon & Music ~ 15cH and 8 p.m." He particularly cautioned pcdcstCALVARY PENTECOSTAL 1:ians not to try to gauge the speed of GR 8585 ;~fn -0nron1ing car by its lights. If .there is any doubt. he s:iid. a~d rebuilt transmissions, also gears; ~ihe. curl·J· · until the, .. a.J ma]<:es and models; phoqe Puy- ,-Y!i'ttsseif allup · 5-211-1, .days; Tacoma, HI 1" · .· . 3242, evenings. 15ctf ... Chief Pryde also remmded pedest- ·Sunday services: Sunday schools, 9 :1·5 a.m. VALLEY TOP SOIL, rich and black, .i1ians that weather conditions during Worship, 11 :DO a.m. any quantity. GR 7,259. . 15cd :ryoven1ber ai·c uncertain, and that.rain, Young People, 6:45 p.m. LEAVE FILM AT Quality Photo\ s,now and sleet arc three real hazards Evangelistic, 8:00 p.m. Service for developing. In at 10, out " Wednesday: at 5. 9610 Pacific Ave. 15ctf "Dqn't durk your head against the Bible Study and Prayer, 8:00 p.m. 1 11220 Pacific Ave. FINE TOP SOIL Inmfate and Weather Strip Your Home Factorv-'l'o-1:-ou Prices \vcather," he warned, "and watch your Friday: Office-Da s, GR 3341 GHlLD CARE-In my home, _or . .. . on f'Jc,v · 8::. !lecovcr VVOrk Save Money By Saving Heat · vu y9221 LA 30 room and board; GR 3503 ask for Rich and blad, delivered. Call Puy. footing. Slippery pavements and bent 66 Gospel service, 8:00 p.m. E ' enmgs, - . , . ., · ' . f allup 5-8228. 15ctf All work done and guaranteed by Zonolire and RockwooI Pouring Type Agent for American ExpreBs Abee. . l· 1·ct_ he;ds result in care less pedestrian CLOVER CREEK BAPTIST a specialist of '1·0 years' experience. Moncv Order• WANTED Irnnin" to do in my WOOD-Upland slab, 2 cords, $14; U.S. G. - Kimsul - Balsam Wood - Roll Type Military Road, opposite Clover FREE ESTIMATES c"'R '1·160 J 1 12 planer ends, $1 and $8 loads. HI. l I , _,_ FOR SALE - Next to Colleg·e-B- . lwmc. R casona·'-'-· · · "P__ 4056. 15ctf Creek school GRanitc 60GG Ash About Our lvI onthly Pay Plan room house, + lots. By owner. Call WILL room and board one or two R. L. Hagan, Pastor pedestrian fatalities in Nove1nbcr, he PR 7177. 9c15 pr~~school children. Puyallup FOR SALE - Boys and girls bicycles, Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. irn.AINAGE - Septic tcrnk installa5-J.?30. Hp12 $25 each; GR 5577. 15cltf pointed out. He suggested that shopChurch Service, 11 :00 a.m. tion; side sewers; earth work of any pers be careful not to overload themty 0. WANTED - Housework by hour or BABY FURNITURE, new and used Young People's Service, 6:30 p.m. type; by hour or contract. Hauser Insurance of All Kinds day; references; mqmrc at 516. 114 SMALL FRY EXCH., 1109 Market. selvrs .. P8ckagcs delivered at home Evening Church Service, 7:30 p.m. & Seifert. BR. 914 1; Rc-:s. GR. 8121. Notary Public 1 St. 14p12 !5ctf arc better than pedestrians delivered Midweek Prnyer Sewice, Thursday, PACIFIC AVENUE LUMBER COMPANY 3ctf 1--===·==-=;;;w.;;;,,;::•.:;;_,_;;;_;:;<~::,:::"'""';:-;;;:"';;;';:;w;;cs~:;:;=;;;;,:;;;_ ~:;;;.:;;o_:,,.7± lo hospitals. be said. Est. in Parkland since 1941 ROTTED cow FERTILIZER 7:30 p.m. 84TH & PACIFIC AVE. PHONE HI 9515 GR 7232 days; GR 8210 Eve. & 'Sun. · $1 SAC'K or by the yarul; peat and Hurrying hon1c frorn work is an- Women's Missionary Union, 2nd and 203 Garfield Street ATTENTION Building Contractorstopsoil. HI. 4056. 15ctf other pedestrian hazard at this time +th Tuesdays, 12:00 noon. SALES AND SERVICE I'(JiCs~\LE- (JR-i'RADE - ! y.j acres De Vault power swing saw for rent; TAP, At.:ROBATI<?, BALLET ClaS"> all cleared, ready for homes; for phone GR 374-8. 15ctf 7~s All :iges. Mildred Keller, Gll of year, Chief Pryde added. House and Cm11nw1'Cia! Makes "The thought of ho111c co111forts HARVARD COVEN~NT CHURCH l\Jutor Service \Vashf'r Service late rnodd car or pick up. Phone SLABS, 8 ft. to 16 ft. long, $1.50 a · 15ct! 1611 East 85th Street In Our New (~cn1cnt U!ock Bldg-. CR 5063. 9p l 2 load, you haul. Tooles Sawmill, FERTILE, screened top soil; pulver- n1akcs n1any pedestrians unconsciousized peat; 5 fu,11 yards $8. All Kressei ly hurry frOJ?1 'vork," he, "and 9:45 a.m., Sunday school; classes for On the C:orucr at 161st & Pacific Davis Road, Graham. 15ctf GR 5192. 15ctt Spana\'(ay GRai1Hc 6662 .all ages. For THURSDAY, FRIDAY f<5 SATURDAY only too frequently the hurrying pe~E'.!!~~-~'.~'-0"'.""ZZ'tt'::~-~~~-~;m 1 l :00 a.m., Morning worship; Junior FOR RENT 2 room furnished SHARE EXPE1NSE for ride from destrian is th~ careless pedestrian." A Merry Tiller for a Merry ROTOVATING, bbde work; no job church; nursery for infants. <1partn1ent, uti1itics furnished CxParkland to rfacon1a and back each Christn1as. We arc giving 4- quarts too ;:mail. W. L. Lewis, GR 7492: n:pt oil. $30. GR 4329. 10cl2 7:00 p.m., Evening gospel service. Lean Ribs of U.S. Graded Beef 385 )f Mobile SAE Heavy Duty Oil and Set! FOR RENT - Furnished house: lTuesday, 7 p.m., Teen-Time for teen\ock E ui • Pie Baking 2 pounds of SAE-90 with every hedroon1. Span~nvay Lake-; call ,GR q p- - l\t the Puyallup -- 111gl1 . - ~cuool - on D. c- agers. Merry Tiller purchased from - ---- li~Oli after 7. 10pl2 Second Wednesday, 1 :30 p.m. HarWANTED Horses to board; GR b , 6 19'i" . f ·l . . . l' Lean· Frcsb Hams, Young Pork n 1"7 16·12 CCI11CI, . .:..,Onf'o t1cSCVCl1CISRecovcrir;g and Rebuilding FOR RE~fr - Small office building .1 .1 . c . . 1 . vard Ladies' Circle . trict ch c r r y pie J;ik1ng contests on Garfield St., $20. GR 3526. Cushions Rebuilt WANTED Horses and cows for mink Thursday, 7:30 p.m., mid-week prayer E'---- "<"' •. -! . . . PURE LARD ............... 2-lbs. i'J.te J:O~lLlIIlatt".!1 iOctf feed; call Puyallup 5-82W collect. ihruugh,Out the state vviii be hcl<l with meeting. Offer good during the holiday 16ctf tw,;P winners frotn ench district con1Open Kettle Rendered season. peting in the finals at the University FERN HILL BAPTIST CHURCH Call PRoctor 1800 MILK COWS, sold on terms. Garn· 12814 Pacific Avenue 86th and G Streets mon, Rt. 3, Box 703, Tacoma, 4 of Washington early in 1953. The UNFINISHED furniture. Hag g's, C:Ranite 3201 Res: GRanitc 3181 eventual winner will have an all-exR. W. Ledyard, Pastor HA. 0381 miles south of Summit. 16ctf Serve With Sauerkraut 1107 Market Street. 15ctf ~rous1;; M(5VINd; Jevcl!Ii-;;;-fou~da. Sunda~' Services REGISTERED Herefords; cows, heif- pcnse paid trip to Chicago to bake tions; re1nent work; free estirnatcs. ers and bulls: also commercial Here· against the nation"s best in the Nation- Bil:Ic School, 9:4-;:i a.m. Free bus servPARKLAND WESTERN ,\UTO PR 2fi53. 3ctf fords, Angus and Shorthorn cattle. •1 Ch p· B I· , cl · 1 ice. . Call WHA. l 4·194-. Pure Fres1J Beef . ll J · Airport & Pacific GR 3112 Shop GR 7450 • Res. HI 6190 Phone GR 6112. 16ctf a , crry 1e a .ong contest. "n 1t M 01,nmg ors 1ip, a.m. umor Id b b Pacific Ave. at Brookdale e a oy wnnicr. church nnd nursery. REGISTERED polled Hereford bull cou P. 0. Box 645, Parkland Alrca~y boys and girls, ages 15-~ 1, Junior choir practice, 6 p.m. service. Breed the horns off. Phone HALL FOR RENT - At 11102 So. GR 6112. !6ctf from high school home cconom1cs 6:30 p.m.-Adult Bible class, AmhasAUTO MACHINE SHOP 12 - 15 Size Yakima. For information call HI CASH FOR milk cows, beef, heifers, classes and 4-H groups arc practicin<; sadors' Bible.class (young people), 2,139. lOctf And GARAGE veal and hogs. Call R. Thackeray fur the contest, sponsored by tlw The Challengers (children). FOR RENT - Two room furnished 1 ·wc have new machinery for collect, Puyallup 5-5414. 16ct[ At HOGANS Washington St<"ttc Fruit Con11nission. Evf'ning Scrvlcc, 7:30 p.111. I ap<irln1t:ut, ,_ utilitlcs furnished exGrinding Con Rods, Heads, Brake Septic Tanks Cleaned cept oil. GR 't:lW. lOcl 1 Drums & Pistons. Pistons, Rings & Each contestant, winner or not, will Wednesday & AVE~iUE l'Ul~-RENT 2 bedroom duplex, Exchange Con Rods in Stock. Enreceive n prize. The sL1tr- chnn1pion, Pra;·er. mcctin?, 7:3~ p.1n. Friday: 9 to 9 Market Hours: 9 to 7 g·aragt; and laundry facilities; 761 gine Rebuilding Our Special1y. HA 5704 in addition to the Chica"o trip will Chmr practice, 8:30 p.m. Violet l'vfc:aclow. Call GR 6H2 or l · ~ ' Third Thursday, Ladies' Missionary b t d GR 5751. lOclO SPECIAL - If you use oil to heat c gran c a cas 1 pnze. "rnccti~g. !\1rs. Vincent Lucas, prcswith and live within a 2-mile radius rc(JRRENT - N cw small + -ro;;;~i idrnt. GR. 5351·. · of 'JOOth and Pacific Ave., we can house; electric range. refrigerator; offer you a. real saving on your oil circulator; garage, adults. no heating oils. Lapensld Fuel Co. pets; 1:65; '.B22 So. 92nd; 2 lilucks 9920 Pa,cific Ave.; Call GR 8173 from Highway 99. lOpl 1 FUR REr;it Furnished or un- FERTILIZER by yard .or sack. GR. 4· 108. 15ctf f urnishcd 2-bcdroom house; south l~surance I haw been wonderfully r·nd, dose to sc.hoo), bus and shopALFALFA HAY By the bale or ping district; auton1atic hot \-Vater; blessed in being restored to ton. Crasshay $1.25 per bale. Will Large or Small wired 220; option to buy; children active life after being crippl~d take livestock in trade. Delivery can welcome; rcnsonablc; call LA 454-4. Gravel !'ill Dirt - Top Soil in nearly every joint in my be arranged. 2nd house past Roy Y _______l_Op..!_! Ed Van Antwerp GRanite 3151 on Mt. Road. 15ctf State Farm's aim to select: only careful drivers is one body and with muscular sore-







9-Real Estate



GR 8108


aeptnc ·



Pools Cleaned






Sliced Bacon.


Side Pork.


Carrots .

... 1Sc






GR. 3713




Lunch Meats .



AH Saints



fishers Quality feeds




M©Jnh'l'l'IH Upholstery



P arkl an d R eaI





A ion's Ref fG©j<er©ltion




~i:_ct ' 1ves


Paddand Upholstery





39¢ . .. .lb. 57¢

BOIUNG BEEF .............. . . lb.






45e BEEF .. lb. 49¢ .................. pt. 69¢




Rupe. Machine Works




Legal Publications



8-Wa:nt•;:;d __ . _ wA:'fl'ED---:=-~ strollers and

816.5. RADIA-cT=o~I<.--s-,-Bc_r_a_p_ iron

junk ca:is and batteries. Puy. 5-2'-41. Hecker, the ·wreeker. Bctf SPOT CASII Fur YotJr Used -Funiiturc

I Piece or ll.ousc Fu11 Bloc:k's Furnicurc Mart 'l'.~05 So. T:icoma Way .... LA. 2882 CASI-I for equities. Fife ~1otors, 5J26 So. Tacoma Way. HI. 9241. 8ctf


H. G. Clctrnc l ()liver H7(Y'

John Deere Model M New Holland Automatic Hay Baler, ovc-diaulc<l Snnal Good Fon] Tractors, o\·crhaHled. llARCLA Y TRACTOR & IMP., Inc. Your Ford Tractor Dealer l·Hl7 Puyallup Av<'. FUiton 2254 Tacoma, \Vashington -·-·----·------- _ DEAD-SHJCK REMOV1'~ij -WITH-: FOR SALE -- l heavy. duty wood lUT CHARGE: Highest prices stove. l';Xcellent condH1on, rrn~nnpaid for tallow, hides, grease and nhir3R -1-168. 15p12 bones. PUGET SOUND RENDER- FOR SALE - Vc1y gcod wood ·and ING WORKS. Phone LAkewood coal hrnting stove, $50. HA 7070. 24·'.H. 13ctf 15p12

first JC<ibliva:ion, Nov. 27, C. T_ CJVFNS and FLOYD V. HICKS, c:c ~~xr'cutcrs of Estate, P. C). Bn'{ 728, l)nrLbnd> WashingLon COUDWIN EASTVOLD & HICKS. At1r:1nrys Estate, N3L.1 Bank of YVash. Br;-inch, Parkland P. 0. Bex 728, Pnrklnnd. Washington Published in the Times-Journal Nov. 27; Dec. 4, 11, 1952.


ness from head to foot. I had Rheumatoid Arthritis and other forms of Rheumatism, bands deformed and my ankles were set. Limited space prohibits telling you more here bnt if you will write me I will reply at once and tell you how I received this wonderful relief.

Mrs. Lela S. Wier 2805 Arbor Hills Drive P. 0. Box 3122 Jackson 7, Mississippi


ANDERSON Chevron Service I 76th St. & Mt. Highway

GRanite 6465



Statement On Auto Insurance Rates

Rates for State Farm lv1utual Automobile Company ARE NOT AFFECTED BY THE INCREASE IN AUTOMOl':HLE RATES IN THIS STATE.


of the features which permit this leading writer of. full coverage :iurnmobile insurance to esrablish its own rates. STATE FARM rates arc set at the lowest levels consistent with its policyholders careful driving practices. Our rates in Washington were last adjusrecl June 30, 1952, No further changes are pending at this time. Call or sec us today for low insurance rates.

Sf.ale farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co (Bloomington, Illinois) FORREST LEONARD 420 So. 122nd 12815 Pacific Ave. Phone GR 5070 Phone GR 7222




Pancake Flour. 49c - - - : I.umhcrjack



Syrup ..-...... 29c 1-1,h; Cello Pkg ..

. . . . . . 23e 2-Lb. Cello Pkg.

Rice ......... 31 e Sunsweet Large



Prunes I•'olgers


Coffee ..... $1.63 Darigold



Cheese. Food .79c Frc~en Peas ... 16c Sliced

1-lbs. 11c


12-0z. Pkg. lOY,-Oz.

Strawberries .. 25c







FROZEN SPINACH .......... 14-oz. 17c SHUR.FINE SHORTNING ....•.. 3..!Jbs. 79c CORNED , BEEF. Fray Bentos ........ . 39c Hoody's


PEANUT BUTTER ............... .




GIANT TREND . . . . . 45c PEAS .• No. 10 Tin 79c D

''Booster Club Holds Interesting Session


The Franklin Pierce Hi Booster c\uh had it's first meeting in the new high school last Tuesday night . There was an excellent attendance of 200 people to sec the new buildings that are finished. Everyone was thrilled and very much impressed to think that the children arc going to be able able to g"o to such a modern and beautiful building. Reports were made by various .comn1ittccS. The lcgislatiOn comnunittec, h~aded by Hal .Evans, gave a very Morris Ford ex-



20% More Juice



. 8 1hc

Fancy and Extra Fancy



.. 25c


Large Bu;1ch


CARROTS No. 1 Fancy



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -. . . . .29c

Fancy Quality Assorted. In Bulk





PAY YOUR PUGET SOUND POWER & LIGHT BILLS .HERE (Np Sales to Dealers. We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities.)


I 62nd & Park Ave. Spanaway



GR. 8213 & 6th

A benefit dinner will be the Grcuter Fern Hill association on Thursday, Dec. 11, at the Fern Hill school. This will be a ham dinucr and all p1ocecds will go towards a fund· for the con1munity center. Tl~e Greater Fern Hill association was funned c~rly this year for the sole purpose of building and maintaining a community center and tl;is dinner will be the first of many projects to raise necessary n1oncy to carry out ·the work.




. . d .. Pacific. Ave. & Garfield Distnct cha1rrncn an aux11iary prcsidPnts \\rill give reports. Plans wil1 ~·lt•l:·:t·!t·::·::·:!·!m·!!·~:~;:-.::•!!•!!•!!•!!•!!•!!•!!·::-::·!t-!l be i11ade _to entertain- the 5th distri~t, !~ ~:j who were the winners in the recent i~ ./>4 •IP ' mem b ersh1p contest. ... !·! I 1 Hostess auxiliarie.s for the mee(ing ~~ ~~ will be Puyallup Valley auxiliary J'loi !{ 2224-, Puyallup; Su1nncr \lictory aux- i~ :·: iliary No~ 1-070, Stunner; Orting EvcrM i~ Trained ~ 1 ! 1 green .auxili·a·ry No. 759.0, <J><io,. "" Ca:rbou Glacier au;dliary No. l·J14~ Buckley. '

A ham dinner will be served by Jhc


•·• :.:

your _c 111·1d • w·d 1 e selection of ploy and dress shoes for tots to teensters. ~







assure a perfect flt for


To Far. East

i:i i·l

Couples club of lhc Parkland Methodist church in the basement of tlw i·! •,• Parkland school next Sunday, Dec. 7, :.: from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The proceeds !·: :·: will go l0 the new building .fond. Tickets .are $1.50 for adults and 75c for children and may be purchased from club mcmbei·s.,

l/c Andrew R. Huvchke


~ •01•"""~' :~

Sunday Ham Dinner


Headquarters for your CH Il DR. EN S SHOES

GR 3171

;~: :~ ~ ··' ::: i

:·t · i::




\'\later Repellent


RADIO -- TV Repairing and Installation Call LA. 8813

for Boys Rubber Foot Wear




Portables and Auto .Radios Om Specialty

H.Ja CrUt ' L_oggcr . BOOtS


u 1.:s

•• ::t


1~111 Perrv1 Radio Co.

:~ Across from Medical Arts :·! :·; Building !·! ::: 743 St. Helens BR 4'166 ~~ ?of !:!

:t·:}: -m:·: ·: ·: -:*: -: ·: ·: ·~·:*:*: ·: -: -: -:~: ·mi:. I

12904 Pacific Highway Midway between Fort & Tacoma.

And His Orchestra

Every Saturday at the



Times journal v 8 no 12 dec 4, 1952  
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