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fi,'g!'t'k~a~d School to



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six on or


Cit~·Co. Bldg. Need Toi






Bu· ,· \.\URE·D Sli"y·l>ON·

O!l'lleft House Sept. 4



DA' · nvlA~ao A~EA ~ ~._E\m\ ~'1 lf-!'1r\ _A


nus service in the Parkland and Spnnawny arr-:1 now appears to be assured as the result of the concentrated cffGrts of a group sponsoring the proposi.tion. A 111ccting of- all those I interested was held .. Friday evening in tht:'. Ifon)e &.'.·. Fn. nn Bureau offices. Th:· Il-Linc Transit Co. is now .in-




corpora.led for $50,000 with Les Viallac.c, Jim Loring and Boh Owen. a~ the lncorporartors. Thrsc three n1cn, with Bill Black and .Jack Brown, are the ncting board o_f dirc_ctor_s \vi th 1 Brov.rn as chairruan; Blaek, vjcc chair1112111: Ivlrs. Ji111 Loring, sccrctary,_and Ed Steveus, \rcasurcr. /\ppointcd to tl1rsc offirr'~, thc~y vvill srrvc until a pcnnanent org-anization of the co1npany is effected at the Oct. I business meeting-. . Stock holders m the newly formed , . . . l .. ·h . I company arc practically all ·public 1 1ic t e. at1 c, the 1ai . . ll' d b usn1css . . 1c o f tl1e p a.r l·,,,.K l myl1 m t le cl Iac1 · · · sp1n peop 111 ' noJ auc . resume us active i_,nn r1 area. "'l ·1 ti · d fr•"nc+ ;,,,, 1"\f'\1; .. ;,.,, c1nr1 r.J,.,..,,.].., Y\' 11 (' .lf'.Y nrr COll\'lilCC

Son's G1l1'(!ldtu1ation ire Celorado



GOP H©sii'$ ~·@ l\!dl) At Pcli'lly Park A~n9, 23




. hcC'n gtvrn th1"

the Vct 1 F. W.



& Slfjtij,lrday

P@thu~k \Vilh a<lvanceincnt, aHt'.1irJancc, dues. t1'oop Il1f'ctings, courts of honor and This special gct-togr:thcrs 'vith the boys' •)f the pan~nts; _nlso new· policiC's on adri1it- l,unde tancc of. new boys to the troop. A leutativt: pro grain \vi th nE1ny · high\Vas plnnncd for· the yc~r. Mr. cornrnissionc::r of a neighbor s:-Jt in on part of the session s01ne valuable pointers on Mrs. N cwco111t.:-r t:H:rvcd rcf resllfrwnts. Ten <1f the boys were at Hohobas, tile Buy Scout su1n1~~r __ cq~np on IIoods Canal, Aug ...3 to ·9, .at. which tin1c the lJovs rL~ccivcd instrucl.ion ]n , Tn:irks111anshi11, bo:itin,Q,", \\'Ooci lore:, trailing, cool~­ ing, can1ping and hiking·. Inch1dl'.d ii) the party were Bob :Matthews, Jim Mc11anus, Buz Norwil: Don SpcnlTl and Pt'ter · Parks, Explorer Scouts; For son1e ti1ne Pacific Luthera.n Robert Williams, Steve Kenworthy, Dennis Moore, Brio?. Moor<' and Bill College has keenly felt the need nnd Nc\vcorner, Boy Scouts, and Scout~ heard the rnany requests for .a pro~ Jnastcr George. Newco111cr, whu .had gram in 1nusir, for all students desiras good n time as the boys. The boys ing- piano lessons, but who arc ·below Sl.i id thev had a wonderful time and college age. Under the di1cction of plc11ty to cat, too. Each hoy is al- Mr. R. Byard Fritts, the music departn1ent staff, the PLC Preparatory ( Continued on Page 6) dcpnrt111rnt is now br:coming a real-----ity tO provide the finest type of piano iristruction for students of any age group, .'vhethcr they be beginners, or haYC had previous training. .Announccrncnt: of this opport11nity has been awaited by n1any parents and young· inusicians in this locality as the ans\vcr to requests that have con1e in fro1n all sides, and pron1iscs Enjoy the Healthful· Benefits of the very best musicianship for those Svvcdish Massage in the Privacy ~;ho takf: advantage of it. · of Your Hon1c or Mine Tuition costs are being set at the H. C. BALLARD, MASSEUR lcnvcsts possible figure with the plan For ~t\.ppoint111ent Phone that__ this progra111 will scrvl'. the EVENINGS Tacoma, GRanitc +~4·2 L




Clover Creek Cln.11rch




To: R. Byar<l Fritts

INSURANCE ROLEY AGENCV and Portland Avenue GR 8501

OPTOMETRISTS DR. L RICHARD McGIRK Modern Eye Care 4802Y,, So. Yakima HA 2113




Pie Days this.weekend


Old Favorites And New Try one of our delicious Family Style Coffee Cakes


AUNT SUE'S Bakery 209 So. 84th

HI. 4072

Parkland, Wash.

I am interested in. registering for piano al PLC:


Name Address Phone


Preferred time for lesson. \Veekday D

8201 Park Avenue Phone HA 2342

sons arc to be $1.:oll for a half-hour period once a week, payable in advrincP to coint.:idc -with the school sen1cster systc1n. Each lesson n18y he scheduled at lhc time best suited for c8ch individual student, either after school on vveek days, or on Saturdays. This scheduling rnay be done during registration tin1c on the ca111pus, dates tu be announced later. Further inforrnation- n1::iy ht~ h:.i<l by calling or \Vriting: Mr. Fritts, or the Reg-




1tr'~1;:K:l$ Sacred Concert

The /.\ rnhass~dor n1nl_c quart.ct of Los Angeles Bible Inst1lute w11l be heard in a sHcrf'd concr:rt at the an (ilovf'r Creek Baptist chu.rch Friday 1 cvcniag~ i'\ug. 22, at 7;•1'5 o'clock. The qrnl!'tct has been touring the nortlnvest for the past 1nonth or n1orf':, appr:iring bf'forc large audi~ r:'nccs in churches and at Bible. con~ fcrcncl's. rfhc Bible of Los Angeles · is sziid to have ·one of the strongest rnusic dcpnrtn1cnts of any school of. istr:lr's officf'.. · its ldnd ·in the country. In order to facilitate prelin1in?!ry TIH· concert is cornplitnentary and arrang1:u1ents , the coupon below :in offrring will be received. All arc should be filled out ng_\v rind nrnilrcl \vclco1nc. to the College. In all fairness, those Clover Crf'rk B;:i:ptist chureh is loapplying first \vill be given prcfl:r,.; catrd two 1nilcs east of the Mountain ence in the event that a 121rge reg- higlnvay on the Military road. Rev. istration n1ight 1ncan that son1e \vould F... ;:·v.- I.. R'. I-Logan .is the resident have to be turned awily until far.11- n1u11ster. Sunday n1cTLings inc]urJe itics could be expanded further. Sunda): school. at 9_:45. a.m . ; rnorning prf'nch1ng scTv1cc at 11 :00 a.111.; youth 'I fc~lo.v~·ship,, G:3Q p.n1.; evening evang1 elistic service at 7 :·15 p.m. cunununity as a. p,:iblic service. Les:..




DR. JOSEPH G. HANSON Osteopathic Physician 54.:i7Y2 So. Tacoma Way Odd Fellows Building HA 5315 Tacoma 9, Wash.

Danielson • Rolfe

Insurance Agency PARKLAND-GR. 31B Automohile - Casualty - Fire

Inland Marine

Call Cascade for

H"" AlLOViANCE Size 600xl 6


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A Purnp For Every Purpose FHA Terms -


Cascade Pu1np arid Drilling ((t



Rt. 7, Box 149

Largest Selection of Fruit in Pierce County

Tacoma WELLS DRlll.ED

One Mile Before Entering Puyallup on the River Road Open Till 10:00 P. M. Phone Puyallup 5-8561






Parkland ft1HI



· _

fon· September 10. First thrn 8th µ;radc will register in the office of the school. . ---·. -·--·------- ---In the past Parkland. school has _ ncvcT I~nd a prc-rcp;1stration, b':1t due 0 lb!!@~di~a&!ICH tlll' increased enrollment. this step . is· neccss·11y f@'lr St@il'.lei Sem:llte < • ----------Rcuku Knobla':1eh, now slate H'p- ~U"'\\~N ·S' ·Slf'R'~!Ct"" rcscntativc, has f>lcd for state sen- ~<t!il"if~ \f~ '? , '-.1.tur on -t.hc De1nocratic lickct. Re- l111ki ~W " · ' bs.lfil • · f f · · h ·· rR - ' S~ lmnmg mm our vcars sc1vicc wit .m··. I~~ ff~ r.1-, , j 1 • "' !.IL· .. 1 l>"i.rdl'J ~ \hi ~


Woodland Bov Se@uts H ""'""""


The Parkland grndc school (kinder,.,arten lhru and including 8th µ;rack) will register new pupils 1\fonday, Auµ;mt ~5, at 10:00 a.m. Kind..· . ~· , llll · crr4artrn youngsters must. bring a birth cert1f1cate and be five on. __ or for the new Franklin Pierce high school will meet bcfol"C' .September 10. 'They wiU rcga.m. For a short time classes .will be held in tbe istcr in the basement _of the ichool. school building. Unforeseen delays 'hJvc made it Firslt grad crs dare rct'<J nll'c~ to haveb. a

Dcrnocrats of th•·' nru.1 arc looking· frn-w:)rcl to tht:: cciuul)'-wide picnic at Ciarl Broon1c's pb!~(· on Lake (;eneY.?I 8u1llJ;:ry; Aug. 2·J~ beginning at 10 {LnL A.11 locnl ])n11ncratis c-andidatcs \vill 'he present ;:u1d the prjncipn l Grades g and 10 ...will meet in the spealu:r will· he lknry M. Jackson. 1nain building at Parkland froni 8 . lo 12 noon and grade 5 will have 0 iP' LJ! 11511 l · t ·h c ...,Jl"(i.l t I?.::. \l,:;lll!l!g classes f rom· 8 a.1;1. to I'', , noon 111 11 ,(lll'l:S -lth grade roo1ns 111 the wing. 1 Grades 4, 6, 7 and 8 will haw ' £ tl. C. ft G ilcl nf classes from 12:30 to .J.:'.JO n.m. 1fl'.1"lC I/ ?d· 1.. .es o· ( . . ,ll: __ ,!''..! _.L .uC"ltc·i· Grade.s 1 2 :l nncl ld~drrgartcn 1 :irornn S.out l1 .011J111un1 y -\._ i . ' ' ' b cor.d rn y1nv1tc vo11 to a c·n 1L . - · l rcg·ular -... .· . .tt· d tl ·1·.1· will .o.bsc.n-c school h.o urs, c·... 11 . . . (Jp(;n house on Sept. ·t. g1nn11}g nt 9 a.111. • • Ikuislration for 11 11 • year, display The reason for the doublc-shiftmg and dr1nnnst1:ation of crafts \vill he of grn<lcs 4 Rnd 5 ls that the cJugh from U:OO to l'.'.:OO_. Coffee and s:hool sludc_nts ca':':not. ll:Se _the small cake will b_e served 111 the lounge scats rcqu:rcd. for Jt~ graders. . , from 12:00 to I :00, followed by a Tcaehci assignments and bus "chcdsocinl hour. ules will be announced :1ex.t 'v:._·ek. \Vhcn you register you will receive .Ne1ivcon1crs to th~ distnct arc 1~eyonr program booklet for the year's 1111nclc:l that .any 11lgh sd:ool pupils scl1cdulc, which "\vill contain full in~ in their fsirnlics sho~tld register :Jt the fnrrnation on crafts lo be given and P. scl:ool th;s wcf'k 01 nrx~ supplies needed. 1_ho~P attPnrl1ng hig l school fron1.th1s Instructions i.n rn. ;\king. wood fibre d.1st11ct last year need not rcgistci flowers will begin on Sept. 11. Edna till the opening of school. J\1. Kelly, instructor. Those taking th_is craft :<ho.uld brinµ; the_ following: ll':i!@di'Ved~s Atteilild scissors, p1nk1nu shears~ \Vll'f' cutters. · small bowl ancf paste brush, piece of oil cloth to \vork on, pencil a11d "" _papc~,r for lYL1king patterns, r~1gs. It's off to the n1ountains for Dr. and ()thcr supplies will Lt· ;ivailab1e ;:it :Nfrs. Jvfngnus Nodfvedt and daughter the c;entrr. ~rcxtile paintir.g \Vill hr,\ Jo.Anne for. ~it of relaxation and the next craft taught beginning Oct. fishing prior to Dr. Nodtvcdt's return 2nd. ) 1 to his job at Pacific Lutheran c.ollcgf':. Dr. Nocltvccll is professor of history at P_LC. . . ' N • , • While m Boulder, Colo., it will be IUi!i,.• .,,~q A~\1'6Vl'i'ReS the pleasure of the_ Nocltvedt family to ""'w""' Wh"'" 0 1ttcnd the "r'ldl'at10n exercises of thcll' ~ ,. . , ' ' Woodl rnd Boy Scout troop No son Doinld who is grnduating from 1' 1 t f" t t f I v .h 'TT • ~ '· f C~l • 'ti1 a . 171 1S o o a Jnc s nr or a Jus. t c l1np:rnnty o ,o ors d' o w1 yr·ar. On July 8 Chairman Cloney YiED (Master of Music). Donald will 1.fuorc, Int. Rep. Ben Ruyle, cnntinur: his duties as director of rnusic plori·r Arh i~n1 JlussC"ll lvfat1hf'ws, A. at the St. Francis, Kansas, high school. S. M. Dirk Lrnc and Committee'rhe Nodl,eclts will be gone fo1 a mm Larry Barlolatz and . Harold couple of weeks, traveling via auto. llanson nict :it the honw of Sc·outrnastr-r -,(h·oi):!;c N C\vcon1cr to discuss <'Ind fonn nc\.v po1icif'S for th<' troop. Au:id~~ary Pl~ns New policies resolved on h~d to do

Phone GRanite 7100


First classes on Sept. 3 at 8 Parkland grade · · · l · ·! · I h l b ·. 'ld · · f I · un poss.i bk to open r_1e new 11g 1 sc oo U1 mg or _r 1e_ ope111ng day of school. It will be ready for use, however, w1th111 a few wecks. Meanwhile, the schedule will be as follows:



118ih and Pacific 1\vcnne

Monhy ]\:oon; Advertis~nf?:, Tuesday Noon





· lmal p• · New FraftK 111 lefCe ·lg. h. 0·pens s.ftp·t 3

Tacoma, Wash. Permit No. 51


21, 1952 (VOL. 7, NO. 49)



Pier Blocks





m "

Published every Thursday by LaCrosse Printers in Parkland, Wash. Distributed by direct mail to every home and business in Parkland, Eatonville, Graham, Roy, Firgrove, Midland, Waller Road, McKenna, Elk Plain, Kirby, Kapowsin, Spanaway, Collins, Summit, Thrift, Berkley, Harvard, Fern Hill, Ponders, Frederickson, Harding, Woodland, Lake view, Firwood, .and southern portion of Tacoma. ADD)lESS ................ P. 0. BOX 885/PARKLAND, WASHINGTON l 18th and Pacific Avenue . Phone GRanite 7100-

, . • Pa.. rkiand Post 31nd. Um~ No. 228, --··---~~1cnc_a_n_!,_c:g10:'1_ _ _ . . · · A Legwn and · ux. · . . 1· he· Amr-ncan . _, -· .t· . 11rnri• statr· cnnven 1ion came ·o a c 1use · .. J f 1 1 I .· S. atmday after a wen °_ wrlc won ··11.·.' •·I lots· .oJ f 1rn· • N cw faces to ie seen · . . t 111s cou11·1g vc·tr w1 11 IJl' tl ie o· i·f·iccrs l ' ·, '· ' ' · tl · I f tl ' lC \Vor: 0

e cct!':J t<.} carry on


ADVERTISING RATES-LOCAL to 3 Column inches, per month.---------·-----····--................................ $1.40 3 to I 00 Column inches, per rnonth ..................................................$1.25 100 to 200 Column inches, per month ....................................... ~-----$1.15 Phone for Additional Volume Rates • NATIONAL RATE .................................................... $1.47 Per Col. Inch Classified Ads ......:.......................... A:c per word..:._Minimum charge 50c ~



I ERS HOt~1ES and






. •· .






Cummins of Carson, west side vice service; Mrs. George D. Rowe, Sc- officers by the out-going department Thumlay, August 21, 1952 THE TIMES-JOURNAL 3 commander, and Jasper A. Reynolds ;ittlc, publicity, and Mrs. Hazel Ab-, p1csidcnt, Mrs. A1thur Von Cadow, of Walla Walla, cast side vice com- i dill, finance. in appreciation of the music playt d • • Miller, GR 5059. .. Ill'JIJdcr. The delegates chose Yakima During the awarding- of the tro- during all sessions of the convention. Pncnu:: Swimming for the childre_n .. is. the_ ·.•.·.) as the site for their 195'l convention. · phir· and awards, the Parkland unit Mrs. Blackstone played the Harn• . order of the .\lay Monday, Wcdnes•· 1\mong the many resolutions pass-1 lcst the Mary Shepley gavel bell to mond organ. _1 he Pa~·tland RccrcaUon group clay and Friday, the bus leaving ed.· at the convention were these ask- I.he IIoodsport unit. he Huu.dspurt A.· ssisting the four Tacoma units in Wlll l;old its second. picmc Sunday, Parkland school at 12:30 each time, I ing: , unil won the hdl by having four nwking this convention a big "1r- Aug. 24, at Met_ropohtan park, Span- and the outings will be continued I· 1. That the Legislature set up a more paicl-Uj) members for 1953 than cess were the following Parkbncl away. Each family will bnng a basket 1 until school starts on days when the -' · · · · · · ., · 'per1nanent con1n11ttr·c on un-J\n1cn- P.;Jrkland h;:id, althone;h the Park- tnf'mbers: l\.1rs._ Blackstone, M_rs. IUIH' l1,· K oo l -at'd , ca k c an d ice c1can1 /weather pernuts. Baseball games on · h c·d · L unc l1 wi 11 b e at T ucs cl ay and 1hursday · . . . went to the · . ·· Tamcs Lm • d er Mrs. · Walter Fntz . • . <'.ill\ act1v1t1cs. Lind nr11t convcnlrnn :Mrs. w i'll be f u 1-ms evenings o11; 2. That wccklv flaff cxccrciscs be w;th 100 ]Jcr cc.nt c1uota ]Jaid for Mrs. F{·ank Berry Mrs. l\.Iarion 2 .o'clock. and all are invited. For J the school grounds arc for girls a_·s. · . ' ~ . · " • · ·. ' ' f · l , d ·t ·1 JI M J 1· E I · held m 'chools. did not St. ·John and Mrs. Leonard Blakely. ..., u1...... tier...,,,....,._...,_,_...,...., c a1 s, en rs, om . well as boys._ __. ·J 95.i. 1 he Parkland delegates · .....,... ...,_...,..,. .....,....,,..;.. '.l. Tlwt Amcricnn history he made come hmpc empty handed though; * * * h. :-i eo111pulsory suhjcrt in the state's a cit:ation'··for 111cctin!J,· all drpartin~ni Co1nn1andcr and Mrs. Jan1cs Lindpublic schools. . requirements and an· honorable men- er left immediately foilowing the. 4 c1•1 l f "OO 11· . J . f f . cl . . . f l ' . '·. -- 1at \varc s o a at l 1i1~ua tlon o~· per urn11ng . 11t1cs _1n excess co1n'.cnl~un or a t"Yo \vcc rn vacation. beds be cc>11slruct<·cl_ at American to n·qull'e!Jlcnts was also .awarded. Their first stop will be Portland to I L I \' l I ·1 1 M Pl II' HI l t . vis·t 1 ti a.\.l~ .--,'t' erans 1:'sp1 a. . . . . r.'i. . 1y is aC(S on1:, music I re a ves. 5 .. I h;it the \ieterans .Adn11n1Stra- c.·hall.'Jnan for the convcnt1on, \vas • • 1 11· · 1 f f • l · l l t1on prOYI< c act lt1ona uncls or Cr. prcsenh'C. \i\:1t l a 1u.s;c flor~l bouI. farm loans. q uct follcwmp; the rnstallat10n of LaCROSSE PRINTERS 6: T'h:1t Korc~in Veterans·· be O'ivPn the s;1J11c privile<>cs cxtc·nckd to World War II wts. 0 (:onUJJ<HldCr Jan1es I._,inclcr, dc}cgate to the conventioIJ P:irkland post, assisted by '\•\ialter Fritz, Candh:lleite Frank Berry, .Jan1cs St. John, Lcon;:1rd Blakely and Severin I<.ittlc·son, vvL-rc on h<tnd at all Jncttings and also participated in the parades. .,;. * -r.· The many activities of the Auxiliary coti\'1·11ti<fr1 Ju:pt the delegates frnrn the Parkland unit bu~iv alsO. In-

eg•ion. ,ti,Ur-1ews,

orgL>·a1mzatlS?n.ld d f E tt . . OVCl toe ar 0 • vcrc was un·iuin 1o-u:dv ch'Ctccl Conunandcr of the ·,,, l . , D t f ll \ "as 1111!Jton cpart1m:a · o IC f Ill· t'rit-:1n Legion Jollowing; the, surprise . l .l l . . tl ' f ~ f' • . \Vlt l( r~nva 1ron1 . 1c racr: o n 1n.1HH'.('. Necdlia111 of Shelton. Stoddard is a . '. . ·l r· . . .. l .· '.. .. . "t '.. lt'.tlH.:,c '...\·t.lctt Jusinu;, •1 ·\'.:-· t.l,Jn ol Wo.rtd War 11 aud a leader 111 the Earl 1"1ulk11cr post tlll:n:. ()ther dt'l?:lrtHlf-:Ilt olficcr:1 (;Jccted for tlic Lr,!.pOn \Vere, l\1rs. :\bee _H. Lawrcncc of East Wcnatc]1cc; vtci.'; I~t~v . .l\lbcrt I~orgey of \l;.n1~:-'ouvcr, \\1 :.i_sh., chaplain; Lynn ~ob111.son '?f S(·;iU]c \vas re-rlccted lllslonan; !<rank I... :1rosa of Abcr~lcc 1 ;; scrgca11t-at-arn1s; (;}arencc 1\. . ...Doc

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come •an for their new school· shoes

Wedding Announcem'ts


MY FAMILY,n for Att'y

stallation of nc\v)y el1'.clcd c_fcpartnwnt'

officers Was hl'ld Saturday aftrrnoon in the F1·llo\vship hitll, :M3sonic 'I'e1nple, in 1'aco111a. 1\:fa~S'. Tlcnry Ahnemillcr of Seattle \Vas elected president of the J\nH·rii:ii'h. Lr..,r.don Auxiliary, Department of Wasl1ing· ton. As president, Mrs. .l\h11l:·1uillcr SIH'r'ccdS,Mrs. Arthur Von Catlow of Dayton. Otlicr slate officcrn elected were: Mro. Anthony S. Walter of Oka,nognn, C'Bst side vice pn·sident: Mrs. Byron Thumma, Port Orchard, west side ·vice president; Mrs. Alex 1>nrkc, (}ra.ndvicw, historian; Mrs. Fr;:p1k ·s. Evans, 8<'.dro Wooky, chaplain. Mrs. \l on C;1 dow· will serve as national C\TCutivc con1111ittcewon1an ancf Mrs. Ellen Sandry. of Seattle will <·ontim1e as }If.ate secretary. Mrs. Grace Ellis of. 'J'n:con1n wil1 continue as treasurer. Mrs. Ahncmilkr made the following '1ppointn1t:nts: Mrs. Myra llloornficlcl, Edmonds, rehabilitation; Mrs. Milton Schroeder, Auburn, child welfare; 1\1rs. Ethel '1'urnhan1, con1n1unit'9· .,. .. ~.-.·


. , •••••


-c ~~.---·

They're her,! See our selection of back to school. footwe4r .for all. There's sure to bca design to suit your fancy,

-~- . . . . . .7.~

Candidate Don and wife Elva holding iwins Dawn and Sharon withDiannc and Carl seated below. Jimmy, the eldest boy, was at summer camp.

& 8" Cedar Bevel SIDING

"The wife and family of every candidate arc the hardest working people in :iny earnpalgn. l\!ly wjfc Elva is running n1y 'l'aconu1. headquarters at 74·8 Commerce:. Street in the Winthrop Hotel building. When Jimmy gels back fro111. su.1n1ucr can1p he'll start tacking up posters. Even Dianne and Carl are'· c1tching· the spirit of politics. Only the ·twins are una\vare of the n1eaning of "political campaign." (Paid Adv.)

only $2.95 per 100 sq. ft.





~1 Parklandl

otflte 4~ Shoe:store

411 Garfield St.

(In the Parkland Centre :Bldg.) from ·the Parkland Post Office


1 x 6 B & Btr. Clear Grade SIDING


$15.00 per 100 ft. Clea01 Up-l x 6 & l x 8 E Grade SIDING

on th

Pay As low As $5


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Fer Materials (fj~"u:D



Mahogany Veneer


4x6 1/4 ••only $3.60 ea.

Repairs New Construction

4x8 1/4 .. Rei. Veneer $3.52 4x8 1/4.. Masonite $3.20 ea.

House Plans Made lo Order

1x4 Kiln Dry Flooring E grade. Only $7.80 per 100 sq. ft. Ideal for Attics or that Spare Room

Planing anew room toyour house

Beautiful Pine Panelling as low $11.95 per 1 sq. ft.

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Plumbing Complete Bath Set.

Recess Tub, Toilet. Wash Basin only $139.50 Everything in Pipe and Pipe Fittings. Congowall Linoleum Tile for Kitchen and

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Bath Walls

1lc sq. ft. ·

ELECTRICAL House Wire • Switch Boxes .. Range Panels Conduit1 Nail Knobs.


Prnr1 <A~: yvnnarnnker, state s;~~l~~:t-: in .tr.:.1?d~~t: or:: ')?_uJ?lic i.r:struc tioi+~.; '.,s-~i~s~c.' ·10+1, jg seelfoig i'eckctio11 1o.c''"lij'is nun-partisan office in the co111h1g priniaric.s on Septen1ber 9. During three tc-rn1s in that posi~ tion 1-1rs. VVanan1akcr has gained nr1 tional and, intcrna t:ional recognition both for herself and the State of VVashington by her aggressive leadership in the field of education. As president of the· state board of education, executive officer ·of the state bonrd for vocational education, chainnan of the s1:itc ]ibrary co1n111ission, She has vig-orously fought for better schools and has focused ualiuna1 altcntiou on Wa..shingtun> t•duea tiondl systen1. In recognition for lier \Vork ;.;he was elected president of the National Education Association in 19+6-+7, president ·of tlw Katioual Council of Chi<·f Stil.t:c School Officers in 19:)0.51, and is c.111-rr·ntJy vic.f'-prcsi(knt -of the A111crican Association of School /\dn1inistrators. She served on General IvL.i.c1\rthur's co111111ission for the clt•rnocratization of Japan's Fdnr:ational systern following the \var, is no\v on the ioint Cana.da-United SL1tcs

coJJunitlf:e on education an<l

the Llnited States national connuission for U!\ESC:O. In 194·6 she was ;:idviscr. to the lJnitcd States dc-lcga~

tion at the first UNESCO conference in Paris. A. g-raduate. of the lh1lversity of VVashington, Mrs. ¥lanan1akrr taught both elem en ta ry and high school classes. In 1923 she was elected county supcrintcn.drnt of schools i11 Is1Zln<l county beiug, at the tiu1c of her election, the youngest ·county Sllprrintrnrif'nt in thr country. l~atcr she served scvcrnl trrn1s as state representative·- and state senator where :-;he spearheaded school legislation. The Showalter Bill, providing bnsic state support to school distric.t on a prr-pl1pil attendanec bas·is·, and the v· antis~ \\7ana1nakC-r EqualizatioQ.-:L<lw, the greatest sing·lc step t'oward providin~ equal educ;:itional opportunity for every child no ':"here he rnight Jive, ~'ere two pf ;Jicf:oP1ajor legislative acco1npliShn1crits· which sincr have beco1ne standard procedure for school t:iUjJport ju 111.any, other states. B<·r-m1sc of her outstanding work for the: youth of the slate s11C was urged to file for the office of Slate SMplTintendent jn 19-lO, was clectrcl then and rcdectecl in 19·14 and 19'18 by ovt~rwhrln1in·g- n1ajoritics. Mrs. VY nn::unakcr sun1s up her rr<lsons for her avid intccrcst in cduC<1tion very directly hY t:iaying·, "I bdicvc that I rnn best serve m"y State by scn·ing its r.hildr<'n". 11.forris E. Ford Edwin L. Nelson Mrs. Stanley Reynolds l\Irs. Rubert I.yml .v Mrs. R:nighill I'eicrson Mrs. Frank Selk Orville D. Weeks Mrs. R. W. Ellison (Pd. Adv.)

We"ve Got It!

No Down Payn1ent On ~~ny

T0 0 l S

Materials & bor

2046 6th Ave.

Carpenter ·Saws

Payments As Low As $.500 Per Mo.

I-lave your Cabinets

You ask for it ......

Cns!om Picture }lraming

as low as $1.88 BROOKDALE LUMBER

Amerkcu& Art Co. RR '1327



136TH 2c PACIFmc AVE.


At No Extra Cost RHONE'S CABINET SHOP 2nd & Pacific Spanaway GRanite 3342



T-Bone Steaks


Graded Good

Graded Good




lean & Meaty




Yo1i.m9, Te~~der & Delicious

MUTTON STEAK . lb. 35c TREE TEA (Black) . . . . . . 48'bags 49c FHU': SIDE


,COLORED MARSHMALLOWS • • 19t 'Nice for Stuffing GOLD MEDAL fLOUR • . . • 15 lbs. $1.10 1GR.. PEPPERS SUNSHINE


KRISPY CRACKERS • • • • • • 1-lb. 13c liCUCUMBERS ,PUSS 'N BOOTS CAT FOOD • • tall tin 1/15c · · CAMPBELL'S


VEGETABLE SOUP • • • • 1cans for 15c 115°1id Crisp Heads fltUIJefocKTAIL ...... H/1 tin 35c CABBAGE • • lb.


Bacli-to-School· ardroh.e At



Offering You Outstanding Styles of botb Town and Countt>y. Dresses that are Charmingly Simple and Dignified.


"Summer Dresses. Cotton Prints. Skirts and Blouses GREATlY REDUCED

per pair 89e


Myrtle Mockel Apparel GR 531 '1

Parkland Centre Bldg.

* *

laugh on the Fairway. ~2

Ephraim D. Mills


* *

Big Grandstand Shows Daily.

* *

Come Early· ·Stay late.


Reserve·-·--··-··-··-·--······tickets. at $1.50 ea~h (including tax) For Date·-·····························c........ Afternoon Show ( 1 :30 p.m.) O Evening Show (7:00 p.m.) O . (Sept. 13 to 21)

Veteran World. War I

Please Hold Tickets.·-····-·····--·····Please Mail Tickets...·--·--------Name......... -·--·-·------------·······------·-··-----------------------------------·Address ..----------·-·---------------------·----·---------··-----------·----

MEMBER I. A. M. Republican


NorE: 11 you do not enclose money, tickets for afternoon program wi!t be held until 12:.30 noon, and ii for night show they will be held until 6:30 p.m. the day that the .tickets are .. desired. Tickets are held for patrons in Resorveq Ticket Offlce at the Will Call Windows.

--•-•••••--------•••amm•-•m•m l,,







hateuer Your Pri.nllng needs n +Fill Your Order

Y Be

Cards .. Envelopes • Letterheads .. Checks .. Blotters Wedding Announcements .. Booklets



Fresh Tender

• • •


. ..

Blade Cut


• • •



. The Parkland Preschool wdl baby el in ic will be held at the Methodist chui:ch Monday, Aug. 25, with registration from 9 to 11 a.m. Dr. B. L.

Ij Korea-Richard With the 25th Infantry Division in Cjiristenscn, Eatonv1lle, Wash., was recently promoted

t'o corporal while serving with the. 25th Infantry Division in the. eastern -Korea ·sector. A 1949 ·graduate of Eatonville high school, Chrjstenscn ,\vaS- a -stu_dent at_ the Coilegc of Pu.get Spund bdorr' his · entry into the Army in October-1951.


In 1939 I was admitted to the bar and have ·served as a Deputy Prosecuting i\ttdrne_y; assistazji: ri.ttorney in the United Stat.cs Department of Justice, and as a Superior Court Judge;. I have twice been elected a Trustee of the Taco111a Bar J\ssociation.


prcs<>nt I serve you as Superior Court Judge, Department No. l. ~n the lms[s of my record and qualifica. tions I invite your support at the polls September 9th.

For Your Old Refrigerator

Or11 Hotpoh11t Mdl EC 1OS Months to Pay -

No·. ~oney Dowµ

cu. ft. size. J 5.11 sq. Ft. Shelf Arca Hi-Humidity Storage , Full Wioth Speed Free'ter (holds 4 3 pounds frozen foods) · · All-Steel Cabinet Acid Resistant Procelain Interior Fiber Gfass Insulation Defrost Indicator Sliding Shelves Interior·· Light Al!tomatic Door Latch B.utter Conditioner


Trade In Allowance You Pay Only

* BOTH WONDl!RFUL APPLIJl.l\ICl!S· Thrill to Clinic-Clean washings, Sun-Fresh Whirlpool drying_ ••• at your- leisure in. your own .home! There's no cost, 'no. obligation.


r-------, I


.· ··




The Dryer


·30CJ.9~L::~~~J 249.95




Thmsday, August 21, 1952




Buy :, TTop11r-r 1-ZdJy· Tc-conditioned


i:mo for as little ,;, $1f1.00 down, tz1kc 11p to ~ yt:~u·s to pa.y. EYC.:r·y ni:ino \Vl' sell



Spanaway Food Center


·11ncd·, n'paircd :rnd polished. M"ny ,,,ell kno\vn n1akcs to chooii.c fr1J1n.

WE CAN G0 up to "!'111 Jeaving until you get me that bedroom set at the PARKWAY FURNITURE."




O U.S. No. 1


Tenderized. Med.

10. lbs. 49c



U. S. Graded Good & Choice





lb. 5c



HOGAN'S HAVE LOWER PRICE ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE 0. B. Ackley, owner. Septic tanks SPOT CASH cleaned, contents hauled away. GR. For Your Used Furniture 4343; if no answer, call HA. 5 7104. 1 Piece or House Full AUCTION SALE ctf Block's Furniture Mart U" YOU wnnt more cash quick, sell 8205 So. Tacoma Way LA. 2882 by auction. Every Fri., 7:30 p.m. A.Ian's Refrigeration RADIATORS, scrap iron, Glen Betts, 8113 So. Tacoma Way. and batteries, Puy, 5-2141. Hecker, SALES AND SERVICE . Free pickup service. LA. 8505. the Wrecker. 2ctf House and Commercial JVlakes Bet£ Motor Service Washer Service GR. 6662 161st & Paiific Ave. Next Door to Target Sport Sto1·e COMPLETE tractor work. Loosening LISTINGS WANTED Spana way ground and leveling. Average lawn, We arc selling Parkland homes. $12.00. Don Abbot, GR. 3B46, 3ctf we need more reasonably priced ROTOVATING, blade work; no job AUTO GLASS INSTALLED-Auto homes to sell. We have a waiting too small. W. L. Lewis, GR 74-92. Upholstery, convertible tops. MA. list for rentals. Call Mr. Harmon, 3ctf 2200, Art's Glass Co., 816 So. Ta- HOUSE MOVING; leveling; foundaMr. Damme!, Mr. Smith or Mr. coma Ave. 3c50 Inloes. tions; cement work; free estimates. SUBURBAN REALTY PR 2653. 3ctf 9920 Pacific Ave. GR 3624'



.J=Business Service

9-Real Estate

Septic Tanks, Cess Pools Cleaned




Recovering and Rebuilding Cushions Rebuilt Free Estimates

Parkland.Upholstery 140th & Pacific GR 320\ Res: GR 3181 t·EPTIC TANRS CLEANED-Contents hauled away. Don Redford, 8232 So. Fawcett. GA. 7334. If no answer call GA. 9222. 3ct£


5-Help Wanted

Sheet Rock TapiuJ!', Texturing and Painting FREE ESTIMATES

HA 3854 36. Months to Pay


Call Turner FU. 2400 GR. 8108

PLUMBING GRanite 8905




Wishing to sell, are invited to call or come in for appraisal and information concerning consignment of your car .

ASH MOTORS 9415 Pac. Ave. and 4532 So. Tac. Way

HI 5100 HA 5533

13-.Farm Ads




ROTO TILLING Lawn., rebuilding, fertilizing, top soil, dressing maintenance. GA. 5885. HI. 2722.. 3ctf CLEARING and leveling; reasonable rates by hour or contract. Rt. 7, Box 195-X, GR 4294. 3etf . I WE' .BUILD IloMES 1 Ieve . · · , remo d e; bu1ldmgs; concrete work. Reasonable. GR 3550.-3ct£. DRAINAGE _ Septic \ank installation· side sewers· earth work of any typd; by hour ~r contract. Hauser & Seifert. BR. 9141; .R~s. GR. 8121. 3ctf

I 14-·Stfuations Wanted


l •I6--Lost & Found




8--Wanted to Buy





3 / 43c I,b.


Ground Beef

REGISTl~Rim pollc~l Hereford bufi scT\·ice. BnTd lhc horns off;. Phone GRCil12. !Getf


.. 5Jc Lb.

Cold Cuts .•• Swift Prem. Choice


Romid Steak • 89c Gr•. Peppers • lb~ 1 Oc local Cukes lb.


GOODWIN, EASTVOLD & HICKS Attomevs Office: National Bun!Z of Washington J SEWING MACHINES Lowest Parkland llranch Hldg., Parkland prices in 'faco1na. Nccchi-Sing·er- IN THE SllPERTOR COURT OF White. From $29.00. Central SewTHE STA TE OF WABHINGTON ing Center. 607 So. Pinc. MA. FOR THE COUNTY OF PIERCE 6393. 15ctf No. 5'.1180 USED DAVENPORT & Chair Notice of Henring Final Report Just back from the cleaners, $37.50; And Petition for Distribution Parlnvay Furniture, 14 lst and Pacific Ave. GR 39+1 15c19 In the ]\fatter of the l4sta(c of ALVA FOR SALE - Wood and coal range C. GAYLORD, deceased. with oil burner attachment; good condition; best offer. Call GR 4451. Notice is hereby given that ·sPEN• 15c19 CER M. GAYLORD, administrator of FOR SALE Kclvinator refriger- the cslall: of Alva C. Gaylord, deceasator $50; house behind 12167 A St. ed, has filed in the office of the Clerk -----·----~-_..c:.1~5p4·9 Court his .Final Report and P<'WESTINGHOUSE Electric Ror>ster tition for Distribution) asking- the \v_ith grill and table, $20 G.R. 52'.35. Court to settle said report, distribute 15p'l·9 the property to the persons thereto enf..-0-R---s-·A_L_E___Yl_'_o_o_d._a_n_d_c_o-ealc-'ci r- titled and to clischarr~c said adminiculator; also 6-roorn oil heater; strator, and that snid n·port and petilarge Norge oil circuLltor; wood & tion will be heard on the 2nd day of coal steel range 'vith coils; reason- September, 1952, at. 10 a. m., at the able. Rt. 1, Box 91, Eatom·ille, on court room of lire Probate Department Mt. Highway by Lakewood store. of said Court, at which time and place nny pf'rsons intrrPstrd-:)n said estate 15p 1 9 may appear and file olJjcctions and FOR SALE - Lw,.,··ac«c Trailer 15 contest the~ sarnc. Ft. \1acuun1 br:-1i~~~; ~_,;::ilso '.( \VjJ{'l'l Dated this 5th day of August, 1952. trailer dolly. GR 74~'.J. l !),,',[) ROBT. L. DYKEMAN, GRAU'\ fED .beef and pork for your Clerk of said Court. • locker; fron1 feed lot to you. State By M. Skidmore, deputy. inspected. GR 7110. 15c5D Pub. Au.a;. 7, H, 21. 1952. YOUR HOME fitted with ~~-obinets, No. 54631 rC"n1odeled or repaired, or wlll t;1 kc NOTICE TO CREDITORS your home on a new one. GR 7102. Il\' THE STJPERIOR COURT OF - - - - - - - - - - - - - · · · l:lp50 THE STATE CJF WASIIINGTON

CASH for livestock-beef, milk cows, veal and heifers. W. H. Thackeray, Puyallup, 5-8228 collect. 13ctf DEAD STOCK REMOVED WITH-1 OUT . CHARGE. Highest prices paid for ta How, hicjes, grease and bones. PUGET SOUND RENDERING WORKS. Phone LAkewood 2434. 13ctf HAY CUTTING, tractor work, leveling-; also piCkling cucumbers. GR 4 282. 13ctf YOUNG locker beef, 20c a pound and up live weight. Phone Puyallup 5-54-11-. I 3ctf FOR SALE ··,-FARMALL CUB with cultivator, hydraulic lift. Like new, $745: ALLIS CHALMERS model B, with hydraulic lift, plow, cultivator and. disk. Less than $1000 will buy whole outfit. 1 OLIVER 70, 2-plow tractor, excellent shape, excellent rubber, $795 . SEVERAL USED Ford Tractors, uverhauled,,,';,nCw guarantee. Come in and see the New Ford Tractor. BARCLAY TRACTOR & IMP., Inc. Your Ford Tractor Dealer . 1407 Puyallup Ave. FUiton 2254· Tacoma, Washington 13c49

Parkland · Realty . .Co'


PLUMBING REPAIRS •• Sewer Cleaning • Electric Pipe Thawing Call




Well Drilling -·

Member Tacoma Real Estate Board 9920 Pacific Avenue GR. 3624 PARKLAND BRAND NEW ranch type 3 bedrm. home and fire place with approx. 1/3 acre of very good garden soil. A home you will be proud to own. Can be purchased on contract or FHA. Terms $10,9.50. 4· BEDROOM home with double plumbing and partial basement & automatic oil furnace. Close to college and school. Ideal place for large family or rent income. $9500, sn1all do,wn pay1ncnt. 2 BEDROOM ranch. type home with fireplace, fenced yard and attached garage. $1000 down. Close to McChord Field. )-"., BLOCK off Park Ave. Small cottagc and double garage. 4 full lots· and 3 half lots. A beautiful locatio11. Only $4300, with $500 down. CLINKER BRICK type cottage with double garage & patio. Excellent soil and location. 185x195 property. $8400 small down payment. LARGE 4 bed:m. older home. $5500, $500 down. SPANAWAY CLEAN cozy and comfortable large 1 bcd;·m. home on 5 acres cast of Spanaway. $655 down on 'contract from owner will give you some furniture and possession! Other furniture available. Guest house· n;ay be completed and rented. Chicken co.op and storage shed, garden, frmt, and many unusual features besides. SECLUSION. . BURNETT ROAD 2 y, ACRES and home and very good ~ 5950 t1 ] Jam, ": BRO~~h~L~state. 3 ROOMS and bath on lot 50 x 150 for on! $2850 and $250 down. Y... ==' · ·

12-Used Autos

FARM TRUCK-I)!, t"!n l· ord, all steel !'?dy, hydr":uhc brakes, good cond1t10i::, ¥ood tires; best offer takes. See rn rear yard FOR SALE-4 high level lots 150 ~onder ~read Bakery, 701 So. feet deep, lights, water, _bus; $425; 9 Sprague, facoma. l.oc19 GR 7102. 9p48 MILK GOATS-French Alpine and & Sa:>!Jcn; buck service, registered Nu SO. TACOMA bian and Saanen; Rt. 1, Box 309, $6,9.50 - Terms. 2 bedrms, !iv. rm, EARL HANSEN Spanaway on Muck-Kapowsin road, dinette, part basement, garage, lots 9038 East B HA 6894 between Meridian highway and 82x100. Call Ralph Decker HA. 0365, Eve. Hi. +706. . Mountain highway. 13ctf 1 .bedrm living room $5,000 CASH FOR milk cows, beef, heifers, EXPERIENCED Bookkeeper , wants J kitchen wired 220, bath utilit; veal and hogs. Call Thackeray col small sN of hooks; work m her. · room basement .with furnace 6 lcct, Puyallup 5-5414. 13ctf home or your office. Call Gr. 3650. j · lots. This won't last long. Call Mr. NEW HAMPSHIRE pullets, 8 and 10 --~~~--~-~_ _ 3p.'1-!l_ Kelly Iia. 0365, Eve. Ha. 1613. weeks old. Midgard Poultry Farm PAINTING, papering, latest paper McKINLEY AVE. DIST. and Hatchery, Roy. Call Yelm 3675. samples. Free est. Ray Westrom, ONE ACRE-7902 McKinley Ave. 13p50 , BR 2440. 3ctf A heautiful clean modern home FOI~ SALE-2- and 3-ye~r-old breed. JOE'S Tractor Service. Rotovating. clec. range and trash burner. e1 geese and ganders, reasonable, Ditch digging. Truck loading. CornNice, ~Isl. Als~ a lovely clca;n home half grown al)d started ducklings pletc tractor work. GR 5932. tf al 4·3-+ McKmley Av~. wr~h. lrg. Puyall':.'P 5-765~. PAINTING, papering. Free estimates. cement. dbl. garage with fm1shed PUREBRED, rer;:rstered, French Al Ray Westrom, GR 'J.394; call everPcreat10n room. up._ Call Rex prne and Nubian buck goats for nings. 3ctf Rector Ha. 0365 or Hr. 8341. service. Famous bloodlines. Graham 7-7430. l3p51 C . . .· fMrs.) Jenme L. Grodvig GOOD SELECTION OF USED HELP WANTED-Young woman for Dl:'A ,GR 7232 days, GR 821,0 eves. a~d Sun. FORD & FORD FERGUSON general office work. Typing and fiLHL Homes In Parkland Community; TRACTORS bookkeeping·. expericr;rcc preferred. 6311 McKinley Ave. GA. 0 365 Acreage close in, either with or with• /".cw Ferguson T~actor', . Apply only rf you wish permanent Member Tacoma Real Estate Board out buildings. :\cw and Used Titan Cham Saws employment. Call Mr. McDonald, . USED Garden Tractors. GR. 8624~ or.apply in person.;~- FOR SALE-Five-room house on corOne New Holland Wire Baler., chel Drstubutrng Co., 140th & I ancr proJJcrty 1i.c2 acrns of I d p .£. A One Model M-AC C. rawler. 1ractor 11220 T '\ · 5d9 . · ·' 1 ' · '· an ' ac11c ve. T · · . , . · . . ,1. er ic, w. . . . . more if desrrcd, l:;ascmcnt. Small Office'-Days GR 3341 he Prppm Exca1ato1. digs, shovc.s WAi:'ITED - Rehablc elderly couple, down payment. Inquire 8620 So. M. Evenings YU. 9 221 . LA. 3066 and loads, one opcrat10n, from your with ~ar; free rent Sept. !5 to Mar. . 9d9 Agent f~r America~ ExprtSB tractor s<'at. • 15, exchange for watchmg resort. NORTI-I E· ND --- , . I · O BUCK AND SONS N + , · ·t·d W 't, l' 0 B - · . . -:-1fa.rme and mounMoncv rders TRACTOR & IMPLEMENT CO "o wai'" CXI?ec e · n e · · ox ta1n view -Cal1f_orn1a ccn1ent house; .>88, Eatonville. 5d9 3· bedrooms, full tile ba'th upstairs; 114 Puyallt~ Ave. W MA 4117 TWO RA WLEIGH rout~s available, 2-piccc bath, bedroom downstairs; • . acoma, n. one loeal._Pleasant, profitable work. lil'ing room, guest size di.ning room, No experience necessary. Se~ L. M. breakfast ro01;1 and kitchen; extra 'lr':'T ,r.,, ,r.,,....,. , Sr;ow, 1005 Thompson St., Sumner, size closets; Philippine mahogany CHILD CARE-Wish to do 1 child rLvvn. 4-:30 p. m. 5p49 woodwork; fu)]. basement. Will saccare in my own home. GR,. 3503. WOMAN for housework and child rifice: leaving town by Sept. 3; · 14ctf care in Tacoma; must be capable call owner, PR 9303. 'k{') GlRL-17 years old, wishes evening PARKLAND WESTERN AUTO and dependable; live in; top wages FOR SA-LE ---- 8 level lots located and · \\'erkend \vork; experienced Airport & Pacific GR 3112 to suit<;,ble person. Call PR 8425 be1702 So ... 118th St.: best c~sh off·."'.·; ~·ork with·--public ;-ind \vaitrc~s; call tween ~:30 and 5:30. .'in•19 Andy Zelcnak, 96th and Waller GR 3896 or GR ~J9'l7. 14c+9 Road: . <Jc•,9 FOR RENT-2- and 3.-room modern I GIRL-7 to 12 a. n;:-for four clays. cottae:es and anariments: all utili- I GR 5649. · 14c+9 I~.~ "' , , , .. , WELL-BUILT, attractive modern 1..,.•u-;:rnaucn gray wng nairco; home on% acre Fern Hill school ties paid; laundry facilities; $60 .to l~Miscellaneous black boots, fluffy tail; lost Vickery, district. $9,950. HA 5167. 9d9 $75 per month. Oakland Court, mWaller Rr. and East 52nd; chi\d's side city limits. HA 96BB. lOctf WOOD-Upland slab, 2 cords, $14; pc;; reward; LA 3611, Extens10n CHECK OUR LOW DOWN PAY· planer ends, $4 and $8 loads. HI. FOR RENT-Completely furnished 5 27204. . c+O MENT INSURANCE PLAN. 4056. 15ctl 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, all ·utilities paid. GR 6770. lOctf HECKER the WRECKER - Used WE NEED listings of all kinds. Farms, W \NTfD T'O BUY Old f acreage, lots, building sites homes FOR RENT-Furnished 2-room caand rebuilt transmissions, also gears; : ' .. -. cars or (new or old, 1, 2., 3 and' 4 bed· bins, .$30 per month·; 9312 So. Taall makes and models; phone PuyJtmk. ; also m1sccllancous Junk. GR.. rooms) We h h b · . 't coma Way. 10p49 7817. . ave cas uye1a wa1 allup 5-214:1, days; Tacoma, HI 8 ctf . - mg. 3242, cvcnirlgs. 15ctf FOR RENT-S.mall business building, CASH for equities. Fife Motors, 5026 suitable for offices, on Garfield St. UPLAND WOOD, 2 .cords $14·. GR _ So. Tacoma Way. HL 924L 8ctf. . . in Parkland. GR 5344 or GR 3526. 3306. 15ctf lOctf FOR SALE -- Oil circulator heater USED FURNITURE. Also generous Property Management Insurance trade-in allowances artd bank terms. Notary FOR RENT - 3 bedroom house; rewith fan; very nice; also drums and Parkway Furniture, 141st & Pacific, Member-Of Tacoma Real Estate Board frigerator and stoves; at l 67th and stand; Montag trash burner also. GR. 394 L 8ctf Office: 328 Garfield St. GR. 3369 East B; 1·efcrences required. 10p49 GR 7845. l 5p19

Lawn Mowing, Fer.. tilizin9 Weeding

Contents Hauled Away


WASHING MACHINE PARTS Largest stock in town. Repairing that pleases. B. B.'s Washer Service, 3722 So. G. GA. 5115. llctf STOVE REPAIRS-Largest stock in Northwest. Hyder Furnace, 1513 Pacific Ave. MA 4767. Established in 1872. llctf CUSTOM GUNSMITH~ Rebarreling, head-spacing, stock work, rebluh1g. Guns and ammunition. Jerry Shannon, Mt. Road, near Loveland. Phone Graham 537. llctf




11-Repair Service

5 ACRES DREAM COME TRUE - 7 rnorns with full basement. Chicken house, barn, garage and other out buildings. Lots of fruit trees. Good soil. 300 yards from Central School. Ii'"" Bus near by. Full price $11,.500.00. Ca II Mr. Inolcs GR 3624 or HA 25+7. 40 ACRES m HARTS LAKE LOOP ROAD - 25 acres cleared. Fenced and cross frnccd. 3 bedroom older hon:ie. Gnragc. Barn and 2 chicken houses. School bus. A good buy nt $5,775 . Call Mr. Inoks GR 3624 or HA 254·7. 1 ACRE - FURN1SHED 2 BEDROOMS with extra sleeping roon1. Included are such itcn1s as refrigerator, electric stove and washing machine. Must sell at reduced price of $8500.00. Call Mr. Damme! GR 3624 or GR 3684. TRADE NEW 2-bedroom home in Spanaway with full basement near the school and store for an acreage .. C>ill Mr. Harmon GR 3624 or GR 6896. 88th AND SO. D ABOUT y, ACRE. 2 bedrnnm plastered hon1e. Garage, chicken house and rabbit hutches. G. I. E~uity. Priced at $8500.00. c~n Mr. Jnlocs GR 3624· or HA 25·1·7. 3 BEDROOMS - 2 ACRES IM MED IA TE possession of this home ]ocatctl in the Sunu~·1it distrir:t. Near a bus and c;ton:. Priced at $6250.00. Call Mr. Harmon GR 3624 or GR 6896. 1 ACRE - NEW 2-BEDRM. HOME PARKLAND AREA. Selling at a rr:al bargain prkc of $6775.00. Call Mr. Inloes GR 3624 or HA 254-7.



ers nnd hulls·: also co11111H·1Tial I-Iercfords, Ang11s and Shorthorn cat tlr. Phone G11). 1lictf

---·-"'L ._. . , -




legal Publications


~:z .,, z









DURKEE'S Regular

Dari-Lac. ]\fakes 5 qls.

S'f(),c~-& Equi~:

Bannerman lloto1i Co.

Open Till 9:00 P. M. Delivery Service. 141st and Pacific Ave. GR 3941



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Pwd. Skim Mmt •• l9c

I ___ Bar I'Jonc HORSE SHOEING now available Deg every day. Drop a card to Rt. 1, JI Surf Kist,· Solid Pack Box 4-75, Graham. J. R. Young. Hictf 0 G _. GI Iii! e MILK .(:i()Ws: ,-~Id ~-t~nns. c;~;lll~ n1011 Rt. :1, Box 70:l, l'aco1na~ 4 All Pure miles south of Summit. 16ctf Canned Milk •• REGTS']'EREJJ I-Ieref;:;nls: cows, heif-





Orange Ade

FU 2111

II(ln;(; of B;i_lchvin, ;\crrn>unil~ \Vurliizer


$33.<!5 down puts a Beautiful 5-Pc. Limed Oak Bedrooni set in . your ho1ne. Bal. as low as $9.17 mo.

46-0z. Tin

Hi C

(Piano l)ivir,ion)


GR. 7512


IU:'.U~Y 47 Ilroadwav



New Cabbage lb. Prices Consistently Low Quality Consistently High Prices Effective Aug.• 22 and 23

WOODLAND NEWS Renie llarlolatz, Reporter Phone l'uyallup 5-2902 . :frccl Sutter, pdnclpnl,of .Woodland school, has requested that the followirig announccn1Cnis_._ be publ_ished:

School will 'Start Wc'd~esday, Sept. :l. The lunch program will begin the following· :l'A on d a y, Sept. 8; The charges for hmches will be. 15 cents pl'r day -for · chil<lrcn in grades firHt to fourth, inchisive, and t:O cents per

day for those in ,r;rades fifth through eighth. This yc;-u· _if you are 11nablc to Contact 1\ifr. Sutter by phoric at the

school, please call his home, GR. GGl2,. I<.indr.rgartcn llegistration The school will he open from 1 to l· o'clock 1\up,-. 25 :incl 2G for registration of kindcrg·artcn ~lnd first ~radc pupils. Pan·uts arc _rcq1jndcd to bring their child's certiiiwte ·as well :is the child. New Kindergarten Teacher Miss Treon Magar has been emFUR THE COll:\TY OF PIERCE ployl'd as kindergarten teacher ;it the :.chool. She had tmight previously ar: In tlw Ma I ter of thr Estotc. o[ Eatonville and Morton and has at• RALPH H. CULBERTSON, De- tended PLC this summer for ndcliceased. tiorlal study in kindergarten actiVi ...

PEAT TOPSOIL 5 YARDS $10; 4· Yards .$8. Finest black peat topsoil, state tested, 1- to. 5-yard loads. Lawn construction and rockeries. Evergreen Lands=!Jing Co.


NuLicc is lll'l'clJy u,-iv('n that Lhc:. un-



b('.{'-11 _F1pp0i1~1f'~Ln:.p_d


" ., '1l\\!.ore-Ghairs Needed CJ,ualifie~l as cxcc-li'to1:-0~tj~{i,1f)~r ?!1~ 'J\'1oh:i' 'thair:s arc needed for the t1tlccl estate; thot all pef7•~oi'isc-,havrng kinde1:gartcn-. Parents who wish to do c1ai111s alf;iinst said dcceascc.1 are l1crcso arc d_onating $6, the cost of one Ly n·quired to :-;crve th6 sanie-,. duly chnir. ·;\'.l1v6nt~ Jntrrcsted is asked t( verifiC'd, on s:1id C'Xec11tor or his- ntcell Jewel ·F01<, the kindergarten chair torncvs of record at the address bclo\V man, at Puyellup 5-6089. SUMMER SPECIAL-Top soil from l stated, and file the same with the Fruitland 4-H at Camp Puyallup. You may see this fine Clerk of s;-.icl Court, together with Tl1<' Fruitland 4·-H dub sent Sharon dirt at 9920 Pacific Ave. For salo proof of such ":1-vice, within six and Walken Lee, Dorothy ancj Karerl by the sack or trailer or pick up at months after the date of fir«t puhlka- Keil, J:Hlcth Hoffman, Cora Brown our fuel yard. We deliver 4'- or 5, lion of this notice or the same will be Sharon Hap;cn, Sandra King, Rost.1 yard loads. Call us for prices in yonr barred. and :Mary Harbor. Karen Hanson and locality. GR 8.173, Lapenski Fuel Date of first publication August 21, the ll'adcr, Helen Heil, .to the County Co. 15ctf 1952. · ·i -H camp at Millersylvania near VALLEY TOP SOIL rich and black RONALD CULBERTSON, Olympia. any quantity. GR J259. 15cti E,~ccu~or of said ~state, The. members enrolled in classes, ROTTED COW FEkTILIZER Address: ;'80'.> /2 So. Yaku110. Avenue such as c.rafts,' S\vimming, sociJl 1 acoma, Washrn!.(ton. dancing, \vi11duw display' and 4--I-I_ $ 1 SACK. or b y t h e yar d ; peat an d <.;TFRlll('K x STERBTCK cercn1onics~ skits and stunts. There topsoil. HI. 4·056. 15ctf ~~tt~mev; fm~ r:state " ' \Vere eight groups, each with a ~---------------\}8C15~/~ 'south y·ak_in1;_i /\.venue counciler with \vhom they nte and J f.1co111n, ·vv';ish1ni::;ton. participated in diffC"rcnt activities, i Pub. Au.u;. 21, 2u; sept. 1·, 1952. such as ·being responsible for thC raising and lowering of .the flag. Buy, Sell and Exchange Wednesday evening each group Quality Recapping & F~mily Re11ullion took part in Skits representing differThe Rev. and Mrs. G .. Richard Tut- ent countries. Thursday there was a tle and their thrrT sons;- James, John candlclighting ceremony in which 220 Puyallup Ave., Tac. :BR. 1888 and David, ri.rr: visitin,t; 1virs. &Tuttle's each one took patt. As .it was t)le i parents, the Rev. and Mrs. A. P. Aiton lc1st. night of--cR-fnp, the parents also TAJ:>, ACROBATI9, BALLET Clas· at the, 11fcthndist parsonage jn Park- helped by holding candles. It was a ses. All ages. Mildred Keller, GR land. Other occasional g·uests during wonderful camp and special thanks 7881.' 15cd Hw week were the Rr·1'. and Mrs. R. A. go to Mr. Hobart who supplied transFERTILE, screened top soil; pnlver- .r\nderson of Pr1~.r'.o, and the P~cv .. and portation to and from camp . 4-H Club Meeting izcd peat; 5 full yards $8. All Kresse, Mrs. Clinton AirOri, of Bryn Ma\\'r. The 4-H club met Wednesday GR 5192. 15ctf T utt1e is the son of 11rf' . .i\ndei·son and the local parsonage h~~s therefore 'been evening, August 8, at the home of BABY FURNITURE, new and used. the venue of happy fan1ily rf'llnion. Soi_-1dra King. Those present were SMALL FR1Y EXCH., 1109 Market. Rev. Tuttle is beginning his fifth Dorothy and Karen Keil, Sharon 15ctl year a.s pastor of the First Methodist and Wailren J_,cc, Kn.rren I-J;;n1Sott and. SPECIAL 127 - 620 - 120 guaranteed church of Antioch,. Ill. They will be Jarlcth Hoffman. Dorothy Keil, who . film, 3 for 97c. Quality Photo Serv- so_iourning in the Pacific No.rtln.vest recently returned .from the State 4-H ice, 9610 Pacific Ave., P. 0. Box until the end of the month, mo king the ca111p at Pu1l111an, displayed so111e 12 Fern Hill Sta 15ctf trek across country by auton1obilC". material she purchased there. The ' . . next meeting will be at the home of SE\!YIN9 MACHINES-;- ~rnger ekeKaren and Dorothv Keil. tnc with attachments, $2~.50; Wlute 4-H ... Picnic electric, $24.95; new li_ghtweight The annual 'i·-I-I picnic was held ~ortablcs, $37.50; Nccclu or Pfaff Aue;. 10 at Little Spanaway. Ba~c­ $69.50; many others, new or used, ball and ~1'vi1nn1ing ;\Vf'r~ enjoyed. terms and trade. So. Tacoma SewEach family took food for the pot~lfild Seir~1ke ing Machine Co., 5444 So. Taluck lunch. Those attending were coma Way. HI 7151. 15ctf Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Keil a.nd Sp~c:ial! Dorothy and Karen, Mr. anrl J\1'·J'S. Heil and Helen, Mr. and Mrs. John 8-FOOT refrigerator for $10 clo•tw Rupe Machine Wor!<s Hoffman and family, Mr. and Mrs.. and $10 per month. MOTOR REBUILDING Harold Hanson and Karren. Lathe and Press Work Gran~(C Picnic 13-FOOT freezer, $15 down, $15 per month. The Fruitland Grange picnic 'Yill he hrJcl Snndny, J\ug·ust 2,l, at Sta.Jc ALSO USED APPLIANCES .Seit Water park, near Redondo. The GrJngc \vilL furnish coffee and iCe Piston Finishing, Valve ~nd Sect! cream. Grindin,.;, Brake Dru111 furning, and Rod Aligning. SERV~CfE ;hop GR 7450 - Res. HI 619(1 5613 South T:.rnrna Way 161st & Park, Spanaway HA '.1097

HI 2722


T11res .. Tires .. Tires


Ault Tire Service





Head and Blod< Servicing


UNFINISHED furniture. Hag g's, 1107 Market Street. 15ctf WANTED - Chickens and rabbits Call us before yo.; sell. Cape's Poul· try Market, 7036 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Wn. GA. 4406. 15ctf FINE TOP SOIL Rich and black; delivered. Call Puyallup 5-8228. 15ctf CERAMIC SUPPLIES, unusual pouring-s; wholesale and retail. 811 No. 1;·ife ::it., Tacoma. . i5p51 SL,\l\.fF~SE male cat {;;-;:--~~;:;;J-;:~};.it.. tens on order. Graham 7-7"130. 15p51 FURNITURE for sak--Moving into trailer, selling all household furnishings including White cabinet SC\ving rnachinc, lJ nder\voOd typc\vriter, Westinghouse ti,vo~burner hot plate_;

fine silver chest; blonde dining set; rest rocker, Hoover, extra length bed, nlun1inurn stool, dish-n1a.c;trr, miscellaneous older furniture still serviceable. Ivfay be seen at Rt. 1, Box .518 on Spanaway Loop road, one block south of Military road. Apply at Spartanette trailer.


LaCrosse Printers GR 7100 PARKLAND




• 4-taH cans !igieo ~~~9. 1.35 ·med. pkg. •



162.nd & Park Ave. Spanaway GR. 8213 · Amrnst 22 and 23

i \

Country Style



lb. 55c

lb. 43c


ROAST lb. 69c


Also will receive telephone calls, do accounts teccivablc and payable, etc., for sm<\ll businesses. .ADl\ ltAJJfOH.. D

Shined 1 \\. or!.' Shoes

Mt. Highway

Met~I ~Jork [fk~·lillB6n'H~~~t. m .II

FOR FREE? , ., YT7S 1 Di-cs'; Shoes

LUMBER CO. i I ,GR. 3323

Hf.!L\Nthor'n '7523








GR. 37.13


Oiled Minor Rips Sewn ! H<;d Pads, if needed !

at Spanaway

Serving Parkland, Lakewood, Midland, Summit, Spanaway and Lakeview-P,ierce county





get these f os FREE with soles·

and/ or heels at

Paul's Shoe Repcdr SPANAWAY Closed Wednesday



OB NKETS 'SUPPLY St•u. Smnrger

~. :,~\.'\\;~.Ji.~\. Dr~s· n 1-11~""u

!l., ~

Phone 3 ..4794




~ ea.· •

9c ea. 12c ea.

2 x 4's 2 x S's fiite Wa;il'er Paii1t

$1.59 ·9cd. Li1niietl Colurs

Barbed Wire

Times journal v 7 no 49 aug 21, 1952  
Times journal v 7 no 49 aug 21, 1952