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118th and Pacific Avenue Phone GRanite 7100 ·1 DEADLINE: News, Monday Noon; Advertising, Tuesday Noon . .



AUG. 14, 1952 (VOL. 7, NO. 48)

U. S. POSTAGE PAID Sec. 34:.66 P. L. & R. Tacoma, Wash. Permit No. 51



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\Vbat looms as one of the best state Ct'1nvPiitioQS of thr /\.n1Prican Legion ia years, will open on Thursday. Aug. 14, in Tacoma. The promise of n hot election fight between Lloyd Stoddard of Everett and Maurice N erdham of Shelton for the post of departnicnt commander plu~ debates over scores of controversial resolutions will enliven the threeday business sessions of the veterans c:onclave.

Stoddard, a World War II veteran and two-tcnn conunander of Everett Legion post, is competing with Needham, a World War I veteran for the i1uri1ber





Needham is a former district commander. The fight over the Legion command will focus added attention on a resolution drawn up Ly .Raymond post No. 15() asking an amendl,llent of State L~gion constitution to provide for ::1 no111ination con1mittec con1posed of a chairman and rcprcscntritives of all Legion districts to propose names of candidates for Legion elective positions. Under present laws, any post may propose a cnndidate for elective office. Resolutions asking for a pc:rinancnt legislative con1mittee to investigate un-Arncriran activities in Washington and the rescinding of. the state legislature's endorsement of a World Govcrnrnent proposition, will face the delegates attending the meet. Highlights of the convention will be the pre-conclave memorial services on Wednesday evening, Aug. 13; the oprning sPssion featuring addresses by National Commander Donald Wilson and U. S. Senator Harry P. Cain on Th,ursday; the grand convrntion parade on Friday :rnd the election of officers on Saturday 1norning, Aug. 16. Present registration is exceeding cxpe_ctations according to Fred Fuec.krr, state adjutant of the Legion. Approxunatcly 5,000 delegates and guests will attend. ··

Coming Attractions

Community Theatre 56th & M St.

GA. 7373 Doors open 1 :00 p.m. Srit. & Sun; 6.:30 .p. m .. Mon.· thru FrL Enjoy Movies fo. Con:ifort Nnv Scats Now Installed



Parkland is invited to the 1 Steilacoom 1952 summer celebration to help commemorate 100 years of continuous Unitecf" States postal service to Steilacoom. The dates of the celebration are Aug. 15, 16 and.17. . , I Friday, Aug. 15, there will be ·a "' ·f card party in the Town .Hall begin. . · . , ning at 8 p. m.-all games. The town Another. step 111. rnsurmg adequate I chess an;! bridge ch::.mpionships will transportat10n for che Parkland-Span· be announced. away area was taken. !vfonr;Jay evernng . when a group,?~ local business people Saturday starts at 10 a. m. with a met to make fmal arran14cmcnts to - d c ... I n rinc. o f mare_ , h ipcorporate . the. BL' s~ectacu lar par~ - 1ne T rans1.t· C,o., ·will be the .color guard of the Veter- Inc. I_ncorporat10n P\lpcrs arc now brans of Foreign .W;,irs, drum and bug!e ing filed rn Olympia. S_tock co.rps, fun-makrng and also sy'!°bohc will a.JI ~e local people, mtercstcd rn f~oats, decorated ~ars, a ch1ldl'cn s sec- estabhsh1ng much-needed tran.sportat10.n, hors~s and riders, and many sur- tion for pa1~s _of the .c.0~11H1ur11ty not prise entries. to add ~olor·to.~he ca:ral- served by ex1stn;g fac1lit1Ps. . cade. The parade will pass. 111 revi.ew Another meetmg of stocL holde>s is before judges on the stand near the called for Friday evening, at which P?st. offic.c. -1:- ba_nd concert and ':aude- tin1 .e officers will be .elected and furville acts will follow the awardmg of their plans made. It JS hoped to start prizes ·to the winning entries. regular servic~ in t?e VFry near: future. After the parade there will be a hall Furt~cr .details will appear rn next game, and nntiquc and bobby show, ·weeks Tunes-Journal. . . . binrro tea in the To1lefson gardens, Present Mondny evening, ln ~dd1whi~:h feature tuberous <b~gonias at tion to 1ocal business foll..;.:, was .Mrs. this time dances at the Indian village Jessie Kimball, Democratic near the 'Town Hall, and in the eve- fo_r the kf:iislat1:rc in the. 29fa disning the big dance in the ToVw'n Hall 1 ~net, w.-ho is, t.a~ung an active interest w'th Elsdon's orchestra. 1,n the propos1t1on. Sund2.y, .the famous annual sa!rp_~n .., 11 0 barbr.cue dmner by the ':· F. W. w.1ll fl.'IC!lVA\V ~1Cllf\1';l\ t:sfi'~lill~§ Wll'll start at 12:30 at Saltar s Pornt (m · 1 • .~ Steilacoom). At Ip. m. a brilliant reP~ol'\l~ D1reeto:rv gatta of small craft will pass. the Point. Delivery of the Tacoma and vi~inity 1:l11.1 dd1ghtful f!ot1lla will be re-. telephone directory started Monday, viewed 7by the Judges aboard the Aug. 4. Jnmr.11.\ : Bennett, by courtesy of Fred Five thpusand n1ore copies of the T. :Wilhnson, warden . of. the U · S. directory were prinfcd this year, keepPe_n1tent.1ary- at McNeil island, and ing- pace with T'acoms's growing tc-lepnzes will be awarded. Announcement phone service. There arc over 1,200 of t!ie wmners will be made over a new listings and a total of 376 pages loud ;•Peaker. system. At 2 P· m. ·the in this issue. The yellow or classified acquisition of property at this site ov\,r the dow:ntown property and the Cowlitz Boa_tmg club from Kelso pre- section, which totals 280 nages, has lower cost of parking facilities which (is estimated to be one million one sents a senes. of m~tor boat race;. increased by 16 pages. hundred thousand. dollars less at the. 38th St. siti:. . T~csc, too, will be JUSt off Saltar s Another change in the directory is The proposed location is easily accessible to all residents of the county pomt. the replaccmen t of the, Main prefix and city because of the converging of all main highway arteries at this point. If you care to attend church on with Market and Garland with HawThC group has gone on record as 1avoring support of the construction Sunday bef?re going to the salmon thorne. These r,hanges are being made of the new building provided that .the plannin.g commission, the county com- barbecue .dmncr, .two of th~ in line with future plans for direct missioners and .the city connloil members incluclc the cla.usc on the ballot that churches m Washmgt?n are 111 Steil- dialing across the nation. a public hearing be held prior to the final selection of the site and that a acoon1 and hold. services every SunThe ,-ne~· directory has a green cover ceiling b.c placecl on the amount of mmjcy which could be spent for this new .day. The Cathoh~. C~urch of the Im- with a yellow band on front· and hock. maculate Concept10n is the sccon,d o!d- Earl Zylstra holds, for the fifth time, building.-( Engraving courtesy The S~ar.) est churc!; north of the Columbia the distinction of having the last lister. Mass 1~ At 9:30 'a. rn ..The Oberh_n inp; .in the Tacoma section'. Qongrcgat1onal Commumty church is June 2if was the last day on which Brad~I Shower Pr~tc~tant an~ serv,1ces. are at 11 a .. m. Hstings for the new directory vvcrc fir' . Miss Ann Knorr was 'surprised with This is~· cont1nuat1.on 1n congregation taken. Hov.•cver, ne\V listings 1nay bC lb a bridal shower recently as the home of the first Mcthod1st ·Church north of obtained from the. operator. of Miss Marilyn Pfleuger with the the Columbia river. Both ~hurch~s Customers arc urged to look through Misses JoAnn Nodtvedt, Mary Olson hav~ rn_onuments•com?Jem.oratmg their the pages of their old directories for m hnd Naomi ROe as to-hostesses. bcgmnmgs. Other historical markers valuables before discarding them The rooms .were beautifully decor- ha've bee;, placed at 20 points in .Steilc • , ated with Dorothy Perkins roses and acoom for those seeking such informawhite daisies .. Before the gifts were tion. As you rpay know, Steilacoom is '?1x·-ned~ gan1e-s \·Vere played an,d prizes the oldest irreorporated town in Wash· The. Pierce County Junior fair will '!Vere "'.on h>; MiRS Darline De.Jardine in,<;ton and has g1·eat historical sigbe held in Sumner Aug. 21, 22 and 23" f!-nd MISS Molter. At the close nificance for our part of the conntry. ·ar the Spartan· field, with an· entirely· ·itqf ·-the evemng refreshments· were i'"Steilaeoom especially invites you. to, rome and bring your family .and yonr new sel~up over previous years. Th,c served_. . . . county fair has b~cn known in the past Be_~1dcs th~ hostesses, guests 1n- friends for any and all events. There ycars r:is the 4·~H fair. Ho,vcvcr, si'n·ce eluded the Mrns:s Jo<- .111,lc Huchttocn, wi II be fun for everyone. iL is primaril.i: ~upportcd by funds from Da_rlene Dc!ard1~e, ,~mta Hcllbaum, Decorated by Experts Longac.rrs, givf'n to youth fairs Shirley, Connie I-Ianson, Ruth through state channels, the state ba.s Moe .and, the ho.nor guest. . required the includino; of all youth, in MISs Kn.orr will become the bndc of order to qualify for the maximum as- Allen Daniels of. Brookdale, Aug. 23. sistancc. ~ Ho~se All Pierce county youth arc being Open house for Tom Martin, candiinvited to enter the fair with their Pacific Avenue at Airport Road livestock, garden produce and hon1e da tc for governor, will. be held in the cconon1ics entries. Th<'. prcn1iu1n book Marlin headquarters 780 Commerce Hours: 9 a.m. t<1 9 p.m.this .year includes 4-H and F. F. A. St., Winthrop hotel lJuilding, from 3 requin:~nents for entry. It is planned to 8 p. m. Friday, Aug 15. All am Phone GR 3330 that next year it shall include the wclco1ne. 8-Pound Average F. IL A. and other youth organiza-


I i

I I I , 1



It is being proposed by 'a joint committee of businessmen representing Tacoma, Parkland, Puyallup, Gig Harbor, Buckley, Lakewood and other' Pierce county areas that the location represented by the outlined portion ()f the above aerial photo be accepted by the commissioners as the location for the new City-County building. The tract, as seen from the west, is bordered by So. 38th St. on the south, 36th St. on the north, Cedar St. on the ea,st and Lawrenc~ St. on the west. South Tacoma Way can be seen maki11g a long loop in the foreground, joined at the lower right by the Union Ave. viaducC The benefits of .this .location over others presently offered, as pointed out by the county group advocating this lo.cation include the .lower cost of

Dfs A Boy! 1vt:r. and Mrs.

welcomes the small newcomer into the Malcohn Soinc are hon1c. "Papa'' Malcoln1 and "Grand~ parents of a brand new son, born pa" Al can hardly wait for Jon MalSunday morning, Aug. 10. The child eolm to take his first steps-in Poll weighed 7Y2 pounds and has been !Parrot shoes from Some's Parkland nan1rd .Jon Mac.oln1. A nister, Lynn,' Shoe store, of course!




"New Campus Styles" Heavy Neolite So.les

Cordovan Calf Upper Pl< or


AU Occasions

f RYING TURKEYS 'il'attff

lb. 49c


YearaOld R«:>osters Lb. 3H:


Men's Sizes



Parkland ot1ee "4 Shoe Store (In the Parkland. Centre Bldg.) Afross from the Parkland Post Office GR 3526 OPEN 10-6 (Daylight Time)

411 Garfield St.


CLAY ROLEY AGENCV 98th and Portland Avenue GR 8501 OPTOMETR1STS

DR. L RICHARD McGIRK Modem Eye Care HA 2113

4802Y. So. Yakima



ROY V. ROSTEDT 8201 Park Avenue Phone I-IA 2342


Some 900 boys and girls arc expect[ r-d. to enter one ~r 111orE' exhibits. The fair progra1n \v11l open Wednesday afternoon with the judging of the horne econon1ics entries. Thursday moming the baking contests will start at 8;30 a. rn. and carry through the day. Garden produce will be entered throughout th~ 111orning and nt + p. m. the fair will open to the public with n tractor dcinoriStrati'on contest. Thursday ni~ht the mayor ef Sum- . ncr, Jess Stahlhut, will open the evernng show and Friday night Governor Arthur Il. LanKlie will he the ~ucst of honor . .Jack Rivers and his TV ·~ow­ boys of Seattle will . entertain both nig-hts, with ac:rinl firc\.vo.rks closincr 0 both shows. 4-H leaders from the Park land area include Mrs. Iver Johnson, department snprt:ntrndcnt of clothing;. Mrs. G. I-IaaiHnson, Cot:iLun1e selecnon · Otto M.oebius (Thri.ft) dairy assista;1t supeni;itendent; V1_ck Becker, (Elk Plain), ~ss1s~ant supenntendrnt poultry and rabbits; Harold McGee (Graham) livestock; . William McSwain (Elk Plam) assistant; Mrs. William McSwain (Elk Plain) superintendent of demonstra t10ns and illustrated talkS' Mrs'. D. Angermcir (Collins) assistani i:lo!h1ng s;.ipenn.tendcnt, and Ji1n Sales, ass1sta1~l ln.- agriculture of this section. The fa1r will close at + p. rn. Saturday afternoon.

Slappys -

E!lbertas -- Hales

YAKIMA TOMATOES PLUMS - MELONS FULL LINE OF PRODUCE Largest Selection of fruit in Pierce County

One Mile Before Entering Puyallup on the River Road Open Till 10:00 P. M. Phone Puyallup.5:8561



Armstronr{ -s Poultry Market 11009 Pacific Ave.


Picnic Cake

Physician Tacoma Way Building Tacoma 9, Wash.

PARKLAND-GR. 3113 Antumobile - Casualty • Fire Inland Marine





, .dl._.






~~~h;<1~~©1b9l~f.;!l' § . B..,!fllC

Weeks ago, tl~e I-Iau<lic~pper's club of Pierce County ~app1ly. planned their Labor Day p1n11c.,It will be held at the Pleasant \11ew San1tanu111 out Puyallup v·.ray the Sunday before Labor Day. No, the l'.icnic is a hovering ~ve1,1t. Trnnsport:it1on there and back is tne formidable problem. If you haYe a flair for :1elping those kss fortunate than yours< If and woU.ld like to help solve Llm prnblern, e.tll GR. 'l7'JO. '

\A / Qr.:c·K it;: R-r:-._.-D-ILJ_'_L_T ______ V V Id.:: -' ·,;;; ~ I

C! t.\iMS MUI ,___,.


·-- ''-

~ ..~.




Cakes For


Folded Toe Cap


Danielson • Rolfe · Insurance Agency


The session will open with a wclcon1c address by the c:hairn1a.n, George M. Brewer, followed by a vocal solo, "The Lurd's Preyer," by Leroy Lahey. A group of Boy Scouts will condu;:t the fhig snlutc. niter vvh1ch the auntence 1 will join M1.-. Lahey in the naL1onal anthe111. Mr. Brewer will then introduce the precinct committeemen of 26K and also give a brief histc;'ry of the 26K Republican club. Russell C. Barlow, Pierce County Central con1n1ittcc r:h;Jin1l0n, will then µ:ive a five-111inute t· ll· f 11 w· g· wl1;rl he will introduce 1 ,1 ,, o o m Sen. Cain. T'iie senator will t:.peak on cu'rrcnt issues and will Le glad to ans" er quc stiom from the audience. All , otcis frum Cullrns, Cooper, Br::>okdnle, Spantn\iDV 1, ~' 3 and l, ris vvcll thrn<' fro 111 thr nei~hboring 85 chstri(tS of Parkl;ind and Elk Plain arc , . d to be present urge ··-----



Sun., lvfon., Tues., Aug. 10-12 MY SON JOHN Helen Hayes - Van Heflin ON THE LOOSE Joan Evans - Melvin Douglas

Enjoy the Healthful Benefits of Swedish 11assagc in the Privacy of \ 7 our'Home or,·Mine I-I. C. BALLARD, MASSEUR For Ap1fointmcnt Phone EVENINGS Tacoma, GRanitc 43,j.2







Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., Aug. 6-9 THE WILD NORTH In Color Stewart· Grn_nger - Cyd Charisse BUGLES JN THE AFTERNOON In Color Ray Milland - Forrest Tucker

Wed., Tlrnrs., Fri., Sat., Aug. 13-16 BELLES ON THEIR TOES Myrna Loy - Jeanne Crain TALK AHOUT A STRANGER George Murphy - Nancy Davis

!Business Club

The Parkland Business dub will hold its usual dinner meeting W edncs, day, Aug. 20, in the James Sales Grange hall, with dinner at 7:30. Attractive entertainment an'tl a featured speaker are pron1iscd_ by Ro~;er Mc.:. lT. S. Sc~. r1ary P. Cnin is ~01i;ing Donald, president. Members, families to the S1Jan:nvay school aud1!or~u1n and friends are invited. this (Thursday) evening as ynnc1pal speaker at the 26K Republican club


110.XI-IOLDF.R OR OCCUPANT RURAL ROUTE l•OS'fMASTER-If unable to deliver, retnr11 postage is j,,"tlaranteed.



''Gafine1~ts. ().Te \n~asJ.e_- la"v;elY· ·i~- nL:0 by the methods used at the Puyallup L,aundry and Dry C1eaning-,:-p1ant/-' clai111s 110011 n1tillins, ·~for_ after dry c~raning, ~r~ "'L,~stei-iif,d~) to g·1ve thc1n then· or1g1n::i1 bo<ly. ,,-~{ou step uul this sun1u1cr looki_ng, like the nc\vest,_ of tbP nrvv when' )!IJlJ

use Puyallup Laundry dry ch ..tning serviCe. Your old µ.-~1r111l.'.IIb; wiH again

have that look and feel you liked so nnich the' day you bciught the1n. "Phone Puvallup '-6651 for "FREF/' ~ick up ancl dcli11(~ry service. for 'vioon Mullins. I cover the entire Parkland arr<l to ,f-!,"ive you the bPst of 'laun,.. dry and dr)' cleaning scrvicc. 11



GR 5524





Equally Delightful Dining In or Out


Pink er Choe.elate Marble Cake

AUNT SUE'S Bakery 209 So. 84th

I-II. 4072


Parklanrr Fuel Oil Service 120th & Pacific Ave. ' .

A 14x10 GARAGE IS STILL $495.00 HERE




OVER 10,000 CIRCULATION Published every Thursday by I.aCrosse Printers in Parkland, Wash. Distributed by direct mail to every home and business in Parkland, Eatonville, Graham, Roy, Firgrove, Midland, Waller Road, McKenna, Elk Plain, Kirby, Kapowsin, &panaway, Collins, Summit, Thrift, Berkley, Harvard, Fern Hlll, Ponders, Frederickson, Harding, Woodland, Lake view, Firwood, and southern portion of Tacoma.




By Clarence LaCrosse


1 to 3 Column inches, per month .................... ·-·····-··························$1.40 3 to 100 Column inches, per month ........ ,.........................................$1.25 100 to 200 Column inches, per month ..................................... ., , ..... :p.15 Phone for Additional Volume Rates NATIONAL RATE .................................................... $1.47 Per Col. Inch Classified Ads ...........•.•....•.............. .4c per word-Minimum charge 50c




Happy to sec my friend Don East· void receive so much well earned and deserved support fro\n his thousands of friends throughout the state. Don has for exceeded the expectations of his i11any friends ... and instead of being only a. figure of prominence in his 0\vn con1n1unity his fame and i1nportancc as an asset to the Republican party h:rn bt:co1uc nation-wide . . . a fact \vhich \VP of his ho1ne con1111unity can \vcll be proud. · 'fhc 11a ti on is in need to.d~y of goud lcac1t"~rs ~1nd proof of acceptance of an al>k leader when he has proved hi·11sclf is evident in the ~Lcclaiin being accorded Don Eastvold. Don is now busy cznupaigning fur the job of Attorney Gcneml cf the StGte of Washington . . . and is conduct:i ng a \Vcll organized and abnvc all






. •, .

no party opposition in the prirnarics

he is running-a 'vcll planned ca1npaign for reelection ... and a well deserved reelection it will be. Harry has always conducted himself in proper rcspctt of his office and the important job he holds. The roads in his district arc among the finest in the entire counties of the stale . . . . certainly the better of any other districts hereabouts . . . brought about because of a plan and b~causc of an honest desire to fulfill the joh to which he was elected ... that of your county com1nissioncr. In addition to fulfilling his job iii the proper n1annel", Mr. Sprinkcr haS always done the little things for pea, plc of his district which arc so much :ippreeiatrd and which arc so often forgotten by politicians once they arc in office. It might look like I am running a political ca1npnign of .1ny own here hut such is not the case ... I just like my good fricuds aud fed that they are <lrM·rving of your consideration.



SU:MNG:-1x6 "E" Vee Rustie Siding . • 100 sq. ft. $7.80 6" and 8" Cedar Bevel Siding. X Grade, 100 sq. ft. $2.95

BATH SETS:-Tub, Toilet. Wash Basin Complete with all Trim


(Ne Down Payment} .FlOORBNG:-1x4 KHn<Dry Utmty Grade. • 1.°0 sq. ft. $7.80 For ILhll~eti.l..inoleum, Attics ~nd Playrooms

WATER PIPE:-1h" Galvanized . . . . 16c foot We've Got Everythim] in Soil and Drainage Fittings t.Jo. 3 1x6 Cedar Sheathing Boards


Per M $59.00

Per Foot 11/2c:

No. 14 House Wire

Home and Auto Insurance 1


It Will Pay to Check Our


A Brookdale Built

large 14'x10' GARAGE

Pierce County Refuse Co. Weekly GARBAGE Collectioru,

Phone GR. 8688

American Art Co. Custom Picture Framing

BR 4327

Over 2,000 are

now in use in and around Ta coma

2046 6th Ave.

l.ocation. Arterials converge on this location from every direction making it easily accessible for all areas. If the proposition carries on the ballot county residents should certainlv insist that this location be considerc.d if for no other reason •than approx· imatcly two million dollars of your hard earned money. There is a story elsewhere in re· gards to this which might be of inter· est to our readers.

ftenefit Picnic For American Lake Pciirk

Children's Sizes

There will be a picnic held at Am· eric:rn Lake South park Saturday, Aug. 23, beginning at l :30 p. m. Everybody is invited lo join in the fun and play g:a111es, run raecs and watch the ball gan1e hrtvv"Ccn the Youngsters vs Oldsters at 2.p.

80, • 3

4.95 to 6.70


This picnic is a benefit to raise funds for a second double tennis court in the park. Tickets are on sale at Smith'.s Store and .fron1 the committee n1en1bers of the · Tillicum Tennis Court,. Fund group. Telephone LA 2606. Starting with an idea to fix up the beautiful American Lake South park through funds contributed by citizens of the lakes district, business firms and other interested persons, one tennis couJ't has been completed and a second one is to be built this summer.

, (} 411 Garfield ·open 10.. 6

f UT

Choice of Doors


Extra space for a Work Bench

only $495.00 complete only S15.81 per month

OUTSIDE SOLID SLAB DOOR.Sa 1 ~/ 4 thick, as low as $8. 95 for

3'x6'6" and 2"8"x6'6 65°/o less.

11 -

GiAPEs ..

I ~t--- -·-----~ ~::}


I LV.11rac1e. W Dip 49C Bun. 5c '




\Vo@ds -

2x4's, 8-ft., No. 3 :~on;q 30c ea. at the yard

V Rustic Siding 8 Foot

All Materials on Our

Split Cedar Fence Posts 35c ea.

Outside Front Doors Window Glass Cut to Size

Monthly Payment


Fiy Screen. AH Widths


• .

1 Lb.

CORN . . 6ears 19c local


BEANS . 1lbs.15c PEACHES ...... Can Now lowest Market Prices •



14 oz. 15c

At the Yard

Ix4 Fir Flooring Door Jambs

Hi Ho

CRACKERS . . large Pkg,.19c Waxtex

WAX PAPER . • • General Mills


• •




Graded Good


lb. 55c

lb. 65c

·Nice ~nd Le~:m

PORK STEAK 115. ft. roll 13c Pure a!'ld lne((JJl'!l Reg. Size 1!15c GROUND BEEF




Graded Go(,ld. Blade Cut

Giant Size 1/49c POT ROAST

Window and Door Sills Garden Toois


Pay as low as $5.00 monthly

Drip or Re~. '

Fresh and So Good


regular $31.50-a real buy! Other sizes

No Down Payment

.A'cross from Parkland Post Office . GR 3526


Assorted 8



TOMATO CATSUP Top Quality Materials


Have your Cabinets CUSTOM BUILT At No Extra Cost RHONE'S CABINET SHOP 2nd & Pacific Spana"':ay GRanite 3342 ··


_, ------··-

* *

The South Tacoma Bminess club is .spearhr;:frling a can1pnign for thr": location of the proposed new CityC:ounty building· al Soulh :38lh sln:et across from the ball park . . . which sounds like a sensible proposition in, asn1uch as such a building should be located elsewhere than the busy nonpa.rkable downto\vn area \vhcre the building is now located. Of pri111e consideration in the selection of this site in prefc-rrnc.c~ to th_c city site is the cost of building and the} cost of acql,l~si-~~on ,of property . . _f'°iJ1 thosc.)n 1.fav()r of the. county loc.<J.ti<~ arc Of the opinion •that m·arly····l'vftr~ million dollars could be saved by favL oring the 38th streel localion. · Sinr:r. thr~ 38th street i's in the centcf of the area it is probably the better'

GR 3733 M. SLATER GR 9939

Switch Boxes


Pre-Tested POLL-PARROT Shoes lo•' Boys and Gitls fit into the picture. best! Take style for instance.·as·paint new fall styles are fashioned like shoes for "grown• ups" •• and POLL-PARROT'& de-pendable craftsmanship putt style at the bead of its classr

THE AIR FORCE is developing a vast network of bases calculated either to deter Russian attack, if possible, .on. t.o assure prompt retaliation if an attack is made. Some of the bases shown on the map arc manned and operated by the Air Force, while others arc used only oc,casionally by American planes. a fair campaign. He is selling hin1sclf on the merits of his own ability and iiot u~;ing his opponent as a n1eans of ridicule as SO' many candidates a re v1ont to do. A vote for Don Eastvold "' lhe primaries will be well placed. I for 011c of many firmly believe that "You Can Trust iDon Eastvold." County Races Gain l\1omcnlum Another i1nportant nrnn in the community is our good friend Harry Sprinkcr our county con1111issioncr for District 2. Although Mr. Sprinkcr has


hat's Missing from this Picture?


CLARENCE W. LACROSSE, JACK BROWN.............. PUBLISH'ERS NEVA T. HONEYWELL.... , ....................................................... BDITOR GIBB THEIS .................................................................... ADVERTISING SUBSCRIPTION RA TE .................. : .....-.........................$2.00 per year (Beyond Free Distribution Area)



7,. 11---;;- · ~

ADDRESS ................ P. 0. BOX 885, PARKLAND, WASHINGTON !18th and Pacific Avenue Phone GR~nite 7100


Thursday, August 14, 1952

Screen Doors, All Sizes and Styles



We Cut Glass

GRanite 5844 ,BASKETT LUMBER COMPANY 96th & Portland Avenue

1!2nd and Pacific Avenue Phone GRanite 8550 Prices Effective August 15 and 16

so ll

SPECIAL $5.00 Per load $3.75 Pe.r load $2.75 Per load

These prices good only in Pal'!dartd Brea; other districts higher. Dirt is from an excavating job and is due to last only about two weeks, so place your orders soon. Terms may be arranged.





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farmers Insurance Lyle Greer GR 3637 Any Time

TACOM4 SHOPPING MART ·36" Pinwale Corduroy Specia I89c yd. Clan Plaids Sl.89 yda 1 - 10 Y arc!. Lengths


54" 100% Wool -

.Sponged and Shrunk

Open Mon •• Wed., IFri.m Evenings Until 9 P. M.

TACOMA Shopping Mart "House of Fabrics"

2821 Pacific Ave.




Y Be


1-1, 1952


and Commander James Linder ex· pressed 'his thanks to the group of Two making this, his se.cond meeting of the new year, a big success. The "Guod First, in the last 3 months people Neighbor" policy of viRiting other posts '"'ill continue throug11out the h::i\·e discoYtri~d that no p1acL· 'in tlTc year and thr Pnrkh1nd post plaris to he city do they get a better job of Ja,vn quite busy practicing this policy. The 1nower sharpening or saw filing -jub next mef'ting of the· post and auxiliary than they do at Da\.T)s Fix~it Shop. Secondly, that no place in the city has been postponed for summer vacais there a finer,, more modern, or tions and the meetings will resume cheaper shoe repair shop. Y cs sir,··. '..v.e , fix nnything and c\·en save your soles. Ilring this ad in and save. 50 cents on any lawn n1u"AiTr jub ur apply it on ;a full set of soles and heels. 8410 Pacific VOTE SEPT. 9! Ave. (Paiu Adv.)

Sensational New Discoveries

I . I

$1.50 BRECK



• • •




' ....... • 94c COLGATE • " ...


(Two CREAM ••••• Tubes)




24 ~ ~





• •






lb. 53c

Ask About Our Locker Beef


Cut and Wrapped the Way You Like It


The Best For Less





Eet!ty Crocker

Cake Mixes LB. BAG



Buttons and Button Holes Impoxted Baby Line Gifts


98TH DAr1~1r •-~me~~




Grand Opening Today

Cafe 7430 Pacific Ave. HA 9136 Cakes




SAVE 155.00 If On City of Tacoma Eines

Nationally Known Electric Range Deluxe ___ -349.95 52-gal. Automatic Water Heater _____________________ l 3 9. 9 5 220 Wiring------------------ 95.00 Plumbing of Tank ________ 30.00

614·.90 Allowance for old stove l 00._00 514.00 ''" City Light will refund____ 5 5. 00 YOU PAY ONL y _______ -459.90

10% Down, 24 Mos. to Pay

Downtown 13th and "K" Street BR.. 0386 01111 .,..,

tlu:o Mt &.U.... lhusll'llv -1 •••-

..... •

llll~Dll tilV

7208 Pacific Ave. HI. 9556







T\vo big hc-droon1s with large Wzirdrobes, tile bath, rooiuy cab. kitchen, 25xl 7 liv. nn. \vi th natural rock fireplace, \vall-to-\vqll carpeting, hot nncl cold air conditioning furn.8Cf'. 9x21 \.\', 2-car garnge, 2-stall horse barn, larr;c rabbitry, 300 cap. chicken hse. This place is beautifully landscaped, best of 'garden and completely fc!(Cc<l. Owner says lo sell for $14,000 and will consider a small home as part trade.

"Don't be silly. For that n1oncy ·we could get us a ne\v

rocker frolll lhc PARKWAY FURNITURE."


2 y; ACRES

Just the place to start raising ·be:Cf stock. Two houses, 2 barns. Lar,i;w corral. Property is all newly fenced. Will carry 25 head very easily. Only 'l miles frorn our office. Full price $i,OOO. Terms.

Span;:nvay area. Close to P:icific :.3~bcdrn1. rnoclern hu1ue on concrete fvund. 1-car garage. Owner will sell for $1,500 down. Full price $G,950, or will consider a ho1ne c1osc to town as trade.


177 x200 Close to Jay and Sales Road 62V'x1 00 On I 14th close to Park A venue 2] 7 x305 Cedar Street close to new high school 70xl50 3 choice ones near l04th and A Street ''Ve ha\·e SC'\Tral H1un· in various choice locations


HOl'vlES 2-B.R. 2-B.R. 2-Il.R. 2-B.R. 3,B.R. 3-B.R. 2-B.R.

Open Till 9:00 P. M. Delivery Service 141st and Pacific Ave. GR 3941




South Warner Street ............... _.. _.................... $6,950, Terms South Yakima and l !Oth, nearly new ............ $7,950, $950 clown 87M Durango, furnished ............................ $8,300, $800 down 2813 South .J Street ...................................... $3,950, $400 down Close to Spanaway school ___ .... _.. .. .... _. ·--..... $3,750, Terms 72nd and Lidford Road .. _........................... $5,250, $800 down Spanaway Lake, beach rights ........................................ $5,500


ibbons /, Spanaway Food Center SPANAWAY Chef Boy Ar-Dec Large Size

Kello99's Pep ••• 21c Adams

Peanut Butter • lb. 39c Silk

Per Gal.

Cider 'Vinegar ••• 59c Lb.

Liver Cheese lloaf 49c Chicken locsf •• lb. 49c Pikl loaf ..•• !b. 49c Skinless ,


Weiners •••• lb. 49c

Grapes ••.• 2 lbs. 35c Carrots •••• Bunch Sc Green Beans 2 lb. 1Sc Local Corn • 6 for 19c



• • • •



. 5c

Round Steak. choice grade 89c

• • • • •




lb. 59c m



P • d R• h



l 4m•S1tuations Wanted

IS M"lSCellaneOUS

Lawn Mowing, Fer· & Weeding




tl=Business SerVice



HI 2722

Septic Tanks, Cess Pools Cleaned

Prices Consistently Low Quality Consistently High



5-Help Wanted




400 Count

facial Tissue ••• 25c



GR.. 7512

Spaghetti Dinner. 39c


2-QT. ICE CREAM freezer, $6.75. Buy a Hopper Kelly reconditioned BUREAU-REAL Casey's 98th St. Hdwe., 9818 Paiano for as little as $10.00 down. 12810 Pacific Avenue, Parkland cific Ave. 15c18 GRanite 3931 ake up to 2 years to pay. Every y, ACRE IN CITY Mail Address: Rt. 3, Box 819, Tacoma, Wash. 1iano 've sell has been clcrined. GOOD 2-bedroom home. Liv. and Evenings: Mr. Loring, GR 3570; Mr. Wallace, GR 5441 uned, repaired and polished, Mnny din. room. Built-in kitchen. Bath ell kno\vn makf:s to from. and. laundry room. Garage. ·Fruit trees. $7,450. Low down payment. WILL take pick-up, station wagon or MILK GOATS---French Alpine and HOPPER KELLY 5 ACRES - 4-BEDROOM panel on nC\V or older horne. GR Saanen; buck service, registered Nu(Piano Division) SICKNESS forces me to. sell my home, 7102. 12p48 bian and Saanen; Rt. 1, Box 309, 47 Broadway FU 2141 sonic work to be done. Liv. roon1 1 Spana\vay on T\1uck-Kapowsin road, Home of Baldwin, din. roo1n, nice kitchen. Barn and between Meridian highway and KNUTE LOH.AND Wurlitzer Acrosonic chicken house. $10,500. Terms. Mountain highway. 13ctf DOZEN 10 ACRES LAR..GE-weonei:Pigs. GR 6632. LARGE home, 3 bedrooms on main THREE BLAZER lawnmowers. Spefloor. Liv. room l 5x32. This place Known for Good Clean Sharp I FOR SALE-White Leghori; pullets cial $16.50, regulor $21.75. Casey's C ' starting ~o lay, 5 months 01d; Hanis run down but good deal for handy · 98th St. Hdwc., 9818 Pacific Ave. ars sen stram; $2.25. 7811 Portland man. $6,750. Low down payment. 15c48 Ave., GR 4415. 13p48 rice 19 t CASH FOR milk cows, beef, heifer;, F OR SALE-Antique settee; also desk and china closet combination, comAirport and Leonards Crossing WORDS cannot tell you how nice veal and hogs. Call Thackeray colpletely overhauled: deep well pump, GR 3871 Day or Eve. ~ Yakima they really are. See them before lect, Puyallup 5-5± 14. I 3ctf rnnk and 60 feet of pipe, $65. Da\'CHECK OUR LOW DOWN PAY· you buy. FOR SALE-I steer and 1 heifer. GR. 7-9 Lbs., Fancy New York Dressed "V enports, chairs, electric stoves, wood MENT INSURANCE PLAN. '50 CADILLAC "62" 4-dr. R., H., 7998, Rt. 3, Box 581, Puyalhir.,- 48 rang-es and n1iscellaneous articles. WE NEED listings of all kinds. Farms, "Y" Trading Center, Roy "Y.n Hy<lra-Matic, visor, back-up lights, J': , acreago, lots, building sites, homes For Frying or Swizzing Lb. U. S. Royal Master· Mid Century WANTED-Horses and cows for nunk 15p48 (new or old, 1, 2, 3 and 4 l;ied· tires,' exceptionally low mileage, feed; call Puyallup 5-8228 coll_;ct. FOR SALE-3 month old 10" CraftsGround :Beef • • Y' ing.rooms). We have cash buyers wait· very, very clean .................. $3,4951 1Jctf 6 .. ::C man tilting arbor table saw with '50 BUICK Super Riviera 4-dr. R. & 4-MONTH OLD Parmenter red pul% h.p. motor and stand. GR. 6437. Fresh Ground Daily H., Dynaflow, 2-tone, clean $2,295 lets, $1.70 each. GR. 5524. 13c48 15c4·8 Property Management Insurance '50 CHRYSLER New Yorker. R&H, FOR SALE-20 New Hampshire pul-' FOR SALE-Collie-Shepherd, Shel· automatic shift, WSW tires, fenlets, ready to lay. GR. 8220. Bp48 tics and others, cheap to approved Notary homes. GR. 6348. 15c49 dcr skirts, spotlite., chrome win• NEW HAMPSHIRE pullets, 8 and 1O Member of Tacoma Real Estate Board dow shades A beautiful car, $2295 weeks old. Midgard Poultry Farm FOR SALE - Coldspot rcfrigera tor, Office: 328 Garfield St. C:R. 3369 and Hatchery, Roy. Call Yelm 3675. 40-gal. cold water storage tank. LA. FOR SALE: Five-room house on. cor- '50 BUICK Super Riv. Coupe, R&H Dynaflow, low mileage and clean. 13p50 4354. 15p48 ner property,· 1 yo acres of land, ... _........ "·---·: ....... _.......... $2,350 FOR SALE-2- and 3-ycar-old brecd- FOR SALE-Bendix dryer, $175; n10re if desired, basetnent. Sn1all down payment. Inquire 8620 So. M. '51 FORD Victoria. R. and H., 0. er geese and ganders; reasonable; Thor Gladiron, $79.50; floor polD ......................................... $2,175 9c48 half grown. nnd started ducklings. isher, $25. GR. 3198. 15c48 FOR SALE by owner-Small house, '4·9 OLDS 98 4-door, R&H, Hydra-, Puyallup_5_-_7.:.6::.5::.3·:....__ _ _ _ _ __ FOR sf\t::E---Cucumhers, beets an·d 2 bedrooms, one up, one duwn; apmatic, visor WSW tires ....... $1895 PU~EBRED, _registered, French Aldill.GR7112. 15c48 prox. 1 acre ground, fruit tr.ef's. '51 PLY. Cranbrook. R., H., clean pme. an~ Nubiau buck goats for FOR SALE-3-room house; chick...;; Price $+,800. GR '1740. 9c48 ..................-........................... $1,785 7e1/t,~;j· huuous bloocllines. Graham house for JOO, .E{arage, barn, broodri· FOR SALE-Two 1-bcdroom houses, 'SO.PACKARD de luxe 4·-dr. R., H., house, own water systcn1, 9 lots all - ..., •· • 13p51_ near school, bus and stores. Make frncc<l, berries and fruit. Also flock Ultramatic. A real deal ...... $1,695 offer. Call HI. 1992; 8305 So. Ey;e. 15p4-B of geese. GR 8680. 9c'l 8 '.51 FORD V-8 .2-dr., R&H ·-.. $1695 CHILD CARE-Wish to do child ·50 CHEV. Stylme Deluxe Club care in my own home. GR. 3503. . Coup; ............-................ :.... $1,5951 14ctf '50.FOl'D custom V-8 stat10n wagon. A real buy ............................ $1,595 '50 FORD Custom V-8 2-door, R&H, WOOD--Upland slab, 2 cords, $14; ti!i:dng overdrive. Choice of two ..... $1595 planer ends, $4 and $8 loads. HI. EARL HANSEN '50 FORD Custom V-B, R&H. $1,54-5 4056. 15ctf 9038 East B HA 6894 'J.9 PLY. Special de luxe 4-dr. .~., HECKER the WRECKER - Used H ............................................ $1,295 ~ and rebuilt tr.1nsn1issions, also gears; _ . 40 ACRES :49 FORD Custom V-3 4-dr. R. and all makes and models; phone Puy-1 SI\.. ILLS AW, 8-rnch; 100-ft. extension AUCTION SALE UNFINISHED 4-room house, 5 lo G.. q I-I. ... ............................. _ $1,295 nllnp 5-21+1, days; Tacoma, HI. cord, like new, .$J25. GR 3365. House and Commercial Makes Ul. YOU W'l>nt more cash quick, sell acres peal soil, all fenced. Full price '> 3242, evenings. 15ctf i 15c48 ''1-8 OLDS. "98" 4-dr. sedan. R. and Motor Service Washer Service by auction. Every Fri., 7:30 p.m. $3,500. Low down paynwnt and ·FOR RENT-~- an~ 3-roo:n mod~r~ H., Hydra-Matic, visor and spot- UPLAND-W06i5;2 ·cords .$H. GR OUTBOARD, 10 H. P. "50" M.crGlen Betts, IH 13 So. Tacoma Way. low monthly payments. Call Mr. c_ottage.s and apm tme~~s_, all ut1hGR. 6.662 161 st & Paiific Ave. lite. A real buy ...................... $1,295 3306. 15ctf cury; good condition; $195. GR Free pickup service •. LA:; 8505. Inlocs, GR 362+ or HA 254·7. t,tes paid; laundry fac1ht1es; $60 _to Next Door to Target Sport Store CENTRAI, AVE. - 2 y2 ACRES $_75 p~r m_on_th. Oakland .Court, m- '+B CHEV. special de coupe. !!!p!lllillllllllllll!lllilllllllilllllli!lllll!!Elllllll!lll!lillill!lllllll!!ll!!ll 2ctf 3365. 15d8 R. & H., clean ...................... $1,095 Spanaway· i SIAMESE rnalc eat for service, Kit3-BEDROOM home, full basement. s1<lc city lumts. HA 9688. 10ctf tcus on order. Graham 7-74-30. Large garage and b;irn. Good soil. FOR RENT-Completely . furnished 49 !"ORD V-8Pickup. A real, real ROTOVATING, blade work; no job clean one ............................... $995 Fruit trees. Near grn<le school. Call 1- and 2-bcdroom apartments, all ~""°::--:--:-----.,---c-15p51 too sinall. W. L. Lewis, GR 7492. 5 YARDS ,~10; 4 Yards $8. FinMr. Damme), GR 362+ or GR 3684. utilities paid. GR 6770. lOctf '47. HUDSON super six, 2-<lr. R. & lJSED electric ranges and rcfri,[\'eratCOMPLETE tractor work. Loosening 3ctf est black peat topsoil, state H. A real, real buy ................ -. $695 ors: Hotpoint flat top, $69.50; Monground and leveling. Average lawn, HOUSE MOVING; leveling; founda- 3 BEDROOMS - GIST AND SO. D -l UH. 1<..~l'fl'-Furnished 2-roon1 catested, 1to 5-yard loads. '.Jt STlJDE. Champ. 4-dr. R., H., ONE DOWN and .two up. Garage with - arch combination range, $89.50; $12.00. Don Abbot, GR..3846. 3ctf bins, $30 per month; 9312 So. TaLawn construction and rocktions; cement work; free estimates. O.D ......................................... $345 large workshop. Excellent location. Apex rdrig., $119.50; Crosley recoma Way. 10p+9 eries. Evergreen Lands='OPR 2653. 3ctf AUTO GLASS INSTALLED-'--Auto Priced at $6,900. Call Mr. Hannon, frig., $.'99.50; Westinghouse rcfrig., ing Co. FOR RENT~Small business building, Upholstery, convertible tops. MA. PAIN'l'ING, papering, latest paper Local Bank Terms Trade GR3G2'! or GR 6896. $·10.50. Hopper Kelly Go., 920 suitable for offices, on G;ufield St. 2200, Art's Glass Co., 816 So. Tasamples. Free est. Ray Westrom, 88TI-I AND SO. D Up to 24 months to pay Commerce. 15c48 in Parkland. GR 534+ or GR 3526. -coma Ave. 3c50 BR 2440. 3ctI 2-BEDROOM family hoiue; 4 lols. ii""mm!!!llll!lllla!llllBilill!llBli!i!lllli!lli!Bll'iil!llRBliil OILHEATER, new corburctar, $15. lOctf Garage, chicken, rabbit hutcht:R. Open till 8 P. M. JOE'S Tractor Service. Rotovating. SUMMER SPECIAL-Top soil from. ~_Call HI 2178. 15c48 Irnu1ediatc .possession. Good garden. FOR RENT -Small 5-room house, Ditch digging. Truck loading. ComPuyallup. You may see this fine TWO PE?\NSYLVANIA lawn mowlocation; reasonable rent. Call good Cash for Good, Clean Late Model House plastered and nicely decorplete tractor work. GR 5932. tf dirt at 9920 Pacific Ave. For sale ers. Regular $25.20 each, now GR 5412. 1Dp48 Cars or Will Sell Your Car for You ated. G. I. equity. Priced at $8,500. by the sack or trailer or pick up at ,$19.42. <?asey's 98th St. I-Idwe., Call Mr. Inloes, GR 362·4 or HA 2547. FOR RENT-3-room f;irnished-cotour fuel yard. We deliver 4- or 5. 9818 Pa cif1c Ave. 15d8 Contents Hauled Away PENN. AVE. tagc; also :1-room furnished apart~ yard loads. Call us for prices in your FURNITURE for salc-Movin<r into 10 LOTS and a 3-room house. Garage mcnt, cast end M6th St. 1 Op48 HUTSON TANK CLEANING WANTED-Thoroughly experienced locality. GR 8173, Lapenski Fuel trailer, sclling"all household f,;~·nishwith large sleeping room. Corner FOR RENT _:Modern furnished 2housekeeper, age 30 to 50, for small HI 3980 HA 7038 Co. 15ctl ings including White cabinet sewing location. $4·,4·00. Terms. Call Mr. duplex on Mountain highbedroom ho1ne and ~are of se1ni·invalid wife; Where Your Dollar VALLEY TOP SOIL, rich and black, mach.ine, Underwood typewrite.r, Inloes, GR 3624· or HA 254-7. way. Close to McChord; children 42-hour week, hours 10 to 6, $100 any quantity. GR 7259. 15ctf ".Yest1;i.ghouse two-burner hot plate; 3 BEDROOMS 1 ACRE Goes Farther 0. K. GR 8849. 10c48 month. Must live near Parkland or ROTTED COW FERTILIZER frne silver chest; blonde dining set; Plenty cupboard Spanaway; do not apply otherwise. Nicely furnished. '4-1 FORD 2-door, radio, undcrseat Recovering and Rebuilding $1 SACT( or by the yard; peat and space, nicely arranged; patio, chickrest rocker, Hoover, ex!ra length Call after 6 p. m. only. GR 5194. heater;· needs repairs. $225. GR. Cushions Rebuilt topsoil. HI. 4056. 15ctf, alumrnum stool, di~h-mast~r, en house. F.H.A. terms. Call Mr. W 5p48 J133 . 12c48 mJScellaneous older furmture still Free Estimates Dammcl, GR. 3624 or GR. 3684. ASHING MA<;mINE PART~.- , , , . W-A-N~T-E_D_T_O_B~u=y=--o-=-ld_c_a-rs- for ·sPANAWAY . Largest stock m town. Repa1rmg l•UR SALE-;-48, Ford club coupe, serviceable. Mny be seen at Rt. 1, junk; also miscellaneous junk. GR. Lovely 2-bedroom home with unfinBox 518 on Spanaway Loop road, that pleases. B. B.'s Washer Service, A-1 condition, $800: GR. 7521. Tires 7847. 8ctf one block south of Military road. ished upstairs. Corn c r location. 3722 So. G. GA. 5115. llctf 12p47 140th & Pacific GR 320! HELP WANTED---Young woman for Buy, Sell and Exchange Apply at Spartanettc trailer. Good well, garagc .. Priced at $8,750., STOVE REPAIRS-Largest stock in BUICK_ convertible, '47; new tires, Res; GR 3181 Quality Recapping & Vulcanizing general office work. Typing and Call Mr .. Inloes,. GR. 3624 or HA. Northwest. Hyder Furnace, 1513 beau!!ful cust?m n;ade seat covers, & bookkc,cping experience preferred. h'EPTIC TANKS CLEANED-Con· 2547. Pacific Ave, MA 4767. Established perfect condit10n, $1,250. GR 3365. Apply only if you wish permanent tents hauled away. Don Redford, . PORTLAND AVE. in 1872. llctf 12c48 HORSE SHOEING now available employment. Call Mr. McDonald, 2 a":t'es, 2-bedrool'!' house, big. garage CUSTOM GUNSMITH-Rebarrel- %-TOK pickup, '51 C_hevrolet~ radio 8232 So. Fawcett. GA. 7334. If no 220 Puyallup Ave., Tac. BR. 1888 every day. Drop a card to Rt. 1, GR. 362+, or apply in pe1-son. Poanswer call GA. 9222. 3ctf with two sleepmg rooms ab ov c. • . h d . t k k and heater; low 1mleage; $1,675. Box 475, Graham. J. R. Young. che) Distributing Co., 140th & PaChicken house. Priced at $7 250 mgl ea -spacmg, soc . ~or ' reGR 3365. 12c48 TAP, ACROBATIC, BALLET Clas 16ctf · h · 11 t c 11 M '• blumg. Guus and ammurut10n. Jerry ses. All agts. Mildred Keller, GR cific Ave. 5c48 Wlt exce en t_erms. a r. inSh M R d L l d FOR SALE- 3 used Goodyeor Supcr7381. l5cd MILK COWS, sold on terms. Gamloes GR , 69 , 01• HA 2547 annon, t. oa , near ove an . C' h' h' 'd . s· WANTED Reliable elderly couple, Ph G h. 537 ' 11 tf I ,us ion w ite si ewa 11 tires. izcs mon, Rt. 3, Box 703, Tacema, 4 with car; free rent Sept. 15 to Mar. BUILpING SITE one ra am • c ! 7, 10, and 15, 4-ply. GR 3472. 870 FERTILE, screened top soil; pulverSheet Rock Taping, Texturing miles south of Summit. 16ctf ized peat; 5 full yards $8. All Kresse, 15, exchange for watching resort. Oncoft~ebestmPar~l~~d.Anderson So. 114th. 12p+8 and Painting FOR SALE-! sorrel riding hors~ GR 5192. 15ctf No work expected. Write P. 0. Box Road Just East -of ·.A street. Call I· ·' Se lltOS. . FO_R SA_ LE-'48 Ford c!t.ib coupe in FREE ESTIMATES with saddle, $100; 1 man riding 388, Eatonville. 5c49 BABY FURNITURE, new and used. Mr. Harmon, GR. 3624 or GR. , A-1 condition, $800. GR 7521. 5395 horse with new. saddle, $125; or SMALL FRY EXCH., 1109 Market. TWO RAWLEIGI-I routes available, 12 P 48 will trade for young beef stock. Rt. · . · . . one local. Pleasant, profitable work. 15ctf '36CHEV. truck and 16' Low Boy 5, Box 188, Puyallup; phone PuyNo experience necessary. Sec L. M. 1 allup 5-7005. 16p+8 Wishing to sell, are invited to call . traileci::_Jll,350. GR 8319. 12p4B SPECIAL 127 - 620 - 120 guaranteed Well Drilling Snow, 1005 Thompson St., Sumner, Member Tacoma Real Estate Board film, 3 for 97c. Quality Photo ServGR. 3624 or come in for appraisal and inforFUR SALE- 1949 Chev. pond, good 36 Months to Pay C:ENTLE saddle horses and saddi;:-s 4:30 p. m. 5p•l9 9920 Pacific Avenue ice, 9610 Pacific Ave., P. 0. llox 'T'cnns for sale; horseback rides for chilPACIFIC AVE. DIST mation concerning consignment of motor, new tires. A real buy at WOMAN for housework and cl;M 12, Fern Hill Sta. 15clf dren. HI. 67+1, 3701 East M. your car.· $225. Call eve. GR 7750. Collins care in Tacoma; must be capable 5 BEDRMS fo/ home, duplex or SEWING MACHINES -Singer elecroomers. Nice district, close to bus, road. I 2p4·3 16c4·B and 'dependable; live in; top wages tric with attachments, $23.50; White handy to Lincoln. Sec 118 East 34·th. · MOTORS to suitable person. Call PR 8425 beelectric, $24-.95; new lightweight REGISTERED Herefords; cows, heifSimila~· hon1c on 4· lots with dbl. 9415 Pac. Ave. HI 5100 ers and bulls; also couHnercial l{f~rc­ tween 3:30 and 5:30. 5p49 portables, $37.50; Nccchi or Pfaff ph_unbmg and dbl. gn rage at same and . . fords, An~us and Shorthorn cattle. $69.50; many others, new or used; PLUMBING REPAIRS - Sewer pnq:, dose. to schools in_ So. Ta4532 So. Tac. Way HA 553 3 CASH for hvestock-bccf, ,1;11lk co_ws, Phone GI 12. 16ctf terms and trade. So. Tacoma SewCleaning • Electric Pipe Thawing coma at 6010. So. Alder. Call Rex veal and heifers. W. H. lhackciay, REGISTERED pollccl Hereford bull Machine Co., 5444 So. Tain,g Rector, HA 3415 or I-II 8344. • . , _ .. , . -Puyallup, 5-8228 collect. 13etf service. Breed the horns off. l'hone Call coma Way, HI 7154.. 15ctf CASH for equities. Fife Motors, 5026 HJR SALE---:-l 9 ,iO l'oid l udor de DEAD STUCK REMOVED WITH$6 950 - TERMS GR 6112. 16ctf So. Tacoma Way. HI. 9241. 8ctf 3 B_EDRMS., lrg. !iv. rm., kitchen h'.~",> ..I-I.:. '?.-D., clc~n, compl~tc OUT CI-IAl~.GE. Higl}est prices 12 Pl8 wu·ed 2~0, auto. hot water, nice suviu. rccoid. GR 6928 · paid for tallow, ·hides, grease and USED FURNITURE. Also generous built-ins, 11tility, cement fdn., ga- FOR SALE-1950 Chevrolet _suburbones. PUGET SOUND RENDERtrade-in allowances and bank terms. PLUMBING MOTOR REBUILDING ragc. Call Ralph.Decker HA 0365 ban carry-all: heater and radw; low ING WORKS. Phone LAkewood Parkway Furniture, 14 lst & Pacific. l,athc and Press Work GRanite 8905 CV<'. HI 4-706. . ' ' mileage;_ $1,900. GR 786'.J bctwPPn 2434. 13ctf 1 GR. 3941. 8ctf 1 ~_6. Head and Block ·$4,500 or best offer. 4· bedrooms, !iv. ___!Q_;ii 12c4:~ IS DRY GRASS A FIRE HAZARD SPOT CASH roan~, kitchen, nook, 3-pc. bath. ~ FOR SALE:--'46 Nash "600" +-door AROU,ND, YOUR PLACE? Cut it For Your Used Furniture GARDEN SERVICE lots rn Harkland. 11ust be sold tlus sedan; excellent condition, clean; off with a sickle bar attachment to 1 Piece or House Full ROTO TILLING Piston Finishing, Valve and Scat week. Call Mr. Kelly, .HA 0365, eve. good tires, heater, scat cov1Ts; $600 a Merry Tiller. We demonstrate on Block's Furniture Mart rebuilding, fertilizing, top soil, Grinding, Brake Dru1n Turning, HA ·1613. cash. 812 So. 112th; GR 3741,your ground. Call PR 1800. Don LA. 2882 dressing maintenance. GA. 5885. 8205 So. Tacoma Way and Rod Aligning. . . 12p48 Arthurs Distributors, Arthur W. HI. 2722. 3ctf RADIATORS, scrap iron, junk cars 5hop GR 7450 - Res. HI 6190 MA 9039. \lfllllfll......_~ __!)ah!b_,,_i:g~· 13c4-7 and batteries. Puy. 5-2141. Hecker, Pacific Ave. at Brookdale ~AND CLEARING and ,leveling; HAY ClTTTIJ\IC, trnr'.tnr ·~vork, lc·vclthe \A/reeker. rt-·asonabie rates by hour or contract. 8ctf, inr;: also pickling cucumbers. GR Rt. 7, llox 195-X, GR 429•1-, 3ctf 4282. 13ctf UNFINISHED furniture. I-I a g g's, We Furnish Everything GA. 0365 WE BUILD HOMES, remodel; level J YOUNG locker bed 20c a pouu<l and 1107 Market Street. 15ctf MUST SELL Estate Board buildings; concrete work. Reasonu.p I.iv. e .. wc.ight. 'Phone Puyalluj1 WANTED - Chickens and rabbits, able. GR 3550.-3ctf. I LISTINGS WANTED 5-5'1 l '!-. • 13ctf Call us before you sell. Cape's Poul, ., , , . . We are selling Parkland homcsHomea ~ Parkland Community; FOll-~5~\I::-E-Moving to town, must try Market, 7036 Pacific Avenue, DRAINAG. b - Sepllc. tank mstalla-1 we need more reasonably priced Acreage close ·in, either with or witht10n; side sewers; earth work of any homes to sell. We have a waiting sc 11 Gibson tractor with JO" plow. Tacoma, Wn. GA. 4406. 15c_tf 2-door <le luxe sedan I ypc;, by hour or contract; Hau,scr Ji st for rentals. Call Mr. Harmon, out buildi~. l 2' plywood boat, new. GR 7594·'. FOR SALE-I I 0-gal. oil tank and & Seifert. BR. 9141; Res. GR. 8121. Mr. Damme!, Mr. Smith or Mr. ~=-~----------'1.:.'.1:.:.c.:.1.:::8 sland. $15, 8438 So. A. 15p47 HARMON'S SERVICE 3ctf Inloes. FOR SALE-John Deere model H FINE TOP SOIL ACE SEPTIC TAN_K_S-'E__R_V_I_C_E'___ SUBURBAN REALTY tractor, plow, sprino tooth hanow Rich and black; delivered. Call Puy11220 . Pacific Ave . . 0. B. Ackley, owner. Septic tanks' 9920 Pacific Ave. GR 3624 Office--Days, GR 3341 and choppei; misc~llaneous other _;.i_l!np 5-822 8. l 5ctf Call BR 2512 cleaned, contents hauled away. GR. FOR SALE-1 high level lots 150 Evening's, YU; 9221, LA. 3066 itl'll.1s; 'crsey cow and 7-mont~-?.ld C~RA.MIC s_·_uP.l'L·l..E_'_s_,__ u_n~s.ual pour4343.;if no answer, call HA: 5704. feet deep, lights, water, bus; $425; Agent for American ExpreW1 ca!f, $1,~00; also walnut dmmg mgs; wholesale m1d_retfl!I. .Bl 1 No. ctf GR 7102. 9p48 Money Orders suite, 8 pieces. GR 55H 13p4B Fife St., Tacoma. 15p51



VvHlTE enamel wood and coal range~ good condition, $35. HA 2373; 5407 15c48 Sq. Alder. FOR SALE--Uscd blue velour davenport, :j;:l5; Blackstone washin,g machine, $50; _\'Vestinghous·e electric rang;c, $25; lenther bottom rocker, $8: kitchen table and 4 chairs, $5. GR 8367. 15c4-8 FOR SAI E-Pckingese do,,s· cast rnd Mfitl1 St. GR 6-1ii2, T. H'. Martin. 15p48 FOR SALE-II. C. Little automatic floor furnace, ll1ennostat included, good condition; \'Cry reasonable. HI 7107. l5p48 WANTED. TO RENT-2- or 3-bed, 1·oon1 unfurnished house in Taco1na; nc<ed plenty of storage space; pay up to $65; permanent. GR 385,L 15c4B PEACHES-Pacific Gold, ready in about J 0 days. Burgess Peach Orchard, 94th and Woodlan.d Road, Puyallup; phone Puyallup 5-5528. 15c48 FOR SALE-Small apartment size electric refrigerator, good condition, $25. 169lh St. and Mt. Highway. Mrs. Rossick.

If you want to sell your place, and want quick action, list it with us. We g-rt results.

Thursday, Aur;ust 1+, 1952

Prices Effective Aug 15 and 16

24 Hour Skywatch Now in Operation Ground Observer Corps aircraft reporting and tracking activities are now operating on a 24-hour-a-<lay schedule and have bolstered the nation's air defense system, the Air Defense Command announces. Reports indicate that the GOC is operating at about half strength in the number of observation posts expected at this ti111e, and n1any posts are not up to full strength in personnel. However, COC tracking activities are still faster and more efficient than at any previous time. Civil Air Defense officials declare that an estimated 70,000 to 80,000 civilian volunteers are active in inanning individual post and filter centers in the 27-statc area of "Operation Skypalcli," which runs' along both coasts and the Canadian border.

Captain A. B. Dulle GetsC01n1nendation Captain Albert B. Dulle, Adjutant of the 1726th Support Squadron, has been awarded the Commendation Ribbon for " ..• his diligent and uritiring efforts • • ." in effecting the successful operation of his personnel office while completing over one hundred missions to Korea. The ribbon was presented by Colonel Jack N. Stovall at a parade and review of MA TS organizations on 26 July 1952. The citation slated, in part, that " . . . Lieutenant Dulle brought great credit to himself and to the United States Air Force by virtue of his work." At the time ( 15 May 1951 to 6 December 1951) Captain Dulle was assigned to the 61st Troop Carrier Group. Captain Dulle joined the 1726th Support Squadron in January 1952. He is a regular Air Force officer and holds an aero-rating of pilot. He is married, hos one child and lives in Tacoma.



II-Repair Service


Tires .. Tires

Parkland Upholstery

Ault Tire Service






v _ _ ..,.



12--U d A··.

GR 7770


HA 3854


Call Turner FU. 2400 GR. 8108




BIRTHS July 28 Capt. & Mrs. Daniel H. Deneen, boy S/Sgt. & Mrs. F. E. McDonald, girl July 29 S/Sgt. & Mrs. Thomas 0. Rice, boy A/2c & Mrs. Richard K. Billings, girl A/ 1c & Mrs. Walter D. Jennings, girl July 30 A/2c & Mrs. James D. Harding, boy T/Sgt. & Mrs. Richard E. Mount, girl S/Sgt. & Mrs. Gerold E. Springer, boy Cpl. (RCAF) & Mrs. M. Tasker,. boy July 31 2nd Lt. & Mrs. Rodney D. Bortis, boy S/Sgt. & Mrs. Glen Eheart, boy S/Sgt. & Mrs. Luther Roberts, boy Lt. Col. & Mrs. J. De Witt Query, boy August l · A/3c & Mrs. Edward R. Taylor, boy August 2 A/B & Mrs. J. II. Richenbacher, boy August 3 S/Sgt. & Mrs. Jack D. Ravine, boy ]st Lt. & Mrs. Edwin P. Cullity, girl August 4 Capt. & Mrs. James K. Golden, boy

13-Farrn Ads

8-Wanted to Buy



Rupe Machine Works



9-Real Estate





1951 Packard



Save One Half


Driu-Ur-Self Ca

Like New $2.495




LaUrosse Printers GR 7100 PARKL&~D




* * .,.

Redmond was the scene of another show Sunday, however as yet I. have not discovered anyone who attended that particular show so can't give you any results.

Home Frori1 B. C. Mrs. John Folk of Canyon road has returned to her home after sp.ending several days visiting and sightseeing in Vancouver, .B. C. Mrs .. Paul Bacon and Pat, Sandy, Bobby, and Dorothy have returned to their home on Canyon road, after .a week's vacation at .Silver lake. We are sorry to report that Ed Hoffman of Canyon road suffered an injury to his righ ( eye when a small piece of steel lodged in it. This has been removed, but the injury is still inconveniencing Ed. Take care of it, Ed.

For many years a rancher. employed a Chinese cook. After an unusually good dinner the rancher decided to raise his wages. The next pay day the cook noted the extra money in his envelope. "Why you pay me more?" he asked.


Times journal v 7 no 48 aug 14, 1952  
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