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Kraft ~iracle,Whip Eggs, AA Small •

Ot 49c


"· Kellogg Cornflake-Bran Flake., Deal :'1.7.c YOU SAVE 16c

'51 '51 '51 '50 '50 '50 '50 '50 '4·9 '4.S '4.S '47 '46 '47

BUICK Super Riviera, 4-door, 9,000 miles,. R&H . . MERCURY 4-door, .overdnve FORD Victoria Fordamatic CHEV. Y,-ton Pickup, new DODGE Club Coupe, R&H DESOTO Club Coupe, R&H FORD 2-dr. V-8, R&H CHEV. 4-dr. Sedan, R&H STUDE. Champ. 4-dr., O.D., hratcr. OLDS. Convertible "98" MERCURY Sedan, overdrive CHEV. Club Coupe, R&H DODGE Town Sedan DESOTO 4.~door Sedan . DESOTO 4-dr., R. & H.

~Grape Juice, Church'c FOR SALE ~. 3-year-old JerscyGucrnsey cow. GR 6858. 13p47 FOR SALE-'-Chester White boar, 14 months old. West side Kreger Lake, W. H. Bray, Rt. 1, Eatonville. 13p47 FOR SALE-Hereford bull 15 months old. Rt. 1, Box 256, Eatonville, Clear Lake Road. 13p•1·7 FOR SALE-Large 8-week-old ·pigs from good stock. GR 8088. 13c47 WEANER pigs for sale, $11. WA 7425. 13p4-7 7-WEEKS-OLD PIGS for sale. SK. 2917. 13c47 CASH for livcstock-,-c..bccf, milk cows, veal and heifers. W. H. Thackway, Puyallup, 5-8228 collect. l 3ctf WA:r\rrnn::::::-H~-r-;-c-S-a-;:;d cows for n;i~k feed; call Puyallup 5-8228 collect. 13ctf

14-=-Situations Wanted HI 5100 HA 5533

CHILD CARE-Wish to do child care in my own home. GR. 13503. 14ctf

15-c-Miscellane9us WOOD-Upland slab, 2 cords, $14; planer ends, $4 and $8 loads. HI. 4056. 15ctl HECKER the WRECKER - Used and rebuilt transmissions, also gears; all makes and models; phone Puyallup 5-214-1, days; Tacoma, HI 32+2, evenings. · !Seti UPLAND-WOOD:-2 cords $14. GR 3306. 15ctl

HI 2722


GR. 3713

· Plumbing Supplies South End Plumbing Home of Schorn Paints Near Roy Y Spanaway GR 4100



LUMBER.CO. Mt. Highway at Spanawa'f GR. 3323 WE DELIVER


• •

You Can See For Yourself Why

· Cucumbers, lb. 7 c Yakima Cantaloupe, lge. 36 sizEt. 3 .for 25c: (Dillweed - Pickling Spice - Vinegar in Gailons, Etc.) (No Sales to Dealers. We Reserve the Right to Lhnit Quantities.)


· Au11ust 8 and 9




PUYALLUP Evenings Call Puyallup 5-6422

162nd & Park Ave. Spana way GR.. 8213



25 lbs. 1.97

. Green Peppers, lb 9c



2S lbs. 2.59

Pay Your Puget Sound Light Bill Here Fruit Jars - Locker Bags, Paper and Cartons (BE 1'HRIFTY, SHOP AT HERMAN'S)

lawn Mowing,

... Prepared

• 34c

Pineapple, Del Monte Sliced, 2~ 34c Cracker Jacks . . . 6Pkgs.15c Pork and Beans . . 2Cans 19c Milk, C~rnation, ~.Case, 24 Cans 3.43




Shortening, Shurfine • • • 3 lbs. 79c

Tires •

GRanite 7372

• ''~

Sugar, C & H Cane Flour. Pretty Print •


Cooking Wa'cer Heating Refri.gerat:ion Home Meal:ing


SUMMER SPECIAL-Top soil from Puyallup. You may see this fine dirt at 9920 Pacific Ave. For sale by the sack or trailer or pick up at our fuel yard. We deliver 4- or 5, yard loads. Call us for prices in your locality. GR 8173, Lapenski Fuel Co. 15ctl MISCELLANEOUS household furniVALLEY TOP SOIL, rich and black, ture, including Spark oil. heater, any quantity. GR 7259. 15ctf wood range. May be seen .at ManROTTED COW FERTILIZER ning Seed Co. office at Roy betwern $1 SAGI( or by. the yard; peat and 10 ~nd 3 Saturdays. 15i:;47 . . . topsoil. HI. 4056., · 15ctf Tnm.b!c bathmette, all m exceU~n.t cond1t10n. Also lawn mower, $5. Gall GR 8171 or see at 619 lllth Tires .. ·Tires St. 15p46 Buy, Sell and &<change UNFINISHED furniture. Hag g's1 Quality Recapping & Vulcanizing 1107 Market Street. 15cu WANTED - Chickens and rabbits. Tire Service Call us before you sell. Cope's Poul220 Puyallup Ave., Tac. BR. 1888 try Market, 7036 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Wn. GA. 4406. 15ctf TAP, ACROBATIC, BA~LET Clas ses. All ages. Mildred Keller, GF 7881. 15ctf FERTILE, screened top soil; pulver1£,r~ ized peat; .5 full. yards $8. All Kresse, GR 5192. 15ctf tilizin9 &: Weeding BABY FURNITURE, new and used. EARL HANSEN SMALL FRY EXCH., 1109 Market. 9038 East B HA 6894 15ctf SPECIAL 12.7 - 620 - 120 guaranteed film, 3 for 97c. Quality Photo Service, 9610 Pacific Ave,, P. 0. Box FOR SALE-Used blue velour davenport, $35; Blackstone washing ma12, Fern Hill Sta. 15ctf chine, $50; Westinghouse electric rnng•, $25; leather bottom rocker, $8; kitchc11 table and 4 chairs, $5. _ _ _ _ _'__ 15c47 HAVE a 1942 6 cu. ft. Copeland refrigerator for sale .for $60, or will consider trading for a gentle riding horse; also have for sale one Coleman oil heater, $20; one 6-cubic-ft. Side Delivery Raking home freezer, $150; one 2-wheel trailer, $4-0. 8101 East L. GR 6089. SEWING MACHINES - Singer elec15c47 tric with attachments, $23.50; White electric, $24-.95; new lightweight FOR SALE-Estate Butane gas range, portables, $37.50; Necchi or Pfaff +-burner, with oven, grill and bar$69.50; many others, new or used; becue oven, $70; call LA 9021 after terms nnd trade. So. Tacoma Sew5 p. m. 15c47 ing- Machine Co., 5444 So. Ta- FOR SALE-Emerson upright piano, coma Way, HI 7154. 15ctf $130; portable lub~icatcr, powered FOR SALE·-To be. moved; clean by gasoline engine, $60; pretty chicken coop, 10x15Y,, feet. 864- So. whitc taffeta formal, $5;, wedding ll 3th St. 15p4-7 veil, cost $21, sell for $5; Thomas Keisler, Rt. 7, Box 209-A, Tacoma. __:_ _ _ _ _ _:...__ _ _ _ _.;;,1;;:5PL:..:.47 Sheet Metal YOUR HOME fitted with cabinets, remodeled or repaired, or will take your home on a new one. GR 7102. Poultry - - - - - - ________:1.::5.i::p~4.::8 FOR SALE-4 nice lots, corner Park Rabbit Feeders Ave. and !14th St., Parkland. 723 So. V10let Meadow. Water FOR SALE-Used oil range with Clear-Clean burner. 723 So. Violet Meadow.




Coffee, Shu~fine Fresh Ro~it, Lb. 79~. Coffee, Maxwell lnslant/S~v~ 10c 45c Spam, AMeal in a Jiffy.', . ~· . 39c

PEAT TOPSOIL 5 YARDS $10; 4 Yards $8. Finest black peat topsoil, state tested, 1- to 5-yard loads. Lawn construction and rockeries. · Evergreen Lands"2-uing Co.

JOE'S Tractor Service. Rotovating. Complete tractor work. GR 5932. tf CASH FOR milk cows, beef, heifers, veal and hogs .. Call Thackeray collect, Puyallup 5-5414. ' 13ctf DEAD STOCK.REMOVED WITHOUT CHARGE. Highest prices paid for . tallo'\\'., hides, grease and bones. PUGET SOUND RENDERING WORKS. Phone 'LAkewood 2434. 13ctf MILK GOATS-French Alpine and Saanen, Rt. 1, Box 309, Spanaway on Muck-Kapowsin road, between Meridian highway and Mountain highway. . 13ctf IS DRY GRASS A FIRE HAZARD AROUND YOUR PLACE? Cut it off with a sickle bar attachment to a Merry Tiller. We demonstrate on your ground. Call PR 1800. Don Arthurs Distributors, Arthur W. Dahlberg. · 13c4-7 l.'OR SALE-·-'4-7 Ford-Ferguson trac. tor and plow, reasonable. GRanite 3551. 13p4·7


lb. 43c lb. 55c lb. 45c

. , FOR. ?ALE - S!xteee m.m. Bolcx m!'.'v!e ca~era with 1 f. 1.1· Hekto,~ Rapid; 2 . .f. 1.6 telephoto and Y, f. .2.7 wide angJ·e;· filters, case and panhead tripod. $385. See at Young's Gift Shoppe. Call GR 5559. . . l5p47 FOR .SALE-110,gal. oil tank and stand. $15. 8438 So. A. 15p47 FOR SALE-Coldspot refrigerator;' Elcctroday range, excellent condition. HI 364-3. 15p'17 -·FOR SALE-Dining table, Duncan Phyfe,. extends. to scat .16 people ( 5 leaves) closed size' 36" by +2u; four chairs, early American finish; also 3-piece.. bedroom set, dark finish, beautifully grained. Any reasonable offer will be accepted. Call GR 597Q. . ' 15c47


l.'OR SALE-Alexander Smith 100% wool r\lg:and pad, 9x15, $60; smaller rug; $25; 6-year crib and mat· tr. ess, $.15;. w. ood heater, $3; single. bed, $3; oil heater in good 15c4-7 condition, $15; GR 3133. FINE TOP SOIL . Rich and black; delivered. Call Puyallup 5-8228. 15cti FOR SALE-2-beproom home, 1950 deluxe model Kelvinator electric range, small da.Yenport, sev1ing ma .. chine, garden tools, breakfast set. HL 9386. 8839 So. D. 15p47 f

16-livestock & Equip. HORSE SHOEING now available every day. Drop a card to Rt. 1, Box 475, Graham. J. R. Young. 16ctf MILK COWS, sold on terms. Gamn:ion, Rt. 3, Box 703, Tacoma, 4 miles south of Summit. 16ctf FOR SALE-Gaited Appaloosa ~,;-~~~ . gentle but lots of spirit; good.cattle and pleasure horse. Also Western saddle and gear. LA. 2977. 16c+7 FOR SALE-3-ycar-old spotted Shetland pony mare, saddle and bridle, $175. GR 3333. 16p17 LUCKY HARVESTER-6-year-old bay gelding, well broken.for saddle, about 1,200 lbs .. Puyallup 5-5108. · 16p47



Phone 3;.4734

It. Carefully

Fresh at Down Town Prices. Pay Phone Billi :Here

Tincher's Pharmacy 8239 Park Ave. HI. 3344 Across street from Fern Hill P. o,

$SAVEON COAL$ Avoid worry about coal strikes and possible future price increases. Have a good supply of coals on hand NOW! Quality is at its very best. The best Wyoming hnd Utah Stoker Coals. Aberdeen and •King Utah. Lurnp-Uiah or fVyon~ing, your particular size. Nut--,Douhle~screcncd clean. Gasco Briquets, leave no ash. Presto-logs-Long ·burhing, clean.


FREE Installation '. 219.95 17" RC9ytheon T.V. · • 279.95 17" Hoffman with Record Player 21 " Emerson • 329.95 . 359.95 17" R.C •.A.. Console 11 21 Raytheon Console 399.95 • '• PRICES INCLUDE Parts and Tube Warranty .... ....... 1:... ...11 .........1 Ii:,',...,.:;.,..,. .,....;~ ' . """..a"°'"a








Times journal v 7 no 47 aug 7, 1952  
Times journal v 7 no 47 aug 7, 1952