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'1··hBusiness Service

AUCTION SALE . QI. YOU !"1'nt more cas_h quick, sell by auction. Every Fri., 7:30 p.m. Glen B.etts, 8H3 So. Tacoma Way. Free pickup s.ervice. LA. 8505. 2ctf

COMPLETE' tractor work •. Loosening · ground and levelin 000 Average lawn :i;12.oo~ Don Abbot, GR. 3846. 3ctf . . .. AUTO GLASS INST_ALLED-Auto Upholstery,. convertible tops. MA. 2200, Arts Glass Co., 816 So. Tacoma Ave. 3c50



Tanks, Cess Pqols Cleaned

Recovering. and Rebuilding Cushions. Re.built Free Estimates

Contents Hauled !;..way

Pij.rkland Upholstery


140th & Pacific GR 320J. Res: GR 3181




"Let me tell yo.ur fortune . . . today you arc going down to the PARKWAY FURNITURE and buy a baby bed."


a~"fip~JR.~ IJ; S. Grat:1e<1 Clr11lce R.011nd


All Hardwood 6-Yr. Crib $18.95

De luxe Storkline


Crib Adjustable spring, double drop sides, plastic, non-toxic, no splinter toothing rails.


Swift's Pre.rniu.rn

~nowu for a flavor all its own


l\lI "Dinner Quality" Mel!ts

7 ~9.,

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. . .

sw11=1"s PR.EMl!li.f i'R.AN1<s

PARKWAY FURNITURE Open Till 9:00 P. M. Delivery Service I 4 lst ancl Pacific Ave. GR 3941

, Lb. Pkg.

-...~-~---- ---

,- ..._

Airport and Leonards Crossing GR 3871 Day or E_v_e_._ _ $4,250-SMALL DOWN 2 BEDROOMS, 3-pc. bath, part basement, garage, workshop, 2 blks. to bus. Call Ralph Dc.ckcr, HA 0365, eves., HI i:f.706. $7,250 LARGE 5-bedrm. home, bsmt., good condition, lovely yard, 3 lots. Close to bus, school. ALSO, 1-bedrm. home, bsmt, 5 lots, gamge, only $5,000. Call Mr. Kelly, HA 0365, eves. HA 4613.

Parkland Realty Co.


Spanaway Food Center GR. 7512




c ps 7 Oz.


9c 3 Lb. Tin!



••• '11c



2 lb. pit9. 97 c 1 Lb. Pkg.


Pov1dered Milk. 37c &



CQHage Cheese • 25c Weiners ••.• ·lb. 53c !Raney Cut Up Rabbit



Up Fryers



• 2 for 25c


Corn by the Doz. 59c Fresh

Green BeCfmsa Lb. 10c Prices Consistently Low Quality Consistently High·


(Mrs,) Jennie L. Grodvig PRICES EFFECTIVE AUG. 8-9 ~,...,..,~....."""'~"""~"""'!!!'!!'!!!!!!:~' ,<EPTIC TANKS CLEANED......,.Con- GR 7232 clays, GR 8210 eves. ancl Sun. FOR RENT-2-bcdroom house in tents hauled a;yay. Don. Redford, 3 ACRES FINE VALLEY SOIL 16311 McKinley Ave. GA. 0365 north end. Call SK 3209. 10c47 8232 So. Fawcett. GA. 7334. If no EXCELLENT family home, full base- ·Member Tacoma Real Estate Board FOR RENT-Large front bedroom in answer call GA. 9222. 3ctf mcnt, dandy fireplace, hardwood private home on Steilacoom "lake; floors, nice variety of fruit trees and HOME AND INCOME near McChorcl and Mt. Rainier shrubs; for appointment call Mr. Ordnance Depot; transportation if Carlson, HA 4768 or Mr. Peterson, PARKLAND. Lovely family home, 2 desired. LA 3921. 10d7 bedrooms (possibly. 3), living room, SK 1413. Sheet Rock Taping, Texturing separate dining room, spacious cabiTRADE OR SELL and Pa,inting net kitchen, nook, nicely landscaped ACREAGE AND CUTE 2-bedroom FREE ESTIMATES grounds with family garden in. ·home, located on good highway, WASHING MACHINE PARTS -:-. PLUS rental unit that pays all overcxc.ellent water system; some fruit Largest stock in town. Repairing GR 7770 head. Large garage with income posand .berries, outbuildings for cow that pleases. B. B.'s Washer Service, sibilities. WIDOW must sell. A fine and chickens; owner will consider 3722 So. G. GA. 5115. llctf property priced to sell now. Call Qy beach or city home of $6,000 value. STOVE REPAIRS-Largest stock in Well Drilling Ball, BR 3237 or MA 1010. S-03. Mr. Lemm, BR 5291. Northwest. Hyder Furnace, 1513 36 Months to Pay HAROLD A. ALLEN CO. SPARKLING NEW Pacific Ave. MA 4767. EstablfShed Terms Lakewood Branch RAMBLER, 3 extra large bedrooms, in 1872. 9618 Gravelly Lake Dr. 1,230 square feet on floor, picture Call Turner LA 3237 CUSTOM GUNSMITH- Rebarrelwindows in living-dining rooms, ing, head-spacing, stock work, rebeautiful kitchen with natural birch cabinets; large utility room, 2-car bluing. Guns and ammunition. Jerry Home11 in Parkland Oomnmnity; · BETTER garage, automatic oil heat, over Shannon, Mt. Road, near Loveland. VENETIAN BLINDS half acre of fine soil for garden; bet- A~ close in, either with or withPhone Graham 537. llctf FOR LESS ou.t buildings. ter hurry on this. It's only $9,950. STEEL slats with plastic tapes at 1413 only 49c per sq. ft. ' or Mr. ~~so~~t~~0 i'os~~ ALDERMAN'S COLLINS ROAD 11220 Pacific Ave. 5425 Pacific Ave. HI. 2200 5 ACRES GOOD SOIL, fine building Office.,-Days, GR 3341 3ctf site, city utility and school bus by Evenings, YU. 9221, LA. 3066 property, really excellent terms. Mr. Agent for American Express Wishing to sell, arc invited to call Carlson, HA 4768. PLUMBING REPAIRS •• Sewer Money Orders or come in for appraisal and infor40 ACRES, 2 HOMES Cleaning - Electric Pipe Thawing mation concerning consignment of LOCATED ON GOOD HIGHWAY, CHECK OUR LOW DOWN PAYyour car. Call large home has 2 bedrooms, space , MENT INSURANCE PLAN. for m~i·c, c>;tra large living roo:i1, WE NEED listings of.all kinds. Farms, attractive kitchen '.lnd nook, t_1lc acreage, lots, building sites, homes 9415 Pac. Ave. HI 5100 ?ath, second house 1s new, .has h_v(new or old, l, 2, 3 ancl 4 bedan cl mg room, bedroom and cabmet lotroo1ns). We have cash buyers wait· 1532 So. Tac. Way HA 5533 GRanite 8905 chen, can be sold separate; 25 acres ing. ~~~'~"" plow ground;.ba!ance pasture; good· I· Y.. ,,,._.,... set of outbu1ldmgs. Contact Mr. · ·. . · • · c~3w .. • ""'• Lemm, BR 5291. Property Management ......, InsuranC(. GARDEN SERVICE KNUTE LOil.AND ROTO TILLING LAKE HOME Notary Lawn rebuilding, fertilizing, top soil, FIFTY FEET OF BEAUTIFUL · Member . of Tacoma Real Estate Board MOTORS FRONTAGE, concrete patio, lovely Office: 328 Garfield St. GR. 3369 dressing maintenance~ (}A. 5885. HI. 2722. · 3ctf yard and an cx:cllen.t 4--bcclroom FOR SALE-4· high level lots l50 Known for Good, Clean Sharp modern ho1;1e wit~ Jir~placc, full foct deep, lights, water, bus; $4-25; LAND CLEAR~NG and leveling; Cars bascnwnt, air cond1t1onmg furnace GR 7102. 9p48 reasonable rates by hour or contract. an? hardw.ood floors throughout. FOR SALE-3 -bcclroom rndiant oil Rt. 7, Box 195-X. GR 4294. 3.ctf Priced to sell at $11,500. Mr. Pet1ieat 1101_nc "o bl oc ks from L a k·cw.oocl WE BUILD HOMES, remodel; level crson, SK 1413, or Mr. Imeson, PR 0081 · Center m oak grove. G. E. dish- WORDS cannot tell you how nice buildings; concrete work. Reasonthey really are. Sec them before .TODA Y'S BARGAIN ;vashcr, lovely patio and I-:ndscapable. GR 3550.-3ctf. you buy. ON THIS D \NDY SOUTH END 2mg. 9621 Seeley Lake Dnxc, LA DRAINAGE - Septic tank installa- ·'b JI f. • · j. ~ 7095., 9c4-7·- '50 CADILLAC "62" 1-dr. R., H., e<lroo1n )Ung-alow,_ ru1t trees anc tion; side sewers; earth work of any lots of space for garden with these i I• OR S.~LE,-;-_3-bedroom ranch style Hydra-Matic, visor, back-up lights, type; by hour or contract. Hauser 4- lots. Total price only $4,950 with home 111 11lhcum. Owner, LA 32'1-9. U. S. Royal Master Mid Century & Seifert. BR. 9141; Res. GR. 8121. tires, exceptionally low mileage, good tcims. Mr. Carlson, HA 4768. 9p4-7 3ctf very, very clean ._. ........ ,...... $3,495 CUTE AND MODERN ONE ACRE of good ground; new 23-BEDROOM BUNGALOW, Linbedroom house; brick front and '50 OLDS. "98" 4-clr. R. and H. Hycoin-Whitman district, fine fenced flower boxes, fireplace, double. gadra-Matic; W.S.W. Only 17,000 Alan's lot and only one block to bus and rage. On Golden Given. Owner will actual miles --····--·--··············· $2,29.'i SALES AND SERVICE carry contract. Van Gilder. Call LA '50 CHRYSLER New Yorker. R&H, stores, excellent terms with immc, House and Commercial Makes cliatc possession. Mr. Carlson, J:IA 2012; 99 Real Estate, Tacoma, automatic shift, WSW tires, fenBoard Member. 9p47 Motor Service Washer Service 4-768, or Mr. Imeson, PR 0081. der skirts, spotlite, chrome win. FOR SALE-House, rurnishcd, newly GR. GG62 161st & Paiific Av:e. clow shades A beautiful car, $2295 painted, fenced in, large lot. One '50 BUICK Super Riv., 4-door, R&H Next Door to Target Sport Stoxe mile from Roy "Y" on !\fountain Dynaflow, U. S. Royal master Spanaway ~ M.cmber Taco:ipa Estate Board highway, second house back from 1105- 7 Commerce St. MA 2156 mid-century tires, two tone, EZ l~ighway. Monthly pnymcnts $35. ROTOVATING, blade work; no job ·· -- · - · ··· · glass. Real sharp .......... _. .... $2,350 Rt. 1, Box 261-F. 9p1·7 too small. W. L. Lewis, GR 7492. '5.0 BUICK Super Riv. Coupe, R&H 3ctf 5 AC:RES-$700 DOWN .Dynaflow, low mileage and clean. l~Rentals ....................... , ................. ,...... $2295 HOUSE MOVING; leveling; founda- THREE-BEDROOM home, garage tions; cement work; free estimates. · and barn. Full price $4,500. Call '51 FORD Victoria. R. and H., 0. Mr. Smith, GR 3624 or GR 4162. PR 2653. 3ctf D ................................, ........ $2,175 P ARKLAND-2 Y2 ACRES 'ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE '50 BUICK Special deluxe 4-door. R, THIS IS NIC:E-2 bedrooms, large 0. It Ackley, owner. Septic tanks and H., Dynaflow, E-Z glare glass, living rpom, lots of cupboard space. cleaned, contents hauled away. GR. ········--········--·····-----················ $1,89.'i Nicely fenced and only 3 years o\d. 4·34·3; if no answer, call HA. 5704-. ))ARKE,AN;I) WESTERN AUTO '49 OLDS 98 4·-door, R&H, HydraLet's go sec it. Call Mr. Inloes, GR ctf Airport & Pacific G:.i,l 3,11 ~ matic, visor WSW tires ....... $1895 3.62+ or I-IA 25'17. MAYTAG - FRIGIDAIRE GR,AHAM-40 ACRES '51 PLY. Cranbrook. R., H., clean BENDIX Service Headquarters 4,ROOM unfinished house. 5 or 6 ........................................ -. .. _. $1, 785 Any Make Wringer Type acres of peat soil. Fenced. Only FOR RENT-2- and 3-room modern '50 PACKARD de luxe 4--dr. R., H., cottages and apartments; all utiliGuaranteed Used Washers $.3,500. Convenient terms. Mr. InUltramatic. A real deal ...... $1,695 · For Sale ties paid; laundry facilities; $.60 to loes, GR 3624 or HA 2547. $75 per month. Oakland Court, in- '51 FORD V-8 2-dr., R.&H .... $1695 VINCENT'S SERVICE 1 ACRE-,-FURNISHED side city limits. HA 9688. lOctf '50 CHEV. Styline Deluxe Club HA 3097 2-BEDROOM home with a small 3ctf 5620 South Tacoma Way Coupe ................. _. ............... $1,595 sJeeping room. Large kitchen and FOR RENT-Completely furnished 1- and 2-bcdroom apartments, all '50 FORD Custom V-8 2-door, R&H, PAIN.TING, papering, latest paper bath. Refrigerator, electric stove, lOctf utilities paid. GR 6770. samj)les. Free cs.t. Ray Westrom, washing machine, davenport and overdrive. Choice of two ..... $1595 rug. Must sell at the reduced price FOR RENT -Furni~hcd 2-room ca- '50 FORD Custom V-8, R&H. $1,54-5 BR2«0. 3~ of $8,500. Call Mr. Daimncl, GR bins, $'.lO per month; 9312 So. Ta- '49 PLY. Special de luxe 4-dr. R., 3.624- or GR 3684·. coma Way. 10p49 H ......................................... $1,345 NEW, UNFINISHED-$1,800 FOR RENT-2-bcclroom bungalow, .'49 FORD Custom V-8 4·-dr. R. and 2-BEDROOM home on 4lots. LiveG.IRL WANTED for light- housework. fully furnislwd, in Parkland, $45. H .......... _. ............................. $1,295 able. Call Mr. Inloes, GR 3624 or Call GR 5561. 5c47 GR 5344- or GR 3526. lOctf '48 OLDS. "98" 4-dr. sedan. R. and HA 254-7 . WANTED-Reliable laclyc for child FOR RENT---Srnnll business bui!Cling, H., Hyclra-Matic, visor and spot1 ACRE-PARKLAND care, good wages; GR 5946 5c4-7 suitable for offices, on Garfield St. litc. A real buy ...................... $1,295 NEW, 2-hcdroom home. G. I. apin Parkland. GR 534-4- or GR 3526. HELP WANTE.D-Woman living in praised at $0,775. Immediate posJ Octf 49 !'ORD V-8Pickup. A real, real Parkland vidnity to cl.can one clay n session. Call Mr. Inloes, GR 362•1clean one. . ............................. $995 CC)MPLETEL Y FU_R_N_I_S_I_I_E_D-->;-~ cw week; must be r2liablc, neat and or HA 2:H7. thorough; $1 an hour. Ca.ll GR .2-bcclrobm, living room, dinette, '4-1 STUDE. Champ. 4·-dr. R., H., 2 BEDROOMS-TRADE O.D ......................................-.. $345 59.70. 5c47 l'OR AN ACREAGE. Nearly corn, kitchen, bath, utility room; floor furnace; hardwood floors, basement; '•11 BUICK special scclanct. R. & II. plctcd new home with full bas~c a good buy at ··--··--·············--' $3+5 lawn and trees. Close to McChord, mcnt. Next to Spanaway school. Rainier, Madigan and Fort Lewis; '-10 PLYMOUTII sedan·········--· $195 LOST.,-Scotch Terrier puppy, v1cmCall Mr. l{annon, GR 3624- or GR Or as is ................ ,................. $165 for rent or lease, $75. So. 136th and ity of 113th and C Sts.; child's pct; 6896. So. Yakima, GR 5061. 10c1-7 '•lO CHEV. 4·-dr .• R&H ,._. .......... $285 call HI 2012 or GR 434-5. HARTS LAKE LOOP ROAD FOUND - Brown Pekingese dog. 4-0 ACRES, 3.-bcdroom home. Garage. FORRENt-=2:1)cd~~~~r1 mo~lcrn Local Bank Terms - Trade Barn, chicken houses.- 25 . acres home, unfurnished; clean, fenced Saturday night; owner identify and Up to 24 months to pay cleared. Its a buy at $5.775. Terms. yard. $60. HI 364-'.I. 10p4-7 pay for ad; GR '.i282 6c4·7 Call Mr. Inloes, GR 362·1:. or HA FOR unfurnish~d Open till 8 P. M. 2517. house; electric stove, automatic furSPAN AWAY n::i.ce, refrigerator. $55. Ent.ranee Cash for Goocl, Clean Late Model CASH for equities. Fife Motors, 50261 GET SETTLED for the school term. Mc.Chord Field, phone HI 1916. Cars or Will Sell Your Car for You . So. Tacoma Way. HI. 9241, 8ctf Nearly new 2-bcdroom home with !Op4-7 USED FURNITURE. Also generous . an unfinished attic. Corner loc4tion. FOR RENT--Furnish.ed apartment, 3 l{NYTE LOU-4.ND rooms and bath; extra nice, allcelcc.• 1'.. Inlocg,. tric, automatic furnace 4eat; all GR. 3941. 8ctf SOUTH 88th and D: lovely 2-bedu.tilitics furnished; very hon1cy; one SPOT CASH room home and 4- lots, runnin17 foll infant baby accepted; good South Where Your Dollar For Your Us.ed Furniture block cast; good garagc 1 chicken Tacoma location; close to two bus Goes Farther 1 Piece or House Full house, lovdy . garden, mcc lawn: lines. Phone HI 831 7. l Oc4-7 Block's Fvrniture Mart $8,800 full price, good terms. Call 14-02 So. G. St. HA 4112 FOR RENT-3-room furnished mod8205 So. Tacoma Way LA. 2882 'Mr. Inloes, GR 362-1· or HA 2547. ern house, 1 mile cast of McChord FOR SALE-'48 Buick super 2-door WANTED TO B.UY-Old cars for on Spanaway Lake. GR 6362. 10p47 sedan in ·good cond.ition. $1,075. junk. GR. 7847. 8ctf Member Tacoma Real istate Board FOR RENT Phone 5-2875, Puyallup. 12d7 Lovely 2-bedroom RADIATORS, scrap iron, junk cars 9920 Pacific Avenue GR. 3624 home, newly decorated; near Lake- FOR SALE-'38 Chevrolet convertiand batteries. Puy. 5-2141. Hecker, WILL TRADE equi°ty, Parkland home wood Center, close to McC:hord; ble, or will trade for livestock; sec the Wrecker. for trailer house, or sell equity. GR large fenced-in yarcl, attached ga· at service station between Roy and Sctf 3089. 9p47 rage. LA 3921. 10d7 McKcnna. 12p+7



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GR. SI 08


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Ranch ,Fresh




Free Pancakes



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2 lbs 27c Small Sunkist ur Lb 5 1 ~·.o.c~ ~'.:_·

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6·--.Lost & Found

It Cleans. J\ricl Purifies

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5-Help W ij.flted- - - -

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Vle1 re paoUD ~f our paoQ'IC ll


P@rk & Beam;

HA 3854


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11-. ·. Repair Service



LISTINGS WANTED We are selling Parkland homeswe need more · reasonably priced homes to sell. We have a waiting list for rentals. Call Mr. Harmon, , Mr. Damme!, Mr. Smith or Mr. Inloes. ' SUBURBAN REALTY 9920 Pacific Ave. , GR 3624 5 ACRES CLEARED-Nice clean small home; 3 rooms and bath, large double garage, chicken house. A very good buy at $5,500. Frank, GR 88:H or GR 3871. WANT TO SEE SOMETHING DIFfrrcnt? A dream bungalow on one acre of good soil; completely furnished, do_ublc gmagc, chkkrn house. This place only one year old. $9,000. Mick, GR 3871. ACREAGE - 1-, 2-, 3-, lO~ACRE TRACTS-As low as $100 down. Build a log cabin and beat the rent problem. Frank, GR 883+ or GR 3871. Have one 5-acrc tract with good home for $750 down. TAKE OVER G. I. LOAN YOU CAN move in nt once. 2-ycarolcl home, 2 bedrooms clown, room for :Z up, loads of closets, built-in kitchen, garage. Large lots. Mick, GR 3871.




.. PARKLAND BRAND new ranch type 3-bedrrn. · home and fireplace with approx. 1/3 acre of very good garden soil. A home you will be proud to own. Can be purchas.ed on contract or FHA terms. $10,950. '1-BEDRM. home with double plumbing aqd partial basement and automa.tic oil furnace. Close to college and school. Ideal place for large family or 1·ent income. $9,500, small clown payment. 2-BEDRM. ranch type home with fireplace, fenced yard and attached garage. $1,000 down. SPANA WAY 176-TH STREET, furnished 1-bedrm. home, fenced yard and good well. Only $4,300. CLEAN, cozy a nrl comfortable large 1-hedrm. home on 5 acres, east of Spanaway. $655 clown on contract from owner will give you some furniture and possession! Other furniture available. Guest house may be completed and reutccl. Chicken coop and storage shed, garden, f_ruit, and many unusual features besides. SECL USJON. KNAPP ROAD CLOSE TO Central Ave. school. 2bedrm. home, approx. % acre. of good land. Large garage ancl storage building, rabbit hutches, small greenhouse. Will consider trade on city home. $5,500. BURNETT ROAD 2Yo ACRES :incl home and very good barn. $5,950 to settle estate. BROOKDALE 3 ROOMS and bath on lot 50xl50 for only $2,850 and $250 down. PACIFIC A VE. GOOD location, high\Vay property and repair garage, now on 2-yr. lease. Income, $100 a mo. first yr., $150 2nd yr. $18,000 total price.




.. . . ·. • • • S9c LUNCH "4£4 T, Lorg" ASsortlhent, Lb. 65c M4R.l<Et OPEN IJNTtL 9 P. M. fresh N alley's

Thursday, August .7, 1952

9-.Real Estate


2 .Cans 17c ~

~ u., ~- ~ "4-~!


8-----Wanted to Buy



if!:kc;~y.<#~;'J~~:, ~4~. s~a~ kp;ecifl~:


~. J~~,;~;;~,{~g~SJ.?i~!!





Times journal v 7 no 47 aug 7, 1952  
Times journal v 7 no 47 aug 7, 1952