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Thursday, AJ.> 7, 1952




10 a.m. -12 noon

I '[

Beverly Corri.ll:an GR 8545 TI1c Neighborhood "Sew and So" club 111ct at the home of Mrs. Jo Hart last Thursday evening, July 31. Those attending besides the hostess were Mesdames Hrlen Zook, Jcny McNabb, Darlene Hari-is, Faye Harris, Orpha Siehl, Nadine Dimond, Shirley Lawrence, Shirley Collier, Ann Car- agent and consented to be an adviser son, Viola Townsend and Billie Tuller. to the council and their, <laughter, The hostess served a delicious lunch- Susan were also at camp. COIL Wednesday evening was Interna~~unty CamP'. Great .~ve_nt . tion night and many of the members , A hr.•c? group of ca.mpcrs retu_r~_c_d di·esscd for the occasion and later put 11,rnm.. I 11ddy f,1 om the annual Pierce on skits pertaining to different naCounty '1-H. Camp held last week at tions with mixed dancin finishin \fil,lcrsylva~"1,park .on Deep ~.akc past up tl;e evening. Tuesday e~ening, be~ qh rnpia. Evct yonc. thornughly en- .sides the movies there was also a Joyed_ thc~tsclvcs._ Th~ . classes we;c scavenger hunt 'marshmcllow roast ;:specially rntcrestmg .. lhc. newswr;t- group 'Singing a'nd Indian stories told 1,n g cl_ass, u~1dcr . the cjirc~t10n of Cal by Flore~cc Allen'. Thursday iiight .\nclrison from the Washrngton State was the candle lighting ceremony, bcc~ll:!'ic, pu.t ol'.t a daily newspaper side the slides, and then finishing up ~,1lkd Intcrnat!onal Camp~r wlueh. with mixed dancin . kept each one up on the latest news . Attending from ~idland were Maraud. gossip. . . . ··1 lene Corrigan and Elizabeth Weir . 1hc c.rafts classes,. under the .fro. m the M.idland Clover club, t1on of Florence All~n~ county agent,. Jeanine :tvl:alray from the Happy Mrs. Saxton ai:d Slurlcy Andrews; ·.Hearts club and Joan Arterburn, made. many. ~rticles of katl:cr an~· Joanne Morud, Sharron Esh peter, also wooden dish pl.acques wl:ich the) Glenna Parriott, Sandra Little and decorated. with J~arntcd designs and Jo •cc 'Vebbcr from the Midland Girls then varmshed,·, r><>1rls.. at ch.arm school ,.1·- H> c1u1J, w1'th · .!M rs. El mer ·M oru d an d r:l~sscs, under, d1rei::twn of ~rs . ., Bu- Mrs. Walter Corrigan and Pat as ch,man, .lcari:ccl how to walk1 st.ind, chaperones, Home From Hospital keep their h(llf groomed and sit properly and that to act nat_urally will L'. 1 B ·I . R d .· k d h· nnke "OU IDOI'C "tt1·oct1vc Soc·1 ol 1tt c ai Jara 0 llC ' aug ter of ' · ' '' " .. · " j M r. ancJ M rs. G eorge R 0 d nc ·· k ·J dancing classes under the direction ' r., ' ·' · ' · is h . f h 1 · of Erme Hopp, county agent, learned now ome rom er o~g siege at th h · t f th f • d h the hospital and is walkmg around cit as1rH cps o ~ ox ]trot an. td e on her o~n power with the aid of la ccre~om~lsl aslscs, un er braces She has made a wonderful re~ IC . Jfectif n do. h orn f e ~no_, coun- covery and we all hope that everyY agcnt,dlrn 1·c la:·gc o t .e thino- heals fine so that she wi.11 not s1vc ·d can c. 'h ig 1trng services e · Th need"' any more operations. It is· cer• a\ mg t. h I . d tainly a wonderful thing that they 1 t ll . e ~ otograhp fy c ass .carne. Ito saved her leg after the terrible accie. a P otograp rom a picture, t1.e d . ·h h h skits and stunts class under direction ent w 1ien . s e was s ot e1ow t 11e of Helen Heil, put.' 011 several· ~kits knee. S!1e still has a lon.g pull before for entertainment after meals and the every_thrng turns out nght and we swimming cla~ses, under the 'direction . all wish her lots of luck! of Mrs. Rose Crosseto, Mrs. Edith HM and L Plans Field Day McGill and Mrs. Genevieve MladThe HM and L Volunteer Ffrc inich, really. acco1. yplished wonders in department is sponsoring a. field.. day the short time they had for classes at Dawson field Sunday, Aug. 17, to and several members received Red which all people of the area arc corCross certificates., I dially invited. Bring picnic lunch for Monday evening the counselors the lo'clock dinner. . . were selected from among the senior A pet parade for children 1s schedmembers and those elected for the ulcd to start from the Midland Imcamp session were Joan Arterburn provemcnt club hall at 12:30, the chi!head counselor; Dale Tibbits Bever!; dren to parade to Dawson field. The Na~ucci, ponna Severtscn, 'Dorothy fire depar~ment will put on a ~ig Keil, Manon Iversen, Gene Smith and demonstration. Other groups are mKatherine Jensen and each one was vited to participate with demonstrain charge of a group of campers for tions of various kinds. Anyone in-· the entire session. terested should contact Floyd Ayers The nurse, Mrs. Baginski was kept or Dave McPherson. 1 pretty busy with minor affli~tions. The Cacatian Trip meals, one of the big items of any Mrs. Frank Becklund just returned camp, were wonderful and were in from a two weeks vacation. trip to charge of Miss Gertrude Armbruster California with her mother and father county agent, and the able hands. o'f where they visited relatives, Mrs. Harry Lee and Mrs. Heil. All members were sorry to hear that this was the last official ac:t for Miss Armbruster as a member of the Pierce County Extension staff as she will be . !eavin~ Aug. 8 for Corndl unh,,.rsity rn Ith1ca, N. Y., where she will be employed in the foods and nutrition department ai1d will abo do some' teaching. Claude Doran and Georg<.{ Purcell, county agents, ·were also

.Ji '·.







present as were quite a few visitors. Flag raising and flag lowering ceremonies, held every morning and evening, were very impressive. Evening programs were also very interesting with slides and movie. pictures, all in color, shown and narrated by Cal Anderson, who is extension.,.information specialist from, the state office at Pullman, on his trip takf'n last year through Italy, Greece and Turkey. Mrs. Anderson was a former county


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· • largely unworkable. Legislation should Armand R. Moceri be enacted which will clear the way Youth Council Dance in Pierce county, having. graduated for a practical and integrated solution The Tacoma Youth Council is givfrom Sumner high school m 1~42 as of the drainage problems of our area. ing another all-city dance at the South the valedictorian of his class. Upon Among other problems which face Tacoma Community center Saturday, graduat.ion from high school he be- us is the immediate planning for the Aug .. 9, 9 p. m. to 12. Committee . came operator and later co-owner of long ·range financing ·of a school con- chairmen are Jerry Petrick, Tom . ' '.. s· . . Paul Mocen Farm near umner which struction program adequate to meet O'Toole and John Sisul, admission; h h f 11 d A I e as success u Y manage . rmanc the needs of our rapidly growing pop- Nancy Otto and Marilyn PJuss, pubMoceri has been active in agricultural ulation. licity; Jerry Petrick and Nancy Otto, circles in Pierce county.. He has been The program of restocking of lakes music; Sally .Diebert, . checkroom; elected four consecutive terms and is and streams with game fish should be Mitzie Pinch and Betty Petri, refreshpresent chairman of th.e Pierce County intelligently expanded to include more F arm L a b o1. ·c ommi'tt ee. El cc t e d as a lakes and streams that arc readily ments. Jj:veryone welcome. director of the. P':'yallup Valley Berry accessible to the general fishing P.ublic. Grow~rs. Assoc1atrnn, and secretary of Armand Moceri believes that a sethe Pierce County Farm Labor Ad- rious effort must he made to solve , b d these and other problems. He feels visor". oar · . . Intimately aequair:ted. with the that he has the qualifications to propneeds .of ~he 25th distnct, Arma·nd erly represent and serve the people Moceri will ;;idvocate. cnactmen~ of of the 25th district. Weekly GARBAGE Collections fa~ .marketrng lcgislat10n. Such Phone GR. 8688 legi.slat10n ha. s. b_r~:mg.·ht. greater ·J?roS-1 ~-· . · · · .. · :· :. penty and stabi!tty to. the agncul· £ '8 tura[ ar~as of Cahforma and other ,. ;;::Jfll I progressive states .. We hav~ no statutes · ~;::;:;;::::;:::;::;:;:;a!:B""""""wfl' m o_ur. state which j)royide for_ the marketrng of the pn~iciJ?al agnculTo Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hess, Rt. 3, tural products of our di_stnct. Box 290, a son A'ug. l. Reasonable Rates The present inadequate conditions To Mr. and Mrs. Norman Juel, of our county and small city roads 1002 Pacific Highway S. W., a son and brid11es are due to th.c. lack of Au.i:;. 1. funds. This deplorable cond1t10n must 1 o Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Myron, be remedied by a reallocation of gas Rt. 7, Box 370-A, a son July 29. tax rev~nue so that more money will · To Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Young, • be available for this purpose. Annand 8012 So. G St., a daughter July 30. Ameru:an Art Moceri will fight for more money for To Mr. and Mrs. Blaine McKanna, C t p• t .F • these roads and bridges. Rt. 13, Box 785, a daughter July 31. us om IC ure ranung One of the most serious problems To Mr. and Mrs. Stan Novotncy, BR 4327 of our county .is drainage and diking. 6615 Portland Ave., a son July 31. L . Present state laws pertaining to tlrainTo Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lovell, Rt. Ave. age and diking arc inadequate and 1 l. Box l ·16, a daugh11t::c:r_:J!_'u:'.:l~y'_:'_3~1:_._ ___!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -

Pierce County Refuse Co.



Ray Gogan - GR 3 127


2046 6tn

Graded Good





303 Tin





GR 3526


_...... ···~~:::.;::::~~:~~:~:;:::;~::·:.~ ··~: "Today I. begin my campaign for the important office of Attorney General. During the course of this campaign I intend to visit every county in the state of Washington; but first, let's get acquainted. "I am 32 years old and have a charming wife and five lovely children. The family home is in Parkland, a suburb of Tacoma. In addition to serving as a State Senator, and practicing law, I teach two, courses of business and labor law at Pacific Lutheran College of which my father, Dr. S. C . Eastvold, is President. "I am a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Parkland and President of the Lutheran Brotherhood in the South Puget Sound Circuit. I h~vc been an active adult scouter and served for two years as chairman of the Southeast District of the Mt. Rainier Boy Scout Council. I am a 'Vorld War lI veteran and belong to the American Legion and Vctcraqs of Foreign Wars. I am also a member of Kiwanis, Scandinavian American Fraternity, Elks, Eagles, Sons of Norway and the Wrld Affairs Council in Tacoma. "I promise to conduct a vigorous, hard bitting, but fair campaign for the office of Attorney CTern·rnL"-Adv.

lass room •



CEMENT BI~D BATHS Large and Small, 3 Styles URNS, FLOWER POTS, 7 Styles NOVELTIES, Priced Reasonable E. C. CATT, Rt. 13, Box 283 GR 5378

46 Oz.

PEFRUIT dUICE · 25c fOR 5c e.-a ayonnaise 55c


Carsten's Skinless




to 3 Column inches, per month ...................................................... $1.40 3 to 100 Column inches, per month ..................................................$1.25 100 to 200 Column inches, per month ...........................•.......... :.~-·--·$1.1·5 Phone for Additional Volume Rates NATIONAL RATE.·-·--·--·············---·····--··---····-··········$1.47 Per Col. Inch Classified Ads .................................-4c per woFd-Minimum charge 50c




CLARENCE W. LACROSSE, JACK BROWN..•..•........ PUBLISHERS NEVA T. HONEYWELL... ·-·····---··-··-····--·······-'-··-··--···-··············EDITOR GIBB THEIS............. ----····---····-··-··-·-------·--·--·····--············ADVERTISING SUBSCRIPTION RATE ·-··-··-·----···········-·-···········-··-·:..•... $2.00 per year (Beyond Free Distribution Arca) ________A_D_V-ERTISING RATES-LOCAL

.~ays Don.Ea~tvoJC'J

Opet'il 1Qm6

. .

ADDRESS._ ............. _P. 0. BOX 885, PARKLAND, WASHINGTON 118th and Pacific Avenue Phone GRanitc 7100

Let"s Get. Acquainted

Across from Parkland Post Office

411 Garfie!d


Armand R. Moceri, candidate for State Representative 25th District, Democrat, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moceri of Sumner. He is 28 years of age, was born and educated



OVER. 10,000 CIRCULATION Published every Thursday by LaCrosse Printers in Parkland, Wash. Distributed by direct mail to every home and business in Parkland, Eatonville, Graham, Roy, Firgrove, Midland, Waller Road, MeKenna, Elk Plain, Kirby, Kapowsin, Spanaway, Collins, Summit, Thrift, Berkley, Harvard, Fem Hill, Ponders, Frederickson, Harding, Woodland, Lake view, Firwood, and southern portion of Tacoma.


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Moceri States Qualifications


Quart Jar With Coupon Attached


7 Oz. Bag D




Graded Good
























large Size . . 2for 25c 1Qt Ctn. 39c CELERY, Crisp, Green, lb. 9c 11 Oz. Tin 43c



4 lbsa 45c






3Bunches . . . . lOc

1 Pkgs& 15c YAKIMA PEACHES 14-Lb. lug II




Lb~ 10c


IHave you~ Cabi;;-;1:;j £."'IT H''lr&"'6'. la H

r. T

TTT nrl

\..AU.::)!. Vl'VJ. DU1L1




liiil ·~ (:, @I • 11· . W>' . •· .-~ il)~ :~ •:ot

Accorr:~~e~~ si"c m>d S>yk -

At No Extra Cost RHONE'S CABINET SHOP 2nd & Pacific . Spanawa::r GRanite 3342


''~~~~~~"~~ ,.

fo ChJdno'o

s· . 80




and Auto Insurance

FARMERS' MUTUAL OF ENUMCLAW It Will Pay to Check 'Our, Rates GR 3733. M. SLATER GR 9939

122nd and Pacific Au1nue Phone GRanite 8550 Prices Effective August 8 and 9

Times journal v 7 no 47 aug 7, 1952  
Times journal v 7 no 47 aug 7, 1952