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JULY 24, 1952 (VOL. 7, NO. 45)

U.S. POSTAGE PAID Sec. 34.66 P. L. & R. Tacoma. \Vnsh.







118th and Pacific Avenue Phone GRanite 7100 DEADLINE: News, Monday Neon; Advertising, Tuesday Noon


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rk···Start ansit · Rq11s

Permit No. 51 liOXHOLDER OR OCCUPANT RURAL ROUTE i''OST!Vl:ASTER-If unable to deliver, t'ClUTil postage is gnaTanteed.





The 9: 5 5 trip o( the B-Line Transit Co. bus Monday morning was a gala event with very brief ceremonies and presentation of beautiful bouquets. The car which ,covered the route oil this run . was driven by Bill Black, co-owner with Jack Brown of the BLine company.

legion News I


First fares on the bus were paid by ' Mrs. c. E. Gaiser of I 63rd St., Spana-r : ·· \V8:Y! who \Vas by her ,two ( ~-if .;' chtldrcn, Sandra Gaiser and .floyd·1DON . Coons. They were on their way to Ta;· ! coma and trar;s]erre.d a~ 96th.street to. ·.[If(' the Tacoma .Irans1t Co. -LarchmontjJ'[[U\J , car. · ' 1

Parkland Post and U.nit No. 22B, An1eric.a.n Legion


·Ct .·

Mr. Mr.s. Lcona1.·d Bl.1.1kcly haw 11 ce<l that all i:-; in n·adincss at. }ak<' for the Legion picnic sched~ ; 1.


po·sy ·o[1-

·A··1·1ry GENERA·L


ukd. for Sm.bed.ay., July.·27. A pot luck; I.I.twas the.B-Linc bu.s·a.r-., , htnC'h will scrvf'd :it 1 p. m. and ' rived backno.tin until Parkland that business II guests arc asked to bring their own ! began to pick up. Roger lvicD01:ald, t··Al··w ·~ m_ · , · utr~nsib for eating plus enough food ! president of the Parkland Bus1nrss _ . for their own family. lee cream and club, boarded the bus carrying a gor- . Senator Don Eastvold filed Moncoffrc is being furnished by the Blake-, gcous bouquet as a message of con" day, July 21st, for the office of s,tate Jvs. There will be swimming, boatmg, gnittJlation to the new company. 0th- attorney general, on the Republican ftshin,11;, baseball and loafing, so all , er Parkland business people wl)o joined ticket. . .. you Legionnaires come on oul and Clarence LaCrosse Jack Brown the party at this point included MalEastvold IS the bnl11ant young Parkrnect your friends and have some fun. p· .d b Cl . , L C . d J k B h colm .Soinc of Soine's Parkland Shoe land attorney who eloquently led and To gel to Clear lake, go out the icture a. o_ve aH arcnce a rosse ai; . ac rown, .w o store, Mrs. Wesley McKewen of Mc- won the fight to seat the 17-member Jvfountain highway to the Eatonville make up the busmess known as LaCrosse Printers and .the Times- Kcwcn Studio, Del Totten of Totten G.. . d . f bl t "Ik ,, · · · · f rom Journal. These two young busmess · · · deve 1ope d Realty, accompai'.1c · d b y two c l11·1- corgta ccgat10n. avora signal light and follow the signs men have steadily · . • · , e, o. . c. 9 th.ere . · · · d b · t'l t d ti f' d ctren Earl and Lms Del Cheney of the du.nng the stormy July e\entng ses. their pnntmg an newspaper usmess un 1 o ay · 1ey 111 ' "' ' f " · . . Commander James Linder has chos- . . . . . f f .· d Parkland Cycle shop, J. C. Howard o s1on at the Republican nat1ona 1 concn the fullowiucr chairmen for the themselves 111 a spankmg brand new home With a host o , nen s the Parkland Barber shop and Mr. , t' · Cl ·ca · ·· · '" · · · 1 h · · . . . '. . T "cp .on rn 11 g 0• various acti»it.ics sponsored hy th<c and associates 111 t1e vast area t e1r services cover. ·ahd Mrs. Jim Lonng. With Mr. ot'Political leaders newspaper colPost: Mnnbrrship, Leonard Blakely; Printing and a~vertising are their main business, with print- ten. was his cou.sin, Chief, P,et'ty umnists and top Janking radio and Boy Scouts, Al Seaman;. Boys .s~c;te, ing orders being filled daily from all over the county and even Olfic:r .Wilham 'lotten of .'takima, TCV. commentators agree that 1t was Jomes St. John; cornmumty act1v1t1es, . · . .. J . l . . ·. who ts m the Navy and stat10r;ed. at this fight to seat the "Tucker" group \'iiginia Sl'am:m; erncr~ency. 1 e!tcf, the state ... their newspaper, the Times- ourn.a .' is a. composite Memphis, Tenn., ai:d vacatwnmg from Georgia, after both the national S1-v Kittrlson; graves regtstrat10n, Er- of the former Parkland Times (formerly Pra1ne Pointer) and here. Mrs. J.C. Runmng of P.arkla:r:d committee and the credentials commitncst McGinnis; junior baseball, Frank the Mid-County Shopper. The merger of the two 'proved to bet was also a passenger on the first tnp tee had approved the "Foster" delegal!erry;, Arnrncarnsm, Lconar~ Blake-I a wise move for the two since it materially reduced overhead in of the bus. tip!1 favorable to Taft, that started the ly; national ddcnsc, Walter Ftitz, pub. bl l . · h When the bus reached the Parkland swmg to "Ike'' and eventually led to licity, Jame,; Linder and Clarence La- both, and as a result they are a e to t~rn out a arge·r paper W!l National Bank of Washington at 96th his nomination on the first ballot. Crosse; traffic safety, W. P. (Bill) a. greater coverage. At present the. Times-Journal g°.es to mo_re and Pacific all passengers ali!l'hted to ;wearing his new-won laurels lightly, lllackstonc; <'rnployment, Scv Kittel- than IO 000 homes 1n southern Pierce county ... with more m share the welconun~ celebrat10n dur-. Senator Eastvold returned to Parkland "on;_ rnte1:tainment, .Joe Lanz, and prospect' , . · ing which another beautiful bouquet from t.he Chicago Republican convenscrvice officer, Scv Kittelson. · . f·· h' . • l h f h h . _ was presented to the b,us company by tion on Monday of last week. Afo::r Board mcml.icrs for the new year . To get to th~ gist O t IS artic e, t e act t at open ouse. pre Art Swindland, manager of the bank. tl\king "time out" to catch up on his are Leonard Bla~cly, Frank Berry, varls all day Friday at the L~Cr.osse Prmters and the TimesAlthough bus schedules are avail- 1.a:w offi~e practice, Don is ready to J()c Lanz,, .James. able at Parkland stores and from the tackl.e l?" second battle of the year as 1 "'t.. Jol~n and_ James Journal .... and that you are 111v1t~d to attend. l,mclcr. b.xcc'.'t vc committee 7ate Wal- 1 A smorgasbord will be on band to greet you all day from drivers of the buses, there is some mis- 1!-epubhcan stan~ard bearer In the (Continued on Page ) I 1 . f. h t d f t1 k' dd"' ecial treat understanding as to the mutes. The fight for the. office of state attorney . e even on, P us re tes men s, an or 1e I ies a sp . buses travel. from the Parkland. post general. Don's national convention ~ome as you are, but do come. a;id .see ;vhere your local newspaper office to 96th a. nd Pacific avenue by vie. to. ry. has led m.. any.. Io. c.'.'1 ·· 1s born ... and where your pnnting IS done. . five routes, as follows: opscrvers .to pr~~ict ~ s1milc;r success We have waited a long time for this pleasure .... see you 1-Via 120th L St. !16th Eye "!'.h.e·n h •. e II1eets D.· em()crati.c oppon. • · · on p age 5 , t j11S · ' ' · ' · ' cnt at the polls ·ln November.Fnday. Further detarls paper. Sales R()ad, Broadway, Airport and 'Those who saw Senator Eastvold in 0



POSIES FROM NBW-;-Art Swindland and Ed Stcvcus, representing the National Bank of Washingt<m, Parkland branch, presenting flowers to Bill Black of the B-Line Transit Co. on the first day's run of the new bus. Pictured, left to right: Earl and Lois TottcP, Roger McDonald, Chief Petty Officer William Totten, Floyd Coons, Del Totten, Francis Nordyke, Sandra Gaiser, Del Che11ey, Malcolm Saine, Jltfrs. C. E. ,Gaiser, Art Swindland, Mrs; Wes McKewen, Ed Stevens, Bill Black, Jim Loring. Mrs. Loring i' not visible in the picture.-Photo by McKewen Studio.


Ham Dinner Sunday


y BIG'GOP RAl · u ~ lY ·~ fer fonii\ J" . 31 JL AT T ~G[[J\In FA!\nK . ~ ~


!!) !;\






Lacamas IDCllnce Sqt.

Ai-via c

p:issed. C:ill me at Puyalup 5-6651 for FREE nick up of any laundry or item.'' (Pd. Adv.)


MEN. , . Here"s the shoe you've been waiting for. Available as pictured and ...


CLAY ROLEY AGENCV 9llth and Portland Avenue


----ROY V. ROSTEDT 820 I Park A venue Phone HA 2342


HA 5315

.JSKPH G. HANSON ic Physician Tacoma Way Building Tacoma 9, Wash.


Coming Attractions

Community Theatre 56th & M St. GA. 7373 Doors open I :OD p.m. Sat. & Sun. -0:30 p. m. Mon. thru Fri. Enjoy Movies in ConJfort N cw Seats Now Installed

Wed., Thurs., Fri., July 31, Aug. 1-2 CARBINE WILLIAl\IS James Stewart - .Jean Hagen FLESH & FURY




11004 Pacific Ave.

GRanite 3221

North of the Bank Corner




Transparent Apples Yakima Sweet Corn

Parkland .<J, Shoe Store

o~r.persomd atten ..

tion. ·Tc B@o~K yoa1r best at aH times--eaH


Full Line of Fruit and Produce ~n Sea§cn One Mile Before Entering Puyallup on the River Road Phone Puyallup 5-8561

RED HOT SPEGIAllS en eraI Ui:i Ii t:y Pa,,in t ~~~~E ------------·-----9 a I • I.

HI. 4072

Nancy D;:ivis - Ju.111cs Whitnto:r:e

ieJ@h garmentis .given


411 Garfield St. (In the Parkland Centre Bldg.) Across from the Parkland Post Office GR 3526 OPEN 10-6 (Daylight Time)


Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., July 23-26 DENVER AND RIO GRANDE In Color Edmond O'Brien - Sterling Hayden LOVE IS BETTER THAN EVER Elizabeth Taylor - Larry Parks Saturday Matinee-Added Attraction TWO LOST WORLDS Sun., Mon., Tues., July 27-29 W.ITH A SONG IN MY HEART In Color Susan Hayward - David Wayne SHADOW IN THE SKY

Custoll'l'llers who want Fine Cleaning Finishing of rneir summer. ~armc:nts.

THtons - Morp~rks Yakima Plllllms

AUNT SUE'S Bakery ?.09 So. 84th




Take Home One of Our

p,,,cific 'Avenue at Airport Road llours: !I a.m. to 9 p.m.-




M@Mth Watering Mocha Malt Cakes

Our own new local bus service. We feel, as we know you do, that this service will .be of great value to the growth of our community as a who.le ..

Parkland Cleaners


"'-· This Week End

to the B-Une Transit Co.





/I~ g'~


sn1cllin,fr, hygi~::nically ccani on a scrvice and cost ·lmsis that cant b~ sur-



I Just· Received


We Offer Our SINCERE WISHES for Success

I "~he.

· · · Tacoma..mid Pi.crce. coun. ty will play host to the Big Three of Washington . . . .. p C · pohhcswhcn Scna\j>i Ha11y · am, R · Governor Arthur B. Langlie an eprcsentative Thor Tollefson guest speakers at ~ couaty-wid~ rally g~vep by the '11 P,erce County·Re['ubhcan clubs Thursday, July 31, at Tiger ball park, South 38th and Lawrence Sts., Tacorn.a. . Chall'man of the Pierce County Republican Central committee, S ta t e Senator Ri,sscll C. Barlow, has an- • nounced the appointment of Mrs. Bobbe Doerner and Charles Bryant i as co-chairn1en of t.he event. The pro- . gram will start at 7:30 p.m., with! "Laundering by the Puyallup Laun- Charles Bryant _at the n1icrophone and / dry_ is · i-r1ore than mere i.vashing and lvlrs .. Doerner ~n. charge of th~~ pr<?-! ironin!f. Everything is hygienically gran11ng. J-\chn1ss1on and parlong 1s \vnshed in 8 con1plete changes of pure free. /\:ssisling wilh ushering and 'seats0ap and w;-ltcr. Therc)s no fading inrr will be members of the local. Rcei.tht·r, for :colored iten1s arc washC-d p~blican clubs under the direction of '(~olor-fast\" cJain1s Moon 1'.1ullins;' Dick McCrcaclic. Parkland area salesuian for the PuyAll the fanfare that goes with poallup Lauru1ry and Dri Cleaning Co. litical rallies will be forthcoming· with "for custon1ers who have never the 2:)-pircf'.- bnnd furnishing rousing tried our hi.undry scrvic:r-· I suggest n1usic, and Gc·nc Byscggcr with the our \Vashv,ttc Dry Fold Laundry bun- vocal lHu::;ic. 1'hc color ~111ard has been dle, 7 pounds for 69c. This hundle secured from the Rhodes post No. 2 p;1ves you .a vacation trca at lo\v cost. Perfectly w;ished, carefully dried, and ne:Jt1v fold<.·cL it ron1rs hnck swcC"t- ~ ,



A St. '" . action at Chicago agree that h<:re is a of the American Leaion by Fred 2-\·ia 120th, L St., 116th. Ams- yo. u ng man w.ho ca.n wh1te.l11s .own F rd h worth, Shcndan and across 96th. ticket in either Washinglon State or voters will have the oppor3-Via !20th, L St., !16th, Eye, W.ashington, b. C., political circles. tunity to mce.t and sec all office seek- Sales R'?ad and Crofr. crs .bidding for the Republican n?m!St.. All'port Road and natton as they are rntroduccd rnd1t. . d · . ··. 'd 11 d · · th in · 5-Via C St., Broadway, Sales Roa The. 17th annual Lacamas Comvi ua Y. unng e even g. . . and Croft. · munity fair .committee is sponsoring Speakmg f 0 r. the commtttec _m From 9Gth and Pacific to Parkland a dance Satmday evening, July 25, ~.h~rgc. of. the rally Mrs. ?ocrne: said, on the reverse of these five route_s. f!o.m 9 p.m., to 2_ a.m., in the Lacamas Vt e rnv1te and. urge all voters to From the Parkland post .office to 11'a1r hall, stx miles south of the Roy .. about t'.ie. ~c.: Spana way vi..a Park Ave.:., 138th.. St., ".Y." .G?.od music. is p.r o. ni.ise.·d. •.P.ro1 r.ome: out an. cl be mforn;ed candidates and be .booshteJS Iordl:Jettcd Spanaway Loop Road, Rich Road and· cc:ds w1H be used for expenses of. the 18 government.,That .'~ Y w;~ a optc Park Ave.; return ·the same way.. fau, which is scheduled for Sept. 6. the slorran The Spmt of :i2 Is for Tl 1 d 1 · t' d th t th . · · , - n__ '. · j ,l . · 1e sc 1c u c. 1$,,__1/n_<; ... Ji~/.- a_. .-.~re You' for. this ral Y· is direct con.nce:tion at;96th St. tq':·iinC! . from Tacoma: These· routes' are all 'i'ri' WISCONSIN CLl.JB will. hold.;.afdicakd qn t~t:. tiinc s~hedule~; which i:iicnic Sunday, July 27, at"the mam"'tnay be ohtarned ·from bus dnvers or picnfr grounds at Point Defiai1ce· focal merchants. park. Bring basket lunch, table serv. . . . ice and coffee container; coffee \vill Confront the average pol1t1c1an \v1th. be furnished free. a cold fact and you· get a hot denial






The Summit - Woodland Volunteer, Fire department will sponsor a ham dinner Sunday, July 27, at the fire hall, from 1 to 5 p.m. The. charge will ! be. ~ 1 for adult.•, 75c for children, aJI I proceeds to be used for new equipment ; for th. fighters, w.·.li.o serve. wit.hout pay. At the same time, the· fire station will hold open house, .showing visitors around and explaining the work,





EXTERIOR PAINT r----------------------------1 9uart Paint l IF REE i-----------~~r:~·:·:·:·:·:·:·:·:·:·~=~=~l 1



-----------------·-----------------------· Ga I. $3. 98


COUPON ·BRING (Please Print)



... - __ ..... _.... --.....



BARN PAINT. Re9. $3.49

Piilllmer Ptiaimtt 11 09 RIVDR ROAD


CEMENT, S1.45 per sack



Gal. $1.49

ompill:ny PHONE 5-5501

SAND OR GRAVEL; 35c per sack



Parkland Fuel Oil Sefvice



Phone GA 3301

1 Block North of Airport Road On Canyon Road




l I




Thursday, July 21, 1952


Avenue TIRE Shop

WA 7071 Un U. S. 99 East Side of Bridgo

2311 Ptldfk Avem11e NEVI T~RES ~~ fU!!..L Y GUARANTEED

Thursday, Friday & Saturday Humphrey Bogart - E. Barrymore in DEADLINE U. S. A. and FLESH AND FURY Tony Curtis - Jan Sterling Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Jeff Chandler Alex Nicol in ' RED BALL EXPRESS and TALK ABOUT A STRANGER George Murphy • Lewis Stone Starling Wednesday WlLD NORTH and BUGLES IN THE AFTERNOON


1;ts1 plus

710/15 760/15

1tt9S plus 1.20 fed. tax 16.40 ptus 1.37 fed. tax AND YOUal OlD 1UtE \ffe,f M~e They l©!sll'



]ly Clarence La Crosse





$4,750 HOMES and


136th Avenue ••

A "Brookdale Built"

HOME Of YOUR.OWN built on your lot anywhere in or around Tacoma

as low as $4u150 complete '

Spacious Dinette Kitchen Two Lovely Bedrooms ~ith Closets Large )!J'xl2'6'.' Living Room 3cpiece JQath with Tu:h Built-in Kitchen Cabinet~ .il:k SAVE MORE .. Do Ybu.filOwn Painting. All Materials Furnished ALL Built to FHA Specifications



Pay About •


A Brookdale Built

Large 14'x10' GARAGE Over 2,000 are now in use in and around Tacoma

8 Top Quality Materials 9 Choice of Doors 8 Extra space for a Work Bench

only. SA95m00 complete ·only $15.81 per month

OUTSIDE SOUD SLAB DOORS, 1 3/4 thick, as low as $8.95 f@r . 3'x6 1 6 11 and 2'8 11 x6 1 6" - regular $31.50.......a real blilly! Other sizes

65°/o less.

SIDING 1 x6 "E" Vee. Rustic Siding

100 sq. ft. $7.80 6" an~ 8" Cedar Bevel Siding, X Grade

y;" Galvanized

FLOORING 100 sq. ft. $7 .80

Got back from a few clays of taking life cnsy . . . digging cJarns, catt.:hing a few fish. Sure had fun, A huge crowd attended the 'newly

Utility Grade For under Linoleum, Attics and Playrooms


American Art Co. Custom Picture Framing BR 4327

Tub. Toilet, Wash Basin, complete with all trim


S139.50 No Down Payment


Plumbing & Heating


Installation & Repair Service

nn!n•i UUOIB



GRcmite 4477

the garden was centered with a basket of flowers and a beautiful wedding cake. Mrs. Olson wore an orchid corsage, the gift of her husbaJ,ld. · The Olsons were married in Alden, Minn. They have four sons, David, Kenneth, Jerry and Tim. David left Monday, July 21, for Washington, D. C., where he io to report for assignment in the service. Jerry and Kenneth are in Alaska for the summer, working on a fishing boat. Tim is at home.

Attention, G. I. 's

CEMENT BIRD BATHS Large and Small, 3 Styles URNS, FLOWER POTS, 7 Styles NOVELTIES, Priced Reasonable E. C. CATT, Rt. 13, Box 283 GR 5378

Henry F. Marcum, contact representative in charge of the Tacoma Veterans Administration office, announces that he is now in receipt of official information concerning the new bill signed into law by the President, which is usually referred to as the Korean G. I. Bill. Marcum further announces that his office is now prepared to accept applications for educational benefits for this law. Veterans who are interested in receiying Jnforma.tion and applying for the educational benefits of this la.w should immediately contact the Veterans Administration office located in Room 613 of the Bankers Trust building at 1111 Pacific avenue. The Veterans Administration office is open from 8:30 a. m. to 5:00 p, m., Monday through Friday. The cost of making history has always been terrific-but never quite what it is now.

Pierce County Refuse Co. Weekly GARBAGE Collectiom Phone GR. 8688 .


PEAT SOil . SANDY LOAM Reasonable Rates

I Ray Gogan - GR 3127




300 Count











46-oz. Tin




Family Size





. I -lb. Pkg.


46 .. 0Z.

Pineapple Juice 4·99c

DURKEE'S (Plain)




6 to 8~1b. A vera9e

California Shafter No. 1



Graded Good


Solid Heads

CUBE STEAKS fresh Ground Pure



lb5 49c POTATOES Carton lb. 69c TOMATOES

10 lbsa 59c

• a

pkg.19c l Bunches

Gr. Onions & Radishes • • 10c GRAPES California Seedless lb. 19c ,-y

c.a.binets··' CUSTOM BUILT


At No Extra Cost RHONE'S CABINET SHOP 2ud & ·Pacific Spanaway GRanite 3342







Friends and 1·Clativcs of Rev. and Mrs. Roy E. Olson arranged a charming open house c\'cnt on Sunday eve~ ning, July 6, n1arking the silver wedding anniversary of the couple~ 'I'hc affair wa,; held in the lovely garden of the Olson home at 217 So. 118th St., Parkland. Rev. Olson, formerly pastor of Central Lutheran church in Tacoma, has hencled the public relations office at Pacific Lutheran college the past year. The lace covered collation 'taqle in

I-lave your


Home and Auto Imurance


Cub Scout Picnic

Tender and Juicy

We've got everything in Soil and Drainage Fittings

A Rubber Base PJint by Glidden Truly \Vasbablc .. One Coat Covers

Steilacoom, July 18.~Mrs. Craw-1



100 sq. ft $1.95

Steilacoom Tournament

the Handicappers Show at the Wash- last Thursday's major tournament of ington IIorscrncn's track this coining the Steilacoom Bridge club, winning Sunday, the 27th. six of ht•r seven matches_, with six top This is a b»nrfit show with the scores and five tics for top score. It proceeds g·oing to the I-Iandicappcrs. was }\Taney's second tournament exJcau Fitch ha~;-o been \Vurking hard the perience ,her first as a member. past scv1'rnl wr-eks r-;elling advertising The dub is a member of .the Amerin their prograrn as a .rncans of raising ican Contract Bridge lcaguC, conducti1dditional lTVt'.nuf'. to turn over to the inp; weekly tournan1cnts Thursdays at Handicappers duh , .. they certainly 8:00 daylight time in Steilacoom's should appreciate her talented help town hall. All readers of the Times;,rnd time spent in their behalf. Sec this .Journal who play bridge are cprprogra111 for sonic very interesting dially invited as preferred guests and ·stnri['.'i aJ1out sonw of your local prople 111ernhers. Members of the cuh arc busily prc::ind groups ... I won't tell you more. The W csthnairs Show Sal. and Sun. parinp; for the Stcilacoon1 City chamHave a lettt·r here fron1 Pat Bretz, pionship to be hdcl on August 7 and publicity director for the V\rcstcrnaires 14-. This event is open to players from of Seattle, rcn1inding lne of their show the entire Northwest. On August 15 thi< weekend. They really have a line- the club will fire the opening gun in up of top and 011tstanding events \Vith the big Stcilacuorn Ccnlc11nial .celen1ost of the .top horses and contenders bration with an open card p:uty at of -the 1\orth,vt·st con1pcting fur the which everything from canasta to prizes and ribbons offrrcd. Oh, heck, chess will be iucluclecl. Jn conn('.t:tion with the Steilacoorn she \vrote such a nice letter I lnight O:s well print it vcrbatun1 . . . as follovvs: rrlcbrtJtion, the cluh is curn~ntly con'.i'hl' Westcrnaires, Inc., equestrienne ducting a round-robin chess tournadrill club of Seattle, arc making plans i11ent. 1'hc four \Vinncrs of thi.c; event to present their First Annual Open will vie for the Steilacoom Chess Hurse Show July 2G and 27 at the championship as part of the August I-Ior:·wnicn'!1 Centl'.r, Silver Lakf'., Wash. 1.5 party. This tournament, too, will (south of Everett, Wash.), Horsemen welcome Parkland participants, though froin all parts of the western states entries dose on Monday, July 28. Mail and British Columbia will appear in your entry immecliatdy to Steilacoom thr: varied co111pctitivc events sched- Bridge Club, P. 0. Box 332, Steilacoom, or call LA 82 24 or LA 8530 not uled. 'I'hc Lariettcs fron1 Tacou1a, Wash., later than Monday morning. Bridge players need not make resnotr-·d \\•onien's mounted drill team, will present their spectacular· drill in ervations. Simply appear at the Steilclose formation under the "black acoom town hall before 8:00 any lights. 1 ) llorsc show ~n.thusiasts are Thursday evening, If you come alone looking forward to their marvelous we'll guarantee a friendly partner who and unique performance which will loves to play bridge. highlight the night show on July 26. Mrs. Mary Bretz will present her wonder horse, Comet, in a delightful program of tricks and stunts during Pack No. 133, Cub Scout group the Sunday afternoon show. sponsored by Trinity Lutheran church, 1\1nong the: classes including Eng- will enjoy a picnic at Point Defiance lish, Western and Gaited events, there park Friday evening, July 25, with will be purse awards in the Western supper at 6:30 o'clock. Families and Pleasure .Horse, Three Gaited Saddle friends are included in the invitation. Horse, Five Gaited Saddle Horse, Pa- Arne Pederson is cubmaster. rade Horse, Open Jumping and Fine . In observance of Know Your NeighHerness cla'8cs. Carl W indolph, noted borh'ood month, the boys have been horse show judge from Portland, Ore., visiting various business places of the \irill offifciatc. . community. They have visited the The Westernaires announce that the National Bank of Washington, Parklarge stabling facilities of the Horse- land branch, and also the Parkland nwn's Ccnh:r will be available to out- post office, the Patty Ann Bakery, the of-town participants. Flett dairy and the Medoswect dairy. Next Monday they are to be guests of l\'1R. AND MRS. CARL SAUGEN the Parkland Volunteer fire departarc no'\V settled in their new home at ment to sec the regular fire drill. 1303 So. 11 '.lth St. They bought the Parkland property in the early spring MISS LOIS OVERLAND, daughand have moved into it to be n·ear ter of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Overland, their son, Webster Saugcn, pharma- is missed from her post at Johnson's dst for Johnson's Drug store, and his Drug store this week, being ill with wife. the flu at her home.

co111pletcd arena and grounds of the rI\vin Rivrrs Riding clllh at ()rting h<t Sunday. I saw more people there than have cv(T been ;;it a sin1ilar event in a long- whik'.. 1'he affair \Vas a sho\.vclco ( cozrrbination r o d c o and liorse sho\V). Plenty of ;nnatcur CO\\.'boys hit the du.;t for the happy crowd. I sec Frnncis Kordykc, Hazel, \'Ve< and Donna McKewen, Max Robinson, Roxie and (innnc:n, Del _Chc1,1cy (auJ \Popcorn) and Mr. anrl Mrs. Flinchum all _011 t over the entire \Vec~kend . . . they having can1ped out overnight at the dub grounds. Look5 like they had fun too. Jerry IIawks took first place in the hard-fought batl]t; of riding lhc broncs . . . some of those darn things had a buck or two left in them. Chuck Shook was having the time of his life roping and a riding. Inciclcntally, if you recall, last week I mentioned that Chucb Rohr and Dec Parham had taken the trip via horncback from Ellensburg to Parkland ... the other two gentlemen with them were Chuck Shook and Gordo1) McNcff. They tell me the trip was fine. Had the pleasure -0f meeting a few new faces (new to me) at the showdeo too. I•'ound oui there wc:re a lot of horse enthusinsts ln the arf'a I ha\'e never n1ct . . . like Fred McDonough fro1n out in Spanaway told 1uc; q\'ou just don't get around enough." J\ny\Vay, Fred was one of those individuals. Fre<l _js runnlng son1c stock al the old M 'incl M ranch and is a cowboy from out of old Colorado lwsiclcs being· a cattlernan .of son1c renown. Niel' to have rnCL you, Fred. Wally Squires, too, wns out with a truck load of horses having a gooi ti1nc, getting dragged around the dust a bit by srnne of Woody's \vil<l broncs and steers and so1ne of 1hose cr;-tzy c<i1ves \vho liavcn't learned to run straight }'f'.t. V\1ally, too, is a 1oca1 cow~ boy and horse .fancier living over on Airport Way. Lloyd Allon am] his brother, Speck, ownf'rs nnd openitors of that fan101JS 1 mi old landniark and eating place foT thousands-The Firn-ccrtainly treated the crowd fine after the affair w:is over. Incidentally, Lloyd has a brand ~• nc\v shining pole arena of son1c size just cornplctcd. He plans lo havr: calfing· and son"1c honwplriy fron1 TIO\¥ on every Sunday out at. the Firs. Drop out and have fun. If you want to join a eaJ.f roping-.J club, here is, the. chance" yoi1. have bCcn \vaiting for. See Lloyd, Alton , .. he is pretty proud of that ribbon he vvon Sunday, too. Sort of neiv to the: horse world is Wes McKcwcn, ,Parkland photograplJcr, who was out braving the cha1~gcs of th c bull, and the dust of tl1c flying hoofs of the wild broncs in order to ~{et son1e action shots of a rodeo in ctction , .. fun, hey Mac. Truman, the big sin1'le footing horse of Roy S1nith's and Roy v.;crc out in the arena adding their bit to the scene, Roy tells me he has one of the most beautiful Palomino stallions seen in a Ieng while . . . double registered too and five years ok1. i\nyone intcrcstccl, call Roy at the William Ranch in Puyallup or call me and I'll let ·him know-. Bill Goodwin nnd mw of his famous quarter horses was out a swinging that rone of his in quest of one of those brllcring calves . . . but like I said they just didn't coopcrntc too much. Even see him out there doing some wilcl co\v milking. . Looks like I nn1 going to run out of space before I nm out of names so I had better sta.rl telling· you about some of the rest of the horse world I saw here and there~ 0bout the arCn:.i. Francis Nordyke and Bu~ Gannet.are sporting a nice hlul~ ribbon as their matched horses placed. first in thr n1alchcd pairs event . . ~ I can't figure \vho \Vas the inOst proud .•.. Ha?rl or Franci<. Connie Erck was judge of the affair. 1 Jullior Dove of Spanaway riding a s11100th \Vorking little quarter mar~, Taffy, looped his calf in 10.5 for the trophy and prize n1oncy. Had a pleasant little surprise today .. ., rliscovcrC'cl tlrnt friend Dean Vosburg has w·oocd and \von the \vinson1C Jillie Dodie Commins ... the two will say yes to co ch other on the 16th of A11g11st and liw happily together on thc-ir horses ever after. Dean \Vas real nice ;Jnd ren1rn1bercd lo call n1c to prlnt his \Vr.ddinp; announcement~ too . . . that's a friend for you . : , ')ft7. all, that is the on!)' way I C(Ct to fec\:f my face ... by doing printing and ad-

¥/ATER PIPE l6c foot·

1x4 Kiln Dry


P.arkland Player W.ins ... Open House Marks Silver Wedding

\-VCCkcnd .•• ford G. Coyner of South L street, Of particuln r local interest will be Parkland, was a convincing winner of



,·crt1smg for those .who need it • , • (plug, huh?) Two ;>hows This Weekend Two shows arc being· offered the horse loving residents of the area this

Will Pay to Check Our Rates

GR 3.733 M. SLATER GR 9939

122nd and Pacific Avenue Phone GR.anite 8550 Prices Effective. July 25 & 26


Ladysmith,. Wis. (AFPS)-Shep, a playful dog, ended his career as a retriever in a· blaze. of glory. His master, Gust Sillman, was, dynamiting tree stumps and had placed alighted stick of dynamite in place. Shep, playing a game, picked it up and chased after gon-Idaho a.rea gathered here recently for a briefing ou the part McChord ' will play in the operation. The operation began this week. Below is shown one of the groups which arrived here for the briefing.


Income tax evaders will soon find that it would have been better to give j than to deceive.

10l6Tacoma Ave.

ished for -


effortless washing perfected by Whirlpool!


.• Aqi£&ur ... Ofc&1mu, . '


: Floods sunny : hesh.ness info : your Wash. !t • : sanitizes ••• pro- : ! tects the family. .:



Surges vitalized sudsy water thru Clothe.s. Its gentle flexing promotes Tota/ Cleansingl



: • :

Saves yoy preeious time and .steps. Sounds-off to tell you when yourwashisdone!


. :

••• and every other feature vital fo CLfNIC•CtEAN washin1-everv time1 (l1,1clucli119


s. Year Warranty on Trans'lbission}

Downtown 13th 8 'K' St. BR0386

'Easy Parking

On thC I'. '1 t.

Highway 7208 Pacific Ave. HI 9556


Don't Delay and Be Sorry -Clea1iing, Glazing in Our G. E. Cold Storage Vaults ,De~Mothing,

Fer Chdy $2.50 For the Season

' 61~8761

Pick Up. and Delivery

Get a He©Jd Start! Prescriptions can be filled any time, <lay or night.

Died GR. 8693



R.YBUTOL • • 1.98 VBTA~.1~N Bm12 IOO's • • 89e VETAMIN A I OO's 25,000 unit • 1.98

1.25 Stopette Spray Deodora11t plus 1.25 Finesse Shampoo

Both for 1.75* (,'.;;;)




~ ~


•Nm"""'""' I


'11.L..O "; i;. m'I II


3 lbs. 79c I g




INBll_," g


lid' V

S 'Ulm

lb. 98c

> I >1 Q -<




For 51/2

oz. Tin •







lr"ll""ll ll""'r"1l



6010 SOUTH ALDER Good solid home, ;ic, block to schools. ,


Thursdn.~i, July 2oi·, 1952


80-ft. frontage. lovely garden, fruit, Known for Good, Clean Sharp grapes good dbl. r;a·rage. Call Rex C:irs Rector, HI. 33H or HI\. 03G5. SMALL DOWN McKinley Ave. di't. Price $+,250. 2 bedrooms, 3-pc. bath, liv. rm., kit., WORDS cannot tell you how nice brk. nook: utility rn1., garag<\ \vfwkth<'y really <tre. Sec ihem before shop. Call Ralph Decker, I-IA. 0265, you buy. eves., HI. 4·706. '50 CHRYSLER New Yorker. R&H, P!\l<KI AND -$4,5()0 automntic shift, WSW tires, frn+ bedrrns., partly furnished, 1· Jots, dct~ skirts, ~potlite, chrornc 'vin~ "oor! lcw'1 tion. $GOO clown. Gall Mr. dow shades A beautiful car, $2295 Kelly, HA. 0365 days; CHS., Ht\. '50 BUICK Super Riv., 4-door, R&H 4613 D,-uaflow, U. S. Royal master rnid-century tires, t\vo tone, EZ glass. Real sharp...............$2295 '50 BUICK Super Riv. Coupe, R&I-I Dynaflo\v, low mileage and clc·an. ................................................$2295 '51 OLDS. "98" 4-doo!-. R., H., Hydra-Matic, sharp ................ $2,795 '51 OLDS. S\ipcr 88, 4-door, R., H., ' Hydra-Ma.tic ...................... $2,395 '51 FORD Victoria. R. and H., 0. D ......................................... $2,175 '51 FORD V-8 2-dr., R&H .... $1695 '50· CHEV. Styline Deluxe Club Coupe .................................. $1,595 '50 CHEV. Flcctline Aero ........ $1595 '50 FORD Custom V-ll 2-door, R&H, 'overdrive. Choice of two ..... $1595 '50 FOR.D Custom V-8, R&H. $1,545 '50 PONTIAC Chieftain de luxe 411220 Pacific Ave. door. R. and H., Hydra-Matic, visOffice-Days, GR 3341 or, back-up lights, low mileage .and Evenings, YU. 9221, LA. 3066 clean ...........-......-................. ,. $1,89 5 Agent for American Express '50 BUICK Special deluxe 4-door. R. Monev Orders and H., Dynaflow, E-Z glare glass. .................... ,, ................... ,.... $1,895 FOR SALE by owner-Modern (5 yr. old) 2-bcdrm. shake home.. Nice '50 ME.RCURY 6-pass. coupe. R., H., 0. D., spotlight, back-up lights, fenced yard, . lots of shrulis, large W. S. W. tires, beautiful car $1,895 garage, convenient locatiori._: ~t\'~ccpt late model. car as .down payil,1cnt. '50 FORD V-8 station wagon at a real value .............. , ...... _.... $1,595 899 So. l l 3th, GR. 5876. , 9p4·5 FOR' SALE-15 acres on $panaway '49 CHEV. Fleetline deluxe 4-door. R., I-I., only 29,000 actual miles. loop road; bus service. ,GR. 8713. Really sharp ...................... _. $1,395 9c+5 '49 OLDS 98 4-door, R&H, Hyqra' matic, visor WSW tires ....... $1895 49 FORD V-8Piclmp. A real, real clean one .............. ,................ $995 '48 CHEV. 4-door; R&H, clean. ..................................................$1005 '48 CHEV. Fleet!i)le Aero, lots of extras, low milehgc and clean, $1145 FOR R:ENT- !-bedroom furnished '46 PONTIAC Streamline 6 Sedan' apartment, $45. MA. 2.156. ctte, R&I-I ....................-.....-.. $895 LARGE 1-bcdroom. unfurnished apts., ·39 FORD 4-door, R., H. A good run$50. MA. 2156. ,. ning car ............., .............. '.-· $165 2-BEDROOM, $25. '40 CHEV. 4-dr., R&H .....-........ $285 MA. 2155. FOR. RENT-Clean, attractively furLocal Bank Terms - Trade nished 3-room house suitiiblc for 1 Up to 24 months to pay or 2 adults. $50 a month. GR. 3102. · l0c45 Open till 8 P. M. PARKLAND-New .fully furnished 4bcdroom duplex, 10 minutes from Cash for Good, Clean Late Model McChord; nice location for couple Cars or Will Se!J Your Car for You or with infant child; no pets. Phone GR. 3708 or GR. 604·7. 10p45 KNUTE LOH.AND SMALL modern 3-room home .for MOTORS rent .. Phone Graham 77857. 10p45 l 0 ACRES, 2 Y2 cleared, with 2-bcdWhere Your Dollar roorn house, modern; will trade Goes Farther equity for good '4· l or '42 model car, balance of $2,900 at $25 a 3402 So. G. St. HA 4112 month. Corner Hazel and Evergreen, 3 miles. south of Summit FOR SALE-1951 Plymouth 2-door, View, Rt. ~. Box 682. 10p45 perfect condition, very reasonable. Must sell. GR .. 7339. l 2c45 FOR RENT-Unfurnished 3-bcdroom -bungalow, Parkland;. convenient to FOR SALE-1949 DeSoto 5-passenMcChord; $7fl. GR 8102. 10p45 ger deluxe ·coupe; auto1natic tra11s·~ Tiiission, first class condition.; trade or terms. GR. 8713. 12d.5


Priced Right

Tu -·r · ·o a•

c 25c

,,_ ......__.

"I'd like to pay you back, Joe, but the wife's got her heart set on a bedroom set at the PARKWAY FURNITURE."







9-pc. Bedroom

0 G'





19c ::c

Mr. aml Mrs. dresser, chest, bookcase headboard, 2 night stands, plate glass mirror, Hollywood bed frame, 180coil innerspring mattress and box spring.

< m

Complete 159.50






2 LBS.




~ ::irJ!

!4lst & Pac. GR 3941 Open Until 9 p. m.

Fresh, Sliced or Piece



c MUTTON ROAST . lb. 31c


Grade Good Shoulder Skinless Hormel's

10 Lbs.


RAY GOGAN LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION General lan<li:;,c:aping service - ·new AUCTION SALE lawns, peat soil, topsoil, shmbbcry, {F YOU w;mt more cash quick, sell rockerirs. Nothing down, 36 months by auction .. Every Fri., 7 :30 p.m. to pay. GR. 3127. 3ctf .Glen Betts, 8113 So. Tacoma Way. Free pickup service. LA. 8505. 2ctf SALES AND SERVICE ~Business Honse and Commercial :Makes Motor Service Washer Service -= ~ GR. 6662 lGlst & Paiific Ave. Next Door to Target Sport Store Spana\vay

Akm'' Refrigeration



Septic Tanks, Cess Pools Cleaned


Contents Hauled Away HUTSON TANK CLEANING HI 3980 HA 7038


11 ROTOVATING, blade work; no job too small. W. L. Lewis, GR 7492.

dl'PT.IC T.ANKS CLEANED-Con· tents hauled away. Don Redford, B232 So. Fawcett. GA. 7334. If no •answer call GA. 9222. 3ctf TU'



. . Recovering and Rebuilding Cushions Rebuilt Free Estimates

· l>arkland Upholstery 140th & Pacific Res: GR 3181



Sctf HOUSE MOVING; leveling; foundations; cement work; free estimates. PR 2653. 3ctf ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE o. B. Ackley, owner. Septic tanks cleaned, cont<'nts hauled away. GR. 4343; if no answer, call HA. 5704. ctf

I5-Help Wanted


FEMALE help wantc(l: 'fhoroughly c:Xperienccd housekeeper for hon~e and care of scn1i-invalid Hrs. 10 to 6, $100 per month. 1i\'C near Parkland. GR 5194-.

sn1all wife.

Must 6p4 5 WANTED-Experienced c 1 e r k f'Q,, variety store. GR. 99·t8. 5c4.S WU1ViANI~-;;-u-;;i;;g duty in nursing

Most Modern Methods of Location and Development of Underground Water

Call Turliier

FU. 2400


GR. 8108

COMPLETE tractor work. Loosening ground and leveling. Average lawn, $12:00. Don Abbot, GR. 3846. 3ctf AUTO GLASS INSTALLED-Auto Up.holstery, convertible tops. MA. 2200, Art's Glass Co., 816 So. Tacoma Ave. 3c50 BETTER VENETIAN BLINDS FOR LESS S'l.'EEL slats with plastic tapes at only 49c per sq. ft. ALPERMAN'S 5'1·25.Padfic Ave.

PLUMBING REPAIRS - Sewer Cleaning • Electric Pipe Thawing Call

E. M. HAMILTON PLUMBING GRanite 8905 GARDEN SERVICE ROTO TILLING I<awn rebuilding, fertilizing, top soil, dressing maintenance. GA. 5885. HI. 2722. 3ctf





Call Puy,dlup 5-7211.


6--Lost & Found


TRADE, nice largc rambler type home, modern with 2 .bedrooms, large Jiving room, attractive cabinet kitchen breakfast nook, 25 acres plow' ground, balance pasture; barn for stock, ample hay storage; pump house; 2car garage; chicken house; good highway. Mr. Lrnnn, BR 5291. WILL TRADE FOR.LATE'. MODEL CAR and house trailcr; mce 2-bedroom home on 4 lots, can be had for $+,950, cash. Mr. Carlson, HA 4768. 2Y, ACRES VfiRY GOOD SOIL, dandy garden m, 3-room house, close to bus and school, excellent terms. Mr. Carlson, I-IA +768 or Mr. Peterson SK 1413. ' · SPARKLING NEW RAMBLER WITH THREE EXTRA LARGE BEDROOMS, located in a fine suburban area; lovely rnodcrn kitchen with natural birch cabinets; utility roon1, pie.Jure i.vindo\vS in living~dining room, auton1atic oil heat; large 2~car g·aragc aud \\'orkshop; lots of space for garden and all for only $9,950. Mr. Peterson, SK M 13 or Mr. Imeson, PR 0081. TRADE THIS ATTRACTIVE white cottage located on paved highway with 16 acfl's of fine soil; part clenred, with outbuildings with space, for family cow, chickens_; some fruit, best \vatcr supply in location; owner

wants salt waler Geach home up to $7,500 or Tacoma homr. No drive bys. For inf9rmation call Ilfr. Lemm, .RR 5291. CUTE MODERN LOG HOUSE, beautiful

LOST-2 y, yrar old blond cockrr cabinet kitchen, utility roo1n, 2 acres finr soil, school bus at_ door. spaniel wearing harness with 2 BosMr. Carlson', I-IA 4768 or Mr. Petton dog tags. Lost lost Wed. Mrs. erson, SK .1+13. Bart Payne, GR. 3'1-23. 6p4-5 LAKE LOUISE :COST or straye<l-Si;;~;1esc cat from vicinity of 'Thrift Extension and EXCEPTIONALLY FINE 3-hcdroom year around hnn1c- vi:ith 50 feet of McDonnld road; rcwud. Gall Grafine beach and large concrete patio; h;1111 7-H'.lO. 5rA5 full bascn1cnt, air conditioning furnace, fireplace, mOdrrn cabinet kitchen, dining room; garage and worlrnhop. Mr. Imeson, PR 0081 or Mr. Peterson, SK 1413. SUBURBAN BUNGALOW USED FURNITURE. Also generous FIVE BEDROOMS, full basement, dandy fireplace, 3 acres of finest trade-in allowances and bank terms. peat soll, a g"fca.t variety of fruit Parkway Furniture, 14 lst & Pacific. and shrubs; call for appointment. GR. 3941. 8ctf Mr. Carlson, HA 4-768. SPOT CASH 160 ACRES For Your Used Furniture TRADE FOR CITY PROPERTY; 1 Piece or House Full 70 acres excellent bottoni land clearBlock's Furnifore Mart ed; large hip roof barn for hay stor8205 So. Tacoma Way LA. 2882 age; 30-stanchion grade A milking WANTED TO BUY-Old cars for barn; good family orchard; a real junk. GR. 7847. 8ctf opportunity for beef or dairy; exRADIATORS, scrap iron, junk cars ceptionally good terms. Mr. Imeson, and batteries. Puy. 5-214 l. Hecker, PR 0081 or Mr. Lemm, BR 5291. the Wrecker. LINCOLN-WHITMAN 8ctf A FINE MODERN 3-bcdroom bungalow, fenced lots; quick possession with excellent terms. Mr. Carlson, HA + 768 or Mr. Imeson, PR 0081. CHECK OUR LOW DOWN PAY· ONE ACRE MENT INSURANCE PLAN. GOOD VALLEY SOIL, 3-bcdroom WE NEED listings of all kinds. Farms, home with full basement; automatic acttagc, lots, buil<lit1g sitess hon1es air furnace; wired 'L~U; (new or old, 1, 2, 3 and 4 be_dnice yard; can be had on low down , rooms). We have cash buyers wa1tpayment, total price $7-,950. Call Mr. Imeson, PR 0081 or Mr. Petermg. son, SK 1413.

8-Wanted to Buy

9-Real Estate

I 0


Parkland Realty Co. (Mrs.) Jennie L. Grodvig GR 7232 days, GR 8210 eves. and Sun. $500 DOWN 2 bedroom home on bus line. Basement and oil :rnto. furnace. $6,500, $50 a month. Mick, GR. 3$71. 4 NICE LOTS Outside fireplace, good 2-bcdroom home, 2-car garage, 1 }'2 _b~ocks to bu>. $5,750, terms. Mick, GR. 3871. 3-BEDROOM RAMBLER Beautiful setting. Large living room, fireplace, hardwood fl o o rs, tile kitchen and bath, alt. 2-car garage. $13,500, terms. Frank, GR. 8834 or GR. 3B71. COZY WHITE BUNGALOW Appraised FHA $5,750. 2 bedrooms, !iv. room, nook and built-in kitchen on one and one-half acre. Frank, GR. 883'1 or GR. 3871. 10 ACRES South of the Willows on Meridian. Some timber. $1,150. EZ terms.

LAND CLEARING and leveling; reasonable rates by ho11r or contract. Rt. 7, Box 195-X, GR '12'11. ~ctf WE BUILD HOMES, remodel; level buildings; concrete work. Reasonablt. C~R 3550.-3ctf. DRAINAGE - Septic tank installaliuu; side sewers; earth work of any type; by hour .or contract. Hauser &.Seifert. BR. 9Ml; Res. GR. Bl21. 1 '.led Property Management Insurance G. H. CO. Notarv MAYTAG - FRIGIDAIRE Member of Tacoma Real Estate Board Member Tacoma Real Estate Board BENDIX Service Headquarters MA 2156 Office: 32B Garfield St. GR. 3369 1105-7 Commerce St. Any Make Wringer Type FOR SALE BY OWNER- :l-bcdroorn Guaranteed Used Washers Airport and Leonards Crossing Parkland bunr;alow; G. I. equity SPANAWAYlake home, 51-ft. frontFor. Sale GR 3871 Day or Eve. age, 2 bcdroo1ns, _ fireplaac, base$1,200. $58 month; or will take VINCENT'S SERVICE ment, guest cabin, $8,750. GRanitc FOR SALE by owner-Small smaller down payment on contract. HA 3097




5640 South Tacoma Way,


.OR 6102.,


63G7, co,!! after 5,


with 6 !ots. GR. 7350,

Center SPANAWA''

PR.1VATE PARTIES Wishi11g to sell, are invited to call or come in for appraisal and information concerning consignment of your car.




·Borden Starhc

Slhrarp Cheese, !b. 6Se


GREATEST values in the N.W. in completely and thoroughly reconditioned used truck transportation. 1946 CHEV; lY,-2-ton L, W. B. chassis and cab, extra H. D. springs front, rear and 0. L., 2speed rear axle, H. D. engine. In splendid condition throughout. Priced to sell now ............ $1,195 19+9 S.TUDE. l Y2-ton chassis and cab S. W. B. Very low mileage, in perfect condition throughout. Best buy in town, only -· $1,295 1950 CHEV. Y2-ton P.U. A-1 mechanical condition} new paint, H. D. traction type rear tires. A real value at-................... $1,495 1949 DODGE lY,-ton L. W. B. chassis and cab, dual tires, new paint, mechanically perfect. Splendid buy at ............ $1,595 1950 FORD %-ton P.U. Very low mileage. This unit can hardly be told from a new one. You can't beat this .......................... $1,595 1949 INT. 1-ton. Dual tires, flat bed body, in A-1 mechanical condition throughout ., .. __ $1,595 GMC 1 Y,-ton L. W. B. flat deck body, 2-speed rear axle, Complete as is __ ........................ $295 19•16 INT. l Y2'ton; complete with dump body and hoist, good mbber, in . splendid running condition. Only .......................... $895 1942 FORD C. 0. E. flat deck body, runs very good. Complete price .................................. $+95


5602 So. Tacoma Way Phone HA 3311 (Tacoma's oldest Chev. truck dealer)



Woods Coffee lb. 79c.

CHILD CARE-Wish to do child care in my own home. GR. :3503. 14ctf WILL CARE for children ages 4· to l 2 in my country home by day or week. Good food, television, playground nc~r. GR 4412. Mc+G WILL baby sit byth~-}~;;ur. Cctll GR 3565. 11cA6



FOR SALE-14-ft. outboard boat. Inquire 'at Gc:l~cn Slipper Taven~ l 38th & Pacific. 15c4.> FOl~RENT--·Furnishcd, dean, cozy 4 roorns 1 privntc bath;- also 2_ ronrns for light housekeeping; s,hare bath. - Near McChord, Sp\(n\i,vi;;ty. GR. 6810. " WEA-NER PIGS for sale. Phone WA. 7'125. Rt. 3, Box 682, Puyal!up. 15p+5 FOR SALE lG f h 0 .. '.-:-- - t. . u s e trai 1e,~' pai .lly ,furnpished, sleeps four. Rt. -, Box 3_-7, uyallup, between J.'ear and Airport Road on ·?th St. b~±~ FOR SALE-Fry rabbits, does with young; also bred does and 1 buck. 855 ~o,!:_. _l§p45 UPLAND WOOD, 2 cords $14. GR 3301i. 15ctf



'51 BUICK Super Riviera, 4-door, 9,000 miles, R&H '51 MERCURY 4-door, overdrive '50 DODGE Club Coupe, 'R&H '50 DESOTO Club Coupe, R&H FORD 2-<lr. V-8, R&II CHEV. 4-dr. Sedan, R&H MERCURY Sedan, overdrive CHEV. Club Coupe, R&H 75 More to Choose From Two Lots to Serve You

ASH MOTORS 94·15 Pacific Ave. 4532 So: Tac. Way

HI 5100 HA 5533

.,,__.,,.., ;.,,,,,_.""- ·~ -.c:..:;. .LJ=-2S'12'"'..c""'£·..-~'-"'r '....;-'···-'~""'"""'"'::zt:3""""~

HI 2722 SUMMER SPECIAL~Top soil from Puyallup. You may see this fine dirt at 9920 Pacific Ave. For sale by the ~ack or trailer or pick up at our fuel'yard. We deliver 4·· or 5yard loads. Call us for prices in your locality. GR 8173, Lapenski Fuel Co. L5ctf VALLEY TOP.SOIL, l'ich and black, any quantity. GR '7259. 15ctf ROTTED COW FERTILIZER <$1 SACK 0 r by the yard; peat .and topsoil. HL 4056, l 5ctf


.. Tires


Buy, Sell and E.'<;change Quality Recapping & Vulcanizing

Ault Tire Service 220 Puyallup Ave., Tac. BR. 1888 TAP, ACROBATIC, BALLET Cl'li ses. All ages. Mildred Keller, GB 7881. 15ctf FERTILE, screened top soil; pulverized peat; 5 full yards $8. All Kresse, GR 5192. 15ctf BABY FURNITURE, new and used: SMALL FRY EXCH., 1109 Market. 15ctf SPECIAL 127 - 620 - 120 guaranteed film, 3 for 97c. Quality Photo Service, 9610 Pacific Ave., P. 0. Box 12, Fern H\11 Sta. 15ct£




Cold Cuts .... lb. 49c Cube Steaks •. lb. 95c Prices Consistently LOW Quality Consistently HIGH Prices Effective July 25 · aud 26 UNFINISHED furniture. Hag g's, 1107 Market ,Stred. 15ctf WANTED - Chickens and raJ?bits. Call us before you seU. 9~pe s Poul• try Market, 7036 Padfie Avenue, Tacoma, Wn. GA. 4406. 15ctf UPLAND WOOD, 2 cords $12. GR 3306. 15ctf

I ·6-l" t k &. 1::qu1p. tz: · • . IVes OC HORSE SHOEING now available every day. Drop a. card to Rt. 1, Box 475, Graham. J. R. Young. 16ctf FOR SALE-2 saddle mares; 4-yearold Arabian and Morgan show horse, chestnut with flax mane and tail; 8-ycar-old black child's pony; both arc gen'tle. S''" J. H. Snyder, Rt. 1, Box 4·23, Graham, Phone Orting 9305. 16p4·5 FOR SALE - 4-ycar-old registered palomino saddle bred mare. Ideal parade or pleasure Granddaughter of Stoncv;all King, broke Western. Ernie Bnsek, Rt. 1, Box 199, Chehalis, Wash. 1G.c+5 FOR SALE-2 sadcile horses suitable for drill and posse work. Phone Pnyal1np 5-5019. l6p+5 MILK COWS sold on terms. Gammon, Rt. s,' Box 703, Tacoma, 4 miles south of Summit. 16ctf

I Weu•DC!llUY DI r> _ L. , C--;- 1• • . lnlC

. The Parkland Preschool Well Ba~y m, the ha sr,,m•n t of the Methodist dinie will b~ held Mo10day, July 28, church. ,llcgistration will be fr'!m 9 a.m. until 11. Dr. B. L; Sever _will b.e u1 attendance. All cluldrcn rn this district up to and including five-yearolds arc wclcoine for check-ups, shots and vaccinations. It is requested that the mothers keep up their children's record cards am] to be sure and bring them to the clinic. For further in'formation please call Mrs. Ray Poche! at GR. 6689. ----------

(Continued from ::>age 1}

5 YARDS $10;4 Yards $8. Finest black peat topsoil, state tested, 1- to 5-yard loads. Lawn construction and rockerics. Evergreen Lands=uing Co.


JOE'S Tractor Service. Rotovating. Complete tractor work. GR 5932. tf CASH FOR milk cows, beef, heifer$, veal and hogs. Call Thackeray col· !cet, Puyallup 5-5414. 13ctf DEAD STOCK REMOVED WITHOUT CHARGE. Highest prices paid for tallow, hides, grease and bones. PUG:JST SOUND RENDER· ING WORKS. Phone LAkewood 2434. 13c~ HAY CUTTING, tractor work, levclil1g. GR 4282. 13ctf NEW HAMPSHIRE PULLETS, 810-12 weeks old; baby chicks .. We hatch the year around. MIDGARD POULTRY FARM & HATCH· ER Y, Roy, rnile cast of McKcnna; phone Yelm 3675. l3p4-5 FOR SALE-Yorkshire weaner pigs. Dusel!, phone 5·7626, l,\1yallup.

Pork Sausage, lb. 43c


WH.ITE FACE. registered bulls and heifers, polled and horned; a 1 so comn)ereial cattle, steers and heifers. Take other cattle ih trade. Rt. 3. Box 610, Tacoma, Summit View. Cattle wanted, call collect, GR 9415 Pacific Ave. Open till 9 P. M. HI 5100

Tomatoes •• ctn. 19c Green Onions. 3/1 Oc Radishes ••••• 3 I lOc Pure

HECKER the WRECKER - Used a_nd rebuilt transmissions, also gears; all makes and models; phone Puyallup 5-214-1, days; Tacoma, HI 3242, evenings. l 5ctf FOR SALE-House to be moved. . Newly painted ins id c and out, $1200 ddivered anywhere around Parkland or Spanaway. GR. 8713. 15c45 FOR SALE-Army bed and 2 mattresses, $7.50. GR. 8449. 15e45 FOR SALE-Pekingese dogs. East end of 146th street. GR 6'1-02. T. H. Martin. 15p45 FOR SALE-Ropn table top range; Duo-Therm heater, gas or Propane. 707 Polk St., Parkland. 15p45 FOR SALE-New chicken wire, gar. bage can, play pen, Kerr jars.' GR 7925. 15c45 NEW CRADDOCK mahogany buffet, priced way low at $69.50. Parkway Furniture, 141st & Pacific, GR. 3941. . 1.5c45 USED dining room extension table, 4 upholstered oak ch airs, $34.50. Parkw~~ Furniture, GR 3941, 14lst & Pacific Ave. .. 15c45 FOR SALE-20 New Hampshire pullets, ready to lay. GR 8220. 15c46 FOR SALE-Tabletop electric range; modern davenport & chair· air mattress. GR. 6545. ' 15p45 YOUR HOME -·FITTED wit.h cabinets, remodeled or repaired. Nothing down, three y~ars to pay, FHA. Or will consider taking YOUR HOME on a NEW ONE. CLIFFORD SCHRAM.MECK 1108 So. 108th. GR. 7102


South Tacoma Motor Co. For Trucks

GR.. 15\Z

Iir@wder~d MUI!« lb. l9e



Member Tacoma Real Estate Board 9920 Pacific Avenue GR. 3624 'PARKLAND For anyone wanting to .have· roomers for corning school season, here arc some very good buys. In older . 3 and 4· bcdrm. homes, with small payments down. A little work will put these horncs .in ~oud condition. $500 down, prices rnnge from $500'0 and up. Almost new 2-bcdrm. rambler with fireplace, close to college and school. 1\ttached garage with storage i·oon1. $100 down. A very good buy. 3-bcdnn. new rambler, fireplace, attached garage and partial acrca,ge of the best garden soil, on top of the hill in Parkland. Call for infonnation. +-bcdrm. home with larg·e living room. Double plumbing, partial basement and automatic furnace. Close to PLC: and school. Ideal place for large fan1ily or rental inco1nc, good soil for g:ndcn. Property !OOxlOO, corner location. Total price $9,500, $1, 700 down. MIDLAND Central school district, 2-bedrm liome, approx. 3/J. acres of good Janel, with a large garage, storage building- and rabbit lrntehcs. $5,500. BURNETT ROAD 2 Yci acres ,o;ood soil, large barn, small home, $6,500-to settle an estate. SPANA WAY 1-bcdrm. home with furniture and stoves included, $'1·,300 on terms.

Span.away Food


1 ACRE - $750 4-ROOM house, garage, chicken house, g-arden. Priced at only $1,250. $47 .50 monthly. Call Mr. Damme!, GR 3624 or GR 3684. 3 BE.DROOMS - 2 ;ic, ACRES FULL basement, large garage and barn. Excellent soil. Near Central Ave. school. Call Mr. Dammcl, GR 362·1; GR %84. NEAR P. L. C. AN A TTRAGTIVE 2-bedroom home. Fenced. Attached b>nragc. Automatic washer included. One of the best locations in Parkland. Priced at $0,500. Call Mr. Il:annon, GR 3624 or GR 6096. UNFlNISHED-2 BEDROOMS $1,800 FOUR <'.Orner lots. Good Spannway location. Call, Mr. Inloes, GR 362•1 or HA 2.5+7. G. I. - $275 DOWN PLUS closing costs. New ~-bedroom home. I acre of ground. Convenient location. Gall Mr. Hnnnon GR 3624 or GR 6896. ' 10 ACRES - $5,000 4-ROOM home with full basement. Small barn. Spring wnter in the house. A real hargain. Excellent terms. Gall Mr. Inloes, GR 3624- or HA 25+7. NEAR SPANAWAY LAKE 2 BEDROOMS down with unfinish~d upstairs. !i lots. G. I. equity. Call Mr. Damme\, GR 3624 or GR 36M. 2;ic, ACRES NEARLY ·new .2-bedroom home with RENT''~ unfinished upstairs. Fireplace. Excellent sml. FHA appraised. Priced PARKLAND WESTERN AUTO at only $9,500. Call Mr. Hannon, Airport & Pacific GR 3112 GR 3624- or GR 6896. 40 ACRES . FENCED a~d cross fenced, b;irn, milk FOR RENT-2- and 3-room modern house. Priced at $7·,500. Call Mr. cottages and apartments; all utiliDammd, GR 3621- or GR 3684. ties paid; laundry facilities; $60 to 1-BEDROOM HOME-PARKLAND $75 per month. Oakland Court, inPRICED at $6,000. 4 blocks from the 10ctf side city limits. HA 9688. college. Large livin~ room with f_ireplace. 5 y, lots. Corner locat10n. FOR RENT - 2-bedroom furnished apt. 100 block on Park Ave. GR. Must be sold. Call Mr. Inloes, GR. 7305. 10c45 3624 or HA 25·17. MIDLAND SCHOOL .J-BEDROOM home ?n 4 beautif~1lly landscaped lots Corner locat10n. D~uble garage. Priced at $8,500 with excellent terms. Call Mr. Inlocs, GR 3624 or HA 2547.




I bedrnJ. do\'in, :3 up_. large Hv. lTn., nice cab. kitchen, elec. ran'?;c :incl.,


'!hop GR 7450 -

Res. HI 6190 · Pacific Ave. at Brookdale

Lathe and press work, piston fin· ishing, valve and seat grinding, cylinder and line boring, head grinding, brake dmm turning, pin fitting and rod aligning.

lcr Friz, three years; Scv Kittelson, two years; and Ed Schwcync, one year. Con1n1andcr and Mrs. Linder, }Ji~esi­ dcnt Phvllis Blackstone and Mrs .. Ben Bromgard represented the Post and Unit 228 at joint installation of offi. cers of the Auburn Legion Post and Unit in Auburn last week. The meeting was the first to be held in their new home which took 32 years ofhard work on the part of all their members to acquire. Mr. and Mrs. Sev Kittelson, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fritz, Mrs. W. P. Blackstone, James St. John and ~eon­ ar\) l)lakcly attended the joint .instal)ation of officers of .the Orting Legion Post and Unit last week. Twenty-four handicapped children of veterans in this state are having the pleasure and thrill of attending the 'second annual surnmer carn:P at Camp Manitowish at McDonald's Point on Lake Coeur d' Alene, on the Washington-Idaho state border, which began July 15, thanks to the generosity of the Units of the Department of Washington, American Legion Auxiliary. Parkland Unit No. 228, contributed to the fund, according to Mrs. Mary Kittelson, child welfare chairman. A check for $1,314 was turned over to thl' Washington State Society for Crippled Children and Adults by, Mrs. Arthur Von Catlow, Department president, to cover can1p cost and transportation. The drive was headed by Mrs. Harry J. C. Berg, Tacoma, state child \VelfarP irman. The ramp is sponsored by the Society and the. State College of Washington, with all advantages of normal carun prDgTa1n. only s~owed down so handicapped children can participate. Memo to Vl'omen Legionnaires The State Legion convention is to be in Tacoma this year, Aug. 14-16. There is to be a no-host breakfast for all women Legionnaires on August 15, This event would be a grand opportunity for each of you to meet not only those women from all over the state who are active in Legion work, but those women in Tacoma who are Legion members. State officers of thi: XV's will also be present. For further informatjon and reservations contact Mrs. H. W, Heath, 802 North J., Tacoma, phone Broad· way 6+03. Attention! The Legion grand con· vcntlon ~all will be. held Thursday, Aug, 14, m the Crystal balroom of the Winthrop hotel from 9 to 12 p. m. The will be semi-formal an.d music will be by Bob Dickinson's band. Tickets will be $1 per person and may be obtained from Mrs. Caroline Heath, BR 6403, or Robert Bour· g~ize, FU 2555.

Attq\dant! "Your doctor is outside with a flat tire. What shall I do?" Service Station Owner: "Diagnose it as deflati.on of the pei:iJUeter aw;!


Jiim a~r.<mfoigly."


lY.-Lb. Loaf

Borden's Amer. Cheese. ,~Pt~ad ,:6~t it ,. · , · flour, Shurfine, ·15. lb. PriqfcBeg 1.97

No.I Quality

from Arlington, and Mrs. McGuire and daughter, Pat, from Auburn. Mrs. Brunner and the Corrigans came back by way of Shelton an,fi Olympia where they stopped and visited with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schumockand son, John. The group wa.s celcbrn,ting Mrs. Corrigan's birt~day. · . To Study Nursing · Word has come to your reportci; of the acceptance of Miss Joan Arterburn to the nursing school of the Tacom'a. General hospital. She will enter Sept. H and will attend morning classes at the College of Pii get Sc;mnd for the first semester, will be on the floor in January and the capping ceremonies wjll take µlace some t.in1c in May. Joan has been an outstanding 4-H member and is president of the Midland Girls -1-H club. Congratulations, Joan, in your chosen field!

· •



Firc1ncn's Auxilia_ry The H. M. & L. Firemen's auxiliary met a. week ago Wednesday evening at the fire hall with. Mrs. Bernice Turner presiding. Mm. Charlotte Taylor was installed as a new member and Mrs. Velma Hardy was introduced as a prospective member. Birthdays honored were those of Mesdames Evelyn J cnsen. and Alma Baskett and the name of. Mrs. Edith" Roley was drawn for the .money well but she wasn't present: Preparing for Camp S.cveral girls, members of the Midland Girls 4-H club, motored down to Millcrsyvania park past Olytl)pia with Mrs. Paul Arterburn t.o help on the clean-up day to make ready for the co111ing can1ping vacations. People frou! three counties were there to clean up the grounds and do up all the dishes, was quite a job. Midland +-Hers helping out were Marline Spearman, Sharron Eshpeter, 'l J.oanne Morud, San.d1·a.Littl.e and Joan , J Arterburn. The girls enjoyad a swim before returning back home.

I' ,


Tomato Soup, Campbelr~ . Milk, Darigold . . 14 HI HO CRACKERS

1 lb. 32c lb. pkg. 29c

Sunshine Orange Slices

~ 's 19c

Tuna, White Star Bite Size Cafsup, Dennison's.


• 303, 2/2.Se • J for 20c


PEASa Tastewell

• • Tomat@ Sauu:e, Ta stew ell

Hominy, Van Camp's, l~s, 1for19c Krusteaz Pie Mix . . • . . J4c COFFEE, S & W

lb. 83c Freezer Cartons. Canning Supplies, etc. CABBAGE • • • • • • • lb. 4c WATERMELONS • • • • lb. 4lhc LETTUCE • • • • • • • head 9c I 62nd & Park Ave.



Si~e Pork ·

Lb.46c We Watch While You Sleep

Dkg. S"i, :1 SmOJ:.; pkg~ 35c


GR. 8213


July 25 and 26

Smoked Ham Hocks

little Pig Sausage


Lb. 19c



{Formerly of, the Spanaway Beauty Salon)

Announces the Opening of

JANE'S BEAUTY· SALON at 163rd and Pacific Ave., Spanaway

Large Asortment

Appliances .. TV Radio Sales and Service FREE TUBE TESTING




2 Night

S~ve Yo11mrself $76. A $369.95 Zenith

GR. 3713

Automatic Defrost R.efri9erator 1 now $293.95

·Serving Parkland, Lakewood, Midland, Summit, Spanaway and Lakeview-Pierce county pem1it.

Poultry Equipment

Rabbit Feeders Water Fqunts


$319.95 Refrigerator, save $65 1 now $254.95 $289.95 Refrigerator, save $50 1 now $239.95 $209. 95 Refrigerator with Defrost Attachment. save $44.45 • new $175.00 $304.95 Heme Freez.u save $47. now $257.95 $319.95 Zenith Ran9e 1 save $56 1 now $263.95 $214.95 Zenith Range. save $39. now $175.95 $159.95 Zenith Washer, save $26.95, Now $133.00 $149.95 Zenith Washer, save $26.50. Now$123.45

$99.95 Zenith Washer, save $16.45,


Tincher's Pharmacy 8239 Park /\ve.

HI. 3344

Across street from Fern Hill P. 0.

$SAVEONCOAL$ Avoid worry about coal stt·ikcs and possible future price increases. Have a good supply of coals on hand NOW! Quality is at its very best. The best Wyoming and Utah Stoker Coals. Aberdeen and King . Utah.

Lu111p-lJtah or \Vyon1ing, your particular size. Nut-Double-screened clean. Gasco Briquets, leave no ash. Pr<".sto-logs-,--Long burning, clean.


$199295 Zenith Elee:tric: Ironer, save $45, • Now $154.95

Lawn Mowers, , • Now $16.95 and $21.95 $74.75 Electric Huffy Mower • now $62.32 Plastic Garden Hose. $9.95, 50 ft., now $7.50 Plast·ic Garden Hose, $6.45, 25 ft., now $4.99 Rubber Hose, 1OmYear Guarantee$9.95. 50 ft •• now $7.95 $5.25. 25 ft., .now $4.25 $3.50, 25 ft., Black, now $3.00 Garden Pickup Cart. $9.95

Fertilizer Spreader. $11.70


Hitchcock Hardware


Times journal v 7 no 45 jul 24, 1952  
Times journal v 7 no 45 jul 24, 1952