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JUNE 26, 1952 (VOL. 7, NO. 41)



_____ Home of Ancestors

feted at Weddillllg

By Paul Ariton Norway r11ay not have c'xpectecl it, but it is now in the middle of its most exuberant laughing spasm in

]'he go1dcn wedding anniversary nl Mr. aud Jvfrs. C. A. Massie was oted June 15 at the family 720 4th St. S. W., Puyallup. Mr. and Mrs. Massie were mar50 years ago on June 17 at the · of Mr. 11.1assie's mother at Fairfield, Nebraska. Mr. Massic's mother still i-esides in the family home with her daughter; she will be 91i years old this August. Mr. and Mrs. Massie~ J11ovrd fro1n Nehniska in Washington in 1920. The last 22 years they have resided in Puyallup and vicinity. ()pen hou'sc was held Sunday from 2 to 4 p.rn. About l 00 relatives and friends cnlkd to <"xtencl best wishes. Out of town relatives callinf( were two brothers, l\1ilc' Seward a~d Mr. and Mrs. Elelic Sc'Yard of Hope, British Colu1nbia, 'and t\VO sisters, Jvfrs. Arthur Pointer and family of Yakima and Mrs. Bryan Day and family of Seattle. Another sister, Mrs. Frank Cross of Puyallup, and two other brothers were unable to call. A cousin.and wHe,_Mr. and 1vlrs. Chester Harvey of Puyallup, called. Mr. Massit~ s rriother, sister and brothei·s v~.rcrc unable to be: here as all reside in Nebraska and Iowa. ()thcr irnn1cdiate relatives \\rerc the four children; ten grandchildren and five grcal-gr2nclchiltlren of the honored couple; Many nieces and nephews attended. Many beautif11l gifts were received. as well as beautiful flofal pieces and cards. -----o yea1·s. Chuckles are echoing from e>ne fjm:d to another, coinciding . with rel! the. arrival of Prof. A. W. Ramstad 01' irGf mGI!'! I .>£ Parklnn.d. A small but enthusiastic group of It's not that the popular professor' parents met at the Parkland school himsdf is so uproariously funny; it's l\fondny evening to discuss ways and his w!fc at home who is providing means for providing organized play the mirth. activities for local children for the You see, wh.en Ramstad was packsurn1ncr. -t, ing for _his European tour a fortFurthcr plans will be made at a night ago, Mrs. Ramstad quietly fillsccond meeting, sc;t for 7:30 y. m. j ed ?nc corner, of a big suitcase with Mondrry J U!lC 30, 1n the school ba~c- copies of HAnd.ers", . her recentlyment. All parents of the commumty published whimsical biography of her are urged .to attend and give support husband of the past 34 years. · to the pro.wet. The Ramstads have literally scads of relatives in -Scandinavia, although they have lie.Ver -n1ct 111ost of them. A trip to his forefathers' stompWEEK END SPECIAL ing p;rounds has been a life-long ambition for Anders, .better known· as "Ra1nm)/' to. a generation. of students' at P.L.C. Althoup;h Mrs. Ramstad .could not make the trip, she lias the plca~urc of knOwing that her ·pocket-size· ·book is causing quite a flurry in the fand of lutefisk. In fact, it is rcpo1-tcd that m_any Norwegians arc taki_ng -advantag!' pf the summer midnig'ht sun to fiifr;h rrnrling the amusing volume. co1nbinntion of chocoEver since the RamSta~s were lnte and white cake. 2-layer, icing. married in 1918, wife Emma has been ronvinCed that incidents fron1 htr husband's life, particularly his boyhood, \Vere wortl;i. publishing .. ''A~. W.'~ frequently delighted her 'with fascinatHI. 4072 209 So. 84th ing tales of his youth and the sockknittinp; contraption he operated for folks in Goodhue Counly, Minn. Gradually, Mrs. Ramstad started to jot down these humorous anecd.otes and, last i.vinter. compiled thern into a 60-pagc booklet. Added features arc cartoons by Harty Hoff, a forin~r student in one of Rain's chemistry classes. Although Norway is currently getting quite a kick out of the Ramstad sap;a, popularity of the book is certainly not limited to the polar regions. In the past three man ths, "'Anders" has been, receiving a wit:lc and appreciative readership not only in Parkland, but throughout the Northwest, where friends of the genial Prof. ai·e legion. 1

Organized Play Planned kl d '* ,... h•l..1 . F gren


Black Bottom CAKE





113th and Pacific Avenue Phone GRanite 7100 DEADLINE: News, Monday Noon; Advertising, Tuesday Nooµ BOX 885, PARKLAND, WASH. with Pete s~b11tis, the popular Ta- of our local lads; so 'be at your best, coma .lcft~hander; Dwayne Rose and fellows.


Voh.mteer Firemen Sav~ Co~mtry Home

U8eJd1" UDI WW li Jmne


lnfll(' ge~.J

of ·f rieinds uz\v"

·HnNd·· ·•11111;0-r~a.-~ ., 'U'Il. ~h\g \P.JI


. ~· :' L~\t~:itli~ollcgccou~:~rs f s~:~~ac~~~ p;oifrr~ ·~~~c~~::nl~ar~t.~J a:~: ,::~;::i 1Ih\ .._"~~. . sp·0 · RTs Wf' \.vil~ \.v~:wk 0


~ ~-(:!_·-"'"' among the Eatonville squad .. These ·o hov.c a tournament. As ~·under. . • __ , ~~ , narnt~S I an1 sure ·are all fnm1har to stand 1t, anyone not belonging to a June, the month of br_i?es, ?nngs ·l' · . . Il~ker-Re1ck B . ·~ · you. Many, 111any other na:rne players r~olf club and a person having no What might have been a major are-active in this league. It-is .certa!n- h~.ndieap would be clig:blc. If this tragedy was narrowly averted Thurs- the usua~ numb~r of weddings u~-the ,· Miss Rosalie Baker, <laughtfT of day, June 19, through the prompt commu111ty. This week the Times- Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Baker of Parkland ~ ly a pleasure to see so many fine :mund,; like a little fun for you "dubaction of 11-ycar-old Billy Joe Jcf" Journ.·al gcment is to Vi·a . uilited .. in n arriage to Wi·l·l·.ja n at.hlctes ta.king these in thisfellows progran1. ..1c-r.s/idet<'1ls. c. ;Jl_1111eMore and about this next out 1¥,:~ ~ . We should all give om l1:hc fries when he discovered that his cord two such happy occasions, with Reick, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. home was on fire. He is the son of Mrs. young µeoplc of the Summit, Park- Reick of Spanaway, on Sunday eve· , · . support by " the games reg- week. Clarion Brown, living with Mr. and 1afold ~nd Spanaway areas as the happy n'ng, June 15, in the Parkland Metho· Iii... By ularly. Vlit.h so many of our you!'g· o---Mrs. Brown and their three smoJl pnnc1pals. dist church. The . Rev. Alexander ~~--~. rr sters showmg prmmsc of .bccommg DEFENSE AND F.;KPENSE children and Mrs. Brown's grandD'll F JI .Pollack A·to.n. officiated for the nn· .'~ Ro,., l\1cDonald gr~at .baseb..n!I, we. o.we it to them Taxpavets arc berr:nmng to g. et the 1 man- 'u {Crson prcssive doublc~ring service. '\ '\. t.o support this fine or.~ani:adon. Lct1s iUCa -that defense ';_nd ~xpcrlsC are mother, Mrs. Jessie Jolly, at Rt. 13, Box 130, in the Midland district. Trinity Methodist church, Tacoina, ! • -~he love~y bri~e, dressed in tra~ Editor's Note-'l'his \.\'eek brings <lo, our part to ~111;;:-ikc tlus. arc~, the synonyn1ous. . The moment Billy Joe realized that was . beautifully decorated Saturday I cbtrnnol ,white satm .and thre~"quar.t- the first of a sure-to-be-popular column baseball center ol some yearn ago. ---_-,-----~ there was fire in lhe attic of the cvenmg, June. 21, for the wcddmp; of cr<,kngtn nylon veil, was given m by Roger W ..McDonald, junior part- . By the wo.y, all of the games pl;1.ycd I house, he helped feeble Mrs. Jolly June Myra Dillman. daughter of Mr. m0rrmge by her. father. She was at- ner of Poche! Distributing Co. and .m Tiger park are broadcast over.h.MQ .;i carry the three little tots to safety, and Mrs. Lewis Dillman, to Russe.11 tended by her sister? Mrs. Raymond president of the Parkland Business by sports announcer Clay Huntmgton. asked a neighbor to r.811 the Midland Dec .Fulk.erson, son of Mr. and· Mr.~s. B~clunan, dressed In rose colored club. "l\.fac'', as he is known to a 'Thursday, June 2_6, South Tacon1a vs ' fire department and then started carry- Fulkerson of Aberdeen. The. Rev. velvc_t an~ net, as matron of honor., host of friends, is a graduate of the Olde Pilsner, 8:00 p.m.; Mon~ay, 1 ing household effects from the build- John .Johnson read the double-ring 1.}1ss. Eva Beaty of Sumner, 52 University of Minnesota where he June 30, a dou. b.le he. ader Ft. Lewis ".s in~. service. Darfod11. Queen, and Miss Carol 1took journalism and later majored in I So~. Tacoma, fi:3~ and Busch's The Midland Volunteer fire deThe candles were lighted by Miss War~urt.on of Spana\:•rny served. as business administration. He was a I Dnve. In vs. M1d and, 8:3.0 p:m.; p~.rtn1cnt ntade a fast run to the scene Linda Bruns and Miss Beverly Dustin. :anGJc !Jl(htcrs and Miss B.ctty Ham- football star at the U and was chosen Wednesday, July 2, Olde P!lsne1. vs nnd soon gained control of the fire, The bride entering the clrnrch on ii.ton of Sp~naway and Miss Doreen a!L'\meriean. Mac's first interest •is Spana way, 8:00 p.m.; Thursday, July thought to have resulted from defect· the arm of,her falhe'r, was bcautcful in McCoy of ~"1mner as attendants. All baseball, however, and after gradu- 3; a. c)ou?lc hcadsr McChord . vs ive wiring. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Stew- white organdy with a lace bodice,. W()r~ pastel colored o~·gand1t'S ~nd ation from school he played profcs- Buse~h'.s Dnve In, 5:.30 p.m., and Ft. art, other occupants of the house, \Vere fingertip length net veil and carrying .earned. nosegays of peo111cs and pamt- sranal ball ,with the Houston. Texas, Lewis· VS; Spanaway, 8:30 p.m. In~t­ away at the tin1e, as wr:rc Mr. arid ~ wbitc Bible topped with an orchid. edAms1es. .. . league. This fine background of au- dentally, t.herc are. at least two maior 'Mrs. Brown who arc both employed. ~.'.'·.ttle ~far1he Rae. .Buchmann, th.en tic . ~now ledge ~f. several sports, league scouts lookmg over the takntc. Mrs. Brown has asked the Times Her attend.ants. cl. ressc. d in Journal to convey her heartfelt thanks pastel shades of organdy cafrying m.ect. of the bnde, pr~ccded lhe bnde alonp;. with the trammg to express to the firemen and the many friends bouquets. of swcetpe:~s, eac'h wearing c.~~ _her father, strew1ng pinks to the himself fluently, makes him a natural ahai. , to M. C. a sports column. Wel~ome, Coming Attractions and neighbors who saved her home. a necklace given by ihe bride. Miss Jo Coptle was maid of honor; l)exter VI ash burn acted as best, Roger W. McDonald, to the 1 tmesThe loss was not l(reat. thc bridesmaids were Miss KelEc ma)l for the groom and.Thomas Pet- Journal. and the more than 10,000 J(a.pipenniln, and Misi; :rviarilyn Fulk- ers?n and I<.ent F~eeu1an served as homes is serves ·weekly. crson, s~ster of the grooin. The junior us_~crs. :~l~ 1wcrc_ fo1mer. class1:1_a tes. of , --.-. bridesmaids were Miss Jean Prestqn Mi., Re1C.>< s at Clovei Pad:. high Due to the newspaper stnkc, many and Miss Dorothv Diliman. Ralph scl10.ol. ;vhere he graduated with the . of you .sports. fans undoubtedly are 1 . not far,iuhar with the baseball picture Lois Overland, daughter of Mr. and Moe acted as best man and ushers ' class of 51. ::Miss Audry Carol of Parkland n; the facoma apd surroundmg areas. Mm. Lauris R. Overland of Parkland, were Edward Peterson Charles And~ 56th & M St. left at noon Wednesday for Ellensbur!-( erson, Frank Jraolp a~d Jack Dixon. sa'ng two solos, "Oh Promise Mc" Smee . Ta.coma no . longer holds a Doors open 1 ;00 p.m. where she will enjoy the 10-day ses- Robert Booth sang- "At the Dawning," ~Ifd. "Th~ Lo,rd's Prayer," accon1pan- franchise in the. '\Ves_tern International , sions of "(;jr]s State," a project spon- "Because" and "The Wedding. Pray-, 1ee!by Miss Neta Lewis of Sumner. Leal(ue., the City League has taken 6:30 p. m. Mon. thru Fri. ·Miss Alice Scearce and sister Beth ;wer T;f(er park at 38th and Sprague. sored by the An1erican Legion for er," with accom.panimcnts by Mrs, Enjoy Movies in. Comfort training young people in citizenship. Kenneth Heymel. . . . · j of, Spanaway had charge of th~ .gift ~he C'.ty League is con_iposed of, New Seats Now Installed Miss Ovc.rland is being sent to ElThe reception .followed the c~rc- tao\~ and guest book .. Mrs. W 1lha.m eight teams name~y, Eatonville, S:panlensburg by the auxiliary of Parkland. · . h ll . . bl '. ·.Davis aunt of the bnde and Mrs away, Fort Lewis, McChord Field, s June 25-28 - Wed.-Sat. post No. 228, American Legion. She we1·e mo~}.'M. rseri~ngb co Mation,;ablc. . .ivJ..a cal.tJ..othe nson rs. r.'J..fl e H·a. ··.,· r.r. y' -·,W. , of Spanaw~y ' poured.' Midland, d B Son h' thDTacom.a,. ' J Olde Tl Pilsnr.r "So1nething To Live For" wae elected for outstanding qualities of H. t M· C R Sh 'll · d M and .Mrs. Leonard Fox of Sumner an use s . nve n . . 1ere _are HShapely sweaters, suits and othe1 Ray Milland - Joan Fontaine ei·d IS.A . l . uh ban 1 . rs. served the cake at the reception held many outstandmg athletes m the lme- [ scholarship, leadership, sportsmanship voluablc garments keep their shapE "The Las V cgas Story" .a Pih elnl:. Mt t i.e pundc M.ow Tw~re I immediately after the cercmo,{y. in ups of. th. c vario,;s teams. and Americanism. She has just com- M 1ss when cleaned at the Puyallup Laundry y ts ason an 1ss . an1cc I -· '· . • Jane .Russell - Victor Mature .. pleted her junior year at Clover Park Johnson. Mrs. Clarence Ralph cul the. chu.rch parlors. Over 150 relatives and Dry Cleaning plants," clain1s }1>st to mention a few, Ear Kuper, junior-senior high school. Moon Mullins, Parkland area salesthe cake, ". ssisted by Mrs .. / an,.d·. ·fnends gathered to greet th.e ex-W. I. and Coast League star, June 29-July 1 - Sun.-Mon.-Tues. man for the Puyallup establishment. James Dillman. Miss Peggy Ralph newly-weds and present many beauti- manages and catches for. Spanaway; "A Street Car Named Desire" "When stretching- or shrinki_:Og h,eld the p;uest book, Miss Leona ful gifts. , . )3ob Johnson, the. cx-maior leaguer, Vivien Leigh - Marlon. Brando would be disastrous, our controlled acHinkley had ~harge of the gift table The grooms n:ot~er,. wea'.'mg a is on the Olde Pilsner roster along "Finders l(eepcrs" Five Girl Scout troops journeyed and Little Miss Joyce Morton pass-1 dress ?f rnse and gra) wit~ grny i:ction cleaning is the answer," repo1:"ts • Toni Ewell - Julia Adams by boat to Victoria on last Monday- ed the groom's cake. Mrs. Milton. cessoncs and c~rsagc of tipy W~ltC 1 11con. "AJl knihvcar is rneasur~d,' then I three troops from Fern Hill school Tobprcn was in charge of the recep- r~.sebuds, stood ,rn the receivm!' lme , July 2,.5 ...-- Wed.-Sat. after rleaninp;, blocked to assure. return llO . llO g;;n. under the leadership of Mrs. A. F. tion~ 4th of July, Doors Open 1 :00 P. M. to its original diincnsions ... one more . ' ~ith the grooms _father. Also m the I Bleill, Mrs. Herbert Hiegel and Mrs. "Singin' · In· The Rain"' (Color) Ill I parl of our "Certified" dry cleaning B th M d M. F 11 . • 'ln;ie were t.he hnde's parents, Mrs. o ... r. an ~s. u <crson giad-. Bal;er wearmg navy blue with rose '{;{ Percy L. Holt; a lroop from Holy Gene Kelly - Donald O'Connor process." Rosary school, Mrs. A. G. Sleet, uated Lo~n Bellmgham Teachers accessories and corsage of tiny rose "So, for prompt dry cleaning, call "Aaron Slick From Punkin Crick" leader, and a troop from St. Leo's Colkge ~h.1s month. b. ut. each. has a co.101..·ed ros. eb·u·ds, and' all olh. er mem-1 me at Puyallup .'i,6651. My 11ersonal (Color) few ,cred1ts yet to be comple.ted, so bers of the bridal art . ' school with Mrs. Paul A. Fournier, 1 guarantee of con1plctc satisfaction go'es Shore - Alan Y.oung Miss Dorceh ~cC~y of Sumner leader. They were assisted by many the couple ~·eturned t? Belli_ngham with each knitwear job."-Pd. Adv. Sunday, to. Icsumc th'.'ir studies for caught the bride's bouquet, which had co1nn1ittce ¥.'omen of the various The Dessert You've Heard About t!1c su1nin~r Both. ha\'C been carried on a satin covered Bible. troops as well as by several mothers on Radio and T. V. of the girls, in addition to assistant signed . con~racts to teach .m th.c Dexter Washburn 'cau ht the blue Franklm Pierce school d1stnct this garter. g leaders. · After a short honeymoon in Los There were 88 in the group. While. year. in Victoria they saw the city' hy BUILD FbR PEACE A!'gel~s. and Holly~ood, wh.cre they horse-drawn tally-ho, visited the Em. w11l.vlSlt .the groom·s only S1Ster, the; Some day the wprld may De able couple will rnotqr to Chicago where press hotel and Parliament buildings, shopped for souvenirs and returned to build for peace as today it builds j B.ill is employed as a plumb~r. A .host Phone GR 3330 the same afternoon. They all had for .war. .. of friends in the community bid God CMstc:;mers who wa~t fine C~ea!'DiD1~ dinner aboard ship and were n ccorded . . . speed to the very attractive couple Pacific Avenue at Airport Road 1 he trouble. with blunt words JS that apd many good wishes go with them in the privilege of a tour of the ship, Houts: 9 a.m. ti> 9 p,m;..... when the captain explained .the in- they all have sharp edges. ·Li new life tggether. tricacies of the wheel house to each g.irl. Many of the girls used the trip as an opportunity to help on their Traveler and Good Neighbor b0dges.











I· .



Leis Overland Is "Girls State" Choice





Girl Scouts Take Trip










Finishing ,of rh1;;ir summer garments.



Berry Pickers Needed

Eac1' garment is given our pers©lntill' attention. Tc hlo!< your best at (ljH titnes-caH




Parkland Cleaners


It's berry time onec again in the Valley where pickers are urgently needed. According the Franli; Ballou, Fan11 Placement officer of the state of Washington Employment Service, there are plenty of local people who would be interested if they knew about the need for workers. Children and adults alike who are interested in obtrijning a job in the berry fields are asked to .contact the Puyallup Farm Labor office in person or by letter or to phone the office. The number lo phone is Puyallup 5-7676. Those not having transportation are rr.qursted to give their name and address in order that transportation may be arranged and pro; vined.


H. C. Little

~l:tanite 3221 24-HOUR SERVICE AT THE PLANT

OIL WALL FURNACE KEY TO ILLUSTRATION 1-FURNACE measures 79" high, 20" deep and 30" wide. 2-:-PARTITION wall cut away t.o show how furnace is set in ~all to extend out equally on each side (7" in the case of a 6" wall} or can build in flush with walls.

Sunny Steps for ladies




3-FURRED OUT section of wall directly abQve furnace on both sides provides ample room (20x30) for the patent flue.


4-PATENT FLUE, which comes down from above, without. danger of contact with wood or other combustible material. (Or brick chimneY' constructed at side may be used.) 5-WARM AlN d'.scharge grilles.


6-RADIANT P A:NEL, 12"x49.".

7-COLD AIR intake grilles.


Perfect for small homes without base· ments, saves valuable ffoor space, automatically ligMs itself, burns low cost furnace oil, Underwritell"s approved. 65,00G B. T. U. output per hour •

CLAY ROLEY AGENCY 9llth aud Portland Avenue GR 8501

orroMETRISTS .DR. L RICHARD McGIRK Modem ·Eye Care 48ll2Y, So, "Yakima HA 2113

$3.65 Other Styles to $5.95


"Estimates Gladly Gi\ren"


Specialized H. C. Little Furnace and Heater Serrrice


ROY V. ROSTEDT 8201 Park Avenue Phone HA 2342

l{iddies' Barefoots

DR. JOSEPH G. HANSON Osteopathic Physician 54-37;/~ So. Tacoma Way Odd Felltrnrs Building HA 5315 Tacoma 9, Wash.

Leather Uppers Composition Soles and Heel Red and Brown

$2.49 .. $2.79 .. $2.99 p

411 Garfield St. (Iu the Parkland Centre Bldg.) Across from the Parkland Post Office GR 3526 OPEN 10-fi (Dayli";ht Time)





Parkland (JC#te d. Shoe Store "

* W aU Furnaces * Oil * Utmty Furnaces

* fleer Furnaces * Basement Furnaces * Dual Register Furm:aces

Sixth Ave. at Pine




BR Di i ~ , •• Eves. YU 9836, GR 5940

Parkland Fuel Oil rv1ce


For a Beautiful lasting floor




$13.50Per JOO Sq. fl.

M.NIELS HARDWARE Painti~g. and. Papea;ing . Reasonable Prices Call Vic Anderson

24 Months \

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13.77 rn.36 22.95


. . . Margaret McMaken did a marvcio~s job of on a very entertammg and a bit different show: The Costum~ Grand Entry was a huge success with costumes of every description falling into line. The costumcs of the Mt. Rainier Riding club tuuk first pla.ce as a unit, with every n1err1ber turning Out in a costume representing the United "lations. . That wild riding bunch of youngstets fron1 Parkland n1anaged .to beat everything in the bareback field again . . . they are getting to be champs in their own rights . . . Mac Robinson had better keep an eye on his horse or else Jimmy will be making a bareback horse out of it too. The Parkland Juniors did a very novc:1 dance number on horseback . . . congratulations for a .nice job, i\.delyn Wickline, who has been really working hai:<l "'.it\1 the juniors. Shenffs Posse Treated to Banquet Because of the honor and rccognition brought to Pierce county by' the Sheriff's Posse in taking the slate championship, a group of Tn,coma and county bnsincssmcn put on n very wonderfnl banquet for members of the posse at the Poodle Dog restaurant at


By Clarence La Crosse .. It was a mce hot, sunny and very dt!sty day last Sunday for the very successful horse sho~ as put on by :nembers of the Washrngton Horsemen

Fife last Saturday evening . . . 100% t".rnout of the posse and friends '.'nd wives made the affair really somcthmg. D~licious fried .chic.ken and sp:ighetti wlth all •the trmumngs met with the approval of the group. Sheriff Harold Bird and his very lovely and gracious wife \Vere on hand to share in the evening festivities . . . .<;hcrifi Bii·d on behalf of the friends !(iving the party served as host and did a 1narvclous job. Thanks Harold, and the fine friends who gave us a very nice party, we really appreciate it very much. 4th of July Ride Plan now to attend the three-day ·l·th of July ride on the reservation !wing plnnnr•cl by the Washington Horsc1ncn vvith an invitation to all' dubs and horscn1cn to participate. Give Crist Kefflcr a call if you want to know m?rc abou.t the affair ... I'll '~ct more information for next week but that is all I know now except that I'm figuring on being on hand for the 'Jccasion as arc Connie and Kent Erickson and a host of other horsemen 'n the area. Port Angeles Show July 4th Big show of the week of the 4t~

will be the Port Angeles show at that r W7h Uf place, which is expected to. attract ,,,, J nrn:ny of the top horses and ndcrs bcca:ise of the varied .classes and the prizes offered. . Portland International This W eckcnd ? The all-Arabian show at Portland i'tTOW'ltl l,l'I., .ll'. this weekend is ·-expcctl'd to be the You k)10\V those gr:1dunt:ion pictures biggest ever presented. Many local horses anc:I riders will compete. in sonu: you sec every year graduaLing mighty rough· competition. I know of n1idshipn1en and cadets fling:ing their several who arc going and perhaps hats into the air~ Ever wond!T ho\V many others .... The Palins, Earl and they get them back? Leona Craig of Woodbrook and otl1r'rs Ancient legend has it that upon en~ will be on hand. trance to eith1-~r the Naval or i\1llitary Parkland Riding Club to Elect Next Tuesday, July !st, is Lhc i1wd- l\cadenry the plcLe begins prnctlcing !n!? of the Parkland Riding club . . . ~tis time to elect officers for th1' comIng year ... please he on hand jf you ar~ a memher. in good standing \Vi th paid up dues, m order to vote ... tl1c place : .. my house .I had better tel! 1 my wife}. Nearly everyone has been there at one time or another, but in case J:Oll can't find iC call my wife, ~(ilys' GRamte 3972, she will tell you how. to g:t there . . . sec you all Tuesday Men's evcnmg at 7:30. -----------

at .X.Jillppens ITo Cadets' Hals T"l • A•

s\Al~ s



and first


in Garages


GR 8669


Estimates on Remodeling and Repair Jobs Type Remodel Jobs We Do: Roofing and Siding Adding a Room tc Your Home Electrical Wiring



New Armed Forces



$1.39 $2.10 $3.95

en's & little Men's Shop

Police Organized


throwing lils hat high into the air and Thursday, June 26, 1952 THE TIMES-JOURNAL 3 retrieving it with accuracy. This he 1 docs for four years, throwing it high- with reckless abandon. ·He throws it NO POLITICAL ORATORS er and higher as he progresses toward away. He d.oesn't need it any more. The world was created in six days grarhrntion. Instead he stands aside and lets the -,--conclusive proof that there were no If he cannot master the deft. art, undergraduates or visitors scramble for political orators in those days. special tutors arc called in to prep him theni. It is considered his last act of for the big moment. Thus, by the time college frivolity before he shoulders the Political idealism is a great thing he is ready to graduate he is an ex- burdens of the world. (AFPS). until it gets in the way. pert thrower and 'retriever. No height is too high. He can throw and retrieve with the best of them . But ancient ]egc:nds sornctimcs cxM aggcratc. The truth is that the midclie or cackt flings his hat into the air

GR 4242

Parkland Centre Bldg.

READY TO UVE IN Ready to move on your lot anywhere in the area around Tacoma. A limited number of housing project homes.

A new col'laboratcd military "john law" has been instigated in the Sentt1~ area, placing Air Force, Army and Navy policemen under a single con1~ mane!, WOJG Duainc Stonewall, of McChord's Air Poli~e Squadron, ai1nounccd recently. It is intendecl in increase the efficiency of military law enforcement. This new force, called Armed Forces Police, will pull duty in the Seattle area, bnt does not pertain to individual base or post patrol. There arc several other cities under which this type of patrol has been organized, including Washington, D. C.,

une learance f.>_,10NTH END BARGAINS

AT STARTLING u:~w COST 2mBedroom Home (21"x:26")

It is anticipated that in the near future distinctive uniforms will h.c worn by the Anncd Far~es Police that resemble no particular service. Therefore, a srrvicr,nu1n asking assistance of an Armed Forces Policeman will not know in what branch of service the military patrolman is enlisted. At present, seven men of the 567tli Air Police squadron at McChord arc assigned to duty with the Armed Forces Patrol at Seattle. The number of men from each service assigned to the new patrol is dctcrmiocd by proportion of the number of personnel of the various service branches stationad in this ar~a. . Since the Navy dominates the Seattle area in number of personnel, the 13th Naval District is the operational head of the Armed Forces Police.

Home (21'x42") •••

Ready to move into, plumbing includes toilet, basin, shower, and double compartment sink.

From Famous Makers, Discontinued Styles.

and San Francisco.



Rracly-built 2-bcdroom homes complete with plumbing, wiring, doors and windows, ready to move into.




Duplexes for Investors •••


Ideal for motels, resorts or rental units. Complete with wiring, and plumbing fixtures.

R;>resses. Blcuses and Skirts -Also-

Houses Without Bedroom ( 21 '.x26•)

CASUAL At-JD Dru:ssv TYPES Desirable for All Occasions, "lationally Adv.ertised Line.


Ideal for rental units or cabins, complete with shower, basin, toilet, and donble sinks. Ready to use.

SAVE 10% TO 50%


1viany U nadvcrtised Savings


SAllSHAN SALES CO. 5005 Portland Avenue, Tacoma

GR 5317

HAwthorne 3764

Plumbing Repairs lnstal!ing Yard Fences Paii1tin9 ar!ld Decorating


o·n Labor or Materials • • • at Brookdale lumber



Friday & Saturday SPECIALS

Ranch Type fences as low as35c per foot, includes all materials

Weyerhaeuser 4 Square


1x4s · S55 per M

3/8-ht Celotex. 4.x8 Panels Insulates Soundproofs

1m98 ea.

From a wonderful vacation and happy to be of service to you again.

Lois & Andy Anderson

Parkland Donut Bar

COLLEGE GOLF COURSE On LowerCampus back of Pacific Lutheran College

9-Hole Course Green fees 35c Rentals 40c

Siding 8 Composition Shingle Roof

RHONE'S CABINET SHOP 2nd & Pacific Spanaway GRanite 3342

Home and Auto Insurance


It Will Pay to Check Our Rates GR 3733 M. SLATER GR 9939

• One Entrance Door and 3 Wi.ndows


17 Waxoff, regular 25c


Good Housekeeping

Miracle \A/hip Qt 55c

Paper Napkins




4/15c Local 3 Bunches Green Onions & Radishes • 10c GRAPEFRU


13 bottles Plastic Glaze, regular 49c pint 3 7 Trims Decorative Borders, regular 19c

12x20 Size •.• $415 ••• '$ l5.1 7 per mo. 14x20 S!n9le ••• $495 ••• $15.81 per mo. 20x20 Doub~e ••• $675 ••• $21.56 per mo.

If you want to get hogs to market faster and at less cost feed this efficiezit all-purpose ra.tion. Triangle Hog Ration can be ied to both the sow and pigs with minimum of labor and waste. It is economical in pricC yet contains all the essential ingredients' to produce better results at a prnfit. Start your hogs on 'this propex'ly halw.u.;ed ratiori today~







Carsten's Morning Glory

69c Lb.


Pure Lean


• .B::~~ ISiioodT-Bone


NO DOWN PAYMENT Call GR 8669 ••. Ask for






5 2-lb. cans Die A Doo Wall Cleaner, regular 39c

Graded Gcod Blade Cut

. large Size


12 Double X Floor Cleaner, regular 25c



/'!.t No .Extra Cost




CUSTOM BUILT Check These Features Cl Concrete Floor-4'" thick 8 OverheC!ld Doors-Semi-Automatic! · 18 Clear Grade 6" er 8'" Matched Drop



Have your Cabinets

10c SALE

and many other items on this clearance · table-savings up


Stewart Hay & Grain SPANAWAY Mt. Highway

122nd and Pacific Avenue Phone GRanite 8550 Prices Effective June 27 and 28

A p1·egnant female rat if caged, aft"'· using all aiJailable bits of shavings and paper to build its nest house, will continue to· search for further materials and if none are to be found, will pick up her tail in her mouth, then gingerly carry it back to her nest and deposit it on the other materials. This c\valtzinr/' back with tail in mouth is repea t~d ?ver and over prior to giving birth to

. No. 54468 NOTICE TO CREDITORS In. tile. Matter of the . E s t a t e OTILDA FULLER, Deceased.

Cwitom Picture Framing BR 4327

2046 6th Ave.

its young.


Notice is. hereby given that the dcrsigncd has .been appointed and has· qualified as executl'ix of the above entitled estate; that all persons having claims against said deceased are hereby required to serve the same, duly verified, .on sajd executrix or her attorneys of record at the address below


DECORATORS Terms - Nothing Down All Types of Decorating

GR 6982



1750 9th St. S. W. Puyallup Ba..<cments • Backfills - Driveways

Clearing - Leveling -· Etc. Fill Dirt -- Gravel •• Top Soil PH. PUYALLUP 5-2452 or 5-5487

Dozers-Large and Sm.all ESTIMATES ChJ!erfully Giveli

See and Hear


JI And His Orchestra

Every Saturday


Plumbing & Heating Designers and Builders Expert Workmanship Reasonable Prices



When yon want a simple way to repair your home or build that new ad_dit~on, be more practical in your thmkmg than the tail bearing rat and head for Brookdale Lumber Company your friendly building materials dealc;. located at 136th and Pacific avenue. Whether you. need shiplap and 2x+s, or clear flooring and trim lumber, Brok dale Lumber will supply. your needs at fair prices and on easy monthly te{ms.-Pcl. Adv.

at the

New Installations Repairing Pumps, Hot. Water Heaters, Washers Sluggish Drains Opened


Shop JOcated at

7 Miles East of Pacific Ave. on Airport Roa,d Dancing 9:3.0-2 -Admission: $1.00

GR. 3710.

770 South 120th






se Hatche

BOB'S PLACE ''Airport Road & J. St. GR 3395 18 Years in Parkland



9 A. M. to 5:30 P. M. Friday Evenings Until 9 P. M.

.•.,. .._._



SOil!. CONDil'R'IOJMER Spedaf ~~R!.OAM' l'ormulation

Here today ••• • for youi: ·garden It's here now


••• Krilium, * the original soil conditioner developed exclusively by Monsanto Chemical Company and tested for years PY soil scientists in all parts of

the United States.

you. can condition soil to a depth of 3 inches to 6 inches.


That's al! there is to it-there in no going back and repeating

the treatment in sman doses.

Another thing - one Krilium soil conditioner treatment lasts for years. No one can say exactly how long - however, Monsanto tests over 31k years show no diminishing effects during this period.

Easy To Ap.ply 1:..r ~""~





Krilium soil conditioner can be used to advantage wherever things grow around the homegardens, flowers, lawns, shrubs, window boxes, potted plants .•• Apply it any time the soil is workable .



-- . . '








'4, ~..;:~~

Krilium soil conditioner is easy to apply. Merely spread on soil 13urface, spade. in, lllJx thoroughly, smooth over, water down. Since soil Is loose and crumbly, it readily absorbs moisture. Water doesn't "stand" on ·surface, Soil is quite porous - therefore admits .air readily, gives roots a chance to breathe. Roots mane easily penetrate soil, spread out, give iirmer support to plants.


FOR LAWNS.;,.; Building and Rebuilding Monsanto Krilium soil conditioner is especially useful in building new iawns and in regeneral," is.. "effectiv11 pairing potty l··a.. w.n ... are.when as. In worked in to a qepth of only 3 inches. Procedure is >fib.a same as for other m>Plications-work in thoroug!Uy. , •Monsanto-Trodrrmwl:


(Episcopal) 96th Street at East "B" EVERY SUNDAY SERVICES 9:30-:-Episcopal Ch~rch Si;hool H:OO--'Worship, Sermon & Music

Sheet Metal Work

PouD11·ry Equip.ment Rabbit feeders Water folllnts






berry lillreserve



~ ~




Oz. Pkg.


Registered Pharmacists

GR 8693

On Duty AH Hours Day or Night

65c Alka Seltzer 35c








A griddle built right into your rongel Fats end drippings drain into special reservoir to. give dry. greoseless grilling •.. a delicious new flavor to chops, 'steaks 11 sandwiches. Perfect. for griddl&

baking. Lift the griddle and behold I: •• a super-giant unitfw, conning or any large .. Ve$$el (up to 21 qt.) cooking!



The NEW 19.52 ESTATE Electric Range introduces a ~volutionary design that gives you more range per dollar in every way! A special unit for meatcooking, built right into your pvea, lets you broil and barbecue with the oven·door closed. (A separate control.does the trlclcl) .It's cooler, cleaner, quicker..Regular oven control provides Balanced Heatfor oven baking-no· bot spots or cold corners ••• perfect results eveiy timer New Converto-Gri,d includes super-giant unit. LOOK AT ALL THE EXTRAS! Up-Down electric cooker unit! Fluorescent top lamp! Oven window and light! Individual Tel·U-Lites for all surface units! Timed appliance outlet! Two regular and one supet-size utensil drawer! TimeEstate automatic control of oven!

Here's brand new uchar:cool done" flavor for-roasts, chickens,

hamsl A spedal 3-heat unit built info the oven top cooks meat with

new, low~temperature, radiant heal that imparts a new deliciousness ... reduces meat shrinkage. With pan raised, it becomes o high broiler for quick, smokeless

broiling of steaks, chops.

Take Advanlage of Our Liberal Trade-In __ • Convenient Terms


On theMt. Highway 7208 Pacific Ave. HI 9556


Lakewood Center 9133 Gravelly Lake Drive

LA 5251

See Sepk for

3.Rooms Of Furniture $ 10~PU~CE




Bed Vanity Chest Night Stand Bench Box Spring Mattress 2 Boudoir Lamps 1 Bed Lamp

5=Pc. Dinette Set

Dave no Swing Rocker 2 End Tables 1 Coffee Table 2 Table Lamps 1 Floor Lamp 1 Scatter Rug 1 Smoker

Regular $59850 for $44..50 Regular $129.50, $79 .50 • • • • $69.501 ROCKER Regular $11.95, Now $19.95 Regular S4950v $39.50 • • • • • • Regular S149.50f Now $99.50 • • • • Regular $34.95, Now $14.95 • • • • • YER with Admiral TV Model 47M16 r~~~~oac"Zm~~d $34.9.95 MANY OTHER CLEARANCE ITEMS •






Downtown 13th and "K' Street BR. 0386

Oii the Mt. Highway

7208 Pacific Ave. HI. 9556 Lc:d.u~wood


9133 Gravelly lake Drive LA. 5251








2;/z ACRES

Spanish type stucco honlC" \Vith

Pm·k-likc setting on l 38th St., close to Pacific. 1-bedrm., room for 2 more in attic. Well fenced. A bargain at only $6,500.

tcnns n rrnngC'd.

The Next Thing to

TRA.DE.-5 J\CF~ES, Roy, right in to,vn. 3 bedrn1s., double gar., chicken hsc., ctc.·-FOR a srnali place in town.


TRADE-3-BEDR}.'1. home, I block from Spanaway school-FOR 3bednn. in vicinity of 72nd stn~et.

We Gu(jrantee


To Save You

3 y; ACRES -


Near Collins, 3 big bcclrms., liv. rm. 17x25, lcrge cab. kitchen, tile bath, ali on onC' floor. Scn1i-fiuishcd attic has additional possibilities. Good soil, ckarcrl, no rocks, fenced. Chicken house. This is security plus. Full price $10,500. Bny the equity and pay balance at $5,LOO mo.

Money On G'hsality




m Sunshine n H!l"H~'lllnr







1 Lb.


HI HO CRACKERS .. 29c ~ Everyday Milk Prices •

12810 Pacific 1\ venue, Parkland

Modern Flexsteel Davenport and Chair Foam Rubber Cushions $249.50

$7,500 Buys 15 fertile acres, modern• 3-bedrm. hon1e, barn- for 4· head, chicken house, 2~car garage. \lariety of fruit trees, all fenced. 6 acres of peat soil, in fact this place has excellent soil. You can beat the cost of living here. $7 ,500 on terms or will trade fm small place in or near Puyallup. Bill Dacy, LA. 7605. REAL SECURITY 140 fertile acres, +O acres cleared, all in crop; 2 nice homes, one ~-bed­ rm., one 2-bedrm. Concrete foundations. Lai·ge_ barn, 3 Chicken houses, other bui_ldings. Included also, lar~c tractor and other n1achincry, all in fine condition. Good lo ca tiou. If you arc value minded, a~k to sec this. $2 2,000 takes everything on tcnm. Bill Dacy, LA. 7605. JUST OFF McKINLEY A VE. Good location, very rnodt:rn 2-bedrn1. honu_-. Liv. nn., dining area~ cab. kitchen, 2 nice bcdrms., 4-pr. hath, utility rm. Oil. furnace, concrete fountla ti on, 2-car garage. You vvill. enjoy seeing this. P r i cc $8,600, F.I-I.A. terms .. Bill Dacy, LA. 7605. 660+ SO. LA WREN CE R.eal family home, 3 large bcdrms., }i,>_ rnJ., din•. r1n., con1bined. Sunny kitchen with lots of built-ins, brcak_fast nook, part base1nent, oil furnace. Plastered n nd conr.rPtc found.ition. Fine locationi bus at door. Owner bought ranch and will sacrifice at $8,500, terms. Bill Dacy, LA. 7605. I-JERE'S A HONEY Right in Parkland. Your wife will love this! Liv. rm., wall-to-wall rug Modern kitchen; Range and washer included. 2 bd. rms., lovely bath. GnragC and \vorkshop. Owner bought ranch, cuts the price to $7,900. Small down payn1cnt will handle. Bill Dacy, LA 7605. G. l. EQUITY $9DO down, Move right in. Very mod·crn, rnarine-;,vicw. Liv. rm., din. rm., 2 spacious bdrrns., 4-pc. bath, utility ;:111. Fully insulated, oil furnace. liclw. floors. If you arc particular you'll. lm·e this. Full price $7,900. bal. 850 per month. Bill Dacy, LA 7605. BROWNS POINT Ownp· has bought ranch and must sacrifice this home! Compact and n1od. in every way. 2 lg. bclrn1s., attractive kitchen. Large closets, very unique wall-to-ceiling fireplace. Hdw. floors. A home with loacls o[ charm! $7,950. Bill Dacy, LA 7605.

GR. 3941 Open Until 9:00 P. M. Saturdays 6:00 P. M.

·1 Of. 10c 2Ots. 39c 4llts. 77c


INCOME PROPERTY LIVE in a nice apartment and let the renters make your payments! C~a1l Mr. Cleary, PR 't668 or Mr. Imeson, PR 0081. SOUTH Yakima and 45th street duplex. This is a fine Colonial home Lb. with full basement and hot water heat with a nice furnished upstairs 4-rooin apartn1ent. Tern1s as low .as $1 ODO down! PR 4668 or PR 0081. NORTH 29th s.treet three-plex with 1narine view, 1 block fron1 bus line. A nice 2-story home all fully reLb. modeled, with a good 3-room apartment up and a 4·-room furmshcd cottage in the rear. Hardwood floors and oil beat. PR 0081 or PR 4668. NEW side-by-side duplex with a.ttachecl 2-caT garage! A real buy Jn good north encl distr.ict right on the bus line. PR 4668 or PR -'J.210. FIVE ACRES JUST OFF Collins Road, 16-foot right uf way. Spring. Excellent s01l and marketable timber. Can be had on contrnct. Mr. Carlson, HA 4-768. EAST SIDE ONE BEDROOM. Will go G. I. 2 lots, $4·,850. More lots can· be had. For showing call Mr. Carlson, HA -'171i8. BUILD YOUR DREAM HOUSE IN THIS RUSTIC setting just off a well tran'1ccl highway. Lights and water close to property. All this can be had for a very small sum. Call for showing. Mr. Car!so11,JiA 4768. ·3 BEJJROOMS FULL BASEMENT, garage, lovely yard. Spacio~s comb. living and drning roorn, f1rep]nce. I~nrge 1~1tchrn with nook, Jots ·of cabinets. $8,900. Terms. Call Matt Cleary, PR 't210. $750 DOWN CUTE 2-BEDROOM bungalow. LivTO BUY OR. SE.LL YOUR HOME ing room, dinette, .utility room. Nice CALL BR 5166 yard. Low monthly payments. Full BR. 1219 WOULD YOU LIKE TO price just $6,750. Call Matt Cleary, T R A D E PR 4210. SOUTH SPANAWAY YOUR E()UITY BEST BUY IN TOWN I 3 ROOM HOUSE and about 1 acre 9.BEDROOM plastered home, hardof ground; good drilled well and IN your present home t~ward the - wood floors, automatic; oil hc:it. new pump. Only $2500. Very low dovn1 payrnent on a nev.' 3 bcdroo1n Electric _range and rcfngcrator ind.o. wn pavmcnt, low 86?4 monthly payramblcr with foll hsmt.; hcl'.v. eluded. Close to school, store .and ( 1 GR HA 2~ n t~. n ocs, '- · " or floors, fireplace, and, att. ~a rage m bus. $350 .dn., $1·0 per ;no. FHA: 1 7 Lakewood? )-18. Call BR 5166 Call E. A. Peternon, SK H-13 01 40 ACRE FARM t(1day for appointment to sec these Mr. Imeson, PR 0081. DOUTT ?5 I· F \ 1 , ~ acres c eared. 'encecl and new beauties. DO YOlJ LOVE cross fl·nccd; several acres 1n oats 2 YRS. OLD $6.950 . YOUR WIFE and children, also the and vetch for hay. House is older HERE'S A BUY. $850 for, CCJlll~Y· country and gracious living? If so, type family home. Has garage, barn, 2 bedrooms. fireplace. 4·-piccc ,Ulc call me, for I haw what it takes. '.1·2 chicken house root .cellar good Lath, auto \Vasher, .s~ecl cabu;ct acres of good soil 1 a fine lar.~c f8:n:1Iy well and pump. *.5780, GR kitchen,. living and dmmg coml~rnhome that was built to cnioy hvmg 3624· or HA 2547, Inloes. ation. Owner transferred .. A-121. in. Yes, it is mod. Good barn for 12 BUSINESS building with fine living Call Mr. Harned for showmg. BR head of stock. Chicken house for quarters located on Pacific Ave. in 754·2 or BR 5166. 250 birds. It even has an extra Spanaway. \Alas operated as a rest.FIRCREST RAMBLER house with 3 rooms and bath for aurant and very successfully. Due 3 BEDRS)O. M_S. and rccreat10n ro<;>n:, Mom and Pop o.r to. rci~t. Tot;)1 to bad hcaltlt was duscd. ·Ow11cr attractive ltvmg room with foeprice $10,500. Owner will ca_rry will trade for a small farm. Inloes, place, full tile bath, larg1: handy contract or will go G. I. or subject GR 362'1 or HJ\ 25:17. kitchen, best oak floors, air cond. sale. Contact Art Lrrnm, BR 5291 PARKLAND oil heat, loads of closet space, NO. J. BEEF and chicken ranch, "•- 2 NICE building lots .50x 150 next to beautiful lawn; owner kavmg city. bedroom honw. Will sell contract. 2 new homes -being built. All utilA real buy at $13.500. Nu. B-101. NO. 2. 6-ACRE chicken and fryer itics close. $550( terms. Inloes, GR Charlie~ Landis, HA '1274-, or BR ranch. 5-beclroom home. Trade or 3624 or HA 2!i 17 5166. sell Contract. PARKLAND SOUTH TACOMA NC). 3. 5-ACRES, !-bedroom ABOUT 3 acres m1 good street. .Good $7,950. Modern 2 bedroom home, Contract. la:nd, ~vcatcr avail:ibk. A rc:1l bargain only 7 years old. Hdv'.d. floors, l::rgc NO. 4. OHOP 40-acre ranch, ~1t $11 :>O. Inloes, Gl~ 36~'1- or HA livin,'( room, large kitchen, 4-piece room borne. Trade 01" sell. 2547 bath, utility with trays. Ga~·~ge .and CONTACT .Mr. Lemm, BR 5291, for SPANA WAY any of the ahovr places. workshop. Lovely lawn. + 1o martBEDROOM, near bus. stores, fake gage. y, block to bus! 2 blks. to BEST BUY IN TOWN and school Priced $9000. $I()()() store. Excellent copd1t10n. No. A- 2-BEDROOM plastered home, harcldown Call Mr D:.uimwl, GR 362+ wood floors autornatic oil heat. 115 Mr Harned. BR 754-2 or BR or GR 3684· WILL TRADE 5166 Electric r,in,~e and rcfrigcrntor inSOUTI-I TACOMA . eluded. Close to. school, store and LOVELY 4· year .old bungalow. Lrvbus. $3CiO down, $40 per mo. FHA. OLDER home with businc:IS property and store attaclwcl 111 good ing ruon; ;val! to wall, cari:ct, fireCall E. A. Peterson, SK 11-13, or Mr. condition for sn1;1ll 2 hedroo111 ho1uc place, dmmg room, 2. la1gc bed- • Imeson, PR 0081. nPnr ::;torrs :ind h11s. CnlJ 1vir. rooms, nice cabinet kitchen. oak LAKE LOUISE Dmnmcl. GR 3624 or GR '.lG84· floors, plaster walls, oil heat. Gar- FINE 3-IlEDROOM home with fire10 ACRES - FREDRICKSON age. 2 blks. to, bus. $B'.950. Fl~A place, full basement, l:ns-c patio and GRADE A Dairy, good soil, older terms T-66. George T1bb1ts, SK garage. Excellent lnk~' frontage.with hu1ne; also avai1ablc 10 n1ilk cows, 2785, or BR 5166 concrete bulkhearl. Ftsh and swim to tnilking n1achinc r!nd cattle truck. PUYALLUP your heart's content! Priced to sell Pt·iccd $7500; .~2000 clown, $50 $1;000 DOWN on this attra~tivc 3 quickly at $11,500. Mr. I1;ieson, PR pct mo. Call Mr. Dammcl, GR year old home with t;n0081, or Mr. Peterson, SK 14.13. 3624· or GR 3684. finished ups tam. oak floors, drn- 40 ACRES-POULTRY RANCH BEACH PROPERTY ettc, air condition~d. ml .beat. at- A LOVEL y home, large living roo111, 100 FT. on Pugel Sound near Lester garage. outs1~pnt10, fencr;1 dining roon1, 2 _large brdroo1ns Boat I-Ious.e. Olyrnpin. Light aud yard; a real buy at $9,500. B-10~. down room for more up. Large bascwatf'r :iva11r:1blc, located next to Charlic Landis, HA 't2H or BR rncnt'. Laying houses for 2,000. Lots $10,000 summer home. Priced 51 G6. . of range and sh cl tern can be had $3600. $600 dow1l, $35 per month. LOW DOWN PAYMENT . stocked. Call E. A. Peterson, SK CLOSE to McChord and Ft. LcwIS. 1413 or Mr. Imeson. PR 0081. Lovely 3 year old, 2 bedroom ' ACRE OF OAKS , Estate Board bungalow. I-Idwd. floo;s, d_incttc, LOVEL y rustic +-bedroom colonial GR. 3624 good sized bcdr9g~s, nice kitchen, hornc on a close-in secluded acre and separate utihty ~ar;''.' among huge na~ive oaks, ";mplc 2-BEDRM. home with basemen.!. L?ts gm·:;gc on alley. $8,500 ii;~L rnng<:, space for ga;dcnmg an~l an ideal, 100xl00. Elect. stove, rcfng. m· refrigerator and automata. washcJ. park-like scttmg. Exceptional terms. eluded. Only $500 down. Real value here. K-10+ .• Call Mr. Mr. Imeson, PR OOB!, or Mr. Pct- 2•BEDRM. with fireplace, (lttachccl Koski. I-IA 7952, or BR .1165 'crson, SK 14-13. g.1w;-c. $750 down. 88TH & YAKIMA SUBURBAN RAMBLER Al{E YOU a G. I.? If so, here arc FINE 2-bcdroom home, on!}'. 9 years SPARKLING new,:> extra. large hed-j wmc '.'-bcdrm. homes for only $200 ~1~. qn1:n~P, rnng-f', _nnd <'1f!2~ 1~l~t9_:. roo 1ns. 1,230 square fee~ Ofl: _one do\vn. l'nccd nght on gooct terms. W;'Lo/ · floor! Picture windows 111 hvi.i;g, . . BROOKDALE Mr. Wheaton, PR +821, or BR .116.6. dinin~ rooms. Beautiful kitchen with SMALL home with 50x150 lot. All G8TI-I NEAR PACIFIC AVENUE nrrtu~-;l birch cab., large utility furnished, $2,000-tcrrns 4- YEAR O~D, 2 bedroom , shake room, 2-ear garage, automMic o!l . WALLER ROAD '" _ home, sc!hn.g for only $8,750. heat and over a half acre of f;nc so1! 2 ACRES, 2•bedrm. home,. $:1,9:J0. Larp;c c:ab. k1tchc~n, spac10~1s ioonis. for garclen. Better hurry! I.ts only Sniall payiucnt ?own., This 18 a very Oak floors. 1~;282._ Ca~ Mr. $8,950. Mr. Imeson, PR 0081, Mr. good buy. Furniture mcludcd. Wheaton, PR 4-8.1, 01 BR ::il66. Peterson, SK 1'113. SPANAWAY

NEW SHIPMENT OF CANNING SUPPLIES NOW HERE Carstcn's TC Brand, Cello Wrapped, Tenderized

lb. 39c lb. 37c • • PORK ROAST . . lb. 49c


Colored Roasting

5mall Sunkist


Lean Center Shoulder Young Tender




11.F YOU want more 'cash quick, sell by auction. Every Fri., 7:30 p.m. Glen Betts, 8113 So. Tacoma Way. Free pickup service. LA. 8505. 2ctf

tr=Biisiness Senrice

l•EPTIC TANKS GLEANED-Contents hauled away. Don Redford, 8232 So. Fawcett. GA. 7334. If no answer call GA. 9222. 3ctf

UPHOLS1"ERING Recovering and Rebuilding Cushions Rebuilt Free Estimates

Parkland Upholstery 140th & Pacific GR 3201 Res: GR 3181 Most Modern Methods of Location and Development of Underground Water

Call Turner FU. 2400 GR. 8108

ROTOVATING, blade work; no job 'too small. W. L. Lewis, GR 7492. 3ctf MAYTAG - FRIGIDAIRE BENDIX Service Headquarters Any Make Wringer Type Gunrantced Used W ashcrs For Sale · VINCENT'S SERVICE HA 3097 5620 South Tacoma Way 3ctf HOUSE MOVING; leveling; foundations; ccn1cnt work: free estimates. PR 2653. . 3ctf

8--Wanted to Buy CASH for equities. Fife Motors, 5026 So. Tacoma Way. HI. 9241. 8ctf RADIATORS, scrap iron, jnnk cars and batteries. Puy. 5-2141. flecker, the Wrecker. 8ctf USED FURNITURE. Also generous trade-in allowances and bank terms. Parkway Furniture, 14 lst & Pacific. GR. 394-1. 8ctf POUL TRY WANTED, any amount. Weighed and paid for on farm. Free culling to your advantage. Highest prices paid. No obligation. Just call ns first, I-IA. 5761 or write P. 0. Box 866, Tacoma. 8ctf SPOT CASH For Your Used Furniture 1 Piece. or House Full Blol'k's Furniture Mart 8205 So. Tacoma Way LA. 2882

elon Be






COMPLETE tractor ·.;..ork. Loosening ground and leveling. Average lawn, $12.00. Don Abbot, GR. 3846. 3ctf AUTO GLASS INSTALLED-Auto Upholstery, convertible tops. MA. 2200, Art's Glass Co., 816 So. Ta· coma Ave. . 3c50 GOING TO BUILD or remodel? Call Geo. M. Brewer for estimate; FI-IA terms; GR 6667, P. 0. Box 62, ~~~~~~~~~~---~~~~Spanaway. 3p43 BETTER VENETlAN BLINDS FOR LESS STEEL slats with plastic tapes at I-II 8+28 only 40c per sg. ft. SOUTH END ALDERMAN'S 5125 Pacific Ave. HI. 2200 I 3 BEDROOMS, full basement, large living room, oak floors, yard fcnc~d. 3ctf Garage. G. E. Furnace. Call Helen O'Brien, GR 3558; GR 5+69. PLUMBING REPAIRS - Sewer G. I. EQUITY Cleaning - Electric Pipe.,Thawing $600 DOWN, 2 bedrooms, nice size. Lawn in. Elec. range. Move right in. Glall Call Helen O'Brien, GR 3558, GR 5'1·69. 5 ACRES $1,300 DOWN payment, $55 per month. 3-bcdroom home. Large GRanite 8905 chicken house and barn. Berries. Close to city. Call Helen O'Brien, GR 3.'i58; GR 5469. GARDEN SERVICE PACIFIC BROKERS CO. ROTO TILLING HI 8428 l,awn rebuilding, fertilizing, top soil, 3807 So. G St. Next to 38th St. St. Post Office dressing maintenance, GA. 5885. HI. 2722. 3ctf Member Tacoma Real Estate Board ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE HERE'S A JEWEL 0. B. Ackley, owner. Septic tanks 3 acres, cleared, ci~Oss fenced, chicken cleaned, contents hauled away. house, guest house, ne\v two~car gaGR. 4343 or GR. 5539. 28tf rage. Horne has one large bedroom, kitchen, dining ronn1, h1rgc living VVE- BUILD I-IOMES, remodPi; icvei roo1n, picture windows, nice view, buildings; concrete work. Reasonauto1natic oil furnace, part base~blc. GR 3550.-3ctf. 111('nt. Spick and span. Co111e sec or ROOFING and siding, direct applicacall Fra!1k GR. 8834 <Jr office, GR. tion. (;uarantccd material B nd ex:rn 71. pert l:i hor. No salesmen. For lowest $500 DOWN cstirnatc call GR 3581 3dl 13 lots, small house, nice yard and garage, $+,ooo. Mick, GR 387 l. 3 BEDROOMS ON MAIN FLOOR 1-BEDRM. home with lOOxlOO lots. Close to bus and. shopping. Living • ' • Furnished, only $+,300, term.~. Member Tacoma Real Estate Board Member Tacoma Real Estate Board. SOJ\1E fine f?uilding sites and hif\hway room built-in kitchen and bath. 109 South 10th Street BR 5165 !J.05-7 __ g.ommerce St. Jv[A 2156 property available, good locations. $6,000, terms. Mick, GR. 3871. General landsc-aving servu..:c -..:.... ile\.v Day or Evenings FOR SALE~·Small house,, 2Y~ lots. FOR SALE-3-bcdroom rambler typ: lawns, peat soil, topsoil, sbt·ubbery, Sec nt fi22 So. 111th; mqmre at home, close to school and bus. $11, (M ) J . L G dv· Nothing down, 36 months Rt. 7, Box 41.5, Military Road, eve500 FI-I.A terms. 11102 So. P9~4\ GR 7232 d~ys. G';~210 c:~s. ;1~d Sun. to pay. GR. 3127. 3ctf GR 3871 Day or Evening nings. 9pH GR 7843. ~ '

9-Real Estate







GRanite 39·31

Evenings-Mr. Loring, GR 3570; Mr. Wallace, GR 5441

141 st and Pacific




Parkland llealty Co.

Spanaway Food Center

Priced Right

LIDFORD ROAD fireplace. 1-car gar., 10x12 chirkc·n hsc., 2~ acres good soil. Full price $5,600. Good





Known for Good, Clean Sharp Cars





SPANA WAY LAKE , Beautiful new home, lake frontage, mountain view. Priced right at $1 +,900. For more information, call Mr. Totten, evenings GR. 8156. NICE 2 BEDROOMS Large cabinet kitchen, lots of closets, attached garage, 3 lots, only $8,450. NEW DUPLEX Soon to be completed, 1 bcdrm. apartments, electric ranges and refrigerators, central laundry \Vith automatic washer and dryer. Priced at .only $9,750. Be the first to grab thts one. CHECK OUR LOW DOWN PAY· MENT INSURANCE PLAN. WE NEED listings of all kinds. Farms, acreage, lots, building sites, homes (riew or .old, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bed· rooms). We buyers wait· ing.

WORDS cannot tell you how nice they really are. See them before you buy.


1951 OLDS Super 88 4 Door Sedan in a beautiful two tone with only 4,000 miles. 1951 H>RD V-8 2 Door. R & I-I, fender skirts ............................ $1695 1950 BUICK Super Riv. 4 Door, R & H, Dynaflow, US Royal Master mid-century tires, t\VO ton, real sharp. Choice of 2 ................ $2295 1950 FORD Custom V-8, R & H, Overdrive -·--.............. $1595 1950 CHRYSLER New Yorker 4-cloor. Radio and heater, _au ton1atic shift, visor, fog lights, spot light and fender skil'ts. Really beautiful $2,195 1949 PLYMOUTH ·1- door, clean ..................... $1245 19+9 FORD Custom V-8 ,2 Door, R & I-I .................................. $1195 1950 CHEV. Styline de luxe 2-door ................................................ $1,595 1950 CHEV. Flectline de luxe 2-door Choice of 2 ............................ $1,595 1950 CHEV. Styline de luxe club cpe ......................................... $1,595 1949 FORD V-8 pickup, low mileage and very clean ........................ $995 '49 OLDSMOBILE 98 Rocket 4-cloor sedan. Radio, heater, visor, sport li.'ih t and fog ligfi ts.· A clean cai'. Only $1,895.iv 1948 CHEV. 4-door ................ $1',085 1948 DODGE 2-door. R. & H., W.S. W. tires, motor completely overlrn.uled .................................... $1,045


Cut Rite


Bar None

Dog food. Sliced

Bologna •••••••

Polish Rh19s •• lb. 5lc

Jee Cohl

V/atermekm Local ·Bunch Ilccts

large Beets local Turnips •• Bu. Sc

locaiPeas .• 2!bs.2Sc Prices Consistently LOW Quality Consistently HIGH

Open till 8 P. M.



ASH MOTOR CO. Rupe Machine Works


MOTOR REBUILDING All Types of Machine Work Just Installc<l a New Lcmco Surface Grinder B1ing In Your Motor Heads Grinding Pacific Ave. at Brookdale Shop GR 7450 • Res. HI 6190

IO-Rentals RENTALS 2-BEDROOM furnished. I -BEDROOM unfurnished. I -BEDROOM unfurnished, marine vil'\V, fun1a·ce hcilt i'nC:ludcd. I-BEDROOM furnished, heat indmlcd. l-BEDROOM unfurnished. 2-HEDR00:\.1 house, mffurnishecl. G. H. IMESON CO., 1105 Com.mcrce St., MA 2156. i1(-)R--R-E_N_T_ _ __

9415 Pacific Ave. Open till 9 P. M. HI 5100 '52 FORD. R. & I-I. 8,000 miles, one _owner. '51FOR.D0-ton pickup, low miles '51 FORD convertible. Ford-0Matlc. R. - H. '51 FORJJ 2-dr.-O. D. Custom '51 MERO. 4-dr. R. & H. O.D. Low miles. 51 CHEV. tu-tout sport coupe.

Unfurnished - Houses 3 BEDROOM brick rambler, newly

decorated. Range and refrigerator. Garag;~. Near Lake\vood Center. $ lOO·ver month. 3 BEDROOMS Range and refrigerator. Near McC:hord, $70 per mo. Furnished - Houses 2 BEDROOMS. Carport. Near McChord. $70 per month. Call Mr. Haines PR 1675. Ward Smith, Inc. BR 5166.

R. -H, '51 FORD car. '50 CHEV. 0-ton picklip. dlx. cab '50 FORD club coupe, new tires '50 OLDS. Holiday club cpc. R., '50 CHEV. 4-dr. R. & I-I. delx. H., Hydra-Matic. '49 MERC. R., H., overdrive, new paint. '48 FORD club cpe. R. - H. '48 PLY. 4-dr. R. & I-I. Sharp. car '+7 OLDS. convert., really sharp '+8 CHEV. convert. R., H. '47 PONTIAC 6 sedanet. R., I-I.


11-Repair Service WASHING MACHINE PARTS Largest stock in town. Repairing that pleases. B. Il.'s ';Vasher Service, 3722 So. G. GA. 5115. llctf STOVE REPAIRS-Largest stock in Northwest. Hyder Furnace, 1513 Pacific Ave. MA 4757. Established in 1872. 1 lc:tf CHAIR CANING with Natural cane. Call BR. 7804 or bring in. Alan Vandegrift, 720 So. Sheridan. CUSTOM GUNSMITH- Rebarrcl· ing, head-spacing, stock work, rebluing. Guns and ammunition. Jerry Shannon, Mt. Road, near Loveland. Phone Graham 537. llctf PORTABLE machine shop service at your place. Rcboring, valve Tescating, refacing $1 P".1" cylinder. Crankshafts reground in the car. Motors rebuilt at great savings. Call I-II 7291.-lctf.

12-Used Autos HOLIDAY SPECIALS '4-9 LINCOLN Cosmopolitan. Scd. _R



I-I, ()vDr... _.... _ ..... ~:1795

'49 KAISER Traveler. Air Cone!. Ch·.Dr ..................................... $1375 '4·9 KAISER, Air Concl ........... $13'1·5 '47 OLDS Conv. R & H ........$1295 '48 DODGE Custom -'1-Dr. .... $1245 '18 FRAZER Man. 4-dr. R & H, OvDr ....................................... $114·5 ' 17 HUDSON Com. 6, 4-dr . .Fluid Dr. R & H ............................$ 895 '4G NASH "600" ·1-dr ........... $ 795 '11 PACKARD 5 Pass Coupe, Radio, Heater ...................................... $ 395 HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR USED CARS MANSEN,BALL MOTOR CO. 5032 So. Tacoma Way I-IA 6506


Cottage Cheese. 25c"'

Local Bank Terms - Trade Up to 24 mouths to pay

Property Management Insuranc Notary Member of Tacoma Real Estate Boarcl Office: 328 Garfield St. GR. 3%9 WANTED Real Estate broker to form partnership; n'ust be member of Tacoma Board. I have the office. LA 2012. 9p4 l FOR SALE·-2 houses in Roy; 3-bcdrooui and :!..:bcdroon1, 1nodcrn in1provernents; both for $6,000. GI~ 35<11. 9p'1l

FOR REN'T 9 -' ' · --an d 3 -room mouern c.ottage.s and apartme:i~s.; all .ntilillcs paid; laundry fac1ht1cs; $60 .to $75 per month. Oakland Court, mside cit limits. HA 9688. !Octf _ _ _ __,_Y_ _=__.:::.=:....:..:c:c.::..:.._ _:c..::..:= FC.:R ·RENT-3-bed~m. modei;n house m Puyallup; berries, fr u 1 t. Call Graham 7-7867. 10p41 FOR RENT-1-beclroom modern cottn,ge with garage; adults only; $4-0 a month. LA 3170. 10p·1· 1 FOR RENT-2-bedroom home, mod· crn in1 provcments, with garage, $30 a month; in Roy. GR 35+1. 10p41 ---·---,--'-----'-----------'FO~ RENT,:-2-bcdroom home, fui;n.1Shecl, $4:J a month; you pay utihtics. GR. 5910. !Op50 FURNISHED. 3 rooms, bath. $4-5 mun th, i:i~Juding lights, water. 10105 Pac1f1c Ave. GR 8107. !Op1·1 FL;JlNISHED 2 rooms, bath. Elcc. range, hot water heater, $35 month. I 612 E. Fairbanks, GR 8107. l0p4-1 . FO!l i{Ei'fr _ .f.;-1~~-.~~bf;;·:·Tbe-cl: roorm, Stewarts Cabins. Call at Elk Plain Grocny IDp41-4·? l"l'I"I 'ND · . f. . h d 1 b d".' '- ~-:' .... new urnt? C - _e 1oon; .1p,,1tment. 10 rnmules f[1?m McCholC!· Large !motty pme hvmg room, p1ctu re wmdows. No pets. Phone GR 3708 or GR 60-'J.7. 10c5

Per Roll

Wax Paper •••• 25c

Two Lots to Serve You


FOR SALE-Two milk goctls mid 2 yearling kids. Rt. 1, Box 202, Graham; Graham 7-7318. L1p4-l HAY CUTTING, tractor work, leveling. GR 4282 13ctf NEW HAMPSHIRE PULLETS, ii weeks old, 85c. Midgard Poultry , Farm and Hatchery, Roy, mile cast ()fMcKenna. Phone Yelm 3675. 13p'l2 FOR SALE-Standing hay. CallGit. 4219 after 7 p.m. 13c41 FOR SALE-Seven 10-wccks-old pigs, $100 or $15 each. GR 7990. 13p'll

14--Situations Wanted CHILDREN'S NURSERY -Family style; educational toys; trained personnel. GR. 6682. 14ctf CHILD CARE-Wish to do child care in my own home. GR. '.3503. 14ctf

ASH MOTORS 9415 Pacific Ave. 4532 So. Tac. Way

HI 5100 HA 5533

WOMAN with clulcl-cl~ircs work of FO'RSALE ........: '+2 Special Deluxe tuany type; live in; cornpensation. clor Chevrolet. A-1 condition; call Write Mrs. Roberts, Rt. 1, Box 91-A, GR 6454 or see at 104-02 So. Croft. Roy. l+p41 l 2p41 FOR SALE - '46 Nash 4-dr. sedan; excellent condition; new battery SE WING of all kinds. Will do fittings and tires. 233 So. 78th. 12p4·1 by appointment at your home or FOR SALE-1950 Ch~~. picl:up. GR. mine. Style Rite Dressmaking, Rt. 7669, l 2c41 7, Box 266. GR. 3328. l 7ctf sn a=:=.rn& SUMMER SPECIAL-Top soil from Puyallup. You may sec this fine dirt at 9920 Pacific Ave. For sale Wishing· to sell, arc invited to call by the sack or trailer or pick up at or come in for appraisal and inforour fuel yard. We deliver 4- or ·.5mation concerning- consi!sn111en t of yarcl loads. Call us for prices in your your car,. locality. GR 8173, Lapenski Fuel Co. 15ctf DRAINAGE - Septic t::ink installation; side se\vers; earth v1ork of any HI 5100 type; by hour or contract. Hansen & Seifert. BR. 91+1: Res. GR. 8121. HA 5533 3ctf CHAI:\SAW WANTED; small, in good condition, prefers bley Homelite; will pay cash, HI 2771, HA 3667. 15p41 WANTED .,.-- Ride to Bremerton shipyards from Parkland. day shift; WEANER pigs for sale. Andrews on GR 74·20. " 15p41 Central avenue, Rt. 13, Box 787; GR 7990. 13d 1 FOR SALE - 3-piece walnut bcdroon1 set, con1plcte \vith spring an<l mattress, $_50c_2~42D. 15p41 WE DEMONSTRATE evenings and FUR S:\LE - . Two .new ~-w)1rcl weekends on your ground. We oil trnilc1.s, $40 and $1.S, also /,-mch and adjust and deliver new Meny electric drill; GR 34-15; 609 So. Tillers to your door at no extra cost. _ l!Gth. . 15p·H Briggs & Stratton or Clinton en- v ALLEY TOP SOIL, rich and black, gines. Tillers for rent. Don Arthur any quantity. GR n59. 15ctf Distributors. the original Merry FOR SALE 16 ft. cedar nlank Tiller dealer; Arthur W. Dahlberg. boat with deck; can be seen 909 Call PR 1800. 13ctf So. 107th. St. before noon; $125; R.OTOTILLING GR 5075. 15p4-1 WORK guaranteed. Tom Schuster, AUCTION SALE - June 26, 7:30 HA 9+21. 13ctf p.rn.; June 28, l :80 p.rn .. Everything JOE'S Tractor Service. Rotovating. has to be sold. Hu~1clrccls of item~, Complete tractor wo1·k. GR 5932. tf 11cw and used furmture and apphCASH FOR ·mt·11{ CO\VS, 1)CL·f' h Cl'fcrs_,c K ances. Tacoma Ave. 15c41 w v 1\, 1002 1: r·' ,, --, -_---~·veal and hogs. Call Thackeray colL v E F(1.CING at you galcct, Puyallup 5-5-114'. ..· 13ctf rage. E. J. Atkrnson, HA 5793. DEAD STOCK REMOVED WITH· 15c44· OUT CHARGE. Highest prices paid for tallow, hides, grease and .bones. PUGET SOUND RENDERING WORKS. Phone LAkewoocl 2134. 13ctf FOR SALE 1 FORD Ferguson tractor, all newly reconclitionccl, new rubber. 90•day guarantee. JOHN DEERE model M with power mower and plow. Looks and runs like new. ALL KINDS of used power mowers for Ford and 11crguson tractors cheap. BARCLAY TRACTOR & IMPLEMENT CO., INC. Your Ford Tractor Dealer 1407 Puyallup Ave. Phone FUiton 2254 Tacoma, Washington 13-c-41









Miracle Whip . . . ,~ ·.- ·ots~ 53c Tuna, White Star, Bite Siz~~ ..,,~~s 18c Mrs. K. W. Struensee - GR 5742 Today ;s that ;mportant Auxiliary meeting. Time-12:30; potluck lunch. TAP, ACROBATIC, BALLET Clas ses. All ages. Mildred Keller, GR eon ..All n1embers are· urged to attend. 7881. 15cd Dinner Party Mr. and Mrs. Fred Armstrong of FERTILE, screened top soll; pulverized peat; 5 full yards $8. All Kresse, Tacoma and Mr. and Mrs. Robert GR 5192. 15ctf Fleckenstein of Seattle were dinner guests o'f Mr. and Mrs. L. K Field at BABY FURNITURE, new and used. tln;ir home on East 72nd street last SMALL FRY EXCH., 1109 Market. Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Fkckcnstcin 15ct! h>ld just n;turned from a trip to New SEWING MACHINES Singer elecYork, where they were the guests of tric with attachments, $23.50; White Mr. and Mrs. Richar·d Armstrong at electric, $24.95; new lightweight Jackson Heights, New York. Richard portables, $37.50; Neechi or Pfaff is .the son. of the Fred Armstrongs and $69.50; many others, new or used; Pauline Armstrong is the Fields' Beans, c terms and trade. So. Tacoma, Sew,daughter. , Fine for Salads ing Machine Co., 54-44 So. TaWedding Anniversary coma Way. HI 7154. 15ctf Mr. and Mrs. John Folk of Canyon Road celebrated their 24th· wedding FOR SALE-Choice top soil and peat. a'1inivcrsary with a dinner and dancing HI 1574 or Puyallup 5-7027. party on June 14. Congratulations, 15c41 Mr. and Mrs.· Folk. SPECIAL 127 - 620 - 120 guaranteed HILLS BROS. Home From Vacation film, 3 for 97c. Quality Photo ServMr. and Mrs. Arnold Foster and ice, 961.0 Pacific Ave., P. 0. Box dUughtrr~ Lo.rr:ainc returned hon1c last 12, Fern Hill Sta. 15ctf 1 week from a vacation trip cast of the TOP SOIL- PEAT mountains. Among the \.mints of interBreeze Pkg~ est vjsited \\'ere the Columbia basin, $1 SACK or by the yar.i; peat and topsoil. HI 4056. ctf With 15c Cannon Dish Cloth in Each Package Colllec ·dan1 and the "Farn1 in a Day" project at Moses Ltlc. In ·Wenatchee Large Bars • • • • they visited at the home of ·Mrs. Fos' ter's- niece, 11r. and Mrs. George CANTALOUPE • • • • · • • • • lb. Se HAY CUTTING Meats. The Meats' daughter; Judy, DRY ONIONS • • • • • • • • lb. Sc returned with .the Fosters and will spend the summer with them at their CARROTS • • • • · • • • • 3 bu. 25c home on East 72nd street. Visits in Tacoma • Miss Linda Andrews, daughter of , t1r. and Mrs. John R. Andre;,,s, Can- 1, UNFINISHED furmture. Hag gs, yon road, spent the weekend with her __!l(JZ_M_ll,rket_StE~t. 15ctf · GR. 8213 aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. James UPLAND WOOD, 2 cords .$12. GR June 27 - 28 H. Andrews, in Tacoma. 3306. 15ctl Shop Early Home for JlurJough CI;JL Bill Folk, of ~he United States Manne Corps; arnvcd from Long . Grade A Beach, Calif., last Sunday to spend a Buy, Sell and Exchange Sugar Cured two-week furlough with his parents, Quality Recapping & Vulcanizing Mr. and Mrs. John Folk bu Canyon road. Home From Trip 220 Puyallup Ave., Tac. BR. 1888 Mr. and Mrs. Clayo Van Wagner and Gregory, Roger and Marlene re- WANTED - Chickens and rabbits. turned· to their home on East 72nd Call us before you sell. Cape's Poulstreet last ,Sunday after a two weeks SPANAWAY MEAT try Market, 7036 Pacific Avenue, vacation visiting- relatives and friends Tacoma, Wn. GA. 4406. 15ctf NEXT DOOR TO HERMAN'S GR 8215 in Riverdale, N. D. The children visI-lave four 2-room ited at the horncs of their aunts and FOR SALE cabins, one 4-room, to be moved; uncles, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Van IN THE SUPERIOR COURT. OF al~o good player piano; Phone GR Wagner and Mr. and Mrs. Oswald THE STATE OF WASHINGTON ctf WHITE FACE r~gistered bulls and K!evmocn, while their parents· con- t 37+8. heifers, polled and horned; a I s o IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF tinued oi:i to Chicago. The Van'Wag- USED & REBUILT transmissions; commercial cattle, steers and heifPIERCE. also gears; all makes and models. ners say that the Puget Sound climate ers. Take other cattle in trade. Rt. is very nice to come home to. Summit View Salvage, GR 6264 3, Box 610, Tacoma, Summit View. No. 116276 days; HI 3242 evenings. 15ctf Visits Aunt Cattle wanted, call collect, GR SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION Miss Charlene Latterell, daughter of FERTILIZER yard or sack. GR 6112. 13ctf ELIZABETH ANN ASHBY, Plaintiff, .Mr. and Mrs. Mike Latterell of Can4108. 15c42 vs. RICHARD DENNIS ASHBY, IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF yon road, spent last week visiting at COCKER PUPPIES for sale. 2711 Defendant. THE STATE OF WASHINGTON the .home . of her aunt, Mrs. Peter East C St. SK 2917. 15c41 FOR THE COUNTY OF PIERCE Davis, in Tacoma. Last Saturday CharYou are liereby summoned to aplene went to Woodland park, Seattle, FOR SALE-Kclv1nator retngerator, excellent condition. GR 6294. 15p41 No. 54356 pear within sixty. (60) days after the with the Fawcett school Cub Scouts. first publication of this summons, to24!'x48" knee hole desk. Light oak NOTICE TO CREDITORS In Dance Recital finish, green leatherette tbp. $3 7.50. In the Matter of the Estate of BEN- wit: within sixty (60) days after the Miss Sharon Folk, daughter of ML Parl<way Furniture, GR 3941, 141st JAMIN J. THOMASSON, De- 12th day "of June, 1952, and defend and Mrs. John Folk, appeared as a the above entitled action in the above and Pacific. 15c41 ceased. "llaby Dream" in the dance 1·ccital entitled Court and answer the compresented by the Louis Harter School 5-PC. chrome set, maple top table, · · · -b--.· h plaint of the plaintiff and serve a copy of Dance on Monday, June .16. use d , .$32 .50 . P a1·Icway F u rni"t u i·e , d Notice · d 1sh here b y given· that d t de un'lloys Visit Here GR 394-1 141st and Pacific. 15c41 as e~n. appomte an Has of your answer upon the undersigned ' . . J qualified as Admm1strator of the above attorneys at their office below stated; Andrew and Peter Davis, sons .of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Davis, Tacoma, FOR ~ALE·~1950 8-foot Kclvmator entitled estate; that all persons having and ;n case of your failure so to do, refngeralor, used 6 m.onths. $150. claims against said deceased are here- judgment will b<; rendered against you are· house guests of their. aunt and GR 5589. 15c41 by required to serve the same, duly according to the demands bf the comuncle, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Latterell, at WILLAPA CRAFT, the rough water verified, on said. A<;lministrator or,at- plaint which has been filed with the . their home on Canyon mad. boat, 14 ft., fi7-in. beam, 53Y2-in. torncys of record at tlie addres~ below Clerk ofsaid Court. transom, $340. Ask for demonstra- stated, and file the .same with the Cle.rk The plaintiff's cause· of action heretion. Dealers wanted. of said Court, toge.ther with proof of in is for divorce on the .grounds of ALSO small .boats. , such service, within six months after abandonment by the defendant for GOOD selection of Ford and Ford- the date of first publication of this more than one year last past, and to Ferguson used tractors. notice or the same will be barred. secure absolute custody of Alan StephNEW Ferguson tractors. Date of first publication June 12, en Ashby, minor child of the above NEW and used Titan chainsaws. 1952. named parties. USED small garden tractors. ELLIS GEORGE, GOODWIN, EASTVOLD & BUCK & SONS Administrator of Estate, HICKS, 114 Puyallup Ave, MA 4117 Spanaway, 'Washin.~ton. Attorneys for Plaintiff. SOMETHING 15ctf GOODWIN, EASTVOLD & HICKS, By Floyd V. Hicks. FOR FREE? HELP WANTED-Raspberry pickers. Attorneys for Estate, Office: National Bank of Washington, YES! Parkland Branch Buildfog. Weekdays call between 5-6, GR Nat'! Bank of Wash. Branch, Parkland Dress Shoes Postal Address: P. 0. Box 728, 6539. Weekends call 8-4:30. 15p4 l P. 0. Box 728, · Shined Parkland, Washington. FOR SALE-Guernsey cream, 80c a Parkland, Washington. Work Shoes Pub. June 1'2, 19, 26, 1952 Telephone: GRanite 3911. quart; raspberries and loganberries Oiled Pug. June 12, 19, 26; July 3, soon. GR 8720. 15p41 3•.Minor Rips 10, 17, 1952. Sewn 16-Livesto:_~ 4. Heel P.'lds, if Our New Phone Number ,,,,., needed SHOEING now available I!i You ?;Ct · these HORSE GR 4100 every day. Drop a card to Rt. 1, \!services FREE Box 475. Graham. J. R. Young. South End Plumbing ~ with soles 16ctf and/ or heels at Home of Schorn Paints ·1 Mt. Highway at Spanaway MILK COWS, sold on terms .. GamNear Rov Y Spanaway GR. 3323 WE DELIVER mon, Rt. 3, Box 703, Tacoma, 4 GR4100 miles south of Summit. 16ctf SPANA WAY RED FRYERS, lDbs. up, ·10c lb., live Closed Wednesday weight. HA 8790. 16c4 l

Piddes, Green River Dills.:. 24 Oz. 29't Pe(llches, Shurfine •••• :. ·• • 21/2s 29c •{col Ade • • • • • , • 6 for 25c

Tomatoes, Tastewell . ;. . 1'12 s19c Potato Chips, Nalley's, Reg. 39c, 35c Tomatc .,hlli1:e, Shurfine ••• No. 2 Can ·12c Orange Juice. Minute Maid Frozen •• 14c Kidi'Bey S & W •••• 1 Lb. Can 17

Sugar Wafers, in bulk Ee[ C·nf·f :U


lb •. 83c lb. 79c 25 lbs. $1.97

SHURFINE ,. Flo111nr Fancy Print Bag




GR 3846


2 for 25c

·(ft: MA. N' S . H .

162··".Spanaway d & Park Ave.

Tires .. Tires .. Tires Ault Tire Service


Corned Pork

lb. l7c


Corned Beef Lb.47c


& Equip.



Paul's Shoe Repair


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PEAT TOPSOIL 5 YARDS $10; 4 Yards .$8. l'inest blaek peat topsoil, state tested, 1to 5-yard loads. Lawn constmction and· rnckcries. Evergreen Landscaping -Co.

HI 2722 FOR SALE-Welsh saddle pony, 1 mile cast of Mountain Highway on Brookdale road. Rt. 7, Box 635. l6pH FOR SALE 6 year old Jackass. Broke to pack. Children have been riding iL Ideal for· those mountain trips. Sacrifice for $25. Phone GR 9937 or evenings GR 3272. 16c4-l FOR-SALE___Ym;ng lochr b-;:;,f, 25c lh. livr. weight; also 2 saddle horses, HA 3667. 16p4-l FOR SALE-Second calf heifer, nice family cow. Rt. 3, Box 607, Mal~ calm McC!arty Road. 16p41

• -·- - , We use 100% UNION p u re Paraffinc GASOLINE Base TRITON - - - - - - ' MOTOR 0 IL & lubricants, all quality. Your Friendly Independent UNION OIL DEAI,ER

Blue Spruce Service .GR 9996

FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP Our DISTRICT OFFICE is conveniently located to handle your POLICY SERVICE CLAIMS and SALES. INFORMATION AND RA TES CHEERFULLY given no obligation. CALL or VISIT our office. 9 A. M. to 5: 30 P. M., D. S. T. 9 A. M. to 2:30 P. M. on Saturday.

Howard W. Rimer Dist. Mgr. Office 5-8211. Res. (Eves.) 5-8617 912 East Main, Puyallup, Wash. Eatonville: Sec Grace Kneip, Local Agent

Next week read: "The Grange and Power."

Larchmont Fur Storage

New Homes - Remodeling Cabinets - Furnihuc

JAME§ and JAMES CONTRACTORS Guaranteed Workmanship Hawthorne 4612 - Hillside :; 171 602 E. 84th St. Tacoma, Wash.

Don't Delay and Be Sorry De-Mothing, Cleaning, Glazing in Our G. E. Cold Storage Vaults

For Only $2.50 For the Season



161st &Pacific Ave~

Restyling Repairing


Pick Up and Delivery

Vaughan's Values l x6 Kiln Dried Utility Flooring __________ Per 1,000 ft. $65.00 1x4 End Match Utility Flooring--------··· Per 1, 000 ft. $9 7.00 2x4-8 ft. No. 4 Common------------------ Per l ,000 ft. $35.00 lx8 No. 4 Shiplap ________________________ , _____ Per 1,000 ft. $35.00 4 5-Lb. Roofing __________ ,_ "------ --------------------- Per R0il $ 2.15



Times journal v 7 no 41 jun 26, 1952  
Times journal v 7 no 41 jun 26, 1952