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Corner Park Avenue & Wheeler Phone GRanite 7100 DEADI,INE: News, Monday Noon; Advertising, Tuesday Noon I

JUNE 12, 1952 (VOL. 7, NO. 39)

U. S. POSTAGE PAID Sec.. 34.66 P. L. & R. Tacoma, Wash. Permit No. 51


Middies' Po:irade

Saturday ight Dance For Free bulancej On Saturday evening, June 14, a big dance 1s bem~ held


Grateful chainuan of the Park.Roundup Kiddies Pct parade, inc 6, '\vishcs to thank the folfor their volunteer services "\Vere so iinportant in 1naking the parade a tre111endous success: Mafv Tomcrvik, Del Totten, Walt Young and Bart Payne. Also, to the Parkland rnerchants he wants to express deep appreciation to those who donated izes. This type of cooperation from e Parkland busincssrnrn really made the (;vent a standout for the kids. The judges, who gave freely of their were Miss Amu Knudson, Frank c, Newton Willis and Lee Trot-

ter. Much is also owed to the Pierce county sheriff's deputies and the State Patrol for the protection which. was !-10 -necessary. All were surely well rewarded by the great amount of fun the youngsters had.

C@ncer Film Due

H·OWJe _,,


. ambulance fund. The dance 1s a purely donation affair-those 1 · < · ,•· ·1 attending may give as mu~h as they wis~1, or notl?ing at .all-but 1 By Howie Snowden.·····. · :i it is hoped that a substantial amount will be received for the. up-1 24 May, 1952, keep of the free community am~ulance being operated by Pierce WASHINGTON-I. have )ust r~'J County Fire district No. 7 (Spana way) for the help and pro tee- ·turned from a very . 111 terest'.~g. tnp i · · · d f ·1 south. It was a profitable tI1p, too,j. tlon of practically all of the south en o t 1e county. from the standpoint of exc.hange ol. Good music will be provided by a{< group of musicians who are donating D i. I!.. •1 "' their services. Lunch will be served. illOOl\mO!iJlhE/S VD1 Martin Gibbons, who heads the resSummer Scheit:hsle cue squad in charge of the ambulance service, urges all friends of the proje~t Bookmobiles operated by the Pierce to turn oi1t, have themselves a big County library are now on summer evening of dancing and donate gen- schedules. In Times-Journal territory, erously to the ambulance fund. hours arc as listed below. "We need equipment to help' you Rt. A-1 {COLLINS) 1st and 3rd when you need us. Our services ":re Mondays: June 2, 16; July 21; Aug. given without pay, but .there .are cer- 4, 18-Allison and Laurine, 10:40-11; tain expenses lo be met to keep the Collins Grange, 11: 10-11 :30; Waller ambulance in operation. In the past and Allison, 11:35-11:50; Waller Rd. month we have averaged mar~ than (Anderson), 11:55-12:15; Gottfrieda call a day, have administered oxygen Etter, 12:20-12:50; Collins School, in several instances and have used 1:25-2; Curran Rd., 2:05-2:20; Col·other supplies, all of which cost money. linss Grocery, 2:25-3. So please turn out in droves, fill the Rt. A-4 (SPANAWAY) !st and hail and have fun, You don't need to 3rd Thursday· June 5, 19; July 17; make reservations-just come!" Aug. 21.-Sp~naway School, 10:15Mr. Gibbons points out that the 10:35; 162nd and Park Ave., 10:+0ambulance is for emergency use only. 11: 10; Spana way Loop, 11 :20-11 :40; Jn cases where time. is not. impol'lant, 168th and John Mahon Rd., 11 :50he asks people to call a pnvate ambu- 12:10· 76th and East B, 12:50-1:10; lance from Tacon_ia, or. o:ie provide? Hag-c~'s, 1 :20-1 :40; Fredrickson, 1 :t5-

The only showing for this comu1uuily of ihe fainous film On cancer, nMan Alivt~," is sCheduled for 9 0 clock this (Thursday) cvcninr: in the Canyon Road Community hall, 80th and Canyon road, under the sponsorship of the Canyon Road Community club. she'nff s·.o. .. In .m-.. ! 2; Clover Cre.ek.· Dr. Kenneth Sturdevant of Puyallup through way, the the ambulance 1s ffice available Evergreen and Grocery, McLarty,2:.l?'?}O; 2:3~-3; will r:ive an instructive talk on the stontly when needed in.the commumty, Brookdale Rd. (Gravel Pit), 3:05subject. The affair is for adults only To call the ambulance, conta.ct the 3:20; Brookdale and Elmhur~t, 3:25Volunteer Rescue Squad, Stat10n 1,' 3:55. Distric.t 7, fire department, GR 7512 Rt. A-8(SUMMIT-HARVARD) or GR 7025. 2nd a.nd 4th Wednesdays; June 11, 25; :Buttons and Button Holes Ju. ly 23; Aug.. 2 7: Central Ave. schorol, Imported Baby Line verro' ;ust7 11: .JO; Gifts 10:30-11; S:imn_iis church, 11 :0511:30; Summit View, 11:35-12; Woodland and Airport, 12:35-1; B+th ai;d f022 So. 115th GR 7231 Woodland, 1 :05-1 :30 8• and Fruitland, 1 :35-2; 96th and Canyon, 2:.1~2;30; 96th, ~,nd, Gol~en. Given (B.1ll s Grocery), ~ .35-3, Harvard ( 84th and Golden Given), 3:05-3:30. Rt. A-10 (ALDEK_fON-KAPOWSIN) 2nd and +th Fndays, June 13, 17; July 25, Aug.· 22. Roy Y (SpanCakes and Pastries away Aircraft), 3:30-3:50. $2.49 Just For Him $2.79 Even during the strike we $2.99 1



Doll & Marie's Shoppe


have a full supply.


State Senator Don _Eas,tvold, a suece,ssful .·T~con1a attorne)., today: a.nnoun~ed that he ~vould be a candidate for tne state office. of at~orney general on ·the Republican t.1ckct. East-

In Korea

information awl ideas with the staffs of the Naval districts. I flew from Washington to, Nor;> folk. Va., in a plane of .the Na·,;y's• Fleet Logistic Wing . .I have read. previously that a study of air accidents I had indicated a 'greater chance, of survival in case of a crash if ·seats··.we1~e installed facing backwards, but this was my first flight in a plane so arranged. I found .that seats arranged this way cause .. no discof!lfort. ,W.hq1 looking down '1t the passmg s.cencry, it makes no difference whether· you arc looking forward or backward. I spent two days in Norfolk., con~ £erring with the training staff of the Fifth Naval District and members of the staff of the Atlantic fleet. I had the good fortune of discovering that one of my old commanding officers lived in Norfolk. We got together for _ . .··. dinner and sµ·ent several enjoyable fie proved himself an ag~rcss1ve hours talking over our 2)1, years oi; ~hie 'campaigner and. his. entrance the Cotten DD669. . . into., the race for attorney ge_n.eral I went on to Charles.ton, S. C .. \ µi'!n1ises to set the stage for an rnter0



Puyallup's Reserve Police held reg-ubr monthly meeting Monevening with an enthus1;1st1c 1 group in attendance. Final. arrnnge1mcnts were made for the Jmx Jam: boree to be held the evening- of June I 131h at the Puyallu1) high school auditorium. The chairman of the arrailgerri.ent -comrnittee, SgL "Connien ) Ireland, reports 13 "all star" acts now ·signed up, _n1any of the1n being spon' sored by \\;ell known business men and ; state officials. j Among those who have purchased advanced tickets and who are each sponsoring some of the talent for this I gala even are: · Tom Martin, state I treasurer; Earl Coe, secretary of state; Jack Taylor, state land cornmissioner, and Don Eastvold, state senator .. Many others are laking an active interest in what is said to be one of the best presentations of high grade talent. The proceeds from the sale of tickets will be used exclusively to provide n1any needed ite1ns for the use of Puyallup's auxiliary police, now headed by.Earl Jennings, former chief of the Puyallup. city police depart-


THEATRE Wed., Thurs., Fri., Saturday "Ph one Call from a Stranger" Shelley Winters - Gary Merrill "The Cimarron Kid" · · (In Color) · Audie Murphy - Beverly Tyler Sun., Mon., Tues., June 15-17 '.' Woman Is Dangerous" Joan Crawford - Dennis Morgan "The Sellout" Walter Pidgeon - Audrey Totter Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., June 18-21 "The Invitation" Van Johnson - Dorothy McGuire

"Viva Zapata" lvfarlon Brando - J can Peters

Danielson .. Rolfe lnsura111ce .Agency PARKLAND-GR.. 3113 Autornohile - Casualty - Fire Inland Marine

, Parkland

Sot1ee 4shce Store


mED IT fl l 10 n BE THOUGHTFUL GUESTS :{ou'rc going on vacation, see inc.on1p8r(lblc beauty of An1erica. Be a thoughtful guest.



"Not only is this group important to the City of Puyallup, it is also enrolled as a unit with Pierce County Civil Defense. We.have every reason to be proud of this fine local organization," said William E. Jones, director of Civil Defense.

Rose Show

Myon Mullins Ready For Housecleaning

The Tacoma Rose society will hold its anual show Saturday and Sunday, June 14 and 15, at the_ South Tacoma .


where .sp.en.t. o.·ne day. with. Then the..·sta.f . •. n.••..g.. . . nd har.d-foug·h·t·n· lest. .. Commun. y center, T. a.c.o- I of the ISixth Naval District. (Jnf., e.····Eas(vold is 31 year old, marned ma way. it. The show, 4·8;) free 1toSouth the public, to New Orleans, La. and is the father of five children. In will receive visitors Saturday from 2 I spent a week end in New 9rlc~ns. ;ddlti.on to practicing h1w as a mcm- p. m. to 10 p. m. and on Sunday from It was very hot, but I had a fme Umc ber of the firm oI Goodwin, Eastvold noon to 8 p. m. sightseeing. I walked through ~he fa- & Hicks, he teaches two courses in Entries for all classifications except mous old French Quarter with its. business and labor law at Pacific Luth- arrangements must be made Saturday many al? bui.l?. ~ngs,. balco.. nies ~"'.ith .~ra. n.... c··.·0 lcgc, of. which. his father, Dr. betw~en 7. a. m. and 10 a. m. Arra.·n· gewrou,'(ht Iron ra1lmgs,. beautiful p"t10s, s; ·C.·,. E.astvold, 1s president. men ts may be entered Sunday between 1 andfamous Fr c n, ch, re.stau_rants. I Eastvold was selected Tacoma's 1 s a. m. and 10 a. m. 1 gorged myself on French cool~mg, :i;ar- Yoitflg Man of the Year in 1951 for ticularly .sea :foods, for which :t\ew his' contributions to church ·and com- £ice, and later as a state/ senator and Orleans rs . famous. I spent. Sunday niuhiiy .activities. He is a member of practicing attorney, that the office of afternoon ndmg on an old s1dewh~el tlie bpard of trustees of his local con- attorney general can be run more steai:iboat up and down the M1ss1s- gregation, Trinity Lut~ernp .church, economically and more efficiently. s1pp1. . and .also serves as C!fCUit president of But, more important, a better. job Monday I spc~t at ~he .headquarters the 'tutheran Brotherhood. He has can be done to establish high standof the Eighth Naval D1stnct and Tues- beefi: ;m active adult scouter, serving ards of morality in the wide discreday flew to Atlai;ita, Ga., where I at- for two years as chairman of the tionary ai'ea off law enforcement. tended the. rn~etmgs oI three Naval s·outfl~iist district of the Mt. Rainier ~'I promise to carry on an active, Reserve . D1v1S1ons. Wednesday back Boy ·scout council. Among .his club aggressive· and fair campaign." to W:>sh1:igton, C. . and· .fraternal affiliations he lists KiBernice Libak's orchestra, formerly , I find v.c~·y inte.rest1ng ~nd educa- ,_,.J_::iri-i't< __ , -Scandinavian Ainer.i.can frat10nal to visit vanous pa1ts of. t.he ternity Elks Eagles American Legion at Fruitland. Grange, is fiow playing at country. Bi:t on~ tlun~ I have ccrt3:u.1- .VrtC.i~a'ns 0 £' Foreig'n Wa_rs _and Son~ the V. F. W. hall in Sumner every ly learned is that the good old Pacific · .f,N·, · ·· · ·· Saturday night.-Adv. f o .. orway. . , b b N ort h \Nest JUSt cant . c cat, or my ,_li:(;~{11nouncing his Candidacy, Eastmoney, as a place to hve. . void:, In~de the following statement: _______ ,H():-VIE "1'.h~, position of attorney general -is:·Mw:;of public trust which demands the•. hfg):iest standards of. morality and Open house.. will he hdd June int)'l#1:((y. The constitution an.d the ' in . honor of the golden wedding an- stitutes of the State of Washmgton niversary of Mr. a!ld Mrs. :C. A. Mas. pfe·.··.'.s.··c·.r···· dutie.s and. res.ponsibili.t ie. s. sie at their hume, •720 4th St. West, Which go far beyond being a mere EtJ:yallL! p,. from 2 tQ. 4 p. m. The couple \eg-!lf ad~iser: to.. state .offi.c.1.'als and de·i· formerly lived in.the Roy' vicinity. partn1ents. "The courage with which he asWISCONSIN CLUB announces the su1nes hiB duties in thf': arra of law monthly potluck supper for 6 p. m., enforcement in large rncasurc sets the Sunday, June 15, in the basement of pattern for such activities in the local the Odd Fellows Temple, 6th and levels of govennncnt. It is n1y fi.rn1 conviction gained from experience first Fawcett Tacoma.





l'lus Tax and l,icensc, for This Beautiful Country Club Sedan fully equipped with radio, fresh air heater, foam cushions, directional signals, electric clock, chrome wheel discs, custom wheel for only . . .

$1,999 INCLUDING OVERDllUVE TODAY'S HOTTEST BUY - NASH GOLDEN AIRFLYTE No other cat can give you the comfort, safety, performance, and econ~ omy of the New Nash. No other dealer can offer such trades. We trade higher. SEE THESE GUARANTEED ONE-OWNER TRADES '51 NASH Custom Ambassador Sedan. Radio, weather eye heat, bed reclining seats, hydra drive, never sold. save ove,r $800. '51 HUMBER HAWK Sedan. Radio, he.ater ..........·-····-................. $1459 '51 NASH Super Sedan, hydramati.c ......... _................ ·--·-.. --.. -·-.. --.$1899 '50 OLDSMOBILE 88 Sedan, hydramatic ..... -........ _.............. _...... $1899 '50 PACKARD 8 Sedan, overdrive ·--······ .. ·········-............................. $1659 '49 OLDSMOBILE 98 Sedan, hydramatic .................................... $1599 '19 STUDEBAKER Land Cruiser, overdrive -·-· .. ····-·-·-·····-.. ·-·--.... $1499 '50 FORD 4-door, rndio. heater __ ....... _... , .. _.. ,_.--.. ··-·················-·· .. _$1399 '47 NASH Super Sedan .............. -..................................................... $ !399 '41 :!\ASH Ambassador Sedan .................................. , ..............,_ .... _$ 299 '39 GRAHAM Sedan, overdrive ,--··-· .... ·- .. --...... -·-, -··-·-.. -,-··--··· ....... $ 99 '51 FORD Custom Victoria hard top, fordamatic, radio, heat, white side tires, foam cushions, other equipment. Save over $600. '51 CR OS LY Super Sedan, radio, heater ........................................ $ 899 '51 RAMBLER Custom Station Wagon, overdrive .. _,__ __$1899 '50 NASII Custom Ambassador Sedan, hydractic. Save nearly $1500 '50 RAMBLER Custom Convertible ................................................ $1399 '49 NASH Super Sedan, overdrive ............ -............................. -........ -$1299 '48 NASH Custom Ambassador Sedan, overdrive ·--- .......... -- .......... --$1199 '48 CHEVROLET Aero Sedan. Nice...... ..---.. ··-·-.. ·····--..... __ ,$1099 '46 NASH Ambassador Sedan, overdrive ........... -................ _......... $ 579 '41 Bl!ICK Sedan ......................................................... _....................$ 99 '40 HUDSON Sedan ··-.. ____ ....................................... _.................. $ 99 '36 BUICK, '36 OLDS .................. -·-,_,_ ...... -, .. each $ 69

FATHER'S DAY Sunday, June 15th

We'll have the foods that Father likes best

CAKES, PIES and Deiicioius COfflEIE CAKE

AUNT SUE'S Bakery HI. 4072


Golden Wedding



* * *

Members of the Pierce County .Sher-· iff'&· Posse are all set for lhe big weekend at Elma where the State Association of Sheriff Posse's are stag-inf( their annual Posse meet with hundreds of the finest trained drill horses in the·'" , state competing for the honors of havJ ing the best county posse. The Pierce County Sheriff's Posse has held top honors for tvvo years -so you can see By Clarence LaCrosse ihat they are really out to win . . • Thanks a million folks for n1aking drop down tu Elma over the weekend the 2nd annual Parkland Roundup and sec the. finest precision drilling Horse .Show the biggest and best yel. you have ever witnessed. * * * Capacity crowds gathered Saturday I don't know where' all the horses to sec a mighty fine horse show . . . came from in the parade Saturday of course there 1vere a fc\v con1plaints about some of the classes, etc., but it but there were hundreds of them (Continued on Page Six) takes a few con1plaints no\v and then to make every one happy. Judge Kent Erickson is to be congratulated on doing a very splendid job in a very difficult lot of classes. Kent judges impartially on a point syste1n which makes it a lot more fair than some of the ways I have seen I . . . again it is the same old story ! though . : . you just can't please every- I


N eolite Soles 'J' Kiddies' . Washable Keds i, Blue and Red ................... ·-··· $2.99

Coming Attractions

56th & l\I St. GA. 7373 Doors open l :00 p.m. Sat. & Sun. 6:30 p. m. Mon. thru Fri.

Wes McI(ewen, the official Roundup photogmpher has the word that he no longer is . a tenderfoot . . . after riding the Pony Express from Olympia to Parkland plus a lot of riding hereabouts Wes says he just isn't. a tenderfoot or anything else anymore. Incic!entally, Wes has a whale of a lot of Roundup photos that you might like ... drop in and see the many he has on dis pie y ... ych, sure, he would be g1rrd to sell one.

their Iday



* * *

JiililX J©Bmboree Wm Bell'l!efit Civil Defense

For .Attcrtiey Ge1roeral

the Metropolitan Park hall at Spanaway for the beneht of the i



Eashrold Announces

one . . as far 2.q I am concerned Kent, you did a darned good job.




BQXHOLDER OR OCCUPANT RURAL ROUTE POSTMASTER-If unable to deliver, return postage is guaranteed.









Hra Cs Little

Moon. M)lllins, the popular Parkland area salesman for .the Puyallup Laund1-y and dry cleaners, offers to assist any Parkland housewife with the hard-to-do part of the annual house· cleaning job. "r111 prepared to clean anything,'' claims Moon. "Rugs, both oriental and domestic, thoroughly cleaned by the most modern and the safest methods.. Colors are revived and the nap is raised. Disfiguring spots are re .. moyed. Blankets .are cleane? s~fcly;so they'll store safely during warm s:im· rn.ei· m\m'ths, . Pillpws a~e cleaned by M uroza methods, That means · the feathers arc sterilized for 7 niinutes in live steam. Returned, they're sofl, and syveet Srnelling .as·· rtew~- Curtains_ ROY V. ROSTEDT arc washed witho;·j.t 's.train·. and· rdin8201 Park Avenue ished beautifully to exact size. These 'Phone HA 2342 services, plus "cold" fur storage thru · i hot summer months, plus the odorless DR. JOSEPH G. HANSON dry cleaning of summer apparel, ha.ts Osteopathic Physician and other personal items, enables me 543 7 Y, So. Tacoma Way to. offer you the finest in service at Odd Fellows Building this season of the ye~r. C,all !Ile at HA 5315 Tacoma 9 Wash. Puyallup 5-6651 for ·free' pick-up ' and delivery service." (Pd. Adv.)







1-FURNACE measures 79" high, 20" deep and 30" wide.


2-PARTITION wall cut away to show how fumace is set in wall to extend out equally on each side (7" in the case of a 6" wall)

or can build in flush with walls.


3-FURRED OUT section of wall ·directly

above furnace on both sides provides ample room (20x30) for the patent flue. 4-PATENT FLUE, which comes down from above, without danger of contact with wood or other combustible material. (Or brick chimney constructed at side may be used.)


Auto Sales and Service 303 W. Main, Puyallup Phone Puy. 5-6693, or Tac. FU 1187

5--WARM Am discharge grilles.


6-RADIANT PANEL, 12"x49". 7-COLD Am intake grilles.

Perfect for small homes with~ut basements, saves ,valuable floor space, auto• matically lights itself, burns low cost furnace oil, Underwriters approved.

Millions of Dollars loss Ea(i';;h Yeeir By Moth Damage

65,000 B. T. U. output per hour.

Be wise, and prevent this loss by having your

"Estimates Gladly Given"

garments cleaned befor2 storing.

Specialized H. C. Little Furnace and Heater Service


Parkland Cleaners Phone GRcudte 322.1

11 004 Pacific Ave. North

of the Bank Corner


Sixth Ave. atJ>ine

lacomc:f s Lci!r9est J.hd!der of Garages

12x20 Single 14x20 Single

• •

• •

$475.00 $495.00

• •

• .

$15.17 per me. $15.81 per mo.

20x20 Double


$21.50 per me.



BR 0I I I ••• Eves. YU 9836, GR 5940



Parkland Fuel Oil Se

NO DOWN PAYMENT -first Payment Due 60 Days After Built



18 Months


24 Months

$ 9.18

13.77 18.36 22.95




IWANTED - Chickens and rabbits. Call us before you sell. Cape's Poul-




try Market, 7036 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Wn. GA. 4406. 15ctf SEWING MACHINES- Sin,ger JtOR SALE Have four 2-room tric with attachments, $23.50; White cabins, one 4-room, to be moved; also good player piano. Phone GR electric, $24.95; new lightweight porta!:>les, $37.50; Necchi or Pfaff 3748. · ctf $69.50; many others, new or used; '.Crrns and _trade. So. Tacoma Sewmg Maclunc Co., 5444 So. TaiH. . coma Way. HI 7154. 15ctf WORV~ FOR SALE-Choice top soil and peat. fi.l HI 15H or Puyallup 5-7027. MOTOR REBUILDING ~----------'15c41 AND REPAIRING FOR SALE-Washing machine, I yr~ All Types of Machine Work old. A-l shape. 7320 Portland Ave. HI 7200. 15c39 Shop: GR. 7450 -- Res: HI. 6190 WANTED-Old cars for junk. Gil Pacific Avenue at Brookdale 784-7. 15p39 Use Our Easy Finance Plan FOR SALE -- Six-foot refrigerator. 12 Months to Pay-Nothing. Down Perfect coudit.ion,. $60.00; overhead garage door, hardware, single or USED & REBUILT trnnsmissions; d.oublc door, $12.50. GR 7 l3U also gears; all 1nakcs and n1odcls. 15p3~ Surnrnit View Salva.o;c, GR 6264· days; GR :1242 evenings. 15ctf SAIL BOAT Varnished deck, complete sail and rigging; Ul'.ied one season, excellent



BABY FURNITURE;, new and used. SMALL FRY EXCH., 1109 Market. 15ctf WE BUILD FOUNDATIONS, block building and concrete work of all kinds; roofing and painting. J. R. LaRue & Sons, GA 0089. 15p_4:Q WANTED-Ride to Bremerton shipyard from Parkland, day shift. GR 7420. 15c39 FOR SALE-Fryers am! pullets. GR 3304. . 15c39 FOR SALE-Easy Spindricr washing machine 'with automatic spin rinse, 11 months old and like new, complete with all fittings and hose at, tachments, wonderful buy. Call HA 5601. 15c39 FOR SALE-Davenport and chair; 2 television chairs, mahogany corner table and other misc. furniture. Must sell by the 15th, reasonable. Call GR 6703. 15c39 OLD STYLE Planet :i FI. P. gard~n trac_tor, running condition, p]o\v, disc, cultivator, $100 cash. HA 8858. 15p39 FOR . SALE-Single spike tooth h;irro,v, $10. GR 8391, M, S. Rau. 15c39 furniture. Hag g's, i'tEGISTERED English settc1· pups, 3 VNFINISHED H07 .Market Street. 15ctf months old; sale or trade..HI 5871, 7018 So. Oakes, Tacoma. 1.'ip~9 SCR*TCH PADS-Get them at LaCrossc Printers and TIMES-JOURFOR SALE-Oil burning range (not NAL office, 25c lb. Convenient pot burner). Good shape, make ofpad~ and sizes. l 5ctf fer. 64-29 So. D. St., Tacoma. :FREE. Trade .in yonr used flower UPLAND WOOD, 2 cords $12. GR pots. l 0-2" pots or 6 larger pots 3306. I Seti I for half dozen bedding or half dozen pansy plants. From June 12-22 only. G. amin Greenhouse, 11017 So. Ains. -.1 Buy, Sell and Exchange worth. 15p3 9 REBUILT davcno, good wool frieze 'Quality Recapping & Vulcanizing cover, n'cvv- leatherette ai. ··r.ns -- and base. $+9.50. Parkway Furniture; 220 Puyallup Ave., Tac. BR. 1888 141st and Pacific. 15c39-3




Tires .. Tires .. Tires


A.wt Tire Service

-~ s~,, .;:;:Q:Z~

"Your Sports Station-KMO-your best bet for local sports coverage. Dial 1360 for these sports features: 6:15-6:25 P. M.


Priced Right

Sports News with Robertson (Monday thru Saturday)

Sports College sponsored by Silver Springs Brewery (Monday thru Saturday except Thursday) Tacoma City Lea15m~ Baseball sponsored by Colmnbia .Breweries, Inc.

1360 on your dial










16-liyesto~k & Equip.

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed and has qualified as Administrator of the above entitled estate; that all persons havjng claims against said deceased are hereby required. to serve the same, duly verified, on said Administrator or attorneys of record at the address below 1 staled, and file the sa111e with the Clerk I of said Court, together with proof of such $Crvicc, within six months after the/ date of first publication of this notice or the same will be barred. Date of first publication June 12, 1952. ELLIS GEORGE, Administrator of Estate, Spanaway, Washington. GOODWIN, EASTVOLD & HICKS, Attorneys for Estate, Nat'! Bank of Was.h. B. ranch, Parkland P. 0. Box 728, Parkland, Washington. Pub. June 12, 19, 26, 1952

Sheet Metal Work Rabbit Feeders





2046 6th .Ave.

Lay Away A Bike for Graduation

Poultry Equipment Wat~r

Custom Picture Framing BR 4327

Parkland Cycle Parkland Shopping Center GR. 5772

GRanite 7372

For Fun In The Sun


Faded Denim Slacks

Short Sleeve Sport Shirts and Polo Shirts

SWIM SUIT;.;udrei.'s


$1~3:2 10


• Men's $2.40 up

HORSE SHOEING now available every day. Drop a card to Rt. 1, llox 4·75, Graham. J. R. Young. 16cti WHITE FACE registered bulls and heifers, polled and horned; a 1 so con1111ercial cattle, steers and heifers. Take other cattle in trade. Rt. 3, Box 610, Tacoma, Summit View. 16ctf


CUSTOM BUILT At No Extra Cost RHONE'S CABINET SHOP 2nd & Pacific Spanaway GRanite 3342


Where Your Dollar Goes Farther

PURDUE Plumbing & Heating Installation & Repair Service

GR.anite 7038 Specializing in Permanent Waving, Hair Cutting and Tin ting Call for Price on ·Specials· on Permanents WILMA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 11002Y, Pac. Ave. GR 5852

omfort:able •••• e mart:










No. 2 Tin

Standby 2-Sieve

23c Mt. Whitney 6 /i-oz. Tin I Ripe Olives . . , . 15c Sperry 28-oz. Pkg. Wheat Hearts • . . 19c Cut Green Beans





n""""' rCtll For the First Time -


3 Oz. ~

• •

. 33c·

Brown or Maroon. (B, C, D withs)


In Canvas $6.75--ln Leather $8.95 Cush-N-Crepe Soles -,- Steel Arch Shank (Leather uppers in Blue Suede also)

Crepe Sole Indian Moes

• •

411 Garfield Street Al arid Malcolm Soine (In the Parkland Centre Building) Open 10 Till 6 Daylight Time


GR. 3526

Across from the Post Office

Local Rad. &


Sliced Bacon . 45c


Solid Heads

Graded Good Si~loin





Cabbage . . . 9c


Steak . . lb. 95c 11111


• • • • B

" , Parkland OtHe "shoe Store

Hunt's Yellow Cling

Krispy Crackers . 23 l pkgs. 13

$9.50 $5.45 $6.95


Carsten Morn. Glory Lb.

Fryers . • lb. 63c

I Lb.

Local Solid Heads

Gr. Onions • • 10c

Dog Food

14..oz. Bottle

Flour . . . . . • $2.09} Mountie



Large Pkg.

Cello Wrap. Pan Ready

Peaches .

Corkmt.J~Crepe Soles • • . • $3.95 "Throw Them in the Washing Machine"


3 bun.

25 Lbs.;

Occident Apron Bag

Narrow and Medium Widths

!With cannon Wash"c1othl


1 I At.,.

• • • LI

Stuffed Olives


Yes, Men! Now you can buy canvas oxfords in shoe widths! In Blue,


Do the Dots Glow


D .fi, &j & £Jl!it

No. 2 Tin

Standby 2-Sieve

Indian Moes

Rock. Fred, Wiggens, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wiggens of Portland, was home yisiting over the weekend. Mr.' and Mrs. James Hess and children drove Mrs. Marie Hess and Mrs, Oscar Swaland and Janet Swalander to Hood canal for a Memorial day picnic.

No. 54356 jI NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Matter of the Estate of BENJAMIN J. TBOMASSON, Deceased. 1, . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ' . •





and daughter Walken, to Hood canal for the day. They left early in the morning and took a pjcnic lunch, returning late in the evening. Friends of the Art Lincolns, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stephens and daughter Sharon, of Poi'tland, were vacation weekend guests· over Memorial day. While here they spent a day a Mount Rainier. Retired Warrant Officer J. C. Mullins arrived home on Wednesday for the weekend from Barnes Veterans hospital at Va~1c·o· uvc~, Wa~hin~ton, to.· spend ~he hol;clay with his wife and two children Cathy and Teddy. Other ,o;uests for the weekend were Mr. Mullins' grandfather, Lee Collins of Seattle, and his tw.o sisters, also of Seattic, Hazel Mullins and Mrs. Robert

FOR SALE--Push-button car radio for '+2 DeSulu with aerial, $35; also heater, $35. HA H42. l 5p39 FOR SALE-Frigidaire electric stove, new, $150; setni~aulo. Beudjx \V<Hihcr, used, $1~5. Rt. J:J, Box 751, near 96th and Canyon Rd. l 5p39 FOR SALE-(~:ocl~;rpuppics. 16(8 So. 108th, GR 3736 after 5. 15c39 FERTILIZER yard or saZ:i«:--GR '1108. 15c12 ............................................ ::.;;J.1 ,59_5. Saturday night.-Adv. 0 f 1 '-"..'.'-"'-"'L' r u t~ rI ES or sa c. • 711 19 50 .CHEV. Ji kctli ne de luxe 2-d oo·r· ~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;. hast C SL SI<.. 29 I 7~ ______ _15c41 Choice of 2 .......................... $1,595 • FUR SALE.'--ScTon. d hand.sto'..c sto~k 11950 CHEV. Styline de luxe club at w holcsadlc cost_; ah<Smt $A•t oo rn cpc ......................................... $1,595 1 goo 1ocat10n. ce 1ex at ston; . l'ON'l'IA'' 4 d R. & H l 5c39 19· -·19 . . '-' ·- oor. • , ~ Shell Roy "Y". LOW COST AUTO INSURANCE Hydra-Matte --·-:-------·----····- $1,59:> Save 20 to :10%1 1949 l'LYM. Special de luxe 4-d,oor Temperance Policy Rates ·-------·-· .................................... $1,295 McKinley Hill Realty HA 0365 19-J.9 PLYM. de luxe 4-door .. $1;195 WILLYS CRAFT, the rough ,,;ater 1918 CHEV. 1-door ·······----··--· $1,085 boat, 14 ft., 67-in. !warn, 53;/o-in. 19+8 DODGE 2-door. R. & H., W.S. tronsom, $340. Ask for dcmonstraW. tires motor completely ovcrtion. Dealers wanted. hauled 50 miks back .......... $1,045 NE.~ ROTO-HOE garden tractor, 19·11 CHEV. Special de luxe club $1::16; lawn mower attachments, $•10. . . $34·" FREE DEMONSTRATIONS. ~pc. ---------·-----··-·----·----·--------.. -- '," 3 GOOD selection of Ford and I'ord- 1937 DODGE 4-door. R. & H .... $14-5 Do your part to aid in the djsplay of the American Flag Ferguson usc<l tract.ors. Local Bank Terms Trade NEW Ferguson tractors. Up to 24 months to pay NEW and used Titan chainsaws. PACIFIC HARDWARE PAINT CO. l'SED small g;irdcn tractors. Open till S P. M. BUCK & SONS Headquarters11 11+ Puyallup Ave. MA 41 l 7 15c39 KNUTE LOil.AND 8302 PARK A VE.

I-lave your Cabinets


Barbara Cordes-5-2511 (Crowded Out Last Week) },fr. and Mrs. Larrv Bartalotz and ·children Larry, Ricky and Mike, spent Mr:1norial day vacation driving around the Olympic peninsula. They stopped at various spots of interest and picnicked at several parks and stayed overnight at Sequim. Mr .. and Mrs. Howard Lee and son Terry, drove Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lee




8:15-10:15 P. M.

condition. Ider.ii for Sp:inavvay or

American bkc. Any reasonable offrr considered. GR 3556. 15p39 BlJRNETT has g;mJ!inc for 25~5,:-;i-ri-.:i: 28c. 12512 Pocific Highway S. W.

Thursday, June 12, 1952


Fishing Guide sponsored by Cammarano Bros. (Thursdays) 7: 30-7 :45 P.


12-Used Autos


FOR SALE '-- Gentle and spirited IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF horses. HI 6741 or 3701 East M St. THE STATE OF WASHINGTON ------------'-1"-6c_.3_9 IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SELL or trade for cattle, 2 large ridPIERCE. ing horses. saddles and bridles. $250. No. 116276 Route 5, Box 188, Puyallup 5-7006. SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION 16p39 ELIZABETH ANN ASHBY, Plaintiff, ~---------~· MILK COWS, sold on terms. Gamvs. RICHARD DENNIS ASHBY, mon, Rt. 3, Box 703, Tacoma, 4Defendant. milcs south of Summit. 16ctf f?51C SALE -=:-Good gentle ricli~~ You arc hereby sunnnoncd to aphorse. GR 6217. 15c39 pear within sixty (60) days after the l• U]{ SALE-Guernsey cow, second first publication of this su1n1nons, t(_)calf, will freshen about Friday, Jnm; wit: within sixty (60) days after the M. John Napora, Roy, Wash. 16c39 12th day of June, 1952, and defend the above entitled action in the above r.n6t.led Court and answer the con1plaint of the plaintiff and scn'C a copy FOR SALE--1931 Model A coupr:, of your Jnswcr upon the undersigned """d motor, battery, tires. $95. GR attorneys at their office below stated; 5711. 12p39 and in case of your failure so to <lo, will be rendered against you LOILANlf - jud,"mcnt according to the demands of the complaint whic;h has been filed with the MOTORS Clerk of said Court. Known for Good, Clean Sharp The plaintiff's cause of action herein is for divorce on the grounds of Cars abandonment by the defendant for more than one year last past, and to WORDS cannot tell yon how nice secure absolute custody of Alan StephAshby, minor child of the above they really are. See them before en na1ncd parties. you buy. GOODWIN, EASTVOLD & HICKS, 1952 START.INER Hardtop V-8) Attorneys for Plaintiff. never lie. --··-----·------·-----·---·--- SAVE By Floyd V. Hicks. 1951 DODGE Coronet 4-door. R. & Office: National Bank of Washington, H., Gyromatic, etc., sharp .. $2,095 Po.rkland Branch Building. J 1)51 NASH' Rambler station wagon. Postal Address: P. 0. Box 728, R. & H., overdrive, directional sigParkland, Washington. nals, undercoat, only 5,000 miles Telephone: GRanitc 3911. ·--·-------··----··----···-·····--···········-·- $1,795 Pug. June 12, 19, 26; July 3, 19 51 FORD V-8 Tudor. R. & FL, fen10, 17, 1952. der skirts, W.S.W. tires-··--· $1,695 1950 CHEV. Styline de luxe 2-door Bernie·<·' Libak.'s orchestra, formerly $1,595 at Fruitland Grange, is now.playing at 1950 CHEV. Flcetline de luxe +-door the V. F. W. hall in Sumner every


Spinach . . . 5c


Steaks . . . 95c 11111

3 bunches ..

Beet Greens • 1Ocl_

Lb •

Pure Lean

Ground Beef


charge,.but they need.workers; ·If you fed qualified to help out .with this wonderfnL work, please notify Supt. Gil Anderson at GA 95.43. The bus will .make regular runs to pick up the children each day. Last year's average attcdance was around 100; will that mark be passed this year? Invite your pals, kiddies, and be sure to be· there. Prizes will be offered for bringing others. Congratulations! qongratu.lation~, graduates! Inc1uded rn the graduatrng class of Puyallup high school are these young people ri~orn our cornn1unity: Ethel ...-Vasicko

Lorna Jeanne Fogle McMnhill, Ji1~ Robbins and Donald Schwabe!. Gradunting froni Aquinas acad_cn~y _is_ Franccs Heath; Jimmy Ray is a.Bel!anuinc graduate. Connie Fox and Joanne Williams also oTaduated from Puyallup and Jimmy ~'3traling and Don Zemck from Bcllarmine. Guests Joanne_ and .Gail IIazen, Jr., Of Kclso· \Vere .weekend guests at the Michael Vasicko home at 72nd and Vickery and of. the Arthur Hazens in Tacoma.

(This tongue-in-cheek column by .a former editor of the Times-fournal will appear occasionally du;ing th~ du1'ation of ·the Tacoma press· shutdown.) By PAUL ARLTON .. , , . With last weekends cgume extravaganza. now a of the past, Park-

! lan<j.




JS t1tternpt1ng to 1·esun1r. its crst-

while ~taidness. Busrnessmcn from 9Gth to 14·2nd ha\T harvcs_tcd their lux·u.rlant crops of fac~ foliage m;d !1a\'C stowed their Hopalong outfits rnto mothballs for another 11 months. With memories of one of the most succc'5ful celebrations in Joca.I history citizens are: tu·tning tht~ir-· tho11v,hts_ t~ r~1orc rnu_ndnnc n1attc-rs-slieh as-polit1~s, tra1n ·wrecks and lllurdci: n:trials. ·Y.·



Whether your car be new or old, for top performance on your trip kl Earl checkyour car.


The accreditation of some delegation.'• i:-.; bring disputcd but 'I'aft s_cc111s destined to enter the Chicago GOPow\VO\\' \Vith a 1nargin_ o_f · 50_ dclcga_tes over Ike. With. the convention seemingly heacl"d toward a stn!cmatc, don't be smprised if the nomination lands in the lat> of some surprised "darkhorsc." Look for our own Don Easfvold, one of Washington's 2-J. delegates, to be plugging for Ike to the bitter end. In· the Demo camp, Kciauvcr has proved .hi.rnsdf !.o .he. the ovcrwhclm· inp; popular favorite. But .the •bosses JI! 1

CARD OF THANKS We all ·wish to thank our. dear friends for the Jove and kindness and beautiful flowers sent to our dear mother, grandmother and great great grandnwthcr, June 2nd, at her burial. Marnie Eaton Mr.· and Mrs. George Hartman Mt. and Mrs. Ted Florie and son Mrs. Elinor Miller Mr.· ahd Mrs. Harry Smith Mr. and Mrn. Robert Fairbanks Cathy and Carol·Miller




Lakewood Center


LA 4447

. in


Play Clothes Ever Shown

Culottes •••• $5.95 Shorts •••••• $3.95


Pedal Pushers $4.50 Sizes 10-20


25c per Hour STARTING JUNE 23

Every leaf appears to be sculptured by hand


$1')95 1~


Downtown Tacoma



Rubber Stamps Made to Order


F.ARMIERS INSURANCE GROUP Our DISTRICT OFFICE is conveniently located to handle your POLICY SER VICE CLAIMS and SALES. INFORMATION AND RA TES CHEERFULLY given no obligation. CALL or VISIT our office. 9 A. M. to 5: 30 P. M., D. S. T. 9 A. M. to 2:30 P. M. on Saturday. Hcw~rd

W. Rimer

Dnst. Mgr. Office 5-8211. Res. (Eves.) 5-8617 912 East Main, Puyallup, Wash.





MAYONNAISE l!lli'iii!ldJl'Ml4§&Jai'!'.WAA




Ne. 303 Tifill


Jeans I 77C! ~ IiiftRiiiiiS 2lbs 35&:



1Ot 10c -~~ l Ots~ 39c








112 1




Reg. 39c

BABY DEPT. llSP 111111









lb 1 lb.

• • Grgded Good and Choke











> --< ~


Registered Pharmacist On Duty 24 Hours Day or Nite to Serve You



Cl :f»i.




MA 9039 Save One Half We Furnish Everything


Larry Kirkwood again lived up to his fine reputation of doing the best job of annonncing -that has been turned in around these parts for a long time. W c really took advantage of Larry this year, working him for two days .. , but he didn't let us down. Thanks, Larry, a lot. D. F. Fluty, our show chairman, and his wife, Marie, did a good job in planning and presenting the show ... hope you liked it ... if you didn't

Driu~Ur-Self Ca






Simple as A.·B·C A.AUTOMATIC Fully automatic defrosting. Nothing .to do. Frozoll> foods stay brick-:hard !


F"a;t, electric defrosting

any time .. you want it•. A

Welcome convenience!



229· 9r=d

$·. ·



C. C~NVENTIONAL Defrost slowly if you wish. Handy when you clean refrigerator interior!

Color Inside, Color Outside, l

.... ! ...•• . 1 111!



GRanite 3691

Invitations • •

• •


Any Style -Any Price

We Have Them



PARKLAND - $7,450 THREE bedrooms, living room, di· ~ette, kno_tty })ine kitchen, utility, tiled bath, attached ,r;o;aragc. Close to bus, school, shopping cented. 415 So. I 18th St. 9p39 LEAVING CITY, must. sell l-bcdroon1 ho111e. Neat, clean and con1plctcly furnished, including· clcc· tric range, n:f., washing 1nachinc. Fenced yard with flowers, trees and garden. Drive by 11905 lntcrlm1kcn Dr. If interested call Alma Stanley, LA 4 l GO. R. B. Kerr, Inc. 9p39 HY OWNER-5 acres, small clcm:i;~-g, 4.:roo1n house, wired 220, ·water, garage. Small barn or poultry. On Curran Ruad, Terms. Call GR 6398. 9p39 FOR SALE-Small house, 2 y, l~t~. See at 62 So. l 14th; inquire at Rt. 7, Box +15, Military Road, evenings. 9p42

Parkway furniture 14

The Next Thing to Wholesale We Guarantee To Save You

s 11

Money On (i'h!ality



AH Wool--


Rayon am:tWool




The Manufacturer's List Price



$650 DOWN

Spanish-type stucco home with fireµlace. 1-car gar., lOxl~ chicken hse. 2 Y, acres good soil. Full price $5,800. Small down pmt.

Parkland. 2 blocks from P. L. C .. 2-bedrm. modern home, con· cretC foundation, double g-ar., chicken hsc. On 3 lots. Buy it a11tl 111uve in today.




Dandy older type 3-bcdroom modern home, .concrc_tc foundation, on 3 Ji acres. 1-car garage, workshopi chicken hO~tse, s1uall CU\Y barn. Ov..rncr will accept home in Parkland area as part trade.



2,bedroom home, spic and span, wired 220, hardwood floors. Owner will sell to qualified veteran. Brookdale area.

Owner. will trade his 3-bedrm. home on Pacific Ave. near 38th s~., priced at $5,250, for a 2· bcdrm. home with two to five acres, of equal value.

HELP, HELP-Need a good 2-bcdroom home in So. 56th district; $6,000 tu $7,000 cash; also a good 2-bcdroom home for $·1,500 cash on McKinley Hill.

HOME AND FARM BUR~AU-REAL ESTATE 12810 Pacific Avenue, Parkland GRanite 3931 Mail Address: Rt. 3, Box 819, Tacoma, Wash.

ibbons 1


Spanaway Food Center GR. 7512


""" ~(ilby Feed .••. 3 /25c


Borden Starlac Skim


Mi!k •• 38c: Ea.

Pastel Color Plastic S·oz.


••••••• Sc


46-oz. Tin


•• 29c


••••..• 25c



. 39c

G,R 3871 Day or Evening

Lb. 5,~ift <;;J<>mplctcly Cooked HOME FOR SALE, inquire after 5 49c p. m. or Saturday or Suuday. 5-room BEACH COTTAGE WALLER ROAD LeHuce ••• per Db. 51-: house with 2 bcd11ooms, garden, 3-BEDROOM completely furnished ONE and a half acres good soil. Four· berries. Close to Kapowsin !ah; sun1n1er ~on1e on bcap_t1ful '~at- i room house plus utility in excr1lcnt O~ions Oc scn1i-modcrn; partly furniShcd. ~r bay with long s'.'ndy b;\ with· condition. Good garage and barn. Tcnns rcasonalJle. Inquire at crossRadisl~es m easy cqmmutmg distance of Berries and some garden in. $10,500 roads, Kennedy's Carrier, Kapow· downtow;> Tac9ma. Total price 0!1ly Terms. Call Mr. Smith, GR 3624 or New Lh . sin. · 9c39 $3,950. Excl,pt10nal terms and un· GR 'I 162. · C()lbbage • • • • • • 9c WILL TRADE 70xl5D ft lot,, excel: mediate possl'ssi9n., Mr .. Peterson, 3 BEDROOMS-1 ;/2 ACRES lent. building sit.c, le\'el, c)earc<l, l'rcsh Bunch Each SK H 13, or Mr. Imeson, PR 0081. NEAR Waller Road. Gara((c, chicken lights and waler available, N. E. 'If.: • ACRE OF OAKS . coop, corner location. Fruit trees. ~pH~ac ••••• corn<'r of l fH th and Enst B St., for LOVELY rustic 4-bcdroom Coloma! G .. I. equity. Pmts. of only $·15.50. '45 to '48 inodcl r;1r. Prefer car home on a close-in se.cluded acre Call Mr. Damme!, GR :J624· or GR Prices C1>nsisicntly LOW with G.00xl6 tires. Must be in exarrion.r:: huge· oaks ample gar· 36.84. Qnality Consistently HIGH cellent shape. Write 0. W. Brown, den space and aii ideal park-like '2 BEDROOMS-SPANAWAY 2, Port Townsrncl, Wash.' 9p39 setting for childhcn. Exceptional ATTRAC:rIVE home on 3 lots. - -Rt. -::=tPrices Effective Junc 13 and M 1 .terms. Mr. Peterson, SK 1413. Fenced. Well. Near Pacific Ave. WILL T.RADE waterfront lot, 50x225 ,..,....,........ on salt water wjth spring rights, ONE ACRE Call Mr.· Harmon, GR 3624 or VERY GOOD soil, 3-bcdroom home GR 6896. road, etc., for '45 to '+8 modd car. FOR SALE-Tomato plants, 2 feet high, potted; hot peppers; cabbage; with full basement, automatic air PARKLAND Prefer cnr with 6.00xl6 tires, must cauliflowers; lettuce; celery. 68'.18 conditioning furnace, automatic hot 3 ACRES good for bldg. sites. Water be in excellent condition. ·write 0. So. J St. 13p39 water, wired 220, garage, a good close. Or; good street. Special price, W. Brown, Rt. 2, Port Townsend, buy at $7,950. E. A. Peterson, SK $1,750. Call Mr. Inloes, GR 3624 Wash. · 9p39 GRAY Chinchilla buck rabbit; i95I Chev. convertible. GR 8055. 13p39 1413. or HA 2517. FOR SALE~ .. ·4-bedroom home, 4· cor~ CO 8 ACRES-Brookdale Golf Course rd. ROTOTILLING ner lots, fruit. HA 1543, 5673 So. J. 'li:li'o • I'll! • Li~hts telephone and water close. 9c39 WORK guaranteed.· Tom Schuster, Member Tacoma Real Estate Board H;s .~ small house. Bargain at HA 9'121. 13ctf 1105-7 Commerce S~. MA 2156 $2,300. Low down payments. Call FOR SALE-One registered milking SMALL DOWN Mr. Inloes, GR 3624 or HA 2547. Shorthorn bull. Phone Graham FOR RENT Y4 ACRE just outside city, liv. rm., SPANA WAY I 7'7684. .J3p39 kitchen, built-ins, wired 220, auto. 3-BEDRM. home, one-story house. 6 2 BEDROOMS, dining room, full basement, unfurni,hcd, $65. JOE'S Tractor Service. Rotovating. hot water, 4-pc. tile ·bath, one bedJots, corner location. Large garage BEDROOM, extra lnrge living Complete tractor work. GR 5932. tf rm. down, floored up. Price $4,6QO. and shed, good well. Priced.right at room,- dining roon1, mnrinc vicvv, FOR SALE-David Bradley g;)[c!;:;;· Call Ralph Decker, HI 4706. $'1,950. Good terms. Immediate pos· unfurnished, $50 including heat. tractor with cultivator, air con1~ LOW DOWN PAYMENTS session. Call Mr, Inloes, GR 3621LARGE, l small bedroom furnished $300, $400, $600, $800, $1,200, and or HA 2547. prrssor, sprny tank and boon1~ apartment. $50 including heat. G. $1,600 on G. I. equities. If you want RENTALS wheel weights. Rt. \ Box 604·, TaH. Imeson Co., 11 05 Commerce St., a good home priced right, call me! PUYALLUP-3 bedrooms furnished. coma, GR 6503. 13µ39 MA 2156. Special-lovely, well built, nearly Ncnrly new home. $45.00 monthly. CASH ·p(}i~~;1ilk cows, beef, heifers, new borne, hdw. floors throughout, Call Mr. Harmon, GR 6896. . UNFURNISHED HOUSES veal and hogs. Call Thackeray colLAKEWOOD. 3-bedrm. brjck ramincl. ncarty dee. range, refr., lect, Puyallup 5-5+M. 13ctf auto. washer, $1,200 dn. Call Rex . bler, nc:wly dec.oratcd,. garagf':. FOR SALE-80 15-wccks-old Par· Rector, HI'll344. M;ember Tacoma Real Estate Board Range and refrigerator. $100 per mcnter pullc!ss ..GR fi516. 13c39 9920 Pacific Avenue GR. 3624 month. C . . · FOR SALE-2 modern homes in Roy; LAKEVIEW VILLAGE. 2 bedrms., DEAD STOCK REMOVED WITHOUT CHARGE. Hi~hcst prices carport. Electric range included. 13-bedr.oom and l 2-bedroom and paid for tallow, hides, grease and IW garage. GR '.154-1. 9p39 $60 per month. bones. PUGET SOUND RENDER· FURNISHED HOUSE 6311 McKinley Ave. GA. 0365 OWNER.· wislws to sell 4-bedroom ING WORKS. Phone LAkewood b01nc pn bus line. Large living roon1, LAKEVIEW VILLAGE. Modern, 2 Member Tacoma Real Estate Board 13ctf 2434. bedrms., carport, near }.-IcChord. fir.cplacc, full basement, furnace, 2$ 75 per month. Call Mr. Hn in es, FOR SALE or traclc-3 1/ , H. P. car garage, large chicken house, 2 Standard garden tractor ,;,.ith trailer PR 1675, Ward Smith, Inc., BR acres . w9nderful soil, fruit trees. TO BUY OR SELL YOUR HOME and impkrncnts, $2 25, qr trade for 5166. Price $12,500. Phone GR 8541. No . CALL BR 5166 ...--·- . . pick-up, livestock; or? HI 5130. dealers, please. 9c40 G. I.' LAKEVIEW G. I.! 13c39 B:EAUTIFUL 2· and 3-bcdrm. ram· BY OWNER-2-bedroom home, at· ---·biers with fireplaces, full bsmts., and tachcd garage. G. I. equity, trade or I , "'u. ~" many other fine features. Your sell. HA 2o+O. 9c'.l9 present equity may he.sufficient for ... OWNER "SAYS. SELL down payment, so call now: ·0-18. THIS NICE 2-bedroom home, large Mr. Wheaton, PR 4821 or BR 5166. · cabinet kitchen, attached garage, $8,500 . insulated, 3 lots, landscaped yard, LOVELY. 3-yr.-old, 2-bcclrm. bungagarden space. CiofiC to bus. Only .FOR RENT - - Furnished 2-room low. Hdw. floors, dinette, nice kit$8,4·50. Mr. Totten eves., GR 8156. house, -no drinkf':rs or pets; ndults. ch1en, utility rn1., oil_ heat~ large gaHA 9260. 10c39 rage, roon1 for garden, nice yard. 2-BEDROOM home, front room and kitchen, utility, built-ins, store PARKLAND new furnished 1-bed· Price includes range, refrigerator room, 56th and J St. Also building roo1n apartznent. 10 ininutes fro1n and au to. washer. ()wner transsites at Parkland for sale or trade ferred to Europe, wants quick sale. for waterfront or acreage, Owner, Take over owne'r's G. I. 4%) n1ortGR 5827. 9c39 gage. Hurry on this one. K-104-. Mr. Koski, HA 7952 or BR 5166. FOR SALE-3-bedroom ranch style home in Tillicum. Owner, LA 3249. 3-BEDROOM RAMBLER _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 9c40 BETWEEN Lakewood and Tacoma. City light, on paved bus line.· NEAR NE-W FRANKLIN PIERCE I tiful, new, hdw. floors, att. garage, , HI .......... '" ...,..,._,,. ..._..,.._ '-' I excellent auto. heat, aµto. G.E. 5 ACRES, 1 in strawberries; modern FOR RENT-2-bedroom home i.n I WEA:\fER pigs for sale. Andrews on washer included, 4-pe. tile bath, home; good barn, rabbit house and I Roy. garage, garden space. GR Central avenue, Rt. 13, Box 787; natural woodwork. 60x208 ft. lot. chicken house. $21,000, terms. GR 7990. 13c39 3541. 10p39 Front lawn is in. Built under FHA MINK FARM FOR SALE-Holstein cow, fresh with inspection. Reasonable down pay- DANDY family home, 2-car garage, first calf; excellent condition. 1 720 ment. A-50. Mr. Harned, RR 7542 basement, furnace, 4 acres good 13c39 So. 96th; HA 3845. or BR 5166. land, bafn and tool room, walk-in jFOR SALE-80 16-weeks-old Par· 5718 NORTH 45TI-I box and all the equipment. This menter pullets. GR 6516. 13c39 $6,750, $1,250 DOWN, $50.75 mo. man has retired in 7 years. $22,000, terms. ' FOR SALE-Ford hay mower, 6-k; priy1ncnts 11 includcs taxes and insurPARKLAND WESTERN AUTO good condition. GR 8408. 13c39 ance. Lovely 7-yr.-old 2-bcdrm. . NEW HOME ON I.ACRE home, hdwd. floors, fireplace, din· CLOSE to bus. nice living room, fireAfrp<>rt & Pacific MII~I(GOATS~Frencl~Alpine -;r~d GR 3112 place, 2 bedrooms, modern through· ette, cab. kitchen, utility rm. l'"enced Saanen. Rt. 1, Box 309, Span~--nvay ~ out, garage, utility room. $9,000, backyard. Excellent mndition, on on Muck-Kapowsin road, between bus line. A very good buy. M-271. terms. 11eridian highway and 1.1ountain FOR RENT-2- and 3-room modern Mr. Moore, MA 4755 or BR 5166. highway. 13ctf cottages and apartments; all utili· LOW DOWN PAYMENT ties paid; laundry facilities; $60 to FOR SALE-2 acres of standing h;y, IMMEDIATE possession. 56th and ready for cutting. Near Midland $.7.5 per month. Oakland Court, inPACIFIC A VE. dist. 8-yr.-old, school. GR .~717. 13c39 s.ide city limits. HA 9688. lOctf modern 2-bedrm. home with un" PARKLAND P ARKLAND-1 -bedroom apartment, finished upstairs, recessed bath. furnished, $52.50; 2-bedroom partly -0ak floors, i.nsulated. Close to bus ·1 BLKS. from Park Ave. on I 18th. 2bcclrm home with small basement. furnished, $57.50; utilities paid. GR BABY SITTING by the hour. Phone and school. A bargain at $6,950. Elect. stove and rcfrig. Fenced lots 7794. 10p40 GR 3565. l 4p39 B-103. Charlie Landis, HA 4274 or lOOx 100. $500 down. BR 5166. FQR RENT-Small furnished eotta.<:c; BABY SITTING or light housework; y, BLK. from Pacific Ave. 5-bcdrm. 6TH A VENUE AND CEDAR utilities paid except heat; Parkland; references given. GR 7489. Mp39 oldet' home. Nice landscaped, yard, DUPLEX. $1,500 down, $50 mo. 2 GR 6804·. c3 W-oRiC- R.;;~gh 'carpentering,~mc­ full siz cbasemrnt. $1, 7 50 down. bcdrms., living and dining rms., FOR RENT - 2-bedrm. -a~1;-Jex; ali chanic"I repair or gardening. Phone kitchen bath down. Living·rm., 2.BEDR.M. home, elect. stove and all utilities paid; $50 a month; ParkGraham 7,7310. 14c39 washer. I..ots lOOxlOO $6,950 FHA bcdrm., kitchen, bath up. Concrete land; GR 6804. 10p39 ICHILD'S care, my home, licensed. .or .contract. garage. T-6'1·. George Tibbits, SK SOME, 2-bedrm. new homes ou G. I. FOR RENT-Small furnished cottage, Skyline Terrace district. PR 1160. 2786 or BR 5166. utilities paid except heat. Parldand. 11ctf terms. $200 down. 8BTI-I AND YAKIMA GR 6804-.. 10p39 CHILDREN'S NURSERY - Family SPANAWAY 9-YR.-OLD, 2-bcdnn. home, garage, style; educational toys; trained per· range, oil circulator. For only 1-BEDRM. bungalow, with all furniture included. Reduced to $4,300 sonnel. GR. 6682. l 1ctf $7,500 or reasonable offer. Good and terms. terms. W-267. Mr. Wheaton, PR WASHING. MACHINE PAR;rs·-= CHILD CARE-Wish to do child BROOKDALE 4821 or BR 5166. , Largest stock in town. Repairing care in my own home. GR. '.3503. 3-ROOM home furnished. Lots 50x50. LAKEWOOD-BASEMENT that pleases. B. B.'s Washer Service, 14ctf Price $2,000. This is a bargain for LOVELY 3-bcdrm. English-type home 3722 So. G: GA. 5115. l lctf I the right family or income for . with full bsmt. Situated on 5 lovely STOVE REPAIRS-Largest at~-;;k iii rental. 'Handscaped lots, surrounded by Northwest. Hyder Furnace.. 15 J 3 TAP, ACROBATIC, BALLET Clas, CLOVER CREEK ROAD . . . shrubs and trees. Paved street and ?ac1f1c Ave. MA 4767. Established ses. All ages. Mildred Keller, GR on ·bus line, V cry nicely decorated, 10 ACRES versatile farming:. Good 9 7881. 15ctf r;mch .home with large barn. All In 187.. 1 hdw. floors, wall-to-waH rug in fenced and cmss fenced. $12,000. CHAIR CANING with Natural cane. LEAVE FILM at Quality Photo Servlarge living rm. Home and su.rice for developing. In at 10, out at roundings in excellent condition. Call BR. 7804 or bring in. Alan 5. 9510 Pacific Ave. 15ctf Vandegrift, 720 So. Sheridan. Only $12,500. A-88. Mr. Harned, (Mrs,) Jennie L. Grodvig BR 75+2 or BR 5166. CUSTOM GUNSMITH - Rebarrel- SEWING of all kinds. Will do fittings Notary 5102 NORTH 27TH by appointment at your home or ing, head-spacing, stock work, re$6,950, $850 DOWN. Nrar Mont GR 7232 days, GR 8210 eves. and Sun. mine. Style Rite Dressmaking, Rt. bluing. Guns and ammunition. Jerry Downing school. Large picture win~ CHECK OUR LOW DOWN PAY7, Box 266. GR. 3328. l 7ctf Shannon, Mt. Road, near Loveland. dows in living rm., dandy kitchen, MENT INSURANCE PLAN. Phone Graham 537. llctf FENCES,--all types installed. Special· dining area, 2 bedrms. Corn. lo- WE NEED listings of all kinds. Farms, izing in chain link and orna1ncn tal PORTABLE machine shop service at cation, only 2 yrs. old. Worth your acreage; lots, building sites, homes wire, all ·work guaranteed. For free your place. I{cboring, valve reseat· while to look at this one. M-267. (new. or old, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedestimate call GR H09 or BR 7010. ing, refacing $1 per cylinder. Crank· Mr. Moore, MA 4·755 or BR 5166. rooms). We have cash buyers wait· 15cAO S & S FENCE Co. shafts reground in the car. Motors CITY FARM l'cbuilt at great savings. Call HI ROTTED COW FERTILIZER 'J4 ACRE of good soil, garden already ing. . . 7291.-"l ctf. $1 SACK or by the ya1J; peat and in. 3-qedrm. home with att. garage, topsoil. HI 4·055. ctf dbl. plumbing, concrete foundation, l~rcrt" rhirk?n hn111<P l'!ln'!r to h4th WOQD-Up!am! slab, ? ('i)l'rl'<'~ -1~;ds. iii ;~;r:tvi~iZi~!~y·A.;~: A-~~~1 i:i:,r!<;i~ planGr ends, $4- and MILK COWS, sold on terms. Garn· 4056. at $5,950. B-98. Charlie Landis, HA ctf man, Rt: 3, Box 703, Tacoma; 4 4274 or BR 5166. · - - - TOP SOIL-~- PEAT miles south of Summit.I 3ctf. WANTED ALLENMORE DISTRICT FER TILE, scrrrn<'d top soil; pulvcr· $1,250 ·DOWN. Beautiful 2-bcdrm. Homes in Parkland Commnnity; ized peat: 5 full yards $8. All Kresse, bun.<;alow, living rm. with fireplace, Acreage close in, either with or with· GR 5192. 15ctf WE DEMONSTRATE evenings and oak floors, plastered walls, insulated, weekends on your ground. ,We oil SUMMER SPECIAL ~ Top soil from oil heat, nice cab. kitchen. utilitv out buildings. PuyaHup. You n1ay sec thi_s fine and adjust and deliver new Men-y -rm. _Garage. Im1nediatr. poss~Rsiori. dirt at 9920 Pacific Ave. For sale Tillers to your door at no extra cost. T,25. George Tibbits, SK 2786 or by the sack or trailer or pick up at Briggs & Stratton or Clinton en· 11220 Pacific Ave. BR 5166. our fuel yard. Wc deliver 4- or 5gincs. Tillers for rent. Don Arthur Office.,.--Days, GR 3341 yard loads. Call m for prices in your Distributors. the original Merry 1 Evenings, YU. 9221, LA. 3066 locality. ·GR 8173, Lapcnski Fuel Tiller. dealer; Arthur W. Dahlberg. Member Tacoma Real Estate Board Agent for. American Express Co. 15ctf Call PR 1800. 13ctf 109 South 10th Street BR-5166 Money Orders

.'P~0081, or Mr. Clc.ary, PR ENJOY YOURSELF

4668 ..1


Pac1mcs •••••••


bun. 3/1

.• bun. 3 / l Oc




141 st and Pacific GR. 3941 Open Until 9:00 P. M. Sattirdays 6:00 P. M.


• Sc




Tenderized, 12- 14 lb., Whole or Shank Half

HAMS . . . lb. 61c FRYERS • • lb. 67c


C1>lored, Pan-Ready


James Hcpi-y Fancy Links




ROOFING and siding, direct applica· tion. Guaranteed .n1atcrial and expert labor. No salesmen. For lowest estimate call GR 3581 3cH RAY GOGAN LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION General landscaping service - new lawns, peat soil, topsoil, shrubbery, r<>ckeries. 10% down, 30 months to pay. GR. 3127. 3ctf ROTOVATI.'JG, blacle work; no job too small. W. L. Lewis, GR 7492. 3ctf

AUCTION SALE Ui'· YOU wtint more cash quick, sell by auction. Every Fri., 7 :30 p.m. Glen Betts, 8113 So. Tacoma Way. Free pickup service. LA. 8505. 2ctf



l'\OOFING and siding, direct applica· tion. Guaranteed material and expert labor; no salesmen. For lowest est., call GR 3581.-3p38.

MAYT AG - FRIGIDAIRE BENDIX Service Headquarters Any Make Wringer Type Guaranteed Used Washers For Sale


i•EPTIC TANKS CLEANED-Contents hauled away. Don Redford, 8232 So. Fawcett. GA. 7334. If no answer call GA. 9222. 3ctf



HA 3097 5620 South Tacoma Way 3ctf Recovering and Rebuilding ·HOUSE MOVING; leveling; founda· Cushions Rebuilt tions: ccn1cnt \Vork; free esti1natcs. Free Estimates PR 265q. 3ctf PIANO tuning by a musician; reason140th & Pacific GR 320! able rates. R. Byard Fritts, GR Res: GR 3181 5410. 3c39


Parkland Upholstery

5-Help Wanted

Most Modern Methods of L1>cation and Dcvefopment of Underground Water

Call Turner FU. 2400 GR. 8108 ~-:COMPLETE tractor work. Loosening ground a.nd leveling. Average lawn, $12.00. Don Abbot, GR. 3846. 3ctf AUTO GLASS INSTALLED-Auto Upholstery, convertible tops. MA. 2200, Art's Glass Co., 816 So. Tacoma Ave. 3c50



Low Cost Auto Insurance

Save 20 to 30°/o Temperance Policy Rates

Mcl{inley HUI Realty HA 0365

GIRL wants job as mother's helper. Call GR 8884. 5c39 WAN'l°'SINGLE WOMAN for cook and housekeeper, children's institlltion, must live in. Write to R. Moller, 702 Broadway, Tacoma. 5c39 WANTED-Lady for child care. Live in or out. Call after 6:00 p. m. GR 594G. 5c39 RELIABLE WOMAN or girl for care of 2 small children in my horrie 5 days a week. GR 7679. 5c39 WANTED - 10 Strawberry pickers. Call GR 6563; Rt. 13, Box 74-3, Tacoma. 5c'.l9 WANTED-Woman with some office experience; knowledge of bookkeep· ing helpful; answer in own band· writing, giving references for last 10 years. Address "Help Wonted," care Timcs-.T ournal, Parkland. 5c39.

BOOKEEPING and Tax Returns pre· pared. Phone MArkct 597& or GA 3415. 3ctf BF:ITER VENETIAN BLINDS FOUND Sunday noon, bright red FOR LESS White stag jacket, Garfield a11d STEEL slats with plastic tapes at Park Ave. Owner call GR 36~3. only 49c per sq. ft. 6c39 ALDERMAN'S HI. 2200 5425 Pacific Ave. 3ctf, WANTED-Good used trash burner. Call WA 7415. 8e39 PLUMBING REPAIRS -- Sewer CASH for equities. Fife Motors, 5026 Cleaning • Electric Pipe Thawing So. Tacoma Way. HI. 9241. Bctf

6-Lost & Found

8-Wanted to Buy





PLU~!!JING GRamte 8905


RADIATORS, scrap iron, junk cars and batteries. Puy. 5·2141. Hecker, the Wrecker.

1USED. FURNITURE. Also gene::! trade-in allowances and bank terms. 1 Parkway Fnrniture, 11-lst & Pacific. 1

GR. 394'1. 8ctf . POULTRY WANTED, any amount. Lawn rcbmldmg, fert1hzmg, top soil, I Weighed and paid for on farm. Free dressing maintenance. GA. 5885. culling to your advantage. Highest HI. 2722. 3ctf prices paid. No obligation. Just call ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE us first, HA. 5761 or write P. 0. Box 866, Tacoma. 8ctf 0. B. Ackley, owner, Septic tanks cleaned, contents hauled away. SPOT CASH GR. 4343 or GR. 5539. 28tf For Your Used Furniture WE BUILD HOMES, remodel; level 1 Piece or House Full buildings; concrete work. Reason· BJ9ck's Furniture. Mart able. GR 3550.-3ctf. 8205 So. Tacoma Way LA. 2882



A QUARTER MILE FROM the Woodland school lays 8 acres of choice land for grazing la.nd or building sites. An excellent op· portunity for $1,500 down. Balance on contract.. Mr. Carlson, HA 4·768. SELL OR TRADE SOUTH end three-bedroom bungalow. Fen.eccl yard, garage and workshop. Block to bus and stores. More details on a showing. Call Mr. Carlson, HA 4768. THREE-ROOM HOUSE 2 y, ACRES, garden in. Privacy as· sured on this rnnch. Small down S-LB. BAG payment, better than rent terms on 11111 t.he·c. Mr. Carlsori, HA 4768. SELL OR TRADE SOUTH end three-room bungalow. Frnced yard, garage and workshop. 0 M a li2c:r1= son, HA 4768. INCOME PROPERTY Excellent Locations on Bus Lines SIDE by side new duplex, good north end location. $14,250, 12TII STREET uppc1· and lower du· plcx ( excellent inco1nc, exception~ al tcnns. $6,950. NORTH end 4-plex, exceptional income, total price only $6,000. MARINE view, 3 excellent units, new furnace, good income. $9,750. Mr. Imeson, PR 0081 Mr. Cleary, PA 4·568 TRADE!! YOUR equity for the home you want. WE J':l;A VE several homes on which, owners wil( consldei· tenns. · NO. 1-Ncw duplex. NO. 2-4--bcdroom home. NO. 3-3-bcdroom 1 Y,,story home, fine location, fireplace, full base· incnt. NO. 4-2-bedroom bungalow. CLOSE-IN ACREAGE NO. 5-8-yr.-old brick 1 ;/2 story Cape 1 FERTILE acre garden soil; modern COD. 3-bedroom home;. garage and chick- CALL Mr. C·lc.'1ry, PR. 4568, or Mr. en house .. Folks, this is definitely Imeson, PR 0081. worth the money and close to cv· NORTH SIDE crything. Price :jW,500, low down FINE okler style I ;/2-story bungalow payn1eut. Move righi in. Bill Dacv, with 1rtrge living· and dining room, LA 7605. · fireplace, full basement, 2-car ga· $750 DOWN rage. This is a fine home for the G. L EQUITY, Parkland district; money. Call Mr. Cleary, PR 4668 or modern 2-bcdroom home, low PR 4210. monthly payments. You can beat thl'. BRAND NEW! high rcpts here; fine place .for the CONCRETE brick bungalow. 980 kids. Full price $5,750; $38 per square feet in this really nice 2-bcdmonth. Bill Dacy, LA 7605. room bungalow with cut stone fircTRADE! TRADE! place. Excellent district, and priced 15 FERTILE acres, 7 cleared. Mod· right. FHA terms. Mr. Cleary, PR ern 3-hedrooin horne, \.vin:~d for 466B. range, 2-car garage, storage space· HERE'S YOUR CHANCE! barn, chickc1i house, variety of fruit'. ONLY $400 down will buy this nice fenced. Widow wants small place in bungalow and payments will be less exchange. Priced to sell fast at than rent. , Call Mr. Imeson, PR $7,500; trade or terms. Bill Dacy, 0081, or ML Cleary, PR 4668. LA 7605. .$400 DOWN . REAL FARM 4-BEDROOM bungalow style home 120 FERTILE acres, 2 fine homes. with living room and separate dine Take Dad and Mom with you. 10 ing room. Good Portland Ave, lo· acres cleared and in crop. 3 large cation. If you can rccorate, this is chicken houses, barn, lots of other an opportunity! Mr .. Cleary, PR outbuildings. Variety of fruit. Good 4·668, or Mr. Imeson, PR 0081. location. Will include also a fine line SUBURBAN RAMBLER of machinery, nearly new. Will ac- SPARKLING new, 3 extra large bed· ccpt some city property in trade. moms .. 1,230 square feet on one Have your own pay day here. floor! Picture windows in living· Everything ,goes for $22,000 on dining rooms .. Beautiful kitchen with terms or trade. Bill Dacy, LA 7605. natural birch cabinets, large utility PARKLAND room, 2-car garage, automatic oil HERE IS really a cutic! Modern home heat and over a half .acre of fine -ownei' bought ranch and must soil for garden. Better hurry! It's sell. Living room, fireplace, wall-toonly $9,950. Mr. Imeson, PR 0081, wall carpeting, modern kitchen, 2 or Mr. Peterson, SK 1413. bedrooms; loft stairs and storage GRAHAM DISTRICT spa~c. Large roomy garage. If you 2 HOMES, +O acres. This is a nice don t want to move, don't Jct your beef set-up, or would go Gracie A wife sec this for $7,900, low down dairy, too. Main honw has 2 nice payment .. Bill Dacy, LA 7605. bedrooms, lovely kitchen, oodles of cabinets, dinette. Tile bath and large living room, large fine barn, 2wcar garag-c. Chicle house., }Jun1p BR. 1219 house, and fruit room. Second house is new one-bedroom home, is nicely furnished, wired 220. AutQ: hot water. Mr. Lemm, BR 5291. RL 2, Box 434Puyallup 20-A. BUILDING SITE $100 DOWN SOUTH of Airport Rd. This is a fine 2 YRS. OLD, 2-bcdroom bungalow, spot for someone wisl1ing to build a large kitchen \.Vith auto., \Vasher, new home. About 8 acres cleared lots of storage space, lawn in, n1ovc good soH. !las 3~room 4ousc~ barn, right in. Call Helen O'Brien, GR 2-car gar., and good hot1se~- -elect. 3558, GR 5469 ot· HI B-128. water. Total price $6,000. Mr. WOODLAND SCHOOL DIST. Lemm, BR 5291. 2 ;/2 ACRES, Y,, acre in berries, nearly Rt. 1, Graha.m new 2-bcdroom home with full bascMr. Udder rnent, 2-car garagf'.;- also a one-roorn LAYERS AND FRYERS cabin. $9,950. Call Orrin Moore, SET UP, plenty .of space for some GR 51·69, GR 3558 or HI 84-23. White Face beef stock. 40 acres .in WALLER ROAD a 11. A country home you will like. 3 Y,, ACRES, 3 bedrooms, separate dinH.W. floors, wired 220, auto. hot ing- roo1n, fircph1cc, barn, chickr·n water. Lovely kitchen, separate din· ?, !;~1!~t ..-~n~ b~~rics, O~'~C~ ;~~l inµ; room~ nice living· r90111 v.'ith ll'tJUl'.. \.,1;u1 vrnu 1v1uurc, \:1!\. J'1.V:t, beautiful view 0£ Mt. R<iinier. L~rgc GR 3558, or HI M28. cone. basement. Housing for 2,000 PARKLAND layers. Barn. Brooder houses,,.gar· SMALL bungalow on Wheeler St. + den machine shed. l\uHdings Joo beautiful lots, only $+,950. Call numerous to mention. Will consider Mrs. Hughes, GR 43~8, or GR trade or good contract. For infor'1156, or HI 8428. mation call Mr. Lemm, BR 5291, or PACIFIC BROKERS CO. '-1r. Peterson, SK H 13. 3807 So. G St. HI 8428 LAKE LOUISE! Next to 38th St. St. Post Office FINE 3-bedroom home with fireplace, Member Tacoma Real Estate Board full basement, large patio and garage. ExceHent lake frontage with FOR SALE~Oldcr type 2-bedroom concrete bulkhead. Fish and swim home in choice location: unfinished to your heart's content! Priced to attic, pait basement, "B.26 So. Bell sell quickly at $11,500. Mr. Imeson, St. 9p39

49 II Gra Plfru11 c I I ARIZONA

9-Real Estate






Butterscotch, Chocolate and Vanilla Instant Dessert 2 Pkgs.

P@rk Saus(l;lge


Evenings and Sundays, Mr. Loring, GR. 3570;



:rhursday, June 12, 1952

~,\~~\,~ b~i~o~i~g~tcr:1sl









·~-·- ~-






14Q·Situations Wanted


11-Repair Service


Parkland Realty Co.


13-Farm Ads






39( 24-oz. Jar.





The .Perfect Salad Jlircssing Qt. Jar

Circus Spanish Peanuts. Vac. Pack, 8 oz. 27c Windsor Cheese .feed • • 2mlb. lcaf '19c Pmsb!.iry Cake Mixes • • • Pkg. 29c MiBk, C©i!l"R'l(flticn • • • • l / 41 c Fleur1 Fomicy Print Bag • 25 ~b. $1. 97 Apple Jll!lice, Tree Top • • Qt. l9c Ccffe1en M. J. B. lb. 83c: Shuriine • lb. 79c Jello Geilf!tin Desserts • • • l for 23c Puss l 'D Boots • • • lb. 1'1111 13e Pork & Beans, Van Camp's. 21/2s. 2/49c 1

2for29c • lfor25c

T@matoes. 16moz. Tins

Carrots. large Bunches . Lettuce, Lar9e Heads

Each 9c

(Cherries - Cants. - Watermelons - Apricots - Etc.)


I 62nd & Park Ave. Spanaway GR. 8213 Prices Effective June 13-14 Shop Early


Well Trimmed

Pork Roast Lb. 55c

MAR!{!El GR 8215

PEAT TOPSOIL Finest black pulverized peat topsoil State tested - 1 - 5 yd. Loads Lawn Consguction and Rockeries

Evergreen Lcnu:lscaping Co. HI 2722

VAUGHAN'S VALUES Tension Tite Window Screens Screen and Storm Doors We. Will Measure Your Window. and Door. Screens




the miracle



14 "SILVER Fl 011ly $3.52 Per Week Other Models Available

Times journal v 7 no 39 jun 12, 1952