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Tacoma, \\'a.,h. Permit No. 51

Second Annual Jersey Show June 7, Parkl d

PLC to Graduate 150 Students In

J!OXHOLDER OR OCCUPANT RURAL ROUTE !'()STMASTER-If unable to deliver, ,£(;turn postage is guaranteed. -~---~




The Pierce County Jersey Cattle club is holding its second

"Holidays on Revue•• At Midland Friday Sponsored by . Harvard-Midland P-TA, "Holidays on Revue" will be presented in the Midland school auclitorium Friday evening, May 23, bep;inning at 8 o'clock. Mrs. Robert Irvjng. and Mrs. Fred Rousseau .are in charge~ .

Appearing in the colorful dance

.show in conjunction with the · revue will. be more than 100 pupils of C omrncncernent wee·k a·l P aci·r·ic annual· Jersey Spring ~ 1 d P.arkland J f L\1thcran college will be ushered in Round-Up on Sarnrday, .June 7, on the sww g~oun sat t 1e ·oot Mrs. Mildred Keller, more than 25

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of them being Midla.nd~.youngsters. with tbe traditional Senior Day chap- .of Garfield street .. Accordrng to T. J. Law, president of the Cattle cl exercises on Fri~ay at 10:45. a._ m. dub, this year's exhibit will be _larger -------~'-·-··~ m the Chapel-Music-Speech buildmg, and more interesting to the public than with. n;e. mber.·s .of thp gradualmg,. class the. exc.ellent. show. of. last year N. cw Midland WCTU will med Tuesday, providmg the program. At 1 ~clock arrangements have been made for a May 2 7, at the home of Mrs. Ella in the afternoon the class of 19J2 w1.ll niore convenient cxhibitioq on the \vest Kourt Thursday Evening Burleson -with potluck lunc.heon at go to Point. Defiance park for their end .of tbe grounds across from tbe R.oundup .Clonnniitcc is happy 12 :30. This is Flower Mission Day and annual p1cn1c. qn Satu~day e~·en1ng c:oUege campus. an11ouni.:c that a 'J(angaroo (iourt the director will give a talk. Mrs. M. lhc coimn.enccment . recita\ "'.ill be · The cat1Jlc 'judging will commence be hdd this Thursday evening at 1 C. Dillon will lead devotionals_ Anypresented 1n the_ main aud1t<?n~ n1 of at.:10 in the morning and proceed until on nt the National Bank of Washone having good used knit clothing is. the Chapel-Music-Speech bmldmg. noon at which time tbere will be a asked to bring it for the WCTU box to m.whcrc you will find the official IE eH~w JIDUIE: Th~ 'baccalaureate service will be re~es; during tbe parade hour, then lli;.lu.ndup I-Iooscgow and other relics ~in.~tb ~ B §Lim .a Y YM'llm 8 . be sent to J ayan. All are .invited. held 111 the College chapd on Sundoy :h.fp.ging will proceed in the afternoon lo attract llw . attention of the area It will be Jrrsey Time come June 7th when the Pierce County Je'rsey Cattle mormng al 11 .with Pr.esident S. C. urltil about 3 o'clock. n·sidcnt . . . quite· a ~irnc is plam:ed club presents their 2nd annual Parkland ~pring ~~ow ii; conjunction with the Eastvold preachmg the sermon to the A CARD PARTY is being held in Prizes have been secured for the 4-H and .T udge Al .Grodv1 f\ will preside Parkland Roundup. A [ealure of the day s acl1v1l!es will hr; the Jersey. ~how gr:iduotes. Dr. Ernest Steen, pastor of and FFA exhibitors and a lovely selecthe James Sales Grange hall Saturday . co111plctc with high hat ar;d lm:g which will get under way at 9:30 on the Sh01• .lot at Garfield str-;ct. Shown Trinity Lutheran ~hurch and _also tiqn 0 f trophies ·and ribbons wijl be evening, May 2+, sponsored by the . . . other not~·d cclebreties will., above is Maryanne Mantik, princess of the 1951 Jersey Show with Lamp- College pastor, will condu~t the htur- given to the winners. Miss Diana Home Econo1nics connnittee. Proprcscnt ... Sheriff Lee. Tretter has lighter, grand champion Jersey bull and Tom Law, president of the Jersey g-y. Corn111ence1nent ex.crc1ses \.V11l. be 'LlJ.tis of Orting, \\rill preside as "Je.r~ ceeds are 'for the Grange youth camp. a h?l nearly four fret long of charges Cattle Club.-Times-.Journal photo courtesy. Jersey club. moved. to t!;e .Memonal gymnasm.m sey Princess" for the day and she will against various incmb<'.rs of ,the Park. 1· FERN HILL Baptist church will hold and will b~g111 at 3:30 P· m. Dr. W;l- nfake all of the presentations. · lnnd SociCty \vhich Ju~ vvill present to a musical party Sunday at 7:30 p. m. liam Schnudt, of Waverly, Ioy:a, · One of the highlights of the show thr Judge for comment and trial . . . with Ben Moring, colored pn~acher. a wild event that was . . . horses and man of the Board of Educat10n <;>f the w~ll be the donation Jjy 'the Jersey The Roundup Hoosegow will have The church is at 86th and So G Sts. riders and dust aflying all over -·the American Lutheran. church, will be Cattle club of a registered Jersey Up r;,1 l inrnates for the 'evening. Con1e arena. "' the._ commencement speaker. h~ifer calf to Jon Hatt, of Graham, Thursday evening, have fun. I saw' Del Cheney out' for his first .T.h~ honorary. degree of ,Doctor of for his outstanding work in the 4-H. j TRINITY. LUTHERA.N Reading * * * show . . . he seemed to be having Divmity, Honons Causa, will. be con- club during the past year. ~!ub meeting has been post.paned till IIavc you visited the Romidup Re£erred upon Oscar Adoll?h Trnglestad · Exhibits of the finest Jersey cattle quite a time too with Popcorn. I hursday, May 29, at 3 p. m. and rri.uda yet? . . " anyone is invited to Kid briither Frank from the Sum- ot the exercises._ Tmglestad was ii;,.,.Pierce county will be s.hown at ~he will be held at the home of Mrs. Carl an e\'Cning around the ca1npmit Feed sure was happy about the president of Pacific Lutheran college Jersey show Entries have been reColton. ' . ~ . anYthing can happen and ribbon he toted home. I think that is for 14 yearsi from 1929 to 1943. Now c~ived froh1' nil parts of the cou':'ty, usuall;y does. . · · the first ti.n1e he ever entered an event retired and hvmg at Decorah, Iowa, he. Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner; Ortmg; * * ·* C<;>mmg to Parkland Roundup Corexcept last ')'Car when we rode in the will come to P~r~la~d as agues~ of the 1 Buckley, Roy; McKenna, Eatonville Another J(ang·ayoo C!ourt ·vvill take bareback relay and· got all covered eollcge to receive this h':'nor which has ahd Graham. The public is cordially ona.t10n June 6th at the PL~ gy~n­ Buttons and Button Holes place on May 28th at Anderson Lum-, with dust and stuff. Quite a few folks been bestowed upon him by vote of invited to attend this show, which is nasmm when. lovely. Carmen ,RobmLnported Baby Line ber at 93th and Pacific ... come out rode all the way up to Graham, show- thc· faculty and the college board of fiee of charge, an? see tbese be~utiful son and her court will rule. tt!!"fP • ' for the fun. ... .Gifts ing the interest in these shows. trustees. Jq-seys. Tbere will be somethmg of • -'--,1---.-.You should. have seen the surprised 1 ,;;;;JOtne Pr.esident i;:astvold will confci; de- liitcrest for all members of the family; Orting Twin Rivers Club Show look on the faces of a few of the grees upon bO grad';lates wh"! wtll be ll' . IU'.11'!.. oyB'ill 411 Garfield St. GR. 3526 Sunday 11230 Pacific Avenue boys when they took on the job of Parkland Centre Bldg. Open 10-6 thereupon taki~g their places m many ~ ............ The Twin Rivers club of Orting will the hoosegow from Garfield avenues of service to the world. Many 'llbo>Bv v ""' ,...,.. ll>ll &. LI' present a play clay this coming Sun- have already accepted appointments up to the ba;1k corner ... while day at their club grounds just right for teaching next fall, from as far . Clover Creek P"TA will hold the the process of inoving it on a flat-. of the bri<;lge past Orting on the way away points as Hawaii. So1ne 'will last meetinp; of the year Wedne]day, l truck the State Patrol· stopped to the Old Soldiers Home . . , turn come back to PLC for advanced work ¥ay 28, al 3 p. m. in the sch.ool audthnu . . . quite a bit of cxpla1lations rip;ht and follow the road and dust ... and still others. arc going to pursue iiorium. Mrs. Bittner will have charge followed ... I don't know who did it it's at the end and a darn good time advanced degrees in various univer· of the installation of officers. The but they i,nanaged to talk the boys in Plus tax·artd lice~se and drive away this. thrllling and luxurious s~hool board will serve refreshments is assured you if you attend. blue out of the ticket . . . however, sitics. By Clarence LaCrosse The show starts at 1 DST (there We'll all be glad when the strike thc·y arc getting a pern1it for the next ti1nc: it is n1oved . . . . sure \Ve have "President Oryille Eveleth of the are several different times these days) . II.. is over and we can again resume . . . R'd· I b t G. h 1 . Event.s scheduled, are colt show for reSCnOOa1 eefi'll'llf'll fun M t. R auucr our regular efficient service. Until 1 ing cu a Ia an ~s juniors 16 and under. Pole bcndin 1 ·· · ":I · a happy I111>11 thi;~e day~ . '. . and his and somethin real! . sensible I not~ Harvard-Midland Preschool will then, please bear with us-we're Country Cluh Sedan (Hard top conviTtible) fully equipped at no extra club because they certamly put .on a (th . t. b,g' Y • th meet Wednesday, May 23, at 3. p. "Ill. cost with Radio, fan1ous Nash Air Conditioning- llpi.ter, Foa1n Cushions, doing our best! line show last Sunday for a good lD e evden dis eilnOglr5un md 16 ''ee f!'.d.roups, at the Midland school: New officers Directional Signals, Clock, Chrome Wheel Discs, Tutonc color, oil bath an un er an an over . · . ·· ··· ·. · LOOK YOUR BEST! , c~ow d . ]\1ore t l1an ll).O horses aml ... that is mt;ch mo;e fair) next event will J:ie.. ~nstalled by Mrs. G~org.e air cleaner: and custorn wheel. Full jJricc only riders were entered besides the many . lh t' · ( ) 3 Wangelm. Mrs Kenneth Lampitt; is ' h d'd . IS a svvee car· race. you guess h · 'd .,.A T K l cl who attencc w o i not enter any legged race; lead relay- pony express· [ t e ne".' pre.s1 ent; ;.nrs. James ~ncvcnts.. . lTI~;sical Chnlrs boot ra~e ·uniors bar~ .nedy, first vice pre~1dent; ¥rs. Osc~r . an d' a b arre l race a lot of fun run- I re 1 ropmg ' l . . . t'I1a t' s Ilolmdale, second vice· president; Mr.s . Orville ff and . I· had . b 1 1 n1ng o. a. tic lJ.?. t ;e sta i:e ra:.e . . . it a lot of fun for all. Harv.ey Wee_ks, secret~ry; Mrs. ~o.,ert darn his hlde, he finally beat n1e the , · ·. ~ ,,,Carson, treasurer. Attention Nash owners. Due to the demand for good used Nash cars Pacific Avenue at Airport Road second time . . . but I felt a bit bet~ort Orchard Show Hostesses for the evening ·are Meswith their comfort, safety, cnconomy and long-lifed beauty, we find Hours: 9 a.m.. to 9 p.m.ter later when it was nry good luck to There. is also a show a.t Port <;::>r~ dames Williarn Sevens, Ja111es Kenne· ourselves desr)eratcly in nr~cd of :mch cars. For a limited time \Ve can grab a red ribbon in the trail horse chard this Sunday · · · the mfonnatwn dy, James Hamilton, Robert Carson offer as much as $300.00 over, value for Nash cars in good condition. ~lass ... losing out to Ruth Hopkins I re~eived is rather vague _but any- and Gene Tomchick. WE TRADE HIGHER, sec the '52 NASH GOLDEN AIRFLYTE who took first on Rocket. Kent Erick- one m Port Orchard can direct you --·--------son the judge really had a lot of work to the ;icwly completed club grounds. DORMITORY ·OUXILIARY No. One owner trades at new low prices. Most have radio and heater. for himself because some oj the. class- This will be the first show ev~r staged 1 of PLC will meet at the home of 52 Dodge 4-dr. auto. trans. $2,359 51 Nash super sed. Hydra. $2,049 es were really large, by · p ar l·I SeeOrchard s club d · and it should M"Is. .T• p • pf] cuger in \_ an d T uesbe the oodPort. 0 51 Olds. Rock. 88 scd. Hyd. $2,109 51 Crosley super sedan ........ $999 . ,.Mac. R9bi11spn. riding my Dusty g .. · · • yu. un _ay., .....·. ...... da,y, Mav27, at 2 p'.m .. Assisting host51.Hunille.!: Jli;q•1k.sed. 4-sp,.$1,599 50 Nas.h Anil<. se~. Hydi:a.>$1,499 Paiom.ino foun. d hit11sel('.Way alica. .. ·. ~·:m<lan.·'d~Romft:1upSl10w csses ar~ Mrs.. H'. J. Dahl ai1d Mrs. 50 Ford 4--dooi 'sedan :...-. $1,2lJ9 50 Rambler cust, .conV:crt:•$1,499 thP musical.chairs bul no one told him Don t_forget the Parkland Roundup J, U. Xavier. 50 Packard del. sed. O'drive $1,799 49 Chrysler Wihd. sedan .. $1,499 he had to RCt off after winning tbe Horse Show to. take place on June ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~ 49 Olds 98 sedan. Hydra. $1,699 4·9 Nash sup. sedan. O'dr.ive. $1,299 run-off ... so he didn't win. 'Ith at 3:30 at the Roundup Grounds • 49 Plym. spec. pel. cl. cpe. $1,299 4S. Chev. Fleet. sedan .. -~ ...... $999 on Garfield street . . . The ·lot has President Carn1ei1 Robinson, our been newly leveled and graded . . . a 48 Nash super sedan ............ $999 46 Nash Amb. sedan. O'drive. $599 Roundup Queen, had quite a time ,\'ith bit small, but it's the best we have 49 Ford cust. V-8 sed. O'dr. $1,099 41 Chev. sp. dcl. sedan .......... $399 c the· mike that Larry Kirkwood the so vvc will use it . . . and we expect a 40 Nash 6 sed. O'drive ... ,..... $299 39 Plymouth sedan .................. $99 Plain-] 'oc Smartness 1nasler of cere1nonies shoved at her- huge. entry list . . . I'll publish the in Cordovan or Black · she came through with flying. colors entry blank next week if the darn a<;lthough . . . incidentally her little vertising department will leave a few Candy horse came in first in the barc- cxtrit jnchcs for n1e ... the events are ba ck relay with her brother Jimmy, quite varied and a bit different than 303 W. Main, Puyallup Bob Simi, .T ackic J enncss and Chester lhe regular playday ... we hope you Phone Puy. 5-6693, or Tac, fU 1187 I-lastings, all fron1 Parkland . vvhat 411 Garfield St. GR. 3526 will like the show and enter . . . the TRY OUR .. "'Ell! 14 1 more the better. By the way, everyone Open 10 Till 6 ICE CREAM AND SHERBET ConMangMAtutralBlonisY


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ffifOITATIOn AN ARTIST SEES BEAUTY A.n artisl \'>'<1.S painting a scene. All. sa\v '"as rubbish, nude trees and

As I watelwd him I was the tra11sforn1ati.on; th3.t scene bcn1n1c bcriu-

tiful. Thal rubbish heap \vas covered ;.vith a soft \Vhite

bish" and saw the bea,.;ty of his nature. "l'hrough love and guidance boy developed into one of the be'Uutiful characters I've ever

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'May 21.2"1·, Thur .., Fri. - Sat. "The Model and the Marriage :Broker" Jeanne Crain - Thelma Ritter "I'll ·Nevcy For~et Y9u" (Color) Tyrone Power - 1\nn Blyth

Dean Martin - .Jerry Lewis "The Big Trees" (Color) Kirk Douglas - Patriec Wymore

S:iLw. He was seldom out of trouble,

~0 in;~~t~/owf::~n~ 11~~dy~~·e~~~~c;c~t ... please in?icatc the club you rep-

GA. 7373 56th & M St. Doors open 1:00 p.m. Sat. & Sun. 6:30 p. m. Mon. thru Fri.

blanket of ~no"', the nude branches had f'.nnint: cuffs and th c sun stretched lon g shadow fingers to n1akc an exquisite pattern. The black \Vatcr of the creek pr-eked impishly fru1n under spark.piles of snow. I determined then ugliness \Vas a rnatter of viewfull (Jf {uni _goo<l n1ind b~t an in1p of


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Summer Playshoes Sec this new and revolutionary approach to land clearing. Stumps can be removed at·cost of 15 to 20 cents each in 6 to 8 seconds. The mo"t valuable feature of the entire operation is that the top soil is not distul:bed ·so that the mos\ fertile layer of soil remains on the surface for immediate cultivation and use.

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REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE NOTARY ROY V. ROSTEDT 8201 Park Avenue Phone HA 2342 DR. JOSEPH G. HANSON ., Osteopathic Physician • 5437'/, So. Tacoma Way Odd Fellows Building HA 5315 Tacoma 9, Wash.



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THE. TIMES JOURNAL 3 Tbursday, l\1ay 22, 1952. be in June at .the home of Mrs. Swa·Jle9ioli'i 1 bnder. ""' " ""1' 1 "il' _ RecoverjngStunrt Harrison, eight-year . .old 1~~;;i. umcr team Fred Busick, son-in-law of the Frank singer and drU.mmer, won ·first prize Barbara Cordes-5-2511 .. Wiggen_s, is jn the hospital in.Tacoma ParklanJ post No. 228, American in the Anril 30 talent Contest sµon!\father's Day Luncheon recovering frun1 surger"!'· Legion, is. Sponso~~ a tean1 in the rnred by Rod,•fcr Lunde post, VFW, The Ladies auxiliary of the Fruit.!: a~• Sunday Trip 195~ Junior baseball program. The at the Parkland theater. Stuart will II' more TOI!' your 01~ fi'C1il!'U~e on of land Grange scored another success at Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bartalotz and home field is tcntativclv· the P. L. C. be back trying for top spot in the their Mother's Day turkey luncheon chil~lren spent,.. S1;nday driving over athletic field. 1~he foll~\ving schedule grand fmale contest June 4·, when 12 previous vvinners \vill cornpctc. Stuart l_;1st Friday. Around 80 attended the \Vhitc pass io Yakun;:i, up through El- is announc~d. lunc)icon and enjoyed the games fol- lcnsburg and home O\Tr Snoqualmie Tues., June 10, Olympia at Pnrk- is the son of Mr. and Mrs. ·waiter T. Io,ving. ' Harrison of Benston. pass. hnd In following the theme of Mother's \Vins Awa;d ' I'i:i., June 13, Parkbnd at Sumner. Day, ~1rs. Louise Goclzer \Vas preJamc s Calvert, S?n.oi ~r. an_d l\1rs. 'Tues., June 17, Shelton at ParkTHE PARKLAND BLUE BIRDS sented a lovely corsage for the oldest J. H. Calvert, has.iusl been presrnt<:J land. n1othcr present. I--Ier granddaughter, a $4DO schol~rship award .o:ivcn by· Fri., June 2!), Parkland at Puyallup. took their mother::; out to dinner at a Mrs. Harold Marshal, received a cor- the Taco1nc; ~.arpentcrs LT111c:n Lo~;il Fri.,- June 27, Parkland at Olyn1pia. locnl restaurant Mi'y 21. A g~la time :-.;agL: fur the youngest n1ulhcr present. No. 470. 1his award also gives hnn Tues., July 1, Sumner al Parkland. was had by all. The corsage for the mother with the guarantee _of work. through summers Tues., July 8, Puyallup at Parkland. 1nost children was \Von hv ivfrs. and vacat1'!ns wlulc att~ndrng the Fri., July 11, Parkland at Shelton. Charles Weiland. Mrs. E. I-I. Goodner, school of his chrncc. C:hrncc for the the only Gold Star mother present, schol;i_rship 'vas assisted by the faculty \Vas presented an /\[rican vioh~t. of the Puyallup high sd10ol and was f!!:ummer Sii>ii'illlk~iirncil ~ ~ ~ The returns of the_ luncheon go to based on the rr:cogn1tion of high (";cll' ). , . . the .\vorthy cnusc of \Vord pnrties at scholastic record, citizenship, popularity, leadership, initiative and other The I ,uL!and Light. & 'Water Co. Madigan General hospital. Those ladies serving- jn the kitchen \Vere con1n1cndnblc qua1itics indicating· a a·nnounccs .the. follo\Vln~ rates f,or Mesdames Harry Lee, William Kelly, character and personality of the high- sununcr ~pnnkl1111;, effective ]\.fay 20 to Sept. _o. Cliff Hurst, Everett Knoll, Louie est order , • .· r Minin11nn of 300 cubic feet, $1.50, Ward, John Lavik and Lester Gocl(Items <:;rowded 0~1t Last V.eck) next 300 cubic feet, Sc per J[)O cubic zcr. Mrs. Goclzcr decorated the tables "\ oodland l .-T. A. . . feet; thcu·aftcr, 6c per 100 cubic with attractive bouquets of spring W?odlnnd P -T A. held. its final feet. flowers. . i~eetmg of ·the year last Fnday n ~Residential light nnd power rntrs: . Graduat10n . nm~, at the s~l10ol an.d clus< d tlus . 5c per K W.H. for first 20 K.W.I-I.: ..... Graduation at Woocllnnd will be yc,tr s wo;k w1d1 the mstall£\t<Ol1 of le per K.W.II. thcieaftcr. ' on the evening of Monday, June 2. next yPar s off1CC'1'f'- Fo110\VI11~ the At the graduation exercises wil1 be regular n1ccting, presided over by' 1 four eighth grade student speakers. President Mrs. Bert Badham, MrS. ''ood sum was made and it will go toThcy nre Loma Pnddldord, Catherine Wangclin froin the Pierce County of- w,ird new furmture for the new kindHanstad, Eddie Burrel and Sally fice installed the officers elected for rrgartrn this fall. Swalley. ; the ensuing term for both PTA and · Boy Scouts Have Outing Prescbool. . Those install,cd fo1~ PTA m rP'> • ~ e• Members of Boy Scout Troop No. we1e: P1.es1drnt, Mrs. h.arl Cordes; .;JJi!.!1ppu111;~s 174- went ·to Camp Kil worth above vice president, Mrs. Art Stager; sec.Firing Dash Point for .a weekend of compass rct8.ry, 11rs. Ben Ruyle; trcas~1rc1\ training fire buildino· camping etc Mrs. Flora Lester. Preschool officers Plaster Figurinq Carnpi~g in tents, they defied th~ rai~ installed were: Vice president, ,,.,~·· Gifts and still enjoyed the trip. Adults nt- Robert Juslm; secretary, Mrs. 1'.enf.~~.~:fti~)~~f.~:;;~ ~Children's Clothing, 1-6 tending were .Larry Bartalotz and ncth Wade, and treasurer, Mrs. John & - _,_-:. I Cwchct Thread George Newcomer. Scouts attending Hoffma.n. Mrs. Wange.!!_n ."'.'cl the. i 1 \Vere Bryce and Dennis Moore, Bob ne\V officers were presented \\.'ttlh lo_vc-. & Mathe\vs, .Jn ck Linn, Dale Parks, Steve ly g.arden1a corsages. The oulgu1ng Kenworthy, Don Erickson, Bill New- president, ·. Mrs. Badham, wa.s prc1 ,_,ODEL 'H See Them Today at comer, Neil Ward and Larry Barta· sent.eel a love!y bouquet of tulips fol-· Iotz. 1ovnng a a~cnda. ~rs. L. B. ~Mll;ST T~RrM · 5-Way Automatic On Trip Brown, outgomg vice president, pre· 82371/2 Park Ave. WALLER ROAD FEED Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Swalander and scnt~d ~rs ..Badham with her Past Other Models Priced from $169.95 76th & Waller Rd. Ph. GR 5552 daughter, Janet, drove to Port Or- Pr_esident s pm. Mrs. Harr)'. Lamt?chard to spend the clay visiting Mr. shire, on behalf _of the m:tgomg offiTwo .Hot Wall Ovens - Concealed Oven Units Swalander's brother, Albert Swa· ccrs and committee .chamncn, pre· lander. sented Mrs. Badham with a lovely d~sh No More Credit Controls Ill In Hospital garden. Mrs; .Jess Gr::y, an .active William Dickey had virus pncu~ _n1e.mbcr of PI A who JS movmg to You Can Own This Range for $3.94 Per Week mania <inJ then suffered a heart at· Arizona, was presented a lovely tack aud spent considerable time at the corsa,o;e. I Average Clothes .Closet Can Be Lined With Cedar For as Little as$ 10.00 Your Fuel Oil and Appliance Dealer Good. Smaritirn hospital in Puyallup. Mrs. Parker and her second grade He is home now but still confined to presented two very clever ]~lays m llll e • l!:'ll • 1322 Colors bed. We wish him good luck and wlueh all her students partJcipatcd DISTRIBUTE.NG, ooysen @uCr&Zer rCHl1tS To Choose From speedy recovery. and were c~cvcrly· costu1ncd. Mrs. , . Robert Joslrn had charge of the USE OUR FRIENDLY BUDGET PLAN . . Neighborhood Club adenda. Clarence Otto, chairman of Neighborhood club met Inst Wrd~~s- the board of directors, presented a day at ~~h~. h<;>mc o~ Mrs. Frank Vlig- trophy to the 11nclcfcatecl [\iris' base· gens. 11olloWlI~g,. bingo,. rcf~-cshmcnts ball tcrun. GcorgC N eWc~n1bcr was GRanite were served .. l hose atkndrng wei~c introduced as the new Scout leader Mesdames. Richard Nicolet, J. C. for troop Nu. 1 H. M~.1}1.ns; Bill Henn,, R. E. Rocl'.woocl, Following community sing and (~sc,u Swalanclcr, VI alter Waller' Karl clever skits with audience partieipa·. 0 Cordes, and .a g~cst, Mm. P~lly ,1" tion.• under the direction of program dell of Auburn. 1 he next meetmg will chamnan, Mrs. Art Lincoln, the second grade mothers served rrfrcshrncnts. Tvfrs. Gf'orgc Dering-~ roon1 A· 1 Auto Wrecking ITI,2,ther, was in charge. Bake Sale Successful The W oodlaml Preschool wishes to extend their thanks to all those who GR. sent cakes to the cake sale last Satur· day. Due to the large





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Good Neighb~r Chlb The Good Neighborhood club met last' Friday at the home of Mrs. Floyd .Tensen. A nice big box of cookies, home made bread, fudge and other candy was packed and. delivered to the Midland Horne for the Aged. Thd'se present were Mesdames Dorothy Hendri7ks and P.atsy and Bonnie; Lucy N.ougmer, Lucile Anderson, Lydia Teff~c and Michael and Craig; Jerry McNabb and Mark and Cathy, besides the. hostess. It was decided ta postpone further meetings until September. Orthopedic Elects The Midland Orthopedic Guild held their May meeting at the home of Mrs. Clay Roley. A lovely luncheon was served by the hostess and her connnittcc·; Scverii.l new mcn1bers at~ tended. Election of officers was as follows: Pr~sident, Mrs. Clarence Johann; vice· president, Mrs. Roy Taylor; secretary, Mrs. Arline Brechbiel; and treasul·er, Mrs. Ethel Walker. Mrs. Lois .Johann .announced the fol· lowing committee chairmen: Membership, Mrs. Beryl Teffre; telephone, Mrs. Mary Linc\ and Mrs. M vrtlc Galyean; hostesses, Mrs. Fran Johnson; inart, Mrs. Ann Ke1np; publicity, Mrs. Margaret Corrigan; sunshine, Mrs. Jean Lampitt; birthdays and memorial cards, Mrs. La Verne Olsen, and scrapbook, Mrs. Annabell Asplund. The June meeting will be in the form of a picnic at the home of Mrs. Seifert. . Demonstration Contest 4-I-I Pierce County district No. 2, under the leadership of Mrs. Florence Allen, county extension agent, held the annual District Demonstration contest at the Waller Road hall last Saturday with. Mrs. Gilbert Carlson in charge. Entered from the Midland Girls' 4-H duh were Joan Arterburn, giving an illustrated talk in clothing on "'Measurc1ncnts," who received a blue award, and .T oanne Morud, giving an ilustrated talk in baking on "Basic Eq11ipment," who also received a blue award. Entered from the Midland Clover club were Elizabeth Weir, giving a method demonstration on "Waffles," who received a white award, and Marlene Corrigan, giving a method demonstration on "Western Salad," who won blue award. Congratulations, girls! Girls' 4-H Club The Midland Glrls' 4-H club held their May meeting at the firemen's hall. The meeting was called to order by the president, Joan Arterburn. The girls worked on their mothers' gifts during the meeting..Final plans for the Mother's tea were discussed. A thank-you letter from the Brooklake Community club was read. They arc now sponsoring JO 4-H clubs averaging 15 members each since the Midland 4-H club and Midland Clover club demonstrated a model meetin.~, initiation, demonstrations and a style review at one of their meetings in January. . Girls from the Midland -club planning to go to State Camp at Washington-. State college at Pullman· the second week in June are Joanne Morud, Sharron Eshpeter, Marline Spearman On behalf of the Midlandcball club, and A.nn Clinton. I wish to. thank all the people who Also discussed were the booths they helped make it possible for Midland are to take care of at the Senior 4-H to have a team j:o play in the Valley carni;-al to be held at Waller road, and City Basebll league in the year Friday evening, May 16. 1951 and to the following sponsors: 1 Mary Benson and Marline SpearMidland Food. Center, Ella and man "'erved refreshmcn'ts and Sandra Roy's Cnfc, Baskett Lumber Co., Little 'gave. a demonstration on a Vaughan's Pacific Ave. Lumber Co.; sala.d. They decided to postpone their Mac's Super Service, Anglea's Ice June meeting until later in •the month Cream, Lindstrom's, Midland Gas and on account of graduation. Fuel, Midland Improvement Club, Those present at the meeting were Fuel Oil Service, Walker's Tavern, Walter Corrigan, leader; Mrs. ·Browcr's Tavern, Smoother Movers, Elmer Morud, assistant leader; Joan Frank Gural Shoe Repair, Christen- Arterburn, Valerie Davis, Glenna 1 scn's Service, Midbnd, and Parkland ·Parriott, .Joanne Morud, Beverly CorCleaners. . rigan, Mary Benson, Marline SpearROBERT RANSLER. man, .Joyce Webber, Sharron Eshpcter, Sandra LiLtle, Diane Solkcy and Marlene Corigan, a visitor. Midland Clover Club The Midland Clover club met at the home of Mrs. Louis Weir last Thursd:iy after school. Elizabeth Weir and Marlene Corrigan gave demon. Terms - Nothing Down strations. The girls worked on their 10-Yr. Guarantee on Exterior Mother's Day gifts and made final pbns for the Mothers tea. Lovely ref rcshmcnts were served after the meetinp;. Present were Mrs. Roy Benson, leader; Mrs. Walter Corrigan and Pat, Nina and Donna Ayers, Beverly Paulik, Leslee Ellison, JoAnn Schumacher, Valeria Bombardier, Jean "Michael, Joan Chcsscy, Janet Jensen, :Marlene Corrigan, and Elizabeth Weir. (Items Crowded Out Last Weck) Mrs. Sinclair A. Wright entertained Mr. and Mrs. George Clever of Calg·ary, Alberta, Canada, last week. They were on way home from Los \lcgas, Nevada, where the_y were jutit married. They visited with Mrs. Wright for three days. Mrs. Wrigl;J had another visitor, Mrs. Oma Clever of Champion, Albrrta, Canada, wlio stoi•pcd over for one day on her way home from· a trip to California. Basketball Letters Awarded The Midland junior hi.o;h school student body held a meeting April 30. The basketball letters for the schoo) year of 1952 yere given out to both the girls' and boys' teams. Those who received letters were: Girls, Marline f')pearman, captain; Joan Gangidino, 'inspirational award; Joanne Morud, Joyce Webber, Sharron Eshpctcr, Ruth Recd, Bonnie Deck, Joan Chesley, Marjorie Huver, Doris Jojrnnn, manager, and Mrs. Phillips, coach. Midget boys were: Tommy Ransler, captain; Richard Arneberg, inspirational award; Bob Ho\\'ard, Billy Glover, Glenn Alstead, Lloyd Marvick, Ronald Hals, Eddie Spedel, Jim Boisture, manager, and Mr.· Richard-


LETTERS to the



CAMP DESERT ROCK, Nev.Cpl. Edward ./';, White, 12010 So. C St., Parklan_d, is now_ serving as a mechanic for the Army helicopters and single engine light planes at Camp Desert. Rock, Nev., site of the current series 0£ atomic tests. ' He and eight other enlisted men ar~ responsible for maintaining the planes aud ,handling the necessary supply and administrlj,tive duties for the light ir section of the post. The primary mission of the aviation section is courier service and aerial photography in connection with the atomic tests being conducted by the Aton1ic Energy Con1mission and the Depal'tment of Defense. The men work on a strip of desert from· which cacti and yucca plants have been removed.



son, coach.

PARKLAND REALTY CO. Lee, Inc. LAKE FRONT AGE SOUTH B STREET OWNER must sacrifice 6-month-old 50 FEET of frontage on beautiful Silver Lake, close to Mountain High2-bedroorn ran1hler, 1 ar.r~ rich soil. way. New cabin and good well and Excellent neighborhood. Delco fur':: pump. $5,000 on terms. nace. $1,800 down for quick sale. SPANA WAY Frank Sulenes, SK 3115. No. 1007. 4-ROOM home with all furniture inG. I. EQUITY cluded. $+,500, terms. ],,ARGE lot 11 Ox188, approx. Y, acre. PARKLAND Near 109th and Park Ave. Plenty of good fmit trees. 2 Y" bedrooms, well 3 WONDERFUL buys in 2-bedroom bungalows, close to school and colbuilt older bungalow on one floor, lege. Terms. larg-e· living' roo1n, dinirig room, kitchen, utility and shop. Hardwood 5-BEDROOM home with basement and ·a beautiful yard, 1 block to floors, wired for range hot bus and school. $6,950. · water. Partly finished 2-car garage. Price only $6,950. Approximately COZY, clean and comfortable 2-bcd· $1,000 down. Howard Esarcy, HI room home that has hardwood floors 5492. No. 678. throughout; laundry in part bascNEW HOME $500 DOWN 1nent; _electric range and refrigerEARN AN equity of $1,700 in 90 ator arc included; oil floor furnace; days by completing this house. We'll corner lot lOOx 100; near store. Price finance purchase of inatcrials. You $7,500 with only $500 down to can select the lots if you wish. anyone. , Monthly cost, less than rent. Call WE HAVE a few 3-bcdroom homes Frank Sulcncss, S- 3115. that can be purchased on G. I. terms $2,550DOWN of $200. down. % ACRE good soil, University district. Modern 2-bcdroom home, l,:JOO sq. ·ft. 1 floor, only 3 years Days, call GR n32-Jennic or Al old. Circulating fireplace, full base- Grodvig. Evenings, call GR 8210: or 1ncnt, 2::car garage. 1 block to store, Mr. Johnson, GR 6708; or Mr. Hensschool, and bus line. FHA tc1·ms. ley, GR 6736. Insurance of All Kinds Hal Wagner, PR 2923. No. 1302. $8,750 - 4814- so. J Notary Public ATTRACTIVE 2-bcdroom home, Est. in Parkland Since 1941 large living, dining room, breakfast 208 Garfield S.treet nook, full basement with 2 finished rooms, 2-car garage. FI-IA appraised. Low Cost Auto Insurance $2,000 down. Consider G. I. Hal Wagner, PR 2923. No. 895. 4510 NO. 18TH Temperance Policy Rates NEW 4-bedroom home, large living room, mahogany t1·im, 'beautiful birch cabinets in kitchen, tile drain HA 0365 board, tile bath, full basement, drive-in garage. FI-IA terms. Hal 7 Yi ACRE RANCH Wagner, PR 2923. No. 1350. 1.350 SQUARE feet in lovely 3-bedBUILDING PLANS? room home; living room 15x27 with INSPECT model homes in north end. fireplace; dining room; cabinet Two-, three-, or four-bedroom kitchen; nook; full basement; 2 homes with or without basements. c.hicken houses; 4-stanchion barn; Build on your lots .or ours: More in- · work shop; garage; abundance of _formation, call Hal Wagner, PR fruit fre<;s: school bus by front of 2923. house. Price $15,750. Call Bob Ruel, LA 3237; res., LA 7017. No F 93. Forrester Lee,- Inc. ' · 9c35 Member Tacoma Real Estate Board 917 Pacific Ave. BR 8325

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G. I .. EQUITY 2 YEARS old and a beauty, Call me MOTOR REBUILDING on this sacrifice-it \vill surprise AND REPAIRING you. 2 bedrooms, nice attached gaAll Types of Machine Work rap;e. Call Rex Rector, home HI 8344. Shop: GR, 7450 •• Res: HI. 6190 3-BEDROOM RAMBLER Pacific Avenue at Brookdale ON 3 LOTS. Lovely combination livUse Our Easy Finance Plan ing and dinihg i-00111, large kitchen, automatic heat, big double garage "12.Months to Pay-Nothing Down with floored upstairs. Close to bus and schools, -near Sacred I-Ieart FOR SALE~19.50 Mercury, R. and church .. Only $9,950, terms can be H.; one o\.vncr; lo\V n1ileagc; like arranged. Call Gene Davies, GR new; illness forces sale. $1,800. GR 5895 evenings. • 6792. 12p36 . $6,950 __'_~ $1,450 DOWN HELP WANTED: Two men. Better 3 BEDROOMS, combination living than averag~ .incon1c. Write E1nand dining roon1,, all on one floor. ployment Div., c/o Times Journal. Nice built-ins, wired 220, cement 5c% foundations, very clean and neat, 2 FOR SALE-Dalmatian, five months, lots, garage. Payments of $4·0.77 inre'gistercd, innoculated, wormed. c111dr tnxrs and jnsurance:. 1 block $75.00. GR 7532. 15p36 to bus. Call Ralph Decker, HI 4 706. WE BUILD FOUND ATIO NS, block buildin.L( and concrete work of all kinds. .J. R. LaRue . & Sons. GA 0089.-15c36.



6311 McKinley Ave. GA. 0365 Member Tacoma Real Estate Board 121STAND L SEE THIS ONE NOW 2 LARGE b'edrnms, living room with fireplace, dining room, tile kitchen and bath, plastered throughou t.1 4 lots. Priccq right at $12,500. Mr. Totten, eves, .CR 8156. BUSINESS SITE 10 LOTS with 150 feet on Garfield Priced right. Call Mr. Totten, eves. GR 8156. SAN JUAN ISLANDS 1,200 FEET sandy beach, no bank. ·Year rou.nd borne. VVill sacrifice· for $11,000. For information call Mr. Totten. eves. GR 8156. CHOICE BUILDING SITE 5 LOTS. 120th and I street. Won't last.



iiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Bargains in ·11· -I e ____ ..JI LI-..,.JI 4llt:'&llillll!U lnllLlllGIQ 'l;;JVVY:.t

C,REEK PROPERTY FOR SALE-Ranch style 3-bedrm. home; large sunken liv. ·rm. with 10-ft. .fireplac~ wall; picture windows; roofed patio; separate din. rm.; breakfast nook; laundry rm.; 17 -ft. frontage; 3 blocks from l'LC. GR 6057 after 5.

cellent furnace. All for $10,950. FOR SALK--1950 custom 2-door Call Helen O'Brien, CR 3558. Ford, radio, heater, overdrive. 26,3 ACRES - CLOSE-IN 000 miles. Also 1948 Chevrolet stake 2-BEDROOM home, double garage pick-up truck, heavy duty 4-specd with cabin attached, 2 chicken houstransn1issiorl, very good rubber, raes and small barn with concrete dio, heat~r, 24,000 miles. Illness floor and side walls. Good soil. forces sale at a very i·easonablc Priced right. Call Mrs. Hughes, GR price. l 2p36 4328. FOR SALE-Holstein heifer, fresh G. I. EQUITY with first calf in week; large frame, 2-BEDROOM rambler, spacious clos· well developed udder, good breedets, excellent oak flc;mr, autornutic ing. Also large fall fresh Holstein oil hcat 1 electric range, nice yard~ heifer, very good for type. One large separate garage. $8,250 total. Call open Hol~tein heifer. Two largie Helen O'Brien, GR 3558. Guernsey heifers, one white face SO. TACOMA BEAUTY and one Angus heifer. Telephone EXCELLENT floor plan, spacious · 13p36 rooms, beautiful· floors,- auto_matic , Graham 7-7638. . oil heat, insulated and wcathci·- FOR SALE-6-gallon Gucrnsc-y cow, stripped, b(;<rntiful yard, larg-c ga$:JOO. GR 8710; 10511 So. J. 13p'.16 rage, concrete drive. $8,900 full ROTOVATING, blade work; no job price, terms, Call Helen O'Brien, too small. W. L. Lewis, GR 7+92. GR 3558. 3ctf PACIFIC BROKERS CO. 3807 So. G St. HI 8428 Next to 38th St. St. Post Office Member Tacoma Real Estate Board

Varsity boys were: Larry Cook, captain; Jerry . Rody, inspirational award; Don Squires, Wendell Jensen, Property Management Insurance Dick Baughn, Dale Lipke, Jerry Sol. Notary key, Arnie Thompson, Ray Kuljis, Member Tacoma Real Estate Board manager, .and Mr. Keyes, coach. Office: 328 Garfield St. GR. 3369 The Girls' baseball team have finished their season, winning the championship. They played four games, two with Parkland and two with Dupont, winning three games of the four played. The Boys' baseball team have also finished their season winning co-championship with Parkland. They played s,ix games, two with Parkland., tviTo \vith Dupont and two with Marymount, winning five out of six ga111es played.


Hm Realty



Custom Furriers Also Repairs, Cleaning, Restyling, Storage Tues. thru Sat., 12 noon to 8 p. m.


630 I Pacific Ave. HI 8110

One 8x10 Personality

PHOTO FREE When you have purchased $10.00 worth of merchandise at

HIWAY VAIUETY 7025 Pacific Ave.

Motoring Musts ••• Before starting that Wcck~nd trip, a full tank of gas and a quick look at vital car check points are a MUST.!

• Drive up now, and let us check your oil. radiator, battery and tire pressure. When you leave our station, you can be SURE-of pleasant week-end motoring.



Times journal v 7 no 36 may 22, 1952  
Times journal v 7 no 36 may 22, 1952