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Midland Orthopedic Guild Sale This Week

Mostly About Horses


· By Clarence LaCrosse

The Midland Orthopedic Guild are holding their annual plant sale this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 15, 16 and 17, at 1329 Broadway. There will also be a rummage sale in connection with the plant sale. Awardcd to some lucky person during the three-day sale will be a farm wagon, a beautiful rhododendron plant and a 100-lb. sack of cumercial fertilizer. .T ust a few of the many plants available for sale ..will be chrysthanemums, geraniums, lQbelia, pansies, salvia, delphiniums, daisies, flo:w.cring vines, asters, zinnias and just about anything you can think of. Mrs. Clara {}oering, no~cd flower columnist and Roundup.,,. . ,_,as usual- he» excelled in, fancier, will assist the Guild in their his .iob . . . as a result about 500 · sale. more people know about the. Parkland This is the Midland Guild's one big Roundup . . . many are planning to project of the year and as all the attend our syow on June 7th. money realized goes lowllrcl the buildFrom a personal standpoint I enin,~ of the much-needed orthopedic ioyed the show very much especially hospital in 'l'acoma, a dream which is .iincc my Quarter Horse Stallion manhoped to becorne a reality very soon, aged to get the blue ribbon in . the it is hoped that everyone will really pleasure class out of a mob of conturn out and make this sale the biggest tenders ... Larry Kirkwood and my• · I success ever. . self had a whale of a good time in the .. In spit~ of the evident incrimination which might be .impli~d from the 1 The general chairn1au, Mrs. Mary trailer horse race finishing third . . . · above .photo by Roundup photographer Wes McKewen it isn t so. The Lind, and h~r committee aud all the after the horse settles down from all ~ild, gun-totjng foursome members of the Roundup Committee who' are members of the Midland Orthopedic the excitement of tfhe event I'll see if seen inspecting the wreckage of the Milwaukee freight train which went off Guild are working very hard on this 'he still has all his teeth after that th···e· tracks at the .Midland crossing la,s··.t Thursday are "Gum Boot" Maloolm sale to have everything on llarld that trailer race as he is apt to be missing Soine, "Sheepherder" Mad Ad 1"1an Brown, "Teeter" :rotten and "Dead- you could ask for so let's all give a few since he is not used tci being line'' Clarence LaCrosse. Acco;rding to Carl Taylor eye witness to the acci- them a helping hand. bridled with one hand while the other ·dent the freight left the tracks just as it crossed the crossing with the result han,d is cinching the saddle . . . what that there was plenty of noise and confusion. A truck pulled the cars from a time. the crossing. Carl says he got out of the way plenty fast.-Photo by McI'll try to remember alf the other Kewen, Parkland. winners, fiut if I leave your namy out don't get sore ... Jean Caddigan Pacific Lutheran college departmanaged to get a handful·of ribbons ~~· •-- ~c"t.;::'1c .•· or neckerchief. 0 ment of music will present students as did Ruth Hopkins, Kirk"'.oo~s _got . . THE Everyone Having Fun their share on those two fine· little ·. = Maury Anderson and Betty at the of Mabel Metz Dilts and Gudrun Ness Morgans of. theirs; 'Marie Palin as ~·~--~- -· Anderson Lumber Co. are having the Ronning: in a senior recital Sunday usual brought home an armful; Clair ~f'.· = · time of their lives over the event . . . afternoon, May 18, at 3 o'clock in the beautiful new chapel-music-speech Risinger 'placed in jumping as . did <::. :::::::::> ' - ~ drop in and see them. . Virginia Bek.sinsky on Babuska, first' · ~ --=--"'°'' Mr. Magdanz is all decked out in building. Accompanists will be Helen N. in fact . . . ,o;ce, there are others but ~- •- . a big 10-gallon cowboy hat as is the Congdon and Jeanette Foss. The reI didn't jot them down so as a result · , r · rest of his staff. I can't recall at the moment. 'By CLARENCE LA CROSSE The boys down at General Supply cital is complimentary to the public. Graham Show This Sunday, May 18 ..From now on most ol my chatter are having a wh':'le of a good time . Get t~e old nag. brushed off ai;d will b~ .about the Roundup , . . no growmp; .some mighty fancy beards hmbe; him up a bit bccau~e he will remarks either. c of the committee ... drop m and see for Y?urself. need 1t to b_eat those rough rider~ fron:; feel that the show this year will be a J?el Totten. has a pnze patch of Because of the many protests of Graham thIS Sunday at one when the huge success only because of a lot of whtskers on h!S mug ... see for yourproperty O\Vners in the area, no fur~ crowd meets there for the h?rse show hard work by the members of the com• self. . , Talkmg about whiskers ther\;_.arc ther steps will be taken in the plan to a'.'d gymkh":na. Club PreSidcnt Or- mittce and. because of the splendid ville Eveleth says there '_'llll be plenty support being given by eacfi place of a l~t of good ones around .... Ji:ck form Pierce County Road, Improveof excitement a!'d JU_dgmg from t~e business in the area . . . for example Whtsler ":t the bank h~s a mce ~ea:vy ment Dhtrict No. 1 in the Parkland program there will be JUSt that. Don t .... the .bank is 100% black var;ety ... _(don t let your wrfe area for the purpose of constructing for!(et the grand entry starts at one with the affair . . . ever since May 1 talk you mto sha':'mg, J'.'ck). Ed Stev- curbs and' sidewalks. At the public sharp . . . followed by stake races,. all members of the staff have been sns has a i;1ce "'.rld variety of .sprou~­ hearing, he.Id Tuesday morning at the small fry, .~O and ':'nder; coat and ~at to work in their jeans and colored: 1r;g red chm wluskers as does FranclS court house, rt was immediately evirace; mus.1cal ~ha:r~; matche~ patrs;, shirts . . . Bank Manager Art Swind- · Nordyke . , . take a look an;mnd and <le1it that the great majority of people pole bcndm!'; (rnd1\rdual) tratl horse; land has been very co-operative . . . see what your to"."n l~oks !Jke when living in the district \Vere not in favor JUmpmg (western) bare. back relay you should see him in his jeans and they let down their. hair, so t~ speak. of the proposition, which would have involved considerable expense to prop(oh ~rother ~hat ": rough one), guess Roy Rogers cowboy. hat . , . we cerSpanaway Havm_g Fun, 1 oo that ts about rt beStdes a sneake~ i;lass tainly appreciate a firm such as the Merchants. and re.Stdents of Spane;- erty owners. or two whi_ch they .are sure t'? mi.ect. bank who will pitch in and do more way are havmg t~eir fur; out of. the Kent Enckson "'.'11 do th~ Judgmg. than their share of promoting corh- event als~ ... I n;1ght pomt out ngh~ Kent has a re~uta~1on of be1".g ~me of munity spirit and endeavor. now . , . m fact Ill ~vcn send a lette1 the most consc1ent10us and fair Judges The fellows at the post office h'lve · to the Spanm-yay BuSJ'.'rss club to that m the h_orse world h~reabouts. really gone all out in b'.elping promote effect ... that. all res1dent_s of Spana~1aster of i:;eremomes for the oc- the affiar ... the Garfield merchants way ar~ _certam)y to be mcluded m ca_s10n will be o':'r f~1erid Larry, haye been 100% in most cases be- the lest1v1ty affair~ of the Roundup as Kirkwood. I still mamtam t.hat un-. hind .the endeavor . . . jeans, slacks, well as any other mterested :sroups or less you have. a good announcer .at a, old-fashioned hoops and skirts, etc.; residents . . . Spanaway busmes? m~n .show ,.you might. i;s~ell as for~e~ are.the dress of .the <lay in Parkland have. been. more thai; co-o~erattve m ahout 1t ... Larry 1s a darn• .,tfi6se ·days. ~.· • · hclpmg thwc'?mmumty. prei~ct a suc~­ ;iomfccr and master of. ceremomes so We feel that a bit more participa- cess. All residents an? busmcsses of it will be a good show 1f you turn out tion from . the residents of the area Spanaway are hereby mv1ted to par. : . incidentaUy, don't forget your would add considerably to the sue- ticipat~ in the Parld":nd Roundup ... fnend Larry whe_n you need your cess of the affair . . . get out grand- m fact we would like. to have YOU ~leanmg ... McKmlcy Park S:leaners. dads old topcoat and grandmas old folks enter floats, etc., '.".our parade. is the place t,he phone num!;ier is (hang hoop skirt ... it is in order ... h'lve Queen Carmen Rec~vmg Many it. up) GArland 26,52 . . . 3608. Mc- fun, soon it will be too late . , . when C~ngratulat10~s . Km~ey Av~. , .. pickup and delivery you come to town get out the buggy O~r cute h~t!e red-hatred queen IS service (with a sm1le). or old jalopy . , . get into the spirit certamly rcce1vmg a _lot of congratu.T ust _got a phone call !,mm _Graham of the affair . . . you men rnn grow lations over her chmce as queen of remmdmg· me that the~e will be a a beard, don old jeans or what have the Parkland Roundup. Sorry to hear ph;itographer on . hand to snap t9e you. of the accident of Barbarn. Nolte. o;ir snule :of sattsfact.1on when you wm A Kangaroo Kourt is being held at rincess . . . she was m3ureif"'""wh1le the big bl.ue nbbon. , various ~imes at the. end of. Garfield pnegotiating a jun:ip on a horse · · · Washmgton Horsemen Sho'':' street with mock tnals takmg pl~e she is in the hospital . · hope you , :Maq'\aret McMaken JUSt ren.nnded . . . come out, have fun, no one is get well soon Barbara. me about the show at the Washmgton getting fined heavy . . . just a bl!tton ' Horseme1i on June 22nd . . . keep it a date it is a bit far off yet, but , Coming Attractions time goes by ... a novel idea is being introduced in that the Grand Entry will he strictly in costume . . . each entrant· must have a costume depicting some charncter '(other than yourself), trophies and ribbons -will be awarded for your trouble . better get busy on that co~tumc no\v. INSURANCE Area Gets Tack Shop and Supplies GA. 7373 ·56th & M St. CLAY ROLEY AGENCY Believe it or not . . . one of the Doors open 1:00 p.m. Sat. & Sun. 9Bth and Portland Avenue more aggressive bu·sincss men in the 6:30 p. m. Mon .. thru Fri. GR 8501 area recognizing the need for a local place to purchase your bits, bridles, OPTOMETRISTS martingales, saddles, blankets, cinches, May 14-17-Wed.-Thur.-Fri.-Sat. DR. L RICHARD "McGIRK lariats and other needs did something "The Lone Starn Modem Eye Care about it and now ·you can get your Clark Gable - Ava Gardner supplies right here in the area with4B02y,! So. Yakima HA 2113 "A Girl In Every Port" out traipsing off miles or sending to Groucho Marx - Marie Wilson REAL ,ESTATE INSURANCE Timbucktoo or elsewhere . . . Where May 18-20-Sun.-Mon.-Tues. NOTARY you ask, at the Summit Feed of course "Roo1n For One More" ... yep, Walt Stanger and my brother Cary Grant - Betsy Drake ROY V. ROSTEDT Frank, will be busy now ,selling y,;u "Flaming Feather" 8201 Park Avenue with all your horse .needs . . . Wall Sterling Hayden - Arleen Whelan Phone HA 2342 will have his store fixed up very. soon May 21-24-Wed.-Thur.-Fri.-Sat. with a nice' saddle room complete with DR. JOSEPH G. HANSON "The Model and the all the gear ... space to sit and everyOsteopathic Physician Marriage Broker" thing , , . drop in and see for your5437;/2 So. Tacoma Way .Teanne Crain - Thelma Ritter self . . . supplies are arriving but it ''I'll Never Forget Yon" (Color) Odd Fellows Building will be a while before they have it Tyrone Power - Ann Blyth HA 5315 Tacoma 9, Wash. complete, meanwhile if you need a. bit ~J;t'-:;;::-;;;-,:.,,.,po<.,\-·-"~ .. or bridle I· am sure they · can dig down .in the' box and. dig one ont for you . : .. they arc carryin!': a darn.good line, too . . . Laurence. · Here and There See Gene Bcksinsky busy shoeing horses these days at his ranch on Brookdale road . . . does a good job, too . . . GRanite 5873 is his number. He shoes only at his ranch - no out calls. · Art Swindland, friendly manager of NBW with his Roy Rogers Cowboy hat really makes a picture ... in fact the whole crew up there is really all out for the Roundup . . . the entire staff (I should call them), are really promoting this Roundup 100% , •. they all have western gear on. Del Totten was "shot" (with a gun) while cal)ght cheating at a ganie of poker up on Garfield. street last Saturday ... Dryer Mortuary is announcing the future of the body. North of the Bank Comer Roy Vaughan up at !he Bungalow is all out for the Roundup . . . his entire staff is wearing western gear and having the time of their lives, too (Continued on !'-age 3 )' Some of us who went to the ·Silver Spurs Horse Show over at Silverdale last Sunday certainly had a good time . . . and missed all the rain you had here in the area, too. Those folks of the Silver Spurs really have a layout ... 20 acres m. ostly cleared in a fashion .. , clubhouse, show grounds, parking space,· w.ater and light plant ... and as their genial president told me ... all paid for. A very hospitable group our peninsula friends. . · Friend Larry Kirkwood took over the ,mike on several occasions to sound forth the coming of the · Parkland,,


urrh'l' to in tJ)e rniuds of son11· reg<1rding r·_H1J''-' of floats and individual unitr 11'•· P;irklond Rcnrndup Parade to 'plnce at 12 on Saturday June 7th, ip Chainn:-in ( ~lan·nce Lav,dshcs to s·tate that any person or orgnnization is rnorc than to participate in thr· panH1e. l'loats from groups art: especially welt'tnlH'. A thr1ne of Frontier Days or .\Vt-s1..t_'.rn should prevail. Individuals (·ithcr n1ountcd or in ensitnne are n1ore than wclr~on1e. We expect to have the lar,i.;-cst parade ev1.-r shovvn in the a rca this year. In order to help the committee plan the parade more efficiently it would ,llxo appreciated if. entry blank printed htTcwith would be either mailed or Two vivacious queens, Queen Carmen ol the Parkland RQundup and given to any committee mc1nbcr. If Queen Virginia of the W cnatchec Apple Blossom Fe.tival meet at the Apple )rou wish .to 1uail it sin1ply address Blossom Festival where they both enjoyed a State Horseshow. More than Roundup Chairman, Parkland, Wash- 5,000 people were on hand .for the gala event - Photo by LaCrosse Timesingtori . . . do it4'$ early . . . horses, .Journal. autos, Hoais 1 burros . . wanted for ['" -----·~ y()ur Roundup Parade. No charge ·whatsoever for entries.


-•••--w---•••- - - - - - - -


Parkland PmTA 'The Parkland P-T A will hold its regular meeting tonight at 8 in the Parkland school with Mrs. R. Gottschalk presiding. The new officers fo:f the· con1i11g yr".ar- arc to be installed. Mrs. S. Rcyriolds is president; Mrs. G. Rolstad, first vice president; Mrs. H. Clothirr.. scc.ond vice president; Mrs. L. IIullci1g-ren, secretary; Mrs. M. Pederson,- treaSurer.




PLC Music Department Plans Sunday Recital



Moon Mullins Offers A Household Hint

;_ \


ROUNDUP HOOSEGOW ls the official title or' the place of incarceration for culprits who fail to heed the proclamation of the Roundup . C6mmittee .as to participation in . the spirit of the affair. Taking time out from his busy job last week was Sheriff Harold Bird who is shown al1ove pinning. ·.the badge of authori.ty on the Roundup Sheriff, Lee T rctter. Lo.oking- on. is "Mayor" Walt Young, Judge Al Grodvig- and Francis Nordyke - Official Roundup Photq by McKewen, Parkland.


Plenty of Display Booths For Mer€'!hants. Groups

Moon Mulli11.s,. Parkland· ·area salt?sman for the Puyallup Laundry and Dry Gleaners, wants Parkland women to know iha t the Way to remove ''scorch'' fro1n a washable fabric is to expose the surface to .direct sunlig;ht. If ihc "scrlrch" rc1nainsj inoisten it _\\rith lcrnon juice and retu1:n to sun'lip;ht. But scorch that injures the fabric car'uiot he .ren1ovcd. ''A.nd to houseclean the easy \Vay/' ,,claims Moon, "call me at Puyallup 'jC(iG5 J :md I'll stop by for your cur_'hiins, rugs,. pillovvs, ·._drapl'.s. hlankets, .quiI(s, slip covers and bed spreads. l'uy;i\Jup Laundry equipment and trained personnel, handle your most valuabJc pieces Safely. Try us and see.n

Danielson Rolfe Insurance Agency m

PARKLAND-GR. 3113 Automobile - Casualty - Fire Inland Marine

According to Wes McKcwrn in charge of· Garnival and Booths for the .:,Roundup. tht:re is. pknty.'.,of'spaces yet available for the Parkland Roundup. Please cont'act 1.-1r; 1\.'fl:Kcwcn al his Parkland. Studio on Garfield street or call him at GRanitc 3833. There is an exceptional opportunity for either local or otlu~r inerchants to shovv their n1erchandise to a very large crovvd during the week of June 2nd to 7th at the Roundup. A big carnival will be here all week which in itself should get a good crowd. On the weekend of the show there will be thousands of visitors in the ,area. Call Wes McKewen now so he can ,o;ct his end of the job done a bit more easily. GRanite 3833.

WOODLAND NEWS Barbara Cordes-5-2511

Robert ShL!rpe; first vice president,

Mrs. Russell Malray; second vice president, Mrs. Edward Jackson; secretary, Mrs. Robert Irving; recotdh1g secretary, Mrs. Dave McPherson, a1ld treasurer, Lester Storaasli. The P-TA will again sponsor the grade school picnics, the first to be held Wednesday the 14-th at Wapato park and the other grades will follow. Rcfresh111cnts for. the mc'.l~ting will be served by Mr. Richardson's and Mrs. Adams' rooms with Mrs. Raymond Ellison and Mrs. R. V. Simpso·n as room mothers. Bake Sale The Altar society of St. John of the Woods parish will sponsor a bake sale after both Masses this Sunday, May 18. Mrs. Albert Bombardier is chairman. So g-et all your delicious cakes, pies, rolls, home-made breads, and cookies at this sale and and at the same time do your part towards help-

VV uodland is proud of its latest asset, a new kindergarten. Last Monday evening at the rrg11lar mel'.tillg of the school board it becarne a reality. Members ol the Preschool who worked SO' diligently tov.rard this, wish to thank the school board for their co1 operation, planning and assist3.nce in making it possible for Woodland to start their kindergarten this corning ing your church. September.


Special Election


The people of the Bethel school district arc to have one more cliance Saturday, May 17, to pass the 45mill school levy and receive matching funds from the State. The issue failed in the M~H"ch election, not because the majority of the people did not want to improve their grade schools, but simply because they stayed home and "let George do it." Had just 13 more people gone to the polls to vote, the issue would have carried.

is so1ne-

put her Fron1 grass to n1ilk, .in hottlcs, on our doof·::;Lcp, is a highly complex business. For n1c11 vvho handle her product' there are no holidays. no .time out for play. Bli.stcring heat or bitter cold, that cow is milked, milk is treated, bottled ahd delivered and that lakes men , devoted to their '.frav Dryer labor. ()i.u J"rrill<rnt,~ll· are like ·taxes; they're W c take time out to r1 <)lH favoritC' recreation; ()Ut our .1nilkrr1rn take is not much of that. If there co1ruT1t:idi£y v~-c Can bc,.ecrtain to


1leverly Corrigan GR. 8545 There will be a school roller skating party held in· the next vveek or· so. Midland P.-T. A. The last meeting of the HarvµrdMidla nd P.-T.·A .. for thisschool term will be held at the school Wcdnesd\ly, May 21, at 8 p. m. Mr. .Geprge Barras will present the school or' chestra. The new officers elected at the last meoeting will be officially installed. They are: President, , .Mrs.


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By PAUL ARLTON Our neighbor-town to the north,. touted by pulp 1nagazincs as "Seattle's

sinful back-yard," is be;ck on !he nation's spotlight. Once again it has achieved the dubious distinction of being the laughing stock of America. All weeli, columnists and com• mentators have been calling Tacoma "the only city in the U. S. can look at a clock and still not know what time it is." There arc probably 200,000 clocks in Pierce county. And jud!(ing by the confusion of the past f~w days, it would seem that .every one of them is running on a different brand of tin1e. What makes the time problem more aggravating is the lack of a daily paper to help unscramble radio and TV schedules, school, store and factory hours. One frustrated citizen thew up his arms and moaned, "1 shoulda stood in bed!"




Del Bresemann, Spanaway's redoubtable justice of the peace. got his picture in a national magazine this month. Ile is depicted along with other principals in the McNickOlas rnurder case, which is featured -with a l 0-page spread in the May issue of '(Headquarters Detective.''

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Improvement Plan Killed

(This tongue-in-cheek column by a former editor of the Times-Journal, will appear occasionally during the duration of the Tacoma press sliutdown.)

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CANADA'S LEADING L!FE COMPANY AGAIN INCREASES POLICYHOLDERS' DIVIDENDS With 4 7% of its assets invested in the United States and announcing a further increase in policy dividends, reducing insurance costs. thC 'Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada has just released its 8 lst '.Annual Report revealing t11c largest volume of new life insurance issued by any Canadian company in 1951~over $461 million; an all-time high in benefits paid, and an .increase in the intefcst rate .earned on the assets last year. George \V. Bourke,: President,. in.announcing 1951 figures for Canada's leading life company, stated that total Sun Life insurance in force ·noW stands at $+,801,000,000, an increase during theyear of $3+0 milli.on. Annuities in force provide immediate or future payments to the amount of $1 Q4. rnilli.on per annutn. Group insurance· in forte now totals $1,25+ million. an increase of $168 million (15.5%) during 1951. The rate of interest earned on the as: sets last year vv·as 3. 70-% ~s co1nparC<l with 3.61 % in 1950; 3A8% in 1949 and 3.30% in 194'8. , The Sun Life, a leading international life company with policyholdcrservicc branches from .r.oast to coast, last year paid out to policyholders and beneficiaries the all-time record .,sum of $125 millio~ ..$35 million' \Vas paid to beneficiaries . of deceased policy. holders, $16 milli.on under annuity contracts,. $35...million for maturing cndOV\.'n1ents, and the balance in d_ivi~_ dcnds to policyholders, disability benefits, etc. Since. the first Sun Life policy was issued in 1871, total. benefits paid to. policyholders and beneficiaries have amounted to. $2,486 milliap. While the Company operates .in 20 countries,, , 90_% of the bus_iriess origi~ nates in the United States, Canada and· Great Britain. A copy qf the Sun Life's complete 1951 Annual Report to P.olicyholdro:s, including the President's review of the year, may obtained from



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day helping ~lieriff Lee Tretter up a few v10lators. of the Parl,land Roundup Proclamation. . . See the Roundup Remuda at the ban. k c.·orne1.· .... q1.1itc a jol.) J?O .. :\'T FORGET '.fHF. DATE . . . this Sunday, May 18th at Graham ... Gymkhana and Horse Show.


i Thursday, May Li, 1952 . nH· .r R .. . ., . On~l!;l(lf)"S Olli! E!VUe




Sponsored by the Parkland. Prcschool, . tl.H: Kelle!'. .(far.1_ce revue will be l!Jl'Cll at 8 p. IJI. F11J,1y in the Parkh;~1d school audito:·ium. With the exciting theme, "JJohdays on Revue," Mrs. K®ler \vill present in gs, barn, bro?dcr hous_e i'nd cluck- . .' .. try to nclr; Im buckmg !lorse ,next . • . over J 00 dancers in adagio, .toe, tap, en house. This place 1s neat antl i time you arc 111 there ... it cant be KAPOWSIN GRANGE will hold a ballet '1nd acrobatics. "H.olidnys on and is well worth $10,500; dorw he .snys.. .... · smorgasl.)ord, May.. 18'. from l.~cvue" .will dcp.ict the .holirlay.s mont.h LINCOLN III DISTRICT were out on horseback · .hoys Mnc RoWnron =d a last SatUJ-_ S}.1ALL home with sun mom and ---~-patio, nice yard, big lots. $750 lo------------,-----· down, balance like rent. \ 30 ACRES AT YELM 3 1/, ACRES in blackcaps, balance in ·crop. Good sized barn and large chicken house. Best well and sprinkling equipment. '.JcJJt:droom home; priced at $.10,500, terms.








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Sizes 3-6

san:~· :window-~~~ ~;~;-of "tlie-wo.lderful . . ' . I


'52 STUDEBAKER Starliner. New hard top model. Never licensed -------------------- SA VE

cowboy boots actually shown in this Come around

Sizes 4-7


'51 CHEV. Bel Air. R. and H., Powerglide, etc. Less than 3, 000 miles ______________ $2, 25 0

e 'd· · Shoe Parkland . Store

'50 CHEV. Bel Air. R. and H., Powerglide, etc ________ $1, 89 5 '5 0 Buick Super Riviera cpe. R. and H. Dynaflow, W. S. W. tires ----------------- _____ $ 2, 1 9 5 '51 NASH Rambler Suburban. R. and H., overdrive. 8,000 miles .. ________________ $1,695

BROWN - RED_- BLACK (Sizes 6-8) .................................. $4· .95 (Sizes 8;1, -3~ ............................ $5.85

See a··fuH..sim--copy-of thispainting~ ....,,


Known for 0Gciod, Clean Sharp Cars

411_ Garfield Str13et

Al and Malcolm Soine GR. 3"526" (In the Parkland Centre Building) Open 10 Till 6 Across from the Post Office


quality -

CHILD'S WORK BOOT (Sizes 6-8) ·----·-'--'-·--·--·--"--····-·-· $4.95 (Sizes 80.-12) ··--·-·-··---·-·-·-·----·-$ 6. 70 (Sizes 12Yo-3) ............................ $6.95


Fit -

'51 FORD "6" and H. --------------------

FOR SALE-Guernsey cream, Qt . ,80c; Rt. 13, Box 3'.1-7: GR 8720 5 ACRES- G. I. EOUITY . 15p35 12-YEAR-OLD 3-beclroon;-homc. SepFOR -::S:-A:-r=-,:::E,--..,G,....,o-c-,d..--1-11 il~k-c-ows, s tcc:r aratc dining room. Oak floors, wircCl calves and 9-\veeks-uld pigs; CC'dar 220. Bamncnt dug, ready to finish. road, Rt. 2, Box 157, Puyallup; L,'~'.·gcA chicl":nJ101 Fruit.,.~i~cl ber5-5927, Puyallup. 1:lp:l5 llCS. 1''-SS111nc t_r. 1• 1oan. •pJJ payFOR RENT or SALE 2-bccl;:om~~ rnr-n.,L s::1~ Orrin Moore, GA 0488 furnished house, Parkland; $35 or CR .J.5.i8. $7,800 so. 77TH ST. mon!h;.GR 5851. 9p36 EXCELLENT value in this 2-bedroom 3-BEDROOM BEAUTY shake rambler. Large living room, One floor; hardwood flnnrs; fireplace; convenient kitchen. Beautiful floors, scparat~ living and dining roo1ns; Vcnctian blinds. Attached garage. eating space in kitchen; high presLow down payment. Call Mrs. Lesure heat; 4--piccc tile bath; wardRoy to sec, HI 293·1. robe closets; large lot; attached g\j'J. BEDROOMS rage; FHA appraised. Call Jack SUBSTJ-\N ·1·1AL 11on1e, ....<J 1)C d roo1ns Pr.op.·erty Management Insurance Pickham,. GR 44M or G. R 8618. up, 2 clown. Large comb. living and Notary 9c35 dining room, ".nic.c kitc9cn. 1. 1/3 Member of Tacoma Real Estate Board F · · NT . ·I 2 ·b ., acres land, closc-m. Chicken house Office: 328 Garf Id St. GR. 3369 OR RE. -Lo\c Y -. edrnom 1 " 111 ie . _ I bier with view of Sound; mcclv for 300 chickens, brooder house, garage and l-room cabin. Full price FOR SALE-Welch pony, bi·idle 'and lands:~~)cd; c~os~ to l~us :'.'d,~cho~.'.;.f saddle; GR 7650. 16p35 _le.:i~1\<,1tlablc.Call (,1Z11B_l,_10c.,,J $9,500. Call R. Westby, HI 8'128. , OOM AhIRPORT lW A y 1 . 2 ·1 3 -I" ousc on argc ot. 01 stoves. $200 clown, $50 per mo. Call Mrs. Hughes, GR 4·328. PAR°KLAND _ 6 LOTS 2-BEDROOM rambler with attached garage. Full basement, high pr~ssure oil heat. Separate dining room, fireplace, oak floors, spacious closets. Large firs in yard. On bus line. $1,800 down, FHA . . can Orrin Moore, GA 04·88 or GR 3558. MIDLAND l {'CRE with 2-be~ro~Jin ho~e. New 2-car garage. Tlus is a mce place and priced right. Terms. Call Mrs. Hughes, GR 4328. LAKE RESORT FRONTAGE oi:i 2 lakes about 1,600 ft. Has 10 furnished cabins, large house for owner, dance hal~, small ' grocery store, outdoor lotchcns, rental boa.ts, camping spots, trailer earnp, picnic grn.unds, . . about 19 '.lcres land, some tnnbcr, and o~hcr items too numerous to mcnt10n. 1 Owner reports net of better than $6,000 per year, Full price $50,000. Will consider close-in small acreage as part of down payment. Call R. Westby, HT 8+28. PACIFIC. BROKERS CO. 3807 So. G St. HI 8428 Next to 38th St. St. Post Office Member Tacoma Real Estate Board 'PARKLAND 2-BEDROOM home. Hardwood m Ill Ill II II Ill Ill floors, electric range, auto. washer. Corner + lots. Price $6,950. Take




City. Ligllt a ons

Do you need an electric range and water heaterl If so, act now! Save up to $55 on wiring under Tracoma City light's rebate plan.



Complete Wiring for Range and Water Heater




ay nl

90. 55.00

our equity.

LARGE 2-bedroo111 home with fireplace in living room. Dinette and kitchen. I111rnccliatc possession. Down payrncnL$1,500. 5-BEDROOM home in hcatt of Parkland on lot 112x10fl. Basement, laudscapccl yard. Scparat.e dining room, large living room. House is





~~~~~te3~o?i~ ~o.n.i~ p;~~i·b.i'Ji~i;; o SPANA WAY


4-ROOM home with all furniturclots lOOxlOO. Only .$'1·,500 with $1,000 clown. PARKLAND 2 WONDERFUL buys in 2-hedroom bung"a lows, clos.c to school and bus. DD!1't ovedcck f;C:?ing thc~;e: · t\vc good buys. Shown by appointment. WE HAVE a few 2-bcclroom homes that can be bought on G. I. with $200 down.


Parkland Realty Co.



140th & Pacific Ave.

GRanite 8624

Visit Our Show Mobile-It Will Be in Your Area Soon


'49 PONTIAC 4-door. R. and H., Hydra-Matic _____ $1,595

/ "" ·




City light Rebate

'50 CHEVROLET de Iu'J(:e Fleetline 2-dr. sedan, ~51,59;5


121ST AND L . SEE TJIIS o:r-m.}J'OW " 2 LARGE bedrooms, living room with fireplace, dining room, tile kitchen and bath, plastered throughout. 4 lots. Priced right at $12,500. Mr. Totten, eves. GR 8156. BUSINESS SITE 10 LOTS with 150 feet on Garfield street. Priced right. Call Mr. Totten, cvC"s. GR 8156. SAN JUAN ISLANDS l,200 FEET sandy beach, no bank. Year. 'round home. Will sacrifke for $11,000. For information call Mr. Totten, eves. GR 8156.

Cream Style

'50 CHEV. club cpe. Styline de luxe, R .. H. ____________ $1.5 9:5




' 50 FORD V-8 custom club coupe. R. and H. _____ $1,595

C~ll GR 8628 Days or GR 7146 Evenings for appointment. 529 So. I 06th

'49 MERCURY 4-door. R. and H. A good car priced right. --------------------------------

$1,1.95 -,


'48 MERCURY 4-dr. sedan. R. d H . A· rea 1 b uy at w h o I.C" an sale ______________________________ $ 8 95

303 Tin

'48 OLDS. 68, R., H., HydraMatic ----------------------- $ l, 195

46.,oz. Tin

'46 DESOTO 4-door. R. 8 H. Hydra. trans, A good clean 5 car ---------------------------- $94 , CHRYSLER ., ,, _d 6 2 oor, 46 . R. 'i9 H. A real beauty. __ $945 '46 CHEV .. 2-door. R. and H. _______ : _______ "------------------ $ 7 9 5 TODA Y'S SPECIAL '41 BT.TICK S · I d R u pe~1a s~ anet . . . and H., spot-hte, visor $345 ,

41 OLDS. 7 6 4-door. R. and H. A steal--·--·------------ $265

'37 OLDS. "6" U. S. Royal Master tires '

Local Bank Terms - Trade U 24 ·j P to mout 1s to pay 0 .'11 8 p M pen ti . .







2 lbs.





3 Bunches

Gra Onions


10c 3 for

Arizona Large .Size







'· ?

innerspring n1attress an<l · n1atching

2112 Tin .,.





Cars ten's

lb. 69c

For Rhubarb Pie Use

Krusteaz ¥&


GC11rden Bartlett

15c Pears


Graded Good



I Hunts

310_ So. G St.

Insurance ,of All Kinds box spring sets. Full or twin size. Notary Pµblic $49.50 set. Parkway Furniture, Est. iri Parkland Since 1941 l+ 1st St. and Pacific.-15c35-51. GR 7232 days; GR 8210 Eve. & Sun. NEW Revere colonial, 5-pc. maple ~08 Garfield Street dinette set. 100% solid· hardwood. REAL whipping cream, 85c a quart. ,. $79.50. Parkway Furniture, 11 lst GR 5267. 15p35 and .Pacific.-15c35-51.



\Vhere Your Dollar Goes Farther YOUNG, gcnllc fornily cow. Fresh. 13p3:} 821 East 96th, GR 6065. ATTENTION HUNTERS-For sale, registered A. K. C. English springer pups from fine hunting strai11; also German short hair pointer·•· pups. Call GR 4351. 15c36 FUR RENT: New furnished 2-bcdroom duplex; excellent location; laundry facilities; no pets; 1 infant child acceptable; :po. 131 East B St., GR 3708 or GR 6Q.17. ClO:l.5 FOR SALE Han:·-·r;,ur 2-roorn cabius, one 4-roorn, to be moved; also good player piano. Phone GR 3 748. ctf ROTTED COW FERTILIZER $1 SACK or by the yard; peat and topsoil. HI +056. df WOOD-Upland slnh, 2 cords $12; planer crtcls, $•!· and $8 loads. HI 4056. ctl FOR SALE-Weaner pigs, GR 5737. 15c35 FOR Si\LE-16-picce American Flyer passcnqcr and freight train. L(ghtcd city, station, crane, uncoupler, unloader, two transformers, standard brass rails. $~5. 10109 So. Y~ld1r::1 3ft~r 5 o'dcck. FOR SALE-Horse trailer, <jii::>. GK 3457. 1Gp35 OHOP frontage for sale; spring water. GR 7102. 9p35 SA VE at least $20 on these 2SO~coif




Radishes and

n nyie AB[l, A II'!\ K1''1111.1i I!; lun MNIJ' MOTORS

. ? HA 4· l L








35c Pancake flour




2 112 Tin



No. 2 Tin 1..1b. Pkg. Skinless Wieners Iba 49c Standby Sliced Apples 11c Krispy Crackers . '13c Boston Butts . lb. 49c Sun Maid 15-oz. Pkg. Jolfinson"s C?t. 98c Sirloin Steak m lbs 95c Seedless Raisins . 19c Gfo..(oat Standby ''Honey Pork Roast . Sm11s~1in~

Smoked Small Size




Graded Good







ll!nd and Pacific Avenue Phone Gllanite 8550 Prices Effective May 16 and 17

"Our Gang" ;Jnd «Who Killed Doe Robin," a comedy in color, "'There will ·also be the serial, cartoon .·and



Home and Auto Insurance

FARMERS" MUTUAL OF.ENUMCLAW It Will Pay to Check Our Rates GR 3733 M. SLATER GR 9939 Webster-Robinson Machinery &' Supply Co•• Im:. BR. 0341 Service

WA. 7071 On U. S. 99, East Side of 'llridge Thurs., Fri., Sat., May 15, 16 17 Show Starts at Dusk WENDEL COREY ''The Wild Blue Yondcr" and Western Hit Audie Murphy in "The Cimmaron Kid" Sun., Mon., Tues., May 18, 19, 20 "My Blue Heaven" In .Technicolor Dan Dailey - Betty Grable plus William Holden in "Boots Malone" Coming Wednesday "Up In Anns)' and "They Got Mc Covered"

JJauwns U! llDH •M ·:j ·A aq.a o.a. s.Mo.a~y a11-1 M.0110::1 u:>lPl!)I "11l ur s1.u;mrqs0Jj'l"lf



QO:fi -




pp1m() UJUlSllOdS

"mn t:q +s<Jnbo"lf mo;..+" :aupuBa pox!w

ll:INWnS u1 '11YH ~M. ::11 "A aq.a -ID .&'fl>!N ..lYa11n1V'S A.iaA3

Sponsored xby M.idland Orthopedic Guild

1329 Broadway. Tacoma Y,hursday, Frjday. Saturday, May 15, 16. 17 Wide Variety of Plants



Once again Craftmaster sets the pace for modern living rooms: Decorator 111odern sectional for your sophisticated decor. Place them as pictured with your corner table . , . or use them together as a wide comfortable davenport. Styled and constructed to precise quality stamfards ... custom-built with reinforced back ... luxurious seating comfort guaranteed by the famous Nachman spring-filled cushions. Pla.n to see the meticulous b4nd-tailoring. double-stitched for extra wear. A 25-year guarantee, of course; See these distinguished pieces today.


...............,.............. 3~ROOM.GROUP...................................-a

8-pc. , Bedroom Group


s. pc. Dinett~ Set

10-pc. living Room Group



THROW RUGS._.......

I•.20 Wilton



. Reg. 7.95 to 14.95


_Dryer Was $307.75

Now $199.95



Furniture •

$39.95 up $39.95 up $19.95 up

Load It

Set It forget It .;~\;,

3Stores to Serve You

1301 So. KSt....... BR 0

1108 PacifieAve. --Hl9556 9133 Gravelly Lake Drive Lakewodd---LA5151

Second Section Pages 5to 8 BOX 885, PARKLAND, WASH.

I by Charle.s Zittel of Tacoma Th d . M l 952 THE TIMES JOURNAL 5 police -department; also area counsel.. urs ay, • ay 15 ' · · ' ors' discussion of the county conven· ~·;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:::=====================91 ti on. • Ge'orge Brewe_rJ area counselor, extends a special invitation to "anyone intCl'cstcd in securing proper allocation of delegates for the .rural districts

Fish the Streams This Sunday

jn future convcntio-ns" to come out

and slate their views.

FREE •.. 8x10 ($5.00 Value)

~_; .



Of your child or grandchild up to 5 years of age with only 15 tubs

Everything in Tackle and Camping Supplies Eggs and Fighting Worms - Rod Repairing

of washing and drying at your


Jack Trounce

fern Hill Laundromat

§portiua Good§ .

96th-and Pacific


' GA 8524


PACIFIC Alt HeiEdelRberg a~a~!ympia



r Nestle


CHOCOLATE CHIPS! for 39c Pure;




• •


lb. 59c lb. 59t lb~ 47t

• •

full gaL S1 .09 ·


Pack White Meat


ALKA SELTZER, reg. 65c • 39c EPSOM SALTS . 5 lbs. 11c D


ASPIRIN; reg. 19c

1 for 19c

Thompson's Chocolate



CBorden's LB.



fRESH RADISHES, 1 bunches 9c CARROTS . " 1 bunches 15c •

2 lbs. 35c




NYLON STOCKINGS . pair 99c OVERALLS, sizes 1to 6 . S1 .59 Men's While ps, all sizes, 69c



Large variety of good beers and wine-·- largest display of magazines in 'Tacoma - household hardware - gifts seasonal and variety Hallm11rk greeting cards - a complete drug department,- goot restaurant featuring home cooking Sherwin Williams paints and Kem-Glo- good line of sugar-free and diabetic foods - many imported fish and cheese foods.







~ •• -..a '=' ~ .........,


Collins Woodcraft Cabinets - Built-Ins to Order

"Now featured~ at


Furniture Repairing

At the Yard

h:4 Fir Flooring

Door Jambs Window and Door Sills Garden Seeds

Garden Tools

Paints We Cut Glass GRanite 5844 BASKEU LUMBER COMPANY'

752 So. 108th



! ~l!~fl.(l&d~!'Jar Ta.n~ ConsVrueved

52-gttl. Tank

_:. 路.~~~-\拢

. }'yr. Wari;anty

.Qr&ly $99.95 Terms

liberal ti

obile, appliance and equip'S wiD new be offering r the dealers disble I



WARc::> SMITH; '1NC.



Every 2-lb. can contains· a 20c coupon that can be used on Blue Bonnet Margarine.



McCHORD PERSONNEL SEE these new 2- and 3-hedrrii. homes \vith fi1Tplace?, att. garages alld FULL BASEMENT, priced at only $11,950, requiring' about $1,125 down, G. I. 0-18. Mr. Wheaton, PR 4821 or BR 5166. G. I. FINANCING NEW 3-bedrm. rambler, choice location. Excellent inodcrn style and construction. Oil furnace. $750 down, 0-15, George Tibbits, SK 2786 or BR 5166. NORTH END $5,000 - IDEAL for large family and only $950 down. Living and dining rm.; large kitchen, 3 bedrms.; lots of storage. Fenced yard, gnrage. Near seminary. Interior in excellent condition. M-264. Mr. Moore, ~IA 4755 or BR 5166. · WALLER ROAD $8,500 - 5 ACRES, all cleared, comfortable 2 Y,-bedrm. farm home, b;:un,. chicken house, cement fruit rm.; garage, family fruit and berries, ga,rden iS up. Just movP in and start living. C-6. Mr. Aldridge, WA 7656, will show. Or call Mr, Fleming, HA 94-37 or BR SIGG. LINCOLN DISTRICT ·1 BEDRMS.; dbl. plumbing, forge living rm. with fireplace, dining rrn.; garage, large lot, paved street. A dandy family home. Full price $7,950. Furniture available. B-9~. Charlie Landis, HA 4274- or BR 5166. · 309 SOUTH 107TH I"" FIRST TIME advertised. $8,950. Brilliant white stucco, + yrs. old. Plastered, hdw. floors, lovely large kitchen, 2 bedrn1s.; coved ceiling m in large Jiving rn1.; auto. oi fur:ii:u nace hrat, insulntrd. Ilrnutifnl parklike fenced back yard. Large garage, also carport. T'ip-top condition. Owner transferred. Call now to sec. A-118. Mr. Harned, BR 75,12 or HI 5166. FERN HILL NINE-YR.-OLD, 2-bcdrm., with garage, priced right on tcnus. W-267, Mr. Wheaton, PR 4-821 or BR 5166. EDGEWOOD 4-BEDRM .. home, dbl. plumbing, livin.o; and dining nns.; full bsmt, 5 level acres, good soil. $13,500. T-60. George Tibbits, SK 2786 or BR 5165.

0 ~

Small Tenderized




lb. 41c




lb. 39c


Member Tacoma Real Estate Board 109 South 10th Street RR 5166


Pure Porl< Country Style

Sausage . . lb. 43c


RAY GOGAN LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION General landscaping service - new lawns, peat soil, topsoil, shrubbery, SUBURBAN ACRE rockeries. 10% down, 30 months to LOVELY SMALL home, just right pay. GR. 3127. 3ctf for a coup)l'; hardwood floors, oil furnace, ultran1odcrn kitchen arid PUMPS bath, one bedroom, .garage, 26 fruit WATER WELLS DRILLED trees, close to South. Tacoma, only Turner $G,650, un convenient tcnns. Mr. Westerdahl, PR 80 I 7, SOUTH SIDE 3 BEDRO()MS, .spacious c\'mbination living nncl dining roon1s, fireplace, lovely kitchen with nook, nice yard, ,giiragc, cxcdlrnt buy for $8,950. COMPLETE WATER Call Matt Cleary, PR 4210. 59TH AND SOUTH YAKIMA EXCELLENT two-b,;droom hurnc in WELLS DRILLED this ·convenient locution; large living room combination, family ·size Nothing Down-36 Months to Pay kitchen, room for another bedroom upstairs; garage, lovely yard. i\ real Hardware buy at only $6,7,50_, Mr. Wcstcrdahl, PR 8017. $500 DOWN 2 BEDROOMS, dinette, large living roon1, cabinCt kitchen, utility roon1, hard\vood floors, ciuick possession. Call Matt Cleary, PR 4210. NEW '.l-BEDROOM SUBURBAN BUNGALOW, plenty of HELP WANTED - Two -salesmen, spt.1CP for gankn nnd chickens, over experience not necessary; 1)lrasant 1,200 square feet on one floor; large· work, good earnings. Call 6907, living and djning combination, 3 leave nan1e and addrcss.-5c35. JUClster sized bedrooms, beautiful kitchen finished in natural birch; CURTIS CIRCULATION COMnice bath and large utility room, oil PANY of Philadelphia has opporheat and large garage, and it's tunity for qualified lady or gentlereally worth more than the selling man in Tacoma. ·Person selected price at $9,~50. FHA terms. Mr. should liavc sales and organizing Cleary, PR 4fi68. ability. This is full time, year4· BEDROOMS round work. Thorough training will be given. Liberal comn1ission ar- ALL. ON ONE floor, $·100 down, bal· ancc like rcnl; ]argc livjng and dinR rang-cn1cnt. Con1pany car available. ing roo1n,s, kitchen, bath and utility Phone organization supervisor at rnorn; a goorl ·old home nenr ·bus, GR 8848 Thursday and Friday, stores and school.; needs decorating. May 15 rind 1li; evenings bctw('en Mr. Cleary, PR 4668, or- Mr. Ime7 and 9 only.-5c35. son, l'R 0081. SOUTH SIDE 3-BEDROOM STUCCO home, with WANTED - Play pen in good condipart basc1ncnt and garage; liv~ng tion. GR 3771.-8c35. rourn~ dining roorn, 2 bcdroon1s CASH for equities. Fife Motors, ,.'5026 down, 1 up; for only $7,300; very good So. Tacoma Way. HI. 92+1. 8ctf for the money in this district. Mr. Cleary, PR 't658, Mr. Imeson, PR RADIATORS, scrap iron, junk cars 0081. and batteries. Puy. 5-2141. Hecker, PARKLAND the Wr.ecker. . SELL OR TRADE 8ctf NEARLY NEW, five-room bungalow, USED FURNITURE. Also generous with full basement, oil heat, guest trade-in allowances and bank terms. size diniJlg roon1, breakfast nook; Parkway Furniture, H !st & Pacific. easy tern~s. Mr. Imeson, PR 0081, GR. 3941. 8ctf Mr. Cleary, PR 4668. POULTRY WANTED, any amount. OIIOP - 4·0 ACRES~ Weighed and paid for on farm. Free STOCK FARM, 3-bcdroom home, culling to your advantage. Highest 1,200 square ft. on one floor; year prices paid. No obligation. Just call around creek through p]acc; 2 us first, I-IA:. 5751 or write P. 0. barris~ chicken house, on Jnain highBox 866, Tacoma. 8ctf \vay; \vhat a \vonderfu] place for beef or sheep and only $8,500; jJart SPOT CASH contract or \Vil consider son1c trade. For Your Used Furniture Con tact :tvfr. Lanun, BR 5291. I Piece or House Full CHICKENS AND BABY BEEF Block's Furniture Mart 8205 So. Tacoma Way LA. 2882 LARGE FAMILY HOME, modern in nii rrspr:cts, 4 bedrooms up, 2 do\vn, large living room and dining sepa~ rate; fireplace, lovely cabinet kitchFOR SALE BY OWNER - 5. level, en \\'ith stairilcss.. steel sinks, ban1, fertile acres, all cleared, fenced aili! garage, utility house, pump house, cross-fenced; nice 7-room home; all buildings in good shape; owner fruit house, chicken house, barn, gawill accept trade for home in Puyalrage; garden in; all kinds of fruitup or South Hill. Mr. Lamm, BR chcrries, apples~ plu1ns, prunes, 5291. pears, quince and 5 kinds of berries, Terms or will trndc for good home in 'Lincoln high cjistrict; also some ~toe)< and farm im1)icments avail- Member Tacoma Real Estate Ronrd able. 302 East 106th St., GR 74-67. 1105-7 Commerce St. MA 2156


AUCTION SALE YOU want more cash quick, sell by auction. Every Fri., 7:30 .p.m. Glen Betts, 8113 So. Tacoma Way. Free pickup service.. LA. 8505. 2ctf


3-Business Service ROOFING alld siding, direct application. Guaranteed material and expert. labor; no salesn1en. Ji'or lowest est., cal!GR 3581.-3p38. f.EPTIC TANKS CLEANED-Contents hauled away. Don Redford, 8232 So. Fawcett. GA. 7334. If no answer call GA: 9222. 3ctf

UPHOLSTERING Recovering and Rebuilding Cushions Rebuilt Free Estimates GR 320~

Res: GR 3181


COMPLETE tractor .work. Loosening ground and leveling. Average lawn, $12.00. Don Abbot, GR. 38+6. 3ctf AUTO GLASS INSTALLED-Auto Upholstfry, convertible tops. MA. 2200, Art'13 Glass Co., 816 So. Tacoma Ave. 3c50

'Insurance Too High? Why Not Check Our 'iempcra.ncc Policy Rates? Ernest Harmon at

8-Wanted to Buy

SUBURBAN REALTY GRanite 3624 ROTA\i'l:TING-No j 0b too small. W. L. Lewis, GR. 7+92. 3ctf BOOKEEPING and Tax Returns pre· pared. Phone MArket 597& or GA 3415. 3ctf BETTER VENETIAN BLINDS FOR LESS STEEL slats with plastic tapes at only 49c per sq. ft. ALDERMAN'S 5425 Pacific Ave. HI. 2200 3ctf ,,•.-------------"""':~ PLUMBING REPAIRS •• Sewer Cleaning • Electric Pipe Thawing Call


t 19. . . . .Real Estate -

GRanite 8905~ GARDEN SERVICE ROTO TILLING Lawn rebuilding, fertilizing, top soil, dressing maintenance. GA. 5885. HI. 2 722: 3ctf


System Installation

5-Help Wanted

Custom Built--New and Recovcrinlj: Cushions Refilled·· Free Estimates MARSHALL UPHOLSTERY Airport & Knapp-Moore Road GRanite 6066


GR. 8108


Parkland Upholstery 140th & Pacific

Call FU. 2400

. ---



Call Mr. Inloes, HA 254-7 or GR 3624 ABOUT 3 YEARS OLD; perfect condition; very cute 2· bedroom home; hardwood floors; automatic washer; nice chrome set; Venetian blinds; drapes in living roo111; garage; near bus. Full pric~ $7,4-50. Call Mr. Dillon, SK 24-58 or GR %2·1. · . IN PARKLAND EXCELLENT home on 3 corner lots; 2 bedroorns, .separate dining roon1.; fireplace and new floor furnace. FHA appraised at $10,500; near college. Call Mr. Smith, GR 362't or GR 4162. EA.ST 82ND 2Y, ACRES fine land, roomy 2-bcdroom borne. Large living room iri knotty pine with a lovely fireplace: $10,000, terms. EAST BROOKDALE ABOUT ~ 'h acres on good street, Water in; good soil. All or any portion. PARKLAND 6 FINE building lots, Water on street, fast growing district. $250 a lot, tern1s. AIRPORT ROAD BUSINESS corner and 5 acres; 1 cement block bldg. 24-x2+; 2 other frame bldgs. Only $5,500, terms. GARAGE AT ROY. Fully equipped. G. I. con· tract. Real opportunity for a good mechanic.. Real estate and equipment only $4,760: $60 month. GARAGE SERVICE, CABINS THIS is a fine location, ncighborhaad and transient trade. Old operalor sold 8 to 10,000 gallons gas per month. Lots of room in garage. 3-bcdroom living quarters and 3 cabins. Reasonably priced and can be leased with option. Inloes. BEACH PROPERTY 100-FT. frontage on Sound near Olympia. Excellent view of M-ount Rainie!. Next to $10,000 summer home. Lights and water available.$600 down. Price $3,600. Call Mr. Damme!, GR 3524- or GR 3684. f% ACRES -WALLER ROAD 3-BEDROOM heme; garage, chicken coop. Cmner location; excellent garden spot; fenced. G. I. equity; total price $7,600. Call Mr. Hamm, GR 6896. 1-BEDROOM -- $350 DOWN COMPLETELY modern; immedintc possession; 3 lots. Priced at $2,850. Call Mr. Hamm, GR 3624-, GR 6896. or Mr. ·Harmon, GR 6896 or GR 3624

SUBURBAN REALTY 9920 Pacific Avenue GR. 3624 20 FERTILE ACRES GRAHAM district; modern 3-bcdroom home; kitchen with dining space; large Jiving roon1wdining room combination; 1 bedroorn down, 2 up; utility room; very good well; barn, chicken house, brooder house; good garden growing. Folks, all this for $7,500; $1,000 down, balance easy. Bill Dacy, HA 6006.9c35. MR. FAMILY MAN FINE location in South Tacoma; modern 3-bedroom home; real large living room-dining room combination; kitchen with loads of built-ins; 2 l_ar,e;e bedrooms down; 1 up; part basement; oil furnace; clo8e tu everything; bus at door. If you're value minded, THIS IS IT! Price $8,500 FHA terms. Bill bacy, HA 6006.-9c:J5, JUST OFF McKINLEY AVE. VERY modern spick and span; living-dining roon1 combination; 2 nice bedrooms with bath between; a drcnm kitchen; utility roorn; 2-car garage. This is one of the newer homes but ~definitely well built; close to bus and schools, in fact f'Vcrything·. Owner has bought a ranch and says "sell it/? Price $8,500 with low down payment. Bill Dacy, IIA 6006.-9c35.

, 3007 -SO. - l+TH ST. O)'IE of the best buys in city! Fine 2bedrrn. home, large comb. !iv. and din. rm., fireplace, brk. nook. 3 lovely lots, good garage. $6,950; $1,000 dn. Also have a comparable home at 3509 East D, and some homes $300 dn. to G. I.s, Call Rex Rector eve., III 8344, NEAR N. P. HOSPITAL. 5 BEDRMS., lrg. !iv. and din. rm., 2 sets plurnbing. Bsmt. \V_ith radiator heat. This is a good older fully plastered home. Call Dave Fortier, HI 5214- eve., HA 0365 days. SMALL DOWN - $1,750 3-BEDRM. bungalow, comb. !iv. and din. rn1., kitchen, brk. nook, 3~pc. bath. All on one floor, garage. So. end location, Call Ralph Decker, HI 1706. FOUR BEDROOMS VERY clean. Ltg. !iv. and din. rm., modern kitchen, full bsrnt. Double garage and other outbuildings, 2 lots. Close to schools and bus. Some furniture ·included. Terms can be arranged, Call Gene Davies, GR 5895.



6311 McKinley Ave. GA. 0365 Member Tacoma Real Estate Board

TIMES JOURNAL Thursday, May 15, 185:!

ibbons G. I -


Spanaway Food Center ·


We have se\·cral nt>w homes in Parkland area ..Some with fireplaces. A fe\v arc available for inunediatc possession. See us about thL'IIL


SUMMIT DISTRICT 5 ACRES. $3,200, full price. lbcdrm. ho1ne, garage, chicken hsc. House easy to build on to. This is ,·aluc with a low down payment.

GR. 7512

All Sweet 2 lbs. Margarine • • 53c: Fresh Salted Lb. Peanuts 43c

10 ACRES - COLT.INS ROAD DISTRICT Cood soil. Modern 2-bcdrm. home, hardwood floors, concrete foundation, utility room with trays. Small family-size chicken house. Good value at $9,500. $2,000 down will )rnndle.

KAPOWSIN 9 ·ACRES on hard surfaced highway. School bus at door, 1 blk. to store. 2-bedrm. home,


Bar None Dog Food

garage, chicken hse. and srnall barn. Close to guod hunting and fishing. $3,500, $500 dn.

3/29c Lb. 69c

Swift Premium

80 ACRES near Clover Creek school. Good soil, no rocks. $3,300. E·Z tcr1ns.

Chopped Ham

10 ACRES just off Brookdale Road. $1,200, $200 dn.

M. D.

per roll

l ACRE, 2-brdrm. homr, Lidforcl Rd. district. 85,250. Terms.


3-BEDRM. furnished house, Marine View Drive. $500 dn.


Swift Picnic ready to

FOR SALE - 2-beclroom house at 49~ HOME McKenna; completely remodeled with n~\V foundation; gnrnge; util~ Gr. and 12810 Pacific Avenue, Parkland GRanite 3931 ity roon1; gnrdcn spot; ,berries; nice Mail Address: Rt. 3, Box 819, Tacoma, Wash. bun. fcncccl yard; $4-,600; Jack Rice; inqujc at McKenna Store. '9p35 Evcni11gs and Sundays, Mr. Loring, GR. 3570; Mr. Wallace, GR-. ll294 Local OHOP FRONTACE for salr; spring water.GR. 7102.-9c35. Rhubarb • FOR SALE - $2,000 equity in fur- C~STOM GUN~MITH-Rebarrel-1 UNFINISHED mg, head-spacmg, stock work, re· .. ·· nished duplex. Sacrificc1 for $1,500. bluing. Guns arid ammunition. Jerry 14th and K St. HA. 1802 .- 9c35. Shannon, Mt. Road, near Loveland. ~ll!!lle..,.IALS 29c FOR SALE-3-bcdroom home, furPhone Graham 537. llctf I .;ilfr Iii~ nished; $7,500. TERMS. Close to PORTABLE machine shop service at 5-Drawer Mr. and Mrs. Chest, 4·1Prices Consistently LOW facilities. I-II 2523.-9c:15. your place. Reboring, va1vc .reseat~ inch wide .... _. __ .. _...... -... ·--...... -.$19.00 Quality Consistently HIGH ing·, refacing $1 per cy]indcr. Crank· 8-Drawer M1'. and Mrs. Chcst..$22.50 FOR SALE-10 acres unimproved, sh~fts reground in the car. Motors 4--Dr.:nvcr chest, 22-inch '"itlc~~~--$8.95 $2,650, tr.rrns; 2 nr.rrs, all in cultiPrices Effective May 16 and 17 1 rebuilt at great savings. Call HI '!·-Drawer chest, 28-inch wide_. __ $10.95 vation, beautiful buildin,a; site, 7291.-lctf. $2,150; 2 acres with new 3-bcd· Nice variety of children's wardrobes, roon1 ho1ne \vith attached garage, STAR CHIMNEY SWEEP - Chim..... -.................. ,.......... -$18.95 and up FOR A .NEW BUILDING or to re$13,500 .. Inquire on Canyon Ro::id neys cleaned, scraped and repaired; -roof the old, why not put on tI-ie brtwecn 80th and 8+th; sec sign. down. drafts checked; free estimates. best long-life cedar shingles and Oprn Monday Through Friday -9c35. Phone FU 1381i.-1 I c'.l6. save time and money. They don•t Until 8:30 p. m. blow off or sweat. Our extra thick 71/3 ACRE RA2'CH 820+ So. Tacoma Way LA 2234· No. 1_, 2+" can be laid up to !O"in. 1,350 SQUARE feet in lovely 3-bedexposure. We also make. 16" and FOR SALE - Siamese kittens; born - room home; living room 15x27 with 18" shingles, Mill price or delivered. Frb. 21. Pb one Puynllup 5-6897 . fireplace; dining room; cabinet Ohop Lake Shingle Mill, P. 0. Box I 5c35. kitchen, nook; full basement; 2 WE DEMONSTRATE -.evenings and 353, Eatonville, Wash. 15c38 weekends un your ground. We oil WILL ROOM AND BOARD elderly chicken houses; 4--stanchion barn; and ndjust and deliver new Merry work shop; garage; abundance of FOR SALE Finc,,t peat dirt and man, lady or child in my country fruit trees; school bus by front of Tillers to your door at no extra cost. topsoil. We haul or you haul. GR home. WA 7383.-15c36. house, Price $15,750. Call Bob Ruel, Ilriggs &. Stratton or Clinton cn4324. 15c37 l!incs. Tillers for rent. Don Arthur FOR SALE - 800 tires, all sizes, at LA 3237; res., LA 7017. No, F 93. COLLIE-HUSKY PUPPIES, $7.50 wholesale price; one 19,J.5 and one -9c35. Distributors. the original Merry to g-oocl homes; uct burials, oilcloth 1946 house trailc~r; onf' I{ay gnitar; Tiller dealer; Arthur W. Dahllwrg. FOR SALE - Parkland; 3-bcdroom wrapped and bpxcd; cats and small one Nelson trailer dollcy. T & D Ca II PR 1800. l 3ctf ho1nc on ·'l nice corner lots \\rith dogs $6,50. GR 634·8.--15c35. Tackk Shop, lOl!l So. 108th; GR trees and space for garden; carpet- FOR SALE-Good cedar fence posts; H63.-15c35, FINEST BLACK TOP SOIL; also jng in living and dining roon1s; split cedar posts, 7 ft. long; large alder fireplace wood; delivered. LA quantity on hand; Point· Ohop Re- FOR SALE - Trailer hon«\ 7xJ.1; $6,850. Call owner, GR 5792.9518.-15c35. 9c35. sort, A. J. Carlson. Eatonville, Wash. good condition. Phone 882 Graham~ .BY~C)Y_V_N_E_R----2---b-e-d-ro_o_1_n_f_u_n_11_·s-h_c_d Phone 663. 13c36 FERTILIZER, yard or sack. GR. -15c36. 4·108. . 15c3l' house at 9994· So. Park Ave.; fire- DEAD STOCK REMOVED FOR SALE - Miniature Chihuahua place, insulated cooler: fenced ynrd, OUT CHARGE. Highest prices puppies and trninrd rrgistererl Eng- TAP, ACROBATIC, BALLET Clas-• double garage. Phone GR +196.paid for tallow, hides, grease and ses. All ages. Mildred Keller, G~ lish springer spaniel; female. GR 9p35. bones; PUGET SOUND RENDER7881. 15ctf 4·194. Rt. 4-, Box 872-F, Tacoma, OWNER LEAVING - Selling 2-bedING WORKS. Phone LAkewood -15c35. ' 2434. 13ctf FO RSALE room home at 98th and Wal Irr road; Giant pansies 8.'ie doz.; only year and hald old; all hard- COW MANURE $5 per yard; g-round bedding plants_, 39c doz.; gcra•hiun1s, wood fliors; attached garage, 2 Y, peat $3.50; delivered; WA 8515. 50c each; fuchsias, petunias, to111ato acres very good suil. GR 4·19G.13c3G plants, hanging baskets. Maplewood Contents Hauled Away 9p35. Greenhouse, 1314 West Pion9er, BABY CHICKS, New Hampshircs at FOR SALE BY OWNER--2-bedroom HUTSON TANK CLEANING Puyallup. Open evenings and Sunour regular price of 17c; 2-week-old house, Call BR. 8235 cvcnings.days.-15c35. pullets 85c. MIDGARD POULHI 3980 HA 7038 9c'.l5. TRY and HATCHERY. Roy. Call LOGGING EQUIPMENT-T9 InYelm 3G 75., Mile east of McKcrma FOR SALE HY OWNER - New 3ternational tractor, blade and drum, LEAVE FILM at Quality Photo Serv-bcdrm. rambler, 102nd and East. . ;B; . school.-13p36_.- - - - - - - ice for devclc>ping. In at 10, out at wheel arch; 2 logging trucks; 1 dual attached garage; plastere-El• FOR SALE ....:..-6-month-old Yorkshire 5. 9610 ·Pacific Ave. 15ctf axle trailer; 1 track <ireh; a double out; auto. washer; tile bath. Call pigs. Rt. 3, Box 682. Puya)lup. drum donkey, etc. CR 4196.BR 9045.--9p35. Phone WA 7425.-13p36, 15p35. !'LOWING-;- disci~i,- leveli;;g.-:Rt'."-3; JUST OPENED - Kncip's Second WHITE FACE registered bulls and Box 521-A. GR 7702. 13ctf Hand and Antique Store; black fire--------heifers, polled and horned; al s o place kettles, garden tools, 5c barpolled Shorthorn bulls. Take other FOR SALE - CHESTER WIIITE gains. 8237 Park Ave. Home phone cattle in trade. Rt. 3, Box 610, TaPIGS, 10 weeks; $12.50 each; west GA 144-8.'---15c35... , coma. Summit View. l6etf side Kreger lake. W. H. Bray, Rt. 1, Box G2-A, Eatonville, Wash.- FO RSALE Incl1v1ch1µlly potted HORSE-~ffroE:fNG now available ' tomato, chrysanthemum and fuchsia 13p35. every day. Drop a card to Rt. 1, PARKLAND WESTERN AUTO Box '175, Graham. J. R. Young. VEAi" C0LF for s_ale; 13 weeks old, 1j'~ag~t~6l~~d6and Waller. road, WA 16ctf 260-27:i lbs.; Dick Kirsten, Rov, --'·-"-·_ _c..:J_c~3_._ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Airport & Pacific GR 3112 Wnsh. Phone Yelm 3679. -13p'.l5: UNFINISHED furniture. Hag g's, FOR SALE - Saddle horses. saddles, trailers; a !so 6-wcek-old pigs. Phone 1107 Market Street. 15ctf FOR RENT---Bathing conccs.gion at MILK GOATS-French Alpine ancl Craham 127.-15p35. Saancn. Rt. 1, Box 309, Spanawciy SCRATCH.PADS-Get them at La· · Brcsemann's Pnrk, Spanaway Lake. on Muck-Kapowsin road, between Crosse Prrnters and TIMES-JOUR- GENTLE SADDLE HORSES for sale; Sec Manager. Mcridian highway and Mountain NAL office, 25c lb. Convenient also want to rent pasture, HI 674 I. FURNISHED HOUSES highway.-13ctf. pads and sizes. 15ctf 3710 East M.-16c36. LAKEWOOD - Very nice, 2 bedrooms, well furnished. $115 per FOR SALE FOR SALE - I -horse trailer, good 11 weeks old weaner ROTOTILLING month. shape; new tires, $85. Inquire Johnpigs. 8835 So. Sheridan.-13c35_, . WORK guaranteed. Tom. Schuster LAKEVIEW VILLAGE 2 bed- FOR SALE-9 weeks old pigs. GR son Corner store on 11ountain high .. HA 94·21. l3ctf rooms, carport, inudern. $75 per way. Pete Knudson.-l 5p35. 7909.--13c35. UPLAND WOOD, 2 cords $12. GR month. 3306. 15ctl HORS.ESHOEING and breaking, Pu56TH AND PACIFIC - 2 bedrooms, FOR SALE-Young goslin.i.;s; I 0001 yallup 5-553,1; Tacoma, GR 7694. ~".::.._fl:insworth.-13c35, BULLDOZING in exchange for tim attic. $65 per month. -16c35. FOR SALE Cahbagc plants, 2Dc bcr. L. J. Fortney, HI 8089. UNFURNISHED HOUSES Beautifullv marked I5p35 FOR SALE doz.; cauliflower 25c doz.; while LAKEVIEW VILLAGE Modern 2 pinto riding horse, horSe traileT, they last. 1JO17 So. Ainsworth.bedroo1ns, p}ectric range ind11dr~d. saddle; any or all. GR 4196.l 3p35. $60 per month. l6p35. LAKEWOOD-Modern, 2 bedrooms, 11()1z ·s~A:I'if-- 8 milch--;;-,~~~; fresh large attic. $70.per rnunth. Call Mr. an<l con1ing fresh. Stnn Bnkr~r. PO~N1' Haines, PR 1675. Phone Graham 281.-13p35. BABY CHICKS, New Hampshircs at MOTOR REBUILDING -· • our rl'gular price of 17c; 8-week-old 1 All Automotive Machine Member Tacoma Real Estate Board pullets 85c. MIDCARD POULamt Repair Work 109 South 10th Street BR 5166 TRY FARM and HATCHERY. . - · u nurn1s f · h e d• ncary I Ro_ y. Call Yelm %75. Mile cast of FOR RENT A\ ,, 07 Shop: GR. 7450 •• Res: HI. 6190 new 2-bedroom house in Parkland, _ _l':ceKc_lllla school.-l 3c.; · _ Pacific Avenue at Brookdale Auto. wall furnace; attached garage; FOR S,AL,? - Weaner pigs; GR '.)196. lise Our Easy Finance Plan 4 blocks to bus; $65 per month .. --~-1_.>c~.3~·='·-~~---·----12 Months to Pay-Nothing Down Suburb;~ Realti;:, 9920 Pacific Ave. GA 35A.-9c3;). SEWING of all kinds. Will J;-fittings FOR RENT 2-room apartment, furnished; on A St., near Allison; OVe p f0 by appointment at your home or $4-0. GR. 3818.-10c35. on mine. Style Rite Dressmaking, Rt. .... 7, Box 256. GR. 3328. 17ctf) FOR RENT - Small furnished cottage on bus line, Parkland, GR 680+ d BABY FURNITURE, new and used. -10p35. ",.n SMALL FRY EXCH., 1109 Market. iioR RENT-Small business building 15ctf Curry Combs - Brushes on G::irfield St., Parkla?d; $20. GR ('51 models-slightly used) Halters - Bridles 3526; GR 5344.-10c3:J. Only a limited number available, so Horse Shoes - Hoof Rasps EXTRA SPECIAL Con1pletcly hurry! Remember, no government reFerrier's Hammer Buy, SeU and Exchange furnished ] -bfd room hon1c; electric strictions ren1ain in force, so Quality Recapping & Vulcanizing 1 Saddle Soap rai:ge, refrigerator, washing machine; utility roon1; neat, co1nfortVie Are Agents For able; convenient to McChord. GR Suit YOU Lnvrence Saddles 220 Puyallup Ave., Tac. BR. 188ll . 6622, GA 32,11.-10c36. Also a biR selection of "OK" used NEW 6-room home, attached garage, cars and trucks at WANTED - Chickens and rabbits. concrete .driveway, fireplace: B:st construction on half acre m city Call us before you sell. Cape's ·Poultry Market, 7036 Pacific Avenue, limits, 1 block from bus. 9339 East B St.-10c35. Tacoma, Wn. GA. 4406. . 15ctf FOR RENT - 2- and 3-rooi;; cot·1· ~NEED A FENCE? Wood, wire, con· tages and aparlntenis; 1nodcrn; all crete block: Call us for estimate. utilities paid; laundry facilities; $60 Easy monthly payments. Built-Rite to $75 per month. HA 9688.-lOctf. Fence Co., HI. 2405 or HI..9515. ,. Division Av"' at Wright Park FOR RENT ~ Narrowmoor, 3-room Tacoma ' 15ctf MArket ~ 111 furnished apartment; fireplace; electric range and refrigerator; auto. FOR SALE-Ford' A pickup; new hot water; private entrance; work2nolor and transn1ission; 6.00x 16 ing people preferred; no pets or tires; good brokes; best offer takes. children. PR 4-132.-!0p35, GR 7097.-l 2c35.

eat Pk Ham • lb. Onions Ra.dishes • 3 1 Oe


3 lbs. 13c 2 lbs.

U.S. No. I Asparag'us




Septic Tanks, Cess Pools Cleaned

16-livestock & Equip.







12-Used Autos S LJ $400

Brand New Chevrolets Executive Cars





We 1! Make Terms



II-Repair Service

14--Situations Wanted

WASHING MACHINE PARTS CHILDREN'S NURSERY - Fa~(jy Largest stock in town. Repairing style; educational toys; trained pcrthat pleases. B. B.'s ¥!asher Service, t-iuunel. GR. GG32. 14ctf 3722 So. G. GA. 5115. llctf CHILD CAifE-Wish to -J.;-;;hild WANTED ROOFING and siding, direct applicacare in my own home. GR. 3503. Homes in Parkland Commonityl tion. Guaranteed inatcria1 and ex14ctf pert labor. No salesmen. For lowest Acreage close in, either with or with· estimate call GR 3581.-l lp37. out buildings. STOVE REPAIRS-Largest stock in REGISTERED English springer spanNorthwest. Hyder Furnace, 1513 iel pups; ;:rlsu Water spaniel and Pacific Ave. MA 4767. Established Springer spaniel mixed; very rcason11220 Pacific Ave. in 1872. 11 ctf a blc. GR 3737.-15c35. Qffice~Days, GR 3341 Evenings, YU. 9221, LA. 3066 CHAIR CANING with Natural cane. '1 CHRYSANTHEMUM SALE Last Agent for American Express Call BR. 7804 or bring .in. Alan call; early and late rooted cuttings Money Orders Vandegrift, 720 So. Sheridan. and divisions. GA '1605.-15p35.

Rich aven





Ault Tire Service



45-lb. Roofing 2·x4~--8..,ft e


• • Ne. 4 Common •

Per Roll $2.15


4x4-6 ..ft. Ne. 4 Cedar Posts 1 3 /8" 1Lattke1 6mft.



Each 20e Each 48c

Per foot 1112 c

...... ~§






4-oz. pkg. 39c -lb. 79c

• "

Prunes~ Santa Clara Medr~nf: 2·.lb~p 3·9c

Margarine. Tastewell .• ·.; • l.b. 23c Jello Desserts • ~. ,1' • 3 /23c

M.D. TISSUE . . . .~ · 3rolls 19t TIDE . . . . larg~ pkg. 28c Dm Pickles • • • · .• ;~¥24 oz. 29c Peaches, Shurfine Clings· • ' 21/2"s 29c

ORANGE JUICE, Shurfine, 46 oz. ·23c Pork & Beans·,. De.nnison's, 303 3/ Shrimp, Tastewell Broken Mayc:nuu::11ise, Shurfine • Gaines Meal

: • 29c 24 oz. 49c •

5 lbs. 69c

Malt Beverages and Table Wines Bedding Plants


Salad Mix: FreshCukes Asparagus

Pkg. 10c


'S N

Lb. l9c



162nd & Park Ave. Spanaway GR. 8213 MAY 16 AND 17

U. S. Choice or Good Plates


Olive, Pickle,, Pimento, V cal

LUNCH MEAT Cello Wrapped, Use for Seasoning

• Lb. 35c.



• • . Lb. 25c ______________ MARKET

Finest black pulverized peat topsoil: State tested. 1-. to 5-yard loads. Lawn Construction and Rockerics

Evergreen Landscaping Co.

HI 2722 Mother. Plays, .Baby. Plays, Daddy Fishes






SANDY LOAM Reasonabl~ Rates

Ray Gogan - GR3127


SPANAWAY LUMBER CO. When eaeh minute -seem• like'

an etnnlty while yon ctrugg~e and ehoke f'or br~ath frOm an

attack of BronehlnlMAsth:ma. tr7 NEPHRON Inhalation 'l'henlPY and be eonvlnced. Spasan.a moat ehronlo ,eaoeo rolleved qulekl:r • a.eually In l 1nlaute. Reprdlem of what )'Gil ba'Ve ~rled do not J!ve up~ Ask rour drug1rlst for

ei!pfear:lc°J~:tu!:di~t:~•': ~

The only cedar wiih' that rich cedar smell ·

1 h:: each

S24~oo per lOOft




• •

$3.20 each $1.60 each $1.20 each 80c each

40c each

lJave your Cabinets


2nd & Pacific - Spanaway GRanite 3342

PURDUE Plumbing & Heating Installation & Repair Service

Mt. Highway at Spanaway GR. 3323 WE DELIVER

Pierce County Refuse Co.

GRanite 7038

Weekly GARBAGE Collections Phone GR. 8688

Records, 45 .. 78 • 33 Ya

Sheet Metal Work

Large Asortment

Applicmces .. TV Radio Sales and Service


Poultry· Equipment

Rabbit feeders Water Founts

FRYE'S Apphances Furni!ure & .RAU MFG. CO. Parkland Centre Bldg.

GR. 3691

GRanite 7372.

Sewing Machine Exch.

Rader's Hatchery

We Repair, Electrify'and Sell Used Machines


520 So. I Ith St., Tac. MA. 4797-F. A. Campbell, owner

Chicks, Goslings and Ducklings Day-Old to 4 Weeks

10805 A St. GR 8597

Close Out Shoe Sale I am dosing out all new shoes-BUT I wilf conthn1e to operate the Shoe Repair ancfwm have a very la~9e ~election of used and rebuilt shoes- AH shoes e~c;ept tennis shoes at WHOLESALE and LOWER!

Children's and women's puH-on galoshesmen's leather top packs - ALL AT LESS THAN WHOLESALE. Example: ladies• White Galosh, reg. $3.95 • • . • Now $1.95 Men's shoes. slippers, workshoes, boots All A 'I WHOLESALE! Children's and boys' ....._ women's and girls'. Not all sizes but a fair selection also at WHOLESALE.

Get 'em while I've stm got 'em!


Times journal v 7 no 35 may 15, 1952