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MAY 8, 1952 (VOL. 7, NO. 34)

Tacoma, Wash. Permit No. 51

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Parkland Preschool Meeting on Monday The monthly meeting of Parkland Preschool will he held Monday evening in the school, Mrs. A. J. Stern presiding for business. Mrs. David Freeman, program f chairman, will present Clyde Kcutzer of the music department of CPS, who will speak on ''Music for Young Children." The . new officers for the coming year are to be installed at this meeting. Mrs. E. L. Perryman is president; Mrs. Jack Morton, vice president; Mrs. George, secretary; Mrs. Harry Weeks, treasurer-:-- Hostesses for the evening are,Mesdames Phyllis Miller, Pauline Perryman, Beryl Wiliams, Dorothy Anderson, Mary Lou Lapenski and Eleanor Larson. Plans are berng completed for the May 16, dance review, "flolidays on Revue," featuring Mildred Keller's da11ce pupils, to be held in the Parkland school.

UOXHOLDER OR OCCUPANT RURAL ROUTE POSTMASTER-If unable to deliver, rcLu'.rn postage is guaranteed.


NOTICE With a rigid news print quota in '.crt, it- is i111possiblc to enlarge 1.hc Times Journal to provide all the

Queen Carmen of Parkland ·added to the color and ceremony of the Apple Blossom Festival at. Wenat¢hce when she was presented at the' shpw held there last Saturday. 'fime for an appearance of .the Parkland Roundup .Queen was hard to optain because of the tight schedule Which the committee \Vas operating on,' however. Queen C::a1•mcn had the pleasure of meeting the Apple Blossoni Queen Virginia at the horse show where she was a guest. She posed for her picture with the Wqiatehec Queen while the an11ouncer gave forth with introductions. Appearances at various fu.nctions and dubs will continue throughout the reign of Queen Carmen; An appearance and introduction ·at. the Lakewood Ice A rcna took place last week. Committees Busy A lot of excitement is in store for Parkland from now on till this Roundup is over. ... Sheriff Lee Tretter has a ·list a yard long of violators of various and sundry things . . . incarceration in the official Roundup Jail at the end of Garfield street next to .Judge Al Grndvig's office will follow unless the culprit can prove that he is not guilty . . . with a crooked judge\ it will he hard to do ... I understand

i:.:!assificd advertising space requested each week. so many people must be ri:fmtd. To give everyone an equal t'hanccj a .llC'\'\.' rule has been n1adc: May 8, classificcl aclvertising will he published only if it has been paid for by noon on the Tuesday prececling publication day (Thursday). Steady accounts now on our hooks, or clac;sified advertising of husiness firms, will not be effected.

New Bcurnk Hours Bi·ginning May 5, all 1'acoma bar;.i\.s, including lbc Parkland branch of the National· Rank ·of Washino;ton, will open nt 9_ a. 111. and close at 2 p. m. for the sunnner m9nths.

Midland Library Hours Summer hours for the Midland branch of the Pierce County library arc as follows: Monday, 1 to 5 p. rn.; Wedm,scby, 1 to 5 and 7 to 9 p. rn.; Friday, l to 5 p. m.


4mH Jersey Calf Winner Jon Hatt, 12, of Graham, was picked by the Pierce County Jersey Cattle club as the most outstanding boy in 4-H. He will receive a registered Jersey heifer at the Parkland Roundup according to club President Tom Law. The Jersey heifer is a product of the Ely Jersey farm at Graham. Jon·attends the Kapowsin grade school. In addition to showing the calf at the Spring show Jon will show in the Sumner 4-H fair and in the Enumclaw show.-Roundup photo by l\fcKcwen, Parkland (cut courtesy .Jersey Cattle club annual).

Worm Ranch Novel Ei'llterprise Here Ever hear of a worm ranch? Johny Miller of 107 ]() So. J street raises worms to sell, both for fishing and improving lawns. He has thousands oi thc1n, getting n1ost of his -breeding stock fro111 Califoruia. Like 1nust insects, C"arthwonns lay' eggs; out of each egg one to i\vcnty worn1s hatch. The rgg capsules an~ formed at th~ rate of about one every five to seven days. The value of a special breed of earthworms for lawns and garden is Moon Mullins, Parkland area sales- im~11casurable and of course they are the Puyallup. Laundry and a m.ust for certain types of fishing. \varns the wo1ncn in Their great value for lawn or garden wcather is may be estimated' by the fertilizers cold.· tl}ey p.rod.ucc:. namely nitrate, phos1u-r0,stora~n:, d.1,iring·2:latc.~Sp~'.it~S~:,yS\.1.:i~fper·- .prus, ,ca1c1un1 -_and En1C';. ·v:isitors are ,.,,n months. ,... · cordially invited to sec this new inproper protection,'' chiims duslry. To be sure that Johny is home loveliness of even the to explain the details, call GR 5059. finest for may be lost in a moment tlu.;;":gh or. heat damage." . Avenue Groll.ll~ Call mrc at Puyallup 5-6651 and II" I'll pro\·ide "free" pick-up .of furs for

su11u1H.'.J. storagr~, c1ec1n1ng, f11n11gattng

or rcp;m, Storage is provided inside 8··)·.·nch c.o.ncr·e···tc, cork-lined, tcniperatun'-rnntrnlkd vaults. Use this "insured" fur storage service and enjoy valuabJ,. furs for years to come." (Pd. Adv.)

Danielson • Rolfe Insurance Agency

PARKLAND-GR. 3113 Automobile - Casualty - Fire Inland Marine

AIOTHER'S DAY dN»n't necessarilv follow that ~r's l)a:y 1:-» for the~ elderly; n1any <:1f our 1-vi'ves arc young and they dcscrvl'. the rc~pecl and attention be-

Cer1trcd \.'\fiH hnstall May 15





shunted to second place, it ;,,, to these ,;...bndcrfol ·women we SJA'i,:ial acclai1n. . should bring them ~mt m fro!'t,

them a leader for this day. Give kJ'·c, honor and affection; make kd it. Be sincere when w.e t~ll tbt·rn it was through their counsel, w1sdnm, kindness and love that we are successful and happy. She was our ·ation, tell her, upon h~r that we have not forgotten; thats food and mothers love it. Mother's. Day her day.


He ..... •1••.Y







Of special interest to Parkland pcoplc is the annual accordion festiva 1 being held May 18 in the Eagles hall, 13th and Fawcett, Tacoma. Participating in the event will be the District Accordion band which meets every Tuesday in the Czech hall, most of the members bring Parkland young people. Carmen Robinson, this year's Parkbnd Round-Up queen, is a me1nbcr of this group. .. ·-·- ____


'PARKLAND ROUND-UP DRESSMAKING Buttons and Button Holes Imported Baby Line Gifts

Suburban Study Club The Suburban Study club will hold its May· meeting ·at the home of Mrs. S. C. Selden, 8304 No. 8th street in Tacoma on May 13. Mrs; W. J. Thompson will be the co-hostess. The program will consist of music, ·and .a talk by Miss Frieda Peterson, a member of the faculty of Pacific Lutheran col(cge. Miss Peterson has Jived in Syria, Labrador, and Alaska, and she will bear her talk upon her experiences in one or more of. these ·countries. The club members are. asked to gather at ~he J. P. Pflueger home at. 1 :30 P· m. m order· that transportat10n for. all. may be arranged. .IE-

•.····.·. .....·.·.····· ·.· .' . .• ·... .·.· · · · ··.•.· .· .. · ii~ .·•.·.:.· . •.•. . •·.!. ..•.·•·.•.··.-.·.·.·.·••.••••.•·.;. ·· . . >\\})'. ·a· l '" ·, · ·

Dedicatinn Planue. .n:rn . I "!111.;irary. '"II

J<· ~.·

Parkland Business Club Meeting May 21 The regular monthly meeting of the Parkland Business club will be held Wednesday, May 21, at Little Spanaway park. Dinner will be served chuck wagon style at 7:30 p. m. The main order of business will be completing plans for the Parkland Round Up, to be held the first week in June. President Roger McDonald will preside. Dinner tickets are now on sale at the National Bank of Washington, Parkland branch, and all members are urged to bring the family-there will be a special price for children.

B.Pen1 ClI HeaItnI.. IS p. TA Meet Tonic

r. ;i




. ~ Ir" . . ""II 11 Dental _Health P-TA n1eetmg will The annual mother-daughter banbe held this month at Midland school, quct will be held Friday, May 9, at ~·fay 21, Parkland,, ~ay 15, and Col- 6 p. m., at Trinity Lutheran church. lms, May 22. This is a part of the :Mrs. L. A. Halvorson is general chaireducat10naL plan of th~ <lepta!, health man, her conunitlcc including Mrs. prog~·am for the Franklm Pierce school A. A. Myklund and Mrs. Carl Koi'smo. district. . .Mrs. Olai Hagenes~ will act as toastDr. 0. E. Hoffman, bend of the mJStress and an enioyahle program Dental section, State Department of has been planned. No reservatiom Health, will be the main speaker at are necessary. each. meeting. There. will be a movie --------1 on dental h~a1t1i and 'li short talk and demonstration on "Snacks" by Mrs. Frances Byrd, nutritionist, WashingWe will open bids at 10 a. m. May ton State Dairy Council. Also on each 17 for the sale or removal of the old program will be a number by the chapel building on the Pacific Lusc.cond grade pupils who will tell what theran college campus. Those intcrthsy have learned about d.e11tal health, . ested may contact Kcnnet.h Jae.obs, •aii<l;·'·the•- ol~er~ ~tu~fon~ .wi!J disj>L.1y: ;J;.,,{..-.t-);_]ll,~~t!~~P.sri.J1~£.!J.'.i15!J:h ,CR 8{)1 \, their work rn makmg plaster models · · ·· · : · ,. · · ··· ·· •..• used in the dental health educational

Bids Wanted






CLAY ROLF,Y AGENCY 98th and_ Portlancl. Avenue GR 8501

Bread Shortage We




Serve You As We


Have in the Past

Parkland lumber &Hdwe. 12 7th and Pacific

P,,cific Avenue at Airport Road Hours: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.-

Howie By Howie Snowden Washington, D. C,-May 2, 1952 Last weekend we had a very enjoy>1blc visit with Paul and Claire Palmer. Paul worked with me at the Parkland Branch,.National Bank of Washington, for quite some time. He is, now workinf( at our new 12th street branch in do\vnto,vn Taco1na. They were on vacation and had been visiting Paul's mother in New York. They arrived Saturday and stayed with us until Monday mqrning. We had a fine time talking about happenings in. the old home town. We watched a very interesting television ,program this afternoon. President Truman conducted a television tour of the newly renovated White House. I hope they put it on film so all you folks will be able to see it at a latei: date. They have reopened the White- House to visitors again and we have hopes of taking a tour through in the ne'!r future. Right now. we are watching the Kentucky Derby. We do appreciate the excellent live television broadcasts out here in the east. We see by the Times Journal that the plans for _t:he Parkland Roundup are alrnady in full swing. From the sound of it, the Roundup will be a bigger and betttr affair than last year. We will miss being there as we had so much fun last year. I'd particularly like to see Art Swindland sporting a gqatce. HOWIE. Patronize Y onr Advertisers..

THEATRE 56th & M St. Doors open l :90 p.m. Sat. & Sun. 6:30 p. m. Mon. thru Fri. May 7cl0-Wetl.-Thur.-Fri.-Sat. I'll SeeYou In My Dreams . D.oris Day. - i;>anny]h()rnas ?;, •. - Flame .of Araby :{Col.Or~ :~ .• Jeff Chandler•Matireen O'Hara


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Coming Attractions

May l 4A 7-Wed,-Thur.-Fri.-Sat. The Lone Star

Has n.o dispute with the Bake1's' Union and will'

Paint, Hardware

ceremony at 8 p. m. Sun· day at. the . Fern Hill library._ The plaque 1s _herng placed at the library en.trance rn .memory of the long and faithful service of the late Mr. Bjarke who ~as one of the leaders in founding the library. . . , Chester Ddin will act as master of ceremonies, Chapin F.oster will give the presentation speech and Thomas Porro the ac~cptanc.e speec~. A group from PLC will furmsh music.

May 11-13-Sun.-Mon.-Tucs. Indian Uprising Montgomery Audrey The Light Touch Stewart Granger - Pier Ang-di

.A local dentist will be on hand to answer questions of the parents and also to explain the dental X-ray program that · has been started in the schools. There will be i11stalfation of officers for the coming year at each meeting. AH parents are urged to come o~t and learn more about the dental health program in your school.

Sat., May 10th

HI. 4072


NiOtnell'•a.;Cl!Uc:Jral'er Bannuet Set Mav 9

During the Present

209 So. 84th




to the best of our ab iii ty.


~o the '."emory of Nels Bjarke in an

. Selected as prmccss of t!1e Jersey Cattle Club show he!d in c.onju'!ction with the Parkland Roundup IS. DIANA LUTTS, 14, of ~rt1_ng. Diana IS the daugh~er of John.Lutts of Ortmg, a Jersey breeder. She lS m the 9th grade ,at O~tmg. The prmcess was selected. from among members of the Jersey Club. She 1s a 4-H club member and will show her calves at the Jersey Spring Show. (Roundup Photo by McKewen, Parkland)



Will Endeavor to

A bronze plaque will be dedicated



H•ll l*l-

• \L . . •ill)!\

Be sure to get into the s\vim . . . unit.

have your fun too.

and ''.Sunrise Serenades:' is a nature

fihu in color showi·ng courtiflg habits of prairie chickens ·and ·sage grouse. The show is free· to the public and children may come with adults. This is the last film showing for the seastowed u p o n son at Fern Hill branch. They will be of every resumed in the fall. age. But to the ma- g ~ triarchs who 1.11 ~een their son,s Parkland business1nan goes on 1\ and daughters trial Wt•dncsday,. May !+. The trial thrnugb illness is schedu.lcd for 12:30 p. m. at Round watched them de- Up jail, Garfield street and Pacific and heart-break, avenue. velop frorn chilA large crowd is expected to be on dren to adults, hand to support Sheriff Lee Tretter re cognizc<l 1 o v e and Judge Al Grodvig and to sec 'vhcn it stole into stem justice meted out to the villain.

their hearts, then parenthood and \VFrc

tncks Franci_s. up 1i1s sleeve 1or has the.. anext Nordyke lot few .of weeks. Get out and have fun ... that is the idea of the whole affair ... al,. thoul)h it h.a~ bcrn proclaimed that certam provmoris must be met for all residents of the area i~ i~ ccrta.inly to be rcmembe·rcd that it is all in fun ... no one should take offense if apprehcnded . . . the committee should also take care to see that 110 caused anyone. Sheriff Harold Bird. took time out from his busy job to pin the official badge of office on Lee Tretter last Monday in a noontime of fun for all. Roundup Rcmuda Something a bit novel is being introdured through the influence of Wes McKcwcn and some of the boys up at the bank . , . a Rounduo Remuda will bc on hand at the bank corner . . . the boys are putting up stalls, corrals are being furnished by Maury Andc.rson at Anderson Lumber Co. ., . Two members of the roundup will b.e on hand every night to stay with the horses . . . a campfire will be a feature 01 the evening gaiety which is sure to take place. A tent will house ths two staying overnight . . . before 1t 1s over there will probably be more than the place will accommodate. . I sUl;e;gct a k!ck out of how a thing ~1~s.th1~f;t>;et~. 1501ng , ... soon .evcryonp. 11s in .haY!rig .a !Ot offun; 1ntroducirfg nc:w ideas with the result that the affair wind., up a big success.





United Church to Honor Mothers

"A Mother's Wages" will be the th_cme of the Rev. Alexander Pollock /1.1ton, pastor of the United Methodist church (south of the Parkland school) at the 11 o'clock hour on 1Vlothr.r'-s Day. Not only arc the 1ncn1bcrs and friends of the church welcornc, but anyone presently without· a church hon1e is cordially invjtcd to honor m'?ther at t.his special seryicc. Appropnate music will be enjoyed and a lovely floral corsage will be presented to all mothers attending this special Mother's ~ay service. . . Appr~pnate_ a1so on this --day, baptlsmal ntes will be administered >.1nd pa;ents are invited to present their ch1l_dr~n -aL ;.the altar .-.of, .tlu.>._-chunzlr for this sacred purpose. On Friday night, May 9, at 6:30, mother will again be honored when the men of the church will do the honors by serving the potl:rck dinner at a family mght to which all members .f.riends. are },nvit~d. Mothers will _ . . . . . .~nng the go~d eats a:id table scrv.T.hc mstallal!on of officers will be iee, after which they will be "waited an n:iportant feature of the regular on hand.and foot'' ~y the mere n1en of meeting of Central Avenue preschool the church. An mformal program at. the school at 8 o'clock Thursday i will. follo:-"''the dinner with fun and evcmng, May 15. Mrs. Ruth Mane 1frohc ()f interest to all. Tennent is the new president; Mrs. Ma. rgarct Hofto, vice president; Mrs. Plenty Bread Mary Hart, secretary; Mrs. G. A. Car- I · 1nack trf'nsurcr. Nobody is going without bread in A pleasant social hour will be en- the Parkland area, although the presjoyed with Mesdames Donna Houtz, ent bakers' strike is creating real '· Mary Hart, Myra Geddes and Beatrice problems elsewhere. The two fine local bakeries, the Kulavik as hostesses. There will be a _plant cxchangt'.. .AJl n1cn1bcrs are Patty Ann Bakery on Pacific avenue at Airport road and Aunt Sue's Bakery J asked to bring guests to the n1rcting. at 209 So. 84th St., arc not affected I by the strike and are turning out . Free Fern Films plenty of bread for the commnnity. Three films will be shown at Fern The good fortune of Parkland peoH.ill . brn. rit.:h, 1.'ac.'Oi;)." p11blic library, ple in general is shared by the Pacific at 8 p. m. May 14. Japanese Fannly" Lutheran college where several hundepicts• the daily life of a typical dred hungry young people are fed class fan1ilY; uTotem.s,,, in daily in the college dining room. Their 1 rniddle color, tells the story of the totem needs are also being supplied by the poles of British Columbia Indians, two local bakeries.


mf0 IT. AT lo n

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ROY V. ROSTEDT 8201 Park Avenue Phone HA 2342 DR. JOSEPH G. HANSON Osteopathic Physician 5437)1:, So. Tacoma Way Odd Fellows Building HA 5315 Tacoma 9, Wash.


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A joint Central Avenue, Collins and Midland Well Baby clinic will be held T'hursday, May 15, in the music r601n at Central Avenue school. Registra· lion will be from 9 to 10 a. m. A doctor and nurse will be in attendance nnd all parents arc invited to bring their preschool children for a physical check-up and shots free of charge. If transportation is required, please phone the representative in your dis· If the oak floors in your home are trict: Midland, GR 7867; Collins, GR shabby and lack lustre, ydu can re- 6301; Central Avenue, GR 6197. finish them at small cost and with little effort by stopping by your friendly Brookdale Lumber Co. yard at 136th & Pacific and letting them show you SPECIAL PRICES THIS WEEK" how easy __ it is to renew your floors. Chicks, Goslings and Ducklings products are available at all times. Or, productsare available at _all tin1cs. ()r, Day-Old to 4 Weeks if you would like to install new oak fpo_o1~s~ go·O-? s~pplies arc availabJe at 10805 A St. GR 8597 savmg pnces at Bmokdale Lumber Company. For example, the cost of -~~--~-----~--enough No. 2 Com. Oak shorts to GROUP ONE floor a !O'x 12' room would only come to $21.60. Even in this day of high prices oak, the cha111pion of flooring, is a1so a Hchan1p" in cConon1y.-Paid Adv. The lifetime economy of oak floor· ino; is one of the reasons why 85% of all home buyers prefer it for their floors. There is never any replacement cost with oak floors and with a mini· mum of work they can be kept as beau· tiful and versatile in la tcr years as when aµplied. Applying new oak floor· ing is made easy by the use of a screw type nail designed for that purpose.

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Thursday, May 8, 1952

WellBaby Clinic


• 45

-·-- 'ds.


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Home and Auto Insurance is invited. EXCHANGE Preschool p. TA to Install Gas at Competitive Prices This Friday, May 9, 'the Woodland ShQq , / OF ENUMCLAW Barbara Cordcs-5-2511 Preschool and '1'-TA will hold joint installation of officers. Those to be It Will Pay to Check Our Rates The Fruitland Grang-e auxiliary la· installed arc Mesdames Karl Cordes, Airport Road & J St. GR. 3395 dies are sponsoring a Mother's Day Fred Fox, Orin Stager, J. W. Burrell, GR 3733 · M. SLATER GR 9939 I 18 Years in Parkland luncheon this Friday, May 9, at 12:30 Robert Joslin, Ben Ruhl, Flora Lester in the Grange hall. Following the and John Hoffman. . turkey luncheon, games will be played The 2nd grade, under direction of I with many prizes for winners. The the teacher, Mrs. Merle Parker, will luncheon is given by the auxiliary to present two plays. Refreshments will ASK ABOUT IT raise funds for the regular visits to be served by the 2nd grade mothers. Madigan hospital. Donations for the Cake Sale luncheon are 75 cents each; the public Woodland Preschool is holding a cake sale May 10 at Geiger's Market FARM FRESH No Down Payment in Puyallup, proceeds to be used for HOMOGENIZED AND LAWN MOWERS kindergarten plans. So bring your cakes-or come and buy one. PASTEURIZED MILK AND MACHINE GROUND Stan Boreson, star of radio and TV will be a featnre of the coronation· Convention Delegate program of the Parkland Roundup to he held on Friday, June 6, in the PLC CREAM Trade In Your Old Mower Mrs. Ben Ruhl, Woodland P-TA gymnasium. Crowning Carmen Robinson, the Parkland queen will be Burt On a New Model delegate to the state convention, left McMurtrie, star of radio. Other outstanding talent will he presented at this ICE CREAM PARKLAND for Spokane. gala affair. Admission for adults will he 50 cents while children will be JOHNSON'S SHOP MondayMother's Club Luncheon admitted for 25 c.cnts. A huge crowd is expected to fill the gymnasium for the CYCLE SHOP HI. 7112 The Mothers club held a dessert opening of the Parkland Roundup. 15 years at 5514 Pacific Avenue luncheon last Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Flora Lester. The May meeting Mrs. George .Dering ~n<l daughter,· Oregon atlcndc<l. Mrs. Kerr poured,··]·-> · P.' I will be held at the home of Mrs. Art Bonnie, have returned from a two· Mrs. Lincoln assisting. Mrs. Hardy '· , Lincoln. week trip to Spokane, where Mrs. Chapman of Eugene, Ore., daughter Visit Herc Dering took care of Mrs. C. VanEss, of the couple baked the beautiful fourMr. and Mrs. Walter Schuly of Mr. Dcring's cousin, who has just had tiered cake " /6 Ephrata, former residents of Wood- a new daughter. ----------------land, were visiting friends here last Completely equipped and ready to go, like new. (Items Omitted Last Weck) weekend. l'lies South $700 $1,445 Home From Trip Sean1an Paul Martinson fle\V to San Diego last Wednesday to boanl the Split Cedar 4U Garfield St. (In the Parkland Centre Bldg.) McDOWELL BUILDING SUPPLIES destroyer USS Higsby. Across from the Parkland Post Office Milton, Wash. WA 8582 Fence Posts To California A DOLLAR SAVED You Can Always Do Detter at McDowell's GRanite 3526 Al and l\,Ialcolm ·soine Scaman Bill Rushton left Wedncs· ea. day n1orning un the US C! Guard IS A At the Yard vessel Winona for California. DOLLAR Preschool Elects I x4 Fir Flooring Mrs. Fred Fox \\.'as rc~clectcd presi~ EARNED YOU SAVE AT dent of Woodland preschool. Officers D.o,or Jambs c:hosen to serve with her arc Mrs. Robert Joslin, vir.c president; ~Mrs. Window and Door Sills· An Wade, secretary, and Mrs. John Hoff1nan, treasurer. ;Ilollo\ving the regular Experienced Garden Se~ds business n1eeting, with 1V[rs. Fox pn~­ Repairman Garden Tools siding, rrfrf'shn1ents vvcrr served by Can Save Mrs. Joslin. The preschool has bern You Money Paints invited to hold the install;i tion of offi. ccrs with the Woodland P-TA Friday, May 9. We Cut Glass SEE St\nday Guests EARL Guests of ~fr. and Mrs. Karl Cordes AT "9p .:Sun<lay \VCl~r: Nlr. a_1;d_. )vfrs. Don 1 Eonagcr of Centralia and Mr. and Mr~. Myron Page and children of Service ~~J!!ll!l!tl Wlutc Salmon. COMPANY 122ND & PACIFIC GR. 9946 Grays Leaving 96th & Portland Avenue Jess Gray left last Saturday by bus 20-oz. Pkg. Custo111 Furriers for Phoenix, Ariz. Mm. Gray and the Also Repairs, Cleaning, Restyling, children \vill drivr. dov.rn to join hin1 Stornge PLAN FOR WITH FOWLER when school is out. We shall miss the ·11 Ill Grays from the cotnmunity. They Tues. thru Sat., 12 noon to 8 p. m. were loyal and willing-, \vorkcrs on any WATER HEATER Pie Size 630 I Pacific Ave. con11nuniiy or school project. 'l'heir daughter Gloria is in the -1-th graclf'. HI 8110 50-gal. - 20-YearWarranty \l! g and their son Glenn is in the 3rd. Open House ONLY $139.95 Sunshine Hi Ho Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Goodell of Libby's Buckley WLTe eutertaincd at open Only $14.41 Down, Two Years to Pay house Sunday in honor of their 'l.'ith B wedding anniversary. Mr. Goodell is the aunt of Art Lincoln of Woodland and the Lincolns and Mrs. Helen Kerr Durkee attended. Around GO friends and GR 5689 1302~ Pacific relatives from Seattle, Sun1ncr, An1PriNew Installations can Lake, Woodland, Buckley and Repairing Pumps, Hot Water 2Y2 Tin Crispi Small Fry Heaters, Washers Sluggish Drains Opened & GENERAL







tv Star Feature of Corontaion Program




$5 per mo.

Phone GA 3301

Two House Trailers

Parkland ute4 Shoe Store



. G!Ranite 5844 'BASK.ETT LUMBER

2046 6th Awe.







PARKLAND Plumbing & Heating

Parkland-Brookdale Electric


GR. 3710



Shop located at


0 0


I: :::>

.,, ...II

= z w



r 0 0


a.. a..


:::> ..Ji

~ II.I.I z w



Pineapple Juice GARINE


7'10 South 120th



le each

25 lbs. $2.50 sack

14 Sacks Only Green, Yellow, Cream

LAWN MOWER Sharpeni11u1


2x4s • $37.50 M $40.00 M 2x6s Flite House and 2x8s • $40.00 M Scrap Plywood Garden Colors le sq. ft. 1x8 Shiplap Interior Wall Paint Bungalow and $45.00 M 39c quart Utility Paint 1x6s • $37.50 M fibered g~.~tty $2.79gal. 1x4s • • 1clin.ft. Roof Coating MASONITE 2x4s ....... 2' •. 4c ea~ 5 gal. $3.00 4x8 • • $3.00 sheet 2x4s ....... 3' • 6c ea. _ _ _;_......;_::.:.:..:..;:.:. 2x4s ...... 4'. Sc ea PLYWOOD Fan Trellises 2x4s ........ 5• H>c ea· 1/4" 4x8 • • $3.00 79c each 2x4s _ 6• 12e ea: 1/4" 4xi' $2.00 New Odd Sized 2x6s """"'." 4" 12c ea. STEP LADDERS Doors 2x6s - 5" 1Sc ea.

3 ft. $3.49 2x6s - 6' 18c ea. Really Low Priced 4 ft. $4.49 Example - 2-8x6·6 5 ft. $5~39 1 lite 3-Panel $6. 99 Roofing, Thick Butts 3-in-1 $8.10 sq. Many Other Sizes' Panel Broom $1.00 each 3 I 4" Plywood Closet Doors 11 & Odd Glass Doors Pieces - 20 x20" Odd Windows and r.:n.,,. 111'11nl'I 7E;r o111'11rh , .S@sh 25c each - - - -'""-,. - - - - - · ·


12702 Pacific Ave. GR.


(Regular) 1-lb. Pkg.

W Drip or Reg. 1 lb.


Skippy 14 oz.


Free Pick-up and Delivery


46-oz. Tin


.,Schwinn•• BIKES


1 qt.

25c ZSc c 39c 57c

Velveeta 2-lb. Pkg.

Free Trading Stamps

0 0



$6.25 per foot

a.. a..



6-INCH CASING Capable, Experienced Driller~ Nothing Down-3 Years to Pay

C,ascade Pump & Drimng Co. Phone GR. 3141 or GR. 5374


BURN THE.M NOW Old r.rowth l'ir Timber Wood at Its Best!

2 cords $16.00 HEAVY l'LANER ENDS 1'\Iixcd -Loarl Core Blocks Plahcr Etids $12.50 Cord The· Detter Stoker Coals: Dims, Wyoming, Aberdeen Utah Dou ble-scrccncd Lump and Nut Coals STOVE & DIESEL OIL PRES-TO-LOGS




Standby Cut


303 Tin

1 lb.

t~arshmallows 35c 303 Tin

Mixed Vegs .. 17c

28 oz.

Wheathearls . 19c Mountie

c'arsten's Old Fashioned Smoked

·Dog Food = 3/29c Standby Grfr. 303 tin -

Bacon .




Country Style

Segments . . 19c Pork Sausage . . lb. 45c Pt. Standby Pitted lb. 69c Olives . . 33c Pot Roast . Graded Good




Potatoes . Beans . • 1/41c Standby

Parkland Cycle Parkland Shopping Center GR. 5772

(rackets . White.King Shoe String

Nice and Lean

PORK STEAK • Grad••d Good


Med. Size • lb. 10e Cabbages Solid Heads lb. Sc OrfH'H]eS,

Celeryw Crisp.Green. lb. 10e Tomatoes • • • Carton 27c

Radishes and Green Onions 3 Bunches 1Oc:



Phone 3-4784

SHEET ROCK 1/2-inch Sheet 3 /Sminch Sheet 1/4 .. ineh Sheet

$2.00 $1.80 $1.60



HOT WATER TANKS s2.. 9al. 9 low type


10-Year Guarantee



. Five pieces, including close coupled toilet, seat, valves, wax ring, wash basin, shutoff valves, tubing, faucets, shower.

·McDowell Building Supplies Milton, Wash.a WA. 8582



1750 9th St. S. W. Puyallup Bll!1ements - Backfills - Drivewa}'ll Clearing - Leveling •• Etc. Fill Dirt -- Gravel -· Top Soil Dozers--Large and Small PH. PUYALLUP 5-2.452 or 5-5487 ESTIMATES Cheerfully Given



We Need the Room


• and get COLOR too!

G. E. Refrigerator $35.00 B. C. Electric: Refrigerator $44.50

Thor Washer $44.50 Speed Queen Washer • $59.50


W(.Qsher • $79.50 Easy Spindry Washer • $79.50 Wilshire OH Range • $49 .50 3 Electric ~cmges

Refri9ere1tor $49.!ro 7 cu. ft. Colds pot Refrigerator $59.50 Apt. Size Frigidaire Refrigerator $59.50

!Bendix Automatic

Your Choice $15.00

$22.50 •

White Porcelain Wood and Coal


Range • ·• $35.00


Thor Gladiron Ironer . • $39.50 "'

50-gal. A.. 0. Smith Durc:u:lad


Special Clearance Price






Installation & Repafr Service

GRanite 7038

Pierce County Refuse Co. Weekly GARBAGE Collections Phone GR. 8688 Good Fishing At


Remember Mother ....... May 11 -

Gifts of Quality · I Oc to $37.50

Griffin Fuel Company MAl151



NOWi1AS"1H11EE ·

f.X11A·VAL l'EAr1111s

~:iitolliOHC Sp111.,.;hse

. •:au11t~i•fWcner lllte,.


.jl •)f~<l~sw;n,,-,;crucets · ...



.. ,-c_




. -


..~,,;,,,; ~~ ~~-il· 4


-~ '


On This Automatic


Reg. 209.95 less 30.00 youpayl $2.45 Down $11.40 Per Month

Front Door Parking Easy Credit The Best Service In Town

THE TIMES-JOURNAT,.,1. Thursday, May 8, 1952 ·




Gibbons Span.away Food



One of the choice yearcaround' Lake homes, designed for gracious living. Has. a 14x23 ft. living room with.fireplace, huge 6.xlO ft. picture window overlooking the lake; In addition to all this, the basement contains a big recreation room with another fireplace, spare bedroom, fruit cellar and auto. oil-fired hot ,air furnace, piped to all rooms. French doors open from the recreation room, leading to a gentle slope of ·70 ft. fronta,gc on the lake. Place is completely fenced and safe for children. Ready for occupancy. The price? :p 7,500. Will sell for cash, FHA or on contract, with terms to suit. Go out Pacific Ave. to 169th St., turn right for 4 blocks to Lakeside Drive. Signs will mark the way. Call us for more

SPANAWAY Sunshine Soda

Crackers Hunt


fruit Cocktail Medosweet


l lh.

Cottage Cheese . 26c

"SKY RANCH"-AIRFIELD-HORSE RANCH Consisting of 40 clear acres. A 4-bedrm. rnnch style home, .plus another 2-bedrm. home, both modern. A 12 box'staH barn, over which is bunkhouse and club rooms. Three aeroplane hangars with space for 8 planes, a half mile fenced race track and corrals. Chicken. houses and other outbuildings. A 550•gal. gas tank .with computing pump,. This ranch is ideally situated in Spanaway and used as an airfield fqr years. Ji;ull price only $23,000. $13,000 will handle. .·


Tomato Juice Mission



M. J.B. Special Process

1 bedrm. on 1 acre, completely furnished. Double garage,.chickcn hse. $5,250. WiUsell G.l. . · On Airport Road, 2 bedrms., garage; chicken hse. $4,650, $850 down, $40 per month. 80 acres near Clover Creek school. Good soil, broken down house, not beyond repair. Electric service all in. $3,300. E-Z terms. lO acres; Brookdale Road. $1,200, $200 down. 0 0


2-lb. Pkg.


Sharp Cheese • lb. 65c Swiftning

3 lbs.



f..aoMe bli~i'o f:A.R'M 8ui!fu::..1tilL~esT'ATE 12810 Pacific Avenue, Parkland · .GRa'nite 3931.

French's Dehydrated Potatoes. 8oz. pkg. 10 Generous Servings of Mashed Per Pkg.

Potatoes • • • 29c

Mail Address: Rt. 3_, Box ~19, Tacoma, Wash.

Wa-Nee-Ta Hardwood Smoked Lb.

Evenings and Sundays, Mr. Loring, GR. 3570; Mr. Wallace, GR. 8294

Thick Slice Bacon 49c Pork liver • lb •. 39c All Vegetables in Season at Lowest Market Prices. Prices Consistently LOW Quality Consistently HIGH Prices Effective May 9 and 10


14--Situations Wante NEW 6-room home, attached garage, concrete driyeway, fireplace. Best construction on half acre jn city limits, 1 block from bus. 9339 East B St. 9c34

WOMAN WANTS DAY WORK or child care evenings. GR 3664.14p34. CHILDREN'S NURSERY..,.-- Family style; educational toys; trained personnel. GR. 6682. 14ctf


Known for Gbod, Ckan Sharp CPIILD CARE-Wish to. do child Cars · care in my tiwn home. GR. \1503. 14ctf

15--Miscellaneous UNFINISHED furniture. Ha g g's, 1107 Market Street. 15ctf SORA TCH PADS-Get them at LaCrosse Printers and TIMES-JOURNAL office, 25c lb. Convenient pads and sizes. l 5ctf

FURNISHED ROUSES 3-BEDROOM RAMBLER. Dinette, fireplace, att. garage.~ Near McChord. $100 mo. 2 BEDROOMS,' dinette, carport. Lakeview village. $75 mo. UNFURNISHED HOUSES 2 BEDROOMS, carport, electric range. Lakeview village. $60. mo. 2 BEDROOMS, excellent condition; range and refrigerator. Lakeview village. $75 mo. · CALL. Mr. Haines, PR. 1675, Ward Smith, Inc., BR 5166. UNFURNISHED· HOUSES LAKEWOOD -- Modern 2-bedroom duplex. Large living room, dinette, cabinet· kitchen, utility room. auto. oil heat. z, blocks to new Center. Newly redecorated. $65 per month, or with range and refrigerator $70 per month. Call LA 3897.

ROTOTILLING WORK guaranteed. Tom Schuster, HA 9421. 13ctf d

RUPE MACHINE WORKS MOTOR· REBUILDING All Automotive Machine and Repair Work Shop: GR. 7450 ·" Res:. HI. 6190 Pacific Avenue at Brookdale

Estate Board ;BR 5166 BULLDOZING in exchange for tinibcr. L. J. Fortney, HI 8089. ' 15p35 FOR SALE 26 pieces Fir-T~x 3/8x48x96 in.; 28 sheets plywood '51 FORD V-8 Tudor, FordoY-<x·18x96 in.; 240 board feet clar matic d r i v e, etc. Very dry cedar lx6 sfs.; l table saw with clean ------------------~-----$1, 8 9 5 motor; 1 bench saw with motor; 1 6-inch "jointer with motor. Rau FOR RENT= Large furnished apartMfl'(. Co., GR 7372.-15c3.J.. ments, 1 or 2 bedrooms; utilities. '51 FORD "6" Fordor. R. FOR SALE- Grunow 6-ft. refrigergarag. $55 and up. 1209 So. 72nd. and H. A real good buy. ator, excellent condition, $.60; one GA 5719.-10c34. Price _____ c _________________ $ l, 69 5 set overhead garage doorJiardware, $12.50. GR 7138.-15p34. R6TTED-cow-FERT1L1zER5o FORD -8 custom club $1 SACK or by the yard; peat and coupe. R. an···d..H·· .... _____ $1,595 topsoil. HI 4056.-15c34c..··_ _ · WOOD-Upland slab, 2cds. $12; '50 CHEVROLET de luxe planer ends. $4 and $8 loads. HI Fl 2d . d __::4:.:_05::..:6:.:_._::_:l5:..:.c3:...:4:.:_._ _ _ ___:_._ eet me . - . oar se an. FOR SALE Have four 2-romn black beauty ---7 -------·$ 1,5 9 5 cabins, one 4-room. to be moved; also good player piano. Phone GR 3748.-15p34_.-~----'49 PLYMOUTH special de and siding, direct applicaluxe club cpe. R. 8 H., etc. A ROOFING tion. Guaranteed material and exvery very nfoe car. pert labor. No salesmen. For lowest estimate call GR'•3581.




.v· . ·. .


r .


Red Hot

Bargains Galore

WE DEMONSTRATE evenings and weekends on your ground. We oil and adjust and deliver new Meny Tillers to your door at no extra cost. Brip;gs & Stratton or Clinton enf(ines; Tillers for rent. Don Arthur Distributors. the. original Merry Tiller dealer; Arthur W. Dahlberg. Call PR 1800; 13ctf

Davenports $9. 95. up '48 OLDS. 66 sedanet. Hydra- Davenos $29.00 up Matic, heater and recondititined motor, and so clean Bedroom Sets $79 up in and out ----~-----------$1. 2 85 G. I. Bunk$16.95 '46 DESOTO 4-door. K 8 H. Bunk Mattress $3.95 Hydra. trans. A good clean car -------------~-------------- $ 9 4 5 Twnn Size Mattress $8.95 up '46 CHRYSLER "6" 2-door. R. 8H.Areal beauty. __ $945 t


46 CHEV. coupe. R. and H. Way above average. A good clean solid car. Motor overhauled _____________________ $79 5 '41 BUICK sedanet. Radio, heater, sportlite ____________ $345 Local Bank Terms -

Butc:me Gas Range




18 Months to Pay Open Till 8 P. M.

Elec:. Ranges $59 up Refrigerators $49 up Ice Boxes $4.95

9x12 Linoleum $5.88 Bathroom Sets Comolete $129.00



Many Other Items too

CPAN·AW.AY N!['WS ,· · JU ·

preschool f'lected as next year's offi- man. Installation will be held May cers Mrs. Clifford .. Anderson, presi-128 at. the rcgtila1' preschool meeting. Mrs. Chet McAtee. GR. 8066 dent; Mrs. John _Cotten,_ first vice Everyone •is·wclcome as this will be president; seconcL vice vres1dent, :tvfrs. the last meetmg of the year. SPANAWAY NEWS Herbert Clink: secretary, Mrs. Talbert . New Son . The April. meeting o.f Sp:maway Long_; trea.surer, .Mrs. Eugene Brcse-1 Mr. and Mrs. John Cotte? .of 160th .__...,....,,;.,,,....,.-....,;.;....._=,.,......;;;.......,_,;__,_._.,.,..,..,,,,,,..,__~-"'-·"'"'-"""""'"""""'"".,,_,,. street, Spanaway, arc rece1vmg con;~ratulations on the birth of a third son Aprol 21. He weighed 9 pounds I 0 ounces and has been named Craig Alan. He is· wclcomr:cl by two brothers, Larry and Dennis, and grandparY,x6 3-ft. CEDAR SIDING Per 100 ft. $2.00 ents, Mr. ancl Mrs. H. L. Humiston of Y,x3 3 to 7-ft, CEDAR SIDING ................................. . Per 100 ft. $3.50 l\fidland and Mrs. W. R. Cotte_n of . . I' Spanaway. 4x4 REJECT CEDAR POSTS Per Im. ft. 9c To Enumclaw Per 100 ft. $3 75 Mrs. E·.:·clyn McAtcc wa.s one of the lx8 No. 4 SHIPLAP · · group which ':c_nt to Enumclaw to the Each 5c school of, politics froi,n the Tacoma CEDAR GARDEN STAKES ·u-1""1 on I· rid av Mav > Also attend'. _, Cl '-1' B ~ 1 - ~- I ' ' 'M Let Us Solve Your Fence Problems 1np; \Vere luc.::. a1 cv ant anle·,. fron1 T·lcorl'l · 1

q .·





..._. an: mmHJllt






HI. 9515 ,





', ·


• '· ,

Secret~ al Club

Secret Pal Scw;ng _club met at the home ot M;·s. Bob Steidel on Tuesday, May 29, with Mrs. Beulah Ballard as~'.r'uc';li· Pr<1'sen t· ':ere"~! ~sd.aiE:ies Bob 1 11 , \c_ ~ o~ig,\, 1 an Y ~· ute,.>_Ine~s~_n 1,u pcmM1g, ~c.waid I lanneiy, Oli\e1




... ... ..'

for Your Present Refrigerator

Omat, . Jack Hendrickson, George Stephenson, Bob Rhone, Louis Symmons,and the hostess,es .. Spanaway Commumty Club Spanaway Community club will FOR SALE - Fruit juices, popular meet .Tuesday, May 13" at 8 p. m. at hrands, 5 46-oz:, cans 98c. no lim!t; the fire hall. :tvfrs. Dons Omat, pro.sugar, 10 lbs. 8c>c when we have it; gram chairman, has arranged a very Hot Roll Mix, reg, 29c pkg. now program with the State 19c; bedding plants, doz. 39c. IIA Patrol bringing some of the reco.rd~ 2165. A & A Salvage. 8410 Pacific. ings from "C<rn This Be You?" As -~·_1_5c..p_3_4_.____________ this promises to be a very good pro-' FOR SALE-Healthy police shepherd gram, let's all turn out. puppies; males $10. GR 8408.Ill in Hospital . . _J:..:5=-c:..:3:...4--·._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ ~mil Kellenberger, an o~d Spanz:w~y COLLIE-.'..HUSKY PUPPIES, $7.50 resident, has been taken ill and is m, to p;oocl homes; net burials, oilcloth a Tac.orna hospital. . wrapped and boxed; cats a.n.· d.· .s.mall S ecial School Election dogs $6,50. GR 6348.-15c35. The special school election will be .AFRIC.,\N VIOLETS Id. ·::·1·-.fP .., • · Cd gi t held Saturday, May 17, for the Bethel ·for mother. Over 100 bloomino1' ti. o-ain for tHe: ,i 5 n,ills '1 . _ ,iarge assortn1en t o f co 1ors·~ cus · ·ic t·. 'l.V " c v otc·a,'"")' · ; ~r ~ .µ'.'"ants, so badly. needed for the .cluldr~n of and varieties; young plants 59c, Bethel district. Any questions will be. blooming ·pb.nts $1 to $1.79. Max answered if you contact any of your. Miller's. 8844 Paf'.ific Ave. HI 8771. school board members. -15c34-. 1 SpanawayP-TA . ' _F_I_N_E:..:S_T:..:....:.:..B_L_A_C_K_T_O_P_S_O_IL_·_l Spanaway_ P-TA will meet w_ edne~-1 a1de1.· fireplace wood; delh-ereJ. L~ day, May 11, at 8 p. m., at. the Span9518.-J5c35. away school. This will be the last GUERNSEY cow for s~le, second calf. meeting of the year. There wilL be 3cgal. milker. WA. 7~28. 15c34 installation of officers. Mrs. Mabel Patton is president; Mrs. Doris Ornat, FOR S,\LE'-Bendix df'ctric washer, good condition. GR. 4435. l5c34 first vice president; Mrs. Carl Holder, second vice president; Mrs. Vera Hens- FERTILIZER, yard or sack. GR: +108. 15c37 ley, secretary; :tvfrs. Emma George, treasurer. Outgoing officers in the' FOR SALE-Guernsey cream, Qt. first three positions arc Sam Green, 80c. Rt. 13, Box 34·7. GR 8720. Jim Wylandcr and Mrs, Mickey Cox; 15c34· the others were re-elected. USED 9 H. P. Aricns Card Party ·. , . Tiller, good condition The Elk Plain P-TA held a cari:l $375 - Terms. party with Eutrophia Keough as FU 2'109 chairman. The door prize was won 15c31 by Thorn Tibbits. Favors in ~he ganic~ TAP ACROBATIC BALLET Cl . were taken by Delores Jupiter, Mrs. . ' · .' as Althea Flannery, Earl Kinsman, Vice All ages. Mildred Keller, Gf~ tor Fox, Mrs. Chet McAtcc, · Mi;;i. 7881. 15ctf Keough, David LaPlant and Terry • """""""' Plumb. Altar Sodcty The Altar Society of St. Benedict's church will meet at 8 p. m. May 12 ·1 •Contents Hauled Away at the home of Mrs. Llewellyn, with . lIUTSON TANK CLEANING Mrs. Sylvester Kintz as co-hostess. Mrs. Harry Harrigan, elected. to serve HI 3980 HA 7038 the group for another year, will preside. Anyone wishing directions may LEAVE FILM at Quality Photo Servcall Mrs. Boyle or Mrs. Harrigan. ice for developing. In at 10, out at Clover Creek Legion •5. 9610 Pacific Ave. 15ctf Clover Creek unit No. 118, Americ can Legion, will meet Friday evening, FOR RENT-Bathing concession at May 9, at the Legion hall. The au,xilBiescmann's Park, Spanaway Lake. iary will meet at the home of Mrs; See Manager. Erma Long. Auxiliary Card Party MR. AND MRS. CLUB of Trinity The Spanaway Firemen's auxiliary Lutheran chl!l·ch will meet in the will sponsor another card party Fri- church parlors May 13, games to start day, May 16, at the Spanaway fire at 6 p. m., with potluck supper at hall. Chairman will be Mrs. · Carl 6:'30. Mrs. Robert Olson will be the Holder, assisted by Mesdames Jack spef!,ker. There will be a nursery for Hendrkksen, Bill Herbert, Sylvester a .small charge. Kintz, Effie Lape, Lawrence Madochcj Chet McAtee and Bob McCullough, GOP Club The 26K Republican club. will meet Thursday, May 15, at the fire hall. Mrs. K. W. Struensee-GA 5742 More information will be had for next Luncheon Is Served week's paper. The regular meeting of the Canyon Road Co111munitv club will be held at 8.o'clock this ('i'hursday) evening in Stamps the Community club hall, 30th. and Made to Order Canyon road. Speakens wl11 be Col. Scott of Fort Lewis, whose topic is LaCROSSE PRINTERS "National Defense," and John Rody of .East 72nd St., talking on "Civil Dcf¢nse," Refreshments will be served; everyone .Welcome. Metal Work


Septic Tanks, Cess Pools Cleaned


BE FREE •• • with a


* i




NO DEFROSTING TO DO ••• EVER Come in, let us shovt you the one refrigerator that actually measures frost build-up, then automatically defrosts so fast frozen foods stay frozen .•• disposes of the frost water automatically, too! Ask us how much your present refrigerator is worth in trade on the world's finest completely automatic refrigerator -Westinghouse





Sheet Poultry Equipment Rabbi.t Feeders 'Water Founts

RAU MFG. CO. GR.emite 7372

Other Models from $214.95

Records, 45 .. 78 .. 33 Va Large Asortmcnt

Appliances • TV Radio




GR. 3691





G Guaranteed Better Wear 8 Attention.·t.o Details

HI 4131


'"·-,-~-....:...+- . . -·



Senath End Plumbing Home of Schorn Paints Near Roy Y Spanaway GR. 8357 Graham 194

Garfield ·Street Parkland·






PLOW ING, discing, leveling. Rt. 3, Box 5'.!1-A. GR 7702. 13ctf SEWING of all kinds. Will do fittings by appointment at your home or mine. Style Rite Dressmaking, Rt 7, Box 266, GR, 3328. 17ctf BABY FURNITlJRB, new and used. SMALL FRY EXCH., 1109 Market. 15ctf

Tires .. Tires "' Tires

Do y~u wa~t fi•o buy in case loh~ to save money? Being a member of Associated ~r9eers Co.. op puts us in a p.osition to purchase at a mili1imum ¢ompetitive whQlesale price, which we reflect m low~r ease price to yt,1111.

Check with us any time.

Coffeef Chase &Sanborn

Bulter, fresh Dairymaid HARD WHEAT

Ault Tire Service

16-livestock & Equip. FOR SALE - Black and white pinto saddle horse, parade type; also 2 western saddles. HI 8386.-16c3t. FOR SALE-2-year-old pinto geld16p34 ing. GR 5057. WI-iiTE Ft\CErcgistered bulls and heifers, polled and horned; a 1 so polled Shorthorn bu Us. Take other cattle in trade. Rt. 3, Box 610, Tacoma. Summit View. 16ctf HORSE SHOEING now available every day. Drop a card to Rt. 1, Box 475, Graham. J. R. Young. 16ctf FOR SALE Saddle horses. saddles, trailers; a !so 6-wcck-old pigs. Phone Graham l 27.-16p35. GENTLE SADDLE HORSES for sale; also want to rent pasture. HI 6 74· l. 3710 East M.-16c36.

Made enlirely of rust-proof cor• rosion·resistont aluminum alloy. These screens never need paint .. jrlg. Can't stain ex,erior walls,

*EASY JO REMOVE .Release two tension devices at bottom, and. two catches at top, Then roll up screen for window washing. Takes only seconds!


FleiMru Shurfine • • • • • • 10 lb. 87c Shorteni11119 Crisco or Shurfine, 3 lb. 79c 1

Tcme1to Sauceu Hunt's


savings •••

6 for 39c

Grapefruit Juice, libby's, 46. oz~ 11c Milk, Carnation, lfor . . 4lc m

Krispy Crackers .


2 lbs. 43c

Sunshine 01T'fJ!ll19~ Slices Orange Juice.• Frozen Pictsweet Frozen Peas •





17c Case

Green Beans, 1l13c . 24/303 $1.59 TASTEWELL


Corn. 1131 . . . . . 14/303 $3.35 Peas, 1115 .. 14/303 $1.89






Ban~nas, Firm Fruit

2 lbs. 25c • lb. Sc Tomatoes. Ruby Gems • Carton 2lc I (>2nd &. ·Park Ave. •

Orcu11ges California Navels 1



Spanaway GR. 8213 MAY 9 and 10

Link S(lusage Lb.49c

Polish Sausage


Smoked Ham Hocks Lb. 17c




SANDY LOAM Reasona hle :\\.atCll

Ray Gogan -


GR 8215




Mt. Highway at Spanaway

GR. 3323



Dinette Set {Grey or Yellow) $36.95 • $69.50 Chrome Dinette Set (Yellow) • 8=pe. Bedroom Set incl. Innerspring Mattress & Box Springs $129.50 Mhg_. Dining Room Extension Table (With 2 Leaves) $69.50 s. pc. Mahogany .Dining Room Suite $250.00 Davenport and Chair • .$150.00 4epc. Maho9cu1y Bedroom Suite $175.00 • 4°~}C. Sectioned Living Room Set $190.00 • $7.95 !Lhrin9 Room T«fibles (End - Step - Lamp - Commodes) Br©Jss Ta Ible lamps $4.95 6; ..yr. Maple Crib and Mattress { FuH Panel) $39.95 s. pc. limed Oak Bedroom Set $165.00 Umuier Spring Mati'ress and Box. Spring (Reg. $89.50) $49.50 Srnp•i:. E~,~r~y Americem Dining Set $89.50 S~p~. ~k-11ple Breakfast Set $49.50 11 0 V. Airflow Dryer $69.50 •, Bie~dix Automatic Washer (Floor Model) $189.50 Bendix Dialamatic Washer {Floor Model) $139.50 • Beirnd5x (Snow White) Automatic Washer $299.95 Cabinet Rrroner FRE,IE-Value $134.95)

$189.50 $209.95 36 .. Electric Ran9e $139.50 Electric Sink with Dishwasher $250.00 54 .. Cabinet Steel Sink $99.50 •' Extra Liberal 'frrade=ln Allowance on Old Washers and Radios When You Purchase a Wringer or Automatic Washer or a TV Set. Bt11y a s .. Element .Antenna • • $6.95 A~tenna Kits Complete (Put Up Your Own) Only $14.95 9x12 Rugs .. • $69.50 • Mhg. 14 TV Combination ~adio and Record Player $175.00 11



Servel 6.5 cu. ft. Refrigerator fully J'i.utomC11tk Electric Range


interest on

Iba 73c


Flour, Shurfine Print Bag • 25 lb. 1.97

220 Puyallup Ave., Tac. BR. 1888 WANTED - Chickens and rabbits. Call us before you sell. Cape's Poultty Market, 7036 Pacific Avenue, Tac~ma, Wn. GA. 4-406. 15ctf NEED A. FENCE? Wood, wire, concrete block. Call us for estimate. Easy monthly payments. Built,Rite Fence Co., HI. 2405 or HI. 9515. 15ctf FOR A NEW BUILDING or to reroof the old, why not put on the best long-life cedar shingles and save time and money. They don't blow off or sweat. Our extra thick No. 1, 24" can be laid up .to 10-in. exposure. We also make 16" and 18" shingles. Mill price or delivered. Ohop Lake Shingle Mill, P. 0. Box 353, Eatonville, Wash. 15c38 FOR SALE Finest peat dirt· and topsoil. We haul or you haul. GR 4324. l5c37 PLOWING, harrowing discing; with horses; GA 1324. 15ctf FOR SALE Guernsey cream . .Qt. 80c; Rt. 13, Box 347. 15c34 TOP SOIL, peat, fill dirt, gravel. Jack Houtz, GR 8221. 15p34 PLAY TIME all ,a time! Horses, swimming, g9lI, oysters .. clams. fishing. single and dmtble rooms. Your meals served as you like them. For reservations write or call Linger Longer Lodge, Quilcene, Wash, Tele. 717 or Seattle, Filmore 1943 15c34


Plus toe Coupon with Each Lb.

Buy, S.ell and . Exchange Quality Recapping & Vulcanizing


and re~financ:ed. FHA or NB flexible home loan.· p.lans.':·.with all the advantages of borrowing from a National bank. Homes financ:


Anything In Insurance 12815 Pacific Avenue - (House just South ,of Blue Spruce Motel)

RIDING f·o. r children,_,. 25c. HI 674-1. 3710 East M. }By MRS. A •. O. ANDERSON .)J.j.c34. .. FOR SALE-Black saddle mare with The Collins P-TA Mother's Day blazed face; well trained. HI. 314-2.) tea. will be. held in the Colins gym 16p34May 14-, beginning at 1 p. m. There will be a fine program and tea will be served. All mothers of the community are invited. Cub Scout Circus Remember the Cub Scout circus this Friday at 7 :30 p. m. in the Collins gym. There will be booths of various kinds and Cub Scout handicraft will he on sale. Refreshments will be sold. The public is invited, To Convention Mrs. Sam Tillman, newly elected ttcasurer of Collins P-TA, is the deleg'atc to the state P-TA convention in Chrome Spokane this week: She will make her report at the next regular meeting of S"'pc. Collins P-TA May 20.

FRYE'S. Furni!ure &






Sales and Service

Parkland Centr.e Bldg.


Thursday, May 8, 1952

State· Farm· Mutual· Insurance


TENSION-tile screens cost little, if any, more !han on old-foshi ~~ed wood.frame screen!

Fife Builders Supply Old·Fifo Square

WA. 8725

405 Garfield St. 1 Parkland

(Centre Building)






That Is

• •

3 for 39c:

3 az1s 4UD!9 C. & H. CANE

NOTICE •. Our· two bosses are nuts. Please do not hold us responsible for their actions. B.ARGAIN BASKET· EMPLOYEES

u .!:!! ~ ~ f"lf") (la




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·s::im:ixrJ M;)U <lM u::iq.t.\

:iqZnoq AZED


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We heard we were Come inand meet Madman crazy to put in a Nels and Loony Leon. · meat inarket.


~ Cl,t=au.. .



sla1esa1oqM .l






People said we were crazy to start another g r o c e ry store in Spanaway.

....JI., ,. = ~·..... ii: In

We were crazy to offer case goods at wholesale plus 25c, but we're happy and we know

you are, too.

. ~ Nalley"s BEEF STEW · 15-oz. 39c . . . 30-oz. NaUey's Spaghetti & Meat with Sauce • • • I 5-oz.

69c 15c

Try N01lley"s CHIU CON CARNE·. ti~ c · I 5-oz. 33c . . . . 3 0-oz. '-9 A MILD WESTERN STYLE CHILI R • Na Ime}f S ••pUre ••


Richer and




__ g Pil\t Jar

People tell uswe are crazy to · try to run a business in this old building. Sunshine


Choe. Drops 39c JES ·zop . .


~ete . · ~ o~'< .. e~o~""' ""e ;1."°'._~e ...~ ·~ ,,pt9.e e ·~• ....,.ete , 0 ~o ~. ~0-ce·

FREE.... Fly Swatters

1J. cD > u •.,, ·a ..... "' 0 ·= ua .!!!0 'ti0 '1:3 "ll'l .. .a . II:

II: ....


=. .

9. a>-...,-'1:3 .a: !- .. a ... ~ ... if GI ...... a . in u -= . a.. ·- ~ :c ·g: "'; m a ua u .a: .· • .· ·a:2 .g i -P,~Jm.; :II " '

ORANGE JUICE, 46..oza tin ~ ·~ 15c CORN, whole kernel, 303 fin . 18c FANCY· .

303 TIN

GRAPEFRUIT SECTIONS • • . 17c SAlT, plain or iodized . . . 9c lh1sweet~ned

Grapef~uit Juice, 46. ·oz. .





We1 re·glad we were crazy enough to stick it. out and meet such a fine bunch of

people ••• We're iust .'crazy enough to keep on giving you these weekly values • • • Jf we're crazy enough, in time we wm be able to offer you one of the finest stores in Pierce county~

""e~ ....,.e . • . • ':1\0~ • ~\\

....J ~,...

........ :z: L.L..I


• fl,t

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u ;~:· ~ ..a... ..

....... ~

~ L.1..1 Q ....._ -c:t 1..1...1 :::E:

···mt-·a:-""' 0 """"


' ......... o,O :II





·s IA

.,,=...a.. ·suu ·-....~ 2 .,, a ""' 0 '·· .,, u GI







.....GI •..Uu a..

Times journal v 7 no 34 may 8, 1952  
Times journal v 7 no 34 may 8, 1952