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Business Service 3

Thursday, February 28, 1957 The TIMES-JOURNAL

LIKE NEW. Kenmore automatic WALLER ROAD • • • \VB.sher, Sacrifice $100. U. B. Saving Mart, 12S03 Pacific. 1Sc25

Leveling, Back Fill, Clearing Fill Dirt, Top Soil, Ditching


Mam1i!'!g & Smhl'h GR 3930

Nursing Home 10816 Portland Ave. GR 5395 LICENSED NURSES ON DUTY 24-HOURS A DAY

FOUNDATIONS, additions, re_ modeling. Free estimates. Fin. ancing, no down payment. Phone HI 7000 anytime. 3ctf SEPTIC TANKS CLEANEDContents hauled away. Don Redford, 8232 So. Fawcett, HA 7334. If no answer call HA

A-1 INTERIOR PAINTING, Zelotoning & taping; free estimates; GR 8,162. 3ctf

,i\CE SEPTIC TANK SERVaCE Septiq Tanks Cleaned 0. 6\, ACKLEY GR 4.343 GR 7882

'EO.R.GE PURbLJE--Pltllnt1rng, :-leating. New .work. Remodel. rig, Rapaii:'s, Phone GR 4477.

3ctf FAST PHOTO SERVICE In at 10:00 out at 5:00. QUALITY PHOTO SERVICE, 9818 Pacific Ave., GR 7271. 3ctf


ti11i (\JI

$6,250.00 COMPLETE CENTRIFUGALS $400.00 DOWN. 4 bedroom older Automotive Repaiin; @ TURBINES home in good repair, double Big Selection of plumbing, large living room, Parts &. AccessCJries separate dining room, kitchen \vired 220 utility room, go.1·agc, 2 lots. 502 East 26ih. Call ]{a!ph Airport & Merltiian Decker, HI 9579. Phone Pu y, 5-5344 $8,950.00 Rt. 1, !:lox 316 Tacomll Terms T!"ades BUILT 1946. Large living room, <e dinette, kitchen wired 220, New & Used Machinery good built-ins, 2 large bedrms, '57 FORDS & CHEVROLETS; SMALLEY with extra bedroom in base- wholesale prices. RAINIER TRACTOR River Rd. PUYALLUP 5·2105 ment, furnace, drive-in garage. MOTORS, 10410 Pacific Ave., Building in rear 20x30. GI or GR 4060 anythne, evenings, 3ctf 12ctf '.\undays. FHA, or owner will iake 24' house trailer as part of equity. 1956 FORD Customline $1,850. Call Ralph Decker, HI 9579. '5:1 OLDS 88 $1,950. '50 PONT. Bulldozing - Ditching $350. 1956 PONT., loaded, $2,TOP SOIL _ GRAVEL 800. Andflrson Chevron Service SEPTIC TANRS 2.nd 6311 McKinley Ave. Hi. 9579 176th & Pacific ·Ave. GR 6465. DRAIN FIELDS Member of Tacoma Real Estate 12c25 /?none Puyallup 5·2452 · Board 3-ctf WE BUILD HOMES-Remodel. FERN HILL DISTRICT - Comlevel buildings; ca:binet work, pletely remodeled 2-bedroom concrete work. Reasonable. home never lived jn since reIi' m GR 3550. MA 0'706. 3ctf modeled; 1 block from school; on bus line and sewer; hardv.rood floors; mahogany cup .. Clogged boards, doors and trim; tiled USED CARS bath; nice large laundry room, wired for automatic washer and 50 CHRYS. N.Y. HT. . .$495 Just Call U!! dryer; automatic furnace heat. 51 CAD. Cpe. De Ville .. $1070 Priced for quick sale. Call GR s~nitary 4468 or GR 4000. 9c25 49 MERC. Tudor ....... $295 Service · ··--46 FORD ............. $145 Homes In Parkland Commun. ities; Acreage close in, either 50 CHEV. Tudor ...... $395 with or without buildil;gs. CANYON ROAD GRAVEL & 46 CHRYSLER .......• $185 Bert Brown SUPPLY; ypu haul or we haul; 39 STUDE. . ........... $ 85 GR 7586. 3ctf 11220 Pacific Ave. Office-Days: GR 869!i iever>ings-VU 9221, HI 33i 5 LAWN MOWERS ~W\Wk&AMi@MAAiii&ki#k • £¥J Serviced! and Stored

Call GR 7281




Ace Dirt Moving Co.

Top 1rernn·n11 ng

Septic Tank Pumpi11D9 Pwiy. 5a287l




~uni@ ~" o~ia

SZ37Y., Park Ave.


1, Box 471;, Spanaway, Wn. Phone GRanite 4748 OWEN TAYLOR, Service Man



LA 8043

HI 3111'

- -- --

--- -· CABINET SHOP-Re· • Help Wanted

SMITH fi modeling, kitchen cabinets; we Lady for school sell glass; 16309. S. Park, Span_ WANTED away; GR 7949. 3etf dining room. Phone GR 7121 after 3:00 p.m.


HOUSE MOVINC - Leveling, foundations; cement work; WANTED - Route salesman for free estimates. PR 2653. 3cti old established company; mar-

ried man, 24 to 45 years; car necessary; $90 a week plus expenses. Write Box 2008 Parkland. 5c27

SEPTIC TANK CLEANING Prompf Service C. Y. Hutson H~

- -----

SELL AVON COSMETICS, full or part time. Ideal for mothers of school age children. Home interview; call MA 5271. 5c25

HA 703!1


KITCHEN CABINETS, corner • Wanted To Buy 8 shelve;;, oook cases; birch, fir or knotty pine; built to your CASH for livestock of a11 kinds. specifications; get the best for Also want.en live cat.tle for mink less-my. prices are the lowest. foed. WA 6'197. EL.MER MACJ:S:HOOVER'S CABINET SHOP, JN; MA :l'1G5. 8ctf GR 5514. 3ctl


SEPTIC TANKS & WATE'.f1. LINES INSTALLED. Riley Brothers. Phone GR 4987 or GR 3204. 3cti'

Parkland Septic -Tank Service

GR 4426 Pumping - Ci-edit - Cleaning


?OWER MOWERS sharpened and serviced; pick-up and de· livery; Baldwin & Son, 94'1 Tacoma Ave .• MA 3431. 3ctf ~--

ELECTRICAL CONTRAC'l'ING 11ile B Ser1·ice, Airport & 'Vickery Road; GR. 9938: 3ctf


STORKVILLE BABY SHOP Eve1'ything For Baby Including · Juvenile Fi;rnit1_1re

9618 Pac, Ave. GR. 46M

fre.s est-i111a.tes, fin<J.11cing; \VO!"'k

gua.ran.teed; GR 2002.



R.AY GOGAN Landscape Con· struction. Puyallup sandy loam top soil, new. lawns; nothing do,vn, 30 months to pa;y. GR 3127. 3ci.f


SPANAWAYELEC'!'R.IC-Con. tracbng and appliance&; free engiJ1eeri:ng service for electric

heat; GR




Jennie L. Grodvig

Insuram:e of All Kinds Notai·y Public Est. in Parkland Since 19.U GR 8609 Office :rnz Garfield St., Parkhrnd "Deal with the people who give you thelr personal attention."

Mc MENA.MIN"S 26 ACRES CREEI:S: PROPERTY HOME, barn and outbuildings; 2 streams, GOOD FISHING FOR. THE CHILDREN; 4 acrEs d~ar· · ed, th'3 best of peat soil; a bar~ gair1 at, $7500. Call Barney Iv1cFadden. GrahaD1 7~'133'7, or Mick. MA G355. HI 3408. PUYALLUP BERRY FARM 5 ACRES approxirEat.s!y, all in berries; good 7 . . room hon1eJ }Zar .. age, outbuildings. lrrigat.ion systen1; truck. tractor, all nla~ chinery it take~; to run this f:JrnT; cva1s1~. is retiring; $18,000 Call Barney McFadden, Grah31'J 7-1337, or I\1ic!s:, I\lA. 6355) HI s4n3_ Tfi.lJC.Eil·JG BUSI.NESS 7 TBlJCKS~ nll In tin-t0n cn11rht.i•Jn; 2 .. yard t~uich 'J\Ta:v- Shovel; nffi\:c and 1iving quarters; ftO acres of top soil, g~·avel pit, sand and good peat soil. Outstanding business for years, DOCTOR'S ORDERS owm>r must ssll. Call Barney McFadden. Graham 7733'7, or Mick, MA 6355, HI 8403.


FCJUND2\TIC'N-S-N-ev1 addit.io11s;

Real Estate

Parldcimd Realty Co.

BRICK & BLOCK WORK; 1'ireplaces a specialty; GR 74.28 3<...'1.:f

f~f![W©l'lf H1st &. Pac. Ave. GR Open Till 9:00 p.m.



Reduced Rates Ti! Mareh 1st Free Pick-up & Delivery


20 Year Guarantee Goodyear Air Yoam Famous H.ecl-Llne Foundation

McKinley Hill Realty



PIANO LESSONS - Classical a.nd modern. Heasonable rate. Call GR 4051 or GR 0420. 1'5ctf

WHiows Ser-ivice

I Toilet Won•t flush?

BRICK WORK House leveling. and foundations, retaining walls, sidewalk and patios, fireplace .and stone work, GR 4291. 3etf

-SPECIAL ORDERS CAKES-Phone GR 3330, Patty Ann

caH GR 8659



¥/EBB ELECTmc Days GR 7463. Eve. GR 4437




f ae@ma Pump & I Wen DriHing Cc. I


Home \iViring Hemodel, Dryers, Electric Heat, Emergency Service Call


WELL DllUlUNG Berkeley Pumps



CUSTOM KILLING, pouHry of all kinds; WA 6952. 3ctf

Estnmaites For •••

Listings Wanted

WELDING - All kinds general work. . trailers and tmilcr hitches. built to order; JOE'S WELDING.. Mt. Highway, mile towards the Mountain from ~oy "Y'', open evenings. GR 6534. 3ctf



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NICE 3 bedroom home on 1 1/{i acres, close in. Will sell FHA See this one.

2 BEDROOM on 1h aero on River Road. Some fruit and berries. 1 block from school. Electric heat.

820 South 138ih

FOR SALE - Enterprize No. 141 meat grinder; 200 miEk drink cups; 2 mink catch cages; GR 3084. 15c25

COP]; BROS., buyers af all kinds of poultry; 102 SouU1 72ncl St., HA 4406. 15ctf BABYE'uliNI~;uii.E,--;:;~~--~d used, for sale or rent; SMALL FH.Y EXCHANGE 1109 Market St., BR 9505.


GR 4635 Iii

B'OR SALE - ·used h.eater-s Bf~ Parkland Fuel OU Sen-ice; GR 8684; 120th & Pac:iflc Ave. J5ctl

Farm Ads



• Miscellaneous






COZY COTTAGE, Spanaway: $65 BR 8311 .month; n~\v rB:nge. 1·pfrigerator: wind for dryer; block to bur;, stores, school; GR. 87.42. 10r25 BRAND NEW American made portable light weight sewing }1'0R RENT - 1 b"droom. house, machine with. 12 attachments, furnished: near PLC. bus end $.33; South Tacoma Sewing Maml'lrket; availab!.e March f;; GR. chine Center, 54,:14 South Ta54~5. Jnc25 coma Way. 15ctl BROI{EN A:utorr1nh1~f? gl2:;s Ttnd fire dssn8ge i!1 upholstery'? ----FOR, BENT - Tv:0 roorn furnish.,, F'OR SALE - 22-foot Columbia ~Sring your car and insurance ed apax-hT1ent.. Ava.ile_hlP: Ivh1rrb all metal house t;·ailer; priced to pDlcc0' direct to uA for quick adjus;tJnent. 25o/n Jisco·unt on 1. UtilitiPs induded EU 094'.';. sell. Call GR 4468 or GR 4000. 10c25 Park!a.Ed Centre B!d,;. 15c25 glat.iS. Seat CO\Ters und conve:i~ ihle tops instalJ,,d. .ART'S - - - - - ---------~FOR FEN'I' - Fartbr furnished GLASS & UPHOLSTER.Y, cottage, 2 roo1ns and bat.h; r:lec, 816 So. T'acmna Ave. MA 2200 BULLDOZING . DITCHING tdi- heat a11d ra!1gP. auto111abc 1.~"k~tf hcit: '.vatf'r; near ar!11y bases anrl GRAVEL • TOP SOIL· SEPTIC DRAIN FIELDS, PLC: Fl.TT 070;:;. 10c2S TAI\XS cl,::-:-n1;:::·~ 1750 9th St. $.W_, Puyallup 1

Ace Din Moving Co.

FOR. REN-T 1 hBdri:-olT! furn~ ]:;hr:rl npa1+~1rnf., $GO. Lorix:ig

Phone Puyaliup !'.>··2452


Real Estatei 1250!.S Pacific Ave-- ~-------,----------nue.· 10c25 C>AT HAY for sale, 130 ton, IVIE:;. ,Tohn N. Kinne,y, Rt. 1, Box 220, @ Repair Service Eatonville. 15C2G


----·-----WASHING MACHINE PAR'TS. TAC©MA UFHOLSTERY Special on reupholstering dav. Largest stock in J own. Reipafr_ rnport, cha_ir',. as 10\v as $12!l inii: Hiat pleases. B.B.'s W'a.5l1er Davenos $49.00; Rocker. $39. Service, 3727 So. G. El! 9409. MeMENAMiN"S Free estimates; HA 8955; GR. 1101 03':17. 15ctf m 8408 3514 Padfic A:vr;.

On Friday evening, March 1, the Waller Road Grange will hold open house beginning at 8::30 o'clock. On this occasion, Waller Road is celebrating its 12th birthday. During the social hour a large birthday cake will be shared with all guests. Lecturer Betty Howard has made anangements for the audience to enjoy an attractive program, which will include the showing of colored slides taken by Henry DeMeerleer of the !JeauWul scenery found on the 'two-weeks hike around Wonderland Trail by the De!Vieerleers and the Lee Hogans last season. 4-H Girls The Waller Road 4-H Girls m0t wilh the assistant leader, M1·s. William Hager. Brownies made by the "Let's Cook" group' wc1·e judged by all. The Meal Preparation contest was discussed, also the coming Hally Day tor ail 4-H. clubs in the country. lvlrs. J::Iager served relresh• ruenls; 1'he next mee-c,111g \Vlll be 1v1a..:.Tn 2 at the hon1e of the l<..:auct, } NLyers Wheeler. 4~.d b1rls are sponsoring a bake sale Saturday at the A-A Marl-mt at Lake\vood. ILassi<es ld1s. Gilbert Carlson's ..."..,,:;aller Road Lassies are busy V\tith a lJC-i)Cr cirive; YL.agazines are es ... pee:iaJly \Yanted. Fo:c pie:k~up or infjrrl'o.atioI1, c:all HA 7723. NB~.K Arrivnls lvfr. and Mrs. Robert Lasham of Som Diego are proud parents of a daughter, Cheryl Lynn, born Jan. 30. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. C. V>T. Lasham; "Grandma" Lasham has been in California' for the event. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wood (Helene VasiclmJ of Rt. 1, Eatonville, welcome a new son, Willis Duane Jr., Feb. 10. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vasicko of 72nd and Vickery·and Mr. and Mrs. Jake Wood of Graham. On .Ski Tea..'11

and their families. Present for the affafr were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carlson, Grayland; Mr. and .Mrs. Eino Johnson, Bµckley; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Talik, Tacoma; ('Conunued · on Page 5)

SEPTIC TANK PumpirU;JmCleaning -

New Tanks & Drain ' Fields Installed Terms No Down Pmt. 3-Yrs. to Pay Subject to Credit Approval

Loorell'!lee &

Olmsted HI 5945

LA 8734


USED JOHN DEERE Industrial .an·d FaJr."m Crawler Tractors ••• see


Good mixed hay, per bale Oat Hay, per bal.e Eastern VI ashin.gfon Alfalfa, any amcunt, one ha!e rnr a barn fnlL Good bright straw, per ba&e ____________________ $1.00 Beeif PeHets, per to'n· ··-·········--·····--·-···-··-$35.00 Rolled Oats, per sack -------·-------·--·-----------$2.25 .RoHed Badey, per sack .;. ______ c·--··--'·········$2.25 Redeaned Oats, per 100 l.hs. -----------·------$3.50 Compk:~te

Hue oif A!J:iers Feed.

No down payment. Easy monthly terms on approved credit. Will take livestock in trade. Open 7 days a week. Delivery arranged. 12 miles South of Tacoma, 2nd house past Roy "Y" on Mountain Highway.

DRY FIR SLAB WOOD; will cut to order; $9.00 cord, you haul; $12.00, we haul. SpanawayPa,·kland; GR 5761 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., no Sunday calls. 15c26

furnish motherly care for 14, WILL youi· child in nice home; - GR. FOR SA'tE - ')ii acre with creek, 15c25 guest house, patio with fire- RESPONSIBLE WOMAN wants 6025. place.· Bay, mountain view, fruit baby sitting and house cleaning; FOR SALE - Siegler heaters trees, berries, landscaped yard. call GR 4866 afte1· 3:30 p.m. at Pnrkland Fuel Oil Service; Six year home with basement. Hctf GR 8684; 120th & Pacific Ave. Could be used as apartment). 15cti Two fireplaces, double plumb- FOR expert tree pruning ar.d ing. Close to bus, school, shop- shrubbery trimming, call GR FOR Sl-i.LE - 14'.x70" vvide beam ping and Titlow pool. FHA ap~ 5751. 14c25 bonts $275 unpai~1ted; \\~ork praised $17,500. Owner. SK 2902 guarantee-cl; Banlai:i. _Boat Co., 9c25 HlGH SCHOOL GIRL wants baby 31th & Waller Rel. 15ctf sitting, GR 8201. 14p25 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - USED SINGER light weight portWOMAN will baby sit your home able $28; South 'racom_a Scvving nights, 50c per hour. My home, FOR RENT - Furnished apart- 35c per hour. Have own trans- Machine Center, 5444 South Ta15ctf ment.; references required; 126 portation; HA 7987. l4c25 coma Vfay. East Violet Meadow, GR 0569. LOCAL HAY - haled; thick bt(tt 10ctf LICENSED MOTHER with luLs of roofing, rock vrool, hnrb \\'i1~e; experience \.Van.ts child care; CH 8018. '15c26 BEST FOOD Private rooms homo fully equipped, gcod food; and boai-d fot· welfare and clays and nights in my home; :NECCHI sevv·ing rnachinc reneedy people; Eatonville hotel, HI 65·10. 14c27 turned; you take over balance Eatonville, Wash. phone 2-4656 of $Z:i5; South Taco1na Sev,ring 10p28 Mnchino· Center, 5444 South Tacoma Way. 15ctf FOR LEASE with option to buy; NEW SELECTION of goo<l u.sed in Parkland; 1-bedroom home bedroom sets $75 complete; new range, refrigerator; large maples at $149; new and used yard; $50 per month. Phone 6-ycar cribs $1::\.95 and up LOgan 6789, Seattle, eve. 10c25 complete;. 3 and 4-drawer chests 1:Jc2'.5 $5.95 and up; davenos ond davFOR RENT New 2-bedroom LEAVE FILM at Qua)ity Photo enport sets $29 and up. completely furnished home; ~;, Service for developing. In at SPECIAL on electric stove and block from bus, school, shop10, out at 5. 9818 Pacific Ave. b·a8h burner co1nbination ping; GR 6940. 10p25 15ctf $59.95; portable sewing machine $31.!JS; bicyc.l"s and triFOR RENT -- :>-room furnished AUTOCRAFT anartmen L near McChord and cyc.Jes t.o clear!! Gh1ss\\·are Fo1·t Lewis; utility room, gar- dishe,;, small applianceti, all I N-C-E 'S prjccd rensonable. Con1e in, age; $57 month includes lights AUTOCRA!FT SHOP and watct·; GR. 4221. 10c25 look over stock; you're wclco1ne. 10822 Pacific Hiway s:w. ROSUE'S lflffiNITURE Open Every Day LA 9939 FOR RENT Practically new STALL REI'\i'T? tf.. 75 Pr:1 Ii'four side duplex. 1-bedroom apart- West of 123rd & Pacific Ave. GR 8187 ment. New furnishings. 25-ft. 231 Gadielrl St.. OPEN FRIDAY TILL 9:00 AH.E YCJU UNI-IAPPi: abou:~ the living dining area. Automatic last oil price increcst-: ': Let ns furnace and washer. Tile bath 19 SAWDUST pro·ve to you tha.t "ve can save with tuh and shower. C!oso t.o ~-·n1 $$S$$ if you live v1ithin t\vo McChord end PLC. Adulb. No 9 SHAVINGS 1niles of our bulk r1lant. Don't pet.s. See n1aJ1a_ger, 51t> S. 1:59th 8 UPLAND SlLAB \veck d8ys Aff.c1· S. Anyt,itne ~elay, ~;ill today( 8~'T3, J_,apc::noL..1 s 1-Iorri_e of ~__,lean (>iJs, Saturday and Sunday; GR 0'137. G. ANDERSON 9920 Pacific Ave. 15ctf 10c25

• Rentals

Ope.n House Al Grange Friday

son Jon arrived in Tacoma Feb, 16 from Anchorage, Alaska, to spend several months with her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Al Ferch of Vickery road. Golden Wedding· Mr. and Mrs. James Rooney, long-time residents, of Waller road m:ea, were feted by relatives and close friends in their home on East 72nd street Saturday, Feb. 9, the occasion being the 50th anniversary of the couple. They were married Feb. 12 ,1907, in All Saints Catholic church, Puyallup. Guests were served refreshments from a lace covered table centered with a beautifully decorated wedding cake. Assisting their parents in entertaining were the nine children

Visitors Mrs. Ronald Ferch and small

Legal PETERS & TRACY Attorneys 11222 Pacific Ave., Tacoma In the Superio,- Court of the Staie of Washington fm· the County of Piee.·ce. No. 6290:! NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Matter 0£ the Estate of MARY S. STEELE, Deceased. Notice is hebey given that the un dcrsigned has been appointed and has qualified as administratrix of the ahove entitled estate; that all persons having claims against said deceased arc hereby required to serve the same, duly verffied, on said administratrix or her attorneys of record at the address below stated, and file the so.rne \vit.h t.ho Clerk of said Court, together with proof· of such service, 1.vithin six months nftcr the date of first publication of this notice or the same wi.ll be barr"dDate of first publication Febntary 28, 1957. LOTS SMITH Ji~chninislr<itrix of said Estate 11222 Pacific Avenue. Ji. L. PETERS PETERS AND TR.ACY .. Attorneys for. Estate 11222 Pacific Ave. Tacoma 44., VVashingt.on Published in t.he T"nL's--Joun1al J~"-.b. 28; I\d:arch ?, 1.;J, 1057.



eac·h Many Varieties

2 Year Field Grown BATHING & SWIM CAPS 79c .. 98c



- TT



OPEN DAILY 10:00 A.M. TILL 9:0(} P.M.


;-).S05' rh S<Duth In the Superi~r Court of the §fa~.·~ of Washingt"n for the

Connty of Pie1:ce. No. 61640 f'.>j'OT!CE OF I-lEP.:.HJ.i>TL~ FUI\J"AL F:EFOF~T A1"JD PE 1 ir~Ti01\J

FOJf{ D!EJTR.H3?JTIOr·r Tu the rn(.~.tter of -1J1e FB_A_I,JI{ E'\1_4.1-JCICI-I




Deceased. Notice is hereby gh·e11 that FTIANic~ EilJ.~l\TCICH, Executor of the e:; cf Frank E~13ncich. D<::ceascd, has filed in f-he office cf the ClisrL:: of E~aif! Co~trt bi.s

Final H~port and Petit.ion for Distribution, asking the Court to ssttie said r2nort, distribute the property to t11e persons thereto e1.TtiHed and t,o discharge FRAl'!I~ EVANCICH and that l~sr;crt and netition ,~,ill bs h'?»"1rd .;n the 25th da.y of f11iarch, 19:57 at :J:00 ,,A_JvI., at the c:ourt cDom nf the Probate DepaYtment of sald C'JUit .3_t \Vhich tiIT1a and rJace c1ny person interested in s3 id est a. t-e i11ay appear and file olJjections i~1ercto and contest the sa1ne. Dated thi& 19fr_ day of ]'i'ebrui~ry1 1f157. · ROBERT L DYKEMAN Clsrl~ ef said Court Ey Roy Goel~er, :Qsputy Sn1ith Box 114, Eatonville. Vlii, Publi:!}1ed in the Ti111es-Jour11al 15c25' Feb. 28; March 7, 14, 1957. 1



whatever your dn@ice We ean offer you almost any

type of fenee, +he Bes+ and QUICKEST installation, GUARANTEED QUALITY and most convenient





Times journal v 12 no 25 feb 28, 1957  
Times journal v 12 no 25 feb 28, 1957