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(Upper Lett) Claire (Krista Severeid), Ch ris (Meg Sand足 ers)' and Cookie (Rachel

(Upper Right) Dom Zook, as Lenny, Is the odd man out as Glenn (Louis Hobson), Ernie

Morton) play odds for their

(Nathan Rice), and Ken (Jon

husbands' fate.

Nelson) show evens.

(Middle Left) Meg Sande rs as Chris, makes up a story for Cookie (Rachel Mo rto n) as Lenny (Dom Zook) listens. ,

(Middle Center) Claire (Krista Severald) and Ken (Jon Nelson) talk their way out of a sticky situation.

(Middle Right) Ian Sweeney as Officer Welch interrogates the par ty goars .

Nathan Lunstrum

( B otto m) A picture of Ihe cas t.


Saga 1999  
Saga 1999  

Pacific Lutheran University Saga yearbook from 1999