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Dr. Richard Sparks, Choral

Dr. Richard Sparks, d i rector of Choral Activities a n d Professor of M us i c,

Dr. Sp arks poses

received the America n Choral Di recto r's A sso c ia ti o n s Ju lius Her ford Award for t he most ou tstanding churill d isser t a t ion for 1997 at the Na tional Conven tion in Chi­ cilgo i n February 1 999. His book based on the dissertation, Til Swedish Choral MJ Yacle--Swedish A Capella Music S illce 1945 was a lso p u bl i hed in time for t he co nvention. Sparks had a busy year with Choir of the West. A ft e r returning h ome from a Jan uary tour to Sout hern Ca li fornia and A ri zona a nd singin g their h omecom i ng concert, the choir began work on the Ensembles Concert which showcases the ind epend ence, crea tivity, ilnd humor of the choral stude n t s . The Choir also sang an Evensong service for the [ntema t i ona l Or g an Sym posiu m on April 8th a n d joined Chol"<l l Union in M a y to si ng Orff' s masterpiece Cnrmilln bJmmn w i t h fa culty solo i sts lisa G an u n � Stephen Wal l., a n d B a rry J o h n so n . '


with fo rmer Choir of the Wes t con ductor,

Dr. Maurice Skanes, in

Tusco n, A riz.)"

du ring the J-Term

ch oir's


Saga 1999  

Pacific Lutheran University Saga yearbook from 1999

Saga 1999  

Pacific Lutheran University Saga yearbook from 1999