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,1. CH BUM� low) Joe, Mall', Jake, Kim, Stuart, lein.1 ni, La u de, and Collin play .'I I beach du ring Il�e am) u a l hall re­ )t to the beil u t i ful Washington ,to

DOG PILE Woltom) C hristy, ick, Sara. josh, Kelly, a n d Ryan pile on top of St�ve d u riJ1g one of the most memorable moments of the Hinderhe/Hong re­ treat.

Hinderlie started off the year with a classic bang, in togas ! "Greek Hinderlle" was the hall theme and the year began with an excit ing Freshman week. Hinderlie residents showed their L u te spirit all year, part i c i p ating in events like Dogp atch Oly m p i c s , Homecoming week , Powder P u H Football, and Miss L ute. There were even " H i nder-Lutes" painted in school colors at the football games . H i nderlie enjoyed hall bo n ding time with Hong Hall at the hal l retreat in Long Beach , WA. Christmas time was also exciting--the hall council surprised the residents wit h


brand new pool table.

Other memorable events in 1 998-99 were movie nights, St. Patty's Day twister . barbeques, and a Mardi Gras casino night. I t was one great year for th e hall.

doknow how to s how the l T school Spirit. M ay be they could show I he r e s t or t h e fans 3 thing or two. Hl nderlJe reslden t s s u r t'

Tara Demant


Saga 1999  

Pacific Lutheran University Saga yearbook from 1999

Saga 1999  

Pacific Lutheran University Saga yearbook from 1999