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GET FU N KY (left) Thtl PLU Jazz Ba.nd Ensemble takt?s il. bow a fter � nother o ne o f t h e i r �mllzjJl • performances. The Jazz ba n d tOIlred. this ortbwe " 1 .i n April and re<ordl!d 1\ liw COlleert for K PLU Ra­ dio.

H EY GUYS (Below ) Choir of the West members Rick Wilkerson, Holly Johnson, and Gavin Jensen show thilt friends made through music a l wilys have a strong bnn d .

A M I G HTY FORntESS (Left) Choir of thE' West takE'S time oul

[rom � fIJ n-rdl ed day ill Di 5 fl E'yl" n d d U flng their Jan uary IOU r to sing J song for the passers-by.

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D E D IC AT E D F A N S ( AbOve) A n a n xious crowd sits rest­ I s l y " wa iting w h a t they hope is go­ i n g to be an eniert�jnjn g concert b y C horal U n ion .


Saga 1999  
Saga 1999  

Pacific Lutheran University Saga yearbook from 1999