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School of Nursing

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The School of NUfSII'I\I at PLU IS II proresslonal school that combines nUfslflg. science, rill e. strong loundahon In the hbeeal arts, and humanl�es 10 prepare undergraduate students ;II' gentlllI.l nurS!09 practice III spealC r specialliM. These programs employ dynamic

learning opponunilles thai challenege students 10 develop $kills, altilodes, values, end roles wlnet1 !lCimate ind"'iduals, lamiliBs. and commtll'lll l&S tOo mee1 their health and weliness needs. The !<:ulty and leaching SIS" at the School of Nursng ale a lICh and diYerse group of II1divlduals.

hey represent II wide range Oof ages. educational preparauoo. inl8fllSlS. e�peI1eoces, and



Saga 1999  
Saga 1999  

Pacific Lutheran University Saga yearbook from 1999