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STELLA STUDIES Stdfo Jacobs, operatof of Stella's Flowers shop in Parkland Centre, was in Seaillc August 8, 9 aml 10, attending a school of floral design sponsored by wholesale florists. She reports that Seattle's lt'.ading desig1'ers demonstrated their specialties. She found very interesting the worl< of a Japanese woman who presented example's of Japanese flower arranging.


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VOL. 5, NO. 1



Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland

R·10 •1d En Trorcement •


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Sd1ool days begin Wednesday, September 7, in all schools of ON THE SIDELINES Fr:rnklin Pince School District No. lvfyrtle Mockel, Parkland Ccntr·~ ·102, it was announced this week by dress shop operator, has been at President W. W. Cline of Park- SuperintendPnl Monis E. Ford. The home most of the time since Augcist land Community dub has called a first day of school will be short :rnd 12. She rather seriously. injured an meeting of his advisory board of tli- no lunches will be needed, he adankle while on the way to the wedrectors for 1wxt Thursday r-vc:ning, vised. TlH' schools concerned are: n ding reception for her daughter, September 1. The meeting, to he Cr·ntr:.I Avenn<'', Collins, Midland Trudy. Trudy Rossiter, nee Mock- held at the Cline home, will conand Parkland. d, has been takin['; care of the qtore sider topics for presentation at the Two new Kindc"rgartcm will be for her mothn, following a brief SUGGESTIONS ASKED first regular foll meeting of the staned this year, Ford said. They weddin~; trip. Comnn1nily dub, Thursday evening, \viii Ii.~ conducted at Central Av' - - - - - - - - B y INGA ST, C L A I R - - - - - - - - - ' BY COMMISSIONERS I -------------S<epternbPr 8, at Parkland school. c-1rne, mornings and ut Collins, in . . . . Growing conjestion in the ParkTIACK AT WORK (Please report items of news for ----0 the afternoons. On the job again after recovf'ring P>irkland column to Mrs. St. Clair, 111g several days v1s1t111g t?e <lepa:·t- land area is prompting county au111 thorities to look for means to better from indispositions are. Reg Ritter Pupils of all gT:1des will c·nr<>ll Phone GRanite 5184, or. Box 781, ment stores and many pornts of TEACHERS ASSIGNED of Western Allto Store and E. W. Parkland,) Wednesday, Septrmher 7, with ·the ~~'.'+tENDED LOGGER JU , , tr~ff.ic control in this s.ection, ComTO ALL SIX SCHOOLS ' BILEE m1ss1oner Hai-ry Spnnker stated "Fritz" Beitz of Beitz Corner SerexcqJtion of the KinLkrgarten at: SON RETURNS TO STATES Mr. :incl Mrs. H. Morhinway and this week. The commissioners are vice. Fritz spent several days in a Collins where enrollment for KindFifty-fiw teachers, the same numIrygve Ilrye, son of Nr. and Mrs. daughter and Mr. and Mrs. H. H. currently taking steps they expect hospital for a back injury, result of ergarteu will be Thursday, September as last year, have been assigned Executive hoard of Spanaway PJohn Ilrye Parkland, is visiting a Bee motored to Morton, ~ash., I will find general public ap1;roval helping the Parkland Volunteer Fire TA met August 17 al the home of ber 8, at I o'clock p.m. Children by newly-consolidated Bethel School few clay~ with h!s parents enr?ute ~unday to attend the Loggers Jub- and they will welcome consideration Dep~rtrnt'nt softball team on its way for Kindergarten and first grade District No. 4-03. However, a conMrs. John Newell, presidrnt. Ofto. Martmez, Calif., where he is a 1 ee, _ and suggestions on traffic proble to the firemen's loop title. Mumps ficel'S who will assist her lh1ring the should be accomp::mied by a parent, siderable increase of pupil rnrnll- dmnist w.ith Shell Chemical Co. VISITIN(_i PARENTS by Joe;! residents. ms were Reg's downfall. coming year are:,. Mrs. John Birck- if possibk, when enrolling and mrnl is anticipated. The six sch.ools Ilrye has JUSl returned from ChesMrs. Bill Oakes (Ida ~orsmo)' Speed limit signs are now being should bring birth cntificales with of the district are to ope11 Wedneshofer, l st \'iC<'-presiclent and proter, England, where he completed and daughter, Barbara Lo111se, from jJainted a1 0110. sevei·al t. t 1 . I · f F · b k Al I . · . • " . s 1ee s 1e1 e . day, September 7. A county instigram chairman; :tvfrs. Charles New- them. a, f ivr'. mont' assignment or Shell au· an s, as ,a, are ",1s1trng at and that \Vork is expected to be comMinimum school age limits are: tnte :rnd kachers' nlt'eling will be Cherniral. berry, 2nd vice-president and rnusic the. home of Mrs. Oakes parents, pleted within the next • k Tl chairman; Mrs. Oscar Haughen, For Kindergarten, five years of age held the preceding day. COFFEE PARTY Mr. and Mrs. Carl Korsmo of Air- speed . 1y w1 \~lele b. e enie . 't s clef' . 1 mu . uue During the 19+8-49 term, 1,566 membership chairman; Mrs. Lewis by Octuber 31, 19'19: for first grade, . Mrs. E. Ellingson of I 16th p,nrt road and G st'.·eet. forced by the Sheriff's department, six years of age by October 31, 19+9. grade and high school studrnls were street enterla111ed recently for Mrs. 1 RIP TO MOUN fAIN Sprinker declared. \Vcarcrs of the Pierce County Symmons, social chairman; Mrs. Serving of school lunches will enrolled in the schools now consoliChet McAtee, treasurer; Mrs. J. W. Elso Franz of Salt Lake city. Guests · Mrs. Cappy Walters and· daughStreets· wllei·e l'nu Volunteer Firemen's league softball 1 't .s'1gns are to · J f C I' f . sta1.·t Thursd:1y, September 8, Ford . datPd into Bethel district. A. verage p~·e,s:nt to r·nJOY nn afternoon of te1:, oyce, rom a ' orma, Miss be posted are: Park avenue, Wheeler crown will be decided next Sunday, Wallin, secretary; Mrs. Paul Fread, statt"d. daily attendr,nce was 1,2~8. Schools visnrng were the Mesdames·· Byron Gi.ace Venus of Tacorn~ and th·: street, Garfield street and So. I 16th August 28, at Franklin field, Ta- ways and means chairman; :tvfrs. Ray Bus rnutr'S and sclif'dules and 1I w~1ich ~viii be operated in. the dis· Bryson'. Robert Johnson, Don Duffy Misses .Florence a:id Manon ~nder- street (Harrison). coma, where Parkland firemen will Hill, teen-age recreation chairman, son enJoy~d. a tnp to Paradise at The count)' is now en ·:wed on a meet McChord Air Base firemen in Mrs. Oliver Omat, publicity chair- teacher assignments are to be an- ' trh·t this year are: Elk Plam grade and Miss Illanch Fish.. nounced next week. ) sehool, Roy grade and high school, DAKOTAN VISITS man. Mount Ra1111er the title tilt. Game time is 1 p.rn. . ' · · program of seal-coatingg "Parkland Kapowsin grade and high school. Parkbnd, which finished second Mrs. Ann S1grnunstacl from Min- DINNER GUESTS , . streets and this resurfacing could Spanaway grade school. ?ewaukon, N. D. was a recent visMr. a~d Mrs. Rob;rt St. Clan· of make speeding even more a problem to McChord over the regular season, Buses will oper>ite on the same 1~or a~ the home of her brother and l l~th stteet .had as dmr:er gllests on without the strict enforcement that on August 17 eliminated University routes as last year until further no- sister-m-law, Mr. and Mrs. John Fnday evemng Mrs. Bill Oakes of is planned. Place from the post-season title tice, and transportation will be made Brye. During her stay in Parkland Anchorage, Alaska., and her brother, The commissioners are also givincr playoff among the top four teams available for students of the Rocky she visit~cl in Bellingham, Se~ttle, John Korsmo. of the seven-team league. MeChord consideration to better marking ot· ' Ridge area. Those entering the first Vashon island, and made a trip to VISITING IN SOUTH DAKOTA crosswalks in central Parkland and already has eliminated Fircrest. grade must furnish prnof of being six the. ?cean beaches and to Mount Mr. a1:d Mrs. Andrew Anderson perhaps to installation of added Parkland's 10-7 win over Uniyears of age on or before October Raul!er. . of Waslungton street 1.eft re~ently stop lights. It is thought that it may versity Place was an uphill fight, 3 I. Teacher assignments are' Ml'S. _S1gmu~1stacl. was also a house on an ext_ended vacatwn. tnp to be helpful to install either a fourthe local smoke-eaters having spotADMINISTRATION-Homer T. guest ot hrr s1str-r-m-bw, Mrs. Ann South Dal.ota . . '!~ey ·\~ill spend way stop light at the post office inted their oponents to a 7-1 lead in An enthusiastically received event lingson, C<>orge Rolstad, Robert 1 Anderson, superintendent; Francis Ellingson, for a week. sevei:aJ weeks visitmg fnends and tersection ('Garfield and S streets) the first two frames. of thic past wed<-end in Parkland was Meador; Olson, assistant superintendent; R. ENTERTAINS relatives. . · --o-~ ' . . VISITS COUSIN or a three-way stop light at the the garden show sponsored by thr<>t Hospitality-i\frsdanws M. \Vutz, J. Fraser, elementary coordinator, Mrs. 1. H. Olson cntertamed the ' · ' 1 Pacific Lutheran college entrance any Mr. (G ar1e f' Id an cl p at' -J a\enue. ., ) C omlocal gnr<len dubs, Violet Prairie, Chris Pit'lln, Robert Gottschalk, R. and E. R. Hulrner, director of visual Ladys Aid of Trinity Lutheran cl <l and1 Mrs. . pClyde Baumgardrn f M church Wednesday at her horn!' on an aug 1ter, eggy, o . cCa 11 s- ment on this suggestion is particulvfonte Vista and Crystal Springs. Renwick, G. E. Russell, Maude aids and hot lunch. burg, Iowa, who are tounng the larl sounht S 1Jri~1ker said. l\foore, Klara Jacobsen, Verne Tut-. ELK PLAIN GRADE SCHOOL l 27th street. Judging from the interC"st shown by BACK TO CHILDHOOD HOME Northwest, were recent guf'sts at y "' ' tie; --·E. R. Hubner, principal; Clifford the 4-85 horticultural and decorative The Max Parker family, formerly the home of Mr. a11d Mrs. 0. J. Special exhibits (bird houses and Boyce, seventh and eighth; Bertha Jvliss Anna i\·farn Nielsen opened entries, the show promises lo bf'come of Collins road, movrd to Parkland Stuen. Mrs. Baumgarden is a hrr home Wedm:sday evf'ning to a an annual attraction. The entries bird frt-clers)-Mesdames J. Rich- Ingalls, fifth and sixth; Eutrnphia into the old Strnm residence on J cousin of :Mrs. Stuen. ards Jr., Arnold Ellingson, J. F. KPoug·h, fourth; Vera Ferguson, group of faculty associates who were displayed in the hasr~rnent of third; Norma E. Brown, second, and I 18th street. Mrs. Parker spent HOME FOR WEEK-END !'alhered to bid fornvell to Miss Parkland school during Saturday and Graham; · most of her childhood in this homf, . Mr. and Mrs. Neil Poltoff of Port Ck:rn-up -- :tvfes<lanws Klara Anne Reinstrorn, first. i,illian 'Langemo, who is le:wing her Sunday, August 20 to 21. as her parents Jived thue for many Townsend, Wash., spent the weekJacobsen, Maude l\foon., C. A. KAPOWSIN GRADE SCHOOL position as library assistant at PaSetting- for the garden show was a years. end at the home of Mrs. Poltoff's With the first regular meeting of cific Lutheran college. beautiful display of gladiolus, ar- Marshall, J. F. Graham, George -C. D. Bardwell, principal; Gladys READING CLUB MEETS parents, Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. Stuen. Parkland P-TA schedukd for Mrs. 0. J. Stuen, Miss Grace ranged by M. E. Webster as a back- Rolstad, Iver Johnson, A. L. Hunt- Pc-lerson, sixth; Charlotte Kinny, Reading Club of Trinity Luth- While here, they attended the Ram- Thursday evening, September 15, a er, Fred Danielson, lvf. Wutz, J. M. fifth; Fannie Storlie, fourth; Netha Bloomquist and Miss Beulah Hedahl grnund for a lowly informal garden meeting of the executive board is to Webster· Brown, third; Elsie Neil, sr'cond; eran church will meet this evening, stad-Kyllo wedding. were assisting hostesses. scene, centtred on a pool complete August 25, at !l o'dock at the home MOVING TO AUBURN be hfld this Friday evening, August Guest' book--Mesd:unrs E. Pres- ~farguerit~ J~rgenson, second and of Mrs. S. C. Eastvold, with Mrs. J. Guests invited were the Mesdames with cattails and goldfish and surMr. and Mrs. Howard Willis and 26. P-TA plans for the corning year ton, S. Sherman, M. Smith, E. E. f'.rst cornb111al10n, and Ruth Cund, S. C:. Eeistvold, M. T. Hokenstad, rounded by a garden of tuberous bcT. Enge assistnnt hostess. daughter, formerly of Parkland and were launched last evening, howfirst. Luthcr \Vatness, Clifford Olson, J. go11ias, g1:raniu111s, t·ulens, fuschia, vi- Clark, Robert Gottsf'hallc VISITING DAUGHTER Belfair, are moving to Auburn this ever, when the executive committee Amon.14 commercial t'xhibits ROY GRADE. SCHOOL - Cora P. Pfluger, J. U. Xavier, E. B. olas and pansit"s. A c!P,·n blur· Miss Esther Nelson of Parkland week. met with Mrs. W. W. Cline, presigreatly enjoyed by the visitors were s.d1fl'zer, pr111c1pal, . seventh . and Stfen, 0. M. Jordahl, Harold Ron- garden earl fill;:d with ivy and made and lvfrs. Henry Larson of Collins ATTENDING CONVENTION dent. •1ing, Joseph Running, G. · J. Mai· especially for the show by the general a cl<·ver display of bridal bouquets c:1ghth; John Lam~, fifth a~cl sixth; have been busy entertaining their 0, J. Stuen is spending this A picnic dinner is planned for min, Ht;rald Lernas, B. T. Ostenson, chairman, Mrs. J. F. Graham, made by Stella's Flowers of Parkland and I• lorence W?odbndge, th; rd and part>nls and brother, l\fr. and Mrs. week at Vancouver, B. C., where he next Turs<lay evening, August 30, a display of dahlias by Puget Sound fourth; Lou'.s Phel~s,. first ~ncl William Strunk, Marv Tommcrvik, tlw garden setting complete. Theodore Nelson and Morris Ne!- i~ attending a librarians' conven- at the Cline home, with the princisecond, and Clyde Gnffm, remedial. :tvfary Harshman, E. A. Larson, A. The show 01wned Saturday after- Dahlia Gardens. son, from Chippewa Falls. One tion. pals of all schools of Franklin AWARDS SPANA.WAY GRADE SCHOOL W. Ramstad, James Patrick, Mag- noon at 2:30 o'clock and tea was l1ighlight of their trip to WashingVACATIONED TN OREGON Pierf'e district and their wives in. . .. : .....x. J. Fraser, principal; Ldah nus Nodtvedt, Leslie Eklund, Lora sr"rvcd from 2,:;o until +:30 by the . Horllnilture D1v1s1011 -- _Judges Ames, upper grades; Samuel S. ion was a visit to ocean beaches last Mrs. Donald Dilts, Mrs. Blanch vited. Other invited gLrests are the KriedlPl", J. T. Engre, Charles Mar- I hospitality committee, assisted by Wilkinson and Miss Anna Marn P-TA presidents of the district and Mrs. J. W. l.,ee, L. IL Schain and Green, eighth; Danit·! Grefthen, Sunday. tin, Alber~ Johnson, Jess Thompson, I Mrs ..Robert Renwick and Mrs. G. E. Rex Rutherlord; Clerks: Mrs. E. seventh; Queenie Cook, sixth; Mar- VISITING MOTHER Nielsen spt'nt a week vacationing at their husbands. Host group is the I-I. E. Ellmgson, Waller Young, Russell. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Franz and Archcap, Oregon. executive committee of Parkland McConnrll and Mrs. Robert Bernt- guerite Flanders, fifth; Kathleen Donald Dilts, Herbert Ranson, K. family, from Salt Lake city, Utah, MOUNTAIN TRIP P-TA. Members of the executive C~ouu11ittecs sen. Crippen, fourth; Op,11 Rose, fourth; N. Roe, A. A. Mykland and the haw· bern visiting Mrs. Franz's Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haner and committee ancl. their spouses are: Section A: Class 1, :1s[ers, large I Inez Arneson, third; Jean I-fober, 1-Iisses Eleanor Hdlbaurn, Dora Thr general d1:1.innan was assist· mother, Mrs. Louise Arneson of children, Bobby, Susan and "Cindy," Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Williams, Mr. Berg, Geo. Reneau and irginia Sea- eel· with the show by the following double; (a) red -- Mrs. Grantier, third; Georgena Borrell, second; Parkland. enjoyed a day at Longmire and and Mrs. Al Seaman, Mr. and Mrs. blue ribbon; Mrs. Ldvfaslers, red Grace Kallander, second; Ila Green, hurg. committees: HERE FROM COllVAl,LIS P>iradise Sunday. : Roy Kregor and Mr. and Mrs. Elsie Pease, fist; Ebba During the evening, Miss Hedahl Staging Mesdames William ribbon. ( b) pink-Mrs. Lindstrom, fist; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brye of GUESTS l'ROM OREGON I Morris ForcL blue; Mrs. M. Wutz, red; Mrs. R. Turner, kindergarten, and George presented thr honored guest a go- Sherman, Arnold Ellingson, R. L. ---0---Corvallis, Ore. were recent visitors Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Ilorg and L. Meador, white. ( e) purple-Mrs. Barras, band. 'ing-away gift. Miss Langerno is Renwick, James Hitch, Emil Johnat the homf· of his parents, Mr. and child1·eu, Alvin, Ir~nc and Ruth, DROWNED TOT GRANDSON traveling to Valley City, N. D., to son, John Richards, A. L. Hunter M. W.utz, blue; Mrs. LeMasiers, rf>d. I KAPOWSIN UPPER GRADES Mrs. John Brye. OF PARKLAND RESIDENTS W<"1:e week end guests at the home Class 2, asters, best six blooms any -Ileth Barwdl,. drpartmental, and visit her parents and friends. and J. F. Graham; During. their· sfay in Parkland, of Mr. 'll1d Mrs. S. Hinderlie o,f Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Mathison of variety other than largl" double; Mrs. Elizabeth Snyder, departmental. o----Schedule-Mesdames William II. Walter Coblentz, Mrs. J. F. Graham, they motored to Mt. Rainier. Mrs. Parkland. Miss .Alice Boe of Ta- 11315 So. Park avemw, Parkland, KAPOWSIN HIGH SCHOOL- Ann Ellingson and Mrs. Ann Sig- coma, sister of Mrs. Borg, joined were recently bereaved at the death RllllAL UUll,DING NOW IS Chambers, G. A. Marsh:ill, Vr,rne blue ribbon. l~arl W. Pbtt, principal, guidance NEAR $5 MILLION MARK Tuttle and George Rolstad; munstad enjoyed the mountain trip them for a dinner party Sunday. by drowning of their grandson, Gary Section Il: Class ~' tubern11s be- and philosophy; Marilyn Canfield, with the Brye families. VACATION THROUGH SOUTH McDonald, son of Mr. and Mrs. Entries-Mesdames Klara J>icob- gonias; (a) red-- Mrs. M. Wutz, biology, health and physical educaMost recent report on building Joseph Brye is a professor of music Mr and Mrs. W. W. Cline and John C. McDonald of Seattle. The sen, Ed Hinderlie, Paul U. Larson, blue; Mrs. James Hitch, red; Mrs. tion; William Duffield, music; Fred activities in non-urban areas of at Oregon State college. daughters returned this Sunday from two-year-old tot fell into Lake Maude Muorc, Cliris Pitzler, Fred J. F. Graham, white. (b) pink Hazelton, industrial arts; Anna Piercr: county, pn:pared by G. E. PICNIC BIRTHDAY PARTY a very interesting and enjoyable Washington while feeding ducks. Danielson; Mrs. J. F. Craham, red. (c) white Johnson, library; Dorothy KapMacMasters, executive secretary of Mrs. Selma Jensen of Parkland two weeks vacation trip, taking them o---Classification and placement Mrs. J. F. Graham, blue" (d) ye!- phahn, home economics and art; was hostess to a group of friends to many points of interest through IN NEW HOME thr· county planning comn11ss1on, Mesdames Iver Jolinsoa, G. E. Ruslow--Mrs. E. E. Clark, blue; Mrs. Frank Kellogg, commercial; Robtlisdosed a two-week period record and relatives at a Steilacoom beach, the South. Some outstanding places Mr, and Mrs. Clifford Korsmo of $225,300 in building permits is- sell, Robert Berntsen, W. Stay, Fred J. F. Craham, red. (e) rose-Mrs. ert :tvfinnitti, science and mathe- for a picnic birthday party in they visited WPre Salt Lake f'ity, and daughter, KarPn, arr now living J. F. Graham, red. (f) orange ·-- matics; Ernest Perrault, social sci- honor of her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Bryce canyon, Zion canyon and in their new hor)1e at 510 So. ! 15th Slltd. Pit"rce county's 19+9 con- Danielsol1, H. F. Skinner; Judging and ckrks·-·····Miss Anwlia Mrs. R. L. Meador, blue. (g) peach ence, health and physical educa- Norman Jensen of SeattlP. Others Los Angeles where lht'y look the street. The residence was formerly strnction total now stands near &;5,000,000. Forty permits wpre llarstad, Mesdames Norman Peter- -·Mrs. R. A. Berntsen, blue; Mrs. tion, and June Showalter, English present Wt're: Mrs. Louise Peterson Coastal highway through California occupied by Capt. Harper and his ]. F. Craham, red. (h) two-toned and Latin. iss11ed durin[; the latest 1'rported son and T. H. Algeo; 0 1 Seattle, mother of the honored and Oregon on thrir n·turn trip family, who now :.ire on their way Pulllicity-·Mesdames E. T. El-1--·Mrs: J. F. Graham, blue. Class ·1-, ROY Il!GII SCHOOL . L M. guest, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moline home. ]J<Tiod. to duty in Emope. collection of tuberous rooted be- Ulberg-, prmc1pal, mathemallcs and and <laughter, Cheryl, Mr. and Mrs. gonias; Mrs. John Richards, blue; science; Agnes Anderson, commerLyJ., Seller and Mr. and Mrs. Al ~~f-'.~'7"~2& ·-y~~7757i"i2§'S'TP'M"¥'151ff5'' Mrs. R. L. Meador, red; Mrs. John cial; Gweneth Dean, English; EdNording. Richards, white. win F. Kenrick, industrial arts and VACATIONED IN VICTORIA Sr'ction C: Class 5, ralendulas; physical education; Hannah Mor· Florence and Marion Anderson 1;fm:ica, Brown, blue ribbon; Jlvfrs. ~an, vocational, home econom!cs an? of Collins road enjoyed the scenic L ]•,. Clark, red. library; Earl Schwyhart, social sci· boat trip to Victoria, B. C., spendence and visual education, and (Editor's note-SJJace limitations George Barras, music, part time. iI . prevent our puhlishing the Parkla~Hl ----o---Garden Show awanls list in full in this weel<'s issue of the Prai»ie Two dangerous brush fires were Pointer. Additional horticuliural brought under control during the \V c SL't'VC you conscientious] y and decorative aud special feature Plans for a nt>w church at Elk past week by Elk Plain Volunteer and with sympadJ<:tiL unJersunJing of your awards will appear in future issues.) Plain were laid at a public mee~ing Fire drpartment, b11t on!y alter hard called by the Elk Plain church board battling. -----(]----nc~cls. am at Elk Plain school, Thursday, AuThe firemen fought far into the HOME FROM COLLEGE gust 18. E. W. Castle, board chair- night against one fire on the MuekNorbert Ellingson is enjoying his man, presided and a good turnout Kapowsin rnad, east of the E. W. vacation, visiting his mothf"r, Mrs. was present. Castle farm, before finally bringing Ann Ellingson, at the home of his The new church, non-denomina- it under rnntrol. Lunch and coffee sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and tional, is to be called Elk 'Plain were brought to the men on the fire Mrs. Bert Strtng. He had been :i Community church. It is planned line by Mrs. Emmett Rich. n student the past year at Macalester to start Sunday school at 10 o'clock, A fire which started on the Mccollege in St. Paul, Minn. Se]Jtember 4-. Mr. Ingstrom of Park- Graw farm traveled towards the Harold Kampff, a student at the land is to assist in the work. William Brown chicken farm and University of Minnesota, accomAnother general meeting is to be for a while seriously threatened the panit:d Ellingson to Parkland and held at ll p.m., Sepiember 15 in the Ju rge chicken house and valu.:ib!e spent several clays visiting many of Elk Plain school lunchroom. Offi- poultry there. Ben Kuper rnd tht> scenic points of Western Wash- cers will be elected then and all George Dorfner Jed the fight whidi ington. While here, Kampff was a residents of the area are urged to at last brought the flames uncle.' i house guest at the Streng home. sttend. control.






.. Traf fie Probleni Growing l Area Around Parkland

! I


Executive Board Of Spaniway P-TA Holds First Meet



Parkland Firetnen Battle Sunday for Ball Championship






Gather for Fare well Alfair To Miss Lang;erno


Picnic Set Tuesday For Franklin Pierce District P-TA I-leads


In You:r llour

ohnson &Anderson

. i I

of Need

Elk Plain Planning Comnumity Church

Firemen· Control Two Brush Fires

On Mountain Highway



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THE PRAIRIE POINTER Orcas island, for a week of camping. This is part of their summer recreation program. Don't forget the regular Graham Grange meeting August 26, 8 p.rn. Mrs. Joe Jupiter is confined to Puyallup hospital. Pierce County Grange council will meet at James Sales Grange, August 30, 8 p.m. At this meeting a. king and a queen will be chosen from the three Juvrnile Granges for the Grange Juvenile Jubilee, to be held Septeml.1er 30.

IKIRBY- GRAHAM Mrs. Albert Nelson, reporter Phone Graham 206 Wm. K. Clark .......................................................................................... Editor

!\fr. and Mrs. D. E. Gooch and of Parkland were dinne1 guests at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger visited ::it the home of his sister, Mrs. W. Aftdorn of Tacoma, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. \V. P. Farley mo· tored to Yakima, Wash., Sunday. A birthday party was held Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. K. Niemi, honoring Mrs. D. T. LindTerry Plumb, Reporter berg. Graham 201 Friends and neighbo1·s extended deepest sympathy to Mrs. Pauline Mrs. Christine Johnson spent two Betchard on the ckath of her weeks visiting frirnds and relatives daughter. in Everett, W:ish. Mr.. anti Mrs. Read of Oakland, Mrs. John Oclden Jr. and son, Calif., and Mr. and Mrs. Brundage Jack, were in Seattle Friday for of Tacoma, visited Saturday at the treatment of Jack's hand. home of Mr. ancl Mrs. R. W. Mrs. Millie Weatherby and Mrs. Stanger. Lonnie Smalley s1wnt Friday :ifterMr. and Mrs. Ray Fay<» Mrs. B. noon in Tacoma. Haskin, Mrs. Willard of Tacoma, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hill of Spanaway and 1vfiss Agnes Goldman and Victor Goldman of Roy, visited 1v1un- airfield are proud parc·nts of a 6 day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. pound, 6 ounce hoy. Mr. Hill is an Milo Becker. The occasion was instructor at the field. Kapowsin football practice starts Mary"s birthday. Over the week-end, a cousin of St'pternlwr · l at the Kapow!:in Mrs. R. W. Stanger, E. Kroun of field. Pittsburg, Penn., surprised her with Mr. and l\Irs. Thorne Tibbetts, a v1s1t. He W'1S accmnpanit·d liy daughtcr, Alice May, and son, Mrs. Kroon. Wltile lwn', they en- 'Thomas Jr., and Mrs. Alice Kensjoyed a trip to Jvft. Rainier and m'rn enjoyed a trip to Eastern Washspent a day at Copalis beach. ington, via "tvlorton, O'hana·pea-cosh Mr. and Mrs. Shirley, Mrs. R. S. and Sunris<' park. They spent three Shields and Maryln and Jimmy days visiting Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wf're visitors at the home uf l\fr. and Davis in Toppenish. A tour of Mrs. Milo Beckt>r Sunday. Richland was enjoyed by ::ill. M. Becker is able to be back at Gary Ockfen was royally enterwork. tained at a cl11ckcn dinner for his Mrs. Carl Hoganson is home from birthday. C1wsts present were his the hospital, fteling better. Grandmother Allen, G raudmother Mrs. E. S. Tinius and Mrs. Rob- Schmitz '111d Jack Goddard. ert Bottomley visited Mr. and Mrs. Misses Dolores aud Dorothy Art Boyde and daughter 'rnd Mrs. Yager and Wayne Dunune are Carl Casperson Monday. spending the week-end in Elma, Mr. anti Mrs. Carl Reese of PtJrt Wash., visiting friends. Orchard, Wash., visited her pan:nts Mrs. John Oekfen Jr. has been over the week-end and l<·ft twu sons for a week with their grandparents. ill. She is feeling better now. Mr. aud Mrs. Clyde Smith visitf"d Dale Tibbetts and his cmdn, at the- home of Mr. and l\'frs. R. W. Dean Tibbetts, rdurned horne TucsStanger Saturday. day aftN a two-week visit with Mr. and Mrs. Jablonski, Mr. and friends and rdatives in Los Angeles, Mrs. Ray Wells and Mr. and Mrs. Calif. The return trip was lliade by Sulkoski of Puyallup visited al the bus. home of Mr. and Mrs. Milo Beckn. Mrs. Josei>h Smith returned this lVIr. and 1\-lrs. Albert Nelson vis- week after a five-week tour through ited with his brother, Elllil Nelson Canada as far as Ottawa, :Minnesota, of Tacoma, Saturday. Michigan and Wisconsin. While in Mrs. M:try Nelson and Mrs. Katie Canada, sht· visited T. M. Vodden, ~elson ~isited '.\t the home .. c,f Mrs. her nephew, who lives at.· Brighto1·1·. 1' rank Kearns Thursday alt<:rnuon. Robert Brown and Clarence Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn and Rankin of Tacoma were visitors at farnily visited with her sister, Mrs. 1 nw home of Mr. and Mrs. William Walter Stanger, Thursday. Brown . .. . . .Mrs. frank Kearns, Billy Erid;son ~-f rs. l'l d ys M . Elk Plain leachers and tlwtr farnan d iv. 1 a .. c·D·. eanuan, o. 1. San Antonio, Texas, picnicked at ilies gathered at the home of Mrs. Ann Reinstrorn, first-grade teacher, Wapato park Thursday. Mrs. Gladys McDear111an and for a potluck dinner Friday, Ai.:gmt children, Billy and Helen Erickson, 19. Mrs. Gordon Johnson and 1frs. and Mrs. Frank Kearns picknicke:d Ross Plumb entertained at a baby at Pt. Defiance Saturday. A style show will be IH·ld at K:i- shower honoring Mrs. Weh Gil;trap powsin gy111 tu help raise funds for Friday, August 19. Mrs. Lonnie the Pre-school, August 2.5 at 8 p.m. Smalley was the winner of all prizes A community fair held at Graham with 1vfrs. Frank Rcarckn running a school August 20 and 21 was spon- close second. A lovely luncheon was sored by the girls and boys 4-H served. The centn-piFre was a clubs. Mrs. Harold McGee and large stork carrying a diaper full of Gus Sorenson were the leaders. The babies. Mrs. Dorothy Odden, Mrs. Anne Graham 4·-H girls sold refreshnwnts. Reinstrom, Mrs. Nonna Brnwn and Arnold Thorsen took his daughters, Vir,<;inia and Gladys, JoAnn Mrs. Ingalls started back to school Erickson and Loren Jewett to Co- 1vfonday, Aug»1st 22. Tlwy are attending the work shop being held at pa Iis beach Monday. Washington school in Tacoma Mr. aud Mrs. M. Michiner and Miss Amy Brown is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Fred Erickson took friends at Sunnydale, Wash., for a group of kenagers a11d their ad- the wed<. visors, Clifford Boyce aml Jean l\fr. and Mrs. Gene Smalley and Christoph, lo Moran Slate park, daughter, Georgi:i, went to th~

A community newspaper for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and Spanaway. family

Published every Thursday by Beard Printing Co., P. 0. Box 797, Parkland, Washington. Telephone GRanite 7100. Entered as second-class matter October 3, 1945, at the post office at Parkland, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One year, $1..'iO; six months, $1.00

To Our Subscribers Following four weeks during which the Prairie Pointer was not published (the last previous issue was that of July 21) your community newspaper reappears this week, back on its regular schedule awaiting you in your mail box each Thursday. During the past four weeks, a number of changes Juve taken place, including change of ownership of the publishing company for the Prairie Pointer. However, nearly all changes have to do with administration of the company and with production. As far as your newspaper is concerned, we do not think you will notice any difference. Editorial policies and standards remain the same. We want to thank our subscribers for standing by while we were getting straightened out. Your subscriptions will be extended to cover the missed period. We regret that, until very recently, we were unable to give definite information to the many of our subscribers who called and that sti lJ less were we able to reply to the many who wrote. \Ve bope they will accept this statement as their answer. -o~~~~·~~~~

Late, But .. ~. During the four weeks this newspaper h:is been out of publication, a number of events important in the scheme of our communities have taken place-too many for any atrempt on our part to "catch up." However, some of these occurrences should, by no means, be let go by without comment even if belated. First off, this newspaper speaks best wishes to Jack Quill and congratulates the community of Parkland upon his confirmation as postmaster by the United States Senare recently. During his period as acting postmaster, Jack Quill demonstrated his determination to see that Parkland has the very best postal service. He has shown his deep personal interest in the welfare of the community and his intense desire to give greatly of his own time and efforts and of the services of his office to assist with community and individual problems. The generally high regard in which Jack Quill is held it tes,tificd by the posts of leadership to which he has been raised in the local American Legion post and Kiwanis club. We look confidently to ;:i constantly expanding and better serving post office here under Jack Quill's administration.

LEGION BASEBALL Had a July 28 issnc of the Prairie Pointer appeared, it would have carried J front page picture of the district championship Junior Baseball team sponsored by Parkland Post 228, American Legion. At that time the team was battling other district champion squads of the state at Seattle, proving itself the No. 3 team of the state. . As during the district season, the club overcame long odds to reach the state semi-finals. Bad luck in the draw sent the Parkland team against the eventual champion Bremerton squad in the first round. From then on, the local team had to fight all the way with its back to the wall, knowing that a slip at any time which would bring one more defeat would mean elimination from the tourney. Reaching the semi-finals proved the team's fighting spirit, as it had previously been proved when the team which was given only the slightest chance at the beginning of the season battled to the district championship then defended its title in an unprecedented special playoff brought about by ineligibility of anotber team in the league. . Parkland is very proud of and owes thanks to: Co;ich Harvey May; players, Ron Storaasli, Larry Robinson, Bob Killion, Dick Montgomery, Tom Swindland, Jim Brigham, Lloyd Alton, Bob Brown. Ron Chilton, Ron May, Don May, Billy Campbell, Ed Patrone, Dick Saboto, Dick Wallace: mascot, Wayne Storaasli; manager, F. L. Berry and the sponsoring Parkland Post. ~~~~~~~-o

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, August 25, 1919 drive-in theatre Saturday night. After the show, Gene treated the ladies. Miss Dolores Jupiter is spending the week with Mrs. Gordon Johnson.

Mrs. William Brown and Miss Amy Brown entertained the Elk Plain Gleaners at their home. A lunehcon was served by the hostesses.

Elk Plain 4-H club girls rntered window decorating contest at Sumner. Virginia Readren, Shirley Beeman and Catherine Reardon did the decorating under the direction of Mrs. Frank Reardon. All persons interested in 4-H work should allend the ++I fair to be held at Sumner high school, August 26 and 27. a


i\frs. Lonnie Smalley's brother will be able to attend school, although he will have to wear a cast. Mis.~ Colleen Milton will not be ,1ble to attc-nd school this year, as · to l)(' CO!\ i··med tu '1 llOSj)Jta · 1· she lS ~.



Her studies will be contmued under a special arrangement. l\fr. and Mrs. Gonion Johusou,

Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Castle and Mr. fighting fire at the Brown farm. and Mrs. George Dorfner attended The Youth Dance sponsored by the wedding reception at Sunshine Elk Plain Grange was enjoyed by all hall in honor of the former Miss who attended. Music was donated Rose Marie Righetti of Spanaway. by a newly-formed orchestra. Mrs. Jack Odd"en, Hobby Kuper and Gordon Johnson, Mrs. Web Gilstrap, Jimmy Farren went to 4·-H club Mrs. Thorne Tibbdts and Mr. and camp al Benbow lakes. 1vfrs. Doris Mrs. Ross Plumb chaperoned the was advisor. dance. Hugh Loveland was master of Mr. and l\frs. Milton Robinson ceremonies. and Miss Wanda Bolling helped Seen around Elk Plain riding in celebrate Mrs. John Thatcher's nPw cars are: Kenny Kuper in his birthday at her home. black l'ord, the Gordon J ohnsons in Mr. and Mrs. Rawson, formerly their Chevrolet and the Thorne of Mudips, Wash., are newcomers Tibbetts in their Chevrolet. to the Elk Plain district.I"'"'"---.------Mrs. George Dorfner, Mrs. Ben Kuper, Bobby Kuper and Miss Arny Brown are 'laying in Puyallup, picking blackberries. They are home on week-ends. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ringwald of Santa Monica, Calif.. were visitors at the home of Mi'. and Mrs. Thorne Tiggt'tts. 'T'hey were on Daily Service to Parkland, their honeymoon. Spanaway and Surrounding Mr • .aml }"Mrs. Thorne Tibbetts . , ·f rfl •' Territory daughter, A 1ce iv ay, sons lOrn1e and Dal<', Mr. and Nfrs. \¥alter PICK-UP AND Ringwold and Dean Tibbetts went DELIVERY SERVICE ;wiunning Thursday night after

mA 4H!2

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Parkland, Washington, Thursday, August 25, 19,19

f(amstad~Kyllo NulJtials Brilliant

. I 1THESE , Event of Last Saturday Evening I _

1~~i1a~~ ~l~eM~~:/~,~~7, ~~~~ ~;~~'. I Oregon,. the 1wwlyweds will ~11ove 11 da~~~ A. W. Ramstad of Parkland, to,ilIL mto thell· new home at 8_07 South I

. -~


Eldon Kyllo, son ol Mr. John Kyl!o am! the late Mrs. Kyllo of Lacrost', Wash., w,1s solemnized Saturd,1y t:veni11g·, i\ugust 20, at 1'rinity Lutill·r,111 church. For the all-white wf"dding, the church was beautiful with tall baskets of whitt, gladioli, candk-lighted :iisk and cl.ianddabra, in. the d1a1.1fx:l. am! un tlw altar. 1 he Rev. R.1111st:1d officiated at his daughter's marrirqze. Sh~ \Vas given in rilnrriagc by lwr IJ1·other, Mr. William K. Ramstad. ]\;frs. Gunnar J. Malmin was at the organ, and Mr. Richard Svare of Seattle" sang "Jeg Elske1 Di1.(' hy Grieg, "O Perfect Love" by. Barnhy and "The Lord's Pra,Yer" lw Malotte. The candles w1·re lighte<l by two of the ushns, Mr. Neill Reed and l\fr. Jesse Thompson. Thr bride's gown was of white s:Hin, :.1 bouffant-skirted dress, with b:ttcau nf'ck, long ske\'f'S :111d a tunic effect flowing into a train. Sh" wore :1 fillf.~ntip l'l'il of illusion, lace trimmed, bonnet cap tied with a bow of illusion. The veil was her rnothtr's, ,vorn :J 1 years ago at her wrddiuo·. The bride's only jewelry ~ I)rooc I1, I oa i·incl \Vas a C:.ln1t·o \ IJ", ''Ii·s n .. H lib . .,. f S ttle ·rn heir]> \ . ! . a e1"' o ea ' , lomn in thr family worn by mauy brides. She carried a whitC' Bible, · to lvI rs. E; rnes t ll . Stec - 11 1) t. IonF1ng . \V l11c · Il \\l...:1S foste!)"Cl o I. J> ::u'"·1-1: \_ .111-d , to "' - , a s!wwC'r of pink rosebuds, and the . · I( 10.' . S"S · gomg-away corsage o f pm Bridal attend:mts were Mrs. J. N. Reed, sister of the bride, matron of honor; Miss Nancy Christensen of Portland, Ore., maid of honor; Mrs. William K. Ramstad, Miss Dee Kyllo, Mrs. Edward I·bnson and Miss Marilvn Pflueger, bridesmaids; · · . . Dianne and Judith Reed, JUn10r bridesmaids; Mary Lynn Ramstad, flower girl, and James Neill Reed, ring bearer. ~he bridal auenda~ts were gowned rn wlute, with wlute hors;l.1air hats and nylon gloves and earned arm bouquets of pastel gladioli. The ..iun.ior bridesmaids _wore long wh1tt' dresst•s, bonnets l"ash1oned like tlw bride's, white glovrs and carried yicllow gladioli. The flower girl, gownr-cl likt' lhe j11nior bridesmaids, carried a baskrt of small p3strl flowers. The ring lwarf'l', dresst'd in :1 t11xedo, rarrir·d tht• rings on a satin pillow. llfr. P:111l Kyllo nf Hay, \Vash., \vas his hroth<'r's lwst man. Ushers wen· Mr. Bruce Kyllo of Lacrosse, Mr. J. Neill ReNI. and Mr. Jesst• Thompson, both ol p,ll'khnd, lvfr. C1·r:tld Liclr'r of hsaquah, Wa.,!1., and Mr. Harold Carlson nf Lacros.;e.

For her daught<-r's wedding, Mrs: R:unstad wore a dim1r-r dress 0 1 white tricolette, blue feather hat mid cnrsagtc o.f pink rnsebuds.. ln the i·ec~1vrng Im". followmg· tlw ceremony, with the bnde and groom were the .Rev. and Mr~. Ratnstad and l\Ir. John Kyllo. The bee-covered table was decorated with a centerpiece of white gbclioli and white tapers. Presiding at the coffee urns were Mrs. John M. Wilson of Los Angeles, the Misse~ Janna and Hamie Ramstad of Tacoma, all aunts of the bride, and Mrs. Hjalmer Aune of Lacrosse, cousin of the groom, Mrs. T. 0. Svare of Seattle presided at the punch bowl and two aunts of the bride, Mrs. C. L. Hallberg of Burton and Mrs. C. J. Sells of Longview, Wash., cut the wedding cake. In dwr,~e of the gift table wPrr Mn. Lyle Feller, Miss Delores Jc:nsen, Miss Charlotte M ykland and Miss Mary Olson. Miss Naomi Roe was in charge of the guest book. For her going-away outfit, the bride wore a na\'y blue suit with white jacket and. blue accessories. Aftr·r a two-weeks honeymoon at \.Vallowa Lah Lodge i11 eastern

J l8th slrert. Mr. Kyllo is on the te:iching staff of the junior high school at Parkland.


ft( , ..

By d'Alessio




I f 11I11




l .

Mrs .. Jolm Susan, re~or!er

RL 7, Ilcn. 400

GR.uutc 7002

;\fotoring to Copalis beach last week-end were: Mr. and 1vfrs. J. Susan and children, l\{axine, Richard, Gary :rnd Sandra, Mr. and lvfrs. Sydney Waring and LaurCJ, HarJ"is Cox, Clarence Cn1zm::m, Nancy BonC'ss, Kay lvhnn and Jonn Schaff1wr. TlH'Y spent Saturd:1y nigli't at the beach, dug· clmns Sunday and returned home Sunday evening. The r:hildrrn especially enjoyed jumping the ocean bre:1kers. Laura Waring's I Gth binhday was t:tlebrated by attending a theater, followed by a suppn, Tuesday evn1ing. She was accompanied by Richard and Maxiue Susan and Kay Mann. . . . Mr. and. Mrs. .Hany White and ., sons, Howie :rnd Clen, attended the I I' f p ~I . R.1 I tt" we.: c rng 0 . "ose 1 · arie ~: '? ·i, daug·hter oJ ~lr. and Mrs. \\! illrnm R1g·hett1 ol .Spanaway,. to · , Bernard Salter at St. Benedict. .s church, , Sp::m::iway, Saturday r·venrng. A recept1on followed at Sunslune hall, l' ar<11 :rnc1· Mrs, Harry White was hostess to Mrs. Ted O'Neill Sr., Mrs. Ted O'Neill Jr. and daughter Mary Lou at luncheon Wednesday. Principal H. M. Baisinger of Clover Creek school is carrying his . . . . right arm 111 a cast, but will not d1vulge how it was broken. Now making thei1· home with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boness are /.,farybell Bakt"r and Clarnbell Ross. • Mr. anti Mrs. Davi'.!. Morrow oi' Seattle were recent v1s1tors al the home of. her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. I-frl!Pr. Mr. and Mrs, E. Heller and Mr. McCarta wen: dinner guests recr·ntly at the homf' of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Desort. Present Thursday evening at the home of l'vfrs. Ivan Collier, for a nwNing of thr Clover Creek P-TA board, were the ]\;fesdarnes Harry \Vhite, Harnld Cox, Jack Lail·larr, Virgil Rodius and John Susan. Shirley Heller spent last week in Seattle visitin.c; her sister, Mrs. David Morrow. Miss Opal _Russel, fonner county 'chool supenntcndent of Lyons, Neb., accompanied hn hrothn, Marvin Russel of Puyallup, and his family to visit at the home of Mr. and ]\{rs. Fred Boness Wednrsday ewning. !\fr. and l\lrs. !'recd Boucss altended and 1'njoyed a Nebraska pienic at Pt. Defiance park, Tacoma, last Sunday. They also celebrated Janice Allen's birthday that da)'· Irene Younkin, mothn- of Janicr Allen, and Donald Allen spent Sunclay ni!(ht at the Fred Boness home. Young People of Clover Creek llaptist church held a picnic at the Baptist carnp on Five Mile lake. Swimming, boating, etc. were enjoyed by: Richard and Maxine Susan, Kay Mann, Joan Schaffner, Laura Waring, Alfred and Lois Southwell, Nina and Nancy lloness, Leona Sweet, l\1arybcll Baker, Harris Cox, Clarence Cruzan, Paul and Delores Smilhlin, Dorothy and Georgia Bolieu, Jane McCammon, Ba\·bara Renner, llt"tty Meyers, Flom and Cleora Cope, the Rev. Clyde Rhea, Richard and Carolyn Rhea. . In honor of .Kay J'viann's I ~th birthdCJy, she, Richard and Maxmc Susan, Laura Waring :.ind Joan




A birthday party at. !hr home of M.r. ai:d Mrs. Doyle C :ox '.'f Mountam highway honorl'd their daugh~er, Lob, who was four years ?Id fhursday,, August 18. Attcndrng wrTe: Shirley, D~nna and )_erry Wymore, Jesse Willoughby, I crry Dixon, Lloyd and Wayne Pietz, Ann and lvfike Cox, Irene Wymore, Dean D_ixon, Alice Wymore nnd M:irtha Pietz. A lovely luncheon was served b~ the. hostess on " 1'1hlr covt"rt'd w!lh birthday cloth and n:ipkms. The children sang "Happy llirthI day" to Lola '111d presr-ntrd her

Schaffner enjoyed a theatn: and dinner in Tacoma Sunday evenin~, August 21. J\.fr. and l\Irs. L. Schaffner attended a baseball game in Seattl•· F1iday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Mann and children ancl Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith motored to Sunrise park, Sunday. · H • . est of SI irley Heller for 01 !.lc .guB " · \'"·il'll ~f SjJ,ona a \Vee1c, is ev\ r 1v v .. c •.J , ..., ~ , , · "a)· .

between Chehalis and Centralia Highway 99. Della, Opal and Dale Cooley of East E and 12th strer:l have been spending part of their summer vac:ition in the blackberry fitlds at Puyallup. Mr. anti Mrs. Arthur Piclz of Mountain highway motored to Ilell .. in.,.ham Wash., over the week-end, to,,celel;rate their I :Ith wedding an· niversary and to visit l\fr. and Mrs. Jor; Schrey who formerly lived in Spana way. Spanaway Methodist WSCS held its regubr 1neeting at the parsonage Thursday, August 18. "The Burma Diary" was the subject of the study hour It-cl by Mrs. Elmer Morgan. A pot-lu"k lunch was enjoyed by a large group of 11wmbers. All were pleased at the nic'e turnout for the meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Ward of returned

Ne'\:V Teac. hers I I )-=i'or Clover c:reek I j . Addition of t~vo nr~v teachers l'.:i~ I been announrrd b) the Clo:e1 Creek school board for the C•JJ"rng I T\VO

term. Mrs. John Ockfe.1 will re· place Mrs. lvI)'l"rs as teacher of the first grade. Mrs. J. Lamb will teach the sixth and seventh gradrs, Ill pbce of Mrs. Johnstone. The hill behind Clo,·cr Creek school hos bet~n levded off and a new lund.1 room is under construction there. Erection of play sheds is expected to brgin the later part of 1wxt week. Clover Creek students who attend Puy:illup high sl'hool are advisr-d of a change in the bus routing. 'The bus will c·over its original mute as far as l\fople slrt:d. then will meet the Clover C:reei, school bus to tah students 011 lo Puyallup high. Routing of the Clover p,Hk hig·h school bus will be th•' same as last year. Thrre is no change in the routing '

Jr. BaH Coach Is Guest of Kiwanis


Hi ii{/



Any resemblance between this girl's outfit and her beau's sport togs is purely deliberate-for sentimental as well as practica I rea· sous. The odd jacket is a distaff version of his favorite wool tweed, and the skit-t, of similar material, will keep in fashion stride \vith his slacks. She chose the jacket from a gray, green or brick assortmentfor about $18-and the "kirt, in black spiked with red checks or green with gold, was hers for a!>out $11. This Tilly Schanzer en· semble is from four pages of '"I I wear fabrics like his" iu the Au· gust issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.

Parkland Arra Kiwanis club this noon will hear Coach Harvey May describe highligltls of the very successful season recently concluded by the Amnican Legion Junior Base· hall team which carried the colors of Parkland Post 223 lo the district championship, The r;urst speakn also plans to introduct, his sons tu the Kiwanians. They were members of the tearn. At its weekly uoon meeting last Thursday, the club virwed combat films presented thrnugh the. courtesy of the U. S. Army and Air Force recruiting service by Sgt. Bill Martin.


The editor of an enrly Boston newspaper oq?,"anized public Jneelings and detnonstrations in favor of fonning a United States with a Constitution. It is believc·d that his. activities did l!!uch to cause ]Vfassad111st'tts tu ratify the Constitution,


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Jimmy Pfaff, son of Mr, and lvfrs. Fred Pfoff, of Tacoma, formt'rly of Spanaway, will soon be home from the hospital where he h:g l)(·rn recovering fron1 second and third dcgrl'e bl!rns received while ph1ying at thr· home of his aunt ant! uncl1» Mr. and lvfrs. Richard Rob· nts of Mollntain highway. Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Hill of Spanaway an· proud parents of :1 boy born Ftiday, August 12 al Tacoma· Genna! hospital. Spana way - Elk Plain volunteer firemen will hold their next card party Friday, Aug·ust 26 at the home of Mrs. Robert Rhone. Co-hostesses will be Mrs. Robert McCullcmgh and Mrs. Martin Gibbons. All mernbers are urged to attend. Friends and nei.!.'hbors of Mrs. Florence Shandrow of Mountain highway offer syrnpathy on the death of her sister, Mrs. Mary Globe of Fife, who was killed Aug. 13 while returning horne from Longview, Wash. The ~1ccident occurred




rnany gifts.

"Henry's installed a burglarralarm, but I always turn it~olf. I'd be ,!ICareq to death if I knew a burglar_ ':Vas in the house !n


from Wash., spending a week wlth Mrs. Wards mother, Mrs .. Mary Nunamakn, and other relauves. . . Mrs. Gladys W1lloughby has bc:cn ill the past two weeks. A recent dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Cox of Monntain higlnvay was in honor of the fourth birthday of their daughter, Lola, and to cclebrntc the tenth wedding :rnni\'ersary of Jvfr. ancl Mrs. Cox. Two pink-and-white cakes centered a lovely yellow and blue dinncr 1,1Ji!c. Those attending and offning· hl'st wish('s wcrr: Mr. and Mrs. A. Cox, Mr. and )\1rs. T. R. Lyon, Jvfr. :ind Mrs. Floyd Cox and son, C:arth, Mike and Ann 'Cox. A roast chicken dinnc1· was served by the host and Jiostess, Mr. and lvfrs. Doylt, C:nx.

I l\frs. Arthur Pietz, Reporter I Rt. I, Box 445, Spanaway--GR. GGlG .

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2. Service restored ... the hundreds of tiny wires have been spliced temporarily and, even as the workmen stow their tools, calls are speeding through the cable. Later it will be permanently spliced without interrupting service. Such fast repairs are possible by planning ahead for emergencies, so trained people can be quickly pulled from other jobs.

3, Keeping service reliable makes your telephone a more valuable servant-just as keeping rates low as oossible makes service a haro-'1in today. A loc~t call still costs j~st a-fe~ p~~1~;;;~ ... and calls to the East Coast at day station !'ates only $2.50 plus Federal tax.


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ALFRED M. SOUTHWELL Alfred M. Southwell, 60, of Park· land, died August 22 at his home. He was a native of Lincoln, Neb., and had lived here 15 years. He ASK ABOUT OUR MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN was a membet' of th1· Congregal ional church and was superintendent of the Prairie Mission Sunday school at Parkland. Ile is survived by his widow, Bessie; two sons, Merlin F. of Tacoma 84th and Pacific Avenue GA. 3133 and Robert E. of the home; one daughter, Mrs. Ruth IL Reynolds of Parkland; three brothers, Ernest E. of Centralia, A. George of Lakewood and Frank L. of Steilacoom, and seven grandchildren. Servicrs were to be conduct· ed Wednesday afternoon, August 2+, from Mountain View Garden Chapel by the Re'" Charles Knautz, G NAMED ON BALLOT A. A. Drath; Alice Smith, Buster, with burial in Mountain View !\feFOR COMMISSIONER Buddy, and Billi Jo; Mr. and Mrs. moral Park. Creation of a water district to Bud Drath, Christine and Virginia; serve the Spanaway area is to be Mr. and Mrs. Walt Zugner; Mrs. MICHAEL !WEYER decided by voters of the district af- George Jorgensou; Mr. ~ml Mrs. Michael Meyer, 79, dairy former fected at a special election which Earl Jorgenson and son. of Graham, died Saturday en route has been set by the county commisHarold C. Olson ha.~ returned to to a hospital. Born in Russia, lw sioners of Pierce county for Satur- his home and new son, after spend- came to Pierce county 4-0 years ago day, September 24-. At the same elec- ing the fishing season in Alasbn and had lived in Graham ·since tion, water commissioners will be waters. 192+. He was a member of the Aschosen, who will serve if the district Mrs. O, E. Smith, Nora Dawson sembly of God church. is created. and Busler Smith motored to Hot Surviving are two sons, Carl B. The date of special election was Springs, Mont., to visit Mr. Smith. and Alexander Meyer of Graham; set following a public hearing before They report having a wonderful three daughters, Miss Frieda the county cornmissio'ners August I. time. Meyer, Mrs. Dora Docsken and The hearing was reported well atEnjoying Sunday at the Mortou Mrs. Mollie Thaut, all of Graham; tendcd, with protests heard on both Jubilee were: Mr. and Mrs. Bill a brother, Alexander Meyer of exclusions and inclusions of the pro- Ames and Cheryl, Mrs. Ervin Waverly, Ia.; f'ight grandchildren posed district. Some revisions of Smith, Buddy and Billi Jo. and 13 great-grandchildren. the proposed boundaries of the dis· Congratulations to Mazie and Services are to be held today at trict have been made by the com- Ernie De Roche, on the grand open- l p. m. at the C. C, Mellinger mem1ss10ners following the hearing. ing of their newly-remodeled grocery morial funeral clrnrch. Burial will The principal change in boundaries store. he in MDunrnin View memorial reported would shorten the southern Program for the weeJ> at Har- park. extension of the district, excluding vard Covenant church will be a part of the area south of the Roy Thursday, 7:45 p. m.-Bible study SISTER MARY ALOYSIA Y. Sunday School, 9:45 a. m.-Classes Sister Mary Aloysia, 0. P., 8·1, a Official notice of the election for all ages; Morning Worship, 11 retired member of the N!arymount hours and polling pince is soon to a. m.-Pastor's subject, "What is Military academy faculty, died be given. Prayer." There will be special Thursday at the school, where shf' Candidates for water commission- music by Irwin Gi·oce, tenor soloist had continued to make her home. er, whose names will appear on the from Seattle. Tuesday, 4· p. m.Bom in Guttenberg, N. J., Sister special election ballot, are: Junior boys meet at Dawson field. Mary Aloysia was educated in her Six year term - Robert Rhone Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Shipton mo- home slate. She came to Puget and Harry W. Smith; tored to Everett, Sunday, to visit Sound 61 years ago, teaching first Four year tern1 - Emerson H. with Mrs. Shipton's sisters and a at St. Edward's school in Seattle. Tarpenning and Michael L. Kirby; brother. Transferring to Tacoma, she joined Tarpenning and Michael L. Kirby; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wrencher rhe faculty of Aquinas academy and Two year term-Walter C. Fed- and son, Jim, from Spokane, \Vash., in 1939 went to Marymount. She dersen and R. S. Steidel. were visitors at the home of Mr. and retired from teaching duties several Should creation of the proposed Mrs. Clarence Skog. years ago but had remctined active" water district be approved by the Ocky Larson is recovering at in school affairs. voters of the area, two more special home after receiving a brain conThere are no survivors. elections will be required before in- cussion in a ball g"1me. Services were held Sa tu relay stallation of a Spanaway water sysThe Sewing club met at the home moruiug at Aquinas academy chapel. tem can be undertaken. An election of Mrs. Frank Reding last week. Burial \Vas in ·calvary ce111etery. would be -required to form a Local Present were: Georgia McBurney, Improvement District and another Dorothy Cox, Mrs. Atwood, Edith .JOSEPHINE HUSH.EK election to authorize issuance of Skog and Treva Olsen. RefreshMrs . .T osephine Elizabeth Hushek, bonds by the LID. ments were served later in the even'JO, of Rt. 13, Box 489, died Friday 0 in a Tacoma hospital. Born in Vienna, Austria, Mrs. Hushek came




HARVARDNEWS '"MmLAN°D NEWS Mrs. Alice Smith, ReportPr GR. 5475

Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter GRanite 5733

Mrs. Nathaniel Logan-Smith, former Tacoma girl, now from Hono· lulu, T. H., visited her mother, Mrs. Morris, in Auburn and spent a few days at the Harold C. Olson resi· dence. Mr. Logan- Smith is a fratemity brother of Harold. l\frs. Arra Duncan spent several days visiting her sister, Mrs. Pete Lazarmto, in Eatonville. Mr. and Mrs. C. Vaughan, son & daughter, from Port Alburney, Vancouver isl:rnd, are visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Vaughan. .Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vik, father and mother of Mrs. Frank Gural, have returned to Minneapolis, Minn., after spending six weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Gural and sons. Mr. and Mrs. Armand Thompson and family spent Sunday driving around the mountain, enjoying fishing and scenery. Mr. and Mrs. Wah Zugner spent Friday· afternoon and enjoyed supper with Miss E. Blanch Conners, at Kapachuck Lodge, Qig Harbor. The 9th birthday of Jerry Fordice was celebrated with a party held at his home August 19. Those helping Jerry celebrate were: Lloyd Marvic, Walter Smith, Warren Hanson, Carl Becklund, Dale Lipke, J,arry Ashcroft and Larry Fordice. Several games were played and prizcs were won by Lloyd Marvic, Carl Becklund, Walter Smith and Dale Lipke. The boys were served <'ake, homemade ice cream and each boy made his own chocolate sundae. A family reunion was held the last of July at the home of Mrs. Clara Russell and daughter, Muriel, in Seattle, honoring a sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Graham, from San Francisco. A picnic dinner was served in the shaded yard to 40 guests. Those from Tacoma were: Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and l\frs. George Fay and Mrs. Fay's father, E. II. Erdahl, were guests of honor at a picnic suppe1· August 16 at Dawson fieldhouse. The Fays and Mr. Erdahl are former residents of 91 st street in Midland. Five years ago they moved to Richmond, Calif. They visitted relatives and friends in various northwest cities and,. the Midland gathering was for forrner neighbors and friends. Guests listed were: Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Shearer, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fette, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rogers and their families; also, Mesdames James Skiffington, Louis Wier, Donald Wolniewiez, Charles Berg, U. G. Stark and Olive Williams. The party was organized by Mrs. Joe Fette and Mrs. Howard Rogers. Midland 4-H clubs are readying entries for the Pierce County 4-H fair, to be held this year at Sparton field, Sumner, August 25 and 26. This year's fair promises to be big-ger than ever, with tire Sumner Chamlwr of Commerce whole-heart· edly sponsoring the venture. The fair will open at 9 a. m., Friday and at 1 p. m. there will be a par'1de through Sunmn streets. Demonstra· tions and contests will begin at 2 p. m. Friday. At 7:30 p. m. a program sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce will be presented. Saturday features will include dress reviews, livestock judging, t>tc. All parents and intnested friends are welcomed and lunches will be served. Midland Junior 4-H girls are reportt>d to have more than 25 entries ready to exhibit at the annual Pierce County 4·H fair at Sumner, August 2+ to 25. The entries include cooking, sewing, canning, gardening and 1livestock raising. Girls entering ex-

LINSEED OIL (in Smgallon cans)

hibits arc: Particia. Beal, Idell Brit· tain, Eleanor Cunningham, Shai·· ron Eshpeter, Carole Landin, Diane McPherson, Joanne Morud, Diane Solkey, Anne Tt'aslay, Myrna Teasly, Lorrainf' Tomlinson, Jarwt Wagaman, Marjorie Udd and Valerie Davis. Miss Kay Lee Coffelt of Seailk has been the house gut'.sl of Doris Johann for the p;1st two weeks. More than ten firemen and thc-_ir families, of the Harvard, Midland and Larchmont fire -department, attended the annual Puget Sound firernens picnic, August 14 at Steel JakF. Rares, gan1es, s\vin1n1ing and boating were enjoyed by all. In the afternoon, the firemen's AllStar tram met and bested McChord Field firemen in a soft-ball game. i\'lr5. Mary Sawjer, mothcrof Mrs. Rol.iert Clinton, and daughter, Ann Clinton, returned home August 2-1(rom a two monlhs visit with relatives and friends in many eastern states. Mr. and Mrs. David McPhe.-son and family spent the past week-end i'n Seattle, visiting Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Alden, former H'sidents of Midland. Mrs. V cm Snyder honored lite 13th birthdays of her twin son and daughter, Robert and Joyce, with a swimming party for their close friends. After a full afternoon of swirnming and games, they retunwd to the Snyder home for a picnic supper. Guests attending were J uue Cannon, Doris and Claude Johann, Wayne and Russell Thompson.

ReClpe •

. k·

0 f~, t l1.e W ee ~

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c1 umbs over the top and bake :it. 3 7 5 degrees F. fur 20 minutes.

Many• Parties for IOtlwr guests \~CH' Mrs. G. J. Malm1n and J:vfr. Richard Svare, organist Brule-Elect Held and soloist, who furnished tire wed' k Iding music: Mr. and Mrs. John M. / n R ecenf W ee S Wilson, of Los Angeles, aunt and I

. . . 'lvI1ss Helen Ramstad, who was the subject of much entertaining prior to her marriage to Mr. Eldon Kyllo Satunby evening, was honored recently with a pantry-shelf shower at the newly established home of a recent Parkland bride, Mrs. Edward Hanson (Elizabeth Fynboe), with Miss Marilyn l'flueger assisting hostess. The guests ineluded the Misses Delores Jensen, Naomi Roe, Jo Ann Notvedt, Harriet Holm, -Mary Olson, Joan Beard and the Mesdames La Monte H<:dJund, Richard Colburn, Carl Fynboe Jr., Gerald Hedlund, Albert Johnson and C. S. Fynboe. Prof. and Mrs. A. ,V, Ramstad, parents of tire bride-elect, entertained with a buffet supper Friday evening for tire members of the bridal party and out-of-town guests.

uncle of the bride, Mr. John Kvllo aid D·an K y II o, 1· a ti1cr anc ' 1 IJl'Ot'1 ier ., 1 of the groom, Mr. Newton Betts of Olympia, Mr. Edward Hanson, Mrs. Jess~ Thompson, Prof. G. J. Malrnin ::ind Dr. and Mrs. Emest B. Steen, all of Parkland, Mrs. Paul Kyllo of Hay, M·rs. Bruce Kyllo of Lacrosse and Mrs. Gerald Licler of Iss:1quah, Wash. Prof. and Mrs. R.irnstad also en· tertained with a smorgasbord Sun· day for relatives and out-of-town guests. A special guest for the affair was Mrs. Ramstad's 89-year-old aunl, Mrs. Bernhard Nilsen of. El· lensbut'g, who had come for the wedding on Saturday evening'. She was accompanied by her two <laugh· ters, Mrs. K~rl L. Bates an~ Mrs. Chester Robrnso1_1, and son-m-law, K. L: Bates, all of Ellensburg, Wash. M 1ss Ramstad was honored at a



HIRAM ROBERTS Hiram Robe!'ls, 85, of 22+ ! 23rd street, Parkland, a retired blacksmith and a vetcrnn of the Indian wars, died August 15 in a Tacoma hospital. Ifr was liom in Lyons, Iowa, and had lived here four years. He was a member of the Presbyterian church, Keystone Lodge No. 206, F. & A. M., of Wyoming-, Iowa; Wyoming Lodge No. 147, I. 0. 0. F., of Wyoming, and DrMolay Consistory No. l of Clinton, Iowa. Surviving are two niecf's, Mrs. Lois McManaman, with whom he made his home, and Mrs. Roy Carlson of Graham, and two 1wphews, Harry Blanchard and Edward En· low of Tacoma.

Pacific Ave.

GRanite 7302



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]. },falmin, Phillip Pepper, J oh11 Salater, A. A. Mykland and house guest, Mrs. Brue, J. N. Reed, Robert E. Harris, William K. Ramstad, f:Jmer Beard, Walter Young, Martin Hokenstad, S. Hinderlie, H. L. J. JJ,1hl, William Storaasli, John Brye, Olaf Jordahl, H. G. Ronning, C. S. Fynboe, Ernest B. Steen, S. C. Eastvold, J. V. Pflueger, Palmer Storlie, Kelrner N. Roe, Elvin l'vf. Akre, H. J. Leraas, Lora B. Kreid· ler, A. L. Ellingson, Clifford 0. Olson, L, Balln1ussen, Ludvi~ LarM son, J. U. Xavier, Joseph E .. Runn· cI'. .()l a1· Ir~agness, Ber t St reng, ing, B,ert Senner, Cad . l-~edlund, Neil I ottlroff, Howard W1ll1.~, Mrs. A. W. ibrnst:id and the Misses Emmy Coltom Carolyn Coltom Kathryn '. . . . . ' . . Arntzen, Ivfarjone Wmblade, l'vfam1e Rl11Hstad, Janna Ramstad, Anna Marn Nielsen and Grace Blom· quist. Earlier in the summer, 11iss Ramstad was honored with a miscellaneous shower at the home of I\-frs. William K. Ramstad, with Mrs. Ramstad's mother, "Nfrs. George Griffin of Steilacoorn assisting. Guests were Mdm~. J. N. Ree~, Harry Lang, Lyle I• ell er, Robert E. Harris, Philip E. Hauge, Ralph C'.arlson, A. 'vV. Ramstad, and the Misses Marilyn Pflueger, La Vonne Den· sow, Delores Jensen, _Elizabeth Fynboe, Dee Kyllo and Helen Jensen. At a week end visit at the home of ri'latives in Ellensburg, W:1sh., Miss Ramstad was the recipient of many lovely gifts for her new home at an evening party, given al the horne of Mr. aud Mrs. Karl L. Bates. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Robinson ::incl Mrs. Custn B. Nilsen, Helen's g1'ancl-aunr of Ellensburg, Mr. Eldon Kyllo and Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Ramstad.


school!, •• Pre-Tested Poll-Parrots! Children yearn


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at the 0. J. Stuen home some ago. lvfrs. Stuen and lvfrs. Davis were hostesses for the Guests invited for the even-


to this community 4-2 years ago. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. · Minnie Morton, and two sons, Carl and Francis Hushek, all of Tacoma, and three grandchildren. Funeral services were conducted Tuesday afternoon, August 23, at the C. C. Mellinger Memorial church. The Rev. Howard E. Davis officiated. Burial was in Mountain View Memorial Parle

.95 PER GAL.

-,shower wreks Esther event.


GRanile 6739

Prairie pointer v 5 no 1 aug 25, 1949  
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