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CLOVER CREEK POST NO. 118 AMERICAN LEGION VOL. Meetings every second and fourth Friday at 8 p.m., in Scout Hall, Spanaway



NO. +6



South End Throngs to Bank


• pen1ng

Court of J-Ionor With Picnic for Scout Troop 34

Ladic-s of the Auxiliary of Unit 1 I 3, C:lov1'r Creek American Legion post, are meeting informally today (July l) at !J p.rn. at the home of Mrs. Mabd Hart. For furthn particulars call eilhtr CR. 8172 or CR. 3313. We hope as many will turn out as possible-for work cmnouflagnl with play and eats. A f t e r visiting the hospital at American lake last Sunday, our chapbilJ .. ,~Ject, BI an ch e Rideske, noted name! y: Combs, pencils, cribbage voards, toc,thpaste, so:ip. Of

Spanaway Scout Troop 3+ will hold court of honor Thursday, July ~I, at Sp:rnaway Metropolitan park. It is to be a potluck picnic and all parents of the Scouts are urged to attend. Those who will receive advancement: Cal't'ol Doyle, second class; Kenneth Behling, second class; David Scearce, first class. The pienie will start at G p.m., which will give time for swimming before lunch is served. Spauaway ScuLttrn:Btrr Harvey Bradshaw announces the following boys have placed applications to become scouts in Troop 34: Dicky Milkr, Bobby Stiedel, Tommy Doyle and Dennis Reeve. The following boys have put in applications to return to the scouts, after being out for a few years: Gene Scearce and George Miller. The scouts h ave made a new rnling as to the age of boys who wish to join. Starting September 1, the age limit will be l I years for scouts and 8 years for cub scouts.

coursr, thf'sc: artiL·les n1ust be new. If any readl:rs of this invitation \Vish to do soJ thry 1n:-1y 1n:ike up a linle packagr of t!tesr needed ar-

ticlt·s :rnd call phone m1rnbers. will be "qh, so for you. This is project. Don't fui·get:

up the aforesaid Son1e J;,egion lady happy," to collect a very worthwhile Collect your rum-


too_; anything, everything-, large" or s111all--just so it is run1M rnage all, for the :rnxiliary's fall

rnnm1age sale.· What's it for? You guessed it. To raise ruoHey for our comrnunit y service projects. Cal the same phone numbers, if you wish to help with the dri vc for rummage.



Over 2,000 people thronged the doors of tht· Parkland branch of National Bank of Washington, Saturday evening, to inspect thte flown-decked banking quai·ters located at Pacific awn11P and Airpol't road. The building, designed by Le3, Pe:nson & Richards and built by the Wartrr Construction company, is one of the most modern banking offices in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the hundreds of people from Tacoma, Parkbntl and the surrounding territory . who .. visited the bank, there were many Olll-oftown bankersfroni Seattle and other parts of the state. Guests were served ice .cream and cake, coffee and punch. .. Visitors wer~ greeted by head of!tee officers of the ~ank, together wtth Arthur G. Swmclland, .rnana.~'''"- a11cl l~. If. Snowden, assistant -111an;'.ger. Di~l'.r~CU\'e. features. of.. lht: b.~i'.l~rng, q~,i'.tets ·".1~1. l'quqm.ient Welt' expl.arned.. Off1u,.il g1.e.etmgs , · , . I l. I· . 1 . ,. ~o t 1~ ian, all( congidtu 1atwns to 1s ?fficers were extended ~)y Jack RODGER LUNDE POST NO. 5052 I Quill, postmaster and _pres1~Jent of the Parkland Area Kiwams club, Veterans of Foreign Wars aud "V. W. Cline, president of the Meets First and Third Tuesdays, 8 I -· p.m., in Parkland School

PARKLAND POST NO. 228 AMERICAN LEGION Meetings every second and fonrth Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the Sunshine Hall Last wet>k's announcement of the P,wkland Legion Junior baseball team's winning the fourth district title was evidently a bit premature. A technicality, which existed but did not come to light until after last week's issue, has forced the Parkland team into a playoff game .w.ith Tacoma post 138. The decidmg game was to be played at American Lake hospital field last eveni11g .Uuly 20).. . . . Iu explarnrng the s1ttiatt0n, team :Manager Frank Berry slated: "Due to the- fact that the Shelton team was impropedy certified their gmnes Wf're forfeited. Inasmuch as Po'.t 1 'l~'s third Joss. was to Shelton, tlus ?ctwn a'.itom.atically put that club rnto a. tte · with out tearn and the pbyolf is necessary."

AUXILIARY NEWS Crnml Scratch of the C:ooliettes jn. Spok~ne, W.ash. ., June. the Cootie parade. attending from Tacoma Coolif·tte club No. 227 . Mrs., Al Lo~mi~, ~Irs. Fr~d,Mis.RobeitOBi}ant,Mis. Eddie N;u, Mrs. M. M~rton, Mr~. Hazel v erno11 ~nd Mis. W. C. Dus~ll. , .tv~rs. ~r1n'.'.'g w~s rle'.'.ted S. \. p1.es1dent, Mis. Mmton, l1eas• _ urer; wll's. Loomrn and Mrs. Nau to a )Ointive offices. Pretty good for pl the fac?ma club. _ _ Greetings were taken to the VFW .. . . Auk1l!ary conventton m Spokane by officer with a checl· for tile sNl"rnd .. , - \,. '"J 00 for the Hospital fund $'·. · Next meetini; of Tacoma Toddlers ,- : . · " Cool!el1es will be July 2.> at Odd Fellows hall, Gth and Tacoma ave., with :Mrs. Al Loomis presiding. R~ports from the Grand Scratch will ' ,en. . be gn




Parkland Community club. Stanley Erdahl, president of the Tacoma Chamber of Cornrnerce complimenteel the bank on the progressive step taken in extending banking facilities to the south end conununities and also grf'eted his old friends, the offict:'rs of the branch. The bank opt>ned for business Monday, July 18, and nearly 200 accounts were opened the first day. A friendly contest developed among the early depositors as to who would open th~ first account. The first commercial account was opened by Midland Orthopedic guild, of which Mrs. Doi;ald Kemp is president and ~!t's .. M1ch;~d Hansler, treasurer. I he first sav111gs account was opened by Jos_eph ~eitz, pionen .of P:rkland. I he lour little Clme gtds, cb:•t~hters of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Clrne. ol Pa1:ldand, we~·e also among th:},•rst ~avmgs depos1t~rs. J he first day of busmess a~ our new. . Parkland Branch was • lughly . 1: gratifyrng" Managei· Swmdland stal~d~ "ai:_d wear~ lookin~ forward to g1vmg lme bankmg service to the people of this community 'rnd to assisting in its growth."

--.J-.. Jaft _..._ __ / a i .TD 1ILi{"" -




SANK OFFICIALS AND LOCAL RESIDENTS air greetings (top left) as new Parkland branch of National Bunk of Washington holds open house Saturday afternoon and evening, July 16-left to right, A. H. Brouse, president, National Bank of Washington; Arthur G. Swindland, Parkland hrnnch manager; J uck Quill, Parkland postmaster; Stanley Erdalil, president, Tacoma Chamber of Commerce; R. H. Snowden, assistant manager Parkland branch; W. W. Cline, president, Parkland Community club, and Bob Hopkins, announcer for radio station Kl\10. (Top right) Airport road approach to Parkland branch bank, showing parking area filled with cars that hrnught previewers to open house. (Lower) View of bank interior, looking across tellers' cages to main entrance. Group in mid-foyer includes National Bank of Washington vice presidents Ward Estey, J. K. Ewart, C. T. Chandler and Casliier James Byers.

IH on

i H . a et. Series of Parties

car .l.. Hallar, of Kankokee, Ill., O • f 1 mother of Mrs. Rudolph Strom of e1 e Park avenue. Mrs. Strom and chi!dren recently left Parkland to be I On July I, Mrs. o. J. Stuen enwith her mother. They plan to leave tertained with her daughter, Mrs. for home August 27 and will be ac- Neil Potoff at a miscellaneous showcompanied by Mrs. Strom's father, er for Miss' Elizabt>th Fynboe, guests the Rev. Carl Hallar. invited were the Mesdames J\L T. WEEK ON ISLAND Hokenstad, Waltrr Young, Max OleCapt. and Mrs. Wayne E. Ken- I sen, Phillip Hauge, Ralph Carlson, dall of 12 ]st street l.iave ri' d Al Johnson, Ole Nyberg, Ed Antonhome after siwnding 3 week's vaca- sen, J. E. Running, H. L. Dahl, t'inn on V·as I\011 1s · lanc. C'ai·l Fynboe Gun1 ,S. ('_1, E•ast\"ld t... , . , nar Malmin Nelrna Ludwigson Bert LA\~N PARl.Y , . . , . ,. Raymond, 'A. L. Ellingson,' Bert Mi. a~d M,1s. E~\~111 Elhn?so~ of Streng L. Rasmussen, Qlai HageI 16th sti eet 'ecent } entert_ame at D 11 T X . r H L raas a buffet lawn party, honormg Mrs. ness, · a'' . · avie • · e '' Russel Bryson of Othello, Wash., G. Ha~k~nso~,· J. P: Pflueger, HO\.vfonnerly of Canada. Present were ard ~Villts, Neil Reid, Esther Davis, M•·. ""' M" Rnbert Job"'""• M,. H. f · D. J. Bo<g<, G altd Mrs. S. 0. Storaasl1, Mr and Helge, II. Ronnmg, J. Salater, B. Mrs. Sam Bramf', 1fr and Mis Ily- Olsou, . E. B. Steen, Alvin Akre,





Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland


Garden Show Plans A re Made at Picnic



Winning the distrir·t champion:hip over the regular season of play ts not enough for the Parkland American Legion Junim baseball team. Because tht> trailing Shelton post team failed to certify its players, the local !::ids had to put their crown back in jeopardy. All Shelton garnes were forfeited, putting Tacoma post l 38, which lost one game to Shelton, in a tie for first place with Parkland. Parkland won its games ovf'r Shelton the hard way, on the field. Playoff game to decide the district title and bei·th in the state playoffs for a second time, was to be played last evening (July 20) at American Lake hospital field, with Pa1·kland going up against Post 138, the only team to beat the local lads during the regular season.

.Recreation Progran1 ITourneys Progress 1 1

Viol~! Prairie, Crystal Springs and Monte .Vista Garden dubs met at the home of Mrs. J. F. Graham, "Double-Tree Acres," on Spanaway creek for th& purpose planning a garden show to be held at Parkland school August 20 and 21. This garden show is opeu to all amateurs who wish to bring arrangements and horticultural specimens. Those attending the picnic were .the Mesdames C. E. Russell, R. L. Renwick, H. A. Jinkens, L. Stanke, Emma A. Preston, H. F. Skinne, Vern Tuttle, Howard A. Doering, Harold G. Peterson, John Richards, George Rolstad, Paul V. Larson, E. R. Ninman, Robert P. Snyder, J. C. Cope, C. F. Pitzler, William C. Sherman, Stanley Hunter, George A. Marshall, Jo h n Richards Sr., Robert L. Cottschalk, Norman G. Peterson, Michael A. Wutz, Edwin T. Ellingson and Miss Amelia Harstad.


Donald May has emerged champion of 25 boys entered in a ping pong tournament recently completed as part of Parkland's summer recreation program, Director Paul Larson has annmmced. May won from Garnft Lund in the final elimination match, 24-22 and 21-14. Joan Kittelson is champion of 22 girl ping pongers, winning from Barbara Pepper, 2 1-12 and 21-10. Twenty boys and girls are entered in the tennis tournament for the AMVETS cup, with quarter-final matches being played this week. Losers of two rounds go into a losers tourney.

Over 100 youngsters are entered in the swimming classes, Mrs. W. W. Cline, iustructur, reports, with g·ood progress beiHg made by those regularly attending. Parkland branch of National Bank of Washington donated cake to the swimming group this Monday, for which thanks arc expressed by the young folks.

Financier Foursome


""' B'Y'""• "'' Ceo<geom> Elliog- P. E.•. Bon~o, O~ Jordahl, A.. W. son. Ramstad, C. S. l•ynboe, the bnde_ · FLIPS TO PARENTS I elect's mother, and the Misses MariBy INGA ST. CLAIR " " ' ' I 1vn Pflueger Anna Marn Neilsen, Mrs. l;rnest Hannon, son, Boots, ·. . . ' (Please report items of news f?r completed without incident. Miss and daughter, Laurel, left by plane and Helen Ramstad:, , , Parkland column to Mrs. St. Clair, Nordwall reports that she is much early Tuesday moming enroute to On June IO, M:iss lynboe was Phone GRauite. 5184, or Box 781, pleased with both the people of Nor- j Iowa. They will be g~iests at the honored at a surp~·1se party sho\~er Parkland.) wa)' and with the instruction she is home of her parents at Lake Mills at. the home of Miss Ramstad w~th .. -. ,- ' . :-:-;.-:;::-receiving. Iowa. She will also visit rel 3 tive~ ~~iss Pflu~ger co-hostess. Guests m• Rl·Cl·N1 GUJ•Sls Il"l-'Ul'N V'C"I'J)N N or ti. . sou ti1~ \tled weir. the Mesdames Donal 1 in ~ ..1 • "' l'RO'i · ~ '"\. l - nvoo d ) J O\va, anc1 1n ll 1.., 1v Recent week end guer,ts at the M. . . , · ·, , . , _ em Mim{esota Srmon, _cad Fynboe, Delmar Fe er, . .. . · , 1 . . '1 ., "' • . ' · and Mis. C. M. km smo and .. "· J. P. Pflueger, Gunnar Malmin, liouw ol Mis" l ena !\. ,Lllcdsc m- the11· son, John, returned last Sat· REl,ATIVES }cROM N. DAKOTA , . .· • · · eluded a cousrn, Mrs. hed Urckes 1 rda .. er ,· . . . , . ., .. Gene Harns'. _C. S. Fynboe, A. W. -f {-' ·1 .,. <l s-- ,· ., c·· 0 l· 1 I 1 • Y alt· tounng many of the' M1. and Mrs. Don Strnndcmo Ramstad, Bill Ramstad and the " .. o <~1,1 pl mg,, · o., \v 10 was ,. eastern states a •d Canad Tl -· · J S d ]· ' 1 · t · · touring the. West with Mr. Urckes· . ·.. · . 'i_c ... . a .. iey vis ant son,' an y,_ ia\e as iouse. g.1es s Misses Alma Hansen, Delons Jen, • , ,, ' ited l11ends and 1elat1ves m South Mr. and Mrs. Haaken l71·etl11em of sen Shirley Rovang Charlotte Myle., N a n1ccf, J•l1rs, 1.... 1 . aug 1lten, \V 110, D I' M' . Ill' · d . · , ' ) · I I I l ]· I C' a ,ota, rnnesota, mms an Hettmger, N. D., and J\-11'. and lYfrs. land Joau Beard and Alvina Han· accompante( )y 1er rns Jane. apt. C' d· () ·J • , . , " l ! , • • • ' ' N ·I . . . . cl ·J • . ' .ana a. n t 1e1r 1eturn t11p, t 1ey . Lester Flynn from D1ckrnson, N. D. sen aug ttt,n, an . t ien· sou, was en· visited Yellowstone National park. 1 c• -, - m ·• • • route from Osnka, Japan, where .. _ ,,. "' . , ,-y,~ m .,,lJRJRISED ON BIRTHDAY . July 18, lvhss Fynboe was entciCapt. Naughten had been stationed, hN1.ER 1 ~INS Al I ENDA~ IS Mrs. W. C. Gullixson was recent-: tained with a miscellaneous shower 1 to Pennsylv:rnia, and a nephew, Har. Miss Elizabeth Fyi:b~e, bnde-elect ! ly. surprised on her birt~1day. Many J at the home of Harriet Holm of Ta- FOUR DAUGHTERS of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Cline of Parkland are first old Peterson of Minnedosa Mani- of Ed H~nson, enteitamed Wednes- j fnends of the congregatwn.of Park-I coma. el1ildren in line to open savings accounts in new Parkland branch of . . ' da }' evemn . Luthernn , . , . ts, P 1,cscut ., , .the . ~1esdames • • • • toba, Canacb, with l'eterson , ~· 3 t the . home , of her ; P ar- la~d Ev. ~hmch called to Cues weie Natmnal Bank of Washmgton, Monday mommg. M15s Joan Bachman and their son. ents, Mi. dnd Mis. C. S. F ynbof', wish her a happy birthday and pre- Ida Schnellbacher, Net! Reid, A. W. of Parkland, bank aide, has pleasant task of opening accounts for Carol, ENJOYING NORWAY at a late supper pat'ty .for her at- I >ented her with many gifts. Ramstad, L. F. Holm, C. S. Fynboe, Kay, Marveene and Marcia Cline. PLANNING WEDDING Mrs. Fena N. Elledr,e. rece Hl.y ~~'.1dants, after the wedding reheat's-1 FIRST TRIP ~EST Alf,i·ed Ha~sen, Carl Fy1,1boe, -~unMiss Elouise May Cruver, daugh2 m ,- n~m, lvfrs. Karen Jensen and sons, Art, nai Malnm.'. and the 1'.11sses Helen f T~·.' :f ley Stevens and Margaret Johnson. ter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Cruver reci,ivec•l .word from a i11ece, Lois . Nordwall, who is studying in Oslo, HOUSI~ G~t;sl_S .. . Jens and Olaf, f1om Red River Val-I Rarnsta~, Jktty Abrahamson :rnd 'f Y Mr. Irvin Miller was best man for of, is busy planning for a Norway this SllJ1ll11er, witlt a group Mis. Al fled ~Jansun and daugh· I ley, Minn., and Martin Jensen from Alma I!amen I Mr. Pitzler and Mr. Harley Malyon home wedding on August 23. Her of students frotn several naticms. t_er,. Alma, arnved recently fr?m Hinsdale, Mont., were recent guests ·-• and Mr. Henry Pitzler were ushers. fiance is Hubert 0. De Bolt, son She i.s to take a six-wnk course at Jfryallt, S. D., to attend the .weddrn.g at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. and daughter, Rea Jane, Miss Clara Little Linda Bellantie and Sharilyn of Mr. and Mrs. Olivet' I. De Bolt the lJ nivcrsity of Oslo. Miss Nord- ul lier. son, Ed Hanson. During theu· Jensen. Mrs. Karen Jensen, 79-year- Damme! and Ted Damme!. Miss Lola Pearl Davis, daughter Conklin were flower girls and Dick 1 of Parkland. wall had been engaged as a physio- sta Y rn , Parkbnd ,they are house · old mother of A. E. J<•nsen, is spendOn their return trip home, the of Mrs. William E. Clark, became Manning was ring-bearer. tlwrnpist in a New York hospital. A guests ol the C. S. 1'ynbot>s. ing the remainder of the summer in Dammels visited at the Rev. Ray- the bride of Mr. Don Walter Pitzler, Mrs. Gunnar Malmin played or\VE.EK END GUESTS t~nse several ''.'inutes ~Jroke _the rou- ANNl'.~L PICN~C. . _, .•• I P~rkland. This is her first trip to mond Pflueger home in ~l,'hrata, June 2~·, at,? r in it Y _!-uth,eran gan music and bridal selections were 1 Guests over last week end at the tme of her air crossmg. Over the Auxiliary of hy chaptei, Eastein the West coast, and the reports are Wash. At Soap lake they v1s1ted at chureh m Pa1Lland. The b11deg1oorn sung by Joseph Bixby. honw of l'vfr. and Mrs. W. W. Cline Atlantic ocean, 300 miles out from Star, met at the home of Mrs. J. that she is enjoying everything about the Art Bloom residence. is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. A: After the reception, the newlywer 0 his brother and sister-in-law, Hartford. Conn., one of her plane's Graham, Tuesday, for its annual •this part of the country. RETURN FROJl..1 CAPITAL Pitzler. weds left for a two-weeks honeyMr. am! Mrs. R. B. Cline and their engines f;iiled. The pilot at once put l'.(l~,uc!c pir!li~•·_ , _ II SEE B. C. CAPITAL Mr. ·and Mrs. Al Seaman have Brid~l attendants ":ere Bernice two daughters, Jean Marie and back and landed in Newfonndl9nrl, Pfl,NIC SUPP EH. , __ . . Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Hokemtad retumed to their home in Parkland Bellantle, Beverly ~ofgren and Ef~H: moon in Boise, Idaho. They are now Mary Lou, of Portland, Ore. front where the crossine; was later Mr. and Mrs. /\. C. Uarl were spent a few days last week sight· following six weel;s in Washington, Lea Frase. Candlehghteis were Slur- at home in Tacoma. . 'm10Hg rnany of the local members ! seeing in Victoria, B. C. D. C. , of Amaranth who attended a pot.. HOUSE GUEST luck supper on the spacious lawn Mr. and Mrs. Byron Bryson of J. K Shaw of Los Angeles and at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank J 27th street had as their house guest M.iss Angil Fox of .San Diego, Calif., Rybin of Gay road. their sister-in-law, Mrs. Russel Bry- rdativrs of the Jack Mortinsen famRETURNED FROM CALIF. son of Othello, Wash. ily, spent last week end at the MorSINCERITY Mr. and Mrs. Leo Caume and SURPRISE PARTY tinsen home on Walker street. young daughter, Lynette, of Wheeler Members of the Ladies Aid of Mrs. Anna Arthur returned SUJ1· :md street recently returned from a va- Parkland Ev. Lutheran church, sur- day from .Edmo11ton, Canada and re-'' cation trip to California. They we1·e prised Mrs. N. E. Solli and her twin ported she is glad to get back to SIMPLICITY accompanied by Mrs. Gaume's par- sister, Mrs. Tin:i Ellefson, on their Washington. of Service arr yours enls, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mauer- 80th birthday. Mrs. J o h n u i e Engebretson of man of Chehalis, Wash. They spent SUFFERS STROKE Hart's lake spent a few days here time ,1Jong the Oregon beaches, visBen Farrel of So. ! 13th street, a this week with Mrs. Pearl Elliott. Piper's stand ready, day or night, i1ed relatives in San Francisco and resident of Parkland for 10 years to serve you conscientfously and well in sympathetic Mrs. Al Loska returned f r o m understanding of your needs. Stockton, Calif., and, on their re- and one of this community's most Minnesota, Saturday. She reports turn, spr-nt some time at Yosemite ardent boosters, suffered a paralytic a wonderful time. She made a 1,000National park and Crater lake. stroke at his home Sunday. He has rnile trip by car, going into Iowa. ma BIRTHDAY PARTY been an employee of C. S. Barlow Prairit: Mission Ladies club enMrs. F. W. Sclunalcnbcrg enter- and Sons, Inc., Tacoma, for more joyed a picnic last Thursday at H tained friends and relatives on July than 3G years. Lincoln park, Tacoma. Thirty ladies u 16 in honor of her young son, Jan, FAMILY REUNION attended. who w~~ celebrating his fourth birth-1 and Mrs. E. Damme! and Louis Benits are building on their u u day. l he party was held at the children recently returned from ne::tv - proprrty ~t thP: rornPr of S.0 home of gr:rndparents, Mr. and / their vacation, visiting in the ,East. I 16th and Tacoma avenue. They Mrs. A. E. Jeuse11. Arnong those j While at the home of Mr. Dam· will soon be movii1g, ·hut residents pn::sent was Jan's gn:at-grandmoth- j rnel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. Dam- of this district are glad they will be er, frs. Karen Jen·s.en from Minne-1 me! of Me.din. a, N. D., a family re- close enough that M1:s. .Benit can sota. union was held, the first in several continue teaching at Prairie MisWORD OF DEATH years. Those present were: Mr. and sion Sunday school. Word was received here last Sat- i Mrs. R. Damme! and daughter, Mrs. Eastman has suffered a brokurday night of the death of Mrs. Coreen, Mr, and Mrs. Ed Morlock en hip in a fall. was l.:eld 29, alter Thosc Toddlers











IR:f t es a · znt Lutheran for Lola p• l , Davis, Don ztz et


dohnsan -Ande on a et


On Mountain Highway


Phone GRanite 8356

The Store That Has l t


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Groceries ·· Meats ·· Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Pie-Sweet Frozen Foods Carnation Ice Cream Pyrex Ware Fuller Paints·· Lee's Overalls U.S. Rubber Footwear .... Feed I-lay Peat Moss -· Garden Tools. Finest Parking on the Mt. Hhvay ONE·STOP SHOPPING

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, July 21, 1949



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Former Brookdale Miss Recent Bride



. Details of the wedding of the "\Vm. K. Clark ............................................................................ ·······;·:····Editor daughter of a former Brookdale famBill Grossg!oss ................... ·""······ ········:.:··::::::.:.:::~.:.:..:::.::.::.:.:.·.········Adverusmg Mgr. ily were told recently. Miss Eleanor A community newspaper for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and Spanaway. Ann Luce became the bride of Staff Published every Thursday by Beard Printing Co., P .• 0. Box 797, Park- Sergeant Hamid W. Ruane the afternoon of June 19 in a double-ring land, Washington. Telephone GRanite 7100. Entered as second-class matter October 3, 1945, at the post office at ceremony performl'd at the Little Church on the Prairie, Lakewood, Parkland, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. ------. by the Rev. William Perry McCurSUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One year, $1.50; six months, $1.00 mick.

t •



Here are a number of business firms, who, through their individual advertisements, offer to citizens of the South End trading area a service as close as their own telephones . . . These firms 11re established nut ouly with hopes of personal success but also with the hope of being able to contribute to the developwent of a growing community. Check these listings for the services you need!

Help To Build The Community In Which You Live!



Conclusions Diller Commenting editorially on the report issued last week by the Pierce County Planning commission (which showed the Parkland area the biggest center of residential construction in the county)' the Tacoma News-Tribune Sunday outlined Tacoma's stake in the more than four million dollars of snbur. . ban construcl10n this year. The editorial concluded by pointing problems that arise coincident with growth of a rural area. The solution of these · d' d b 1 d' · 1 · · l · f l pro bl ems 111 1cate Y t 1e e 1tona is me us1on o · t 1e growing areas within the city of Tacoma. (This is the same newspaper that recently headlined a story: "Tacoma Doesn't •

Want Parkland)· Your local editor takes issue with the Tacoma editor on his conclusion that "some areas must seek inclusion within ..








the city so they may obta111 the services available to Tacoma taxpayers, or provide their own utilities, probably at a much greater cost." · d"ff' · a greater cost, 111 · b ot h taxes an d 1t 1s i · ·1cu 1t to conceive .



local mdependence, to be paid for urban services than would come with annexation to Tacoma. Taking the case of taxes: Tacoma residents this year are billed at the rate of 20.27 mills for support of their city government, as part of a total . . . millage for all purposes of 60.20 mills. The 20.27 nulls levy distinctly for city use is 5.27 mills in excess of the statutory maximum for current expense levy and is only .73 mills short · I · d b I · · · f. 0 f t l1e overa 11 maximum evy permltte Y aw m C!tles 0 the third or fourth class. Cities of lower classification are permitted to levy no more than 15 mills for going expenses. · }1 an a dd ed six ·. m1']l s f or retirement · · d,e b redness. 'l'l1erewit o f 111 . . . for, a resident of a thud or fourth class town wlnch not only

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Luce, now of SJ 2017 h Nya~1 za r?ad S. _T acotmi. e was given 111 marriage 1JY 1ier father. · Sgt. Roane is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Spencer S. Roane of Pineville,




LaT. . . 1ie weddmg costume chosen 1)y the bride was a gown of white marquisette over white taffeta with sleeves edged wit!~ lace, fitt .._cl bodi<_:<» sweetheart neckline and lull skirt with wide lace inserts, accented with Venetian lace and fallir~g into a long gmce.ful train. Her fingertip veil of illusion with imported lace was caught to a sweetheart headdress of orange blossoms. Mitts covered her hands. She wore a string of pearls that were a gift of the groom and carried a h~ndkerchief that had been worn by the honored guest at her wedding 65 years before. Tl d '·i 1e 1ionore guest was " rs. I-1enry w. Drum. She wore a black lace dress with corsage of Vanda orchids. Matron of honor was Mrs. Nonna bLad"".' in fuscthhia ttaffet a • with dfitfte(1

~-Onlvv.!!l.! con


Antlers Body and Fender

Phone GR. 8519

GIFTS ELECTRIC FIXTURES Sporting Goods aud Hardware

Complete Painting - Touch-Up GET MY BID FIRST Pacific Ave. and Airport Road

for ACCURATE Prescription Service




GR. 8G19 Parkland, Wash. Pacific Ave. at Airport Way LEGAL PUBLICATION

PHARMACY Pacific Avenue and Airport Road FEED STORES


French's Garage & Towing


LAKEWOOD FEED & FUEL CO. (Next to State Scale) Hay, Grain, Seeds, Peet, Fertilizers 24-Hour Towing Service Complete line of Centennial Products 10006 Pacific Ave. GR. 8177 Also Alhers Stove Oil EXPERT REPAIRING 11536 I'acific Highway LA, 3522

ms· rRICT.

(Sprmaway Area)

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a petition has been presented to the Board of County Commissioners o[ l)ierce. Cotmty, Washington, asking ~or the form~tlon of. a wate1- distrit:t, cumpnsiug the territory he1einaiter described, located iu Pierre County> \Vashington, lO\\'it: Beginuing at the Southwest corner of tl1e H. Delabushalier Donation Land Claim (hereinafter abbreviated DLC) Rt. 7, Uox 660 which is on the shoreline of Spauaway Lake add 163.38' more or lcs~ North of COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE South line of Section 20, Township o ice, S\Vee ear nee<1 1ine an u 11 the SERVICE 19 North, Range :l E.W .M., thence East· skirt. She carried a bouquet of edy along the South line. of said Delabus.halict· ~DLC to a point 3U0 1 \Vest of the American Beauty roses; sweet peas center line of the Primary State Highway No. 5, thence Nonl1 U0 5D 105 11 \·Vest 3480' and gyps~phclia. more or Jess parallel to said Primary State AUTO SERVICE STATIONS The Misses Ann Ashby and Max- Highway No. 5 to the North line of said ine Quinn, bridesmaids, wore gowns Dclabutihulicr DLC, th c ll c e North 89:.i21 1 l0 11 \Vest ~0~.83 1 along the North fashioned similarly to tlrnt of the line of said Delabushalier DLC, thence North (lc()G 1'20 11 East 873.03 1 more or less matron of honor, in aqua and pink, to the South line of the H. Johns DLC, with matchinnmitts and headdresses tltcncc \Vest 7251 1 more or h:ss aluug Marfak Lubrication bl oon:.:.s. " Tl1ey. carne · d o 1 the South Iiue of said IL Johns DLC to \Vl 111 rose th!! Southwes1 corlH'I' nf said H. Johns Texaco Gas - Oil and Accessories onial bouquets of yellow and pink DLC, thenn~ Nol'lhel'ly- along the West Mountain Hiway at Clover Creek roses, sweet peas and gypsophelia. line of said II. Johus DLC to the No1·1h~ west corner of said H. Johns DLC \vhich GR. 9942 Ben Lawrence Flown girl Kareen Hall was in is on the East line of the 1v1elville DLC, thence Northerly 403.631 more or less a princess style dress of yellow or- along the East line of said Ivielville D LC gandy wi_th yellow rose headdress. to the Northeast corner of said 1V1clville Top Quality DLC, thence Northerly along the ·center She scattered rose petals along the line of Pacific Aveuue, Plat of B1·ook<lale GASOLINE aisle. Ring-bearer was Kenyon Luce. AdJltion, to the center line of Chen-y Street, thence- Eaned>' aloug the cen_ter MOTOR OIL-50c Gallon Mr. Kenneth Law was lwst man. line of Cherry Street to the center Jme of Cliff· Avenue, thence Soutlwrly al01~g Kcndye S. Luce and Vernon Wheel- Cliff Avenue to the South of sad don were ushers and candlelig·hters. Plat uf Brouk<l<tlc Addition, th.:111..:c South~ erly 483.5 more or less to the Northeast Mt. Highway at Orchard Hill The organist, Mrs. Ka r l Kaiser, corner of 1the Plat of Rau 1 s. Clovrr Creek played "I Love You Truly" before Addition, thence Southerly along the East line of said Plat. tu the Southeast corner AUTO SUPPLIES the f'ntrance of the bride. Mr. Er- of said Plat, thence Easterly 40 1 xnorc or nest Bates sang "The Lord's Prayer." I less to the \Vest line of the Southeast quarter (SE;/.1 ) of Section 16, Towwihip Your ONE-STOP The bride's mother wore a pale 19 North, Range 3 E.\V .lvf.._ thl:'uce 1 Shopping Center green marquisette dinner dress with Southerly along said \Vest line BY5 more or less to the C1uarter corn1~r brtween ~aid long white gloves, white accessories Section Jl} and Section 21, TO\vrnihip 19 Authorized Dealer aml cynledrum orchid corsage. Par- North, Rnn,14e ~ E.\-V.lvf., thence Southerly along the \\'pst line of the NortheaiH ents of the bridegroom were unable quarter (NE'/d of said Section 21, 2l0tl' more or le:;:; to a point 543.25 1 North to to attend, the Southwcsl corner of the Noi-theasl Airport and Pacific. GR. 6119 For the ceremony, the church cprn.rlcr (~EV!) of said Section 21, the1!ce s:rnctuary was flanked by w h i t e Efi~ll 135I.3:V more or lrss to the East lme of tht> Southwt'.'>I quartrr (S\VV ) ··of the candelabra :ind was centrrNl with Northeast quart<'r ( NE~/.1 ) of said1 Section white Esther Reed daisies at the 21, theuce Southerly ~143 1 more or less to the Southeast conier of the Southwest altar. I"arge baskets of white gladio- quarle1' (S\VY1) of. the Northeast quarter WHOLESALE & RETAIL lus, white roses and white peonies ( NEY.1) of ~.aid Section 21, 5amc also being 1hc NfJrthea~;1 cun1er of the Pi:H MACHINE SHOP SERVICE adorned tlw church. of Egennayer's Addition, thence Southi\ rccc·ption at the hurne of Mr. erlr alon\.{ the East li11e of %id Addition tl Gladly Deliuer the Southeast corner of said Addition and Mrs. Harold Lyman followed to thcuce \Vesterly along the Soud1 line of the cert>nwny. Decorations through· said Addition, North 89°30'30 11 \Vest Open Till 6:00 p.m. Week Days 1349' more or less to the \Vt>s1 line nf the out the rooms were baskets of white Southeast quarter (SE~(i_) of said Section 21, thence Southcdy a1011g said \Vest liue gladiolus, ruses and peoni~s. The J.f.55' more or less to the quarter corner white bee covered collation table between said Section 21 and Section 28, was centered with the bride's cake, Towmhip 19 Norlh, R.angc ~3 E.\V.:.M., thence Southel"ly alollg tlic Ea:-;t line uf decorated with white roses. On each the Noi-thwest quarter (N\V~4) of said side were silver candelabra. The $cction 2B, same being the renter lirn~ nf I GR 7583 Spana way GR. 6547 "'En Strret, Plat of Lake Park, to 1he • bride's mother presided at the table, center line of Fifrh Street, th~nce Eastcrlr aloug the ccJ1rer line of Fifth Street assisted by Mrs. \ ictor Hall and BICYCLES SALES, REPAIRS FiftJ1 Street extended 13.J.2 1 more or Mrs. Carl Cedergrcn1. Mrs. Harold and less to tlie f.3,;t line of the \Vest half Lyman cut the bride's cake. The ('WVl) of the 'Enst half (E'i~) of said 2B, theuce Soulh 0°32:• East, 378{1 1 r;room's cake was pa.ssed by 1-frs. Section more or less alon.lj said East line to thl' Smllh line of saal Section . 28, thence Symour Standish, J1·. \Vesterlr :llo11g tlie South liuc of said Miss Elaine Hall was in charge Section 28, 1312.74· 1 nwrc or less to the BIKE RENTALS -· KEYS CUT of the guest book. She wore a pale quarter cor11e-r between said Section 2B Lawmnowc1·s Precision Ground and Section :J'.{, Towns.hip 19 Nonh, blue marquisette dress with fitted H.angr 3 E. \V J\:L, thence Southed>' alont'" Free Pick-up & Delivery Service bodice and full skirt, with corsage the East line of the West lialf (\'VY'.l) o*f 334 Garfield St. GRanite 5772 said Section :-n to the quarter corner of Van Fleet roses. between said Section .'.:l:J and Section 4 ML and Mrs. P. Willoughby and Township 18 No!'lh, Range 3 E.\V.~1.: thence Eastcdy along ihe North 1ine of BUILDING SUPPLIES Miss Shirley Wymore of Spanaway said Sr.ctiou 4, 10251 more or less to the and Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Standish cPuter line of \Vebb Road, thence South~ edy along thr center line of WcLb Ro:id of Seattle were out-of-town guests. 132·L l(ji more or less to the North line Weatherstrip and Screen Service The bride a ttenclr-d Clover Park of the South half (Sy,) of the Northeast 9u:irter (NE1;4) of said Section 4-, thence "Protex" Metal Weather Strips high school. The bridegroom is sta- Easterly along said Nm·th line 776.7 1 more Pella Roscrecns - Water Proofing or less 10 the intersection with ·cente1· line tioned at Ft. Lewis. Window Caulking of unnamed county roaU thence South For going away, the bride wore 42 ° 59 1 E::tst along said ro'ad 6~0 . .S1 more Tacoma, Wa5h. a navy blue suit with white acc~s­ or less to center line: of unnamed countv 3819 So. Monroe thence South 47eio11 \Vest 157()1 J.C. Rancour Phone GA. 5285 sories, red topcoat and orc:11cl cor- road, more or less to the Northeasterly side of road, thence North 420591 \Vest sage. Following a motor trip, Sgt 111111.arne<l CLOTHES CLEANING 1570.18 1 more or less to the 'Vest line of and l\frs. Ruane are now at hon:e the .Northeast quarter (NE./{i) of said in the Manitou Park district of Ta- Se.ct1on 4, t.J1ence North 0°20' West along said \V~st lme 409.12 1 mo1·e or less to the co1na. South liue of the Northeast . 'quarter GR. 7914 (NE~t) of t1.1e Northwest quarter (N\V~·~} of said Sec110n 4-, th~nce \Vester])' alonrr Monthly terms on all purchases- said Free Pickup & Delivery South liue 313.50 1 , thence Nortl~ Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.) 0°20 1 \Vest 12701 more m· Jess to the cen..,. Plant: Park & Violet l\'leadow ter line of Primary St:He Highway No. 5, l~wnce I:lorthwesterly along said Primary Call Office, Parkland Centre State Highway No. 5 to a point C98.751 North of the South line of Section 33 Township i9 Nnrth, Range 3 E.W.1-i.; thPnce \Vest 296 1 , thence North 2751, 3-Day Service - Call For & Deliver thence' F:ast 1201 , thence South 25', thence East 170 1 more or Jess to the center Jine of said Primary Stale Highway No. 5, rh~nce Northerly along said Primary St::ite Highway No. 5 to the South line of SecIC AT tiou 28, Townhi1> 19 North, Range 3 24-HOUR SERV E E ..W.M., thence North 88°43' West along PLANT said South Jine of Sect.ion 23, 17961 mor(~ • • • or less lo the ccnte1· line of "A" Street Airport & Pacific GR. 6301 Piaf_ uf Lake Park, thence Northerly along "A'' Street to Thirtt>enth Street, thencC \Vestrrly along 13th Street and Span~ away Loop Road to tlie East line of the South\\'est quart~r (SWY.t) of the So11rl1ea~r quarter (SEY1), Section 29, Townslup 19 North, Range 3 E.lV.lvf., thence Drive In Under Awning .•. Northerly along said East line 4111' more Where Everybody Stops or le~;s to the Northeast corner of thr Southwest quarter (SWYt) of the SouthOpen 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. east Quarter (SE~./•) of said Section 29, Daily except Sunday t.heuce \Vesterly 273.65' along: the North lrne of Southwest quarter (SWVi} of the Telephone GA. 5495 For Pick-up Southeast quarter (SE'.4) of said Section 29, thence North 11°551 East ~50' more or less to the shoreline of Span:nvay Lake, DAIRIES thence Easterly and Northerly around said shoreline to the point of beginninq. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that a he~ring wiJI he held on said petitim; al the office of the Board of County Commissioners of Pierce County, \Vashington, in the Court Home at T.'.!'(':oma, '\V~shington. on f: f,'Tff'!T.fl: P,,nn,,:~im• J\lfondav. the lst·rb.y nr A~!g>..!~!, :'\. 'n. !ry'!~, at ten o'cloc·k A.M., or as soon therezi.lter on said day as the same can bf heard when any nerson, firm or eorpor:Hio.1 ma)'' HOMOGENIZED AND anrwar before th~ Board and m~d;:e ohicctions to the establishment of s~1id rih •1 'er. PASTEURIZED MILK or the proposed boundary Jines thereof. Ilv Order of the Board Qf C•·i.nty Com. missioners of Pierce County, \Vtt~h:ng1on, AND CREAM - ICE CREAM dated July 5th, i949. JACK W. SONNTAG P. 0. Box 207, So. Tacoma County Auditor rind Clerk of tl1e Board of County Commissionrrs. j By H. Leif, Deputy. Tacoma 9 Phone GA. 3301 (Senl) By I;ublication' July 14, 21, i949

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Tlie driver of one of these cars was in tlte act of ptUsing anotl1er motorist just as he neared llw crest of a hill. He collided liead·on rt>ith " driver coming ouer the brow of the 11ill, and with the terrific impact the lighter car was cruslie<l untler the J.eavy 011e. Tlie lalV• breal<er in tliis accident 1vns l<illed--so avas the other driver, and a passenger iv"s seriously injured. Passing on blind curves and on hills is simply gambling tvilh ·deutl1. Improper passing accounted for more 1han 35,()00 higlu~a:r deaths and injurieii in 19:16, according to ahe Naiit:mul Co11ltel'vatfo11 Bureau.

GR. 7947



The independent Stoughton, Mass. Chronicle bas this comment on economy in the federal government: . . . ln the past, one difficulty in the way of economy was that no one knew bow to go about it. No one had ever made a complete analytical study of the sprawling centrar government. That lack bas now been made up through the Hoover Commission survey. This tremendous work has examined every nook and cranny of the government. It has pointed out hundreds of instances of waste, duplication, overlapping, and proposed means of eliminating them. If ir is followed, billions can be saved.




Logan's Service

spends the limit of currently available income but also is bonded to the legal limit would be called upon to pay o•nly .73 mills more taxes to his town than the Tacoma resident is paying this year to keep that city going. Ac tu ally, few of the smaller Washington cities are forced to dig deeply into that ex"tra six mills for debt retireme_nt. Most of Washington's smaller cities are able to live comfortably within their 15 mills, maintaining all facilities and even carrying on improvement programs out of regular taxes. Of course, special Local Improvement District levies occasionally have to be voted in the smaller cities to put through major improvements, but Tacoma has its LlDs, too-with taxpayers often getting a quick brush-off by the Tacoma council. The small town councilman is a neighbor of everybody in his community and does not force through LID projects unless his neighbors really want them. Even if, as is most unlikely, the small town man had to pay that .73 mills more than 'Tacoma residents are paying this year, it would be well worth it.



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To DINE and DANCE LOCKER BEEF', VEAL and PORK Delicious 'FRIED CHICKEN Cutting •• Curing -- Smoking Tender STEAK DINNERS 116th & Tule Lake Road Call LA. 9145 102 Sales Road Res. Phone: Bus. Phone: GA. 8893 GR. 8246



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r_9/W c?flh1fde

Owntd and Operated by :Members WASHINGTON STATE FUNERAL DIRECTORS' ASSOCIATION A WISE PROVISION . . . Under the PURPU: CROSS plan, your loved ones are relieved of the burden uf last expenses .. , services are paid for when it is most convenient to pay ... al a substantial saving . . . in low monthly paymrnts. Investigate this thoughtful, business-Jik" plan now. Recommended by PAUL and CHARLES JHELLINGER Owners


~eto;:;;~tftt@Fl,t LAKEWDDU

]Hrs. John Susan, reporter Rt. 7, Rox 400 GRanite 7002 Clover Creek school has purchased _ an extra acre of ground. Monday, July 18, work was started to move the hill brhind the school_ onto the acre and lrvel it, off. Frank Reardon and Fred Suitter have the job. They are going to put up a new kitchen and lunch room, also a large storeroom and play shed. Later, they are to put up swings and teeter-totters and improve the play field. The old lunch room will be used for a home econon1ics roon1. Dinner guests at the home of l\fr, and l\frs_ LeRoy Gammon were Mr. and J\frs. J Freitas and Jerrie Lee of Olympia and l\fr. and Mrs. Joe Freitas Jr. and Mrs. Fowler of Temple City, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lightbody and Homer Lightbody left by car for a two-wet'k trip to Hazen, N. D. Mrs. Wetheral is at the Lightbody home while they are gone. lHrs. and Mrs. LeRoy Gammon are entertaining her cousins from San Jose, Calif. They are Mr. and Mrs. H. Russell. ]\fr. and Ml's. Richard Boness lut\'e purchased a new home on lvfirrow lake. Richard lroness was-injured whilr working Tuesday night at Boeing. He was· brought hom·e in a car and may need an operation. Mr. and l\hs. J.'red Boness have received word from their son and fornily, ]\.fr. and Mrs. Fred Boness -I I · M · l ll Jr. arn "ms ane, w 10 1iave a been sick with the flu. Mr. and ]\,frs. E. Heller spent Fri<lay evening at the ho111e of Mr. and Mrs. S. I. Carlson. Mr. a.nd Mrs. E. Heller and Nancy and Slurley motored to Seattle, Sun·




day, to visit their daughter and family, Mr. :md Mrs. Jerry Morrow. They also stopped in at Redondo beach. Mr. and l\Irs. J\,IcGhm1 spent Sat· urday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. Heller. Mr. and l\frs. Ray Tunier are enjoying the visit of their six-yrar-old nephew, Claude Fligg of San Diego, Calif. He made the trip nnrth by air. I\lrs. John Susan opened he1· home Friday evening for a plastic party. PrPsent were the Mesdames H. L. White, C. E. O'Neill, ·fran Collier, Wm. Keene, Bill Barton of Parkland, Virgil Radius, Ted O'Neill, demonstratot· Gretch~n Van Demeer and Mrn. Vm1 De meer Sr. Mrs. C. G1· had, as visitors, Mrs. Lester Cruts of Graham and Mrs. Howard. lWa.xine Susan, Joan Schaffner, and Kay 1-fann motored to Mount Rainier w i th Kay's a u n t, Mrs. Charles Smith. They took Mr. Smith back to Sunrise park. l\fr. and Mrs. M. Southwell entertained a group of teen-agers at a wiener roast at their home F1·iday evening·. Present were: Kay :Mann, Elsie and Luella Keene, M:.ixine and Richard Sus an, Joan Schaffner, lvfyb Janes of Seattle, Paul Smithlin, Dorothy Bolieu, Har.ris Cox, Ruth Failey, Alfred and Lois Joan Southwell, Clarence Cruzan, Laum -~Varing.

J:unes Franklin's newspaper, the New England Courant, aroused the wrath of the Massachusetts authorit' f b· d l · f b · 1es, w 1lO or a e um rom erng d' _ . . 1720 f . r b e 1tot 111 • a ter one year o pu lication. Benjamin Franklin then becarne editor at the age of l 6.


PatrolliLe Our Ad-.ertisel'S



Baskett Lumber Co.


WE GLADLY DELIVER SPANAWAY--Across from School GR. 7583 or GR. 6547

KIRBY - GRAHAM !vfrs. Albert Nelson, reporter Phone Graham 206

Mr. and Mrs. W. Holman of Wash., visited with her s1strr, l\frs. Guy Norman. Mrs, L. Ghor entertained the Juanice club at Clear Lake, W:ish., Thui:sday. . , . . Miss Lee A,·enll visited with Dolores Jupiter, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Morse Johnson uf Seattle were visitors at the home of lvJ r. and i\frs. Charles Lorenz, Sun· oay. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lorenz spent Wednesday visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. Max Heinzman of Puyallup. 1'Iiss Lorayne Sh 0 0 k returned home Saturday after spending focir days visitino- at the home of Laura l ath!·om Lidfoi:d road. Fnends and neighbors ext c n d deepest sympathy to Mrs. Alic c Michnew on the death of her father, S. V. Moore of Wenatchee, Wash. .Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Shook were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Goodnew of Puya.lup, Sunday. Sgt. and Mrs. Robert Gardener nnd son and S/Sgt. Kenneth Gar· . f R oc . I<, K an., are rnc· nsun . - o Mossy . . tonno- to W1tclua Falls, Texas. "' and Mrs. Ed Marek. wcrr . Mr. . v1.s1tors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Preston Henderson, SatLU'day . evemng. . Mary Jupiter spent several days . . . . cl '{ I VlSltmg with l\1r. an " rs. Zoss Plumb last week. • f ,, I . d Forrest Jenmng o 'as 10n is1an was a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter over the week end. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Afdem of Tacom:c were guests at the home of l\fr_ and Mrs_ R. W. Stanger, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger visited at the home of Sgt. and Mrs. Briggs, Friday. Mr. and "Mrs. Robert Brundage and Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Farley and son were visitors at the home of Jv!r. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger. Mr. and !Vfrs. 'Walter Stanger and family, Mt'. and Mrs. Andrew Pauls"n and Mr. and Mrs. Aterburn of Summit, Wash., gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Aud~'.s~'.1 of ~teilacoom, Wa1h., for a p1< me on Sunday: , .Mr. and M~·s. R. W. Stangt:r recc1vcd a CC!rd from Mrs. Rose C.arns, who has arrived in Ge- 1.·nuu1 to spend a .mon{h with ~1er daught;r aud fannly, after wluch she will , , S. l I''ranee, 1'1ie ·N ct l i· 1·1s1l w1tzer 1anc, . . • crtands and other lJ, countnes" belurr . . 1 1 1 t 11·mg Jae' to tie mtec1 ;:,rates, .Mr. and Mrs. 0. M. Olson and . M E N 1 J11r. arn1 rs. '" Ort 1strom re. F . 1. f. d' 1 1 turne( lorne 'l'lJ. ay a ter spen 1ng . . , ·y JI . ,. their vacat10n in e owstonc: ,,a. tional park. They also visitpd Mr. (;]son's cousin at Helena, Mont. Mr. and Mrs. J,ee Nelson and family SJ?eut the week end at s~kiu, Wash., f1sll!l1g. Mr. and Mrs. Milo Becker vis111 · - · iled at the homes of Mrs. Faye and Mrs. Larson of Tacon1a last week. Mr. and Mrs. Shirley of Tacoma visited Mr. and Mrs. Milo Becker, Tiwsday. In the evening, all mu-







I x 8 White }--1'ir Paneling - Kiln Dried


1'fr. and Mrs. Axel Dodln of E\'· crett visited at the home of Mr. und 1frs. Gordon Johnsoll. Jerry McGraw went swimming with friends at Spanaway park. Norman Johnson, son of 1-fr. and Mrs. Gordon J ohnsou, is visiting his grnndfather Welsh and aunt, Mrs. G. Wade of Everett, for two weeks. Mrs. Christine Johnson visited Carl Iverson and family, of Yelm, fnr a \Vedc Elk Plain Doy Scouts held their lllunthly meeting al Elk Plain school lnni:lt room. Those who attended wne: .Tack Ockfen, Nickey Farrrn, Danny and Dennis McGraw, Eddie and Pete Williams. The Rev. Svinth ~I 'l~l '.'.f T.acom.a is- their. scoutmaster. . I II .· J\,frs. Den Kuper, Doris Crim and : ~I / daughter, Mary Lee, Mr. and Mrs_ ~ Ross Sherman of Elk Plain and i \L, l\il'S. Edna Ayers of Clovn Creek molurrd to Woodland, Wash., to I visit frirnds. While there, they are I going wild blackberry picking. 1 Bobby Ktrper and David Rich I went swimming Tuesday at Spana~--way lake. ,. • ·----· Elk Plain Boy Scouts played the -:._And another tlung-1 want you to stop treating my Weyerhaueser Scouts, Monday night_ family like relatives!" Danny McGraw pitched and Bobby _ Kuper caught for the Elk Plain. I ers. The score was Elk l'lain 3 l, mallows. Prese~t were: Kenny Olive,, and decor:i,ting- the hall for the 'Weyerhaeuser ] C. Robby Kuper hit Jo~ce and Slurley Loveland, Irene , grand open111G;: All, present are. exa home run-looks as if he is fol- Oltve, Donald Goddard, Sam Goel· I pectcd back with friends and neighlowing in his brother Earl's foot· dare~, Ge~.rgia. S1::alley, :at and hors this Satm,Jay night. steps. Maiy Schnbnei, I11s .sm.alley, John-· l'vlr. and ~.frs. Ed Iltncr, Mrs. Mrs. Lela \Velliver and Mrs_ Edith ny Rearden: Dal~ Tibbitts, Nadrne Naomi Clark and son, Juhnny, and Morrisette drove to Seattle to the Reardren,- Kathenne Reardren. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Curry had u home of Major and Mrs. Nelson, Elaine and Evan Barker of Ta- dam dinner Sm1day night at the who entertained the past matrons of coma are visiting their aunt and Iltner home. Mountain Star chapter of Eastern uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd DillingGordon Johnson and Ross Plumb Star of Eat?nville. A wonderful din- ham, for a week. • . , are glad their vacation is over, so ner was e~Joyed by all. l\"!r. and .Mrs. Curtis Olive and tlwy can go kick to work and rest . Elk Plam Gleaners met Tuesday fanuly have moved to Parkland. up. mght, July 12, at Elk Plain Crange Mrs. Rex Olive and daughters, 'f I l\I II l l S ll d . '" Cl am an d V a d a, l ef t S uncI ay lJY J, r. am .. rs. A- aro dl Ed' ma woo l rn 11 . M rs. I-I . Bonne ll and Mrs. '"· . , . . . . . an d 1111ss1011ai·a~s ~ rt an , it 1l B urg· Bonnell served_ tram to VlSlt her parents ll1 Ne. d cl . 1 ch are on an exten · e tnp tnrouoMr. and-- Mrs. Russell Dahlberg braska. C ana. d a. Tl iey- 1iave v1s1 . 't-d "' e Ed • rnon· and sons, Gordon, Ralph and Lyle, Bob Cook, grandson of W. L. tau) f \ll )erta N ort 11 Batt 1e F·or\:, l . ~ and daughter, Annette, had a pie- Thatcher, shot a male coyote that S 1 cl C; 1 n • d · · · d I · · as<., an .a gary. ·~onme, young · me an went swnmnmg at Spana- at one time 1ia )een caug 11t m a son o 1. lvf r. an d 11-- rs. S n1a II woo d is · _ way lake. trap. Bob had gone out crow hunt· . , . l 1• . cl . h' · G . . I-I h . I . .1 . staymg wit i ;us two gran·mot ers. ] •,'ll' Pl am range e s1wt t e amma m 11e1r L as:t mon tl· 1 l1e spent wit " 11 1ns . a-ran cl • . . 1lad its month 1,y mg. meetmg July !+_ Due to e\·cryone s back pasture. ·] · K" l' f 1, II N" h. . , . 1\ d l\I F d mot 1er a rns o uya up. e 1 r. ath 1 1.\.ear ren ts liavmg summer p 1:rns, meetmgs are '. rs.. 'ran' . \Vlt . ll 111s . ot h er g-ran d rnot ller ow 'I .. , l\' rs. the Sf"cond 1 hursday of each month were seen enJoymg themseh'eS at C S ll 'i f Ell Pl ! only. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Michus of the theater. , .• eorge ma WOOL 0 ' < am'. Spokane \'isited the Grange. Mr. Donald Goddard is spending the Mr. and l\frs._ Chester Wngl~t Mickus is a pa~t master of Elk Plain week end at: the Ilurslem home, near spent Srniday ~cwith l\fr. Wnght s Grange. Ed Bowers was acting mas- Mc:Chnrd field. Mr. and Mrs. Burs- mother, Mrs. l om Loprn of Clear ter as ML Rau is still confined to lern are former residents of Elk lake. bed. Mrs_ C. Brown and Mrs_ George Plain. l\lr. aud Mrs. Louie Yager and Dorfner served. Mt. and Mrs. Joe Mickus of Spo-1 rnn, Do11, daughters, Dolores and Bobby Kuper, son of Mr. and k:rne drove over July H. Thursday! Dorothy, alld Wayne Du Nune moMrs. Ben Kuper, is returning to night, they had dinner with Mr. and tored. to Morton. They had a chickSpokam~ with the Joe Mickus fam- Mrs. Ben Kuper and .attended ''IJ drnni:r al the home of Mr. and ily for a two-week visit. Grnnge meeting. Friday they vis- lvlrs. R. Erickson after dinner. All Ed Ittner, Mrs. Christine John- ited friends in Tacoma. Saturday allcnded the baseball game between son, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Jolmson they spent with Mr. and Mrs. Spauaway and Morton. and son, Richard, Mr. and Mrs. Thorne Tibbitts and rttl1rned to Miss Alice Dm·fnCl' went picnickRoss Plumb and sons, Terry, Jerry their home. ing with friend.< from Puyallup. and Larry, and Mary Jupiter moJ\,frs. Ida Howe motored to Ren- They went to Lone lake near Lacey, tored to Ocean C-ity, Saturday. tun, Wash., Monday, to visit her Wash. Their limi,'. of clams ~as. du_g, also d:rngl.1te;-. , ,, __ . , . , . Ernie Haskins and family and Eva good ca,e ol sunbuin 1ece1ved. . . J\,f1. a11d !Vhs. R I ,,lu1e'. an.I Lun r:rctl Jv[yei·s and son drove to Olym· Leah Greenlaw, daughter of Mr. Ily h~we ,n:oved, to Olyrnpia. . . pia, Sunday, to attend the theatre. and Mrs. Alfred Greenlaw, spent Mtss Edith Crnsby flew back from 'l'licv had dinner with friends be· all day Wednesday visiting Dolol'cs Portland after visi.ting friends for fore' mo.toring home.. .. Jupiter. t:vo week~. She enjoyed her first !'resent to he!) liltlr Colleen Has1 Loveland 4-I-I, under the leader- airplane nde very rnudl. l" .. ·-J"b "l" l ~. 7 I 1 .. 1 d " LI oyc!D'll' Ed D raper .is enJoyrng . . ]' . dIIS CeL I.te lt:l ay le.] . 0 f'1 sup 1 rngham, gave • 11s vaca.- ·t·J _ ... l\I' I·. an .l1 d Jllll ,1\.lS. " rs. 1 .. C'l'f'I' .., • • . . . (t'll y, \Vtlt'. I a show at hlk . Plam school to raise twn; <lt home and .1,."<11nts . . . , ..1. 1 .1.1 . d .. . just workmg alll Cll<Jen, c··i· .au d'ia, I)'·]· 1c, money f or their mem1)Cl'S to .altencl 1is1ung no:v a1~ t 11en. . . . and Charles, of Orting; ]\.fr. and 4-H camp at Benbow lake in AuElk Pl:un (,rangers !;i'.lrted thell' 1 'f c··, e or. g; e l·I as 1ons, . d . "Tl G . .1 ff l . S . iv rs. aunt an gust. F eature was, ie ' re at new t 1:rncrng sc.1ec1u 1e o as1 . :iturI d '. R' l I d. .1 , . . . d unc e, cm cousins, 1c ian an 1 w1L 1t H ne\V 1):Hl(1 un er 1, ,. ,. _ " 1 l·f 1.. _, 1. 'I'•" . _ ,M i te)) a 1so con11cs and news ree 1s. l 1ny n1g-1t, S'l . as,rns, o .1corn.i. . J . _ \'1)JJJ<11<c u 11 ey 1rom ____ Tlie clu b than I,s everyone f or co· the lcac1ers 1up o1 . oe operation. Tacoma. Dancing was from l 0 p.m. A g1·oup of young friends surprised until '.! a.m., with lunch servrd at Free estimates on repair and reVirginia Rearden on her 13th birth-! all times by. the Cleaners. The morJ,-1 jobs-Brookdale Lumber Co. day, July 15., a. t her home. They Gleaners a.nd ways ~nd rnca1_1s e~rn(adv.) played games :ind roasted marsh-· m1ltee spend last 1 uesday deanmg -. ---------_-··-------.--.




Page Three

GR. 8488






tored to Roy to visit with Agnes and Victor Goldman. Miss Mury McCollum of England spent the week end at Erickson's on Clear lake. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Plumb and sons and Bob Jupiter mot.;red to Yakima, Toppenish, Ellensburg and Cle Elum, Wash. They went via Naches and returned by -Snoqualmie pass. They visited Mrs. Marie Miller while at Toppenish. Mrs. M. Sorenson spent Sunday with Mrs. Carl Casperson. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Price e'1tertained Sgt. and Mrs. Briggs at dinner in their home, Friday. Mrs. Levi Plumh, mother of Ross Plumb, is confined to a Tacoma hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hanson of Puyallup and Mrs. Allie Hopkins of Tacoma were visitors at the home of Mr. and l\frs. Albert N1~!;,on, Saturday evening. Rev. 1\1. Adell, pastor of Grahar1 church, spent the week at Coven· ant beach, Des lvfoines, Wash. A hirtl1day picnic was held at Spanaway park, Sunday, to honor Mrs. Helen Smallwood, Fred Rhors and Miss .Lavonne Cook. Prrsent were Mr. and Mrs. Golden Smallwood and son, Melvin, l\fr. and Mrs. Le.onard Cook and family, Fred Rhors and daughters, Margie and Lois, Dale Tibbitts, Roney Smallwood and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Martin of Tacoma. Miss Betty Crnts visited Helen Erickson over the week end, at her home in Parkland. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson and Mrs. Mary Nelson visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. Eilrose of Parkbnd, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Galbraith are on their vacation. A reception was held Monday evening, July 11, at Graham Community church to honor the new pastor, the Rev. M. Adell of Kansas. Approximately 125 people of the community attended. A lovely program was given. After presenting the Rev. and Mrs_ Robert Bodin, Mr. and Mrs. Olson and the Rev. Adell with gifts, cake and coffee were served by the ladies. Mrs. Robert Bottomley (Esther Tinius) is feeling better. Ehe is confined to Maynard hospital, Seattle. Mr. and MI'S. Roy Carlson sp'ent the week end visiting their daughter, Mrs. Lloyd .l\<[urrny, at Beaver, Wash. Emil Nelson and son, Ralph, of Tacoma, visited his brother, Albert Nelson, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lorenz and family visited his brother, Frank Lorenz, in Tacoma, Wednesday . FIRST REUNION IN 14 YEARS Last week was an eventful one at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Yopng. It had been 14 years since Mr. Young's sister, 1-frs. George Dirll, and brother, John Young, had been together. Present for the reunion wne: l'v1r. and !virs. Ccorge Didi and son, Paul, of Tooele, Utah, and Mr. and Mrs. John Young and daughter, Joan, of Lewiston, Idaho. During their stay in Parkland, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Young took them on several sight-seeing trips.








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i! lowe'en

party. Next meeting wiU be July 26, 8 p.rn., refreshments to be served by t!1; Mesdames Huston, i Hanson am] I urner. Harvard Improvement dub met at Dawson fieldhouse July 13. Plans were discussed to have a crew of I ~'.1en slash brush .?~ the back. of ~h~ I held when the f11e h~zaid 1s mei. · Measurements of the litld are to be taken by Floyd Ayers, Al Bombardicr, Bl . Frank T Johnson I. ·and Claude I · essrng. . hey w.111 see' est~· mates on. . matenals for a tennis l l N court.' w1t:h a )Or <lonnted. ext meelrng will be August 10. Don't forge!: Supervised play at Dawson field every Friday morning, f9 'I I'! iorn · unll -· Buster Smith helped Lis grnndmother, Mrs. U. E. Smith, celebrate her birthday, July 18, by taking ~upper to her,. and helping her eat 11 after a day m the berry patch. Mr. and Mrs. Colby Duncan, Florener and May, and Mrs. Arra Duncan motored to Eatonville, Sun· day, tu speud the day with .'\rra's sistr:r and other relatives. lVfrs. Noah Weeks is under due· tor's care for a serious attack of flu. Former home of E. R. Kennedv was damaged by fire, late lvfonday, from nn overheated stove. Consid· nable water damage occurred. ·1

Recipe of the Week

J\frs. Arthur Pietz, Reporter Rt. 1, Box 445, Spanaway--GR. 6646



Mrs. Ahce Snuth, ReportF.r GR. 5475


Mrs. Ada \Valker from Son AnClair Feddersen and family of ~I Lake Shore drive express their deep· to11io, !".t·~as, will spend !he summer est thanks for floral offerings ::ind her,, v1s1tmg lwr s,m, \Villy Walker, In sum1rncr when appetitrs wilt :is du collars, the footl for sympathy on the death of their \Vift· rntr·rtaininp; should be espeeially pleasing lo the t·ye. But it should who is stationed at Ft. Lewi:;, and not be so elaborate that it makes a wreck out of the cook. The other relatives in Tacoma. and mother. secret lies in planning attractive dishes which can he prepared Vi"s'toi· . . • .. " t ti 1e Spanaway Scout trnop 34 will . , s rr . uesc·J.a y evt:lllng well ahead of serving time. A jellied meat mold is such a dish. Its hoine of 11rs. Vina Hobbs were hold its next committee me(oting at cool atr::ictiveness is hard to beat on the summer buffet tabk, yet rehtives ... '" ,_,.. the honw of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. , . fronl St o cl." I·a IP, 'l',cx,1s, 1s. it's hearty enough to serve as a main dish. 84th and Pacific Avenue GA. 3133 Travis Tomlinson and 11r. and lv[rs. Hill, Tuesday, July 26. JEI,LIF.D HAM MOLD Herm:rn Feltnr•r alld daughter. They Mrs. Gertrude Black of Bth street 2 teaspoons prepared mus~v, cups ground cooked ham are touring in the Northwest area. were: 1vlrs. Anne Kemp, :tvfrs. Cora has been spending all her free time tablespoons gelatine tare! 2 Mr. and Mrs J·ick Absten John· Taylor, Mrs. Nellie Taylor, Mrs. remodeling and enlarging her home. 17'.j cups consomme I tablespoon minetd onion . ' .. ' . ny ~md Rogc:r, and Mrs. Helen RobFrancis Johnson, Mrs. Ruth Esh-· Mrs. Eldon Wolfer of Sheppard t:iblespoon horseradish Dash of pepper i11sun, Duiures anu Marcilyn, spent peter, Mrs. Mory Lind, Mrs. Alice and Simmom road is up and arnund Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter . So:ik gelatine in a little cold water, if necessary (see package Thursday enjoying the swimming from her recent illness. Husby, Mrs. Mary Hansler, Mrs. GRanite 5738 label). Heat consonune and add gelatine, stirring until dissolved. weatlH,r at Hidi ve. Beryl Teffre, Mrs. Fern Berger, Recent guests at the home of :tvfr. Let cool, then add seasonings. Place iu refrigerator; when mixture Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Drath reMrs. Hazel Berger, Mrs. Maud nnd 11-frs. E. E. Jensen were Mt'. begins to thicken, stir in ground ham (or ground luncheon meat (During the absence of Mrs. c<-iw:<l a long distance call, last Fri· Johnson, Mrs. Francis Mitchell, and Mrs. Delbert Washburn of or canned chop1wd h:im). Pour into mold (loaf pan, ring mold, Clarence Johann, now on vacaMrs. Nadine Sharpe, Mrs. Pearl Salem, Ore., Thomas T:.idilla of day, from their son, Dave, who is or decorative mold) which has been oiled with salad oil or rinsEd tion, Midland news is being reUdd. Mrs. Bernice Tunwr. Also Oregon City, Ore., and his sistn, with the Aqny Air force in Honowith cold wattr. (Oiling makes unmolding easier.) G:irnish with ported by Mrs. George M. Turner, present, from the head council in Alice Tadilla, who is ,•isiting \ter radish roses and watncress or parsley. (* Use canned consomme lulu, Hawaii. Rt. 4, Box 181-B. News items diluted with equal parts of water; or use bouillon cubes or meat Tacoma, were Mrs. Van Winkle, in brother from Puerto Rico. Thomas New granddaughter of Mrs. Clara may be reported to her at GRanite extract dissoh·ed in water, I teaspoon or I cube to a cup of hot charge of publicity, and Mrs. Man- Tadilla is a former resident of Gaiser has been n a m e cl Sandra 5727.) water.) ning, organizer. Sp:rnaway. Louise. Br·sides her parents, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis l\kArtor and Ralph Woody celebrated his 7th Mrs. Clinton Gaiser, she is welSemi-mon~hly teen-~ge dance "';. ~ll 1 daughter, . Evalow.: have. returned birthday with a party held at his I here they :ill motored to Shelton comed by a brother. Jjttle Sandra be held Fnday evenrng, July 2~, from :1 trip to Crater Lah, Ore. was born July 11 and will come home on Webb mad, Wednesday, I and Elma, \Vash., to visit Mrs. Reid's at Collins Grange hall, under the They say the sct,nery there was home to Spanaway. July 13. Those atlending wen,: San·' mother, Mrs. John Kazinski, and spons?rship. of Collins Grange. really something .to see. Aft_er staySecond son was wc:lrorned by Mr. dra Lee Cluistilaw, Lyli: Decker, her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. TRINITY LUTHERAN Dancmg will be from 9 p.nL to ing there a wlulc, they lollowed Parkland, Washington Jewel Schlattilly, Sandra Ln Dat- and Mrs. Geoq;e Kazinski, and farnand Mrs. Hamid Olson late lvfon12:30 a.m. Refreshments will be sold I the Rogue riwr on into Grants Pass, B. Steen, Pastor son, Ailine Dotson, Martin :vood)', ily. When they returned to Spana- Thursday,Ernest day afternoon, July 18, at St. JoJuly 21: in the kitchen. Ore., and Crescent City, Calif. They Gerry Johnson and Jesse W11lough· i way, Ivfrs. Kazinski and Miss Geor12 :30 p.m., Trinity Missionary seph's hospital. His brother's name Mr. and l\1rs. Floyd Jensen and drove south into the redwood forby. A lovely luncheon was served i gia Kazinski came with them. Society at the home of Mrs. Es- is Conrad; his father is president I daughter, Janet, have returned from ests and earne back the coast route, by the hostesses, Mrs. R. M. Woody · Mr. and Mrs. Bill Long of I st of the Harvard Improvement club. ' · ther Rousseau. a trip to North Dakota to visit stopping for half a day at Depoe ! street are spending their vacation Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Drath and Minimum charge for classified adJuly 24: friends and relatives. While there, Bai' to watch the big fishing boats and Gladys Willoughby. Cay Henricksen of Lake Shore at Tokeland beach. Mr. and Mrs. George Jorgenson vcrtising, 50c (Rate base is line of Janet had the mumps so they stayed come and go. 11 a.m., Worship Service. motored to Seattle, Sunday after- five average words). 7 p.m., Senior Luther Lea!>;u~. with Mr. Jensen's mother. Janet Visiting Mrs. Jcnnic Pederson of d1:ive i; spending a short va~:::i'.ion 1 Mr. and Mrs. R~b~rt E. Ettlin of noon, to visit Mrs. Clara Russell First insertion at 15c per line. wasn't sick so she enjoyed the visit, 9nd and Golden Givan road this with !us. uncle and au.nt, 1·f1. an.d Spana way are rece1v111g cong.TatulaMrs. Fred Hrnricksen, :it Ohop lake. tions on a baby girl, bom July 14. Harvard Covenant Church who was entertaining cousins just Additional insertions in conbecuregardless. On the way home, they past week was her sister, Mrs. JenHe is enjoying fishing :rnd swirnMrs. Abrahamson of Sheppard Rav. Robert Bodin, Po.tor returned after a family reunion held tive issues at J Oc per line. visited Yellowstone park and saw toft of Duluth, Minn. With Mrs. and Simmons road celebrated her At Harvard Scho~I . in Minnesota. The cousins are Mr. Classified display advertising ai the sights through Montana, Idaho J entoft were her daughter and son-- ming. Marvin Griffith, son of Mr. and birthday with a fa mi I y dinner, Thurs~~y, July 21: Mi<lweek Bible and Walter Head, from New !Oc per agate line ( 14 to inch). and Oregon. in-law, Mr. and Mrs. J. Duff. Mrs. Mrs. A. A. Griffith of Cold ;~t.reet, Thursday, July !+, at the home of study, 7A:> p.m. Westmmstcr, 13. C., Canada. lvlr. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Johann Jentoft who is 83 years old, hadn't Saturday, July 2:~: All-church pie- Jorgenson is a brother to Mrs. Drath ft .J. celebrated his 8th birthday, l•nday, her dmighter, Mrs. Naomi Cline. and children, Claude and Doris, re- seen h~r sister for 16 years. Mrs. Mr. ~nd l\frs. E. H. Tarpenning nic, 11 a.m., Wapato park. Rides and Mrs. Russell. turned home from a very fine trip William McPherson, daughter of July 15, with a party at his home., Those atlendi11g and wishing him and family of Mountain highway re~ from church at I 0:30 a.m. Bring Mr. and Mrs. John Paulik and .ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE-to Arizona, Sunday. After a few Mrs. Pederson, hadn't seen her aunt happy birthday were: Chuck and cently returned from a vacation trip picnic lun~h. Sunday s~:hool will childre. n, Jerry, .Joanne and Beverl .. yrnan Redf<. >rd, . owner. Septic days of rest they are planning to for 44 years, so they had a nice Paul Newbury, Patty Lian, Tt·ddy which took tlwm to Salt Lake City. serve free ice cream, coffee, cream, ly, are on a motor trip to Philadelt:rnks pumped, contents hauled go to the ocean for a short time. time getting acquainted again. Sunand Tana Pow(or. :tvfrs. Hdnt New· They enjoyed a few days of swim· lemonad~. Games, races in after· II phia, Pa., tu visit his" aw' . .'.Y.. (.;A.. '.>.446 or GA. 9794. Some members of the Midland <lay, a family reunion was held at bury assisted Mrs. Griffith with miug in Sall lake. On their return noon, prizes. Carl A. Brandt, who was best man _ tfc Orthopedic Guild visited the new the summer place of Mr. and Mrs. Sunday, July 2+: Suml:ly school,· at the wedding when Mr. and Mrs. ltECUNDJTfONED sewing ma· trip they took in Bryce canyon, bank at Parkland, Monday. morn- McPherson, at Lake St. CI air. rdreshments. chines for sale. Buy, sell 01 trade. l\frs. Harvey Bradshaw of 12th Gra,nd canyon and Boulder darn. 9:45 a.m.; Morning worship, 11 a.Ill. Harold Olson 'were rn:irried in Honing. Manager Arthur Swmdland About 20 were present: Mr. :rnd uest at the Olson l~,lectrifying and 1;epairing. D. P. street is able tu be up and around They also spent a few days in Ycl- Sermon topic: "What's in a Name?" olulu was :i showed the members through the Mrs. Paul Lindberg and daughters ·r ues d ay, J u I.) ?6· J. Boys, 4 p.m. home' last weekg before lus. rdurn (,r,,,,n ' f:Ramte .'\201. tfc ~ . 1. part time, aftr·r her long illness. . lowston'e park and at Livingston, bank, after which a picture was. of Graham, Arnold Thorson, postWednesday, July 271 Hi-league, flight to the i;lands. Brandt had FUR RENT ...Good sized L-rocm1 Sea. Richard Tarpenning, ~on of i Mont., where they enjoyed a real taken. The guild has the honor ol master of Graham, and his daughtt,1", 7 p rn ·· '( . · . . Id 1 house; huilt-111 cupboards, hot Mr. and 1frs. Ernest Tarpennmg of western rodeo. 11 1eei; · • visi mg re 1a[lvcs 111 a iu. and cold water, lights furnished, opening the first checking account and Mr. and Mrs. Morris Thorsen Webb road, lt'ft Monday, July 18, to Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Ward of Juumy Webb, son of llfr. and nrn1c;·<'; :j:'."' month. CR. 7639. in the new bank. Those present and family of Tacoma. included. Christian Science !'~h1lT1 t" -::h~~~, :ifi'Pr spending a 30-- 1ilountain highway spent last \veek Mrs. Kenneth Webb, celebrated his · 4G-4 7c Helping Hand club met July 15 clay furlough at his parents' home. end at Hoodsport, ·wash. They en"Truth" is the subject of the Les- +th birthday, July 12. A party was SEPTIC: TANKS CLEANED, conat Dawson fieldhouse for its s1111117rienclly Dozen Birthday club met joyed catching fish and digging son-Sermon which will be read next g1ven rn !us honor. Olfermg con· tr·nts ha11l1,d away. Don Redford, 111er picnic. ~iostess was ,Mrs. I-1 .• at the home of Mrs. Ceorgic Wool- clams, of which they got their limit. Sundav in all branches of The Moth- gratulations were: Susie, Larry and GA. 7::LH. tfc Williams. Miss Louise hetz of 1 a- house of 12th street, to honor Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hadman er CI{urch, The First Church of Jerry Fordin-, Do11ald Sotak, Teddy KITl5rm:r;n:::ABINETs-=-we incorna gave a wry interesting talk Oma Peterson, one day last week. have established their new home in Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass. Wilson, Loretta Rogers, Judy Webb, stall. Free estimates. Expert furou ho1nf" we:l.vi11g aud showed sa111· Those attending and enjoying a Spanaway, following their wedding Jack Sknanes. Refreshments were niturc repair. Suburban \Vood·· plcs of hCI' work. She will teach picnic lunch were the Mesda~ues May G. Mrs. Ifadman is the former the call was given the volunteer J served to the little guests in the wurkiug, . 96•J.3 . Pipe Line road. home economics at Burlington, Walter Ellis, Ernest Tarpemt1ug, Leona Peterson. firflnen had th~ir re~pirator in oper- front yard. Phone GR. 86G2. tfc Wash., this fall. Those present were Emerson Tarpenning, Oliver Omat J\fr. and Mrs. Clinton Gaiser of ation. For almost three hours the Butch and Tooty Drath frnm HUTSON TANK CLEANING the MesdanJPs lJ. G. Stark, Bert and daughtn, Judy, H. F. Pillsbury, Spana way are proud parents of a men rndeavored to restore life to Portland, Ore., al'i> sptndin.~ the s.cptiL: tanks, cesspools cleaned; Miller, J. Quinleven, A. Johnson, .Bill Neissen, Jack Kanton, Jack daughter, born fost week. ti · rttl f'll F t· • · t l· · wed· with their cousins Busler LontPnts hauled away. Phon<'s: H.. t e c.ow . . ,xiaox}gen an,s ··' . : : ., · ' GA.7038andGR.5467. tfc E. Duppenthakr, J. Bushnell, E. Splane, Robert Manrnng :rnd Errnly Mr. and l\frs. Doyle Cox :md wt·re suppl1ecl by Parkland Volun- Budd)' and B1ll1 Jo Su11t!J. Ahlstrom, Charles Berg, W. Knack, Ball. three cl1ildn:1i, of Mountain high- teer Fire dcparlrnent. l'v[rs. Gary I Mr. and Mrs. Bill Amts and REtBU ILD \J 0 t ir <lwood . an~ coal I-I. Hoover and daughter, Margie, 1 · · 1 (-'I . l . . S ·!· · .· · . tea"l s ovcs. ... !vot'' one m · uomc-Sunday dinner guests at .the home way, have rc-turnc·d from a wc1·k's Breazeak ,. ., ·~ who dtscovned · · - · the· cl11l,l · " ••. ie1v·. S]Jent_ ·""'av ._ ' v1sitJ1w; ,., guarantee(. l'.a II any tune v 1,_, Cad Nikolai and granddaughter, of Mr. :rntl Mrs. Fred Chait: of Lake vacation spent at Hillyard, Wash., 111 Cen~rnlia, Wash: and applied artificial respiration unltvt:s . . 5201, T'acoma and vicinity. '45tfc Darien<", E. Sonneman and son, Shore drive wr·re Mr. and Mrs. Har- with Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Morris, til help anivcd, also earned the gra t- . Dawson Field Recreation club met RA y GOGAN Timmie, Mrs. Williams and Miss old Chafe of Tacoma and Mrs. Torn Mrs. Cox's pnrr·nts. While tlwr<·, itucle of the community. July 12. for a putluck lunch. Plans Landscape Construction Fietz. Dowling of V :rncouver, .B. C. they also visited Mrs. Cox's sister wf're .discussed for another card : New lawns, rock mawnry walls and Phillip Friberg of l acorn.a has and brothers and their familii:s. party Ill the near future. Pluns. aho I fireplaces. '.J years to pay. GRanite Ask about our house plan MUSICAL WORKSHOP AT heen spending a short vacatwn al Martha Sand, Mrs. Nora Reiman, ~Brookdale Lumber Co. 1 were rnade to hold a costume Hal-, 88"12. tfc PARKLAND EVANGELICAL the home of his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Win Snyder, Mr. and Directed by Prof. Buszin of Con- Mr. and Mrs. John Newell of Louvre Mrs. Re~se ·Jenkins and daughter, cordia Lutheran seminary, St.' Louis, street. . . Diane, all of Tacoma, Mr. and Mrs. ~-Only Vm! con Mo. a musical workshop will be Recent guests at th.e home of Mt· Fred Chafe of Spanaway, Mr. and he l' d at Parkland Ev. Lutheran and Mrs. Jack Ilenncksen of Lake Mrs. Norman Reid and family of Vancouver, B. C., Mrs. John KaFOREST FIRES! church July 31, it is announced by I Shure drive were Mr. and ~Ir~. Nm~ the Rev. Walther C. Gullixson, pas- man Reid of Vaucouver, B. C., ai.1 zinski, Mr. and Mrs. George Ka. is · ·invite · d. 'l ! ···11 ; Nu1·1-v/ and Doug·. Whrk zins · 1\I· an cl cl aug) } t er, G co1g1 · .·.,..... , u-f' tor. T he pu 11 J a.: c·l11t11 ASK ABOUT OUR MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN




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Shelton, Wash., nnd Mr. and Mrs. Lee Henricksen of Tacoma were recent dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Henricksen of Lake Shore drive. Friends and neighbors of Cpl. and Mrs. Jaiu<·s L. Cochran of Spa11away Gffer deepest sympathy on the death of their small son in Spana·· way lake. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson of 12th street are prnud parents of a girl, born al St. .Joseph's hospital, Saturday, July JG, at 5:30 a.m. She weighed G pounds, 11 ounces. As yet she is without a name. She is welcomed by a little sister, Connie May, J(j months old, and by her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Faye Cooley of 12th street, Spauaway, and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Thomp· son of Roy. Praise and appreciation have been cxpr1•ssed to tht~ Spanaway Fire department, and especially to Merle Prettyman, Martin Gibbons and Paul Fread, for efforts in trying to save the life of Michael Cochran, who was drowned in Spanaway lake, July 11. Less than 8 minutes after


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Prairie pointer v 4 no 46 jul 21, 1949  
Prairie pointer v 4 no 46 jul 21, 1949