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RODGER LUNDI~ POST NO. 5052 Veterans of Foreign \Vars ]\frets First and Third Tuesdays, ll p.m., in Parkland School

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i yoL. +,NO. •15

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Parkland Firemen Capture State Trophy

AUXILIARY NEWS There wiil be initiation at Tuesday's mecling, plus electio11 of a delegate to the national convention at Miami, Florida, August 21-26, 1949. Members who helped at the f'.ames at American Lake gardens, Saturday night, are: 1\.fr. and Mrs. Herbert Gullberg, Mr. and Mrs. Don Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Troy Nighswonger, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Steele, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Johnson, Mrs. Ralph Rawley and Ronald Steele.

Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland

Long AwaH:ed ank pen1ng ere Is arked by ecept:ion This at:urday Arthur Swindland's Bank !VIanager PARKLAND LEGION POST TEAM Appoinhnent To Be 1

RUSH REGISTRATIONS l'OR LEGION CONFAB President of the 1949 Legion st:uc corwention corpoiation, Henry R. Kruse, Seattle, urgrs all' out-of--tuwii Legionn8ires to hu1Ty with their registration and h'otel roorn requeSts for the Seattle conclave. Nearly onethird of the first-class hotel accommodations reserved for the state cnn · vention have been asked for, ac- WEARING VICTORY SMILES are members of the Parkland Volunteer cording to Kruse. Fire Department drill team, above grouped around their state championship cup. Holding cup is Commissioner C. M. Marsh, drillmaster. Others in front row are Lee Smith (left), alternate, and Robert Haner, captain. PARKLAND POST NO. 228 Rear rnw-Ed Larson (left) and Jim Lewis. AMERICAN LEGION . . Mcetmgs every second and fourth Entering competition for the first -----·· Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the time this year, the team represent- Angeles. Sunshine Hall ing Parkland Volunteer Fire departEleven members of the Parkland ·well, tht> boys brought home the nir:Ht came home from Va11couvcr, department attended the four days bacon Monday nio·ht. The bacon Wash., last week em! with the gold of firemen's school at Vancouver; we're speaking of i; the 4th district cup signifying first place among all- July 7-10. title in Junior baseball competition. volunteer fire departments of this Members of the Parkland FireParkland American Legion is spon- state. The local firemen won their men's drill team are: Capt. Robert soring a Junior baseball team this Class E championship competing Haner, Jim Lewis, Ed Larson, Lee year, in case some of our good against teams from Orting, Belle\'lle Smith, alternate; Commissioner friends who may be reading this and Sunnyslope. C:larrnce Marsh, drill master. don't know what we are talkiug Orting· pbced second and BelleParkland Postmaster Jack Quill about. Judging from the attendanc~ \'UC third. loaned his personal stop-watch to the at the team's home games, this bit The .C:lass E _(all-v?lunteer) drill team to time its p~·a.ctice runs here of information is news to quite a compet1t10n against tune was held before the compet1t10n. When the few. All I can say is that it is a I Friday, July 8, as a part of the an- local smoke-eaters came home with good thine· that our baseball team nual Washington State Firemen's the cup, Quill decided they had won. its ti-~le by virtue of excelle?t '~ss,?_ci~tion inst~tute. ,'.of ext year's a~- earned the watch and presented it playrng slull and the abie leadership I socwt1011 meelwg will be at Poit 1 ro them. . of W. H. May and management of [ ·


Manager Announced

BAGS 4TH DISTRICT JRm CROWNj ---··-·--------·-·-----1

New Parkland branch of National Bank of Washington, located at Pacific avenue and Airport road, will be open for business Monday, July 18, at JO a.rn., it was announced today by A. H. Brouse, president. The bank is holding open house, Saturday, Jul)' l 6, from 5 p.rn. to 9 p.m., to which the public is cordially invited. The new building, 60xl 00 feet, is of beautiful modern design. It is of steel frame construction with c0ncrete block walls. The exterim is Roman tile with ceramic tile front" A unique feature of the building is a covered walkway extending alo1,gthe two sides adjacent to the ample parking area, so that customers may enjoy covered protection upon •:ntering and leaving the bank. A night depository also is provided. The banking room covers an area of 4-,500 square frN, and an addi· Arthur G. Swindland tional 1,500 square feet will be available for rental space until such time as expansion is desirable. The woodwork iu the lobby is of rift-grained oak with matching counter tops, and the walls are painted a soft g-raygreen to blend with the woodwmL Most Modem Vault Ample offii;ers' quarters, five tellers windows, eomfortable conference rooms, safe dE"posit vaults and private booths for safe deposit customFormal announcement this week ers are on the first floor. The doors be mamtamed during.hours of great· t.op of the third and was never again that the new Parkland .branch ·of est water use. headed. The locals added two more the National Bank of Washington 11 nehind the hurling. of Ron;iie. -1 j 1-fay Parkland's American Legwn I prIH { Illg erlOU Juni;r Baseball team rode seven 1 hits, includin_g one homer_ and a double, to Jts second wm over Wiih c:ontinuance of hot, dry Rhodes post of Tacoma and the weather, I'arlland Light and Water Fourth District title for 1949. Parkcornpcmy ag·ain has stressed lo its land's winning margin was 8 to 4. members the need for strict adherMonday evening's victory at Jefence to assigned sprinkling periods ferson park, Tacoma, boosts the during evenii'.lg hours. The alternat- Parkland squad into the all-state ed sprinkling· periods arc to con- playoffs at Sick's stadium, Seattle, tinue in effect during the remainder July 27 to 31. Winnn of the state of the summer, 1-Ianager M. A. crown meets the title teams of 11 Wut, pointed out. other western states in the regional Nutice of evening sprinkling hours tourney. at Yakima, Wash., August assigned lo the two sections of the 21 to 23. Top team at Yakima moves comp,my's service area recently was into the Little World series at m ~ i I~ d to. members. Alternate Omaha, Neb., August 29, 30, 31 sprmkl111g penods members are now and September 1 and 2, for the naagain urged lo observe are set by tional diamond diadem. the company as follows: The local club battled big odds All who live east of Park avenue to gain the district championship may sprinkle Monday, Wednesday over well-backed teams representing and Friday between the hours of 4- two strong Tacoma American Lep.m. and IOy.m. gion posts, No. 138 and Rhodes, All wh? live west of Park avenue and posts at Olympia, Shelton and may sprinkle Tuesday, Thursday Puvallup. Parkland team finished and Saturday between the hours of the. double round robin of district 4- p.m. 10 p.m.. . . play with a record of 8 wins and 2 There is no rcstnctwn of spm1k- losses. The club was defeated only ling after 10 p.m. or before p.m. by Tacoma post 138. daily m at any time on Sundays. Parkland spotted Rhodes a single . The co~1pany urges cooperatio~ tally in. the _second inning of Mon-. ol membe1s so .that adequ.ate wate1. cby's utle tilt,. then moved to the pressu~·e ~for fire. protectwn) may front with a four-run splurge in the

S - •- I· }" • p .• Observance ;\sked








I nu1LL TO ACCEPT HA RTE R F. 0 R 'I I ~:~~.i:?:at ~1~v~~~~:l~:~~.!~ 01~ a~eat~e~~ PARK.-LAND K" t.WAN·IS CLUB TO-NIGH- TTRANSFER OF ~~0~:s ~~~~li>i~r~~.~: ~:1~dal;~;:~~~ ~;;~~~~s:a~?:~~;~~~~~~~For~~:e~,r~ SCHOOL. AR" EA

Frank Berry-ft)!.· if Lhey had been. dependent upon support of the com-



We are indeed fortunate to have



:n.~ecently-formed Kiwanis Club of _


counter in the sixth. He chalked up cipal communities of the area to be

strikeouts along his winn~ng· route. ser.ved by the bank. Com',11ents of a . . . . . ·· _ Shortstop La r r y Robmson put number of these commumty leaders Rep1.), bchvmonrl' mtc.-r-club. - , -· ' Parkland out in front in the third are·, • chamnan; • • ' W, W. CLINE songs y the aco~na Kiwams quar· when he homered with two me1i on tet-Walt Sivertson Frank Anarde -~·, l· " · " c• ... _ . , _ " , ' ' . ahead. ol lum .. I• ust SacLei Die• As preS!Clem of the l'arkland Lotdun BJod, and ~ob.Myles. Montgomery's srngle and two stolen Com111u1iity club, I would like to J,.troduct1on of distnct governor "., . - 1-1 . l tl 1<.• rou1·-1·1 l sCOl'C ta Ice t I. . . . , ' kesu l ts o f a I1earmg at p ar'11 an-cl I:.asrs e 1. urn lOllll 11s oppmtumty to wdcome by. Lieutenant 1 · J u Iy !2 , on D'1c lc W" a II are ' .s singe: · J · 1 'f ues d :iy evenmg, . . .Governor , . . . Willis· ,, .' Jlre.. _, SC!IOO, . to p ar"kl and the Natwnal Bank of sentatwu of chai tei, by l;O\tl_'.'Ul upon pmposed transfer of a "small \<Valks and Rhodes misplays fig- Washington, Parkland branch. Also, I.aeenbach · acceptance of charter ~ portion · · tHf:Ll largt:-J y 1n · tl1e sc o···n,,. cf P~"·lc ~ , ~ o f 'f' . acon1a sc !100I a·istnct 1 i ~-, J ~ 1 ~ I \VDU ld - J'l 1 ce to wt l con1e t I1e o ff'icers 11 ! Piesideut (~iull',,P_1 escntatwn of 10 (lying outside the city limits of land's four other runs .. l wo free·· am! personnel nnd extend to them ~·ifts, by_A. L. B;i~l Le~, past prc:s: Tacowa) into Frallklu, Pic1re dis- trippers scored c\n Robinson's double the hospitality of Parkland and wish i~ent ol Sou;h ] ,icomd 'lub, ac I t1ict ,J.02, were judged incondusivc. in the fourlh franw. each of them to feel one of us. The lcptance of gifts, !,y Mel Pedeis~n, Approximately half of the: estirnat-, The toughest part of the road to The service that the National Bank sec1·etary of Parkland club·' bened1c- ed s1xtyc1t1zcns · · · _ . 111 · attendance ,wr1e . . Lhe. nat1om1. · . I ta · Ie"1s ·. sti·n m. · f,10M· ~-f of Vvashmgton · · · · 1·s brmgmg tion. · to us is . . . , ,· , . -, . , frorn L:wchrn~m, an ar«a not alf~ct- 1 the Pa1:Idaml dulJ an_<l much p1epa one that wf: have all looked forward It is dl!ti~ipat~d tliat bct\\_een 3 0. O f"d by the petil10n for trnnsfer. l he ration is needed to flt the team for to for some time. I perwnally feel '.1ml +OO, Kiwaman~ ~i~d tlieir ladi_es Larchrno11t citizens, nevertheless, 11 tile state rneet at Seattle the end of that bringing to us this institution l ram throughout D1v1s1on three ' will I · · 'Tl icy were- 1 t 1us · mout . l1. B'igges. . t 1· l em. nee cl ecl is ·rn 1aar kl · b c a' great step in · 1 t 11e cl'1scms1on.. , . . . . 'ommatec ·and ' will attend t}'.e di.nnei to. we_lcome the concerned with keepin1~ iutact the the required travelling umforms and building Parkland into a bigger and uewest 1-.iwams club of this sector. present arEa o_f Di_strict IO to the fllll support of the community .is better community. . l'a1·kland Club south of ~he city, m .hope of some needed to srnrl them to Se_attle m ''We extend our congratulations Robert H. Snowden Other officers of the Parkland day securing re-establislunen_t of an style. Once the club is there, and best wishes on your opening." Area Kiwanis club are: Clay Roley, dementary school near their corn- its. expenses are takeu_ ca~·e of _by --f I f d . l l , 1 0 Midland vice. president· William rnunity. They oppose a11y lrnnsftt the state Legion orgamzat1on, with HARRY W. SMITH . t i< sa .e epolsitl lOOth_s Ja\C spe. .' . ' · f · I . f ·1· . . . . . . · , · l I - l l' · , 't . . na 11v designed · oc cs to msure comRighetti Spana.way treasurer· di- o dul< '.·en. rorn tire :11.;,;i. . . l.1c,us111~; p10.VH ec c1l t 1e ~rnveisi Y President Spanaway Progressive I. · . . f W · ' , . ' '. i··· . " · .. · , I · · , · · ' . p ete protection or customers. hen rectors-B C Nieseu Reg· Ritter A l11rnat1ve a.·Ct10.n upo.n t. ie peti- ol W,tshmgton.. Commumty Club b l • • · • ' · • ' • f f .d 11 d A · . I : J · . . . a customer enters a oath and c oses Earl L 0 y cl, Marvrn Tommervik, t10n or trnus t:l' now. propose was Par' an men can. ,egion urnnr "Our commumty m general is, l d , . I k . . . ·II d Parkland· E. W. Purdue Summit· opposed .a Is u by Supr1rintendent Baseball team has earned much bet- highly pleased at having banking tie OO!,blt oc s daubtom~ticfa Y an! '. . ' · '·d l" f01. tH: l Lllt:L -1··"·- ter suppml .. tian l ·.1 ,_ service . b rought so much closer and'canonly WI. Swinney Harry C. ' Harrigan. 1-forns l•ur, speaung it uas so 1·· ai ie . 'd WIeopene l1 I ylum l romt1c d . ~ ' tors of Franklin Pierce district. He ceived frmn this comrnuuity. more convenient to us particularlv msr e. ien . " eaves, tie oar 1· . ·1 I· . . ' . · closes automaucally and then can assrrted the area set orth, a smal ,meups with parkmg space freely available. , . p T 1a sect. ion ,bordering Pacific avenue be.. . Sahota, '.!b; D01.1 M.a.y'. "We joii: in the congratulations (Contmued on age hree) ~ft r-._191 tween So. 99tli street and So. 104-th rt; Robrnson, ss; Montgomery, lb, and best wishes extended all mcm. ~treet, is rich in .children but poo·r. Wall~~e, 3b; 8tora~sli, cf;. Chilton, be1.·s .of the N~ti?.ual _Bank of Wash: ~)anking fa. ci_litics in our fa3t-grow~A ARA A m ~ssessed :aluall?n tor supp01t of c; Kilian, If; Ronme May'. p. . mgton's . adm11mtra11on and staff ing commurnty. Much of the. futu 1.·e r ' Vb'f/,f(JV~m,vi,then· schoolmg. HlS board will nut Rhodes-Platt, cf, p; Bridges, 2b, lrorn resident of all our South end development of our comrnumty de' - - - - - - · - - - - - By INGA ST. CLAIR willingly a.ccept th~t area with~ut Nysson, lf; Schlostin, p, cf; Naef, lb; communities." pends upon sincere and honest efnearhy busmess sectwns also, he m- Gust, rf; Beardsley, c; "H11sey, ss; SPALT WARTENBE fort of both the Parkland bank and CLOVER CREEK POST NO. 118 OCEAN TRIP dicated. Ford also pointed ?ut _that Rasnnissen, 'lb; Libby, p; Mellum, p. President, Midland Improvement the people of Pa~ldan,fi com~unity. GAIN GRANDDAUGHTER Al'viERICAN LEGION Mr. and Mrs. Paul Larson and I an area about IOOth and Sheridan Club We trust and believe that tlus type Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Running of JVIeetings every second and founh "On behalf of the people in our of cooperation will be of mutual 420 So. I 22nd street arc grandpar- son, Larry, lvfrs. Ludvig Larson and strctts also is not included in the Friday at 8 p.m., in Scout pan a , community, I extend .;nod wishes benefit to all concerned." ents of a girl born to Mr. :incl Mrs. Edgar Larson motored to the ocean present petition-yet, Parkland Hall, Spanawny Gordon lfenlkrson of "Los J\ngc:lr:-s> Saturday, spending time at Gray- school ?rn:vs its.greatest load of nonto the new bank opening at ParkHERBERT SOCOLOFSKY ALJXILIARY NEWS local chstnct cluldren from that secland " Calif., June 29. Jill is the n«me land and Westport. tion, as city buses pmvide inadeMichael Cochran, 2-year-~ld. son · FORREST LEONARD President of Board of Trustees, Clover Creek unit ] l [l of Ladies chosen for the liLtle rniss. MONTANA GUEST of Cpl. and Mrs. James L. Cochran President Parkland Busine5' Parkland Light & Water Co. Auxiliary of American Legion met TO MINNESOTA Miss Gladys Torgerson from Eth- quate transportation to there. One resident of the lOOth and of Rt. 1, Box 511, Spanaway, was ' Club "The people of the ··entire South July 8 at the home of the preside:•t, Mrs. AIJ,r·rt C. Johnrnu, secretary .-idge, Mont., traveled to Richland, "Congratulations and best wishes. end are exceedingly fortunate now :Mrs. Irma Long, where a s?cial to tlw Dean aud Registrar at Pa- Wash., where she joined her brother Sheridan sector said city bus service drowned in Spanaway lake Monday hour was spent after the busmess cific Lutheran college, left July 8 and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Wil· is prom.ise.d there as soon as strf>Pt evening, July 11. The tot apparently to all the personnel and office force,, to have a beautiful bank _in .Parkwas playing on a dock when he fell of the Parkland branch of the Na- land. This development will be an session.. . . .1 for Minneapolis, Minn., to visit her mn Torgerson, and sons, Lawrence improvemrnts are completed. • Tuesday's hearing was called by into shallow water and dr~wned. He tional Bank 0 r Washington, We of, important factor in the f 11 tu re Hosp1Lal hostesses, Mrs. :\a01rn. parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Pre11s. and Kenny, and motored to ParkKline and Mrs. Mabel Hart, spent While in Minnesota, Mrs. Johnson land to visit relatives. They are and heard before the Pierce county had been playing with his b1:other the Parkland Business club are grate- growth of this area. The Hoard of several hours Sunday in ~merican expects to spend a week to .the home guests of their s i s t e r and eommiitee on school district.. organ- and sister, Robert, 3, and Lomse, 6, ful to you for rewarding our con- I Trustees and the members of the Continued on Page Eight i north nf Duluth, on Lake Supenor. brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ludvig ization. Ben L. Kuper of Elk Plain, when they suddenly became aware tinued efforts for 111 u c: h needed I · Continued on Page Eight L:trson. During their stay on the chairman of the committee, pr<csided. he was missing, according to the coast they are taking many of the Several other members of the com-1 parents. The childrtn began to call for scenic trips offered vacationers this rnittee and Mrs. Ruth Bethd, committee secreta1·y and county super- him, h11t the child was not found time of the year. intendent of schools, also were pres- until it wa!; too bte. Mrs. Gary SAW FORMER STUD.ENTS ent. f o ~ d represented Franklin Breazeale, a neighbor, discovered Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Taylor Pierce district and Tacoma district the lot's body. After bringing him a11d daughters, Kathleen and KrisJO too was represented. to shore, she applied artificial restine, motored to Dryden, Wash., The committee is now to consider piration until Spanaway firemen where they were house guests of facts obtained at the. hearing and arrived with a resuscitator. Deputy Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Milbrath. Also make its decision upon the petition. sheriffs were also called to the scene visitiug at the Milbrath home were In view of the stand of Franklin and joined the firemen in their desService by Piper's li:1s hecome :1 the son and daughter-in-law, Mr. Pierce directors, favorable action ou perate but fruitless efforts to revive tradition with many Tacoma fmnand Mrs. Earl Milbrath, and son, ilies who have lear11ed frorn l'X· transfer of the area just as covered the youngster. The deputies rushed Earl Jr., from Bexley, Ohio. Mr. and pe1·icnce to dept'nd on our organiz:uion for help at any by the petition is not anticipated. the body to Madigan General hosJ Mrs. Milbrath are former PLC stuhour. Those who know us appn:cbte the simplicity am.I pital, where doctors pronounced him dents. He is now a student al the sincerity of our servicF. am dead. County Coroner Paul MellinLutheran Seminary in Obio. ger said doctors told him the boy an MOVE TO NEW ORLEANS had been in the water about 20 minMr. and Mrs. Jim Loring- and Church me rn be rs from Zion, utes. The body was taken to Lakeson, Bruce Alexander, of So. J 27th G race. and Redeemer Lutheran wood mortuary. left last Friday to establish a new churches of Tacoma and Parkland 0 The drowned child's father·~ a ow residence in New Orleans, Louisi· Evangelical Lutheran church met at member of the Air Force, stationed RnhhPl" H.n..n.hx1PcH" __ J:(;:i.,,.~ __ J...I,..,., D~~• ____ .....,.,,._, _ _.. --. .._,.....,..,,. • _L-L_._ -- .a. ""'""\..I. -- JL ..llUJ' ·- ..1. ""'tlt. ana. Loring is in the merchant ma· the site for a new Concordia Lu· ;::,t McCh 0 rd field. The boy is sur~ d.uc and ha; tccT.i iran~fcu·cU iu the theran school, at East 56th and B vived also by another brother, Pat, south. The Lorings had 1·esided in streets, Tacoma, Sunday afternoon rick, 9 months. Parkland the last two years funeral services are to be held to br~ak ground for the structure. POTLUCK PICNIC Workmen started the building this afternoon (July J4.) at 2 :30 Annual picnic of the. Women's Monday. The new Concordia Lu- o'clock from Lakewood mortuary club of Parkland Evangelical Lu· theran, repladng- the school now in ch:1pel, Chaplain Tindall of Mctheran church, will be held next use at Parkland, will be a modern, Chord field officiating. Burial is to Continued on Page Eight be in Ft. Lewis post cemetery. five-room school building.

a team that plays because it lov:s the game and has gone as far as 1t has with virtually no outside support save a handful of he membership of • • _ • • the pos,.. The men1b~1_sl11p r,_f the post has been quite la1tl1fnl rn at. -· a t l eas l tlie J-101ne garnes . . • d .rn t en d m~ -. 1cwa1 ,_ ··d cc1 Wit ··1 1 a Iut. oft opIias b een notch baseball.. But support from _ ·- " 't"-y o f ·p· a1"'l·I . . ancl -1ias b een tl-1r conillll1n1 sadly lacking. An air of complete indifference has prevailed thrnughout the season. Last year it was thought that the _ f-. ._ l ieason u1 non-atkncance at. games ":as the fact that we had no h~n:e fidd close enough to Parkland. 1hrn year, through the kindness and gen· "' ·. o1- P·.ic1,'f"IC, 1,u_t.11e1an . . II ege, . e1os1ty co we were able to brmg the games right into the b~ck yan_I of Parkl~nd a~ the college f1el~-w1tl11n walkmg ?istance of prat;llcally every home 111 thf' cmnmumty" But _app::ire1;lly the people of Parkland either refuse , · l cl f h J · · to 1ecog111ze tie goo .o t e un101 - JI . . · J , 1·," '] .. " piogiam 01 tHc) u1 C\cl1 1 B aseJa , · j" to try. M ay b e next yea1 an age o awakening can be brought forth. ·· · ·] · · !· · 0 u1 team goes to tie state pay offs in Seattle the end of this · 1 l d cl monl I1. U p to now 1t ms su J ue the cream the crop from :l'aco. rna, Olympia, Shelton, and Puyallup. Let:s all hope our Juniors. continue the11· foK record and bnng !1ome every title that they go after.

the Parkland Area will receive its . f l'" · I ntel'l1atlO!la . · I (' 1Urtrr . rorn '"JWalllS ·1 · " . ( l 14) . ·l1r11' ' t us evenmg . cl Y at « ". • _tei drnnrr at the New Yorkei· rnle, Ta· coma. full diarter membershiil of the local club is expected. to attend. .. 'fhe club's charter · will be presnitecl 10 Jack Quill president of . . . '· by Djstdct the local Kiwanians, Governor John I. Lae;enbach of Raymond, Wash. f,ieuteualll Go\'cl'nor Hrnry L. Willis of Division threr Pacific Northwe~t district will ' . '. ~s . be uiastcr ol. _the cereinony. _w_illis " member ol the Tacoma Kiwams dub. Time of the <limier is 6:30 o'clock. . . . The progrnrn for the chartenng ceremoni~s is· ·Program Call to nrder, by Lieutenant Gov· ernor Willis; opening songs, "Anwrica" and "0, Canada!'', sung by the ~roup led by Herb Ford of the Ta· ' · . coma club· invorntww welcome ad~ ' · ' · . ' · · · ' drc·ss by J·,cJ· Oui!I· resilonse by · · ·' ' ·' ' • · ' Tommy Thomas, president of the S])Ot!Soring South Tacoma club· in' · trodul"limi ol. !'(ue<ts by James' M. . '" - ' . . . ,







_ '.



1lf ,,.. •~ .,.._.__



IS o· o· UBTF-UL

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Everybody Celebrates This Saturday evening, residents of the south end area . . . are mv1ted to mspect the modern ::ind complete quarters of. . ~ . the new branch bank at Parkland of the Nallonal Bank of , • . • Washington, before the branch opens its doors for busmess · , _,_ · . Monday morning. The open house Saturday even mg will be , . . . the banks way of mark mg completion of the months of preparation leading to its final establishment in our community. But, the bank is not alone in having cause to celebrate the event. It is an event that holds meaning for all residents of this area. IL marks successful culmination of long months of effort by many of our res1den ts, also. ~ Addressing th: local .Kiwanis club, t:vo weeks ;igo, J. IC Ewart, assistant v1ce-pres1dent of the National Bank of Washington, stated: "I give credit for this bank to residents of Parkland area." Mr. Ewart has been in close touch with all developments leading to opening of the bank here this week end. He knows personally, and remarked on, the "aggressiveness" and "persistence" with which merchants of this area battled to secure establishment of a bank here. Why did our residents so much desii·e a local bank? There are many reasons for their persistence. Foremost is the fact that another important service is provided our residents. As available services of an area are increased, its desirability increases proportionally. Property values are enhanced. l\1ore families and more businesses are attracted to it: providing in turn still more services, additional attractions. The area becomes better equipped to provide the conditions for modern living. Also important, to both bank and bank patrons, is that banking service can be provided on a friendlier basis when rendered by neighbors with full knowledge of local conditions. Breaking down of the impersonal relationships so often unavoidable in dealings with a large, centrally located establishment makes doing business at the bank more pleasantjust as it's more pleasant to deal with your local· neighbor storekeeper than with the professionally courteous bu·t insincerely interested clerk met in the emporia of a metropolitan center. Mr. Ewart summed up the advantages of this relationship nicely when he said: Banking brought to the people attains a local accent. The local accent is, in many ways, more important than the convenience of local service. The foregoing are among the reasons why our citizens strove valiantly and successfully for a bank here-and why we all join whole-heartedly in the .bank's celebration, voicing our sincere wish for pleasurable and prospering careers here for ·the new bank; its manager and our old neighbor, Arthur Swindland; his assistant manager and our new neighbor, Robert Snowdrn; and all members of their staff.

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, July 14, 1949

IHICKS OPENING I An~1~u~!;;~nts I'ft' be re t 0 m= ind It p~~:,~~.:J. ~.;;7,~.~~;~" I l AW OFFICE IN • CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY • I t:rnest B. Steen, Pustor Sunday- 11 n.m., \Vorship Service.




lw!ne, U p.m., L.11.c_les 1 3.11d .. m l101ue ul ! Anga Dale; Circlf' J at horn~ of .t\frs. Soland; Circle 4 at home of r...iiss Ernmy; Circle G at home of Afrs. RoLlTl












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Rev. Robert Bodin, Pastor

Flovd V. Hicks an atlornev ]WUC. . · ' _ . • , l!cmg at Auburn, Wash., srnce his graduation from University of Wash', . mgton law scho?l 111 1948~ will open new law offices 111 the National Bank f W I. . . I 'ld' . P· l l cl o as ungton )UI Ing in ar { an next Morn.lay July J 8 the same ; · , , day the bank opens its doors for business · · . . . Donald l'.aslvold, wn ol Dr. and Mrs S <.: Eastvold will i·oin Hicks · · · · ' · as a member of the firm in early

·. Al Harvard. School 1hursday, July 14-~Biblr study, 7:45 p.m.


Friday, July 15-·l.adies circle will serve AUTO REPA._l_R_ _ __ the Covcnanr bench. Th,< ladies are asked to meet al the d1uffh at !. p.rn. alld brJHl', ca~e or m~t bre~c1 w serve. . . . ._ 1 Saturdoi. Juli lti-Y 0 11 th 1"' (.Ju i,t j mef'Lmg n1. beach, 7 p.m. 0 ;:tT all( eJ1 er Sunitay Schoul··-·-9 :45 a.rn. 7 ~Lrn<luy morning worship, 11 n.m. , Complete Painting Touch-Up Sunday, July 17-lvfrt:tmg at beach, 3 µ.m. Clo>ing meeting of conference at Co1··· GET MY BID FIRST enant beach, 7 p.1n. Pacific Ave. and Airport Road · . -------· Tlie first Amcricau newspaper p u) . L·-l . .. . . l' 11 H' ccuranccs \V''.l.S st-:i.rtcc. 1\. with ~the inlcnt of.,"cur;~g,· c:r at

B d



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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tlw a petition has been presented to the_ Eo'.lrd or CouJJty Commissioners of Pierce. Coun1y, \VashiH\,1"!0n, usking fnr thr fonnat10n nl a water Ji!>lrict, comprisin:J; the tenilory hereinafter dcscriLcd, located in Pierce Conniy, \Vasliiugtun, iuwil: Beginuiug- at the Southwest . corner uf the H. Delabushalicr Donatw11 Laud Clajm (IH~n·inafter ahhn~viatf>d Dl.C) which is on the sh.m·eliue of Spanaway Lake aud IG3.3B' more or less Nonh of tbc South Iiuc of Sect.ion 20, Township 19 :North, Range 3 E.VV.1\L, thence Easterly along the. Soutli line of said Debbudulit>r DLC to a lh)iut ~·:la()t \Vest of il.e cenler 1iue of the Primary 81ate Highway No. 5, thence North l1°'iU'iJ5" .1.Yc>l .'.l.+BU' rnrn·e ur less parallel to sa1d Prll11ary SLa~e llighv..,ay No. 5 H> the North !me ol s::ud Dciabushalier DLC, thence North H9o2t'l0o \Vest ~09.83 1 along the N1)rth li11e of said Delabushalier DLC, thew·c: !'hinh () 0 0G 1 20" East 87:.L03 1 111ur~ or k'l::> w ihe South line of tl1e IL Jolws DLC, thence \\'est T2.51 1 more or ks;.; along the Soulh line of said H. Joh11s DLC 10 the Southwest conier of !>aid H. John~ DLC:, thence Northerly along the West liue of said IL Johns. DLC to llw Nor_thwest corner of said IL Johns DLC wluch is on the East line of the ivlelviile DLC, thence Northerly 4B3.6'.; 1 nrnn~ nr. }p;.;s alon~ the ·East liue of said iviclville DLC to tf1e Northeast corner of :H1id 1'vfdvillc DLC, theucc Nonh~rly along the center line of Pacific Avenue, Plat of Brookdale Addition, lo thr center line of Cherry Street, t11enee Eas1edy alonr.r the centet' line of Cherry Street to the center line of Cliff A\'cuuc, thence Southerly <llong Cliff Avenue tu the Soul11 liHe of sail] Plat of Hrookdale Addition, th~nce Somh·· erly 483.5 1 more or less to the Northe:ist corner of the Plat of Rmiis Clover CF:ek Addition, thence Southerly along the East line of said Plat to the Southeast t m ne1

Floyd V. Hicks

fall. Eastvold is now a deputy in the criminal division of the Pierce county prosecutor's office. Mr. and Mrs. Hicks will reside in this south end area. They will move hr-re from· Auburn, :Monday. Tlwy have no children. Attorney Hicks is a son of Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Hicks of Prosser, Wash. He was born there in 1915 and graduated from Prosser high school. He has one brother, now in Prosser, and a sister, residing in Harper, Wash. of said P1at, thence Easterly •HJ! mure 01 During the years 193:'.i lo 1942, less to the \Vest line of the Southea.H qllarter (SE~~1 ) of Section 16, Tmvnship Hicks was a juniur high school 19 North, lL:ingr> 3 E.\V.ivL, thence teacher and coach a i several high Southerly along said \Vest liuc 09.'i 1 more or Jc3s to the quanc1 corne1 bc1wt·1·u s:tid schools of this stale. He was grad" Section 16 mid Seuion 21, Tm;rnsl!iP 19 uated fron1 C1°ntral Washingon Col- North, Range '.I E.\V.1\L, thence South·· erly along the \Vt".':t line of the N111·1hp;·:!'.I lege of Education in 1938. At CWCE quartf'r (NE~/1 ) uf ~3id Section ~l, 21()11' he was an outstanding basketball mOre 01· less to a poin1 5. J3.'.!~1 1 Nor1li lo 1he Southwe~;t cur11cr of the Nonhea~t player. SuL1sequently he coached quarlcr (NE~~t) of ~;aid Sectiun 21, thence basketball and baseball. lfo St. John Eµst J3:d .3:1 1 111ore t>r lrss 10 t!H: E<Jst line of the SouLl1wrst r1uar1Pr (S\VV1 \ (•l thrhigh school five missed by one point Northeast quarter ( NE~/1 ,l of said Scctiuu 21, thence Somh:"dy !H-1' rnn1'e 01 less !CJ (30~29) winning the state high the Southe3st cm1w1· of the South\\'Cst school basketball championship. Aft· 41iartPT (S\V~~I) of the Nurthea~I quanci er leaving St. John, he was a teacher (NEY.I) of said Section 21, same also being die Northea~t c.orru·r of the Plat am] cuaclr at Snohomish, Wash. of F.gennaycr's Addi1iu11i thence SouthHicks joined the Anny in 1942 erly along the East liue of said Addition Unheralded and to great extent unhonored at home, the and remained in the service until to the Southea~t corner of said Addition thence \Vest.erlv along the South line of Junior baseball team sponsored by Parkland American Legion I 9+G, when he ront10>rcd law school. said Addition,' Nord1 a9°'.>0''.·Jrl11 Wt>Sl 1349 1 more or IPss io dw \Vp:.;t J;np of the post 228 has climaxed an uphill fight by capturing the dis- He was married in 1942. Southeast qn::i.rter ( SE~/1 ) of said Section


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JACK W. SONNTAG Cou11ty i\1111itor and Clt·rl; of tlie Hoard of Countv _Cornrni·;siont•rs . Bv H. l.eif, Dep_1Hy. By Publication: July 14, ~I, i949


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July 5th.· 1949.

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on s~1id duy as th1~ !'l~:m1e c;.1n ~w he-:-ird, when any 1wrson, finH ar rrn·poL1tin.1 lnay nnpe-a.1· b!•fore lhe Board uni! !ll"i·1~ objc·c~ dow; io thr establishment of ~: . .lid di~·1:c1 or the proposed houudary liurs thereof. P,y Order of the Bo:ud •)f C:1 1:ntv Cnrn· mis~;inn~rs of Pirrcr C:mmty, \Vr1~J1'.11i;;ton

, dared


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of s_::tid Primary State Highway No. !'i,



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thence Northerly along said Prirn::try State Highway Nu. 5 to the Sou!h line of Ser~ tjfill 28; l~ow1lhip 19 North, Rangp :I E.\V.M., thence Norlh fifl~A~ 1 \Ve~;t alon!.1 said South linf' of Scc1ion 2H, 1 i96r mr11-~; m· les:; lo the center liue of -"A·" Street Pint of Lake Park, thence 1\'ort!H•rly along "..\" Si reel to Thirteruth Street, thcw.-e \Veslerl}1 along 13t11 Street aud Span" awav Loop Road to the Ensl line of th(~ .Southwest quarter (SVIY.1) of the So1uh~ cast nuarter (SEY;),· Secti011 29, To\\'D· ship El North, Range 3 E.\V .!vi.) theIJce Nunherly. along said East line 4HJI rnure or less 10 the Northeas1 rornf'r of the So11tlw,1es1 r.iuarif'r (S\NI/1) of the South. Pas! quarter (SEI/.1) of said Section 29. ll1ence \Vcstcrly 273.65r alon~ 1he >Jonh line of Southwest q11arrrr (S\VY1) of the Southeast quarter (SEY:i) of said St'cti~rn 29, thence North 11°!i:l 1 Easl .'1)()1 n1ore or Jess to the shoreline of Spanaway La];e, thence E~1sterly and Northerlv arouu<l .'.iaiJ shorc-line to the nolnt of bcginninK. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that a hearing will be held on said petition al i,lH~ office of the Board of Couniv Comrnission~ PJ'S of Pie!'cP County, \i\lmhington, in the r.ourt Hou~P at T~'-::'oma, \Vnshingtmi. mi J\'Iondav, the 1st day of A11gm1, A. D. 19·19,

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lJpland Slab and

2L thence Southerly ~long saiJ \Vest liuc 1455 1 more or less to the quartrr corner· I ber.ween said Sectinu :!J and Sec1ion 28, Townshiµ EJ North, Range ~ E.W.M thence Solithrrly along ihe E:1s1 line thr No1-.thwest quarler (N'V~-'.'1 j of ~ Sc;ctiou 4B, sarnc being the t·euter li11e GR. 758'.l Spana way GR. 6547 "E" Su-eet, Pla1 of Lake Park, lt'l cemer liue of Fifth Street, 1he11cr E<lst----~Prly aloJh{ the cc1111~r linr of FH!l1 Stn~et BICYCLES SALES, REPAIRS and FifLh Stn•et cxtendeJ 1'.l"l:!' HHne oi· lPss lo 1he East line of the \Vt·st half (\VY:.?) of ll1e East l11.1lf (E~!::) uf baid Sec1iu11 28, 1heJJce South W<32 1 Ea:.t. :i7BW more or less along said East liue to d1f' South line of s:titl SPc1io11 28, theHcc \Ve:.trrly almw; tl1e Sond1 line of ~,ajJ Set:tiou 2B, ·1312.74 1 more or 10 tl11.~ BIKE RENTALS •• KEYS CUT qunrkr co:ruer bet wecJJ s~·iid Section :~;~ Lawnmowers Precision Ground and StTtion ~n. Township 19 North,

Letween -said Section '.53 and Section ·l T(1wns'1ip lB North, Range 3 E.\V.i\L'. thence Easterly ~long· the I\orth li11;~ oJ ~aid SN'iion 4, 1025 1 more or lf'ss to tl1e CC1Jter line of \Vehb Road, theuce Smulit~rly alorn; the eenlel' line of \VeLb Huad J32+.lti 1 more or lc::;s to 1he Nt)ffh line uf the Suutll half (_SY1.) of the quarter (NEY-i) of said Sl~rtion 4, 1hr·1wp. Eustcrly along said North line 77G.71 more or Jes:; to the i1Jtf'1'Se!:tion wjth <:emcr line of 1111J1arned couH1y road th~·ncc S011tl1 4-2°59 1 Emt aloug :;aid ro'ad 6'.37.'.) 1 lUOI'~ or lc:;s to cellte1· line of utrnamed ClJtllll)' road, thence South 1-7°[Jl 1 'Vcsl Fi7()1 more or less Jo the Northe"'terly •:ide of U~l!lamed road, thence North 4.2c:>fi:, \Vi:st 1.}/0.JHr more 01· Jess to the \.'\'e;t lioc t.if t.he . Northeast qua1·tt.:r (NE;!.i) of !;::iid Sc:ctwn 4, t_Jience Norlh 0°201 \Vt•st along ~aJ<l \Vest !me 409.I'.! 1 more or lrs_~ to the South Jjne of tht~ Nonhea~t quar1er ( NE%1) ~f tl.)(> Nonhwei-;t qunctcr '(NVV~~t) of s~ud Section 4, 1hcrn~e "'estcrlv almw said Soulh line :113.'."1(!', thence' Nord; ()c.20 1 \Vest 1270' more (II: il"SS to the {'('Hier line of llrimary State Highway No. 5, t~1e11ce 1'.'lorthwestc-dy along said P~·iman' State Highway No. !i to a poiut tl9B. 75 1 i'{or1h of the Somh line of Senion :n 1 ownship 19 No}'th, Range 3 E. \V -~f.: thence· \Vest_ 296 1 , thence North 2711 1, lhenct~ East 1:20 1 , thence Sm11h 251, thence East 1 ~'ti' more .or less 1L1 tlie ccu1cr line

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Mrs. Roberta Jean Rolwrtson, ~J, who was expecting 1.he birth of her first child in about two months, was fatally stricken in her home at Rt. +, Box 375, Midland, July 'i. She was the wife of Richard Robertson,. an Air Force man sl:Hionecl al },fr- JI Chord field. Neighbors who wenc to her aid when she was taken ill called Midland fire department for resuscitation and notified the state highway patrol, in belid that her child was about t-0 be born. Fireman Frank Baskett, Mrs. Dave McPherson and the Rev. Rober! E. l"ogan v::rinly :ipplied oxygf'.n. State Patrolman Leslie Potter arrived at' the home to find Mrs. Robertson dead. He sped to Pierce rounly hospital to return with Dr. Raymond A. Gardner w h o performed an emergency operation in attempt to save the rnalc child, which lived only a few minutes. Dr. Gardner was assisted by Mrs. McPherson, a graduate nurse. Services for 1vfrs. Robertson and her infant son were held Saiurday, July 9, from St. John of the Woods church, with lJurial in Calvaty cemetery. Rosary was recited in the clrnrch Friday evening.



lcagt d1:11rning, of that spirit of ly ing which prevails . ." in MassaGENERAL REPAIRING chusctts colony. 11 was suppressed altt:r the first issue. GR. 3Gl9 l':ukland, Wash. Pacific Ave. at Airport Way LEGAL PUBLICATION


Driver of the car in the ditch failed to yield the right-of-1vay, even to an ambulance. He ran through a plainly visible stop sign, directly ir:za the path of the ambufonee, and was knocked across t11e road. Drit'er was killed, a11d t1 passen.ger was injured, Emergency vel1icles alavays lrnve the right-of-rvay-but at other times, too, it pays to be courteous at intersections. Failure to grant rigJ1t·Of·tvay ranked second as a cause of motor vehicle deaths in 1946, National Ccmsen;atioll Bureau t1dvises: when i11 doubt, alwaz.s yield the righl·o/·war.

A nt lers


trict championship and a berth in the state championship tournament to be held in Seattle later this month. The team has passed its first hurdle in the race for the national Junior baseball crown with very little local support outside the membership of the sponsoring post. Tbis despite the fact that its home games this year were played right here, on the Pacific Lutheran college diamond, made available to it by the college. Now, the team needs and has earned overdue backing from rliis comm unity. A champion Junior Baseball team is a chamber of commerce's dream come true. Time is short to outfit the club properly for its trip to Seattle and perhaps all the way to the Littie World Series at Omaha later this suminer. So far, the Parkland Legion post bas carried the load all alone. Now it needs help to do the needed job of outfitting. It should be a pleasure £0 everyone of this community to help, and very little help is all that's needed if everyone will share. Over 16,000 teams, represnting over a million boys, started this season of Legion-sponsored play in cities and towns all over the land in the race for the national crown. The Legion reams offer wholesome competition and real opportunity to boys· participating. Lou Boudreau, Ted Williams, Stan Musial and Hal Newhouser are just a few of the big leaguers who got their start with an American Legion sponsored team. These teams are recognized assets of their communities. Tacoma, Puyallup. or any other town in this district would cheerfully give freely ·to have the champion team. Parkland has it-without effort. It's Parkland's mm now, to give the team whole-hearted support in return.

Herc are a number of business firms, who, through their individual advertisements, offer to citizens of the South End trading area a service as close as their own telephones . . . These firms arc established not only with hopes of personal success but also with the hope of being able to contribute to the development of a growing community. Check these listings for the services you need!

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Paxkland, Wzishington, Thursday,. July




pass, for a three-day camping and tend sincere sympathy to Mr. Fedfishing trip. They came home with dersen and family on the recent their limits of fish. death of their wife and mother. Mrs. Arthur Pietz, Reporter Phyllis Pettry of Milton, Wash., Spanaway residents along the rurRt. l, Ilox 445, Spanaway--GR. 6646 spcnt a short vacation with Wanda- al route are sorry to see mail carrier joy McLellnn, daughter of Mr. and P. F. Maynard leave our commuCharles (Chuck) Thomas, son of Mrs. Don McLellan of 10th and nity. He has been transferred to a Mr .and Mrs. George Thonias of Pacific streets. rural route at Thermal, Calif. All Mountain highway, has g;mc to Guests at the home of Mr. and wish him the best of luck at his new Yakima, Wash., to visit his brother, Mrs. M. L. Kirby of 2nd street are location. He says he will be the lowGeorg~, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Spahr of Port-1 est down mail carrier in the worldMr. and Mrs. Ervin Clni~tilaw bnd, Ore., and Ed Spahr, Milton at least as far as sea level goes. of Mountain highway have just re- Bailor, Margaret Bailor and Murry/ Some nice size rninbow trout have turned from a week's vacation. Part Dunbar, all of Tacoma. n:ccntly been caught out of Spanaof their vacation was spent a~ Lah: l\fr. and Mrs. Melvin Marth and way lake, it has been reported. A Chelan and some time wa3 spent al farriily of Aberdeen, Wash., are vi3- '!4)1,ind1er was caught Tuesday, Lake Curlew, fishing and swim- iting al the home of Mr. and Mrs. July 5, by Wally Fike of Midland ming. They also stopped at. Quincy, Charles Newbury of I! th and East and a 22Y2-incher was caught by Wash., visiting with relativei. They "E" street. F1·ed Butts last J110nth. The one spn~t July +th at, Wash. i\.Ir. and Mrs. Lloyd Fryldiolm caught by Wall>'. weighed 4 poum~s, Ervm has a very sure eye <rncL face ::md family of 8th street motored to l '.l ounces and JS currently on d1sto remember his. vacation by. He Yakima to visit with Mrs. Fryk- play in Tacoma. Fred BL1lts was was stung by a bee. holm's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John \~ith Wally when he lani!ed his big l\Jr. and .Mrs. Paul D. Anderson Bfrg-, and to get their oldest S'.'ll, fish. of Spanaway arc receivin>,· congrat· Joh;mie, who had been vacationing Recent visitor at the home of Mr. ulations on a boy, born July 4- at with his grandparents. and Mrs. H. F. Pillsbury of Moun· 1.'ncoma General hospital. Out-of-town""guesls at the home tain highway w::is Mrs. Iley Lull ]\fr. and Mrs. Don McLellan and of 1fr. and Mrs. Don McLellan from Ellensburg, Wash. Mrs. Lull daughter of 10th ai1d Pacific street werf" Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Allen also called on Mr. and 1vlrs. Oliver are leaving Sunday, July 17, for a and sons, Lenny and David, of Yak· Ornai of Mountain highway. vacation at Hick's lake. irna, 'Wash., and I~esttr Jackson and A white leghorn chicken on the Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wagner of daughter, Alberta, and son, LeJter farm of 1fr. and Mrs. Russell DahlMountain highway recently moved Jr., from Illinois. herg of Spanaway did herself proud to Puyallup. Miss Sandra Mosby, daughter of Thursday morning, July 7, when she l\1r. and .Mrs. I.awrencc Beckman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mosby, has laid an egg which measured 8 inches n.nd family of South 138th street been spending a short vacation with hy 6Vo inches around. have rt"'turned from a trip to Okan- her aunt and uncle, ':lvfr. and Mn Miss Della Cooley of 12th and ogan, \.\/ash., where they visited Mr. Lawrence Beckman of 138th street. East "E" street and Richard Clema11d Mrs. George Mosby and family Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Wright and on of Parkland spent the week end and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mosby family of Craigmont, J:vfont., were visiting Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Evans and family, brothers of Mrs. Beck- recent gucs~s at the home of M_r. and family at Roseburg, Ore. Mr. man. and Jvirs. Bill Fueston of l\.fountai11 and Mrs. Evans are former residents Richard Kellett of Yakima, Wash., highway. Wright is the brnthe1· of of Spanaway. recently spent a week end with his Mrs. Fneston. Two dozen people enjoyed a famaunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Don Mr. and Joe Scbaey _of Bel· ily reunion at the home of Mr. and McLellan. lingham, Wash., formerly ol Spall- Mrs. Calvin Ward of Mountain l\;fr. and Mrs. Ervin Schmeden of away, spent a four-day vacation at highway Monday, July 4·. Week end Roseburg, Wash., have been guests the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur auests were Mr. and Mrs. John at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Pietz of Mountain highway. They Nunamaker, Mrs. Mary Nunamaker, \'Varacek of· 13th street. Mrs. also visited 1-fr. and Mrs. W. W. Homer Nunamaker and Fred NunaSchmeden is .Mrs. Waracek's sister. Wymore and Mr. and Mrs. George make!' all from Spokane. Arriving Barba1·a Beckman, daughter of Bristol. Saturday night, Mr. and Mond~y to enjoy a picnic dinner lVfr. and 1-frs. l,awrence Beckman of Mrs. Bill Fueston, Mr. and Mrs. under the large oak trees were: Mr. l~Bth street, i~ spendi?g a fe'.v wee~cs Curtis Wright, Mr. a~d Mr~. Schrey and Mrs. Harry Nunamaker, Mr. with her cousm, Pattie Ban1gan, 111 and Mr. and Mrs. Pietz enjoyed an and Mrs. Clarence Nunamaker and Wenatchef', Wash. . evening of dining and d2?cing in daughter, Marylin, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Reeve of East Airport honor of Mr. and Mrs. Wnght and Emil Roloff and sons, Donald and road took his son, J?ennis, Davi_<l Mr. '.rnd Mrs. Schr;y. , . . Robert, and daughte1', Mernin, all Scearce, Chuck Harkrns and Ernie Fncnds and neighbors of. Clan of Olympia; Mr. and Mrs. Clem Carp to Echo lake, near Naches Feddersen of Lake Shore dnve ex- Nunamaker and sons, Robert and ;::;;;;;;;:;;;:;;;;;;;;:;;:;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;:;;;;:;..::;;;;:;;;;;.;;;:;;;:;;:;;;;:;;;:;;;:;;;;;;;;:;;;;:;;;;;;:;::;:;;;::._, Ronald, of Washtucna, Wash., Mrs. Hugh MacCuaig and children, Marion and Louis, of Tacoma. Fireworks were set off after da1·k to the delight of the children. Spanaway-Elk PI a i u Volunteer Firemen's Auxiliary will hold a picnic Tuesday, July 19, at Spanaway AUT OMATI CALI.Y TO INSURE YOU Metropolitan park. All members arc urged to attend and bring friends. PRINTED OF ACCURACY Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Omat and family lr•ft here, June 30, for a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kuntson at Arlington, Wash. Mr. and Mrs. Omat came home by way of Parkland, Wash. GRanite 8112 Hood canal and arrived here on



Parkland Fuel DH I Service Station

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Bank Here to/II! Open House Saturday Eve.



(Continued from Page One)

G ran t of $93,600 to Franklin Pierce school district 402, to com- be unlocked only by the vault .atplete th<' proposed addition to Mid- tendant who checks the booth beland school, is included in a report fore the next customer is admitted. WE GLADLY DEUVER of allocations of state school con- Thus, in the event a customer should .. SPANAWAY-Acrnss from School GR. 7583 or GR. 6547 struction funds recently released by accidentally drop something from Mrs. Pearl A. Wanamaker, state his safe deposit box while in the superintendent of public instruction. booth, the attendant is able to idenPresident Brouse, commenting our contribution to the thriving· The report disclosed plans for 5'.I ti[y tlit: owuer immediately. The fire new school buildings or additions to and , arthquake-proof vault is of the upon the- new branch, stated, "Na· Parkland district and surrounding existing structures throughout the highest classification, the vault door tional Bank of \Vashington, cstah·· area. Within the spnf'.ious quan:ers state, at an estimated cost of $12,- being of the latest design .in modern lished in 1885, has long enjoyed the of Parkland branch will be found privilege of serving Tacoma whe1'e every facility of a hundred million 189,9+9. cast plug type. Of the total cost, $6,353,558 will An unusual feature of the bank is its head office is locatt>d. The pro- dollar bank, with the friendly atbe provided by local school districts. the modern radiant heating in the gressive policies of the bank have I mosphere of a neighborhood inslituThe balance, $5,B26,39f, will be floor. Thousands of feet of copper made it one of the largest in the lion. The public is cordially infurnished on a matching basis by tubing are scientifically laid, and the state, and since 1937 nine bnrnches vited to attend our "open house" on the state froni the $6,500,0_00 ap- temperature of the hank will be have been established in Western Saturday evening, July lG, from 5 propriation by the last leg1sbt'.ire kept at a constant and comfortaL;e Washington. The erection in Pad<- p.m. to 9 p.m. The bank will be for emergency school constructlOII degree of heat by circulation of land of one of the most modern open for regular business on Monduring the 1949-1950 biennium. warm water through the pipes in the banking offices in the Northwest is day morning·, July lB." The program calls for construe· floor. The building- contains approxition costing an estimated $4,816,000 mately 300 lineal feet of fluorescent in areas where school b~ildings were lighting channels which are desig.ned damaged by the Apnl 13 ·earth· to give a maximum of prop~r light quake. The balance of the $12,00_0( at working levels. A light and spa· 000 program will he to relieve cnti- cious employees' lunch and recreacally m'ercl'owded areas. · tion room is oi1 the mezzanme floor, The allocation for Midland school as well as the ladies' lounge, a large comes under the latter classification. record storage \'ault mid other work Total cost of the addition at Mid: rooms. land is estimated al $130,000. Ot Swindland Named Manage,· this amount, $36~+00 )"will be. pi:oArlhur G. Swindlnnd has been :ided. by Fr~nklm 1 ierce J,•str~ct appointed nrnm1ge1' of the b:anch. ; from funds raised by last yeat s s1~e- He entered the employ of National cinl 25-mill, ~evy ~n M_idlan~l' distrn:t Bank of Washington in 1?21, worked and thie c1.111ent :.>?·m.111 In> ll1 thr his way through the vanou.; dcpartfull consolidated distnct. . . rnents of the bank, and was made Co;istruction is no•~ proceedi~g I assistant in 1939. He is. ex· at Midland, to plans drnwn _by I.ea, perienced in all phases of bankmg, Pearson and Richards, arclutects. and for the past few years has speTHE BUELL has a plan which cialized in installment credit financprovides for two bcdrooi;1s. There their. wedding anniver~ary, July I. ing. He has_ lived ~n Parkl~tnd. for is p I ca s a.n t cross-ventilation Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Pillsbury, Mrs. 30 years, takmg active part 111 comf.EOAOOm .9-.G,,J:t·O throughout every one of The Omat's parents, spent the ~vening- I munity affairs. His wide acquainBuell's rooms. And there is easy with Mr. and Mrs. Omat and helped tanceship and knowledge of local access l:o all rooms in the comthem f'njoy a lm.'ely annive. rsary conditions will ~rove of much value pact house from one small hall. ~I cake. to customers of Parkland branch, ~~ This is a convenient feature not The family of l\frs. Robert Van Brouse stated. often possible to obtain in a snrnll Alstine of Shepperd and Simmons Robert H. Snowden is to be ac.sisthouse such as The Buell. L• vinG P.oorn ~&.'Q~fl~8 1)°·011.19'·0 road met at Spanaway park July +. ant manager. He received his schoolThe Buell's modern kitchen jg '= Clarence Harmer of Canada was ing in Tacorn:.i, graduati1tg frum efficiently arranged to save steps there and others attended from Stadium high school. In 19J9 he while preparing a meal. It has a convenient built-in hinged sc:it Olympia, Rainier, Spanaway, Kan- joined the staff· of the bank after ¥e11i: at one end. And there are corner sas, Graham and Elk Plain. working in a Los Angeles bank for l>iSIGO &•IO windows that provide a bright Betty Vogel of Mountain highway four years. During the war.he served and cheerful kitchen-dining area. was reported i·ccovering Satm:day nearly six years in the Navy, rising. The Bucll's two bedrooms are from a broken shoulder received to the rank of lieutenant commandof mc:dium size. Wall space is while f~eding her horses. er. Upon his return to the bank, he generous in each of the two bedrooms. This allows ample area for the Mrs. i\.f. L. Kirby of 2nd street was transferred to the Bremerton placement of furniture. and Mrs. Pete King; of Parkland branch w h ere he was assistant The exterior walls of The Buell are constmcted of frame with siding-. were among thosi; who helped Mrs. cashier. Snowden and his wifo and The rnof lines are low, giving the house a modern appearance. Violet Turner of Lake Shore drive children will make their home in Overall dimensions of The Bud are 32 feet, 6 inches by 32 feet, G celebrate her birthday last week. Parkland at 11607 South "L" St. inches. The house contains an area of 899 square feet and a volume of These men will be assisted Ly a 17,519 cubic feet. Monthly terms on all purchases- staff of well·trained men ,111d womFor further information about The lluell, write the .Small House PlanBrookdale Lumber Co. · (adv.) en. ning Bureau, St. Cloud, Minn. 0





You are cordially invited to inspect our new

·Parkland ranch Pacifi~

Avenue and Airport Road

Saturday, July .16, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.


"Wfl' :;.:,· • ''· ?;11~trfi·l''·l:6•·•L''<'"•"'· ,.·, 'f~·'.•.J

""' ·. '', \i•.,.-.,,,

<" ifa: ,.,,••• \·


. .




li!iill ill~ Riii fiill


11119 ill""lll Iii! llill ..,- llllW l!lll"'IB

/j BANK OF .dllili llllllilii ilili

~Ill •

MttOER fUHRAI. QifQilt tlilURArHat:QfiflQRATIQN ~ HlM.$lR. FUHRAL llUl~Y' iYITht

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Parkland, Washington, Thursday, July 14, 1949

I Parkan~


THE REXALL DRUG STORE On the Mountain Highway at the New Bank Corner




Your Prescriptions Filled Quickly and Accurately


M. M. NELSON, Manager

Phone .GRanite 8519

Pacific & Airport Road

Armstrong's Poultry Market


Week End Specials

Beitz Motor Service

* *

it:h, s



CUTaUP CHICKEN_____,___ ,.Jb.

GENERAL REPAIRING GRanite 8619 Parkland; Wash. Pacific Avenue at Airport Road


* * -;.,

35t up


RED FRYERS-SpeciaL _________ Jb.

51 t

___________ Jb. STEW HENS_ Wonderful with Dumplings


* *

RED HENS _____________ _


t:lers • rv1

____ Jb.

Brotherj Are They Nice!





Mt. Highway near Airport Road

GRanite 9971

Phone GRanite 6502

Airport & Pacific

GRanite 9949




__ Jb.



CORN, 12=oz. can



Friday & Saturday Only -MEATS-

WEINERS ___________ Jb. SKINLESS-Gov't Inspected


Sliced BACON ___ Jb. BEEF

SARDINES, in oil



SHORT RIBS ___ Jb. Lean and Meaty


1.lh 111 1111111a111a

~aHn tnha llllUU 1~ .. UUllllllU !llillllillllUIU

GREED DDIDDS, tender • • bunch le CUCUmBERS, hat house • • lb. 9c (WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT SUBJECT TO STOCK)

GR. 7111

* *



ATERmEbDDS, California • • lb. 4c

1000 Lockers






Pacific Ave. & Airport



TDMITD~A - ._. ......... _....,....,



Processing Headquarters

GOV'T INSPECTED BEEF FOR YOUR LOCKER AND HOME UNIT Guaranteed Quality and Weight Wide sefection of Freezer Cartons, Ba~s --c:s~

nnd -wr!lnnino MatP1"1a 1 -----·" - --rr---e:r .... ,. ..... _.,_ ....... ...., . .

We Clean The

BRADY WAY -Airport & Pacific Ave.

GR. 8539

We are holding an open house and invite you to visit and inspect our mod= ern, sanitary plant.

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, July '44, 1949


PLC Will Extend

tion, Pacific Lutheran college has announced that it will plan its curriculum to provide training for gen· eral teaching certification and, in the interim, will list courses necesIn line with action taktn and sary for elementary or secondary v i c w s expressed recent! y Ly the rertification. \Vashingtou state board of educaThe state board of education, in

Her Progran1 for Teacher Training


Touch~[] p




Pacific Avenue and Airport Road

session at Olympia, June ·24 and 25, approved a "general certificate," holders of which will be authorized to teach in the state's schools on both the elementary and secondary levels after 1951. Students now in training who are terested in completing thei1' work in the elementary or secondary field only will be eligible for certification on one or the other level. According to the action taken by the board, public and pdvate colleges will be permitted to give train· ing on both levels. In support of the new general certificate the following comments were made: "It is belie;,ed that the needs of youth will be served best ),y providing tea ch e rs who are equipped to teach at either level. Continuous improvement of the educational program as a whole, from the kindergarten through the twelfth grade, should result when there is an increasing number of teachers in the field whose teacher education program has prepared them to work with both elementary and secondary school students." Pat1·01ihe 01u· i\dver1isers




It's a Wise Habit .•• To help your clothes last longer by keeping them in tip-top shape. For perfect cleaning and pressing - any necessary minor alterations . . . send your apparel along to us, Our service is rapid-prices low.








Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter


(During the absence of l\frs. Clarence Johann, now .on vacation, . Midland news is being re· ported by Mrs, George M. Turner, Rt. 4, Box 181-B. · News items may be reported to her at GRanite

Midland Orthopedic g u i I d enjoyed a picnic on the Mike Hansler ranch, above Ashford, Wash., Sunday. About 75 were present. There was fishing for those who wished, swimming, and hiking for those who liked to walk. Mi's. Hansler was frying trout for dinner whrn the group arrived; caught in a creek that runs through their back yard. After a long ::ifternoon of doing what anyone wished, supper was served and everybody left for home. Present were l'vfr. and Mrs. Don Kemp and son, Merle; Carl Taylor, Mi-. and }..frs. Husby, Mr. and Mrs. Clay Roley and sons and Mrs. Roley's mother, Mr. and Mrs. John Bussa1iich and two daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ayers and daughters, Mrs. Charlotte McClatchey and daughters, Mr. and ]\frs. P e t e r Teffre and little Sue, Mt'. and Mrs. Henry Teffre, Mr. and Mrs. David McPherson and children, and Mrs. George Turner and children. Also present were: l'vir. and Mrs. Frank Johnson and his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, Joyce Vance and three children-four genera lions of Johnsons. Vickey and Sharon Esh· peter also were with the J ohnsons. Miss Susan Baily and a few others were present, too. H. M. and L. Firemen's Auxiliary met in the Fire hall, July G, with Mrs. Frank Baskett presiding. Two prospective members were introduced to the group, Mrs. Don Pet· erson and Mrs. Jack Abston. Nomination of new members was held, with election next month. Plans were made for the members to attend a dinner, July 20, at the Top o' the Ocean in Tacoma. Mrs. Harvey Weeks and lvfrs. George Tumer were hostesses for the evening. Lewis McArtor and George Tur.. ner motored to Vancouver, Wash., to attend the Washington state association of Fire Chiefs and Washington State Firemen's association f ii· e school and convention, last week. They attended, classes four days, amounting to 16 hours of schooling. They also attended a banquet and 1iight show, where a makeand-break contest was held. Competitive drills were held in the daytime. Both reported a fine time and they also learned quite a few good pointers to bring ba~k to the department. A going·away party was given for Mrs. Ella Hansen and sons, Dickie and Ralph, who live at Larchmont. Mrs. Hansen is ·selling her place and moving into Tacoma. Present were: Mrs. Corrigan, Mrs. Siehl, Mrn. Joringdal, Mrs. Ayers, Mrs. Miraldi, Mrs. D. Lorrence, Mrs. F. Lorrenee, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Teffre and Mrs. Harrison.


on 72nd street some time this sum1ner.




For your car, while they last-uses regular or dry ice-regular $5.98

Car ·Visors •

Lin1ited quantity-regular $12.95











Hiawatha-full reverse-I Vi h.p.-regular $69.95 Hiawatha-full reverse-3 h.p.-regular $99.50

WISCONSIN POTLUCK The monthly potluck supper of the Wisconsin club will be held Sunday, July 17, in the basement of Odd Fellows' temple, 6th and Fawcett, Tacoma. I


Firemen Hainpered By Cars; Outbreak Of Brush Blazes

In the Business Center of Airport and Pacific

Lady Helen

~ ·---


Saturday Only

Ice Boxes


Visitors during !he holidays at thP home of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ames, werf' Mrs. Anws' niecP and famjly, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Morehouse and son, Gene, from Coulee dam. They are enjoying scenic spots in Washington and Orq;un. A group of friends aud rdati1cs enjoyed a week end of eampin!?' and swimming at North cove, near Toke .. land, Wash., over the holiday. This gro11p included Mr. and Mrs. Walt Olsen, Nadine and Leanne, Mr. and Mrs. Burnett, l\fr. and Mrs. Frank Henson, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wehrkamp, Caroline and Tomrny, !lfr. and Mrs. G. J. Heit1. and Vincrnt, Mr. and lvfrs. George Heitz, Mr. cmd Mrs. Burton Heitz, Ronald and Linda, and Mr. and Mrs. Gould from Eugene, Ore., Miss Edith Law .. r<>nce and Art Rogers. An enjoyable time was had hy all. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vik drove from Minneapolis, Minn., for an indefinite stay with their daughter, Mrs. Frank Gural, and her family. Cheryl Ann Ames is recovering from a case of measles and tonsilitis. ]\fr. and Mrs. George Puckett Jr, (Gloria Shipton) announced the hirth of their first child, a dc111ghter, born July 5 at Tacoma Gerwral hospital. The girl has been named Diane Lynda. Grandparents arc Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Shipton am! Mr. and Mrs. G. \V. Puchlt. The ld}y also has a great-grandfathrr, Robert Sn1olley, and grPnt-gr~n1d1notlu::r, Mrs. Frank Springer. !\fr. and Mrs. B. L. Vaugh3n, Keith and Ted, spent the weelc end at Boston harbor, near Olympia, Wash. Two sisters of Bill Ames and a brother-in-law, :Miss Teresa Ames, and Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Bell, were injured in an accident near Centralia, Wash. All escaped serious hurts, as the car was completely demolished in the mishap. . Sharon l\!Ionnelt is recuperating at her home after spending a day c1t Tacoma General hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Hany Trimble, Barbara and Sidney, from Seattle, spent the holiday week end with Mrs. Trimble's mother, Olive Huston. Barbara stayed on to spend two weeks with her grandmother. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Shipton motored to Chico, Calif., for a two week vacation jaunt, and to visit with an Army buddy of Elmer's. Mr, and Mrs. C he t Robinson, Marcilyn and Dolores, and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Geer and family from Midway, Wash., spent the 4th of July week end at a private camp grounds .at Lake Tapps. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon M a y e 1· (Ima May Hobbs), Huston, Leon and David Aaron have arrived at the home of Mrs. Vina Hobbs, from Guere, Texas, to live in Tacoma. Miss Osie Walker made the trip from Texas with them. She is Gordon :Mayer's aunt. :Mrs. Arra Duncan, who has been seriously ill in Tacoma General hospital, has returned to her home to recuperate.

I 1•

Specials! •


Paul Bunyan Rife and Sportsmen's club .will put new drain boards and repair the cupboards in the kitchen C. M. J\.farsh, commissioner of of the hall. Mrs. George Turned and Mrs. Al Pierce county fire protection disBombardier were hostesses for the trict No. 6 (Parkland), this week cautioned motorists against followevening. ing closely after fire trucks a11swer.. ing alarms. Cars coming too close Shor~ly after s~~ool .was out,. the hinder fighting of fires, Marsh statSouth Tacoma I... 1wams club hon- ed. He warned that there is a state ored ~vinners of awards for the out- law against the practice. standing students from the graduCommissioner Marsh also advised ating classes of Midland, Spanaway that he will issue no permits to hurn and Woodland schools, at a dinner outdoor fires as long as the current at the South Tacoma community dry spell continues. center. Enjoying· the evening were Parkland Volunteer Fire departwinners from Midland junior high ment has answered a number of calls and their parents, who were intro- to fight brush fires during the past duced by t h e i r principal, Perry two weeks. Three such calls were Keithley. Midland award winners answered lasl Friday alone. were Beverly Corrigan, daughter of Most serious of the series of brnsh Mr. and Mrs. Walter Corrigan, and fires occurred late Sunday afternoon, F. Don Reed, son of Mr. and Mrs. on West Garfield street. The blisterFrank Reed. ing blaze was controlled after apA party, hcmoring the 9th birth- proximately half an ham, with the day of Marlene Corrigan, was held assistance of McChord field firemen. recently at the home of her par- Two Parkland trucb answered the ents. Gay decorations carrying out alarm. a May pole t h e m e were used throughout the rooms. After several SELLE BARN OPENED TO games, refreshments were enjoyed PRESENT PALOMINO MISS by all. Attending were: Eleanor and Arrival of a most endearing offLouise Cunninp;ham, Gloria and David Siehl, Nina and Donna Ayers, spring presented to Mrs. V. R. Selle Colleen and Denny Bruhn, Mary by her bridle path companion, Honey Ann Townsend, Donna Portz, Anna Girl, was celebrated by Mr. and Arneberg, Mark McNab, Johnny Mrs. Selle last week end at their Schumock and Beverly and Pat Cor- Allison road place. Open house was rigan, sister and brother of the hon· held in the Selle barn to present ored guest. Also visiting were Mrs. and. honor the beautiful little Palomino filly, which has been named Ray Bruhn and Mrs. Fred Siehl. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Corrigan Honey Bee. The filly's name is a entertained last Thursday evening combination of the mother's name with a dinner honoring the birthday and of l\frs. Selle's nickname, Bee. of her sister, Mrs. George Thomas Jr. (the former Marie Brunner), re- around the piano, singing. Present cently arrived from Binghamton, N. were: Mrs. Bertha Brnnner, the h01r Y., where she has resided the past ored guest's mother, Mr. and Mrs. year. A lovely birthday cake with H. Schumock and son, Johnny; Mr. the honored guest's name on it and and Mrs. George Rodrick Jr. and decorated all in yellow and white son, George III; Miss Elaine BrunJ was .enjoyed after the The ner, Mrs. Thomas ~nd Beverly, Mar· evenmg was spent rem1mscmg and lene and Pat Corngan.


• • • • Rack and glasses-one to a customer-regular 89c


"Third floor-watch your language!."

We, at your Western Store, are happy to see this new service come to th Parkland area. We are happy that there is one 1nore reason why our people will not have to make tedious trips into town. SHOP PARKLAND - SIIOP

Beverage Sef:s


uPt. not>tttM l n\).

HARVARD NEWS Mrs. Alice Smith, Reportn GR. 5475



r, lion



GRanite 5738

IMPROVEMENT CLUB MEET Midland Improvement club met regularly in Midland hall July 5, with Spalt Wartenbe presiding. It was reported that ditches and sh?ulders will be cleaned and repaired

GRanite 6301

Tacoma, Wash.

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Did you know that you can renew and obtain your new driver's license at your Parkland Western Store with~ out going to the State Patrol? Another Parkland Service.





Ritter and Beitz, Authorized Dealers A~~~~~<- ~-~rl .c-1..u pu.1. L uuu


.l U\.:iJ.J.U.:;


GRanite 6119


hoice of Sandwiches



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I- Reservisi:s" for Training

land called the square dances. The young folk all had a wonderful time. Thorny Tibbitts played his accor· dion. Terry Plumb, Reporter Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Haskins, Graham 201 daughter, Colleen, and son, Leroy, l\frs. Ray Kavanaugh, daughter, had a picnic lunch at Spanaway Beatrice, son, Robert, and nephew, lake. Mr. and Mrs. Mause Reynolds La Vern, attended the North Da· kota picnic at Pt. Defiance park, sold their home to the Gene SnialTacoma, Sunday. There will be an- leys and have moved to Spokane. other North Dakota picnic, nt Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reynolds are Woodland park, Seattle, Sunday, renting the place. They moved back to Elk Plain from Eatonville. July 17. Mrs. Samuel Hardy (Myra SarMary Kuper of Elk Plain and Edna Ayt>rs of Clover Creek went tain) and Jessie May of Dayton, blackberry picking Saturday, on Ohio, are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Sartain. Green mountain at Morton. Don't forget Grange met:ting July Mr. and Mrs. Ittner, Mrs. Naomi Clark and sons, Larry and Johnny, 15. Everyone come. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Smalley, Mr. had a picnic dinner at Mrs. Clark's and Mrs. Lonnie Smalley, Mr. and home, July 10. l,a Vern Kavanaugh, recently dis· Mrs. Philip Colrman of Sccattle and charged, is staying at the Ray Kav- Miss Georgie Smalley of Elk Plain ::inaugh home. He is a nephew of picnicked Sunday at Carbon rive!·· After dinner they picked wild blackMr. and Mrs. Ray Kavanaugh. Mrs. Ead Loury and daughter, berries. Southworth mill started w o r k, Betty, of Harts lake, visited Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Lovdand, Friday, July July 11, after a long shutdown. Each summer "Citizen Marines" from cities throughout the oountry Calvin Sartain and son, Jim, spent go back into uniform for their annual two-weeks' of active duty 9, and a t t e n cl e d the Elk Plain training at posts of the regular Marine Corps establishment. A Crange youth dance at the Grange the week in Yakima, Wash. Brooklyn unit of the Organized Marine Corps Reserve is pictured The Thorne Tibbius family has hall. above embarking for Camp ·Lejeune, North Carolina rer llUmlllcr Elk Plain Youth dance, sponsored as week end guests, Mr. and Mrs. training. e by the Elk Plain Grange, was held A. Davis of Toppenish, Wash. Mr. and Mrs. D. Hoyt of Ft>rn Friday night. Mrs. Gene Smalley, Mrs. Hugo Loveland and Mrs. Olive Hill are proud parents of a haby ounces, born July 7. Mr. and Mrs. Sunday to join them. Eve1yone got Tibbitts were in charge. Hugo Love- boy, Danny Duane, 6 pounds, 2 Fred Hoyt of Elk Plain arc the new a limit of clams as there was a grandparents. good low tide. The Nickey Ockfcn family moved Little Miss Ockfen, young daughto University Place in Tacoma. ter of Mr. and Mrs. John Oclden !\fr. and Mrs. George Dillingham Jr., spent the week end with her visited friends in Seattle, Sunday. grandmother, Mrs. C. H. Allen of !\Ir. and Mrs. Jerry ,Auer and Parkland. family and Mrs. L. E. Tibbitts of Sam Goddard spent the week at Seattle spent last week with Mr. Westport as guest of Mr. and Mrs. ANNOUNCES THE OPENING MONDAY, und Mrs. Emmett Rich. Mrs. Auer C. M. Young of Puyallup. is Mrs. Rich's sister and Mrs. TibMr. and Mrs. Clarence Wicklund JULY 18, OF OFFICES FOR THE hitts is the mother of the two ladies. of Kennewick, Wash., are proud Ruunie Gregg, son uf Mr. and parents of a boy born June 28. He Mrs. Rolland Gregg, is having a is welcomed by a little sister, Ann. wonderful time at the Y.M.C.A. Mr. and Mrs. Al Wicklund are th~ camp at Lake Tapps. Ronnie is proud grandparents. staying for 10 days. Mr. and Mrs. Walt Wicklund and IN THE NEW BUILDING OF THE Mr. a11d Mrs. Rolland Gregg and sons, Wicky and Danny, of Tacoma, son, Ricliard, spent Sunday with and Mrs. Al Wicklund d Elk Plain Ronnie al the Y.M.C.A. camp at visited Mr. and Mrs. Clarence WickLake Tapps. lund of Kennewick, Wash , for a PACIFIC AVENUE AT AIRPORT ROAD Mr. and Mrs. John Od<fen, Jr., week. On the way home, they daughter, l\farlyn, sons, Jack and stopped at Richland to visit Mr. an.:! In Parkland GRanite 7313 Cary, Miss E. Keough, Ke u n y lVIrs. Tom Martin, who a few years Kuper, Bobby Kuper, and Ja«k God- back ran a grocery and feed store dard spent the week eu<l at Cop;ilis where the Loveland mill now sta.1ds. beach. Kenny Ockfen <lrove down




National Bank of Washington


BES AfE [(Jr/y Morning COMFORT Plus






GR. 5772


Chester Thompson, fonncrly of Spanawny, now of Roy, a member of the Pierce county planning commission since its establishment in June, 1940, has been reappointed to the board for an additional term of six years by a1;tion of the county commissioners, July 5. Thompson's previous term expired July I. His reappointment scats Thompson as chairman of the commission fo1· the coming year. He is the father of Mrs. Dorqthy Cook of Sp:uiaway.





PARKLAND CEN'fRE GRanitc 7863. C:iRanite 5417

Parklan<l;' Washington, Thursday, July H, 1949

Slst Annual Meet of Red Cross, July 21 Thursday, July 21, at 8 p.m., Red Cross marks its 5lst year in Pierce county at the . annual meeting to be held in ~he chapter house, 306 So. 7th street, Tacoma, with Fred Shoemaker presiding. All contributors to i the '49 campaign will be entitled to, vote. 1q1on. questions presented and I' for officers to bt presented. All interested will be welcome. Following the. program, with its reports and a short address, open house be marked in the reno· 1 vated headquarters. Those present will be able to meet Harold A. Sanders, the new man:i.ger, who came in . June with Mrs. Sanders and the children to establish a new home at Dash Point. Mr. Sanders was in the Aleutians during the war and later in other posts in Alaslrn, in charge of Red Cross·· operations. His last service was as liaison officei' for Red Cross in the state of Arizona.





Operated by Jvlembers


A WISE 'PROVISION . . . Under the PURPLE CROSS pl:rn, )'Oil!' lt'iwd onrs are relif'ved of the burdn1 uf last expenses . . . services are paid for when it is n1ost cunvrnient to pay ... at a substantial saving ... in low monthly payments, Inves1ignte this thought~ ful, business-like plan now.



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PLC President Will Show Films of Trip


Dr. S. C. Eastvold, president of Pacific Lutheran college, will give a I f~·ee picture.. showing of. his trip to I d1ikhY·n _nwt him. eldrr Tuttle Europe durmg the summer ol 1948. is much m1provNI now. The colored moving pictures will Gloria Harsch of Kapowsin spent depict scenes taken in 10 European part of last week at the home of countries. Showing will begin at 8 Mr. and 1frs. Fred Boness. p.m. Thursday evenin5, July 21, ifi l\·l · I '·l Jen..y !\·! orr 0 ".. "~nd . b . . 1. am iv rs. the _St~1dent _U111o:i . 1uldmg. The son, David, spent. the Fourth at the public is ~ordia!ly rnv1ted to attend. home of her parents, Afr. and ,Mrs. A eollect10n will be taken tor the E Heller · benefit of the students running the " · , projector. ~Ir. and ~!rs. John A. _Susan ::ind cluldren, Richard, lvfoxme, G~ry and Sandm, spent Saturday evemng LADY GOLFERS MEET l'ollowing a tournament al the at the home of Mr. and 1'frs. Syd· College Golf courst-, the Parkland ney Waring of 7nd and Liclford Ladies' Golf club met for luncheon road. Playing pinochle, !\.Ir. Susan and a business session at the home held a 1500-tmmp hand during the of Mrs. John Richards. Present first game. In all the ye::irs he, has were the Mesdames P. E. Bondo, F. Danidson, 0. Ellingson, W. Johnson, Cliff Olson, J. P. Pflueger, J. Richards, D. Strandemo, A. Thomas and J. U. X::wier. Balls for the day's pby were aw~rded to Mrs. Cliff Olson and Mrs.' W. Johnson.




Iplayed the garne, ~t was thr trnw he had held 1:>00-trurnp.


Mr. and Mrs. F!'ed Boness and children, Nina and Nancy, Leona Sweet, Carol and Jane Hart and Joyce ::ind Janice Allen picnicked B 1 Tl,mrsday. ::it rn 1)OW 1a{e, . . Mr. and Mrs. 1,. Helle1· and. ~luldren, Nancy and Shirley, VlSlted 'Capt. and Mrs. Harold Bellmn of South Tnrnma. Richard and Maxine Su.s!ln were hosts Sunday to Laura 'Newing and Lois Joan Southwell. Fr_ep estin1ates on repair and


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Maximum. egg µreduction ..

at lower cost.'s the story Mrs. John Susan, reporter · of Triangle X-tra egg proRt. 7, Box 400 lillanitc 7002 ducer. A carefully balanced feed supplying the requireNina and Nancy lioness returned ments for more extra grade home July 'I, after spc·nding two eggs. Mash or pellets. weeks of vacation with their aunt in Oregon. Harlow Tuttle flew to Philadelphia, Penn., June 25, to see his father who was very ill. Ifr was gone Your Triangle Dealer Is two weeks, flying· back to land at the new Seattle-Tacoma airport, on July 9, where Mrs. Tuttle and their


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GR. 6789


Pacific Telephone

and Telegraph Company

Parkland, W2.shington, Thursday, July 14, 19..J.9

KIRBY - GRAHAM Mrs. Albert Nelson, reporter Phone Graham 205


Dworsky. A birthday party and 4th of July celebration was held at the home of Mr. ::me! Mrs. Dworsky. Others present were: Mr. and Jvfrs. A. E. Purter, Mrs. Regina Porter, Mr. and Mrs. C. Gunderson and children of Tacoma, Mr. and l\frs. P. Larson of Midland, Mr. and Mrs. J a rn es Wachtman of Hollywood, Calif.: also H. Wachtrnan and his . tramed dog;. . ·

l\Iurtin Vomcck is visiting at thr home of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff McGee at Tamvax lake. l\fr. and Mrs. Vicior Massat and . . sons of -Jssaquah, Wash .. v1sJted at the home of Mr. and i\,irs. E. G. A:fr. and Mrs. Ge1nge Jerge1·son uf Dupont \vere visitol's al thf' ho1ne Tinius, Sunday. of i\fr. :rnd Mrs. Charlc-s Lorenz, Mrs. Roliert Bottomley (Esther July. Tinius) is confined to a hospital in Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Paolson of Seattlr. l(e-nuewick, \Nash., \Vtre overnigh1 Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Murray aml guests Thursday at the honw of Mr. son of Port Orchard, Wash., havr: am! Mrs. Aibert Nelson. been visiting with her parents, l'vfr. . . . . and Mrs. Roy c~rlsou. Gathe1·e<l for a p1cn1e r1t 111."' hon"" Howard Shook is visitiug tlw of Mr. and, Mrs.' _R. W.r;'>tange~, home of Mr. :rnd Mm. Cliarles .J,uly 4, weie. M1. and M, · W. · Fadey. , Mr. and Mrs. W. , S. Afdcm D uug Ias, :..1 1~ C·-.11· u 111s. . . b ,. .. l' ian ., . k SIm·JI ow o. f crnd !armlv. ' Mr. and MH. . . Ro e1. t )\f. i.. .,rnt·J l\·! is. , . Warsaw, Wis., visiltd with her auut, Stant, Mr. an'.I Mrs. ~{t'm; 110.\ 11 "1\-frs. Carl Casperson, last week. and son, all 01 facoma, 1 ' rs. Lrni Y ~ p I , · .Ball · f Spanawav ·rnd JYfr. and l\•frs. Mr. and 1vfrs. au sou ol Mrnne· . ' 0 , ' " ' . sota are visitirw with his brother Walter Stanger and children. ~ · ' · d .,. II · " cl ason of Andrew Paulson. .Mr. an 1'1rs. · any •..-,.n -· · , . . . . . . . · , . . l\tiss Betty Luu .Shook is vtsmng Ste1bcoom were dmn.:r guests, July :H the home uI l\fr. and ldrs. James 8, ar the home of l\fr. and Mrs. Whitlock of Puyallup. , Walter Stanger. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson visl\h. and Mrs. Walter Rlmbley uf ited at the home of Mrs. M. Barrett. R. ell "'. I 'l'e g·uests 'lt the .an <", "as L, wrc Saturday evening. . · J.10 1.rn~ of Mr. crnd Mrs. R. W. Stan• ]\fr. and !Hrs. R. M. Thompson o-er. of Puvallu]J visited at the home of'" C \ b ·! ]\fr and lVfrs . l ter urn anc . Mr . and Mrs . Milo Becker ' .July .'J . vVcdter · • . . • .. • N. Stanuer went ftsluno- at IS· l\frs. Alma Martivolcl son .' " l" ' qually over the week enc. Raymond drove over July 3 with '. . .. . .. birthday 'greetings Mrs. '.A.. F. . Mr. and_ :\fr~. W~ltcr St~nger ~ll~ Lllllll)' weie drnnet guests, Jul; h; at tlw home ot her parents, lvfr. and Mrs. Andrew· Paulson. . Mr. and Mrs. _Robert Brundage of 't we·c· · ,r" drnner g·uests at. , ... tlte S .untnii. . , ,··,' lio111r· cd M1 .•111~! Jvhs. h .. W. Stallgl'I',. Jil'IC!ay e\•enrng-. , l\li·. and Mrs. Walter Stanger aiid






Health Check

J\fr. :iml 1v1rs. Paul Aterhurn wer~ gtll·sts :it the home of Mrs. Ater-

j lnui1s fathn at Packwood, W:ish.,

s,iturday. Nona aml Carole Stanger were ; nw'rniglit gm:;:ts at the home of, their J ~randparruls, Ml'. aud Mrs. 1,. W. Stang,·r. . . .. ... ., l\/h. and l\/h;;. Le,tcr: (:ruts, and daughter, Bf'.tti~, an~ 11iss Jen Y I Hardt motored to JDvita, Wash., I Sunday. . . , / ivlr. and Mrs. Koss l'lumb aud 'L•C•ys spent_ sc·vr·rnl ~ays at Ocean I.leach. Wini~: t.hne, :reny was lucll~ 1 cuough to c,11ch a c1ab. 0.1 '.he wa) home, they stopped at Sylvia state park. Charld Wilbur i'; ill :!I ltis home. ,,·,· 1 ,." ·it· tlie J rn· of Mr and ''" .. .. o,, . ·. 1·. . '',..'c , . ·. ' ,,. ~J1'... :\lbut.N lhuisday,f iveic. · ·· · lsun, ,, E 1 . VY. B. ' 1.\..!_·'. ." .'..rnd . . . , . • . :rnlson.. - ,en· ·1 11 :· 11cw1ck, \, a,li., -Mt. U. L. , 0 f Mis. ., ... 1anrl P·· ·l'l' cl 11 1 0 . ell • • . ' ·I .Co u c. h and !:urn )· · r ·1 : Ra_lr:h Nelson :rnd his lat1tt:r, cull, ol l acoma, Mn. Mary Nrolson Rcve,








f'noto by Ge;ieral i:zectnc !'·Ray C~11>. Only a mmute 1S requ:red to .l!ld out if your lungs are OK. Because tuberculosis can be detr-.cter1 early, :before sympt~ms appe~r, b~. me,am: of a. chest X-1ay, iubotculosm asso·· elat10ns recommend that evory .. X ,ray a·t I eas t· onee a d u lt h ave an . t mas . S ea1 f un d s sup. a year. ·Ch r1s . por t X -ray services o f tl· rn vo 1un t·ary · t'wns aru1· associa ' ia t e·ct w1·ti1 tlie N U• Uonal Tuberr:uluslll .Association,


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GR. 8488






Recipe of the Week ~ HEllRING POTATO SALAD 0

] Yo

1 qt. diced, cooked potatoes cups smoked herring, coarsely chopped teaspoon fine.I y minced onion


cup French dressing 1 hnrd·cooked egg, diced 1 teaspoon minced parsley Sliced pickled beetg and dill pickles

Use firm potatoes which will not break when diced. Blend with herring and onion, pour French clncssing ove:r and let stand half an hour. Add egg and parsley, toss all lightly together, pile high in serving di'11 and garnish with beets and pickles. Serves 6.

~ill he rn'.ertained b~ the 4-H Lorenz and famtly. hmnettes with an overnight stay at . 'ftnius ' . l 4.l l<e , J\.1r. and f\,I i·s. E. (~. 1 .... n ]Jl"c "' e 011 CJ•o1· e.:1 1110 _ tl :i-::r· I'. il·'cl·so • . wtth • . J u Iy l".>. J u Iy Jr.u_, tie ·J Busy E" tored· to Seattle to visit their tes "·'.."I , daughter Esther. Farniettes will entertain ' ' • . thrir mothers at a luncheon at l\1rs. Lena Schem1n and family , , , b . . • . . . . Erickson s, so the mothers will e a;id Mis. Neunann and son ul able to mee Miss Mc.Collum. ,Mm. Howard Price. , and son, Earl . aur;;han. ; r) .. . Wash., c· ·. spent the wer:k clld .1 t l. ccan It . , >, a11d Daughter, Carnlme, were guests l\fr. and l\frs. Charles Lorenz and :it Portland, Ore., over the week fam'.I y motored to Seattle, Saturday, end. to v1s1t Mr. and Mrs. Jun Grampapa Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson and and Mrs. Cross. Mrs. Mar)' Nelson attended a birth'V l S· fl Y I' · . , ' a ter • tai~ger ew to a rnna, day. surprise .held f_or Bert Gooch Wa~h., on busmess, Satur~ay. . . Wednesday eyening in Tacoma. Mr. and Mrs. C. Snuth v1s1ted Howard Pi·ice's sister from Pen" · · 1' S cl • ' her sister rn a coma, un ay. dleton , Ore ., ])aid him 'a ..ourjlrisc ' ' Mr. B. Smith is visiting with bis visit Sunday · ' son here at Chehalis Wash. ]\,fr and Mrs Paul I indberg spent Sunday, Mr. and ~Irs. Becker and Sund;y at thei,: home ;n Ohop lake. fa rn i I y visited at the following J\1rs. Russell Smid1 and Miss Lorhomes: Mr: and "1\-[rs. Ralph Schmitt, etta Gardener, Juanita Gardener Mr. and Mrs. Sulkoski, Mr. and and Leonora Gardener of Forest Jvlrs. Weck.lten, Mr. and Mrs. H. Grove Ore. were guests over the · · ' the home of Mr. and Hanson and l\Iiss Anna Volkisch, all +th of' July at uf Puyallup: Mrs. Charles Gardener. Jack Reed of Seattle visited at the home df Mr. and Mrs. Charles . . M. Ariel! and J:vf.r. and Mrs. Charles



I" I

Gardener, Saturday. l\fr. and Mrs. Shield of Tacoma visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Milo Becker. Tony Dworsky was a diuner guest al the home of !\fr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson, Tuesday evening. Miss Ruth 'Wiesie is ill in Ta" t'.OI!l'.t General hospital. Fdends and neighbors hope Mrs. Alice Meclrner will soo11 be feeling better. Mr. am! Mrs. Paul Lind.berg sp~nt the 4-th of July with his sister, l\frs. Longsdon, at Longview, Wash. . l\fr, and Mrn. Albert Nelson visited at the home of B. Ulrick last week. Mrs. Fred Erickson, president of ,. · P-1, A ltas lJeen cliosen !ls · K:t)Jowsin · ' . - ' to attend the work1.,•., 1Jl'CS"IJt:1tT\'e "' · · ~.t "'llr .,cj·1rJl. J ~ "' - nsb11rl! · 0, Wash ., July Hl to •)') --· ( '·--t11'Ul! baseball team will pla·>' •• • · · · · at home Sunday, July 17. Manager is I. M. Sorenson; pitcher i~ Jimmy McDonald; catcl1er, Bud ErH:kson. Mr. and Mm. Albert Nelson, Mrs. Mary Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Paulson of Keunewick, Wash., we1e guests at the liume of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Gooch, Friday. Miss l\fary McCallum, from Eng· land, will be at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Andrews. She is one of several girls to come frcim E.urope. i;1 exchange .for the 4-H gll'ls pnv1leged to go mto the farm home. of .that continent. She has been Ill Kmg couuty ou a farm. She will stay. ~n. the ~tate fur three mtmths, vis1tmg; vanom farms. She 0




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FRED AUSENHAUS Fred Ausenhaus, 86, resident of the .Lutheran home in Puyallup for the past year, died July 9 at the hom.e He was born iH Norway and had lived at 3218 So. Durango, Taconrn, and at Parkland before going to the home. He was a member of Trinity Lutheran church of Parkland. He is survived by a brother, A u g u s t Ausenhaus of Colorado Springs, Colo.; a sister, Miss Marie Ausenhaus of Puyallup; a cousin, Oscar Torgeson of Tacoma; a niece, Myrtle Ausenhaus of Seattle, and a nephew, Selmer Ausenhaus of East Stanwood, ·wash. Ftmcrnl sft'Vit:t•s were lo hr hdd Tiwsday at 9:'l0 a.m. at C. 0. Lynn clrnpel, the Rev. E. B. Steen offi· riating, '111d fron1 Freeborn Lutheran d1urd1 at Stanwood, Tuesday at ?. p.m. under the direction of C. 0 Lynn. B1Hial was to be in Freeborn cemetery ai Stanwood. , , ,, ,.. , ., . !IAl.llE I•OSTER Mr~. Hattte Hurlbut Foster, 74, a. r<:t1.recl school teache~- .who had )i,·ed 111 Tacoma and vicmity for 60 d' cl J 1 5 I 1 years, ie . u Y at ier iome at 9 So. JO_n.d street and Park avenue. . Born m B.arnarcl, Mo., Nfrs. FosI cl 1• • W h' ter rn tau .g-.Jc 111 as rngton state f 90 SJ I or .- years. ie was a mem ler f I 1·" -·,h · · 1 I d o. tie 'll'St L. nstrnn c rnrc 1 an F,·rn c.1t~pter No. 7, OES. Siuvivrng are a daughter, Mrs. C. S. Fr;wr, Tacorna; a stepson, Parker L. Cowden, Auburn; a granclson, Bern'1rd Natucci, Tacoma; a · · lei augi~cr, ·l 'n•.rs. f 'I granc iv onf! M c M nhon, Ildleb11le, lll.; a great-grandchild, and a brother, Roy Thompson, in tlw Philippines.



BERTHA STRAND · II Mrs. Jc:ns (Bertha) Strand, 59, l\frs. l\fary Greenlaw and son, Ed, of Rt. 4, Box 639, in the Waller have returned from California whu-e ·road district, died July 10 in a Tathey visited another of her sons. coma hospital. Born in Norvrny, Mrs. Augusta ~'-?Y ldt .Thursday Mrs. Strand had lived in this area. for Oregon, to V!Slt relatives. 26 years. She was a member of the l\1rs. Denny Lucas cntertainr:d a Seventh Day Adventist church. group of belies al a lawn party '.It Surviving are Mr. Strand, a son, her home last 'l'hursday. !\ wry Kenneth Strand of Duluth, Minn.; nice time was enjoyed by all. four brothers, l'vfarns Odegard of l\frs. Fred McGui1·e had, as house Wisconsin and Jacob, Emanuel and guests last week, her sister and fau1" Carl Odegard, all of Norway, allll ily from_ Pullman, W~sh., and her £.c;ur sisters, Miss Aagul Odegard of mother lrom Everett, Wa.<h. J acoma, Mrs. Andrea Wenneberg of Mrs. Al Laska ldt last week for Duluth; .Mi·s. Christine Pillar of i Payn~s,ille, Minn., where: she will Berkelev Calif. and Mrs. Caroline 1Andrea~~n of Norway. j visit relatives for two weeks. Cl ayton )\''II' I f a!Yu'I Y a1e · '11 igan anc Services will 1Je he,Id Fnday at . . . . , SJJcnduw the week carn1JHW and fishI jJ rn from C 0 Lynn chapel ' · ·' .. ~ · · · · ii•" officiating · Burial ·, · on Hood . .. . .. , . ; A · .Neufeld ,.m Sales Road_ L•tdres club ism havrng will be· m J •acoma cemetery • ·· a ]Jicuic at Lincoln park.' I a coma, ' this Thursday. . JOHN TOWNSEND :Mrs. L B~nit's mother and broth, John A. Townsend, 44, Rt. 4, er and fanuly spent several days [Box 95!A, died the morning of July last week visiting here at the Ben it J J in a Tacoma hospital. He was home. They are from California. a native of Minneapolis and was a Mr. and Mrs. Gus Clemons spent member of St. John of the Woods the week encl at Mt. Adams. . church ancl Tacoma aerie of Eagles. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Elliott, Mr. He is survived by his widow, and Mrs. Smart, Pearl Elliott and Viola; tliree sons, Thomas of Taco" Valerie and Rogert Davis ma, Albert of the U. S. navy, and Cupalis, Wash., ocean beach Sunday. Robert of Tacoma; one daughter, If you want to get cooled off, go Mary Ann of Tacoma; five sisters, to the ocean, they report. J M1·s. /\.. F. Jol,'."'ton of Minrn·apolis, Mrs. Walter 1 ibert of Havre, Mont., Mrs. Catheti1~F JY~cKenzie of col!la, Mrs. Francis Wilr·r of Wa~J_:rw, Minn., Mrs. Richard :;ioble of . . .. .. . . . . . . , J acuma :rnd one brother, fhomas



Ladies A re Guests Of Men s Golf Club At College Course 9

Members of the Parkland L;;dies Golf club were guests of the 11:er,'s Golf club Sunday, July 10, at a two-ball foursome tournament at the College Golf course. Husbands and wives of members of the two clubs were also invited. Following the tournament, a picnic <limier, furnished by the ladir~s, was e n j o y e cl by everyone. Bob Thomas, College Gulf course uumager, made the coffee and arrnnged tabks. Many of the members stayed for a final round of golf. President Cliff 0. Olson, Tc1lnnament Chairman Paul Larson, and 0. H. Ellingson awarded g,,lf ball prizes to the ladies on the following basis: Mrs. Peggy Gordon, cocq,lc h;ni n r; 1O\V gross score. Mrs .. Cad Hedlund, couple tierng for low gross. l\frs. \.V. Gordon, longe't drive from !st te~. IVIrs. Bernice Peterson, closest to 6th green JYfrs. Shirley Stranclem \ couple having highest score. Mrs. J. P. Pfhieger, couple having lowest net score. Mrs. John Xavier, lady having tallest partner. Mrs. Fred Danielson, lady ha• ing best-dressed partner. Mrs. Gladys Richards, lady h.w· ing most provoking pa1·tner. Mrs. Nina Larson, lady p11Uin 05 her partner in rough most times. Mrs. Meriam Bondo, longest drive on 5th green. Jvfrs. Ruth Thomas, mo.;t drives on 6th hole. 11rs. Helen Johnson, clo,;est to 4th green from 5th tee. Mrs. Laura Ellingson, cl:;sest to fr nee. Mrs. Elb Olson, most grPrns. lvfrs. Ray Th,)mson, 1110,;t husband. l\frs. Carol Seaquist, mo':t sensible imil playin.P," in sun).





Gary· M alrnin Plays For Kir.oanis Grott/1 A.t its first llH~et111g' held. in

its Bn·nrrnn of 'l'acorn::.i.

nr:w headquarters, in the pansh par[,,,. of Trinity Lutheran church, bst Thursday no1m, Parkland Area Ki· w:rnis club was we_ll entertained. by young Gary Mahmn and h·is violin. Gary, son of ~:.unnai- J. Malmm, head of tlw P:.c11ic Lutheran college rnusi~ department, was accompanied by r.l•i18 mother. . . . .. I he dnb also was l~nefly ad· dl'essed by Henry_ L: W 1.lhs, heut1;1~ant governor ol. K1wams for D 1.: v1s1011 tlnee, Pac1hc Northwest di~ trict, wl'.o had attende:l the Kiw:mis Intcrnut10nal conveut19n, hdd rect:ntly in Atlantic City, N. J. No luncheon rneeting uf tit(· club will be held this week, the club's charter dinner rep being the regular session. 'J'hursday noon, July 21, Morris }'ord, superintendent of the Franklin J'i('.lT<' sd10ol district, will tell of school progress :ind his recent inspection of California school faci Ii ties.

Hearing on petition for formation of a water district at Spanaway has been called for Monday, August I, at 10 o'clock a.m., in the Pierce county court house, Tacoma. Time and place of the hearing was set by Pierce county commissioners at their meeting July 5. The hearing will provide opportunity for those who object to formation of the proposed district to voice their objections. Petition asking fornrntion of the water district was filed with county authorities June 20. The petition was signed by 281 residents of the proposed district. Formation of the district is sought to provide machinery for construction of a public water system to srrvir.e the Spanaway area. It has the backing of the Spanaway Progrrssive Community club. LOCAL FIREMEN TAKE LEAD INTO 2ND HALF Parkland rounded out the first half of the season's play in top spot of the Pierce county volunteer firen1eu's league standings, taking a wide, 16-6, win over Fircrest in their June 9 tilt. The Io ca 1 firechasers breathed easy on a bye last week but W cdnesday evening of this week were to open second-half defense of their lead as host team to University Place. POINTER WANT ADS PAY

Men's club members playing with the ladies included: Paul Larson, 0. H. Ellingson, Carl Hedlund, Maurice Seaquist, Ray Thomson, Paul Bondo, Fred Danielson, Don Strandcmo, Joe Soltis, and Hal Petterson. Husbands of Ladies' club members also playing were }ohn Richards, W. Gord011, and Willian:• Johnson. SPANAWAY WINNER IN VALLEY TUSSLE A win Sunday over Eatonville gave Spanaway Athletic club an even break in Valley league secon·i half play; one win, one loss. Fm1rteen hits clinched an 8-10 Spanaway victory. Spanaway now holds fourth spot in the Southern division.


~-Onlyy.fil! can





VACATIONED IN CANADA Mr. and Mrs . .John Xavier recently enjoyed a trip to Ilarrison hot spl'iug·s in Canada as guests of 1frs. Xavi1·r's sister aliCl brother·in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John Tenwick of Ab<'rclccn, Wash. While there, the golf enthusiasts enjoyed playing .several games 011 the resort's golf course. () 11 their way !tome, they visited at the home of Alfred Skattebo! at Vancouver, n. c. Skattebo! is a brother of Mrs. Tenwick and Jvirs. Xavier. Th<' fir,t printed map world appeared in l+ 72.


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Dr. Eijo Vesanen';' University of Washington seismologist, examines a seismometer'; part of a new seismo. 'graph installation at the University that' will make the station one of the best equipped in the natiou. The_ apparatus is several hundred times more efficient than the 1905 model it repla~es 6n the campus.

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Parkland, Washington, Thursday, July 14, 1949






I. Your local stores are Hmne-owned. They are part of your con1n1unity and help support your roadsj schools, fire depad1nent and churches - their money stays at home, 2. Their prices are always right. 3, Parking is always fn=:e; and always plenty of romn.

SO LETjS SHOP PARKLAND DISTRICT AND YOUR MONEY WILL STAY AT l-I01\1E, TOO!! :=:::::::=:::=:::::::::=:::::=:::::=:=::::::=:=:::::::::::;::::::::::::::::::::pAJD ADVERTISEl\fENT-Sponsored by the Parkland Business Club

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Fall Out of Summer


Parkland Light and Watet' cornpany congratulate the officials of the National Bank of Washington for thPir foresight and enterprise, and for the selection of Mr. Arthur G, Swindland, one of our capable and prominent citizens, as the Parkland branch n1anager.''

and Mrs. John Dahle were: kakce, Ill. She received word on clition, making it possible for him John Dick of Renton, Wash., his v\lednesday relating the serious con- to spend some time at the home of mother, _Mrs . .J,oh? ~ick ~f N:ko- / d~tion, of her mother, Mrs. Carl his niece, Mrs. Max Parker. ma, N. D., he1 srste1, Mis. Bmee Hallat. Tl r p NG S ·UT.Smith, and daughters, Yvonne and FATHER AND SON OUTING llvl~ l.t I. ~~. I-Cil , -I . . l. anc- 1n1s.P . arenee ~ · " r-.· -li- un t·. D• R..._o b e1., t F-·· ,St, ('I '·· . ~ IV aish 1 ,1 aist:, 1 on1 el, ,,\J.1.. • , a1 r and son Ho1J.. I ~ d ... _ , ' were to leave ark and 1 ues ay co. F.l•'EE_ PARTY by, spent Saturdav . I f or a tnp , of · , . · and _ _ Sundav· evernng o f th'is wee' Mrs. john Xavier was hostess to campmg on the shore. of Mason lake, two weeks to California points, a grnup of lacl1es Monday afternoon, Early Sunday rnornmg they were honming Mrs. J. G. Baumgaertner, joined for breakfast by Mr. and Mrs. I of Webster City.• Iowa, mother of Streng a~cl sons and Mrs. St. Clair Mrs. Alvin Akre, and Mrs. V. W. and Mane. Bonclo of Oaks, Okla., mother of RETURN FROM CONVENTION 1 Continued from Page One Dr. Paul Bon cl o. Guests invited Miss Mary Olson and Miss Janet Lake hospital, dispensing cheer and were: Mrs. V. Holstad, Mrs. Martin Klippen recently returned from the refreshments. Hokenstad, IV1rs. Robert Running, internation:1l Luther Leag·ue conIn community service we have Mrs. A, A. Mykbnd, Mrs. S. C. vention held at Saskatoon, Canada, discovered a great need of children's East void,· Mrs. E. B. Steen, lvfrs. They were chosen to represent the and infants' clothing. Will you gathLora Kreidler, Mrs. Alvin Akre, Luther League of Parkland Trinity er usable garments which your chilLutheran. There were approximate- clren no longer need to assist us in ancl 1'1l's. Paul Bonclo. SPENDING SUMMER ly 5,000 delegates registered from assisting others? Call up ·GRanite Mrs. V. W. Bondo, mother of Dr. all parts of the United States and 3313 or GRanite 8172 and someone Paul Bondo, is spending the sum- Canada. will call for your contributions. In mer visiting with her son and family The two report a very inspira- fact, gather up your rummage durhere in Parkland. 1'frs. Bonclo has tional meeting and relate many in- ing summer clean-up and call the t?mpleted her work a~ mat1:oi: in, a teresti~1g experiences. . . · /above numbers. will relieve y~u 01rls' school at an Indran rn1ss1on m Whrle at the conven.t10n they took of unneeded articles and you will Oaks, Okla. In September, Mrs. pal'I in the choral union directed by have participated in a big cornmuBonclo will travel to Toronto Can- Prof. Oscar Verby of the music de- nity service job! Although there is to be but one a<la, where she will make he/ home partment of St. Olaf college, with a claughte·r. West coast tlelegates met in Van- regular meeting during July and one EASTERN VACATION com·er, B. C., and made up two during August, there is to be a Mr. and Mrs. Walter Perkuhn special ears that travelled by rail to "gathering of the gals" at the home and family are vacationing in the Saskatoon, taking two nights and of Mrs. Mabel Hart, Rt. 1, Box 187, easL one day to reach their destination. July 22, at 3 p.111. The purpose of RETllRNS FROM MINNESOTA HOME AT JUANITA this inrorrnal meeting is to. work on Mrs. N. E. So!li recently returned . Dr. and Mrs. Glen Ogdea and the urnt scrap book. We will have a home after spending her vacation family are now at home to relatives good time, get "stuck up" and eat visiting; friends and relatives in, and friends in their new residence and "rnanticate the fabric." Join us, lviinne-sota. at Jucrnita, Waslt. eh? CALLED TO BEDSIDE I FEELING BETTER Mrs. R. Strom :rnd children en- I Friends of Mr. U. D, Hong are Ask about our house plan service trained last Thursday noon for Kan·· happy to !te:n of Iris improved con·· -·--Brookdale Lumber Co, (adv.)

I of Mr.




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Tuesday, July 19, at Wapato parl, Tacoma. The families and friends of the congregation are cordially invited. Coffee will be furnished, In the event of rain the group will meet at the church. JACK QUILL Postmaster at Parkland and Presi-1 STUDY IN PORTLAND dent, Parkland Area Kiwanis Club The Rev. W. C. Gullixson, pastor "Saturday, .July 1ti, marks an inr of Parkland Evangelical Lutheran portant milestone in the de\'elop- church, will be absent from his pulment of this disrict as a bnsiness pit the next three Sundays, Rev. center, with the opening of the Gullixson is attending graclnate Parkland branch of the National school in Portland, Ore. During his Bank of Washington to transact gen- absence, the Rev. Luther Vangcn era! commercial banking, giving fi- will ha\'e charge of the Sunday nancial prestige and advantages to morning worship hour. Rev. Gullixthe section in keeping with its pres- son expects to return to Parkland, ent status, Faith in om community, July ~], the progressive spirit of our citizms, SUCCESSFUL fISHERMEN have ::iccornplished outstanding Irwin Dahlberg, Carl Whisler and achievements that have not only Freel Trail spent Friday and Sahnbecn phenomenal but pcrnrn1wnt. clay at Cora lake. They report a The addition of this fine bauking catch of 23 fish. Irwin caught 9 institution, nationally rtocognizecl for and Carl and Freel each cought 7. its ii:tcgrity and fair d.calin'.'s in the CALIFORNIA VISITORS , solut101_1 of customer ~manctal and 1'frs. H. 1'I. Packard and !ems, rs· another cl aug1.t1er, SJ1er·i a, anc . ! . · . evrc!ence of the . son, R'-oy, o 1· s1 1IJstantra> 1 •grow! 1l anc1I enterpns." · · · · . 'ti Bn k·e ley, C,a rf r ., are v1sitmg a t t he 1 1 area. . Jorn. wi 1 F. W. Trail home on I 27th street. of t I1e l ar1'.anc. the comnrumty 111 extendmg smcere . . wishes for the success .they so richly BIRTHDA \ DINNER deserve and offer congratulations in Mr. _and Mrs. Haaken Bellerud the appointment of our own Arthur 1 were clmner guests, .July 6, of IVIr. Swindlancl as the new manager. It and Mrs. John Dahle. The oecawas the crowning touch 0 v,'.rshad- sion was Mrs. Dahle's birthday. owed only by th~ import'.mce or the DINNER GUESTS event itselL" Rece1it dinner guests at the ho1ne


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To paraphrase the poet: When summer comes, can fall be far behind? Designer Toni Owen has fashioned this dress to be equally comfortable under September starlight or July parasol. The patfo skirt is of Juilliard Featheroy (three ounces lig·hter than corduroy), with side zipper and buttoned waist band. Shepherd l{nitwear makes the matching T shirt. The ensemble, chosen by Cosmopolitan magazine's Male-Tested Fashion Jury (Kirk Douglas, Robert SterJing and Louis Jourdan) comes in red caviar, taupe and gold. Its price-about $15 for skirt, $2.25 for shirt-leaves budget room for July.,..juleps or autumn apple cider.

APPAREL SHOP MID-SUMMER SPECIALS Which l nclude: Seamless N'ylons ________________ 2 pair $1.50 BLOUSES-your choice ________ $2.95 up DENIMS ____________________________________ $2.95 up

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Call GRanite 7100 ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICELyrnan Redford, owner. Septic tanks pumped, contents hauled away. GA. 344-6 or GA. 9794. tfc RECONDITIONED sew i 11 g inachincs for sale, Buy, sdl or trade. Electrifying and repairing. D. P Green, GRanite 5201. tfc SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED-;- con· tents hauled away. Don Redford, GA. 7334. tfc Ford 6 V:. It. hall-ton' Pickup. G, V. W. LOST--Will lady who found Phi 4,100 lbs. Choi<o of two engine;, Delta Kappa pin with numeral V-8 01 Six. Uow lritr1gral _type 1906 kindly contact Pacific Luriaar ax/a. theran coll"~ic telccphonc operator. 45p kITCHEN CABINETS - We i;tstall. Free estimates. Expert furniture repair. Suburban Woodworking, 964<> Pipe Line road, Phone GR. 866~. tfc OWNER SELLS: 8-roonr o I cl er home close to PLl :, 5 lots, wired 220, part ba~e11wnt, 2-rar garage; choicest location good incon1e, rental to college students. GR. 8703. 45p HUTSON TANK CLEANING ,...:: , Septic tanks, cesspools cleaned; i in m!iB Contents hauled away. Phones: GA. 7038 and GR. 5467. tk REBUILD your wood and coal stoves. Work done in homeguarantced, Call any tirne, GR 5201, Tacoma and vicinity. +5tfc RAY GOGAN Landscape Construction . New lawns, rock masomy walls and fireplaces, 3, years to pay, GRanite 8842. tfc


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Prairie pointer v 4 no 45 jul 14, 1949  
Prairie pointer v 4 no 45 jul 14, 1949