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CLOVER CREEK POST NO. I Ill Al\IERICAN LEGION l\foctings every second and fourth Friday at 8 p.m., in Scout Hall, Spanaway Ladies' Auxiliary of P o s t 118, American Legion, will meet July 8, 8 p.m., in the home of the president, Mrs. Irma Long. Rontine prohlrrns will he the 01·der of business. Hospital service, community welfare, child bettern1ent, A1nericansm. Although most of our bits, given with wholf'lwarted effort and entlrnsiasrn to do service for our comrnunity, c<wse no great stir of excitement, nevertheless, during the past week we received the exceptional honor of being presented a national citation for our community srrvice; extended to us by the Ameri •.·an Legion Auxiliary of the Department of Washington. Now, g:ils .• doesn't that spur us

ever on to do our best at every opportunity? Little or big· jobs-all need doing! Unit 118 members are doers of good and are not mere dreanwrs. If you are eligible and want to be a doer, join Unit 118, American Lt'gion Auxiliary. LEGION DERBY Legionna in's attending the 1949 Legion state convention, slated for Seattle, September 8 to 10, will participate in the first annual Convention Salmon Derby. Thf'. (!f'.rby will be held in Elliott bay, unde1· the Seattle sky-line. Expected Jo participate in the \Vashington-born sport will be the national Legion commander and V3 ri9us distinguished guests \Vho \Viii attend the conclave. 'The dcroy will be under the sponsorship of University post 11 and prizes for \Vinning fish caught \vill hr prPsentr:d by the newly elected Legion st:i te commander.

Exceptional Honor To Clover Creek I.,egion Auxiliary Auxiliary unit of Clover Creek l'ost I l H, American Legion, was ;H:corded a signal honor dudng the past w<'c·l;. A national citation has been awarclr-d tht" unit for its dforts in community service ..r\uuounciug the citation

tu the

small Spanaway unit, Mrs. Allene Halfglm1d, Washington clt-parlment co1n1nunity service cbairrnan,


ed the award is "due to your splendid community service." Officers of the Auxiliary unit at Spanaway, and their committee leaders, an·: Ml's. ln11~1 Long, president; l\frs. Mabel Hart, treasurer; . Mrs. Amy Warmold, secretary and corn· n1unity sevice ehairrnan; :tvlrs. Frances O'Hearn, child welfare; Mrs Bertha Cooley, Girls' state, and Mrs Rose Stimson, ways and means. DOCTOR MOVES IN Dr .. and JVfrs. Les Keyes and two sons moved last wPPk end ir;to .the •residence at 519 So. 11-lth street previomly occupied by LL and Mrs. John Kozina. Tlw Kozinas, with their small daught1'r, Bobby Jo, are traveling to Louisiana where Lt. Kozina has beefi transferred from McChord field. Dr. Keyes is an interne al ~{adigan General hospital. VACATIONING IN WISCONSIN Mrs. Jenny Benson is enjoying an extended vacation, visiting her daughter and son-in-lrnv, Mr. and 1'.frs. Mark Lowell, and her two grandchildrrn, Barbra and Mark J L :tvfrs. Lowell is the former Helen Beusuu of Parkland, now' living in Menosha, Wis. ADMIRAL and PHILCO

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FURTHER EXPANSIONS OF FACULTY PLANNED New faculty members who will come to Pacific Luthera11 college for the 1949-50 term are disclosed by the college administration in the PLC summer news bulletin bcin., distributed this week. Caps:ile d~~ scriptiorn of the backgrounds of the newest members of the PLC faculty read as follows: DR. E. C. KNOR,,R D. E C K .. "ll . . . l 1. . . . _no11 wi JOlll l 1e faculty at Pacific Lutheran college as chairman of the department of · I s . . . CJ ]) _ soc10 ogy on , eptem 11e1 1, 194 . . . . 1. · d h' II d K norr receive is co ege an t 11eo.. . I· A . I · I og1ca tra1n1ng in t ~e inencan Lutheran church. Wlule pastm· of the Queen Anne Lutheran church in Seattle, he earned the doctor of philosophy degree at the University of Washington. During the past sev· era! years, he has done part time teaching at the University of Washington. and Seattle Pacific colli:ge, respectively, At the ·present time he is completing the erection of a fine home on the college campus. He is the second vice president of the northwestern district of the Arnerican Lutheran church. REV. T. 0. SVARE The Rev. T. 0. Svare has received his college and theological training in the Evangelical Lutheran church. He will join the faculty on September 1 as profrssor of ~.Janguages. He: earned the master of arts degree at the University of \Vashington with a major in languages. He will receive the doctor of philosophy degree in Deci:mber, 194-9. IL is reported that Rev. Svare ls earning tll(- drgree, doctor oJ' philosophy, in the· fil'ld of history, doing rf'st·arch in Cre-ek, Lat l n, German, French, and English. Rev. Svare's main work will be teaching Norweg;ian and Gern1an, prrhaps Frt'n{:h. He is qualified in all ol lhf'se languages. His son, Richard Svare, will be a senior at PLC this fall. Rev. Svare was formerly pastor of Trinity Lutheran church, Parkland, before he ntned the sPrvice of the National Lutheran council, at the home :ind center for naval officers and men, Bremerton, Wash., during lhe last war. At the present time he is in residence at the University of Washington. There he will complete his work for the doctor of philosophy degTee in August of this year. MRS. H. E. ELLINGSON Mrs. H. E. Ellingsoii has received her library of science degree from the Unin:rsity of Washington. She has her B. A. degree from Luther college, Decorah, Iowa. She will join the PLC library staff September 1. Mrs. Ellingson r~ct'ived het high sc:hool diplonrn frmn Silverton high school, Silverton, Ore., where her father, the Rev. George Hendrickson, was pastor of Trinity Lutheran dmreh during the years 1917 to I 92fi. She aliPnclcd Pacific Lutheran college, 1926 to 1928, and was graduated from the junior college department in 1928. She has a son, Eric, 14-, who will join the college family with Mrs. Ellingson when she comes to the library. MISS RUTH J. MICHAELSON Miss Ruth J. Michaelson, on leave from Iowa State Teachers college, Cedar Falls, ·Iowa, has accepted a position as assistant professor in PLC's department of elementary teacher training. At ISTC she su pervised student teaching for prospective demen tary teachers. Miss Michaelson has been active in promoting work of the Lutheran Student Association. Miss Michaelson received her B. A. degree from Iowa State Teachers college, and master of arts degree from Columbia university, New York city. She has




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su111n1er UC\VS

al led

* earing

bulletin, re-

ext uesday vn


leased here this week. September 1~ through 15 a re "Freshman Days," when all m·w fn:sI11ne~1 wil be on ha_nd .for th( onen:at10n prog:·am, which mc~udcs a senes of mtell1gence and aptitude ~ests, _Physical examination ~·:d registrat10n under the supervision of certain f'.H:ttlty niembers who _han bee.n design_::ite~l frt"shrnnn advisors . Sern01:s, Jumors and , sophomores will register Monday, l 11esday and Wednesd~y, re.spectivdy, with freshman reg1slrat1on to be completed Thursday. St d t I · · t 11' u en s w 10 ant1c1pa e enro uig for the fall term are urged to make I · 1· · ·h d I · t 1ell" app 1cat10ns wit out e av 111 . . · order that they may be assured of housino-. " ,...., .

ESTABUSHED IN r f'an-o"taman, pARKLAND . . AREA I L>·"". (.... )



~'. w,)l"

'•liss Gladvs Carlson from ,\II f~I l , n ·· J , l P:il- ;racmna, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Dam_e I r . (·JI Ho\,om" om\ "" Sl!Td ;He \..1 lll a recr·1v1ng congratulations upon the childrrn, ·Kathleen, Jim rn y and arrival of their first son, Gordon Judy. In the evening, they were McClane. The little fellow :wrived joi1wd by the host's p:n<"nts, Mr. Monday,' July_+, at 5 p.m. at Ta- and Mrs. J. C. Willis, and a brothcoma Genera.I hospital. G or don er and sister-in-law, l\1r. and 11rs. tipped the scales at 7 y, pounds. Donald Willis, with their sons, Dale He's being welcomed by a sister, and Douglas, from Puyallup, Wash. Cindy, and grandparents, Mr. and PICNIC GUESTS Mrs. Sam Braidwood and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Haakenstad :Mrs. Norman Patterson of Tacoma.' of Parkland had as holiday guPsts BRUNCH PARTY their son and his family, Mr. and Mrs. Bnt Streng was hostess to Mrs. Norman Haakenstad, Alan, a group of ladies last Friday morn- Christy and Margit, from Olympia, ing. Those invited were: Mrs. Rob- Miss Jean McGregor, Miss Lillian crt Haner, Mrs. Robt>rt Snyder, Langcrno and their daughter and "What a bank means to a comMrs. Robert Bynkley, Mrs., Robert son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Walter . ,. . f . I St Chir Mrs L Patterson Mrs Young· . 1 1nun1ty - \Vas out tned or n1en1 )ers · ' ' · .· · ·- · ' ·· · of P· +I d , K" . I I E. Harmon, Mrs. J. Betz of Tacoma, HOUSE GUESTS ai' an Ai ea iwams cu) at d 'f A I Ell" M d f their regular weekly luncheon meetan N rs. · "· ' rngson. r. an Mrs. H. Morhnway o ing last Thursday noon, by J. K. MOVING DA y . Airport road h~ve as house guests, . . "d f Robert I-hner and famil)' moved Mr Morhnway s parents Mr and E wart, assistant nce-presi ent o t 11e · ' · ' · ' National Bani- of Washin,,ton to their new home on A street, while Mrs. E.W. Miller of Newberg, Ore., ' • S . "di ·d Mr and Mrs Jim Secor and son and Mrs Rev Ffpe and ~hildren · • · . ' · ,. . " '" , E wart and Arthur wm an as. . . . f, I Jimrn)' ' movPd from their former Thomas ' Dennis ..·md Susan from s1stant cashier \Vere ffUtsts o t le · ".. , ' I " . . home on A street to the former Portland Ore c Iu b . Ewart has Jecn closely identt· · · · ' · . . . . I d eHaner residence' on J'JOth street ' OVERNIGHT GUESTS !..ted SlOCe the beo·111n1no· \Vlt 1 ... " ". Mr Secor is an employee- at tlie 'f1· "nd M1·s Eno·c·li A1·11c'so11 of velopment of the Parkbnd branch • ' · · . • • · · " •• " • · • • of the National Bank of Washington Parkland post office. Mukilteo, Wash., were overmght CELEBRATES ON 4TH o-uesls at the home of Mrs Oscar . ' soon to b e opened f or b usmess at ' " ~ · ·· Pacific avenue and Airport road. T. H. Olson was honored on his Hovland. Mr. Arneson is a brother . . .. . _ .. . 74th bi1.·thday with a p.otluck family to Mrs . Hovland. S wmclbnd, a Paikland 1es1dent, is . . . · . •u . . , now in ch·1 ro-e of the auto finance p1cn1c at the home of his dau,,hte1 SUNDAY GUESTS ' o ' ' d · I ''fd Jvf· J M· d M· ' W . R amsta d an d department at the bank's Tacoma an son-m- aw, " i. an is. or. an ts. ·'""· headquarters Official announcement seph Soltis. Others present were: daughter Helen had as g·uests, Sun· Mi·s 1' I-I Olso11 1Vf1- anc . I '" ·s day E• lclo11 Kyllo 1·1·oi11 I 'u°C1·osse oi. his appoitn1ent to a vc1·y respon~ · _' ' ". · ' "1·110! ' l '--ilso11 ·1•1cl C'l11· st-· I·Iei11·v M1·s • C'· J • Splls 0 · f I 0110sihle position at the Parkbnd branch n ' · · · ~. 1· \, · 1 j W·1sl1 ' ., '· • .~·· · • is t·xpected short!)•. Olson,. i\lton ~Ison,, Mr. and ~[rs. view,. Wash., and M~sscs Janna. and Ewart said that general results of OI_e BJerkas lrom ,]· ''.r g us !•alls, Ma1111e Ramstad ol Taco1;1a, sJSt~:rs establishment of a bank in any com~!1nr1., and Joann Soltis. of. Mr. Ramstad, and !us cousm, rnunity-·to be expected in ParkI 4 fH HOLIDAY O~JTING M~ss Eva Ramstad from Kenyon, land too-are: Business is attracted ~ 11r. and Mrs, Jnu Harold and 1Ylmn. hanl;ing snvice is brought to th: childn-_n, Cindy and E;·ic, enjoyed BREAIUAST AT STEEL LAKE people and receives wider use, propTwo one-act plays will he pre- an outmg 011 the ·lth with M~·· and Mr .. and M~·s. H. Morhnway and erty values increase and banking is scnted Mondav evening, July 11, by Mrs. Emest lfarmon and children, daughter, Christy, of Parkland, Mr. given a local accent. the Pacific Lutheran college sum- B~ots an~ Laurel ~C~'· , and 1vfrs. Harold Bee of Tacoma, Ewart declarN] himself "pleased rnn theatre group, under the direc- WEEK END GUbSTS and M_r. and Mrs. Max Johnson that Art Swindland has b,,cn chos- tion of Miss Jean McGregor of the Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Dcn~on and children, Marybcll, N~ncy. ar:;d t·n" to head the bank at Parkland. PLC: faculty. Plays to lw pn,sented <rnd daughter, G~rry, of SuqL1a1rnsh, Jean, of Sea~lle, met at the p1c.n_1c "I give credit for this bank to are: "The Trysting Place," by Booth Wash., were hohcl:Jy guest: ::it the. g_rounds :1t Ste~] lake, Sunday, rn residents of Parkland area," Ewart 'Tarkington, and "The Sequf"l," by home of the R?bert ~t. Cla'.rs. tmie for breaklast, _and spent the said, cornmenting upon .the aggres- Percival Wilde. MARY lVIAR1 HA I _ICNIC , , . . rest of the day hav111g fun on the siveness and persistence shown by Curtain time, in the lounge of Mary lvfartha s~ciety of lnmty bc~c.h. , merchants of this section when first th1: PLC Student Union building-, Lutheran church will mci't Tuesday, HhRE FOR SUMMER tlwy began driving for location of is 8:15 No admission char.~c July 12, at Wap:'.to park, wit~ their Mrs .. J. (;. Baumgaertner ?f Weba bank here. will be made and the public is wcl- husbands and clulcI;en, to enJOY an ster City, Iowa, is s1wndmg the 1 Parkland Kiwanis club is to med come. aftrruoon and evernng of enl";rtain- sunmier at tl~e home of her daughat noon today for the first time in Intermission between the two ment. A. P?tluck s\lpper '~ 1 11 . be tcr and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. the parish hall of Trinity Lutheran plays will be filled with interprc- served. Fishmg, boatmg, swimmmg Akre and son, Grover church, which is to b1: its permanent tive n-adings by thn·e stude11ts: Bill and hasdmll are among the sports ANNUAL PICNIC . . headquarters. 1Ykals will be served Ramstad, Mabel Galbraith and Curt that ha1'e hee11 !Jlarn1ed by the comMen1lwrs of tl~e Suburha1; S_tudy to the club by the circles of Trinity Hoium. ''.11lltT., Those lll charge '.'re 1Yirs. club mel fo_r lhetr anHual 1:1cwc al guild, in rotation. Comprising the c:ist rnr "The 1~~-_o. lotl<'n :rnd Mrs. Orville ~ah!. the _horne't~t ~~'.:s. lvfa~y Srnit~._Mrs. TrysLing Place," which has Mrs. 'ACATION AT ~OAP_LAKL Alf1cd (, od_ig p1t'sided 01e1 :he Gcai_.·hart as stu.dent director, Mr. and JVIrs. Ed !1111dcrlie arc meetmg. Officers for the commg ZrC e Z .It ee ar": Mrs. Curtis (the young worn- spending their vacauon at Soap year were elected, as fo_llows: P~·est an). played by Arlee Husby; Lance- Lake, Wash. tden_t, Mrs. Robert Clmton; \'!CC· · · .I..t~ of 1 ,nn1ty lot l'i.. , (tli<· 11oy) s·t. , l'll·r·i·sc>• . REUNION AT• SOAP LAKE presidcnt,"Mrs. H.]. Leraas;i secreI nger T ont~tte. c1rc ) 1·,,., :!.,~· , • •1 1 , .l · 1 , • . , , .• • • • • . • Lutheran church will meet Thtirs- Mrs. Brigg· s (his mother), Mrs. Mi. and Mis. II. L. J. Dahl .u;d taiy-t1easme1, .. Mrs. Carl Colt~m, .. t l .·Jl ..t_ K 0. 1JO 11- . J··ssi', lii"s , 1·s·t ('..I (·.1 s.o.n, Hans Jr., ' Mr. and r Bill program comnnttee, Mrs. J.- Xav.1er, d ay' ··J ll Iy 11I-, at t 1·1c. SUI11111C'T I10111('. B (_cl t '. I ' • ' • ' ' ~ ' • • • • ' • • • . M _ 1, S , 'I" _ I· I· ])retty g-irl of .1bout ?0) Phyllis Stoiaash and s_on, D_. ilt, and feel. chauman, Mrs. Leonard llalvoiso_n ( 1 Oil 'cat .1,c o JS. . w.rnes. ·n ....·. , R JJA 't • s . ·tl -,(tilt' ' • yo . .g. S. wim . II an cl motorec1 to S oap L. a k,e an d M rs. S . C·'· S Id M S . I1 . e en. . rs. m1t II - ostessts are. M rs. S wanes, M rs. L . 01 gt n. u .:. I 11 11 1 u11 ._ . • · · 1 ·· ) L· M'Do eII· '-[i· I . . ·old· to .spc1.1d the '.vcek end then was honored by _._l_Jn·sen.lation to her 11 - a 1vorson nn d M rs. L . R asn1 us- 11ian , cs c i 1 , iv. . ng s· . . A . II sen. by (a man of 55 or, possibly, 60), sister and brotlwr-m:l~w, Mr. and ?fa book of poems by Edgar. Guest, , Cl"t'I· . tl ,. Mvst<·i·i'oiis \'c, ·,,<. Mrs. Arl Bloom. Jommg the rela- m• memory of her 6lst weddrng an1- - / 1 ' -1111 u \., • • • · . t Glt M en1 a re. a s I\. e (I lo nHT '1 10 "0 ·1·' · · (rnai' ·me! adult) Leon J»erboom t.wcs at.· the_. Blo_om residence w.ere 1 mvnsary. prompt y at ::i a.m. at nrnty c ' ' ' · t · . • , · St l ·. t d"reclor for "The Sec uel" another Sister and brother-rn-law, I INK-AN.D-BLUE SHOWER L utI1eran f or transportation. '"tu 1 · · l · p f s M L M ] J is .Jim Harrell. His cast of charac- Mr. and Mrs. Louis eterson o ers .. eo aves was recent y 10n. . . . ters and players has Malcolm Soine altle. The Petersons were. on th'.:ir ored , with a pink-and-blue .shower . .· wav. home- fro rn Supenor, also attended. other mstitutwns, such · ti ie- 1cac11ng Wis., • • '1 • • anc1 .Jo A nn ,JV.1ocIt vc dt· 1n . . . . . at the home of Mrs. Lee Smith. An as the Umvers1ty of Chicago. roleB of Jack and lvlilly, Luther Sken wh1"re they had been v1s1tmg theH arrangen:enl of swed peas and snapROBERT I. JOift:IS~r-: as the butler and Gli:nn Clark as daughter, Mrs. Lowell Olson, who dragons ·rn a crystal bowl centered Robert I. Jolrnson will JOlll the Mr. Horrocks, Tack's father. traveled west with them. Mr. and the lace-covered table. Those presfaculty September I 111 a new de· Mrs. Norman Jensen were traveling ent were the MPsdanws Harold partment, where he will teach inwith the Petersons, and all arrived Baker, Virginia Hicks, Gary Miller, dustrial arts and mechanical drawV\TO in time for a birthday celebration Lavern Clark, C. W. Smith, Edith ing. His permanent address is Los Saturday for Mrs. Bloom. Mr. and Gastfield, Edwin Beitz, Louis MagAngeles, Calif., and his nationality, • Mrs. Ed Hinderlie from Parkland danz, Nancy Vermilyea, Charlene Sweclish-Anwrican. He is a member called to wish Mrs. Bloom a happy Maffio, Martha Adams, the Misses of the Lutheran church. Johnson Two persons were injured while birthday. Dian Murphy and Carol Beitz, the received his education at Dassel, a Spanaway couple was rushing a OPEN HOME ON BAY honored guest and the hostess, Mrs. Minn., Winona, Minn., and at th<', neighbor stricken with appendicitis Mr. and Mrs. Stan Dahl and Smith. University of Minnesota, where he I tt) Tacoma General hospital late children, formerly of Parkland, After 'rn eveuing of games and \V~s awa!·decl the_ master o_~. arts t_Ie- Wednesday nig_ht, .June 29. A state opened theii: hon1r. on Hend_erson opening- the rn any pink-and-blue grt<'. His tt-achmg expe1ience rn- patrol car which escorted the ve- bay to relatives ove1· the holidays. duties Elgin, Minn., St. l\rnl, Minn., hicle of James A. Anderson towards 'Those spending the week end at the U. S. Navy, and Seward, Alaska. Tacoma broke down near the city Dahl home were: Mr. and Mrs. MISS ESTHER ORDAHL, R.N. limits, and the Spanaway man then Olai Hageness and children, Linda Miss Esther Ordahl will become had no way of warnin.r; other cus and Donny, Mr. and Mrs. Orville college nurse September 1. Miss . of his emergency trip. Dahl and son, Douglas, Mr. and Ordahl has a fine nurs!ng record j Al South 9th and J strC"~:ts, only Mrs. Bud Storaasli. and Mr. and from overseas duty durmg World a lew blocks from the hospital, An· Mrs. Lester Storaasli. War II and was college nurse, on derson's car collided with that of DAY AT PATTERSON LAKE I a part time basis, durinp her junior R. D. La Hatt, 20, of 1530 Srmth Mr. and Mrs. Don Stranclemo year at PLC. 'T'his past year, she 53rd street, whom police had to and son, Sandy, and Mr. and Mrs devoted her time to completing her take to the hospital for cars ofscalp Russdl Young, Mrs. Standemo's college work, and was· awarded the and facial wounds. He remained parents, spent Sunday at Patterson B. A. degree at PLC, MCiy ~9. Her there overnight. lake. late father was a Lutheran pastor Mrs. Mary Andt'.rson, ridiug with MOVE TO CLOVER PARK in North Dakota. her husband <ind the stricken wornMr. and Mrs. Robert Andrew w .. OTHERS COMING an, sufft:red painful bad injuries moved from· Parkland Centre to Additional new faculty mP111bers and rcqi1ired hospital treatment, but their home at Clover Parle Mr. Ana. at PLC will be provided in the was later .. sent home. drew is attending the sunmier sesfields of speech; business adminiNeithf'r Anderson nor the patient, sion at Paeific Lutheran college and stration, where two men will be Mrs. Margie McGraw, 18, suffered Mrs. Andrew is employed at the added; French; Spanish; rn us i c, injury. in the c:u- crash. Parkland. office. where the college expects to add PICNIC AT WILLIS HOME one to teach niano only and one LOCAL TEAMS LOSE Friends and relatives gathered at to teach voirc -only, in addition to\ Spana way Athletic .club's ball thie Stanley Willis home and enjoyed the teachers already on the staff: team opem·d s1·rnHd half Valley a quiet 4th of July picnic. Those and in secondary education. An- kaguc play Sund:1y in n loss to present were: Mr. and .Mrs. Arthur nouncements will be made· as soon lvfi1wral, 13-:J.. Egtw·dt from Seattle and their house as possible when m~w additions to Rhodes post or Tacoma moved guests, Dr. and Mrs. 0. A. Tinglethe staff are given contracts, accord- into a tripk-tie for 2nd in the Sun" stad of Decorah, Iowa, Mr. and ing to Dr. S. C. Easlvold, PLC set loop Friday night, edging Mid- Mrs. Walter Daniels, Mr. and Mrs. presidc11t, land, 4-3, at Dawson field. Ai-thur Daniels and sons, Rick and

Effects of Ne'\V B l F . an<: orecast To Kiwanis Club

FIRST SON .. . ., . M,. of ""' JIM "· and .1'.. trrson 9th







Summer 1 heater Grou Schedules P 2 Plays Monday


C · I W ·11 ll!J

/ A Home on Lake






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. .. Provision of a licensing agency for the south encl district was announced this wrck by Pierce county Auditor Jack Sonntag. The auditor has designated Parkla.11d Western store, Pacific avenue near Airport road, to serve this sector. In announcing the appointment, Sonntag stated that he has long realized this area is cntitkd to the s:rvic? of a full county-authori~ecl hcensmg agency, and has, therefor, SJ1t'rded step~ to P'.·ovide one h~re. The ope~mg·. of the lo?al .l!ccnsmg depot m tnne to ass1St 111 the current .rc-lic~nsing· of all car and t~·uck drivers is expect~d to be pa~·ttcularly helpful _to res1drnt_s of . . . area. R. A. Ritter and Enul Beitz, owners ·111d opentors of the P•u-1-' • ~ ' land Wcst_n~1 s~orc,. ~ave _out·l·1~e~ the followm" pioceduie foi dil\eis I · ·f 1·, app ymg· ~r n~w 1'enscs: . Application .lorms , . may bi: rece.l\' and filled out . nght· at the. store; . _ , the driver 1-ctams lus old operator s 1· I f . I - d , l · icense, twn, a let tuee a)S cunng · · · · · · which his applicat10n will be vah, . ·. 'o, • datrd b,. the state lu,J1wa) depaitmenl, he may call back at the store . d "".,. . _ , . _, " 1: tn.e\\_c. 1~is n~w opc;iatoi s 1:einut. The lee is p:11d at time apphca-l tion is made. · . Hours of busmess at .. . . . . the. new ,. Pmkland hcr-nsrng agency are. D.uly except . _ Saturdav .· · and . _Sundav---9:00 , _ . ', . a.lit. .• . to ·.8.tlO p.m. _ ·· SatullLn-<J.00 · 11 1 ' • !. l~ fi.O~ p.rn._________ . ,., .


ransfer of School

etition For

Formal opening of the 1949-50 school year at Pacific Lutheran college will be Thursday, Septembei 15 at 7:'.lO p.rn., according to the college's

Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland


Public hearing 1\<ill lw hdd Tuesday evening, July 12, at Parkland school, 8 p.rn., Oil a revised petition for transfer oi a portion of Tacoma school district No. 10 to the jurisdiction of Franklin Pierer; school district '10~. The me>eting has b,,cn called by the Pierce co1111t )' committee on school ciistnct organization, to hear views of the residents of the area affected. A former move, to transfer into Franklin Pierce district a much huger area of that portion of district 10 which lies outside the city li1nits of Tacoma, recently was stopped by objections of Larchmont residents. area is not included in the section to be transfened under the revised petition. The area now proposed to be transferred is all without the city limits of Tacoma and lies generally west of A street and between the south limit of Tacoma and the present no r t h boundary of Franklin Pierce district. A large proportion of the children of this area have been attending Parkland school because tra nsporta ti on provided to Parkland is better than to Tacoma schools. The c h i e f objection to change expressed by Larchmont residents at a hearing in their district some Wt'eks ago hinged on comparative provisions for transportation of elementary students. In their case, lr::rnspoiiation to Tacoma schools was considered superior. As described in the hearing order, issued June 22 by the county com· mittee, the area c.miered by the petition now being considered is bounded: On the south by Franklin Pierce school district No. 402, on the e:ist by A street (both sides of street included) to what was formerly known as Spooner street, east one-fourth mile to tbe end of Adolph Berger's property, i1orth to 99th street (formerly known as 98th street), west on the south side of that strf'et to Sam Hull's place, west along 99th strePt (on both sides of Pacific avenue) to· what was formerly known as Spooner street, west on both sidt's of that street to Patterson street, south along both sides of Patterson to B rad e strPet to the Frnnklin Pierce boundary. packages, a delightful lunch was served at tables wlwre each guest found little cradles arranged with tiny flowers, for favors. TRAVELING VACATION Mrs. Walter Young of Parkland and Mrs. Hilda Smythe of Tacoma recently returned home after spending their vacation traveling south through Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Nevada and California. They visited many of the larger cities and points of interest, coming home by way of San Francisco and over the Coast hig-hw:1y. While in ToallP, Utah, they visited Mr. Young's sis· ler, Mrs. George Diehl, and sons, Paul and Ronald. WOMEN'S CLUB MEETS The Womf'.n's club of Parkland Evangelical Lutheran church will meet this evening at 8 o'clock in the church parlors. WELCOME FOURTH SON A fourth son, Richard Clarencf', was born July 1 at Tacoma General hospttal to Prof. and Mrs. Burton T. Ostenson of Tule Lake road, Parkland. Brothers of the 9-pound newcomer arc: William, 9, and Alan and Ha rolcl, 8-year-old twins. Prof. Ostenson is chairman of the biology department at Pacific J,utheran college. GUESTS FROM MINNESOTA Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Olson entertained Mr. and Mrs. Ole Bjerkaas of Fergus Falls, Minn., and Iner E. Bt'lsvig of Tacoma, at a Sunday supper.

dohnson &Anderson ark el 8356 Highway Phone GRanite

On Mountain


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Groceries Meats ·· Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Pie-Sweet Frozen Foods Carnation Ice Cream Pyrex Ware Fuller Paints ·· Lee's Overalls ·· U. S. Rubber Footwear·· Feed·· Hay·· Peat Moss ·· Garden Tools. wa

Finest Parking on the Mt. Hiway ONE.STOP SHOPPINCi

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, July 7, 1949


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HARVARD NEVIS Wm. K. Clark. ................... c................................................................... Editor Bill Gros.,gloss..................... ....... Advertising Mgr. A community newspaper for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and Spanaway. Published every Thursday by Beard Printing Co., P. 0. Box 797, Parkland, Washington. Telephone (;H.anite 7100. Entered as second-class matter October 3, 1945, at the post office at Parkland, \A/ashington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One yrar, $1.50; six months, $1.00

No Reprisals Recently, during active discussion of plans for study of factors favorable and unfavorable to incorporation of a city of Parkland, this newspaper offered its columns to those who might have views to express, one way or the other. It was thought and hoped that light might so be thrown upon more facets of the issue. So far, only one communic.ition bearing upon the matter has been received. More recently it has been indicated that the editor's rebuttal action to that communication may have discour:iged others who had thought to voice their views through these columns. If that be the case, let the editor now state that: he did not and does not intend to take issue with opinions expressed by readers in their letters. The editor regrets that a reply was necessary in the one instance, because the editorial integrity of this newspaper had been attacked. That integrity he feels he must defend vigorously. However.those who have opinions to make public on any issue need anticipate no reprisal from the editor merely because their views are in opposition to his. Opinions stand or fall on their own merits.

Incredibly Expensive Some weeks ago, Sen. Bert H~ckenlooper essayed .to prove "incredible mismanagement" in the affairs of the U. S. Atomic Energy commission, which he lays at the door of AEC Director David Lilienthal. Evidence of mismanagement he has since bared may. not seem "incredible" wi1C11,. viewed against the background of inefficiency general in our full-blossomed federal bureaucracy; but would most certainly be considered intolerable if occurring in any private enterprise. Extravagances, such as paying for schooling of rhose whose avowed communism automatically bars them from ever giving this nation service in return, Richland's multi-million dollar school building with its left-over stockpiles of flown-in lumber and other heavy materials, taxpayer plundering bus and garbage systems, have evoked caustic comment even from the Democratic membership of the Sen:ite committee hearing tbe charges. Whatever Sen. Hickenlooper's motive, he has shown that, as one Democrat said in effect, the AEC has demonstrated no desire whatsoever to watch the public's money in its operations. A few days ago, the AEC's lack of business sense was publicized before the committee in the writing of a scientist who earlier this year resigned his responsible position as director of pile technology at Hanford. Dr. C. W. J. Wende, the scientist, wrote: "I became convinced that one of the primary shortcomings of the commission set-up is that nowhere in it is there a hard knot of practical business sense of the kind that can effectively manage a program of industrial development. Such know-how appears to be alien to government agencies and must, of necessity, come from industry." As might be expected, scientist Wende seems not so much concerned with cost as with lack of accomplishment. From his complaint plus the evidence of extravagance, the conclusion is drawn that: We're paying streamliner fare for a ride on a milk train. -·-~



Mrs. Alice Smith, Reportn GR. 5475 A bridal shower was given for Mrs., Jamrs Bes ha I er (Marion Loucks), former Midland student, in honor of her rec<'nt marriage. Her husband is also of Midland school. Those attending were: Mt'sdames F. Loucks, M. Beshaler, D. Berchot, Myers, Ted Nylund, G. Nylund, Medley, Blane, G. Johnson, D. Johnson, I. Monnett, H. Weeks, Harry Weeks, L. Robinson, and J. Burston, and Misses Lois Daley, Joanne Loucks and Dolores Larsen. Refreshments were serve cl with Joann Loucks assisting. Mrs. Gunnard Johnson poured. The shower was held at the home of Mrs. N. L. ~~hnatier, 8612 East J street, Jnnl' While Robert Burston, a

re to

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Door Jainbs, per set ________________________ $2.95

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LAKEWOOD FEED & FU.EL CO. (Next to State Scale) Hay, Grain, Seeds, Peet, Fertilizers Complete line of Centennial Marfak Lubrication Products Texaco Gas ·- Oil and Accessories Also Albers Stove Oil Mountain Hiway at Clover Creek I 1536 Pacific Highway LA. 3522 GR. 9942 · Ben Lawrence FLOWERS - SHRllllS

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Ilene Palmatier and Lorraine Beshaler are n·c<)vering f l'Ofll the mumps. l\frs. Alice Thompson of 8-!th and East J street left Monday with hrr two children for South Dakota, where she will visit her parents. They ,n-1· in tlw home forn1rTly uccupiecl by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weeks and family. At the regular evening meeting of Dawson Field R»creation dub June 28, Tom Lantz from the Ml".lrupcili-


GR. 8488


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~-.~ Quality Wo Gladly Deliver stead, Bill;' Douglas, Rosco StarkI; "Cherry Valley" weather, David Welsh, Buster Smith, Open Till 6:00 p.m. Weck Days C'iA. 3366 COAL Niles Sundberg, Donald and Gc,ne BR. 5148 Mar, Russell Wold and Lloyd Marvile Games and refreshments wC're the order of the afternoon. Billi Jo Smith spent two days with tan Park Uepartlnent \vas g u l'. s l her cousins, Christine and \lirginia GR. 75B'.~ Sp:urnway GR. 6547 spt·akn. He rl'portcd that tlw order I Bmwn, in the Collins district. for kindergarten swings and slide, A ,;howcr w~s hdd at the home of BICYCLES SALES, REPAIRS purchas(·d by the Recreation club, Mrs. Harry lkshaler honoring the had bct·n acknowledged by the fae- rnal'l'iage of the fonncr Marion tory, an<l they would b" installed as Loucks, daughter of l\'fr. and 1\frs. SEMI-DRY soon as possible. Questions were Frank Loucks, to James BC'shaler, asked and a discussion was held. son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beshalcr. BIKE RENTALS -- KEYS CUT Lawnmowers Precision Ground Lantz also stated that he wuuld try They were married J1tly I. l\frs. Free Pick-up & Delivery Service to gl'.t a lrnder for two groups of vValter Jolrnso11,aunt of the honoree, AFTER 5:00 P. l\1. GRanitc 5772 334 Garfield Si. teen-agers~ recreation a~);.-~s tu J-w 13- assisted "fvfrs. B('Sluil{'J'. G11ests wcxe: 14- :rnd J !i-18. Inquiry was to be Mesdames Nick Keller and Delores, FUNERAL PARLORS nwde liy Mrs. Alsll'ad towards a Walin Milkr, Jewel La Qua, GorBUILDING SUPPLIES tap claucing class al the field. l\lrs. don Crouch and Helen, Ernie De Ellison, George Turner and Clalllh- Roche, Ray Marchk, Joe Tyndall Blessing are to try to organize a and Joanne, Dt·nnis Hulsing, Frank W catherslrip and Screen Service team for boys of agl's l'.l-17 who Loucks and Joanne, Lawrenu' vVis"Protcx" Metal ~leather Strips want to pby ball. The next meeting <lorn and Dolon's, James Palrner, Pella Roscreens - \Vater Proofing of the club will he a potluck dinner, Charles Ettinger, Roy Allen, Walter Window Caull1ing July 11, at noon. Each person at- Crawford, R. V. Simpson and Mar- '.1319 So. Monroe Tacoma, Wash. trnding is to bring a table st·i-vicr-. juri1-, and Miss Ebine Swain. The J. C. rta:ieour Phone GA. 5285 HJRNITURE Stephen Sallee, son of l\Ir. and couple will reside in thr: Lincoln Cl.OTHES CLEANING 1\frs. Forrt·st Sallee, et·lcbraled his district of 'Tacorn:L 6th birthday June '.lO al a party for his young friends at the hurnl' of hi:; t parents. Those enjoying an afterOU11 Y ..1e S Oa GR. 7914 Floor Coverings ·• Window Shades noon or play and lunch on the 1awn Free !'lckup & lJclivery Sherwin-Williams Paints were: Donna Jo and Lynne Bray, Plant: Park & Violet Meadow Robert Lamn, Barbara Marriss, l'arkland, Wash. GR. G582 Call Office, Parkland Cent re Billi Ju and Buddy Smith, Peter Efforts of the Spanaway Progres. M rs LI oy d- Bray M rs E l 1·-·-·-S aII ce. GARBAGE SERVICE ' d 'D av1s .' · an d M, Sa111 ' . M.'dl__t 1ss. ._ · 1 sive Improvement club, to obtain a W2.l' l 1 s. • . · d S l d second artenal thoroughfare mto 3-Day Service- Call For & Delivu . h B.uster. Snu~ cnioyc a ,a ur ay Tacoma \vcn- advance~] · u1w 27 ' outmg with ]us Sunday sdwol tnich'I' ~ J . er and class at Steele lake. w 11 e 11 t 1tt: acoma '.v t'lropo 1itan Ervin Smith came home from Pa~-k board. gra'.ited Pierce county 24-HOUR SERVICE AT . (). re., . f or t 11c. 110I'd () n a 60-fool-wide nght-of-wa" 1crI111 1 · ay. . , . ' throuh.'.- h Sut P. 0. Box 726, Parkland, Wash. PLANT . I ' . I · Spanaway Metro1;ohtan 1§>.irk fur !us return Monday mormng, us ,, . . . Airport & Pacific . road purposes. I he ceded strip exI 'Id B t B dl d B'll' GR. G'.JOI IJohn Clal,10tigh GR. 7958 1 1 ·Jo, tends from the Mountain hi diwa · c u · rcn, us er, u c Y an went as far as Portland to spend a .. . . . . . .. g Y I 'tl ti · · T. t cl on the east lo mkrsert Military road wee' WI 1 ierr cous1~1s,_ oo y an on the north. Butdi Drath. Mrs. Smith went to Current budget commitments do Sutherlin with her husband. not provide for improvcrnenl of the Drive In Under Awning . . . Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Drath spent Where Everybody Stops roadway, C, o u n t y Commissioner the 4th of July at the ocean beaches. Open 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Weekly Garbage Collection Harry Sprinkcr explained, bul fuMrs. Vina Hobbs and Ray, Mr. Daily except Sunday ture plans call for inclusion of the and Mrs. Jim Baker, Betty Jean, Phone GR. 6190 or GR. 6300 ceded strip in a northbound rxten- Telephone GA. 5495 For Pick-up Pete, Alice ~md Ruth and Bill Baker sion of Spanaway's Pacific street to spent the week end with Mr. and GROCERIES - MEATS DAIRIES connect with C street and Broadway ......... - - - Mrs. Clyde Hobbs and family al in Parkland and final junction with their beach home at Gig Harbor . Park avenue. Larry Fordicc celebrakd his l 0th A right-of-way across the privatebirthday June 28. Between showers ly-held section of Spanaway park the children eujoyed a treasure hunt 108TH AND PARK has been promised the county by G. FUCHS, Proprietor (Sales Rd. & Park Ave.) and other games were played. Reowner Bresemann, to form the confreshments and favors were cnjoyf'd necting link between Pacific street Groceries - Gas -- Oil - Meats HOMOGENIZED AND by Walter Smith, Warren Hanson, in Spanaway and the strip obtained Dale Lipke, Lloyd Marvik, Carl PASTEURIZED MILK by the county from the park board. Becklund and Denny Bruhn. ONLY AND CREAM - ICE CREAM Glen Alstead celebrated his 12th 10% MARK UP Handbills and placards, advertisbirthday June 30 with a party held STORE IN SOUTH END ing books, became common around at his home. Those enjoying the P. 0. Box 207, So. Tacoma affair were: Sally and Sidney Al- 1600. Tacoma 9 Phone GA. 3301 752 - 108TH GR. 8128 (Sales Road) DRUGS - PRESCRIPTIONS CUSTOM KILLING

Parkland Cycle Shop


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Baskett Lumber Co. 96th aud Portland Ave., Midland GR. 3488 Call Us for Your Lumber Needs ATTRACTIVE KITCHEN CABINETS MADE TO ORDER

VAUGHAN'S PACIF'lC AVl\NUE LRR. CO. B4th and Pacific GA. 3133 MOTELS

SI--IADY REST i\fountain Hiway at Spanaway Unckr New Managcmc:nt A Complclc NE\V atmosphere of l'riendliness NOW managed by HARRY LEWIS NURSING HOMES

ILCB.bomnre l'W"mi.1r§inmt Do:mue Tttle Lake Roa.d

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GENERAL REPAIRING MOTOR OIL-50c Gallon wcek cruise to San Francisco, his Parkland, Wash. mother \'isited Mr. and Mrs, Chet GR. 8619 Wc Wire Fluwers-We Deliver Pacific i\\'e, at Airport Way Robins and family, fonm·r n·sidents Mt. Hiway at Parkland GR. 7270 Mt. Highway at Orchard Hill of Harvard a11d Midland, at Electric City, Wash. Robert visited and enl7lJEL DEALERS AUTO SUPPLIES joyed many points of interest on his ·tour of San Francisco, while Mrs. Y oar ONE-STOP Burston enjoyed scenery and points of interest of our own state, one of 24-Hour Towing Service Shopping Center which was Coulee dam. GR. 3177 10006 Pacific Ave, Also Authorized Dealer Mrs. D. J. Berchot of 80th and HEAVY flREPLACE AND EXPERT REPAIRING 1\1cKinley m'crme, has ::is a summer FURNACE WOOD guest, Waltl'r Gorsuch of :Montana, Phone: GRanitc 4604 Airport and Pacific. GR. 6119 a brother she had not sei:n for 15

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Herc are a number of business firms, who, through their individual advertisements, offer to citizens of the South End trading area a service as close as their own telephones . . . These firms arc established not only with hopes of personal success but also with the hope of beini; able to contribute to the development of a growing community. Check these listings for the services you need!

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Parkland Realty Co. Al and Jennie Grodvig, Realtors Phones: GR. 7232 and GR. 6774Residcncc Phone: GR. 8210 REST AlJRANTS


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LOCKER BEEF, VEAL and PORK Cutting -- Curing -- Smokiug l l 6th & Tulc Lake Road Res. Phone: Bus. Phone: GA. 8893 GR. 8246



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Tlu:re's lots of picnic fun in roasting bacon-wrapped franks ov1.-r an open fin". Pop thr: franks into oblong buns, top with relish, a·nd you've the fint·st of food for outdoor eating. Simply wrap· strips of bacon around frank· furters, barberpole fashion, and fasten with toothpicks. Stick on longhandled forks or hickory sticks and roast over an open fire. For variety in the picnic menu, take along some meaty spreads for make-it-yourself sandwiches. Prepare these from ham or beef and pack in cardboard containers or bowls, Buttered hamburger buns are ideal for these "sandMonthly terms on all purchases-wiches." Potato salad, fruit and beverage will complete your picnic meal. Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.)





Hiway Variety Store 7025 Pacific Avenue


Parkland, Washington, Thursday, July 7, 1949

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lVfrs. John Susan, reporter Rt. 7, Box 400 GRanite 7002


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The llusy Bee club met at the home of Mrs. LeRoy Gammon, on Wednesday; present were: Mesdames Vawter, Lemon, S. I. Carlson Prall Lightbody, Pope, and a gues~, Mrs'. Wetherell, and the hostess, Mrs. LeRoy Gammon . Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Gammon, Mrs. Wetherell, Mrs. Carl Light· body an<l Homer Lightbody motored to Shelton, Sunday, to pick wild blackberries. Mr. and l\frs. LeRoy Gammon attended the wedding of Jerry Germaine and Elda Honling, Saturday evening, at 8 p.m. The wedding was held at the bride's home on Montana avenue off Lidford road. Mr. Germaine was a former resident of Clover Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boness returned Satmday from a motor trip through the East, by way of Yellowstone Park and southern 01« gon. Leona Sweet attended the wedding· of her brother, James Sweet, in Sumner. Mr. Sweet is a seaman 3rd class, stationed in Seattle. lVIr. and Mrs. Freeman Myers and children, Vernon and Betty Jean, spent the +th at Copalis beach. Ruth failcy accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Waring and children, Laura and Sydney Jr., on a motor trip to Pendleton, Oregon. They are \•isiting relatives over the holiday. Little Motta Orsborn has had another operation on her leg. They are hoping this will be the last. The leg is n1aking good union this time, which is very encouraging. Mrs. Etta White opened her home for a Stanley party. Those attend· ing were Mesdames Bob McCullough, Ted O'Neill, C. E. O'Neill, Harry White. Glen and H o w a r d White are spending a week's vacation at Grayland beach. Lois Joan Southwell entertained at the home of her parents, Mr. and ,Mrs. Merlin Southwell, Floru Cope, Elsie Keene, Maxine Susan as dinner guests. They spent the afternoon playing games and hiking. Lois Joan Southwell is having as overnight guests, S u n d a y, Elsie Keene and Flora Cope. Visitors at the home of Mr: and Mrs. Cliff Mann were Mr. and Mrs. Ra y :~f a n n and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith. 'T'hey all went fishing in tlw Sound and later they went aboard the Richard B. Ander-

i: r



98th and Portland A venue



WE GLADLY DELIVER, SPANAWAY-Across from School GR. 7533 or GR, 6547

Fern 1--Iill Fin Fancier Fears Not Fleedom or Flit of Favored Fender






L. E. Keller, he::idrn:m at Fern IIill Sportsman's Association head- !tr has it -- and a full flow of quarters, "w h e r c old fishermen streamlore. Don't ask him, or he'll meet," 8244 Pacific avenue, Taco- tell you about the "sausage fish." ma, is reported to be a man of more Or, if Roy's not around, Bob Taythan a few parts, at least where lor has the answers. It's r~ported fish are concerned. There's some of he's eaten so many fish (supplied by his cronies willing to take oath that his boss, Keller) that he knows them he has all the young fish going to inside, and down. Taylor, a Misschool just to learn how to hang on sourian, went to work for Keller his hook. nine years ag·o, on two-weeks' trio!. In substantiation, it's related how I He's still around. Keller lost his g·ear, but got it right back with interest: Keller was trolling his favorite getter, a Ford fender all dplled up to Keller's own ideas, around Alder lake, June 26. Suddenly, "Wham," gear's gone. Just a week later, July Parkland Volunteer Fire Dep::irt3, Keller was fishing at Clear lake ment trucks joined Spanaway·Elk in the Bald hills. Fishing deep, Kel- Plain firemen in 4th of July eveler hauled up a set up twin to that ning battle against fire that gutted he had lost to a big one the week the J. M. Slater home near the before. (The boys say'. it was air- Roy Y. The firemen were called mailed over from Alder so's to be late and, arriving after the flames there waiting for him.) So, once had a firm hold, were unablte to again, Keller came home with his control the blaze until the home was limit of trout, tagging his tackle, a total loss. A few pieces of forni· too. ture were saved. Keller won the Fern Hill derby last year and is right up there in Free estimates on repair and re· the running again this season. If model jobs-Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.) there's fishing news to be had, Ke!-




Rogers-Greer Wedding Ceremony Held Recently in Trinity Lutheran Church Miss Lorna Rogers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rogers of Shel· ton, Wash,, and Mr, Lyle E. Greer, son of Mrs. David Greer of Kalispell, Mont., were united in marriage al Trinity Lutheran church, June 10. The Rev. John Xavier performed the double-ring cen•rnony in the presence of members of their immediate families. Mrs. Gunnar Malmin was the organist nnd Dr. Raymond Magnuson sang. Escorted to the altar by her father, the bride chose for her wedding costume a navy gabardine ho-

TeenwAge Dance at Collins Hall Friday Semi-monthly teen - age dances, sponsored by Collins Grange, will be continued Friday, July 8, at Collins Grange hall on Allison and Burnett roads. There will be mixed dancing to a five-piece orchestra from 9. until 12:30 o'clock. There will be an instruction period from 8:30 to 9 p.m. Refreshments will be sold in the kitchen, which is rnn by the sponsors: Dances are to be on the second and fourth Fridays of each month.

. lero suit with na~y and wh:te ac.cessories. She earned_ a wlute Bible, g iven her by the bndegroom, topped • roses and step1rnnotis. · with wlute The couple was attended by Mrs. Harold G. Peterson, who. wore a biege suit ·and corsage of pmk rosebuds, and Mr. Kenneth M. Lehman. The bride's mother wore a gray suit and a corsage of pink rosebuds while Mrs. David Gree.r wore black crepe and corsag·e of pmk rosebuds. Following the ceremony, a recep· ti on was held at the Parkland home. of Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Peterson. Out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Pender and Mrs. Oren Shores of Vancouver, Wash., Mrs. David Greer and Mr. and. Mrs. Raymond Waggener of Kalispell; Mrs. Vernon McLouth and Mrs. Phillip Smith of Sunburst, Mont., Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rogers and Mr. Atwood Rogers, the bride's brother, of Shelton. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Greer have returned from a two-week honeymoon in Southern California. Mrs. Greer is a graduate of Pacific Lu· theran college and is on the faculty of Parkland public school.

mt'eting at the Pierce COIH'.ty leaders couneil :it Edgewood tlus month. Problems of +-H arr' discussed at these meetings. The girls will also Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter put on a review of dresses they have GRanite 5738 rna<lr. --Two accidents to Midland folk . (During the absence of l\frs. were reported over the week end: Clarence Johann, now on vaca· N . l , . . . . l . d fell from his 111 . bemg • cw 1Jam . s1ippu tion 1"1idland news is reff . ,l a sl·i"nned slioul' e 1H·rry tree su ellX , . "" ported by J\frs. George lVL Tu.rner, der and f;ce but no broken bones; Rt. 4, Box 181-B. News ite:u~ Miss Charlotte Adey also fell from may be repo1·ted to her at GRamtc a cherry tree. She broke a wrist, 5727.) dislocated an elbow and had five . --stitches taken in her hand. She is Senior 4-H girls held their regular [at home on Harrison street. meeting at Dawson fieldhouse, June Midland Orthopedic guild is h~v­ 30. Joan Arterburn gave a demm:- ing a potluck picnic at the Mike stration of how to make cherry pie Hansler ranch at Randall, Sunday, filling, Barbara Madsen. demonstrat- July IO. All members are invited ed how to make a white cake and to come. Everybody will meet at Beverly Corrigan gave an ill:istrated Midland hall at 10:30 a.m,, bringtalk on zippers. Harvard. girls +-H ing their own table service. group, under the leade:~Iup of :tvir;. Dawson Field Recreation club has Alste:id, altend<;cl__as visitors a,t tl;is purchased swings and ~Ii cl es for meetmg. Also visilrng were Mis. El- small children, which will be put up mer l:vforud and l:vfrs. Arterburn. A sometime this summer at Dawson cooking school has been a_nnounced field. There will be an instrnetor at for July 14·, at Dawson fieldhouse, Dawson field every Friday morning, 7:30 p.m., with Mrs .. Sunderland, to supervise the children. Eve .r Y home agent from the P1eri;e county Tuesday evening will be for girls office, in charge. !nt:rc~ted who wish to play softball. in problems of canmn\5 is. mvited Mr. and Mrn. l•'rank John.~on, to attend. Anyone commg is asked Mrs. Victor Eshpeter, Vickey and to bring a _jar of c~n'.ied._ good~:~r Sharon, on June 30 took in ,the demonstr~tm_g. Semm 4 H g ~ harness races, followed by a trnut has been mvitecl to conduct a mode dinner at home.






"Tifl here Friends Jl!J ee t F riendsn


~~ \t~



If you're a particular gourmet, you'll enjoy our dinners, the result of our entire, dev0ted energy! Our food is prepared in many enticing ways. You'll find on your table sufficient to satisfy the most capable trenchermen and, later, a moderate cbeck.



., -(\~


._, .,..........._

Call LA. 9145


Members of Harvard and Midland improvement c 1 u b s and Dawson Field Recreation club are to meet at Dawson fieldhouse Wednesday evening, July 13, 8 o'clock for discussion and final approval of plans for-rearrangement of the field layout. The session will follow immediately after a regular meeting of Harvard Improvement club. The plan adopted in the joint_ meeting will be turned over to the Metropolitan Park board for development. Dawson field facilities are to be so rearranged as to permit simulianeous use of two baseball diamonds. M rs. Christine McCartty and grandson, Jackie Kuper, and Mrs. Hannah Shirvine and son, Ronnie, were visitors at the Kuper home and also attended the Grange picnic.

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Murphy and children, Mike and Ruth, motored to Middleton, Idaho. They will be gone t\vo weeks. Alice Snow, a former resident of

Clover Creek,· was marded to Allen Graham, June .4, in the church on the Prairie, at Lakewood. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nichols, of Trout Lake, spent the week end at the home of Mrs. Nichols' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Omer Roland. Omer Roland Jr. left last Tues· day for Cashmere, where he will spend the summer with the Jim Mc Vickers. Mr. and Mrs. 0. Roland spent Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cruts of Graham. Visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Srnithlin are his aunt and cousins of Minnesota. They are Mrs. Ress, Elsworth Ress and Maggie Ress. They will be here two weeks. Taking in a show downtown, on M o n d a y afternoon, w e r e Joan Schaffner, Flora Cope, Maxine Susan, Lois Southwell, Elsit: Keene and Kay Mann. The 4th of July picnic and dis· posal of old Clover Creek Grange was a great success. Upwards of 200 people attendPd the picnic and the lucky winner was Dr. McDuffy of Olympia. Mr. and Mrs. Ward McCallister and Mr. and Mrs. Duard Millet attendee! the ball game in Seattle on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Kuper and Wessel and Mrs. Alma Coffey attended the birthday party of Mrs. Hannah Shirvine of Tacoma, Thursday. M1·. and Mrs. Harry Markstone went to Castle Rock to visit Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Fraidenburg. On the way back they stopped in Centralia to visit Mrs. Leo Dosky and Betty and Mrs. Ed Hobart. Then in Tenino they saw Mrs. Watson. Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Webber of Tacoma had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Turner, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer D. Parsons arc proud parents of a 9 pound baby boy, born June 18. Mary Markstone is visiting with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Plew.

He's the healthiest boy in the block.

Early 11/fJrni _ COMFORT Plus Superlative



Above is 1hown WeJgewood Model No. 9236 with hanJy griddle and exclusive Control/eel-Action burners.

Wt1rms Ille ttlr JIFFY- fJ.IJIClll On a cold morning simply step to your Wedgewood, turn the valve, and presto-the chill is off the air in a few seconds! What a blessing, particularly with small children in the home! The Wedgewood Gos Circulating Heater lights automatically, no dangerous and bothersome match-striking. And soon, when the kitchen is wurm, the heat overflows into the next room. Comfort? Yes- plvs BETTER baking, BETTER broiling and BETTER top-of range cooking, S->e Wedgewood NOW!

the Kreamilk kid.



n1~1.ihu1tinn 11111~1!111





GR. 3625

102 Sales Road ·lt4::·:t·lt·l:·~*lt·::"::·:tr:t~~·:t·lt·l:-.'t-:t·::·:-:·:t·:t·lt·lt"it·lt·l!·lt·:t-U·!t·:t·::·::·!!·::.-::-::·!t·!!-l:·:~·:t·!}:!·:t·{t,z!



Page Four

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, July 7, 1949












for SAFI

euand I.ARGIE ~~-;;~ MEAi!. COOKING


Here's a real money-saver! Beautifully designed and cast of a superior, easy-to-clean alloy, a PHESTO COOKER-CANNER will give you years of service for easy, safe home canning and speedy large meal cooking. All PRESTO COOKER-CANNERS are equipped with 5-piece accessory sets, in· eluding a valuable recipe and instruction book, 'Modern Guide to Home Canning'' Get ready for the canning season, NOW! Come in and select your PRESTO COOKER-CANNER today! ACCESSORY SET FOR ALL



16·11:1u~rt_(No. 7)-Holds 7 quart jars or

basket The exclusive HOMEC

'iEAL <lnd tilted gauge make "II PRESTO COOKER-CANNERS ;asy to aper.,te.

1B pint jars or 4 he If-gallon jars •• , ,


pmt 1ars ....... , ............ , •

$24·85 $22·85 ·


209 So. 84th.

A Special for This \Veeh End . ..



8238 Pacific .Ave.


SHEbbEY'S mARHET 8240 Pacific Ave.







GA. 3231









Shelley's market

Pacific Avenue Lumber Coe 84th and Pacific Avenue



Shop in the 84th and Pacific Business District and Save

* *


S55a00 -------·--------SI0 15

Courteous Service - Quality Merchandise


GA. 3133


1 acoma






8218 Pacific Avenue



Every Friday and Saturday


Pi_erce County Headquarters:




'* *

s s


BAMBOO RAKES ---------------------- . --- - --- -- ------45c rfI-IICK BUTT SHINGLES, per square ___________ :$9~87

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.Re-Roof for



GA. 4123

Insulate for

OUTSIDE WHITE PAINT, per gal. ____ ,.___ ,___________ $2 95 THINNER, per g'al. _________________ '___________ , _____________ -----------&De

It will be worth your while to look for them all through the store. 8044 Pacific A venue

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GA. 7316

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HI. 4072


in the following sizes:

••vstrated s the 21-quart PRESTO COOKER-CANNER with








Open 7 a.m. to 8 p.11_1.-Friday and Saturday to 10 Jl.m. SHIRLEE CAUSEY and BARBARA ANDRUS

8416 Pacific Avenue

PACIFIC AVE. DRUG A. H. BAUMBACH, Prop. 0242 Pacific Avenue





Parkland, Washington, Thursday, July 7, 1949


Page Five

o .. t'ac Merchants InvH:e Sout:h End to c. ~'.,,,· .~~> ~ I f \t amp e Advantages o Trade in Dist:rici:i -'~,:~". r 1





pl'Ovcmcnts to the section and en- maintain an attractive business dis- were week end ffuests. at the h. omc trict, adequate ·to offer the south of l\1r. and !Vfr~. Jack }frnricksen end its rnost convenient retail serv- of Lake Shore drive. ership of So-Pac are: Bert Vaughan, ice. Friends and neigltbors of Mrs. Convenience and complete service president; Aster Sr!lith, vice-presi---George Thomas of Mountain highoffered residents of South End comw. ay pffer their sympathy on the munities by their rapidly-growing de1~t; Ev:lyn, secrc.ctary, and Irvmg Sigler, L0t11s Barrett, J. H. death of her brother, Will Barr of business section is pointed up this Slater and Ernest Sigler, executive Springfield. Mo .. week by merchants of the South ehai~1i;ien for memb;rship, education, l\frs. Arthur Pietz, Reporter . Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steidel and Pacific ·A venue district. ., le \VIC . ·] e vanety . . f 1·m·b·hcrty and publ.1c works, respec- Rt. J Box 445 Spanaway--GR 66461 s.on Bobby of Pacific street have . . 0 1 Stl'VlC("S 0 - .. l ' ' ,_ .. . . ' J J 11 fered by this business center at S+th tl\c Y· . . . . ____ J~st returned. from two weeks ;•acaPlumbing installation costs are reduced ·by ,, Pubhc1ly Director Slater points Sunclav evcninir clin·ier giiest·s ·it t1on at Washrngton, D. C. They also str"c·t ·irid S I'·ic'f'c having an adjoining kitchen and bathroom. . ' , . • 1 1 . avenue 1 at b . f cl . t . I •' · b • • ' · · The kitchen has a large well-lighted dining corna . . ··d . . cl I , ti" •,. ·t' _ ou a num e1. o a van a!Ses securec the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver stopped oil at Yellowstone park and 14.tT· Oln . '' 18 c>i cnce )) 1 ' ac1'er is by those south end residents who C . f · · · · ''"Pd some f" •l 1 space with equipment arranged on two op· IO'·G1t;lO'·G OAP.ROE Ltv1nG Room mg messages grouped in this issue )mat o Moun tam highway were: " ,' llCilc s. po~;ite walls. It is located so one end of the ll'·Ox 21'·0 19'•0 x 13'•0 . of the Pra·" · , .· t .. . f rn.1!,e full use of the So-Pac at ea to Mr anrl :Mrs Jo. hn G·illoway ·rnd Carl Ross Jr. so. n of Mr. and Mrs. 11 0 ro nd out th· h ). .Ille 1 om f son,· Bruce, · ' ' C arIn living room may be used for dining. this coo )erat' ff er. ·t b lf'.ti aim . ·u. c s f actTt' J ·res o of · Tacoma. ' ,,ose o {' F' 'Jrst street, h as 1)ccn l rve . et ·01t · Y ie · l\"i·s Bi'll Gri'ssoiit . . d 1'll wit · I·1 c I11c · I<en pox, l)llt IS · up an d There arc 2-story view windows in the · mer then· · own commumt1es·· Mr ·ind 11 ell , an t s o f ti ie d is nc lS to unpress '. . , . . . ~ _ , ~ _ . · ' . i. • . • '- ~ • • u· · living room, one set overlooking the garden, upon south end residents that here . l·-.Sc\e1:::l miles each w.1y, com- d11ldren, Billy, Punk1c aud Dav1d, a1ound '10,11n. . the . other placed on the end wall of the is a nearby sl.iopping center which u1:e;· and gomg·,. are lopped off the of Tacorna, were Saturday evening Mrs. Ann~1 Russell ol 12th so:eet living rooH1 next to the garage. •l complements the Lieilities of tlleit• trip necessary, !or those who shop guest" at the home of Mr. and Jvfrs. 111oto1:d to Spo.ka~c, Wash., to. brrng ~ Closets, with storage space above, are in O\Vll IJOlll' c. . 't' 111 downtown Tacoma. Cht't r•.IcAtee of Pacific street her sister, i'vf1m1Ie, and ch1ldr<:n, the bedrooms. There is a coat closet in the c onumuu res. , , . · · c1 · 'f I Ell ! s LO '-~-----Iii CL Activities of the business district 2-1 here. is always. p 1 en t y of Mrs. Fred Chafe of Lake Shore ·II ore, ' en anc tanlcy,. here. to vestibule and a linen cabinet and general are com'dinated through the South handy parkrng space rn the So-Pac. drive crlelnated her birthday on spe1:d a frw weeks of vacat1011. . closet in the bedroom hall. Monday, June 27. She had a dinner Mrs. Irene Wymore of Mountarn BEDROOm BEDROOm Exterior walls are frame with siding. The Pacl'fi'c Aven t te B u s'rn es s c1u b , f anu·1- area. Th h , 1· I · · p· I 0 IO'·CO<IO'·G 12'·0·10"<0 iarly known as So-Pac. The area .Je s oppe~· s nearly every at her home. Attending and wish-, 1;g lWay is Ill rerce county 1.osroof, asphalt shingles. There is a wide eave now embraced by the club is from want can be supplied by the So-Pac ing her happy birthday were Mr. pita! where she had an operat10n overhang. DESIGn B·.Sa . . and Mrs. Jack Henricksen and son, on her eyes . . S 1st street to the Tacoma city limits rnerchan~s. The attached garage gives a wide appear"t s. 96tl t. t . · . ,. 4-Pnccs mcrchand1sc offer- Gay. Mrs. Henricksen is Mrs. Mr. and M1·s. Harry Nunamaker ance but the area fa. only 908 square feet " u. . 1 s 1ee, 1muung a 1ong . . . . f 01 · Pacific ave. e Tl e cl b o ympia were Sunday guests, - . d, mgs are cornpet1t1ve with anywhere Chafe's sister. and 17,252 cubic feet, including the base• . . BU . . l u was 1orme . h 'l' . 96 l l f 'f d ment .. to meet the challeng·e of tile rnpi . . d mt t e dacoma I~athleen Cfate ' daughter - '. Iat · t le wrnme of "f n r. ta. n· THE' BOONE• Iias a groupmg . o f rooms around a smaI I central ·1 ·area.· In S many p ffm. Little M . ' · .1Mune . C d For f u rt her information about THE growth of the section. For its goals, s anc~s, ai Y pnces ll1 . 0 • ac 0 er ol rs. Naomt Cline of Sheppard a " 1 11 ar 0 iv oun am hall, enabling accessibility to all rooms from the front vestibule • is. BOONE, write The Small House Planning So-Pac has set the fostering of im- a decided edge under lugh·ovnhead and Simmons road, was guest of highw~y. . . .. without first passing through another room, A covered stoop Bureau, St. Cloud, Minn. areas. So-Pac n;er?hants stai;d ready honor at a birthday party at her A birthday party was held. I ues- protects the entrance to both house and garage. ~pl'Oniliat1t IS a deluunn iliM rnci~is hrn= ~~~ay ~~ 26. ~~Ju~28,atiliehoo~dM~. -----------------~-~----------------------------~ . sh~pp'.n:"", in ck~wnto.wn Tacoma is It was her 6th birthday. ;Th. ose w.ho Doy!~ .Cox 0 f.l\fount~in highw~iy, in promptly at 2:30 p.m. by th<e d. edi., necessat) to sa\e. attended were: Dorothy Grey Juan- hono1 of Ahce W1mo1e, also of " . , . I . , l l , · 1 0Up 5-Tlwse who deal with the.. ir ita Ludom Janis .Becker Georgia 1 Mountain highway. Attending· were· . ca_~;o~ ce~mony~ ~,iugi~a ~pea BULK -- BRICK home stores and their So-Pac neigh- Smith Nar;cy H;ae· Amtech the Mesdames Dean Dix o'n and '"w '°'D'· .. rt 1 ai\'i hors will• find new friends and sav- Kathl~cn Loncru~~' Garv Hart'' b daughter, Terry:- . Gladys Willough-. ivayor o fm. evrn.o Oefaf.~t.elwif • • .:::i ' " 1 · _ u1asler - ceren10111es. icia s Ton1e r1'\1 15 Roberta~ Cline CoJJeland.} Ycl :.rnd Jess1t'; . Seatt I e an d T acon1a, . · 111 gs m tnne and energy, too. '. ' · and Judith d son, I 1 · 1 Irene .\Vymore IY prorn1nent govf So-Pac merchants are alert to new Lindn Brown and Bonnie Halverson an aug itcr, S 11r cy; !vfartha 1etz, ,. f' . d l d·, f. lYir. and Mrs. John D. Demers o GIVE THE FOLKS developments in merchandise they of Tacoma The table \Vas sµt · and son, Lloyd; the hostess, Mickey i ullnnbient higuiesf, ahn ea ris i~m Midland (!0432 So. Brayton) were . · ' '· ' 111 , . ,.. a ranc es o t e transportat10n . . . . A TREAT! handle and w.ays to handle it, Slater gay colors of sununer flowers. Garnes Cox, and children, Ann., Leola and . d , . l· . • d \ . . d honored as the long.est nrnrncd con· I d 'f' 1 ,, 1 1 1 h d m ust1 y w1 11 ie on 1Mn . 1 uow f' 06 . . cl SC) 1 o .> pall"s man1e . years or c! ec Iart> d . Pl easmg tie customer an were entertainment of the day: A 1v rec h. ove y unc eon was sen·e , . . . , f l .. cl . '" ·cl pc, ke.eJJing hirn pleased through serv- I·~ b' ·tl cl· .. l.. .'ti· "I . on a beautiful blue table. A white, Slues abov(· Seattle-Tacoma rnter- 0 i;iany ~ wusan s. rs exp< de · . longer who attended the annual lie; ll 1 ay 'a''· "' 1 i a pp\ · · . 'll b d ·. I•ollowmg· th·· ::ur show ·1nd d1,d1' ' ·t . . . , . 1 , 1 · pink and yellow birthday cake was natwna 1 airport w1 e c1ou cc1·with . , L " • · Golden \'ledding service at First ice, value and dependability is a ) ·-th I ," . )ll car on 1 w,is Sf't\f'C, <1 ong . · . . . I· ,. ti . f· . f J. I• 9 I, catwn the modern $:l 000 000 pas. . · ,, prununenl . 'th ice · .. cream . cl. JC · II o, l))''. t·I.1e the .centerp1ece. Alice received ie a tetnu.un u . u. lII wl'··lt ·u senaer . ' tenrnnal . . ' .'. . C. hnstian cln.!l'c. h, . .1)a!'t of thell' . creed. w1 .. · . manr P1<1m.s 0,. and adrrnmstrat10n . . l acoma, Sunday 1·., 01.t 0 f oc..itt 1e f 01rna PINT BRICKS ..................... ,28c Contrnurng effort 1s put forth to l ·t . '\II "H· . ·B'. I I ," lovely Rilts and happv brl'thda;• tic :Y c cd1, · ." . . evemng June ~b. 0 tws,;sst.l· I', san,., ,1pp)' lll l l a) wishes f;'orn all. . cates the opening of that new $11 buil~>\l~ will. be thrown open for Mat:ried 69 vears Mr. and Mrs. Hand Packed ....... ,............. 39c o ~a 1 ecn. . ·11· · . · I ]l bhc spect1on · ' ' 1111 1011 air termma · S. . 1'. 34 'JI Mr. and l\frs. Arthur Pietz and u m . · , . Dt"rners were wed July 6 1880 at S QUART BRICKS ................ ..49c , panaway , cont wop , w1 . . . . . The Washmgton State Nat10nal . . ' . le:l\.·e here Sa. tnrcJci.v Julv, 9 , foi· u"ll sons were Sunday evernng guests at , Details of the giant an· show were .'-\.11' , . guar d' s partic1pat1on . . . . t h e air . Rrce Lake, \.Vis ..They have t. ._ - ·- • ( , , '1n . . Hanel Packed ...................... 73c overnioht carnpin" trip to American the home of Mr. and Mrs. John released by Adm. Cordon Rowe, 1 . b . d' cl b chrldren, 16 grandchildren, 38 great. " ~ ' ' d f T · · · f s iow rs emg rrecte y t 1le assist. Y,-GAL. BRICKS ................ 83c river 011 th" other side of Naches .~n erson o acoma. · port comm1ss10ner Ill c1iarge o co. . ,, I C I A \T 1 grandchrldren and two great-great· Ie. I n a dd'1t10n · · M ant ,,,.adjutant .u · gran d c h'ld · a.war cl s as t lw 1 pass ' The Scouts will be ·iccom.Sgt. Bob 1\1• arce 1,e o f t·I1e U . S . 01·d'rna· t'rng t·}1.e .spectac . D genera' .1 f l · · I· 1 rcn. 1'!11cll' GALLON BRICKS. $1.59 , ,.,.,. ~ I · tll · d . , I' ·,fl-. b. f l c1no1-r1s. eta1s o \.Y1at panes l .. · d I· ,,1.. , . · )lamed bv Harvey Bradsl.rnw Rav . 1,lly, w JO 11a )een sta twne o' e1to tic a11 c 01 t, a 1a1 gc num e1 o I d . d h ,. ongest-man te . coup <, " 1. and l 11 sen to t e ce 1e )J aMILK SHAKES To Co...... 20c ' ' · · d' I · 1· 1 h · I · I d ·1· · f tie o-uar w1 . Hill Osc·ir Hau a en aid )'ohn sea<, 1s spcn., mg ns ur oug wit 1 commercia an m1 1tary aircrn t . " I .d lvfrs. Demers were presented a wedL • • . f .. , tion are to Je annou nr.e . . -. ALMOND SUNDAES ......... 15c Newell Ml'. and Mn. James Andnso.n o wrll be displayed on the aprons E f' f' . dmg cake and a New 1estarnent. . . .. 1 · · · · ·,1 · I Hg · I iway. s gt. 1>! •1· arce 11 e 1·. rontrng · . length of t11eir . marnagcs . ,, nun tam t lte 11uge ac1mm1stTat10n b . xtra u-e. . 1gbltrng . equipment . . , R is Next m Spanaway Scout Troop 34 will has also been •·is·.: ting 3t the home building. erngBpr?vided Y th~bclrtreKs 01 1 en- were Mr. and. Mrs. Serv Schaus, G7 hold a Board of Review, Jnly 12, · l1ard R O)Ctts I . , of o f 'f iv r. an d '1 "rs. l',,c Army, Navy Marine and \.Yash- ton, unen, and poss1 y cnt. years, and lv!r. and M rs. W . \"v. qt. "! Spanaway Scout hall. Mountain highway, with his brother, ington State 'National Air guard Miller. }'rorn Decatur, Ill., Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Henry and planes will take part in the air FIRE WEATHER AIRED Mrs. Miller are visiting their daughMANY OTHER ICE CREAM daughter, Nancy, of Seattle, and Mr. Richard. show, which will start approximately TO LOGGING OPERATORS ter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. CONFECTIONS and Mrs. Stan Wallace and daughat 1 :~O p.m., according to Capt. Log-ging· operators in this countv R. L._ Patterson. ters, Nancy and Sandra, of Tacoma, HEALTH I'ILMS NOW GAS • OIL LUBE ·TIRES WE MAKE OUR OWN "t t.\v1ce · cl a1'I y ra d'10 1)roac1cas t.s This. year's event was the twelfth ·A: E · Buckle\' ' commanding , , officer \Vl·11 ge ON RENTAL BASIS ol the Naval Air Reserve training of fire weather information O\'Cr two gathenng of 50-year couples sponICE CREAM The free health film service of unit at Sand Point. Capt. Buckley state networks until fire weather sored by the Rev. Carl A. Johnsuu. FRIENDLY SERVICE Keep Your Car the state Health department has is i11 charge of coordinatin" the mili- b t . -. . . '"' a a ·es, accor cl'1ng· to W . D . 1.-1a gen- Invitations were sent _ lto more _ . ,· dthan) SERVICED RIGHT been discontinued, it was announced tary an' activities. stein, forest engineer for West Coast I 00 couples known to )C man 1e .5l with today. About l 00 films in the deAlthough full plans have not yet Lumbermen's association. years ?r l?nger, to. attend t!1e nonSTOP-WEAR LlJBRICATfON partment's library have been trans- been released, it is known that a GA. 9982 fH24 Pacific Ave. Hagenstein said last minute fire clen~1111nat10nal affair.. Dunn~· tl1c 1!038 PACIFIC AVE. fel'l'f·d to the University of Wash- squadron of Anny jct fighters and weather data would he broadcast service, the hon~r.guests were rntrnFirestone ington, where they may be obtained a . s. quadron of conventional-type at 7 :35 a.m. and 7 :35 p.m. (Pacific duced by the mmtstleld'. C' 'd 1)y .. •"' es 1lll a rental basis. . 11ters w1'11 sweep t h e f'ie ld . Standard · T'nne ) eac h d ay over ra d'10 Devotions were e[ ·h TIRES and BATTERIES .Army f 1g , , . . These planes, along with a flight of station KBFF, 3397.5 kilocydes. ~nd the addless 0 . } e,, e\enmg, Copper engravings originated in Army F-B2's, will originate from Each of these broadcasts will be .Happy, Thoug,h Maiu.ed, was de· h livered by L. C. Oberlies. Buth are Gf'rrnany in 1430. ou t -o f -s t a t e b ascs. repeate cl ten mrnutcs 1ater over t e I . * -K· * . Col. Adrid N. Williams, comslate division of forestry network members u~ the '?0 den weddmg SERVICE CENTER Type was cast from metal m I mantling officer of the 66nd Troop on a frequency of 3134-0 kilocycles. gl'Oup. Special rnusrc was arr~nged 8045 Pacific Ave. GA. 9607 Carrier group at McChord field, has The twice daily broadcasts start- by Mrs. Frank H. Evans, choll' cliKorea in 1392. announced that, although the actual ed July 1, the forester said, and will rector. . . . details of McChorci's participation continue until all danger from fires Followmg the worslllp serv.ict:, thr· have not yet been determined, the I has passed. hun.ored group w~s e:itertarned at . Id 'II } b f I · · an rnformal recept10n m the church f1e wr 1ave a num er o p anes Hagenstem warned that cond1. · . · . ··. . parlors sponsored h" the Busrness on the ground for 111spect10n by the t10ns rn the forests of Washmgton . ', . ' public. These will include a four- were critical, intensified by a short- Womens grnld. 8232 PACIFIC AVE. GA. 2351 engine Boeing B-50, a Boeing C-97 A age of rainfall this season. He said TO ARIZONA BASE military version of the Stratocruiscr, the total acre.age burned so far. thi~ M/Sgl. Edwin C. PJrry, 2ll, Parka Fairchild .C-82 cargo ship capable year is more than for thrc entire laml, recC'utly was assignC'd to D,1Yis For 'Women, of carrying a full-sized truck in its srason of 194.S. Monthan Air Force base, Tucson, intnior, and Boeing B-17 with an FEATHER CUTS FOR Air-Sea Rescue lifeboat attached tu · , . . .. Ariz., from McChord Air Force hnse. 'd f · f I l'I Certam moths cannot fly u.nt1l Sgt. Pnrry is a wternn of ninr years HOME PERl\JANENTS t I ic un d ers1 e o · its use age. ie . "f · l M Ch d 'll l · they have reached light tempera- in thr Air Force. He will he asI p anc~ t i~t c or wr iave Ill lure" by energetically vibratiiw0 Hwir sit;ned as a flight radio opnator at FEATURING RUST the air will be announced later. . ·· ' Davis Monthan. The. air pffort from Fleet Air wrngs. PROOF GASOLINE Wing, Whidby island, under the dil'IRST CLASS BARBER WANT ADS PAY Advertisers rection of Lt. H. C. Hollandsworth, SERVICE I10R MEN will consist of one, and possibly two, squadrons of 4-engine Privateer patrol bombers. In addition, Whidby f will send a squadron of P2V patrnl planes. HOME: GA. 6271 SHOI,: HJ. 4671 Two squadl'Ons of planes will fly in from the Naval Air Reserve station at Sand Point. One will be composed of fast VF fighters and the other of VA torpedo bombers. "For Individual Attention to Your Clothes" The Navy will also have extensive display equipment on the aprons, but SEE final details of this part of their -mid--· activity have not yet been releasetl. The air show will be followed of new businesses. Icouragement Active in the formation and lead-


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PACIFIC A VE. LUMBER CO. 84th and Pacific A venue

GA. 3133

their 4-9th wedding anniversary in Alaska. A large anniversary party was given them. They received many beautiful Alaska-made gifts from Teny Plumh, Reporter their many friends. Graham 201 Mrs. Ray Didley of Enumclaw, Mr. and Mrs. Thorne Tibbitts, Wash., sister of Mrs. Ross Sherman, Dale, Thorny and Alice Mac, and died July 1. Clarence Harmer, Mr. and Mrs. Grnl' Smalley and brother of the ladies, came from Georgia spent the 4th of July at Calgary, Canada, to attend the Lak<' \Vilderness. fuucral. He is staying at Mrs. Ross Mrs. lVJarie Dorfner was pleas- Sherman's. Sincere sympathy to the antly surprised by a visit from her family. sister· and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kuper, son "tvfrs. Oscar Conners of Centralia, Bobby, nnd Jad< Oekfen atten~led Wash. the ball game between the Rainiers Neil Dorfner is spending· the week and San Diego Padres in Seattle Pnd with friends at Copalis beach. Sunday. _.j Good clamming, Neil! "We probably should have paid more than a dollar Doris Crim and daughter, Mary Mr. and Ml'S. Hugo Loveland reLee, Mrs. B. Kuper of Elk Plain, a leGSOl.1 !,. 1urned, Wednesdny, from two weeks Mrs. Jean Bagley and children of visiting rcla tives in Los Angeles, Brookdale, Mrs. Edna Aye rs of Calif. Mrs. Glod ys Eialand, sister Clover Creek, Mrs. Lonergan and of Mrs. Loveland, returned with Mrs. Manning of Spanaway ferried them. She is to go back to Los Anto Gig Harbor last Wednesday to geles by plane this week end. attend a birthday party for Mrs. Mrs. Albert Nelson, reporter llRANK DAMMAN Don Goddard surprised his parGordon Manning at her beautiful Phone Graham 206 ents by returning unexpectedly on home. Frank Luse Damman, 61, for 1 .. more than :!.'i yf'ars a rPsident of July L He arrived from Alaska by Sam Goddard celebrated his 18th Graham Community Church nC'eds plane, after visiting his aunt, Mrs. Ashford, wllf're he was a lumber birthday July +. A family picnic a piano for the new Sunday school II. B. Antrin of Juneau, Alaska, for inspector, died suddenly June 24was enjoyed. annex. Will pay a reasonable price. in Irvington, Calif., victim of a a month. His grandparents, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Johnson Anyone interested please call 1frs. Mrs. E. I-I. Hoyt, remained for a heart attack. He hnd gone to Caliand sons, Mrs. Johnson Sr., Mr. and Michener nt Graham 34-3. while longer. They are spending fornia to visit a sister, Mrs. A. W. Mrs. Ross Plumb and sons, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Lorenz and Cotton of Newark. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter and family, son, Ricky, visited at the home of J\,fr. Damman, a former residem and Marten Vuksinie spent the 4th his sister, Mrs. Katie Nelson, on of South Dakota, was active in Ma. of July picnicking and boating at Sunday evening, to help her celesonic affairs at Ashford. He was a Sµanaway lake. brate her birthdny. past: master and life member of Minimum charge for classified adPred Rohrs has a new hay baler. l\llr. and lVlrs. Charles Lorenz and vertising, 50c (Rate base is line of Thorne Tibbitts and Fred busily are family were guests at the home of Mount Tahorna lodge No. 190 and, after S<"rvinrr as lodge secretary for five average words). at work with it. Mr. Lorenz's brother, Mr. and lvirs. 25 years, was made secretary emeriFirst insertion at 15c per line. !\fr. and Mrs. George Dorfner James Lorenz, on Lidford road. tus. He was a charter member and Additional i;1sertions in comeeu- and Mrs. Marie Dorfncr spent 4th Miss Thelma Punk and Mrs. Ray past patron of Narnda chapter No. tive issues at lOc per line. of July with Don and Barbara Ford Funk were callers on Mrs. Robert 197, O.E.S. and also was a member Classified display advertising at (Barbara Dorfner) at their place on Gardener on Thursday. of the Lumber Inspectors' union. toe pct· . agate line ( 14 to inch). the west side of Spanaway ·lake. The Jimmy Gardener, son of Mr. and Surviving are a sou, Francis fl. Fords arc building a new home there. Mrs. Charle-s Gardener, was able Damman of Seattle; two brothers, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Goddard en- to return home after spending two Fred L. of Sequim, Wash., and Erle tertained Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Young wccks in a Puyallup hospital. J. Dan11nan of Shelton: three sisters, FOR SALE Four-room home in am! claughtn, Rosalie, of Puyallup, Mrs. Mary Nelson of Tarmua is Clovt'r C rt e k School District. al a joint birthday dinner for Mr. visiting with her nephnv, Albert Miss Marjorie Darnrnan of P:1rkland, Mrs. J. R. Vickerey of TaTerms: $4,'.150, $1,300 down. C~ll Goddard and Rosalie Young. NP Ison. Mrs. Grodvig, GR. 7232 or GR. coma, and Mrs. Cotton, and a· grandMr. and Mrs. Norman Martivold, The Rebekah Auxiliary met al the G774- days. GR. 8210, evenings son in Seattle. Ray Martivold, Pat Howe, Sonja home of Mrs. Robert Huff at the and Sundays. Parkland Realty. Services were held June 29 frntll Martivold and Mrs. Martivold Sr. McMilliar reservoir. Mrs. Elnora He C:. C:. Mellinger memorial funeral enjoyed a picnic at Spanaway park, Miller was hostess for the day. A church, with members of 11ount ACE SEPTIC TAN--K-S-ER-V-IC-E= lovely lunch was served. The next Lyman Redford, owner. Septic July 4. Tahoma lodge officiating. Burial was The Rich family met at the Em- meeting will be at the home of Mrs. tanks pumped, contents hauled in New Tacoma cemetery. Pallbearaway. GA. 3446 or GA. 979+. mett Rich home, July 3. Forty-three: Mildred Nelson, 80'.i Sixth avemw ns, all from Mount Tahoma lodge, tfc rnembers were present. They came S. W., Puyallup, Wash., July 26. were Fred Hastey, L. ]. Rexroth, RECONDITIONED sewing· ma- from Tllinois, Wisconsin, northern Jack Nelson, who had been visitchines for sale. Buy, sdl or tn1de. Washington, Oregon, Wenatchee, ing w i th M. Adell, lt'.ft Monday Walkr Hewett, Wemer Fredrickson, Electrifying and n·pairing. D. P. Eatonville, Thrift, Seattle and Ta- morning for his home at Sioux City, Jesse L. Hurd and Clifford T. Carmichael. _Q~·een, GRanitc 5201. tfc coma. After the picnic dinner, all Kansas. WANTED Graham Conunu~ity went to Elk Plain sC'.hool grounds A stork shower was held at the BERTHA FEDDERSEN d1urch needs reasonably - priced for a ball game. Everett Rich of home of Mrs. Frank Krnrns, honor. . · d R· , piano for St1nday school annex. Mrs. Claire J. (Bertha Margaret) ·( .• II (' 1 . oA•J 'f >r I Graham was one captam an ,\) ing Mrs; Lf'e Nelson. After g·ames .a .>J"a iam a'l. , iv rs. in1c 1ener. R' I f M'I I I I 44c 'IC 1 o i \vau '-ee was t 1c ot 1e.r. were played, a lovely lunch was Feddersen, 55, for 30 years a resiSEP;l'ic:TTANKS CLEANED, coll- C~ptai.~ ~ich, ~~ ~raham was the served by the hostess. Then Marie dent of Spana~vay, whPre she was ope1wd hPr gifts and found many active in community affairs, died tents hauled away. Don Redford, wumc1, score 3 · GA. 7334-. tfc Mr. and Mrs. John Ockfen and lovely and useful gifts for the new on Wednesday, June 29, her birthKITCHEN CABINETS ___ We in- family drow· to Surprise lake, 4th baby-to-be. Also, Mrs. Anna Divot-- day, in a Tacoma hospital. Mrs. sky was present with a box of silver Ficddersen, born in Colfax, Wash., stall. Free estimates. Expert fur- of July. niture repair. Suburban WoodSunday, July 3, was Johnny Ock- as a gift for her birthday. Those was a member of the Episcopal working, 9G4-3 Pipe Line road. fen's birthday. His mother-in-law, present were Mrs. Lester Cruts, lvfrs. church, a past president of the Mary Phone GR. 8662. tfc Mrs. C. H. Allen of Parkland, had Preston Henderson, Mrs. Joe Jupi- Lyon P-TA, chairman of the ways WANTED - Young physician and the Oclden family over for a birth- ter, Mrs. G. Smallwood, Mrs. L. :rnd means committee and a past family desire 2 or 3 bedroom day dinner. Cook and children, Mrs. Gordon secretary-treasurer of the women's 110.use. For one-year Army interneMr. and Mrs. Web Gilstrap, son Johnson and son, Mrs. Hart and auxiliary to the Spanaway fire desl11p. Call GR. 6360. 4·4-1~ Lonny, Joyce and Shirley Beeman, son, Mrs. P. Betchard, Mrs. Ross partment, a nwmber of the SpanaHUTSON TANK CLEANING Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Hoffman and Plum, Mrs. A. Dworsky, Mrs. Albert way ( :nrnnrnnity club and thf' r!Prks' Septic tanks, cesspools cleaned; children had their own private fire- Nelson, Mrs. R. Richmond, Miss union. Contents hauled away. Phones: k J 1 4-tll at the Gilstn]J Bettie Cruts, Mrs. D. E. Gooch and Besides "tvfr. Feddersen, sht" is surGA. 7038 and GR. 5467. tfc wh or s, u Y ' ' vived by a daug·hter, Mrs. Melvin ome. family. RA Y GCOGAN . Grangers of Elk Plain: Don't forMr. and Mrs. R. Rockstead (Ruth G. Harrison of Spokane; two sons, L an d scape onstruct10n t' J l 14- Ell New lawns rock masonry walls and get Grange mee mg, u Y · ' Nei111i) are receiving congratula- Weldon C. Feddersen of Spanaway, fireplace~. 3 years to pay. GRanite Plain Grange hacl a dance, July 2. tions on the arrival of their first and Walter W. Feddersen of Ta· 8842. tfc , A good time was had by all. child, a baby girl, born June 29, coma; two sisters, "tvfrs. Vin Farrell at Puyallup hospital. She weighed of Parkland and l\frs. Grace Buck5 pounds, 14- ounces, and her name ley of Tacoma, and five grandchilis Shirley Marie. Also receiving con- dren. Services were held Friday, July gratulations are the grandparents, 1, from 11ountain View garden Mr. and Mrs. Neimi. Visitors Tuesday evening at the chapel, the Rev. Warren E. Meyer home of Mr. and Mrs. Milo Becker Jr. officiting. Burial was in Mounwrre. Agnes Goldman and Victor tain View Memorial park. Pall bearGoldman of Roy, and Mr. and Mrs. ers, all nwmbers of Spanaway, Elk Plain Volunteer Fire department, L. Parks of Sacramento, Calif. Those interested in Pre-school are were: William Righetti, Robe r t invited to attend a meeting to be Rhone, H e r rn a n Puchs, Merle hdd July 18 at the home of Mrs. Handy, Don MeLellan and Martin Gibbons. Leah Mulcahey. Mr. and Mrs. John Beckman and JOHN HARBER son, from Guam; Mrs. Giles Asney and son of Wakefield, Neb., Mr. H. John Harber, 7+, of Spanaway, F. Beckmm1 of C:oleredge, Neb., were for 30 years a U. S. custorns insp1"C·-visitors at the home of Mr. and lvfrs. tor and guard, died June 29 at liis M. E. Shook, Thursday and Friday. home: ' Mr. and Mrs. A I b c rt Nelson, Before his retirement about 15 Ralph Nelson and Emil Nel_son vis- years ago, Mr. Harber, who was itf'd at the home of LoUJe Wes· born in Pueblo, Colo., and who lived serling al Mud Lake, Monday. in Texas and Louisiana before comMrs. Victor Anduson, Mrs. M. ing to Washington in 1899, worked ]•crgerson and Mrs. K. Nelson mo- in the customs service as an inspectored to 'Tacoma on Tuesday eve- tm· on the Canadian border in Eastning to attend the Rebekah As- ern Washington and on Puget sembly at I.0.0.F. hall. Sound-British Columbia boats. When Mr. and Mrs. Omer Roland of he came to Tacoma, wht:re he lived Clover Creek and Mr. and Mrs. Paul for many years before moving to Nichols of Jovita, Wash., were vis- Spanaway, lw became a customs itors al the home of Mr. and 1frs. guard. Before entering the custorns Lester C:ruts on Sunday. service he was in tlw U. S. navy. "tvfr. Harber, a member of the Elks Mrs. Guy Norman retunwd home Thursday from Nebraska, after lodge, is survived by a brnther, spending a month with her mother. Charles of Puyallup; four nieces, Those picnicking at Spanaway Mrs. Katherine Brown of Tacurna, park on the 4th of Jul Y were: Mr. Mrs. Martha Calvel't of Moses Lake, and Mrs. Ross Plumb and sons, Mr. Wash., Mrs. JIJorence Mathews of and Mrs. Joe Jupiter and family, Ellensburg, and Mrs. Dolly SinkieMr. Martin Vosneck, Mr. and l\frs. wicz of Puyallup, ancl two nephews, D. E. Gooch and family, Mr. and John C. Harber of Puyallup and ArMrs. Albert Nelson, Mrs. Mary Ne!- thur L. Harber of Sumner. son, Carl Hoganson and Fred, Mr. Private services were held Friand Mrs. Bakkus, Mr. and Mrs. M. I day afternoon from BueUey-King Daniels, Mr. and Mr$. D. T. Lind· chapel followed by cremation. berg were guests at the home of Mr. , GR. 6789 Mt. 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Prairie pointer v 4 no 44 jul 7, 1949  
Prairie pointer v 4 no 44 jul 7, 1949