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CLOVER CREEK POST NO. 118 AMERICAN LE,GION VOL. 4, NO. 42 l\frct ings every second and fourth Friday at 8 p.m., in Scout

OfficersI~:::eS:::::~a:t meetir~g



the reg-


ular of Creek .Post 118, Amencan Lcg10n, on Fnday, June 10,. in Scout h.all. They will serve thewho commg Jensdurmg Jensen, had year. been act· d f . I mg co'.nman. er or some tnnc < ue to the illness of the eommandc1·, was the popular choice to handle the hrlm for I 9·19-50. The following were also voted in: Ernest McGinnis, senior vice commander; Zacheus Frey, junior vice commander; Ernest Jensen, chaplain; James Linder,




Office: Park Awnue and Wheeler St., Parkland


Playmates Win

. '

CELEBRAT~S 75!H BIRTHDAY1SURPRISE SHOWER. __ · 1\frs. W, C. Gullixson was hostess On Wednesday evenmg, June l:J, .A community-wide picnic, which lo members of the Ladies Aid, hon- Miss Maril)'n Pflueger entertained Cooperation of south end resiwill replace the cu~tomary annual oring lvfrs, 1\1innic Gullixson, moth- at a surprise shower for Jvfiss Char- dents in their own interest was asked banquet this year, will be sponsored er of Rev. W. C. Gullixson, on her !enc Jvbrtcns, who is to become the this week by Don Perry, count)' Su. n day, JunC' 26, at Spanaway 75th birthday. A buffet lunch was bride of Richard Colburn, July 8, superintendrnt of elections. The bu~etropol~tan park, hy the Parkland served fro111 a table centered with The evening was spent reminiscing rcau of ,,Jcctions, which he heads, Commumty ~lub. . red roses. and playing g;nnes. The guests were thi,s week w:is sending out card W. W. Clmc, C'.C:: pt:estdr·nt, has Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Jacks 0 11 , members of DRG. Miss Martrns is qucstionnain·s to all registcre<l votcalled for a!l fam1!1es Jn Park~and daughtn and son-in-law, of B:itlie a past-president of the org:rnization. crs of the two P:irkland, Brookclole M,.and.. R"".'. G. A. R. Those. presen. t lvlescl:mlf'S :111~! S1.x111m.vay voting··· prcc.i.ncts. . adi_llt.ant; Judge Linds.ey, . fina.ncc t~' .11',''n 0:1.·t· m full. for.~ !P'C. at' tune . c;rerk, .. oliicer; Frank McCabe, Justonan; ~.Im'. ~tllsse? to "!l lcs1dcnts th~t Gullixson, son, of Cottage Grove, Latlt'r·ncr Money, Clarence Konop, fhe cards ask the voters to lurAlger Bragg, sergeant-at-arms. ·This is their picnH;; we expect H Wisconsin, arc visiting· thcir mother Kathryn C:oat<·s, Paul LrquC', J. P. nish residcnce inforrnation, Perry Now the big job is to come out t~ l~e P'.ll'kland's bi.g event." T.Iw and were present to help celebrate Pfluegrr and Norris Nr!son, Misst's said. The purpose is to make it and support the new officers as it p1cmc will offer a fme op]~ortuntty her birthday. Phyllis Brynestad, Inez Lorson, Re- easier to cast ballots at election time. requires officers and member~ pull- fo~ newcomers to get ~cquamtcd, be FAJ\1ILY REUNION gina Ifrrrrnann, Anne Demers, Doris ~)1'. the basis of the data obtained, ing together to make a successful pomted out. !here will be contests, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Recd and Shaw, Marjorie Anderson, Helen 1t is planned that each of tht· two Post. Let's all get that "zip" and game~ and pnzes. . . , children will leave soon on an ex- Ramstad, Joan Beard, Marjorie Kin- Parkland precincts will be divided be present at the next meeting, FriIt is planned t1:at t~e p1crnc will tended vacation trip that will take dern, Joanne Nodtvcdt, Elaim· Knut- four. ways-making a total of eight ANNE MARIE BRYSON LOIS KAY TOTTEN · ·ht J , t · be a potluck affalf, with each fam- th b ·l M. R d' h son Siµ,uc Baker Lillian Langr·mo prccmc:ts here, each with no more d ay mg , unc 24 , a 8 p.m. m . b . . h f d f d . em ac' to 1. ce s ornc town, ' . , . · • · ' (Photo by Lutz) (Photo by Nancy's) Scout hall, Spana way. i1Y rmgmg cnoug oo . to ee . tts Hindsville, Arkansas, ·where thev Jvfarie Haglund, Sue Carpy, Agusta than 300 voters. Two precincts are own members, then poolmg dehca. tt d I f' f . . · Bentson Delores Jensen Delores t. o be nwde frorn the one now at Mr. ;rnd Mrs. Byron Bryson, parents of Anne :Marir-, and Mr. and . . . 'w1 11 a en t 1e irst arn1 1y reunion ' · · · ' c1cs with others. Coffee will be pro- ·111 16 years. . . \Vay 101ne. Hall ' and the,, honor 0<>ucst Miss Brookdale. • Tlw,, • sin°fr ]1rtcscnt S1)anAUXIUARY NOTES Mrs. E. Odell Totten, parents of Lois Kay, feel that it was quite a coinci• ·":> • • • • 0 n t l1e1r 1 . . . . they will travel through Minnesota, 1\1artcns was presented a corsage by awa)' prccrnct 1s to be split either dence that both their daughters were winners in a recent contest sponsored Next meeting of the Ladies' Aux- v1d~d by. the club. Noon is the scheduled time for the h . . . .'· l . f the hostess three or four wa)'S. by the Pierce County Photographic association. iliary Unit 118, of Clover Creek w ere t 1lCY \Vl 11 v1s1t re at1vcs o ' · . In the girls division, Anne JVfarie was third-place winner and was picnic events to get under way. Mrs. Reed. AUXILIARY TO MEET The cards berng sent out call for Post, American Legion, will be held awarded $25, while Lois Kay was one of ten receiving honorable rnentioll There will be games and races for Dormitory Auxiliary No. J of Pathe survey d(·scription of the voter's June 24,, 1949, at 8 p.m. The ladies and SS.OD, all ag<'s-onc to I 00; plus free ice FATHER HONORED . cific Luthenn college will meet on residence property: Township, will gather at thP home of Mrs. Anne Marie, who will be three on October 14·, and Lois Kay, who M r. and Mrs. Joseph Saltis and , · ' · · , .. ''" ('ti f p J·J d d cn·am for childr<'n. Mr. and Mrs. Tuesday June 28 2 o clock at the tan,,e, etc. " o ar, an an Amy Warmold for tlw business seswnc ·host and host,. ' ' B Id I· I·. · 1' h' 19 will be there on June 29, are playmates and !i\'C within two blocks of each James St. John are in charge of daug, h tcr Joann . . ,. . . . Student Union building. Mi's, Gunroo' a c •cs 111 . owns 1p , other on 12 7th street. sion, to be followed by a social hour games arrangements and Mrs. E. J. esscs .to mcm~~.1s of .the f_amdy m nar J. Malmin, Mrs. Harold J. Range 3 cast). Spanaway property There were over 1100 children, between the ages of four months and when refreshments will be served: . Alo-e are 1·"s · scv . era! t ow nsh!.})S . If tJ1 c \'otc·.1· five years, entered in the contest. Perrault heads the hospitality com- honot ol the11 fathe1, M1. T. H. Lera as and lvfrs. E Ivm "· m · Take it from us, folks, Amy's feeds 01 son. Those present were Mr. and · una bl.e to . f urms · h t h e suney .. d,cmittec. hostesses, Mrs. E. Arthur Larsen 1s , arc something to ,talk about. Come Mrs.n 10 . H. Olson, Henry Olson, . lead in . devotion. . A • • c ll·'pt'ion of lus · l1on1e., ,a plat de-,Al . , . . \Yl ~'"\.n interesting s " 11 on and "sample" for yourself-and to Ison, M1. and Mis, scriJ)tion (lot 'and block nlllnberJ . . Arnold program w1'II f o II ow. bring a new member. You'll like us ()I son an d d aug l1tcr Cl1ristme and or even the correct street address and we 'II like you, and there's plenty . and Mi·s Robei·t E St Cla 1·,. REMEMBER CC PICNIC . I •Ml · . · · · • ' . . (house number and street) will )C (O UO. ·· d B ]b Sunday, June 26, is the day and . _ . . . d aug·l1 te 1- M alle an son °) Y· · . . . of assistance Perry sa<d lvf1ss Carol Arlene Sh1ptoP dau•Th. Word has come from our Girls' Mrs. C. C. Phipps, postmaster at NE\V I-IOJ\'E IN DETROIT Spanaway M.etropohtan. park 1s the · ' ' · f d , J O ''s 1« " · S l d I · ' • ' l I cl · d I ter o Mr. an " 1 rs. . . ,11pton Puckett and Mrs. Leo Smith prestater tellmg about her experiences panaway, ms expressc 1er grntIl'I h . f h R d M. pace to have a goo time an ots . T d ,1 G d ur . 1e ome o t e cv. an is. f d , Th , p I I d T'fEN'DS '·IARKET WEEK ot harvard an " r. or 1 at Pullman in the Girls' state. All tu d e to r. nra I route patrons w h o M .· Fl' h f h. o goo ea. ts. A I n ' ' ' . l ' . d, h on .n. sided at the urns. For going a\vay, . . . . ~ . . ~ . .~ . I a11on • int \Vas t c scene o t c b at .s w 1en ,ar' an :tviike son, were n1arric t c evening the bride wore a navy blur suit with the 0"'Iris are enthusiastic about then· have p10111ptly coopnatcd with t 1e dd' . . M' M 11 . A h Commumty clu will sponso1 a c01.11Myrtle Mocl·cl Par!· land Centre C I L I • . ff' . h . . \VC ing uniting iss o tr nrc er . . I I . . F · \ ' .: " · of June 10 at entra ut 1eran inatching 3CcessoriEs and rin orchid life in o"OV('rnino' their "state" as post o tee by puttrng • t cir mai 1 o f p n1·1'1 'rec mar- churc I1 T acon1a b y t I1e I'_,ev. R oy · i::i • • \. an d an Pf c. R usse I S trawn, mu111ty-w1de ~ . _p.ot_uc' p1cmc. .11 · b . d dress - shOJ) Oj)erator ' ' attended · corsagP. The newl)'wcds motored to well "· as carrying out their poltical boxt's and p;.11ntmg- then· A. I'•orce, o f M c Cl, ior d A'ir cotfec and ice cream w. 1 c serve · l'et wee!·" in Seattle· durinot:. four days E· Olson ' 1n . a cl ou ' bl e-nng . -' l .names . on U . S . \ cercn1ony. Oregon for their honeymoon and ·unbitions them. At the rcgu. ar mspcction F J STUDY CLUB TO PICNIC commencino June 7 The showing · h .l b 'd · · ' ' · . . • orce Jase. , - · .:;. · · T e 1ovc y n e was given 1n are now at home at 1224 No. I lvfrs. Plupps makes each year ,1. A. h , . . f . I· . f Suburban Studv club will hold brouo-ht together the largest cooper.. · , I h , f ·h , Sh . Your reporter overheard our new which . M , + d 180 b ·cs ,lY.1ss tc er \\01e a sot pm, at- . . . · . " .. ,_ . - . mal!iage ))' e1 at e1. e wo1c street Tacoma 97 1 1 111. a), s1e c1ec,e , . ox ernoon dress and carried a white its annual p1c111c lvfonda)', June ' at1vc display ,of fall styles m worne 1bro'dered laee-bodiced D'OWn . ' ' '. chaplain, Ml'S. Blanche Rediske, 1 promising a real drive to vitalize which bo1:e no. name, oi: a~ rnconect Bible topped ;vith small pink rose- at the home of _Mrs. William Smith. en's and children's wear and textile :~th na s~eehcart neckline and" full makmg it very difficult for a I d d I . W · . Annual election of officers will take lines ever held in the Northwest she I · · H· f · the p u r p o s e s of our Auxiliary. one, 4~H substitute rural earrit>r to delivrr )LI s an step 1anot.1s, . earing a I I imc Members of the , ... . ,. . ' net skirt over satin, er w~er-t1p . . . . . , .. . . . , . gray dress and carrymg pmk carna- Pace .at tJ~t t · . . tcpmtcd. veil was held to her hc;1d with orSounds real helpful, and Blanche ma1l mto the couect boxes, she sa1cL . M. I' I h P . . . f comnuttcc m charge of pte111c arShe was amonrr more than 900 -. _, l ·i· I has already proved her worth, esM. Pl. dd d th t 'tl 1 .1 :a- t10ns, is, >.a p eterson, siste1 o . . . . . " . . ano·c blossoms, She wmc a Jeaut1 u '~: a cl t.; twi ~] ~rs the bride, was matron of honor, and rangements arc: lvfr\ O~af ~ordah~ guests ._cnJoymg a gala. cvcmng of rh~cstone n<'cklare, a gift from the/ Pierce County 4·-H camp will be peci:ill)' during the Poppy drive. So, 1 iei~, d si. JS t; u ~ff~~e ~nd Mr. Peterson was best man. Mrs. charnnan, Mrs ..Haro d ocrrng .an entcrtarnrncnt, June 7 , 111 the Span- oToom, and carried a bouquet of held August 9 to 12, indusive, ai each of yon c~n look to your laurels; twn t 1 1 1 . , ish ballroom of the Olympic hotel. ;:,hite carnations centered on a white the pop~tlat Benbow lakes resort, if you ancn't on the beam. Accord- must! .)C. cxtpcc~ ". l~cl·i ~, I .t ·,,, 'uld Rex Archer, mother of the bride, 1\frs. Robert Clmton. on 1e lOtl e. "1( ( e < (.( 1 • 0 \·\'ELCO~IE TO co~·I'1UNI1 y 1v " . ing to the president-elect, Mable be . . 'f . .f·r · w·1s · '' ' . orchid appreciated t extra e ort is ' also j)rcscnt. · ·· . . , . . .sr·r·nr·_ of l"'st ycai·'s , . ca1npsi1··e , . · d' ·, 't t ' ' .1101· t·oi· A small reception was hf'id !:Jtcr :tvfr. and M. rs. John \.Vesley. Harl'!s Mrs. Donald W. East,·oid. GrandMrs. Howard Perkin, a sister, was Lloyd Buchanan Fi f c 0ucneral [brt, each of her officers is "tops." 1 1 1 • 1na e 1Yy pa rons ·o 1avc '-1 ... • ·~ • , -r,·~ !· , . , . ' ., 1 1 '-t·r·" at the home of Mrs. (,, vV. All111g- an no" .it 1omc to " nc s at parents arc Dr. and Mrs. S. C. the bnde s onlv attcnd<1nt. She wore chairman has made the followmg lk seeing you J unc 2+. Don't d to bo x 11tlnl u. "· rec tl )' a ddr essc . h 111·d ffll , "l ht·. b<rth , · · · 1 ' R t. 7 , Box· -07_1 ' f 0I- !1astvold. · t l .. 'ently been ton, grandmother of. the bride. occurrt:d on ,1 pmk gown and ca1 ucd a bouquet appomtments as cha1nnen for the forget. _ . · _ -.· .... . ..· N C\V cqu1pn1cn ias ret.: . t II d · th I d'sti,.btt'ing· The newlyweds are now at home low 111 g thur ltCcnt mail!a,,,c and thctr "1st wccldmg anmversarv. Dr. of cleep-p111k ra1nat10ns. The best various camp committees: Carnps•tt", ms a c m e rura 1 1 1 , . . . . . ld' 0 • •• C' !'[ . · M, . . , . : I . .. -'v'no' 111 Detroit M1ch1gan, where Mr. wee m,, t.' 1P to . a ' oima. is. Eastvold is })resident of Pacific Lu- man was Mr. Charles Mikelson, Mr Buchanan food Mrs Jean Suncase a t S panaway pos t o ff tee, gt t "' ' • II · · l r c I El' , · ' ' · PARKLAND POST NO. 228 · Strawn is stationed < - arns ts t H' ormcr ao yn ' iza- thcnn colll'"C ·rnd the father is an brother of the gToont. Ushers were derland home aoent· classes H L about 60 percent greater capacity ' ' · . l · ·l f 1'· , M H .. · ' "' ' · .· .' ' "'. ' . ' · · AMERICAN LEGION . · I ·d AUXILIARY l\IEETING }T''LD )Cth Slut' d o acoma. · .aiiis. attorney on the staff of tht' ])rose- ]\fr Elmer Shipton and Mr. Dale Drlffg·ers· recreal10n :tvf 1 s s Ruth and rdievmg a great y eongestc ' • ""' . . . f M. . d lvf . Tl1 0 d . , • . . . .. . . " , . , . Meetings every second and fourth 't' The Auxi'li·irv of the Parkland is a son ° is. " oic cutrng attorney of Pierce county. Jv!1kelson. Candlclighters were Mrs. Spccchil'y· contests, Mrs. Helena con d 1 1011. . ' . , II· , c r s 1. an I ..· . · I · · ' Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the Mrs. Phipps has returned to the J Volunteer Fire Departrnent . h cl d -, '1111 s 0 , '!Jana way. AT CONVENTIOK Elmer Shipton, wearn;g a pm< go':'n A1~derson; adv~rtising, Mrs, R. T. Sunshine Hall Spanaway office after a week's ab- their regular monthly meetmg at \ OUNG COUPLES PIC~IC Mrs. Ethel Peterson of the Park- and a corsage of glad10l~~· and Miss Clmton; evcnmg program, Mrs. A softball game was enjoyed by bncl post office staff recently at- Marlene Kenne?y, weanng a blue Sheldon Stutz. Chairmen for camp Parkland Unit 228, American Le- scncc during which she attended the I the home of Mrs. Lee Smith on gion Auxiliary, is proud to announce postmasters' state conn:ntion at Bel-' Wednesday. After the business meet- rnemb.'.'r~ of the ~~ung Co~ples cltd) tended the state con:·ention of post- g°'~:', and gla~wla cors~ge. Orga~ co~ncil and housing are to be ap1" 1 mastns and post office personnel at music wa.s pla}ed by Oipha Mesei. pomted later. . the names of its new officers for lingham. She then toured the San ing, Mrs. Lester Knutsen was sur- of TI1nity Luthoa,n chm ch Plans are underway to ~1ake this the coming year. Mrs. Kay Smith .Juan islands and other places of in- prised with a pink and blue shower. the group met at \\a~ato park, fa- Bellingham. She has bern in the post M~·s. Cynl ~,lanch:ud,', cousm of the bn~e, sai~·g ·'Because.. .. _. a memorable year for the ,,OO m~rnwas elected president and we all terest, then spent the last three da)'S Those present were Mesdames Sta~1- coma, Monda.y. Mr. and office service five years. 1 lw b11de s modw1 wo1e. a p11nt bers and leaders who are plann111g wish her well in the coming year. of the week in Seattle, taking hus Icy Peterson, Bud Larsen, J. Lewis, Mrs. D.on W1}hams and ]\fr". and 'ISLAND IDYLL Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Mobley re- dress with ,deep pmk carnations a~d to attend, ineludin~ organized recWe are certain that this lovely lady and boat trips through the cit)' and A. Ellingson, E. W. Beitz, Robert Mrs'. Clifford Korsmo were m cnargc . t S oun db Cnll " ty "11ots Lynd , ]"'arrv Bc1'tz Robert Haner ' of p1.e111e .sup.per arrangc1.ncnts. . . . . cent . 1·y CllJD').Tr . . d a \Vee-:.I o f V'1.C.:1 t'·ion the SU})Crviscd . classes with will prove. most cooperative to ev- to p uge .... . h , · , . ~ . . . 'grooms . mother .an· aqua. Tl d. iess 1 reation and · Other members present, with their \' B (' I with deep prnk carnat10ns. H'. a. - instructors from Washrngton State G ay K aeg Ic-1,. R 0 be. rt Mci•rdanz . ',..., ' ., .. . at 1ancouver, . '· anc on 0 rcas . I eryone next yeat'. Mrs. Nt'lda· Fritz ·soi Lcwi's Dulfev . fam1!tes, 111cluded the Messrs and . d 1 tar was decorated wit 1 tw.o 1a1ge collerre Pullman in charg·c. H a 1c Y Pete is first vice-president; Mrs. Luella . _1 1' , • • is 1an . i • • I ., d I. t:i ' ' • T KLAHOl\,IA Mesdames Harold Peterson, Neil ~ .. : baskets of orchid gladw us an w1tte Winners of the demonstrat10n , , 1 1 Brown, second vice-president; Mrs. VISI IN O R p. ·l , ReEd, Harrel, Byron Bryson, Fmk, VI.c,\~ I~G SCHOOLS . . . . 'h1rkspur. c 0 n test elimination run-offs of Adelaine Schmalenberg, secretary; Mr. and :Mrs. ay oc 1< 1' son Robert Johnson Olai Hao-eness Del Morns E. Ford, supenntendent of I A. rcCCj)tion was held for 150 h' h · I . · o· I cld nd the . , J · 1J d cl It K· th left bu ' " ' ]' . P' d' . · · w 1c ale now Jem" 1 , " Mrs. Frances Berry, treasurer; Mrs. 11 in The Amencan L cg t on umor, . ene an a~g 1 er . " .· 1'.. .- . ' Totten, and Semcntino. schools of 'rn.n' ierce tstl'!ct, guests in the church parlor. ~ three- essay contest wrnner of "\\Thy I Mary Kittelson, chaplain; Mrs. Ber- Baseball team .si?onsored I~)' Park- plane. for. OkL1ho111a to 'ts it fl tends HOUSE GUESTS left last wet k for a number of Cali- tiered square cake, with bnde and Want to Attend County Camp,'' tha Roberts, historian; Ms. Ila Mc- land Post 228 fimshcd the first wee.k and ielatives. Mi'ss Nettie L·Irson of S("lttk W'l' fonua schools whe1c he will rnspcc t fioul!ncs · · to c·.am1. J . • . NT \NA • ' • • . ~ 100111 ,.. ' was cut by Mrs. w1'JI receive a f rec t np Kinney, sergeant-at-arms. Three ex- of league play 111 second spot, with \ 1ACATION lN MO f a recent ,_g·uest of ht'I' ·sister lvfrs school construct10n. 'fvitle Mikclson ' ,°randmothcr of I' 11 r th er d (' t a1·1 s on ,.".,1131 'II ]Jc' . D el and · n , . . , .. 'vt ecutive board members were also a record of two .wms and one l~ss. _M:r. and Mrs. E . . am:n f L. Rasmusst'n. During her stay in VIEW RECITAL the g1oom, who canw fron1 Minne- goin<Y on this year at camp will be 1 elected. Mrs. Georgia Reim three The club. opened its season here with children . arc. va.catiomng 1 ~ :rv. ~n- Pa. rkland, many coffce parti<Cs were Mr. and Mrs J. L. Ghesquicrc I sota fo1 the wedding. Mis GcorgC' anno~mccd soon O\'er the radio aud years, Mrs. H e 1 g a Doering, two a 7-"1 .wm over Puyallup, w~nt to tana, v1S1trng fncnds and iclati\es. held in her honor. and lvirs. E. J. Pc11ault of Parkland - - - - - - - ---in vour newspaper. years, and Mrs. Gudrun Jensen, one Olympta to snatch a +-3 victory, RECOVERING FROM ILLNE~S MARY MARTHA yfEETS and Mrs. Walter Walton of Tacoma J'RAILL I-I'S PULPIT . year. We all hope that the new of- . . · · we.e k l•' nenc ·, ·I s or" M 1.· Walter Damels · · · ;., SUNDAY j WATER DISTRICT then M on cl ay e\en:n.g o f t J11s . . Mary Martha society of Tnrnty drove to Seattle, June 16 to attrnd HERE THIS ficers have a rnost successful year dropped an 8-3 dec1s1on to Post 138 are very happy to see hnn up ,wd Lutheran church met Tuesday eve- an evening recital by dance pupils . f .1 I , , nex t a b ou.t ti1cse . d ays. M.L Dan'els . . . F : .W · Traill ' lay mem 1)Cr and want them to know that we of at S out h T acoma. 'fh e teams 1 , has nmg June 1+ at, the home of the of 1\1yra. Koreski. Ournn a former. . ,o tf 1e. PETITION I• ILED . . .. ' . . . . '.' , . . . . '-;' '. Pacific Northwest ronfpl(•ncc DI • .' a 9 "' . . .. the rest of the members arc behind game will be at 6 p.m., F 11c\,1y, on b. ecn confined t.o his home fo1 some president, Mrs, Byron Bryson. :tvf1ss mstructor at Visitation Villa. . . . . ,. I Beaun,., ~3 l s1"natu1cs, pet<t10n · d 'JI , Parkland Methodist church, \\ 11 oc- f t . d"t _. t t s . \Va)' them one hundred percent. We have t h e l,LC f'1c Jd , vs. p ost 1 :> 8 • tune ue to 1 ness. Edna Olson and Mrs. Donald Wil- CIRCLE SURPRISES ' . . h or a wa c1 is 11c a '.. 'OR TO CARNATION , ' · ' cuJ)Y the 1)ulp1t at the local ,chu1c f'l· d d . · ., ·tI had two most wonderful years since --M Ol . Iiams were co-hostesses. Mrs. Ken1\ 1 -- o f (''. Ie.N o. 6>, 1': 't, . t S d-1v mormng . . I re. . was 1 e 11 on ay d 11101 nmb w l . S d . ,uc ltl1!' He wd . f El . ' our organization started and know P. arkland .Volunteer flre departMr. and Mrs. Bert . treng an neth Jacobs <pol-e on "Fruit of the L ·! _ . 'Id . " d 'f .. I ' nex un ' , · · . . .. County Supcnntcn cnt o . • cct10ns .' ur ·- ' . ut 1et an gu1 , sut pt 1se iv rs. ,cs- f t tr , anmt'il conference re. I d 1 that the guidance of these new offi- ment dropped its first fastball game I sons motored to Carnat1011, "as 11., Fa i th" A box of clothing· was ' 'ti1 a pm · I<-an d -bl ue I por ' f P, uoet Don Perry. Tl11rty day;;, are. al owe . . . H · . ' !er p attnson w1, , 1 on I1 ld' ' t College . . 0 cers will bring in the third. e ar- packed for the,. children's J1onJ". . 1·n sh O\VfT a t t h c regu 1ar n1ec t'·1ng a t th c Scent I' a " m wluch to check the signatures . , _ last week . · · ' to McChord _ . field, 12-6, Sunday, . to v1s1t Mr. . and Mrs, " d , H . Mo Girls, lets all get out to the Everett , Wash.. Plan. s were made for 1iomr. o f ,lv.1 is. · ay . oun · before the pet1t10n. ts. to come I . j hut still holds top spot 111 the seven.- old . I-I1lton and faun!)'. . 1.11mw, f befo1e I . Post junior baseball games and give t us, earn firemen's league. Other results VACATION TRI~ . . . an all-fan1 ily picnic, to be held July E TS . , , the, county comm1ss10ner~ or t team of young boys our support. last week were: Spanaway 9, LakeMrs. A. L. Ellingson lelt with 12 in Wapato pHk Tacoma IHJSY WITH GU S I d. STUBBORN I•IRE to issue a call for a publtc hearmg. . . . f. · ]'· · · · ' '·· '· Mr andMrs.OscarMor<cnan h E" I · · f 2" l tard to get wood 8; Midland I The n.1en l.1.ave woned 5, Fll'crest 16 . fnends on Monday or- a wens CALIFORNIAN. GUEST . . · ' . . .. f A workshop roof at t e ·. 1vL Aut 1ent1c signatures o :) per. team and so f ar t h e team h as . . lo Sat I L a I<C c·1ty an d been Cl1JOV!l1° . . d vote1s . 111 . t h e area . tlus vacatton tnp Mrs. Florence Jvforford of Del son . lnve ' : · '' VlSltS rom k Akre residence, 120th an d G streets, cent o f reg1stere . h . cu l b f'mis · h e d Yellowstone Nat10na . I pare l . . the a f ternoon o f J unc 15 . propose d to b e me · Iu d e d 111 · t1e 1 ,wawon two games an d 1ost one. W tt Spanaway Athlettc Monte Calif. a former resident of friends and relatives.MRecentd wee , cau.,.ht fife 1 1 · ' " · . . d to va 1·icIa t c rnore support we can see --.h t em the fll'st half season o f V a II ey. Icague HONORED ON BIRTHDAY Parkland was' a "'Uest at the out- end ·g· .u c s t s . were f S r. an G iv rs. of wmd, near Iy I1aIf an I1our ter d'istnct are require . Because 1e. ,cor 0 e · victory. . Th ere play m . second spot to the F't. L cwts · · L arson ) door potluck ' " MorkenI o ··}..eattD . · · through lo a splendid Mrs. Glen Ogden (Sy Ivia luncheon of the Sew- Gr·orgc · · .· h,~ was rcquHcd for the p ar;l l an cl \T o I- the pettl10n. · Iit, start- 2 n d D'1v1s1on · · · t I1c S out h ern was honored on l1cr I· )rot 1e1s.l u1mg S pana\vay 1, rogress1vc · (';01nn1un1 . 't Y \VI'II IJC a ga1nt F•n'd .ay n1g team, in )trt l1d ay recen t - .IllR t.:lub June 16 at the hon1c of and Oscar . arc . M A d t c unteer F'ire cl cpartrnent to con tTO1 · · · · · ' · Bryson Other llll'J.nlJns weclc rs. ·Jorn n lerson the blaze. rfl1e nort l1 sic ·I c o f' t l1c roo·f c Iu)I I1as sponsorecI t·I 1e wa t r·r t I'is t I "'l mg a 6 o ' c Ioc I'• so Ict ' s a II go an d d1v1s1on ran I· ungs. S panaway ' s rec- ly at the home o f 1\1 rs. 01 a1· IT -,,age- Mrs. Byron . ., Mr · and Id Jc , · · ' -) d ' · · · · · Jrom Patterson a 110 were touse then to the mcctrng afterwards. ord was 4 wrns, one loss. nf'ss. Present were Mrs. ( g ens present were the lvfcsdamcs O. I-I. ' ' was destroyed. move. . . . ~9~ -----chtlclren, Susan, Jeanne and Lee, Ellmgson, E. Ellmgson, S. Peter- :~ the I-Iagncss children, Linda and son, R. Johnson, S. Stora;1sli aild FAT~ER HO~ORED. ,. I Donny, and Mrs. E. Odell Totten their children. Re\. and MIS. L. Rasmussen had and children, Earl and Lois Kay. BROOKDALE '1-H as ~vcek end guests: M.r. and Mrs. Brookdale '1-I-I club came to order A'.·lrng Sanneru~ and ch1ldrcn, CathMrs. Ogden, Mrs. Hagencss and Mrs. Totten were childhood pals and June JG at the home of Mrs. Payson f'nnc and David, from Bremerton. this was their first reunion in seven Jc)'nes, leader. A roller skating party Sunday? Mr. and Mrs. Blare T.ay~or years. Mrs. Ogden will move soon was planned. Demonstrations of ;u~d children? !Zaren and T01;1. Cawith her family to Kirkland, Wash. making a sewing bag were given by 111111~, ai:cl W1lhan; Rasmussen JOtned I JOINT CELEBRATION Dorothy Stewart, Kathleen Fox and :he lan;1ly for a dmncr party honor]. B. Richards of 911 Wheeler Elaine Herr. Next meeting will be ing thcll' father, Rev. Rasmussen. The Pipr·r org;rnization stands street was honored at a part)' at June 27, at the Jcynes home. WEEK END TRIP .. ready, day or night., to serve you the home of his son, John G. Rich- VISITING MOTHER Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Clrnc and promptly and wise!)'. And rernemards, 124'th and Park avenue. The Mrs. Olaf Jordahl left "1st week daughters, Maria, Marvccnc, Kay lxr, you will alwa)'S find sincerity e v C' n t celebrated both the elder for an indefinite stay with her moth- and Carol; Mr. and Mrs. R. E. and simplicit)' in Piper's service. Richards' birthday and Father's day. er who Jives in Elkhart, Ind. Riley and Mr. and Mrs. Cus .Johnu i~~resh A "wonderful dinner" was served, READING CLUB son ~H enjoyed a week end trip '.o j acco. rding to the gm;st of honor. In _Trinity Luthera~1 . Reading dub Dcccpt~on pass. Th,e.y moto~cd via attendance were: His younger son, w1ll rnect this cvcmng (June 23) at Hood canal and Po1t Townsend. Gil Richards, wife :rnd two chi!- 8 o'clock in the home of Mrs. L. GOOD ATTENDANCE dren, Nancy and Ross; son John, his Rasmussen, with j\frs. A. W. AnderMrs. Rudolph Strom, registrar, wife and three children, Johnnie, son co-hostess, announce» 78 students arc attending Phillip and Tommy. Mr. Richards Dr. E. B. Steen will continue the summer Bible school at Concor-




Harvard Miss Becomes Bride in Rites At Central Lutheran Church Recently

Postmaster Thanks Spanaway Residents






tnt,"JtS. ..

County vVill Camp at Benbow




I ----- ---·------·


I · '












• •






.. .





dohnson &Ande



On Mountain llighway


Phone GRanite



The Stor'e That Has It


io;;• 1HY\AT r1-~tirPrl follrrwinlY - - · .. _ _ _ •• _ _ • <..;l

?7 -

\u•nr<.:. ;


the jcwclr)' business in Tacoma. H" was married to Mabel Greenway in Waltham, Mass., 43 years ago and both his sons were born in Waltham. Prior to his coming west, he had been employed by the Waltham, Hamilton, Elgin and Howard watch companies.




ci-11rlu -~--•/

,....,..., ..,,~

-t-h,-.. J,.,.,..,.,...1 .-.f .J....JUl\.L• T .. 1.~ ._.._,,_...n.. VJ. ~••v

Miss Edna Martens, .Miss Saddie Salrnon, Mrs. Steen, l\frs. Carl Coltom and Mrs. Harold Leraas will t'at;h give a JO-minute book review. EASTVOLD GRANDSON A son, named Carl Johann III, was born Monday morning, June 20, in a Seattle hospital, to Mr. and


T __ ,L -----·



__ l_ - -1 ~L.auui.

"l"L _


• - - -1 -··LCitLUL~1:i


and their grades are: Mrs, Theodore Aaberg and Mrs. Ouhl, four-yearolds; Mrs. H. Hillman,. five and six- , ycar"olds; Mrs .. W. Bradley and Mrs. Al Langseth, primary department; Miss H. Aaberg and Mrs, M. J. Ingebritson, juniors; Rev. W. C, Gullixson, seniors.

Groceries ·· Meats Fruit and Vegetables ·· Pie-Sweet Frozen Foods Carnation Ice Cream .. Pyrex Ware Fuller Paints ·· Lee's .Overalls ·· U. S. RnhhP.r -Fooh;vP.!lr --------___ ,,___ -FPPi-l •• l·:r~n:r •• Peat Moss -~ Garden Tools. ma



Finest Parking on the Mt. Hiway ONE-STOP SHOPPING

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:Mrs. Albert Nelson, reporter Phone. Graham 206

Wm. K. Clark __________________________________________________________________________________________ Editor Bill Grossgloss _____________________________ :__________________________________________ Advertising Mgr.

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, June -23, 1949

here to




Herc are a number of business firms, who, through their individual advertisements, offer to Mr. and Mrs. 'Walter Schultz and citizens of the South End trading area a service as close as their own telephones . . . These A community newspaper for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and Spanaway. daughter Linda, of Tacoma, visitC'd firms arc established not only with hopes of personal success but r.lso with the hope of being Published every Thursday by Beard Printing Co., P. 0. Box 797, Park- at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Milo able. to· contribute to the development of a growing community. Check these listings for the land, Washington. Telephone GRanite 7100. Becker on Tuesday. services you need! Entered as second-class matter October 3, 194-5, at the post office at Those attending the Emmy ColParkland, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. to1n recital Oll rfucsday evening \VClT' SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One year, $1.50; six months, $1.00 Mrs. Lester Crnts, Bettie and Bev' erley Cruts, Mrs. C. L. Johbins, AUTO REPAIR FEED STORES AUTO SERVICE STATIONS ---Mrs. Albert Nelson and Mrs. Joe Jupiter and daughter Mary. LAKEWOOD fEED & l'UEI., CO. (Next to State Scale) Writing recently in the Portland, Oregon, Daily Journal, Tuesday, June 14, a birthday Hay, Grain, Seeds, Peet, Fertilizers Robert Ormond Case disposed of a number of dangerous illu- party was held at the home of Mrs. Miles honoring Mrs. Sjelmseth, Con1plct.e line of Centennial Complete Painting - Touch-Up l\forfak Lubrication HOME APPLIANCES sions concerning the proposed $2,000,000,000-plus Columbia D. Products a lovely lunch was served by the GET MY BID FIRST Texaco Gas - Oil anti Accessories Valley authority. And he did it by quoting from and analyz- hostess, Mrs. Kate Ncimi and Mrs. Also Albers Stove Oil Pacific Ave. and Airport Road Mountain Hiway at Clover Creek 1 115 :16 Pacific Highway LA. 3522 Doris Miles. Those present were ing the plain words of the bill itself. GK 9942 Ben Lawrence ---------~;.._ _ _ _ _ _ __ Thelma Funk, Mrs. Clara Hanson, One section of the bill deals with payments. in lieu of taxes Mrs. Ray Funk, Mrs. Lena Schumer FLOWERS - SHRUBS to local government. This s e c t ion concludes with t'hese and son Bobby and Mrs. Charles Top Quality JUNE BRIDES words: "The determination by the Administration of the nec- Lorenz and children. GASOLINE WEDDING ARRANGEMENTS Mr. and Mi-s. C. L. Johbin, paressity of making any payments ... and of the amounts thereof GENERAL REPAIRING SEE l\JOTOR OIL-50c Gallon ents of Mrs. Lester Cruts, left Frisba_ll be final." That is perfect! y dear. CV A could pay very day evening for their home at La GR. B619 Parkland, Wash. We Wire Flowers-We Deliver Pacific Ave. at Airport Way small taxes-.-or no taxes at all. And no one could do a thing Mont, Colo. Miss Beverley Cruts Mt. Hiway at Parkland GR. 7270 accon1panic<l her grandpa rents to Mt. Highway at Orchard Hill about it. except to meet an increase in bis own tax burdens. spend the summer in Colorado. Much ado is made of the fact that the bill prescribes that l'UEL DEALERS AUTO SUPPLIES Mr. and Mrs. Lester Cruts and CV A will be run by a three-man board, of wbom two mem- daughters, and Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Your ONE-STOP bers must be legal residents of the region. This is a transparent Jobbins motored to Paradis" Inn, 24-Hour Towing Service Shopping Center Wednesday. attempt to make CV A seem like a local enterprise. But, as Mr. THE HOME OF FRIGIDAIRE GR. 3177 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brunbage 10006 Pacific Ave. Also WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES Authorized Dealer Case observes, this board "will be practically immune to outof Puyallup visited at the home of HEAVY HREPLACE AND IIXPERT REPAIRING Ccneral Petroleum Products side control. No member can be removed from office by the Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stang-er on HJRNACE WOOD people of the region." On top of that, can anyone believe that Friday. Phone: GRanite 4604 Airport and Pacific. GR.6119 Mr, and Mrs. Albert ,Nelson were the powers-that-be in Washington would not dominate CVA dinner guests at the home of their Rt. 7, Rox 660 GR. 8625 l 40th & Pacific lock, stock and_ barrel? He who pays the piper calls the tune. daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE Finally, Mr. Case points. out that the wording of the bill ID. E. Gooch. Also present were his LUMBER DEALERS SERVICE is so vague and generalized, in many important particulars, parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Gooch. \VHOLESALE & RETAIL - - WE CUT GLASS MACHINE SHOP SERVICE tbat under it the three-man board could do almost anything, ~r. and Mrs. M. E. Shook and. . . . , . . fmrnly were guests at the home ol and go mto any kmd of mdustnal operation. It 1s argued that Mr. and Mrs. Clifford McGee at We Gladly Deliver 96th and Portland Ave., Midland this would not be done-still, as Mr. Case says, "the history Tanwax lake. Open Till 6:00 p.m. Week Days GR. 8438 of democratic government fails to record a single instance where Mrs. Ruth Stanger and children · · ,, visited with her sister Mrs. Vesley Call Us for Your Lumber Needs delegated powers have not been used to the limit. The bill Ackerson Friday, ' Alice Dorfner, Reporter Graham 458 specifically states that ''this act shall be liberally construed to Nolan' an<l Camic Stanger were ATTRACTIVE carry out the purposes of Congress." In other words, its fram- overnight guests at the home of KITCHEN CABINETS Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Johnson ers are telling the courts in advance to let the CV A administra- their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. MADE TO ORDER Spana way GR. 6547 and family motored- to Bellingham GR. 758'.l R. W. Stanger. .k. f 1 l tors go as ar as t Jey 1 .e. . cl ~-r. w , F . . . :md Everett, Saturday. They went . . . I\!1r • •111 1v 1s. . 1 . a1 1cy .1tBICYCLES SALES, REPAIRS One of the most telling cnticisms of the present Tennessee tended a baseball game in Seattle to Bellingham on businf'ss and thrn PACIFIC AVENUE um.. co. stopped in EYlTt'tt to visit Mr. and Valley authority is that it is, in effect, a principality, with last Sunday and left young Farley :Mrs. S. E. Wdch nnd Mr. and lvlrs. 84th anc! Pacific GA. 3133 almost unlimited powers over the region it sprawls across. Tom with grandn_ia and grn 1_1 dpa. A. Bodin. SEMI-DRY MOTELS . , _ ., , Don Jupiter is v!Sltmg at the Friends of L. W. Dillingham arc Humphrey of the Journal, has put lt this way: TV A doesn t home of Mr. Fred Jennings at BIKE RENTALS -KEYS CUT sorry to hear of the death of his interfere with state and local governments of the Tennessee Vashon island. Lawnmowers Precision Ground mother, Mrs. W, E. Dillingham. The Free Pick-up & Delivery .Service AFTER 5:00 P. M. Valley. Dick Lorenz_ spent the wc·ck ~nd funeral was Saturday, J unc l 7. Mountain Hiway at Spanaway ,, , , . _ at the home o[ Mr. :rnd Mrs. N1cGarfield St. GRanitc 5772 334 Under New l\·Ianagcmcnt Timber and brush in back of the TV A doesn t have to. For 1 VA 1s the government m man of Vaughn, Wash. JIUNERAL PARLORS A Complete NE\V atmosphere of home of Mr. alld Mrs. Gilstrap Tennessee valley. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Miller and Friendliness l:\UILDING SUPPLIES caught fire Wednesday. Men clear"There is nothing, 110 one above it." fa_rnily of Orting visited at the home ing the La .Grand dam power li11cs NOW managed by HARRY LEWIS . . . . _ . of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter on righ.t-~f-\_vay were burning brnsh. If CV A ever comes mto bemg, 1t will be by a maJonty Friday. :\'URSING HOMES The f!l'e got ;iway frurn them aud W catherstrip and Scrccii Service vote of a Congress wl1ich rcprcsent_s the entire country, and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter and with the wind the next two days the "Protex" l\k!al Weather Strips in which the Pacific Northwest delegation makes up only a family and Mrs. Iva Jenning were flames were difficult to extinguish. Pella Roscrccns - \Yater Proofing &_ail)OHre . ·. . . , dinner gut'sts at the home of Mr. Window C<tulking Mr. and Mrs. Gene Smalley, Mr. tmy mmonty. The vast sums of money to pay for CV A must and Mrs. Ross Plumb, Friday cvc1'111Ut1 §iug Donllle Tacoma, Wash, and Mrs. Mansa Reynolds, Shirley 3819 So. Monroe be provided by all the taxpayers. The rules and regulations ning. 'l, T.. Road and Joyce Loveland and Georgia .J. C. Rancour - Phone GA. 5285 FURNITlJRE governing CV A policies will he established by Congress. It Carl Hoganson and son Fred were Smalley motored lo the ocean reCLOTHES CLEANING . , dinner guests at the home of Mr. Parkland GR 8077 will be the duty of the executive branch to 111terpret and en- and Mr.s. All1f'rt Nelson, Saturday. ecntlv. M;. and Mrs. Hugo Loveland and force them. Mrs. Mildred Nelson and Mrs. children, Ralph and Mary, arc moPAINTING Under these conditions how can anyone believe that CV A Gloria Van Den Ezcn of _Eatonville toring to California for a few weeks. GR. 7914 l'loor Coverings -- Window Shades ' - . visited at the home of Mrs. Edi th Sunday dinner guests at the home -or any of tbe other proposed valley authonties-could honFree Pickup & Delivery Sherwin-Williams Paint_s Anclc-rson, Sunday. of Paul Walk were his two sous and estly represent home rule? The mere fact of residence of the Plant: Park & Violet Meadow FREE ESTIM ATES Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stanger families, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Walk Parldand, Wash. GR. 6532 Call Office, Parkland Centre administrators would mean nothing. To take an obvious ex- visited at the home of Mr. and and children, Anna, Larry, Ernie ROOF STAINING ------------GARBAGE SERVICE ample, all postmasters must be local people. But no postmaster Mrs. Arthur Erdahl of Gravelly lake and Mary, from Raymond, Wash,, ,i,Jpd Mr. and Mrs. ~korgc Walk and 3-Day Service - Call for & Deliver has a thing to say about the policies and purposes of the de- on AFri~ay_p1cmc was held at the home son George and Miss Arlene Walk. partment. Any Federal agency is all-powerful in its field be- of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter, honMrs. John Charboneau and chi!PRINTING oring her mother, Mrs. Iva Jen- dren recently spent a wrPk in Portcause it holds the purse strings. nings of Camp Crooks, S. D. Those land, Ore., visiting relatives. 24-HOUR SERVICE AT Elsewhere in his article, Tom Humphrey said: "You sim- attending P. 0. Box 726, Parkland, Wash. were Fred Jenning of Mrs. Dorothy Rich spent a few PLANT

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ply don't oppose TVA any more. Not in Tennessee valley. Not if you want to stay in business and in one piece." If that's the kind of dictatorship the rest of the country wants, it should at least thoroughly understand what it is going to get before it acccepts it.

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days last week with het· mother, Airpori & Pacific GR. 6301 I John Clabough GR, 795B who was ill. A family gathering at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. IL Dorfncr was held Sunday in honor of an old Commercial Printing and friend of the family, Mrs. R. J- Drive In Under Awning , .. Tutthill of Seattle. Those present Where Everybody Slops Publications of All Kinds wei·c: Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Beckstead Weekly Garbage Collection Open 7 :00 a.111. to 6:00 p,m. and son, David, from Waller road; Daily except Sunday Phone GR. 6190 or GR. 6300 Chm·!Ps Ruhicans and daughtr·r, Telephone - GA. 5495 1'or Pick-up GRanite 7100 Dorothy, and Mrs. Charlotte BeckGROCERIES - MEATS"'' er, from Tacoma; Mrs. E. J. Becker DAIRIES from Canyon road, Miss JoAnn Park Ave. & Wheeler St., Parkland Franzen from Puyallup, Miss Anna Winnie from Tacoma, Ernie TempJin from Woodland, the honored 103TH AND PARK guest and Mr. and Mrs. G. H. DorfREAL ESTATE G. fUCHS, Proprietor (Sales Rd. & Park Ave.) ner and Alice and Neil. Notary Public Insurance A surprise pink-and-blue shower Groceries - Gas - Oil - Meats HOMOGENIZED AND was held at the home of the Misses Lois and Margie Rohr, in honor of PASTEURIZED MILK The common use of headlines in Mrs. Jimmy Maycumber (Dorothy ONLY Al and Jennie Grot!vig, Realtors AND CREAM - ICE CREAM newspapers came after the 1vkxican Wright). Games were played, with 10% MARK UP Phones: CR. 7232 and GR. 6774 War. STORE IN SOUTH END (Continued on Page Four) Residence Phone: GR. 3210 P. 0. Box 207, So. Tacoma

Beard Printing Co.

Vashon island and son Ray, Mrs .. R. Atchciger and daughter Judy, Miss Janet Pough and Mr. Moon of San Francisco, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Duetscher and son of Seattle, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Gunter of Steilaeoom, 1fr. and Mrs. I. Jenning of SPattle, and Mr. and Mrs. Preston Henderson. Arnold Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Andrews, had the misfortune of hurting his leg, and Edna Moth_, ershed, their daughter, fell against a scythe and cut her knee. Mrs. Carl Hoganson is improved some, but is still in Tacoma General hospital. Mrs. Carl Casperson visited with her granddaughter, M rs. M i le s Matchett, who lives at Morton.

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for example: Cabinet of 50 fine vellum panelled announcement or invitation folders, wirh 50 inner and 50 outside envelopes-·

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LOCKER llEEl', VEAL and PORK Cutting -- Curing -- Smoking, 11 Gth & Tule Lake Road Res. Phone: Bus. Phone: GA. 8B93 GR. 8246



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Additional cJbinets of 50 sers at $5.00

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WASHINGTON, D. C.-CONGRESSMEN WALT HORAN (left) AND THOR TOLLEFSON (right) GET POINTERS on how to slug o honHH from GOP b~!! club m:::~~g~r, Rep. C. \A/. Rvnt" Bishop of Illinois. The solons went to bat "for the kids" in the annual game between Republican and Democrat members of Congress. Proceeds wen'l to establish a summer camp fund for underprivileged children of the Nation's Capital. Horan represents Washington's Fifth District and Tollefson represents Washington's Sixth. Players are wearing Washington Senafors' uniforms. The Democrats won, 16-10.


To DINE and DANCE GIFTS ELECTRIC FIXTURES Delicious l'RIED CHICKEN Sporting- Goods and Hardware Tender STEAK DINNERS Call LA. 9145 102 Sales Road



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Parkland, Washington, Thursday, June 23, 1949

Roland-Nichols Ceremony ls Recent Colorful Occasion at Clover Creek Clover Creek Baptist church was 1 gaily decorated with candelabra,· of deep aqua crepe, with white acpalms and b rgc baskets of wh itc cessoxies and a corsage of white peonies and pink srwp-dragons for 1 carnations and pink rosebuds. the wedding of Miss Bessie Winifred Immediately following the ccreRul;md, daughter of Mr. aud Mrs. many, a reception was held in the Orner E. Roland, and Mr. Paul Ed- church parlors. The reception room ward Nichols, son of Muri C. was decorated with baskets of roses Nichols, June 3. The double-ring and other summer flowers, with tall ceremony was performed by the tapers on the table. Rev. R. W. Ledyard of Fern Hill Except for those pouring, all those Baptist church. serving wore pnstel-colorPd formal The Lride, given in 111arriagc by gowns. Pouring were: Mesdames her father, wore a gown of white Cyrus Greenlaw and Lester A. Cruts. slipper satin fashioned with a sweet- Cutting the wedding cake was Miss heart neckline and long pointed Alberta Carlson; other cakes, Mrs. sleeves. Her imported fingertip vr·il Richard Boness; serving ice cream, was clasped to a crown of pearls and Miss Georgia Bolieu; punch, Misses she carried a bouquet of white glad- Nancy Boness and Juana Bolling. iolus anti stcphanotis witli a center- In charge of gifts were Miss Maxpicec of \vhitc gardenias tied with inc Smithlin and Mrs. Robert Hamwhitc satin ribbon. rnond. Miss Bettie Cruts, close fr.icnd of Little J oycc Allen, in a pink net thC' bride, was maid of horior. She gown, passed among the guests with wore a gown of pink taffeta and a basket of groom's cake. In charge carried a colonial bouquet of white of the guest book was Miss Beverly swcetpeas and pink carnations, tied Cruts. with blue ribbon. She wore a floral I Leaving for a wedding trip over coronet to match her bouquet. the state of Washington, Mrs. NichBridesmaids were: Mrs. Florence ols wore a suit of French blue gabEberlein, a <eousin, gowned in creme- ardinc with white accessories. Her green, and Miss Elsie McCullough, corsage was of gardenias. a friend, gowned in pale blue. They Mr. and Mrs. Nichols are now at both carried colonial bouquets of home on Trout lake, near Jovita, white swectpcas and pink carnations Wash. tied with pink ribbon and wore coronets to match their bouquets. Kay Ellen Southwell and Janice Allen, two little cousins, were flower girls. They wore gowns of blue net and coronets of carnations tied with Roy F. Carlson, acting chief of blue ribbon and carried baskets of swcetpeas, daisies and rose petals the Washington State Patrol, today which they scattered down the aisli:. urged parents"· to keep "junior off Mr. 0 m c r Shc:ridan Roland, the streets." During the school year brother of the bride, was best man. this problem is not so apparent, but Mr. Russell Eberlein and Mr. Al- with the approach of summer and fred Southwell, cousins, were ush- more free time, a stricter vigilance must be maintained. It is during the ers. Candlelighters were the Misses vacation months the "young fry" Lois Joan Southwell and Barbara spend most of their waking hours Keane. They both wore maize-col- out of doors. They cannot be ex01-ed gowns and carried long tapers pected to keep off the streets endccora tcd with corsages and long tirely, but they can be taught the ribbon ..Mr. George Allen sang, "I correct procedure of crossing· the Love You Truly" and Mr. Donald street-always cross at the corner, Fowler sang "Because." Both were and look tu the right and left beaccompanied by Mrs. Paul Krueger. fore leaving the curb. Of the total The bride's mother wonc a gown number of children in the 4 'to 9 ycnr old age group killed, 16 percent were fatally injured last year as a result of crossing not at an intersection. Fifteen percent of all pedestrians killed in motor vehicle accidents in Washington state in 1948 were children in this same age group. In districts where there are playgrounds, pa r ks, vacant lots, and fields, the youngster's chances of becoming a pedestrian victim in a motor vehicle traffic accident arc greatly reduced. However, even on. rcs.idcntial streets and little used side roads and streets, there is danger f r om some careless driver. The grPatPst danger is in urban areas where children have limited n·creational facilities. While every effort is made by traffic control agencies, and law enforcement bodies to emphasize this condition to the motorist:, C h i e f C a r l s on continued, the children ~-Only Yfil! can themselves must be educated at an early age to their share of the reto traffic safety. It is FOREST FIRES! sponsibility much easier to form new habits than it is to break old ones.

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SPANAWAY Mrs. Arthur Pietz, Reporter Rt. l, Box 445, Spanaway--GR. 6646



Patrol Urges: Keep Junior Off Streets


4% 2-piece Door Jambs ________________ $2.95 Sl/8 2-piecc Door Jambs ________________ $2.95 SVs Solid 1% SR Door Jambs ________ $3.95 51/8 Solid1% SR Door Jambs _______ _$3~95 lineal foot 4 Y2 c



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Carl Monsen and Gay Henrick_OPEN WEEK DAYS AND SATURDAYS UNTIL 6 l'.M. sen, both of Lake Shore drive, capped a fortunate frog hunting expedition Friday evening, June 10, with a frog leg dinner served at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack I-Ienrick.: sen, Gay's parents. Mrs. :Monsen also WE GLADLY DELIVER enjoyed the treat. SPANAWAY-Across from School GR. 7583 or GR. 6547 Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Smith and son, Harry Jr., of 13th street, were luncheon guests June 14- at the Shore drive» ThPy are daughters of home of :Mr. and l\.frs. Emery Funk Mr. and Mrs. Ross Fowler and Mr. at Surnnt•r. Mrs. Funk is An1cri' and Mrs. Steve Pease, rC'spcctivl'ly. Legion Auxiliary third district pres- Their mothers graduated from the A week encl at the ocean, at Twin ident. same school. Harbor, Wash., \Vas a recent scoutl\Ir_ and l\frs. Paul Kerr and son, Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wade and ing highspot for Sp:inaway Boy Eddie, formerly of Spanaway now children, Jimmie and J:i.ckie, of YakScouts and Cubs, June 10 and 11. residing in T:icoma, and Mr. and ima, Wash., spent a wrrk of vacaFor several boys it was their firnt Mrs. B. F. DratN and children, tion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. tirne at the ocean and this wr1s also Beckie and Binni<:', of Tacoma, were Don McLcllan of ] Oth and Pacific the first trip of the kind for Cub. guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. streets. Mr. Wade is Mrs. McLel- Pack 34; so the jaunt was especially Jack Henricksen, Saturday evening, lan's brother. enjoyed. June 11. Guests at the home of Mr. and Scouts of Troop 34- camped out, Donna Lee Fread, daughter of Jvfrs. Arthur Pie t z of Mountain dug- clams and swam. Cubs also Mr. and Mrs. P:'.ul Frea~ of 3rd highway, Friday evening, wPre Mr. found clam digging great fun. Anstreet, had a tonsrl operation June and Mrs. Gordon Layer and son, other treat for the Cubs was an 18 at Tacoma General hospital. She Drew of Parkland. invitation to the Scouts' council fire, is now recovering at home. W;ndajoy McLellan is spending Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Bagusin part of her vacation with her brothThe Cubs wen~ accompanied by of 9th strecta are movir:g to San er-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. their own parents or \vere in charge Francisco, Calif., July 5, due to a Neil Gallagher, in Milton .•Wash. of parents of other Cubs. Cubs and transfer of his work. Mr. and Mrs. Pat Willoughby and parents on the trip were: l\fr. and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Henricksen and son, Jessie, of Mountain highway Mrs. John Newell and David, Merle Diana Jcnksen of Tacoma, Cpl. Bill attended the· w c cl cling of Miss Prettynian and Ronnie with Bob Mack of Ft. Lewis and Gay Henrick- Eleanor Luce to Harold W. Roane Smyth and Orval Winston, ML and Mrs. Horton Marthis anti Juhn, Mr. sen were guests at the home of Mr. of Lakewood. and Mrs. Jack I-Ienricksrn, June 12, Spanaway l\fethodist church and Mrs. Jim Grey and Jimmie, for a goeduck dinner. It was a treat WSCS met June J 6 at the home of Peter Mattson; Robert Drake, Mr. for Cpl. Mack, as he had never be- Mrs. Les Limdeck of East E street. and Mrs. Oscar Haugen and Darold fore eaten seafood. Potluck luncheon, served by the hos- and Dick Engebretson. Cub leadrr.< Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Pfaff and tess, was followed by the regular happily report they had a very well chilclt·en, Beverly and Micky, of rn e C• ting and Bible study hour. behaved group of boys and many Ritzville, Wash., were guests of Mrs. "Grandma" Storie led the Bible parents, as well as boys, would like Pfaff's mother, Lillie Pfaff of Moun- study. Others attending were Mcs- to repeat the trip, as all had a tain highway. dames Fay Cooley, Sue B a s s c r, wonderful time. Scouts of Troop 3~- making the Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Harrison Marie Baker and Miss Marie Baker. and famil~ of Spokane, Wash., have Two-year-old Jean Marie Petts, trip were: Carroll Doyle, KrnnP!h been visiting at the home of Mr. and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Behling, Dennis Durlrnm, Da,·id and Mrs. Clair Feddersen of Lake Shore Fetts of Tacoma and granddaughter Jirnn'lie Scearce, Carl Yocum, Frank drive. of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Fowler of Hill, Pete Dubacker, Ronald BradWanda Cox of Sumner, Wash., Spanaway, marched a long two miles shaw, Larry Haugen, Donald Ornat, accidentally crashed into the front to win fourth prize in ·the pct par<icle John Newell Jr. and Gc·ne Curbow. of Spanaway Variety store when her held June 18 at Jefferson park, fa.- Parents and Scout leaders aecompa nying the troop w e r e I-fa rwy car's b..akcs failed. The store is coma. owned and operated by Mrs. Ted Mrs. Vera Nixon and Mr. ::ind Bradshaw and Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Warmold. Mr. Warrnold has spent Mrs. Horace of Saskatoon, Hill and daughter, Louise. Other a busy week repairing the damage. Saskatchewan, Canada, were visitors girls lucky enough tu be able to go John Adam of Mountain highway at the hume of Mr. and Mrs. Don along were Ann Dunbackcr and Kay at !st street is ill at Madigan Gen- McLellan. Hosts and guests spent Engebretson. Beaver patrol of Troop 3-l visited era! hospital. a week end at Hick's lake. A clirmer at his home, JunE 9, Spanaway baseball club,. of the Alder dam Saturday, June 18. The' celebrated the birthday of Clair Valley league, has scheduled a bem'- Scouts were sh ow n through the Feddcrscn. Enjoying the birthday fit dance for Saturday evening, June power house and the operation and repast with him were: Mrs. Fedder- 25, at Elk Plain Grange hall, com- function of it and the dam were sen, Mr. and :tvfrs. Walter Fedder- mencing at 9 o'clock. Proceeds will explain!"d to them. Scouts on the sen, Mr. and l\.frs. M. G. Harrison be used for improvements to the trip were Carroll Doyle, Kenneth and family and Weldon Feddersen. Spanaway ball park, according to Behling, Ronald Bradshaw, J oh n Newell and Jimmie Scearce. They Saturday evening guests at the team manager Jack Justice. home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Milner and were accompanied by Harvey BradSmith of 13th street were Mr. and children, John, Linda and Douglas, shaw and Walter Leonard. Mrs. Emery Funk of Sumner, Mr. of Tacoma were visitors Saturday The Scouts arc lookinµ; forward ando:tvirs. Wendell Brickrrt and Mr. evening, Jurn· 18, al the home of -tu rnore of these outings before the and Mrs. M organ Albrecht of Mr. and Mrs. Don McLcllan. sun1111cr is O\'CL Tenino and Mr. and Mrs. Alger Mrs. Chet McAtee of Pacific PACK 34 WILL MEET 1 Cub Pack 3-1 will hold its nC'xt Bragg of Puyallup. street and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Wedding hells will soon be ring- Omat of Mountain highway at- meeting Friday, July I. At that time, ing for Mrs. Dorothy Cook of Pa- tended a card party sponsored by plans will be made for future outcifie avenue and Orville Winston Rebekah at Roy school. Mr. Omat ings and entertainment. ·of I st street. Mrs. Cook has been won first prize at pinochle. presented a beautiful diamond enLouise Lonergan of Mountain gagemcnt ring. . highway, Edna Ayers and son a.nd Harry W. Smith Jr., BM, U. S. Mrs. Bagley of Clover Creek and Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mr. and Mrs. Bush and C. B. Natt Aniong six outstan<ling eighth and W. Smith of 13th street, who re- of Seattle picnicked Sunday at Car- ninth grade students presented with cently returned from Sh an g ha i, nation, Wash. achievements awards before memChina, and who had been spending l\1iss Linda Bradshaw, daughter bers of South Tacoma Kiwanis club a well-deserved leave with his par- of Mr. and Mrs. Harvcv Bradshaw Wednesday evening, June 15, at ents, left June 15 for San Diego, of 12th street, is spendi~g a month South Tamma Cornrnunily center, Calif., where he has been assigned of vacation on the Yakima ranc.h of were two outstanding eighth gradto duty aboard the U .S,S. Hector. her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. ers from Spanaway school, Ida LeeMr. and Mrs. R. H. Langdon of L. O. Woodall. dom and Frances Slcad. They wc1;c Tacoma and Miss Nell Langdon of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Ward of the introduced by Principal R. J. Frazer. Seattle recently visited Mr. and Mrs. Masonic home at Zenith, Wash., Teel Wannold of Mountain high- were guests at the home of Mrs. way. Louise Lonergan, who moto1·ed them tion in the home of their aunt, Miss Marion MacCraig of Tacoma back to Zenith following their ·visit Mac Slater of Monterey, Calif. S/Sgt. Jern A . .Jensen of Henry sprnt a week of vacation with his here. grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Mr. and Mrs. R. A_ Surface of Berger road flew to March Eeld, Ward of Mountain highway. He had Chehalis, Wash., were dinner guests Calif., for a few days recently. WhLle a wonderful time learning to be a at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur there he spent an r\'rning at the cowboy, riding a neighbor's pony. Pietz. The dinner honored Mr. home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Foster at Compton. Mrs. Foster and Mesdames Amy Warmold, Mabel Surface, Mrs. Pietz' father. Hart, Irma Long, Bertha Cooley Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Ward of :tvfrs. Jensen arc sisters. and Rose Stenson, all of Spanaway, Mountain highway and l'Vlr. nnd attended the fourth district confer- Mrs. Harry Nunamaker of Olympia ence of the American Legion, at the camped over the. week encl at SumWinthrop h o t e I in Tacoma. The 1 mit lake. The trip was enjoyed, meeting was followed by dinner at although cooling weather returned American Legion Post 138. them home half-frozen and fishless. Graduation, from Lincoln high Bob Slater is spending a few school, Tacoma, of the Misses Rosa- weeks in Shelton. lie Fowler and Dorothy Jean Pease Gracie and Carole Slater, claughwas attended by their grandparents, ters of Mr. and Mrs. Neal Slatrr, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Fowler of Lake left Saturday to spend their vaca- 1

Spanaway Scouts, Cubs Take Jaunts




,.. '1!'



"There's NOTHING wrong wilh our new !lats. It's the same old faces that discourage me!"

Brilliant Floral Set#ng for Wedding Of Miss Lucas to William Van Gilder In a floral setting of bridal wreath I - - - - - - - and garlands of roses at Fern Hill For her going away, the bride Baptist church, June 15, Miss Shir- was in white with a mustard-yFllow ley Faith Lucas, daughter of Mr. and short· coat and orchid corsage, acMrs. Vincent L. Lucas of Parkland, cented by navy blue and white acbecame the bride of Mr. William cessories. The honeymooners stayed Lynch Van Gilder, son of Dr. and at Long lake and Crater lake while Mrs. Reeber 0. Van Gilder of Oak- motoring to their new home in Oakland, Calif. Dr. Van Gilder, father land. . of the groom and president of WestOut-of-town guests were Mrs. ern Bibk institute where both young Vance Babcock of Portland, Ore., people attended this past year, per- Dr. and Mrs. A. I. Button of Kent, formed the double-ring ceremony \\Tash., Mr. and Mrs. Richard Habefore 150 guests. decn and Mrs. Sloan of Everett, On the arm of her fa lher the bride Wash., Mr. Lloyd Parker of Modesto, was lovely in traditional white slip- Calif., Mrs. Alice Westlund and per satin and net veil crowned with Melvin, cousins of the bride, of a glca1ning· white coronet. The Olympia, Wash., and Mrs. J. N. sweetheart neckline of her gown was Engebretsen and Mary and Darlene ruched in white net and long sleeves of Harts lake, Wash., besides the pointed over her hands while a long groom's parents from Oakland. The train of white satin trailed her. Her bride's cider sister, Mrs. Robert bouquet, centered on a large orchid, Marshall, was unable to attend, bewas of white carnations and satin ing with her husband who is on ribbon. Waiting at the altar for his occupation duty in Japan. bride was the groom, attended by Mr. Lloyd Parker of the same Bible institute. Both men had white carnation boutonnieres. Mrs. William Berg played the . nu.J1t_ial music on the piano. Mrs. . Mrs. _John Susan, repor:cr 1 1 William Kennedy, sister of the bride, lt. 7, Box 400 GRam(e 7002


sang "Because" and "At Dawning." After the ceremony she sang a dedication number, "Where He Leads Me, I'll Go." The Victory trio, composed of the Mesdames Vance Babcock, William Kennedy and Miss Lois Gates, all gowned in pink with corsages of pink carnations, rendered "I Love You Truly" and, just before the couple left the church, "Goodby, May God Bless You." The Misses Elinor Hutson and Emmy Lou Button, cousins of the bride, wearing aqua and pink, respectively, with rosebud corsages, lit the tapers. Bridesmaids, in pink with banclcaus of pink net and satin, carrying bouquets of white carnations and delphinium with blue satin bows, were the Misses Beverly Mulligan, Dorothy Cudney, Joan Archer and Mrs. Vince Lucas. Ushers, with white carnation boutonnieres, included the Messrs. Joe and Vince Lucas, brothers of thP bride, William Kennery and Hugh Smith Jr. Preceding the bride was her sister, as maid of honor, Miss Geri Lucas, in blue with a heaclress of blue net and satin bows. Her bouquet was of deep pink sweetpeas encircling a cluster of pink carnations with yellow satin ribbon. Ring bearer was Master Johnnie Cable, carrying the two circlets on a white satin cushion. Little Miss Joan Cable, with a pink satin bow in her dark curls and a floor-length -pink dress, scattered pink rose petals on the white. bridal aisle. In the receiving line in the church parlor, the bride's mother was in black crepe and lace, with a black open-crowned hat covered with black and white veiling, and thP groom's mother in a black gabardine tailored dress and· off-the-face hat trimmed in orchid. Pictures were taken as the bride and groom cut the three-tiered wedding cake decorated with pink roses and silver leaves. Serving punch was Mrs. William Delaney and pouring coffee and tea the Mesdames August Pedersen, aunt of the bride, and R. W. Ledyard. Mrs. /\. J. Kennedy served the cake and others assisting with the service were the Mc-sdames George Oriel, Cla1·a Zeigler and Hugh Smith Sr. In charge of the gifts were Mrs. Marge Harless and Miss Shirley Dewey. Miss DeLois Garner took care of the guest book.

Ronnie Tuttle sprnt a week in Chehalis, Wash., with his aunt, Mrs. Frank Paker. He came home Tuesday. His sister, Karen, is there now for a weck'S visif. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nichols of Jovita, Wash., spent Father's <lay at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Orner Roland. Mrs. Allen Virgillo uf Tacoma spent Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Orner Roland. After an extended visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Omer Roland, Mrs. McVikcrs and two returned to Cashmere, Wash., Friday. George Allen, son of Mrs. John Kuper, is leaving for Santa Ana, Calif., the late part of this week. He is going to stay with his uncle, John Allen, and work until fall when he will enter the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. He will study music. Mrs. Josephine Ward and daughter, Dianna, Georgia Bolieu, Mrs. John Kuper and Mrs. Pratt spent Saturday, June 18, at Fox island at the county Pomona Grange meeting. Jackie Kuper of Tacoma is visiting at the home of his father, John Kuper. Ladies of the Busy Eight entertained their husbands at a Father's day picnic at the home of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Gammon. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. S. I. Carlson, l\1r. and Mrs. Lemon and son Kenneth, Mr. and Mrs. Vawter, Mr. and Mrs. Pratt and Roberta, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lightbody, Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes of Steilacoom lak~, Mr. and Mrs. Pope of Tacoma and the host and hostess. Mr. and Mrs. S. I. Carlson and Berta Mae and Mr. and Mrs. C. Rhodes were fishing at Steilaeoom lake, Saturday. The Ladies Auxiliary will incet at the home .of Mrs. H. McCammon, Thursday, June 23. Arch Roe, brother-in-law of Mrs. Goldie Porter, spent Sunday at the Porter home. He is from Yakima, Wash. Nina and Nola Rosairo returned Friday, from a wPek's stay visiting points of interest in Canada. They had a wonderful time.



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Parkland Fuel DH &Service Station GRanite 8112

Two Spanaway 8th Graders Honored

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Parkland, Wash.

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(During t.hc absence of Mrs. (~la rcucc Johann, now on vaca· tion, J\>Iidlancl news is being reported by Mrs. George M. Turner. News items may be reported to her at GRanite 5727).




HARVARD NEWS ! (~~~~1111~?~<!1~ r~ee~~)

p1·izc·s going to Mrs. L .. onard Cook and Mrs. VPrl Wright. Refreshments were served to the Mesdames Leonard Cook and daughter, Lavon; 0. E .Smith and Adelle Hobbs I Margaret Wright, Chester Wright, retnrned to Hot Springs, Mont., Vcrl Wright and daughter, Char:tvfonday morning, aftpr being called lotte; Ronald Wright and nephew, home by the death of her father, Ji rn my Eby; Donald Ford, Ray Elbee Hobbs. Mangus, the honored g1wst and thr A Father's day and birthday cele- hostesses. bration was held Sunday at .the A family dinner, in honor of all home of Mr. and Mn. Harvey the dads, was held at the home of Weeks on Waller road. Those at- Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Dillingham, tending besides the host and host- Sunday. Those present were: :tvfr. Vv. ' ess were: Their children, Frankie E. Dillingham, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. and Gene; Mr. and Mrs. Chet Rob- Stout, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stout:, inson, Marcilyn and Dolores; Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Stout, Mr. and and Mrs. Harry Weeks, Gayle Ann, Mrs. Walter Stout aud sou, :tvfr. and Larry Dean, and Cheryl from Park- Mrs. Bud 1'.1ain and child.rm, Mr. land; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Weeks, and Mrs. Charlt's Lewis and son, Tommy and Jackie, and Judy Rog- Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dillingham and ers from Bremerton; Mr. and Mrs. the host and hostess. Floyd Barlow, LPnny and Marsha; Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Elston moI\fr. and Mrs. Harvey Weeks Jr., tored to Fern Gap camp, Sunday, Steven and Candice Rae: Mr. and to visit their ~on, Jinir11y, who is Mrs. Noah Weeks and Earl; Mr. working with the forestry dcpartand Mrs. Frank Baskett; Anna Jean nwnt there. and Bill McCambeigc; Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bennett Mrs. Clarence Berger "and Mike. A and daughter, Patty, fro111 Eugene, beautiful ea k e was m :i cl e and Ore., visilt'd at the honw of Mr. trimmed with names of those whose and Mrs. John Ckkfcn Jr., Jutw 15. Colleen Haskins, small daughter birthdays are all celebrated within a week and of all fathers present. of Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Haskins of Birthdays celebrated wne: Harvey Elk Plain, is n·cupt·rating by a fourWeeks, Candice Rae Weeks, Jackie clay stay in bed, after having her Rogers, Gayle Ann \Vceks and Mrs. tonsils and Micnoids rPmov1•d. Geneva Barlow. Mr. and Mrs. Walt Zugncr, Mrs. Lottie Zugner and Mrs. \Valkcr spent two days Inst wrck at Copalis beach. · Mrs. I. Monnett and daughter, J l\10LLIE DILLJNGHA1V1 Slrnron, motored to Bdlingham to Mrs. Willis E. (Mollie) Dillingspcnd the w<'ek end with Mrs. Mon- ham, 71, of 2'.l04 Jackson a\'enur, nett's mother. Tacoma, died June 1.1 in a Tacoma The community thanks Ted Bas- hospital. Born in Missouri, she had krtt for donating- a day's labor to lived in Tacoma '.l8 years. Slw was the Recreation club, building an a rnernbl"r of the Pentecost:ll Ilolioutside cooksto\'e at Dawson field. ness churclr. Mr. a!ld Mrs. A. A. Drath went Besides l\fr. Dillingham, she is out for chicken dinner Sunday, to survi,·ed by two sons, L. W. Dillinghonor father, and also dropped in ham of Span:1way and A. V. Dillingon :tv!rs. Drath's sister, Clara Rus- ham of Tacoma; two daug·htcrs, sell, in Seattle. :tvfrs. C. L. Stout of Tacunrn, and A father and son banquet was Mrs. Walter Stout of Puyallup: two held by the Grange ladies at Waller brothers, Noah Duncan of Parkland Road Community hall June 18. En- and Edwin Duncan of Tacoma; four t(•rtainmrnt: and a ham dinner were sisters, Mrs . .tvf yrtle Hall, Mrs. Lizcnjoyrd by all present. Mrs. Grace zie I-frndricks and Mrs. Laura RowFoglc was chairman, assisted by land of Tacoma :rncl Mrs. Pearl Paul Mrs. Jack O'Brien and Mrs. Har- of Slwlton; 'nine grandchildren ar1d vcy Weeks. Mrs. Spitler was pro- six great grandchildren. gram chairman, assisted by ·I\1rs. Services were held June 17 from I\{innic Huggins. Piper chapel, the Rev. Clarence Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Skog and Johnson of S<:':ittlc officiating. Bnrchildren and :tvfr. Skog's mother ial was in New Tacoma cemetery. started a month's vacation, motoring to New York. Mrs. Skog Sr. is I HARVARD CHURCH SETS to stay in Idaho to visit. CALENDAR FOR WEEK Dawson F i c I cl Recreation club Calendar for the nrxt week at met June 1-l at the fieldhouse and Harvard Covenant church is ancnjoyed a potluck dinner. Four new nounccd to incluck the following members were admitted. Mrs. Han- services: son will assist Mrs. Alstead with June 23 -- 7:4-5 p.111., midweek Teen-Agers' sale of pop and ice Bible study. cream for affairs held at Dawson June 24-7:30 p.rn., Daily Vacafield. Purchase of a slide and one tion Bible school closing exercises. set of small swings was suggested. All children take part in demomtraThe next meeting will be June 28, tions of work done during the twoat 8 p.m. Tom Lantz from the Park wcek period. All parents and friends board will be prcsent. All those in- are invited. terested in recreation and advanceJut11' 2G -· 9:Vi a.rn., Su n cl a y ment for Dawson field are invite-cl school; l l, morning worship to a t t c n d. Rdrcshn1cnts will be (Pastor Robert Bodin-special muserved by Mrs. Frnnk Baskett and sic), Mrs. Ervin Smith. June 28--7 p.111., Hi-League at l\frs. Ervin Smith returned home church. last Sunday after spending a week June 29 --·· Lidics circle potluck with her husband in Roseburg, Eu- picnic at vVapato park. Ice cn~am gene and southnn Oregon. for children; coffee, sugar, cream provided; 1rn:t·l al church, 10:30 a.rn. Patronize Your Advertisers for rides. Mrs. Alice Smith, Report~r GR. 5475






/'idd, June 19. Due to the windy weather, the picnic was held in the /'ic:ldhousc. Many ch i l d r c n won prizes in raecs and contests. 1~hcre were races also for adults. A pieeating contest was held for the men with La Vr·rn CJ Ison winning the prize. A doublelwa.dr·r of baseball, with tht· Junior City league boys 111ccting Portland ;;iv('nuc and Proctor street, was played in the afternoon. The guild th,rnks these boys. The report f rorn thr- ticket committee shows that $51)8 has been turned in. The guild is newly-organized and has only been operating since February. Ii now has 74- members. A miscellaneous bridal shower was held at the home of Mrs. George Turner for Miss Joyce Kaufman, who is to be married this Saturday evening lo Donald Peterson. A pleasant evening was s p e n t playing ga1nes. after vvhich 1v1iss K.aufinan opened her 111any gifts. Present werr

the Mesdames Ffoyd Ayers, Noel Ilain, Sole Christel, Vic £shpetcr, James Hartley, Clarence Johann, Don Kemp, Nels Swolg:iard, Paul Thompson, David McPIH"rson, Eugene_ Peterson, R. \!, Si111pson, Janws McAllister, C. ll. Smith, Frank Peterson and Mrs. Kaufman and Janice, mother and sistrr to Joyce>. JV1rs. l\•Jahel Cook, an old lime resident of Midland, was called June l l by tlw Sing It 1\gain radio program. She was able to :rns.:r.ver all question8 and is to recf'ivt• an-8 n11n.

n1ovie projector :ind carncr~i. Mrs. Cook's son, Bob, rccrntl y received a Bnchclor's degrr·e in g(•ology fron1

the University of Washington and is t:iking a two month's post-graduate course in field work in tlH'. oil fields at Bakersfield, Calif. He also received a fellowship from the University o[ Washington to go into Gray's Harbor and soulhrast vVnshington to study earthquake damage. After finishing this work, he will rnntiitue Iris studies for his master's degree. He is now living in Seattle with his wife, a daughter of :tvfr. and Mrs. John Peterson of Parkland. La Fleur Garden club met at t:lw home of Mrs. Willian1 Hiller. Mrs. W. :tvkrccr was welcomed into the club as a Ilt'\V n1e111ber. Roll call was answered by naming each mernber's favorite flower. Mrs. Hiller g·.-i_vc a talk on perennials. A short business inecting \Vas hr~1d, \Vith lvfrs. John Deering presiding, after whic'h a dessert luncheon was served by Mrs. Hiller. Flowcr Box Garden club met at thc: home of Mrs. Gertrude L:rngton with He 1 en Mueller co-hostess. Prizes were gi,·en for the best rniniatun' arrangement of flowers, to measuring no more than three inches wide and thn:e iuchcs high. The flowcr arrangement prize was won


Plu1np dwrries, ra11gi11g in color from_ a yellow red to a dank red, rernind us that cherry tinw is hC're. Treat yourself to a few while they are fresh on the market and plan for a supply later for canning or frcezing. Those first chcrries from Washington and Oregon arc always a real trrnt of the season. Cherries start coming to markl'l in early June and reach their peak usually the lattn part of June. 'The season is 11ot long-about 6 weeks -so do not kt it pass without hnving your favorite salads and dcssnts calling for chcrrirs. For a real treat

arrnngc them in a bowl for betweenmeal snacks. Sweet Bings ;rnd Lamberts arc used prirnarily for canning and freezing for desserts and fruit sauce. Royal Anncs arc good for canning and frcezi1~g, too, but the greater portion of the crop is sold commercially for maraschino cherries. Red cherrit"S :ire _sold primarily. for cann'.ng or frcczrng !or commL'l'Ctal_ pat.l~s, although_ ". good supply f~nds. its way to l_ru1t sla~1ds to provide th_:11 fresh _fnut favontr-r;d cherry J~tc'. Ch1ldrcn love dwrncs as the first fresh fruit treat of th<' sununer and they .arc good for them. Cherrws contrtbute good quant1ttt'S of vita- - . . . - . .- c. . - - . .


on a tour with Mrs. Eugene Brittain, June 20, to inspect Junior 4-H girls' gardens. Gardens visited Wf'r(' those of Jo Ann Morucl, Sharon Eshpetrr, Lorraine Tomlison, Merna and Ann Teasley, Janice Johnson, Marjorie Udd, Janet \Va,gamon, Carol Landcen, Elinor Cunningham. J unc 1 7, the junior girls had a potluck picnic at Mrs. Brittain's, with JoAnn Morud conducting the +-I-I nu..-ting. Ann Clinton gave a d('IJJonstration on how lo n1akc ict'd tea. Idell Brittain demonstrated how to 1nakc tuna fish sandwiches. As Ann Clinton is going ~nvay on a long trip, she wrls givt'n a nice gift frrnn

the members. Virginia Kincaid's birthday was celebrated also, with her mother bringing a large bjrthday cake to the nweting. Mrs. Sawyer, Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Kincaid were visitors. Senior Girls 1-H duh had its regular meeting at Beverley Corrigun's last week, with I\1rs. Jean Sunderland present. She is tcmporary home agent for the dub. Two

-··---·--·------ ---·-·-·-·----

lllins A, B and C: as wdl as good an1ounts of iron, copper and calciu1n. Cherries may be canned either pitted or unpitted, dept·nding on their use. If to be used as a brcakfast fruit or dessert sauce, they need not be ·pitted but if intended for pies or puddings, they should be pitc tee!. The boiling water bath is recoinmcnded for canning cherries, using the cold pack method. Wash the cherries, remove stems and pack into clean hot jars, shaking down the cherries as they arc added. Pour hot syrup ovc-r fruit to within Y2 inch of top of jar. vVork out air bubbles, by inserting silver knife in around siclt:s of jar. Wipe rim of jar with clean, damp cloth and adjust closures, according to rnnnufacturer's instructions. Pince filled jars in boiling water bath and process for 20 minutes for both pints and qn;uts. For freezing the pits may be rcmoved or kft in, as desired. Use firm, plump cherries pro1nptly after Tip to pedestrians: Think for two _ HS-!2.:.__.. _____________ t!_~ picking to iusurc quality pack. Sort, -the driver and you! Patronize Our Advertisers remove stems, wash and drain chcrries. Brc·ak skin by pittint.; or slashing with knife for sugar absorption. A syrup pack is preferable to dry sttgTr pack, except for pie making. Use a +0%. syrup, made by dissolv-




ing- 1 cup sugar in 1 Y1 cups \Valer.

Color and flavor retention is best nrnintained after tha\ving if a con1hina tion of ascorbic and citric acid


is added to tile syrup, stirring in gently Y.1 teaspoon ead1 to a cup

of cold syrup. Put cherries in mois-

an11ttn9 /to



9 I-quart Jars


expan. sion of tlw liquid; seal and I freeze prnmptly. . Then there arc cherry dishes galore you will \Vant to serve during fresh cherry season--cobblers, crisps,


pies, coffre cakrs, nniffins, puddings,

salads-and that f:worile or all ways out-of-hand. COLLINS TEEN-AGE DANCE



~·lt·:t·!t-lt·:t·!t·~t·!t·!t·lt·:t·lt·lt·lt·lt·!t·:t·lt·?t·:t·lt·lt·!t·::-::·~t·lt·!t·:t-~t·l}:t-::·::·!!·:!·~t·!t-lt·:t-~~·!t·!t·tt·?!. !t-!

here's more for.:· your money

IRE 6 Cu. ft. Refrigerator

MODf,L ML-60


Dalance in '2.4 Month>


Cash Price $194.75

heck Forms




announcing its regular rnreting June

PRINTED ON ST AND ARD GRADE SAI::;ETY PAPER (non-erasable) in a Wiue Color Selection Comparable low prices quo1ed m request on olher sizes. forms with stuli, hound forms, etc . . . . Ash our salesrnan to can.

First One Thousand

.. $6.00

Additional Thousands ...................... -................ $3.75

Phone GR. 7302

Pacific Ave.








s ecial

1 I-quart Jars ----------------------------------$1 a94 1 2-quart Jars ------------------------·---------S~t25

ture-vapor proof containers, pour in syrup aJlo\ving ~/'..! inch space for

There will be a dance for teenagers at Collins Grange hall Friday evening·, June L4, 8:30 p.111. to ruidnight. A popular orchestra has been secured and hamburgers and pop will be served. There will be a small admission charge. The sponsors hope to ha\'e a St'l'ies of two such dances by a guest. Pla11s wei:L: n1ade for the dt:n1onstrations \Vere given, une by per month during the· summer, jf regular yearly picnic which will be Marilyn Crossman, who 111:1ck cup attendance at this dance warrants. held at Lincoln park. cakes, and by I\"on·t·11 Hotchkiss, Teen-agers of all south end comOrder of Job's Daughters, Bethel who made muffins. munities arc invited. 23, will 1ncet at the homr~ of M:trMiss Ann Clinton, with her granclgarct Dowie on Pennsylvania av- IT1othcr, Mrs. Mary E. S;:nvycr, is cnuc, Friday, J unc 21, for :t picnic leaving this Sund:ty on the Empire of Foreign Wars, Lydia Phelps Tent luncheon and to make fovors for Builder for a trip to vVashington, ~+. This flag was given to the the supreml' session which will be D. C. She will also visit relatives Daughters of Foreign Wars 30 years held in Spokane, Augusl 111. All in New Jr·rsr·y, Jvfaryland and Pcnn- ago liy a Grand Army man of the girls arc urged to corne. sylvania. She pbns to be gone all Civil war, William Lacey. The flag Waller Road Birthday club met summer and will return just bdul"C' was presented to Billy Clover Pack 84· at the Daughters of Fon·ign Wars :1t the home of I\1rs. Nels Johnson school starts. last week for reguhir meeting and Cub connnit!ec of Pack 8+ is meeting. William L:iccy stai·u:d in a baby shower for l\frs. Victor Daw- planning a picnic at Dawson field, 1hr t1rrny ~1t 12 years of ;1ge as a J son. Annabelle Asplund and Janet June 26. The Scouts arc also invited. drummer boy. Olson were also hostesses. Shower There will lw a potluck lunch with Helping Hand club met al the gifts were opened, afl<·r which lunch- ice cream; pop and coffee furnished. home of Mrs. Charles Shearer on con was served. There were about Garnes will be pluyecl. The Cubs 90th street, Friday, June 17, for a 36 members present. recently received a beautiful 5x8 12 :30 potluck lunch. Tltosc present William Wargo from the county flag from Mrs. Ella Black, who bc- were the Mesdames Carl Nickolai, cxlension office in Taeonw, went longs to the Daughters of Veterans Bert Miller, U. G. Stark, G. Hubbard, E. Dupcnlhaler, L. R. Unruh and three children, Floyd Davis, Valaria and Robbie, H. R. Williams, Albert Knesal, Charles Berg, Walter Kllock, Miss Patricia Bt:al and the hostess, Mrs. Shearer. After lunch, a pantomirne mock wedding was put on by some of the members. names were then played and every,I one had a fine time. Paul Bunyan 4-H boys group, undn Jilt' lcackrship of Mrs. Victor Eshpctcr, had its regular meeting at her home June 20. Plans were made to meet with the 4-H girls some Ell tirnc next \Vcck for sununcr activities. Mrs. Eshpctcr and n few of the ·l-H boys toured the gardens of rnembers, including those inspt'cted by the county extension representative, those of Ray Smith, Ronnie , Mornd, Vickie Esh pct c r, Bill Squires, Bobbie Recd, Eddie Whitley, Del1nnr and Dean Brittain, Ron5th and More CHECK FORMS l'RINTED TO YOUR OWN DESff;N ONE ~nd to 'Ith ald Turner. This group now has 28 THOUSANDS THOUSAND THOUSANDS AND LAYOUT IN CORRECT SIZE TO FIT COMMONrncn1brrs. at at at LY-USED llUSINESS CHECK REGISTERS, WITH OR Dawson Field Recreation club is WITHOUT NUMBERS



Call GHanii.e 7100

Midland Orthopedic guild held Its


Minimum charge for classified ad; vertising, 50c (Rate base is line of . A rew~rd of $_1,500 is _offered for fivc'"avc:age ~vorcls). the locat10n or rnforrnat1on 1.. ading' hrst mscrt10n at 15e per !!Ile. to the location of Colom:! i\. Y. Additional insertions in conseeuSrnith, Air Force; Colonel Walter tive issues at 10c per line. W. Hodge, Army, and Master SerClassified display advertising at gcant I-I. E. Sluga, Air Force, or lOc per agate line (14 to inch). ;heir b~dies. This offer expires June .lO, l94J. This will be paid hy the wives of the men who disappeared in a B-2G Whether on April 21, 19+9, on a flight from You want Hamilton Field, Calif., to Portbnd, To buy, sell or 01·e. When last heard from, near Portland, the plane had a supply of Insure a home gasoline sufficient to take it to any We can serve you part of Orf'gon, Washington, or back Best, for into northern California. A search of certain an:as conductspeciali_ze in ed by the Air Rescue Service ended [ hese services on I\1ay 12, with negative results. It is believed by the families that PARKLAND REAL TY the mcn may have parachuted or GR. 7232 or GR. 6774 landed in some remote area and may be awaiting rescue. ' 'l8-42c Anyone findiug these men contact I RASPBERRY PICKERS WANTtlll' nearest Rang-er station, sheriff's, ED, >low! GRanitc 8156. . 4'.Zc office, highway patrol, army or air ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE-force station, or the civil air patrol Lyman Redford, owner. Septic headquarters, 291 Gra ry Street San tanks pumped, contents hauled Fancisco, Calif. The reward n:oncy away. GA. 3446 or GA. 9794. is on deposit at the American Trnst I . -----~~ company, Presidio of San Francisco,,. SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED, ...conCalif. tents hauled away. Don Redford, CA. 733+. tfc FOR SALE-Fertile, rock-free valley topsoil. Immediate' delivery, 5 yards $10.00. HI. _5052. 39-43c :KITCHEN CABINETS - We inMr. and Mrs. Charles Gaiser of stall. Frcc estimates. Expert furCalifornia w c r c visiting here as niture repair. Suburban Woodhouse guests uf Robr:rt Gaiser 011 working, 964·'.l Pipe Line road. 109th street, Friday and Saturday. Phone GR. 8662. tfc l\frs. Ann a Art h 1i r left last lIUTS0:--1 TANK CLEANINC Septic tanks, cesspools cleaned; \>\lcdnesday for an extended VISit to three of her childn'n, near EdmonContents hauled away. Phones: tfr ton, Alberta, Canada. GA. 7038 and GR. 5467. Mrs. Mary Engebretson visited RAY GOGAN friends here and attended Shirley Landscape Constmction Lucas' wedding last week. New lawns, rock masonry walls and :....______..__ fireplaces. 3 years to pay. GRanitc

Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter GR;mite 5738


84th and Pacific Avenue

Cherries A re Here!!




Parkla]J(l, Washington, Thurs<lay, Juue 23, 194·9





2B, B 1i.rn., at Dawson fiddhouscc. Tom La n t z of the Metropolitan Park hoard will be guest speaker. He will explain what plans have been made for Dawson field and will answer all qncstions. Everybody in the


GRanite 7100






mce.tings. There will lw a trained supervisor one day a week, beginning next week. The day is ycl not known, but will be announced in the papers.

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Prairie pointer v 4 no 42 jun 23, 1949  
Prairie pointer v 4 no 42 jun 23, 1949