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RODGER LUNDE POST NO. 5052 Veterans of l'oreign \Vars l'vfrl'ts First and Third Tuesdays, 8 p.m., in Parkland. School

FOR WATER ARE Officers Honored

PUT IN EFFECT Summer rates, to bring savings to local water users during the months June, July and August, were announced this wee k by Parkland Light and Water company. The reduction will amount to 2 cents per 100 cubic feet of water used above the minimum bracket. ]"'he sununer water rates, as an~ nounced to become effective with rnetrr rradings for June, are: First 300 cubic feet used, minimum $1.50 (unchanged); Next 300 cubic feet at 8 cents per JOO cubic feet (reduction of 2 cents per JOO cu. ft. from reg·ular rate); l\1ore than 600 cubic feet of water per month at 6 cents per JOO cu. ft.).

Larchmont Does Not Want School District Change . .

PARKLAND POST NO. 228 AMERICAN LEGION J\lt-etings evC'ry second and fourth Friday at. 3:00 p.m. in the Sunshine Hall Last Frid:iy's election of officers saw Jack Quill voted in as incoming Commander. B i 11 y Schmalenberg won the position of senior vice-comrncndcr. Jim St. John will take care of the paper work and lllonics in the office of adjutant-finance offi, ,_...~-·-cer. Emil Running is the new chapbin and Grace McLaren records our doings for posterity in the office of historian. Harry W. Smith keeps things in order and shipshape as the sergeant-at-arms and is assisted by Senior Color-bearer Frank Berry and Junior Color-bearer Al Puett. Our job as n1e1nbers of the organization is to come out now and support these officers in their work during the ensuing year. OffiPers alone will not make the post-th!'"Y must have help and the more there is the easier it is for all concerned. OL!l' post is considered by ll!any of the powersth;it-bc to be one of the most active Ill the d1stnct. This is d11F to the fact that we are securely stocked . !·1 r·m_c Iea cl ers h.ip an d un b"ias~ d wit cooperat10n from the mer~1l}Crsh1p. The program of the American Legion cir'm~ncls that this . spi;it be prese_nt w1th1~ the orgarnzat10n at all times. If 1t is not present, the. successful activiti1-s that arc realized arc frw and far between. Let'~ all strive to support the new officers to the be~t of our abilities-for the ?°ood of ~he country and the _Amrr1can Legion :rnd our commumty. --. CLOVER CREEK POST NO. 118 AJVIERICAN LEGION l\fc:cting;s cvc1·y second and fourth l"riday at 3 p.m., in Scout "' II S - . I-.a ' ' panaway

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. R. cs1dents. of Larchmont district prcdorninated at a meeting held , . 1 uesday evemng, June 14 at Larchmont Sunday school and they dam. · t e d t h e votrng . ma when a show o f hands was asked on the proposal to transfer a portion of Tacoma School . · JO 1· n to F·ran< 111 . . Pierce D istnct 11 ? Th . . . e vote was S c liooI D 1strict 40 -· .. . h f liea\! 1Y agamst t e trans er. The vote followeq more than two hours of heated controversy at the third of a series of public hearings · called on the transfer proposal by the County Committee on school district organization. Previous hearings had shown an exi)ression in favor of transfer. . . Re1~resent~t1ves of the co u ~ t y committee conducted the hea11ng, with county ~nd _city sch?ol officials prr-sent to give mfonnat10n. Superintenden~ Morris E. Ford_ was present for l• rankhn Pierce d1stnct and was the chief target of questions. Tuc.sday's cx1.}ression is expected . t .. to put an enLl to lie l p1csell ltitllS* fe1. p1oposa, . ,. I w I11c · I·1 'w o u I cl l1<1H .•• . r1'sd't't1· ' ,. a l"i·g·e (--'h anged JU 1. 011 O\l area extending southward from Ta. • city • J 1• ml• t s to th e presen t conM Fran.kli1.1 Pierce borders,. bct":'een. Spra ccuc street a::d Golden G1van " road. lt is now anticipated that a new . . petit10n will be circulated, to trans. , fer a much smaller area from 1a. . . . coma to Franklm Pierce districts. Larchmont would be excluded from . : . the nrw petitions which hkdy will affect only. the area south of 96th street to 104th street between A ' street and Sprague street. _ _ _ _ __.:._·_ _ £



•f dp t d OS e L I eguar . A t Spanaway L a ke .


AUXILIARY NOTES Ladies Auxiliary of Clover Creek Post No. 118, American Legion, June JO enjoyed a lively evening of business, followed by a social hour at the home of the unit president, Mrs. Irma Long. Reports from the Fourth district confncncc brought forth several Co11tinuc·d on I 1'011r



Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland

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AmongREDUCED RATES Kittelson i~- p District Legion

AUXILIARY NEWS Tuesday's Roc!gPr Lunde Auxilfruy n1reting 'v8s cancelled for a Third District meeting held at Warren hall, Tacoma. Third District President Mrs. C. W. Bodhaine presiclccl. Honor visitors were: .tvfrs. Lawrence J. l\1urphy of New Jersey, national president; Mrs. Charles Overholt of Seattle, national colorbcarcr; Mrs. W. J. Helman, past dcp;ntiucnt president of l\1inncsota; Mrs. Leon Cecil of Puyallup, past dcpartnwnt president of Washington; Mrs. Elton E. Alexander, depmtment president, and Mrs. Frank Balsono, department conductress. l'vfrs. l\1urphy was escorted into the room with the flag and the arch of honor. Elected from our auxiliary was l'vfrs. Einar Thorsen, treasurer. Attending were: Mrs. J. W. Johnson, .tvirs. Walter Larson/ Mrs. E in a r Thorsen, Mrs. Joe McGarr, Mrs. Max Jordon, Mrs. Guy Steele, Mrs. Tex Vernon, Mrs. Don W.ard, .tvfrs. Troy Nig·hswongcr, Mrs. R. Gillespie, Mrs. Ralph Rawley and Mrs. Blanche Doyle. Refreshnwnts were served to 300 by the hostess auxiliary, Roy C. Roberts. A luncheon will be held Thursday at 12:30 at Crawford's grill, honoring the third district president, l\1rs. C. W. Bodhaine. Mrs. Maddine Logs Holt of Tacoma will be the featured vocalist. All members of the auxiliary arc invited and should call Mrs. E. Karch for reservations. The following have made reservations: l\1esda~1es Einar Thorsen, Joseph McGarr, Water Larson, Guy Steele, Max Jordon and T. V. Vernon. There will be election of a conductress at Tuesday's meeting, June 21.


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VOL. 4, NO. 41

Tacoma Metropolitan park district officials have announced th~t a lifeguard is to be 011 duty at Spa·naway lake from 10 o'clock a.ui. until 9:30 p.m. daily through Labor day. The lifeguard was posted at the lake Saturday, June J 1. · This service is being provided earlier this year than is usual, due to the early hot weather. VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL AT CONCORDIA LUTHERAN Concordia Lutheran Bible school opens l\1onday, June 20. Rcgistrations will be received Sunday morning at 9: 15 o'clock, or parents may telephone registrations on Saturday inornin~ to the church office (GR. . 82.57) o . Bus service will a~ain be offered. Members arc urged- to extend an invitation to neighborhood. children to attend the two-week sess10n. The Bible school staff includes Miss H. Aaberg, l\1rs. T. Aaberg, Mrs. W. Bradley, Mrs. M. J. Ingebretson, Mrs. A. Longseth, Mrs. Ouhl and the Rev. W. C. Gullixson. All services are volunteered.






Acting for the board of fire com''missioners of Pierce County Fire By INGA ST. CLAIR . Protection district 6, Commissioner C. R. Marsh has requested Parkland LADIES GOLF CLUB Ford presented Mr. and Mrs. Willis district residents to refrain from setParkland Ladic_s Golf dub jou~·- with a gift. ~csiclcs the ho;1or guests, ting any outdoor fires during the neyc;cl to Lal,e W_1lden;:ss, June 13, those attcndrng were the l\1essrs. and current spell of hot, dry weather. DAILY SCHEDULES ARE • for its annual outing. Eighteen holes Mesdames 1\1. E. Ford, W. C. GregCommissioner Marsh :isks that no OUTLINED BY DIRECTOR were played and lunch was served ory, Paul Larson, H. Clothier, A. F. fire permits be requested unless abto the following 12 members. at the '1 Turner, P. Lequc, H. .tvfoen, .M. solutcly necessary. He further adLake Wilderness clubhouse:_ Nies- Havnaer, Leo Gaurne, H. ~oblcy, vises that issuance of permits may ~ore details of tlw summer recdames P .. E. Bondo, 0. Ellingson, Robert Lynd, and F. Traill; the 1 be discontinued at any time, if pres- rcat1on prog·rnm .for Parkl.a.nd were A. L. Ellmgson, W. Gordon, Cail Mesclanws B c 1 n i cc Acton, Lois 1 ent conditions continue. disclosed this week by Director Paul Hcclluncl, William Johnson, Paul j Timms, V Johnson, l\1arion Wal-1 Larson, after the first week had givLarson, _H l~1·te1-son, P-_ Pflueger, cl1on, .tvfabel Galbraith, and Bernice 1 c. n him o.pportunity. to· l. ook over the John ~1cha1ds, R. 1 homas and J Reynolds; the l\11sses JLme Walter, turnout of boys and girls to deterU. XaV1cr. Ruth Simonson, Delores Randolph, I I 1nine how they best can be taken GOLFING GUESTS Betty Christenson, Elsie and Frieda care of. Mr. and Mrs: George Fisher and Blanclau, Virginia Seaburg, Frances Swimming and .hobby classes arc Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hendrickson of Scearce, Gladys Carlson, and Lorna · to be added to the program, Larson Tacoma wcr,, recent supper ~uests Rogers and the Messrs. Lyle Greer, said. Knitting and cr~chetirw will at the home of"Mr. and Mrs. U. Eldon Kyllo and Lewis Andersen. he the hobby class subjects and will Xavier, after spending the afternoon At a final assembly held the !~st be taught under direction of Mrs. playing golf. day of school, the Parkland junior Neil Gaiser of the sponsoring ParkMINISTERS ARE GUESTS hig~ student_ body presented Willis , Arrangements f?r . a Parkland land P-TA unit. Classes will be held , House guests of Dr. and Mrs. J. a gift matchrng that of the fa~ulty. Commurnty ~lub picmc, to. replace from 10 a.m. until noon on TucsP. Pflueger last week were the Rev. Bob Gehrke, student body president, the customa_1y banquet wh1?h was days and Thursdays. d M. M'l I· I , f S ]" made tlw presentation. not held this year, were disclosed Swimming· instruction will begin an 1s.1ton_,1111a1topo"111e, 1· lbP'd WWCr Wash. and the Rev. Raymond Pflue- CHURCH CLUB MEETS t us wee' Y ITS!. ent · · me. n·ext Monday, June 20, at Spanaway ~ c Sunday June 2.6 1s the date chosen I k M ur c1· f h p TA ger 01 Ephrata,' Wash. fhey atThe Women's club of the Park' ' . . . a e. rs. ·v. "· me 0 t e tended the church convention held land EvanO"elical Lutheran church and the. place will b~ Spanaway will be an instructor and lifeguards at Pacific Lutheran College. will niect ~t the church Fridav ~t Metr?pohtan park (mam par~)· . at the lake will assist with instruc. . . · 11 M' J D · ·1 It is planned that the p.icnic. will tion Swimming classes wi.11 be lim8 comn~ancle;." DINNER GUESTS p.m. wit iss une arnc son be a potluck affair, with each fam- ited. to boys and g·irls of eioht vears Mr and l\1rs Robert Olson and 1iostcss. ·1 · · · h f 00 d f d · " · 1 Y b nngmg l\1r. and Mrs. Severn Kittelson • · . . · enoug . to ec its and older and written permission of of Parkland. Kittelson is the newly- s~ns, Dick, Jim, Bob and Paul, were MONTE VISTA MEETS own members, then pooling clelica- parents will be required for enroll. vice . commander. dmner guests of l\1r. and Mrs.' John M one t y· G'a1·d en c 1U) l w i· 11 c~es _. · I ot1e1s. I · C o ff ee w1··ll l}e pio, . . be proelected sernor . . . . . .ista w1t1 mcnt. 1ransportat1011 will Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Smith of R1ch~rds and s~ns Tuesc!a~ e\trn~g .. meet for 12:30 o clock luncheon at v1ded by_ the club. . videcl by a bus leaving Parldai1d Spanaway Mr. and Mrs. James St. _l\1i. and _l\11s. Olson ate leav1~g the home of l\1rs. Harold Peterson, Noon is the scheduled time for the school at JO o'clock a.m. on l\1ont Tl nus . cl·"). a ft - p.crnc ; · C\en , t s t 0 "°e .,. t un d ci. way. days 'Vednesclays and Fridays . John l\1r. ' and l\1rs. Frank Berry of tlus . week with then' sons . for Detr01t ' J?Otl - 1 an d I s t.ices, and ' the cinoon, . J unc. ')" Tlicie , . wi'll b c games . . for returnmg· ' . Parkland and Mr. and l\1rs. Moro-an l\11ch., where they . . .will spend . ~.). ancl iaces from the lake at noon. ' " summer months v1s1trng friends and ll o. t 0 JOO· I f· · .. . . . Albrecht and l\1r. and l\1rs. Walter . .. PIANO RECITAL a a"cs-one. ' Pus ic-e ice Golf 111struct10n 1s also to be given Benedict of Tenino. relatives. Nine local youngsters were 11earcl cream for cluldren. and Mrs. Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10 Mrs. Brickert was recipient of WORKING AT_ PARADISE in piano recital here last Sunday James St. John are rn chargP of o'clock until noon, at the College many lovely "o·ifts. A love!)' . J unc · J?-, a t ti1e 110me o f games · birthday . Miss Ellc·n· lSnut.dh .andMWesley R . Ben. , a ft nnoon, . arrangements and. .tvfrs. I'. E. J. coiit'se . . cake iced with whit c cocoanut, son a~·e cnip oye at t. aimers Mr. and l\1rs. Emil Johnson. l\1rs. P~rrault heads the hospita ity comEarly afternoon hours each clay topped with pink candles, and baked Paradise Inn for the summer lllOnths. Johnson is their teacher. Refresh- 1 nuttec. will be given over to tennis, table by l\1rs. Funk, was enjoyed by all. HOME FROM COLLEGE ments were served on the lawn, fol-/ tennis and horseshoes, with softball A radio ·was presented to District Joseph Aaberg, son of the Rev. lowing the recital, with Mrs. W. W. j games gctting under way at 3 p.m. Comman.der Bragg by Commander- and l\1rs. T. Aabe1:g, returned home Cline pouring. ' until 5 p.m. el.ect ~nckert,_. who also _present;d from ~fankato, Mmn. ~a~·ticipating in the recital were: I, ~cl ult~ are cxpe~tcd to turn _out his wife, l\1a11e, a beautiful w11st HOUSE GUESTS Priscilla Pedersen, Judy Johnson, · mamly m the evemngs and sessions watch. A gift of a small brass ChiMr. and Mrs. Ok Ncby, forrner Marcia Cline, Nan McCalfrc,y, Janet The State Health Dcpartmcn'. to- are scheduled at the school on Tuesnese temple bell was presented to Parklanditcs now of Constock, Wis., Torgerson, Carol Williams, Carmen clay warned consumers that f 1·rsh days and Thursdays from 6:30 to President Haz_elverne Funk by Pres- were house guests at the home of Robinson, Jimmy Stay and Angela strawberries shoul~ be washed thor- 9:30 o'clock. Volleyball, table tennis, 1dent-elect Bnckert. l\1iss Camilla Benrud and Oscar Stay. oughly before eatmg. Growers arc tennis, horseshoes and softball arc The newly-elected officers will be Be.nrud, W,-.dnesday t>vening. l\1r. .1 , • , , , using increasing quantities of two on evening schedules. installed at the department of Wash- and l\1rs. T. II. Olson had a few HEI~~ _\~ I1 H l•.IANCJ;E. f poisonous dusts for pest control, but · · · S l I . . . V1s1tmu·0 nt his homt"' for a cw l . .1 . l · . I . • ing·tun convept1on in e, t 1c fnends 111 for lundi 111 honor of the I \Vas ung tu· )f'lTH'S ien1oves t H Ialter ' and )y !·iea1t Il 1iazai·d . part o 1· ··A, ugust. Neby's. 1., hose present were Mrs. days between school . · . leaving I . M rs. A l nui. ('_, 0 ff ec, J)lanc for Waterfall, Alas Tl1c cornpoun d s, use d for con t l·ol Lars I'.'-ynning, , . , rn, f'· was H. O. Lannino- and Nds Fore. John L. Swan.son and !us. idnceef, o.f slugs and strawberry weevils, conIr · COU rOOp ·1 "' · so d.nuu fl uos1·i·icate or arsenic · UNCLE_ NEPHEW CELEBRl\TE l\11ss . Rosalie Chadbourne . Libbey o tam For the fourth successive year, M:... a,nd Mrs. Max Par.kcr' 01.;enec! Portland, Or:. J~hn Swan;o~'lsha~ trioxide. One ounc.e of the fl. uoride · complctecl his second yea '· compound could cause nausea and Trinity Missionary society will conGirl Scout Troop 100 wishes to Parkerlancl to members of the family cltcmistry major at Recd collco·e. . . f le! duct a Strawberry Festival in Trin. . . for a double birthda ' celebration . . ,., other illness, while our ounces cou thank all 0 '. Paikland for_ buymg l 's d· R d ' ) S . .. cl Mr. and Mrs. Faye W. Libbey an- be fatal according to Dr. Lloyd M. ity Lutheran church basement, Park1 1p1 so I n,any Gnl Scout coohes The ast un ay. u o tiolll an cl I f h . ' . ' · ' · · I' . h p I l d nouncc t 1e engagement o t cir 'Farner head of the department's 111- land. Large portions of strawberry troop won a Cool·-Out as a prize "e1t ar <er were tie 110nore d I . I cl I . ' . . . ' ' ' ' . . , . Tl , . . ... '·" d aug1ter recent Yan Pans aie un- clustrial and adult hygiene sect10n. shortcake and cream will b1: offered. for scllrnn so many boxes of eoolues I guests. rnse pl esent wc1 t. ml. a11 d f S . I dd. . · ·~ ' · M R d 11 S l cl er way or a eptem xr we mg. The arsenic compound 1s somewhat l\1rs. Clinton Riis and l\1rs. Elmer 1 The girls held their Cook-Out at. rs. u 0 1~ 1 .' trorn anc au~· iters, Mrs. Alfred Grodvig entertained for n1ore . ' poisonous. . . . l\1orud are co-chairmen of the event, Wapato j)ark \vl·11·1·e tl1e 111e1nbers Lorna and Celia, sons Stephanie and I . I .d· b I . cl "No cases of poisoning have been which will take place Friday eve' ' ' ' . T her son and 11s 1r1 e-to- e. nv1te cooked hamburger stew and bread Leland, l\1rs. Pa_ulme \ ernon, Mrs. guests were: Mr. and l\1rs. John P. reported to us because of these ning, June J 7, from 5 until 7 o'clock, r . Stella Parker Miss In°a Hong Mel- · . · cl d .+ s t JC ,s over an open ire. . " . I ' cl S . "' P I ' I Swanson, pioneers of Parklan an sprays, but washing is a simple, easy M N ·1 G · t I cl vm i"e1t 1 an tevrn ar,er anc . rs. e1 .', roop ea er, l 'h . d h . grandparents of the prospective preventive measure. The fluoride l\1rs. V. Be1.·g ass1stmg as co-leader, tie ost an. ostess. .,..,... bridegroom Mr. and Mrs. L. R. compound is not removed by soak· · ' an d comm1ttei;women .M rs. R . II · ar- AFTERNOON . , OF. FEI , , LOWSH1r . , ' . . Magdanz, Robert l\1'1gdanz, l\1r. and ing. Berries shmtld bP thorou~hly vey, Mrs. Leslie Hawkrns, Mrs. Otto The Womens club of the Pait- l\1rs. L. T. Hedlund (Beverly Swan- washed," Dr. Farner said. "FluosiliSiburg· and Mrs. Lewis Duffey were land Evangelical Lutheran chu1.·ch ) , ,. J A p 1 . . 1\1 , d cate is curnula tive in effect, which "Candid Forestry," an Pducationf S011 ' nl.s,lSS 0 nn a 111fl, L ,tll in charge of the group on the cook- 11w1tes the congregat10n to an a ter- l\1rs. Gerald 0. Hedlund and daugh- means that once absorbed, it re- al cartoon on interesting and littlrout. noon of fellowship at the church .. Sh . known facts about West Coast formains in the body." · · .l11 tei, aJOn. l\1iss Joyce Bartlett, from Tacoma Sun cl ay, J une· 19 · Th e conmu:tee Dr. Farner said the precaution of ests, appears for the first time today headquarters, was present to assist 1 charge, uncl_cr the gener~l chairman,. BRil?AL SHOWER . . thorough washing should be applied in The Prairie Pointer. Th is unusual 1 the troop and present badges. As l Mrs. l\1arvm Hansen, includes the Miss Charlene Martens, daughtci to all fresh produce because many feature is drawn by Art Birnrosc, the girls received their respective Mesdames Walther Gulli~son, Julius of l\1r. and Mrs. Carl l\:a1:tcns, ;v~s sprays and cornpoµnds used commer- well-known Portland ncwsp;1per artbadges they gave the scout hand Ingebretsen, Harold Hillman,. ~- honored guest at a Slllpl IS~ bnd.iJ cially contain toxic substances. l\1ost ist, and will be com c a regub r shake and salute. Badges awarded Strom, Max P~rkcr, Stanley Willis, shower at the home of l\11ss Joan of thrn1, ho\vever, are less dangerous monthly feature- of this newspaper. were: Theodore Darnels, A. Langseth; A. Beard, with l\1rs. Beverly Hedlund Foresters, educators and \Vriters than the prep;irations used for slug First Class-Doreen Dodge; sec- Daniels and l\1iss Bert!ia Harstad. co-hostess. Guests present w~~·c the have pooled their knowledge of the and wcevjl control. ond class, Betty Harvey, Judy Strawberry shortcake will be served l\1esclamcs R?y Colbu;'n, v mcent forests into this distinctive feature Hawkins, Marylyn Gaiser, JoAnn for the luncheon. . , Colburn, Mane l\1odc, Carl Mart°:ns, which is ably drawn by Art Birnrose. Klippen, Mary Louise Lapenski, L~a FACULTY HONORS_ WILLIS W'.lham Martens, Robert ,~rn1th'. I WELL BABY CLINIC We believe it will answer many of Diane l\1eyers, JoAnn Palmer, Sonja The Parkland public school fac- Giace Le q u e,. Lyle Sellu, Joe All pre-school age children will the questions about our great DougPixley, R 0 s a Ii e Rosso, Barbara ul'.y. honored l\1r. a:icl Mrs. Stan Bowles, Eleanor Bea~d and Stanley be welcomccl this morning at a well las fir forestlands and in a style Schenk, L 0 u is e Libarg, Sharron W~ll:s at a farewell ~mner_ l\1_ay 31. and the l\11sses M_arg,Het baby clinic to be conducted at the which will appeaLto all of our readSeger and Clara Sorells. Willis, who was acting prmc1pal of Norm, Edna Martens, Phylhs l\1ar- Parkland Methodist church. Regis- ers from the youngest to the oldest. First Aid-Louise Siberg, Barbara Parkland school the. bst seme~ter of tens, M~ralyn Pflueger, Helen Ram- tration is from 9 until 10:'.lO o'clock Schenk, Sharron Seger, Clara Sor- the school year, w1ll be gomg to stad, Elizabeth Fynboe, Gladys Hov- (J unc J 6). The series of clinics II R 1·e Rosso SonJ·a Pixley Central Avenue school next Septem- land, Delores Jensen, August a sponsored · by the Parkland Pre- COLLINS GRANGE WILL cL s, D osa i 1\1 . SPONSOR TEEN-AGE- DANCES rs' l\1ary Louise' her, havmg been advanced to b e Bentson and C aro l 1\1 artens. M'1ss ea eane eye ' I . . l I C'h l 1\1 t d R. 1 ·d C~' l school group will continue through Collins Grange will oprn its hall L ·k John Klippen Judy and tie pnnc1pa t 1ere. . . ar ene . ar ens an ic ia1 o - the summer. G~~~~s J'a wk i 11 s, Bet~y Harvey, On _bchadlf of thef· asS·scmbled grouEp, b,u:·n. arLc to be mharriehd July 8 in two Friday nights a month during 1 the summer for teen-age dances. A l\1arylyn Gaiser, Nancy ~ergh, Nan-1 Supennten ent o c 11ools M. '. 1 nrnty ut 1eran c urc . BROOKDALE 4-H CLUB popular and experienced orchestra cy Logan, l\1arc1a Chne, Deana Brookdale 'J.-H girls came to Drder has been engaged to play. l\1rs. E. Smidt, Diana Brown, Linda Olson June 9 ~t the home of l\1ontana W. Purdue and committee consistand Louise Duffey. Raver, for a combined social and ing of Mrs. Emory Newton, l\1rs. N. Leathercraft Louise Duffey, business meeting·. The next meeting 1\1. Nelson, and Mrs. John G. Gorow Grace Hawkins, Rosalie Rosso and will be held today (June J6) at the arc _;,orking on details. Watch for Marylyn Gaiser. home of Mrs .. Payson Jeynes, leader. further announcements. Design-Grae(' Hawkins, Doreen Dodge and l\1arylyn Gaiser. Interior D e co r a t o r - Doreen Dodge and Grace Hawkins. Garden Flowers-Grace Hawkins and Doreen Dodge; Tree-Rosalie Rosso and Doreen Dodge .. The cooking, sewing and housekeeping badge was presented to Rosalie Rosso and the child care badge was presented to Louise Duffey. Doreen Dodge received badges for: Color craft, drawing and painting glass, mammal, wild plants, bird, world travel, home, health and safety. Marylyn Gaiser received the metal badge. Each Scout received a gold star for each year of scouting. After the badge presentation, the rHE Ll::E 01= A TREJ: IS A C'iCLE - FR.OM Scouts served tea and cake to the SEED TO OLD AGE. ON WESTERN OREGON following mothers: Mesdames StanAND WASHINGTON FORE'ST l.AND5 TODA'Y ley Johnson, Stanley Rosso, W. W. ~Cline, W. 1, Gordon, R. 0. Seger, TREES GROW A5 A CROP. THE ORDINARY r. T Cnh:..-.t~ 0 li..f 1\1".-...-. T.-. ..... T.., COiviMEi<CiAL. LIFE C)'CLf. MAY SE AN'iWHE"'-E ,.,,,,,, 1

Parkland Post 228, American Legion, is proud that Severn Kittelson, post commander, has been elected district senior commander and offers congratulations. . Past, present and future officers of the Fourth district, American Legion, department of Washington, were among Legion and Auxiliary mem?ers who enjoyed _dinner and c!ancmg Saturday cv<'n111g at the Country club. The event was triple in purpose, to_ con~ratulate .ncwly-ckctcd. District Commander and Auxiliary President Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Brickert; to thank the 1948-19+9 installing team for rendered, and to celebrate the birthday of l\1rs. Brickert. Those present were: Mr. and l\1rs. Emory Funk of Sumner. Mrs. Funk is the Fourth district president of the American Legion auxiliary. . l\1r. and Mrs. Wendell Bnckert of Tenino Fourth district senior vice , commander and senior vice-prcsident d c d . I t d . · an ,om 111an ei-e ec an auxiliary presi(lent-elect, respectively. Mr. and Mrs. Alger Bragg of Puyallup Braoo· is the Fourth district








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Wisconsin club of Tacoma will meet for potluck supper, Sunday, June J9, in the basement of Odd Fellows temple, 6th and Fawcett streets, Tacoma,


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Parkland, Washington, Thursday, June 16, 1949


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here to

KIRBY - GRAHAM Win. K. Clark ......................................................................................... Editor Bill Grossgloss........................................................ . ......... Advertising Mgr. A cornrn1111ity nf'wspapcr for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and Spanaway. Published every Thursday by Beard Printing Co., P. 0. Box 797, Parkland, Washington. Telephone GRanite 7100. Entered as second-class ma!tcr October 3, 194-5, '1t the post office at Parkland, Washington, l\ndt·r the Act of March 3, 1879. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: Cl11e ye;1r, $1.5(1; six rno11ths, $1.00 --~-~----·---

Sounder AfJProach At least one spokesman of big business recently spoke a few sweet words regarding the Brannan farm plan now engaging the attention of the Congress. Some of the unlikelihood i§ rubbed off this occurrence upon reflection that tbe speaker represents the meat packing industry, which likely would be more b~cnefited under the Brannan pian. Nevertheless, the speaker's summary of the differences of approach to the crop support problem between the existing Aiken plan and the proposed Brannan plan, and bis conclusions regarding their relative effectiveness seem worth quoting. Following are those parts of an address delivered June 9 before th'€ Rotary Club of Denver, Colorado, by Oscar G. Mayer, president of Oscar Mayer 8 Co., Cbic:igo, and member of the executive committee of the Board of Directors of the .American Meat Institute, which deal with the farm subsidy plans. The quoted remarks followed disrnssion of a number of matters of interest to the livestock industry. Said Mayer: "These matters cannot be dissociated entirely from plans embarked upon in Washington to support farm income. The latest of these, as you all know, is the so-called Brannan plan which presents intricate formulas as a basis for direct money payments ,on perishables to farmers to support their income. The Brannan proposal is different from the present law, known as _the Aiken plan, in that all classes of livestock would be classed as basic commodities and would receive direct payments from the government under the Brannan plan whereas under the Aiken plan hogs are the only class of livestock on which price support has been announced and 01) these only until March 30, 1950, unless the secretary of agriculture elects to extend support beyond that date. "The other important difference in the two plans is that the Brannan .proposal would support income from these commodities, including livestock, at JI 0 percent of parity, whereas the present law endeavors to support prices at somewhere between 60 and 90 percent of parity. The l LO percent of parity formula would, I b~licvc, make it soon necessary for the secretary of agriculture to impose rigid production restrictions and marketing quotas. This would probably lead eventually to almost complete control of crop acreages, livestock production and the timing of marketings. "I sense m:iny difficulties in the administration of any cash payment plan to 5 million farmers. The huge clerical problem involves large further additions to our federal bureaucracy, and there is some question in my mind as to whether the plan could be adequately audited, Yet the idea of encouraging increased meat consumption by letting meat prices find their economic level and making up the difference in cash to farmers is probably from the standpoint of sound economics and national policy, the best price support plan which has yet been suggested. It is certainly more sensible than the present product buying program which discoupges consumption by c:iising the price to all Americans at the same time it taxes them for the funds with which to buy up the surplus crops. "It seems to me also that, if there must be price supports, it is better to concentrate support upon the final product of the farm, that is livestock, poultry, and dairy products, than on the feedstuffs with which these end-prod;1cts are produced. Little is gained through locking up huge quantities of corn and other feed grains, which deteriorate despite all precautions, and which in the end have no possible use except as feed for farm meat and dairy animals or flocks. Outside of the strategic carry-over, the sooner these feedstuffs are converted into animals and their products, the better."

Mrs. Albert Nelson, reporter Phone Graham 206 A stork .shower was held Sa tu rda y evening at the horne of Mrs. G. Ellsworth for Mrs. Arthur B,1ydo (Rosy Tinius). Mrs. James Browder and her mother were hostesses. Present, besides the hostesses and honored gnest, were: Mrs. Gloria Van Den Elzen and children, Mrs. Gordon Bolling, Mrs. Darlene: Eby, Molly Fairbanks, Mrs. Robert Bottomley and Mrs. E. G. Tinius. After lunch was served, Rosy opem:d her gifts and found many lovely things for her 1)ew baby. "Mrs, 1\-f. Sorenson and Mrs. Marie Tinius visited at the home of her daughter, .tvlrs. Arthur Baydo of Puyallup. Mr. and l\Jrs, Harold Hamblin of Tacoma wne visitors at the ho1hc of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Tinius, Sunday.

Herc are a number of business firms, who, through their individual advertisements, offer to citizens of "the South End trading area a service as close as their own telephones .. , These firms are established not only with hopes of personal success but also with the hope of being able to contribute to the development of a growing community. Check these listings for the services you need! ·

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and :Mrs. Joe Jupiter, Saturday evening.

Mrs. Joe Jupiter and her mother, Iva J('nnings, rnotorf'd Sunday ·to

Pt. Defiance and ferried ton Vashon Island visit with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Ackerson a re both confined to a Tacoma hospital again. Mrs. Ross Plumb took Dolores Jupitn to her doctor Saturday. If Dolores lu'cps improving- she will soon Jw a bl<' to he up for a little while each clay. Mr. and Mrs. I vin Jcuning of Sea ttk visitf'cl at the home of .tvfr. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter. His mother is returning· to Seattle to visit for '1 few d:iys. Mrs. Rose Carnes of T;]coni;1 was a week end visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanr-;cr. Mrs. C<trncs is k·aving for Gcrn1nny to

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G. FUCHS, Proprietor







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DRUGS - PRESCRIPTIONS Summer and fall constitute two of the most serious fire periods in this country. Forests and fields dry out, awaiting only the touch of a spark to H ' ~ burst into flame. Tourists throng the highways. Thousamls of campers go iJJto the woods. C01mm:rci;il camps and vacation spots of all kinds run '1 t for capacity. ACCURATE Every year sees the destruction of magnificent fon-sts, accornpanit·d by ~:! PARKLAND CENTRE BUILDING Prescription Service a tragic toll of wildlife. Some forest fires do occur spontaneously, from PARKLAND, WASH. ?:i lightning or other natural causes. But a far greater number can be attrib- S H uted to human carelessness and ignorance. The niotorist who throws burn- ~~::.::~!!·!!·!!·!!·!:·!t·:!·~t·!!·::·::·::·!t·:t·::·::·::·:~·:~·!:·::·::·::·::·!t·!:·:t·!:·:!·!t·!t·!!·!t·!~·!t·!:·::·:t·~!·!!·!t·:t·::·:~~ ing cigarette butts and matches from his car, and the camper who leaves ' a fire without dousing it with water and burying it with earth until every spark is out and every ember is cold, are two of the worst offenders. The ll-FOOT LENGTH ........................................... per lineal foot .03e whole nation is the poorer lKcnuse of them. A plain duty confronts everyone who goes into the outdoors for nny Pacific Avenue and Airport Road D-Pcr 100 }icct .............................. :....................................... $11.00 reason. It is to protect a heritage which, once destroyed, may take cen{){) (~---- P~!' 100 !·~!:et .......................................................................<I!t' I? .. _ ............ tunes to replace. The vanous public and pnvate bodies which deal with . rEED STORES B-Pcr I 00 feet ...................................................................... $14.00 fire are doing a fine job. They a re making available to all simple, easy LAKEWOOD FEED & FUEL CO. rules for fire safety. They maintain patrols and fire fighting organizations. (Next to Staie Scale) But they can do little without public cooperation. A forest fire .can spread Hay, Grain, Seeds, Peet, Fertilizers with incredible swiftness, and be completely bcyond control in a matter of Complete line of Centennial minutes under certain conditions. ·Products MAKE THE MOST OF THE WOODS--AND SAVE THEM FOR Also Albers Stove Oil GR. 8488 96th & PORTLAND A VE., !\HDLAND I 1536 Pacific Highway IA 3522 THE FUTURE.

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A 1\.TTl.

1 F\.l'\.1'\.L/1.liJJ

1 1

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l\fr. and Mrs. Lester Cruts and daughters, Bettie and Beverley, M~-. and Mrs. C. L. Jobbins of La Mont, Spanaway GR. 6547 Colo., Mr. and l\frs. I-I. C. Jobbins GR. 7583 of Ashland, Ore., Mr. and Mrs. BICYCLES SALES, REPAIRS Finley of Kent, Wash., and Mr. and Mrs. Darell Fenley of Tacoma motored to Green River Gorge for a picnic, Sunday. Mrs. Carl Hoganson is feeling a BIKE RENTALS -- KEYS CUT "little better. She is at Tacoma GenLawnmowers Precision Ground eral hos pi la l. Free Pick·up & Delivery Service Donald and Kenneth Lindberg 334 Garfield St. GRanite 5772 are home fro rn Pullman, Wash., BUILDING SUPPLIES where they attended the state college this last year. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tollin of CANYON ROAD PIT Portland, Ore., were week end visitors at the home of Mr. and .tvlrs. Bank Run-Gooc!P for Driveways Howard Price. 50c per cubic yard, your truck Mr. and Mrs. M. Paulson of Ta4 yards, dclivered-$6.00 coma visited at the home of his sisPhone WAvcrly "7902 ter, l\frs. vValter Stanger, Thursday. Mrs. Jane Wheeler is ill at her CLOTHES CLEANING Mrs. Guy Norman left Wednesday for Nebraska, where she was called by the illness of her mother. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Carlson, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford McGee, Mr. and .tvlrs. W. Summer and J\fr. and Jvlrs. Ken Whiton and family spent the week end at the ocr·an. Mrs. Lloyd Murray and son, Dennis, n·turncd homt· Wednesday after spending a week with her parents, .tvfr. and Mrs. Roy Carlson.

HOth & Pacific


GRanite 6047

Sentinels at Ease



GENERAL REPAIRING MOTOR OIL-50c Gallon GR. 8619 Parkland, Wash . .Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B,iydo arc Pacific Ave. at Airport Way rccriving congratulations on the arMt. Highway at Orchard Hill rival of their first child, a girl, born Monday morning, June 13. She has AUTO SUPPLIES been na111ed Gltristina Lynn. She weighc·d 6 pounds, 10 ounces. Great "ir our ONE-STOP grandmother is Mrs. Carl CasperShopping CenU'r son and grandparents are Mr. and 24-Hour Towing Service Mrs. E. G. Tinius. 10006 Pacific Ave. GR. 8177 Authorized Dealer Mr. and Mrs. Ross Plumh and EXPERT REPAIRING sons visited at the home of Mr. ;111d Mrs. F. Westwood, at Spanaway Airport and Pacific. GR. 6119 lake, Sunday. Mr. and l\Jrs. Ross Plumb m1d RL 7, Box 660 sons, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reardon, Nadinr, _Virr-;inia and Johnny, Irene COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE Olive and Dolores Olive attended SERVICE WHOLESALE & RETAIL a teen-age dance Friday at Ell' i\IACHINE SHOP SERVICE Plain Grt1ngc. Mrs. Iva R. Jennings ()f Camp \.Ve Gladly Dehoer Crooks, S. D., arrived here Wednesday lo v1s1l with her daughter :md son of Puyallup, and Ralph and Open Till 6:00 p.m. Weck Days family, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jupiter. Emil Nelson of Tacoma were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mr. and Mrs. Alvin v\ioods of Parkland visited at the honw of Mr. Nelson, s·unday.

visit hn claup;htcr and fomily. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger, Mr. 'rnd Mrs. Walter Stanger and family, Mrs. Rose Carnes and Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Farley wr·rc visitors at the ho11H' of Mr. and Mrs. 0. M. Olson, al Clear lakt' Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. Jobbin ,·isited at the home of M1'. and .tvfrs. F. B. Finley of Kent, Thursday and Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Cruts entnta iiH'd a gTuup of young' peopk f ro1n The Church of the J\"azarenc, Puyallup at a wie1wr roast, Friday evt·ni11g. l\frs. Henry J\lartin and childn·n, E1nily and Jackie, of T:1corna, called Sunday afternoon al the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lorenz. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Jobbin of Ashland, Ore., flew 11p to visit with hi,; brotlwr, C. L. .Jobbins, Saturday. Kapowsin Rebekah Lo d g e 241 Tuesday~ evening initiated a class of of 10 candidates. They were: Olga The summer vacation months bring to a close the school "tvft:Gc1-, Katherine Andrews, Irene safety patrol activities in the state of Washingron. The young Dahl, Effie McGee, Ina Allen, Hazel Kennedy, Bertha Henning, Mildred citizens who form the .patrol, appointed by the local school Van Horn, Rosalwlle Rohrs and authority, constitute an~influencing facor in early traffic train- Norn1a Engle. Rrhekah lodges visiting. Chosen usually for high scholastic standing and charac- ing were: Puyallup, Elbe, Eatonville and Olympia. 'fhe dining room was ter, these members of the "junior patrol" bave proven of val- decorated with. lovely roses on the uable assistance to local law maintenance and enforcement. tables. Next meeting will be obligaThe adult population of Washington might well take a tion night and all RPbekahs are invited. Next meeting is June 21. lesson from the example set by these conscientious and safctyl\1rs. Robert Ga rdencr :rnd son mincled "school sentinels." Chief James A. Pryde of the Wash- rcturnr:d home Tuesday from a hosing State patrol congrattilated the school safety patrolmen in pital. Jimmy Gardener, son of Mr. and the state of Washington for "the thoroughness with which Mrs. Charles Gardener, is doing fine they execute their duties. The genuine respect for their responsi- after having his appendix removed Wednesday. bilities deserves the thanks of the entire state." l\cfr. and Mrs. Charles Lorenz and After a we! I-earned vacation we shall look forward to see- children, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Han-

ing many of these boys and girls back on the job when school resumes in September.



GR. i947




Y i1I'-.l..L..i .L J..

... n•







Hiway Variety Store 7025 Pacific Avenue

·Parkland, Washington, Thursday, June 16, 1949




~<~d.i YtMt


Page Three


By d'Alessio


Mrs. Arthur Pietz, Reporter Rt. l, Box 445, Spanaway--GR. 6646

Arthur Pietz and son, Wayne, of Mountain highway, returned home Monday, June 6, from Hosmer, S. D., where they spent a two weeks vacatiOH with Arthur's parents, Mr. A WISE PROVISION . . . Under the PURPLE and Mrs. John Pietz. CROSS plan, your loved ones arc relieved of the burdell of last expcnses . . . servict·s arc paid for when It is reported that Elnwr Dean h is inost convenieut to pay ... at a substantial saving ran off the highway June 7, at the ... in low nwnthly payments. Investigate this thoughtRoy Y and hit a high-power electric ftd, husine::s-like plan no\V. pole. 'The acciclcntal crash knocked down power and telephone lines. Recommended by ·nw honw of ML and Mrs. Clarence PAUL and CHARLES MELLINGER Johnson burned >rnd all tf'irphoncs Owners in the area were out of order. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and children arr now living with 'her motlier, Mrs. Cl:tra Norton. A lovely lni<lal shower was held Fricby, J unc 10, at the home of Mrs. E. ]. Hoskins of Webb road, in honor of the new bride, l\1rs. Rirha rd Preston (Betty Hoskins). Thos<' attending were the :Mesdames Bob Ryan, Jake Ryan, Ernest Tarpcnnil)g, Alice Wymore, W a It er Ellis, Grace Slater, Miller and chilof the bridegroom, Nonna Docbkr dren, Ch1ra Norton, Mickey Cox and and Ida Kvamme, and the matron children, M. Edie, James Hoskins of honor Mrs. Edith Stageberg, all and children, R. C. Schattilley and were g.o,~ned in pille green satin and children and Miss Shirley Norton. . By Inga St. Clan· carriPd bouquP!s of yellow rarna- Lunch was served by the hostesses, \'\lcaring an ivory satin go\vn and tions. Bonnie Jean Rogne was flower Mrs. Schattilley, Mrs. E. J. Hoskins carrying ';111 arn1 bouquet of pink girl and Dennis Stagcbcrg \vas ring and Mrs. James Hoskins, upon a table covered with a lovely springroses and a white orchid, J\.1iss Bon- bearer. ita Ann Stagcbcrg exchnngC'd niarBest 111 an \Vas the bridegroo1n~s time floral cloth. Yellow, blue, white riage vows with J\.fr. Gale Gene brother 1-fr. Bruce Hirschy, and and pink decorated the room and Hi;:schy, April 8 at the Evangelistic ushers 'were Mr. Dean Stagebc{·g·, table.· :Mrs. Preston received many talxrnaclc, l :lth and south K streets, Mr. J 0 h n Hirschy, Jvir. Dwayne love! y gifts. Mrs. W. W. Wymore of 1st street Tacoma. . . . Rupp and Mr. Dick Smythe. Rites \VlTl' so}('1un1zcd in the pre~~PrPccdin,g thr- cc·rr·n1on)') 1v1 i S s has been ill. cncc of ~50 guests by the Rt'v. C.. Idell Kclstrup and Miss Donna Jean Spanaway-Elk PI a in Volunteer Hirschy, Lither ol t!tc bndcgroorn, Fortner lighted candles, while Mrs. Firemen's Auxiliary held its monthassisted by the Rev· Don R.ogne. Don Rogne played the organ. She ·jy meeting at Sp:fnaway school, on The bride is tlw daughter of Mr. also accompanied the soloists, Miss Monday night, June 6. Plans for a :rnd Mrs. Alvin B. Stag~bcrg and Shirley Morgan and Miss Alice Eide. picnic were made, to be held July her husband is the son ol the Rev. After a reception in the church 19. An auditing committee was apancl. lvfrs. H.1rschy of . . parlors, tlw ncwlywccls left for a pointed: Mrs. Alma Stevenson and c.ow1:ecl m salmon p11:1, satm _.w"s wedding trip in Orc·gon and arc now Mrs. Mary Henricksen. Hostesses for the nn1d ol honor 1-fiss Ma11lyn. • T the evening were: Ada Schnelle, ' . . II Stagd)('rg, sistu of ' the bndc. - e1. 110me 111 · acoma. Dorothy Rich, Lucille Steidel, Laura flo\~'c·rs were white iris. Bridcsn1aids, , . . Lim, Helen Taylor and Alma Sleavethe Misses Clarcnc Hirschy, sister Patromze Your Advertisers son. The next card party will be held at the home of Mrs. Velma Rhone, the third Friday in August. Elgin Watches Friendly Dozen Birthd'ay club met Ronson Lighters at the home of Mrs. Emerson TarEvans Lighters pcnning of Mountain highway, in honor of Mrs. Robert Manning. AtAnson Tie Clasps tending were the ·Mesdames George WoolhouS<', Walter Ellis, H. F. PillsS. B. Bands bury, Jack Splane, Jack Kenton, Speidel Bands Ernest Tarpenning, Robert Schultz, Oliver Omat and the guest of honor. Sunbeam Shaver The next meeting of the club will Shaeffer Pens and be at the horne of Mrs. George Pencils Woolhouse. ?)9 G· T Id St p.11+!· I GR 6329 (' 11 ff L"111 l I/ l 1riday evening guests •.·it the home - · ' ... u ie ., ' ' am ' · ' ' {S of .Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Omat of 1 Owm·d and Operated by 1vfrrnbcrs





WE GLADLY DELIVER SPANAWAY-Across from School GR. 7583 or GR. 6547



Richard Susan, Jerry Lalvforr, Harris Cox, C:ene Helkr and Alfred Southwell kft early Saturday morning, June 11, for Yakima, where they will spend two weeks, training with the National guard. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boness and daughters, Nancy and Nina, Carol and Jane Hart, Louise Johnson, Leona Sweet, Janice and J o y cc Allen motored to Copalis beach, on Wednesday. Louise Johnson is spending her vacation in Tacoma with her mothc!'. Leona Sweet is visiting her mother and brothers and sisters at Sumner. Mr. and l\>Irs. Richard Boness and Free. estimates on repair and remodel Jobs-Brookdale Lumber Co. his sisters, Nancy and Nina, arc to (adv.) tour through Oregon, where Nina and Nancy will stop over with their aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Boness will continue on through Yellowstone National park to Nebraska, his home state. They will leave Friday, June



SJ)ring TVedding for Stageberg-Hirschy

Is There a ? iVhat To Give Hfrn on llIS DA.'Y

Parkland Jewelers Have the Answer



HERE THE SPIRIT OF SERVICE BEGINS One Coast-wide school system is for telephone people only- and better service for the West is the result


l\frs. John Susan, reporter Rt. 7, llox 400 GR:rnite 7002


"I'd fix it myself, Dea;:, only I clon't have the proper hairpins to work with!" Mountain highway were Mrs. H. F. Pillsbury, Mr. and Mrs. M. Kirby and Melton Bailor. Walter E. Ellis of Webb road celebrated his 70th birthday Wednesday, June 8. A family birthday dinner was held in his honor at his home. · Ha}'ry W. Smith Jr., B/M, U. S. navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Sn;ith of 13th street, was home on seven-day leave while waiting for new orders. He was among the last to leave Shanghai, China, leaving April 29 for Japan where he remained until May 17. He arrived in San Diego, Calif., June 1 and was home in time to celebrate his 22nd birthday with his parents on June '.l. At a birthday party in his honor he received many gifts and good wishes from ninny friends. Hr has now reported for duty and reassignment at St'attlc. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Knutson and children, Joanne, Allen and Kathleen, of Arlington, Wash., spent a very enjoyable week end, June 4·, on the Deschutes river with Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Omat of Mountain highway. _Fishing and can1pi11g \Vf'rf' rn~ joyed by all. A wedding shower, in honor of Miss Dorothy Lonergan, was held Wednesday, June 8, at the home of Mrs. Doris Omat of Mountain highway. Miss Lonergan is a daughter of Mrs. Louise Lonergan of Mountain highway. Attending Wt'IT the Mesdames Ed Flannny, Louise Lon· erg an, Olive T'arpenning, 0 live Smith, C. E. C:aiscr, H. F. Pillsbury, Sadie Schlatter, Edna Ayers, Mary Scott, Robert Manning, Emily Ball, Tillie Gocbcts, Lena \Iowan of Roy, Gertrude Tarpcnning;, Martha Pietz, Miss Roselyn Manning, Miss Norma Manning and Mrs. Doris Omat. A lovely lunch was served by the hostesses, :Mrs. Doris Oma t, 1'frs. Robert Manning and Mrs. Ed F!anncring. G8111rs ,,vere played and the

guest of honor rcceind many lovely gifts and best wishes. Mr. and Mrs. Adams Mulligan of Fredrickson road made a surprise trip over Snoqualmie pass to Ellensburg, Wash., and on to Yakima, then back over Naches pass to home,

George Allen and D.otty Kuper both graduated. Mr. Ku p e r's mother, Mrs. Christine McCarty, also went. The Moonlight Raiders 4-H boys' annual picnic will be held Friday, Jurw 17, at the home of Mrs. Harold Cox. Harry While and sons, C:len and Howie, went to Seattle, Sunday, to witness the ball game. The picnic of Clover Creek school at Lake Geneva was enjoyed very much by 126 school children, about '10 adults and many pre-school children. Visitors for the next two weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smithlin are Mrs. Srnithlin's mother, Mrs. Lyons, and her two brnthers, John and Dave Lyons, and Marleen and Kay Dnclleston of Port Townsend.

to celebrate their 231·d wedding anniversary, June 3. T'hcy \Verr --rnuch impressed by the deep snow on Snoqualmie pass.


Mr. and .Mrs. Harry W. Smith and son, Harry Jr., of 13th street, accompanied by Mrs. Bertha Roberts and Mrs. James St. John, spent Thursday in Seattle.

Do You Suffer Distress From


Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Smith Nancy and Nina Boness, Louise 1 of 13th street received a very lovely Johnson and Leona Sweet attended 74-piccc set of hand-made china the picnic of Kapowsin high school from their son when he was sta· · f at Surprise lake, Friday, June 3. 1 t10nccl 111 Yokosu rn, Japan, or two El. . . " s1e l\".tC Cu II ough gra cl ua t c d f ro111 weeks, after evacuat111g Shangha1. Cl over p ar l\. lug · I1, · J unc 8 . Slur · Icy . . . Mrs., Smith also received a silk robe Heller played with the school oral'lcl several yards of heavy brocaded h f d t' silk. These gifts were in honor of c estra or gra ua ion. , , Mr. and Mrs. Smith's Hth weddin~ Mr. and ~!rs. John Kuper, ML If female functional anniversar Ma. 19 . "' a~d Mrs. Ervm .Ward an~ d?ughtcr, periodic disturbances y, y Diana, and Cecil Gear p1c111cked at make you suffer pain and weak, nervous, restless jittery Sgt. and Mrs. Henry Dean of Spanaway lake. Spanaway bccaml'. parents, May. 10, Wessel Kuper, Mr. Kistenmacher, feelings - at such times - then no of a daughter born al Madigan Erwin Ward, Jack and Billy Pease, try Lydia E. Pinkham's TABLETS to relieve such symptoms! General hospital. I were fishino· in the bay and clam Taken regularly-Pinkham's TabEd Spahr of Tacoma was host to digging. Th~y got lots of clams, but lets help build up resistance against a birthday party in honor of Milton little fish. such distress. Bailor, last Thursday evening, June Mr. and Mrs. Al cl o Federighi Pinkham's Tablets are also one of 9. Among the guests were: Mr. and spent Friday visiting at the home the greatest blood iron tonics you can buy to help build up red blood Mrs. M. L. Kirby of 2nd street, of Mr. and Mrs. E. Ward. Margret Bailor and Murray Dunbar. Mrs. John Kuper spent Wcdncs- to give more strength and energy Milton's sister baked him a birthday day visiting her daughter, Mrs. Paul for girls and women troubled with simple anemia. A pleasant stomachic cake, placed on a musical cake plats Stranahan of Tacoma. tonic, too! Just see if you don't rewhich played "Happy Birthday" for Mr. and Mrs. John Kuper attcnd- markably benefit! Any drugstore. Milton. eel the graduation exercises at PuyTA81.n'S Ernest Jensen and Bud Moore of allup high school Tuesday evening. Lydia E. 8th strcC't and Mountain high\vay ·•••.••.••.••... •.••.••.••.••.••.••.••••.••,••••.••.••.•••""••••••.••••"'•·••.••.••••~•·•.•e.••.••.••..,,•.•~.•<>.<:>•,••... •.~•.•.:>,,.<>,••.'




flew to _Po\vcll River, B. C., for a

four-day fishing trip. They returned with 75 rainbow trout. They spent' their vacation with Jensen's cousin, Christ Hat! of Powell River. friends of A. M. Smith, 4·th and Pacific streets, congratulated him Sunday r·vcning ;it a party g·iven in his honor at the honw of Mr. and Mrs. RobC'rt Van Alstinc of Shepherd-Simmons road. His birthday was J unc I+. A delicious luncheon was served by the co-hostesses, Mrs. George Varacek and Mrs. Van Alstine, to the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGinnis, Mr. and Mrs. E. Moonitz, Duster Smitb, Robert \/an Alstine, George Varacck and Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Smith. Mrs. H c n r y Zicgclmaicr is at ho1nc afte1· a visit to her daughter and to friends in Coquille, Ore.

....... ~,~•..,·.J.-t"of,,"••••• . . •<i-•"'""¢~, ... ~""¢'"



~->"';t .. .;-,.~

We Fix It ... ! REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS No Job Too Small - or Too Big GRanitc 6544




:·!t·::·::·!!·!~·::·::·:t·::·::·::-::-::·::·::·::·!!·!!·!!·::·!! !!·!!·!!·t:·::-::·::-::-::·::·:!·!!·!!·::-::·::·::·~:-::·::·::·:: ··--·---·------~-----·---------





Parkland Fuel DH & Service Station Parkland, Wash.

GRanitc 8112

1. As this young lady learns to use a training switchboard, she'll also learn many things that will be mighty important to good service. All through her training she'll see how operators make courtesy and helpfulness a normal part of their jobs. And the same spirit is present as other telephone people learn their new skills.

"""' ..

"'' M.•••· ... ................. ~ . ,. . .,. . ~-··'!


• rain

St:ewarl: Hay

I 2. On stubby poles like. these, linemen learn to use their new climbing equipment. This is just one of the more than one hundred courses that telephone people srudy in towns large and small-up and down the Coast. In 1948, thousands of employees received training. That means thousands of men and women better able to furnish good service to you.

4. Good service for you comes from telephone people 1. . t,nu.r thP1t· 1nh<:: Vri.11 r".ln .... - ····.. ------ 1---- --·- --··


help them serve you best by making sure you always have the right number in mind before calling, leaving a little time between calls, giving the called person time to answer.

3. On-the-job-training here in· the \\?est is typified by this "student" who is learning the workings of a trouble indicator frame-an automatic detective that constantly makes sure the lines on its "beat" are giving good service. Even experienced employees take refresher courses like this to keep up-to-date ... and keep learning their way up the ladder.




--------------93c HUNTS CA TSUP·-------------·-2 for 25c lwlb.

--------------47& -


As an indication of your yood taste, you' II wan/ the finest prinling craflsmanship for

your wedding stationeqJ-


Cabinet of 50 fine vellum panelled ;rn11ounccment or invitation folders, with 5 0 inner and 50 outside envelop.cs-

ONLY $7 .50 COMPLETE Additional cabinets of 50 sets at $5.00

phone CHlanite 7100


D!afllifira To!onhnno uuauu

Ti.. .. lllC I


@ and Telegraph Company

Your telephone is one of today's biggest bargains

TREASURE PICKLES ------------------21c WHITE STAR

GRATED TUNA -------------GR. 8560

------·------33c Parkland

Beard rinting Ga. WHEELER AT PARK ON



Page Four


lx12 KNOTTY PINE SHELVING, per foot_ .. ____ J8c lxl2 KNOTTY CEDAR SHELVING, per foot___ ____________________ J5c


lx4 C. END MATCHED V.G. FLOORING, per 100 ft. ... -$16.70

Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter GRanite 5738

2x8 CEDAR LOG CABIN SIDING, per 100 ft.·--···-···--·-···---$5.50 OUTSIDE WHITE PAINT, per gallon .... _______________ -···--·-···-·---$2.95

Midland Orthopedic guild is holding a community-wide picnic Sunday, June 19, at Dawson pl:iyfielcl. (}an1cs and rac.r-s for n1c11, \VOlllf'n and children will start :1t noon, with dinner at 2 p.m. Coffee, cream and sugar will be served by the guild, with pop for the youngsters. Mrs. 84th and Pacific Avenue GA. 3133 George Turner and her committee have also arranged for a baseball game during the afternoon with the lvfidland team meeting a team from Ft. Lewis. Mrs. Donald Kemp, guild president, has announced that the JOHN COYNE Alice Dorfner, Reporter d 'd J I "brid_ e's cedar chest and linens"_ will I;,orn1cr M"dl 1 an rest cnt o 111 1 • Graham 458 I-I . C 7 cl' cl . T )e given away at 3 p.m. Everyone 9 , . emy oyne, c' IC 111 • a acoma is corcliall' invited to attend lVIrs. E. \V. Castle Sr. entcrta111ecl I hospital J unc 12. Born 111 Kansas, ) · . l\·frs. Charlotte McClatchey, chairat her ho'rnr Wednesday evening, he came to the Tac.oma area 4-0 June 8. Mrs. L. E. Elston and Mrs. ycars ago. He was a member of the m?n of the Dawson playficld co1nA. B. Howe won the door prizes. Elks club. He leaves a son \Valtcr m1ttcc, hns announced the second Rf'freshments were served to the of Tacoma; two daughte:-s, Mrs. in a sci:ics of dances; to be gi~cn Mesdames Lela Wdlivcr, Nick Kan- Gladys Baskett of Parkland, and June 18_ at ~aw;on_ f1eldho\1sc. Evton, John Odden Jr., Mrs. Joh.n Mrs. Dora Canbridcre San Fran- rryonc is bcmg mv1ted. Tim party " ' . I)C "l1arcl time." . '' C',ornc· m . Odden Sr., L. E. Elston, W. G. cisco· a brother Arthur Toj)el·a 1 ISI to I . l · " Brown, E. W. Castle Jr., A. B. Kansas; three sistPrs, Mrs. Maggir Is ;c .:.:s, ging iatn~ [1!1d ovc1:alls. I.he Howe, James Keough, the hostess, Fletcher, Topeka, Mrs. Nellie D. ! \an Ettc~1s of I uyallup w1U furmsh Mrs. E. W. Castle Sr., and the dem- Dauiel and :Mrs. Julia Hodgson, both the music and no a?m1ss1on 1s of Compton, Calif; 11 grandchil- charged. Refreshments \;1ll be served onstrator, lvirs. Anderson. Jimmy Elston, for the summer drcn and five great-grnnclchilclren. by a committee comprised of Mrs. _.___ . Olive Huston, Mrs. Raymond Ellimonths, is working with the forestry AGNES WEBB I son, Harold Olson, Spalt Wartenbe, department and plans on 1·eturning 1 • Chet Robinson and Frank Johnson. to college this fall. Mrs. Agnes• Mane Webb, 83, who Dac: nc1ng· · \VI·11 b c 1· ron1 9 un t"l 1 l'J ... , Friends of Mrs. A. B. Howe are was a travelmg guard for Western · 1cs an cl square cl anCC'S ca ll r d • ._. n \Vl'th c1rc sorry to hear of the death of her State h_osp1tal for_ .)8 years bdore by P. H. Johann. mother, Mrs. Frame, who died May her retirement, died June 8 rn a . 30 in Seattle. Tacoma hospital. Midland Improvement ~lub met . Mrs. E. Rich has received word Born in Spanaway, Mrs. ·wcbb at M1clland hall Jun~ 9 with more that her mother, Mrs. Lawrence moved to Steilacoom citv with her than 50 members p1-t·sc•nt. A letter T!bbi~ts ?f. ~eattle, is very ill. Mrs. family in 1870. Since her 'retirement, was ;cad ~rom the . ~ounty proscR1ch 1s. v1s1trng here. she had made her home with her cutor s office, prom1s111g that the Next of the Grange dances will son-in-law· Ward Dunn of Steib- condition of the railroad crossing be June 18. It is open to grange rs coorn. Sh~ was a member of the on 98th strc,et will soon be improved. and their friends. Pioneer Daughters. A sister, Mrs. It \~as decided that_ the duh will lVIr. and Mrs. B. L. Kuper have Maroaret Pitiuan of Tacoma sur- continue to 1)1eet .durmg the sumnwr returned from their trip to Pullman, vive~~ ' months. After movies, refreshments, Wash., after attended State grange Funeral services, under direction furnished by Mrs. Bill Foster, Mrs. and sering the sights here, they of Piper Funeral home, were con- i Ro)• Taylor and Mrs .. Lewis lvfrcame home by way of Spokane and ducted Monday rnornin.<> June l'.) I Artor, were served by lvfrs. David visited the Joe Mickus family. from the Church of th~~· Visitation'.· McPherson and Mrs. McArtor. A _brush fire near the Loveland Burial was in Masonic cemetery, Midland Birthday club met at the paekmg company broke out Sunday Steilacoom. home of Mrs. Lillie Campbell, June evening and again Monday evening. 9, to celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bennett from GEORGE GEMMELL Harold Johnson. Other members Arlington, Va., are visiting his parGeorge Ennis Gemmell, '1·3, a attending· the meeting were the Mesents, lvfr. and lv!rs. S. Bennett, for resident of lviidland bcforp movino- dames Arthur Perkins, D o 11 a 1 cl a m~nth. . . . . to McKenna three years ago, died Kemp, G c or g e Williams, Floyd Victor Bennett 1s _bu1'.dmg a pn- June 9 in a Tacoma hospital and Cook, Carl Taylor and Alex Krevate swnmrnng pool m !us bac.k yard was interred June 13 under the di- shale ~ichard Brown, ret~u:ne.d home by rection of the c. o. Lynn company. Mrs. Minnie Johnson of Scattl1· tram alter a years visit 111 G1lhord, Mr. Gemmell wns born in Ashland, was a week end guest of Mr. and Mont. Wisconsin . He was a member of the Mrs. Clarence Johann. She visited Carol Brown _entertained Flora Cornmuni~y church at McKcnna and hnt: after a week's stay with her Bell ~astle at d111ner June 9, her the Tacoma Moose lodge. He is sister, Mrs. L o t t i c Schaffer, in 8th birthday. survived by his widow, Alma L.; a Olympia. Mrs. Johnson is Mr. Jo1\fr. and Mrs. ~lbert Fellenherg daughter, Georgia Louise of Mc- hann's aunt. were Sunday evemng guests at the Kenna; his parents, Mr. and l\frs. A party honoring lVIr. :me! Mrs. home of Mr. and Mrs. \V. G. Brown. He 11 r y Groepcr of Tacoma; five Harry w,.(·ks, who rccrntly moved brothers, Walter and Henry of Ta- to the Parkland district, was given THREE GRADS OF CPS coma, William of Colville, Wash., by the Harvard, Midland and LarchThree members of Spauaway fam- .Joe of Westchester, Penn., and Clar- rnont Fire department Auxiliary, the ilie-s were a1nong this year's grad- cnce of Alder, Wash.; and Lhrcc evening of J unc l 0. Tht•. party, a uates of College of Puget Sound, sisters, Mrs. William Baughn, :Mrs. wiener roast, was given around the Tacoma. Receiving Bachelor of Arts Al Bombardier and Mrs. Guirinio outdoor fireplace in the back yard degrees were Dorothy Lucille Lon- Carrnra, all of the Tacoma area. of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Baskett. Harold Weeks and Solly Christel were ergan and J a m e s Merrills Rice. Ask about our house plan service on hand with their guitars for those Charles Robert Loete took the de-Brookdale Lumber Go. (adv_) who like to sing and games were gree of Bachelor of Education. enjoyed by a few of the more active. After supper the honored couple was presented a set of silverware. Taking part in the party were the Messrs. and Mesdames Frank Johnson, Floyd Ayers, Eugene Brittain, Solly Christel, John Deering, Victor Eshpeter, Floyd Jensen, Don Kemp, Lee Robinson, William Shanahan, George Turner, Harold vVeeks, Harvey Weeks, Carl Taylor, Steve Baskett and Mrs. Nels Swolp;aard. During Lhc evening fonncr residents and members of the Fire department now living in Buckley, who dropped in to say hello were Mr. and Mrs. Edward C:halbcrg and Mr. and Mrs. Alrx Kreshak. Harry Hotchkiss of Midland was honored June 13 at a I uncheon given by Standard Oil of California, at which time he received a service












______________ $2.91

500-foot Roll 250-foot Roll

__________ , ___ $1.60

RUSTIC LAWN CI-IAIRS ________ $5.00


Garden Dust Gun with a season's supply of dust. Closeout ----------------$1 y46

9648 Pacific






a£ p£

WJ~~ .\X,; ~....



""",,,,I•'" •M• '"' •"' ••" h••" .. •••"I•· ,,.,, ,. ...• '""°'"' o•o-'"G •"' '" •'•"''' ,,. ... lacorna CilY ~;ghl fAU)1 rne•t this need-with p\on• 1

'° ,,,e<do MO" •••" fo< p poses in th• fuwr•·





Mor11i11g wo1_·shiµ, 11 a.m. \ ol1111 Felluw:.hip, 7 p.m. (Junior and S1•nior). E\'t•uing Gospel St•1'\'ice, 3 p.m. .~!id-week S1~rvicc, Thm-sday, H p.m. (:h.01r practice 'l'hursday, 7; also ieachE'!'



·' ·






here's more for.< your money

:~~NtwYi91i1~ _·:\;i~~~;~}~:,~;.,: '::/,;}


6 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator

GR. 7082



Parkland Firen1en Leading Ball Loop Parkland Fire department tops the Volunteer Firemen's fastball league, with a clean swe-ep of four games so far played. The local smoke caters were to take bows in new green uniforms, donated by 1 o ca I merchants, for their game this week, Wednesday, at McChord field. June 22, Parkland Firemen play at Lakewood. Present standings of the seven-club league are: flREMEN'S LEAGUE Won Lost Pct. 0 1.000 Parkland -·-··-·------··--· 42 . 600 Midland -·--·-·····-·-···· 3 2 .600 University Place -·-· 3 2 .333 McChorcl ·-········-···-· 1 2 .333 Lakewood -····----··-···· 1 Spanaw~1y _ 1 3 .250 Fircrest ·2 .000 . ··-·-·---- 0 .Joseph Pulitzer acquired the SL Louis Post-Dispatch al a sheriff's sak.

\.1t~;~ .., ti.l:i :.t1 ~~~ .. r.~ ~


W. C. Rl-iea, Pastor Bib}e School, lll a.m. G,•org1• C'.hf•ssnm, s11penuk11dent.


We Buy, Sell, Swap Sportiny Goods


CLOVER CREEK BAPTIST Military Road, OiJf>ositl! Clover Creek School





Call GRanite 7100

.~ ifj.~ ~




Minimum charge for classified advertisirig, 50c (Rate base is line of five average w01·ds). 111cr·1i11g. Continued from Pa[.';c One first insertion at l 5c per line. M.. . . _ PARKLAND EVANGELICAL LUTflERAN Additional insertions in consecu15 · Alice Snuth, Rcport•T points of interest notably the fact j . Walther C. <?ullixson, Pastor . ' . GR 547r: Sll!uby School, !} :3tl a.m.; 1\'lornmg \Vor- tive issnes at I Oc per line. 1 that the n1uch-struggkd-ior gn:c-n,• • ._ .J •,hip, IO:tlO a.m. Classified display advertising at house' for American L·il·c - -METHODIST ' ' hos1)it·1·! ' . --SPANAWAY I Oc per agate line ( 14 to inch). has at last become an ass u re cl 0. E. 811uth and Adelle· Hohhs "The Church by th" Side of the Road" achievement. It is a great satisfac- have returned home after spending 10-a.m.-Church School. tion to our small unit to know that eight months in I-lot Springs, Mont. } 1. a.n1.-Sunday Wo~·ship Service. we assisted in reaching that goal. Harvard nnd Midland kinclergar- , 3:30 p.m.---Intermcd1atc Youth Whether "' · te I1 L·JouSS<"s ancI prt·-sc . I100 l c Ill"lei. ren j I cllowsh1p. dOW we rea l"IZC t·l1at WC ' arc d (' ['llllll'("I h . y I r ll . You want ly rendering constructive effort in enjoyed a picnic with pare.nts and' '- .J p.m.- out_:i_ ·' e owship. the rehabilitation of many of our teachers, held at the State game HARVARD SUNDAY SCHOOL To buy, sell or eomrades at American lake. farm near Lakewood. Coffee an'd ice RevAtR 0.\':;~a~dd~~h:Otstor Insure a home The Fourth district elected Mrs. cn·arn were furnished and picnic . 9:4'• a.m.--Sunday school, lnrn· llrrg· B · · 1 ·) j I . I _ ,. . , sl1 u111. superintendent. nckert prcs1dent, to succeed unc. 1rs )roug it )y the parents. I lw 11 :Oil a.111.-Sunday Worship s<'nice. M ane We can serve you Mrs. Funk, and Mrs. A. Jorgensen children enjoyed \Yatching bear and .12:'.{0 p.nL~Sunday, Har\'ar<l Covt•1ian1 Best, for • · ~ l cl · Circle lundwon. o f Tacon1a, vu..:e-pres1dent. ~ 1easant an a trip through the Wednesday, 2:00 p.m.-Ha1vanl Sunda) Among the splendid records made fish hatchery. School lllo1hers' Circle. We specialize in by the Fourth district auxiliary, in \Varren Hanson ukbratccl his 9th ST. JOHN OFTHE WOODS These services the field of child welfare and com- birthday, Saturday, June 11. Games 98th and foylor, M;dland "t · · c1· 11 ('" 1 , ·1 · -J ·cl . d f· I Rev. R. E. Logan, Pastor PARKLAND REALTY n1un1 -y service, IS sen 1ng .:rir Vt. t. 1Jaye dll re res llllf'nts \Vf~rc Ivfasst•s, H:tl{) and 10:30 a.m. Ct'\1edHsm Staters to Pullman. Our own Unit enjoyed by the younger set. Those afl<'r Mass. GR. 7232 or GR. 6774 38-42c No. 118 is doing its share also-and p~·esent to wish Warren a happy SPANAWAY FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE ------has sent Miss Jean Harrison who birthday were: Sonny Kamp JimStanley R. Weddle, Pastor ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICEF" ·l B"ll" J cl B cld 's · St111day School, 9 :45 a.m. · Morning Wm·' Lyman Redford, owner. Septic P lc d gcs to I)e an earnest n1cn1 b er of 111 >' i~sc 1, 1 1 o an u Y n11th, .;hip, 11 a.m.; Evangelistic 'service, ·u p.m. tanks pumped, contents hauled Girls' State and promises to learn Romuc and Billy Hals, Larry AshChris1's Ambassadors, Wednesday. away. GA. '.lH6 or GA. 9794. her lessons of Americanism perfectly. croft, Barbara and Sally Hanson. FERN HILL BAPTIST CHURCH tf c lviore power to you, Jean. Will hear Harvard Improvement club met at Soulh 86th and "G" Streets Youn.~ man with 2 from you later. Dawson ficldhousc Wednesday, June B1bh· Srht~c;1.~·,4\•~Yr~:.db~~;:~rfor all a~es. FOR SALE right !wads want to dispose of 2 Last, but not the least of our 8, when Mrs. Ellison reported on a \\'rmhip at 11; E1·ernng Service, 7 30. left hats. GR. 4321, between midevt:ning's activities,_ was clecLion of nH·cting _with the consolidated school, KIRBY SUNDAY SCHOOL night. 41 x officers for 1949-50. board. l•,lect1on of officers was held M. R. Ferguson, Superintendent j I · "tl J·I· · Id ()! cl Al" S · ' Meels al 2:llll p.m. in !ht' Kirby school . SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED, con· ~11 o son an 1ce . . n11thr e\'·eq' Sllnda.v. · U nan1n1ous y e ectcd president WI l tents haukd away. Don Redford, was Mrs. Mable Hart, whose loyalty unanimously elected to their present · MIDLAND PENTECOSTAL GA. 7334. tfc to the principles of the American respective positions, p1:csident and Arn;e Konsmo, Pastor FOR S_.-1.. 'LE.::------ F,tlll · "l c,. · 1_uc'-· · ··)· f., .. 1 Jvit•ets e\·ery Sunday in )._,fi<lland P.T.A. ~te \a; Legion has been Ion"' tested and secretary, iricl Chet Robinson clect- hall, 11 a.111.; Sunday School 9:45 a.m. ley topsoil. I1nn1r-d1ate delivery, J proved. Other office:s are: Mrs. cd vice-president. Olive Huston was -----yards $10.00. I-IL 5052. 39-43c MIDLAND COMMUNITY HOME , , ., , , "' --.-·Kline, :Mrs. Gu1;11s, Mrs. vVormold, re-elected treasurer. 11r. Monnett Thure Moberg, M;nister KI1 CHEN CABINE 18 - We 111Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Stimson and :\frs. will again head highway and transS11uday ~dwol, 10 a.m.; !\Iorning-,Servic(:, stall. _Frn~ e~lin1ates. Expert fur~ n a.m.; Btblt· s1udy and prayt>r, 7:.111 p.111., lit re rc·i)air . s h ·I ·i · \Vr>o lI-lanson. portation, ·legislature will be led by \\'ed1wsd·1y I u '- u. Ul )~ 11 . c To each of you, your unit mem- Frank Johnson, Bert Vaughan will working, 95+3 Pipe Line road. LARCHMONT SUf<!DAY SCHOOL Phone GR. 8662. tfc bers offer a plc_clgc of full coopera- be _commiltccrnan for w a ~ c r a~d L.ardunont Suuda_y School meets in the _ ,,.. , __ , --. . .,. ~ t1on and best wishes. dramagc, Frank Gum! will agam Parish house a1 9:3ll Sunday mornings. Hl l SON 1 ANK CLEANING 1 Septic tanks, _cesspools clc-aned: f }~cad pO\VCl'~ {~ght :.11:cf C0111111UHicaPRAIRIE MISSION SUNDAY SCHOOL Contl·nts haufcd away. Phones: • • • 1 t10n. Mrs. hll1son will handle ccluInterdenominational pm and ha11dsu1m· wnst watch 111 cation and rccn·:1tion. Membership G:\. 70cl8 and-GR. 5+G7. tfc Fred Soulhlr-'.ell, Superintendent Denny Lucas, Ass't Supt. appreciation of 30 years of scn·ice. committeemen arc· Helen Robinson RAY GOGAN Sunday School, 10 :'.10 n.rn. Hotchkiss attended Midland school and Homer Arnold. A membership Landscape Construction Bible study, 7 :'.lO i\'Iontlay niglil with N1·w lawns, rock rnasonry walls and when a youngster and has a daugh- drive, to run for GO days, is under- l\1rs. Charle:; Knautz teaching. fireplaces. :l y1'ars to pay. GRa11i1e ter attending there no\v. way; rnen against tbt· \Vo1nen. 1.)he POINTE!< WANT ADS PAY 8842. tfr lVIrs. Maude Taylor unclcrwr·nt a losing team will provide entertainmaj01· operation the morning of Ju1H· ment and refreshments [01· the win- t•!~•!:•!:•!!•!t•!t•!!•!!•~:•::•!t•:t•!!•!!•!!•l!•!t•!!•!!•!:•!!•::•::•::•:!•!!•!!•!!•!!•!!•!!•!:•!!•!:•!!•!!•!!•!!•!!~!t•::~~t>!~·~:o;~.;~,; !+ and at the' latr·.st report was doing ners. Helen Robinson is head of rhc very well. ladies and Homer Arnold leads the Dawson Playficld connhittce sends men. Refreshments for the ] ti 1 y a hearty thank you to Baskett Lurn- meeting will be served by the lvfrsber, for a load of sh<1vings ddivered d:nnes Skog, Atwood and Huston. to the field the past week, to be :Mrs. Vina Hobbs and Ray arc used under the teeter boards and spending a few clays at the home swings. of' her son, Clyde Hohhs, in· Gig St. John of the Woods Altar so- Harbor. ciety met June 2 at Dawson ficldhouse, with Mrs. Walter Corrigan HARVARD COVENANT presiding at the business meeting TO HA VE BUSY WEEK Mrs. Katherine Logan reported on Commencing with daily \'3cation the D.C.C.W. convention held in Bible school, a full schedule of acOlympia, Wash., May 15 and 16. She was one of 13 women presented tivities for the week ahead has been an orchid by the Most Reverend set at Harvard Covenant church, as Thomas A. Connolly, c9-adjutor follows: Thursday, June 16: 9 a.m.-Daily bishop of Seattle, for having attended the first meeting of the group, Vacation Bible school; 7:4·5 p.rn.--25 years ago. The members present Midweek Bjble study (upper room). Saturday, June 18: 10:30 a.m.enjoyed a lovely luncheon, served by a committee under the chair- Junior Girls Picnic at Dawson field MODEL ML-60 manship of Mrs. Elvin Ilombarclier. (everyone bring picnic lunch). Sunday, June 19: 9:45 a.m.-SunOthers of the corn mi ttee were the da y school classes for all ages; 11 Mesdames \Villiam Thaden, Forrest a.m. - Morning worship (Father's Vawter, James \Voodard, Homer Day service with guest speaker); Arnold, Al Bombardier, Edward Tuesday, June '.!1: 4 p.m.-]unior Boyle, John Baker, John Salter and n~llancc in 24 Boys meet; Joe Le Mieux. Months Wednesday, June 22: 7:45 p.m.Cliurch Council meets at church; Cash Price $194.7'.J Patronize Our Advertisers Friday, June 24: 7 :30 p.rn.-Closing exercises of vacation B i b 1 c school, all parents and friends invited.

Veterans News



Miss Betty Hoskins of Webb road, Spanaway, and Mr. Richard D. Preston of Wisconsin were united in marri:1gr Friday, June .1, at a privall' wedding in Tacoma. The Rev. H. N. Svinth joined the couple in a double ring cerc111ony. A few friends and relatives attended. The bridr wore a hb1ck and white suit with white accessories.

Parkland, Washington _ Ernest B. Steen, Pastor I 0: !)U a.rn.-,-Sunday sclwnl. 11 :nn a.m.-.J1111ior \Vorship Srrvicr. 11 :llO a.m.·. .-\Yorhip ~ervice.


Chop the sweet cherries coarsely. Mix bisq1it mix and sugar. Add milk to beaten egg and stir into dry ingred.ients. Drain juiet· from cherries and stir cherries into muffin batter with just a few strokes. Fill well-greased muffin pans two-thirds full. Sprinkle muffins with the additional tablespoon sugar. Bake at '1-25 clegrer·s about 20 minutes. Makes 12 muffins.




cup rnilk

1 f'p p l t;~)Gkspoon sug·ar

cups biscuit 1nix

And Lots of Other Things for the Fisherman and Hunter ~


2 tablespoons sugar

Why Not Get Father Some Fishing Tackle? Regular $1.25 Nets ____________________________ 97c REELS from ______________________________ $2.75 up Montague Rods ________________________ $10.00 up Split Willow Baskets ______________________ $7.95

':; .. i

i "H""'' :ti


For Father's Day

Phone GR. 7302

PARKLAND METHODIST George W. Cooper,. Pastor Sunday: Di~rine Wondiip, pn:-aching- al 11 u.m. Nursery for children during wor::hip aud in-eaching. ·C!Hln:h School at 10 a.m. Classes for all grades. Adult Billie Class led by tht> pastor

~t cup chopped chcrri«s

Spanaway Miss Weds in Tacoma


Recipe of the W eel(

1%" SHORT LATTICE, per 100 ft...-·-·-·-·--···-·--··-··-····-·-·-··-·--$1.00


Parkland, Washington, Thmsday, June 16, 19-19


It's the year's big value! 6 cubic feet of storage space inside, but takes only the kitchen space of a 4 cubic ft. refrigerator outside. And just look at all these features: imoo~n

COME IN Ask about a tradein ofyourold refrigerator on a new 1949 Frigidaire Refrigerator•

" • ... •

Meter-Miser mechanism 5-Year Protection Plan Super-Freezer holds 15 lbs. Big, glass-topped Hydrator • Exclusive Quickube Trays • Big Cold Storage Tray • All-Porcelain Interior

Pachel Distributing Co. YOUR. FUEL OIL AND APPJ,TANCE DEALER GR. 8625





''°''' lo< MO" the Kraft







OPEN UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT A Conlj)lete New Atmosphere of Friendliness Now Managed by I--IARRY LEWIS



Prairie pointer v 4 no 41 jun 16, 1949  
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