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GRanite 5184 PARKI,AND POST NO. 228 Al\fERICAN LEGION Meetings every second and fourth Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the Sunshine Hall


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Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland





Tomorrow night is potluck nig·ht at Parkland Post. Serving is to begin at 6:30 p.m. and continue until -I , every last man, woman and child Laura Dorene Whittlesey, Lawrence ry, Max Spenr,e1', Jim Stauffacher,' ninth grade graduating dass are: is filled to the brim. From past ex. Alan Hughes. Ron Storaasli, Tom Swindhrnd, ' Sally Alstead, Joan Arterburn, periences with this sort ;,,f thing we _Spana"."ay school grad~at:·<l t~w I . Lorna Kay La Bar, Louis Jen- Norm Taasevig~n, Jerry Williamson,\ Ruth Bagger, Philip Baum, Lawwill venture to say that doing this laigest eigth grade c:lass 111 its h1s-1 nmg~ Spry, Loyd. Wayne Johnson,· Stan Strunk. rencc Bowlin, Beverly Corrigan, is not an impossible thing. To bortory Thursday cvcmng, June 2, Ma.nlyn Ruth Suuth, 1'4arland Guy Nadene Ballard, Diane Basset, Marilyn Cross 111 an, Raymond row a pun-we have had good luck when ~·8. gradua.tes were presented, Gumn, Marvin Leroy Doyle, Max- Dar I en e Blackburn, Rose Marie Doidge, LI o yd Haavik, Richard with our potlucks in the past. Either the ladies of the household arc l.)y . Pn,nc1pal ~icha'.·~. Fr:1zer a~d ine Lucile Crocker, ~ildre.d L. ucile Bohr,. Janet B;ackner, Audrey Car- Hansen, . Barb"ra Hanson, Shirley. !cachets San~uel GHen and Mis. Jameson, Mona Mane Atkms, Paul rel!, Darlene Castle, Wancb Connor, Humphrey, Richard Johnson, Norre psychic or they get together secretly Kathleen Cnppen, at C'Xerc1ses at Leroy Schroder, Phyllis Elaine Ran- Jamie Lou Driver, Clarene Hirschy, La Mar, Joe Lawson, JoAnn Loucks, beforehand, anyway each one seems the school. . dolph, Ralph Stephan Kidd, Rich- Phyllis Martens, Beverly Milligan, Sally Mickelson, Christine Morris, to bring just the right thing and Honor. students of the cl.ass ?re: ar~ Arthur Buckley, Robert Arthur Kathryn .Mulligan, Carol Mohrin· Beverly Morud, Eleanor Peterson, the right amount. These affairs are Ida Louise Leedom, valedH:tor~an; 1 Miller, Robert Neal Slater, Shirley way, Margie Omat, Joyce Rogness, Don Rc<'d, Sidney Rohde, Rona! a lot of fun and are very enjoyable ~rnest Loyd Corp, salutaton~n; Ebine Atkins, Shirley Rae Durham, Alice Schibig, Betty She<'ts, Betty Smith, Violet Smith, Harold s;;y. to all who come out. The sing·le felI·.rances Mane Skad, outstandmg Sidney Allan Stolp, Thomas Orville Snowden, Jeannine Spencer, Marie der, Bill Squires, Max Starke!, Nita l<>ws who are not blessed ( ? ) with c1t1~t:'n. Doyle:, Vivian Lucille Davis, Wand:i St. Clair, Donna Swanson, Joan Steinbock Jourdan Sullivan Donna Jllatrimonial bliss and who thereby .Kiwanis c.lub awards for scholar- Elaine Mac.Lead, Warren Cly d c 1.. 'rca.· t, R. ita Wdlan, Lois.Wold, Eva Taylor, J~ycc White, Edwa/d Whith:wc no s o u r c e of home-coukcd ship and fo1 all-around student Symmons. Steele, La Verne Thomun" lf'y victuals save the Gerner gTocery may achievement were presented to Ida ----. _ __ rest their minds at case and come anyway, as there always seems. to I:redom and France~ Slead, respecb f' e ll 0 ug· I1 f.Of a II re-gardl ess Of I10W. tively. The presentations were -, ,. made ,.. , many t~rn out. ' by Frank McGrath a;id Col. l hco~hyll1s Martens aryd Sp enc c r Midland junior. high school's cornThe Elk Plnin school eighth grade ___ dorc Bolen, representmg the donor, Plupps were presented th<' annual mencement program was held on graduation was held in the Grange Another good re h th . South Tacoma Kiwanis club. American Legion achievement Wednesday evening, June 8, with a hall, Saturday, June 4. should be a 'largr The class proph.ecy forecast a.t Parkland j n i or high 1eception in Midland IrnprO\-emcnt .An program opened row nin-ht ·s tlie f ct th t ti by Nancy Jane Birkofr1, the class schools fmal assembly, m the school/ club hall for gradtiate~ parents and with a 1.)rocess1onal and other mu1 a a le annua 1 · . . ' " . b . f i·f· f h p d 1ustory was presented y \.Y1ll1am aud1tor1um Thursday, June 2 teache1s followin" the o0 raduation sic by the school orchestra followed . ('lcct · , 10 11 o o 1cers or t e ost an . · ' ;:., . ' 'ux'ili'ai· 'll I h Id N . . Loyd Mattsen and the class will was The awards, given by Parkland exercises. j' bv invocation and benediction by " 'll• be • Y w1 d)C e . . bommations . Mae Hill. . · · · • f h read by LoJS Amencan Leg10n Post 228 and Aux- 1I The <:ommencement proaram in- the Rev E Co" clarinet solo by Wl openc aga111 e ore t e · . , . . ' . " i · · '' election. To make this thing the The program .opened with a march 1lia~y, are decided, upon all-around eluded: . Bobby Kuper, address by J udg·e rnost den ocrati'c·.. p 'l l 't . f and other musical numbers by Mr. aclunemcnt by nrnth grade grad- I Overture, school orchestra direct- Bartell Rammcl, a a-uitar ensemble::, oss1} e, 1 is o · . . . ' . . " . . 1 utmmt ii·iipoi·t"nc t . and Mrs. George Barras. Invoca- uates dunng thell' school careers. ed by George Ba.· rras· Processwnal presentat10n of awards by Principal . . · " e o 1Ja\e a 1.irge / · · · · · · · I ' · ' ' turnout and pack th<' h~ill to ca- t1on and Bened1ct1on were given by ~oth ~c.h?larslup and part1c1pation •Jourdan Sullivan; Invocation, Rev. E. R. Hubner, songs by the Boys pacit)'. I the Rev .. Stanley R. ':":ddle. Anna 111 ac.t1v1tles a~e recogmzed; i Robert Bodin; welcome address, Bev- Glee club and the Chorus, presenMarn Nielsen of Pac1f1c Lutheran Plupps received the boys award I erly Corrigan; accordian solo, "Dizzy tation of diplomas by E. W. Castle RODGER l,UNDE POST NO, c~~le~e, guest speaker, dcli,crcd the from Frank Berry of ~acific Luther- 1 Fingers," "Sharpshooters,"!: S~·., a saxophone solo by Dale Tib5052 p1 mc1pal address. . W an college, representmg. Post 228. Mo.rud ·address "A Way to Health·' bitts and a talk by Gordon JohnV e t ·erans o f ore1gn ars ' ' ' son. ' F ~·r F" • . Other members of the graduating Mrs. James St. John presented the 1 Frank Recd· vocal solo "Star Dust" n ccts · irst • and Thud Tuesdays • 8 c·I ass are.. ' address,' "Good Sow' · awar d to M'iss M artens on b e h a If ·'Ruth Bagger; Graduates are: Tommy Avenll, p.m., 111 Parkland School Barbara Irene Keane, Betty Jayne of the Auxiliary unit. I ing" Sally Alstead· selection "By Alden Clark Boh Cook Edith CosAUXILIARY NEWS Hansen, Carl Denn Yocum, Carole Fifty-three students comprised the the' Light of the 'silvery Moon," by, Marlene' Ettlin, Ri~hard Field, Members who attended the in- J:a11 Swenson, Charles Henry H~r- junior high school graduating class. 9th grade quartet; Kiwanis awards,! Donald Goddard, Gloria Johnson, stitutincr and installation of the new kms, Charlotte Mary Kathryn Gib- They are: Dr. Ted Barber; presentation of/ Bobby Kuper, Shirley Loveland, Auxilia~)' of sa·m Brough Post No. bans, Connie Loreita Wilson, Cora Leonard Abbott, Grover Akre, class, Supt. Perry G. Keithley; pre-, Kenny Olive, Nadine Rearden, Pat 6ll5.5 Fr.iday, June 3, in the gym- May .. Hicks, D~.vid Cl a Y. Scarce, Terr.y Brady, ~ack Carroll, Wally sent?tion of di.plomas, And} e w: Schrivner, I.ris Smalley, r::e1~n Thiel, 1 nasmm at American Lake Gardens Della Rae Davis, Denn' s Gene Duggan, Ed Erickson, Bob Gehrke, Chnstensen; p 1 an o solo, !vfay John Thatcher, Dale Tibbitts, Edwere Commander Guv Steele and Reeve, Duane Richard Davidson, Art Getchman, Gene Grewell, Jerry Night," Jourdan Sullivan; farewell die Williamson and Phyllis Wright. Mrs. Steele, Mrs'. R~lph Rawley, Edward Lynn Smith, James Leo Hartman, Van Hinote, Fred Kent, address, Beverly Morud; selections, The three highest rated students Auxiliary president, Mr. and Mrs., Burton, Jc an Rae Hughes, J~an I A~·no!<l Lockert, Dick. 2'/elson, T~m "Su :nm er Time/' "Forever and, in. the class wer~ giv~n. recognition. John W. Johnsoii and Mr. and Mrs. Elrano,r Ockfen, Joanne. Kathennc I 0 Bne.n, .Spencer Phipps, Arv 1 d Ever,' 9th grade girls. i Highest was Eddie W1lhamson. Next Louis Keith. Mrs. Don Valentine, a Gagnon, Joseph Francis Arends, Quam, Bill Ru~h, Floyd SingleTarThe 32 members of Midland's were Kenny Olive, Dale Tibbitts. p:1st memlwr of our auxiliary, was - . .


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installed senior vic.e-pres'idcnt of th.e ncw auxiliary. "Best of luck, Olga." Roy Peterson, who had been under medical care at Madigan Gencrnl hospital, has 1;rturncd to his home. at.· Parkbnd. Commandt:'1· Guy StC'ele called on him Sunday night and found him some better



trolled wall fur.nae<:, la 1.· g e living room with plenty of wall space, guest and Ii n en closets, famous "Tracy Built" all-metal kitchen cabinets, thick;butt composition shii'lgle roofing, closets in every bedroom and many other fine features. ,





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.8::"""' J-11!11l . . . . . . . . .. _ f-B.1 '91 ·

'if:Ja"-~4 By INGA ST. CLAIR


d• Cl oncor ta ass w·11 G ra dua t e a t1 z·JOn L ut h eran Ch •





RECEIVES DEGREE HOME FOR SUMMER Earl A. Gullberg, son of Mrs. G. I . John Aaberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. CLOVER QREEK POST NO. I Hl 1wen.!Jeth Century E Gullbcrg Parllland received his. Theodore Aaberg has returned to ' ' Homes, Inc., < ' < ' • . AMERICAN LEGION announces the. begmnmg doctor of medicine ckgrec from the I Parl-land for the summer • He at11 ' of a ' new . ' l\1eetings every second ancl fourth development 111 Pan and, cons1st111g.· school. of medicine Creighton uni-' tended Concordia college Seward f l 0 h Tl f' "I I . ' . ' ' Friday at 8 p.m., in Scout 0 a)out + omes. ie irst wit )C Zion Lutheran church at 16th and vers1ty, on June 2. He graduated Neb. Hall, Spanaway erected on, the con~er of 116th and L streets in Tacoma will be the fr~rn Lincoln high school, Tacoma, RETURN FROM COLLEGE I streets. Constructwn there 1s now scene of graduation services for 11 and attended Northwestern univerWalter Johnson, son of Mr. and AUXILIARY NOTES way. The rest of the homes younrr ])CO]ile from Concordia Lu- 'sity where he received his bachelor Mrs. ht:'r Johnson, and Allen DanLadies Auxiliary Unit of Clover under · 'd · · h " ' · . . 'II f II success10n m t e theran school this Frida)' evening of science degree. He also attended tels, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Creek American Legion Post 118 w1 o ow m rap1 · ·l b I d · · . l . . Ju nc IO . t 11c U mvers1ty of W as h'mgton and Darnds · ' returned to t lCir respective will meet J unc 10, at 8 p.m. at the same genera l ne1.g l or 100 . There will be three major floor Guest speaker for the evening Pacific Lutheran college. He was a homes here last week end. Both atpresident's home. So we will sec you . •· f · I f p · (' · f . . ll . plans used, with. a larg~ number o will be the Rev. E. Jaech, of Seat- 111~111 )er o . h1 ,!11 r~termty and tended Washington State co egc Ill at Mrs. Long's, ch? will serve his mterncsh1p at Brem- Pullman. The important business of ckct- exteriors in a wide vanety of ~ut- tie ~·he primary chorus from Con- crton N;i~al hospital. He was one of GU~STS AT DINNER ing officers for the year 194·9-19::10 side finishes. The homes have been nearly 3:>0 graduates at the ComDlllncr guests at the home of is the most fcattired nurnhN on the designed by master r.raftsmen to cordia will sing· several numbers. · · " · · · · · - , . . . " . . d · , ·I , 7 . " f M .. A W R . cl S agenda. Corne on out and cast your provide the .n~ax11nu:n of. hv111~ . Sha.ring this yi;ar's honor as vale- m.enc,err~e.nt c.xc1usc~ .~~'.,.mg tic. l.s.t l 1.0. and . i:~ '",. . amsta , atspace at a mmirnum of expense, dictonan are Miss Roberta Schelp a.cad~1111c ye.ii of C1 u 00 hton um vu- u,1 day evenrn,,, wcte Mr. a~d ~rs. ba.llot for your favorite! s1ty, m Omaha, Neb. C. S. Fynbo;, Mr. Fynboe s sister This Thuriday, June 9, is the so as to keep the cost of the homes and James Moeller. The following students will re- TWO CALIFORNIANS HERE and brothrr-m-law, Mr. and Mrs. Fourth District conference, held in within the reach of thcaverage famthe Hall of Post No. 138, American ily man, according to W. P. Miller, ceive their diplomas: Ronald Bremer, Two California visitors were hon- Gustav .J. Helge of New Yod<, 1-'.r. Legion. Dinner is at .6:30 p.m. Get representing the company. Orva Arndt, Roberta Schelp, Anna- ored at an afternoon party at the and Mrs. Carl Fynboc Jr., Miss Ehzreservations by calling GR. 8313 or Built on a Jot 50xl00, in front belle Schede, Joyce Kohtz, Evelyn A. W. Ramstad home recently, Mrs. ''.beth Fynfoe,-Edward Hanson and GR. 8172. The district president, of which the streets will be graded, Reid, Bobette Marth, James Moeller, A. W. Hurtig and Mrs. Emma Tor- Eldon Ky! 0 • Mrs:· Funk, is hoping that each graveled and oiled, these homes will Robert Moerking, John Holtorf, and ven-d, both of Patterson, Calif. Mrs. BON VOYAGE PARTY Unit will have a representative dcle- be finished both inside and· out with Robert Maltzahn. Hurtig came to Parkland the last Larry Hauge was honored at a color combinations as set forth in week in May for the graduation of bon voyage party by a group of gation. By the time our next Pointer the leading national home magaher daughter, Vivian, from Pacific ~o~mg peopl.e, at tl~e Rams.tad Tl I ·11 pr t a On as VO O'lnS Lutheran colleo-e. She is the recent- h1day evernng, pr10r to his leavmg comes out, we will be on the eve · zmcs. lese 10mes w1 esen • , " b f 0 I N J 1 of Flag Day. We ladies of the Amer- picture of gracious living which will S ly-e!e.cted. vice-presiden.t ?f the Y Pan~ or so, orway, on une ican Leg·ion Auxiliary urge all to bring joy to the heart of every man Pacific District Women's M1ss1onary I~. To add to the pleasure ?f tr~v'd . . . h' Donald W. East void has been ap- federation and made use of this op- el mg, the group presented hnn with raise your colo•s on that occasion, w10 · d a d eputy prosecutor, 1t · was portunity h) plan the work for the a shoulder travel case. The guests l ta ..k·es . pn. e .111 owmng ts own pmnte June 14·, proudly remembering for s•.lld Mi 11 e1. b. . -d announced Saturday by Patrick M. di'stri'ct wi'th Mrs Ranistad Mi·s /included Dick Svare Dale Keller of what our great flag stands. For hoTme, hcse to e price to Steele, Pierce . . Eldon Kyllo, ' . Hei, $homes are f , h, ? b d county prosecutor. ·Torvend has hecn · visiting' at· Bur-· Snoquahme, Miss ninny years our organization has enf 01 t ' 11 01 • 6 ' 300 se -e room, E lei d h" · d . I t · · R d M' El' b 1 F l astvo assume 1s new ut1es as t111 gton Wash and Silverton Ore Jen amsta , 1ss 1za et l yn b oe, . h d f $"OO deavored to spread the teachings of wit a own pay1nent o , .:> anc . , . . ' ., , ., . week and will contmue m the prose- and is on her way to her home in I Edwar.d Hanson, MISS Donna Rell"A Flag Code," by which all could hi y payment o f $ 35 · 78 , an cl cutor·s · o ff'ice unt1·1 f a II , w I1en h e Patterson Both women were house J man, M · M'1ss M an'l yn , a ]co Im Some, learn the methods of showing due a mont or I plans to enter pnvate . . . · · · · · 6 ' 995 f. h t Id1e 1 a r g c 3- b efd room $ ., practJce 111 o-uests of Mrs Anna Knutzen In Pflueger, Paul Arlton, Miss Dee respect to uur f I a g - "The Old 700 home, wit a own payment o •r · • • ff' " · · · · · Parkland. He will locate his o ice addition to the honor gursts at the Kyllo, Bill Betts and the honor Glory." Printed copies of this flag f $36 ·83 · · h hl · J afternoon party, other guests were guest. m t e new b u1'Id'mg f or t l1e N at10na code are obtainable from the Amer- and a mont y payment o ican Legion and are presented to The homes are to be .double-con- Bank of Washington's Parklanrl Mrs. Anna Knutzen, Mrs. A. A. SEATTLE VISITORS schools, clubs, and o~her gro~ps. structed · through?ut~ built to FHA branch. Mykland, Mrs. Joseph Running and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haner and On land, on sea and m the air- sta~dards and will mclude t.he folSon of Dr. S. C. Eastvold, Pacific Mrs. John Salater. family of South ! 20th ·street had "Old Glory" has led towards free- lowmg features: Picture wmd?ws, Lutheran college president, and Mrs. TO BOARD ~IEETING as their dinner guests, Saturday evcdom from bondage-for all. "So- ~ar~wo?d floors. through.out w 1 th Eastvold, the new deputy was grad· Mrs. A. W. Ramstad, recently- ning, Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Whipflags up on June 14-every house mla1d linoleum 111 the. kitchen and uated from University of Washing- elected president of the Women's pie, son Laird and daughter Martha display your patriotism-show your utility roon.1, automatic ~ot water, ton l::tw school in !94·8. Last spring, Missionary federation of the Pacific Sue. Mr. and Mrs. Whipple are flag!" a 11 tom a Ile, thermostat1cally-co11- he placed first in the law school's district, leaves Monday for .tv[in- former Parklanditcs and will spend mock ·appellate court compet1t10n. neapolis to uttend a national board the summer months at Redondo He also has taken honors in national meeting, which will be in session for beach· debate competition. He was a stu- three days. The group, consisting of ENTERTAINS FOR IOWAN dent at St. Olaf college, Northfield, the national officers and the nine Mrs. C. B. Harmon of Northwood, Minn., and previously was valedic- district presidents, will pl a n the Iowa, was guest of honor at the torian of his class at Eau Claire, work for the biennium and the next home of Mr. and Mrs. Gunnar MalWis., high school. general convention, to be held in min, at a dinner party last S<1turEastvold served three years in the Minneapolis in June, 1950. day evening. Other guests present Army. He is a former editor of the DINNER GUESTS were Mr. and' Mrs. Ernest I-farmon, Locatjon Prairie Pointer. He is presently Mr. and Mrs. Bert. Streng and son Boots and daughter Laurel Dee. Lor·ated :iway from the hl'avy flow building a new home at Park avenue sons had as dinner guests, Tuesday ANNU~L PICNIC . of trnffic, s~rvicl's arr not disturbed and south 121 st street here. evening, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hi!Students of Concordia Lt1thernn and parking is no problem. But ton, son Barry and daughter Holly. school will enjoy a day of sports you'll always find Mr. Hilton is a student at Washing- PARKLAND LOC:ALS . . ton State college. The Hilton fam- and games at their annual p1c111c, SINCERITY and SIMPLICITY OPERATION IV\' ily will reside in Carnation, Wash., to be held Thursday, June 9., at at . . . The bricks of Old Main moved where Mr. Hilton will serve as vet- Spanaway Metropolitan park. out into full sunlight for the first crinarian at the Carnation Dairy VISITING IN MINNESOTA time in years as removal of the form this summer. Mrs. A. L. ElMrs. N. E. Salli left last Thursheavy ivy growth proceeded this lingson, mother of Mrs. Streng, was day to visit relatives in Mankato, week. Nostalgia aside, appearance i'lso present. Minn. of the building is definitely im- MOUNTAIN TRIP SHORTCAKE LUNCH proved by the operation, in addiMr. and Mrs. Ernest Harman and J _. La~ics of the Park!3:nd Volunteer tion to its bein!! relievell of jlw chiidren, .and JVlr. Harman's moth-11' 1rc uepartmcnt aux11lary will hold heavy load. er, Mrs. C. B. Harmon, motored to , their annual . stra'.vbcrry shortcake Pacific Lutheran college plant Mt. Rainier last Sunday. 1luncheon at the fHc hall Wednesmanager Kenneth Jacobs forecasts V ACATION AT OCEAN I day, June 15. All members are urged that about· 10 years will be reMr. and Mrs. Robert Alder and to attend. quired to secure a representative son, Ronny, of Dorstedt road will AT ~EW POST HERE new growth of ivy on the old spend several weeks at Ocean Beach. , Miss Joan, daugh'.e: of Mrs. walls. Little Christine Jacobs will be their j Elmer B.eard, this week JOmed the guest, I Continued on Page F~ur


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REAPPOINTMENT ASKED HERE FOR REV. COOPER The Fourth Quarterly conference of the Parkland Methodist church was conducted by the Rev. Owen .J. Beadles, district supcrin tcndcnt, Friday, June 3, at the Methodist parsonage. Officers and committees wne elected for the coming year. It was the request of the conference that the pastor, the Rev. George W. Cooper, be reappointed for the year 19+9-1950. The Annual conference is meeting this week at the College of Puget Sound and the pastor and lay leader, F. W. Traill, will be in attendance. Rev. Cooper will preach as usual next Sunday at the morning service, at 11 a.m.

NEWEST SCHOOL CONSOLIDATION I · CH.DOSES BOARD · G or cl on· J o Irnson o f Elk Pl am · is · · · chairman of the Board of Duectors f or t h e new I y-conso I'd 1 ate d sc h oo I ·. .' f · . d1st11ct. o s?uth central P1e1ce cou_nty, which mcludes the former dis· f " · s Elk tncts o i\.apowsm, panaway, Pl am, . R oc I'Y R'd d R 0 t ge an oy. t h er members of the ?card, chos.en last week at Kapowsm from directors of the individual districts, are: John Newell of Spanaway, John Rausch, Burth Whitehead and Gus Sorenson. H omer · A n d erson, f ormei· sc h oo l superintendent at Kapowsin, was selected superint~ndent of the consolidated .district. He .will be aid.eel by Franc1l Olson, assistant supenntendent in charge of high schools, .and Richard J. Frazer, supervisor of elementary schools. Olson was formerly superintendent at Roy. Frazer was ,Spanaway school princip~l. E', l~. Hubner, former Elk Plarn pnnc1pal, was elected board clerk. Bethel school district is the name



unanimously. for consolidated orgamzation, honor~ng Mrs. Ruth Bethel, county superrntendent of schools. The name was suggested hy Leonard Goodwin, a Roy school student. Mrs. Bethel formerly was superintendent of schools at Roy. Clerk Hubner stated: "We felt the name was one means of expi·essing our appreciation for the efforts of M rs Bet., JC·1 111 . ass1stmg . . th ese d"JS· · ' tff O)tam 1 • proper cd ucat10na · 1 tncts f ·i· · ,, ac1 ities. Two hirrh schools are included in Bethel dis~rict, Kdpowsin and Roy. One ·purpose of consolidation is to l t · I g· d } · ·I scl ool o J am a ar c, mo ern ug 1 l t . th t'. i·ea oO se1ve e en . 11 e ao f .•.t h e f'ive. d"is~ t h er d.1rectors t · t 'II . 'th th Consolinc s w1 seive w1 e dated board as an advisory com. mi~e;;e pmgress towards organiza.· f ti I'd t d d' ti"tct is t1on o ie conso 1 a e ts planned at a meeting of the board scheduled for June 2 1 at Roy.

SUMMER REC. SESSIONS TO OPEN MONDAY Supervised summer recreation for sc.hool-age children will be provided in Parkland ag·ain this summer, with a




undf'r \Vay at

Parkland school next Monday, Jrnw 13. Daytime play hours fo1 tht· first week have been announced by Director Paul Larson, as follows: D:tily, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. These hours arc subject lo son1e change for the rc1nainder of the surnn1er, Larson said. Evening recreation will be provided on Tuesdays and Tlrnrsdays onlr, from 6:30 to 9:30 o'clock. No revision of these hours is anticipated. Hobby craft classes, prcsrn ted by Parkland P-TA, arc planned for younger children and for girls. They will commence l\{onday, cJune 20, and it is asked that those intending to participa tc sign up during the coming week so that a program may he drafted. Swimming classes, with instrnctors provided by the P-T A, also arc scheduled to begin Monday, June 20, at Spanaway lake. Transport:1tion will be provided. In addition to the craft classes, the complete sports program will include: Swimming, softball, basket· ball, golf, tennis, horseshoes, labk tennis and volleyball. Scheduks arc to be announced later. A tennis tournament is planned, with a trophy already donated by Parkland Post of AMVETS, Larson said. The director will lw at the College Golf course d u r i n g the morning· hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Special green fees will be available to youngsters who sign up for golf through the recreation program. The sunnncr's progran1 is dcsignrd for children of school nge and older. Adults also will be welcomed, especially at the evening sessions. If sufficient younger children turn out, special groups will be organized for them. Swimming is to be rcstrictNI to children of 8 years and older.

Education Talk Set For Kiwanis Lunch The Rev. Walter Macoskcy, prominent Tacoma clergyman, will headline the program for this week's regular luncheon meeting of the Parkland Arca Kiwanis club, today noon at the Alnor cafr. The Rev. Macoskey is recognized as an nu~ thority on Kiwanis education and history. The new club last week heard Henry Willis of the downtown Tncoma Kiw:.inis club, licutenant-gnvcrnor of Division th r cc, Pacific Northwest Kiwanis district. He outlined Kiwanis organization and ain1s

for the benefit of the members here. Information regarding the club's charter party, set for July 14, was provided by Jim Repp, chairman of the committee in charge of sponsorMembers of Central Av c nu c ing the Parkland club for the South P-T A recently honored Edwin Ne!- Tacoma club. son, principal, with a potluc.k dinner i ht;ld in the sch?ol: Nelson this fall SUMMIT BREMEN WORK will become prmc1pal of Parkland school, after serving for 15 years in TO CONSTRUCT STATION similar capacity for Central AvSummit, Woodland and Collins enue. Volunteer Fir c department hns In token of appreciation for his scheduled a "Firemen's Work Day," efforts in behalf of the school, he Saturday, June 11. Chief John was presented with a telescopic lens Karli has called for as many men for his moving picture camera anp from the district as can to turn a cake by members of the school out, to help build the new fire hall. board and P-TA. Work will begin at 9 a.rn. Stanley Willis, who has been actLunch will be served by the auxing principal of Parkland school iliary at noon, under the. direction since December, 19+8, has been ad- of Mrs. N. M. Nelson, president, vanced to become full principal of who echoes the call: "Let's all turn Central Avenue school next fall. He out for this worthwhile cause." was honored at the last meeting of ii\ummit, Woodland and Collins Parkland P-TA, following announce- Firemen's auxiliary will hold its rcgment of his promotion by the direc- ular monthly meeting Wednesday, tors of Franklin Pierce school dis- .June 15, 8 p.m., at the home of trict, of which both Parkland and Mrs. Richard A. Carlson on Collins Central Avenue schools arc units. , road.

Central Ave. P-T A Honors Nelson; Stan Willis Moves Up


llahnsan I Anderson arket On Mountain 1-Iighvvay

Phone GRanite



The Store That J-1 as It Groceries ·· Meats .,. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables ·· Pie-Sweet Frozen Foods Carnation Ice Cremn ·· Pyrex Ware Fuller Paints ·· Lee's Overalls ·· U. S. Rubber Footwear ·· Feed ·· liay ·· P~at Moss ·· Garden Tools. Finest Parking on the Mt. Hiway


Parkland, Washington, Thursday, June 9, 194-9


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Mrs. Albert Nelson, reporter Phone Graham 206

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Herc are a number of business firms, who, .through their individual advertisements, offer to Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Woods and citizens of the South End trading area a service as close as their own telephones . . . These A community newspaper for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and Spanaway. daughter of Parkland were visitors firms arc established not only with hopes of personal success but also with the hope of being Published every Thursday by Beard Printing Co., P. 0. Box 797, Park- at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe able to contribute to the development of a growing community. Check these listings for the land, Washington. Telephone GRanitc 7100. Jupiter, Sunday. services you need! Entered as second-class matter October 3, 1945, at the post office at Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Jobbins of Parkland, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1379. Longmont, Colo., are visiting with SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One year, $1.50; six months, $1.00 their da ughtcr, Mrs. Lester Cruts. Prize winners in a recent Pierce AUTO REPAIR FLOWERS - SHRUBS AUTQ SUPPLIES County 4·-H luncheon and dinner JUNE BRIDES preparation contest were: Vivienne Your ONE-STOP Last week the Pierce county commissioners warned through Norman and Beverly Hague of South WEDDING ARRANGEMENTS Shopping Center these columns against continuation of vandalism that has re- Graham club, led by Mrs. Harry HOME APPLIANCES Allen. They were second place win-1 Complete Painting Touch-Up Authorized Dealer cently been increasingly evidenced here; a number of deprencrs in the luncheon division. Their GET MY BID FIRST We Wire Flowers-We Deliver dations on rbe lower campus of Pacific Lutheran college last menu consisted of pineapple-banana Pacific Ave. and Airport Road Mt. Hiway at Parkland GR. 7270 salad, noodles and meat casserole, week adding to the weight of evidence. Airport and Pacific. GR ....6119 muffins, pickles, jf'lly, tapioca pudThe commissioners advised that closer police guard is to FUEL DEALERS ding and milk. Winners of the dinbe maintained hereabouts. Most of our citizens will welcome ner contest were Joann Erickson and aid this tightened police watch. But just preventing more and Shirley Andrews of North GraWHOLESALE & RETAIL damage is not 1mough. Policing does not go far enough. There's ham Farmcttcs, led by Mrs. Harold GENERAL REPAIRING SEE McGee. Their menu consisted of Also MACHINE SHOP SER VICE policing-up that needs to be done, too. Parkland, Wash. Swedish meatloaf, mashed potatoes, GR. 8619 HEAVY FIREPLACE AND a Roadsides, even where garbage is not deliberately dumped tomato juice cocktail, Waldorf salWt~ Gladly Deliver FURNACE WOOD Pacific Ave. at Airport Way / by unthinking citizens, are badly littered, particularly beneath ad, jelly, Australian carrots, b,1king Phone: GRanite 4604 Open Till 6:00 p.m. Week Days po\vdcr biscuits, gravy, lC'rnon pie, mail bO},"CS where unwanted handbills arc allowed to accumu- coffee and milk. late. Many vacant lots are eyesores. Spring dean-up is a month Mrs. C. E. Gardener of Hoquiam, past and keeping a community clean is a continuing process. Wash., visited with her son, Charles 24-Honr Towing Service lll& MOBILHEAT THE HOME OF FRIGIDAIRE There is a job in this for the county commissioners, too. Gardener, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Elba Camphell of 10006 Pacific Ave. FUEL OIL WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES GR. 3177 Blooming broom and tall-growing grass: in frequent instances Puyallup were dinner guests a-t the GR. 6547 Spana way GR. 7583 Highest Quality' General Petroleum Products EXPERT REPAIRING are blocking traffic signs from view of approaching drivers. home of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Shook, BICYCLES SALES, REPAIRS' Sunday. "Cherry Valley" If all the arterial stop signs in this area are really needed, they Mr. and Mrs. Dick Knollcs and need to be seen. CIA. 3366 coAL family- of Thrift, Wash., were visRt. 7, Rox 660 BR. 5148 -·-•GR. 8625 140th & Pacific So, it's a job for all-but not a big job, if each one docs itors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Shook, Wt'dncsday cwning. COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE M. E. his share. LUMBER DEALERS SERVICE BIKE RENTALS -- KEYS CUT l\frs. Lois Baumgardner visited at Lawnmowers J>recision Ground the home of Mrs. Albert Ndson, - W E CUT GLASSFree Pick-up & Delivery Service tapers in crystal .-holders. After the Monday. bride and bridegroom cut the first 334 Garfield St. GRanite 5772 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stanger and pi.ece of cake, Mrs. Benjamin H. family visited with her parents, Mr. AUTO SERVICE S1A1IONS BUILDING SUPPLIES 96th and Portland Ave., Midland Linn of Taco1na, wearing a cocoa and Mrs., Andrew Paulson, Sunday. brown crepe dress and gardenia corGR. 8488 Sgt. and Mrs. Robert Gardener Within Mount Olive Lutheran sage, continued the serving-. Mrs. arc receiving ,congratulations on the Call Us for Your Lumber Needs SEMI-DRY CANYON ROAD PIT church in Shelton, Wash., Mrs. Isa- A. B. Anderson of East Stanwood, arrival of their first child, a son, l\farfak Lubrication bell McElroy of Sedro-Woolley, sister of the bride, in rose crepe, and born Tlrnrsday, June 2, at Puyallup Rank Run-Good for Driveways GRanit~ ATTRACTIVE Wash., became the bride of Mr. Allie '."f rs. Charles R. Hurst of Shelton, General hospital. He has been named Texaco Gas - Oil and Accessories 50c per cubic yard, your truck KITCHEN CABINETS 111 Hansen of Shelton on the 23th of navy blue crepe, poured. Both. David Allen and weighed 5 pounds, Mountain Hiway at Clover Creek AFTER 5:00 P. M. • 4 yards, delivered-$6.00 MADE TO ORDER Ben Lawrence May, when the Rev. William Alback wore corsages of gardenias. Miss 8 ounces. Grandparents are Mr. and GR. 9942 Phone. WAverly 7902 pastor of the church, read an im'. Harriet H ans e n of Shelton had Mrs. Ch a r 1 es Gardener. GreatFUNERAL PARLORS pressive double-ring ceremony in the charge of the guest book and Mrs. e;randn;othcr is Mrs. E. Gardener Top Qttality CLOTHES CLEANING PACIFIC AVENUE LBR. CO. presence of many relatives and J. W. Graham of Shelton the gifts. of Hoquiam. 84th and Pacific GA. 313!1 GASOLINE Later a buffet supper for out-offriends of the couple. Mrs. Carl Hoganson is again iu NURSING HOMES Glowing pale blue tapers in floor town guests, including some from the Tacoma GFneral hospital. MOTOR OIL-SOc Gallon GR. i911 Guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and altar candelabra and large bou- Tacoma, Everett, Puyallup, Scdro quets of pink snapdragons and white Woolley and Stanwood, Wash., was and Mrs. Mila Becker were: Mr. Free Pickup & Delivery ILab~u:re stock decorated the altar while pale held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Tony Sulkoski and Mervin Mt. Highway at Orchard Hill Plant: Park & -Violet Meadow 1'l'u:tr§iDg Dome blue bows of maline were tied to L_vlc McElroy. Large bouquets of of Puyallup, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Call Office, Parkland ·Centre the ends of the pews. Mr. Shep, prnk flowers were used throughout Bersk, Mrs. Marie Bersk Jr. and. Tule Lake Road church organist,_ played the wedding the. home. Centering the table from daughter, Mr. and and Mrs. Walter' GR 8077 Parkland music and accompanied the choir wlu?h. refreshments were served was Jabbonski of Tacoma, Mr. and MrsJ I LOOK YOUR BEST ALWAYS which sang, "O Perfect Love" and a mm1ature white wedding cake dec- Aasen and son, Jerry, of Seattle, 1-lr. Alice Dorfner, Reporter "The Lord's Prayer," preceding the orated with Pi n k rosebuds. Mrs. and Mrs. Robert McMains and Bob- · . PAINTING ceremony. ' James Hanson of Puyallup poured. by of Renton, Wash., Mr. and Mrs. Graham 458 Floor Coverings -- Window Shades The bride, given in marriage by . The couple left later in the evc- J. Shirley and Gary and Kathy, Mr. Mt. Highway at Brookdale Sherwin-Williams Paints . Elk Plain school held its annual her sons, Lyle McE!roy and Carol nmg on a short wedding trip and :ind Mrs. Dennis Shirley and CharGR. 6232 picnic at the school grounds, with FREE ESTIMATES McElroy, both of Shelton, wore a upon .their return will make their lie Gordon of Wisconsin. GR. 6582 Paddand, Wash. Mr. and Mrs. W. P .. Farley and games and a lunch enjoyed by over floor,length gown of pale blue sheer home Ill Shelton. For traveling, Mrs. ROOF STAINING over taffeta, fashioned with Jong- Hansen wore ~ dark gray suit with son spent the 3-day holiday in Van: 400 people. Two ball games, between GARBAGE SER VICE Service Call For & Deliver 3-Day . older women and girls and older sleeved bodice and gathered skirt. black accessories and an orchid cor- couvcr, B. C. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kennedy of men and boys ball clubs, saw the She carried a white prayer book on sage. Mrs. Hansen, a former resiwhich rested an orchid with narrow dent of Parkland, has for some time Seattle were dinner guests at the girls beat the women, but the men PRINTING been employed at the Memorial hos- home of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stan- beat the boys. The one mishap of s at i n streamers. Her sister, 1-frs. 24-HOUR SERVICE AT pital in Sedro Woolley. ger. the day occurred to Mrs. Lonnie Henry Sawyer, of Sedro Woolley, as PJ,ANT Mrs. Lester Cruts and daughters, Smalley, who was hit in, the eye Airport & Pacific P. 0. Box 726, Parkland, Wash. matron of honor was gown in pink GR. 6301 Beverley and Bettie, and Mrs. Al- with a baseball. taffeta and carried a colonial noseCommercial Printinq and GR. 7958 John Clabough bert Nelson attended the wedding Don Goddard accompanied his gay of pink and orchid sweetpeas Publications of All Kinds of Bessie Roland at Clover Creek grandmother, Mrs. E. H. Hoyt, to centered with pink rosebuds, tied June 1. They Baptist church. Alaska, Wednesday, GRanite 7100 with long blue satin streamers. Lit. . Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger were are going to visit Donny's aunt, Mrs. Drive In Under Awning ... tle Gertrude Linda McElroy, junior Park Ave. & Wheeler St., Parkland St~nley L. Ariton, a scmor rn the guests at the home of his sister, Mrs. H. B. Antrim. They are to be joined Where Everybody Stops bridesmaid, .wore a floor-length tafdepartment at Augustana Walter Aftdom of Tacoma Wcdneslater by his grandfather. A farewell physics Open 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. feta frock with pink daisies and pink ' party for D~nny was held at his RADIO ~ALES & REPAIR Daily except Sunday rosebuds in her hair and carried a college at Sioux Falls, S. D., is one day. Weekly Garbage Collection of 17 Lutheran students from the Mr. and Mrs. C. Enlo-w of Tahome Friday, May 27. About 30 colonial nosegay similar to that of Telephone GA. 5495 For Pick-up United States who will participate coma visited at the home of Mr.• children from the 6th, 7th and 8th Phone GR. 6190 or GR. 6300 the matron of honor. three int.erna~ional Luthera~ and Mrs. E. G. Tinius, Wednesday. grades came to his home after school in DAIRIES RADIO REPAIR SPECIALIST Miss Linn McElroy and Miss GROCERIES - MEATS Barbara McElroy, candlelighters, study-work projects rn Germany t41s I ]\,fr. and Mrs. Ralph Nelson and for a wiener roast and games. TELEVISION Elk Plain school was dismissed for wore gowns fashioned alike, with summer, under the sponsorship· of Emil Nelson visited at the home of Philco__ Sales and Service Lutheran World federation, with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson Sunthe summer months on Monday, the fitted bodices and long skirts. Miss Mt. Hiway, past Parkland ' June 6. Linn McElroy was in pale green the Div_ision of Student Ser; ice of day.. 14 lst and Pacific GR. 7563 the Nat10nal Lutheran council servMr. and Mrs. Brundage of PuyMr. and Mrs. B. L. Kuper lrft taffeta and· Miss Barbara McElroy, G. FUCHS, Proprietor ing as the American r~presentative. allup were visitors at the home of Mo n d a y morning for Pullman, · lOBTH AND PARK· peach taffeta. Their wristlets were REAL ESTATE ~rlton has been ~ssigned to '.he Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger, Sat- Wash., to attend the State Grange (Sales Rd. & Park Ave.) of pink sweetpeas and rosebuds. HOMOGENIZED AND convention. Notary Public Insurance Mr. Henry Sawyer of Sedro Wool- project a.t Neckarz1mn:er~, which urday. Groceries - Gas - Oil - Meats Mrs. Emely Ball of Spanaway was · Arlene Walk has joined a newlyPASTEURIZED MILK ley served as best man. for Mr. Han- will consist of th~ buildmg of _a sen and the ushers were Mr. Benja- chapel and recreat10'.1 room at this a dinner g·uest at the home of Mr. organized girls ball club in PuyalAND CREAM - ICE CREAM and Mrs. R. W. Stanger, Sunday. !up. min H. Linn of Tacoma, brother of youth hostel near Heidelberg. ONLY Al and Jennie Grodvig, Realtors He gra~uate~ from Augustana Sunday,' May 31, Mr. and Mrs. Eighth grade of Elk Plain ·school, the' bride, and Mr. Warren A. Lep10% MARK UP Phones: GR. 7232 and GR. 6774 P. 0. Box 207, So. Tacoma college this spnng from the rnatheA. Paulson, Mrs. A. K. Llewellyn Monday, June 6, held its "sneak" at per of Sedro Woolley. STORE IN SOUTH END Residence Phone: GR. 8210 A reception followed in the church matics and physics department. He and daughters of Tacoma, Mr. and Spanaway park, Mrs. Rearden and Tacoma 9 Phone GA. 3301 parlors, where the bride's table, cov- is a son of Dr. Alexander V. Arlton Mrs. Ha.rry Anderson and Mr. and Mr. Hubner took the !lth grades RESTAURANTS ered with a lace cloth, was centered of Parkland, an_d_ attended Pacific Mrs. Vesley Ackerson were guests down and they spent the day eatGR. 8128 752- 103TH DRUGS - PRESCRIPTIONS with the beautiful pale blue, tiered Lutheran college m 194-2 and 1943. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. ing, swimming, boating and having (Sales Road) all the fun a _picnic implies. The wedding cake which was in cross He served wit~. the armed forces in Stanger. the south Pacific. Mr. and Mrs. Baterburn of Sumone smprise of the day was in the design ornamented with pale pink CUSTOM KILLING , mit were visitors at the home of afternoon, when the 7th graders arrosebuds. On either side were bouFOOD Is Our Specialty for Patronize Your Advertisers Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stanger, Sat- rived to show the 3th g-raders they quets of pink rosebuds and tall blue LOCKER . knew where they were. urclay. GARFIELD AT PACIFIC ACCURATE BEEF, VEAL and PORK Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lorenz and Week end guests at the Tibbitts' PARKLAND Cutting -- Curing -- Smoking Prescription Servin~ . family, 'Mr. and Mrs. Ray ·Funk, home were: Mr. and Mrs. L. Stires 116th & Tule Lake Road Miss Thelma Funk and Mrs. Fre- and son, Lloyd, from Klamath Falls, Res. Phone: Bus. Phone: mont Hanson picnicked at Benbow Ore. Saturday, Mrs. Tibbitts had a GA. 8893 GR. 8246 TAKE HER TO little get-together in honor of Dale's Jakes, Sunday. HAULING MOVING Mr. and Mrs. Alhert Nelson and graduation. Also present were Mr. ---grandchildren visited at the home and Mrs. Melvin Nelson from TaTo DINE and DANCE ;f her brother, Charles Lorenz, Sat- coma, an~! Mrs. Alire Kinsman. SunDelicious FRIED CHICKEN urday. day guests at the Tibbitts' were Mrs. Tender STEAK DINNERS Mr. and Mrs. Lester Cruts ·and Georg c Michel and daughter, Call LA. 9145 102 Sales Road Pacific Avenue and Airporl Road daughters, Bettie and Beverley, and Gladys. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Jobbins attendMrs. Ed Flannery held a farewell FEED STORES ed Baccalaureate services for Puy- dinner, Sunday evening, in honor allup high school. of Billy Flannery, John Farren and LAKEWOOD FEED & FUEL CO. Our Specialty (Next to State Scale) Mr. and Mrs. M .. C. Grimes were Earl Patrick, who left M on d a y ITALIAN DINNERS Daily Service to Parkland, visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. morning to work for the summer in Hay, Grain, Seeds, Peet, Fertilizers Also AMERICAN STYLE Complete line of Centennial Charles Gardener. Ketchikan, Alaska. Those present Spanaway and Surrounding DANCING FRI. AND SAT. Products Mrs.· Albert Nelson visited at the were: lylr. and Mrs. Andy Dobiash. Territory CALL LA. 8080 Also Albers Stove Oil home of Mrs. Victor Anderson, on Eddie Flannery Jr., Mr. and Mrs. AU MAKES •• , PICK-UP AND A. O'Malley a]\ld daughter, Claudia. 11536 Pacific Highway Wednesday. LA. 3522 DELIVERY SERVICE SHOE REPAIR Mrs. Claude Ackerson is able to COMPLETE STOCK OF PARTS FOR MOST RANGES be with her sister, Mrs. Jane Whecl- POINTER WANT ADS PAY !cuBS PLAN OCEAN TRIP QUALITY SHOE REPAIRING HARDWARE 1 el'. Guaranteed Work Mr. and Mrs. W. Russell are lcav· Spa.naway Cub Scout Pack is GIFTS ELECTRIC FIXTURES Ask Your Neighbor ing to live at Satsop, Wash. plannmg a week end motor trip to the ocean. Mr. and Mrs. 1-lerle PretSporting Goods and Hardware Those from here who attended the Elk Plain school picnic Sunday tyman, ML and Mrs. James Grey AND ASK FOR RANGE REPAIR Spanaway on the Mountain Hiway and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Haugen were: Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cook I j and family, Mr. and Mrs. Golden oversee the Cubs. An invitation Let City light - who power your VARIETY STORES Smallwood and Altheat and Melvin .. t~ gG ~!cng is r:~tcudcd iU ali par .. i P ARJ{LAND .......... ,,.... _ _ .... ___ !1. ............... __ _ GR. 79471 75-LB ..CAPACITY Mr. and Mrs. Ross Plumb and Jerry, rnts of Cubs by the cubmaster . ....... ::i... """""t' II UI 1up t:ITTIClency. Terry and Larry, Mrs. Levi Plumb, Prompt service always. OF ALL KINDS l~OR THE Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ne.Ison and WSCS MEETS WEDNESDAY WHOLE FAMILY I grandchildren, Mary Jupiter, HowBATHING SUITS, SUNSUITS LIKE NEW - COST $67.50 The Women's Society of Christian I ard, Lorraine and Bettie Lou Shook, ETC. Service will meet at Parkland MethMerle Smith and Martin Vosneck. odist church for a covered dish din. ner and, d.e. v_ otio.nal, and busiMonthly terms on all purchasesI 1 uess program. Wednesday, June IS. 7025 Pacific Avenue Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.) 1

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oolerator ce Box wm



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Hiway Variety Store


Parkland, Washington, Thursday, June 9, 1949

Spanaway School Staff Is Honored At P-TA Luncheon To show appreci?tion to school teachers and bus drivers, Spanaway P-1 ~ s executive board held.a lunchc·o11 m .the Spanaway school lunchroom 1hursday, June 2. Guests attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Sam Green, Dan Grefthen, Mrs. Queenie Cook, Les Coss, J3ob Miller, Mrs. Collander, Miss Jean Huber, Miss Inez Arneson, Mrs. Kathleen Crittrn, Mrs. Borrell, Mrs. Opal Rose,_ Mrs. Pease, Mrs. Ebba Turner, R1chanl Fraser and :Mrs. Flanders. The luneh committee was r""'!



I ····-

prised of the Mesdames Doris Ornat, Ray Hill, Franz Holmes, Charles. Newberry, Chet McAtee, Russell 1



THES. £ WOMEN •f ! · l

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i fr--..,...;--;;;;;;;;:===;;;;;l-----==::::~;;;::;~~;::-::---~-il If:!. ll ...--: ---..... ·_

Scearce, Robert Steidel, Louis Syrnmons, John Newell, J. W. Wal111, and, Dorothy Birkofer. Mrs. Louis Symmons was present·: e d a sccon cl ~year bar t 0 b e a dded ' to her past P-TA president's pin. I Principal Richard Fraser made a! I farewell talk and Mrs. Symmons ex1 I pressed her appreciation of the close: cooperation of the teachers with the P-TA. She introduced the new P-TA president, Mrs. John Newell. Miss Lois Mae.Hill and Miss Nace Birkhofer served the lovely luncheon upon lace-covered tables. Summer 1 · ·time flowers were used for centerpieces. Hand-formed place cards of 1 tulips made the tables very lovely.

I 111

Mrs. Arthur Pietz, Reporter Rt. 1, Box 445, Spanaway--GR. 6646 Lillie Pfaff of Mountain -highway has returned home after spending a two w e e k s vacation i11 Ritzville, Wash., with her daughter and sonin-law, Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Pfaff. Mrs, Ruth Kirby of Second street celebrated a birthday Thursday, June 2. Some of her friends called on her and were treated to two lovely birthday cakes. Those wish-




-=-· - 1 KE Jf-A~Blt;S d/J cc- .



WE GLADLY DELIVER SPANA\;VAY-Across from School GR, 7583 or GR. 6547


ing her _"happy birthday" were: Underwood, N. D., Cpl. Bill StodMrs. Oliver 0 mat, Mrs. Velma ard of Ft. Lewis and Mr. and Mrs. Rhone, Miss Margret Bailor, a sis- Fay Cooley of 12th and East E ter to Ruth, Ed S P ah r, 1:1ilton streets, spent Sunday at Surprise Mrs. John Susan, reporter Bailor, Ruth's brother, and Michael lake on a picnic. Some of the party, Rt. 7, Box 400 GRanite 7002 Kirby. Mrs. Kirby served a lovely went swimming. j lunch to her guests. . Harry W. Smith of 13th street was Week end guests at the home of l\fr. and Mrs. Doyle Cox ai:id clul-, plea.santly surprised Wed. nesday evc- Mr. and Mrs. Hany Markstonf' dren, Ann, Leola and Mick, of ning, when he answered a ring at were her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Mountain highway, were Sunday his· door to find there a group of W. Plew and relatives from Bremerguests at the home of his sister and friends bringing gifts and a beau- ton, Wash. brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. _T .. R. tiful birthday cake and singing Early Sunday morning, fishing at Lyon of Tacoma. Others en1oymg "Happy Birthday. to You." The. eve- Tanwax lake was enjoyed by C. the day were: Mr. and Mrs. W. A. nino· was spent singing old favorite Mann and son, Bobby, Mr. Murphy Cox, Ethel Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. son~·s and playing games. Enjoying and Gary Susan. No fish! Floyd Cox and son and Mr. and the eveninrr were: Mr. and Mrs. Al House guests at the home of Mr. Mrs. George White of Lewiston, Jensen, M~. and Mrs. Severn Kitand Mrs. Omer Roland are Mrs. l<laho. telson, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Schmallen· Jim· McVicar and daughters, MarMrs. L. A. Kirby's brother, Mil- berg, Mr. and Mrs. J. Delos St. garet and Harriet. They will be ton Bailor, and his friend, Murry John, Mr. and Mrs. Frank_ Berry, here indefinitely. Dunbar, both of Tacoma, left June Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Revette left 4 for a week end trip to Coulee Mrs. Bertha Roberts. (Smith asked, darn. "Who sa vs thirteen is unlucky? Sunday for a trip through Colorado Mr. and Mi's. Fred Chase and Thirteen .g u f's ts and thirteenth Springs, Colo., Newton, Kan., and on to Chicago, Ill. They will be sons, Denny and Jon, of Spanaway, street?") g·one a month. Mrs. Revette is a Mr, and Mrs. Reese Jenkins and Spanaway residents seen at the daughter of Mrs. Greenlaw. daughter, Dianne, Miss Ann Truitt Memorial Day services held at the Sunday, June 12, is children's day and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Henricksen, Old Soldiers home in Orting were all of Tacoma, Buster S!nith of Mr. and Mrs. Jens Jensen (Com- at Clover Creek church. A special Spanaway and Gay Henricksen were mander of Clover Creek American program is planned. Beginning June 13 through 26 is Saturday evening guests at the home Legion post), Frank McCabe, Ernie of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Henricksen McGinnis and Mr ..and Mrs. Harry Daily Vacation Bible sch o o I at Clover Creek Baptist church. of Lake Shore drive. W. Smith. Mr. and Mr~, ~arry. Anderson of Mrs. Fred Manteufel of Pac!fic Los Angeles, Calof., Miss May An- street is in Tacoma General hospital in Seattle, where Worrnald visited derson and A. B. Pearson of Tacoma after surgery. his 80-year-old brother-in-law, Wil1 were recent dinner guests at the· SJ?anaway sch 0 o l's graduating liam Staruh.. The oldsters had . a home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hen- class was honored at a party held wonderful time; even went flymg dricksen of Lake Shore drive. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ken- while in Spokane. Mrs. M. L. Kirby of 2nd street neth Reeve of East Airport road, Mrs. O. Z. Durham of Buck road was hostess to a lovely_ birthd~y Saturday evening, June 4. A lovely and Mountain highway has left to dinner in honor of her sister, Miss buffet lunch was· served in the yard join her husband, T /Sgt. Durham, Margret B~il~r, Sunday, M,~Y 29. by Mr. and Mrs. Reeve, Mr. and I in Manila. T hos e wIShmg Margret happy Mrs. Russell Scearce and Mr. and Appointment of Col. Theodore M. birthday" were Ed Spahr, M~. and Mrs. Don Grefthe;i. The. boys and Bolen, of Rt. 1, Sp~naway, as. disMrs. Robert Rho_nc and Mi· and girls were entertamed with games I trict agent for the Lmcoln Nat10nal Mrs. Kirby. A birthday cake was and horseback riding. Host of the Life Insurance company, in terripresen~ed to the guest of l:onor upon I evening was Dennie Reeve, son of tory comprising Pierce and Thursa musical cake plate which pl~yed 1 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Reeve. ton counties, was recently an"Happy Birthday." She received Mr. and Mrs. Leon Fleming of nounced. Col. Bolen, who retired many fine gifts. Yakima surprised Mr. and Mrs. Ar· from the U. S. Air force in 1947 Miss Shirley. Wymore, daughter thur Hart of 8th street with a week after 20 -years of service, is a forof Irene Wymore, and Lola Cox, end visit. While they were here, all mer commanding officer of Mcdaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Doyle motored to Hood canal and visited Chord field. Cox, all of Mountain highway, have Cushman dam.


"Whkh would you prefer-to spend a dull evening at home · or _to see a movie you'll wish you hadn't gone to?" to set up a Utility Local Improvement District and levy assessments. 7. Construction and materials contracts to be let by the Commissioners to best bidder on valid bids at public bid openings. Smith added that preliminary engineering studies already have been made for a proposed Spanaway wa$300 DOWN - $35.78 PER MONTH . With petition forms now being t~r distri.ct. On their findings, qualicirculated for signatures of residents fied engrneers state that the system of the area proposed to be served, can be installed with an· average Harry W. Smith, president of the asst>ssment of $1.50 per front foot $700 DOWN - $36.33 PER MONTH Spanaway Progressive <!:!ornmunity on property abutting the w ate r club, this week outlined the proced- mains and a wate rate of $3.00 per ures to be foHowed in formation of month for the first 500 cubic feet, a water district under the statutes plus approximately IO cents to 20 Picture windows, beautiful white enamel kitchen, of Washington. ce11ts per 100 cubic feet for all water laundry trays, automatic hot water, 4-piece bath The successive steps, Smith said, used over the 500 cubic foot mi_niincluding shower, hardwood floors, streets gradare: · mum. On corner lots only one side ed, graveled and oiled. w· would be assessed. Assessments may A . . f . 1. . i:et1t1on to orm a ater be paid in a lump sum or over a See the new Automaric Wall Furnace, Electric · d wi'th m District signed by. 25 percent · t eres t s1111·th • . , of the 10-year per10 said. · ' · .registered voters m the district. Ignition and Thermostatfr control. 2. A public hearing t? ~e held 1· He cited, as an example, the asbefore the County Comn11ss10ners. sessment for two 25-foot lots: Fifty 11606 EYE STREET BR. 3327 3. An election for or against the feet of frontage at $1.50 per foot forming of a Water District and the would equay $75.00. This amount election of Commissioners. A ma- could be paid off in one lump sum jority of ·the .vote cast is required of $75 or in ten annual installments to form the district. of $7.50 each plus interest at ap· 4. Complete engineering studies proximately five percent. InstallVETERAN PREFERENCE FOR 30 DAYS AFTER and preparation of a "comprehensive ment payments would be billed on COMPLETION plan." tax statements. 5. A second election to approve Other sponsors of the proposed the comprehensive p I an and the water district for Spanaway, in adbond issue. dition to Smith, arc: Delbert Brese(a) A majority vote case is re- mann, John Cotten, Walter Cotten, quired for the adoption of the com· Walter C. Feddersen, Martin Gibprehensive plan. bons, George King, Michael Kirby, (b) A 60 percent majority of the Don McLellan, George Ouhl, Ray vote cast is required for approval of Poche!, Bob Rhorie, Bill,, Righetti, the bond issue. Fred Scott, Bob Steidel and -E. H. 6. A petition signed by 51 percent Tarpenning. ~-t·!t·!t·?t·!t·!!·!t·!t•:t·!t·!t·!t·!!·!!·!:·:t~!t·!t·!t·!!·!!·!t·lt·!t·!!·!t·:!·!!·:t·!!·!t·!t·:t·!t·!t·:t·!t·lt·!t·lt·?t~t·lt·lt·lt·lt·:· i of the property owners is required

2-BEDROOM for Only

3-BEDROOM for Only







20th Century. Homes




• Emmy Collom Pupils In 2 Recitals Here

To the Hen and. Women Of Thi!l!i §choo• District: You will make an important purchase when you buy your next school bus. Let it be a Profitable purchase too. Here's how you profit when you buy

PACIFIC SCHOOLCOACH. l. YOU PROFIT BY OWNING THE FINEST,' SAFEST SCHOOL BUS BODY MADE and at little or 110 extra cost. It's built right here in tbe Northwest. Tbat means up to 20 percent savings in sales and cross-country delivery costs alone-savings which are spent for more and better materials and workmanship in Pacific bodies. 2. YOU PROFIT BY HOLDING A TEN-YEAR FACTORY GUARANTEE backed by more than forty years of manufacturing integrity. No other school bus body builder guarantees his product for more than a year. Pacific bodies arc built to last-and the guarantee is the proof. 3. YOU PROFIT BY LOWER UP-KEEP COSTS. Strong, safe Pacific bodies need less maintenance. Factory servicemen will periodically check school bus bodies in ycmr own school district. 4. YOU PROFIT WITH A PERSONAL RETURN ON SCHOOL BUS PURCHASE MONEY-a return in the form of circulating payroll dollars. When you support regional industry, it supports you. When you spend public funds for a Pacific Schoolcoach, those funds support home enterprise that pays the taxes that supply the funds for schools and more school buses.

Pupils of Emmy Coltom will be presented by her in piano recitals in Trinity Lutheran church parloi·s next Monday and Tuesday evenings, June 13 and 14, at 8 o'clock. Students who will perform Mon:day evening arc: Dendal Bradley, Judy Reed, Eugene Gordon, Sandra Hull, Delores Gordon, Jerry Gaiser, Roxanne Johnson, Elaine -Westby, Paul Streng., Barbara Sehenk, Wanda Snyder, Jerry Kreger, Linda Olson, Alice Armstrong, Sh a r r on Gottschalk, Bobby St. Clair, Janice Coltom, Gloria Kreger, Rodney Berntson, Karen Swindland, J oAnne Klippen, Norman Westby, Dianne Reed, Evelyn Haakenson, Karen Crusan, Shar· ron Seger, Barbara Jensen, Donna Lea Bledsoe, Carolyn Coltom, Virginia Oriel, Marie St. Clair, Nancy Crusan, Rosalie Rosso, Max Spen· cer, Elaine .Tisch, Gail Westby, Johnny Richards, Phyllis Martens, David Berntson, Barbara Pepper, Gene Russell, Marilyn Jensen, Helen Jeter and Ann Murray. Taking part in Tuesday's program will be: Vivian Frame, Fred Miller, Lorinda Green, Ronald Smallwood, Patsy Little, Bonnie Modahl, Bonnie Tralson, Ilene Palmatier, Billy Erickson, Jo Ann Tralson, Carol John· son, Marilyn Ganes, Betty Ann Nelson, Ronald Morud, Dean Brittain, June Holmes; Victor Pitzler, Bonnie Kelling, Elsie Martin, Wandajoy McLellan, Charlotte Miller, Idell Brittain, Eleanor Tjorstad, Bette Ries, Arlie Rose, Judith McGinnis, Sharron Eshpetcr, Joanne Morud, Mary Jupiter, Marianne Moore, Ruth Olson, Marilyn Smith, Kenneth Riis, Jeanne Pearson, Helen Erickson, Louise Thomas, Wayne Rolfe, Marilyn Larson, Gwen Elie, ·Gloria Helmreich, Claudia Larson, Bettie Cruts, Georgia Lee Mille~, Frid Tjorstad and Sylvia Throssell.


Pmicific Dodie§ 1nanufactured in the Northwest by PACIFIC CAR AND FOUNDRY COMPANY




been ill with the mumps. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ro~erts and Mr. and Mrs. James Andeison, all of Mountain highway, n1otored to R .t i zv1·11 e, W a sh . , to spend . 'a threeday holiday visiting. John Pfaff_. Miss Margret Bailor and Milton Bailor, both of Tacoma, with Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Kirby of 2nd street, motored to Portlans, Ore., last week, to meet Ed Spahr who was i·eturning from a trip to New Orleans. He also spent some time in Los Angeles, Calif. Miss Irene Kridler of Portland, Ore., spent the week end at ~he home of her daughter and son-m· law, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hill of l l th street. She also attended the graduation of her granddaughter, Lois Mae Hidle, at Spanaway school. Mr. and Mrs. Clair Feddersen and son Weldon of 11th street were Su~day dinn~r guests, May 29, at 0


Ted Warmold and Jack Adams Free estimates on repair and rehave returned fro~ a week's vaca- modei jobs-Brookdale Lumber Co. tion in Spokane. 1 hey stopped off (adv.) , • •••••~~•it•~••••o•••"~ . ::~::.::·!!·!!-!!.!!·!!·!!·!!·!t·!!·.t·! . .•• 4·~-..····,,.·....· h ·...•...·~ ..·.,.,." ·-:·:··::·:t·::·:t·!t·lt•!!•!!•!!·!t·:!·lt·:!·!!·!!•::·::·::•::·::·:! "

we Fix It . . . ! REPAIRING OF ALL KJNDS No Job Too Small - or Too Big


GRanite 6544







~;nr7~:;n. ~;vr~·~da~rs~r'.':~ lI~~~ 11 Parkland Fuel Oil &Service Station

ricksen and dau_ghter, Karen, of Tacoma were also there. and M~s. Bill Fueston of Mountain highway, near Roy Y, tried to spend the week at the oce~n. They motored back home after bemg at the beach half an hour. Betty says they "froze out." , Mr. and Mrs. Jack Harris, who were married last week, arc now living in their new home ~t Ord~ard hill, after a honeymoon m Cahfor· nia. They came home along the Redwood trail and stopped in Oregon to visit friends. Fred Z. Dale and Anna Wuttke from Minot, N. D., spent a week's vacation at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fay Cooley of 12th and East E streets. They are very long friends of Mr. and Mrs. Cooley. Miss Dorothy Lonergan of Mountain highway gradlated from College of Puget Sound, Sunday, June .5. She is the daughter of Mrs; Lomse Lonergan. Mis; Della Cooley of 12th and East E streets and Richard Clemons of Parkland spent Sunday at Copalis beach. They had a lovely day and trip. Bill Long of 1st street is home after spending about seven weeks in Madigan General hospital. He came home June I. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cooley, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cooley, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Stengel and children, Roger and Bobby, of Tacoma, Miss Bonnie Miller from

GRanite 8112

Parkland, Wash.


As an indication of your yood taste, you' fl want the finest printing craftsmanship for your wedding statiornery-

NOW AVAILABLE AT EXTREMELY MODEST PRICES · for example: Cabinet of 50 fine vellum panelled announcement or invitation folders, with 50 inner and 50 outside envelopes-.-

ONLY $7 ..50 COMPLETE Additional cabinets of 50 sets at $5.00

lx4 FIR FLOORING D-Per 100 Feet ...................................................................... $11.00 C-Per 100 Feet ...................................................................... $12.00 B-Per 100 Feet ...................................................................... $14.00

2x4-No. 4 COMMON 8-FOOT LENGTHS-Per iOO Board Feet ............................ $1.90

We Cut Glass

___... -=-·=-- ...... Bilrll r1n11ng u. WHEELER AT PARK

Basket:t: Lumber Co. 96th & PORTLAND AVE., MIDLAND

phone GRanite 7100

GR. 8488


Page Four


2'8"x 6'8" 3-PANEL DOORS ...................................... each $ 5.00 1%" FIR LATTICE-4 to 6 feet ................ , ..... per 100 ft.


BEAN POLES .................................... per bundle (20 pieces)



( 3'x4')

10.75 3.00 .60


Parkland, Washington, Thursday, June 9, 1949


Continued from Page One staff at the medical clinic in Parkland Centre building, as n u r s ercceptionist. Miss Beard, who was graduated a nurse from Deaconess hospital, Spokane, Wash., last winter, will attend Pacific Lutheran college during forenoons this sum-

Mrs. Alice Smith, ReportP:r GR. 5475



First confirmation class of Harvard Covenant church will be received Sunday, June 12, at 11 a.m. PORK CHOPS WITH ORANGE DRESSING ' Those to be prC'scntrd with confirmFor something new and different, try a sunny orange dressing MAIL TIMES TO ST A Y ation certificates are: Robert and with tender juicy pork chops. This is an easy-to-make dish which SAME, QUILL THINKS · R 1 H bb d mer. W.i.·11·1.a~1 M_C1Sner, ut~ u ~r • MAR)' MARTHA MEETS may be baked in a casserole or skillet: Vug1111a I-~1gdon,_ ~o.lo1es Mayfie!~ Mary Martha society of Trinity A "Shop Parkland District" ad~ 1 1 4 pork chops I tablespoon sugar a~d Ro~ C' ~a Dt;rk. The class. w. Lutheran church will meet Tuesday, 84th and Pacific Avenue GA. 3133 vcrtising campaign intended to bene1 Y3 cups day old bread crumbs ·% teaspoon salt g~\'e rec1tat1ons, 111 a groug ~n? 111d1- June !+, at the home of Mrs. Byron tablespoon minced onion fit all merchants of this atca will I Ya teaspoon pepper vidually. The class song, L1vmg for Bryson on south !27th street at 8 . . be sponsored by the Parklnnd BusiY4 cup finely cut celery Y4 teaspoon thyme Jesus," will b'.' sung. by _the group. p.m. Miss Edna Olson and Mrs. y, cup diced orange pulp y, cup ·water W1llrnm Kenell and Mr. ancl Mrs. ncss club during corning months. Dolores Mayf1elcl will smg a solo. Donald Williams will be co-hostesses. Y2 teaspoon grated orange Morris Smith and Chris. Authorization of the campaign, The cledication will be given by PRE-SCHOOL TO PICNIC rind To our report of last week, that which is to appear in both the local Pastor Boclin. Parkland Pre-school group's picMrs. Lois Johann, Reporter Mrs. Mau~e Taylor was in St. Jo- newspaper and shopping guide, was Combine bread crumbs with onion, celery, orange pulp, Mr.' and Mrs. Herb Horner of pie, for all members and friends, GRanite 5738 seph's hospital, we regret to add that voted by the club at its regular grated orange rind, sugar, and seasonings. Mix thoroughly with British Columbia, brother and sister- will be held at Little Spanaway lake her _condition is still_ only fair and monthly dinner meetiug, Tuesday a fork. Flour chops and brown in a little hot fat. Leave chops in in-law of Mrs. B. L. Vaughan, were Tuesday, June 1+, starting at noon. a skillet or transfer to a large, greased casserole. Top each chop effort to evening, J unc 7. . More than fifty members gath- shr; 1s be mg :reated m visitors at the Vaughan residence It will be a potluck affair, with with a mound of dressing. Pour water around chops, cover, and The series of advertisements will ered at Midland hall June 6 for the build her resistance to withstand a bake in a moderate oven, 350° F., for 4·5 minutes. Remove the last week end. They are taking a coffee, cream and sugar provided final meeting until fall of Midland ~ajor operation. Also, Mrs. Josepl:- be paid for by the club, with mercover during the last 15 minutes to brown and crisp the dressing. second honeymoon, driving through by the Pre-school. Those who are Orthopedic guild. Luncheon was rne Hushek, ~ o the. r of F_ranc1s chants permitted to tic-in ads of the interior of Canada and in the I without transportation and wish to served at tables beautifully arranged Rushe]~ of ~1dlan~, IS also Ill S~. their own, voluntarily. dames P. E. Bonda, Fred Danielson, state of Washington. 1 attend arc asked to contact Mrs. with flowers and greens and served Josephs,. seriously ill. ~Irs .. Francis This was the group's last regubr eg1011 a eaS011 o. Ellingson, W. Gordon, W. JohnMi;s. Bill Ames and daughter, JS. S ..Reynolds (GRanite li8'.H) beby the Mesdamt's Andrew Christen- Hushek IS Mrs. Taylors daughter. meetin<> until next September. son I-I Peterson R Thomas J u Cheryl Anne, are vacationing with 1 fore 5 p.m., Monday. . , 'd r M'dl d ·· ~ Sl'u, Robert Hansler, William Stevl•o:rner rcs1 ents o 1 an were Two siiggC'stions for study were . . . Xavier and P. Larson. friends and relatives for a frw weeks WIN SCHOLASTIC HONORS American Leg10n Jumor bas;ball ens, Ceorge Turner, Roy Christen- surpnsc g~csts at the Clarence Jo- presented to the group by Walt i~ 1 Omak, Wash. . Stanley Willis, Anders Ramstad sen and David McPherson. Plans hann home, June 5, when Mr. and Youne; and met with favor: First, season will open locally next 1 ues· J +" and Earl Platt, of Parkland, were Tlmrs d ay evenmg, for the last few· days of displaying Mrs. Clarence Correll, Mr. and Mrs. that ;ffort be made to sen1rr instal- day, June 14-, with the team sponune 9 , at 7 : :J I d b h u · o'clock mid-week Bible study will be r~cent Y ann~unce Y t e_ . mverthe cedar chest and linens wer.e dis' Clarence Correll Jr. and Robert lation of a traffic control signal on sored by Parkland Post 228 host to ' · s1ty of Washrngton as hav111°· been cuss.ed. Mrs. George Turner, chair- Correll, all of Oakland, Calif., vis- Pacific avenue at Garfield street; Puyallup. Pacific Lutheran college held at Harvard Covenant church. · d h I · h " ·· name to sc o ast1c onorary socieman of the big guild picnic to be ited. The Corrells left Midland 16 second, that the club issue a pamph- has made its field available to the REV. ARTHUR CAPRON I Confirmation class will be held S~t- ties on that campus. All three are i urday at 10 a.m. Sunday school will held at Dawson field June 19, told years ago, when Rober~ was _one year let describing attractions of the Parkland team ~or home game~. . A h 0 C 63. , B roo'Id a Ie, I b · I 1 f II named to Phi Delta Kappa, educaOther teams rn the fourth .d1stnct . drtJ ur · . · apron, of arrangements made by her com- old and Clarence Jr. Just six. They Parkland district to tourists and T I . I e at 9 :4.5 a.m. wit d 1e une 1 in a acon1a 1osp1ta . J . 1 c asses or a tion honorary. . C f ages. une 11, at 4 p.m., the young respective residents. (Tacoma, Southwest Washmgton) mittee. The picnic will start at noon were amazed at the growTh and R ev. VISITING IN PORTLAND apron . .: d .,.h1oup . ,. f or a p1c· . h years ]' II ma111c w1'11 meet . · was. . or ma!1y with the games and races for all changes in Midland. p Acting Postmasfer Jack Quill, a league are: Rhodes post and Post an evange I1st1c n11n1ster in t e _u . . Mrs. C. B. Harmon, with her son, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ayers and , est g~ve support to the pamphlet 138, Tacoma; Olympia and Shelton. '1 h · f me rn Wapato park, 111 the K1wa111s ng<·s, with lunch to follow and a Ernest Harmon, and grandson, Boots G,ospe 1 c iurc , scrvrng as pastor o · . .. . .. . . M , corner. It will be a potluck p1cmc, ball game starting at 2:30 p.m. The family visited at the home of Mr. g~opo'sa~l citino- that his office each A double-round robin schedule..will t h e P entccosta I association at ary s . . . Harmon, motored to Portland, Ore., ' ' . "' . 0 I pl . el· i·eceives ., d h' with coffee, wieners and ice cream several inquiries about ha\'.e each team playmg l games. "bride's cedar chest and linens" will and Mrs. Edward Chalberg of Bue<. · . spending two days visiting friends. C orner f or 15 years .. I:ie ma c 1s · ~ lb f we ' · · · · ' Wmner of ~he d1stnct competI- h · p Ell f · cl available for a small fee. Gan1C's will be awarded at 3 p.m. Free coffee, le~, June 5. _The Cha ergs, armer Parkland, coming from all ovPr the ome 1n e • o~ a 1ong peno b 1 .d t'o 1 tion will qualify for the 10-team cream and sugar will be furnished M1dland residents, are very busy before coming here four years ago. e P ~ye · . . . DANCE CLASS TO RECESS . . 0 b b na I l • • " s· I' by the guild and everyone is invited these days ':"1th their 5,0_0 a y Quill also discussed matters per-1 stat~ pla~off July 27-.1 I at 1c' s He was a carpenter by trade and a ~a,Jy vacat10n Bible school will P-TA-sponsored dancing classes at to bring a picnic lunch and join in. ~urkeys. Thell' s~n, Gary, 1s spe,nd- taining to postal sei:vicl's here, after i stadm~ m .Seattle, and the state native of Kansas. A member of the bC'gll1 Monday, June 13, through Spanaway will meet for one more Midland Senior. Girls 4-H, club mg the summer m Alaska, workmg. f' ·st givinp; tribute to his predcccs- champion will then move up to the Evangelistic tabernacle, he is sur- 2+, al the Harvard Covenant church. session this summer lwfore disconA fine crowd turned out for the llr tl1c Elmer Beard, who was Western eliminations. Subsequently, vived by his widow, Lula; a son, Classes will be?' 9 a.m. Tuesd?y, tinuing, it was announced this week. members were guest entertainers . . . I 3 D f . Id so ·.' of the founders of the Bminess survivors of the various sectmna Lloyd E. of Seattle; two brothers, June 14, the Jumor boys rccreat10n Plans arc being made to reopen the June 4- on a 4-H broadcast over card party, June , at awson 1e house, gi\;en by the Dawson Field ~~~). Quill declared his purpose. to playoffs will compete in the national raclio station KTBL The girls disOry of Curtis, W~sh., and Crit ~f 1 group w.·ill meet at the church at dancing classes in the fall, somet..irnc cussed activities and prog-ress of Recreatmn club to raise funds for sec that the Parkland post office finals at Omaha. after school starts. Soap Lake; three sisters, lvfrs. Dessie 4 p.m. 1 Local Schedule their club during the past year. They playfield equipment. It was reported renders the best service possible and Workman of Glenoma and Mrs. Net- I :Mrs. Arra Duncan, who had been The schedule for the Parkland tie Palmer and Mrs, Naomi Graves ill at her home, has been removed closed the p r o g r a m by singing that parties will be given regularly told the club members to expect it. Ta- of Pe Ell, and two grandchildren. the 4-H Hymn, ac;companied by in an effort to equip the junior chi!- "It's .. your post office," he empha- club, as a1~nounced ?aturday to St. Joseph's hospital. Her condicoma Legmn athletic heads, 1s: . Mrs. Robert Clinton. Taking part dren's playground as wdl as the sized. Services were held Friday from tion is a little improved. Quill conjectured that recent proJune !+, Puyallup at P~rldand; in the program were Barbara Mad- kindergarten grounds. Pnzcs at t~1e the Evangelistic tabernacle, t_h'.' ~cv. Enjoying the warm weather, last Per Word ......................................03 sen, Susan Bailey, Shirley Evans, party were taken by Hans Roshc, posals to revise mail dispatch hours June 17, Parkland at Olympia; June The.odore J. Arneson off1c1a····tlng. Sunday at Spanaway Jake, were: Minimum ......................................... 50 N ore en Hotchkiss and Marilyn Mrs. Chet Robinson, Mrs: James from the local post office have been 20, Parkland vs. Post 138 at South Bunal was 111 the Pc Ell cemetery. and Mrs. Elbee Hobbs and Ray, Hartley, Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Han"pretty well killed off." The revisr:d Tacoma Boys' club field; 22, Crossman. The girls were accom--. 1 Helen Schnellenberger, Joe and Beahours, which would have resulted m Shelton at Parkland; June 24, Post panied to the broadcasting station sen and Sam Wood. EMMA SCHUMILLER 'trice, Willie Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hu~by h?me has been _the poor connections for m_ail le~ving 138 at Parkland; Ju~e 27, Parl~lan? by their leaders, Mrs. Albert Knesal Mrs. Charles S. (Emma F.) Schu- Jim Baker Betty Jean Pete Alice Whether scene of big domgs and reun10ns Parkland, were planned 111 ronJunc- at Puyallup; June '.19, Olympia at and Mrs. Clinton. mil~er of 104-22 So. Ainsworth, a rind Ruth, 'Mrs. Ervin Smith, Buster, You want the past few days, with S/Sg_t. and tion with inauguration of a high- Parkland; July 6, Rhodes at Park- native of Aurora, Ind., \~ho had Buddy and Billi Jo. Harvard, Midland and Larchmont Mrs. George Hoover and ·cluldren, way mail coach on the Tacoma-Mor- land; July 8, Parklancl at Shelton; lived here 35 years, died June . 2 in . Fire department ladies auxiliary met To buy, sell or George Jr., Diane and Linda, ;ir- ton star route. Such a coach, sirnibr July 11, Parkland vs. Rhodes at a Tacoma hospital. j Mr. and lVIr~. Max l\fontgomery at the fire station June I, Lorene Insure a home riving from Eglin Airforcc base, Fla. in function to railroad mail cars, Jefferson playfield. Surviving, besides Mr. Schumillcr, and sons, David and ~~bby'. from Baskett presiding. During the social where Sgt. Hoover, son of lvfrs. sorts mails as it' travels, be i n g are a daughter, lvfrs. Florence John- C~os Bay, Ore., were VISltors 111 the can serve you hour, the birthday of Hal-riett Berg- Husby, has been stationed. While manned by clerks. stone of Shelton; a son, Harry of neighborhood last week end. Mrs. mann was celebrated at tables deeBest, for driving home, the Hoovers stop1~ed Postmaster Quill suggested that . . Chicago; two brothers, Sherman Mo_ntgornery. ~· n ~I b o Y s have re1 orated with lovely si~rmg flowers. at Calexico, Calif., for a vis_it with now is not a "psycliological time" Buffington and Jesse Morton of 1w1mc~ to vIS;t to_r a week or 10 \V c specialize in Hostesses for the evenrng were. Bar- Mr. and Mrs. Dar:ny N~ilscn. (Nona to carry through with the petitions days with relatives Ill Puyallup. Midland Senior Girls 4-H club Yakima, and five gr:rndchildrcn. These services bara Shanahan and Helen Robmson. Husby). Mr. Neilsen 1s with the for a mounted mail carrier for Park- played Firgrove Senior Girls 4-H Services were held Monday, with Miss Carol Shipton, daughter of Midland Improvement club will Border patrol at Calexico. At Port- land which are being circulated un- softball team at Midland school June the Rev. Stanley W.eddle officiat- Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Shipton, has PARKLAND REAL TY meet at 8 p.m. at Midla~d hall, land, Ore., they again stopped, and dcr sponsorship of the club. Action "5 and won by n tren1endous 1nargin, ing. Burial was in New Tacoma been honored at many showf'rs the GR. 7232 or GR. 6774 June 9. The club gave up its regu- brought _Mr. and Mrs._ Fred Hoover, would gcatly depend upon the crn- thC' final score b<c'lng Midland 54-, cemetery. past week, on her corning marriage _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 38-42c lar meeting night in order that the brother-111-law and sister of Mrs. SHS now being taken, he advised. Firgrove 6. Active pallbearers were E. ·w.. to Gordon Mickelson, June 10. On ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICEninth grade graduating class could Husby, along with them for a week 1 He did not comment on how service Lyrnan Redford, owner. Septic Harvard, Midland and Larchmont Papke, John Huss, Arthur Sather, June I, Mrs. Charlcs_Mickdson and have its banquet on June 7. Spalt end visit at the ~us~y ~10m~. June 1~13 y otherwise be improved for new Firemen's fastball team lost to Park- William H a r r i s, Ole Olson and I Leo Smith were hostesses to a showtanks pumped, contents hauled Wartenbe has announced that, fol- 5, there was a big p1cmc with an- residents of th.e section of central land firemen, June 1, at Parkland, Thurlow Burrington. Honorary pall- I er for Carol. Bingo was played, with away. GA. 3446 or GA. 9794-. lowing a very short business meet- other son and family home to par- Parkland not ~ow being served by 1 fi-8. 'l'hr H.M.& L. squad looked bearers were Numa Arnold, W. E. prizes and refreshments for the foltfc ing, pictures of interest to everyone ticipate, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tacoma routes.) SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED, conCrawley, J a 111 es Patten and Pat lowing guests: Mesdames Kenneth good in lhc first inning when it tents hauled away. Don Redford, will be shown. They will last about Hoover. Attending the picnic were Ouill also pointed to a greater chalked up 6 runs but Parkland Flynn. Fitzsimmons, Myrtle Mickelson from GA. 7334-. tfc an hour. Everyone is invited to at- Sg~. and Mrs. George Hoover and goal for future effoi:ts. Parkland. is came back the same inning for 7 Minnesota, Bruce Hancock, Henry tend the Improvement club meet- children, Mr. and lvfrs. Hoover and now surrounded by mail routes or1g- runs and in ensuing innings conFer\vcrda, Heghrnd, H. A. Johnson, FOR SALE-Fertile, rock-fr~e-val­ ELBEE HOBBS ley topsoil. Immediate delivery, 5 ings. Refreshments will be served. Bobby and _Gregory, Mr. and Mrs. inating in Tacoma at the Fern Hill tinued to hold a substantial lead. Elbee Hobbs, 57, of 80th and Ida Smith from Canada, Paul Jayards $10.00. HI. 5052. 39-+3c Dawson Field Recreation cluo will Leonard Smith (Barbara Kemp) and contract station, lw noted. Tbesc Parkland scored every inning until. Golden Givan road, died Tuesday cobson, M. Fitzsimmons, C. L. Mickmt'et at Dawson ficldhouse, June 14, Carol and Leonard Jr., Mr. and Mrs. routes should logically bC' dispatched Harvey Weeks replaced John Hein- night, June 7. Mr. Hobbs had for elson and Mrs. Shipton ancl the FREE-:-:-f.:f e a _I th y kittens to give away. GRanite 5770. 40c at noon, fur a potluck luncl1C'on. The Fred Hoover and Mr. and Mrs. from Parkland post office, a regu- rich as Midland pitcher and kept seven years past been employed at honored guest. On June 5, ehildren FOUND Spectacles with plastic meeting-, under the leadership of Husby. . . lar government post office staffed Parkland scoreless for the last three the L~ & N. Products plant, Ta- of the Shipton family presented rims and bows, near Parkland Olive Huston, will convene immediA surprise party, bononng Mr. by postal department employees, he frames. The lineups: Carol with a beautiful lamp. Mrs. coma. school last week. Contact Rev. ately after lunch and further plans and. Mrs. Clar~nce J ohan1_1 who ai:e maintained. Survivors include his widow, MelGeorge Puckett (Gloria Shipton) H. M. & L.-Peterson, c; HartGeorge Cooper. (Owner is asked f.or raising funds for playground! lcav 111 g on a five.-. weks. tnp to Ar~The group acted upon a numbc1.· ley, If; Robinson, 1b; Harvey Weeks, vina; two sons, Ray of Tacoma and was hostess at this gathering. Mrs. to pay for this advertisement). 4-0c equipment will be discussed. The zona, June 18, :-",as given at their of intra-club matters bdore sitting ss; Heinrich, p; Turner, 2h; Shana- Clyde of Gig Harbor; five daughters, C. L. Mickelson honored Carol with KI'IT:f!EN CABINETS - We incommittee asks that everyone home, June 4-. _l he Johanns wei:e back to view . a color film, with han, 3b; Jensen, rf; Baskett, cf. Mrs. Stella Baker and Helen Schncl- a shower J unc 6. Those present stall. Free estimates. Expert furrnernlwr to bring dishes and silvf'r- p1:esented a bea~tiful camera_ by thei~ sound, showing the country of Norniture repair. Suburban WoodParkland-Lynd, lb; Haner, 3b; lenberger of Tacoma, Adelle Hobbs were: M.esdames Charles Mickelson, working, 9643 Pipe Line road. ware. fnends. Attendmg the paity wc1c way, from south to north ends. Larson, ss; Lewis, p; Ellingson, c; of Hot Springs, Mont., Ima May Jacl~ Doore, Elmer Shipton, J. 0. Phone GR. 8662. tfc Return from Pullman of Stanley the Messrs. and Mesdames Carl TayThe film was shown by courtesy Bictz, 2b; Ernie, d; Anderson, If; Meyers of Cuero, Texas, and Mrs. Shipton, Myrtle Mickelson and the Johann, who has been attending !or, Donald Kemp, William Shana- of the Lavik Travel bureau, with J cness, rf. Vern Wiley of Stockdale, Texas; his Misses Marlene Kennedy and Carol HUTSON TANK CLEANING Septic tanks, cesspools cleaned; Washington State college, was cele- han, Roy Taylor, George Turner, .J. E. Running of Pacific Lutheran mother, Mrs. Mattie Hobbs, Stock- Shipton. Games were played and a Contf'nts hauled away. Phones: beautiful trinmwd cake, with the dale, Texas; three sisters, Mrs. 0. E. brated with a family picnic at the James Hartley and t'.'e honor guests. college operating the projector. Hans I LAST WEEK'S SPORTS GA. 7038 and GR. 5467. de Johann place on Clear lake, June ~r. and Mrs. Mike Ransler arc Lavik prefaced _the film showing Smith and Mrs. Nora Dawson of name of the happy couple inscribed RAY GOGAN Midland junior girls and the Mid- Tacoma and Mrs. Laura Mackmeins, on t, was served with coffee. 5. The day was spent boating, swim- lcavmg by n~otor, June lO, for Los with a description of conditions in Landscape Construction ming and just plain loafing. Taking ".n.geles, Calif., where they plan ~o Europe as he viewed a number of land junior and senior boys 4-H Stockdale; and 12 grandchildren. New lawns, rock masonry walls and clubs all traveled to Firwood, May part in the picnic were: Mr. and visit a few days and to meet their countries on a recent trip to that Funeral services are to be anAsk about our house plan service fireplaces. '.1 years to pay. GRanite Mrs. P. H. Johann, Mr. and Mrs. dau!?'htcr, Ida, who has attended I continent, his third. Highlights of 29, for baseball. Midland g i r 1 s nounced. --Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.) 8842. tfc Clart'nce Johann and Doris and Occide_ntal college th'.'re the past I Iceland, Norway,. Sweden, Finlanc], played the senior girls group and Claude, Mr. and Mrs. Lenhard year. C_)n th~ rf'turn tnp, th; Hansf Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Ger- lost· by a 23-17 score. Battery for W int c r and Richard, Gene and Ins will bnn~ a school fnend 0 many, The Netherlands, Belgium, the Midland t c a rn w a s J oAnne Jimmy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kra- Ida's , ba_c~< with them for a few France and Eng·land were depicted Morud, pitching, and Diane Schrag, catching. Midland junior boys were tochvi! a.nd Nadine, Stanley. Joh~1:n weeks ~I~t. him. Travel is impo1._·tant as. an victories, 20-10, with the Midland' and l11s buddy, Ray Crabtree. VJS1t• I • Tl. k f t rnfluencc for peace and mternat1onbattery being Ronnie Morud, pitch. . · th e a ft e1. Tip to pee cstnans: 1111 or wo al understandmg he stressed. mg the f am1·1 y, 1atcr 111 er, and Delmar Brittain, catcher. In noon at the lake, were Mr. and Mrs. -the driver and you! '' the boys senior game, Midland won :·::·::·:!·::·::·::·::-::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·: by a l 3-4- tally. Battery for Midland, Jackie Meyers, pitcher, and Darrell Brittain, catcher. · Spanaway'.s Valley league entry hit hard and often to defeat McThrre will be a summer Bible Chord Field, 11-7, Wednesday, May school for children of the ages of 25. Spanaway took a three-run edge . 5 to 15, Pach evening from 6 to in the first inning and was never 8:30 p.m. June 13 through 2'1-, at headed. Chuck Loete, first baseman Spanaway Full Gospel tabernacle, for the winners, hit a home run ' of which the Rev. Stanley Weddle with one man aboard in the ninth. is pastor. · Harvard, Midland and Larchmont This Bible school is primarily to Firemen were victorious in their meet the need of the surrounding· game with Spanaway Firemen, May community in that it will bring to·- 25, final store 12-10. Spanaway gcther many children under trained scored three runs in the. first inning, supervision. There will be handcraft, with Midland striving to even it in songs, Bible and character-building the last half but coming up with stories, games, marches and other only two runs. Then in the last of inter!'sting features geared to meet the second, Midland forged ahead the need of the youth of today. with two more runs. In the first of Classes will be under the super-· the third, Spanaway scored another AH "WALK-OH" ON YOUR vision of the Rev. E. E. Decker, re- three and came through with four If you' re a particular gourmet, you'll enjoy cently of Hilo, Hawaii, working with more runs in the fourth to look our dinners, the result of our entire, devoted a staff of competent teachers. While prett-y big to the H. M. & L. fans. in Hawaii, the Rev. Decker organ- Then in the. last of the fourth, Midenergy! Our food is prepared in many enized and supervised this and other land mad.e it I 0 to 7 for Spana way. ticing ways. You'll find on your table suftypes of youth activities. For fur- Spanaway was then blanked, whi.le COOKS WITH THE GAS TURNED ficient to satisfy the most capable trcnchmcn, ther information, call GR. 7676. H. M. & L. picked up three in the Teachers are the Messrs. and Mes- fifth and two in the sixth to end and, later, a moderate check. t








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son, Marion Moc, 1frrle Prettyman, Tcim Whittlesey, Don Keevy and Larry Fox; Mesdmnes George Burton, Arthur Micha['lson, McGlothin, and A. Johnson; Miss Violet Blon. I dell and Messrs. Leonard Smallwood, Leonard Cook and Dallas


140TH AND PACIFIC GR. 862:J ,. ...... '9•••••••••••••••••~•••••••••~•••••••••••••••••••••••,•.-.••.••....••.••.••.~•.••.••.••.••.••.••.••,•••..~•• Martin. ·····~·.,.,·f·····+..,·•··. . ~.:. . .·••·..,•., . ,•., ·...·••·•.,.·••·••·••·••·••·••·., .,.·••·••·••·.,.·••·•••••••••••••• ,...., "t•t •• .t•of• H•••••• •1tt

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Eleven members of the Parkland Women's Golf club participated in a competition on the College course May 25, in which putts only were counted. Ball winners were Mrs. J. P. Pflueger and Mrs. John Richards, with U and 13 putts, respec-

tively. Others in -play were the Mes-



Call LA. 9145


Prairie pointer v 4 no 40 jun 9, 1949