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PARKLAl\D POST NO. 228 AMERICAN LEGION M ectings every second and fourth Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the Sunshine Hall

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VOL. 'I, NO. 38

M f ast ee or Parkland Cubs• R Ch ' enew arter



srrvIPUCITY Sincrrity in funiT~il arr~u1ging and

simplicity of services bring assurance and corn fort to troubled minds. You will always find SINCERITY and SIMPLICITY at Piper's.


P·TA CALENDAR Daylightful! i F0RPARKLAND YT~~ ~~'~'~ 1~=~:re




Parkland P-TA will sponsor its last sock dance for Junior High students this Friday, May 27, 8 p.m., in the school gym. Parents are welcome. There is a s.rnall admissio1.1 charge. !"frs. L. ~- R1chard~on states there will be pnzes for this special dance session. William A. Markham calls the dances and Mrs. Markham , is accompanist. Exe~utive Session . , 1 1 1 he executive board of Parkland IP-TA will hold its last meeting of I this term, June 1 at the school. Officers and their husbands will meet at 6 p.m. in the basement for a potluck smorgasbord. The last regular P-TA ~meeting 'Nas held Thursday of last week, when next's .were in-1 stalled. Highlight of the evening was the first public appearance of the Parkl::rnd school band.

again. That time when we put an hour of good solid sleep time in the bank, to be cashed out next fall. Whethn we like it or not, Pierce county c.ommuni_ties go 0~1 daylight_ sa.ving time basis nex: 1uesday nudmght, when clocks will be set ahead one hour, to keep in time with Tacoma, St'attle and other principal Western Washington cities which have decideel to be ahead of time through the summer months. Daylight saving time is official for all the county, but mail arrivals and departures will not be in step. Post offices will keep office hours on daylight saving time. But mail will continue to come and go on standard ti1:11e-one hour later than now, by our moved-up clocks.




With 33 prospective eh"rtcr nwrn· hers signed to the petition for n chnrtf'r, Parkland Area IZiv~':1nis duh took definite sh:1pe List ·r1i,.,·sd:iy :11 its noon lunchron nit·c'ting· :1t dw Alnor cafr. Officer< were f']u·l<'d and pins passt'd out to the pc-titi,mers. Elected first prrsidcnl of the nr·\\·


dub is J;:ic.k Qui11, :icting·


at Parkland. Other officns 'ind directors selected arc: Cby Role\·, Midland, vice-president: :Met Pedersen, Parkland, serrct;uy; \Villiarn Righetti, Spanaway-, lrcasunT: dirc·c. tors-~B. C~ Niesrn, Parkbnd ~ Ritter, Parkland: E. vV. Pmdu:·, Summit: Earl Loyd, P:<rkl:rnd; W. L. Sinney, Orchard Hill: H:m·y C I Following closely on their recent Harrigan, Brookdale; lvf a r ,. in S. Spanaway P-TA's last play of the: and very successful fifth anniversary Tommervik, P:irkland. present school term, "Aaron Slick open house, May 15 at the Fire hall, Other charter rnnnLcrs of 11'c from Punkin Crick," drew applause P~rkland Volu~tee1· Fire department club, which mer·ts c:1ch 'T'lrnrsd:i\· from pleast:'d audiences May 12 and will sponsor its annual Firemen's noon at the AlnOl', arr: 13 at Spanaway school. The pres- ball this .Saturday evening, May 28, Parkland - Donald Strancl<'i:l;l, entation won acclaim for l\frs. Ken- at Su.nsl'.me hall. Th~.annual ball is Harold J. Leraas, D 1-. Rolwrt R. neth Reeves, director, and members a principal fund-raismg event for Burt, Iver Johnson, l\fan· K. H:ir'1iof the cast as a pronounced success. suppo.rt of t,he depai:tmcnt. man, Morris E. Ford, Ifrrlxrt C Adding to audience enjoyment was . Th,i,s year.s bal! wil!, ha\'e a "hard Socolofsky, William K. Clark, S1:rnSpanaway school band's playing of tim,~s motif, with come .as you ley Willis, Lee W. S1:1ith, TlH'<><fol'c a nut11ber of selections at each per- are the keynote of the evenmg. No M. Daniels, Fred M. D:111idsun, Ed· formance. The band is directed by _co~trnne~ are needed. A number of win W. BC'ilz, Charles ]. C:ow:ln, George Barras. pnzes w1,11 be awarded and food will W. D. Johnson; Midlan:l C:iil J. Cast members fo~, the si~e-split~ing ~e supplied ,to p~tr,ons: Dancing ~vill Taylor, John Bussani di:. Tcic't;rna·· comedy were: Lucille Ste1dd, Rich- e ,t~ Rud} Beitz 01 chestra, fiom Leonard lv!cGuire, :t-.'1:rnncc "'.. ,\r.1• ard Fraser, Betty :tviurdock, Ila 8 0 c ock. derson, Harold '.Vl. A11clcrson: Br,JcikGreen, Sam Green, Dan Grefthen, dale-Jack Fmtf'r, R"'" Walthn C. 1 Helen Taylor, Ann Fread, Paul 1 Gullixson. Fread, Laura McLellan, Don McLellan, Pauline Griffith, Kenneth J),., Ree-:t>. A musical background was at va1 Ci- l ffL « provided by Ed Cooley, Sergeant Smith and Al Johnson. Parkland Women's Golf club met




Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland


Present Hit Play


Memorial Day services will be conducted by Parkland Post 228, An1crica n Legion, its auxiliary. Location of the ceremony will be the newly-erected Parkland War Plans for Dawson field recn:alviemorial, next to Parkland school. tional devdoprrlf'nt, outlined at a Services will begin at 11 o'clock and meeting May 19 of the Dawson end '1t 11 :'W a.m. on Memorial Day, Pla yfield committee w i t h T o m May 30, 19~·9. Invocation will be by I . . antz, supervisor of recreation for the Rev. KC'lnwr Roe and the ad- the lVfctropolitan park system, have dress will be given by the Rev. been accepted by the Metropolitan Notdvedt of Pacific Lutheran col- park board, it was announced this lege. The public is cordially invited week by Lantz. Dawson field is a and urged to attend this ceremony. unit of the Metropolitan park sysGold Star Mothers of Parkland and . . . 'll tern. vicirut~· WI be t 11.e hon~red gu~sts Tlw hoard took action on the outand will attend with thelf lamt11es. 11.mec1 p 1an at its · mee t'·mg M ay ?3 - , "Honoring· and memorializing the and work on a ball diamond and dFad of our great wars is a sacred adequate picnic facilities is to begin duty that we all are obligated to," at once. Mrs. Olive Huston and stated Walter J. Fritz, chairman of lv!rs. Clarence Johann, representing the planning committee, "and it he- the committee, met with Lantz May hoO\·es all of us . who a re a blc to 23 to discuss obtaining additional . attend the 11emonal Day .services at p l'aygroun d eqmpmen · t , w a 1so. ,, the Parkland War Memorial. Tl1e M ay l9 n1eeting · o f comn11'tt ee *** members with Lantz was called to ANNU1\L POPPY DAV lay long range plans for Dawson Tomorrow will be Poppy Day in· field development, so that improveParkland and throughout the nation. ments mav be made with a ddinitc \'. oluntccr work~rs from !'arkland purpose i~ mind. Lantz approved Umt of the American Legwn Aux- the committee's su•rncstion to change iliary and cooperating organizations the location of thc~~oftball diamond will be on the streets from early to the site intended for a tennis morning until night, offering pop- <'ourt, thrrPby cillowing two ball pies to bC' worn in honor of the c;:urn·s to be in play at one time. A ncition's war dead. . . \play area for pre-school children, as . Irr excI:angT for. the. flowe_rs they ; wC'll as pre-tr·en age youngsters, was will reeei\:l' ~ontnbutwns for the I put into the plan, also location for welfan· ol disabled veterans. and a hard surfaced court for games needy children of vetci·ans. As all which in the winter months could workers will be unpaid volunteers, be flooded and ust"d for ice skating. the _entire ar~10unt contrib_u~ed will A picnic area was laid out and Lantz go 111!0 Legion and Auxiliary re- promised that an outdoor stove habilitation and child welfare funds. would be made ready for this year's Tlw poppies have been made by use. Committee members attending d is ab 1 c cl veterans at Vancouver, were: Jvfrs. Olive Huston, l'vfrs. CharWash. They arr crepe-paper replicas lotte JvlcC!atchr'y, Mrs. Raymon of tlIP wild poppies which grew on Ellison, Mrs. Clarence Johann, Mr. the in· Europe. wl:cre ~o and Mrs. Roy Taylor, Sp:ilt Wartrnrnany Arncncans gave thcil' lives 111 be and Harold Olson. both world wars. lvfaking· them has provided gainful Prnployment and t valuable occupational therapy for thousands of ''cterans in hospitals :rnd convalescent workshops in all parts nf the country during; the past winter and spring. Cub Scout Pack 33 Monday cvc:Morc than 30 w0111rn m1d girls ning at the Parkland school, held its h:1ve \'olunteercd for Poppy Day last regular meeting of the 1948-4-9 s er vi cc, according to the poppy school ye~u-. It was announced that chairman of the Auxiliary, who will the charter is again being renewed direct tomorrow's activities here. under sponsorship of the Parkland Poppy workers throughout the Community club. nation are expected to number 125,The following arc registered offi000 and arc expected to pin poppies cers for next year: Pack chairman, on the coats of more than 25,000,000 Dr. Robert Olsen; institutional repAmcricans before tomorrow night. resc-.1tative, Wm. H. Chambers; cubmastcr, Robert Thomas; committee;CLOVER CREEK POST NO. l 13 men, Burton Ostcnscn and Joe Anderson. The last named will also AMERICAN LEGION be assistant cubmastcr. Den mothers l\fretings every second and fourth are: Mrs. Graves, Mrs. Jenness and Friday at 8 p.m., in Scout Mrs. Richards. A total of 39 Cub Hall, Spanaway Scouts are registered fur next year. AUXILIARY NOTES The rnerting was well attended by The Lµdics' Auxiliary of Clover 28 Cub Scouts and 4·0 parents and Cref'k Post 118, American Legion, visitors. Den l had 100% attendmet in specinl session Jv!onday eve- ance of Cub Scouts and the most ning, May 23, at the home of Mrs. parents. Amy Wormald. This meeting took Awards were presented to the the place of the regular meeting of following in recognition of a.chieveFrid~1y, May 27. ments: Leonard Petersen, Gold ArNomination of officers and elrc- row (Woll rank); Buddy Rolstad, iion. is to be conducted at the next Wolf badge; Robert Duffy, Bear meeting-, June 10. Plans to complete, Badge and Gold and Silver Arrows of the Wolf rank; Ronny Coltom, Continued on Page Four Bear badge; Ronnie Smith, Silver Arrow. Ronny Coltom was also presented a Vhbclos badge, signifying completion of Tenderfoot Scout requirements while still a Cub Scout. He was welcomed into Boy Scout Troop 33 by Life Scout Ken Willard, senior scout of that troop. five new Cub Scouts were initiated: John Murray, Harold Harvey, Jack Burch, James Davenport and Jerry Gaiser. Handicraft during the past month included making of Mothers Day gifts and assembling and painting model autompbiles. The models were on display and awards were given to the best in each rank: James Glidden, Lion; Tommy Richards, Bear, and David Anderson, Wolf. The meeting closed with Cub ScOuts and their parents fon11ing in a circle around the flags and camp fire and singing America. Mothers of Den (j served refreshments.



Sp~naway.Play fV ins Audience

Prominent in production of "One Foot in Heaven," to he presented in the Student Union building tonight, Friday and Saturday evenings (May 26, 27 and 28) at 8:15 p.m. by the Department of Speech of Pacific Lutheran college are (above): Top left, Lavonne Densow; top right, Jean McGregor; lower left, Theo Karl, and lower right, Stan Elberson. Prof. Karl and Miss McGregor are faculty .directors for the play; Miss Densow and Elberson enact featured roles. The play revolves about the times and trials of a witty, practical and forthright small town minister and his family, I

• Is . I·M rs. R enw1ck LOCAL SCOUTS AT CAMPORE.E IA<>ain Named to .b ~oy Scout Troop 33, Jim .Mc-1 Library Board

. I


Parkland women G olfers Choose c lttb Officials

·---. ] 1\ll" PwTA Presents Strip Projector

H .

In charge o.f. the lun.chroom and W. ednesday; May 18, for noon lurrchsnack bar were the Mesdamt"s Chet eon followmg tournanwnt play on . . . .. 1 Mc<\tee, Franz Holmes, Clifford An- t.he College course .. Election of o~fi- . :r~srntnt'.~ ~ .oi a .str'.p, lilm pm· Gm re, scoutmaster, spent fnday, Mrs. Ray L. Renwick of Parkland derson and Martin Gibbons. cers took place, with the followmg Jectoi and suer n, IL11'.1Hl-ll11dla11d Saturday · cl to t 1e lJOarcl chosen· P-TA . . •and Sunday at the· Tacoma' Iias b een reappo111tc ---..·-·--------· · · . f · gift , cl to ·t.hc I · gr:.1<le · ·· · 11· .school, · · .wa;; ·· 1 1stnct ca 1·111J ore c at Cl1arnb~i·s I f . f p· C , Mrs. R Thomas president· Mrs co- eatu1e wit 1 ll1otd .it1on ol ofli-. d ' '· o trustees o ierce aunty l"ura 1 AFTER GRADUATION · · · ' · - ' · · · . · ' · · · · ·1 · Creek About 600 scouts of the Ta- L'b· · cl h' k John Richards v1cc-prcs1dent· Mrs ceis on the gio.up s fmal m.1c·.tn. g ol ' · · · · 1 1ary, it was announce t is wee· G f S ' -' · l· l [ '1 o · coma council participated C t C: . . JT uest o h.onor unday afternoon, Paul Bon cl o secretary-treasurer· t us s.c i.oo year, .. " ay l u :it 1I1db11d 1)y " . · oun y 1on11111ss1oncr --iarry Iv! 99 l . L C Kl' ' . · . · ' , ·} l Tl ~ r • ~ 1l · ·1 ,· , At the Court ol Honor held on Sprinker. Mrs. Renwick is chair- . ay ~ , .at t «; . . . 1ppen ho~ne Mr~. Fr e cl Damelson, handicap sc 100 • IL P-OJ' Clu1, \I .J1c1 1"") 0 S. unday Ken Willard lnan o 1., tl ie l'b I cl IT . rn tour-1 fbe used 1 ~ , Senior s. cout · i - tary )Oar . new K ,Parkland. will fbe Miss Jacquelme chamnarr·' Mrs . · O · Ellino-son ' h als.o 1 .fo·r l J sl1c·l·cs, w.'" • ' acc.cpl•.d received his Life Scout badge Jim or t c sc JOO JY Dm·1cl l u1·n1lllll. t J l<ppen, mece o the hostess, who nament chall'man· Mrs C Olson .: , · . . . ·' · · · ' · · l [ 5 -year -ern1 co1n1nences une 1. Owens his First Class badge and Bookmobile Dates is to _graduate that day from P~cific eclectic chairman. pnnc'.pa . The a ~·gr pebbled ><Tt'l·n ohn Richards a merit badge for 'l'I b h cl Those playing in the day's tour- 1s stutablc for P1thcr d:ivl11,ht or f h . Lutheran college. Co-hostess Wlll be . . , ~ · .: ' ,_ 1e _oo 101101)l 1e sc:_ e u 1c or t e · , ' ,_ d Mrs. Kltppcn s mother, Mrs. Anna namcnt were the Mesdames John darkened room use. wood carvinoOther scouts from th .. ~ ::::.· sunHnf'r 1non s was a 1so anno4nce F Af . . · · ()ff' . f I .· Parkland troop were: Torn Swin- .this week. 'The bookmobile, a free '.enne_y. ter commencement exer- Richards, 0. Ellingson, ~· Peter. i_cers or tw comrng Y'"':~ wr·rf' 't' Stt'eil Gi·o,·cr Al-i'e Dave · l 'cl f p· c1ses Ill the afternoon, open house son C. Olson J U Xavier Fred adm1rnstered their oath.s.ol oliI<'<' hv - , . . ,,, service to rura res1 ents o 1erce . . . land ' Da\ · Berntsen Dick Olsen Larry Easter t b . . .. will be held for relatives and fnends Darnelson, R. Thomas W Gordon Mrs. John Gorow ol Collins. l1r,.··1 , , - - coun y, 11as een tn operal1on since f . . '· · ' · · · ; 9 . D ,· . clay Gerry Harvey and Merri- Se t b . o the new graduate. P. E. Bondo and Wilham Johnson. vice-president of P 1 c r cc Co1111ty , . , .p em e1, 1 4 7 . u11ng 194 8 , p TA · · ·· · weather. Lewis. 97,822 books were circulated from council. Olficrrs 111s1:1lkd Scout leaders from Trinity Lu- I it. Running on a 10-route schedule, - - fiii. are: lvfrs. Clarence. Johann, pwsi· thern sponsor of the troop, it will .cui..Ten.tly make 139 stops on - - J-.. . .-._ '91 . f1.1st v1cc-p1< _Mrs., M. .tclwy,• present during the stay at camp a twice-monthly basis. ~1dcnt, '.'us. l luyd D.1 1 were: R. Olsen, H. Willard and A. In June, July and August, a chi!JlllJ"'j.Ai4!1AllD.AiAAA I vis, second v1ce-pres1<lcnt; Mr:;. Eel Swinland. dren's reading club will be in opera,.....~.,.~~,.......... 1 wa~'d Jackson, secretary, and Alber!







. the H troops in the Southeast d1stnct, troop 33 was rated s~cond best and brought home tl~at nbbon to add to the troop troplues.

ti.on with awards for those who read eight or more books. For adults, many new. volumes, as well. as older works, arc available for enjoyable summer reading. Days and hours, when the bookmobile will call at locations in this area during June, July and August are: Uffi Harvard-Spana,vay, !st and 3rd Spanaw~y Progressive Comn;-unity ·Thursdays-June 2, 16; July 7, 21; club held its last regular mectmg of Aug. 4, 18: Harvard (84th and the season ~uesday evening ~t the Golden Givan), 9:20-9:40; 96th and schoolhouse m Spanaway. Tlm was Waller road, 9:45-10:00· Midland an open meeting, with the public (food Center), 10:05-10:25; Waller invited to discuss the pros and cons . and Knapp, 10:30-10:'t5; Waller and of extendmg the Tacoma street name 1 Allison, 10:50-11 :00; Mile B and 1 :ind numbering system to the Roy 1 Collins, 11 :05-11 :25; Collins (Gro"Y," or to continue with the present eery), 11 :30 _ 11 :45; Maple Ave.Spanaway system. Malcolm McClarty road, 11 :50Those present voted 85 per cent 12:05;Evergreen and McClarty road, in favor of the Tacoma system, a'I:'- 12:10-12:25; Clover Creek, 1:05cording to an announcement by 1:20; Frederickson, 1:25-1:40; Henry President Harry W. Smith. Berger and East f, 1:50-2:05; John Smith also announced that final Mahon and Rademaker, 2: 10-2 :25; payment on the resuscitator pur- Spanaway Loop, 2:35-2:50; Spanachased by the club had been made,, way (3rd and Pacific), 3:00-3:25; and it was voted by the memb~rship J Golden Slipper, 3:10-3:-1-5. to formally present the resuscitator I Graharn-S u 111111 it, !st and 3rd to Spanaway Fire department, En- Tuesdays--June 7, 21; July 5, 19; gine House 1, at the September August 2, 16: Elk Plaiu Grange, meeting. 9:15-9:35; Theil Duddlcston CrossThe club will reconvene Septcm- roads, 9:4·0-9:55; Meridian and Kabcr 6, at \.vhich time officers. for thelpowsin High.way, 10:15-10:30: Clear coming year will be nominated. Lake (Klascy's), 10:35-10:50; Benston (Crossroads Store), 11-11:10; Davies, Corner, 11: 15-11 :25; Carli son & Meridian, 11 :30-11 :45; McDonald & Davies, 11:50-12:05; Oraham Feed & Supply, 12:45-12:55; Community Service committee of Graham (Dun Rovin), 12 :55-1 :05. Clover Creek G rnnge will serve a - - ---·---· -baked ham dinner from 6 to 9 p.m., CARD PARTY HELPS Friday, May 27, at Clover Creek .JUNIOR BALL TEAM school. The proceeds will be usrd to A benefit card party was held at finance a community recreation cen- Spanaway school Friday, May 20, in ter, including a tennis court, picnic. honor of the Spanaway junior basegrounds, outdoor kitchen, horseshoe ball club. It was sponsored by the courts and baseball diamonds. Spanaway-Elk Plain Firemen's AuxThis center will be open to all iliary. Five hundred and pinochle children of the community. Volun- were played. teers already have started to pour J<irst prize for ladies in 500 went cement for the kitchen. to Mrs. A. Bagusin. Andrew Bagusin received the men's first prize. WinVIEW RHODODENDRONS ning prizes in pinochle were: first, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. St. Clair, Mrs. H. F. Pillsbury, and second, accompanied by t_h cir daughter,. Mrs. Clarence James; formen, Clair Marie, and son, Bobby, t o u r c cl I Feddersen, first, and Ricliard .Fraisthrough the rhododendr.on country er, sec.and. The do~r prizes were last week end and were dmner guests awarded to Mrs. Lydia Walters and Sunday of Mr. ~nd Mrs. Walter D. Richard Fraiser. A good time was Denton and theJr daughter, Gerry, I had by all and the turnout was at Suquamish, Wash. (4th and Ge- good. All proceeds go to the Junior neva streets). 1 hall dub,

Spanaway Group Favors Tacoma St t N b ree ers


Ham Dinner Will Spur Rec. Center

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.C!h.~rl~tt~,. c~C:b


By INGA ST. CLAIR Reihs, .._ , , . . , . . . . !lus \~eeks issue of The _P. rair!e E~1ckson,r Irene Chr~stensen, Marilyn ing sei\'ict: in T1inity L11tht ian Pomter mtroduces Inga St. Fields, Kathryn Fields, Lois Jean church, P.n·kl.rnd. Mike, P,rnl "n.l as regular Parkland reporter, m Pearson, Kathryn Herman, the hon- Jimmy Pdda an· older ], 1 othe:s ol ch~rge of the Panorama column oree, her mother, Mrs. E. G. Klip- i Sheryll Lynn. which gathers club news, personal pen, Mrs. Anna Fenney and the DINNER GUESTS ?otes a?d othe~ items conc~rning hostess. Mr. and Mrs Arnold S Ulson mterestmg d.omgs of res1de~ts. RIRTHDAY PARTY . . . and daughter, Christine, wrrc dinner Mrs. St .. Clair would appreciate Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haner wel'e guests Saturday, May 2 1. uf Mr. yo.ur assistance i~ her news gath· hosts to a birthday ?arty in their and Mrs. Joseph Sa tis an~l d:iw;hcrmg. Any news item may be tele- home Saturday evenmg, May 21, trr, Joan, in Tacoma. phone~ to her at GRanite 5184 honoring Carl Thaut, an uncle to FAMILY REUNION or mailed to Box 781, Parkland Mrs. Haner. Other guests were Ml'. Mr. and Mrs. Milton SC\Trson post office. and Mrs. Jake Betz, Mr. and Mrs. and daughter, Jill, of Moon·hcad, Henry. Bliss and Mr. and Mrs. Minn., are visiting here with his p:<l·BRIDAL SHOWER Franklm Enearl. ents, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart S;·,·crMrs. Harn_ld G. Peterson was hos- HOME FROM HOSPITAL son of Mountain highway. tes_s to a m1scellane01~s shower for .Mrs. Frank Br~an, who i.s recov- FAREWELL LUNCHEON M~ss Lorna Ro.gers, Fnda_Y, ~ay 13. enng from a maior operat10n, has Mrs. C. H. Robinson was hostess Miss Rogers will be marned m early returned to her Parkland home on at her home on l lGth strrTI. to " June to L~le <?reer. The table. was A street, from a Tacoma hospital. farewell luucheon fur Mrs. ]'J:min decorat?d m pmk-and-green with a HOUSE GUEST Parker. Mr. and Mrs. P:irker :n<' ce!1terp1ecc. of rhodo<l.endron and ~Irs. Spencer Brown and her son, leaving Parkland for C:ilifon,;:1 . spirea. Invited g".ests mcluded the Ke 1th, are house guests of Mr. and Other guests were ]vfrsdarnes R:i y mother of the bnde-elect, Mrs. H. Mrs. H. Markinway on Airport Renwick, Ruf l! s Jfarwy, C. '.(. Rogers of Shelton, Wash., now a road. Mrs. Brown and Mr. Markin- Goodrich and W. W. C:linf'. ~arkl~nd tc~cher, and the ~fr:~dames way ar: sister ,and brothrr. SMO~GAS~OR!) ,~u~:C:ESS Ed Hmde~lie, Lester Stora~slt, Kerr· CHRISTENING SUNDAY Ladies Aid 01 I rm1ty Lutlicr: 1n rreth Jenkrn~ I. Ulbe?'g, h. J. Per· Sheryll Lynn, daui(hter of Mr. church reports :111 t!11tst:imlin.c: 'uc· rault, :tv~a~·v fon11nerv1k, Alec Hag.e- and :tvfr~. Arthur Pdela of Tacoma, cess with its sinorg;ishuarcl, hdd 011 ~ess, Wilham Gregory, Howard W1l- was chnstened Sunday at the morn- May 20. hs'. ;\l Turner, B. Acton, Stanley ..-~··--"-,~~ W1lhs, Paul Larson, Marie Hagmann, Norm 1".ordland, J. P. ,1'fluegrr, J. U. Xavier, Esthe~ Davis, Al· berta Preus, Mar~' Stenen, J o h n Slater and the. Misses Gladys Carlson, B'.:!ty Christensen, Jean Thomas, .Alice Pflaum, Elsbeth Butcher, C~Ranite Arline Johnson and F. Seaburg. MISS KLIPPEN HONORED Miss Jacqut>lirre Klippcn was honorcd guest at a luncheon Saturday, May 21, given by her aunt, Mrs. L. C. Klippen of Parkland. Miss Klippen will graduate from Pacific Luthcran college this month. Her borne a• is in San Francisco, Calif., where she has been engag~cl to teach for the following year. The buffet table at. the Klippen home he1·e was cenu tered for the ·affair with sweet peas. w. Spring flowers and blue tapers decorated the small tables at which the guests were seated. The Misses Dorothy Meyer and Dorothy Martinson <~a.rden favored the group w[th sc:v<•ral piano selections. Prese. nt we1···e the Misses Vivian Hurtirr JoAnne Klippen Olga Torvend~' Joan F'oss, Doroth~ Martinson, Emely Sholseth, Hjordis Hetle, Barbara Rommel, Dorothy J Meyer, Marian Linsted, Corrine • ~ -==·-··-"


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dohnson &Anderson


On Mountain Highway




The Store That /-las It Groceries Meats Fresh Fruit and Vegetables ·· Pie-Sweet Frozen Foods Carnation Ice Cream Pyrex Ware· Fuller Paints ·· Lee's Overalls U. S. Rubber Footwear .. Feed .. Hay .. Tools. Moss H


Finest Parking on the Mt. Hiway ONE-STOP SHOPPING

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Parkland, Washington, Thursday, May 26, 194-9

here to .=i



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Mrs. Arthur Pietz, Reporter Wm. K. Clark .......................................................................................... Editor I Rt. 1, Box 445, Spanaway--GR. 6646 Bill Crossgloss ........................................................................ Advertising Mgr. Herc arc a number of business firms, who, through their individual advertisements, offer to Spanaway Scout Troop 3,1 held its citizens of the South End trading area a service as close as their own telephones . . . These A community newspaper for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and Spanaway. firms are established not only with hopes of personal success but also with the hope of being Published every Thursday by Beard Printing Co., P. 0. Box 797, Park- regular meeting Tuesday, May 17, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray able to contribute to the development of a growing community. Check these listings for the land, Washington. Telephone GRanitc 7100. Hill of 11th street. Plans wrre made services you need! Entered as second-class matter October 3, 1945, at the post office at for the Scout summer camping proParkland, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879. gram. There will be a total of I :i SCBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One year, $1.50; six months, $1.00 days of camping which will run through the month of September. AUTO REPAIR FUEL DEALERS . AUTO SUPPLIES The dates and places will be announced. Your ONE-STOP Parkland Community club, Parkland Business club and Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Beeson Shopping Center other organized groups of this community rightfully are pro- of Spanaway are receiving congratulations on the birth of a son, May Complete Painting - Touch-Up Authorized Dealer HOME APPLIANCES Also testing a proposed change in the times for dispatching mail 13, at St. Joseph's hospital. GET MY BID FIRST HEAVY FIREPLACE AND from Parkland post office. Our local postmaster, Jack Quill. THE HOME OF FRIGIDAIRE FURNACE WOOD Mrs. Earl Hardie of 10th and E Pacific Ave. and Airport Road WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES likewise is advising his superiors against the change proposed. streets is convalescing at her home Airport and Pacific. Phone: GRanite 4604 GR. 6119 General Petroleum Products The change proposed would eliminate the present fore- from a recent operation. Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Fread of noon (I l : 3 0 a.m.) dispatch from Parkland. The present late Mandan, N. D., are spending a long afternoon (4:30 p.m.) dispatch would be continued and an vacation at the home of their daughearlier afternoon dispatch (I 2: 3 0 p.m.) would be added. ter-in-law and son, Mr. and Mrs. WHOLESALE & RETAIL GR. 8625 140th & Pacific GENERAL REP AIRING Fread of 3rd and Pacific streets. MACHINE SHOP SERVICE These changes arc proposed by postal authorities in order to Paul Parkland, Wash. LUMBER DEALERS Mrs. Jack Hall and Mrs. Jones, GR. 8619 facilitate modernization of service on the Tacoma to Morton both of Seattle, were dinner guests Quality Pacific Ave. at Airport Way / We Gladly Deliuer --WE CUT GLASS srar route. But, although other commu111t1es along the star at the home of Mrs. Louise Loner"Cherry Valley" Open Tiil 6:00 p.m. Week Days gan of Mountain highway, Sunday, 6A. 3366 COAL route might benefit from the move-Parkland definitely would May 15. BR. 5148 suffer. 96th and l'ortland Ave., Midland Spanaway welcomes M/Sgt. and GR. 8488 The present 11: 30 a.m. dispatch from the Parkland office Mrs. M. G. Suber and their three who have reci:ntly pur24-Hour Towing Service Call Us for Your Lumber Needs is the latest possible if connections are to be made for airmail children, chased a home on East "E" street. GR. 8177 'GR. 7583 and for city delivery in Tacoma the same day. Spana way ·GR. 6547 Sgt. Suber is stationed at McChord 10006 Pacific Ave. ATTRA.CTIVE EXPERT REPAIRING Mail dispatched from here after 11: 30 a.m. could not be field. KITCHEN CABINETS BICYCLES SALES, REPAIRS · . l · ~f · ·1 l f II · · Capt. and Mrs. Forhaun, formerMADE TO ORDER: clcl1vcrcc m acom.:i unt1 t 1e o ow mg mornmg-at r1JC same ly of McChord field, were honored time as the late afternoon dispatch. The present 11: 30 a.m. guests at a lovely farewell dinner at Rt. 7, Box 660 Jispatch is the most useful possible for Parkland. A dispatch the home of Mrs. Louise Lonergan PACIFIC AVENUE LBR. CO. SEMI-DRY · . . of Mountain highwav. Capt. and COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE 84th and Pacific GA. 3133 earlier m the day (unless at 6: 30 a.m. or ear her) would make Mrs. Forbaun ar~ nO\~ stationed in SERVICE BIKE RENTALS -- KEYS CUT no quicker connections. Therefor, arguments advanced against. California. Lawnmowers Precision Ground MOTELS Free ·Pick-up & Delivery Service the proposed change, as far as this community is concerned, Mr. and Mrs. Carmel Parco of AFTER 5:00 P. M. 334 Garfield St. GRanitc 5772 Spanaway are proud parents of a arc: ·AUTO SERVICE STATIONS baby girl, born May 13, at St. FUNERAL PARLORS BUILDING SUPPLIES I-It would result in a 24-hour interruption of service Joseph's hospital. STRICTLY MODERN Mr. and Mrs. Clair Fedderson of between Parkland and Tacoma, the two main points involved. 2 Rooms with Shower Shore drivto helped cdebr~1tc lleautiful Lawn 2-Mail dispatched from Parkland to arrive in Tacoma Lake a double birthday recently. The CANYON ROAD PIT Marfak Lubrication Mountain View Weekly Rates at 1 : 00 p.m. would be the accumulation of all drops from party was in honor of their son, Bank Run-Good for Driveways W a I t.e r Fedderson, and his little Texaco Gas - Oil and Accessories the local post office since 4:20 p.m. the previous day. 50c per cubic yard, your truck NURSING HOMES Joyce, whose birthdays Mountain Hiway at Clover Creek 4 yards, delivered-$6.00 3-0n arrival at Tacoma, mail for both business and daughter, both fall on the sarl'le day. The lovely GR. 9942 Ben Lawl'ence .Pl1011e WAvcrly 7902 residential districts would not be delivered until the next day, party was held at the home of Mr. 11..dbOUJre and Mrs. Walter Fedderson, in Taunless premium special delivery rates were paid. Top Qua/itµ CLOTHES CLEANING 1'Tnr!ii:ng Home GARBAGE SERVICE coma. 4-·-Parcel post between Parkland and Tacoma also would GASOLINE Mrs. Louise Lonergan of MounTule Lake Road be seriously affected, as present service provides delivery not tain highway has formally anMOTOR OIL-50c Gallon GR. 7914 GR 8077 Parkland nounced the engagement of her later than 9:00 a.m. the following day. daughter, Dorothy, to Bert Scott of 5-A three hour delay would result in both air mail and l'ree Pickup & Delivery · PAINTING M?untain highway near Roy Y. Mt. Highway at Orchard Hill Plant: Park & Violet Meadow P. O; Box 726, Parkland, Wash. rail service, eastbound and southbqund. Miss Lonergan attended Spanaway Call Office, Parkland Centre For the above reasons, as Well as other less-significant school and Lincoln high school. A , John Clabough GR. 7958 private wedding is to be held, June Miss Lenance Ouhl of Seattle. Mr. ones, Parkland organizations will likely present a solid front FREE ESTIMATES 10, at the home of the bride and and Mrs. Cliff Clausen and son against the proposed change, making their protests heard in a reception is to follow. Kieth wt:>re also there, as they are LOOK YOUR BEST ALWAYS ROOF STAINING Scout Troop 34 and scouts' fathers spending a week's vacation with Mr. Washington, D. C. as well as in the regional postal headwill meet Thursday night, May 26, and Mrs. Ouhl. Mr. and ~frs. Clausquarters. al Spanaway park, where both scouts en arc from Los Angeles, Calif. Mt. Highway at Brookdale Many individual local residents are already joined in the and fathers will take active part in Spanaway-Elk PI a in Volunteer Weekly Garbage Collection PRINTING firemen will hold an amateur show opposition to any such mailing change. Those of our residents a game of stalking. GR. 6232 Phone GR. 6190 or GR. 6300 Wymore of Mountain highand dance at Sunshine hall, SaturCecil not already making themselves heard on the matter, should do out and arnund after a recent day, June 4. GROCERIES - MEATS so without delay, as everyone of us would be adversely af- operation. · Spanaway P-TA invites all school 3-Day Service - Call For & Deliver Commercial Printing and fected. Mrs. John Newell and Mrs. Ray teachers, past and new P-TA offiPublications of All I<inds TI 1 11 d . Id b t b k d · ·l 1 Hill spent Tuesday evening, May cers to a "farewell" luncheon which . e c an?e propose . wou e a s ep ac w~r · ~ ~n i:iai 17, visiting Mrs. Harvey B;·adshaw will he held at the school lunrhGRanite 7100 24-HOUR SERVICE AT service for ~his. community, when :our g~owth JUst1f1es 1m- of 12th ~trect, who is ill i~ bed with room, Thurs~ay, ~une 2. . PLANT I 08TH AND PARK Park Ave. & Wheeler St., Parkland proved service mstead. Use the mall service to protect your I rheumatic fever. Her fnends and Mrs. Edwm Dixon of Mountam (Sales Rd. & Park Ave.) Airpor! & Pacific GR. 6301 · S d · t ti B f th Ch" f l neighbors wish her a speedy recovhighway is ill with the mumps. 'l • ma1 service. en your views o 1·e ureau o e 1e nc ongra t u 1a 110ns t 'f cl M RADIO s_ALES & REP AIR Groceries - Gas ~.Oil - Meats . . ery. o iv r. an rs. spector, Post Office Department, Seattle, Washmgton. Let the Mr. and Mrs. Calvin J. Ward of Hicks of Spanaway on the birth of chief inspector know definitely that this is one idea we like Mountain highway motored to a daughter, born May 17, at St. ONLY t t . II Olympia, Friday, May 20, to get Joseph's hospital. RADIO REPAIR SPECIALIST Drive In Under Awning . . . 10% MARK UP no a a · Mrs. Ward's mother, Mrs. Mary Little Donna Wymore, daughter Whel'e Everybody Stops TELEVISION STORE IN SOUTH END o-<-<-<·«·~.,.<·<fK:•<j)'t'..,~"--w>ff>o-c.-0<-<>~~+i>o"'~~o•-ouuuuuuuuuuuu~ Nunan1aker, who had been visiting of Irene Wy1nore of Mountain highOpen 7:Off a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Philco Sales and Service hcr eldest son and daughter-in-law, I way, is ill with the mumps. Daily except Sunday I Mt. Hiway, past Parldand Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nunamaker. , 141 st and Pacific GR. 7 563 Telephone GA. 5495 For Pick-up 752 -108TH GR. 8128 She als~ spcn~ some ti~e visiting: (Sales Road) grandchildren m Olympia. REAL ESTATE DAIRIES Mr. and Mrs. John Wadhams, forCUSTOM KILLING It was obvious from your editorial last week that you expected merly of 7th and East E streets, Notary Public Insurance Regional plans to help small woodsomething from me in return. However, I think you w·ould have had have moved to their new home in lot owners in Washington will be a letter without the invitation ... h,ecause at the last Community club. Tacoma, on Portland avenue. complete within a few days, it is LOCKER BEEF, VEAL and PORK meeting you were apparently caught with your pencils down ..• your Al and Jennie Grodvig, Realtors Mrs. Cecil Larson of Tacoma (the J repQrted by Knut Lunnum, PullG. FUCHS, Proprietor .former Eyvonne Cooley) and Della man, director of the "More Trees notes on my little talk were somewhat short of what I said. Cutting -- Curing •• Smoking Phones: GR. 7232 and GR. 6774 l 16th & Tule Lake Road You have every right to make your own interpretations of what I Cooley of 12th and East E streets for Washington" program. Residence Phone: GR. 8210 HOMOGENIZED AND have gone to Aberdeen, \Vash., to He said cooperating w ester n Res. Phone: Bus. Phone: may say, but, Mr. Editor, you do not have the right to put words in GA. 8893 GR. 8246 work with the A.O.U.W. drill team. Washington foresters, who represent PASTEURIZED MILK my mouth. You challengecl me to state when the Prairie Pointer ever RESTAURANTS They arc daughters of Mr. and Mrs. the state's fir region, met a frw days HARDWARE ran figures on Parkland's incorporation. Hark back! I did NOT say the AND CREAM - ICE CREAM Fay Cooley of Spanaway. . ago in Olympia with Dean Gordon l'rairic Pointer ran any figures on Parkland. What I did say was that Mr. and Mrs.. Arthur Pietz of D. Marckworth of the University the figures in the Prairie Pointer on some obscure town as a comparison Mountain highway have received of Washington's College of Forestry. P. 0. Box 207, So. Tacoma FOOD Is Our Specialty were misleading. And I still say they were. As a newspaper man you word that his mother, Mrs. John They exchanged notes on progress Tacoma 9 Phone GA. 3301 shm•ld know that such comparisons never tell a story. It's about as silly Pietz of Hosmer, S. D., is very ill. of the "More Trees" drive, which is GARFIELD AT PACIFIC Arthur Pietz and son, Wayne, left aimed at making privately owned as ]\fr. Krilich comparing Parkland with Ruston, a town virtually supPARKLAND DRUGS PRESCRIPTIONS Monday, May 23, by train, for H_oswoodlands more productive, and ported hy a multi-million dollar corporation. I also said that you have used the scare lines that i/ we don't do mer to spend a two-weeks vacation then mapped a plan of coordinated with his parents and brothers and action. "' HAULING - MOVING something in Parkland, Tacoma will swallow us. You have used those --TAKE HER TO sisters. Mrs. Ida Cook is coming to Lunnum told the foresters that lines, Mr. Editor, and it may scare some of yollr readers. But this is still for stay with Mrs. Pietz. many requests for the booklet called a democracy. We still vote on such things and the arms of the octopus Mrs. Arthur Hart of 8th street "Cash Crops from Washington ACCURATE To DINE and DANCE can't touch us unless they arc welcomed by us-and us alone. motored to Olympia, Friday, May Woodlands" are arriving at his ofDelicious FRIED CHICKEN Prescription Service You purport to show both sides of the question of incorporation. So 20, to attend the funeral of a friend fice. The booklet was written to Tender STEAK DINNERS far in the Prairie Pointer we have seen only one side. \Vhen, if ever, arc from her home town in Montana. help make the state's 5,500,000 acres Call LA. 9145 102 Sales Road Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Soriano and of privately owned woodland yield you going to start on the other. You say everyone you have talked to SHOE REPAIR favors incorporation ... hut then, of course, we don't talk to the same daughter of Seattle w e re dinner a continuous income for the owners, guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. many of whom are receiving little p(:oplc, do we? QUALITY SHOE REPAIRING Ervin Christilaw of Mountain high- or nothing from the land now. Daily Service to Parkland, Look around you, Mr. Editor, and what do you find that will beneway Sunday. Mr. Soriano and Mr. In addition, the More Trees diGuaranteed \Vorh Spanaway and Surrounding fit by incorporation? Where would your boundaries be? What payrolls Christilaw took in a ball game in rector said several hundred of the Ask Your Neighbor Territory would support a village. You overlook the fact that Parkland businesses Tacoma while the ladies remained al cards enclosed with the booklet have Pacific Avenue and Airport Road all rleal in consumer goods . . . that are purchased with money earned home. PICK-UP AND been returned by the woodlot ownin another cmmnunity. And with county taxes on the upgrade do you Joe Mulligan, son of Mr. and Mrs. ers who have seen the booklet and DELIVERY SERVICE FEED STORES Spanaway on the Mountain Hiway think people are going to vote themselves into a still higher tax bracket? Adam T. Mulligan, has joined the desire forther information. From LAKEWOOD FEED & FUEL CO. But, Mr. Editor, I don't want to get into any long winded argu· Navy. He is now stationed at San early information, it appears that FIXIT - GENERAL REPAIR (Next to State Scale) men ts. You're entitled to your opinion. Of course, I realize you. are Diego, Calif., for an indefinite time. the man who wants help has an llay, Grain, Seeds, Peet, Fcrtilizc1·s Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Newell average of 188 acres of forested land, cmnparativcly new here and don't realize the most important thonght Complete line of Centennial of Silverton, Ore., arrived at the although in many cases tht> figure rnost of had in moving to Parkland. We didn't move from one city to Products home pf their son and daughter-in· ''aries from one-half acre to several another. We moved to Parkland to get out of the city! Also Albers Stove Oil law, Mr. and Mrs. John Newell of thousand. Yours very truly, Louvre street, Tuesday, May 24-. 11536 Pacific Highway LA. 3522 BOil LYND They plan to spend a two-week vaThe first nGwspaper published FLOWERS - SHRUBS ~,. • .,.,.,.,.,~~,.,,.. .,..,._,.,,,~~,.~-.......__,.,.._ _....,. .................... cation ~ere before going to visit regularly was printed in Geimany REASONABLE GRanite 6544 . '"' , . . . , . . more children. I in 1609 ()I. I' f~;E,RS SU,EC;rE,D W hi I e patroling the Mountain JUNE BRIDES 1ner . .Bible stu_dy hour followed the BY SI ANA WAY \.\ SCS I mcetmg, w h i ch was led by Mrs. highway near Spanaway Thursday WEDDING ARRANGEMENTS • ' . Monthly terms Re0_ular monthly mcctrng of the 1 J osep I1 S ny d er. A 1ove lY pot·I uc k afternoon May 19 Deputy Shenffs b onC all purchases( cl ) ·~ · · , ' . ' . ' . ' ' Brookdale Lum er .o. a \', \N.S.C.S. of Spanaway Cornmurnty dessert lunch was served by the hos· Fred Gnmm and George Nemec reMcthodist church was held Thurs- tcsses, Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Ouhl. ported a 22 rifle bullet struck their We Wire Flowers-We Deliver day, May 1 CJ, 12:30 p.m., at the car window. Luck was with them Mt. Hiway at Parkland GR. 7270 home of Mrs. John Hall of Lake ·The "news lead," a style of news-,. as the shot missed them both. Sl:ore dri\·e. Election of officers was paper "'.riting_ that, packs. as many _ . r:1~s; Eh~e.r ~-o~gan o~ 2nd s~~c.~t OF ALL KINDS FOR THE ·held. of the if1Jj:JurtanL 1 acts 01 a story auu lv.tuuutau1 u1gnway is conv,uesw WHOLE FAMILY New officers arc: President, Mrs. as possible into the first paragraph cing at her home after a recent 11 llATHING SUITS SUNSUITS l~ay c;:ooley; vice-president, Mrs. originated durin the Civil War' operation at the county hospital. ETC.' COMPLETE FLOWER CENTER Rav 1 urner; secretary, Mrs. Amos h dg . cl ' Sunday guests at the home of Mr. in Oul1l; treasurer, Mrs. Kay Blosser. w en correspo_n en.ts tne ~o say as and Mrs. Amos Ouhl of Mountain PARKLAND CENTRE Officers who have finished their much. as poss~ble m the first ~art highway and Buck road were: Nowal Stella Jacobs Box 6 7, Parkland. terms arc: Vice-president, Russell of thell" story m case telegraph Imes Ouhl of Hoquiam, Wash., Miss LuPARKLAND GR 7947 7025 Pacific Avenue GRanite 5417 l Scearce; trrnsurcr, Mrs. Agnes Brun- were cut. cille Christensen of Olympia and 1


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Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter

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Midland Orthopedic executive committee met at Dawson fieldhouse lVIay 20, for last minute discussion concerning the guild project, the "Bride's Chest and Linen," which will he given away at the Orthopedic Guild picnic, Dawson field, June 19. Mrs. Henry Teffre, chairman, reported that the chest has been received enthusiastically by

PARKLAND WAR MEMORIAL Memorial Day, Monday, May 30, 1949 ll:OOto 11:30a.m. "l.~t us :ill pay irihule on this day to those who paid the supreme sacrifice in order that the principles of our Arnc1·ican way of life was safegnardcd for ourselves and future generations."

KIRBY - GRAHAM Mrs. Albert Nelson, reporter Phone Graham 206

J\1r. and Mrs. Fred Malloy or Tacoma were dinner guests at the home of !v!r. and JVfrs. R. W. Stanger, Fridny. T d 17 tl f. 'f ues a y a ternoon, Jv a y , 1c 'I I rcnc L"m db erg, C . 0 . JV escI ames I ~inc · \T"1c t or A n. IIJcro-· E . G . T"in1us, -;; A ncIrews, I renc D a hi anc1 cIerson, ........ J oIu111y 'V ' ystrac Il ca ll e d on M rs. Charks Wilbcl!' for a house-warm111 . hl\'·,,..1.r. an d l\i rs. G . Ul vang o f Ed • gc-, woo d ca 11e d on M rs. M . Sorcnson, W d . I 1 el\in.e.scayl.l\I r. anc · rs. p au L'melb erg ancI Audre' visited at the home of Mr. d M}. E G 1·· . W·d d an IS. • . imus, e nes ay evening. l\frs. Carter Larson left Sunday to \'isit with her niece at Renton, Wash. Mrs. L. Murray and son left Saturday for her home at Forks, Wash., after spending a week with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Roy Carlson. 1\:i.r s. Car I Hoganson home Monday from the hospital. l\1isses Juana and DolOl'es Bolling of Firgrove and Helen Erickson were guests of Bettie and Beverly Cruts over the week encl l\fr. and Mrs. Robert Thomas, of Puyallup, visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger, Wednesday · 1\:Ir. and l\Irs. Oscar Hanson and . . granddauo-hter of Puyallup v1s1ted 1 at the of Mr and Mrs. Albert Nelson . , . Juana and Dolores Bolling, Bettit: and Beverley Cruts and Hekn Erick-I son attended the Youth for Christ rally in Tacoma, Saturday evening. 1\fr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson were dinnC'r gul'sts of their daughter at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Gooch of Parkland, Sunday. A birthday party will be held Thursday, May 26, for Mrs. C. 0. Lindberg at her home, in the afternoon. Thursday afternoon, Mrs. Charles Gardener and. daughter, Mrs. A. Mothershed ;rnd children, Mrs. ".'ictor Anderson, Mrs. E. G. Timus,


ho~ e


RING~ -~~~~IT~=~"'ill


Mrs. Albert Nelson, Mrs. L Allen and children, Mrs. Effie McGee, 1\frs. L. Murray and son, gathered at t~e home of Mrs .. Roy Carlson to wish her a h~p~y b1rthd'.1y. Mrs. Kate Nmu entertamed the Sunshine club Thursday. A lo¥ely lunch was served by the hostess. A house warmlng was held at the new home of 1_1r. and Mrs. C .. D. Henry at Lakrv1ew. Thosedattendmg M B were his mother, 1vfr. an rs. . Hoard ' Mr. and Mrs. L. Hogan and dmwhtcr "' ' Rhea, Mr. and. Mrs.. Les1 tcr Phyllis, .al · Brown and daughter, ' of Tacoma, :md Mr. and Mrs. Fied Erickson and Karen and Lynn. It also was their. second wedding an· niversary. Miss Jo an n Erickson and Mr. Redford are to receive Ol their C 3rd · and 4th degrees at . 10p rang-.e, Wednesday night. The Benston dnll . . . . team will m1t1ate. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Plumb and sons, Terry, Jerry and Larry, and Martin Vosncck motored to Hoodsport, Wash., Sunday. Mr. ~~d Mrs. Ray Wells of Pu~-! allup \'!Sited at the hon:e of Mi. and Mrs. Milo Becker, Fn~ay. Vict?r Goldman and Gol.drn,rn of Roy and F~~nk \ ol kench of Puyallup w~re VISltors Satur?ay at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Milo Bcc~cer. . . 1\:I:s. \era Monta h.ts been m the hospitaL . . Attendmg t~lc _?th, a~ld ~:h grnd~ 111 banquet, held the Elk Pl~m schoo lunchroom, Thursday evemng, were y· B l· M 1 ,in Smallwood ictor ec ,er, e' . • ' 'f . Pl b Kenny Olive Merle cny um ' ' Smith, Mary Jupiter and He 1 en Erickson, from here. B tl T 'II who has been 1]\f' iss e Y erri ' visiting at the home. of M~-. and Mrs. Albert Nelson, is movmg to Tacoma, Tue:day. . The committee Ill charge of the smorgasbord l,1eld at the +Grange hall Sunday thanl- all who helped. Mr..and M_r~. Frank Lorenz and s~n, Ricky, vis1t~d at t_he home of ll!S brother'. Chailcs Loienz. A cosmetic party was held at. the horn? of Mrs. :tvI. E. ~hook, Friday evcnmg. The follo~mg att':'nded: Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig and c~ildren, Mrs. Jane Wheeler, Mrs. Airheart, :Mrs. Nolan, her mother, Mrs. Barnvort, and .Mrs. Nelson. After the dernonstrat1on a lovely lunch was served by the hostess. . . Sgt Robert Gardener, of W1ch1ta Falls 'is visiting his wife and parents, ' Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cardener . . The first daily newspaper in the United States was established in

~hss _Ag,ne~


WE GLADLY SPANAWA)'-Across from School


GR. 75!l3 or GR. G54·7

- - - - - - - - ·---~_:-==:::=::"=..-..::::::::=-:

ever~one when displayed at vario_us ing class. This year's banquet will junior club. Gn•'sts of the- girls wr·rr l~cat10".s. Mrs. George Turner, pie- be. given at the conclusion of Class the Mesdames William /\rlcrliun>,

~,,~~~-~:::! me chairn_ian, reported that she. a~d Day, June 7. Committee .heads and Cad Eilertson, .).

l\.f. Evans, H . .f. her committee have games and iaces members arc the Mesdames William Hotchkiss, T. W. Railey, M:iry Saw.. '· planned, for·es from pre-s~lrno!, Crossman, Carl Taylor, A. W. Han-. ycr, E. A. Brittain and Robert C:lin(1 up. Everyone m the comrnumty is son, William Arterburn, Art Peter- ton. Mrs. Albert Knes:.11, lc:ickr of {fi'I u~·ge~! to make. pla~i.s to -~Hend the sen, Gknn Alstead, ~· L. Reed, L. the senior ·l-lI gir!'• was un:1blc to ·, :lU picnic an~ meet thur. neighb~is. Lamarr, William Squires, J. D~ Sul- be Frescnt:, duc.t:i illness. · At their last meetmg until fall, livan Edward Whitley and Elmer Several fanulies cdcbratcd the Midland Cub Scm1ts made plans for Mor~d. opening of stream fishing at tlw a pot!uck picnic, June 26, at !>awNew residents of :tvfidland area are I-fonsler r:~nch, at Ashford, 1foy 2'.'. son field. Carnes and races w1I! be Sen:;eant and Mrs. Joseph Bushndl 1 Several mcc c:itchcs w f' r c rn:idc. plan.ncd for everyone. Committee of 9Jst street. Sgt. Bushnell is sta- Among those prce<·nt :it the r:mcb Chairman Bob. Sharpe W11!1ani b . M conductedh.the h t'10ne d a t M c Chord field · •and is a were: 1\Mr. and d Mrs. , l\ . . IShan:1ans 1c·.,-, .usmess meetmg' . ay f0~ 0, at w d1c son o f M rs. S . Peralta• of 90th and han, .fr. an ",1 rs. , 1 11<r l1- ]\ . time a plea-, was voiced orbmore en P or ti an d avenu e . Crace, Jerry, 1 ornmy . l .anc I IT ancy ~,._,", ····-- .~ mothers. 1 here arc T eeu-agers, don't forrrd Hansler, Dak. .Ro<')',f D.1c < , . _ans . C many oys wait" tlip• dance ' lJ 1n. m. g to become "u 11s who mmt 1w. at C o ms . C range h"ll Mau ?7 :it and . several Jn.enc.1s . . rum tnc D. ll!. " , , , , , 11 "Don't you just love the smell of Autumn, Mr. Feezil?" pu_t off bec:iuse of lac~, of leade_i- 8 p.m. Teen-agers, J4. or over, are versity of Waslungton, :rnd un ship for them. Anyone mterested m d" ll . 'ted t attend If you Ransler. taking six or eight boys y mvirtati'ono p' Pupils of l\.hs. . Ida clNelson's fift.h J f ll fo.r a couple lcor rnve iat ranspo , con1v rs. N oe am ' . ~ · · of hours a week tlus a. , p 1case ) con- tact ~-r B . (GR <.J g-rade class at. 1•11c11an . sc 1100.1 1"'"" ) 7 5 1 tact Sharpe (GRamtt> 58 9 I or A ., , l t. will play for turned over to the M1cll:rnd t >rt 1w5 1 · Dan. Smith (CRanitc . d-pan 01.· ...'' d 8815).t Fold mo ern an d.o o - im. dancin; ' · ,,, with. peclic . 'guild $'i.29, . . . p·rr.>Ccr.c.·cls. , t cl . 1ow1".g t 11e meetrng, en stun s. an Don 'Whisler calling for sq u a re cam1r Sac. l\frs. John Susan, reporter • 1 o us, 1 1'~ 11c ICU n:), Rt 7 B 400 GRa11ite 7009 handicraft were shown and achieve- d toward bmlclmg· of a 1 a.coma Ortho. J ox. ances. . ... '1 D · l l r- - ' --Hans R. Running, son of Mr. and ment. awards ~lade. . A group of l\liclland 4-Hcr's at- ~e~lic h~~~'.1L1. l\~1s. u1'.a ', ~-un~'. Mrs. Virgil Rodius opened her Mrs. J. E. Running of Parkland M1clland friends . of res1- tended Parkland Methodist church t,uil~ P" ' 1dcnt, sent a , 1'.0 _1.' c I a1 home Friday afternoon, May 20, for who is now attending Pacific uni- dent Dean Mellor will share rn heap- May 22 .in honor of Natioanl 4-H precwtion to the 1oungstc is. a stork shower, honoring Mrs. versity, Forest Grove, Ore., recently ing congratulations on him and Mrs. Sunday. There they sang Conrad --·· ··-···· -·---George Bolieu. Many gifts were re- was notified of his acceptance by Mellor on the birth of a daugh_ter, Thompson's "4-H Hymn," as a con- j ceived from the Mesdames Johnson, the Unive1·sit~ .of. O~lo', Noi;way, to May 23, at St. J?scph's hospital. tribution to the services. Those atmother of the guest of honor; Ivan attend that 111stttut10n s SIX-wee~s The young lady, Candacp Deanne, tending were: Susan Elbtson, Nory t Collier, O'Neill, Ted O'Neill, J. A. special summer session for Amen- weighed 5 pounds, 10 ounces. She een Hotchkiss, Beverly Morud, Idell Charlrs J. Cow:in of Pcirkbnd is Susan, Bob McC. rillough, Games and can beginning June .. will be wel:on;ed by. a_ hrothe'." Brittain, Ann Mary Cli.11ton.· H dentists _from throughout. Waddell, the hostess and co-hostess, Runnmg 1s one of two Parkland Ronald M1clual. Giandpaients a1.e Mrs. Robert Clmton and Mrs. Al- the state of Washmgton who h:n.·e Mrs. H. L. White. youths so far notified of acceptance Mr. and Mrs. Frank Park of Um-.1 bert Knesal, leaders, and Mr. Knesal recently cmnpktcd :111 intensi\'c "H'Mr. and .Mrs. E. Heller motored for the Oslo course. Lar;y .Hauge, vcrsity Place, Mrs. Laura Gregory accompanied the girls.. fresher course" in children's dcntisto Seattle, Saturday evening to see Pacific Lutheran coll~f?e JUmor, son of Seattle, C. B. Mellor, and greatSeven boys \~ere s1g1:ed up '.or try, the state hcnlth dq)artmcnt lt:is their grandson, David 1vf or row, of Dr. and Mrs. Ph1hp E. Hauge, grandmothers Mrs. L. D. Shaw and scouting at the fll'st meet111g of 1_11d- disclosed. They spent 11 Y, hours '' graduate from kindergarten. Their will also attend. They are among Mrs. Mabel Cook of Tacoma. . land Troop 84, at Dawson field, d:iy, brushing up on tlu· btcst :\ddaughters, Shirley and Nancy, ac- ap1~rnximately 250 students from the Mr. and l\frs. John l\Ioore ot Se- May 18. James Peterso~1, scou~mas- ,·anccs _in theory and _technique at companied them. Umted States who are accepted for attle spent the week end at the ter, and Paul Owen, first assistant tlw Umvers1ty of Waslungton school . D I B 1. 'I the courses at Oslo, which will be Midland home of Mr. and Mrs. scoutmaster started the boys work- of dentistry 1 1 . h orot iy o 1cu, semor c ass -r . . . . . '. T d f . " . · . b . p ll f th taught 111 Eng11s . 1s a mg on their er oot requireThetr expenses were p:ud by the mem er, goes to u man or e . k 1 - Carl N1ckola1. Mrs. . Moore . 1 en h d I f . S S H t J 5 t 12 She Running expects to ta e a an daughter of Mrs. N1ckola1. ments and aunc e pans 01. a dental health program of the , tall' 4 111 0 , cnt, . • ·,, cl ·, ·m guage course and others in sociology !\!embers of St John of the Woods camp-out at Lake Louise in the very Health Dcpart which seeks to 11 is .ta ·mgl up e-a h-ease an s vi - and government of Norway. parish whose las.t names begin with . near future. Scoutmaster Peterson focus special on children's mma. a so camp c ores. ' d" 1 . . . t ll . '" . . . the letter L through Z, are sponsor- 1 extends a cor ia mv1tat10n o a dentistry as ::i preventive mca,.:un" Mr. and. Mrs. Jun .Getsler of ing a card party ~nd social, Friday! scout-age boys in the area to attend acco. rding to Dr. W. Philip l'k1ir, burn, \Vash., were ,g;iests ~t t e eveninff May 7 at 8 o'clock in Mid- /the regular meetings, every Wednes- head of the section. Omer Roland home l•riday mght. land {':Up r o ;, em en t club hall. day at 7:30 p.m., at Dawson fieldThe dentists, all in private pr,.eSunday, May .22, found t.he Omer 1 Alice Dorfner, Reporter Pinochle and 500 will be played, house. . ticc, have become interested in orRolands and cluldren, Bes.s1e, Ome_r Graham 458 with prizes given for ~igh and low Four breakfast t~ams fron"'.. Mid- ganizing '.' Wa~hi~gton chapte~· of Jr., and Edward, Paul Nichols, his 1 ___ scores. Refreshments will be served, land came home with blue l!bbons the American Society of Dentistry father, Muri! and_ brother, Clyde The seventh grade of Elk Plain followed by a social hour. The fol- from Fife high school, where they for Children, a 1K1tional professional N_ichols, at. F1v~ Mile lake for a pie- school gave a banquet for the eighth lowing committees were nppointed: gave a demonstration, May 18. This organization. Dr. Wayn~' Graham of me and swmmung. grade last Thursday, in the school 1 Tickets, Mrs. 0. J. Nearns and completes the food preparation con- Seattle was named chairman of an Mrs. Freel Boness' niece and neph- lunch room. After the dinner, which Katherine Logan; refreshments, Mrs. tests for all Midland 1-H clubs and organizing committee. The question ews, Evelyn, !Vfaynard and Robert was prepared by the seventh grade J. Stumpf, chairman, with Mesdames congratulations are in order, as t.hc of permanent organization will be Fuhr, were at the Bonrs.< home Sat- mothers, the State Patrol handed Frank Reding, Fred Siehl, Ernest Midland teams are 10ory,, J;iluc nb- I1 considered at a rneeting of the State urday evening. out awards and a speaker from Ta- Paul, John Salter, James Woodard, hon winners. Teams compctmg May D c n ta I Socirty in Seattle next Paul Nichols spent Thursday night coma talked. All teachers were in- H. J. Portz and J. Mikelich assist- 18 were: Joa.u Arterburn and Susan , month. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Omer vitcd and also the school board. ing; prizes, Mesdames W. Thaden, Ellertson, Shirley Ev~ns and Noreen I -.----· Roland. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Orville Melton and J. Le Mieux, Al Merkle and Ed Hotchkiss, Susan B~1ley and Mary I Free estimates on repair and f 01 · f .1 h d . · t Pt Defiance Sonnernan· cards and dean-up Clinton of the semor group; Ann model jobs-Brookdak Lumber Co. . Elmer F!·omm was thr.own. ~ ~ S"1m~y a a picmc a . Messrs. L'. B.• Lund, <Jack Reding'. Clinton and Diane Solkey of the l . (adv.) his horse 1hursday mornmg, !IlJlll· un ay. H R b Id" . Al M rkle and ing his left leg. The horse .stumbled Misses Arlene Walk and Alice enry am Ta !Ill, . . e . d' ll ~~ · b e d Dodner went to L a k-e T aps over H J 1c is cor ia Y " === - · .~ and fell on him. He has been 111 . · .J · Portz · he pu 11 " with the injured leg. the week end, with the Hi-Y groups mvl\i ted. N S I d h 1 rs. Maxine Susan, Kay Mann and from Puyallup. e1~'blwo gdaar ';,as h ono_r "I C s d ft . . guest at a essc event s owe1, Jane Jv c amman spent un ay a Miss Alice Mac Tibbitts 1s con- ·M . t th f' e station ernoon ice skating at Lakewood. fined to her home with chicken pox. b ay 18 'b gtvcnf aH e ·dtr M"dland M J J A S went to a y mem ers o arvar , I , 1 0 111 rs. • usa~ . S h The carnival at Elk Plain Grange land Larchmont Fire department Lashower S?turday cvemng .m out Saturday was reported a huge suc-1 dies Auxiliary Games were played





d Another Park/an IYouth JVil/ Attend T Oslo Su1nmer erm


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park/and Dentist in S . l S d G. . pecza tu oup






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t·lt·lt·::·::·lt·lt·lt·!:·:t·::·lt·!!·:t·~t·!!·!!·:!·!!·!!·!!·l!·!!·!t·!t-!!·!t·!t·!!·!:·:t·!t·!!·l!·!t·!!·!!·!t·!t·!t·::·:t·!t·l!·!!·!!·!t·; I T~co~ah in honol' of her niece, fyf rs. cess. Afte_r the booths \Vere sold under the dii:ection of Mrs. Chet

s · /out, dancmg followed. Over $100 . Robinson, with prizes for high scores . . t ype was cleared and everyone reported going· to Mrs. Paul Thompson, Mrs. Th e first sc h oo1 t o teac h 1mo 1 Clarence Johann and Mrs. Eugene . ·d · C'h' a good time. operatmg was opene 111 icago . f d H . . · f h 'f . . Regular meetmg o · Love1an .4·Bnttam. Pres':'~tat10n o. t e g1 t was m 1902. was held at the home of the leader, made by Auxiliary President Lorene Mrs. L. W. Dillingham, Monday, Baskett. Chairman in charge of the Our expert photographers May 23. Members worked on their party was Mrs. Frank Johnson, aswill take an exciting alproject books, followed by a lunch. sisted by Mrs. Victor Eshpeter and bum of bridal portraits, A Birthday party was held Tues- Mrs. Robinson. Sponsored by day, May 17, in honor of Thorncy Helping Hand club met at thP and, if you wish, a candid CLOVER CREEK GRANGE Tibbitts, at his home. Games were home of Mrs. Carl Nickolai, 9 lst picture of your entire wedplayed and supper was served to: and Van Buren street, for a potluck ding day. At Clover Creek School Helen Erickson, Mary Schriver, Bar- luncheon, May 20. A f t er lunch, pm barn Jo Burrington, Donald_ games WCl'C enjoyed by the followton, Mary Jupiter, Dav 1 d R1?h, ing members, Mesdames U. G.· Stark, Mickey Farren, Bruce Healy, Alice E. Duppcnthaler, Charles Shearer, T o Bm'Id a C onimum'ty l''itchetl -. T'bb' d · 'V b . Mae, Dale, and Dean 1 Its, an D. J. House, Floyd Davis, J. ' e el·, (MOVIES CONTINUOUSLY) the honored guest. H. R. Williams, Charles Berg, A. E. IN PARKLAND SHOPPING CENTER • t d FREE The new Elk Plain Fin hall is Johnson, John Holmes, Elof AhlP re- S ch ooI a d nut e ' d ·11 b · d · Ad I· $l 2 ~ well under way an WI e tea Y strom, Bert Miller, Joseph Bushnell, 6 4 "O , Ages ·l - : J c u ts-. · :J for occupancy soon. John Moore of Seattle and the hos:·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::.::·::·::·::·::·:~-!~~·~~t·::-::-::·::·::-::·:f::-::·!!·!t·::-::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·~.:·::-::·::·::-::·:.:-~ 1 1 tess. l'ourteen ninth grade mothers, under the chairmanship of Mrs. NorSelect your nationally man Johnson and Mrs. Walter Coradvertised apparel for the rigan, met, May 17, at Dawson fieldholiday. We liave a large house, to lay plans for the annual banquet, P-TA gift to each graduatsckccion of colorful sporrs-


C en




&"eu;uen STUDIO

M ay 27 ' 6 • ., On

GR. 8514

wear ... such as



• 141


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ONL Y $7.50 COMPT.F'rF Additional cabinets of 50 sct.s at $5.00


phone GRanite 7100



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We Cut Glass

Basket:I: Lumber Co. 96th & PORTLAND A VE., MIDLAND




GR. 8488

Distributed Lo'illl1



Stewart Hay & Grain Co.





Tl'.Tl"•T Tlfl.T""







Parkland Fuel DH & S1uruice Station GRanite 3112

Parkland, 'IVash.

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,SPECIALS . . . WHlLE THEY LAST SAND BOX-3'x4', with sand-Just the thing for kiddies $10.75 GARDEN HOSE .......................................................... 25 feet 2.95 CLAM GUNS (SHOVELS) ............... ................................. 3.25 I'I,ASTIC DRAWER PULLS CHROME DRAWER PULLS for 45c POP-UP GARBAGE CANS (Reg. $9.50)-Now 4.25


Parkland, Washington, Thursday, May 26, 1949

CHURCH Announcements

Recipe of the W eel{

PARKLAND METHODIST . George W. Cooper, Pastor Sunday; Divine Worship, preachinR" at 11 'a.m. Nursery for children during worship and prearhing. Church School at 10 a.m. Cla~ses for all grade>. Adult Bible Class led by the pastor meets at the parsonage.


~t A homey dinner of country style sausage with sauerkraut may

not be long un style, but it has plenty in the way of flavor. For this tasty twosome, you can use fresh or smoked country sausage, either in links or in short lengths .cut from the coil.

TRINITY LUTHERAN Parkland, Washington Ernest B. Steen, Pastor


SPORTS A regular schedule having replaced last year's hit-or-miss arrangement, the Volunteer Firemen's Fastball league teams have already made two appearances. Bud Bolstead of University Place is president of the circuit; Walt Evans, Lakewood, vice-president; W, E. Scott, McChord field, secretary; and Jim Sands, Fircrest, treasurer. John Heinrich of Midland is the league's publicity head. . , Actual me:nbersh1p 111 ~ vohmt~e.r dcp.arti:1ent is necessary for J?art1c1pat10n 111 the league games, with the I ~·esult that players of all ages are ~ncluded on team rosti;rs .. Ma~agers Im the seven team cm'.tltt an': ~cl Larson, Parkl~ndf Art .Weber, Fircrest; Joh1~ I-Ie~nnch, M1dla.nd; Reese, Umverstty Place; Phil Kneip, ,. Lakewood; Don McClellan, Spana, way; W. C. Scott, McChord fitld.

Valley Baseball league will open play this Sunday. · Playing in the Southern section are 2nd Division, Spanaway, Mineral, Eatonville, Navy Base and Morton teams, while the Northern division is made up of Yelm, Madigan hospital, Tacoma Eagles, Roy, Rainier and Graham. The first-half schedules, as released Wednesday by Willard Carpy, the league's secretary-treasurer, are: Southern Division May 22-2nd Division at Spanaway, Mineral at Eatonville, Navy Base at Morton, May 29-Spanaway at Mineral, Eatonville vs, Navy Base at Veterans' hospital, Morton vs. 2nd Division at Fort Lewis. June 5 _Mineral at Morton, Eatonville at Spanaway, Navy Base vs. 2nd Division at Fort Lewis. June 12-Morton at Spanaway, Navy Dase at Mineral, 2nd Division at Eatonville. June 19-Spanaway vs. Navy Bas<" V h • J M' 1 , 9 d at eterans osp1ta , in era \ s. _n Division at Fort Lewis, Eatonvillt• a t M or t on. (All games at Veterans' hospital start at I p.m., others at 2 p.m.) Northern Division May 22-Ydm at Madigan hospita!, Tacoma Eagles at Roy, Rainier at Graham. May 29 - Madigan vs. Tacoma Eagles at Madigan hospital, Roy at Rainier Grnham at Yelm. June' 5-Tacoma Eag·les at Gra· · · ham Roy at :Madigan Ram1er at ' ' Yelm. June I? _Graham at Madigan ' ; Rainier vs · Tacoma Eagles at Boys club, Yelm at Roy. June 19 - Madigan at Rainier, Yelm vs. T.acoma Eagles at Boys' club, Graham at Roy.

Thursday, May 26: COUNTRY STYLE SAUSAGE WITH SAUERKRAUT 7::30 p.m.-Boy Scouts. 8:00 p.m.-Reading club at home pound country style sausage, small onion S4th and Pacific Avenue GA. 3133 of Mrs. Carl Cottom. fresh 01· smoked 5 cloves No. 2 Ye can sauerkraut I teaspoon caraway seed '::::::-::::=::=:::::::::=::::=:::::::::::::::::._:::_:::::::=::::::::::~.-==:::::::::::=::::::::' Sunday, May 29: tart apple ~ tablespoons brown sugar 10:00 a.m.-Sunday school and Bible classes. Simmer the sauerkraut with the chopped apple, onion, sea11 :00 a.m. - Baccalaureate Servsonings, and sugar for )!, hour. Meanwhile, place the sausage links Continued from Page One ices at Memorial gymnasium. or short lengths in a skillet with JI,, cup water. Bring water to a regarding our reprrsentative at Girls' l'v1rs. Alice Smith, ReportPr Rev. Carl Lund-Quist will speak boil, then reduce heat, cover and cook slowly until water evaporstate, were also developed. on topic, "The Church Needs ates. Remove cover and brown sausage well on all sides. Serve hot GR. 5475 Through the cooperation of Mr. kraut topped with sausage. (If smoked sausage is used, the links You." Gray and the faculty of Clover Park may be cooked on top of the kraut without browning.) 11 :00 a.m.-Junior Worship ServVisitors at the home of J\fr. and high school, the final choice to atice. Mrs. Clarence Skog arc Mrs. Skog's tend Girls' state at Washington State mother, Mrs. Niekoh, and daughter, 11 a,m.: Bible study a11d prayer, 7:3ll p.m., strorn, superintelldent. MIDLAND PENTECOSTAL college is Miss Joan Clark, daughter \\f('dne-sday. Arnie Konsmo, Past!.lr Amy. They left Tuesday to visit 11 :llO a.m.--Sunday Wol'ship service. of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Clark, 12 ;30 p.m.-Sunday, l fo1s~.ffd Covenant !\·foets C\'ery Sumlay in ?\.fidland P.T.A. rebtives in Idaho and from there LARCHMONT SUNDAY SCHOOL Circle lunc}1e01~.. . . .. . . The league sched_ule for the balbecause of her characteristics of hall, ll a.m.; Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Larchmont Sunday School meets in the Wednesday, •. 00 p.n1.--ll.i1'aHI Sunday 'ance of the season 1s: June I-Mcthey :nT going to thf'.ir hon1e in Sas~ woni 3 nlint>ss, fair play, sportsmanSchool 1,Iothers' Circle. " · . Parish housl! at 9 :30 Sund:~y mornings. FERN HILL BAPTIST CHURCH k;1tchcwan, Canada. ship, appreciation of our great counSouth 86th and "G" Streets Chord at Fircrest, Midland at ParkSPANAWAY METHODIST R. W. Ledyard, Pastor ST. JOHN OF THE WOODS 1 Mr. and Mrs. Bill A!nes have as try, sense of loyalty, fustice, truth land, University Place at Spanaway, ' The Church by thl:! Side of the Road" Bible School, 9:45 a.m. Classes for all ages. 90th and Taylor, Midland vi>:iturs his sister and family, 11r. and honor. So, it is with pleasure \Vorship at 11; Evening Service, 7:30. 10 a.m.-Church School. Lakewood by<» June 8-Univcrsity Rev. R. E. Logan, Pastor ~-fa~;s?~. 8:00 and 10:30 a.m. Catechism :ind tv1 rs. Dmvin Bell and son, Ron- that the ladies of Clover Creek AuxPlace ::it Midland, Lakewood at Fir1 11 a.m.-Sunclay Wonhip Service. after 1-1:.n:s. CLOVER CREEK BAPTIST 3:30 p.m.-IntPrmediate Youth 11\', fr<Jm Anaconda, Montana. iliary accept the choice of the school Militmy Road, opposite Clover Creek School crest, Span:iway at Parkl?nd, J\.:fcW. C. Rhea, Pastor Fellowship. , Gi;cs1s for Sunday dinner at the heads and extend to Miss Clark our Chord bye. June 15-Fircrest at Bible School. 10 a.m. George Chessum, 6:'15 p.m.-Youth Fdlowship. lionw of and }virs. Chet Robin- sincerest congratulations and best superintendent. Midland, ·Parkland at Mc.Cho:·d, J\{on1ing \VOrship 11 a.m. s<m wrrr: Mr. :ind Mrs. Lester Rob- wishes. We wish to thank the school Lakewood nt Spana~ay, U111versity Youth Fellowship, 7 p.m. {Junior and PRAIRIE MISSION SUNDAY SCHOOL Senior). 1nsun~ Jol\nn, Norn1a }\._ae; anrJ Don- faculty for its cooperation. Place bye. June 22-Parkbnd at Interdenominational ENening Gospel Service, 8 p.m. na J\Lic, and William Robinson. Fr~d Southwell, Superintendent A final report from the hospital .1 f L. Lake. wood, McChord at University 1vfid-\.veek Service, Thursday, 8 p.m. B \v C 1 d f Denny Lucas, Ass't Supt. am1 y o es- Pl F' s "'f'd Choir practice Thursday, 7; also teacher A !J'rthclay dinne1-, honoring Mrs. co1nn1ittee rf'garding the nnnua) . . .'·\' , 1 a ters an· I ace, .rrcrest at panaway, " l Sunday School, 10:30 a,m, 1 d h. ere,1 land meeting. b 'e. Tune 29-Midland at Bible study, 7 :30 Monday night, with lC~", v ~s 1., sp:nt t 1e weq en E>Yin Smith, was hdd at the home rarnival at American Lake hospital with Im cousm Mrs. Pea.rl Elllott. } \. J\frs. Charles Knaulz teaching. PARKLAND EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN ,_ r d .' l l f b McChord, I• ircrest at Parkland, or her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. was very satisfactory. Several hun1vwn ay monung, t wy c t . y auto k U · · S Walther c. Gullixson, Pcstor HARVARD SUNDAY SCHOOL . mot 11cr La . . 1us mvers;ty, panaway Dr:1th, hist S:iturday evening·. "rhosc dred of the well-nigh forgotten men ,;;;unday School, 9:30 a.m.; ~·forning Wor-. f or D n11 as, T ex.,' to v1s1t b ·ewood at Rev. Robert Bodin, Pastor J cujuyi!l!!,' occasion \Vere: 1vfr. and (patients, in son1e instances, for chip, 10:00 a.m. _ _ and brother. ye. At Hctrvord School !l:45 a.m.-Sunday school, lnor Berg·Mrs. !\. !\. DraLh, 1'.fr. am] Mrs. m:rny years), enjoyed an evening Mr. and Mrs. Dale Elliott who' July 6-Lakewood at Midland, MIDLAND COMMUNITY HOME II Thure Moberg, Minister VValt ZugnC'r, Lottie Zugncr, Mr. full of laughter, games, contests, had been staying here witli his University Place at Fircrest, McSunday School, lU a.m.; Morning Service, and !vfrs. Bud Drath, Christine and t'ntertainrncnt and refreshments. mother, have purchased a new home Chord at Sp~naw.ay, Parkland bye. The same committee reported that Viq.;i11ia Drath, Mr. and Mr~. Ervin in Puyallup ancl were to move into July 13-Urnversity Place at Pa~·k-1 Sinitli, Ilusttl', Buddy, and Billi Jo. Comm:rndcr William Lee Bailey is 1 it Tuesday. ···.... land, McChord at Lakewood, Mid- ANNUAL TACOMA GARDEN CYNTHIA FRAIVIE En·in ,'Smith c:une from Riddle, Ore., now discharged fron1 Mridigan and j\.fr. and Mrs. Ted Anderson of land at Spanaway, Fircrest bye. CLUB FLOWER SHOWING f,;r ilw ncnt. He n·turned Sund:iy. although not completely restored, Cynthia Joe Frame, thrce-month- Tacoma are newcomers on Saks July '.W-Parkland at Midland, FirTacoma Garden club will present Harvard Covenant church will he is round about and expects grad- Per Word ...................................... 03 old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rich- road. They are living in one of the cr<'~t a: McChord, Spanaway at its 25th annual flower show \Vednesl1old its niid-week prayer 1nePting ually to be again in circubtion. Minimum ........................................ 50 ard Fr::nne, of Rt. 7, Box 255, Laska apartments. Un1vers1ty. Place, Lakewood bye. day and Thursday, June_ 1 and 2, Brookdale, died last week in a Ta:rnd Bible study, l\tlay 2G. Saturday, We're glad lo hear this, Bill. Hope Mr. and Mrs. K. Graves are proud July ~7-Fn:cres~ at Lakewood, Mtd- in the Crystal ballroom of the Hotel coma hospital. She was born in parrnts of a new baby boy. the 28th, tlwre will lw a confirma- to see you soon, at the old Post. land <it U rnversity Place, Parkland Winthrop. Horticulture and decoraWe also hear that om kindly Tacoma. Besides her parents, shr· tion rlass at JO a.m. Junior boys, l\'fiss Betty Joan Loska of Sales at Spanaway, McChord bye. tive f 1ora1 arrangements will be is survivt'd by grandparents, lvirs. road was married May 20 to Mr. :1gr·s 9-16, will mcrt at the church, friend, Bill Long, will be coining . August 3-Midland at Fircrest, judged. William Lawson of Tacoma, Lt. Col. George L .. Miller of Tacoma, in a; McChord at Parkland, Spanaway at l\fay '.ll :it+ p.m. JLme l, the La- honie soon. Mrs. George Franklin Sr. is prcsJvfuch thought wai put upon final BRAND NEW l bedroom bungalow J. C. Frame in Japan and Mrs. church ceremony. Away now on a Lakewood, University Place bye. ident of the club and lv!rs. Mark J. dies' circk will meet at 12:30 p.m. on Sales Road. Sarah Frame of Dexter, Mo. Pri- short honeymoon, the couple may Aug·ust JO-University Place at Mc· Servey Sr. is general show chairman. fur luncheon, followed by a business plans for Poppy sales. All ladies arc vate Christian Science services were make their home in Portland, Ore. Chord, Spanaway at Fircrest, LakenHTting. The pastor will sprnk and pbnning to sell Memorial poppies, Show hours are 2 to IO p.m., plans will lw 1nadc for the annual so that no one will be overlooked 2-BF.DROOM bungalow at Midland held Monday at 11 ;un. at Buckley- Following the wedding, a reception wood at Parkland, Midland bye. Wednesday and 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. in excellent condition. King chapel. Cremation followed was held at the home of Mrs. Anna i p.icnic. I-Io,tc.gses for this luncheon and all rnav share in this Memorial --Thursday, There is an admission CLAY ROLEY AGEN_CY at Tacoma mausoleum. will be Mrs. Ed Anderson, Mrs. Day drive. tu aid the hospitalized. Bennett, grandmother of the bride. I All ·three divisions of the lB-team charge. Quoting- Clara Penny, district poppy 98th & Portlnnd Aw. C.R. 8~~1. ;\lidson :ind Mrs. lvfayfield. chairman of the Auxiliarv, who says:/-~·-c :·::·!!•!t·:t·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·:t·:!·::·::·l!·!:~::·::·!!·::·::·!!·!t•!t·!:·::·!:·!:·!!·!!·!!·!!·!!·!t·!!·!:·::·::·!!·!t·!:·::·:·::. ::·!:·:t·l!·!:•:t·!!·!:·::·:!·!!·!!·!t·!t·!t·!:·:!·lt·!!·:t·:.t~::t!:·~·~!·!!·:!·!t·:!·!t·!!·!!·:t·:t·!t·!t·!*~·!:·:t·::·!:·t:·:!·!!·!!-! Engagc111cnt of Carol Shipton, "A poppy on ever coat, · FOR .SALE - . Refr,igerator, $135; daughter of lvfr. :rnd Mrs. J. 0. 1 . ." scwrng machmc, $15; baby bed, ' I · . I"emern )r<.rnC<' . ,$'>-· 5().: d es,k l :unp, Sl1ipi:u2i, \V:lS ~1nnounccd last \Vf~ek. . . m every ieart. . .$'l_ 5 ; \V3.rcj rol )e, $1.00; set New Standard EncycloShi' will 11i:1rry Cordon Mikelson, Tins Mcmonal Day remrnds us Gencrously to do our part. , pcdia, $25. Apt, 5, Unit 36+, SOil or llfr. and Mrs. c. Mikelson, P.L.C. campus. 38p June 10 :11 Central Luthcran church, RODGER LUNDE POST NO. 5052 PARKLAND }'acu1n:1. Veterans of Foreign \<Vars COZY 2 - room modern honw on Mrs. Chet Rohinson was hostess ' 8 three g·ood lots· electric range and to a party at her honW ,fuesday. M ee t·S F'JrS t an d Tl· Hr d T UCS d :l)S, • • , • ' , • ' ' · · 011 cuculator rncluded. Full pnce Carnes wen· played, with pnzes bep.m,, ·m p ar11 <an d s • c I1001 , $ ., 0 ing won l'.y Pat WtTks, Betty ~ebb, AUXILIARY NEWS ~~~ti'.00, . 300 down, •r5 0 per hfrs. I. Swanson, and Mrs. frcva Mrs. Joe McGarr presided at PARKLAND REALTY Ohc:n. Later in .th~ afternoon, a de- Tuesday's meeting of Rodger Lunde, GR. 7232 Evening, 11111 lic10us spaghetti dmncr was served. Auxiliary, VFW, in the absence of GR. 6774 GR. 8210 Enjoying the party W<'re the Mes- the president, Mrs. Ralph Rawley. I 1 BENDIX used washer, like new; AND d:rmcs Richards, Barne Y Reeves, 11rs. Tex Vernon was elected dek1 Westinghouse used range, in K1·nrwth Webb, Henry Weeks, Arne gate to the department convention good shape. GR. G789. 38c Strand, F.d C:or, Walt Olsen, James at Spokane June 29, '.lO, July 1 ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICEKcnnedy, Vic Eshpeter, I. Swan- and 2. Lyman Redford, owner. Septic wn, Harold Weeks, Jack Absten, lvfembers arc putting on a ward tanks pumped, contents hauled lfarvcy WtTks Jr. and Harv,. y party at Madigan general hospital, away. GA. 3·H6 or CA. 9794-. 'Vcch '·V . •. . v Pc! ncscIay evenrng at· 7 o ' c1oe 1L 'l' NA . B 'I ·o tfc lrnl /\.,rns, recently from Los An- Mrs. Tex Vernon, chairman of the S ftt _WIAYl LUf.M. E { C ,· -f 1 1 l f M B'll . . .e et ~um )Cr or "ess. 1,oo , l'f 1 rs. t party, as 1<S a 11 mcn1)ers to meet at ing, Hardware and Paints. We gc Ir·s., ( .a i ., ncp ww ? Ames, has rntcred Madigan General the home of Mrs. Guy Steele before rent floor sanders. GR 8235. hospital for medical care. going to the hospital. Cookies and SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED conNds Schelinel crlebratcd his birth-' ice cream are to be. served. . tents hauled away. Don Redford, day last Satun!ay night at the home All members scllm,g puppies conGA. 7334-. tfc of his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. tact Mrs. Winfred Schwaub-BR. KITCHEN CABINETS - We inand Mrs. Frank Johnson. Others 8272. stall. Free estimates. Expert fur· present for the evening were: Mr. A baby boy was born to Mr. and nitur~ repair. S".burba~ Woodand Mrs. Al Bombardier, 1frs. Eliz- Mrs. Don Ward, May 11. workmg, 964-3 Pipe Lme road, :1bcth Juhnson, Joyce Vance and Meeting of June 7 has been canPhone GR. 8662. . tfc Mr. and Mrs. Vic Eshpeter. 1celled so members can attend the HUTS0N TANK CLEANING third district meeting at Ray C. §eptrc tanks, cesspools cleaned; R 0 J , . . 2609 'I, 6 l '\,. Contents hauled away. Phones: Asl.' about onr house plan service ;c . ti ' 'c. , . GA. 7038 and GR. 5+67. tfc )rCl ts, ·-Grnokchlc Lnnihcr Co. (adv.) Jv,rs. Guy Steele and lvfrs. Gus Clemans have received their I 0-year RAY GOGAN . pins; Mrs. Dorothy Rawley, Mrs. Landscape Construction I I J l , d M.. B , New lawns, rock masonry walls and o. i:c , 0 rnson .•rn is. cvei 1Y fireplaces, 3 years to pay. GRanite K eit11, :>-year prns. 884-2. tfc Sunshint> chainnan, Mrs. Tex Ver- -- ··t•UK ::iALn-1•actory reconditioned non, will place flowers on the graves Stcam-0-Matic iron. It's a steal, of our passing sisters, Mrs. Pearl at only $12.50. CR. 6381. tf Steele and Jackie Morrisette. WANTED-Girl to work part time Mrnibcrs of the Post and Auxilin Parkland office. Call GRanite iary will take part in scrvicc.s on 7135 after 6 p.rn. 38c Memorial Day at Spanaway cemeWhether tery, at IO o'clock; also al Orting You want Soldiers home, at 2 o'clock. All members are invited to attend To buy, sell or si>rviees at Parkland, by the AmeriInsure a home Legion at 11 o'clock.




Veterans News

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Prairie pointer v 4 no 38 may 26, 1949  
Prairie pointer v 4 no 38 may 26, 1949