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PARKLAND POST NO. 228 AMERICAN LEGION Meetings t>very set>ond and fourth J•'riday at 8:00 p.m. in the

VOL. 4, NO. 35





Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland

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ACTION LOOMS Alice Schibig / Queen of Annual ent:ral chools onsolidat:e ON EXPANSION Violet Tea F ete Five out:h I I Clover Creek Holds 1 Aloof As Districts ~~~de~~;~~p,c~~~~;~te~-~ ;~~~~~~~~;, DISTRICT 402 ~:e~~~ht°sc~~~~s~~~1~u~f t\~fe~ ~~~: MASSED CROUPS '7'~ I FULL PROBE OF Vote to Join Hands \~~uch mv1tat_10n~l_t_o FE AT uRE FIRST/ 'P~ , , , I1NCORPORATl.ON j I ~um01 Tucs~ay PLC MUS·l·C· FETE HAS co AHEAD + ' Sunshine Hall _The 1949 Evergreen Boys' State

will be held on the campus of Ccn· t:al Washington College of Educat1on at Ellrnsburg, from June 16 to 2.5 inrlusive. Using as a basis the

Sen.•ic_e and Citizenship required of dclC"gatcs to Boys' State, Parkland school officials have submitted the

name o_f Garnet L_und as the repre.of ParHaiid Post ')')8 ·sentative . ' · -- · Garnet is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Clar. L un d an d 1es1 . 'd es at 320 Cl eveencc . . m · p a1 ·kl an d . H e w1·11 at1anu" sticct , · ten d t IlC . 10 -d ~), sess10n un d er o_ur sponsorship, with all expenses paid. B_oys' State is a plan for training · f · l · f · · m the unctiona aspects 0 citizen· a piogiam . .. t' l · I t is Slip. ?f e d uca.ion sponsored by the American Leg10n, Department of Washington. Its pur· pose is to teach the youth of today constructive attitudes toward the Anlel-1'ca 'n fo1·n1 of gove1·nment · Boys St • a t c attemp t s t 0 sh ow th a t our scheme of government has not outworn its usefulness; that all a decit l 1oc ·oc .1 ,i., Y 11 '~eds i's an intellirrent " • 1zenry and a clean, honest and impartia.l administration responsive to the will of the people. Bo~s' State is ?~vided into two counties and fo~r cities and the state, COUJ~t~ and city. governments a~c. admimstered cntir;ly .by the residents thems_elves. El~C~lOllS _are hel? for the various positwns accordmg to. t~e existmg laws of !he State of Washmgt,on. In~ug;irations :ire l~eld.i:- Boys s~~~ctf~~~latme _is oigan. ed and. d . h· All office holdfeils ~redg~ideb m t e counP.erformance . . o t1e1r . uhes Yv· l s~llors fanuhar with. the la~ b 1~ attons of ,laws ar~ pl ~secute . e ore 1 the boys own ~Jty, county ~ state 1 cour.ts. The e~tire pr~g.r;im .s nonp art1san and 1s not m1 1tary 111 any ' ' sense. , . NOT . . . Boys State 1s a iec1eat1on.11 b al camp, altfhongh the~e wiE e ample ·time or recreation. 'very , . . . d citizen of Boys State 1s reqmre to ', . . . d · .. f m a vane progiam o 1Jart1ci1Jate .' . . . ' ' recrcat10nal activittes ' r kl · con ratu Iate · an d 1, ost We of Pa .l d Garnet Lund on his se ect1on an b f k d . · · wish him the f'St o 1uc · urm 0 · · , E B "; his soJ'ourn at 19 ., 9 wergrccn oys · ~ · . St·Hc ' ·



CLOVER CREEK POST NO. 118 AMERICAN LEGION Meetings every second and fourth Friday at 8 p.m., in Scout Hall, Spanaway AUXILIARY NOTES Ladie:, of Clover Creek Unit 1 lB, American Legion, wish to thank everyone who assisted in any ~vay with our May Day Garden sale. Every penny goes to _our Girls' State fund. Mrs. Rose Stimson, chairman, and Mrs. Amy Warmald, who loaned her store for the sale, are especially appreciated in this flower sale effort, which we hope to make an annual event. The hospital chairman reports that Madigan hospital still has Sgt. Wright and our two "Bills" on its 1·oster. These comrades expressed keen pleasure at the friendly visits of Comrade Art Hart, but wonder if he is all of Clover Creek Post 118, since many other comrades are conspicuous by their absence. "All comrades arc most gladly welcomed by our grounded members," says Bill. When you read this report, it will be May 5, only three weeks before the annual Poppy sale. May 27 and 28 arc the days set aside for this event. According to Mrs. Bertha Cooley, Poppy sale chairman, "this year brings a greater need for greater sales than ever before, because there is so much greater necessity More veterans are in hospitals, while more of their children are needy. What greater deed of appreciation could anyone do than buy one of these memorial poppies to memorialize the honored dead by assisting the hospitalized living?" PARKLAND POST NO. 3 AMVETS Meetings every second and fourth Thursdays at 8 p.m. in Sunshine Hall, Parkland Plans were started at· our last meeting for a festival carnival dance to be held in the near future. The future JJlans of Post .3 AuxilContinucd on Page Six

5052 meets at

!';• r!d:md School 1st and 3rd Tuesdays .. Amcrka's Overseas Veterans •.• U11i1td"

f,JI'. Veterans of forel!Jll


Wars of the U. S.




· Alice


· · Sch~b1g has



- . is _mothers and , , f11e.nds of, the JU~IOJ !ugh students. COUNT."\:. TO 'REVIEW yt:ar_s ~:a \~:11 be ;~resented by

. GUILD MEETS TODAY Consolidation of five' elementary TRANSFER PETITION th( high school_,,irls Sylvia Storaasli Orthopedic guild school districts of South Central F· o JI ow mg · · May JO, ftom 2 until will meet th1's afternoon (May 5) '"' a pu bl'1c h earmg held afternoon, • I k · · Pierce county was voted by their Tuesday evenini.; May 9 at· Park- 0 c 0 .c · . . for· a 12:30 o'clock luncheon· at the residents last Saturday-by a more '-' ~ ' Nmth grade girls will . be attendIlome . o f M rs. S tan Iey R osso, wit · 1l F ut·ti1et. mvcs · t' · · . land school a vear-old petition from . FESTI\'Al SCHOLA S 1gatton o f t h e metthan hvo-to-onc 1nargin, according . . . ribbon bear,, • PROGRA R HIP M rs. FI er b,ert A n d erson ass1stmg · · · . . t"ion f 01. p at, ·!·!·an d residents of' an · area lymg Just south ants to. thetr queen and . . COMPE'rITION t h c 1 1't s of 111co1poia to unofficial count. A similar pro, . . . '. ers. Eighth grad<' girls will be May , J > M h , B 'II b 'd t ·d b , ti . p ·I I d B · of 1 arnma city lumts, for transfer · .. , . .. . TO FILL SATURDA y HE , ostcss. on voyage w1 e sa1 to \\.ts 'o e } ic . at t an . usmcss posal to consolidate the five districts from the jurisdiction of the Tacoma p~le danceis and se\enth gi.ide girls RE 1frs. Paul P1eus, who leaves this club Tuesday evemng, at its <lmner failPd at the Marr.h 5 school eleeschool district into recently-consoli- w~ll serve a.t the tea. Crown bearer Saturday, May 7 inaugurates the week to sptnd the summer in Not- meeting at the Alnor cafe. The club's tion by a close vote. ·· will be Ddos B·1llard ·md flower . ' . . . · · . . . dated Franklin Pierce school district . . '. ' first annual Music Festival and Com- way, v1s1t111g her daughter and committee on mcorporat10n is mDistricts to be included in the . be reviewed . . a.nd pettt10n . . , . .c f am1·i Y· st. t ed t.o OJI t am · ~peci·r·1c cl a ta on 402, will by the Pierce ·g·1rls . will be . Marilyn Roo·ness " for Scholarslups at Pactf . , iuc 1 consolidation, for which arrangecounty board on School District Or- Kns~y Morlunway. . Lutheran collr·ge. The first half of The busmess session will be con- Just how mcorporat1011 would affect n1ents arc no\v under \vay, are: «anization. The board will re\·iew _Rita Wellan, girls club preside~lt, the day will bt", devoted to the com- ducted by Mrs. H. L. ]. Dahl, pres- Parkland-what would be the likely Spanaway, Roy, Rocky Ridge, Elk ~he petition at its regular meeting, Wlll give a w~lco~1 e addres~. A tnb: petition for scholarships. ident, who will receive reports from revenues; what would be the prob- Plain and Kapowsin. An alternative May 16 in the office' of the county ut.e to motheis wil~ be delivered _b) Any high school senior gradual- several committees. Mrs. Byron able costs, and taxes. ballot proposal would have includ. , Diane Delmore, with a respondmg . . J une . . contemplat1 . . ~o· B.iyson w1·11 t e 11 of pi.ogress on d oII Th e committee . . supenntendent of schools. . . ' mg m w h o 1s was given a f rec ed Clover District also, but' voters tnbute to daughters to be gtven by ' . ' . . . " d · · M 0 · · . The area concerned is that bound' a college music career, 1s ehg,ole to an sewrng projects. rs. tto hand to ascertam most favorable of that district turned down consolied: On the north by the Tacoma M~d ~dward D:lm.ore_. h' h . compete for one of the schoiarsh;pJ. Johnson, assisted by her committee, boundaries and gather all infroma- dation by a l 01 to 59 unofficial 1 city limit on the west by Sprague visors to t e iumor ig gir s Students takinrr part will compete Me~dames A. J. Monson, S. E. Dahl mation pertinent thereto. Reg·ular co u n t. Statutes provide means , are . t lnee d'1v1s10ns: .. " p·iano, V01ce, . I . . avenue, on' the east by the boundary . . Mrs. W. T C. Gregory .ll b and. Gladys d b m and an d C" J . F•yn b oe, w1·11 d"isc Iose pans procee d'mgs f or mcorporat10n of a whereby Clover Creek may affiliate of former Midland sehool district C:atlson. hey WI e assistc y Strinrr and Wind instruments. Three for a Ivfay sih-er tea. city are to be carried forward to with the newly,consoliclated or anand on the south by the boundary other teachers. first ~rize scholarships of $+00 each TO VIEW ARBORETUM · the point where petitions are ready other district at a later date, if it of fmmer Parkland school district will be awarded winners in each Monte Vista Garden club mem- I for submission to the residents of so elects. No objection was presenled at th~ division. Second and third prizes bers will travel to Seattle, May 12, I the area. The committee is then to The Kapowsin district, where a hearing by directors of the Tacoma will be $100 and $50 each, in each to view the University of Washing- submit its findings to the club for negative vote killed the earlier conschool district and it is expected of the three divisions. Auditions will ton arboretum. The trip will take!' consideration. solidation proposal, Saturday cast a that the county committee will take t· begin at 9:30. Competitors will be the place of the club's regular May The outlined procedure was adopt- heavily favoring vote. The Kapowfinal action on the proposed trans~ required to perform two selections meeting. ed after considerable discussion and sin district includes the Benston, fer at its May 16 meeting. Dawson Playfield Recreation club of their choice, fi·om memory, A WINS HONOR after a proposal that the club im- Gr ah a m,. Kapowsin and Thrift Tuesday's hearing here was at- met at Dawson fieldhouse April 26 panel of adjudicators will decide the Walter Johnson son of Mr. and. mediately advocate Parkland incor- schools. Unofficial tally of votes cast in tended by County Superintendent at 8 p.rn. with about 30 parents and winners of each division. Mrs. Iver Johnso~ of Parkland re-J poration and place petitions before Ruth Bethel .and members of the some boys and girls present, to disThe afternoon and e\'Cll~ng will cently received a first place a:vard t!1e county commissioners had been the five consolidating districts Saturday shows: Spanaway, 132 for, 31 county committee, Ben Kuper and cuss a few of the many problems be taken up by .the festival re- for his design of a small modern/ sidetracked. Wesley Williams, as well as by peo- concerning recreation in that dis- hearsal and program. A massed home in an architectural design One forceful fact brought out in against; Rocky Ridge, 29 for, 12 · · · · · · competition ' · · t h at t h e city · pie of t h e petlt10nmg area and rep- trict. Claude Bh-ssmg, Ivlrs. Hans b an d an d c I10rus w1·11 re h earse m at 'Vashinoton State t ]lC. d'1scuss1on is coun- against; Roy, 4·9 for, 3 against; Elk resentath·es of Franklin Pierce school Roslie and Mrs. Olive Huston were the afternoon from 1 :30 to 4-:30. college Pullman. In addition to the cil of Tacoma already has given Plain, 76 for, 9 against; Kapowsin, board. Residents of the district iden- named to a committee to contact The groups will be composed from med; I 'and professional magazine consideration to a move to have. an- 293 for, 188 against. tified their interests with those of the Metropolitan Park board, in an various high school bands and chor- subscription which he won h~ will nexation of Parkland to Tacoma Franklin Pierce district in statements effort to effect improvements and uses who have applied for admis- attend a banquet in Spoi·ane to placed before voters of this com. . . · F · ' · · ' ' "' ' · · f • supportmg the transfer. Among rea- changes that will benefit the recre- s1on to the 'est1val. The evenmg per- meet Richard Neutra one of the na- mumty. The Tacoma city athers sons given were: . ational program the club is trying formance will feature, in addition to tion's ranking archit~cts. discussion is reported to have proT hell" . socia · 1 actJv1t1es · . · are tie · d m · to set up. 1 , he committee · ·ts to see·k t h e F est1va · 1 b and an d c110rus, t h e OREGONIANS VISIT · cee d e d even to t h e pomt o f cons1·d 1 with the and the_. Harvard, removal of the tennis court so a fast- PLC band, choir, and orchestra. 'f d M' ·J I S d eration of a date for such an elec. h . f' . · . · . S 1. f lv r. an rs. o ln an meyer . Midland and Larchmont ire dis- ball diamond may be mstalled. o 01sts,. .w 110 were succes u 1 m t e an d t liree c h'ld h t ti 1e F' . 1 all s . . 1 reno f Kl amath F a II s, t10n. . •ue i, , 11110 pen ouse a tncts; they are served by county A resume of the purposes of the compet1t1on will also have_ an op- O . 't d 'f · d M. J L The Busmess club plans to ask d· , M , 15 nc"d this b . . 'b f . · . . h . , re., v1si e " 1. an 1s. . · J . ") a} , was annou , 1 1 1 road, portumty to appear on t c evenmg s GI1esqute1 . .e at t llen . , v·10 le t •x Commumty cu , po ice and . h rary ac1 tt1es;, . , club, for . the benefit of new members, . lnea d ow . the Parkland . . . . f . to wee,•1. b y p a1·l·l , an d V o Iun teei· Fi"i·e _thetr water. and lights president. program. . A n.1 cooperate. m the mvestigatJon o m- d e a1·t 111en t . Th e vo Iu tlteer f'ti·eillen . come mamly was given by Mrs. Huston, . . . , . s t.lee t 11ome h ere ·w e d nes cl a 1 corporat10n pros and cons as they h p from outside the city of Tacoma, 11 The club determmed to assist the Interest m the Festtval-Compct1- ') S d . y, l b f th pa•t t\ ,0 . : . . . . . _ 7 . an meyer, a cousm to ivirs. , . . ave Jeen usy or e ,, ' · .,. the and, thoug·h they pay their taxes to Midland Junior Ctty league fastball t1011 is ev1dencf'd hy apphcat10ns re- GI . . T t t apply specifically to Parkland. k . t. 1 wee ·s pam mg· anc1 c1ca11111 ~ ' • • · • • • , H:squ1cre was m acoma o a . . the Tacoma school d1stnct, th c y team and Ralph Marvu1 was ap- cet\.·ed from as far as Ttllamook, t d h ' t" f ti W h' Th,, Bns111css club, conduct111g· a h ll .' d' " . . . . . ·en t e conven 1011 o le as mg. . . a m rea mess. have llltle rnterest m common with pointed to contact Frank Gural, Ore., and Richland, Wash. Stus· J . Cl b f C full cvenmg of busmess, heard reE . b . c , ·iu . I · . . . . . . . ton tate umor lam crs o om' . 'veryonc w1 11 c we 1con1 ·l1 " 1, , it. m · the I . prcst'd en t o f ti·le 0 rcgon ports from a number of .committees, . t ti ic f't·c . · .:hairman of fastball for the Harvard dents mterested . . comptt1t10n . ' rncrcc. FI c 1s . . . 1 de 15 , lo ca ll an d mspec Any resident of the area a_· ffecte<l' Improvement club, and arrange for for_ scholarships, or m playmg or: S J C mcludmg news that pct1t10ns for a . O l I . '11 be · · ,..'O?- who may st1'II w1s · 1l II fastball turn-outs for boys 'of all smgrng . . Ill . t I1e fest1va . I b and or c h or- I. tate ay- ,ees. . mat! . route workmg . pen 10use lOUI s w1 or of d1stnct mounted earner fpartment. · t 0 6 10 1 0 to be heard on the transfer proposal . ag·es Mrs. George Turner was us, are asked to 'contact Harlem ·_ CIRCLE 10 MEET . out of the Parkland post office arc Sn. ~ p.m. P·_m. . .t. t d 1 I I ·· . . T ·tt .- 1 f T .· 't ' . . 1x new mem 1)crs were m1 ia e may be heard_ by the county com-. mittee to arrange fastball teams for Moen, band a_n_d orchestra director I _ngci on.c c ~trc e P um YI now placed in readiness for signa- . h d ·t , t , t .t ost i·c·. · · .' named chairman of· a s1m1lar · · · co11·ege, · f or ap-1 Lutheran g·uild will meet May 10~, ' tures of residents. . · mto t e . epaiMmend ,1 1 s ·m . . M . m com- at p ac1'f"1c L uth eran · . m1ttee 1·r they mak·e app1·1cat10n · . be assisted . · · · blanks.· > ·30 0 ' c.·l oc+'• a t ti1e home- of . . ay advance of the May 16 rncetmg. the girls She will by phcat10n a t 1'-· Three fund-ra1smg pro1)osals were cent n Thmeetm"'" on t av· cvenmg, f' . · 1 ·. ,, . . ' · 'M· CM W 11 A ·tr t Mrs. . . . ~. e new vouncer iremen aie: 1 Mrs. Blessmg, Mrs. J. I omick, Dons The l·csltval program Saturday! ~s'. ' · .o ~ .on s ee · discussed and approved, mcludrng Al R· J'. L .· B 1 '{ ,.d 1 · · l' h William Storaash is co J10stess n ,1.pcr 1m e\\1s, O) lY ag anz, <Cvenmg 1s comp tmentary to t e ' '' · · · a basket social to be held after the L . A 'd N W 1'c1 d J ohann and ·Betty Turner. · · ' RETURN HOME' · . . the I' ou1cI B · n crson, orman o an Mrs. Roshe is chairman of a card public. ' club resumes rcg·ttlar scss10ns m · gtvmg· · · •K M r. an d M rs. B yi·o n Bry so n ' 'ac - f a II •ran' ryan. ,-.ay 14. d . l d ·1 . I l is Party the clu) . ' ' · .· · bb · Bryan rew a spccrn c-ta1 , wit l at the fieldho':'se. She has as helpers: compamed by their ch1ldr;n, Bo Y Ton: Casto was. elected to _the the result that he took an attractive Mrs Marv 1 n and Mrs. Alstead and Ann, and Mrs. Biyson s mothei, executive board to fill the unexpll'ed 'k' f f ff i . • ' F' d p k , mam ·1n out or a cup 0 co eeAdvanced students of Mabel Metz kitchen· Chet Robinson and Hans Mrs. Mane ·1eve, returne to ar - portion of the term of the late Elmer . h h" f 11 f' . I ol·t'11g on · ' • s f cl' · wit is e ow ircrnen o ' . Dilts will be pre:ented by .t~e de- Roslie, tables and card games; Mrs. land unday a .t er .spen. 1~g .t~o Beard. . . partment of music of Pac1f1c Lu-/ Taylor refreshments and Mrs. ClarY . weeks on vacation m Cahf01nia. A round-table discussion of a pro. a voice . . I ence Johann ' . ; The held-over proaram featurmg ·1·1le f am1·1y spen t a wee k Ill · San posal to maugurate . theran co11 ege m rec1ta, publicity. " monthly Park _ 1 · · ,· ·ted Sacramcn t o, ·land Ilarga . Days . resulted m . nam1 b a "battle of, quartets" and the Tuesday evemng, Ivfay 10 , 8 p.m. The next ' meetmg of the cu . un- J ose an d a Iso \JS! 111 . the Student Urnon . b u1'Id'mg on will . be May 10 at the Dawson fie . ld- related subiect of garbage disposal San F.rnnc1sco · . . . and 0 a kl an d . mg of a committee headed b y merm . I d . . ' will be on tap for the regular May the PLC campus. Nme ta ente vo- house. It wtll be a potluck luncheon . f h p kl d C . 'BABY GIRL WELCOMED chants F. ]. Nordyke and De 1 · '11 b · d · · k d meetmg ommumty . . cal1sts w1 e heard, accompamc at noon, with those attendmg as e b Tho t d e ar · an . , ·I ·l· Nancy Sue, an 8 pound, 3 ounce Cheney, assisted by representatives 8 . J'an ct F'crns, . piamst, · · · . c1u ' urs evemno. 25 to Mr. of the Moormo. · · Po ·mt- , D '." F•nm< 11·m F• ry, pres1"d en t of th e by Miss assistto br111g forks. . ay p kl d "' h o c ocd''• daughter was born Apnl Mast Prame Ivfa.y 12 111. al" an sc oof'1 au i- and Mrs.' Charles Zittel . · " ' · U 111te · d L ut Ileran c h ll1·cl I o f A men·ca, . . ed by Ar Iene Jo h nson, ptamst. of Parkland, er and Mid-County Shopper. Tlus · h ·two PUREBRED STOCK TO This . proo-ram . . . to report at the June N cw "1 or'I city, · · t ro d uce_d The program WI'll open wit ftonum. , " . wash' irst h set , at Tacoma· General hospital. She has committee 1s w1'JI IJe m . f rom'S c Irn1Jer, t "S crena d e " . o1 I the ffApn 1..meetmg w .ich H\\as two sisters, . . t/ cl mectmg. . b y D r. S . C . E as t voru, e.1 PI-·. C· 11r"s1 se1ect10ns U 'G d f·l~ Kathenne, 5~ 2 , an I •· cal ed o to o1y M argare,-/2· . t ?If I dent and "Erlkoni"" , at a Convocation service to ;:'.")' sung , by Lowell BE OFFERED YO N Wk . av01 con tct wit 1 Wohlhueter; followed by: fARMERS OF SW AREA I ee · serv;ces. f . . h NO 3 IS A BOY be held at Pacific Lutheran college Clouds, by Ernest ~harks; AllcluFour-H'ers and Future Farmers f 1he q~arte~?~a~s w1.ll pit~ r?~~~ Daniel Dallas a 6 pound 9 ounce May 9, at 9:40 a.111. In ad<l.ition to 0 jah (Exsultate, Jubtlate), by Mo. : our o~t mencan egi? ' . ' faculty and students, the en!Jre fam·S b R S b of America from Southwest Wash- naires ·wamst four Volunteer Fire- son, was born Apnl 25 to Mr. and f h II l d . zart· Th c tar, y agers. ung Y . . • '" , . f h . 1 es 0 t e co ege pcrsonne an 11 119 E' ' r e Ordahl mgton will expenence one of those_ man gullets. Its to be a no-draw, Mrs. Dallas Martm o 10~8t The newest feature of Parkland t dents are invited to attend as \ange m ' · . · · S t cl M y h Id b ··db t street at St. Joseph's hospital Ta. su . . . ' Sognai by F Shira· Every Valley rnre opportumttes on a ur ay, a no o s aire ou · ' . . . ' P-TA's recreational program, classes well as people ltv111g m and near ' ' · ' Bl k d WI· I S k" th ·b disposal coma. He )Oms two sisters Deanna . . . 'h. ' 111 corsage makmg and flower ar- enough to Parkland to be present. (Messiah), by Handel; Sea Shell, 7, when a ae an ute sa e pea mg ~n e gat age . .' ny. d Sh 1 E2c' OanVERiaNrGon, 17 mont s. by Engel. Sung by James William- will be held at Elma fair grounds. P 1:oblem of. South End comm~m~ies . R' ranging, will commence next FA mem b ers WI"ll will be• Pierce County Samtatton w e·d nes d ay evcnmg, · M ay 11 ' an d son. Four-I-I and. F .... • • M . Alf. cl T' h h h b ' . ' I . . . Supervisor E. D. Parsons m an iirs. ie isc ' w o as een 'JI t' M 18 d ', L Amour, Touiours, L Amour, JY have the OJlportumty of b1ddmg on ' . f' d S J h' h . I T - w1 con mue on ay an lv.ay . con rnef toIO t.d osep. s osp1ta' . ses.s10n . f.10m IS "I"' Friml · The Worlcj Is Mme, by Pos- ap··proximately 95 purebred calves. lustrated talk · t d cl .. a . 2· 5 . Cl'asses WI·11 IJC m , "-• ' b A · I I·· d ·______ .. coma, or ays, is repor e omg 7 to 8·30 o'clocl- in Parkland school . This will be the f i r s t Southwest BIDS ASKED ON HA y well. She cpects to be back home b · ' Charter presentation ceremomes ford. Su~g. · Y nme sa ,son an James W1lhamson . . · ' . asement. f S B S t T 34 . · F. • r (O Washington Holstem sale for 1un10r BUDGET MEET MAY 7 111 another week. Mrs F .,d G ·J f U ... s'ly or panaway oy cou roop , N octurne m ' '"mor p. 55 ' . . . . , . ie o1 on o mHr ' M R . . . '] ']] b 1 Id . sponsored by the Grays Franklin Pierce school d1stnct this I· ROM SALT LAKE Pl ace. w1'll b em · ·ch a1ge . . of t h e c Iasses, h't. am1e1 counc1 ,) w1t e , lle k No 2) by Chopm· Mazurka,. b y dair~·men ' · . (M Ch. · ,' Played by ~rlene Johnson Harbor Holstein breeders. week gave notice that bids will be Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bloom, for- which are open to all junior high ! is evenmg a~ 5 a 8 0 c. oc . ' The animals available for t his received from persons wishing to mer sto:e ~wners in who school girls and to mothers. Those m Spanaway s. c ~ o 1 gymnastum. . oi:t:. piarns · h h h I 60 1ow reside m Salt Lake City Utah . Southeast District Committeeman L. Sunlight by Hanict Ware; Come show are being selected from the arves: t e. ay cr?p on t le ,-acre 1 b . . . M 'Bl ' attendmg are asked to bring suitabk A . present the charter rep' b . . f'ranklm Pierce High school site at 1iave een v1s1t111g 1lere. rs. oom fl . h h. mes w1 11 · Unto These Yellow Sands, y La leading breedmg herds m Western d A' d . . t· . t M I-I L J Dahl of owers wit t em. resentatives of Clover Creek Post · (M d . . Portland avenue an ll'port roa . is a sis e1 o rs. . . . ' 1 b. Forge; 'Ln cl dive· dremo a am Washmgton, accordmg to A. A. B"d l'f b . d Parkland 118 American Legion · s b J 1 s, to qua 1 y, must e receive . , , , , which spon· Butter fly ) , l iy P uccmi. ung Y ean Seifert president of the Grays Har. h I b d I · BROWNIES HOSTESSES ALL MOTHERS INVITED sors the troop . ' . . . . prior to t e annua u get ieanng . . . . . . · . Desla. . . bor Holstem breeders. B1dd111g will of the school district which has Parkland Brownie Troop 104 Prame M1ss1on Sunday school will I The scouts have planned an mHe Shall Give Hts Angels Charge . . -I d FF A b ' . . t ,· 1 ,, ti " D . . · . f th · . I t' .· ' ' be lumted to 4-I an '. '. . oys been called for May 17 accord 111 g honored mothers and teachers at a p1csen a spcc1a '"o let s ay pro- te1 estmg program or cir 1c a 1ves. by John., Pnndle Scott; Toreador and girls. ". ' ' tea Monday, May 2, · at the home gram, · l· S un d ay, M ay an d f nen · d s, w h o an.. mv1 · 't•d to a t . to Morris E. Ford superintendent. a t 10 o ' c1oc' t. 1 tend. Song (Carmen), by Bizet. Sung by '· ' of the troop leader, Mrs. John Mc- 8. All mothers arc invited.



Dawson Field Club R . purs ecreahon p g Eff ro ram or s







Dilts Students to Present 2nd Voice Recital Tuesday

Quartets Front A n d c enter f or Communit Club



President of United Lutheran Church at Convocation Monday



Cl . C asses 1n orsage M a k'In g B e g'tn H ere .

Scout T roop G·ets

Charter Th• E

Al~:\ 1:a~ :i'~1~· d'un bcl sogno (Romco and Juliet), by Gounod; Ser1


enadc by Torsclli; Voci di Prima· vcra · 'by J oh ann St rauss. S ung b y · A ! I k · . (Martha), by von g · GI · Flotow. Sung by Jean He_sla, enna A proJ'ect which may be expand· · M 11 ·· Nelson, James W1lhamson, a 1 on d b · R .. d e to nng lOO or more new 110mes ta • · p ar' 11 and was b cgun h ere t h'is· Others of Mrs. Dilts' students rnto . were presented in a voice recital week by the Tacoma construct1011 M 4 T k f' f W'tt d O'Flyn · Inc Ex· 1 Wednesday evenmg, ay · a·. irm ? . g'. · e an ing part in the first program were: cavat10n for the f1rst umt of .10 Rev. W. Williams, Robert Winters, homes was started Monday, at So. Bob Huber Helen Huswick, Donald ! 16th (Harrison) and L streets. , • • • • . • . r Antonson, Ludwig S1queland, Bill The pro1ect 1s designed to oLcr 'I · GI N I H d " · f · h f W1 hams, , enna e son, owar the maximum amount o ousc or · · K M hi f · I Lars on,. MarJ~nc ap, a on the least amount o mon:y s111ce t 1e Read, Clair Sullivan, Donald Hd- start of the war," accordmg to Wal, · C • 'I . land. . ter C. Witte and Ray ) I yng, · 1s · mv1te · · d to founders of · the fnm. · I The general pub_ he Each of tic · I. 1'h ere 1s · no houses is · to se II at $6 ,:>"00 , mc · I u d'mg 1 , n c s d a y •s rec1ta · . chmge. a graded 5 0·10 x 0 f oot Iot. A p1'l ot





i~~~~-~~out 50 attended. O 'll S D hi f M


- •1

r1 __




1_ - •'--

- - /



PARKLAND TAKES TWO 11.:;k~\~;~d district, at 8620Meadow1· rn;,l~~~e ~~~pl~t:"~~u~~: :1'.~u~~; Parkland Junior High school's road. . pre-fabricated. The builders are · · ' · · · · · l softball teams took a pmr of conThe master plan 1s to be offered . widely expenenced m res1dentia, 1 tests, from Dupont, this week by with a choice of nine exteriors. The commercial and industrial construelopsided scores. Parkland girls won, exclusive house design, entirely mod- I tion, in Tacoma and Lakewood. 31-6, while the local boys clouted ern, and color layouts are by Tacoma Terms of purchase are to be $500 a 19-2 victory over Dupont. architect W. A. Wallander. The 1down and $4-0 per month.






homes will be double-constructed throughout '. • to FHA . ·standards ' · Features 0·1 mclude: h. t' t I . 'l tl-e t space ta mg o w uc l I house is specially desig·ned auto· ' rnatic washing machines, 4·0-gallon automatic table-top .hot water heatcrs five- iece lumbing. including ti : - . p IJatl1p •ith sh~wer thick~ uee piece "' • butt composition shingle_.. roof shake . ' Roexterior wall-to-wall earpetmg · ' '' man brick fireplace floor-to-ceili~g w·ill in Jiving room insulated cc1l. '" ·· ' . lll"S guaranteed warm termite-proof a 11'"'cl rot-proof insulated concrete · . slabs furniture-finished wardrobe ' with . . . closets shdrng doors asphalt

rnnrlt~l h~S hre·n f'OnstrtH~tt~cJ ln th~


. d rvi e · a ' son. 0 r. ,rn . . has JUSt returned Mrs. H. L. J. Dahl, to Parkland followmg two weeks at San. Diego Naval Training Cahf. He holds rank as a heuten· · d · ti N I R ant, 1un10r gra c, m le ava c' & serve. 'fAKES FIRST PRIZE ' M.. H- . Id p ·t,. f p- rl land i is. ad1od h c tf~son o. a ('$1·0) was awar c t c .· n·st pnze ' · for flower arrang111g at the :ec?nt Tacoma Home Show. Her ~vmmng arrangement was a floor pwcc before a hearth Mrs. Pcterspn has h · d h 1 turned kl d er()cas 1 awar d" G over "Id' tof t de Par · an rt 110pe ic u1 s un . GUILD SALE FRIDA y " kl d () cl' G ']] Pal'· an rt11ope 1c .:iu1 11 c \Vt cl I f b k d d C'Oll uct a sa e o a ·e !','OO s, nov- . d 'f · F ·d M. 6 l e1.ties. an '!','l ts, , rtI ay, ay ., Jek h 11 grnnmg p kl d atL" h ococ & W am., at t e , af • afl lg t atCl' COJllpi.lllY


FOR OFFICE S K" I t . evern 1tt eson two- ·erm com. . · . f p l·l · ·' p A rn~ndei 0 • ar' ~nd ost .228 ' m· encan Leg10n, will be nommatcd for district vice-commander by his post comrades, it is announced,


!iiriN •


Beauty of Simplicity The beauty of simplicity in funeral services brings comfort to troubled minds. It results from careful planning.



Page Two


.. r.E



Parkland, Washington, Thursday, May 5, 1949




Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter GRanite 5738

Wm. K. Clarlc ................................................................ ., ....................... Editor Bill Grossgloss ...................................................................... Advertising Mgr. ---·-·-·A community newspaper for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and Span,;iway. Publislwd every Thursday by Beard Printing Co., P. 0. Box 797, Parkland, Washington. Telephone GRanite 7100. Enter~d as second-c)Jiss matter October 3, 194-5, at the post office at Parkland, Washington, under the Act of March 3, I 879.

Se Yi vices

9?e'"l/ected 9J1 '"Lu gene~ations DID YOU KNOW

Paul Bunyan Sportsmen's ·club has generously offered to donate the proceeds of its May 7 dance at Midland hall to the benefit of the Har-

This firm is not a branch. Our location outside the city limits enables us to offer you lower prices. We have a qualified Military Adl'isor. Mon: and l!lore families want the MELLINGER (Father and Son) personal scrvi ce. The Coroner's office is located here. THEREFORE: Let us be your friend in time of need.

H~, M~~~~d~rehmoot~IT

departnwnt fastball and the Midland SUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One year, $1.50; six months, $1.00 Junior City league baseball teams. The firemen are entered in the Volunteer Firemen's league and will have regularly scheduled games with Parkland, University Place and all However much one may feel that the medical profession PAUL MELLINGER the other departments in this vicinhas done disservice to the public interest by its stifling of free CHARLES MELLINGER ity. The Midland Junior City league Owners competitive practices and grudging admission of the voluntary team is made up of most of th~ boys who last year played under medical plans it now so loudly lauds, it should be unlikdy the name of "Under 18" in the that any open-eyed person would favor the movement now Metropolitan Park district league. afoot to socialize the practice of medicine. . POPPY DAY-Mrs. James W. Mecartca of Seattle, department Poppy The park district is again superThat each step towards socialization of the American econ- Day chairman of The Amcricah Legion Auxiliary, pins the first 1949 vising a league, but the boys must . . . . . . Memorial Day Poppy on Governor Arthur B. Langlie at the executive furnish their own equipment and omy ts an 1rrevers1ble step, away from the liberty which is the office in Olympia. Mrs. Mccartca visited the Legionnaire governor to entry fee. Only three additional suits breath of America is only one of a number of vital considera- launch officially the annual Poppy Day program. The governor proclaimed are needed and all are already let. . ' . . . . May 27-28 as American Legion Poppy Days. All proceeds from the annual ttons. There ts, for example, the fmdmg, from exam111at1on sale go into the combined American Legion-Auxiliary programs of vct- tered y,.ith "Midland." Let's all get of past and current socialized medicine experiments elsewhere., erans' rehabilitation and child welfare. The poppies arc made by hospital- behind" the boys and the firemen who . . ized veterans of Barnes and Walla Walla hospitals and are sold by volun- arc endeavoring to bring fame and tbat would make it seem ax1omat1c that the greater the degree teer Auxiliary members. entertainment to the community as j 1 I of socialization or government domination, the fewer practi· - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - well as to furnish activities that the Taylor, Clarence Johann, the honor I and Elmer Vogel, Associated Press El cl en Wolfer, Blanche Rediske, etary, Mrs. Charles Newbury; treas- ;ntire. neighborhood can participate tioners there are to do the work. representative at Tacoma. guest and the hostess. Frances Meshimcn, Frances O'Hcrn, urer, Mrs. Evalyne Russell. A fare- m. Tickets may be purchased from A large crowd .turned out April Various reasons account for this condition. One very ob- Amy Warmold, Rose Stinson, Irma well handkerchief shower honored any member of the two teams. Due to the ninth grade-sponsored 28 at Midland school, to enjoy the vious one is that, in a country where a bureaucracy runs the Long, Easter Ouhl and daughter,' Mrs. John Wadhams, who is moving Dawson Field Recreation club will Spring Music festival presented by cruise of Pngfa Sound, April 29, attendance at the Dawson Field Teenshow, there is little incentive for men and women to go through Edna Brongai·d, Roxi c Holden, away from Spana way. A lovely meet May I 0 at noon for· potluck the students with the help of George Agc dance fell off considerably, Nami Cline, Bertha Cooley. The; lunchcun was served by Mrs. Brese- lunch at Dawson fieldhouse. All parthe arduous schooling necessary to become a physician or den- bdies dressed in house coats and mann and co-hostess Mrs. Prime. ents of the community are encour- Barras, in charge of the .orchestra, Boys and girls attending had a wontist. The financial rewards, even for the most brilliant and crazy hats. The best hat prize was ' Indian bi<1go was played and win- aged to altcud, to assist in securing and Mrs. J. Hinkel, music teacher. derful time, with Mrs. Betty Jo Numbers were prcsente.d by the or- Meyer supervising. Parents acting hard-working, are severely limited by the state. Opportunity won by Mrs. Wormald. Mrs. Holden ncrs were :Vfrs. Anne Fread and more recreational facilities for young chestra, boys and girls glee clubs, as chaperones for the evening were: the wishing ring. Mrs. O'Hern Mrs. Paulym Griffith. Mrs. Brese- people. A committee which meets boys quartet and girls sextettc. for research is small and medical men must deal with masses won Mrs. Olive Huston, and Mrs. won an "orchard," and the hostess rnann is attendint?; the state convcn- with the Metropolitan Park board Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fordice of Victor Eshpctei" and :Mr. and Mrs. of forms and other red tape which demand hours that should was presented a good neighbor prize. tion in Yakima, May 3, 4-, and 5, May 9 will report on progress made %th and Golden Givan road lrnvc Clarence Johann. A son was born April 2'.l al St. as the new presiJcnt is unable to towar~ a larger summer program of moved to 82nd and Golden Givan. be given to their patients. And, inevitably, advancement goes Mrs. Mike Hausler served lunch, ~upcrviscd play. All J?ersons _attcndSenior Girls 4-H club, Midland, not to the most competent, but to those who are best able to Joseph's hospital to Mr. and Mrs., :i.ttend. Louis J. Henion of Spanaway. I Mr. and Mrs. Ernest 0. Smith of mg arc ask.eel to bnng theu· own met May 2 at the home of Mary April 27, to members of her Public curry favor with the political administrators, or who gain Health committee. Immediatelv aft· · hb I' P·11·kland \vc·rc TI1111·sdav guests at plates and silverware. Francis Clinton to make final plans Fncnds and neig ors c x t e n < 1 ' ' · · ' • · ' • seniority through the mere fact of age .. deepest sympathy to Mrs. Christine t?e home of Mr. and Mrs, Frank H_arvard-Midland Pre-school n:et for its Parent Tea, scheduled for 8 er lunch they had a meeting, bringApril 27 at Harvard scho~l~ with p.m., :May 12. The girls, under the ing before Mrs. Hansler, director for Unfettered American medicine has a proud record of pro- Welton of Spanaway on the death 1 alley of 4th street. of her father Mr. Michael Prince Capt. and l\.lrs. James T. Deaton Mrs. Herschel Payne pres1dmg at 11'adership of Mrs. Albert Krn~sal, the Harvard, Midland, Summit and fessional progress and achievement pointing toward future ac- of Faulkton, D. of 5th strePt have purchased a new the business meeting. lVIrs. Kenneth have been working hard to make Clover Creek area, all of the prob;\I d l\l H r l\I"ll home on Harrison street in Park- Webb was elected president for the this affair at the home of Mrs. Rob- lems presented to them by residents complishments that should not now be sacrificed to admin· r. a.11 • 1 rs. enry '. l 1 er 'I land. 1949-1950 term with: Mrs. James . c·1· . · I· . . of these communities. Mrs. Hansler, istrative vanity and bureaucratic power-lust. The raw deal ate rf'CCt\·ino conoratulations on a .. . . . . cit inton, assistant raclcr, espc• ° A" . 93 S J Mr. and Mrs. George Ouhl of Pa- 11 auscher, first v1ce-prcs1.dent; Mr. s.. cially interestinrr to show pucnts in turn, will take the problems to d 2 cl . • 1 w·11· M... . . cl _.. ·- ... ·c1. . . , . "' . , • Dr. Fargher, director of health, and it currently faces should awaken the medical profession to vol- 1)a 1)y 1)oy, 1rnrn pn1 ~ at t. o- "f". ,. . seph's hospital. Ll '.'.". a~c.m.ic _an ·n··· strl'e.t, wit'. i, >am _ _-111, scco.''. ''.c:~.pics1 u1t, Just what 4-H me:rns to young peounteer a real fair deal for the public. That is the happiest l d l. l . Llicu liLllt. .son D.n id, spent lh< lVfts. Hcmy Bachu, sec!< taiy, and Jlk Included on the pro,,.i·am is his assistants. Attending the April ,. Al I 1etz, w 10 ma e "' !Ollll' k en cl at Ol ymp1a. · M rs. TllCO cl ore N y Iun cl , treasurer ..· Miss . Shirlev \'Veggrcr Renton . " W· • sh 2 7 meeting we r c the committee . l . . . h '"f cl wee· result we may look to. through tic wmtcr wit iv r. an A I ,f S . h M 1' l . . , ·h· ·. I · ' • ., · · ' ' ,1. ., members from Summit, Mrs. Oscar . 1 'I A p· fM . mong t 1ose rom panaway w o rs. ausc 1c1, piogram c an man, who will show film taken in Europe 1llg " rs. rt1rnr il'tz o ountam 1- CnJOYC · cl tlie t ur l'CY cl"mner serve cl piesen . t e'cl M rs. F re cl pfl aum, w ]10 last s11111111c·1· and also tall- on h ·1· Carlson and Mrs. J. W. Elyea; from . I \Vay, hns returne cl to l11s lOrnc at ~ . .. ,. .· . . . ' . ' ' . , '. \.. c: Continued on Page Fil'c Hosmer S D S~mday, _by Paikland Amciican Le- spoke and sho\~rd a film on cancer. experiences there. An mitiatwn cere. . . : . It's_' ." · ,·r for Mr and Mrs. gion Unit 228, at Parkland scho_ol, After the meetmg, Ii;nch was served mony, to be conducted by President Clover Creek Amencan Legion post has sounded .a call for. ()rv1.· c•1 b(a~y lgli 1 SI . · b were Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Snuth by Mrs. Armand 1 hompson, Mrs. Bevci-l)' C'oi·r1".,.ai1 ,v 1·11. be a hi"n-lilt'•··llt . . . , . ~ntc l cy. ie was orn . , . . .. . . · ··. •'=>' ' ·• • .; o t"J 11 volunteer workers to J0111 the posts police-up detail to put April 2 5 at Tacoma Grneral hos- and Mis. Fi;:rnk 1alky. . . R .. Rus~on,. Mis. ':_-iltrr Larsen and of the busmess sesswn. George Purd l f M . I 1) . Betty Ann Rohr, daughter of Mi. Mis. Bi ucc Garnpu. cell and others from the countv 4 I-I 1 panaway cemetery 111 spic an span s 1ape ·or cmona ay pita. cl M. w·u· f " ·. · ' - · 1 iarn. R h.' . , . , . . S lanawa Ell- plain Volunteer an is. i 0 8 t 11 stleet,, l\.frs. Edward Jackson, secretary- office have also been txtcndcd invi· 1 services. 1 be detail already has one day s work beb1nd lt, as .. I , y-" .'. 'h lei b cl celebrated. her n.inth birthday re-, elect of Harvard-:tvfidland P-TA and tations and will be. 011 lnnd tu t·ill LARGE SELECTION TO . · . F1renH~n s Aux1ltarv e a oar . .. . . .1 · .' ' .. ,. ' ~ \ the first turnout was Sunday, May 1. H,owevcr, the work IS mf"eting April 27 ·at the home of cc~i:ly ,'~itl: ~ hllthday pai ty m hci 1 Mrs. C. Johann, l>TA l~res1dei:t, to the parents. This active club CHOOSE FROM . continue .· f or t wo n1ore Sun d ays, M ay 15 an cl _ ?2 , Wt"ti1 a ,"'1 rs. ,, II f L 1 . thud giadc class iooni at Spi!.na.wa.y 'I were guests of Collms. P-1A at its Sllonsored a r(']Jortf"rs rneetin"· re-I , . ' to inary - cnnc 1<sen o a 'c .1 1 1 .1 . 1. . .. . 1 . . ·. . ioo.. ic c ,iss \.vas t.1tat(( to annual Mothers tea Apnl 28. The [ cently 'lt Midland scboo.l ·ittt·nded 1 f or sc wind-up on May 28. Transportation will be provided pros-, Shorr· d_r~ve. P_lans wer~ mace ucautiful b. irLhday cakes, ca ch sch.ool gym '.vas d~coraled to re-' by rep~rtrn of Pir·;·cc: l'~u:ity. '1-H • 1 the Auxiliary birthday dmncr-dancc, . cl · 1 •. ll cl 1 , • • . cl • . ·· · ·· ' I ,_ pect1ve volunteers who call GR. 6560 or GR. 6007 the day 1 . 1 . Id . L toppc wit 1 c.uic cs an cccoiatc sc.mble a .flower g.·ardcn rn May and clubs and their leaders . who were w"' i is to 1Jc 11e <1l .1 1 ngo1.i, "tJ1 cl· ff 0 c1·1 b 'f d d bl cl I ' 7025 Pac1£1c Avenue 1.s. 1 before they plan to turn out. The post will appreciate the S,1 turday, May 14. Attending ~vcrc wi a . . . . tie ca~~' u 11y- ecorate ta . es an addressed by County Agent Purcell . , h M M . Wh' L . Mrs. Clar}, Boyce of Pacific street I the dehc1ous luncheon earned out 11 - · ,-··-· - · - · - - - - - - - · - - - - - - assistance of all. It. e c~damcs . anon _ite, u- is recovering after a. illness the. t.heme. The Centra. l Avenue 1 cille Steidel ' Olive Tarpcnmng·· ' Ber- w l i1c · ll rcqmrec · l l10sp1ta ·. l'1zat10n. · · · · REMEMBER MOTHER. Mother-smgers entertarned with sctha Feddersen Allhe.a Flannery M" M I R f S r. on "In mosc American homes M th A cl . ' L .. M ·L ' 1ss arna otter o an 'rnnlectcd songs and solos were presentQUOTE COMMENDABLE: . . , · ar a · 11 • eisen, au~a . c e 11 an, cisco was a recent gursl at the hornc eel by nwmbers of Collins P-TA. Mary Hrnncksen, Dons Omat and of Mr ·md Mrs George Ouhl of S k - f tl · cl M F N the big problem is not the medical bill but the tax bill." . daughter Judy Lynn .. · ' · ., .. . . pea et o 1c ay was rs. . . WITH A BOX OF CAN.DY -Senator Harry Cam Paeif1c avenue. Miss Roller is the McCarty, who read several of her from 1 --------------------------------smpnsc hnthday party _n h~nm twin sister of Mrs. Ouhl. own poems. of Irene Wymore of Mountam highMr and l'vlrs Robert Steidel arc , · ' · Mulland Orthopedic guild met co, ivHss Bar b ara ..D"1xon, sgt. an cl'I \\ay was. lic·Id Th urs cl ay a f tcrno~n building a ne. w· addition· · to their ii . . . . . I Mrs. Raymond Snuth, Mr. and Mrs.· at the home of Mrs. Gladys W1l- home at the corner of Sth and Pa- May - at .Midla~d. h_all with IV~."· We Feature Edwin Dixon and the guests of lougbby of Mountain highway. A .· . .. . . Donald Kemp piesidmg. Roll c..ill BROWN & HALEY CANDY uf1c sti cc ts. showed 60 members present Two l\1rs. Arthur Pietz, Reporter honor. The visitors left for home .I' lovely birthday table was set lll Friends and neighbors ex t c 11 cl , · _ ., . , • · •. _ ·1 2'1· d M Ed · D". . \'c·llow cl h"t. A •)· • k new members, Mis. Chestu Baku Wide assortment of Mother's 1 " ·tl1 cl a), c.a Rt 1 Box 445 Spanaway--GR 6646' · an r.s. ' wm ixon. ' · · an w 1 c. c clcc·1J<'st sym1)athy to Leon Harrison · b Day Cards · ' ' ' d cl r} • . T . . . . "cl' , l . . -. . \"" l · "" I . . · . · • I and Mrs. Eliza tth Johnson, were a.n augitu, e11y, accomp,1me , t1e ·v1s11n,, 1uic U])On the death of his hther Mr I . . . .· . · .· --_..- ,. · s . ·"I J ·• 1 . " . . • · • ·' · welcomed mto the gu1 1cl, 1)rmging Boy Scouts of Spanaway Troop them to \isit hu mothc1 at wcct' iappy )Jit1day wc1e the Mes- M.A. Harrison of Little Rock, Ark. I1 . l . b . h" 7+ H cl GR. 7333 Parkland Center o . , • • Home, Ore. 'dames Mickey Cox and children, It c tot~ mcm cis ip to · ai:i .:i4 camped last wee!, end at RobmIM" l cl L 1 Ell M W . . work linens and a cedar chest wluch 1 will be g·iven away. at the .Midland son lake, on Mt. Rainier council's !Vlrs. Leon Fleming of Yakima, I ic 'ey an a? ' a. ay agncr . t tl l· cl t tl 'and son Georgie Alire W)•mor1· I < W Sl) h Hahohas property. Scouts as ., f.n lC wee' en a lC I ' . ' ' ' c; lll I Orthopedic picnic June 19 at DaweCamp 1y L H . D · home of Mr and Mrs Arthur Hart· Martha Pietz and sons, Lloyd and ar. ocum, _. arry · augen, en,rns of 8th strcc:t_' She i;· the sister, of Wayne, and Miss Shirley Wymore. son fie!~, we~e on .view. hnal plans Du1ham, Daud Scearce, John New. S p . C . concernmg displayrng the chest were Mrs Hart panaway rogrcss1ve omnmmty 1 e II J r., E ugtne C ur b ow, R ona1cl ·· · l I I I D lb B f ff\i discussed. Mrs Henry Tcffrc chair.,., cl h · C II D I M · L H · f l cu) t rnn '5 c . crt rcsernan or J . ', .ora s aw, arro oy e, arvm con . . o f .~.::J ,. ]'" lt r·1nr ama t cul. ac t.s. w1·11 man of· the •"Bnde's Chest . · Barns. I on, rnanag. er l o. t 1e.1 l. HS g!'nrrous c1onat1on to t.h c ~1g 1 een · ' ' anD oyI e, James Scearce and Bob Brad- B. argam . ' . f und. ' I)e off ere d at Spanaway sc lioo l I'.· nounccd that the· chest will be •at . . . f. .as <et n.leat mar . <et, .r.e-' . ' resuscitator '11. ' · · shaw were accompamed by Scout tu1 ned iom Doctor W. hite, r . . f . cl • · . M 6 8 .30 , 1 1. the Midland Food Center May G 0 hrfidge Sund e~enrng, ~YI ~ -"y~c~c,, and at Seldcn's !HJ Broadwa/ CommittN.•rnan John Newell and of McMinnville, Ore., April 28.. Jd <,nJoyi~g a gan.lcl 0 Scoutmas.ter Harvey Bradshaw. Vis- Jlricnds and neighbors hope to see , af y cHvcnmgWat tShc. 1ome 0 Mh r. an wF. ~en pan~ 'va.y: ' 't ta.lm undcerf Tacoma May 11.' J 8 and 19 Otl;c;. · · · I 'v rs. arrv . mll11 on 13 t street ucmen w1 picscn 1c sccon o • , · ·· evenmg !um . bac < to work soon. . C apt. · . tcu1. -1a 1en t 'b.enc·f"t will be arranged. . Mrs .. atM the . . camp cl M Saturday O . . \vcrc an cl M rs. J anu.'.s T.'. ~a set.·ics. o f ,una 1 location.s . . · wc1e. 1. ,rn rs. scar Haugen, Bill Long of Second street is sen-, Deaton. shows. Prizes arc gift certificates Mike Ransler extended an invita· Mrs. John Ne':'"ell, Mrs. Harvey ously ill in Madigan General hosMr. and Mrs Hubert Rieck of of $25, $15 and $10 denoniinations. tion to all members and their famBradshaw, David Newell, Carrel pita!. Paci"fi"c· a.. · cl th str t 1 ft. A combined benefit dance and ilies to spend a day at the Hansler H cl E h r N II . . 'hnue an 19cc ' e . . < augen an • t Y me ewe . Little C?crry Hart ol 8th street rather suddenly Wednesday evening, amateur show sponsored by the fire- Ranch, at Ashford. July 10 was .f11 Week end guests _at t~e home of has h~en ill and out of school for, for Chicago, where they WfTC called men at Elk Plain Grange hall, April n~lly decided on for a potluck picMr. and Mrs. Eclwm Dwn. of _l'vf t. sometime. I by the death of Rieck's fat h c r. 30! was reported a "huge success." me ~t the ranch. Hos~csscs. fo~-- th~ Tommy Ropke of Mountam !ughMr. and Mrs. Howard Kloclmcr. Friends and neighbors extend deep- Prizes were awarded as follows: meetmg were the Me~darnes I iank way has been ill and out of school of Spanaway are pron~ parents .of. est sympathy. First-Laurella Gallagher; second Baskett, Al Bomba'.·d1er, Clarence. for a few days. a baby boy, horn _Apnl 23 at 1a- f Spana way Pre-school met April 28 -Tom pripp and Clarence Tentin- Berger, John W. Foster, Aaron Donald Omat of Mountain high- coma General hospital. I at the home of Mrs. Lola Bresemann ger, guitar; Joyce Gripp, piano; Balmer and Harry Berger. ' way near Roy Y had a very enjoyMr. and l"vfrs. Oliver Omat of of Military r 0 a cl. Mrs. Dorothy third-Beverly Anderson, Kay An· five close friends mc_t at the home a~le w_eek end fishing at Ohop lake Mountain highway n_ear Roy . Y 1 Berkhofer installed new officers: d_erson, B~tty Baoz?rich and Bernice of Mrs. James !i:artlcy, April 29, with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. were guests at a weddmg reception Mrs. Jackie Reeve, president: Mrs. l\.arcvash1, accord10n. team. Other celebrate the birthday of Mrs. W1lH. F. Pillsbury. in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Donald L 0 la Bresemann, vicc-prcsidclit; contestants were: Bert Bullard and liam Shanahan. After the party, the ·1 Highway were Mr. and Mrs. Larry Everett Klarick of Tacoma, April Mrs. Lawrence Beckman, secretary; Warren Maycomher, guitar; Minetta group adjourned to Midland school, Dion and son, Bruu, of Newport, 23, at Anderson h211 in Ruston. I Mrs. Anne Fread, treasurer. A gavel Ericksen and Helen Taylor, singers; to watch the lV!idland team, current Ore. A dancing party was held to A mock "Tom Brenneman crazy was presented to the new president Jerry Anderson, violin; Jim and Pierce County Junior High chamhonor their visit. Attending were hat party" was held at the home of hy Mrs. Bayly, retiring president. Jerry Hartley, cowboy singers; San pions, win a thrilling game from ··-------~----



There's No Future In It




Help Wanted




NI other's Day GIFTS


« ·


A . ' :. . .



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Second Amate ..

p er f OrtnanCC at IS panaway p rt·d ,



Johnson's Drug Store


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Hospitality and Good Food




I ?.


lliway Variety Store ..








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other's ay





Take Her To







Call·LA .. 9145 102 Sales Road Mr.=dM~Fra~D~o~Mr.~d O~erclfi~nw~ncired.are:~c~ Ch~t~w~nd Ma~c ~na~ D~~u~p~o~n~l~-~I~n~c~J~u~cl~e~d~in~t~h~c~f~'~ro~1~~~w~e~re~.~J~·~·~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~· Mrs. Preston IIcnderson, 1ony Pns Mn.Art~~Hartcl8ilisttcr.t.,April 2+. Attcndmg were the Mesdames prs1deiit, Mrs. Elwyn McAlee; sec- dra tap dancers. the lV[esdames George 1 urner, Roy



r ter

.. · - -


SALES RD. NEWS ;\frs. Anna Catlms spent last week in Bellingham, Wash., visiting her daughter and two new great grandchildren. The Milligan family spent Sunday at Aberdeen, Wash., visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Elliott are living on Sales Road with his mother, Mrs. Ellis Hillberg, who fell Easter Sunday and seriously injured her back. She is able to be up part of the time now. Mrs. Ray Harmon, who is at Lakeview sanitarium, spent Sunday at home. .Mrs. John Engcrhritson of Hart's lake came in Friday, visited old


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GR. 6789






.,,.J .... n.l~...J


Jl.. •• LJ.ll,....




Pleasnrcraft Marine 9001 Pacific A venue VISITORS ARE WELCOME AT OUR NEW SHOW ROOM 0..L




gram. Ed Greenlaw, who is attending I college in Seattle, spent the week end at home.


Monthly terms on all purchases(adv.) I

ti Brookdale Lumber Co.

Open House






aL vur





1'.. T







k)nop anu k)ee rne l"'lew Aiaen ues1gnea

MALABAR JUNIOR Now Under Construction •


Parkland, Washington, Tln.irsday, May 5, 1919

KIRBY - ·cnAHAM I~o~~ltl~l:~~o~:~:Iliivi~.M:;~dm_:'.r;:1'\vEm~l1I I Farley and son, Mr. and Mrs. Walter




·u-- -


d'Al::i y

Page threE


s~~~1~ a~l?p~,P~ yoJ

_ Mrs.PAlbertGNRelson, reporter 1Sta ngderMand fda~1 ily. RThWe oSctcasion 1 .>', . :::::::::J 1 hone aham 206 ic 1pc r. an iv rs. . . anger --celebrate their birthdays an<l their don't enjoy a ft;ll evening of hilarMr. aud Mrs. \V. Herzog aud '.!6th wedding anniversary. ! ious fun, then don't come to sec the children of Tacoma visitt"d at the !\fr. and Mrs. Preston Henderson I play, "Aaron S 1 i ck from Punkin home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nd- were week end guests in Portland, I Crick," to be presentPd May 12 and son, Sunday, April 4-. Oregon. j 13 by Spanaway P-TA in Spanaway Mrs. Art Baydo (Rose Tinius) Mrs. Joe Jupiter was treated to' school auditorium. However, if you was honored at the home of Mrs. a show Friday· evening, April 29, do like a good laugh, then don't miss Victor Anderson at a pink-and-b1uc I to help celebrate her birthday. thi.s clean, rum! comedy in thr{'f' shower. Present were Miss Thelma Miss Josephine Taix of Bismarck, acts; one that is suitable for the Funk, Mrs. Becky Wilbur, Mrs. E. N. D., an<l Mrs. Preston Henderson entire family. McGet>, Ire11e Lindberg, Irene Lar- were visitors at the home of !v!rs. The action begins on a farm in soi?, Emma Carlson, M. Summers, Joe Jupiter on Monday. Oklahoma (about 1900) and ends Alice. Mic~ner, M. Gardener, Ruth Miss Bessie Roland was h 0 11 0 r in the city of Chicago. The plot reGardens, E 11 c n Lorenz, Dorothy g-ucst at the home of Betty and volves around "Widder Rosy Berry" Ackerson, Mrs. Dahl, Ellen Soren- · C · and hPr determined but bashful · V D El (")! Beverley ,ruts at a bndal shower. son, GI ona an en ' enz, .ga Present \Vere Mr. and :hifrs. D. E. suitor. The villain doesn't wear a !vfcGee, Mrs. Andrews, Kathennc G h B N p h Alb t C 1 cape and a long black mustaclw, but V ooc , . . ar am, er a ar · M A n d rews, S y I via othershcd, era son, M ax1ne · S usan, .G eorg1a · Bo l'1eu, he's in there pitchipg just the same, ystrach, Esther Bottomley, Katie G eorge All en, D o tt"ie K uper, J uantrying to get Rosy's farm. 1 N elson. A lovely lunch was served · an d D o Iores Bo 11·rng, H e Ien an d How the slick "Mr. Slick" out. 1ta hy the hostess and Rosy received B"ll E · k M d M rs. R oIan d slickers the city slicker, you will many love! n·ifts 1 y nc ·son, r. an have tu wait and see. Y " ·· and Omer, Mabel and Betty TerThe title role is portrayrd by Sam Mrs. Evers of Sioux City, Neb., rill, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Cruts. The Green. Cast opposite him as "Rosy . rc·turnc·d ~10111e Sunday after n.n ex- evening was spent playing games, Berry" is Lticille Steidel. "Wilbur tended \"IS1t al the home ol her after which Bessie opened her gifts Merridew," the city slicker, is played daug·htcr, Mrs. M. E. Shook. and the hostess served a lovely by Richard Fraser, and his niece, Friends and neighbors e x t e n d lunch. "Gladys Mae," by Ila Green. Rompdeepest sympathy to Mrs. Maude The Rev. and Mrs. Mockler and 9 11111" • ~ ing through the play as the loveable, Gibson. on the death of her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Fowler of Puyallui; ( little tomboy, "Sis Riggs" is Jaek Gibson. were visitors at the home of Mr "Well, anyway, it'll be a relief not tu have to worry about loyal Betty Murdock. Dan Grefthen is ]\fr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger were and Mrs. Lester Cruts, Wednesday. paying THAT bill any more!" cast as "Clarence," the poetry-soputdinner gut'sts at the home of Mr. Tuesday morning, Terry Plumb ing waiter and detective. Helen Tayand Mrs. A. Paulson on April 22. cooked breakfast for Jerry and Larry . .. I lor, ns the night club singer, will dcMrs. Roland, Bessie and Omer Plumb and Kenny Oliver was host. rt Casperson and son Terry, Mr. Jio·ht you with old favorites of" f"ft)' were v.isitors at the home of Mr. They are 4-H boys taking part in Gardener, Marie Tm1us, Mayme N ov~ k·, M . D ame . 1s, Al"ice M"ich~er, I and Mrs. Miles Matchett and girls, years "' . Others in' the large cast i ago. and Mrs. Li:stc-r Cnits, Thursday meal preparation contests. 1 N:lhe M. cKenna. The next me~ttng ~fr. and Mrs. I. Casperson_ and famare: Mr. and Mrs . Paul Freed, M. r. evening·. Dinner guests Sunday, May 1, at !\fr .. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger at- the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert will be at the home of May B01den, 1ly, Mr. and Mrs. Art Baydo, Mr. and Mrs. Don MaeC:lelland; Mr. and and Mrs. Robert Bottomley. Mrs. Bus Griffith and Kenneth tended n silver wedding anniversary Nelson were: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph May 2+. held at Sunshine hall, Parkland, Nelson, Emil Nelson of Tacoma, Mr. . ~red Niemann of Vau!l'hn, Wash., C. L. Jobbins Jr. of Denver, Colo., Rec,vc. . 1 he play, written by Lt. Beale April 23, for Mr. and Mrs. Henry and Mrs. D. E. Gooch and family of v1s1ted at .the h?me of his daughter, visited at the home of his sister M rs. L. ester C.ruts, on "I' ues. <l ay,' Cormack ' is directed Amunson. Parkland, Mrs. Mabel Terrill and Mrs. Louie Scluomer, for a week. . - by Mrs. Ken. I Eve1·yone is welcome to come to W d ·d I d nrlh Reeve, assisted by Mrs. Queeme lVfiss Betty Cruts, daughter of Mr. daughter, Betty. e nes .ay t 1 e y a 11 mot.ore to Cook. Working on the production and Mrs. Lester Cruts, took part in Lorraine Shook and Victor Beck- the annual Mother's Day silvn tea, the music festival held at Auburn, er are back at school after being to be held at Kapowsin high school J Sand Pomt, where he his plane. staff arc: Stage manager, Don Macgym, May 12, at 1 p.m., sponsored! l\~r. and Mr~. H. Fairbanks and Clelland; properties, Mrs. MacClelWash., Saturday. ill last week. family were durner guests at the land; costumes, Mrs. Bus Griffith; Friends and neighbors are sorry Kapowsin Rebekah Auxiliary, on by the Girls club. l'vfrs. Fred "Wiese, Mrs. Fred Erick- home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. settings, Lester Coss; tickets, Mrs. to hear Howard Price is ill at a,. Tuesday, April 26, met at the home I Lr·wis Syrnrnons. Tacoma hospital. of Mrs. Robert Huff at the McMil- son and M;rs. Paul Lindberg arc Victor Anderson, on Easter. At the home of Mr. and Mrs. ' lian Reservoir. Attending were Mrs. leaving Friday, !vfay 6, to be guests !\fr. and J.lvfrs. Carter Larson moTickets may be purchased from R. W. Stanger the table was laid; W. Miller, Elise Saunders, Kate Nel- of their sons at Pullman, \Vash., at tored to Seattle for a family re- Spanaway school children, members · for the following: Mr. and !virs. 0. son, May Borden, M. Jorgerson, their Mother's Dav1 tea • union a t ti1e liorne o r· 11er auu t-, 'f 1"' rs. of. the _ . cast or at the door. Curtain M. Olson, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Aft- Edith Anderson, M:-C:ardener, Ruth Mrs. Lottie Wright president of· L R N" k l · Al . tune JS 8 p.m. Kapowsin P-TA has' been chosen · · IC ·c ison. so prc~sent wa~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , . another aunt, !vlrs. Fred Newton of 1 delegate to the P-TA eonvcnt10n at .· . , , I Mrs. Edith Anderson, Mrs. L. MarkYah Wash Ma 2.3:+ P11nceton, Mmn., whom sht. h,td , 'ma, ., Y · f I ham, Mrs. May Borden, Mrs. M. Mr · and l\1rs· Carl Reece and sons not seen or .severa yea rs. . Damels, Mrs. C o r a Yo r k, Mrs. of Port Orchard Wash. were week Alfred Erickson, son of Mr. and . . •x F I E · 1 fl l f Gladys Seaman Mrs. Alic(• Michner ' ' f end g-uests at the home o her par- in rs. ·rec • nc <son, ew 1ome rorn · ' ' ents, · M r. an d M rs. p au 1 L"m db erg. 'p u ll man, W ash., to spend E•aster Mrs. Charles Lorenz and Mrs. D. E.


-. .



WE GLADLY DELIVER SPANAWAY-Across from School GR. 7583 or GR. 6547

. .

He's the healthiest boy in the block.

the Kreamilk kid .






2x4 •Bft. ·No. 4Com. at the yard


per Mor

IOc Each

Baskett Lumber Co. 96th & PORTLAND A VE., MIDLAND

GR. 8488

For All Your

The regular Kapowsin P-TA meeting· will be held at Electron club house Ma'. 12, at 8 P;m. Newlyelected officers will be ms tailed by . M r.s. E'st I1er M e D ona Id of K apowsm 1 b f p -TA , w I10 ·. is a so a mem er o t 11e Pierce county P-TA To be installed · . · · ' are: !vfrs. Fred Erickson president· ' · ' · ' !vfrs. George Bennett, v1cc-pres1dent; Mrs. Oscar Gustafson. It is open to the pnblic. J.lvlrs. Rose Carns visited Tuesday evening at the home of Mr .. and Mrs. R. W. Stan?~~· aft~r havmg spent a month v1s1tmg . ' m Los Angeles and San Francisco. Friends and neighbors a1e sorry to hear King Phelps is ill.· Present at the home ol Mrs. Ross • · · Plumb, Apnl 20, at a cosmetic party were: Mrs. Frank Reardon, Gordon Johnson, Eva Jupiter, W. Gilstrap, Ra_Y Kavanaugh, K. Olive, Rex Olive, Lee Nelson, Althea Srr.'allwood, Dolores and Mary Jupiter, v·irgm1a . . R eardon an d . N a d me and B . K avanaug h . Dianne R"ch111ond is better and l · ' able to return to school. · :Mrs. Agnes Goldman of Roy v1sited at the home of her sister, Mrs. Milo Becker, Wednesday. •


Beauty Needs ~



"tflie 4 ~e~ Saitm Parkland Centre

GRanite 7931

e ";ta~e-u TO

On HER Day Typical MOTHER Typical GIFT Typical WAY Flowers by 1Vire

GR. 7270


Florist and Garden Supply

with his folks. Mr. an<l Mrs. R. W. Stangei· were dinner guests at the home of their d. ht,. M. d , ·f W p F . aug c1, 1. an "· rs. . . a1 f T f E S d 11·y o acom::i, or 'aster un ay. ., Mr. and Mrs. L. Kerth of Payn·11 'f" d M I w. v1 e, 1v 11111., an r. and N rs. f f "f · A tdon o acoma were cl 1 n n c r guests Monday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stanger. Mr. Stanger and Mrs. Kirth attended school together at Paynville. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Goldman of j R oy were d"mner guests at t h e h ome f h"lS SISttr, . . M rs.· ~x·i BtC I.;.er, f 01' 0 n 1l 0




Gooch. . .MeD?nald road residents atkndmg a pmk-and-blue shower held for Mrs. Ruth Rocksted, April 11, were: Mrs. Charles Lorenz M_rs .. F. Lilj' . nwrk, Mrs. Lena Scluemer, Mrs. . . . HJdemseth, 1'frs. Dons 1vf1lrs and . . her mother !vfrs. Kate Nenni. . ' . A fannly rcunwn was held on Palm Sunday, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lrndbcrg. Present were: Arnold Thorsen a_nd . <laugh~ ters, Mr. and Mrs. M. Thorsen of Tacoma · ' Mr. and !vfrs · T · E · Thorsen of Portland Ore.. , Kenneth nnd -· · ' Donald Lindberg of Pullman Mr. ' and Mrs. Carl Reece and sons of Port Orchard Mr. and Mrs. Gordon ' B"olen of Tacoma and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Thorsen. ~riends and n~ighbo:s sh?wercd Miss _Dolores Jup~ter with gifts for her birthday, Apnl 17. Her mother, Mrs. Joe Jupiter' reported that Dolores is doing fine and if she continues, will be able to 'go to' school . · m a couple of weeks.

Easter. T D. k · d ony wors ·y was entertame at h" k d" Tl d A ·1 ' a c 1c en mner on mrs ay, pn !+, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Potter 011 Golden Givan road. The occasion was Tony's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. John Wystrach II d M . R 1 ·t G d . ca e on rs. OJel ar ne1, S un d ay, to w1s . 11 h er many more h ap. . PY anniversaries. . l\hsses Juana and Dolores Bolenf F" · · 1 · mg o •irgrove were v1S1tors at t 1e home of Bettie and Beverley Cruts, Gathered at the home of Mrs. M. E, Shook, Wednesday, were: Mrs. Saturday. Lester Cruts, Mrs. G. Dorfner, Mrs. Mrs. G. C. Sears (Gertrude PottM.elton and granddaughter, Mrs. Al(Received Too Late for April hoff) of Seattle, called at the home of Albert Ndsm' ThPv nnr1· ~t- bert Nelson and Mrs. Preston Hen21 . . Issue) f .,. · .. .,_. • · · •... .,... - -·-' _.. derson. After they helped tic a Mis;; Bettie Cruts, daughter o tended school together. · quilt the hostess served a lovely Mr. and Mrs. Lester C:ruts, was one The earthquake shook the top ' · of the choir from Puyallup to take outer wall of the Kapowsin gym. lunch. 1 part in the sunrise service at Sum- Engineers declared it safe, so school' ------ __..__ _ The first American half-page ad ner, Easter morning. is going again. Rooms used by the appeared in the N cw York Journal l\frs. C. B. Gardener, mother of lower grades will not be used. Puon July 18, 1743. Charles Gardener, and Mr. and Mrs:-- pils will be transferred to another M. C. Grimes of Hoquiam, Wash., pa,rt for the remainder of the year. Free estimates on repair and rewere Easter guests at the home of Friday, April 15, Mrs. Albert Nel- model jobs-Brookdale Lumber Co. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gardener. son, noble grand of Kapowsin Re(adv.) 1\>lr. and Mrs. Sorenson are receiv- bekah lodge 2+ I, rntertained her ing congratulations on the arrival of officers. The table was covered with a son, born Friday, April 15. Also a lace cloth and centered with an j receiving congratulations are the Easter cake. At each place was. a . grandmother, Mrs. M. Sorenson, and s ma 11 crocheted cup filled with 1 two sisters. candy. Each officer took their cup I Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wesley of home. Present were: Mrs. E. G. / Canada visited w i th his brother, Tinius, Mrs. Alexia Sundquist, Mrs. , James Wesley, over the week end. W. Huff, Mrs. Elise Sannders, Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James Browder and M. Gardena, Mrs. Beth Norman, daughter of Seattle spent Easter Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Ellsworth . . Carl Casperson was able to be hornc for Easter dinner with his

11 children and g~~ndchildren:


Mr. and

E. G. 1 mus, Mr. and Mrs.


I ,Knabel Radio &Television I -i:f

~~~ iu:i


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HI. 4072





Parkland Fuel DH & Service Station GRanite 8112

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Aunt Sue's Bakery 209 So.

GRanite 7563






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u ft M !:::.::·::-::-·::·::.~:-::·::·::·::·::-::·::-::·::·::·::·::·::.::·::·::·::-::·:!·l:·::·::·::~::·::·::·::·:n:·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::~:-::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::·::.::·::·::·::-::·::·::·::~·::·::·::·:.~~


Price SPECIALS for Mother's Day

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e 7-oz.

RAZOR CLAMS .35c BANANAS ·------·-·--- .. ------·-Jb. 16c PORK CHOPS, lean lb. 63c LOIN ENDS, for roasting _______ Jb. 55c CIGARETS. oonular brands. nlHL 18c -o •





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Here are a number of business firms, who, through their individual advertisements, offer to citizens of. the South End trading area a service as close as their own telephones . . . These firms are established not only with hopes of personal success but also with the hope of being able to contribute to the development of a growing community. Check these listings for the services you need!

Mrs. a r g ai e t F crguson and ..-.:? daughter; Mrs. Margaret Thiel, celebrated jgint bii'thdays • Tuesday .aftHawaii takes the honors for these different tasting hamburgers ernoon,: April 26. Mrs. Ferguson was with a special :zip! 80 years old. Neighbor• ladies in to I company. help them celebrate were: Mrs ..Gus HAWAIIAN HAMBURGERS Ande1·son, Mrs. Robert Ettlin, Mrs. 4•H CLUB NOTES Ro. b. ert Ettlin T· wo b oys f rom • Elk Plam· · c om• pounds· hamburger . . Jr., Mrs. . . · . Albert . . · John· ·· lY2 DRUGS - PRESCRIPTIONS AUTO REPAIR so.n, Mr.s; V •. iole.t Sch.wa.n.z., Ve.r.a man·d·os.· an.d ·e1g .· ht. g1r · I s..f.rom . Elk.· Small bottle soy sauce ( 3 oz.) Ferguson, Mrs. Joe Hedgecock and .Pl.· .L· I El. · 4 H 1 b . · · . · .. . .. am IVe y. even ·, c u s went tablespoons brown sugar 2 Mrs. Sid ~ennett. . Refreshments ·to Kapowsin April 30 to participate Yi teaspoon ginger were• served m the afternoon. . a· meal preparat10n '· · · . ' contest . · · feam for Shape hamburger into 8 patties. Mix other ingredients in a . Billy Bennet.t rode a motorcycle turing breakfasts. Transportation Complete Painting - Touch-Up ACCURATE small bowl and stil unti!Yi sugar is dissolved. In a heavy skillet, m the parade m Tacoma, Saturday was provided by Mrs. Frank RearGET MY BID FIRST heat some fat. Dip hamburgers into soy sauce mixture, drain, and Prescription Service afternoon. . don, Mrs; Gene Smalley, and Mrs. fry in the fat until brown. Salt is not needed in ,the meat patties Pacific Ave. and Airport Road Bene Bennett, a senior . majoring Ross Plumb. TW'o blue. l'ibbons and as the soy sauce provides all the seasoning needed. in art at Kapowsin, <!)as gone to three . red ribJ?ons were' won. GeOl'Ell·e. n. sbu. rg •.to e.nter an ..·Jgi.a Smalley,rc.oo•k, and Jo.yce .Love·. She is. traveling with her teacher. • land, ~hostess, won a blue ribbon; Lorrie Greenlaw, Alfred Green· 1 Nadjnc Reardon, cook, and Virginia law, Tommy Greenlaw and llobbie Reardon, hostess, won a blue ribGENERAL REPAIRING Kuper drove to Min~ral lake, to hon; Phyllis W1·ight, cook, and Shirfish for trout, Saturday afternoon, lt;Y Lovel~nd, hostess, won a red Half of the forested land in GR. 8619 Parkland, Wash. Pacific A venue and Ai~port Road April 30. They had .a good catch. nbbon; S~u·ley B.eaman, hostess, a~d Washington could yield twice as Trinity Guild's traditional and Pacific Ave .. at Airport Way Mrs. George. Dorfner entertained Irene, .Olive, cook, won a red rib- much income. as it does now, ac· invariably much-enjoyed moth c rFEED STORES in her home with a plastic party bo~1 ; 1 eny Plumh, cook, ~and Kenn,Y cording to Knut Lunn uni, .extension daughter banquet will be held this LAKEWOOD FEED & FUEL CO. Tuesday evening; April 26. Present ~)Jive, h?st, won are<l. ribbon. This. forester at the State College of evening (May 5) at 6:30 o'clock in (Next to State Scale) were: Mrs. Ferdie l(anton, Mrs. Nickil'S our ftr~t try,. but m the future Washington. He said he referred to the par~ors of Trinity. Lutheran Hay, Grain, Seeds, Peet, Fertilizers Kanton, Mrs, E. C .. Schwanz, Mrs. •I watch om smoke. We . are all. out the 5,500,000 . acres of forest-type church . m Parkland. This banquet Complete line of Centennial Paul.Thie!> Mjss Arkne \.yalk. Mrs., for hette; and bluer. ribbons. Our land held by 45,000 private owners, is sponsored by Trinity Guild for 24-Hour Towing Service Products Lester. Oi!u;ts ··and daughter, Miss lea~ers wish t~ thank. all mothers for including 33,000 farmers. They form mothers, daughters and friends of 10006 Pacific Ave. GR. 81.7'7 Also Albers Stove Oil Beverly. Cruts. .. . . .. . . . . d!eir cooperation. Judges were: Mrs. the group at which . the newly- the congregation. EXPERT REPAIRING 11536 Pacific Highway LA. 3522 Elk PJain/G.~ang~ held its re~u- Fisher and Mr.s. Nester..Also Pl'CS: lau~ched "Mor~ T;ces for Washin!?· Ann~ Marn Neilsen wi~l be the Jar .rl1eetmg; 'A(hl<;h included a social .ent wa~ George; Purcell, Pu~rce cmm ton· program 1s aimed. Lunnum is 1 toastmistress for the evenmg. Mrs. !~LOWERS - SHRUBS' night, last Thursday evening; A1)1-il ty 4-H leader. Mrs. Harold McGee doubling as state directOl' of the Kelmer Roe will talk on "Mother28. Mrs .. Olive Tibbitts,. lecturer, of Graham was hostess to the con- progra1n, only one of its kind in Daughter Relationships," Mrs. Olai Rt. 7, Box•660 held an old clothes There testants. .. .. . . .the West. Hageness and Miss Marilyn Pflueger · laughter as the ··co.ntest-. ·· · ·1 · responses. F.our l'1tt1e gir · l s, COMPLETE FLOWER CENTER was much .Terry . Plumb' reporter · "All our small. woodland owners w1'11 give COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE in ants entered the grand march. The . . . could double the income from their Judy Leraas, Judy Johnson, MarSERVICE PARKLAND CENTRE winncrs were Pat Howe and Fmnk 1 timber-growing land by handling it ga.ret R.onn!ng and Anna,Marie Mal· Stella Jacobs Box fi7, Parkland Reardon. . . . . • • .. . •. . . . • as a cropland," he explained. "They mm, w1!I smg a group o~ songs, ac.G~orge Hoffm~n from South Sum· could set. up this ~xtra. income on .a comp~med by. :tv~rs ..~nul. Johnson. GRanite 5417 AUTO SERVICE STATIONS __ ---- --~1t 1s convalescmg at. the home of I steady, endless baSlS by making their Solve1g Leraas will g1\ e piano num· 1 his daughter and family, Mr. and C 00 . eSStOn trees a cash crop-'--not just one hers. and Mrs. Ernest Perrault, a Mrs. B. L. Kuper; in Elk Plain. Parkland Pre-School wiff hold its qop through liquidation, but re- l'eadi11g. .. . . Mrs. P~ihp ~· Hauge, president Loveland. Ladies Aid· met at the last regular meeting of the year peatcd harvest through good manhome of Mrs. Dorothy Stankes in Monday, May 9, at 8 p.m. ,in the agement." of the G~1ld, will .rnak~ the corsage Parkland, Thursday, April 28. Tho~e kindergarten room, with• ClinLunn um said the "More Trees" prcsen~at1?ns. This will . bt; Mrs. Texaco Gas - Oil and Accessories p1·esent wer~.the Mesdame~ Mana ton G. Williams presiding. Grand- di·ive is a long-range effort just be- Hauge s. fm~l appcar:incc this su~­ Mountain Hlway at E:lover Creek Kant~m, Anme .E. Hall, Ohve .Tar- mothers are especially invited to at· gun by the. Washington State For- mer. at Guild functions . as she is Ben Lawrence ·pen.mng, D or Is Omat, Marg~ret tend and Mrs. George Rolstaad will estry conference, a 30-year"old or- lea~mg ~ay 1~ for .an extended va· GR. 9942 ll:RflCEHighest Quality Wright, Dorothy St an k e: .Frieda extend greetings to all grandmoth- ganization headed by Dean GOI'<lon ca.t10n tnp, gomg first to England, "Cherry Valley" Ro~l', Althe~ Flannery, Emily Ball, ers present. Mrs. Harry Smith of D. Marckwotth of the University of then c:n ·t~ ~enm'a.rk and Norway, Top Qualit~J 6A.3366 COAL Elvna Schmitz, Ada Schnelle, Grace Lakewood center will speak on Washington's College of Forestry· and will return he1e about SeptemBR. 5148 GASOLINE Splane, A~icc E; Randall, ~elle King, "Children's Toys," and Mrs. John "the first all-out educational effor~ ber 15 · . . . · Madge Pillsbury, and Violet Tur- Brunton will offer violin selections. of its kind in .the state's history." .He Mrs. ~le Rogness is general chair· MOTOR OIL-50c Gallon ner. Also present .was. the Rev. HMrs. Stanley Reynolds will give declared "it simply isn't good busi- 1 man, assisted by Mrs. John Lamb Svinth . th · . · I and Mrs. Carl Coltom. . • . . . . . a 1eport. on e state convention, ness to let part of a farm - the Bett~r. Lumber company . bowlml? and officers for 11CXt year will be woodland-lay idle or partly idle Mt. Highway at Orchard Hill tcan; fm1shi;d the. season Thursday, installed. Officers elected for next when it could be made a money· Apnl 28, with the 38th Street Mer- year are: President, Mrs. Stanley maker." AUTO SUPPLIES chants' leagu.e. t.ournament. Tom Reynolds·' vice-president L unnum pomte · d out t h c cam· ·. · ' Mrs · Sam .. Meyers and Kenneth · · · d I an downLocal .add1t1on to . the "It's an ill Your ONE-STOP , . . Kuper, both . ·o f llrown· .. ' secretary · ' Mrs · E: .L · Perry. paign w1'll · give rntereste . Elk Plam, won the doubles and man; treasurer Mrs. Wilham Gar· t0 1 h · quake" stories w h 1 ch have been Shopping Center 1 SEMI-DRY Tom Meyers also won the singles. tt · · ' ers a c ian?e earn ow to Ill· • G . . · re · . . crease cash mcome from forest lands. turned up smce the recent North- 1 1 Authorized Dealer 1 on~ratu at1ons t~am. Refreshments will be. served, with Trained foresters will lead wood-lot west earth shock is that of the DorfFriday, Elk. Pla1.n school ball club the following as hostesses: Mesdames demonstrations at which latest meth- · clock AFTER 5:00 P. M. . Ioom rn a game ser., 1lc1.·t. Edwa.rd Melvin ads .of.gTmving' harvesti~g· and . ·d fam1.1y I1e1r · th e s. tarted . h was ·rame · · · .. with d ou t W• · Frans P.ayne, d Sm1th · Fagg, · • sell-1 nerA prize wh ic . At. tiJe· c)ose · Airport and Pacific. GR. 6119 • llryan Lo- mg t h e crop WI·11 be brough t out. D f . f ·1 f 70' ' Leonar of the game the score was 15 to 2 gan, and M. Strine. " . ,, " . or ne1 am1 Y or some years, FUNERAL PARLORS in favor of Elk Plain; • This effort, l.1e added, first of I a large and lovely wooden wall Mr. and Mrs. Kromer and grand7 all should. bene~it the landowne~-. clock, now in the possession of Mrs. daughter of Tacoma were Sunday · ~OWnieS T~len, by mcreasmg tree growth, it Marie Dorfncr of Elk Plain, had not d. inner.. g.ues.ts'. a.t will assure . But t 11e WHOLESALE & RETAIL • the . .h.ome . . of Mr. . .· . . . . . . • ·• flow of rawa dependable materials toand thegreater. forest run f or a bout t h.tee yea1s. and Mrs. H. H .. Harvey. "Th c· .b . d .,,, ,, 'JI b . . JI t h k' 't MACHINE SHOP SERVICE f T e mgcr rea .n.oy. w1 e mdustrics-a third of Washington's rea Y smar s a mg up w h'1ch 1. • · . Sh' l . w· • tr cy. . • M 1ss . 1gger p· r oCm ta- presented by Parkland. Brown 1. e population depends on them cfor a received du r 1• n g the earthquake coma, represcnt mg ierce .. oun y . · · . . . ~ . · . . . . Wti Gladly De1ioer 717 'H · . ·k . t th·. M. ·d Troop 131, May 6, at 8 p.m. m the hvmg. 1hnd, 1t benefits everyone loosened the ticks from the old .,._ , · was .spea er a e . on ay p ·kl d .. < l· d' .· Cl ·1 · · · · · · · TACOMA··-1· MAIN t' .f ·th. ··s· h . 1 1 b a1 an sc1100 a.u 1to11um. 11 • by its very aim at greater produc- spn.ngs-now it is t1ckmg away an<l AVE. .~' · 7745 cvemng mee mg o e c oo c u . d · · · · h. 1 · . . · ' She spoke and showed slides on a ~en participatmg m t e P ay arc: t1v1ty from land best suited to tim· chiming the hours as reliably as it Open Till 6:00 p.m. Week Days .GARBAGE SERVICE t • h Id · · · Gmgerbread Boy, Sharon Lee Bow- her growth" d'd 1 np a 11• over t e wor · · . . man; Sugar Dollie, Judy Smith; ever. · . The 38th .str.eet. ball. clu.b, manB k . S d. H . .. ·1J k , W'f . . . Alice Dorfner, Elk Plam corrca er, . an ra u 11 ; . a ·er s 1 e, T . · · . . 1 age · ·GIoria . · K rcger; ·. food spondent ' wri.tes that the clock's re. .d.. .b y.. E a1·· I· •··.K.uper, . .startc ; d· ·G1ty . A rene 1 .· R aper; K'mg, .·he ear icst known breakfast . league play Tuesday. agamst the Q · · B . · C ll K' , r t ad appeared in the Akron Beacon turn to activity brings back "old McKinle ·Avenue team.· · • ueen, · onmi; ra ; . rn? s •oo: . . · , . ' . ,, . . . . . 1 tunes to her grandmother. ... hy. · G . d• . . b man,. Carol R1cona; Jeanme,. M.·· an- m 1870. l GR' 7583 Spanaway GR · 6 547 A not er range ance w1 11 . e 1 S · · P. 0. Box 726, Parkland, Wash. · th ·c .h ll S d yn nyder; Ronme, Susan Haner; 1.1e ld m e range a atur ay, · · . • R' . BICYCLES SALES, REPAIRS May .7. Grangcrs and their friends Qla1rc, ita Thoml?son, Nancy, AnJohn Clabough GR. 7958 nette llrown; Marilyn, Clara. Jean . .. ··. . . . . are mvited to attend. Also, on the H en d r1c · ks; D ougnuts, SI1e1·1 a Sa 1es, C a t h y Johnson, Sandra An till a,; .Cakes, (Devil's Food) Darlene Johnson, (Wedding Ca k.,e) BIKE RENTALS •• KEYS CUT Vanek,. (Angel Food) Maria Ho~ Lawnmowers Precision Ground Weekly Garbage Collection rriinda; Pies, Margaret VanHam, Free Pick-up & Delivery Service Karen Motteler; Story Teller, Kath~ TO MAKE THIS DAY 334 Garfield St. GRanite 5772 Phone GR. 6190 or GR. 6300 leen Brown. Mr;s, Donald Waddell EVEN MORE MEMOR· BUILDING SUPPLIES will be their accompanist. GROCERIES - MEATS ABLE,. GIVE A BOX The public is invited. Admission OF ROGERS O'R JOHNSON'S MOTHER'S DAY CANDYis free, but a silver offering will· be OUR STOCK IS COMPLETE. accepted. CANYON ROAD PIT Bank Run-Good for Driveways 108TH AND PARK 50c per cubic yard, your truck (Sales Rd. & Park Ave.) 4 yards, delivcred-$6.00 Groceries - Gas s;- Oil - Meats Phone WAverly 7902

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Midlan. d New. S. •


c _

from Page I wo) Collrns, Mrs. John Carow and Mrs. E. C. Cardey.;. and from Midland, Mrs. Robert Clmton, Mrs. Roy Tay!or and Mrs. Clarence Johann. . . l\.frs.. Carl v1ce-prcs1dcnt . Taylor, . . . of Midland Orthopi:dw guild, en. ' . tertamed Mrs. Donald Kemp guild . . , . pre.· s1dent, and some of her commn. tee heads :it lunch at her home Apnl '21. An ou ll111c . . the guild's . . of history





I'.wving a '.vonderful .time. Included m the H. M. L. µ;roup were the


& · Messrs and Mesdames David McPherson, Al Bombardier, Frank Baskett, Frank Johnson, Floyd Ay. B ntta1n . . \T'1ctor E s 1~ crs E~ ugcne 1 ' peter, James Hartley, Lewis Mc. N'es I S\VO _A rtor, 1,_\..O I)Inson, 1 (' .. T . . d '-I "aard .d·orgc urnrr an r arry " ' . . Weeks. Friends of the firemen and . l . I d'. cl d t 1e1r a 1es w 110 were a 1so me 1u e . l ' m t 1c party , '. wtrc: Mr. and Mrs.

, • 1





Page Five


Mrs. Alice Smith, Reporter GR. 5475

and. friends .called on them at their residence at Johnson's corner. Those enjoying the evening were: Mr. and Mrs. Barney McFadden and/ George Fleischman from Spanaway, Mr · and Mrs · H · 0 · Carlson Mi· · ' , and Mrs. H. Cooley and son Rich' . ard, Dave of Eatonville, W .· . Anderson _ . p. au! iight, Ross Yeagci, John \ . l ,· D .. L' h I M d ,. menc <cm, me 1l1 m, r. an Ivfrs Steve Ivfuck 'rave Mr and Mrs . ·. · . g. ' · . · J,Jbrc Hobbs and son Ray from Ta-1 · ' ' coma.



I R odncy . I · . . Ad er celebrated his 12th I birthday Sattirdav n' . t ' ~' , ig 11 w 1·th a.




party held at the home of his pat·. • . • en ts Mr and 11rs J J Adi · ., ". . . . . e1. Those enjoymg games and refreshD . ments were: cnrns Adler, Buster S nut · h , D e11lei.t Tr· · · · A cln.1e lm, p atncia to date was brought tog·cther, to be Andrew. ?Ju1stcnsen J.r., Mr. and ler, Russell Wold, Clarice Keller, . Mr. and Mrs. Chet Huston and , " . Mrs. Wilham Bombardier of OlymLorraine Beshaler Bruce Hult and family were Sunday rvernng giwsts • } pr(•scntecI to t I ie 1 acorna counc1 1 • A cl' l . pia, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Kreshak of Kathy Ellmgton. at the home of the Frank Gural . l ttcn mg t 1e mcetmg· . [- ·1 Tl . , . . . ] .... · ] , c_ia1rman. "' I . G T ' Puyallup, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis DufTcen-ao-c boys' Here's your O)l-1 anu Y. • u \ sptnt l 1t ucnmg PU\'vcrc t l1c. J.\1.Lesc a1nes eor 0 ·e urner ·d II I R T " ('I ' fey of Parkland, Mr. and Mrs. Lawportunity to play ball. For all those mg cai s. , . ". 1i 1<C . ans er, oy . ay1or' . .ar-. re nee A Iden of Seattle, and Mrs. . cl , t I1cre w1·11 b e a turnout C: E'. G·11· . mtcreste . 1 1es I1as i"t c ut.n~·cl l1ornt, <nee Johann and Mrs. Kemp and Charlotte 1-fcC!atchcy. Sunday, May 8, 2 p.m. at Dawson f~·elmg J:ettc.r aftn ~pcndmg ~ome ihe hostess. Fidd. time rcslmg 111 a hospital. o. Shockley of 95th and Madison 1 .• Harvard, Midland a1~d L~rchmont Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Sherrill and Sharon Monnett, daughter of Mr. was tr .. ated to a pleasant surprise FHc department had its first turnson, Gordon, had visitors last Sun- and Ivfrs. I. J:vfonnctt, took part April this w.eek end when an old. buddy, out '.or the F:iremen's Fastball league, SHOULJ?ER L~M!J CHOPS WITH JELLY. PEARS_ Waki; up your day evening. Some former neigh-, 26 in a recital giv~n .b~ Miss LuA. Moser of Troop }', !st Cavalry April. 25, with len men o~ deck for menus with sprmgtime platter ~£ lamb shoulder c~ops .and J~lly-f1lled - - - - - - - · · I '.·lb Blue at the C.hnstian. church of 1895 , came for a short visit. Moser practice. The league's fll'st game pears. Cho~s from the s~oulder, h~e the more expens1v~ !om or rib ~hops, I baseball team, which will be com- i rn Sun:ner. Sha1:on played piano and will be May 11 hut at the present may be broiled, pan-br01led or braised. If chops are thick (% to 1 mch), .· d . f b I d . f ;iccordian selections. an cl Shocklcy served together dm·- . ' ' ' . they may be oven-broiled. If thinner pan-broiling is the better method ' puse mam1Y 0 oys w 110 P aye Ill . c . ing the Spanish American war. They tim'.' the schccluk of ganws is not 10 use. Broil c~ops on one si~e; season; ~nd bro~I other.side. ~erve the chops \I the "Under 18" league last season. ~frs.. S. O. -~h?lo '.vas l~ostcss .a. t 5 2 had a wond,·iful time talkinrr over ava1lahlc. on your prettiest platter with canned pears filled with mmt, currant, or The group madt> tentative plans for hct home Aplll . · Games and a Id \ . " I . . . 'grape jelly. Shoulder lamb chops also arc delicious when braised with d · luncheon were enJOY<'cl by all the 1 1Joys , b c- ladies 0 1 imy cays. 1 . ~)awsou Playfielcl cornHuttct~, corn- thyme. Brown the chops, then cook slowly in a covered skillet with a sponsoring a ance m tie present: Mesdames William A large party from Harvard, Mid- prnecl of three members from Har- small amount of water and a sprinkling of thyme. i half. Gifford, Vivian Mandeville, Olive land and Larchmont Fire depart- vard Improvement club and three . · . . I Ivlr. and Mrs. William Shanahan, Guthrics, John Burston, Jessie Willi::cnt at,tcnded the Puget. Soun cl members from Midland Improve- dance for the members of the two· Messrs, Merrell Kemp, Billy Turner ~pent April 17, opening day o'. fish- son,. P! 1ilip Skuley, Laverne Cario.t!, h1·emen s ball at the Spamsh Castle, ment club and the president of each clubs April 23 at Dawson field- I and Claude Johann mg season, at Lawrence lake m the Chnstmc Forcum, Ivy Bauguss, Phil cl I • . , ' ' B Id h'll · h 1. 1 o n~n, ·Ann. s' c·h mei'dtl<e, EI e I c. n 99 1 s, wit A pn·1 --, an everyone reported: club, sponsored its first party and house. The party was more or less Cubs, den mothers and the entire a itt e or no success -----· b · · h d b b · f p k , on the part of Mr Shanahan Mrs Smith, L. Rice, all of Tacoma, and ••.•,•,.•.••.••.••.•~.••.••.••.••.••.••,•¢·•"'·••.••.••.••.••.••.••.••.••.••.••.••••••ft•••.••i••••••••••••••••••••••"-•••••••••• an exper1n1ent, ut it is ope y u committee o ac ~ 84 are very · ._ · · 7..,(" S I f p 11 ·~···················••••H• ..••·••·••·••••••·••·••·••·••·••·••·••·••·••·••·••·••·••·••·••·• those who attended that many more grateful to the people of the com- ;I Sh ana 1rn.n, h owcur, ~ r. came llomc way lY.J.rS. ee cy . ron1 uya up. 11 0 0 will be arranged in the future. Mu- munity for the wonderful response , on her. crocheting. . Mrs. Bill Ames n . r e cl. her · · · II , d J\.I"dl danghter, Cheryl Ann, wl!h a birth1 an cl p - TA an d p. sic for the evenmg·. was supplied by to the Cubs' plea for support of the arvar recl f l !ti . ti1cl ay. R e, . . .. , . ay party or 1er ~ · 1 1lll' Mr. and Mrs. Clifford \ian Etten ham dmner they sponsored at the: sc:l10ol wue v.ell r;p1escnted ~t the frcshments and a decora.ted cake of Puyallup and combined with Midland hall April 2? The com- I Pierce County P-1 A convcntwn at . d b ti l'ttl t , , -· . 1 • • . were CnJoye Y ie 1 e gues s, calling of square dances and circle mittee estimates that between 300 Puyallup, Apnl 14, with 11 members who were: Geraldine Sparks, Ken1· j)i·C'sent Central Avenue 1 o"'evei· · (-' 11 1 " 1J 1 u cl S . two-steps b y Mr. I-I eath made t h e an d 350 were f ed dunn" the eve- : ' "' ' k l· h cl ,• . I ' net 1 '"ee ' tev1e anc. enny . ,a . orafters ring. Attending were the ning and a go~d share of these re-' to.o. 1~me t e atte~ t10p iy, way, Joe ~chnclcnberger, Bi'.h Jo Messrs and Mesdames Donald Kemp, mained to enJOY the home talent I with. l .l members ptescnt .. All a~- an~ . Budd) Smith, .. ~:is. '."1ildi ~d Roy Taylor, George Turner, Homer show and movies later in the eve-' tendmg were genp·ous with thcll' Hcm;i,iiai? ~;~ d{acki~ SSu~, ~is. Arnold Clarence Skog Harold 01- ning. There is room in the pack for praise of the fine program prepared Mrs. muse llll c an . an ra cc, ' · · ' d · d I · I d' Mrs. Frances Hudnall and Con· f cl son Sp·ilt W·1rtenbe James Neu- more bo)'S ·md more den mothers. an carnc out, c espite ian icaps ' : ' ' : . ' . . . . . , . .~ . stance, Jeannie 0 usta son an t 1lC' mann, Moyd Ayers, J, I-kath, Vic- ~nyone mtcreste<l 15 cordially m- P•_es:.nted by the ca1t~quakc of the honored guest. Jeannie is Cheryl's tor Eshpeter, Frank Johnson, and vlted tD attend the May 27 pack pie' wus d~y. Attendmg from the' cousin, visiting with her from CcnClarence Johann; the Mesdames meeting, which will be at Midland Harvard-Midland groups were the tralia, Wash. Nellie Kennedy Olive Huston Er- hall at 7:30 j).m. Mesdames Herschel Payne, Clarence '·Ir ·ind ~·Ir" \';alter Zuo·ne1· (Pot ' ' I ' • . . . " ·• " ·'· • " ~ .. vin Smith, Charlotte M.cClatc~ey / Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hanslc~ and Sk~g, Ch~'.·le~ ~arr \s, ,Kenn~~h ~rath) boarded the Hiawatha for a and Elizabeth Johnson; lvhsses Nma, Mr. James Woodard met Apnl 16 Webb, Jack Coultncy, Ilo)d Da,is, iaunt t? S'"'.tlle, where they had Donn a and Joann Ayers, Betty! at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fl~y~ Ayers: Charlotte McClatehcy, lunch ''; 1th Mi~s Mund Rus~cll, Mrs. 239 Garfield St., Parkland Phone: GRanitc 6829 i Turner, Hazel McClatchey, Sharon Taylor, to discuss plans for assist- William Hiller, Clarence Johann Zugncr s cousm, after which they :-::.::·!t·!t·:t·!t·•,••.,•t. ..,•r.,•.•.•,t Miss Viol~ttc 11cClatchcy. 1 ·.·eturncd to Taconla by bus. . . "'..•,••.•.•,.•.•.••.•"'·""'··"'·••.••.""•·••.••.••.••.••.••;••i•"•.••.••.•~.••.••.••.••.••.,.,•.••.••.••.••,••••••-f'~•"'• ........... ,,.~·••"1>••"'•••••¢•••••..,.••••••••••••••••••• 0 •.:io••••••·········· Esl1peter and Doris Johann,· and ing Midland's Junior City League andFive I teachers and three parents Harvard Improvement c I uh w1·11









· .











J•arkland Jewelers



-a« did,: I-Advance notice of meetings of civic and social clubs and other groups active in your community whether it is Parkland, Midland or Spanawaypl us factual accounts of what took place at such meetings, after they are held.

2-Wcekly news reports from surrounding commumtics, Harvard, Elk Plain, Collins, Kirby, Clover Creek, prepared by prominent residents of the.communities ·concerned.

3-Accounts of the doings of your neighbors (telling you more about the people you want to know most a bout) , reporting their social and community activities and big events of their families and yoursb.irths, engagements, graduations, weddings, etc. This is news you can get nowhere except in your own community newspaper.

4-Clearly-stated facts bearing upon all local issues and problems, such as those faced from time to time by your schools, fire departments and district officials. Your community newspaper is the most efficient means for bringing local problems to your attention. It does a job left undone by the big city dailies. To be "up" on the news of your own world. you need both a daily paper and your community weekly. 5-News of special values offered (in advertisements) by the stores in the area immediate to your home, where it's easiest for you to trzde and where a larger part of each dollar you spend comes back to you in increased community value: plus, the convenience of your local market place - the "want ads"-which bring you and your neighbor together for a bit of friendly bargaining.

6-A greater measure of community life.

from the Harvard-Midland district attended the Pierce county curriculum meeting, April 18, at Woodland school. The chief aim of th is group is to standardize cmTlcula in all srhools in th~ county, so that a child changing from one school to another will not he handicapped by mctho<ls different than he had been used to. Also, the group is trying to g;ther material on various subjects, to enable the county superintendent's office to have kits of all needed materials available to the teacher when her pupils arc ready to study a subject. To this end, workshops have been organized in Edgemont and Orting. Workshops are to be set up in other districts and, where this year they have planned only for the primary grades, next year they will go into the higher grades. Those attending from Harvard-Midland were Miss Almira Norton and Miss Anne Vimoi1t, from the first and second <;Tades at Harvard; Mrs. Elizabeth Sullivan, Mrs. Ruth Rogers and Mrs. Ella Williams, of the first, second and third grades at Midland; Mrs. Herschel Payne, Pre-school president; Mrs. Clarence Johann, P-TA president, and Mrs. Fr c d Rousseau. A former resident of Midland, of several years back, has come into the limelight quite recently. At least the kno\vledgc is new to her old friends in Midland. Mrs. Thelma Stewart Hawkins, who lived at 98th and Adams street with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Iv1arvin Stewart, has an article in the current issue of S,}mset magazine, entitled "Remodeling a House." Mrs. Hawkins has been an interior decorator of note for many years in Pasadena, Calif. The home of Bob Burns, comedian, is only one of the many lp.rgcr homes that have known her touch. Word has been received that Mrs. Stewart is in Pasadena with her and that Mr. Stewart died in September of 19+8. A brother, John, was killed in a hunting accident in 19·1 l.

meet May 11, 8 p.m. at Dawson fieldhouse for its monthly meeting. After the business at hand, games will be played, and refreshments served, b~ Mrs:. Horner Arnold and Mrs. Ervin Smith.



Mrs. Ruth Kuper, Reporter Rt. 3, Ilox 705 _ Phone GR. 8289 _ _ __

. Mrs. Jack Clelland and Mrs. Pms Burg1.· were · I f co- iostesscs or a stor k· • sho c · · } f M. Eth 1 w r m ' 0 nm o is. • e O'N '11 ] B · ,.· ] · 1' d • " c1 at tie u1g1 iorne ues a) afternoon April 26. Games were .' . played with prizes won by Ivfrs. Bar· · hara Sml!h, Mrs. Stembridge, Mrs. Ethd Miner. Guests incluclnl the Mc·sdamc·s Rosa T 1'ccl"nl"n of Satsoi) ~ Ada Hag·cn Frances I-frndrich B·1r' · ' ' ·· ,. ' ' hara Smith, Joe Minor Helen ' Queen, Hazel Gross, Anne Wick, M ~e S m1t . ·]1, '·f I 'd ge, E· t IH' l iv • s S tenun Mmor, and the honor guest. Refreshmcnts were served from a table whose novel centerpiece was a large cake decorated with a stork. Mrs. Ome.r Roland .en~e.rtained a group. of friends Apnl 23 at her home m Clovc:r Crc.ek. Party games were played with prizes won by Ivfrs. M. 1-J'1 S ti · 11 M 1· · J J K ,. an~ . ~au~u N\~l~olas. ~ho'~,'.. "pr::~~~ were· Mr and Mrs Lester Cruts . · · .' · ' Misses Be.tty. and Beverly Cruts, Mrs. Marlrn SouthwPll, Mrs. Gladys M~Elroy, Mr. and Mrs. Eel Bol!eu, Misses Dorothy ~nd .Gladys Bolieu, Mrs. Roy Renne~, Mis. John ~nper, Mrs. Norman Wiemer Paul Nichols Mr and Mrs Roland' Bessie Ome; · · ' ' :







Competition for news in New j Approximately 50,000,000 letters York was so strong that in th 1-, days: arc received by ne.wspaper editors before the radio one reporter met every year from theu· readers. ships in a rowboat in order to be --- --------the first to get the news. i POINTER WANT ADS PAY


Honor M othe1~ on


MYRTLE MOCKEL Apparel of Distinction GR. 7617

Parkland Shopping Center, across from P. 0.




ARRANGE NOW ... for your





GR .. 8514 t·lt·l!·lt·lt·!t·~t·l!·~t·!t·!t·!t·~:-:t·:t·!!·lt·~t~!·!!·lt·:t·:!·!t·l!·lt·!t·~!·lt·!t·!t-lt·:t·:!·!!·!t·!t·!t~t·lt·lt·!t·!t-!!·!t·:t·!t·~



IHI ~ (aE~'w) Ill




We invite you to visit




on our First Anniversary, Friday, May 6, 1949


Evenings GR. 5+17




and Ed\vard Roland . 4-H club met Clover Creek Senior A.· pril 23 at the. home of the leader . ' Mrs. Omer Roland. The busmess of . . . , t?c day was ckct1on of off1ce1s: Bcssic Roland was elected president; Doroth Bolieu vice resident· Bet . . Y . ' -~ ... '. : tie C1uts, sec1etary-t1easme1 Ome1 . . ' Roland, historian, and Beverly Cruts, nnvs reporter. Mrs. Rose Tiedeman of Satsop, Wash. spent April 26 visitincr with Mrs. Jack Clelland. . "' . . Miss Dorothy Bolieu was chosen . • • . • • • to, teptesent the Se11101 4~H club as dcl'.'gatc .to the ~late 4-H camp, which will be held at Pullman, Wash.! June 6 to 11. Dorothy has I been 111 club work for two years. Her project for the corning year will be home furnishing. Mr. and Mrs. john Kuper visited at the home of Mrs. Kuper's daughter, Mrs. Pa. ul S.tranahan, AJJri.l 24-. They helped celebrate the second birthday of little Paul Byron Stranahan. Mrs. l~red Boness was called to Alliance, Neb., recently by the illness and death of her brother, Mr. ' George Whaley.

Mother's Day Sunday, May 8i:h



PHONE: GR. 7863

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i Veterans News Continued from Page One

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, May 5, 19+9

Open House This Week at Pacific Ave. Boat Works


iary are for a large "Spring Get-toGether." All veterans and families are invited to attend. The date will be announced later. National service director of Amvets, Clarence Adamy from Washington, D. C., arrived Friday, April 29, and will spend 10 days assisting in service work with H. R. Kester of Post No. 1 and Frank E. Dixon of Post No. 3. An informal dinner was held at the Amvct club of Tacoma in honor of Clarence Adamy, April 29. He plans to speak at Highland Post No. 9, Burien, Wash., May 2 on "Veteran Service Work." He also plans to speak at other Amvet posts in the state of Washington. Commander Edwin Dixon and other members of Post No. 3 met National Commander Harold Keats, of national headquarters, Washington, D. C., at Boeing field April 30; He was here to visit the dC'partments of Washington Amwts. An informal dinner was held for the national commander at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Dixon of Steilacoom. The officials of all Amvet posts of Tacoma were present. Sunday, May 1, an informal reception was held at the Amvet club for National Commander Keats. It was attended by 11ayor FawcFtt of Tacoma, milit~~y, naval, air and other civic officials.


N onnan Nordlund to Take Bride Friday

Miss Phyllis Nelson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Nelson of Visitors will be welcomed at the 102+Y2 No. J street, Tacoma, will 9001 Pacific avenue boat works of become the bride of Mr. Norman BUDGET TERMS CAN BE ARRANGED Pleasurcraft Marine this Friday and Nordlund, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Saturday, May 6 and 7, when open Albin Nordlund of Parkland, in a house is held at the new showroom ceremony to be performed Friday of the firm. Now under construc- evening, in the F i r s t Lu the ran tion there is the· "Nixie," being built church of Tacoma. for Marshall Perrow of Tacoma .. PerThe bride-elect was honored last ro~, an architect, dcsi~ned the in-1 week at a shower given in. the Nord84th and Pacific Avenue GA. 3133 tenor of the craft to l11s own taste. lund home by :tvriss Elsie Nordlund Launching of the "Nixie" is sched- and Mrs. Ernest Nordlund, sister uled for May 13. I and sister-in-law to the prospective ant church and of the Northwest In choosing a boat-building site bridegroom. Rdatives and friends Flower Growers' association. so far from water, Dick Williams, of the Nordlund family ,gathered Survivors include his widow, HulPl«asurcraft· Marine owner, has sue- there to greet 11iss Nelson. The ROSIE M. LENTZ da S.; three sons, C. T. Gullbcrg cessfully done the unusual. couple plan to make a home in TaMrs. Christian Lentz (Rosie M.), of Yakima, Herbert E. of Parkland Willi;ims, who only started husi- j coma. 63, of Midland .died May 1 in a a.nd Earl A: of Omaha, Neb., and ness in March of 1947, chose the - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tacoma hospital. She was born six grandd11ldren. si tc for reasons of economics. Wilin Russia and had lived in the TaSC'rviccs were held April 26 from liams had a small boat shed behind coma area for +3 yL"ars. She was (: .. 0. Lynn ~h~p'.'l, the Rev. Ralph his father's home at that address a member of the Congregational En~kso.n officiat~ng, . followed by church and the Eagles Auxiliary. bunal m Mountam View cTmetcry. that ?ad been built before the war, I Per Word ...................................... 03 and 1t was cheaper to enlarge that Minimum She is survived by Mr. Lentz of the MARGRETE DEMERS hon1e; three suns, Herbert W. of shop than pay for a waterfront site. !vfrs. Arthur (Margrete) Demers, and build a new shop. I Kelso, Robnt W. of Pcshastin, and · o f quantity, · . company . ACE TANK SERVICERaymond M. of Tacoma: three 61, of 221 So. 96th St., died April In pomt the L SEPTIC . yman R e elf.or cl , owner. S ept1c . daughters, Mrs. Sally Duskin and 28 at a Tacoma hospital. She was 1 docs not .b utld the greate~t numl~er tanks pumped, contents hauled Mrs. Emma Philips, both of Tacoma, born in lvfadison, Wis., but came to •of craft m Tacoma, but rn quality away. GA. 34Afi or GA. 9794. 1 the young man feels they excel. He tfc and Mi·s. Elsie :McKinney of Long Tacoma wll<'n just a few months Beach, Calif.; three brothers, Fred Evangelical Lutheran church. Surhas, in consequence, concentrated on' SPANAWA y LUM BEH CO. Weishaar of Odessa, Wash., Rein- ''ivors include Mrs.. Walter DuWanc producing a high quality pleasure 1\ Better Lumber for Less. Roofcraft. By choice building has been ing, Hardware and Paints. 'vVe h.d~ on hold Weishaar of Yakima, Wash., of Parkland. Services confined to sailhoats, but Williams rent floor sanders. GR 8235. and Ludwig of Seattle; Monday at 3 p.m. from l 1pr1 chapwill build anything up to 60 feet SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED, confive sisters, Mrs. Hilda Mathews of cl, the Rev. William Zell officiatin the high and dry boat shop. j trnts hauled away. Don Redford, Spokane, 11rs. Emp1a Lane of Lemon in1;, followed by burial in Tacoma 1 RODGER LUNDE POST NO. 5052 In line with building only quality'-· GA. 7334'. tfc Grow, Calif., Mrs. Mary Weitzel cemetery · ___ Veterans of Foreign Wars craft, Williams purchased a plan' KITCHEN CABINETS - We inof Portland, Ore., and Mrs. Lucy . t I Meets First. and Third Tuesdays, 8 M oney is . pc,urmg . . t \V n·ivis10n . . of t·he American . GE;ORGE ROUSSEAU from J oh n G. ~Iden, nationally st.all._ Free r.s~.imates. Expert fur. 111 to he · a:;1img on Hemmerling and Mrs. Matilda Fink George Rousseau, 67, a long-time I p.m., m Parkland School Cancer Society in its annual April fund-raising campaign, and Asa known naval architect, for the 32 rntu1~ repau:, Si.:burba? Woodof Odessa; and 10 grandchildren. Members of Rodger Lunde post Gudjohnson, campaign queen, is helping with the counting. The fout, 6 inch Malibar Jr., a popular\ workmg, 964-.J ?Pipe Lme road. Funeral services will be this aft- resident of Spanaway died April 24· 1 Phone GR. 866". , --·-· ·~-·-- tfc crnoon at 1 o'clm:k from C. C, i.n· a Tacoma ho. spit;;!. Bo.rn in Al.- and. . auxiliary.. att<'·n· ding a social campaign. is being co.nducted for the .society b~ the State. Ju!1ior and familiar sloop seen for years on pcna Mich, he was a retired me- mectmg at the home of Commander Chamber of Commerce t:i-nd the D~nce1 Field Anny. Contribut10ns the cast coast. The original Malibar RA y GOGAN - J~CK BA~RETT 11ellinger memorial chapel with : '. , . , d :ri. G S T . may . be made by droppmg them mto Cancer Cans or by sending plans were designed for an iron keel Gene1:al landscap'.ng, ,prunmg and JS. '"Y '·tee 1c, UC'sday c'.ve- them addressed. "Cancer" in care of your local postmaster. burial in New Tacom:i cemetery. d1a111c. Survivors rncludc a s1st;r, a~l but have been redesigned by Alden spraymg, rockenes, rock walls, The Rev. C. L. Covell will officiate. Mrs. Ellen Hydorn of So1.10ra,. Calif., nmg, to make plans for the followmg for lead, which Williams feels makes fences, tractor work. Members of Daffodil Aerie 230fl, and four brothers, Albert, Edward , year, were: and Mrs. Walter 1,,a.m.-Sun<lay Wo~ship Service. a faster craft. He pays Alden $250 .GR. 8842 Terms BR. 6982 FOE, Puyallup, will be pall [warns. and P~ter··H. of Tacoma, and Thom-: Larson and son, Mr. and Mrs. Troy I 1 as of Ilarvesta, Calif. Services ·were 1 Nighswonger, Mr. and Mrs. Don J F j' :. 0 ~.'rn.-Intermcdiate Youth for each boat built to that plan. FOR RENT-Gibson garden trac1 held from Mountain View garden' Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bradford ·e "~~~s ip. y l F ll I. . From + to 6 men a~·e kept busy tor with plow and disc, $6.00 per JONATHAN WESTBERG · ol'f·1c1t-, · I an d son, M rs. E~. Th orsen, "·[ ~R "· 1 •1 p.m.- __ out_i c ows 11 P· chapel, the Rc:v. J. J. Pn11tt "v rs ..Joe • IN ITY LUTHE RAN m the shoj). Construction time for day, $15 deposit. Logan's, GR. Jonathan Westberg, infant son of ing, followed by burial in Mountain I McGarr and son, Charley, Mrs. TL"x E~~~~:a~d· 5~~~hi~~~~~. PRAIRIE MISSION ~UNDAY SCHOOL the 32 foot sloop is 4· to 5 months, 8121. 34-35c Mr. and Mrs. Horace J. Westberg View cemetery. I Vernon, Mrs. Winfred Schwaub and Thursday, .May 5: ' . Fred ~~~~~~:ilmS~atio_n~!. d 1 and two can be built at once in the HUTSON TANK CLEANI-"!G 'R Id S I R d II K b:3il p.m.-Mothc1Dau~htei banquet m ·D L • P~rin .n en of Parkland, died Sunday in a Taonn tee e. ay1non ". cpchmch p,nlrns, 7 : 30 p UL. Boy Scouts. . enny ucas~ Asst Supt. ~hop. Septic tanks, cesspools deaned; 1 corna hospital. Besid<:s the parents !\[ \RSHi\LL ANDREWS B I t l S 1 I· ~I 7 Sunda) School, !0:30 a.m. • f S Williams went to Lincoln high ContC'nts h:iuled away. Phones: . '.J ·• ~nc1 o. an1 roug l pos \Vns a so I a9\1!1(>'1i;.1;1.:2'co:1f11nMtion d,1ssl~s. Hibl~ study,. 7:'.·m ~·fon1ay night, with the baby is survived by grandparServices for Marshall John Clarke present. Refreshments were served Sunday, May II: Mn. Charlt's hnautz teadnng. school and apprenticl"<l at the J. M. J GA. 703? and GR. 8~39.___ tfc ents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Westberg Andrews, widdy known engineer nnd a good time was had by all. 10 a.m., Sunday. Schoo! and Bible cbm»; HARVARD SUNDAY SCHOOL Martinac Shipbuilding corporation FOR SALE - One Simmons roll· · • l 'Tl d · f ll • 11 a.m., \Vorslup scn•1cc. New n11~mbcrs of Boring, Ore., and Mr. and Mrn. who chcd At Horvard Sch~ol April 2-l, \Vere held 1\pnl: iurs ay evening, the o O\VIng received; 11 a.m., Juuior \'Vorship servicP; and the former Mojean &. Erickson away bed with mattress, almost 1 0 8 9 Grant Johnson of Hendricks, Minn. 27 from the C. C. Mellinger Me- members wen·t· to Puyallup to take ~:30 p.m., Sunda.y ~chool 1cacher.s' meetsu uc1a1~ s c 1ioo' er 1'"1'c~"ii~u.perint:~~·~t5., 1 .· shipyard about 10 years ago. new; one three-way floor lamp. · . , ' · · · JI · f mg; 4;30 p.m. Coll ms Luthe-r Lt•aguc at · · ,i.m. C\U) , un~ a). Private services were held Tues1nonal l•unl·ral rhurchj the Rev., in t.h.c 1nsta atluns o the post and tl;t~ Collins sclwol; 7 p.m., Senior 1:eague. I~a.r\'o:~~~l S~111da;·. ~t:Jwnl !vfothers . Circle In 1940 Williams went to work 42U !22nd St. Phone GR. 50 70. day from the C. 0. Lynn chapel, Frank ''rnn officiating. Burial 'vas 1 auxthary there: Mr. and 1'Irs. \Val- TueB<lay, ~J:Jy 10: 3 met-ts fnst \\eduoda; of m.onth at 2 p.m. in the navy yard, then became na\'y Sp followed by cremati011. · . N C\V cl' acon1n . ccn1ete1y. . . .. , L ::uson, .. -.,I cl ,~. Jc IL .. cl II Uliifrs. Jl.m., Ma1r-Ma1tha ac th< home of FOR SALE-You move it-2-room 111 the tcr !\ r. an Kenneth Jacobs; g p.m., .Board of ST. JOHN OF THE ~OODS inspector of wood hulls of patrol 9 Bth and Taylor, Midland cabin, $300 cash. Call GR. 8290. Mr. Andr"w', fi<J, of Rt. I:;, Box Bradford, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Steele, Trustees mcetin!l in church office. and harbor craft being constructed l'RANK CARLSON , "'n , ,,.,, ·_ .. •,, 11..r .. J oe·"'[·G· .. , II' ·ldS tee ··l·t.. 'Ved,nesday, ~1ay,ll: _ ""'' R~v1.R:E.Lo9~n,Pastor .... , ·. 35c ·Hu, was COt1IHll<d wllh the "ts. lV. c dll am "un.1 7:.lil p.m., Clum reh<•ar"•I; fl p.m., Boacd ~l.1's'.s, B.lll .rnd 10 . .lll a.m. C.1ltrl11sm in private Tacoma and E\'erctt FOR SALE-Factory reeonditf;;ned Frank A. Carlson, 79, Graham, Northern railway for n1any years Past presidents of Rodgrr Lunde of Deaeons mertjng- in church office. :iftPr l\.fass. yards. Steam-0-Matic iron. It's a steal, died Sunday in a Tacoma hospital. after bc·ing asked to survey the eight- auxiliary presented a basket of tulips IDL N - ·--;; C . CHRISTIAN SCIENCE at only $12.50. GR. 6381. tf '- l I . ·! ·} . (' . d,. t ti • · , · . p . II . .- l • t M ~ D PE TE OSTAL "Adam and Fallen Mau" is the subject He was born in Chicago and. had 1111·1 p tunn.f· t lHnlg l t lC .asca ts, o H into1111ng ll)'1 up p1es1c en . Arnie, Konsm~, Past.or ,,., of tht~ Lesson-St-rnwn which will he read LEGAL PUBLICATION FOllSALE-SPANAWA Y!-IOMifi lived in Washington for 6U years. at that tinif" Lhc lon!!;est continuous 'l' ~.~ * Mt·t~ts every .Sunday ., 111 l\.1ullan51 P. l .t\. nex1 Sunday in all brancht·~ of Tltt~ .\Iotht•r C oz y, 3-rm. home on + lots. .. I . ·lei ·I-I ·I· cl, '.l' . I . ff" hall, ll a.m.;, Sonday SchmJI, 9:4.1 a,m. Church. Thl' First Church of Chrisl ScicnHe was in the logging industry. He I)Ot'C: III i lC' \VOl • C .l SO 111:1 t. ;. he fol O\Vlllg CJ H:Cl'S and COJll' ti!-!, j 11 Hrntou, ~bssaci1tg(•tli.:. ' CALL FOR BIDS Fenced yard, 2 sheds, 40' well. was a drn rter nwmbrr of Bethany surveys for t.he Arrny engineers for mittee chairmen were appointed al ' FERN HILL BAPTIST CHURCH I School directors of Franklin Pierce Terms. Call G~. 7232 or GR. .. d C J d '1 · A d ·• .' . , , South 06tk and "G" Streeb ' Lutheran church. Mr. Carlson is ( . . . . . .. _ Jt.ln . ou e~ anl. n l. n IC\VS last 1uesday's 111eeting of llodg-er . R. w. Ledyard, Pastor 7 • District 40? will receive bids from 677t for appomtmcnt to scc. 1 1 1 survived by his widow, Isobel, five last cngmeenng work was on the L d A _. 1., . l M R I I B•!>h· School, 9:4~ a.ll!· Classc~ for :•I! ages., VISITOR FROJ\I CALII · anyone wisliing to harvest the hay _ Parkhrnd Realty Cbmpany. :15c daughters, Mrs. Fances L. Moyer of Bo~ncville pm.vcr proj.cct. He was a un e uxi .''H), w icn r~. a P. 1 l\orslup al 11: Evemng Service, 1:JIJ. Nfrs. Hanna Mosb.y of Anaheim, crop on the new high school site, FOR SALE-E~onomy King sepa. 1,. "f.. , C' w· . ,. p I · . Rawley pres1decl over her first busil' . . · p l l I I . . 1111 Al)C1ccc.n, 1 1 1 iv is. , < 11 •• ienarn member of the hrst reS)ytenan . . CLOVER CREEK BAPTIST ar< am ast GO acres located at northwest corner 1 .a i ., was a guest Ill rator, one to six cows; sell reasonof Olympia, Mrs. Marguerite Cox church. Survivors include his wid- nc.·ss sr.·sston: Mr.s. Walter ~ars~n Military Road, opposite Clover Creek School I \veek end, at the home of Nfr. and of Airport road and Portland avable or will trade for meat, poul.11 e •Sc 1100, of Elma, Mrs. Lena I. Harnson of ow ' Minnie·1 a son Robert M. of and Mrs. J. W. Johnson, district w1. cl.l)Rhea, Pa<~tor ('I Mrs. George Webster. emic. try, rabbits. PR. 9872. 35c 8 1) -. ~ a.n1. ..i•orge _, 11~ssun1, Eatonville and Mrs. Ruth C.1 Dalg-1 T::icoma; a sister, Mrs. James R. delegates; Wm1fred Schwaub, patrt- supcrin1~ndent . . _Bids for this c~op must be sub- RENTAL - For permanent couple m1tted to M. E. I• ord, superintendwho would like to have a cow lish of ~aco~1a; ~son, Alf~·ed cl:. of Oastlcr o. f Scll~irk, Mm1ito~Ja; oti.c instructor; Mrs . E. Thorsen, . ~·~;:;;;: 01L~\1~;,:~/,'ij,, 11 7 "·1:'.';11 , (Junior and NINTH CHILD ARRIVES and chickens. $50 per month. Call Tacpma, tl11ee sisters, Mis. St lrna a hrotht•r, beorgc l'. of East Sci- secretary: Mrs. Walter Larson, Mrs. Se1!10r).. Their ninth child, a 10 pound, 5 cnt, at Parkland, before May 17, 1919. Hy order of the board. Parkland Realty, GR. 7232 or Byr Il e s, Mrs"). Clara ·l an cl two gra~ cl cI11"l cl rcn. M.l. .Fred Bradford, . . . lwenmg Cospcl S''"''"'" ll p.m. ounce daughter who has been named . ~ '- Cra~ w ford •·nnd 1. or.,:_, lvlrs. ·rroy Nigh~ f\.1id-wcek St~1vice, Thnnalay, B p.m. Pub. May 5, 19+9' GR. 6774. 35c Mrs. Anna I latt, all of 1 acoma; two Andrews was born m St. Andrews, ,. • . '·I . , R , ld St. ·IP . l r Ch.oir practice Thursday, 7; ,i!so tl'ach<·1· Edna Lillie, was born April 27 at l l (' l C f T cl p swongu, iv JS. 011.1 , 1.1 , coo meetlllg }rot lers, ,ar ,. o acoma a1: Ca!" a cl a. Pallbearers w~re H. . hearl'rs· Mrs. Fred Bradford his· · Northern Pacific hospital~ Tacoma, John T. of McKenna; 17 grandcl11l- Chnstrnsen, Frank L. Davis, Walter . ' KIRBY SUNDAY SCHOOL to Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Holt of M. R. Ferguson, Superintendent drcn and three great-grandchildren. S. Morgan, Wesley 0. Inman, E. tonan; Mrs. fex Vernon, rch~l~ili!\Jee ts at 2 :00 p.m. in the Kirby school Fruitland Gardens, South Surnmit. Funcral services were Wednesday W. Schulz and Allen Morsman. tat10n; Mrs, Guy Steck, publicity; l'H~ry Sunday. afternoon from the Piper chapel, the --Mrs. Don Ward, membership; Mrs. GARFIELD STREET FOOD MIDLAND COMMUNITY HOME Rev. H. N. Svinth officiating, with MATTIE CRAIG Troy Nighswonger, delinquent dues; Thure Moberg, Minister CENTER IN NEW HANDS Sunday School, 10 a.m.; A,forni11g Sen·ict, burial in Gravdly Lake Pioncn ccmMrs, Mattie Craig, 75, of Span- Mrs. Walter Larson, legislativ1·; Mrs. ll a.m.; Bible study and prayt~r, 7::rn p.m., The former Red & White ·food etery. away, died Monday morning at a Joe McGarr, hospital; Mrs. Tex \Vcdne~day. store on Garfield street in Parkland, Tacoma hospital. She was born in··''t~rnon, ways and 1neans; Mrs. T'ex PARKLAND METHODIST which has been Oj)(·rnted as Gates' Iowa and had lived in the Tacoma GUSTA VE GULLBERG George W. Cooper, Pastor Vcrnou, Poppy chairman. Let's see ONE (1) ONLY-NEW; WE FOUND A SMALL DEFECT Sunday: Divirn' Worship, preach- N[arket, h:is been sold to Mr. :ind Gustave Gullbcrg, 6U, a florist in area for +8 years. Survivors include IN ONE PIECE ON THE CLUTCH. YOU ~es the Tacom:i area for the past 40 one son, Capt. Earl M. Camry of a good turnout next Saturday night ing at 11 a.m. cl'npic "Th1' Chris- Mrs. J. F. Pahlitzsch. Thc·y, with CAN FIX IT. AS IS '!» a their <laughter, Pauline, have moved years, died April 23 at his honH'. Scattlt'., and four grandchildren. at American Lake gardens. Games tian Home." Church Schoo! at 1,11 a.m. Classes for all into the residential quarters above Mr. Gullberg was born in Sweden Services were held Wednesday after- arc held at the gym building there grades. Adult Bible Class lrcl by thr pastor . , REGULAR_STOCK-lY2 H.P., 18" CUT. the store. The market will, m the and lived in Parkland 35 years. He noon from Piper chapel, followed by every Saturday at 8 - Good meets at the parsonage. GOES UP TERRACES EASILY. was a member of the First Coven- crc1na ti on. PARKLAND EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN futur, be known as Joe's Market. prizes. 1 Walther C. Gullixson, Pastor "J oc" Pahlitzsch has been in the / ;;unday School, 9:30 a.m.; Morning Wor- grocery business for the past six .Jup, lll:llll a.m. ---years. For three years, he operated LARCHMONT SUNDAY SCHOOL . a store at 21 OG Fawcett strC'et Ta-
















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Surprises at Shewer For Carolyn Shield

Uy Mrs. Arthur Pietz A loni:; table with si)ver dishes set around n 1nost attractive arrange~ nwnt of daffodils was the center for a recent very lovdy wedding shower at the home of Mrs. Ted Harris on L:d<e Shore drive, Spanaway, honoring Miss Carolyn Shield. On a special table plnccd nearby was ·a large Easter egg which, when opened, disclosed many gifts for the bride-to-be. The Easter egg was colored yellow and white and was surrounded by bunches of daffodils. An especially-made )arge white cak<', dt·eurated on lop with two hearts eucircling the nanws of the future happy pair, "Jack" and "Carolyn," was the feature of the delicious buffet-luncheon. Around the hearts were pink roses. Enlt'rtainment consisted of games. Mrs. Loren Buck and Mrs. Dan Olin were winners. Enjoying the afternoon were the Mesdames June Fuchs, Helen Olin, Caroline Overaa, Elsa Schroeder, Robert Shield, Marilyn Shield, Mary Ann (h·eraa, Ron Bassett, John Cotton, Walter Cotton, Walter Collon Jr., Eleanor Kramer, Merle Handy, Ida Dellwo, Eleoner Stevenson, Pete Garner, Mildred Shaw, Loren Buck, Dorothy Righetti, John W. Hall, the hostess and the guest of honor.

Larchmont Sunday School meern m Parish ho11sr: at 9: 30 Sunday mornings.

I the I corna.

SPANAWAY METHODIST "The Church by the Side of the Road" 10 a.rn.--Church School.





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, Ask about our house plan service l--Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.) '_ _

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Take Her Out to Dinner



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Special Mother's Day Dinner Full Course Prices to Suit All - from 80c to $1.65 Easy Parking -

Pleasant Surroundings at

MARY MARTHA MEETS Lutheran church will hold its May meeting next Tuesday, JI.fay 10, at the Kenneth Ja1Cobs rcsiden1Ce. Leona Siegle and Corinne Erickson will assist Mrs. Jacobs as hostesses. A topic, entitled "Short of the Glory," w_ill be presented by Irene Hageness.

9648 Pacific Ave.



Mountain Highway at Brookdale

• I


Call for Reservations-GR. 5044

Prairie pointer v 4 no 35 may 5, 1949  
Prairie pointer v 4 no 35 may 5, 1949