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PARKLAND POST NO. 228 AMERICAN LEGION VOL. +, :'10. 3:1 4,~ PARKLAND, WASHINGTON, THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 1949 Office: Park Avenue and Wheeler St., Parkland Meetings every second and fourth Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the Sunshine Hall OnrP again "play ball" echoes throughout the land and the crack fire Chief Lewis E. Duffey, has of the bat against the old leather issued a plea to all residents of :Maternal instincts of unusually is a sound that is music to the ears Pierce County Fire District No. 6, cosmopolitan scope have been reof all of us who love the national Parkland, to cooperate in Spring cently demonstrated by one of Elk sport. Parkland Post is fielding a Clean-Up, April 24 to 30, to safePlain's canine matrons. Lady, a regulation Junior Legion team this guard the community against fire, collie, mother of four new-born ye a r and advance reports from accidents, disease, and to improve With outcome of a second voter puppies at the Orville Melton home COLORFUL PERFORMANCE GINGHAl'vIS AND GAIETY Coach W. H. May indicate a lot its appearance. expression on proposed consolidation there, came upon a baby rabbit PRESENTED 2 EVENINGS FOR RECREATI0N TIME of good material and a bang-up of six south central Pierce county whid1 had fallen from his pen .to team is in the molding stage. May . school districts apparently hinging Election of 194"9-50 term officers the ground. Apparently a responhas been practicing· his boys for upon balloting at Kapowsin, g-reat Two delightful evenings of fanciand 19+9 state convention delegates sive chord in her mother's heart was about a month now and, comes the ful globe-circling will be offered ! interest is developing in a pre-clecwill be the center of interest this plucked, for Lady gently toted the end of school, the work will really local residents Thursday and Friday New officers, dected by Spana- ' tion public hearing on the proposals t'\'cning at the regular April meeting foundling to a grain bin where her way P-TA for the coming year, arc: '. which will be hc;ld at Graham begin in earnest. of 111·xt week· (April 28 and 29) uf Parkland P-TA in the Parkland pups make their home. The pups, l\frs. John Newell, president; Mrs. Grange hall next Tuesday evening, For a while it looked as though when students of Parkland Junior too, willingly accepted the hapless we were going to be without a team High school prt'sen t tht•ir annua I D~rothy Berklwfer, first vice-prcsi- April 26. The second c>lection has B of stranger, sharing their supper with this year, because of national rult>s operetta. Chosen for this year's predent; Mrs. Charles Newbury, second been set for Saturday, April 30. the evening, with Tom Lantz, state him. One more DP cared for. which forbade our using any player sentation is the three-act operetta, I vict'-presidcnt; Mrs. Chet McAtec, Clover C reek, Kapowsin, Rocky P-TA recreation chairman, on deck from this community who went to "Around the World." Mrs. Bumice treasurer, and Mrs. John Walin, Ridge, Elk Plain, Roy and SpanaParkland is now eligible for new k A. ·d f . as gut>st spea ·er. . w1 e-open meas any of the high schools in Tacoma. Reynolds is musical director. secretary. !hey respectively succeed way school districts arc included in post office site and facilities, accord-1 is promised when}he P-TA mothers That narrowed the field down to 'tv[rs. LoLus Symmons, Mrs. Sam .the proposals. "Around the world gives opporonly six or seven boys under the tunity to an exceptionally large ing to a list supplied to Congre5S- tangle with their Junior high daughGre«n, Mrs. Newell, Mrs. Weaver , Ai~1 of the ?roposed .con. solida17-year age limit from Parkland. cast. In all, there are 83 active par- man Thor C. Tollefson by the C. S. •ters in a volley ball game following 1 and Mrs. Scearce. t10n 1s construction of a !ugh school However, Coach May, together with ticipants in the operetta, plus a stage public buildings administrator. This the business sessiqn. The game will Othf'r business transacted at the to serve the south central Pierce . , be followed, in turn, by a folk dance Junior Baseball Committeemen Billy crew of 15. Speaking leads are taken , regular meeting ~f the organization., coun.ty area ... A union 'high school list qf proiects has also received the session . : h ancl re f res ments. G' · ing h a1n Schmalenberg and F r a n k Berry by: Tom Swindland in the role of . Wednesday evemng, April 13 at d'.st1'.ct, fo1rr:cd of se\eral. of the found an out, in that we can draw captain; Phyllis Martens and Bev- approval of the third assi>lant post- drt'sses and slacks· are to be the cosSpanaway school, included appoint- d1stncts concerned, has. existed for from Clover Park hig-h school. Go- erly Milligan,. passengers; Lt>on:Hd n~as~er general within who>c: )uris-1 tume of the evening. Parkland P-TA's annual Spring ment of Mrs. Hill to select a com- severril years but has failed of proing over there, they recruited the Abbott, Scotsman. diction they fall. Fair is a major local event of next mittee to be charged with planning gre~s towar~ the objectivt:. , SOCK DANCE, FRIDAY balance of our learn. And from the week. It will hP held in Parkland ballroom dancing classes for Teen1 he heanng to be held iwsday :Most of the action takes place in . All of the projects are under admaterial thus gleaned there prom- the interior of an ~irplane carrying' visement by the Public Vv'ork 5 corn-I .A ·P-TA sponsored "~oc~ dan~e" school Friday evening, April 29, in Agers of the community. at Graham Grange hall will be a . f . general meeting for all six districts. ises to come to the community of a group .of Amencans on a tour rnittee of the House of Hcnresenta- will he lwld for all 1un10r !ugh conjunction with the closing perTh e h ig11 1 y success u 1 entertam- . . . . . Smee four of the six d1stncts cast Parkland a lot of good Junior base- around the world. At each landing . . d . . j school students Friday e\'ening, Apnl formance of the Junior high school rnen t feature o f t h e evening \vas a . . . . . · tivcs \V 11JC' 11 1las un er con;)tdcr1t1n:t . . d "L , favormg ballots m the first elecuon, ball this season. place-m Ireland, Scotland, Eng. . . · . ' 22, Ill the .Parkland school gym, at operetta, "Around the World." one-act p l ay enttt1e etters' pre- . . . Regular 4th district competition land, Germany, Russi a, France, legislatton to authorize aIJpr,ipna- j 8 o'clock. Junior ·high room mothd b T' ' G ·id it has been thought by the 10111t Beginning with a cafeteria-style 1 Y acoma m Payers. school boards to be unnecessary to calls for five home games for the Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Egypt, In- tion of funds for construction. Ac- j ers will be hostesses. Admission dinner and continuing with games, sente Refreshnwnts, cake and coffee, h o Id separate h eanngs · · t 11c ·in c1·1~ in team, with two teams from Tacoma, dia and Japan-they are entertained tual constructio~ will b,, don~ only charge is nominal. movies, fish pond, gift and plant served by second grade mothers and v1·c1 ua I cl'1stricts, · d one tir- ron· . as \Vas one each from Puyallup, Olympia by a chorus group in a scene typical as fund:> are appropriatd and, in booths, a full evening of sport and --, · teachers, closed the evcmng at tables t I1e f.irst e1ectton, · 'I . iv. arc I1 5 . and Shelton. The winner of this of the particular country; singing this 'Cgard, priority will depe11d MAGAZINE TEAM HONORED entertainment will be offered growncheerfully decorated with f r c sh Seven districts were included in play is to go to the state playoffs and dancing to native music. Also, largely Lpon the comrnittre.s reco1nIn a postscript to this year's na- ups and children alike. flowers and Easter baskets. Hostesses tIu·ec a 1ternat1ve · conso 1·d i a t.ion proto be held at Sick's stadium, Seattle. they are joined at· each stop by a mendatitms after hearing>. Chairmen for the affair include: tional P-TA Magazine subscription were the Mesdames Bayley, McGinI b •tt d t I posa s su 1111 e o t 1e vo t ers o 1· The state winner goes to the na- resident of the country. The finale --·---·drive locally, members of Mrs. Mel Mrs. Ray Rt"nwick, garden booth; . rns, McAtee, Grey, Bare!!, Prettythose districts at the March 5 electional playoffs at Indianapolis, to depicts their arrival back in New Pedersen's winnin" tt'am were hon- Mrs. Jack Hart, ticket sales; Mrs. man, Griffith and Walin. · 1'he seven th d"istnc · t , L acan1as, tion. determine the national champion. R. Harvey, carnival booth; Mrs. York City on the Fourth of July, ored guests at a npotluck luncheon voted so decisively against particiThrough the kindness and gener- for a genuine American celebration. given by the losing teams in the Marvin Parker, novelty booth; Mrs. pation in the consolidation move osity of the athletic officials at PaE. Perriman, white elephant booth; Specialty numbers are: Egyptian Mrs. Ruth Kuper, Reporter very successful Parkland P-T A camthat it is not being considered for cific Lutheran college, who recog- dancf', by Clarene Hirschey, Rose Rt. 3, Box 70.5 _ Phone GR. paign. The affair took place Mon- Mrs. Clinton Williams, fish pond; 8289 inclusion in the present proposals. Mrs. Bryan Loga·n, Mrs. Robert nize the vitnl part the Junior Legion Marie Bohn and Margie O'Matt; ____ day, April 18, in Parkland school Clover Creek and Kapowsin disGottschalk and Mrs. C. K. Good. baseball program plays in• the youth i-·r·1g- 11 d fl' b · Mrs. Harlow Tuttle is chairman I lunchroom. The losing teams were l an ing y Lots 0 ver1and . . . tricts also turned down consolidaprograrn of the commumty and nacaptained by Mrs. Don Waddell, rich, kitchen; Mrs. L. B. Richardin charge of making arrangements H1sses for th: v1~lam and che.e~-s tion by their ballots March 5. Spantion the college baseball field has Darlene Gamache, Janet Buckner, son, ice cream stand; Paul Larson, Mrs. Carl Coltom and Mrs. Sam ' . . · ... Gav! Hart and Barbara Bryan: Jap- for a card party which the Clover for the hero will nse . from Pacific a\vay, R oy, Elk ·. and R oc I<.y • · Pl ain 1110\'ies; Morris Ford, bingo and pop. been made available to us for ou1· anesc ' d ance, b y R'it~ W e 11an, an d Brown. L. utl1<·ran college auditorium April R.d d.istncts · titat tm1e · Creek P-TA will sponsor, Saturday ' 1 ge at cast A meeting of the chairmen of nil home •games. 'Ve Post D'rnne . . _Bassett; E-i_.s 101110 . cl ance b y Mrs. F r a n k L:ipcnski, general , . .of Parkland _ . ~9 and 'lO when PLC thes1Jians !He. favonng· . . . evening, April 23 at 8. The door votes heavily consol1datto'.L chairman of the drive, reported that Spring Fair committees, to complete are. very appi·cciativc of. this oppor- John Richards and Orville Shultz. sent their version of P. T. Barnum's It was the rdusal, 'by a close vote, prize will be a side of bacon and tumty to bnng home to the people . . , 53 new subscriptions were credited plans for the event, will he held · t o par t.w1pa · t e t· I1 a t 18++ morals play, "The Drunkard." o f K apowsm f I. c • I. cl j Audrey Carroll portrays an Italian high and low prizes will be given to Parkland P-TA-an increase of Friday afternoon; April 22, at 1 o t us c~mmum ty t us pro.gram ~n prima donna. in both 500 and pinochle. RefreshThe play is under the direction doomed the consolidation schrme on at the home of Mrs. W. W. o'clock, we are mdeed fortunate lil havmg i . , +lO percent over last year. It is this community-minded educational I Walter Kunschak has been assist- ments will be served. The card party understood that pn)y four schools Cline, P-T A president, with Mrs. of Miss Jean McGregor and is be- the original ballot. Howe,·er, sinr.e jr[g sponsored hy .the Theta Picas.!, .that time, a. swing .. oLpopular opininstitution 111 our midst. ... 1 ing in .direction of the speaking parts will be held in CIO\'.t:r Creek school. in the state nmhber 50 or more Robert Haner eo-hostcssc 1 and costuming, depicting· the sev_ _·_ Mr. and Mrs. John Kuper, Wesof Alpha Psi Omega, national dra- ion is reported at Kapowsin, resultsubscribers to the magazine, and matic fraternity. ing in petition for this second elccCLOVER CREEK POST NO. 1181 era! nations visited, is under direc- sc;l Kuper and George Alli>n were Parkland is among them. PARKLAND GUILD MEETS AMERICAN LEGION tion of Mrs. Acton, Miss Carlson among the guests at a birthday The title rolr:s will be filled by: tion on April 30. Thcrdor, reaction Parkland Orthopedic guild will Members of the several teams are: and Mrs. Gregory. party, given in honor of the 77th Meetings every second and fourth Mesdames Robert Thomas, Gerald meet Monday evening, April 25, at Malcolm Soine as Edward Middle- when the proposals are outlined at Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the Curtain time is 8 o'clock. Dessert birthday of Mr. Kuper's mother, Van Beck, Vern Meyers, E. Perri- 8 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Marty ton (the hero); Morry Hendrikson Graham Grange next Tuesday will Spanaway School and coffee will be served in the Mrs. 'Christine McCarty of Tacoma, man, M. Anderson, Bart Payne, H. North. Mrs. Earl Platt and Mrs. as Mr. Cribbs (the villain); and be closely watched. Thursday evening, April 14. A large An informal hearing has already Both Post 118 and its Auxiliary 'I Parkland school lunchroom followLeraas, Krants Lund, Robert Olsen, E. J. Perrault will be co-hostesses Gertrude Kueebler as Mary Middlenumber of relatives was present or been held at Clover Creek following of the America.a Legion will hold ing the operetta, on both evenings. Louis Duffey, Leonard Smith, E. W. This will be guest night A Chinesi ton (the heroine). called during the evening and Mrs. Beitz, Robert Johnson, Stanley Wil- auction will be held Other character. (and the word that district's rejection of consolimeetings Friday, April 22, at 8 McCarty was presented many lovely lis, Harry Chambers, Stanley Reyis well chosen) arc played by Jon dation, but how the district will vote p.m. The comrades will hold their ~ifts. Turner, R. Harvey, WilWSCS AT SPANAWAY nolds, R. Ericson (faithful friend, William); now few will attempt to forecast. It session in Scout hall and will be R.Y.P.U. of Clover Creek Baptist. liarn Vanek and Peter Hominda. The WSCS of the Spanaway Beverly Wiggin (Mrs. Wilson); La- is therefor planned to present alterpresided over by Acting Commander church presented an Easter program Other guests enjoying the luncheon Methodist church will meet this aftWanna Wellsand t ( 6-ycar-old Julia) ; native proposals to the voters again Jens J e9sen. The ladies will gather Dormitory Auxiliary No. I of Pa- Sunday e\·ening, consisting of pan-one of the alternatives excluding were: Mr. and Mrs. Leo Gaume, ernoon (April 21) in the church Wilma Lawrence (half-witted Agat the home of Mrs. Arny Warmald, cific Lutheran' college will hold its tomime, special music and recita- Miss Ruth Simonsen, Mrs. Robert parsonage, with dessert luncheon to nes); Howard Shull and Leon Pcer-1 Clover Creek. where President Irma Long will next meeting Tuesday afternoon, tions. Because of the property valuation Lynd, Miss Frances Scearce, Stan- be served at 12:30 o'clock. Mrs. bloom (farri1ers), handle the gavel. April 26, at 2 o'clock at the home A "get acquainted" party in honor ley Willis, and Mrs. W. W. Cline, Tony Smith, Mrs. E. R. Scearce involved there-the highest of any Many questions of importance are of Mrs. N. N. Hageness, 92+ No. An exciting and unique evening of Mrs. Elmer Parsons, with Mrs. P-TA president. and Mrs. Ray Turner will lead in is promised those who attend i All of the six districts-it is not thought puckering noble brows and fair faces. K street, Tacoma. Mrs. John AmaRay Turner hostess, was held at the that consolidation would be pracBible study. Uppermost is the new building proj- son Johnson and Mrs. R. l'. Engthe accompanying fixtures necessary Turner home 'Vednesday afternoon, tical without Kapowsin, however. ect. The comrades are really con- vall will be assisting hostesses. in an ·18++ melodrama will be presApril 1'.J. "Get acquainted" games ious about effects of the earthquake. ent and peanuts and other fruits, fronted by problems. So come out, Chaplain K. W. Schalk of Amer- were played and a delicious lunch Mrs. Nora Dawson was also called too, will be furnished the audience you frllows, and show us "how." We ican Lake hospital will speak on was served by the hostess. Guests by her children, in San Antonio, so that they, also, may take a few Mrs. Alice Smith, Reporter need every mo'ti1er's son of you to chaplain service in a mental hosincluded: Mrs. Martin Berger, Mrs. Texas, inquiring after her safety. GR. 5475 meet with us l"riday to help us "do pital. Mrs. 0. L. Jensen will lead Martin Berger Jr. and Marcia and pegs at the villain. A meeting of the Parkland Girls' Ervin Smith left Monday for our stuff." in devotion. David Berger, Mrs. James Leonard club was held Marc!1 31 for the Harvard Improvement club met southern Oregon, after spending a LONG-TIME RESIDENT As for the ladies, bless 'em, their and baby, Mrs. Anne King, Mrs. election of a May Queen. Alice April 13 at Dawson field. After the few days at home with his family. calendar, too, is full-just listen to or SPANAWAY, TAKEN L. R. Slyter, Mrs. Clifford Hay and Schbig was chosen. Other particiMIDLAND VICTOR IN business meetin,t;', cards were played, ]\fr, and Mrs. H. Arnold have ret h i s: Volunteer hospital training Mrs. George Woolhouse of SpanColeen Hay, Mrs. Ben Turner and with Frank Gural and Frank .John- turned home after a train trip to away has received word that Mrs. pants will be picked later. service. (Do you really want to help TWO DIAMOND TILTS Marla, Mrs. Henry Shull, Mrs, MarThe Girl>' club has had several son winning prizes for pinochle and Bismark and Mandan, North Da- Mary Carpenter died Tuesday evepersonally those almost forgotten Both girls and boys squads of tin Inderbitzin; Mrs. Harvey Quinn, interesting meetings. At one, Lillian Mr. Monnett and Walt Olsen win- kota. men of our American Lake hospital? Parkland Junior high dropped their ning (April 19) at her home in Nyberg, a seventh grade student Mrs. Wm. Quinn and Nancy, Mrs. ning the 500 prizes. Chet Robinson Dawson Fie I cl Recreation club Seattle. For many years Mrs. CarIf so, and you are ready to give opening ball bouts last week. The Earl Benson and Bobbie, Mrs. Edna whq just a year ago came from Norreceived the usual door prize. Re- met April 12 at Dawson field. A penter was ; resident of Spanaway many hours of real hospital work, boys bowed to Midland jay-high, Graham, Mrs. Harley Pranklin, Mrs. way, gave a very enjoyable talk freshments .we r r served by Fran dessert lunch was served by the ex- community. Graveside services will then get in touch immediately with 6-5. The lassies tossed their tussle, Rose Peterson and the honor guest. on school life and customs of that Johnson and Helen Robinson. The ecutive committee. Tapers and daf- be conducted at Spanaway cemetery Mrs. Mable Hart, GRanite 8172). 12-10. Both games were played at 1 Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Miller and country. Appropriate music of the next meetii:g will be hdd May 11. fodils wnF used as a centerpiece. under directiorr of Buckley-King Then there are final plans to be Midland. . Norwegian composer Grieg was also little daughter, Marylinn, of TacoRefreshments will be served by Mrs. There will be one day meeting and laid for our Garden sale. Every plant This afternoon (April 21) at 2:30 1nortuary. ma were visitors at the home of Mr. on the program, Homer Arnold and Alice Smith. one night meeting each month. It for salc.~is somebody's favorite. Come o'clock, the Parkland teams will enAt another recent meeting, a skit and Mrs. D\lke Herbert last Sattll'Sunshine Sewing club met April was decided that the dub will sponand buy. You'll get a "fair deal" tertain Dupont horsehi&rs on the OFFICER SCHOOL NOW featuring "Postures on Parade" was day. 14 at the home of Mrs. \Villiarn Kit- sor the Teen-Agers. The next meetContinued on Page Four local field. presented by. Elinor Hutson, mnMrs. Tina Middleton, Mrs. Clay· tinger. The next meeting will be ing will be Tuesday, April 26, B OPEN TO WAC ENLISTEES Oualified women may now enlist rator; GeorgAnn Elickson, Mary ton Castile, Mrs. Ida Purtle and April 28 at the home of Mrs. Wil- p.m., at Dawson field. The men are Mrs. Ruth Allen of Tacoma visited Iiams on East 72nd. Co-hostess will cordially invited to attend. In charge in ~he Women's Anny Corps for the Lou Houseman, Monica De Witt, specific purpose of attending Officer Karen Strast, Elaine Tish and DeApril 11 with Mrs. Duke Herbert. be Mrs. Crawford. of refrt·shmcnts will be Mrs. Rosalie, Candidate school. Those accepted lores Thorsen. Mrs. Middleton is Mrs. Herbert's Mrs. Homer Mansfield from Au- Marvin and Allstead. wi·n r~ceive an intensive course at By Clarence Hirschy, mother, Mrs. Castile and Mrs. Pur- burn spent last Thursday with Mrs. Enjoying an Easter breakfast, at C am p Lee, Virginia, lasting six Publiciay Chairman. tk are her aunts. Nora Dawson. ·the home of Mr. and Mrs. William months, and then will be conunisMr. and Mrs. Omer Roland had Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Skog and Robinson, were their children and as their guests for dinner last Sun- sons spent the Easter week end in their families. Those present were: sioned second lieutenants. VISIT PARENTS day: Muri Nichols, Paul Nichols Olympia; with Mr. Skog's brother. Mr. and Mrs. Chet Robinson, DoApplicants must be single, beMr. and Mrs. William Pfleuw·r and Clyde Nichols. In the after.Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Alexander, lores and Marcilyn, Mr. and Mrs. tween the ages of 19 and 28, and of Hoquiam, Wash., and their chilnoon, they all drove to Point De- who owned the grocery store on Lester Robinson, JoAnn, Norma must be high school graduates. Those dren were guests of his parents, Dr. fiance park where they enjoyed the 80th and Portland avenue, have sold Rae, and Donna Mae, Mr. and Mrs. having less than two years of col- and Mrs. J. P. Pflueger, here for flowers, animals and aquarium. lege education are required to take Easter Sunday. Another son, the their business to Mr. and Mrs. E. Jack Absten, Roger and Johnny. Easter dinner at the home of Mr. J. King and daughter, Norma, of An unusually large crowd attend- an additional examination. Women Rev. Raymond Pflueger of Ephrata, and Mrs. Roy Renner was enjoyed Wcnatchee, Wash. Mr. and Mrs. cd the meeting of the Teen-Agers who have had no military service Wash., was with his parents lwre by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen, Alexander are going to motor to club, April 15, at the newly re- will attend school in the grade of for a visit on Monday. Emma May, Johnnie, Charles Jr. Missouri for a visit before settling modeled Dawson fieldhouse. The sergeant. and Bobbie, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis down somewhere in Tacoma. BUNY ANS SHOOT LAST meeting was presided over by ViceAllen and Miss Beverly Allen, all of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ames and President Terry Piper. New rules VISITOR PROM CASHMERl?. Vinal matches in Mt. Rainier Rifle Puyallup; George Allen, Mr. and Cheryl motored to Chehalis, Wash., were adopted. Membership cards Mrs. Matilda Nelson of Cashmere, league competition, shaken off the Mrs. Rrnnrr and Barbara. Sunday, to spend Easter with rela- were passed out, to be signed by Wash., was a visitor from last Sat- schedule last week by the earth.r-o.r • -. • . . , ' r • VI spc:=c1a1 interest. LU ncr incuu:s tives of Bill. parents. Chaperones were Mr. and urday until Wednesday of this week quake, were to be shot off this in Clover C1·eek is the announcement That new car, buzzing around the Mrs. Eshpetcr and Mr. and Mrs. at the Parkland home of Mr. and Wednesday at Pt. Defiance rang<". by Mrs. Mm·ia Kistenmacher of the neighborhood, belongs to Mr. and Frank Baskett. The group is still Mrs. J. 0. Dahle. The ladies are Paul Bunyan Rifle and Sportsman's marriage of her youngest daughter, Mrs. A. A. Drath. without music. If anyone has an old sisters-in-law, The Dahlcs were also club deadeycs were confident of Ella, to Mr. Ed Odegard. The Mrs. 0. E. Smith received a long piano he wishes to donate or sell visited by a nephew and his wife, holding their sixth spot ranking and marriage ·vows were taken in Olym- distance call from Long Beach, Cal-I cheap, for this worthy project, please Mr. and Mrs. Harley Nelson of top tyro team honors against tht: Continued on Page Four ifornia, from her son, who was anx-1 call GRanite 5560. Renton, Wash., on Sunday. Sportsman Easy Xs.



Clean-Up Call!


Mrs. Newell Is New Leader of

POSTAL BLDG. AT PARKLAND sd~~;!r:~it~~~r;~u:~ ... :~c tl~~clt~c~~1c IS PRo P0SED


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Campus Players Offering Unique "M eller-Drammer"





Dormitory Aux. 1 To Meet Tuesday


Parkland Girls' Club Chooses May Queen



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Sincerity and Simplicity at


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Parkland, Washington, Thursday, April 21, 194·9


Music Scholarships Offered by C.P.S.

fl,~,-.... -



Nineteen College of Puget Sound Wm. K Clark .......................................................................................... Editor ruusic scholarships \Vurth a total of Bill Grossglos.L ................... -···-··· __ ................ . ......... Advertising Mgr. rnon: than $3200 arc in the offing for tnlt'nted high school srniors in

A cmmmmity newspaper for Midland, Parkland, Brookdale, and Spanaway. Published every Thursday by Beard Printing Co., P. 0. Box 797, Parkland, Washington. Telephone GRanite 7100. Entered as second-class matter October 3, 194·5, at the post office at Parkland, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1879.

thC' N ortln.vcsL, accur<ling t~ an an-

nouncement 1madc Saturday by CPS President R. Franklin Thompson and Clyde Kcut".,.• head of the colSUBSCRIPTION RATES, By Mail: One yeat·, $1.50; six months, $1.00 I legc's music department.


'Thr: scholarships rnnge in vnlue

from $7 5 lo $300. Four of the lat. . trr, eq11al to a full year's tu1t1on, Elsewhere in this issue of The Prairie Pointer, Robert are be in;; offered. Twelve $150 . . . . . scholarships will be awarded, and Goebel, a resident of one of our commu111t1es, sets forth 111 his h. ,. , .1 1 i"h. . . t ice •ti 7.1 sc10 as lps. ·own words events of the past several months 111 which h.e unSaturday, Mai• !+, has been set

Whipping Boy?

willingly became a central figure-one upheld to public censure bv Kcutzer as the day for the audi·









\Yhich \vill detern1inc the


DID YOU KNOW This firm is not a branch. Our location outside the city limits enables us to offer you lower

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Robert Goebel, Brookdale handyman whose finding last November of clothing identified as belonging to Noreen McNicholas was an important development leading to later ,discovery of the body of the murdered Brookdale girl, here rclaies his' own story of events in which he was concerned, both prior and subseque1it to finding of the body, including his detention by Pierce County Sheriff's deputies in the county jail for 47 clays "for investigation," with no charge at any time being entered agaimt him. The words ar~ Coebcl's own, taken from notes in his own·handwriting. The Editor has inserted comment and re-arranged the sequence of son~e of Goebel's notes solely in the interest of greater coherence and clanty.) B R b G b y o cr.t· oe e1 On about Dr·c\'rnber 14, 1918, you ape 1nan, you n111rdercr, you two deputies can1e·tu the (Goebd's) murdered I Id h' Miss ,Noreen. McNicholas. h 1111~ 1ic \V_'15 11ust \V 1lat . .. . . · ,· • • f' . to c 111 house and asked me a me way. called me. Utto said to me one eve"Diel ~ou at any time while on · If I h Id 1 ., ntng·: \Ve et you out, \V at wou your mornin" wail" find any signs d . b · '' ' .., ._ ·vou o, as you w1 11 not e perm1tof a girl's shoes or anything to un- · d . ? r d · ' ·· ' tc- to go at -1argc. stoppe 1iu11 cover the disapp<'ararH;<' of a youn(T . . . D by saymg: This 1s a free coun\ry g:irl. ~[hey then told rne \Vho she , d ll . d, , . , d ·l· . ·· a ..rna was a1HI whcl'c she lived, and said ,rn .. . s, st1eets • f an. . p:u , ,s .nie ·


by irresponsible m1sdnect10n of authonty, concerned too little

Se~uices ff?e~fected q/1~u gene~ations




We have a qualified Military Advisor. More and more families want the MELLINGER (Father and Son) personal service.

The Coroner's office is located here. THEREFORE: Let us be your friend in time of need.


ners of the scholarships. The audt·h · · . . . . Wit JUStlCC. t10ns covenng all pli:1"~S of rnusir . - _ . _ _ It l's tl11's cd1'tor's feeling that Goebel has been subJ.·ected will be conducted dunng both the " . _ · _ . . . . . , 1norn1ng and aiternoon, with thr to much wholly one-sided newspaper 1mphcat10n which at . . . . f f . ' ruorn1ng sessions set or ron1 10 · · mounte d near. to c l1aracter ·vi'll'f' · b ase d on IY o •doc·k to noon, am·l t·lH' a;tcrnoon r . times, 1 1cation, 1 stores a tet t 1le 1oc.'" 11 1c, ~\so 1 ts 1J .. , . • . . · · . . , · u f. 'J . 4 '·lock . . , pu) 1 1111 0111 0 upon so tenuous foundation that the detailed mvest1gatt011 .iudi'.wns "' " '. c · electric bnernct1 had fom'.d a lady s off and the doors open for business.: - to 1 ] p·, , , h. r'ff' d ar me could not d . •d b con ucte Y t 1e . le.tee COl n~/ S C I S · ep. t nt . . uncover ~ny .allega~le connect10n between G~e~el and the. m~nstrous cnme of whtcl~ he became a second v1ct1n:-a .wh1pp111g boy, accused by implication so that popular 111d1gnat10n might' · d' f ff' · 1 · ff.. · Th. b e turne d f rom 111 1ctment o o 1c1a ine 1etency. is paper, · . · · t. herefor 1s happy to afford. Goebel opportu111ty to presen. t his ' . . . . case to the public. Even were there well-founded reasons for alleging h11n suspect of the foul .attack which culmrnated m.







the Mc~icholas r:nirder, s.till should such opportun!ty be afforded him. In view of his now generally-accepted mnocence, . . . follow mg near persecution, there LS even stronger re.ason that • , his story be told. In his account Goebel does not beyond out•



High school S<'mors who graduate in Junr, or others who plan to attend c?llege in tl;e fall, are invited .to get in touch w1th Keutzcr by ktter or 111 person, for further details or to make arrangements for an : , · audit10n. .

CfIUI:>CLJ .'\. .i · Announcements ·



TRINITY LUTHERAN .Parkland, Washington

Erned B. Steen, Pastor







Economy Path Charted So far, the 81 st Congress has turned a frowning face on all pleas for higher taxes. The currem downturn in business, with its adverse effect on employment, has tended to strength. en this attitude. A few of the lawmakers have said, hopefully,




11:00 a.m.-Junior (\'or~hip service and


slain girl, which by a few days pre- • . _ r:edrcl disclosu1e of the corpse.) f" cl" f l l cl f [ As to the m mg 0 tie Jo Y 0 No1cen McNicholas, I

regular wm,hip. service:



. ". . . f' d 1ea d.1ng lo an d Loncc1 n1ng 1us in ~ inn· 0 ( the clothes worn by the

d . I

1)0 y \Vas

b .



as the


ring uncovcrc an \Vas . I J I K d .· ta (en up to see it 1 Y 0 1 n Pn (Sheriff's. deputy), and then \Vas

'.l:30 p.rn.-Poc-ket Testameul lJanqneL iu ehurr:h parlors sponsored by Junior and .Senior Lcaf..:'u~~. . ' ;\'1onday, April ~J: l):30 p.m.--Youug Couples' Clt1h (su1•pe1· and nweling) in churd 1 p::irloi·s. Tu,l'sday, t\-pril ·2G: . h:30 p.m.--··"llrothcrhood hanqul'I rn thl' diurch p.'.lrlors. \Vt•dnesday, April 2i: . 7:30 p.m. Choir and Ht))' S(·ouls.



(Corbel's n:1rrative on1its events

Trinity 1\·fission:Jry Society

0 nrrht denial. concern himself Wtth the later charge of indecent I meets m clnnrh parl°''·. . . . . . . B:OO p.m. - Newly, organ11~ed L. D, R. . exposure of which he IS now under JUStice court conv1ct1011 n;.eet~ at home of Mi" 1'1hcl K°'""''°· • _ . • _ . . n_)(J SL,. All'po1·t Ro:i.d. and at liberty under bond pendmg appeal. Likewise, smce that Saturday. April 2'.l: . • . , . 9:30 a.m.--Confirma11nn cbsst'!\. case IS now in legal process, this paper reframs from comment Snnclay. Ap1il 2+: . ltl·OU n 111 - SurnJny Schou! 'llld B1blr: upon it, believing that due process of law is the greatest reliance ~'"'·'"~: · · ·

of our democracy and that JUSt1ce results most surely when . • . . . issues come before our courts free of pre 1ud1c111g mfluenccs




12::10 p.m.


pul'sc. So, the next mornmg on my walk, I went: to sec where a tree ha:l fallen across the electric line as Jt passed over the fence. J Then I walked Past to the corner d I t. ·I· f · Tl an saw iac,s o a Jeep. ic d , I 113 d . .. d t iwxt n; . an .en a. n. to . own and \Vt'UL to see Kendersi (De utv . . . P · ·_ Shrnfl . John Kcndcrst). . .So he tool, . me out and lool,rd at the tracks. Then we went up west to see whc'.·e the tree was trikcn off the electnc , .. . . 'd · d'd . line. 1 hen .Kt ndersi sai it 1 not , ·I1· tl1 t. I mean anyt rnb to sec c iac<S.


• .

tak('n h:ick 3.g<ltn to have a p1ctul'e taken. John ,_(I<.cndrrsi) said; You .


that n1an. 1-Ic is a Cherokee In· . d1an. I-le has bPrn tracking you thr:

src .

last three days. And going out to } . f l 'd· I lflUSt . . a11est .. t lC- Car . O 111 .snl . Divine \\i.'ur:;hip. and you. So I sai<l, ''l arn not guilty of


Geo:-ge W. Cooper, Pastor

. Sun(.lay:.


11 a.m. that it might even be possible to put modest tax reductions at Cl111rch Schoo) at 1}1 3.m. Cbsst•s fo1· all any \vrong cloing.S.' 1 Adult Bible Cbss INI by thl" pastor Tl1cn he (l'.... rnd ers1. ) too'l n1e to into effect. But, a majority of members of both House and g:i-ades. meet~ at the pru·sonage. · 'l , \V l1r:re I wa s Il eld tlle ·coun t-y J;:u Senate is convinced that a balanced budget is necessary. A ma. PARl<LAND EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN for thret~ dnv~ \\'ithout .b('ing qurs~ Wal1her C. Gullixson, Pastor jority of the American public agrees with them. Sttnll;w School, 9:'.IO a.m.; 1•1oruing 'Vortioned by '1\.,.;,dnsi or Otto (;nothcr !.hip, ll):()O a.m. The hope is that the Congress will trim sails to the wind rnc:rnbcr of the sheriff's staff). When SPANAWAY METHODIST -that it will write appropriations which can be met by the they did question me, I told them "The Chur:h by lh(: Side of the Road" 10 a.rn.--Church School. I was not guilty of any of the estimated revenues from present taxes. The considered reports 11 a.111.-Sun<lay Worship Servict~. cha rgr:s thry tried to pin on n1c. of the Hoover commission, covering every phase and branch '.l:'.lO p.rn.--Interrncdiotc Youth I not only told LIH'm this once, but of the federal. government, are designed to .show specifically l'rllowship. a dozen or n1orc- ti1nrs. I never told 6:45 p.m. -Youth Fellowship. how the administrative cost of government can be substanlhen1 I was afrai~l to go ho1nc on PRAIRIE MISSION SUNDAY SCHOOL tially reduced, without in any way imperiling policies and account of n1y neighbors. All they Interdenominational Frr.d Southwell, Superintendent functions. I did was to stall me. Then I asked Denny Lucas, Ass't Sopl. Sunda~ Sd1ool, 10:30 a.m. when they would kt me out to go If the reports were accepted in toto, and their recommen- Bible study, 7:30 :tvfonday night, with ho1nc? I was l:old: 1 '"'{ ou'll have long lVh-s. Che!.dt~s Knautz fr.aching. dations adopted, the annual saving in operation of the fedwhiskers \Vhen you gt•t out." eral government would be about $3,000,000,000-more than UARV:t~ 0;~!;~A~h~~~OOL I can:t rcn1en1ber all dates, but enough to cover any forseeable deficit. However, the reports lnor Bergstrom, Superintendent, fro1n then on ·tlu·y trif'd to hrf'.nk Sunday School, 10:30 a.m. every Sunday. . Ha1vard Sunday School 1·1others' Circle n1c dc.)\VJl, buL L11le<l to do so as I have not been well received in all Congressional quarters, They meets first \'Vrdnesday of month at 2 p.m. 'l ~---an1 not p;u1 ty on any charge. So would reduce patronage, log-rolling and other popular pracST. JOHN OF THE WOODS th.ey would try any o.· Id way and tices. So it remains to be seen just how much action will result. 9Bth Toylo•, M;d!and I.;eC'p n1e as Iong as they cou Id . I Rev. and R. E. Logan, Pastor It's up to the people to let the Congress know they Want prac:t\-fasses, B:OO and 10:30 a.m. Catechism ssked for counsel rio·htcrn or nineafter 1vinss. ,..., tical government put above practical politics. -teen limes. Every time I asked, John SPANAWAY FULL GO~PEL TABERNACLE · ·

I was asked to take a uuth set um test. This dope (scrum) put me under and I am not all o\·er it yet. Still, they got nothing from me to hook me up with the murder · . I was told 1f I would cooper.tie




1'1rs. Hanson and sons, Larry, Fre<l-

a 111tlc rnbb1t,. and .without a search die, Bllddy and Jinuny, fron1 Puy .. \varrant, taking pictures of the1n:illup; Mr. and Mrs. Alfrrcd GrPenselv'.'S and showin~. off how darn law :ind childrrn, Ladd, Tommy fool1Sh they w1•rr-. I hey took about and Donny, of Elk plain; Mrs. Min$70 wortlt of my clothing and bed nie Caulfield from Sumner; Mrs. blankets. Hull and Hugo Snclly from Orting. No\v as to the inrlecc•nt exposure Besides celt:brati1ig Easler, lhry cr:le(Goebel is now :ot liberty under bond bratrcl the birthdays of Sherry Caulpending· appeal of a justice court field and· Hugo Snrlly.

to any charges like that. I \Vill say this a rotten Glt>e, a rotten fran1c-up on a n1an that is not ~uiltv of rinv c:hargrs. It is rotl1:nr:r than auvone okl10\VS. Tins has ,' f been a onC'~s1ded story ro1n start to finish, hut. nm.v I can say: Read· ·is t h e trut IL I I1ave ta k·en ers, this the scrun1. L.-




Now to all my friends and read· (

Stanley R. Weddle, Pastor ?unday School, 9:45 _a.~.; l'vf~rning \VorR -hip, II a.m.; Evangelistic Serv1ce, 3 p.m. CJ11·ist's Ambassadors, \Vcdncsday.

(Kcndcrs1) s a 1 cl n1urdcr charges e'rs I will say: It has r:nadc an o d \Vould be filed against 1ne thf'n. 1nnn out of Inf' with a -nerVOus ' This has been a oneRsidecl news~ breakdo\vn, which cannot be rc-

MJDLAND PENTECOSTAL The final w.eek of this month, April 24 to 30, is being Amie Konsmo.- Post.or lo.feels every Sunday in Jvhdland P.T.A. designated in rural fire districts throughout the county for hall, 11 a.m.; Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Spring Clean-Up. Chiefs of two of our local departments, FERN HILL BAPTIST CHURCH South 86th and G" Streets Parkland and Harvard-Midland-Larchmont, already have R. W. Ledyard, Pe1stor

peper story all the time, so they placed (health cannot be restored) say: "Talk for yourself Bill." If by anyone. And it has made it hard low filing

(charges), why didn't p;oes Mr. Goebel, who was held for





Evenrng Servwe, 8 p.m. AiidRweckGospel Sc1vice, Thursday, 8 p.m.






Lake to visit and lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hull.


Alfred Greenlaw is much improyed, after injuring his leg last week at the Beller Lumber Co. Also

Pacific Avenue and Airport Road


JILaboure' 1'fur§illlllg Dolllle


Tule Lake Road

GR. 5946


. AFTER 5:00 P. M.

GR 8077


thry turn 1ne out before I got to neGrly seven \Veeks-and not being BihlP. School, 9:45 Classes for all ages. be u nervous wreck. They kept all g·ullty. called upon citizens for cooperation and a similar appeal is \Vorship at 11· Evening Service 7:30. ' ~---·· ' newspapers fron1 Jne so I could not So I. say: lt1s the rottenest case anticipated at Spanaway and Elk Plain. .. CLOVER CREEK BAPTIST sec outside news. One time I was in the history of Pierce county M1hlary Road, opposite Clover Creek Sthool [ ' Of course, the interest of the firemen is in the fire preW. c. Rhea, Pastor asked to see n rrporter, but \Vas State of Washington. NowJ this is Bible School, 10 a.m. Geor·ge Chessmn, b · . . ' · f J ventive effects of clearing away debris and other likely haz- superintendent., told not to have -thr reporter nng a f1ee counlry, with re-e spe~c1fi.foi·ning,worshiJ?, 11 a.m. . n1c an attorney. or did Russia take it over? ards, both in the home and outside. Indeed, that is a most Senior).-


Prescription Service

they found evidence but not to al- for rr1e, as everyone will say: There


important aspect of the annual clean-up campaigns.



Saturday evening, Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Greenlaw and children mornitted prior to the time of the Metored lo Puyallup to vie\v destrucNicholas slaying): I :om not guilty tion by the earthquake. Sunday eve-


( Ju111or and

Phone GR. 8519

conviction on a charge of indecent exposure allcg<'d to have been con1-


7 p.m.

inuch i1nproved no\v, \Vas his sn1all son, Donny, \vho had a bad ear

llfDUl(EHighest J 1:1\.I


\ outh Fellowslup,

on the., sick list at his home, but

infection. Graham 45~ Regular monthly meeting of the _ _ ·' · L d . . f Elk Plam Gleaners was at Grange ast car party, m a series o 6 . . wit. h them (sh<Tiff's department), . tl ('l . .<.. b hall,, A.pnl. 12. Afte.r .all . -. . sponsorec1 11y le x eanr:rs, \Vt 11 <( , • ~· • • u· ., they would c'lthei srncl me to Medi- Thursdav, April 1 at 8 p.m., in the patticipated rn .1 ,,en~1.1l clean up ··IL··1I·· . . being . of the "nTan~c c.i '" 0 ' ·to• W e.stern St·1tes ' · They Grange ·hall. A good umc 1s " ' the meetm,,. " was held ' wanted me either m the asvlum 01· . followed by refreshments served by \~alb Walla, so they could have the pla'.rned f~r all who at.tend. Mrs. D. Rich, Mrs. R. Gregg and honor of saying they ~ot an innoElk Plam Grange will hold a so-, Mrs. M. Elston. ' • " _.,I ( o· on Thursday April 28. 1 . ~ cen.t man eo. nvicted. "" me.. e mb. . ' . . I Paul Walk, r,rnest Hclmho.ltz "nd All 11icn1bcrs and then· fan11hes arc . , ~ . . d R One day I told Kcndcrsi I want-I d d f h Mtss Atlent Walk mot01c to ay. . , urge to attf"n ' at 7 p.m., or t e nond Wash to visit :tvir and 1-1rs. ' ed to sec the lughcst county offt- potlucl· sulJper Brinrr " bundle of 1 ., • • , .· .. y . ) hiin "" · ::, Ernest Walk and family over Easter. crnl. He satd. ou c.i~t see · clothing you don't want, to sell. Then I nr1de up 1ny n11nd the next . · l . · f · . . • _. th Pnzes .will Je given or various types Abraham Lincoln took time out n1orn1ng to \VIIte n 1rtter to e f 1 l · "" . . . . . ·l ··ff I". rd ,red a release at 0 cot 1111~· from his Pres1dentrnl dut1es 111 1862 s tell · 1L. o e • Mr. and lvlrs. B. L. Kuper and to answer an ieditorial published by oner: So Jonn (Kendcrsi) called : .' .· me 111 lus office and told me so- son, Bobby, allended a large family Horace Greeley urging that Lincoln . b-·· )" · · ·1 rl seven birthday dinner at the home of Mrs. immediately free the slaves. afte1 ung tn JU 1 nea Y \vrc·ks When I \Vas all rf"n9Y to go C. McCarty in Tacoma, to honor · . . ' hon1c, John said: You arc going to Mrs. McCarty on her 77th birthl . . . f I I t ld l · day. t 1~~ city J:11 1 ron1 1crc. o 1~111 this \Vas a county and not a c1ly Easter dinner guests at the ho1ne . of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Greenlaw affair. ., . , were nll their ehildren: Mr. and 1 he offtcers were here (at Goebel s Quality home) ~·and took all my dothcs they ~Irs. J:Jn1cs Ntilson and son, Marvin, from Monon; Mr. and Mrs. Phil "Cherry Valley" could ilnd a1.1d s.ent thc1n to tl.1e FBI Th Py C:1· ": ~1 o1it here ~and ran Caulfield and children, Sherry and CIA. 3366 COAL ' • . lvfr. and UR. 5143 over the place- hke \volfhouncls after Danny, frorn .A.rling·ton;


Let's Get Shipshape

IELK PLAIN NEWS I Alice Dorfner. Reporter





One evening I was called into I claim to be guilty of finding (" d ., ) o ff'ice an d I1e t l1c g1r · ]' s cot l h cs. If I h a d f ouncl .i."-Cn crs1.s

Jo l1n ,s

But it's likewise true that our communities really need to Ch_oir practkc Thursday, 7; also teachl'r - nnd nnothrr officrr trird to break the body, they would have stretchi.~d 1 be put in order for appear~nces sake. The best-kept.. homes and ml' dowu by saying: You yellow rat, my neck befol'c leaving the place. LARCHMONT SUNDAY SCHOOL yards lose in attractiveness when surrounded by unsightly Larchmon't Sunday School mee1s in the Parish hous~ al 9:30 Sunday nrnrnings. lots and streets. Particular attention needs to be paid to areas CHRISTIAN SCIENCE around and under streetside mail boxes, where unwanted "Probation After Death" is the subject of the Lt~ssun-Si~nnon which will he read handbills and similar bits of mail are too commonly dis- llt~Xt Sunday in all hraud1tc's of The 1vluthc1· Church, The First Church of Christ, Sden~ carded. ti~r. in Ho'\ton, 1.-lassachusetts. m('~1mg.




Sporting Goods and Hardware


Daniels Hardware GR 7947


Recipe of the Week

In Parkland, Garfield street presents a clean-up opportunity of community-wide importance. It is likely the mostwalked street in this area and consequently is almost always littered with candy wrappers, lunch papers, etc. Merchants along the street devote their efforts daily to cleaning off areas immediate to their places of business. Without their effo;ts, the conditions along the street would be most disgraceful.

KIRBY SUNDAY SCHOOL M. R. Ferguson, Superintendent

1\tfot·!s at 2:00 ]J.m. in 1hc Kirhy school every Sunday, MIDLAl~D


Thure Mo_berg, Minister

Sunday School, 10 rt.Jn.; 1'.lorniu~ Serviet•, 11 a.m.: Bi_b]e study and prayPr, 7:30 p.m .. Wcd1u•:;t1ay.

Monthly terrns on all purchnses----

But, there is much of the two long blocks of Garfield street Ilrookdale Lumber Co. that they leave untouched, presenting excellent opponuniry for display of civic mindedness during the coming clean-up. Garfield street could and should be a most attractive street. Just a very little work will put it so and just a little continuing thoughtfulness will keep it that way.



LADIES' and CHILDREN'S WEAR Musi Be Seen to he Appreciated

Al'e you one of those· hon1Prnal{(·rs \vho 8aves shri1np for con1-

pony dinners and then for appetizers only? Well, if so, here arc a fcv-1 reasons for chang;ing thnt practice~proof that ont~ pound of shri1up can go a long way. Shr.i1np vary in size and you n1ay find

anywhere from 15-65 in a pound. While one pound of shrimp served by itself can be counted on to serve 3, when cornbined with other fo6ds, i:t Blay sPrve- six to right. SHRIMP WIGGLE Place 1 tablespoon butter in top of double boiler. Add: 1 tablespoon chopped oniun, I cup boiled rice, Y, can toinalo soup, dash of red 1>cpper, little salt. Cook until onion is clone. (Have it cooking \Vhile shri1up is being cleaned). l'hen add: 1 cup crca1n, 2 cans cleaned shri1np, cut up, or

2 cups cooked prc·1x.iecl shrimp, 2 cups small peas (cooked o» canned). Rehellt thoroughly, but do not boil' Stir and serve on crisp .crackers on ttoast, or in patty shells. Six g·enerous servings.



Hiway Variety Store


7025 Pacific Avenue




..... .n.J.l"( .l..1.:1.LJI

TO INSURE YOU £"\.!"..'


A r'lr'lT TD A r i v

' ............. ...., _..,, ....... .I.

GRanite 3112

Parkland, Wash.



Bllllli!llllll'U!lll'lllBP"Jlll '9!1P'Qli1St'mm



ft\Otli p£0P\.£ for

h\Otli pUttPOS£5 GROVll~G

fl>or• people in 1'1i• area mean rno•• homes ... mo•• indu•Hi•<- •. o eon11on1ly need for ele<1ti< pow••· toeorna CilY Lighl f,\l!Sl rn••' 1hi• neecl-wilh plan•

to ptovicl• f,\OllE power for f,\OllE people for h\Ol\E


11lnhnann lndarAnn 'ID Wll!I' 1111 Cl llli 1111 llllS -

Parkland Fuel Oil &Service Station


ft\Otli poW£tl


purposiu i.n the future.


Pal'kbnd, Washington, Thursday, April 21, 1949

Sp R ni1\1 AHWA· y

! studc.nt


at Eastern Washington col- I [

!1 legc, at Cheney. 1 l\I1 rs. D eII a "' · spen d ~ n a 11·1s of R oy is Mrs • 1~1·tl 1 ., Reporter· ~ im· P'etz mg a short vacat10n with her <laughRt . 1' Box· 445 ' •S1lanaway--GR M rs. R u b y R.cyno Id s of S pan. · · 6646 1• ter, ;i







, . ·.··:.





By d'Alessio

Page Three


Doris Omat and daughtei, Judy. Mr. and Mrs. Alden Straws of Spanawav · ' are . proud· parents of a baby girl, born . . .Apnl 12 at Northem Pac1f1c hospital. . . Spanaway P-TA is now pract1ciug its last play for this school year, a good old-fashioned comedy, "Ar· s tic< · I f rom p ump k"·m C rec·. k" I non


i away. · Out of town guests, al the home . of Mr. and lv1 rs. K. E. Reeve ~f I Little Penny Anderson of MounEast Airport ro"cl, Sunday, were tain highway was three years old ' . lHr. :ind Mrs. J. U. Simpson an d Wcducsdav"' April 13. Due to ill· ' ,,. 11C'SS shf' i ln't have a art but the-a daug-h ters, Karen and Beryl, P )' ' d c from Eve1~ctt, Wash. all wish her happy birthday.



Annoi.tncement of play dates, ex· peeled to be early in May, will be forthcoming soon. Mr. and l\frs. Merle Prettyman and children, Ronald and Brenda,

Daily Service to Parkland,

Spanaway and Surrounding Territory





WE GLADLY DELIVER SPANAWAY-Across from School GR. 7533 or GR. 6547

Mrs: Donal C. D~·yer of Spanaway, of ~ilit:ry road spent Easter SunApnl 3., at Madigan General hosday m 1 acorna, at the home of Mr. · pita!. Congratulations to the proud and Mrs. Chuck Newman, to help parents. celebrate Marlynn Newman's 7th Six members of Spanaway Prebirthday. Also wishing her "happy · school and P-TA attended the birthday" wnt· her brothers, Dicky, · Pierce I county convention in Puyallup on I Harry, Jirnmv and Johnnie. , . Thursday, April 14-. Those attendMrs. Fay Cooley of 12th and East ing from Spanaway were: Mrs. Kay E street was hostess to a· lovely aft· . . . . Newell, Mrs. Paul)'IlC Gnff1th, Mrs. ernoon 11art)' · Thursday. Enioymg · Lola BresPmann, Mrs. Eathcn Ne!the afternoon were the l\frsdames . · . . . sen, Mrs. J::ickte Reeve and Evelyn Oliver Omat and daughter, Judy, . . c)uh I l\fcAtee. Spanaway Pre-school won . Bob King, Mable Hart, Anus · · on its · history · lioo k·. . · Cooey, , I tlurd pnzc Sr., Harvey Ouhl Jr., Edwrn ' · J I d , C We by-standel"S were sure y g a '( . • • • • Robert cl hornpson and Barto oo Icy to ser so many local lads and lasses t ~~ a very dull weddmg. To begm with, the brad~.and of Tacoma. A game of naming the in thi~ year's Daffodil parade, ingroom ·abowed up· at exactly the right time!" most styles i1; ladies shoes was · · O ck f en o f La I'e - - - - - - - - · · cludmg Jimmy - - - -.. - - - · pla..ycd. Mal.Jlc Hart won the prize. Sl1ore d nvc, · d 01ng · · IJ on · f or a f"inc JO Barto C'oo 1ey a 1so won a prize, his violin, and Ma;yrnount academy. played ~nd those who won prizes infection. \Ve hope to hear she's· a bt"ing the first guest to. arrive. A 1\.lrs. Beverly Johnson of l\foun- were: R.ita 11 ost, Bever!)' Johnson, weH b;iby soon. • • ·• ·I hrnch of cake ::ind coffee wns served tain highway was guest .of honor at A~i~es Pic~rd. lovely, 1 ~.ncheon ~as Mr. and .Mrs. Ervm . Ch~~tilaw by the hostess. and a lovely· bouquet a stork shown- \Vednesday after- sened b} the hostcssts, Maxme and daughteis of Mountam highway of bridal wreath was the center1 . . noon, A pn.1 1a, n .. Wright and Erdin Christilaw. spent in Seattle, a t ti l t Iio1nc o f M ts. . . . Sunday evening . . , . piece on t h.c Iunc l1eon ta IJ Ie. Erdin Christilaw of 1vfountain' highPaul Frcad of 3rd street has re- vISitmg Mrs. Cbnstilaw_ s cousms, A family reunion dinner was held way. Guests were the Mesdamcs ceived news that his father, M. K. Mr. ~nd ·~rs. Rupert Soriano.. '> Easter Sunday at the home of l\fr.· Agnes Picard, Ruby Reynolds, Molly Fread of Mand::iu, North Dakot::i, l\.hss L 1 n d a. Bradshaw ol I _th ai~d Mrs. Adan.l T. Mullig::in ·of Anderson, l\fargic l\fcGraw Jr., is very ill. street was a maid of honor at the Fredrickson road. Thos~ prcscht ' Jnyn R oep k"'>· iv 'f·axme · wng· I1t, Bevery I S ue, d aug h ter o f '"f cl coronation of the Puyallup Valley . . Kat iv r. an . . ... were: l\Iartha, Mary, Marc1lla, Kate,. Rita Most, Fay Zerull, Ddlea Wal-' Mrs. James Anderson of Mountain Daffodil queen .on Fnday evcnmg, Joe, Pat of Lakewood and Mr. and , !is and Martha Pietz. Cootie was highway, is ill with a bad kidney April S, in the freldhouse at College Mrs. Floyd Balmer and children, of Pu. 00 ·et Sound . thy, Connie and Nancy. Mrs. . . · . ca

Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Cox of Moun( am · 111g1way · l ·. t t · cl F•n"d ny en·cr·amc, evening. April 8 Irene Wymore ' n a an d C.1ary;. an cl c l,11;Id ren, D on d >K D av1·c1 F os t r-r, 'f w r. an iv1rs. p a t W 1"ll ouq·.1 I IJY ::in d son, J c-ssf', an d M"iss Slrir!C'y' Wymore. A game of monopoly was enjoyed by all. Pie and coffee was scrwd by the hostess. Mr. Wade of Yakinrn is spending 'i month's vacation with his daughter, Mrs .. Laura McLellan of 10th and Pacific streets, and her fa1i1ily. Howard Picard is spending spring vacation w i t h his mother, Mrs. Agnes Picard of Spanaway. He is a

Interurban Auto Freight, Inc.


-111 FUEL Pumps, Gaskets, Piston Rings, Ignition Parts, Generators, Batteries and Cables, Brake Linings and Shoes, Hydraulic Brake Parts, Carburetors, Headlight Lenses, Mufflers, King Bolt Sets, Water Pumps, Mechanics' Tools

I he mam cast has been chosen and is directed by Mrs. Kenneth Reeve.

:Mr. and ]\!frs. Bob Weatherly and Lonnie ~· Smalley of Spanaway daughter, Peggy, of Fourth street had the 1.msfortm:e to ha''.c a valsperit the week <·ncl at Spokane, uabk .pamt-sprnymg·. 01'.tfit stolen vi,sitiug Mrs. Weatherly's parents, from h'.s car, Saturday mght. Mr. and Mr.s. Van Pelt. A baby boy was born to Sgt. and

mA 4122


IC I a. r a. Nygard,



legs l.JC:ausc there was. no change. Wrlhs stressed the importance of having all gifts clean and in as good repair as possible . . . "not only because of the scarcity of thread and patching material overseas, but also because these gifts will be sym.. bols of new hope .to many needy , children.' Overseas, all clothmc; is g· 1 \'en . . ' ·· away. ln Anwnca it has been found · . . a sounder! pract1cc> to make ·11 c, a small token charge, when f cas1) . f a1111. res . for proud mountam w I10 1 . , t want chanty . ,, but w I10 o f ten ''don are nonetheless unable to purchase a·dequate clothing for their children. · "'f ter a ll owance 1ias b cen ma cl c f or expenses, t h e procce d s o f th e saks arc used for the further bcncfit of children in the areas served. Care is tal'.en to see that non~ .is denied clolh111g for lack of ability to

A.plJroxnna . . t e1y l"O ,) , OOO ch"ld i ren .1n A,1nenca . an d ovc-rscas \Vl. 11 1)C . l t o f th e S at.d ed as a resu ._ Pve-n th .,., . , Cl ti . C Ch"ld :'-iat1ona 1 I ren s o -ung ru~ . I th "B di D d f ,, sa e,. ol '" 1uc l I' .d e un e ays . th 1 1 w 1 1 c 1 start 'n av m · e oca 1 . .l l . ' sc ioo s are a part, accorc11ng. co . . I f , II d S l I S ·I 1 pruicipa o ar' an· c 100 tan ey. W"Jl" ' · l IS. . _ . -•\hout . a th1 rd . .ol _ these . . duldren ·, ·11·e cl11ld war victims Ill lour Enro' . . .. . . pean countncs. The rest live Ill disadvantaged n.tral areas of A_merica and belong · . to such . low. mcome . . that they are to a consider,grmips _ ~hie.extent dependent on this clothmg Ill order to go to school. Most important is warm clothing -he av Y underwear, wool skll'ts, stii'ts , S\VC"ters ,,\ ..and coals .. · Bundle pay. .Day clothing .. goes to people whosc> Free estimates on repair and refirst need is warmth-not style. If the clothing is warm, even adult model jobs-Brookdal~ Lumber Co. (adv.) sizes can be cut down and gratefully d use · Children's. shoes arc next in imRL 7, Rox 660 portance. Even l hough scuffed, A • ' . · I . ·11 Ilave COMPLETE AUTO~IOTIVE .r\.n1e1~1ca s outgro\vn s 1oes st1 SERVICE Miss Rosalie Uaker s Pe n t the Balmer is the eldest . daiwhtcr A miles of use left in them. Here Easter holidans with her parents, · .' " · ; · . d It · · I sc·d ' 1· Jovely baked ham dmner was served, some a .u s1z.. cs ca1.1 )C u _ Mr. and Mrs. I~arold Baker of East by flfrs. Mulligan. because rural children overseas and "F" and Extcnsio!l road. . l\Ir. and l\'lrs. Arthur Pietz and in America often have very broad and ! sons, LI oy d anlI W ay11t:, o r· M oun~ fet't .Mr. and ,.Mrs. M. K. Harnsou . · · But don't give hi»h-heeled o . 11 · cluldren, h.; and Jemmy, froi. l · l . S cl c1· . women's . . . . tan1 lJg nvay, were un ay 1nne1 · · shoes!· They 1'ust aren't s1utSpolrnne, had been v1s1tmg with 1 guests at t 1lr l1on1e o f M r. ancl 'f or the U · S · moun.Lv rs. able, in Finland ' Mrs. Ha.rrison's parents, l\fr. and j George Hartman of Orting. Others tain country. Mrs. Clair Feddersen of Lah Shore I . . . l t lH' roast tur I\.CY d"inM Spare sheets ' . ]}illow cases or blan• · .. \V io enJoyec · ·~ . dnvc, for the ]last .two weeks. 1 hey ner \Vere: 'f • d 'K A s· . .i.v r. an i.YlrS. R~. a. ur- l·c·ts \"1·11 f1"11d· a rc>ady welcome lil have now rett1rned to then· home. Iface o f C'l, lt·I u1, W.ns·l1. . "i 1.· nn d man)' European homes where skin . 'Wagner are· ram11aut because bed · · .. . Mrs. Catherme . . . of Fred. 'f lv rs. SL e\var t ·G'bb i erson an d d aug 11- 1·diseases nckson road is s~·nously 111 and is . \T" I· d ·"I. Id C k II ;'clothing can't be changed. . . f te1, ic"'y, an n ts. a ,oo , a in Pierce county hospital or , 1 r. and M rs. J oc F•au·· Babi"·s' is in constant de. sur-~ o f T acou1a;. 1" ' '--· clothinot:. 1 lfrr . friends and neighbors Dia1>crs , crib-blankets ' uio-ht1)an l\S o f p uya II up.; '"'I p·1e t z, Cl, · 111 arid ,fffr)'· "") . . · h wish her ::i very speedy recovery. II- ar1111an , shirts an d EI c \Var d IIai·t ·· ._ nun. 1 . ' caJlS and . mitt.ens are almost , Ronald B_radshaw . of I ~th s_treet Sunday dinner guests at the home 1 forgotten in many countri:'5, a.nd I celebra tf'd l11s 14·.th birthday Fnda. '." f , 1r. an d. M rs. L ou1s· ·.. S ynunons . of observers have reporte.d babies with • r. . • • " • o lv: · ~ Apnl l :J. Wislung him happy birth- 11 th and Pacific street were: Mr. improvised diapers frozen to then· day" were: Mr. and Mrs. R. D. and Mrs. Harold Rollins. Mrs. RolWaile, Mr. and Mrs. L. 0. Woodall, !ins is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs; I Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Pallorn, Miss Symmons. Also enjoying the day Adele Woodall, Leonard Woodall, were Joe, Larry and Warrc·n Symall from l'ern Hill; also Lirida and FREE ESTIMATES 1nons. Bob and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. ROOF STAINING Mr. and Mrs. Pat Willoughby and Harvey Bradshaw. son, }<'ssc, of Mountain highway Spanaway Ilcavcr Patrol of Boy were dinner guests Sunday, April Scouts spcnt all day, April 8, on I 0, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Point Fosdick. The Scouts motored Stanley Luce of Lakewood. The dinto the dock and ferried across, takner was in honor of Mrs. Gladys ing bicycles along. Enjoying the trip Willoughby's birthday. Also enjoyw Ronald Bradsh::iw, leader; ing the day were Eleanor, Kendyl Donald Ornat and David Limchcck. Pre-Cooked, Fully-Cooked and Kenyon Luce. After dinner, all They made a 22-mile trip on the the party motored to Tacoma and island by bicycle. Han•cy Bradshaw spent the evening .at the home of AND UP Ready to Eat accompanied them. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Whett. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs .. Clair fcddersen ~f Mary Pillrnan was also there. Lalw Shore dnve received a big In honor of Mrs. Gladys Willough. surprise Wednesday evening while by on her birthday, a luncheon was ON PHONE playing pinochle, in Tacoma, with held at Mrs. Micky Cox's home on MOUNTAIN GRANITE their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. HIGHWAY 3356 Mountain highway, Monday, April and Mrs. Walter Feddersen. Fifteen 11. Present were: Irene 'vVymorc-, hundred trumps was held hy ElenAlice Wymore, Martha Pietz and ore, the daughter-in-law. sons, Lloyd and Wayne, and Lola Friendly Dozen Birthday club met and Mick Cox. Cake and coffee were Wednesday afternoon, April 13, at st:rved by Mrs. Cox. Mrs. Robert Manning's Lake Shore drive home. The guest of honor was Reports of the battles of LexingMrs. J::ick Splane of Elk Plain. A lovely noon dinner was served by ton and Concord which occurred on the hostess, Mrs. Manning, and April 19, I 77 5, cl id not reach the "Happy Birthday" was sung by all Savannah Gazette until May 31.



Bundle Days Begin A t p ar kl an d S Ch .001

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. . .





Martens' ·Garage GRanite 6047












PAINTING GRanite 6532







Spotlight is On the


to Mrs. Splane. Attending were the Mesdames W. Ellis, Ernest Tarpen1 ning, Emerson Tarpcnning, George Woolhouse, H. F. Pillsbury, Oma P~·terson, Robert Schultz and granddaughter, Beckie Schultz, Jack Kanton, Emily Ball, Althea Flannery,


Johnson and Anderson Markei:

Yau can't reme ber everything --so, hy try to7


It's easier, surer to


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and her. family, Mr. and Mrs. John Huff of Orting. Besides the Easter celebration, Mr. and Mrs. Berg celebrated their 37th wedding anni vcrsary


CEDAR BEVEL SIDING ...................... per 100 feet $12.00 Hlii FIR LATTICE .......................................... per 100 feet 1.00 2'8" x 6'8" 3-PANEL DOORS ...................................... each 5.50

Outside White PAINT .... per gal. 2.95 1x4 CEDAR LINING .................................... per 100 feet 2 x 10 CEDAR LOG SIDING ........................ per 100 feet





MIDLAND NEWS Mrs. Lois Johann, Reporter GRanite 5738 Cub Scouts of Midland Pack 84an· preparing a ham dinner and show for, April 22. Dinner will be served at Midland hall from 5 to 7:30 p.111. and fnm1 7:30 to 'l:'lll. The Scouts will show movies and a home talent program. General chairman is Mrs. George Landin. Assisting her arc Mrs. Ralph Marvin and Mr. E. A. Pitzler. Hostess for the evening will be Mrs. Raymond Ellison, assisted by Mrs. Dan Smith. In charge of entertainment is Mr. Paul Wilson. This is the one large financial endeavor of the pack for the year, to raise funds for operation, so let's all go to the Midland Improvement club hall and enjoy a good ham dinner and show. Harv:\rd-Midland Pre-school will meet at Harvard school, April 2 7, at 8 p.m., with Mrs. Herschel Payne presiding. There will be a report on the Pierce county convention at Puyallup and election of officers. Hostesses for the meeting· will !Jf' the Mesdames Armand Thompson, R. Ruston, Walter Larson and Bruce Camper. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Christensen celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary April 15, with a trip to Seattle. They had dinner on th<' way and then stopped in Burien to visit Mrs. Christensen's aunt and family, Mr. and Mrs. James Jenkins (Mary Hausler). In the afternoon the couple went on to Lake City where they visited Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Alden, former residrnts of Midland. A house-warming was given in Olympia at the new home of Mr. and Mrs. James McAllister by Mrs. Geo1·ge Turner, Mrs. :McAllister's sister, April 17. The honored couple was presented with a lovely lace tablecloth to be used in the new home. After dinne1~, the guests drove around the slate Capitol grounds to view damage caused by the earthquake. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Simpson and Margie and Terry, 1vlr. and Mrs. Gene Peterson and Joan, Janette and Jackie, Mr. and Mrs. Carleton Smith and Jimmy, Mr. and Mrs. George Turner and Betty, Rqnnie and Billy, and the host and· hostess and their children, Denny and Charley. Helping Hand club of Midland nwt at the home of Mrs. U. G. Stark for a potluck lunchrnn, April 15. After lunch; Mrs. Charles, a chib member, spoke on and demonstrated flower arranging. Literature was distributed on preparation of food for freezing and pressure canning. The club members have is-


sued a cordial in vita ti on to anyone interested to attend next meeting, which will be a potluck· lunchrnn, at 12:30 p.m., May 211, at the home of Mrs. Carl Nickolai at 91st and Van Buren. Those attending the April meeting were the Mesdames Burton Miller, Carl Nickolai, John Holmes, Elof Ahlstrom, Gerald HulJbard, H. R. Williams, Charles Berg, Albert Kncsal, Jvhn Quinlivan, Edw"rd Duppenthaler, Cora Johnson and the hostess. Three boys from Midland have signed contracts with the McKinley hill club of the Tacoma City Baseball league, for the 194·9 season. These boys have been turning out with McKinley hill for several. weeks and have made their places on the team. Bob Fredricksen has signed on as pitcher, Bob Lovelace at first basc and Morry Taylor as catcher. lVlrs. Gcorv;c Lind entertained al her home, April 8, with a storkshower luncheon, in honor of Mrs. Ddbrrt· Dewyer (J:inicc Whitley). Guests present were the Mesdames Edwnrd Whitley, mother of the honor guest, Frank Couture, Fred Dimond Jr., Charles Johnson, Robert Hamilton, Victor Eshpeter, James Walker, Gordon Andreason, Lawrence Christensen, George Li1_1d Jr., Floyd Cook, William Shanahan, James Gadwa, Walter Daniels, Miss Shirley Hicks, the hostess and the

A bridal shower, for Miss lvfarlyss Lind who will wed Richard Johnson in June was o-iven at Midland hall the evc~ing April 13, with almost three-score guests present. 'Host1esses for the party, at which Miss 1 Lind, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Lind, received many lovely gifts for her nt'w horn<', were the· l\frsdames Doug Morris, Harry Reich, James Walker, Gordon Andreasen, Victor Eshpeter and William Shanahan. Present were th" bride-elect's mother and grandmother, lv!rs. Dorothy Olson, the groom's mother and sister, 1v1rs. Oscar Johnson and Greta Johnson; the brideelcct's aunts, Mrs. Elmer Brott and Mrs. Paul Olson. The guest list also included the Mesdames Hilma

Johnson Frank Coulun-, George ' Jr. Frank Hcmbn·<:, Ike ' Youn<» Georo·c Anderson, D"le n' ~ , . Jones, Steve Baskett Jr., ]•red Dimond James I-fortlcy. Roy ']' ay Ior, , · C:larcne1· Joh:rnn, Elias Larsen, H. . • -. . .E. (llson L<·e Baldassin Sr.., (.. :.111 ' . • _ Johnson James Gadwa,·1'1·oytl Co.ok, . Edward ' Whitley, Drlbnt Dewyer!, Walter Damels, Edna Meyers, Gust _ _ Johnson, Ida LundgTen, Nds Johnson, 0. L1rndgrcn, Carleton Smith, Julio lvforinacci, Mike Hanslrr, Aarin Balnwr, Astrid Carson, Glen Bn-wcr, John Deering and the l\11sses Lily and Margaret Johnso'.1• Janet G1imrn, N01ma Brott, Shann Eshpl't1·1, Doiis Bcrnison, Hilda Lundgren :md Peggy Rowh-y


ert Clinton and ~rs. !'olorman Bergcr, and _the comnuttee. M_idland Birthday club met at the home of Mrs. Harold Johnson at Eatonvi,lle, April l +, for lunch. Mr.s. Alex Kreshak of Puyallup drove. Mt. Rainier put on a beautiful ~icture for the members. Attendmg were tlw Mesdames Floyd Cook, Ilon Kemp, George Turner, George WilIiams, Carl Taylor, Lillian Camplwll :rnd the hostess. ~r. and J\.frs. Robert Sharpe ~nd ch1ldrcn, Rogers, Robert and Norecn, spcnl Easler al the hmiw of Mrs. Sharpe's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Owens of Lake Louis'.:, with an Easter egg hunt for the children and fishing for the men. It was decided that the earthquake must have chased all tht• fish to thr: bottom, as norn· of the. local anglers seemed to have much luck. Mr. and Mrs, Lenhard· Winter of 96th st:cPt ent_ertaincd a~ th_eir home, Apnl 17, with a combmatcon birthday and Easter party. Highlights of the afternoon were an Easter egg hunt for everyone and latcr a birthday party for four-yearold Richard Winter, 1~-year-old Doris Johann, and their· grandfather, P. H. Johann. Members of the pr«scnt wc'.·c: Mr. and M.r~. P. H. Johann, M1. and Mrs. Clatcnce Johann, Doris and Claude, Mrs. Frank Kratochvil, Mr. and Mrs. Winter, Richard, Gene and Jimmie. l'vlr. and Mrs. Stanley Lipke entertai_ned at thc'_ir home with a famJ 1ly dm~er,,Ap_nl 17. Prcsc~t were: J Mr. Lipke s sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Hunter and daught B M L'i)l <'s br·othAI' 1 er every· r. 1 ( ~: .__ ' . ' _ . , , and family, J\.fi. and Mis. Kc.nm th . . . I , . f. Lipke; Mrs. L1p<es pa1ents 10m . T s h I . Roy, Mr. and Mrs. R. · • c u. < y, · ,s I)l'Ot IlCr an cl I11s · f anu·1 y, lv!rs. Lipke · ']" . f rorn ·who arc n1ov1ng· to aco1na G. l's P·iss c·)i·c· . Mi· and Mrs uln . ' , ., · ' ·· IR M S .1 d . d ,h'ld 1 Bobby . . L Ill y .in c i re1' and Lynn. • • • .. • T l'vh. an.d Mrs. Cha. des Bcig spent d ··I I ». the Easter week en wit 1 t H.ll

I . . . . Almost ''.'~c-U1_inl ..o[ t~1e_Ame1:1can 0 farmcr s. total c,ash i,ncomc '. 11 J ~-_lo came f1 on; the sale of_ a111111al·; 1 accoriLng lo a cha1t pie• • • pared hy the Amen can Meat In.sti'tit•· f1·c,111 ''Overnment fi"tll'CS JUSl ' ~ " ·· "' avaihbl" ' c. · The value of meat an11nals was · Lo I 11 a1--s. 'l' o t·a 1 more than 9;,·_,, b1·1 lion · t s· f I·0111 ·..l11 c'!"OJ)·:-;, incas 11 rece1p clllllino0«overnmcnt !.J;, av0 • • ]'rn;1clied 311/J billwn dollars. From their cash in.come, farm,....._ 1.,' ·incl r·mchcrs 1n1d out _ larve ~ • ~ ~· ·u'10imts for stork feed labor and other operatmg costs.

·' . .









·········· ............................ per M $110.00 ................... per M $120.00 .......................................... per M $140.00

4 x 4 CEDAR S4S ..................................................... .lineal foot 11 c ix 6 CEDAR ROUGH ........................................... .iincal foot He Gx 6 CEDAR ............................................................. .lineal foot 21 c

Basket:i: ·Lumber 96th & PORTLAND AVE., MIDLAND

o. GR. 8488


He was stationed at Attu in the Aleutians and will be on leave until



Charles W. Hm.·n, 7. 8, of 623 So. l 09th St., who came to this area five yc·ars ago from Ktlso where he hnd lived for 20 years, clicd Inst week in a Tacoma hospital. . Mr. Horn, who served in the In-


with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and

IMrs. Charles Allen, in Puyallup. Sunday morning he sang with·, the I1school a, capt.'lla choi'.· of l~uy. allup high at a sunnsc service on Sumner I-frights. l\frs. Harry JVfarl<sfone has rctt'.rned home from a Tacoma hospita! where she had been confined for several days following surgery. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Plew and children were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ifarry Markstone last

by his widow, Mildred; two <laughIters, Mrs. Frank James of Tacoma and Mrs. B. E. Ditlcvscn of Seaview, Wash.; 'five sons, Ar lo of 1-Iaincs, Ore., Ervin of Los Angeles, Raymond of Vancouver, Wash., Everelt of Inglewood, Calif., and Carl of Castle Rock, Wash.; 11 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. Fune1.·al services and interment j were held at Kelso.

when he will be re-assigned.

_Geor~e Allen spent Saturday night

wars with Troop K Second I di'rn regiment, U. S. C:l\·alry, i.' survived

Sunday. . Wallace Markstonc spent an cnJ~yable week end at the home of his grandparents, Mr .. and. Mrs. W. W. Plew, .at Lake Louise. Last 1 uesday evening, Henry ZILPHA MILLER Washburn of Tacoma called at the 1vfrs. Zilpha 0. Miller, 85, Rt. 3, home of Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Ward.




105, a local resident for 30 years, died l'vfonday at a Tarnma hospital. She was born at Freeport, Ill., and was a member of the Methodist church. She moved to Salt Per Word .......................................03 Lake City, Utah, early in life and Minimum ........................ ·;········· .. 50


CLASSIFIED ADS Call GRani te 7100

later became the first organist other teach the Mormon j children to play the organ. Survivors FREE _ESTIJ\:1A1~ES GIVEN: _For

Ithan Mormon to

include two dau.ghters, Jane . . Miller jliiil~I~~:, 'I 11.t Iand Mrs. Berrncc Acton of Tacoma; 'th •t s wh'te pique . . 1apes I and bone Ithree sons, Robert E., Edwin T. and .


honoree. . la Fleur Garden dub mel with • . Mrs E. A. Brittain A1Jril l'.l, with . ' . . Mrs. John Deering pres1drng. Plans · · were made for members w1shrng to attend tlw Primrose Festival at Kirk. -, ; land 1\'pnl 2:l. l•our of the c.Jubs • ' . mernlwrs an· pl:mnlll"' to atte1.1cl. .~ Also discussed were plans for the rnrctmo m 1vfav 111 Ulymj)Ia at the n . • '. . state Capitol liuild1ng, of the National Federation of Garden clubs. Mrs. Brittain and Mrs. Phil Zurfluh Jr. handed out the yearbooks which they, as co-chairmen, had made ready for this meeting. Attending were the 1v!cs.dames Frank Becklund, William Hiller, P. York, Arthur Rolfr, two new members, 1vfrs. Rob-


Buttons Win Beaus.

Flower Box Garden club met on April 13 with Mrs. Roy Christensen presiding. Mrs. Victor Dawson and 1vfrs. Robert Hanson, program chairmen, presented Mrs. George Twedt, who spoke on dividing perennials and the starth1g of cuttings and slips. The club made its first entries of flower arrangements in the C.P.S. ficldhouse show during the daffodil festival and won a white ribbon with a large basket arrangement. Mrs. Christensen, president of the club, won first prize on the first entry si1c has ever made in a show. Her entry was in the arrangement of flowers and rocks class. The drawing of the evening was taken by 1'.frs. John Johnson. Hostesses were Yfrs. Norman Nelson and Mrs. Francis Hushek. Memlx-rs present wne the M.-sdarnes Orville Bombardier, C. Schaffer, Robert Hanson, Victor Dawson, Johnson, Henry Teffn·, Huslwk, L. Petersen, V. Thorton, W i 11 i am Stevens, Nelson and Christensen.


84th and Pacific A venue

Parkland, Washington, Thursday, April 21, !9•J.9

'J'his town •·tailored SUI't•WI 1 . · 1 button~ all 111 a .row. si:o~ed a bul.I's eye on Cosmopolitan magazine's Malt•1 esle,d I· ash!ons Jurors. Mickey Uooney, Jean 8ablon, 8teve Hannagan and.! et er l;lnd ,!fares agreed that they liked the "expensive lo(ll< · ol its n·strn1ned silhouette. Of Pacific Mills Verdona crepe; with slin~, eigh.t gore skii't, the suit is tailored by Handma~her and is av111l:1bl~ Ill navy, black, grey, spring green or live other colors at abou. $65. -----··-·--------·

Midland Miss Becomes Mrs. Francis Getty in Colorful Home Cereniony

plowmg, s c. 11.1 g,road landscap~ng, basement di. d1ggmg, gradmg, call Frank Seam'an Roy 21-F-l l or PR. 81.31, ' 30c Charles (Bo~ts), all of Tacoma, a ACE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE-;brother, Ad nan Oakes of Portland; 1 Lyman Redford, owner. Septic tanks pumped, contents hauled 1 six grandchildren and five great'Id • I away. GA. '.H46 or GA. 9794. 1 11 gran. c rrn. . tfc Pnvate funeral services arc to be SPANAvVAY LUMBER CO. held this afternoon (April 21) at 3 Better Lumber for Less. Roofo'clock, from Mountain View Gari11g, Hardware and Paints. We den chapel, with burial in Mounrent floor sand_~rs. GI~ 8235. tain View Memorial park. The Rev.· SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED, con. - ff' · .1 A. , tents hauled away. Don Redford, M i ton . . n 1arcy w1 11 o iciate. GA. 7334._ tfc


Carrying an hcirloo1n handkcr-; . . KITCHEN CABINETS We in' . f. 0 f t h (_' 1)rt.d CQTOOlll , s gran d - , tarnmg Ethel ""'S stall. Free estimates. Expert furc I11(' ' yellow flowers. Mrs. ·. 't'l' . . '· . . Bell great-aunt of the bridegroom, . niture repair. Suburban Woodmother, 1vf1ss Charlene Carole Wl11tc ' · I . . h Contrnued from Page One working-, 9643 Pipe Line road. . , . presided. A so ass1stmg at t e recep. . ' l' Od lwcarne the bnck of Mr. }rancis, . . ,. G. ~ II p1a, Saturday, Apnl 9.. he ePhone GR. 8662. tfc 1 t10n were: 1v.1 rs. eorgc - ager, cou. . . Roy Gett.v ?vfarch 19. 1 he Rev. I . b. ' G, B gards will make their home rn T.•.a- RAY GOGAN - JACK BARRETT .' . srn of the ndc; Mrs. corge .. , , Edward Coy perfonncd the' smgk. .S . M K .· W . coma... Mrs .. Odegard graduatc.·d General landscaping, pruning and Adams of umnc•1" rs. eit 11 airi1w cen·rnony at tlw honw of an . • . . '. f l I· 'd . from Clover CrcPk school as salutaspraying, rockeries, rock walls, ,. . , . nnff of Longv1e\v, sister o t 1e )rI e; 1 , . aunt and uncle of the bndc, Mr. " .· . J. . f tonan ol her class and later at-1 fences, tractor work. ,. .I . . . . and Miss can 1llgc· O\V, COUS111 0 • . and Mrs. Milo Bigelow. White nb- . ··d. tended Lmcoln high school, Tacoma. I GR. 88'12 Terms BR. 6982 · · · d s w1s · I1 l1cr rnuc I1 fOUND-Chain of keys at Sunbon tw11wd c.round a stairway an d the ., bi i c ·, , G t . I I-I er many f nen 1 1•or gomg-away, 1v rs. ct y wo1c baskets of gn•t•1wry and ycllow daf' . f•f d. . t _ t happmess. shine hall, 2 weeks ago. Owner is • . . . :i navy ta eta less, \Vtne opcoa .. _ , . .. , .. .'- _ . . . () Joclils dccor:itl'd the l1v1nr; room . . Roy Barber was a VlSlt.01 .1.t the .1sL1d to identify at 7_0 So. 107th ' with navy accessones and a corsage ) St p·i ' for this ad 33c a.lcove when· the ceremony was held. . . I I I d f . of Mr. and Mrs.. I etc McLeod _,_.,___.:_) . • .· . a daughter of 1vfr. and ol p111 < rose )Uc s an resia. FOR S •\LE--Prnctically The bride is last Sunday a f ternoon. - . '· I I ') new · Mar·t tin out )Oare n1otor, 7 .... 1i.p., \V~ . Mrs. Charles \Vh1te of Midland and I l . l l . . Ed Kistenmacher is t nJoymg !llS I '1·5 .)0tltlds··· GR 7198 806_I19th . As< n )Out our 1ouse pan se1v1ce . . , . .· 1 the groom is a son of :Mr. and J\.1rs. Brookdale Lumber Co. (adv.) leave lrom the a1rny at 111s home. Stred, Parkland. cuc Vnnon Getty of Tacoma. ---------·---·- - - · · - - - - - - - - - - - - · - - - - - -

Clovet• Creek Ne·











The brick's gown was of whil<' s:itin, cli·signed with a hasque top, ni·t yok<' and full skirt I-ler fingertip \eil ol nl'l \\:JS caught to a <'<HOnet. She cairicd ,1 long bouquet of pinL ioscl>uds :rnd wliitc gardrnias I[, r lather gave hc·i in nwniagc-.



I .

Mrs. George Lind, membership Attending the liride was Miss Kay chairman of 1vfidland Orthopedic Bowcrn1an, in rose taffrta, carrying guild, this w1-ck announced that the pink carn:itions :rnd gardenias. Mr. list of 72 charter mcmlwrs of the Ted Lance was lwst nian. Candle guild is now complete. New rnein- lighters wr·n· tlw brirk's sister, 1viiss bcrs will be welcomed to join the Jo ce White and Miss Marilyn guild at any time but the following Cr~ssrn:m, in' blue t:iffrta. Theowill be known as the charter mem- don· Schaffer w:is al the org:rn and bcrship: MPsdarnes Donald Kemp, I Edw:ird Larsen, cousin of the bride, Carl Taylor, George Turner, :Mike sang. Hansler, James Walker, Clay Roley, brick's motlwr wore a dustyNoah Weeks, William Fosler, Gor- rose dress with corsage of ,i;ardenias don Andreasr·n, V i n c e n t Dreis, and fr.-csia. The brid.cgroom's rnothFrank Johnson, Nels Swolgaard, n wore naYy blue with a corsag1' of Clarence Berger, Harold Weeks, gardenias and carnations. Robert Sharpe~ Frank Baskett, Har- . Aftn the ccn:rnony, mu1T than ry Berger, Walter Eshpetcr, Albert four-score wedding .'41"'Sts gathen·d Bombardier, Floyd Jensen, Walter for the reception. Daffodils and Corrigan, Gunnar Udd, Herschel greens combined with forsythia were Payne, Clarence Skog, Alex Husby, used for decorations. The collation Svend Ncilseu, Robert Clinton, Aa- table was covered with a hand-made ron Balmer, Charles Berg, Jarncs lace cloth, centered with crystal Hartley, Roy Taylor, Doug Morris, eandebbr:i and a crystal howl conClar«ncc Johann, pct er Teffr«, Floyd Ayers, Charlotte McClatchey, I _ Victor Esh peter, Andrew Christcn-1 sen Sr., Robert I-Ianskr, Roy ChrisContinued from Page One tt·nsen, v~o Wi'lsh, Lillian Campbell, and can congratulate yourself that Raymond Ellison, Harry Bcshlcr, you've helped a worthy org;rnizaWilliam Stevens, Henry 'I'dfre, El- tion. So, rcr!1ember the dali", April mer Brott, Harold Cook, Gcorgc ~O. The place is to be reported nrxt' Lind, Ike Young, Olga Ervin, James week. Buy plants for May baskets Per Carlisle, Margaret Hoffman, Nels --just what you want! The pro-







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fAMOusWestinohouse AUTOMATIC WASHER <::j

with the

veterans News

LAUNDROMAT is a Trade-Mark, Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.

Leck at these features I Only Laundromat has them!


Johns. on, Harry Weeks, :ty,rark Mitch-, cc. :ed ....s, every·. cc1.1t, will. be. used.· to.' ell, Esther Ogden, David McPhcr- send another local girl to Girls son, Kenneth Lampitt, Noel Bain, stale this summer. Lewis McArtor, Floyd Cook, Henry Our Auxiliary was proud of its Bill SEAUD-IN·STEH TRANSMISSION Rarnbaldini, Edward Sawyer, Har- achievement last year, when we sent 16~""""'°""A-.F;;,~""~~ vey Weeks, F. W. Barlow, Harry Mis.s Queen to Pullman. We arc Rotating on an angle b ... For easy loading, unTullis, J. M. Evans, Henry Iljork- struggling to repeat our good deed, an improvement over all 1o ad ing. No awkward known washing methods. lund, Mary Schumacher, John Bus· i but it takes a lot of "filthy_ lucre.'.' bending or stooping. sanich and La Verne Olsen. Be sure to attend our meetmg this 1 this easy, convincing way • , . . . . ,, Frida ----·all you sisters, and bring -........~.~/_,,A tn1Jlc anmvcrsary was cdeb1.1tY .. ,, . 'O ~ "·noney r·us1ncr suggesuorls 1 ed April 12, at the home of Mr. and I ) Ul -· ' · " · '· , 11 d M·dll1· 'with you. 1 he rest of us arc f1csh ,M rs. 0 . SI10e' ey o f 9"tl :J 1 an . out of ni·w ideas. son street. Causes for the great oc. . f 1vfore finishing touches are to be . · d (JI 1 No lint trap. Wash and cas1011 wne the 79. th 1Jirt · . annual All operations are con. . l ay o f put on plans for the big rinse waters keep interior Mr · Shockley ' 42nd anrnversary o : trolled automatically , . _ carnival to be held at An1encan Lake sparkling clean. with one dial setting. Mr. and Mrs. Shockley s weddmg . M W ( . ay 18 ~ 19 .. e neet1 your 11osp1ta 1 Phone us and make arranged:iy and tlw 21st anrnvcrsary of Mr. .. ' b d Tl. and Mrs. Richard Shockley's wed- ~1.dp lor those usy ays. . i.1s .e,vcnt ments to .see the Laundromat INSTALLS ANYWHERE! d'1ng. \T'1s1tors . f or th e d ay inc . 1u d e d·. 1s the .most fun and most-talked-of wash a load of your clothes. . . Ho bolting to the Floor ••• No Vibration I R.. I SJ kl cntertamnwnt which comes rnto the IT'S FREEi Mr. and Mrs. 1c rnrc1 10c ey anc1 . . . . J N d circumscril.)cd lives of our .honored., children Shirley, oan, aney :111 I''-.O)ert: I . 'M r. Sh oc.::eys . 11 ' s1ser, · t '1 ·· 1 but too oftc.n, al· m· ost. for.gotten l\ 1s. . men. Yo11G1111k l'Jio1np~· Last, bcmg ' l a w arten b e; M rs. II ( .apto ~ . . but by far from " D the ,, d M : M. R l 'l Sh . least, is the fact that Poppy ays son an arvi~, is. o>e1. a1pclarc here again-May 27 and 28and Noreen. 1 he day was climaxed , . to be exact. Save the dates and save with a call from another son, War. . w1'fe, f rorn your dimes . ren Shoe kl cy, ancI I11s Buffalo, N. Y. They sent congratulations to his brother and sister-in-1 GR. 8625 11401.'ll- AND PACIFIC YOUR FUEL OIL AND APPLIANCf. DEALER. law and mothu and father. In the I evening, a large dinner was served HALF YEAR MORE TO I)AY-WITH ONLY 15% DOWN LIBERAL TRADE-IN 1 at a table centered with a cake TUNE IN TED MALONE ... every morning, Monday through l 7riday . . . ABC Network honoring the birthday and anniver- I 717 saries. The group then enjoyed scv- 1 TACOMA era! games of cards. 1 AVE.






Slanting front

Inclined sleet

Aer16W1Yl fJErPROoFl


Single Dial Control


I · I

g .. ilH!i Westinghouse

ochel Distributing a.


Prairie pointer v 4 no 33 apr 21, 1949  
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